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Hirn Thomas began londny Ms Colli
year n a mall carrier In nurllngttm.
T it five years old son of Mr, and Mrs.
W nihil, i Uultic of Hunt avenue, died
Thursday after of bronchial pneumonia.
i; 'iriiihf Nelson, the liiftint sou of
T'r.f and Mrs. Klbrldge C. Jacobs, died.
Jiursdnv aftornnn. The funeral service,
iv is Friday afternoon.
Judgment was entered In city court
Tiicsdiiv m the cafe of J. K. Tttpliy
vs. Mpiionse T. tllvthi! fur the pliilntlff
tn recover ;s.; nnd cost? nf 5 12.
Howard SlmfTei-, successor to D, ,1.
Hipp is p.itiiffKc Inspector for Vermont,
iTMil hero S.tturduv nnil will make
h s lir.ukiiiii i ters In Iturllngtiiti.
lienrgc N Clark of Fletcher nnil Mlssi
Acnes O N. -II of thin city were recently
nuirlcd in IMnirliiiiiivlllo. Tlioy will reside
in I-let' her.
Mr nnd SItv Willi. mi 11,1511,', who have
rrsnled 111 tl i'i. f.11 the past tlirre
nrs 1, .'i M" v f,. p, He tlrovo,
1 hI., win in tl w'l make tni'lr lionie III
tue fill lire.
During the mnntli of .March there vcvo
17 blrti.N in the elty, if the new
iiMHnlM IvIiik boys and '.'S girls. Dim-.
Ins hc v,inf, pprind there were & deaths
ml tin "i: man I.iki's.
Urtd wni received In this elty yctc,r
11.1i lli.. tin postponed coneert by Sln
i.,'in S. hiiiniii'ti-nelnk would be given
in Tl Strong t. .nitre mi the evening of
4l in-
'ird have born received announcing
' niai-ug, ..f ii-orgc .v. HrlitBB,
1 1. u of tli- ,r. and .Miss ICdyth
' i-i-t'.n I, .si,, i' ,,n jianh : in I.os
i ,"i '1 .- f al.
h ,111
1 in 111 (.'on I
aft r. 0...1, i:i
dn ii 1 rl N
I tui-i li.i of 1 11, I'.lins
"ini my. held vc-t.-rday
1.. mil in w.is elected p-es -
t'ieivc was fleeted
r w r 11. mii e, r-
f '11 health.
v ,r riniii:i'es t hat ; In 1
I1'' 'I I" Hurlingmn
pi 1 1.".. IH" .11 1 hi
Il 1 I;. .1 ',.1 . .'ii 1 1
. 1 T'.i.- w ill ,-iipi " .1
. n ' 1
t'"i n-i -, 11 , ,
W'M il f" ,.-r .unit
I'" tin . -t. 1 D. '
1 ' it rs will ,.1 1
r or f.in-i . . 1
I 1111 )i..-i,iff 1
' n W sk -t it
n id i Mi-mi 1
Tnert wns i
I b.l.l III l''l ! . 1
( .11 tl,!
Jl k I'UII- ' 1
it ' I !li . ,
M..11 f..;- toe 1, lu.--i.in
1 . . t'iI 1 eo'i, t Sit ur
"f Man Thih.iult v.s.
. I !i. ;iil. v h"-h was
J ' " was n dii'-i d tg
1 ' f.. it -.111 of Mr and
M ' I' ' ' N'nrili avi 1111. . died
" ' '"' 1 .f 'I 'n' film '. al was
1 . ,1.1 i-in.'in three o lock
' S Jn.-r 's 1 i.u-i n, w.th Inlcr-
rriP'i i' M-. f.,ii..u c inet -ry.
I 11 1 1 V H ar.J c K T 'mmas. who
e -oil iini : j Tl, Din. is (jrncery
' !' i ' .1 "I iv for I'iM-foi-d,
il ' 1 tin 11 t,,k,- Hiss, wyiou r,f n
(.I fi-.,l tret,'1 nl sl.iif . the .tot'U (it
, I'l'j- nuntli j- irehaM'd.
T'lc ui..ii.e i.iti in i,f cirne lirothors
. "f I. i' . njit . -: v.. Arthur II.
'" ' s."ii-.iri,. N. V. was entered
ti,i,-,. ,, in court Tiiesd.'iy. the
U ' ti.i" ali.ci.l hfiic ini(.l,.r.ihle severity
a 'I cr'is,il tn s.ipp.iil
If ninr itMiitliu "Id -hi of. Mr. and
V H Spiar ..f S. N'lioctudy. K. v.,
f iich of (lis ,.l, died Monday. The
1 .d if. 11 i"d HiiillnKton Tuesday and
' funeral was held Wednesday aftcr
1 11 ai 2 o'clock from 13 Ito'-e stieet.
U.il'.i Henry I'orter, mkciI three yearn,
-oi' i f Mr. and Mrs. II. fl. 1'orter nf
irrm-i 11 sirret, died Saturday after belns
U 20 hours- of croupous pneumonia. The
fiUMi-il was held at the house at .:io p.
it M" iday. The remain" were taken to
I rx .l.n -Hon for Interment.
" 111 Dohlnson of Hi. union, the 12
V . 'd h.., who was in'. Idi ntly shot
! lu U with ,1 22-1 alllire rillf" while
b ' ' c 'i 11 rows rrldnj, and who was
In 1 In thN city for a surnieul uper.i
ti"i d.fl r.irlv Snturday evcnliiK- Tim
b mv wni t.ik , to litandon Saturday
evtiun-, at v:ri .clock,
( ban pkii'i Co' puny. No. 3, Tnlform
II, 1 k K of I 1 .is ilectcd the followlni?
f t'i r- t" sfi-ie 11 irlni; ti.o comliiK sear:
f a in, W !. Clnr..; lirst lieutenant,
f ' Ij.iuw, -..and llfiitenant, Geoi-Re
" Hr w Tin nfli.-rrs illl be Installed
I 'i' ' the t 'Ion. 1 of the reqlment, C
M 1 ... if'.!.
