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)AIjNTY pastries, pies and
desserts delicious, attrac
tive, out of the ordinary are
the pride of the cook who' uses
P s c s
Nearly 100 Physicians from Ev
try Corner of State at
President Corlinm Relieves 10 Ycnrs
IVonc Tun l.lltlp tn Spend nt (Jcii
ernl l'riicllcc Dr. Tlnkliiim
'I'misl nmiler nt !lnnilict
Reports nf Officer.
Rutland, Oct. 22. The first clay's
sessions of the 05th nnnunl convention
of tlio Vermont State Medical society
here to-dey worn attended by nearly
inn physicians from every cornur of
the Suite, many of them bringing
their wives nml ladles hero for the so
cial features of the gathering. There
were morning and afternoon sessions
tei-dnv wl'h addresses by two well
known N"U- York mollcul men and
paper" b Vermont plivslelans. The
dn s pmgiam was completed to-night
hj a banquet at the hotel Rerwiek at
nine o'clock, covers being laid for J2'i.
Dr. II. C Tlnkhnm of Rutilngton was
to.'fitmnster. The speaking was infor
mal Hc'"ro the banquet this evening, Dr.
a. Ii. Gorham of Hollows Falls, presl
dm' of the society, gave his annual
nd.'ress taking as his topic "Special
ism in Medicine." He said that this
wis in age f specialism and that It
Is pc ' n, citing all lines of business.
Iio betievi'd ten years none too little
o spend sit general practice before
Bi'ni in'" si' 'lal work and that the
time was '-"t iing when a certain stun-i-ard
would be required by the eol-
i- g.s f..t tin- graduation of speelalsts
Jii.-t as It Is now required for the or
dinary course
Iir C II Heecher of Rurllngton, see
r t " j of the State society, reported this
n r.iju; that there were at present 373
number'-. 11 having tiled during the year.
Tl re I ,-ive been S3 dropped, a new iuw
n I'l'r tig that none should be reported
ii- member whoso dues neirc not paid to
October 1. The treasurer, Dr. It. II.
Stone of Burllnuton reported that he hud
fili.L"! In the treasury. The receipts of
the past year amounted to Jt.3to.05.
Dr S. W. Hammond of tills city gave
n papc this morning on "Infectious Dis
eases." Dr. II. D. Ilolton of Hrattleboro,
secretary of the State board of health,
discussed Dr. Hammond's paper, saying
that since January 1 Inst, there have
only been 242 cases of diphtheria In Ver
mont Ho -named the doctors of the nec
essity in diagnosing diphtheria cases
early, and also spoko of the danger of
letting whooping rough go unchecked.
Whooping cough caused more de-nths In
1?07 In Vermont, ho said, than measles,
scarlet fever, typhoid fever or diphtheria.
Other papers given during tho day fol
lrw "Valvular Lesions of thn Heart,"
Dr A O. Morton, St. Albans; "Puerpural
IMampsln," Dr. W. N. llryant, Ludlow;
"Some of the Less Known Properties of
the' Hlond," Dr. II. II. Stone, Burlington.
1'rof Ciodfted It. Plsek and Prof. Irving
S Havnes of New York gavo scientific
lectures this afternoon.
Rcce'ptieins Afternoon nnel lcnlnc; nt
Montpeller I.nst Events.
Montpeller, Oct. S3 Mrs. H. II. Denvltt,
wlf' of tho State treasurer and Mrs.
Clm W Bailey, wifei of tho secretary of
State, gave a reception this afternoon
from three, to six o'clock nt tho home
ef Mrs Deavltt on Elm street to tho
ladles who havo been In Montpeller this
week and to tho ladles of tho city. Mrs
Deavltt nnd Mrs. Dalley were assisted
in receiving by Mrs. George II. P.-outy,
Mrs John A. Mead nnel Mrs. F. M.
forty Tim ushers wero Mrs. F. A. Ilow-
land. Mrs. F. W. Morse, Mrs. J. E.
Goodenough nnd Mrs. G. K. Putnam.
Thosei who assisted in the dining room
wero Mrs, O. D. Clark, Mrs. G, 11. Wal
ton, Mrs. Henry Holt, tho Misses Hrlggs,
Mrs 'George ). Peck, Mrs. E. M. liar
vev Miss Helen Dewey nnd Miss Anna
ri I- nev.
