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Local Iters f Interest From All
Parts g ;he Green Moun-
in State.
The Wlnooskl Vallrr, Villages tip North
iFroni the Inland In (he Lnkn to tko
I'nssunipslc, Alonr; Otter Crrek
nnd by the Shores of Whit
nlTer Covered by Spe
cial Corrraposisnts-
A te'ogram received hv Miss name
W"-,.-l -w of till"; city yostere ly morning
fnm Omaha, Neb., confirms the it-port
1 t her brother. C A. Wi .slow, nnd wife
o' Om ih,a. Nob., wore pai-singi rs on the
1 I fated steamer f 'olutnbl.a when the onl
1 s nn occuried nnd wore probably lost.
M A ii"-:ow was a former resident of
' . !. .ui'l tho son of tho late Mr and
I Difini Window. He has three sls
es lrc in town, ."Irs. IX (5. Meigs,
VI -ow
I r
r-'.i-h AUrn nnd Miss I Ifittlr- Wlns
,t 1 mo sister living In llralnerd,
''It. It 1-3. Sturgeon. Ono dnugh
M - George Edward", lcstdos in
' N'ob. If it shnnlrt prove trtio that
i v'mv lo.t llfo, tills will make
'"i"' i -leata th.it has occurred In tho
' (inlly 111 it months. Tho lawn
II r- v V Scars nf Rnston, Mass, lias
rr ! i rc ,-i few days with Ills family.
i'i- W N Knowlton and two chll
l n of Pnston, Mass., are visiting Mrs.
T Tin rlngtnn. Dr. C. II. Cole lias
if I'-ned from a two wnoks' vacation
nt the l.i lto. W. S. Rrlstol left Sntur
1 - night for Nr-w York city to see
1 i lirothcr, Warren Rrlstol, ombark
for Trlrut. Syria. Dr. S. 15. Cnrsloy
has returned from a carriage drive
nl'ii O C Pease through Krone valley,
X V Mr and Mrs. George Day of
Now York eitv arc passing tho month
of Uicni nt tholr stimnior homo on tho
lake --bore, Pntiton. Assistant Supt.
I" M Pratt and Mrs. Pratt of tho Ver
Djont Industrial school nro taking a
rni-rl.ago drlvo in Now York State.
St to Hank 13xnmlnor F. L. Pish was
r i loci Friday to Atliol. Mass., by the
death of his undo, William Fish.
Miss Mao frano of Addison is passing
n fow days with Miss Kathorlno Fish
a' Mile point. Mrs. r. '. l.von and
da iiklitcr, Paulino, of HurlliiKton have
lrttirpod homo after a visiting nor
, r Mrs. 1". I,. Fish and .Mrs. S. R.
( arsioy pospito tho unfavorable
ivfitl.tr, the npworth League of Ier
r'sburgh bold a very successful loo
irram and lomonado salo on the park
last Friday evening. The receipts
wore about $23. Music was furnished
by Vlttum's orchestra. Miss Dorothy
Palmer of New York city was a recent
Riiost of George V. Ross 0. I.. W'y
man passed Sunday In HurliiiKtoii with
his wife nt her mother's, Mrs. I.uoy
Swlnev Y. Y. Swlney is bulldlni? in
addition to his house on Water street.
- Mrs. P.lloy and daughter of Hurllnrf
ton passed Sunday in town with Mr.
nnd Mrs. YV K. Gorhatn.
The Rev. Dr. IT. .1. SolltiKor preached
Ills fair well sermon at tho Haptlst
Church Sunday evenln- and has rouc
to rhr,ir-o, 111., ivluro he has accepted
n position in Chlraco I'nlversity.
Miss llattle and Krnest Alden of Paw
tuckrtt. It. I., nro vlsitliift tholr aunt,
Miss Mnrv .lane Aldrm, nnd their uncle,
John Alden. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Spoor
nnd i hildren of Amsterdam, N, Y., are
v sltlnn his sister, Mis, J. ('. Fisher
nt the Methodist parsonage. Mrs, Kih
warl Ryan li ill. Miss Sarah Foss
nirl Miss Grace V.. KliiRsland ivere
(: irsts Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. (loorRO
Kirk at their cottaRd at I.onK Point.
The Kpworth I.eaKiic will hold its rop;
nlar monthly business meeting Friday
rvenlnR in tho vestry of the Methodist
t'liureh Mrs. James Mcfiicn and son,
fleoru-e R, MeCuon, left Monday for
r v ( k's visit to Mrs. Mention's nlocp,
Mrs Charles Caswell, of Iloston, Mass
Charlrs Jleacli Is vlltliiR nt Foirls
hurph Center. 1'. II, Rand of Shrews-
port I.n , formerly connerted with tho
fertilizing company of this city, Is a
guest of the Stevens House for n fow
Java -J. 'Warren Rnrnes, who has been
passing a three weeks' vacation with
his family at his inothor-in-law'H, Mrs,
Ruth floss, and visiting his father,
Judse J. V. Dnrncs, icturncd Mon
flav to Troy, N. Y.