Jr- nh llilalrf died Monday morning
a' i- i po..i fin mi of genera! debility
at 1 1 ape 1.' i;t years, lie had been an
in ate of the poor farm for ten yfars
bi 1 If ms no Icntlves. The funeral w 1:1
I r I T r-day noinhm' fiom St. Joseph's
( with Interment in Mt. Calvary
cf 1 if 1 1 iy
J If Donnelly of VerKennes, chalrnian
of IV" 'li-t district deinocrutlc comrnlttee,
n is 1 tie ilty Monday nnil said lh,u
tl f munittee would soon meet to fix
Hie jda. f and time of the convention to
e' lu.- flelf sates to the Denver conven
tion 1 will probably be held either In
Bin ir.s' .'i 01 Mlddk-bury, Liirly In May.
Ai a UicellnK of the board of directors
rl in- Arbii''ke company, held at the
nth. e r' tne company, John J. IhirlKhl
w,i le ifd president; Janvs l.aiiK, vice.
pr hi It nt diaries II. Siull.s. secretary:
( i ik S lloldstock. 1 tea silt or, and
In '1 U Arljuc!;!", iiir.miRer.
I'aiier. were -eriel Mnndav ill the
HI 1 i'f Mr- Kate 'aiihan vs. Joseph
ti 1. Mtiiin id ijeitnient. in which
('(in 1 c - "f l-i'i 11 n- elulined. The suit Is
1 1 i njlilf In city court April 13. This
a ' Ibe latest development In the
yii n l '. market conti oversy.
Our mt Ii. Mncrae, foi merly of this
e t , 1 -is le .pled a position as trjvel
UiK al' saiiiii with the (ieiirKe W. ,1a
1 n I'ublisbinK eompauy. with head
r 1 Hrs .11 I'hll nlelphiii. He will travel
t rou purl of Hie middle West and
Hit ntii. South, with the exception uf
I- i) ! ins and Texas,
Si I. I Slone Tlnkhaiii oht-ervci) thn
Ml ii n.isnry of Ins birth TueMlay
i' 1 H Ii 1 ue or his son, Dr. II. 1'. Tink
1 of .N'orth Wlnouski iiveiiue. Mr.
Tl"k 11 1 iiti-rt, lined several fileiuls dur
' d.n ami iicelvifl ni.iiiy letters of
1 1 r-tulatii.il Mr. Tlnkhiim, who wns
I 111 in t ..ruisli, N. 11., is hale and
1','irtj and njnys the best of health.
lib liiiKlon Lodse, Nu.-Hlfi, II, l, (). n.,
if m.ikiiiK iiiraniieinenls fin a leccpllun
to be htld Thursday evening, April 2.'!.
The ivetiL will he lor Hlks and their
led us and will be the llrt I'ldles" nlKht
s I e the opeiilnif of the iresent lode
rooms two jimim iiko. Illabornte pbin-i
nn be mt innilii for Hie occasion, ninoun
tin fen Hires of which will be a musical
piiiKiaril and ilancliiK.
A lutci fiom Mini I, M. HalUwIii at
l'' i Hand, Oreon, dated Mtuch 21. hlales
Hi 11 la 1 latliei, M.niiiii II. lialdwln, was
liijim l II at day while 011 Hie slieei by
II far less bicyclist, .Mr. Ilulilwln was
t low 1, heavily to the KH'Hiiil and one
h'P was Inluied. MIsb lialdwln and her
fni 1 i,id airaiiRi'd to leaie I'ortland
nn Ih, I dav foi Ibeir homo In t Din . ii
It s uiu rtaln now when Jlr I''." mi
wi 1 be aM to make the trip.
Peculiar to ItseS
In selection, proportion anil comultintl'n
o( Ingredient!),
In the process by which their renicillu
vnlnes are extracted nnd preserved,
In effectiveness, usefulness and economy
Curing the widest ranee of disease,
Doing the most. Rood for the money,
llnvlng ttie most medicinal merit,
And the greatest word of curei,
Hood's Sarsapariffc
In tisiml 1 It tt 1 tl form or In choeohtf
tablets known as Sarsntabti. lOOdosen1:
Mrs. rwtrude r. Kncnn died Tuesday
tnorn.iiK at the Mary I'letcher hosjiltal
after a lone Illness with tuberculosis
She had conducted her hoarding house at
21!) Pearl stieet, however, up to a. few
days aco, when she was tiiKen to the
hospital She was years of uro and
was fortnerlv Miss ijertrude Doyle of
K-sex. She is nitvlveil by three chil
dren, Menlrl'-e. nun 12, Hrnce, used 10,
and John, .iK'd eiKlit.
The death of lson I,. Witters occurred
Satuidtiy 111 'intiu; at the home of I1I1
daimhter, Ml.-. John 11. Head on Khel
burnt' street. Mr. Witters was a native
of Milton, 'h" son of Horace and
L'larlss.i Wltfeis, and was 7i) years ol
;K: Tot many ears he was engaged
us truvi'lltiR salesinnn for n (Inn In Korl
Wayne. Ind . selling road machines. He
had resided in Burlington about 1G years.
He Is sun veil by a wife nnd daughter
Tim funeral was held Monday ntternooii
at h.l'l o'clock frimi his late home.
The farm on Shelburne street, owned
by Di. W. II. Knulesby. has been sold
to J. J. riynn. who will begin Its de
velopment at once, cutting It up Into
building lots and running streets through
It. The properly has a frontage of 1,,1'jn
feet on Shelbuino street and 2,rn0 feet
on I'.nk avfnue. fine street iilo runs
fliree'ly thiough It from north to south,
nnd it extends on the west tn the Hut
l.ind railroad Heck. This land, which
nan long been unimproved, Is now avail-
le for home and business purpose).
The annual meeilng of the Hurllngton
llulldlng .v.- Jjohii aso'-latlon for I he
'I'.inln.itlon of officers wsa held Tuesday
.ling in tht office., of tin f'hlttenden
County Trusi Cn. The following offi
cii i were nominated: l'reslih nt, W. J.
an I'.Uten; vlre-pteldent, 1'. A. Wood
In, ry; secretary find treasurer. 15. A.
