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(he lives lntrualod (n Ills cnre. Ho
irn.9 alom when 1 lit music of the
-lmttiH Iti tbr 1 1 rifts' c plnos. stunulcd In
his cnrs. Tlio Kansas liml plenty of
room to swing, luit he thought It liest
to moor her. HellcvliiK Impliedly now
Unit lie would yot lirlnu' his vessel In
to the Thames, ho nllowoil Imr to bo
rnrrlcd rotind by thp. fust Howlnc tlilu
until hor tioso pointed seaward imd
Ihe lay In tin; compiinillvply still wit
Inshore. Then lie drnpppd the sec
nd nnchor mid utepped forth from
the chart house. Ills Ions vlpll win
ended. Some of the elmid of care lift
ed from his fneo, mid he called olircrl
ly to Joey.
"Conic nlonc, piip," ha nld. "Let us
sample Dr. Chrlstobal's cookery. Yon
have shared my ami toll ; now yon fdial'
my breakfast. Wo have both vnrncO
tt waa In his mind to knock loudly
on Klsle's door and awaken hor
Therefore ho was dimly conscious ol
n feollnR of disappointment vtlien he
mw her In company with Chrlstob.il
leaning over the rail of the promenade
deck and evidently discussing the
weird b;nit,v of the scene spread lie.
foro her wondering eyes. They heard
Courtenay's approaching footsteps al
most ns soon as he gained the dock.
Irstnnily she ran toward him, with
hands outstretched.
"Let me In- the tlrst to congratulate
you!" she cried, her checks inantllnq
with a rush of color ami her lips quiv
ering with excitement. "How wonder
ful of you to bring the slilp through
nil those awful reel's mid things! No
yr ! must not May you have done noth
tug marvelous. Dr. Chrlstobal has
told me everything. Next to Provl
dence, Captain Courtenay, we owe out
lives to you."
Courtenay felt It would hurt hot
were he to smile at hor earnestness
Rut he did say;
"Surely It Is not so very remarkable
that I should do my best to safeguard
the ship and such of her passengers
and crew as survive last night's or
"I shall never understand how 1
cu mo to fall asleep," said lOlsle. "1
remember fueling very tired. I sat
down for a moment, nnd that ended It
The nett thing I heard was a rapplne
on mj door and Dr. ('InK-lnhal's voloo
bid ling me hurry If 1 would see the
entrance to (Jin harbor."
The two men exchanged glances.
Courtenay laughed so pleasantly that
It was good to hear.
"Yet there was I up aloft, maneu
ver rig the ship In the tlrm faith that
Dr Chrlstobal was busy in the cook's
galley." said he
"Ah, we have news for you!" cried
Kiele. "One of the poor fellows who
was knocked on the head during that
terrible fight for the boats was tho
master cool; himself. He Is better
now, ami breakfast can be ready In
five minutes. I'll go and tell him."
She ran off, and Joey scampered by
her side, for he knew quite well where
the kitchen lay.
"Rroinldo Is useful at times," mur
mured Chrlstobal, watching Klsle un
til she had disappeared. Then he turn
ed to Courtenay.
"I suppose you have seen nothing of
the boats?"
"No sign whatever. And I could
hardly have misled them If they were
here. They may have escaped, but I
doubt It. The sea ran very high for
a time, and the Kansas scraped past
so many reefs that It was almost Im
possible for each of the three boats to
have- done tho same."
"IIiMi If one or more of them reach
ed U) lid thero Is small likelihood that
they would turn up In this particular
"That Is true, especially If they used
thr'r sails. The Chileans who got
away In the lifeboats would know suf
licient of the coast to make a northerlj
course, while m.v parting Instructions
to Malcolm were to keep to the north
nil the time."
"I wish now that poor Isobel Raring
mid the other.-, had not loft us," said
Chrlstobal sadly.
Courtenay was about to say some
thing, tut checked himself. He vni
not ihlnd to the aspect of affairs which
Tpllcinache had summarized so pithily.
It might yet be that those who remain
Ml ha l more to endure. Then Ills!"
summoned them to breakfast, which
was served on deck, as the salon had
been temporarily converted Into a hns
Refore sitting down Courtenay paid
n brief visit to Mr. Royle. Chrlstobal
told him not to allow the wounded
man to talk too much, complete rest
for a few hours being essential. Rut
Royle's pallid face lit up so brightly
when the captain stood by his side
tlir t It was hard not to Indulge him to
some extent.
"Huh," he said, his gruff voice strong
as ever, "Chrlstobal was not humbug
gin' inc when ho assured mo you were
all right. Where ale wo?"
"In n small diay on the east of Hano
ver Island. I have not taken any ob
tervatloiis jet, and there Is no hurry,
Did chap. You'll be out and about
long liefore vie niovo again."
Rnylo smiled and closed his eyes.
"I hoard the anchors go, and then 1
knew that all was well. You're the
luckiest skipper nllo.it. Huh, tho
bl'jomln' Kansas was lost not once,
but twenty times,"
".Vie you In pain, Royle?" asked
CViuttoiiity, placing a gentle hand on
his friend's forehead.