I.lchtninK struck a row barn in A Vest
Addison Monday nlfilil belonclnp to
Charles CoiibIi of this city. The bulldlnir
nnd its content, of 40 to 50 tons of hay
nnd an adjacent bulldlne usod for a silo
worn burned. Calves in tho barn were
save 1, News has been received that the
body of Mrs. c. A. Wnslow, who was
drowned in the sinking of tho steamship
Columbia on the Pacific coast, has been
ir rneied. On the body were tickets fur
pished to C. A. WInslmv and wife. The
body of Mr, Wlnslow has not yet been
found. --Mi's Tlerthn. Grandy. who has
born vlsltlnB her aunt, Mrs. Alice Martin,
nf 'North Forrlsbunrh, lias returned home
-Mr, and Mrs. Charles S. Haven left
Tuesday mnrnlnK for .a vacation on Iiikn
GeorRo, -KiiKono Hodotlo and daiiKhter
F.velyn, of Iehinon, N, H uro vlsltlnB
Mr and Mrs. Casemlr Hlalr. Arllo Alden
and Archie Haven went Tuesdny to the
lake for a week's nutlnc Miss fiopronla
Plude Is visiting in Monkton. Mrs. Her-
Ilia narrows and daiishtor, Dorothy, loft
Monday tor Rochester, N. Y whero Mrs
Harrows Intends to mnlto her homo with
7ier parents, Mr. and Sirs. GeorKO lilndsey
Bho has rented her house, to George
Jlyatt, who will take, possesion ivlKiut
AllRUSt 1.
As Mrs. Charles Cnmstoek was tlrlv
Ins from this city to her homo In Fer
rlsburKh Tuesday evening tho horse
became frightened at an automobile
nnd ran away. Mm Comatock was
thrown from the wnpon but fortunate.
ly eicaped with sllfiht Injury. The
lioiM! was stopped near till) 1'lllon
House. T. Ni-Vlllo will devote all sales
from his new sodlv fountain, from 2:00
until 10:00 p, m., Friday, to Hie bene
fit of the Versronnes Improvement so
rloty. The district nicotliiR of th"
IVninnn's Auxiliary of the Kplscopnl
clnirrh will be hold Wednesday, Aug
ust 7. nt Shelhiirne. A lnre deleRii
t Imi from tills city will attend. Mrs
llrrny T. llooth returned Tuesdny
from an extended trip nhrnnd. Mr
and Mrs. C. p. Hassott nf West Chany,
N V. and Mrs. Paul Dlmick of lllnos
InirRh linve returned homo afler n
visit to Mrs. Ilassett's and Mrs. Plm
h k's sister. Mrs. A. P. Needluim. Mrs.
II A. Stickles nnd (laiiKlitor. Mrs. A. T.
Clark, visited in IlurlliiRton yester
dav I.ouls Mllo of Worcester, Mass.,
i former resident of tills city Is vlslt
Inp his father, lsndore Mllo, nnd nth t
relatives Mr. nnd Mrs. Kdwnrd Ken
dall of Shoreliain are visiting tholr
uncle and aunt, Mr. nnd Mr. A P.
Needham, for a few days. Miss Hazel
Relic Whittle of Addison Is vlslllng
her aunt. Miss Isabelle Norton. Mrs.
J W Meade of Mlddlehiiry nnd daugh
ters, Mrs. Frank Chandler of nmndoii
and Mrs. Arthur lllumau of Plttsford.
have returned home uft.-r a two weeks'
visit to their son and brother, the Rev.
Junius K. Meade of Troy, N. Y., at his
eotlnRo at Kimball's landing. Mr. and
Mrs. N. J. Hall, who have boon several
months in southern California nro on
their return trip nnd are now visiting
Mrs. Hall's sister at Gilnian, Mrs. Hall's
sister at Gilnian, 111. They will start
fot their homo in Ferrlsburch. August
S Mrs. W. W. Watt, daughter Mary,
and son. Don, who have been in New
York city for the past two weeks, have
returned home.
Thomas M inning, who is in the em
ploy of chailcs Pratt, came to the vil
lage the other day und purchased
small bottle of carbolic add. He put
the bottle in his trouser's pocket and
whor ho was nearly homo, the cork
worked out and a quantity of tho acid
ran down his leg. The loft croln. left
thigh and left leg were very hadly burn
ed. Mainline is 2S years old and a Rood
workman. His com.ltlon is ecrious and
he .suffers gloat agony.
An alarm was sounded about noon Sat
urday for a fire In a tenement house of
the Green Mountain Pulp company. It
caught around the chimney and the tiro
department soon had it out with a small
loss, covered by insurance. The house
was occupied by Frank Mohon and family
a- . Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harrington.
They removed their household goods and
their loss was very small. James
V. Pratt of Hrldport died there
late Friday afternoon, after a two weeks
illne-s witli inflammation of the bowels
following a general decline which com
menced last fall Mr. I'ratl was til years
oil and for many years had been one of
th host known business men in Rridport,
dealing largely in live stock and farm pro
duce. He leaves three sons, Hurry, who
is at home, Frank of Albany, N. Y., and
Charles of Hrldport. The funeral services
were held nt two o'clock Sunday after
noon with a large number in attendance'
The Rev. Henry Lamb, the Congregatlon-
ll pastor, conducted the services. Dr. 1
P. Russell reached his 57th birthday Sat
urday and received the hearty congratula
tions of many friends. Ho is in much bet
tor health than for the past two years.
The haymakers In Addison county had a
bad time last work, but a groat quantity
of hay was got in, as It rained more or
less every day but one. Miss Catherine
Hope, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William
W. Hope, arrived at her seventh birthday
Saturday nnd in the afternoon a party
was given in her honor at the home of
her aunt, Mrs. James Hughes, on Acad
omy street. Joseph H. Cobb and son,
Allen, who have boon up the nver as far
as Plttsford on a camping and fishing trip
in a launch, arrived homo Siturday even
ing. They brought homo a tine lot of fish
Marcellus Pierce of Superior, Neb., a
former res. dent of Mlddlehiiry arrived
Saturday for a visit with rrlatives after
an absence of 2" years. Misses Ruth nnd
Gladys Hrunollo, daughters of Mr. and
Mrs. Cyrille Hrunollo, returned hnmo Sat
urday after a week's stay witli relatives
in Rutland.