Cooke; directors for three years. II. W.
Hall, r. C. llerrlngton, 1.'. W. Ilrownell,
C. I.. Dolan; auditors. J. H. Macomber,
S. H. I'latka, 11, V. Hall.
Finnic Hi III, a soldier from Fort nthan
Allen, upon a plea of gtilllj. to being in
tiixlcalcd, was Monday lined $"1 and
1 o-tK ol JS.'Jn In elty court, l'red tioi d
rlcli of South Hurllngton, who tlgnied ni
a mlx-up last week when bis leain got
away from him pleaded guilty tn a sim
ilar offense and was Unci $."1 and eosti
of Vi.W. I'atilck Flynn iileaded guilty to
a M-oond offense. Helng swoin for dis
closuie, he told without variation-' tlm
"nir.mgei" story nnd was remanded to
Jail to refresh his memory.
The site for the v. M.C. A. bojs'
suinnier camp l slid unsettled, although
si vera I locations hae been consldeti-d.
The camp at Silver bay, which b.is been
the gathering point for the associations
III the State In the past, Is to be aban
doned for a better bathing beach If one
can bo found. The beach at Sliver baj
Is rocky and not well adapted for the
.lounger boys. The asso"latlon hopes to
llnd some location which will be a I some
distance from the city and still be suit
able for camping pnrpo-cs.
William McKniinn, i barged with a sec
ond offence' of intoxication, iileaded
guilty when arraigned In city court Tues
day and was lined 51." and cost of
ti',.K. On disclosure be testllied that In
got drunk on some stuff which he pur
chased in Ni w Ilampshiif , from which
Stale he has recently letunud. f diver
I'olvln pleaded guilt v to being Intoxicat
ed and w as sent' in ed to serve ;:n days In
Jal!.' Kdward Metchanl and Hose l.e
fevre both iileaded gulliv to similar of
fencrs and leeched and costs of $".4."
Frank Barrett, ,-nn of Master Car
penter I,. F. Barrett of the Charnplain
Tranrportatlnn compain, died Thurs
day at Baldwin, N. V.. following an
operation for npp'-ndleitis His
death was directly due to pneumonia
which followrd the operation. Mr. Barrett
was cngag'd In the work on the new
Lake George steamer and up to the time
of the operation was In the best of
health. He was IH years of ag" and was
born In Shelburne. His mother died some
years ago and he-Ides his father he is
survived by several brothers and sisters.
Tin- lemalns rem hid Shelburne Tlinrs
da,y evening and the f uncial was held at
St. Catherine's Church Saturday morning
at 10:30 o'clock.
Allen Fair of Hristnl and Ml-s Inn H.
Davis, daughter of F. 1.. D.n is of 412
N'otth sticot, were marrli d nt the Fit si
Church chapel yesterday morning. The
rilliclatlng clergj mall was the Rev. Dr.
Sniait, pastor of the College Street
Church. Thn bride, who was gl..n ri
mm rln gr by her father, was atilrid In a
traveling gown of blue, with hat to
mutch. She carried a bourtuet nf Idles
of the valley. The groom was unattend
ed. Following the ceremonv il.e 1 ouplo
If fl Immediately for a wedding trip to
Hoston. Fpon their murn Ihoj win re
side In Hristol, where Mr. Fair is em
ployed as bookkeeper for the Hristol
Manufacturing tomp.my. The bride was
for seven years i lerk in the oflke of the
local telephone 1 vehange and was held
111 the highest esteem by her associates.
The first meeting of the new school
board for oiganizatlou was held Fiiday
evening, with the following school com
missioners piesent: Dr. II. c. Tlnkham,
V. A. Bullnri!, H. It, Chittenden, Dr.
(1. K. Datnur, Frank J. Dwyr-r and ',.
S. Adslt, thn Intter Miceeeding U. J.
IlnrrhiRtrin lu the llrst ward. Ofllceis
of the bo.it d were elerted as follows:
President, Dr. H. C. Tlnkham. clerk, Dr.
11. i; I-attiur 11. o. Wheeler was elected
huperlnlendent of s hools tor the ensuing
year. Standing committees were appointed
for the coming year as follows. On
M honl houses and school property, Com
missioners Tlnkham, Bull.ird and l.atour,
on school Instruction, text bonks and
teachers, (Jommlsslnners Billiard. Chitten
den and Atlslt: finance and accounts.
CotniulsslQiiers Dwyer, Lntour and Chit,
tetiden; rules and rigiilutlons, Commis
sioners Adslt, Dwyer and l.atour. lu.
The leiualns of P.ttilck Magniie arriv
ed In Ibis city Tni'Mlni, mnrrilns Hum
llrocktoii, Mass., and Intel ment was
made in St. Joseph's i i-uit lei , llm ruin
initial kei vices beitiK i uiidin ted by tin?
Itnv. P. ,1. Ilaimtt. Mr. Mutjulie, whoso
death occulted In liincktoii. last Sut
uiday, whs well knowii a Uui llngtoii.
He 1 sutilvf'd by a wifu and thiee ehll-
ili.il. Kllzuhet Hilton and Nellie. e
iiIko haves a father, Patrick Miigulie of
lhi'x Juncllou, and four brothers, Ml
1 li.iel of llsscx Junctloti, Jaines of Char
lotte, Owen of liuiland and T J of 1 11
ilcrhlll and two slsleis. Mrs. (luerin and
Mis fieorge Svlvesler of Uroekton Mr
Magulre had been employed as a line
man by the Houlheasterii Mnssai ImseltM
Telephone company nnd the Kdlsoti
llleelrlf Illuminating compnnv. tin wnw
III only 11 shorl time, death eotnlnn slid
tlenly as he was silting In his clialt.