run de noints' reception
M.. -.v members of tho Legislature
r l " Ir wives remain' il In town over
t rlit in Htteml the leecptlein given
fr iii c'.'ht to ti n o'elnel; bv Mr. and
Mr1- Jisiph A. lie poor nt their home
e 'i V' tern avenue to the nii'inhcrs of
t . Si nate and House, State officers
ni i townspeople. Mr. and Mrs. Di
nner were aslsti'i In receiving by
I ii-utennnt-Govi rnnr nnd Mis. J. A
M ud Mrs. Thomas C, (')ieney anil
Sei..ile,r frank Mrf'orry and Mrs
Crry K. D. rields, Henry Holt and
W. N. Therlault nnd t II. Senter net
ed ns ushers nnd the dining roeim was
In barge of Misses Helen ISroek ntn
Florence Corry. Thn Interior of Mr,
Delluir's homo was beautifully dec
e.rated with autumn leaves, palms and
flowers and thn Whlttler orchestra
I'eililereil a choice program of popular
rill" durli'g the evening. This recep
tl n was the1 last of n brilliant series
tl at have been given during ladles'
oni; case or
"1 1 ave six eek
Irn pr- n's "
"Yes '
"nd nothing else
Tie ni' r
left to buy Christ
"Cleveland Pla'n
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anrnnei lending nkctrh nnd dMCrlptlein ra
qutc'ielr nirertnlti eur opinion free whether an
iiiTontlnn I iironnblf jmtoeitiibin C'oniinunlct
tlnnsiitrlctljfrinnitenttil. HANDBOOK onl'atenu
eint fre-e. (Jlilnst nae-nrr er mcurinfrjJuteMils.
Pnionn Ukoii through Muiui A Cu. recelr
tret lit notlti, without charKn, la tho
Scientific American.
Aj.nwlinmclr llliutrntert wre-klr. I,nrri't rlr.
riiliitliin i ( nny tcleintine tmirual. '1 i-unp. tJ n
yours lour months, II, Solit hrull npiiiitnnler.
WIUNN&Co.38'6"'-1 New York
UraucU Office &J F Bt, WaiUluinon. li. C.
No other medicine has been so
successful in relieving tho suffering
of women or received so many gen
nino testimonials as lias Lydla E.
Pinkharn's YoKetnblo Compound.
In ovcry community you will find
women who havo been restored to
health by Lvdia E. Pinkharn's Veg
etable t'omnound. Almnt every
one you meet bin cither h'y'ii bene
fited by it, or hiu friends who havo.
In the Pinkhain Laboratory at
see tho files containing over one mil
lion one hundred thousand letters
from women seeking health, and
here are, tho letters in which they
openly state over tnelr own signa
tures that (hoy were cured by Lydia
E. Pinkharn's Veiretablo Compound.
Lvdia E. Pinkharn's Vegetable
Compound has saved mnuv women
from surgical operations.
Lvdia E. Pinkharn's Vegetable
Compound is made from roots and
herbs, without drucs. and is wholo-
somo and harmless.
The reason why Lydia E. Pink-
ham's Vegetablo Compound is so
succossful is because it contains in
gredients which act directly upon
mo iominine organism, restoring n
to a healthy normal condition.
Women who are suffering from
those distressing ills peculiar to their
sex should not lose sight of theso
facts or doubt the ability of Lydla
E. Pinkharn's Vegetable Compound
to restore their health.
Iturglnr.H Secured TO Outs Two M llc-
ngei nnel lteoler nt Vergrnnes
anil 2S ennle-i nt KerrNliurgli.
Vergennes, Oct. Z2 It ivns discovered
that somo tlmo last night between the
hours of ton and three, the llutlnnd rail
road station was broken Into nnd bur
glarized. An entrnneo was made by forc
ing up a window. The contents of the
money elrawer, 70 cents, ; mileago books
and n revolver were taken. An extension
bag, which ivas checked, two packages
of tickets nnel some baggngn checks
which wero also taken from tho station,
were found near the freight house. There
Is no cluo to the thieves.
Tho fetation at I'errlsburgh was nNo
broken Into last night and In all proli
ability by the same gang. An entrnneo
is maelo at that station on the side
facing the track, by breaking the window
mil sash. All tho nmne'y the thieves se
cured was 2S pennies In the money
elrawer, a watch chain belonging to the
agent and one pnekape ef express, con
tents unknown Xo mileage books nr
tickets wero taken although theso nnd
either papers in the olllce were thrown
about In confusion.
Anntifil i:ieelin of CUllecr nt St. A I
liuns llepnrtfti Adelrc-ese-e finrl
C'ninuure In Kvennlg.
St. Albans, Oct. The antVi nn
nual meeting of thn 1st Vermont Cav
airy Iteunlon society was held at th
city hull this afternoon ami evening,
tho business sessions being presided
over by II. S. Woods of l.isex Junc
tion, tho retiring president lletwoen
40 and IiO members resin, led at the
roll call and other nnintrrs arrlveel
em tho evening trains fur the camp
fire. The- reports eif th.' secretary
Major Seymour U. Woc., ,,f st. Al
bans, and the treasurer I! ei. Wheeler
of Uurllngtein, we-te nml nnd accept
i'd, afti'r which the- following officers
were elected: PresiebTt jf, n
Munsoll, Company I, of Wells Hlver
secretary, Seyniinir II. Wood. Co. I
of St. Albans; treasurer. If. O. Wheelor,
Cei. A. eif Ilurllngton, v!eo.prisilents
Co, A, Alexander Hall of Sheiburne
Co. H, Chester C. Iteyneilds eif Milton
Cei. C. M. M. Hire 'of St. Albans: Co,
1, Joseph Hutchinson of Waterhury
Compnny K. M. J. Finney of lllnes
burgh; Company r, John M. Nash
of St. Albans; Company O, H. C
Allen of St. Albans; Co. If, It. IT
Ilostwlck of liiindonderry; Co. I, J. T.