Mrs. I.ancoy W. Forbes, who had boon
111 for some time at her homo on Case,
street, died Monday morning at the age
of fi.l years. She is survived by a husband
on' son, W, J. Forbes, and a daughter,
Mrv, George Mead, all of this town. Mr
Forbes had a shock about a week ago
w ilcli hastened the end. The funeral was
hold at her late home. Wednesday
morning nt 10 o'clock, and the buiial was
1 tho Case street cemetery. Cashier
Charles V.. Plnncy of the National Hank
of MldOlebury lias returned from a two
weeks' outing at Knight's Island Mon
day, market day, eggs brought from 20 to
22 cont Kef dozen, one cent rmoe than
last week, and butler brought from 20 to
22 etuis per dozen, one cent morn than
week. The csttle shipment from this sec
t Ion Monday consisted nf three carloads
for 1 1 if Ilrigh'on nnd New York markets
Miss Mabel Heustis has gone to Hrld
port for a week's visit with relatives,
A chart shnnlrg the proprc-od additional
work to bo done on the village streets this
season, provldiiiK that tho special village
meeting to be held Thursday evening
votes the nece-farv money, has been hung
in the postoffioe, Tho proposition has
given rise to a great deal of heated discus
slon. William J. Sullivan of South Hos
ton. who has been bore for a month's va
ra tlnn visit with relatives, returned to
Ronton nu the (Iyer Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Klleti Wright and daughter, Ruth
are visiting friends In Shoreham for a
few days. The Misses Turner have begun
extensive repairs on their residence on
Franklin street. John Stl'es of the Shel
doi drug store returned Monday, after
a three weeks' visit to his home In Mor
risvllle Doner Shackett tf Worcester
Mass,, a former Mlddlehiiry ,oy, returned
to that city Monday after a three weeks
visit witli relatives In Mlddlehiiry and
Hrldport. Charles and Georso Sears hav
returned after a few days' visit with their
parents anil other relatives In .''ohnsnn.
There are letters advertised at tho Mid
dleburv postofllco for Mrs. Iavlne Page(
Miss Rv.a Smith, P. H. Wluilen. Manley
Wright, William G. Wymaii, Kawieuen
Harris, Arthur H. Westcnborg nnd John
Whalcn. The funeral services of the four
years old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I-M
ward Soars of Hrooksvlllo were held at
ftt, Mary's Church at R:30 o'clock Sunday
morning, the Rev. Father J. D. Shannon
officiating. Tho Intcrrhcnt was in the
Catholic cemetery. Kdward R. Wooster
of Mlddlehiiry, now employeu In tho Dcla
ware & Hudson railroad freight office at
Rutland, and Miss Theresa Murray of
Troctor will bo married at the homo of
the bride In Trootor Thursday morning,
Samuel DUhadaw employed at the
Rovernmont farms, stnek a pitch fork
Into the muscles of his light nrm Mon
day, lie wns brought to tills Vlllnge
nnd tlin wound dressed. It will lie
sonio diivs before he will lie able to
ork. Theodore !uekott nnd MIsh
Carrie I.each were given ii tin shower
party nt Mr. nnd Mrs. llttgeno Shnnv
bo's Monday evening. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Frank Partridge have returned to
Proctor nfter it visit with relatives,
l)r 11. 1 Averlll has broken ground
for his new house on Court street
Misses Jennie I.aPnti, clerk at C. F.
Rich's, and Miss Hvn Plnncy, clerk nt
F. W. Heckwltti's, nie nn n two weeks'
acatlnn In Goshen nnd vicinity. The
Rev. W. H. W.nshburno of the Meth
odist Church will preach Sunday morn
ing on "l.llv Work" nnd In the even
ing on "Hunger." George W. Folsom
and John I., Cook nf tho Soldiers'
Home In Henningtnti, former residents
f Rlpton, are here on n furlough.
Charles ttnbhlt'S of Woodstock, for
merly of ll.i.M Mlibllobury, Is hero for
two weeks' visit Mis. II. H. Wright
and Miss Ruth Wright have returned
from a visit in Slinrelinm.
The whooping cough has broken out in
quite a violent form In several families
living In tho neighborhood of the freight
station, but It Is not serious hs yet.
The funeral of Mrs. 1. W. Forbes was
held nt her late home Wednesday morn
ing nt ten o'clock. The Rev. W. H.
Waslibttrne, pastor of the Methodist
Church, officiated and the burial was In
the Case street cemetery. Mrs. Frank
Ashley and daughter of Albany, N. Y.,
nie vlltlng in town. --Mrs. Adams and
son of Ilrooklyn, N. Y., are guests of
Mr. nnd Mrs. George Fltts. Mr. nnd Mrs.
William Itnyex of Worcester, Mass., are
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Hayes. The village meeting to be held
this evening will probably be a warm
one as there l considerable fooling
against running In debt any more. C. W.
Ross has the frame of his new house
on Court street nearly covered. lullus
I. Williamson has completed extensive
repairs upon his house and grounds in
the east part of the village. John M.
Hosloy, for 20 years until last spring
relrlent of Mlddlebury, and now of
Haltlmoro. Md., from which city lie
originally came, is in town on a visit
to relatives Mr. Hosley has purchased a
line place noir his old homo in Unit 'more.
-Mr. and Mrs. S. M. C.npentor of Man
bestor. N. H., and tholr young son,
Harold, are in town for several weeks
and are staying nt tho Logan. A con
siderable number of people from this
and neighboring towns took the triln
Wednesday morning for Plnttluirgh, N.