"Not much. More stiff than sore. It
wrs a knockout blow of its kind. 1
ran Just recall you haullu' mo out of
tht scrimmage and' "
"It will be j-oiir turn to do as much
for me next time. Try to go to sleep.
VWII have you on deck tomorrow."
Courtenay noticed that there were
only lour other sufTerers In tho sa
lon. Three were filoincn Injured by
tho explosion. He had a pleasant
woid for each of them. Tho fourth
was a sailor, either asleep or uncoil
pclous, and Couiteiuiy thought ho rec
ognized a severe bruise on the man'H
left temple where the butt of hl.s re
volver had struck hard.
When hn relumed on deck ho learn
ed that two other members of tho
crew, In addition to the cook, wero
nble to work. 'Walker had set one to
clear up tho slokehold. Ills compan
ion, u fireman, had relieved Mr. Tollo
inaclie. Indeed, tho latter hud gone
to his cabin and wns the last to nrrlvo
at tho feast, finally putting In nn ap
pearance lu a now suit and spotless
Chrlstobal protested loudly.
"1 thought this was to be n workers'
meal," he said. "Tollemncho has stol
en n inarch ou us. He Is quite u Rond
street lounger In appearance."
"Dirty job stoking," snld Tollemncho.
"1 srem to bave been the only lazy
person on board during the night!"
cried Klsle.
"Do you know what time It is?" nak
ed Courlemiy.
"No; about 10 o'clock, I fancy."
"It Is not yet half past -I."
The blue eyes opened wide. "Arc
you In earnest?" she demanded.
He showed her his watch. Scarce
four hours had elapsed since fIio had
wnlled In the captain's cabin, amid
tho drenching spray nnd tearing wind,
wlillo ho took Isobel and Mrs. Somor
vlllo and the shrieking maid to the
boat. The corners of her mouth droop
ed, nnd tears trembled on her eye-
y i iff" In -
"Arr. you fn pofn, lioylct " ntUcd Cnur
tenny. lashes. She sought furtively for a;
handkerchief. K;iowlng exactly what
troubled her, Courtenay turned to i
"This Island ought to be Inhabited,"
he said. "Can you tell me what Fort
of Indians one finds in this locality?"
Chrlstobal frowned perplexedly. "I
fear I do not know much about them,"
he said. "Rehlnd those hills there one
Pees a few canoe Indians. I have
hoard that they are somewhat lower
In the social scale than the aborigines
of Australia."
"Are they?" said Courtenay. He
looked Chrlstobal straight in tlie eyes,
and tho doctor returned his gaze as
"That Is their repute. They live
mostly on shellfish. They do not con
gregate In communities. A few fami
lies keep together and move constant
ly from place to place."
"They are called tho Alaculof. They
use bows and arrows with heads chip
ped out of stone or bottle glass," put
In Tollcinache.
"Oh, you have been in these parts
before?" cried Courtenay, regarding
his compatriot with some Interest
while the Spaniard surveyed his rival
"Yes; wns on tho Emu, wrecked In
Coekburn channel."
Now,-tho storj- of tho Emu Is one of
those fierce tragedies which the sea
first puts on the st.iK of life with dire
skill and then proceeds to destroy the
slightest vestige of their brief exist
ence. Rut such things leave abiding
memories In men's souls, and Courte
nay had heard how twenty-seven sur
vivors out of a muster roll of thirty
who escaped from the wreck had been
sli.it down by Indians ambushed In tho
forest. Klsle was listening to the con
versation, so tho captain did not carry
It further, contenting himself with the
"That will be useful If wo are com
pelled to go ashore. You will have
some acquaintance with the ways of
our hosts."
Tollcinache, having nothing to say,
was not given to the use of unneces
sary words. Klsle was cousclous of a
certain constraint in their talk.
"I 'lease don't mind me," she said
quietly. "I know all nbout the loss of
the Emu. If wo fall Into the hands of
the Alaculof tribe wo shall bo not only
hilled, but eaten."
Each of the men admired her cool
ness, but Tollcinache, who had been
quietly scrutinizing the nearer hills,
gave painful emphasis to this grow
some topic by exclaiming:
"Thero they are now smoke sig
nals!" Sure moduli, thin columns of smoke
wero rising from several points on the
land. It could not be doubted that
these wero caused by human agency.
They were not visible when tho party
Kit do n to breakfast. The appear-
nnce of the ship was their obvious ex
plauatlon, but not a canoe or a soli
tary figure could bo seen, (hough Cour
tenay and others at various limes dur
ing the day searched every part of tho
neighboring shore with field glasses
and powerful telescopes.
After an all too lirlef burst of sun
idilno tho Land of Storms again Justi
fied Its name. Cihint clouds came roll
ing In from seaward; the mountains,
wero lost in mist; the glaciers became
sullen, rock strewn masses of whlto
brown Ice; tho fresh greenery of tho
forests faded Into somber belts of
blackness. Though It was high sum
mer In this desolate region, heavy
showers of hall and sleet alternated
with drenching rain. At low water,
though tho Kansas floated securely in
ii depth of twenty fathom, a yellow
current sweeping past her starboard
quarter showed how accurately Courte
nay had read the tokens of the Inlet.