Stevens of Hydei I'ark; Co. K, Mvron 7
Talcs of Mleldlebury; Co, I,, C .11. Me'
Carroll of St. Albans; Co. M, John Aldrleh
of.Islnnd Pond; field and staff, Col
John V. Ilennett of ebb ago
Tliere nre probable nb nit .Vil surviving
members of tin' regime nt In this and
foreign I'oimtrles and tho soeietv's mem
bi-rshlp Is about Son. Iiurlng the past
year there have been ilghteen elenths
reported. Tim special gnet nt yesterday
session was Col. John W. Ilennett of
At C;S0 o'clock the members formed nt
city ball nnd marched In a body to the
Owl elub assembly hall where tho local
Woman's Helief Corps neiveel a nipper,
The evening was given over to a public
ramp fire nt which Capt. Prank I., flreenn
Iireslde-el, Thn principal address eif thn
evening wns delivered by cx-flov. C. J.
Hell of Wnlden, anil his sfieech was fol.
lowed by informal nddressea bv the Nov.
II, J. Itannlow of Swantnn, liepartmont
Commander Charles K. Iteach of Hup
lington nnd Col. John W. Ilennett of
Chicago, fievernl selections by tho Arlon
quartette added n pleasing variety to tho
"Thoy snv that Itnmeses never renlly
did anything but carve- bis nnini'. Adver
tlseel himself, thnt'H all " "Well, It pays
tn aelvertise. What I'gypHan lianiei li
better known?"- Iyoul"v i lie, Couiler-.Iour-nal
Dr. 0. W. Pock of Brandon Elect
ed President of the State
Penalty of Suspension for Cut Rules
to Any Orgnnlintlon- Itoeni nt
t'lilverslly Mny He .Secured tn
1'rescrvic Iterorel of the
Miielef y.
Ilutland, Oct, 23. Th closing session
of the 10th annual convention of thu
Vermont State Medical society was held
here this morning with nearly lw phy
sicians present. Tho houso of delegates,
which trunsactfi all the business of the
society, reported this morning and there
were sovernl Inti'testlng papi'ts. Tho
marble- eiuarrlts at West Ilutland were
visited by the ladles and a number of
the plivslelans iiurlng t' forenoon and
this afternoon a large party went to
Plttsfiitil to Inspert tho Vermont sana
toiium. The- convention proper adjourned
at noon. Tho next annual mi'etlng will
be I, . Id at White Hlver Junction.
The olllcers repotted us elected by tho
house of delegates this morning follow:
For house of delegates, president, Dr.
M. I. Chnneller, Uurrej vlee-presldents,
Dr. W. I.. Slayton, Hyde Park. Iir II. II.
ce, Wells Hlver; secretary, Dr. C. F.
Daltnn, Harm
For tho socletj'. president, Dr. C. W.
eck, nranelon; vice-president, Dr. S.
W. Ilamnionel, Kutlnnd; sectetnry. Dr.
C. II. needier, nurllngton; treasurer. Dr.
II. Stone, Ilurllngton; auditor, Dr. J.
II. Hlodgett, Uelleiws Falls
Committees were appointed as follows:
Kxecutlve, Dr. J'eck, Dr. Heecher, Dr.
I. Miller, IJrattleboro; publication, Dr.
needier, Dr. A. O. Morton, St Albany
Dr. F. l., ! armor, St. Johnsburyj legisla
tive. Dr. O. H. C.orham, Ibllows Falls,
Dr. l.ymnn Allen, Ilurllngton, Dr. A. II.
nisbee, Montpeller; necrology. Dr. J.
H. Wheeler, Ilurllngton, Dr. I,. M ICelley,
Jlanehester Center, Dr. II. P. IxDnge,
Newport; medical education. Dr. J. F.
llryant, I,udlnw, Dr. Don D. Grout. St.
Johnsbury .Dr. S. S. Eddy, Mlddlebury.
Dr. II .W. Waterman of Hrattleboro
and Dr. lilsbee will be recommended to
tho Governor ns appointees to tho State
board of medical registration. Dr. Jamri
M. Jenne of nurllngton wns nppointed
delegate from Vermont to the American
Medical association.
cct n.vrns ahodisiikd.
A resolution wns adopted providing that
no member of thn Vermont socl-'ty shall
do any professional work for any
fraternal or other i - '-'Hon nr tho
family of nnv metn'ie- f such organ
Izatlon nt a cheaper rate- than Is chargeel
for iittindanco in private families under
penalty of suspension from the society.
This rule does not prevent charitable
woik among poor families.
The literary program of the morning
opened with nn Illustrated talk on
"Speech Defects nnel Voico Culture," by
Prof. n. W. Scripture of N'ew York. Dr.
M. H. Grnln of nutland read a paper on
"Conservatism In Surgery." Ur. II. D.