Y., on the Proctor band excursion.
Merrltt Stow arrived in town Tuesday
after two weeks' vacation, part of which
was passed with relatives In RrNtol and
part In an automobile trip Into Canada.
Pr. William H. Sheldon has gone to tho
Rread Loaf Inn In Hlpton for a vacation.
Harry Cushman Is assisting in the store
during Dr. Sheldon's absence.
Frank Ross dropped dead at the home
of his son, M. N. Ross, In Monkton Wed
nesday afternoon supposedly from ap
oplexy. Ho was well known here, whore
lie at one time resided. Ho leaves throe
sisters, Mrs. Marcla Foster nf Jamaica,
and Mrs. Sybil V.irnoy nnd Mrs
Adelaide Doty of Ilristol, two sons, Hert
Ross of Lincoln and M. N. Ross of
Monkton, The funeral was held at the
homo of his son, M. N. Ross, Ftiday
afternoon nt two o'clock.
The teachers engaged for the graded
school follow: F. II. Waliaoe, princi
pal; Cora II. Wallace, assistant; Kdith
II. Drury, grammar; Nellie, L. Lno, In
termediate, Anna V. Cooloy, fourth
primary; Lottie Sessions, third prim
ary, Amy J. Sumner, first primary.
Peter Lafayette and Cecil Pierce nf
New Haven were arrested nt tho rail
road station by Deputy Sheriff O. S.
Farr Friday They were in an ad
vanced state of intoxication and had
to lie loaded into a wagon nnd brought
to the lock up. After Retting sober,
they were brought before Justice W.
II. Hosworth and pleaded guilty and
fined J.'i and costs of $10 ."1 each, which
was paid. The now 12.", horse power
eiiRlno for the Itrlstol Manufaeturln
company Is being; placed In position.
The Misses Myrtle and Man James have
returned to Swnnton, Mr. and Mrs. L.
C. Chaplu, Mr. nnd Mrs. It. J. Clark
md son went to Ixiiir Point Saturday
for a few days' stay. The Munhiill
tent meetings closed Friday night
Misses Suslo Monroe and l-'velyn Geary
will teach fall terms of school In War
ren. Mr. and Mrs. C. i: Mniisl and
daughter, Charlotte, Mrs, W. H, Cnr
dell, Miss Inn Lafayette and A. H.
Miliislll are nt Queen City Park for n
week. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. R. Wills and
Mrs. G. R. Wilson are nt Long Point
us tli ii guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. H. W.
The officers of tho Uristol Railroad
company elected Monday are; President,
P. W. Clement; clerk and treasurer,
Ralph Denio; directors, P. W, Clement,
K. H, Patterson. W. N. Gove, C. P. Hub,
It. W. Peake, W. P. ('lenient. A hniwo
in tho Little Notch was i aided last Sat
utday night by Deputy Sheriff G. S.
Farr and T. N. Rowley, About 10 quarts
of still was found, William Lafrance
and Joseph Lowell wore placed under .it
rest and brought to the village and
locked up, They were taken before Judge
F. M. Foot of Mlddlebury on complaint
of State's Attorney L, C. Russell. Lowell
furnish'-d bail of J.W, Lafrance ex
pects to furnish ball of J3.V). Ixiwell
claimed the liquor and took nn appeal.
The liquor was declared forfeited. At
the MothrirllM Church Sunday morning
Mrs. Addle Ulssonette was received as a
member on probation. Seventeen persons
expresfed a desire to unite with the
church.-William Shattuek, Ray Hasklns,
Allison Hrlstnl and Ralph Drown arc at
home from a ten days' stay nt Iong
point, H, P. Hrnwn of New York Is liern
for a few days' visit with his family.
L. H. Hrown of Vergennes wns in town
Monday. The Rev. Mr. Watts prech-
ed In the Hiptlst Church Sunday. The
Rev. I, L. Fisher will begin his pastorate
at the Haptlst Church in September,
Mrs. F. T. Hrlggs Is at homo from Long
A bad break occurred In tho six inch
water main at the corner of Garfield
nnd Mountain btrcets about norm Tuesday,
Garfield street and the walks and lawns
were flooded, Superintendent Farr has n
gang of men repairing the break. O. J,
McShane, nil employe of thrt Hrlstol
Manufacturing Co., cut off the end of one
finger Monday, The diphtheria quaran
tine has been rt moved from tho home of
H. H. Norrls on Taylor avenue Mr. and
Mrs. II. .1. Clark and son, Krnest, are at
homo from several days at Long point
Mrs, L, c, Kcnney of Rutland is called
here hv the serious Illness nf her (laugh
ter, Mrs. William Ilurlburt. Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Gaudett wore In Hurlingliin
Mond i.v. Misses Marjorlo nnd Florence
lldmunds nro vlstlng relatives In Mines
burgh. -Mrs. L, 13. Iliince nnd daughter
of West Rutland are visiting her mother,
Mrs. L. R. Ulssonette, and other reli-tlvos.-
Many farmer have finished hay
ing. Antnlnc Cormier on litlstol Flats
lost two cows and a hull killed by
lightning Mondny night. 13, II. l-l.ist man's
silo was damaged. The blacksmith of
llrlsiol and surrounding towns will meet
In the Drake-Fair block Saturday even
ing to organize n union. -Miss Anna
Geari, who has boon on .1 two weeks'
vacation .here, relumed to Hartford,
Conn.. Tuesilav. Mr. II. P. Sherwln
went to Long point Tuesday for ., stay
of several days. The thunder shower
Mondav nlglil wns one of the hardest of
the reason, There was no dannse heie
in the vllage except to net ves.-Patrick
n'Neil was In the village Tuesday. For
a man with Imth legs gone nnd SS years
old he K a wonder. The Rev. Father D.