Many a swollen torrent and perhaps
one or two fair sized stream at tho
Iip.h1 of the bay contributed this flood
of fresh water.
To Elslo and the doctor were ill
Trusted the daylight watch on deck and
tho caro of tho sick. Eor tho latter
there was not much to be done. The
took undertook to feed thorn, and
Krnsciielo, the wounded stevedore who
had been discovered In a state of col
lapse, soon revived and was practical
ly able to look after himself. The
others, under Walker's directions, were
hard at work In tho engine room and
Btokohold. for thero itlono lay the
chiilice of llliilitatp escape.
The two sentinels conversed but lit
tle. The oilier war of tho elements
wns disturbing, and Chrlstobal, though
unfiillluirly optimistic in his speech,
wan nevertheless n prpy to dnrk fore
bodings. Klsle, worn out by tho strain
of the pi-'Tcdlng twenty-four hours
nnd notwithstanding her brief sleep
in the morning thoroughly exhausted
for want of rest, was persuaded to ru
tire early to hpr cabin. She lay down
almost fully dressed. Somehow It wan
impossible to ftilnk of a slate of un
preparedness for any emergency.
She was soon sound asleep. She
awoke with a start, with nil her nerves
a-qulver. Joey was tearing along the
deck, barking furiously. She heard
two men run past hor door with
ominous haste. Then, after a heart
breaking pause, there was some shoot
ing. Some one-she thought It was
Courtenay roared down tho snlon com
panion; "On deck, all hands, to repel boarders!"
Willi a confused rush, men mounted
the stairs and raced forward. She
knew that nearly all of those not on
watch wero sleeping with the Injured
men In the salon, nnd now she under
stood the reason. The ship was being
attacked by Indians and not nltogcthc
unexpectedly. The savages hnd stolen
alongside in their canoes under the
cloak of night. Perhaps they were al
reedy on board in overwhelming num
bers. Poor girl! She murmured a pra.v-1
or while she hurriedly drew on hen
boots and ulster.
Thero seemed to bo no end to the i
evils which assailed tho Kansas, and j
she dreaded this new terror more than
the mud fury of tho seas. Rut If the
men were fighting for their lives nnd
hers she must help too. That wns
i clear. She had n weapon, a loaded re
volver, which she had picked up from
beneath a boat's tarpaulin lying on
tho spar deck. She opened her door
and peered out. She could not see
any one, and the rattle of a hailstorm
overhead effectually dulled any other
noise. Rut several shots fired again
In the fore part of the ship were audi
ble above the din of the pelting hall.
So she ran that way, with tho fine
courage of one who fears, yet goes on,
and her eyes pierced the shadows with
a tense despair In them, for what
could so few men do against tho un
seen watchers who sent up the thirty
four smoke columns she had counted?
(to in; (oxtim rd),
A little Lobster Palad,
Trrrapln, and other thln:;s.
And In a very little while
A doctor's phono bell rings,
The terrapin Is nn his feet,
The lobster's found his claw,
And judging frnm tho Inner man
Thelr's Is tho "Cnwnttcn X.iw."
The case Is quickly dlngnnFeil
As Inside Information,
On how a lobster and terrapin
Can raise so much tarnation.
The IroilWe found, It Wjs the thing
To furnish quick relief,
And the way Jtyd.ile's Stomach Tablets
accomplished this
V.1S simply beynnd belief. J. TV,
fVSiiliivan, nurllntrton, Shanlcy & Rstcy,
Crarl by Cnltcclnrs nnd llurnril liv
f'nreleM" l)onieif ir.
In the year 1V,I a twelve penny black
Canadian postage stamp was printed hy
the government at Ottawa The public
did not regard this wmhrr Issue with
favor, so few were issued.
One of lliese stamps was sent to the
Hamilton postoffii-r, where it was snld
tn an old gentlemen, who said It was a
shame tn print the quren's picture cn a
stamp that might be handled ,y profane
hands. Tendeilv the old gentleman put
il on a parcel, sending it to n friend In
th" fniti d States. Hire, in the waste
basket, ft lay for many u day till an
errand boy found It and quickly trans
fenccl It to his album. Despairing of set
ting a good colli ction and his fever for
stamps somewhat abating, he sold them
to a dealer. The new owner, on looking
at the catalogue, found thai what he
had paid for was worth til.
Accidentally the stamp was slipped
into a 21 cent pa, kot and sent to a
(baler icsldlng !n Hamilton When the
latter opened the packet he was astnn
Ishcd tn ilnd such a valuable stamp and,
being honest, wrote his filend to In
form him nf what hid happened, offer
ing him Jt.COl lor it. The orfor was ne
ccpted, and the stamp again changed
hands, liy this time the stamp had In
creased In value, and not a few came
from a distance to look .it tho treasure.