Chadwlek of Plttsford had a paper on
"Sanatorium Treatment of Tuberculosis
and Dr. II. C. Tlnkhnm of nurllngton
-..-.I ... rv, j,ioi a,.om r,f
Imflnmmatlon of tho Illllnry Tract."
An effort will be made to obtain a
room nt tho T'nlversity of Vermont. Ilur-
lington, to keep the records of the society
The legislative e'ommlttee of the Ver
mont State firange, upon mature con
sideration of vrr'.ius matters concerning
the people nf the State at large, believe
that certain changes In and additions to
our present statute's tiro ndvlsabio as
conducive to progress, e-qunllty, and the
general welfare, and we therefore re
comend the following suggestions, nnd
urgo nil patrons and other good citizens
to use all leasonnble) effort to Induce tb
Legislature to make) nuch enactments
und amendments ns may bo necessary to
cover the following subjects;
Peer l.a.w We re-comniend the nmeiid-
ment of the present law so as to permit
the killing of one deer of edther sex,
with or without horns, by nns person
during tho open season now provided by
AgrleVltura! and Iiiilustrl.il Training In
Our Public Schools We recommend the
teaohlng In our public schools of the
elements of the agricultural sele nce, and
the gradual Introduction eif Instruction
In the ceiminon Inelustrlal occupations.
Kirn Insunncei Valued Policy I.nw
We- rei 'iinnienel tho enactment of a law
requiring lb e Insurance companies to
pay tho full amount Insured for In case
of total biFs.
Imprrn etuent eif Highways We re
commend Incri'iised appropriations by the
State for the Improvement of highways
and espe.elnlly recommend the widening
nnd straightening of country roads, and
more efficient regulation of tneitor vehi
cles. Taxation We- recommend the repeal
of tho law allowing nfft.ets for debts
oweel without the State.
Wo recommend tin- enact ment nf a law
exempting from taxation all money bmn
ed on mortgage within the State' wheio
tho rate of Interest chargeel ehi's not
exceed feinr and onn half per ci nt per
annum. In the event of such oxcmptlein,
we then reiei'iimend the repe-nl of thn
law allowln.i offsets for debts nwe-il
within the State. We recommend tin- re.
peal of tho law giantlng to e'en por.it Ions
tho option nf payment nf tuxes upon
their gross e arnings Wo recommend the
enactmeut i f a buy nqiilitng all rail
roads to pay taxes upon an appraisal at
actual cash value, at the nverngn Tatn
pnlel by other real property within
tho Ktnte.
Prlniarv IClectlon l,nw We recommond
a Judicious piimnry election law to
supersede our present unsatisfactory
caucus system.
Preservation of Porcsts Wn urgo
fitnte supervision of timber cutlng oper
ations, and a elecldeel check upon the
ruthless slaughter of young growth,
whether In connection with the traffic
In evergreen trees, or with tho cutting of
timber lots.
O. W. PIKHC1Q, Mnster,
A. A. J'HIICST,'- Hetretary,
C. V Smith, c J Hell, c a Hump.
Legislative comtultti'o of Vermort Ktutn
U run no.
Rifle, Revolver and
Pistol Cartridges
TRACE fAllK RtO. IN U. t. PAT. OF?.
Except the powder, everything
that goea into Winchester cart
ridges is made in our own plant
under our careful supervision.
This system enables us to produco
ammunition which is superior to
all other makes. To get It any
where 'tis but necessary to ask
for Winchester make and look for
for the Red W on the package.
Winchester Repeatinq Arms Co.
New haven, Conn.
Appnliiteel Professor of Kqlilty lit the
tieorge iiHlilnctem l uUerslly
Delleverril Opening; Address.
Wellington, Oct. 22. -Wendell Phillips
Stafford, I.I.. I'., Judge of the Kupremo
Court of the District of Columbia, a Ver
montir. Is eve-iy year nilding to
bin laurels, nnj rapidly naccnellng to the
sihero of greater re'sponMbllltlcH and
honors for ivbie h ho Is certnlnly destined.
The latest recognition of his many
talents Is hl call to tin faculty in tho
city of Washington. Fnmo two ye-ars ago
the trustees f tho university had their
e'.ves em him. but nt that time he- was
connected will, ilenrgetown I'nlverslty, in
the law depa tment. In June, 1i7, he
fevered his connection with that Institu
tion for ti yr.ir of rest, and this fall ho
has nccepteel ' ie call to (leeirge Wash
ington I'nlveilty where ho will till the
chair of prof- "-"or of eipiity. Ml of this
work 13 carrle l by him in .ide'ltlon to his
work on the bi nch.
As a mark of tho esteem In which
Judge Stafford Is held by tin- faculty and
trustees i( ileorge Washington Uni
versity and as .1 token of their apprecia
tion In having ,ilm among their number,
ho was asked -i give the principal nd
elress at t ie fall convocation of the
university, held In t'lilverlty hall on Wed
nesday nfteriv m In Introducing the
speaker, llr. Charles Willis Ni'odhatn, who
Is president of the university, paid a
high tribute tei Judge BtafTeird. ns a
scholar, man of letters, Judge, and man.