W nshliiBion Coiiiily (Hie of Three In
U'lilfli Mtery Tnnn Has Accepted
State's Cider,
Montpeller, April ". ICvery rnnil
commissioner ami superintendent of
(streets 111 WnshliRtnn county, with
the selectmen of several of the towns
and Mayor Dawley of this elty at
tended the spring meeting nf county
toad commissions held to-day In the
cll. court room under the direction of
Ih" Hon. c. W. liates of Franklin,
State highway commissioner.
Previous to the npontn,r of the
meeting, State Commissioner dates
stated to a Free 1'tess reporter that
Franklin, Washington nnd (irand Isle
counties are the only counties lu the
State In which every town has taken
advantage of the nv appropriating
additional money for highway pur
poses. Last year every town In Washing
ton county except Hoxbury and Wor
cester voted such extra money and
this year every town Is In line. In
1007 the total so voted In this county
was $4, ,"00, this year thn amount Is
Commissioner dates also stated
that last year 13 towns In the State
voted an additional ? 4T..00H for thU
purpose ami this year ISO towns have
voted an addlllonnl M'.ono.
At the morning session Connnla.
sinner dates spoke somewhat nt
length of the mistakes made In rev
era! towns In the State last year In
the location of permanent highways
and In the kind of w-ork done. Al
though he cave the names of no
towns his talk along this line was
mint Interesting.
In this connection he advised em
ploying t engineer In laying out ill
Important picics of work and stated
that the bill for such service will be
allowed by the State Mr. fia'es called
the attention of the commissioners to
Hi,, fact that all Stale work thi vear
must be ilone by September 1.
At the aflernoon session Commis
sioner dates discoursed nt some length
upon the repairs of State roads. '::
miles of which was built last year.
II. S. Currier of Harre, founly super
visor, discussed with the lonimlsslon
ers I In- work to be laid out and done
In this county this year.
Stale's Attorney Benjamin Oaten
Mas asked 10 explain the law regard
ing I lie cut ting of bushes, rass and
weeds along the highway. Attorney
datf was plied witti numerous uue-i-Hons
and an interesting discussion cf
this uuestlon followed.
Commissioner dates followed, urg
ing the road f onilllls.slnncr-ci nf tl,,.
county to get their town and State
woik none early In the season, lie
said a commissioner who runs his ro.nl
midline for regulnr w-ork after tbn
llrM of July Is as foolish as Is the
farir.'t- who nlnnts his corn oi- sniv
Ills oats after that date.
An Inforniri I ilim imvmn Uc,i 11,..
day's nroceedlnirs. wbleV, u-.i -,,-mi
paled lu by Mayor Frank It. Dawlev
of Montpeller. K. W. Huntlev of Duv-
nury ami street Commissioners C. B.
Roberts of Montpeller, rred Bruce of
Barre, J. o. Southwick of Cabot, and
Nortlifield. April 7 -John I,. Mosel.
president of the Seventh P.egiment Vol
unteer assoclat.on, announces that the
next annual reunion of the association
will be held at the Hardwell iininu. 1..
Rutland June 21 and 2.'. The business
mietlng of the regiment will lake place
the caning nf the 24th and the div fol
lowing will be ghen to a trip to Iik.i
Montpi Her. April S.-The settlement of
the granite sttlke in this vicinity re.
celved a Might set back this afternoon
when the Harre nuarrymen held a mass
meeting to vote 011 the proposition re.
centty submitted to them by the quarry
owners that as it compromise measure
that they should receive 2 cents an
hour for an eight hour day. The iprirry-
men this afternoon by a small malorlty
11ted to accept the eight-hour day prop-o-ltlon
but referred tile price per hour
back to the committee. No settlement
an be said to have been effected to-
nlghl but It Is believed another meeting
will be held to-morrow nnd that the mat
ter will he adjusted.
A settlement satisfactory to all con
cerned was made to-day witli the tool
sharpeners. This agreement runs for
three years, the sharpeners to receive J3
a day for eight hours for the llrst year,
$104 for the second .war and t.l.lfl for the
third year. Tnls agreement Includes
weekly payments and a bill of pi Ices for
piece work.
If the settlement with the fpiai r. men
goes through to-morrow as ii is lie.
lleved It will, it is thought a settlement
can be easll.v effected with the polishers,
li mpers, boxers and flertP'knun who are
anxious to return to work.
Montpeller. April K The closing ar
guments In Ih" Peck-Krhardt cases
were made In Washington county
court this forenoon by Frank Plum
ley for the defendant and John II Sen
ter for Perk Brothers. The charge tn
HI'RllOHdllS-At I'nderhlll, Vt March
27, 10OS, of pneumonia, Marlon Benedict,
wife of William M. Burroughs, aged f,
years and 7 months.
Died at Charlotte, Vt., April (, loos.
Fmellim K. Wright, aged 74 yeais and
2 months.
AVITTICRS In South Hurllngton, April
4, A- Ii. Witters.
McHHIDIl -At her home. North
ti venue, this ilt, ApiM h. Mis. Fidelia
II Mclillde, llged HI Veins
Arsene Boucher,
Funeral Director and Emialmg: ,
169 North Strait.
Nlffht call. Telephone 432.il
the jure was ghett ,v Judge Hall
when (otirt went In thK afternoon. It
was a nuidel "f brc itv nnd clearness,
nnd so thoroughlv did It cover the
ground that 110 exceptions to it were
taken by either side. The case went
to the Jury shortly before three o'clock.
A jury was at once empaneled m
the l-nse nf Cfitnl, Hlvcrn. & Co, vs.
S. Cfirey & Co., general assumpsit.
This case Involves a book account.
The cafe (it McLaughlin vs vrotity
was entered settled and discontinued.