One day mi English nobleman, who,
ihinush a Canadian friend, had heard nf
the stump, offered JI.WO, which offer wns
accepted. The Kngllsh lord falling In
love with an American heiress and wirh-
Ing lo gain the favor of her brnther,
presented him with the stamp ns n
token of esteem. Here, In itii new nnd
Injurious American home, il came lo a
sad tnd, fur one day the maid, by mis
take, swept the stamp, which had ac
cidentally fallen nut of the album, Into
the fire. In nn Instant the n.imp which
thousands had heard ot and longed for
went up in smoke to the broad, blue
Sky, leaving not a trace behind,
(I'roni tho New Vork Sun.)
.Murray Crane will make an admirable
(luilrman of the Chicago convention, pro
viding ho consents to act, which we per
mit our-'ilves to dfiuht, and providing
further that there Is no trickery or un
clean work desired of him. He is quite
Inccpahln nf that sort of thing, Indeed,
In our opinion there Is no liner figure In
the Senate of the United Slates to-day
than Murray Crane. .Morally and in
tellectually lie dwarfs his colleague and
far surpasses any one who has sought tn
represent MnHsnchun'tts (luce the time
nf Charles Sumner, Ills personal moil
cstv and habitual self-effacement have
Kept I, lin lelatlvcly In the background,
but there Is no one in the Senate more
rexpeeted by his fellow-members nr
whose Intellectual stability and In
lllgillv they more admire
S c conk wish that It had occurred to
a beneficent pros Idence to cast Murray
Clinic's lines on n scale morn conspicu
ous; a futile aspiration, perhaps, since
his party no longer possesses tho moral
force or self-iespeil lo enahlo It to make
lin own nominations.
HI'SINKSS, not ru-iASi'm:.
"You are looking seedy to-day."
"Yes, 1 sat up with a g;lrl last night
until in o'clock."
"Why, I sit up wltli a "slrl three
night a week until midnight and you
never sci- mo looking seedy."
"This was a baby fjlrl." Houston
j Voht
Vermont Hits Munej llnmii-li on Hand
M 1'nj- Hi mill.
Mnnlpellrr. Mnv I", Tim newspaper
discussion ns to whether nn( t,erc
will lie a dcllcloncy In Stat., treas
ury lit Hie end of the Mitral year. June
:!fi, hns reunited In a Hood nf letters to
the .State treasurer and auditor of nr
counts iiniiilrlng for tho true situation.
The present prospects ure there wilt
ho no dellli'leney, although possibly
sumo of the departments may use
llenrlv or fllllo all the money nllnted
tn them by thn IKlHlnture of mod.
The department "f Justice may he one
of these.
Of course uhctt the nppriiprhi t Ions
In these departments me exhn listed,
the State auditor will draw no more
orders In favor of surh department
until the close of the nsml ve.ir, hut
It would not in eessarlly follow from
that that the funds; in the sstii.tc treas
ury were exhausted. I'mIchn unfore
seen contingencies arise the .Stale has
money enouch nn hand to pay Its bills
for the remainder of the year
The ednr of Splrltn Turpentine nnd
KrroMtin Oil : not lis fragrant, n.s snrnr.
other things, hut when In the rlcht pro
portion and romhlned with Orig.iuum,
Ktlier and Ammonia and then whipped
Into ,i thick creiiny emulsion, It he.its
th world for reducing swelling, rellfvlng
mrencss of Ihe muscle.n nnd Ntlffncs, nf
the Joints, nnd then who cares for ihe.
ednr whfli It i.iUev the place nf p.iln.
nillolt's Kmulf-llled rill I.mlment Is made
lit described iliove and put In h.nlf pint
bottles for in- win. imttie. Hold uriiler a
cuiiri tee. J. V. C'Kulllvnn, UtirlhiRton,
Slmnley & !:', AVInnoskl
A CffSAWIC mii.ww
The tunnels re but part
of the complete MrAiIno
The other part relates to
ir.it viivu.
of the ii.ry
the glc.intic
luin terminal building that has arisen
in- If by ni.igle just off the main line of
Hi o,-k1 way trallu- nn Ihe inclusive site
facing nn Churili street, between crt
landl and Full n street... This building,
built In town Ket'otiM divided by cy
ln et, which fnrmi for II a court. Is
twentv-two slut us in height. Oeup.vlng
the larger part iif th("(o two c'ty hid ks
It Is aptly railed the nerve renter of .N'ew
i nrU s unilergi uml tianspuruilnn sys
tem: for froiii the train platforms, two
stories bilow the street level, one iiiny
get tn iiliv part of Manhattan or Its out
lying suburb", '' the underground and
under rivers routes The tunnels cmne In
from the river under the great structure
about thirty feci below the. street level
and forms a loup, with platforms and ap
proaches nf smfilrlont dimensions to tic
ciiinmodate ore thousand persons I
minute, or live hundred thousand dm
log the day. Tic building will aecotnuio
date len thousand offlrc ten. tuts. It is tlie
only oflice bu idlng ever r (instructed
where floor spa 'c Is reckoned by the
f qua re acre InMe.id of by the niuare
foot. It is the ' irgest oilier structure In
existence, containing eighteen million live
hundred thousand cubic feet and more
than t wenty-flvi acres nf liner space.