13. Coffey ext-Jcts to start Sunday night
for a trip W it as far as St. Paul,
The I idles A.d of the Mrthodi.-t Church
will ghe an entertainment August 7. Mrs.
Margaret Asay of Ocean Groie. N. J , the
well known elocutionist, will ho here. Mrs.
Horten.-'- Drake Hoyt of Cambridge,
."ass., will sing several selections. They
mill also be assisted hy local talent. Mr.
and Mrs. Martin Sprague have gone to
Hlghgatc Springs to be the guests of
their daughter. Mrs. Charles Gllnioro.
Mrs. Charles Dodge of Proctor is the
guest of Mr. nn Mrs. L. It. Dodge. -The
Rev. Peter Heller closed his out of doors'
meetings Sunday evening. They were
well attended. ..Mrs. Charles II. Ferguson
or j-orrisiiurgh passed Sundiy with her
mother, Mrs. Alice Huntington.
Mrs 1. It. Hoardnian passed away
Wediie--,-iv morning. July 21, after a
long and painful Illness The funoial
was held at her !nt- homo Saturday.
The Rc. W. II. Washhiirne, th,. Motho
( st pastor, officiated and two solos were
rendered by Miss Helen ti,iwnrth of
Bristol, a niece of Mr. Itoardman. The
deceased was ,:t years nf ago and loaves
a husband, L. H. Hnardman, and two
children. Royal Hvman of Chosnw.
Wash., and Mnhol MarVetto of this town
The bearers were V. G At wood, M. J.
Dav, George Hldrtdge and Arthur Doug
las. The Interment was 111 ide in Pros
poet remo'orv. Mnnv out of town friends
nnd relatives were present at tho funor
a!. Mrs. Lllza Abbott and Aaron Youtt
of Cornwall were married Snndiv. Mi-
mil -His lintiert Hunt of Proctor nro
visiting Mr. Ilunt'r parents In tins town
The Ladles' Aid society was pleas
antly entertained July 24 by Mrs. IT
W. Snoonoi -Carlton .Tones of S.llls-
burg was at home over Sunday. Miss
Kdith Spoouer cnfrlnlncd the G. R. R,
society Frlda. evening F.zrn Smith
and fnmily hnv , returned from the
lake. The Rev. Thomns -Hnfer preach
ed nt the Rnptlst Church Sunday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Geirge Sheldon passed
I'rldav with friends at Lons point.
Mr. and Mrs. Ildwnrd Miles from
Massa hus -tts are visiting relatives In
town. Mrs. Ida Hrown ('onklin and
little boy of Rochester, N. Y., are vis
iting her ntntlw r Mrs. Hliza Hrown.
F. A Mile.-, and lirothcr, Kdwnrd Miles.
passed Monday In Richmond. The
Friends Y. P. S. C. 13. will have an ice
cream social on the entiti'ii inwn in
lay evening. All are Invited. Tho
Willing Workers met Inst Friday nt
Mrs. Jeanette Hamum s.
Mrs II. P- Stllt-on of Proctor is parsing
few weeks at the home of her son,
George Stils hi. 11 1 Little, Wesley L'ttlo
nnd Sidle Hurley are passing the week
with relatlvs in c, lehester. During the
electric storm Mondiy night the tene
ment house of Mrs. Anna Mci 'liming was
struck by liglitnli g and seriously darti
aged. PANTON.
Mr. .Iiinictif reck Spaiiiduig, widow of
Isaac Somers Spanlding, died at the sum
mer home of her son-in-law, f). II. Sher
man, at Ling point. Monday, in the 7jUi
year of her age.Tlie funeral services were
held at the I'ongtcg.itionnl Church at
Forrlsburgh t'cntf Wednesday at tio
o'clock, witn interment at Prospect ceme
tery, Vergenne.-'. She loaves 10 children,
Wllhur and Mrs. Illla lonl of Portland,
Ore,, Mis. Lucy Smith of Iloston, Mass .
Mrs. Susie Allen of New Haven, Julli of
Forrlsbiirgh. Wealth.! of Now llnvon,
Mrs. Mary Sherman of Forrlsburgh. John
and Loyal of tills place and Henry of
Addlfon, also one hrnther and two sisters
all of wlniin reside In the West. -C. .
Sprague of Ililstol was at C. S. Curler's
over Sunday -I-ordyce Storms and two
children of Worcester, Muss,, arc In town.
The Rev. J. C Williams nf Maine
preached at the Congregational Church
Sunday. A special church meeting lias
bcn called for Saturday owning of tills
weolt to act on the report of the pulpit
committee. James Ryan of Rutland is at
homo for a week. -John Sloan of More
town and Mrs. Dilphlne Dubrey of Or
well were married hy Justice C. L. Slay
Sunday evening. July 21. Miss Jessie
Cooke Is at home from Rutland for the
summer. Mr and Mrs. Charles S.inford
of Ludlow are In town, Mrs. F. 13. Llllie
returned from Burlington Siturdiy Mis.
Cron.in went to Hnrllngtnn Saturday to
care for P f- Phelps. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Oclumpaugh returned to Rutland
Monday. William Charlton lias purchased
the store In Htnson of his father and
S. C, Hnskhis of Coleman, Mich., and
W. R. llasklns of Slireesport, Li., nro
visiting their brother. Newell llasklns.
Dr. W. II. Sliel'lou of Mlddlebury Is
passing a few days nt L. A, Spark's fur
the benefit of bis health. Dr. J. It. Until
Mill has relumed from Worcester, Mass,
-Clirles Robhlns of Woodstock is visit
ing his son, John Hobblns, amj family.