Trrry of -Uy UK the (III. Mile Trull
Hack I'nerrliml j ,
Itulhind, April 8.- Dr. W, W. Town
send nf this city il.ilnis to havu the
smallest doit In Vermont. A few
days ago he nld Ills fox terrier Terry
nf Skv, a famous prize winner, t
Westport. N Y.. dng fanciers. The
animal was shipped by express nnd
nt rived at the kennels of Its new
owners all risrlit. Terry was shut up
for a few days to get him nccus
turned to liU new surioundlngs and
then he wns lei out to piny with the
other dogs. Ilurdh bad the canine
Hlnelled the open air before he made
11 bee Hue for the lake nnd Dr. Town
send was somewhat surprised the fol
lowing day when Terry turned up nt
his former hntne here, having cvl
dently mnde tne tin miles on foot. The
doctor has decided nirt to sell the dog.
Jnmes Smith, colored, n native nf
Ceylon, committed to thn House of
C01 reel Inn for vagrancy from Rut
land city conn, has completed ,H
sentence and Is being held on request
of Col. c. S. Forbes, Immigration In
spector, with the probability that lie
will be deponed. Smith Is claimed to
have got Into the Fnlttd States 1111
Inwfu'ly via the Canadian border as
he Is suft'eili.g fiom tulii rculosls of
the skin.
Archie d..se',n of St, Albans, who has
bren lonilned at the House of Correction
since Mai-.di . n a larceny chnrac, has
Just In en openi'.d upon for a deformity
cf one of his i.. growing out of a frac
Ulte. d.dselhi barges the St. Alb.in
authorities win gross erueitj , II . states
that when he u.is arreMed he was taken
Hum his bed, ii, broken leg li.-ultig Just
begun to hen I, not w II hstaudlng the fact
that his physl, ,-in told the ollk-ers that
he was tint ii condition to he moved
The ue of the limb before 1 ho bone had
knit made neieiry the operation, House
of Coriectlon i.tllclals say.
Superliitiiidei 1 D. D. Morgan of the
lloue of Coi'.ction has received two
Indictments from Baltimore, Md., against
Burton W. It'K.ills, who lm- .,ust been
sentenced to tl . institution for defraud
ing a lintel k-eper here The cnarpci
preferred against Ing.ilis at riallinmre
are forging a .-b. clt for P) and obtain
ing goods 1 1 Hi 1 1 1 false pretenses. Ingalk
will be pel, I fnt i-.. Maryland a- thoritle-
Annual .Mretlng of C'ouut, Itoilil C0111
iiilsslontrrs Held cVslcrttny.
The annual n.. unj of the Chutendi .1
county road n imilsslnners was h-ld
yesterday at tb. Mnsnnic Temp!., hall,
when there was ,,n attendance nf nearij
r.'i cointnlsMniiei- ind llrst selectmen, icii
lesi tiling Hie different towns in the
county. The meeting was the most sue
'esful ever held la Hurllngton and much
enthusiasm was shown.
The forenoon session, which began at
t 11 o clock, was Liken up witli a talk
by C. W. Gates, State highway commis
sioner, Mr. dates, fxplamed about the
Importance of caieful expenditure o''
Slate money In the Imp o ernent of hall
ways and told of tin- mistakes made in
that direction in the past. He empba
slztd the linportunio of tl...- drainage and
alignment of roads and t! ne ds of wid
ening, straightening and cone, t guid
ing. The above nt'-ds, he said, w.rc
really the only Impioveuients that con. I
be niaili with tile Slate motley at pres
ent. H" advocated that more and belt..r
wot'i be done on the load surfaces ami
the moie trcfiueiil u.c of engineers, lln
said that iluse Improvements would not
bring the roads to a correct condition,
but that it would prepare them for the
pel inanent Improvements that would be
niacin in tins futuic He alto laid par
ticular stress fin tilt; Untuning of sur-
In the afternoon lb-raid Stevens, coun
ty hupeivlsor. and II M. Mcintosh, city
engine!, addressed tlm nn-ecting. Mr.
Gates closed the meeting by speaking on
the care of the. Slate roads already con
structed und on the care of the main
highways. He explained the Importance,
ot careful dally wmk 011 the highways
and tb- good results to be de-led there
from and tin- need of keeping back road
In icpalr in justice to taxpayers who re
side off Hie beaten iracK.
The number of towns last yeat to take
advantage of act J, Vermont statutes, In
whltli the Statu appropriates ,1 certain
sum of money foi ih; permanent im
proviuient of hlgl.wi'.ys, was 1.', and
Jl.'.in vvas wiled. Thin .vear there weie
1ST towns nnd .H7,llu was voted. Tills
In-tease Is cntisldeied a fair endorsement
for the work done last yiar.
The following road .-oiuniisslonerK weio
present: A. Haucni. Holton. F. II. Smith
and II. 11. Claxton, t'hailotte; I. I'. Cam
eron, Colchester; William O'Hilen, Ks
.1. II. dates, Illri. "burgh; O. S.
Hiewsicr, Huntlngt..!.; ,l,,hn Sihlllham
incr, .lerlcho; J. W Robinson, Milton;
Tonson Terrlen, Richmond Jaines Cow
an. Shelburne; c H. White, Sn.ilh Hur
llngton: Fred Davis. St Gmrgi, William
McCabe. Fndcrhill: F H. Adams, and I-.
N. Irish, West ford, F C Forbes, Willis
IllirllnKl"'" riilllinriiionle Soclcly
t'lirnieil nnil n I'reNlilrnt lllrrtrd.
The Hurllngton riiilliurmonlc foclely
was laiinclifd on a musical f,ca last even
ing. Whether the gnori ..hi,, wm UPntlier
the ptoimy deep and eventually arilvo
safe In port, remains to be seen.
Ahout :a iieople of the elty, Interesteil
111 Hie foi illation of a chorus, met al the
V. SI. C A. hall and organized the Hur
llngton Philharmonic society. Prof. C. 11.
Stetson, as temporary chairman, called
the meeting to order anil after a short
talk stated that nominations for presi
dent of the society were In order. II. IV
JarvlH and Hubert Huberts went:
nominated for the office and u nte by
ballot was talten, sir. Hopcrm being
elected. The whole number nf ballots ,
cast was :., .Mr. iioberiN receiving 31
mid Sir. .I.irvls 1. It was voted that the
piisident xhould havi the power of ap
pointing an execiitlv uumiltce ot ten
prisons coinpobtd of tl iiicii and
tiv e women.