Judge Stafford prcsenteel a masterly
oration upon "The Gospel of Poetry,"
completely winning bis nudlence, both by
the beauty and ehann of Ids presentation,
and by I the- profunillty of his wisdom.
Ho told his hearers tbnt all men are and
must be poet" nt times, and that the
gospel of poetrv Is "that the Ideal shall
be real to thee '
All who know Judge Stafford know that
his greatness lli i in tin- fact that In him
ine e ejiiiume'il euei i iinii nine eimiiinvu
wisdom of the great Juelge, and the
sentiment of the trie' poet, (for Judge
Staffonl Is the antbur of verse of no
mean einalltv e.r reputation.)
That Judge Stafford has just entered
upon n lb-Id where brilliant success and
great happlne-.ss nw:ilt him Is assured,
Drawn by the pers"i.allty of tho man
and bis capacltv for b ichlng. great num
bers of students are line king to his class
room. At the close of thn first lecture
In eepilty -which Judge Stafford elellvered.
Dean William It. Vain of the law scheiol
who hnd heard the; bcture, said "that
wis the most eloquent presentation of tho
early history of the "ourt of chancery
that I havo ev r beard, or wish to hear.'
His call tn tl o faculty of fleorge Wash'
lngton University w ,11 mean a great
future for Judge Stafford, because thero
he will be ns- iclated with men of high
repute, like J i-tices Harlan nnl Ilrewer
of the SupreMei Cinirt of thn United
Stntes, Judge' Stunt .n J. Peele of the
court of npi'iils if the Dletrlet of
Columbia, Jan -s Ilroivn Scott. J. U. D
solicitor of t' e State depnitmcnt, nnd
F.nrnest O. I.orenzer, J. U. D. Tho fact
that the university is rnpldlv growing
and prospering this ve-ar numbering from
1.100 to ,Ur1 si idents. adds Its weight to
the- statement that connection with this
university Is i great nnd ever Increasing
honor for ,Ivl"e Stafford. On tho other
ban 1. the re" it and talents of Judge
Slnffiird will I rove n great asset to this
Thanksgiving is
(.Mind what I say.)
Cull ii I folks' best
Lonb ' how I
1, mes to see
All these good thlng.1
Spread 'fore mo
'Lasses sweut nn'
pui.i'akeH Hat,
Tiiteis cooked In
possum fat ;
P.isln' biscuit
linked jes' right,
Ibiniiny of
l'liii-y white;
Ste..l termnti'rs,
I 'urn an' beans
That Is what good
Latin' means.
Goed ole bam an'
Spare ribs, too,
IMin'pkln pies,
IJis' onn or two),
llonev cake an'
Apple Nnss,
With a cup o'
Top It off with
Jes n tug
Of oloRonrbon
j-runi the Jug.
Doctor, glmmo
Homethlu' quick,
Cause this nigger's,
powerful sick.
Ole Thauksgtvlu's
jlenn to me, i
-pears Jes' like wn
Can't ngree.
-From Tim lioheniian Mngnzlno tnr
ruiiutnl" l,rnH "' Vrtv VcehH Slore.
Strenuous Festvitiea of tho Week,
However, Too Much for
Xlne HepreseiitnUcK Away without
I.envc 17 Illlls Introduced tn the
limine A Ilump fur the llonrrt
of Agriculture nmonjc the
,cu Measure.
Montpeller, Oct. 23. The Legislature
made a bravo attempt to-doy to do a
little -work ,but the strenuous festivities
of the past few days bud put u wire
edgo on almost every ones, tho commltteua
did not seem Inclined to work, nnd an
over Sunday adjournment for a week
end rest seemed tho only thing In sight.
After a brief session and tho Introduction
of 17 bills tho House adjournt-l until two
o'clock Monday afternoon. Tho Senate
went In this afternoon und uCer a Ave
minute session also adjourned until Mon
Aay afternoon.
Tho roll call of tho Houso this morn
ing showed 13 members absent. Speaker
Cheney was obliged to be in Hutland this
afternoon to appear tn n chancery hear
ing, and Mr. Hownrel of Georgia, Mr.
Miller of Hethel nnel Mr. Woodman of
Waltham hnd been excuseel to go to
their homes because of the death or sick
ness of the Inmates. Those absent without
leave were: Mr. Allen of Pantnn, Mr.
Iteckcr of Glastenbury, Mr. Croft of Herk-
shlre. Mr. Kelton of Hlghgate, Mr. HIU
of Mt. Holly, Mr. Kendall of Weathers
field. Mr. Kinsley of Hutlanel. Mr. Wood
man of Waltham and Mr. Murphy cf
Senator Gibson of Windham Introd-:""!!
n bill In the Senate this morning which
was rcferied to the special commltteo on
double- taxation and which confines right
of offsets tn debts owlns without the
State or to foreign corporations.
joint resolution was Introduced In
tho Senate by Senator Urvls which pro
vides for the printing of sikIi nddltlon-il
copies of the Senate) and Houso bills ns
may be required feir distribution to citi
zens of tho State or persons interested
In pending legislation. Thn number of
bills printed tints far hnvo been Just
enough to supply the members of tho
Legislature and State ofllcers, nnd any
one desiring one or more extra copies
has some times been unable to get them.