Mrs, J. A. Warner and daughter, Mnr
Jorle, returned to their homo in Wlnstcd,
Conn., Monday.-.MIss 13Ua Whltlock of
Hrandnn was a recent guest of Mrs. V,
C. Kelsey, 13. L. Roomrr of Wlnsted,
Conn., Is visiting his wlfn nnd mother
here. Miss Mattle Rohblnson of Ticou
dernga was the guest of Nellie Ketcham
Continued ou 3ml Piibc)
Father Martoogessian the Armen
ian Has Serious Crimes Laid
at His Door.
Its Alleged Oil loot Mils the Itolilicr.v of
Wenllhj- Armenians lltpi-eted the
Murderer of the Itug Merchant
Will Confess He Is Agent
of llliiekiniillers.
New York. July 31. Four Indletments
now lie against Father Levont Martoo
gesslan, the Armenl -i who. It Is alleged
sometimes practiced extortion and black
mail. Tho priest Is Just now accused of
bolus the central figure In the con
rplrncy which the district attorney seeks
to prove bad for Its object the robbery
of wealthy Armenians and led to the
minder of the rug merehnnt, Tavshnn
Jinn and others who refused to bo fi
nancially bled.
From the slner of Tvashan.ll.iu. Red
ros HampnrtznnntiHii, as ho Is known
hero, the police hope to obtain a (onfes
slon establishing that tho youth unwit
tingly was the agent of blackmailing tor
rorlsts. A trunk which Hnpartzronmiaii
had In Lowell, Mass , has been brought
here, and Its contents nmv throw light
on the Investigation. Once the assassin
Is convinced that he was more of a tool
than n patriot the pn'lce expect him to
make disclosures which will render easy
tho wiping out of a dangerous gang.
Of the n additional indictments against
Martnogoslan brought in by the grand
Jury lo-ilny two charge attempted rob
bery, m. did the original indictment, and
one alleges extortion. The utter charges
that the priest was responsible for at
least one of the blackmailing letters
which quickly followed tho death of tlic
rue merchant.
This letter was mailed In New York on
the afternoon ot July 22, the day that
Tavsh.injlan was shot. It was written
in red ink In Armenian and wns signed
with the symbol of the terrorists three
hands with daggers uplifted, poised
above a rod heart.
The letter is as follows:
"Giilalu Gullicnklnn and Company
"Hrunswick Huildlng, New Vork.
"Death Warrant !
"The executives of the Constantinople
Armenian 1 evolutionary terrorists organ
ization condemn to death Haroutlan
Giilenkian, Gulabl Gulbcnklan and Patrick
Gulboiiklan, the three brothers who en
tirely have deaf cnr. to all appeals for
national freedom. Our executive boaid,
having given its decision to Haroutlan
and Gulabl Gulbonklnn in America, gives
them twenty-four hours time to decide
between tholr duty and death.
"Ceinstnntlnopio Armenian Rovolutlo
nnrv Terror sts Organization."
The letter is dated "Constantinople,
June 27, ino7."
Following the letter Is a post&cnpt, also
in iod Ink, which roads:
"Although neither prison nor hanging
can pievent us from fulfilling our duty to
tnu end, It i.s necessary that you should
know. If you betray this letter or cause
harm to one hair on our holds ou may
consider your whole family wiped out."
Hefore the receipt of this letter Harou
tlan Gulbenklar, who Is the accusing wit
ness ag-alnst the priest, received a black
mail, ng letter demanding $2.",0oi) but did
nut comply with the demand.
The .-en.-o of the Indictment is that the
priest either sent tho quoted letter or
caused it to be sent.
It is further alleged that in Septem
ber. lOnfi, Father Martoogesslan threat
ened to kill or (auso to bo killed, Hod.
ros Hii7.anjlan, a men-hunt of 29 I'nion
Square, unless tho latter cave up $1.",.
000 to the Armenian revolutionists.
It Is yet further charged that Father
MartooRosslaii ropresenteii or caused
to be represented to Mirau G. KnraR
ens.an an Armenian, that lo would
moot death unless lin riivo $100,000 to
the Armenian fund. Knrgensian, It is
said, i evolved tills communication in
the form of a letter on August 21), 1903.
The letter added:
"The list Is not finally closed yet.
There may bo several others and you
may he tile next." .
Tho lato afternoon developed nn im
portant witness, MaRdcrlch Lustrlan, i
blacksmith, who was examined by As
sistant District Attorney Manley.
According to information furnished
by tho district attorneys's ofllco the
witness snid tlint lie had often attended
meetings of tho Hunclinklst society at
which Martoogesslan presided. He Is
alleged to have stated that ho knew
five different cases wherein men worn
sent from this country to llurope ut
the Instigation nf a man chosen to
murder certain persons. On two occa
sions, Lustrlan said, ho was picked to
do murder but mannged In various
ways to shift tho responsibility.
Some time ngo ho wns told Mint n
would have to kill Nlknl.it Milne! he
cause at Hint tlm It wns believed that
Mllack was a Turkish spy. According
to Mr. Manley, the blacksmith nwido
further startling admissions nnd fur
nlslieil corroborntlvo evidence of lui
portnnco nRalnst tho prisoner,
Consternation mining Rising ticnerii
tlon '-r Itnllroiiil Milling.
Austin. Tex , July r.l There Is conster
nation In tho breasts of the rising generp
tlon of Teans and sorrow in tin hearts
of tholr elders. Tho railroad commission
has Issued a tilling that under the new
anti-free puss law full rates must be paid
for advance cars and representatives nf
circuses and similar shows, und tills has
caused these attractions to deternilno to
stay out of the tftato in tho future.