The advisability of tin- sucletv holding
a musical festival Was u,,,,, dlscuised,
but nothing detlnlte was settled tegmil
nig the niuUcr. Sir. Cofi'i win be In' the
. ity nn Moiidn and win ., (,,.,,
rcheins.il, when h"' will advance his Ideas
on the festival pitijecl. Sir ciiiipnian will
aln give a free reher.i s.i 1
One nf the two above ,,,) cntlc
meti will undniibtedly be men to ron
duct the chorus
vfkmotvi A'orr.s "
To sue the jiretly post caul plctilrci
fiom being in lured, Veiinotit poslmnsterH
hale In 1 11 Instructed ft out Washington
to stamp the cards only on the ftoni
After liflng shut down for 'brer weeks
for the llrst time in 10 years because of
n Inek of business, the Slurk Paper
company's mill at North Rennlhgt.iti ha
rf "Mined operations with n whirl Solid
color wall piper Is manufactured
A school district has been organized ,ti
Chester whereby one superintendent will
supervise K schools In six towi,s, And
over, Athens, Chester, drafton, London
derry and Windham. This l the llrst
school dlntrlct to he formed by Slate
Superintendent Stone this year.
An unknown donor has prccnl"d a sil
ver loving cup lo the Rutland l.i.s'i sMionl
for the purpose of keeping up Interest
In ba. ball and other atbletbs by
creating u healthy elnss rlvalrv. A suc'S
tif class gnlnes will I115 cnmmt need soon
to win the cup. j
A r.,0oi.,ianinge suit results from the
use of an alleged antlfiuated set screw.
In the ! mill of V. V. Allen In I'hesttr
a .tear ago. Plln II. Wctherby of iiratllc- 1
boro seeks to recover said tli.f'il liy process ;
of law alleging that while al work for 1
the defendant his clothing h'-came caught
In said set screw nnd that lie was
lacerated, bruised and thrown down. I
A verdict or .2OT In a suit for tinni
ng, s brought agaliiBt the Dalton paper
mills at Fltzdale has been awarded
Thomas J. Marshall of Duncnblirgh In !
Fsex countv cotiit. He slipped and fell
Into the machinery. Injuring one arm so ,
seriously that U has since been paralyzed.
Marshall Is 23 years old anil has a wife
and two children. j
The will of Marshall N. Clnpp, who
'lied nearly ,1 jviiv ago, lrns htfn Pled
by !ils w'dnw ip probate court at Ben-,
nl'-.gtnn. Ry Its terms Mri Clnpp re
ceiver the entire estate Instead of one.
third, the widow's portion. The wtl w.
drnwn In Kenning! on in bill wj- nm
ills, overed until a .-onMib rabb lim aflT
Clnpp's death. ,
Henry Miller h.ixing le.-igned the of-,
lie, of postnvisier nt Homme: ston, no I
one ol.o npneers anx oils for the Job 1
Congressman Klltrcdge ll,tsh!n has
calb-d upon the patr.'tis to suggest n
' indldnte, aed utiles- this is ,b -n the
ofllce will be discntitltiii.fi. It appeirsl
that most of the former patrons i-eeeivf.
their mall now by rural free d,.:i-,,r-.
route from Putney. I
The newest thing along surgical lire
in I'nrre Is a hospital for horses uid j
dogs opt lied this Week by Veterinarian'
Arthur II. I! Hi wis The first flnnr '
is the horse waul and the second foi
suffering eanltn .-. A special operating
table for dogs lias 1 '-. Invent'-d b Dr
Lewis and c patent mi II Is pending Tim,
table will ae -nmni.'d ite a nimlle ir '
Newfoundland while teeth are flkd or1
more serious oppral!..'is performed. j
Company I of Rrattlcboro has all thn
other Vermont enmpnnle- composing thn
national guard beat to death on at- 1
tendance nt drills. The Fnitcl State-.
1 ertuirenients call fur 21 drills a jear with
nn aveiage attendance uf ff. 2-'i per .cut.
Allhnugh but three months nf tl.. hi w
year have (lapsed, Crimp. inv I bis In Id
PI drills with an attendance rangln,' fi 'in
74 1-2 to 01 pti cent. 1
Wns so Venrs till! nml Hail Keen Con
fined to I lie lied since Last .lime.
Fidelia A. Mclliide. widow of the late
Archibald McHrlde. died list evening a'
her home 25-i North avenue, at the age
of SO jears. Sin- wns a native of Chazj
N. V., and her maiden name wns Hood.
She had bern "unfiled to the be 1 sun e
last June and had bi rue her suffering
with patience and fortitude. She wis nn
earnest and aidnit worker In the Meth
odist Church and vvas a valued memb-r
of the circle of King's I) ingbters. She
Is survived by three sons and tun dnugh
let". F. A. McHrlde of this city. ,1. F.
McHrlde of North Hero and 17. H. Mc
Hrlde of Hro, ton, Mas.. and Mr.-.
Charles I'artr'dge of Woodstock and Miss
Hsther H McHrlde of this city. The
flint ml arrangt tnents are not completed.
At the animal convocation of Turling
ton fliaptcr. .No. 11. A. .M , held last
eenlng. the following were elected and
appointed for the year ensuing and were
duly Installed by fast II. P. Hon A.
K. II. I'.-J. i:. Traill.
King-H. M. .Melntosh.
Scribe-W. 1J. (illbert.
Treasurer ('. A. Hnrlier.
Secretar W. II. Weller.
C. of II. -D. r. Slmonds.
I'. S. F. I,. Tliomas.
1!. A. f. II. i:. Hnlililns.
M. id V.-W. !'. Smith.
y.. I'd V.-W. M. Martin.
M. 1st V.-A. W. Soule.
Cliiipl.iln llev. N4. A. Wood.
Tyler (i. II. Whitman.
Fin. inc. eominittei I. SI, I'larke, S.
I) Hodge, I,. C. Giant.