The costof printing theso nddltionnl cop
ies is very small, and It is believed that
any citizen of the State who Is Interested
In a bill before tho Legislature should
have the privilege of n prlnte-d copy.
Of tho 17 bills introduced in the House
this morning several were of general In
terest. Mr. Tnlcott of Wllllston intro
duced a measure) which provides that
when the railroad commissioners order a
grade ciosslng nbollshcd they shall em
ploy a competent engineer to furnish
specifications of the probable cost of the
work, nnd that the railroad commission
ers shall aelvertlso for bills for doing the
work, giving tho town or railroad Inter
ested the privilege) of bidding on the Job
ino Din introduced by Mr. Cook of
Danby goes a step farther than anything
yet neioro the Legislature relating to
tho electing of representatives to tho
General Assembly. This bill provides
that representatives may bo elected by
plurality on tho flrs-t ballot.
The board of ngrlcultuto gets Its bumps
in tho bill Introduced by Mr. Hitchcock
of pittsford which abolishes tho board
creates a commissioner of agriculture at
a salary of J00 per year and appropriates
?5,e0 nnnunllv for tho use of tho com
missioner, who under this bill, la to hold
his offlco for live years.
.Mr. .-unrtin or l'latniieia lntroduce-a- a
bill which provides for the establishment
of a State normal and Industrial school
and appropriates Ji:5,C0) for Its construc
tion nnd equipment. The committee on
appropriations has no rose strewn path
before It. Tlie appropriations ulrenil'y
calleel for In bills Introduced nnd what
will bo imperatively needed for tho sup
port of government for the biennial term
already total more than JC).C) and tho
md Is not yet.
Tlie bill Introduced by Mr. Lenry of
Ilurllngton Increases tint appropriation
for the University of Vermont and Slate
Agricultural college) to JICO") npj np
proprlates $lfl.e") for nddltionnl Instruc
tlon In the medical department.
Installing the revolving doors at the
entrnneo to Representatives' hail was be'
gun this' morning nml will bo completed
beforo tho legislature convenes Monday
afternoon. It Is expected these doors will
help the ventllntlon In the hall, and pre
vent eliafts.
In the absence of Speaker Cheney this
morning, Representative Hacon from
Hartford presided in the Houso ninl
guided its deliberations -vvlth dignity nnd
Mrs. John A. Mead, wife- of the Lieut
cunnt-Governor, amis uufoilunato enough
to lose n valuable diamond I'.inlng either
on herwaytotho reception at Mrs. Estee's
Thursday afternoon or at tho ball Thurs
day evening. A thorough seal eh ha
been mado for the Jewel which thus far
has been unsuccessful.
Senator-elect Carroll B, Page, who has
been In Montpeller nearly nil the- week
left nt midnight last night for New
York and will go from there) to Wash
lngton to makn arrangements for his
quarters there after he takes' the oath of
A Joint resolution was ndopted In tho
Houso this morning giuntlng the) us.) of
Representative's hall next Tuesday
evening 10 inn ivev . j. j i.owis for an
illustrated lectl Tr nn "Tho Early His
lory of Lake chomplnln."
After tho Sennte adjourned this morn
Ing n brief mock session wns held with
Miss Auld, daughter of Joseph Auld of
Ilurllngton, In tho chntr. Resolutions fnv
ornblo to woman suffravo nnd kindred
subjects wero Introduced nnd entertnlneU
by tho chair, but when ono grave senn
tor Introduceel n, bill providing that the
chair should retnovo her hat, she ele
omn she would resign on the spot
lather than submit tn Bitch etnistlc leg
Ihhition and she did.
For fillinp; for cream, lemon, rhubarb,
pineapple, strawberry ami other fruit pics,
notlntiK equals KinRsforJ's. It makes them
delicate and delicious.
Improve your cooking by following
"Original Recipes and Cooklnjj
by two cooks who know. Free on
Insist upon tlie old reliable KinRsforti'n
Ovvcro Corn Starclj. Pound packatjcj.lOc.
Senate culled to order by the president.
Devotional exercises were conducted by
tlie chaplain Journal of yesterday read
anil npprened.
Jeilnt resolution from Houso relating tn
commissions to prepare amendments to
the constlt'itlon, was passeel In concur-
Senator Ilutler offered a Joint resolu-
tlon relating to arrangement of tho con
Referred to committee on Ju-
S. 24. Hy Senator Illlss of Washington,
nn act permitting offsets only for such
debts ns shall be recorded on file In the
town eleik's oflb'i'. Hut eli-bts feir the
purchase of real or personal property
may be offset If the proprietor has been
In pos'-es-inn of tho property for three
months and Is Included In the Inventory.
Tei committee on taxation.
S. I.". Ily Senator Gibson of Windham,
confines light of offset to such debts as
nre owing to persons -without the Stnto
or to foreign corporations. To commltteo
on taxation.