Mmliimn Coul (I IteeeUes Proposals
Thrust Into Her Cnrrlnute.
New York, .1 tit V M -Giving up bis law
practice In Parts, where for many vears
he has noted as counsellor for the Amer
ican embassy. l-3lmond Kelly returned
vesterdav nn the Minneapolis, of the At
lantic transport lino. Mr. and Mrs. K el
ley will first make nn extensive trip
through the West, "an outing." as Mr.
Keltey said yesterdnv, nnd then ho will
estiihllsh n l,a" ntflce In this elf v.
That Mine. Gould, the former Countess
do Cnstollnne, Is Importuned on the
streets hv suitors for her hand nnel
wealth was ope of the statements mnd
hy Mr. Kelley, who conducted her di
vorce case. "Why. th"v stop her cab in
the street." said Mr Kelly, "and thrust
their proposals, written more or less pro.
fnselv. It. to tin- windows ,if the carriage.
That Mme Gould miv marrv again mnv
be true, but not for six months nt least,
as tho decree does not permit il."
Mr. Kollov snid t lint ho had henrel of
the rumored engagement of the Prince
do Sngnn and Mme. Gould, but he hard
ly believed It true. "There Is not the
slightest doubt that she can easily win
nil of the titles that she could wish fn-,
but she is not now the little Anna Gould
known In this country. She Is a vivac
ious, fascinating nnd brilliant woman
Mr. Kelly paid a tribute to the manner
In which her brothers nnd her sister
Helen had stood by Mme. Gould In her
domestic trials.
Speaking of his practice abroad, he
said that he was elated over the out
come of the contested will eae ot the
late Charles Spencer. Mr. Spencer was
a wealth v American who Joined the
colony in Paris many years ago. When
ho died the will gave Ms daughter, the
Duchess of Vleovarl. the bulk of the
estate, nnd the sons, Txirlllard and Wil
liam Spencer, residents of the Tnlted
States, contested the testament. Tho
lower courts sustained the will, hut Mr.
Kelly curried nn appeal to the French
court of appeals nnd loimed. when at
sea. that the court had sustained his
contentions and that the property will
have to be divided .according to the Inws
of the fntted Stater.
Mr. Kelly was prominent in the dis
pute over the will of Charles T.ilr, who,
with lit wife, was killed In an auto
mobile nocldent near Passy. France,
throe vears ago. Mr. Kelly represented
Mr. Hermann Oelrlchs and Mrs Wil
liam K. Vnnd.-rhilt against the mother,
biother and other n latlvos of Mrs.
A el
As Pnrae'llllte A He Plling.'s
iIomii Flie-Story s,nft.
Now York, Julv .11. In two freak
accidents two children reported yester
day one little girl lost her lite trying
to save a Teddy bear and a 14-year-nld
boy was saved from death hy an um
brella In n five-story plunge.
Ma.-garetta Roefflor, four yeara old,
vho lived with her parents on the
fifth floor of No. 1. 151 1 Second avenue,
wns plnylnp with a Teddy bear In th
hallway of her hhme and tried to r---st
the toy on the banister. It slipped
from her grasp and fell down stairs.
Little M.argnrotta reached out to save
It and In doing so lost her balance and
reeled over the banister, falling two
flights and striking on her bend. Her
skull was fractured and sho died soon
Fred Sullivan. II years old. Is at
the Harlem hospital sulferin from
(Otituslons of tho bad: and other In
juries. The boy fell five stories yes
terday through an nlrshnft at .no.
I.SiJS Third avenue and wns picked up
unconscious in tho basement of the
Mrs. Sullivan, mother of the hoy, sat
a while on the roof yesterday morning,
using nn umbrella to ward olt the sun.
When she wont down sho forgot to
take the umhiella with her. She sent
Fred to get it. nnd In descending he
fell through the nlrshnft to tho base
ment. He hold the open umbrella In
Ills hands and It served to break tho
force of his fall. Re will recover.
Chicago Organisations Plan to llnter
tnln Republicans nnd Democrats,
Chicago, July 31. The republican and
democratic n.iilnml conveni'ous may
both he held in Chi-ago in lf'-N bringing
thousand. of politicians here from all
pirts of the country and making Chicago
the center of the pnlltical nuel-troni.
Financial arrangements for meeting tha
guarantees demanded were completed yes
terday by members of the Hamilton club
nnd n committee of the Chicago Commer
cial club. Much more than the amount
asked had bren pledged. The arrange
ments for obtaining the conventions are
being conducted on a non-p.irtls.in basis.
Among those present at yesterday'.
meeting were President Knight. Fred W.
I'phani, A. R. Gates and Walter II. Wil
son of the Hamilton club and W. F.
Hlches, John C Roth and Mason II. Star
ring of the Association of Merchants. It
was announced after the meeting that the
in-ospeets for obtaining the two cotnon
tlons for Chicago were bright. An Im
mense now eonvenrnn building to bold
the delegates Is part of the plan being
Ottawa, Ont., July 31. The railway
commission has oidercd tha Grand
Trunk railway to have third class car
riages put on Its trains throughout the
entire system, In Canada, but gave tt
the right to appeal to the supreme
court. Tills will mean a two cent rate
for Canadians.
Won, Jst. Pet.
Chicago M 3'i .00?
Detroit M 3.1 .y3
Cleveland 61 37 .393
Philadelphia 51 3'i .JsO
New York 2 I'i .177
St. Ixiuls 3'i .'! .
Dnslon 3,1 53 .39?