The Injslnei-s session was followeil by
v li inipiet iei v.d by Caterer I'lt-litr, and
enjo.ved by a large number.
11111 TV THAT l,.VVl's.
Where Is the woman who has not the
pralsevvoi thy desire to fnhaiu hfr per
sonal charms and preserve as long as
posslhle her delightful power of enchant
ment, which lasts as long nn her beauty?
The Oriental tit, 1111. prepared bv Hr.
T. Felix fioiiraud. of ,New York C'itv. is
a harmlcf prepanitlnn for preserving
tile delicacy of the complexion and re.
moving hlenvshes It is the favorite toi
let article of the lending professional ar
tists, who owe so much of their popu
larity to their personal charms Scarce'v
a star dresslnp; 100m In the land Is with
rut Houraiid'a Oilental Cream, which Is
the most wholesome ;in,j perfect benutl
lier Hnown. Druggists will supply you.
.sent 10 House of Correction for lllegnl
l.litnor Selling.
Peter Corbett, who was recently bound
over to county court for violation nf the
lliiuor law, was ycstoulay afternoon re
leased f 1 nm county Jail 011 his own
recognizance In that e.iso so that he may
be taken to Ituilanil to servo not less
than four nor more than five months In
the Iluuse. of Correcllon for an old con
viction of Illegal llijuur tailing. In this
previous case he was pi u-ctl lu the hands
of the pitiliallou officer
Thomas Slcd.'t ti cl was cunvlcttd yes
teiila of a second offence of Intoxlta
tlon and was lined $1.'' and costs. Ho
tool, an appeal to county colli t
Sonic IkiIIIi'S of I'no bcci seized a w'il!t.
iun al tl"" HU8ell lloiwc were yester
day oidi red leliirued. Hnrtels and half
barr'l 'f vvlil-key adilri's.d tn four
tl'ctltlo'-! picotis and seized nt the
Cliioni'l 1 ' Tiiinspnrtnlion ''ompanv'B
Wnrf i' Pep'ember. were yesterday
ordered returned. It rnuld lint be de-
iVlriliritir ( nil
Private Ctcliiiugc
( oiiiieetlni;
til Deptirlmeiits
ni 1111.
Tailor-nmdo Suits of I'niiiinn" with slintlow stripes, in Bl 1
I'.rowii, L'(i)L'iiliiirt'ii Blue fitted
Tiiilnr-mn.lp Suits in nil tip
ciifiiwny or (itletl coals silk
N'ew Butterliy The .Merry
models fitted nnd scmi-liUed
-iiliythe now skirt dliects
Hxelusive styles in suits
I'nitside ol Boston and New 1
Suit Department, Entire Second Floor.
VOl tA.VT M'I'OltH TO WM'l' Til. I. Till: I.IVI' MINI Til TO MILKfT
Ol It I : s 't;n 'Ci'l'.
Sample Lines of Decorative and
Table Linens.
Thi.s is !iii afl'nir of inMvsl to the Bost-Benten brides and
their friends, as well as ho'is.'ki'i'pers in genem!, and hotel man-
The sale involves a ".'rent
up an importer s sample line. Articles ol the very best w irk
maiihhip, for il is from tln in he obtains order. Doylies, Searf-i
ami Squares in srre;it assortment. In the whole variety few
pieces have duplicates. Everything will be marked at an tin
usual reduction from the price
Then in atldition we offer
medium and fine grades al an
The cloths are in sizes, li. 'Ik, ')
Men's Socks
Strange, but uontlerfullv
men that seems almost to wear forever.
The hosiery is made upon a new principle and is radii ally
different from any you have worn or heard of. The differe'ice
lies in the peculiar construct 1.111
that are subject to the greatest wear.
ifrnilned f"r
ni h wlilekey wns In-
The follow iv Mdgui. -ts for pla.nt'ffs
in civil cases were lentlered yesterday:
A .J. Deyette vs. SI. I Collins, dim.igcs
of J1S and coms of ?T.I; Northern
Provision company v.- SI. H. Dodge,
damages of .' W and costs of HI. 01.
Condition f Winter W heat on prll 1
Wuh lil.il Hotter Than l.nst Vear.
Washington, Apill -The depirfnent
of agriculture to- lay nnnninced from the
report of cm resp jnd nts and agents of
the bureau of slatistl's crop reporting
hoard that the average condition of win
ter wheat on April 1 was 01 1! per cent,
against O.O per cent, on April 1. 1MT,
vfl.l on April 1. H il 11 April I. Uj,
and ,lii,2. tlie ten year nvers
The average condition of rve on April
vvas MU against K en April 1, ltHI,
and a ten year avenge of C.
r.yrvTK or .ir.m: ni 11
III lll.I.Mi'l ON.
District of
Chittenden, ss.
The Probate Conn fjr tr.-
of Chlllcnden
To all peis.-ins interested 1:1 tile es
tate of Jeremiah M lh.iin. late of
Hurllngton, In said dlsttl.-t. ilece.is. 1,
Whereas, said court Ins assigned the
I'.'itll day of April. next, for the
settlement of the at count of the nd
inllilstrator of the estate of Jeremiah
SI. Ishain, and fur a deer, e nf the resi
due of said estate to the lawful claim
ants of the same, and ordered that
public notice t.iereof be given to
all persons Interested in nal.l f.
tt.te by publishing this order three
weeks successively previous to Hie dav
assigned, In the Hurllngton Weekly
Pren Prtss, a newspaper published in
said district.