IMwanl Wiidnnri. In Tlie World Tu-U.ij
fur May.
Tin; tn, n pottors.
Al ee i:. Whltaker.
Old potatoes ate usually better than
the first new urns lo arrive in the
mirkcl and thrv are certainly cheap
cr. It Is not wise to eat potatoes that
have sprouted much becatife these
have the poif-' ftous i lement called
fol.inln more li ;hly developed than Is
ucalthful. After the ilrt of July old
potatoes are n t generally considered
wholesome and . itov ones are not to
be bought It Is ...tsu-to substitute rice
macaroni or bread lo givo the necessary
starch in Hie diet.
Old potatoes should be pared and
soaked and if plain boiled they should
bo drained and set back on the range
tj dry a little and then each one twist
fd in a piece of choice c tutli and turned
Into a hot dish. II Is well to remembfr
thai a piece of coarff cheese cloth Is
better than a tin rover i0 put rivet any
vegetable which Is h-atlng or drying
Moisture will condense on tin in drops
and fall back on the vejntahle and make
It soggv. while the clr.Mi will ub.surb the
moisture and also pre. nt the heat from
A good way to mal; old potatoes in
viting l tn servo theni In u border.
Pare, soak, then cook In boiling sailed
water. Drain, press through a rleer
or mavli fine and s-asmi with salt, but
ter and milk. Put a bowl or mold with
nearly straight r-ides nn a buttered plat
ter and pile the mashed potato round It.
smoothing It In even shape and two In
ches or mote high on Ihe sides of the
bowl. Dip Ihe knife Into water nnd
crease the potato Into flutes all round.
Irtish with nn egg beaten with a table
spoon of cold water, remove the bowl and
set In the oven to heat and color a little.
The .serving dish must be one that will
bear moderate oven heat and there are
now plenty of this sort that are hand
some enough for any table, pill the cen
ter with creamed chipped beef, curry of
mutton or any sort of fish or meat left
over heated In a sauce If preferred omit
the egg glaze heat aed sprinkle lightly
with finely minced parley.
Stuffed potatoes are pood to serve
when the potatoes are getting a little
past their prime. Pike and cut a slice
from the top or eai h With a tea
spoon scoop out tne inside, masii tine
season with silt. butter and cream.
Kill the shells, set In the over a few
Ftinncrs, wlio liuw not hnuplit
their fertilizer for this spring will
do well lo invstijnti' t ln merits
of the Burlhujton Animal Brands
nianufiiclurod by The Hiirliiitftnii
Ht'iidcriiio; Co., .North Avo., Hur
lintrlon, Vt.
To those who have already
hnuplit nnd find they hnvc not
quite enouph for the sprinp pin nt -iup.
a trial of the. Hurlinpton
H rands in comparison with other
makes is especially desired. At
tention is called to report on
these poods in Vermont Aprieul
t urn I Experiment Nation Bulle
tin No. KM.
Any lioino can hi made an at
tractive place this summer if sur
rounded hy a nice velvety proen
lawn. This can he assured hy a
small amount, expended with us
for lawn lressin;.
Orders piveu prompt attention.
North Ave, llurllnBlnii
minutes to become pining hot and serve
in the folds of a napkin. J
A good soup Is made from old potatoes
that have been pared and "naked. Make
a thin white sauce seasoned highly
with onion, pepper and a Utile salt, add
sufficient riced potato to thicken, heat
and serve very hot. If li .ed add n pinch
of minced parslev to the top of each
portion of soup after It Is m the plate.
Wash half a cup of rice and cook nft
In sailed boiling water. Soak one pound
of washed prunes over night and cook in
the same water until tender and sweeten
tn Ihe taste. Putter a baking dih gen
erously and put In half of Ihe prunes,
cover with half of the fooked rice and
repent the la vers having the rice at the
top. Make a custard of two eggs, two
cups of thilk, nne-fpia rtcr cup rf sugar
and a pinch of salt. Pour over the rlee
and prunes cover and bake half an hour,
t'neover the last len minutes. Serve cold
with beaten or thin cream.
Put three cups of old fashioned roarse
graham (lour and one cup of white Hour
Into a slevi with three level teaspoons nf
soda and one-half level teaspoon of salt.
Add seven-elghtl cup of molasses and
two and one-half eups of sour milk. Peat
several minutes then turn Into well but
tered baking powder cam and steam two
and one-half hours. Keep the water con
tinually boiling.
rut one cup nf ICngllsh walnut mMts
Into boiling water with a slice of
oalon, a bit of bay leaf, a bit of mace
and half a level teaspoon of salt. Cook
until the nuts are tender, drain. slip
off the brown shins and drop Into cold
water. Drain and dry on n cloth. Add
the mil meats to four good sized pota
toes, or half a dozen smsll new pota
toes, boiled, cl died and cut In thin
slices. Pour a Krench dressing over.