Washington 2S 37 .329
Won. I.oit. Pet
Chicago i;" 24 ,730
Pittsburg M. .5"'
New York 51 31 .tit I
riiiludolphla 41 .SIS
Brooklyn U 51 .4lil
Iloston 3" 61 .420
Cincinnati 37 52 116
St. Louis 21 "5 .213
A Careless Farmer Has Poisoned
the Trout in Indian
And When Ilie It.iln Tell It Wnslird
ling II terminator Into nlrrr
Pimlet .Mini Will .square Him
self l,v .stocking .stream
Acit Full.
Rutland, July 31. Ry the carelessness
of Fred C. Nelson of West Pawlet, a
farmer, the trout in Indian river oi e o
the best streams In southern Vermont
were nenrlv exterminated. Mr Ne'sori
was using Paris green and vitriol, mixer!
In barrels at the side of the r'ver, te
kill the hugs on his potato plir's Tho
barrels were left on the bank of thi
stream and when a heavy rain '-arno a,
large quantity of the pntson was wash
ed Into the river, contaminath g tho
water so badly that many brown trout
and speckled trout, some of P. poundi
in weight, wore found dead.
County Fish and Game Warden P. If.
Stleknoy of this city returned thl rrorn
ing from Pawlet where ho went '-i n
vestlgnte the poisoning. A fS--r --e $20
and costs is prescribed by thr g.in- lawi
for such cases but as Mr. Nelson's Vi
head of cattle depend entirelv on tho
rlvfr for drinking water the warden de
cided not to prosecute becrm-r win
evident that there wns no mn'l-f In
tended. It happened thnt the ri'n was
so severe that the cnt:le did r it get
to tho river while the poison was In
Mr Nelson has incurred 'ho w'l!
of all the sportsmen in the vl- v VqJ
to square himself he has agree 1 to sp k
the brook with iingcrllng trcu r xt
flouble TiiMillon Commission Cnnt
Tell When It'll He Mnric.
Mnntpellcr, July 31. --The double taxa
tion committee put in a full daj to-dav
at the StrftP House. All the menners
wore present except L. I'. Slack of Gt.
Johnsbury. The commission discussed at
some length the matter of exam'n'ng
everv inventory taken In tho State last
April to obtain therefrom miK'i des r- 1
Information, but noth.ns dctl"lte was
decided. O. M Harbor of Rcnningtn" tho
chairman, stated tliit nothing c r 1 at
tins time he (.'Ivon ou' for pub' Tlon,
and that It is impossible r w i sav
when the commission ll u- re i to
re-port to Governor Proctor
Successor to Decensed secretary Dis
cussed but N.ol t'lioseu.
Montpoilor, Julv 31. A m.ii tv nl
the directors of the Vermont I'ible so
clety mot this afternoon nt tl o y Jf
C. A building to discuss sel..t ir
successor to the Into Rev. L II 13 i tl
of Wnterhury as oorresponrling so re
t.irv nnd agent. No definite ' ot
was taken but a eommltto cons st'i 4
of tile Rev. ,. F. Rood and I. CM" I
of Montpoilor, tho Rev. W. I! Duke
shire of Harton nnd the Rev. F R Kel
logg of Wnterhury wns appo ntod 'o
further Investigate the matter ti re
port at a subsequent meeting. ,iM also
to report resolutions on the death ot
Mr. IClllott.
Il is probable that Den. on 1 f ,
Slavton nf Morrisvillo will be ihoseq
as Mr. Rlllott's successor.
Tile Venerable Rev. Dr. A L ( iper
of Randolph, president of the s-i icrv,
presided nt the meeting to-day
Swan ton, July 31. Fpon complalt t if V.
K. Stinehour, game warden, Hdw.arl
celetto was arrested by Deputy S rr ff
W. James for having in hU pnm, ss, -r ,
young fawn which lie found de i on tn
ra lroad track jorth of tho west station.
At a hearng held at 1-3. A. Ayer- 5 iff! a
yesterday afternoon before Justs o ,f t a
Peace C. S. Gate. the evidence sh--w 1
that the fawn was killed by a tra n a" I
badly cut up. and young .nrle'to
brought the carcass homo and sold ths
hide, not knowing he was viol.ati'g a'V
law by haling It In his possrsMii' T a
court found Mm lunoiont of ary ntont if
breaking the law, and discharged im.
County Game Warden N. P. Leach of
Knoshurgli rails and States Atti-ney
Fred S. Tapper of Fast Fairfield prosecut
ed, and f-3, A. AX'M appeared for the du
fondant. Al'TOIST APPF.ALI3D HIS C S13,
Rutland. July 31. William TI Rid
dle of this city, a lumber dealer, was
arrested at Walllngford yesterday on
the charge of speeding an automobile
which frightened tho team ot Zed
Cook ou a hill, a collision being nar
rowly averted. An appeal wns taken
to Rutland county court and ball was
fixed at $60.
Tool, 111k secretory fnr M Hrlilr Mar
riage nt Ipwn Ich, MnNs.
Ipswich, Ma s., July 30. Jacob A RUs,
tho well known author and settlement
wotker yesterday wns married to Miss
Mary A. Phillip, who for some time lias
served ns Mr. Rlls's secretary.
The ceremony was performed privately
at Ascension Memorial Church by tho
rector, the Rev. Reginald Pearce,
Only the immedlato relatives of the
brldn and the young son of Mr Rlls wero
Following the ceremony Mr. and Mrs.
Rlls wero (.riven to tho Ipswich river,
where they pr.ibatked In ft motor boat It
Is believed thnt they boarded a yacht for
a tour Ulan- tho Mulno coast,

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