S. Hy Senator Hobart of Chittenden
amending section 71.1 P. S. and repealln
gardlng taxation of rail-
section 711
roads To commltteo on taxation.
nousr. hills hi:fkhhkd.
II. 17 Authorizing city of Montpeller to
issue bonds. To committee on municipal
II. 3S Authorizing Governor to employ
stenographer. To committee on State and
court expenses.
S. 22 KcUtlng to Ilutland Hallway
Light A Power company.
Upon motion of Senator Lewis of La
moille the Senate adjourned.
Senate called to order by president.
Senator Orvls of Hcnnlngtou offered a
Joint resolution relating to printing of
extra copies of Senate nnd Houso bills,
to come on Stnto and court expenses.
Upon motion of Senator Mclntyro, It
was voted that when tho Senate adjourn,
it bo to Monday afternoon. On motion
of Senator I'lagg the Senate ndjourn
Devotional exercises were conducted by
tho chaplain. Journal of yesterday read
and approved.
Mr. Daniels of East Montpeller moved
that the roll call of the House be dis
pensed with. Mr. FleJtcher of e'avendlsli
spoke against tho motion and the Houso
sustained Mr. Fletcher and tho roll was
called, showing 13 absent.
H. D2 lly Mr. Delloer of Montpeller
relating to quarterly statements by
county clerks, and repealing section CCi'I
of tho statutes. (Provides for return
quarterly to auditor of Itemized state
ment of nil fees nccrulng to tho State.)
To committee on State and court ex
penses. V
II. P3 Hy Mr. Do Roer of Montpeller,
to amend section C203 of tho statutes, re
lating to reports of fees received by sal
aried officers. (Persons drawing State
salaries shall return to auditor quarterly
a sworn statement of fees received.) To
committee on State and court expenses.
It. P4-Hy Mr. Do Hoer of Montpeller
to amend section 61!-1 of tins statutes
relating to tho payment of salaries.
(Provides for payment quarterly of Stato
officers, county clerks, Judges of pro-
bato nnd State's nttorneys.) To commit
tee) on State und court expenses.
H, 95 Hy Mr. PoHoe-r of Montpeller,
to amend faction 6222 of the statutes ro
Intlng to fees of probate Judges. (Pro
vides for quarterly return to auditor by
Judges of probate, of Itemized statement
of all fees accruing to the State.) To
committee on State and court expenses.
H. M Hy air. Dollner of Muntpellor,
requiring orders for money drawn from
the State treasuicr. Tj committee on
State and court exj enses.
II. 97 Hy Mr. Talcott of Wllllston, to
amend section 4546 of tho statutes, relat
ing to graelo crossings. (When a grade
crossing is ordeied nbollshed, tlie rail
road commissioners shall employ nn en
gineer to prepare specifications, and shall
advertise) for bills. Tho town or railroad
Interested mny bid on thu work ) To
commltteo on railroads.
II. 9S-Hy Mr. Hrennan of Fairfield, re
lating to the setting of tires on tho land of
another. (Provides for penalty for set
ting lire on another's land.) To general
II. 95 -Hy Mr. Cook of Danby, to amend
sections 1S3 nnd 1-5 of tho statutes, relat
ing to the election of repi csentatlves in
the Oenernl Assembly, (Provides for
election by plurality on tho ilrst ballot.
To commltteo on elections.
II. Hv-Hy Mr. Cook of Danby, to
amend section 549 of tho stntutes relat
ing to grand list. To Joint committee on
H. 101 Hy Mr. Houtwell of Stockbrldgo,
relating to tho tuberculin test for cattle
(Provides for application of test by com
mission upon notification by nnyono who
knows or suspects contagious ellscnso s
prevalent ) To committee on ngrculturo,
H. 102 Hy Mr. Hitchcock of Plttsford,
to repeal sub-dlvlsion 3 of section 13 of
the) stntutes, relating to taxation of
shares of stock In foreign corporations.
To joint speclnl commltteo on tuxallon.
H. 100 Hy Mr. Williams of Newport,
telatlng to marriage and divorce. (Pro
hibits party against whom decree Is en
tered to remarry within three years.
Stnte'g Attorney to appear for the Stnte
In uncontested hearings,) To Judiciary.
II. 104 Hy Mr. Fish of Vergennes, In
amendment to section 6265 Of the stntutes
relating to the extermination of destruc
tive Ilsh. (Commissioner may permit
taking of suckers nnd iii.g in nets ) To
Jelnt commltteo on game ami flsh-rUo
II. 105 IJy Mr. Hitchcock of Pitts
ford, abolishing thn board eif ngrb u
ture nnd creating the otllon of comml"