Put one half levrl teaspnnn of salt, a
.saltsponn of pepper, and four table-
fpoons ot olive on logetner anil near,
add slowly one tablespoon of vinegar
and one teaspoon of onion juice. Press,
th" cut side nf an onion with a knife
to get the onion Juice.
w in: tiii: miow i o.v tiii: until
(llnirlct (julmby in Leslie's Weekly)
The system under which tho employes
of a circus work in an nearly perfect us
il can be nude. K.ich nun has his es
pecial duty one hoists poles, another
unfurls c.invns. ami so on, each one be
coming so familiar with his work that ho
could acc-ompllsh it with lit eyes- shut If
nccessit arose; and in .111 Incredibly
short time, from what looks to the out
sider as ho'les chaos and confusion, a
tented citj rises like m.iglc. With the ar
rival of the tent and stake wason, the
boss canvas man walks over the site
selected, wlUi tape-measure tn hand, and
at Intervals Indicates tlie places for tho
supporting iron tent poles to be driven.
Kach pole Is marked with .1 little colored
lias llutterlnK on the top, and these ll.ius
arc the distlnsfiilshins marks tor the can
vas me- who follow- with tho tents.
TluTo aro ten or twelve of them when
all Is done. Otic lonpr tent, straw-carpeted
and eajiv.is-st.illed, holds the several hun
dred splendid hows belonjrliiK to the
) i-lp us. A smaller tent holds the perform
ing horses. The animals in circs and the
sTlrufferi and camels and elephants have a
tent lo themselves, then there are the
drcsslnc-rowns, the dlnlnK-tcnt, tents for
he blacksmith, the harness-maker, the
wardrobe matron, th" circus barber, and
fur those of many other callings neccs
sary to the little travelling curcus world,
all of which must bo protected from tho
sun or rain.
Thlrty-nlnc minutes after the cook
wiiffon reaches- the grounds the kitchen
has been set up, the dlnliiit-rnoin Is not
only made rcudj , but al'-o tables aro set
and thn doors arc thrown open lo Ihe
llftceii hundred employes. "If it lakes
loiiKer than forty minutes to set up the
clinlnK-tcnt and serve hre1.1kf.1st or dinner,
there Is trouble In store for koiiio one,"
said .Mr. Charles Henry, the chief com
missary of the circus; "but wo pride our
selves on havlm; everything ship-shape In
thirty-nine." The tlrst thniK ilone Is to
set up the raiiKi'H and start the coffee
caldrons to boiling. The fresh meat and
bread that Iwvc been contracted for in
advanco arc delivered on tho spot, the
bulche'r f.ills to work, and In less, tlmo
than II lakes to tell It tho odor of frying
bacon and the aroma of coffon lire float
ing out on the morning air lo encourage
tho tent workers.
Tim general arrangement of the tables
lu tho dining department Is like that in
,1 ship. A number of long tables stretch
the entire length of the tent, mid one
table lit tho end is bet crosswise. This
latter Is for tho manager of the show
and his business staff, The freaks occupy
a tilde by themselves, members of fam
ilies and troupes lire sealed together, and
efforts are made lo make It ns pleasant
as pORHtble for all concerned. It Is seldom
that the entlro force of employes sit
clow 11 to the tables at the same time. The
(VJnliiR-tent Is open two hours and a half
for each meal, and the performers
Vc will k'ivo a year's subscription to Tho American
Boy to any boy who will briiiR us a new subscription lor
one your to Ihn Daily Free Press. Tho, rate by mail is
only $1.00 a year when pnid in advancr, Ibis is about
cent a copy. Any boy can net one, new subscription to
our pnper anil so earn a year's iron subscription to The
American Boy. Let us tell you what it is like.
is a Profusely illustrated Monthly for HOYS
It is Without Question the Most Entertaining and Prac
tical Magazine in the World for Young Americans.
The Covers are In Colors. 3fi 1'iiges, size of Ladles' Homo Journal
Serials and Short Stories by Strntemoyor, Tnmlin
son, Trowbridtro, iMuuroo, Shiitc. and others, the best
writers for boys in the world. Departments relnting to
ill JJoj Hobbies, edited by exports.
It preaches the relijrion of "DO," and not that of
Is doing more for Ihe I'plift and Knenuragement of
Hoys than any other agency. Approved by parents and
educators. Hoys ('JoU.OUO of them everywhere en
thusiastic for it.
The subscription price, of The American Boy is $1.00
n year. Come in and see a copy.
You can earn u year's subsnipti in with very little
Ask for sample copy of the Daily Free Press.
Htraggle In as they choose. Divided from
officers and Tformers' mess tent s
that of thr one thousand tent hands or
lotiitabouts. as they are generally called.
The food served lo both tents is thr
siune, and com-ists of good, wholesome
fare roast beef, baked potatoes, vege
tables, saladr, and desserts, with a
change of menu every day: and the food
cooked In the open a'r Is peculiarly de
licious and appetizing.
ixim'stiuai, r.nrcATio.v.
(From the poston HTald.)