Therefore, you are hereby notified to
appear nt til" Probate Court looms In
Hurllngton, Vt , on the day assigned,
then and there to contest the allow-.
alien of said account If yon see cause,
and to establish your right as heirs,
legatees ;lud lawful claimants 10 said
tilven under my hand, tills Jnd day
of April. Huts.
il.w.lt Judge.
mil.VI.N Mt'.NAI.I.'S
To rill persons interested in the es
tate of Slelvln SkN.ill, late of Col
cheater, In said district, deceased,
C.ni: JTINU:
At a Probato Court, holdcn nt Hur
llngton, within and for the District of
Clilttendun, on the sth day of April,
I "JO S, 1111 Instrument purporting to
bo tho last '.III and testament of
Slelvln SIcNall, late of Colchester, In
"aid dlstHct deceased, was resented
to the court aforesaid, for probate
Anil It Is ordered by saltl Court that
lilt. IMlh day of April, 1 HOs. at the Pro
bate Court rooms In said Hurllngton, bo
assigned for proving aid Instrument:
"im J Hint notice thereof bo git en to
all persona concerned, by publishing;
thlfl order three week successively in
the. Hurllnston Weekly Free Press, a
newspaper puhllElinl nt Hurltnuon,
pievious to the time appointed.
Therefore, you uro neu-by imtip.ed to
appear before said ctnill. nt th time
and plare al'oi osald. and contest Hie
prolute of suld will if you have canst..
Ulven under my hand at Hi:rlliiBton.
In said district. thl. sth t'i of April.
Il.w3t Judge.
UiU 11
We believe that never before have the
suits been as pretty as they are this year.
The Old Bee Hive helps materially in mak
ing your selection on account of the broad
variety shown, giving an opportunity to suit
all tastes and purses. The following indi
catc only a few styles:
11ml eutuwiiv models till h-m.
- ivw stntu-, ;ml pluin r .iin
lined new llin'e. skirts, with fold,
Witlnw and lnnnv other id
emit styles striped taffeta Immt,'
an iniineiihe assortment of suiU
S25.00 EACH
the best selection ever displayed I
n'k 110 two alike from
?35.00 to $65.00 EACH
quantity of articles which makr
at which similar goods arc .-.jld
Bleached Table Cloths in the
average underpricinir of one-third
and -Ik yards loin:.
That Wear.
Inn - , there is a new hosiery fi"
01 tnoso pans ,u Hie sH.-kni!,rs
IM'lTi: Or
.11 1,1 1 Ot M.
111 II-
We. ttit s'llmcribi I'av.r.g er
appointeii be the Honorable I'i'olin'e
Court for tli. Insiriet of ci it fndei
commissioners to roo ive. e.i'i'ine a-d
adjust the claims and demands f 1
pel-sous agaln.-l the e.statt of Jt'li
ViiiinL,". late of Hurllngton. I 1 sa I
district der eased, and aNo all 1 ins
nnd d. mauds exhib'ted In ofN. t t 1
to: and six montns from the u I"
the date hereof being allowed by se 1
court for that ; 1 ,., w do t.ier.
fore bcrebv gi - : that we w, '
attend to t',, d'i;i'- f our apprlnt
metit at the ofl'n f .f J J. rrrlght. n
Hurllngton, in sab! dl.Mri. t. on tr
tlrst Wednesdayi' of Slav and Octobfr
next, at la o'clocl
said days.
a. 111., on oa
Dated this
Stli day
T. K.
K C.
of April 100S
CoinmlssioiK rs
iT'in or
hum!, siii:i,-
We. the subscribers, hu lng b. . .
appolnti d by the Honorable Pr..l.nt
Court for the District of Chiti-t 1
coininlsslonerji to receive, exaiaui' l
adjust the elalms and demands . f I
persons against tb- estate i.f H.n.i
Irish, lat" of Shelburne, in su 1
di-trb t di.-ea.-ed, and aNo al. , s
and demands ox-l-Uhlteil In offset tl.r.
to; and six month.s from the ,,i
ini' nan- Hereof le lag allowtil bv s
District1'""1-1 f,,r 'h;n purpose, we do 1 1 -
.fore liereby give notice that w. w
auenu 10 uu. unties of our appni,
nn nt nt the store of Tiney, V VI
ix- Itussell In Shelburne. in s.ild
trbt. on the ttrat Thursdajs ..f si
and October, next, at 10 o'i 'm k i n.
on each of said tlavs
Dated this :'ii'l dav of .pi il. 190
C. I'. VAN I II"!
Il.w-St Comiiiiss,.u- s
KSi Ti: or nitn , uoitno,
111 lil.I.M.'l ON.
We. the subscribers. Iiavmg ben ap
pointed by tho Honorable the Probato
Court for the District of chitteiuUn,
commls-loners to receive, exam ne und
adjirt the claims and demands of a'l
per-nr.s igaint the estite nf Kr,r is
X Hordo. late of Ilurlmginn 1. m il
district deceased. and also a 1
claims and demands exhibited In offset
thereto, and six- months from the day ot
the date hereof being allowed by said
court for that purpose, we do there
fore hereby give notice th.it we will
attend to the duties if our appoint
ment at the otflcc of ,1 J Knrlfil't on
College sti-ett. in Hurl luc tmi. lu sa-1
itllstrl. t. nn tb. tlrst Tue-dav- .if Sl,.v
1 iniil tictoner. next, at 10 odoiU a
1 1
on e 11 h of said da.v .
Dated this Ttli dav of April l.
J J KN II It',1 IT.
4 l.wSt Couinils. ii
lTA Til
or lifiomn:
w. (iitniix,
SVe, the subsi rlbers. having turn at
pointed by tho Honorable Probato
Court for the District of Chittemic ,
commissioners to receive examine ai d
ndtust the clilnis end demand! t n
persons ng.ilust die estatti of Ocrgn
W lliotn, late ot Hii-luuoiid. 111 sad
tllstrb t. deceased, nnd also all claims
Mid demands exhibited p offset there
to; and six months from t'.io day ut
tho date hereof being ill lowed by ,iid
court for that purpose, we do therefor
hereby give notice that we will at
tend to the duties of our appointment
lit the lute residence of the dei used,
In Richmond, lu iald district, oil tin.
llrst Slondn.vs of stay and iktobcr.
lit M, al In o'clock a. 111. , 1 1 1 ,u .1 (f
Itl days.
Dated this tlth
of A.' 11. 1 90S.
Nil 'I It II. S
V It
41 vv.H
ror.MAix rr.xs at riuin rni's

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