sloner of agriculture. Provides for nn
appointment bv the Governor of
commissioner to hold ofllro flvn years
Appropriates $5,000 nnntiallv. Tn
salary to he $00 nnel necessary r-c
penaes. To committee on fipin mtor
II. IOC Hy Mr. Martin of Plnlnfleli
Pr" ming .or u.o esweo, snrnem o, -x
normal Industrial school Appp'pr
atcs 1125,000 for Its construction Mil
equipment. To committee on nprro
1 1. 107 Hy Mr. Locklln .f i:n ' 'op
redntlnfr to pales of Intnxle i' mg "qiKr
bv licensees of tho second nr.l si vent
Ins.". Prohibits sales fir use e f rthe
than tlie purchaser or 1, famiii
Forbids deliveries of llipior In tg' ,i
r,uch pluce-s. To Joint ""li.mr ( . n
II. 10S Hy Mr. I.enrv -f P.r'i,.
tim, to nine-ml suetinns 117s a' 1 il"
of statutes relating to e.prqr '
for the University of Vermel '
Stnto Agricultural Colb g.- I-,, rea
npproprlatlein to Jlfl.000 f r Ar
turul College, nnd appropriates t1
000 for Instruct!" i. In the n-e 'i i 'e
pnrtment. To conmitttee i. 'vr -
joint ltEs'oi.UTK
Hy Mr. Martin of plnlnfbbl gr t eR
the ue of Representative ll'in ''
day evening. October 27 f"r an i
t rat ed lecture by Rev. J .1 !"ms
"Early History of Lake Champ 1'n
Adopted on the part of t'i" H' Use.
H. 11 Relating to the open season
for deer.
On motion of Mr. Martin of Plain
field the clerk wns Instructed to pre -cure
the printing of ino extra copies
of H. 10H for tho use of tlje State su-perlnt-nelent
of education.
t)n motion of Mr. Fletcher of Cav
endish It was voted tli.it when th"
House adjourn It be until next Mon
day afternoon nt two o'el iek On mo
tion of Mr. Cook of Danby, the II use
Teieik l)uclies with a Trnln in Feet
l.une feir n llriele.
Rerltn. Oct. 22. The Huhcss Alexan
dria Victoria of S. hi. - wig-Tt. .'step
daughter Of Piinre Fn 1. rick. Duke if
'Schleswig-llolsteln. was married in t' e
chapel of the Imperial palace to-Jay n
Prince) August William u Prussia. 3
fourth son of Empe-ror William. T'.e
ceremony was witnessed by the members
eif tin; Imperial f.iml'.v ani some 50
princes and princesses of t .o minor Ger
man royal house, i lmneel'or Vjn Uuo
low, ns well as other high state f n -ttonarles,
members of tho diplomatic
corps, including Ambassador HI 1 and
members of the embassy staff, wit t ieir
wives, altogether about SoO guests, wen
nlso present. The civil reienumy wis
held in tlie private apartmi'tit .f t e pa'
ace after which tho Empress placed t'ic
Hoheuzollern crown upon the head o"
the young princess. The royal party then
marched to the chapel.
Tho bride ias clad in a wl ito silk
dress trimmed -with lace, and her train
embroldeTed with silver and 13 feet 1 n?
was borne by four pages. The cep nouv
of the Lutheran Stato Church ivos r
formed by Dr. Dryandcr. o-urt prei . r
Tho Emperor nnel Empress kissed t .
bridal couple. Prince August Wi'bam is
21 nnd lieutenant of tho Ilrst leglment e '
foot guard. 1113 bride 1? three mont' s
his Junior.
When you sco tho t,nmo Rydalo In nn
advertisement or on a remedy It Is a suro
sign that the remedy advertised is com
pounded from tho pressripUon of a spec
ialist.. A specialist In a certain disease)
knows more about, and is better titter
to treat that disease than anyone else,
nnd that Is tho reason why tho Ryda.a
Remedies never fail to relieve and so
often cure the troubles for which they
are) recommended. Rydnle's Stomach
Tablets, for Indigestion and Dyspepsia.
Rydale's Liver Tablets fjr Liver and
Bowels; Rydalo'a Tonic, for a system
builder and sure cure for Chills nnd
Malarl. and Rydale's Cough Elixir for
nil ordinary Coughs and bronchia', troub.
les, nre four prescriptions of the best
specialist and will do nil that medicine
can do. J. W. O'SullIvan, Hurllncton.
Shanley & Estey, WlnoosUI.
"Deduction Is my strong point." deel r
ed a uutliful law student. "For example,
there Is a heap of imhes tn our yarel. That
Is evldcnco that wo havo recently bid
fires " "And, by tho wny John." Inter
posed his father, "you mlg'-t go out nnd
sift that cvieb ivc "-Philadelphia In
Ilnalltvnlv nnf1 fiv
iOTCD'C! thcs0 Lml Pills, i
W A l I L 10 1 They also rollOTO Dls-
i tress irom ujupepsia, in
ITTLE I digestion and Too nesrtj
I IVTD I Bating. A perfect rem
H I V 1 1 jedy lor Dizziness. Nausea,
H PILLS I Drowsiness, Cad T&sta
In tuo Mouth, CoateH
1 I Tongue, Pain In the Fids,
H5H Itokpid liver. Thoa
rcguhto the Dowels. Purely Veffctable.
Genuino Must Bear
Fac-Siinile Signature
Sixty-six I
Years fl
of. . i 1
SiihrrmritM i K

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