It is iinllclpHted thnt a result of the
hearing by Ihe house ways and means
committee, tomorrow morning, upon the
bill extending the life of the industrial
school eornmlssslon, will be that the
extension of tenure will be made ten
vears, instead of two years, as in the
existing' bill Public opinion npprei lutes
the work which this commission has
done during Its term of office and the
slate is awakening to the importance of
Industrial education. Put this work has
scarcely been begun. Two vears more
will be sufficient only for an outline of
the foundations upon which the state
syMcm of Industrial education Is to
be built. A ten-year extension of life
will give opportunity for. the proper
development of plans which must, of
necessity, be somewhat tentative at first.
The denial of such extension would dis
credit the idea of permanence in the
work of the commission. It would be a
discouraging comment upon the work
which the commission has already done.
Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Symp
Hn bt-n md fot orr BIXTY-FIVK YEARS by Mfl
1.1I1NS of .MOTUKRS for Itrir CUILDRK.V VT II I I.I:
Cfnr.8 WIND COLIC, mil Id the belt remedr for JUAR
RHCKA. Sold be Dnixfiiti tn teere put of tlie world
Be lure and 1t for " Mn. VVInalow'i Fwrihinf Srrap,
endHke no other kind. Twenty-flee cent t bonle. kGor
inteed underthe Food end Pfuri Art, JuneSdth, Itft Serlel
Number Vm. At) OI.I1 AND VVKLL T1UU1 RtUliUV.
.wnniH c. MnnMVs itti:
State of Vermont. District of Grand
Isle. ss.
The Honorable Probate Court. for
the IHstrlct aforesaid.
To all persons interested In tho
estate of Jeddle C. Morse.
Whereas, application In writing
hath beep made to this court by the
guardian of Jeddle C. .Morse for
license to sell the teal estate of said
ward, viz: the interest of said ward in
a certain piece or parcel of land, at
the decivise of Mrs. I.lbhle J. Heming
way, said land lying and bein in Al
burgh, In the county of fSrand Isle In
this State of Vermont and described as
follows, viz: Hounded on the north,
west and south by lands of I,nuts
Theflen and on the en'l bv the center
of the highway leading southerly trnm
Wlllam llonslnger's place, so called,
nnd past the Catholic burying ground,
and supposed to contain 1 acres of
land, be the same more or less. Re
presenting that the sale thereof for
the purpose of putting the proceeds of
such sale at interest or Investing the
same In stocks or other real estate, or
using the nvalls thereof for the bene
nt of said ward as the law directs
would be beneficial for said ward.
Whereupon, the said Court appoint
ed and assigned the nth day of June.
110R, nt the 1'robate office' in North
Hero In said District, to hear and de
cide up said application nnd ordered
that public notice thereof he given to
all persons Interesteo therein, bv pub
lishing this order three weeks suc
cessively In the nurllngton Weeklv
Free Tress n newspaper published at
Hurllngton In this State and which
circulates In the nelghborhod of those
persons Interested therein- all which
publications shall be previous to the
time appointed for the hearing
Therefore you are hereby notified to
apear before said Court, at the time
and place aforesaid, then and there In
said Court, to object to the granting
of such license, If vnu see cause.
Clven under n-.v hand at North Hero
In said District, this Sth day of May
If,, wilt. Judge
hstati: or i.oi'isi: c. ni.AmviN.
Chittenden, ss.
The Honorable Probato Court for
the District of Chittenden.
To tho heirs and all persons Inter
ested in the cslate of Louise C, Bald
win, late of Charlotte, deceased.
Whermt. nnnllratlon hath been made
to this Court In writing, by the e
editor of the last will and testament
of Louise C. H.ihlwln, late of
Charlotte, deceased, praying for li
cense and authority to sell the
...I...1.. ..f rer.l estate of snld llc-
1 censed, renresentlng tn said Court.
that It would bo beneficial to the heirs
and all persons Interested In tho es
tate of said deceased, to sell the whole
of the real, estate of said deceased, and
convert the same Into money.
Whereupon, the said Court appoint
ed and assigned tlie 22nd day of May,
1 oos, at the Probate Court rooms, In
snld district, to hear and decide upon
said application and petition, and or
dored public notice thereof to be given
to all persons Interested therein, by
publishing said order, together with
thn time and plnco of heuring, three
weeks successively In tho Hurllngton
Weekly Free Press, a newspaper which
circulates In tho neighborhood of
those persons Interested In said estate,
all whlrh publications shall be prev
ious to tho day assigned for hearing.
Therefore, you are hereby notified
to appear before said Court, at the
time and place assigned, then Htiu
there in said Court, to make your ob
jections to the grnntlng of such li
cense, If you see cause.
(liven under my hand, at the Pro
bate Court rooms, this 2nd day of
May, 1 90S.
45,w3t Jurtgo.
or catiikiiim: iu;vxoi.ns,
(Mrnlallr Inenpahlc Ward)
District of
( hlttenden. ss.
The Honorable the Probst,
for the District of Chittenden
( ourt
To all persons Interested in
I h. e; .
late ir ( athert i.. Reynolds
lington, mentally Incapnbli war .
Whereas, application In writing ha'h
been made to this ('ourt bv th( guard
ian of Catherine Reynolds, for 'icen.se
to sell the real estate of said ward
setting forth tlnrclii that Iti sa.d
ward is the owner nf a hou-. c o
known as No fifi on Spruce street in
the e(v of nnrlington, Vt , that It
would be for the h,-st lnt-rr-ts of her
said ward that the same be ;( that
th" avails thereof be used in t ari
and mnintninanci of said i 1 and
otherwise Invest. -d as the i. u let.
And then upon the said i urt ap
point ' 'id assigned the ..'tid d i of
M.iv. : V at th" Probate Cc in
morns, in said district, to linr and
decide upon sulcj application, ar 1 r
dcre.l that puhlie notice there ' b
given to all persons Interest-1 tirre
in, by publishing this order tl
weeks successively in Hie Rurhngton
Vv'eeklv Free Press, a newspaper which
circulates in the neighborhood of
those persons interested therein a'l
which publications shall be prev ious
to the time appointed fur the hearing
Therefore, you are h'reby notified
to appear before said Court, a' the
time and place aforesaid, then anel
there, in said Court, to object to tho
granting ot such license, it jou &(
ca use
(liven under my hand, at the Pro
bate court rooms, this ,"ith day of
May, IOCS.
tri.w.lt Judge
iivtati: or i:i. i:.oit hoot or
We, the subscribers, having been
appointed by the Honorable Probate
Court for the District of Chittenden,
commissioners to receive, examine and
adjust the claims and demands of all
persons against the estate of Kleanor
P.oot, late of Charlotte. 1 said
district deceased, and also nil claims
nnd demands exhibited in offset there
to; and six months from the day of
the- date hereof being allowed bv said
C01 rt for that purpose, we do therc
foie hereby give notice that we will
attend tn tlie duties nf our nppe nt
ment at the late residence of in, de
ceased In Charlotte In 'ml .1 strict
on the tlrst Saturdays of ,1 im an 1
November next at 10 o'clock a m. "
each nf said days
Dated this Dth dav of M iv I IDs
W. W. HIiiMKl
(JKOP.Ci; I'ci IT
P5.w"t Commi- ! i-i's
tiii: KAisiut'x ist.tvn iiomi:.
The Villa Ac hill-ion in ( nrl'i les rt""
thirteen years before her de.it1 b It
former owner, the late Lmpre-s of A 1
trla. and now in die posses-ior if tiif
German Bmperlor. is well adapted t 1 1
ideal life. If not.- it ought to he on
slderlng that although the Un-cr ' ug r
It for IDiM.iiio only, it is said ti r.
perty had cost the Kmpress wl . ri el
It at the very least jin.iYn.nn
The villa occupies the sirvir t . f i
reck that overlooks the sea, and .s. sur
rounded by a peristyle' nf 11 dozen w r ii
columns, al the bare of each of w 1
there stands a piece nf .indent st.i'ujrv.
Indoors a massive staircase gv. a ks
to the private reception room e w. n
all told, the pilace boasts n ss t in
r.'"t. There are, besides, an un-to-rH'a
gymnasium, a bathroom bavins in its
centre a white marble basin let nto the
floor, and a Pyzantlne rnapel rich a
treasurers from old seaport c it 1 s of the
I'pon the terrace, hushes to Ihn n nn
her of Cfi.ooi bloom wl:h roses -it all
kinds that, owing lo the equn'ile -'(mate,
Mower constantly and perfume Itc air
lieyond this rose lungle there 1. s t'
park wllli African palms, tropica! shr ib...
and native trees Here, too, - a limit' 1
tivc Greek temple, nnd : ili. upon c
si ending bj a nti rnw stair. 1 se to ' le
sea. the visitor will find, perched on thn
rock, another and yet smaller templo
having a monument 1 llene, the fav
orite poet to Ihe lute impress
Shortly before her death, the Ilmpress,
falling to secure 11 purchaser fur 1. -lclon,
caused It to be dismantled of her
i person.11 ireaurcs, mm mu-v ....... .vn
l, H.c ensile nf l..llll7.. Slm'C llC CaillO 111-
to possession the Kaiser has effected
considerable alterations and additions.
The private apartments of the ImperUl
familv have been entlrelj renAvatol In
the empire style. To preesrve symmetry
there has been built for the accomoda
tion of the suite an annex with addi
tional rooms for the domestics. An ar-tci-iari
well sunk in the park supplies
good drinking vyntcr Garages and hor
racks have also sprung Into existence
with new regime. Harper's Weekly.
coin..n ni:coGNr.H thk
M. W
Kpot Saw Green nnd his wife at
tho opera last night I can't seo
where their enjoyment came In, .
neither of them knows 'he difference
between a symphony and a sonata,
ninx Well, 1 ought tn be ashamed
to confess my Ignorance, but I'm tn
the same boat, lly the way, what la
the difference?
Knox Why or a sonata, you
know er I mwni a symphony Is say
there's my car, old man; see you later.
Chicago News

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