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Altitun. The ill groe will 1-f conferred by
1 ,tupr. "i leidno of St Albans. It Ih cxpe'el
cd tl ii M s Mnble li. Dano of Newport,
I'm I't'i'Muu of tho Itelirkuli Assembly .if
n r. iiit, Mrs. Susie l&ciiclt nf Itrnttlc-
liero, vli president, niul Mls Anna Chap.
' n, t k ,'opttty president, will bo piosont,
t t''o cli s-p of Hi" meeting n l;tiiillt
W "1 1.- -uod In Fnrostcis' lmll liy tli'
l,i ' i. rr St. Mntihews Church. A. f.
t.nr v if nuillngton p:iKscd Moiulny
nl'lill Ti dug nn his return from Cntv
li l"e T g . whrrr lie had licen to
t A' s siiHiin lirnbeo returned Mon
ti rr, tti -i I -I t to her sister In Rlohfotil.
i i, r' Johnson of Went lterkshlto ntul
Hr , II ! !l..v expect to leave here this
wik i r t.os AtigoV-s, Cnl., where they
is i ,, , 1 1 ir- wlntpi-. '1'ho rnnilcnuory of
t'n ,- ,'.il Packing Co., bognn running
, n lionr ilny Moiulny. Mr. nml
'r .t Ilnrvey returned Monday
' i Wwfino whore tlipy linvp pnsse1 ii
i k I i r stay wns shortened 1 y tlie
i i n.ent of the open door seaMm.
" , r i ' t imi of A. H. Harris, Im Ii
!y til, remains mirluiiipeil. A. L.
i, -ii . who wns out Inst work, Is again
nf 'n wl'h iv slight relapse. M nml
V s S Armstrong, Miss Llln Arn-Fir-nii
and J. 11. ("roeliler went to Kmv
A 'li TiiPR'i;iy and m:iv go on to Wash
1 ci m In 'fore their return. Miss Cnnlo
G I ernlth wrnt to Georgia Tuosilav us n
ivlrgnt.. to the district Epworth l.nng'in
mnv. nli. in Henry V. Jnmen went to
Boston Tni'-ilny In n visit.
Through the cP!i"rnMtv of C. L Marsh
tho in w si hool building is to Ii.ivp n
hri-.i 7 . t.i1 l i !t' Lit,, .'ln's Gottvrb'iig
n ' lr ii; mi It. Tlv t iblotx are made
f ir tlint p 1'i.cixp In Hip Lincoln Hdnri
t iitl f, 'e nf New Yolk. There will
I rni . h, -.nine oxorelscs to dedicate
It en ' an h al.--Jos-huu Booth of Wntor
i,o, I 'J. has I eon vlsUIng nt T. II.
Ar for a few days. H. ('.
1 n! St. Album was In town
T ii' II. IMrineloL of Watt rloo.
q I,'- 1 on appointed King's printer,
a 1 'o pi.--1tioii, nnrl will mnvo to Ottawi
r- r Mr I'nrmrlro Is n brothor-ln-law
if 1) M Hose of this pl.Ko nnd linij
t, i a tar' '" r of l'nrl. anient for a ntini
v r ef yenrfi .p i n f , rl Laroe has sold
1'- n' i rr r.n .S ) ', "-treet to Cieora"
" ) . tt Mr. Tim 'h, lie has rented
1 i 'arm in ar TV, st riinsl1irh to 1M
u rl iJiii.i',"' of tli- village, who tuke-t
j 4,m ni 1 1 ' er 1 I". M. I,a(1d is
ir i it from 1,. U Marsh's "I'ond farm"
to A T l' iniproy's farm In ricteher.
J ,T, a. Is movliiK from "Maple
i ' t i T. j. Marsh's farm whleh
Al ,11 Is .iim1Iiik. Mr. nml Mrs. 11
i s i r. Miriifd to Albnrgh TVednea-
Mrs 1. 11 Keyes dlpil nt thp home of
' c 'rr Mrs. Il"nry t'hnilwlek. Jinn
t rut after an Illness of spvernl
v- r. of 1 ,o.i 1 1 illspase. Mrs. Keyes was
r i ll and Is snrvlveil by three sls
' M' V Ii Herrlek of Hlclmate, nnd
v J O Mourn nnd Mrs. Chinlwlck of
I ty
T'lr 1, ,dy of the man, who was run
ti"ir by a Cintral Vermont passenger
ti in n id killed I'rldny afternoon, was
in iiliti'llied and was hurled In the
I -r.i -neet cemetery Monday af
f rnoon.
P. A . daughter of Mr. anil Mrs. 10.
K Hvdrr l!i il Monday mnrnlnn ul 3:3')
o' 'mk of infantile paralysis. The child
w v )s nili lbs old. The funeral was
lii at the house T ieday at :':.'!0
o'cb ,t
d ttjrl trr. ICntherlne. Mnrsaret. was
b i- to Mr nnd Mrs. Hubert M. Vi'll-
iri 'f (kh Uomle, Wis., September 21.
M r ii was Miss Xollle A. Powers
i,r t, Is cHv
Ti r i t, nn of rrnnklln county court
t '. t'"nl ,i llournment Tuesday when
ii 1 '' r wilful desertion was urant
i,l t t c i,i,e of Heiinan Foster of Kast
s , I in Mm .i Foster. The custodv
f ti mo minor chililn-n was given to
"i f 'I r.
" i want to boar In mind that this
rr il I w. athrr will not enntinuo all wlnli-r,
i i' 1 nnw Is a good time to net that sani;
or 1 ater that you will have to have I
lntir We lave the "Ptewart" audi
' KomhI f i.ik" unites .iul hrators and I
tlic-c nre none bettor made fall and
see tiein nt (.'. C. Alfred's. C.Vi.4t.
V i i It.ukynmb and Miss J).ilv
IC up- in v i,- married at the homo of
i lt, r Mis. I.estor Ilolenhurk, Mon
(b o nliit; at foveu o'clock by b'athor
)( ola of St Albans. -Mrs. Uiiitetie lioy
ili n Ii if much better. Fire broke nut
In t ir j.'?'. wood ncaln Mnnilav after
la 'nff in the ground since Thursday
r'p' 1' Mas put out bffore dolnsr .inv
il mi" Don. O. f). 1 1 own nl of I'.mllnK
t will sprnk at the Baptist church
hi in s 'I'lny in the near future. Knie.it
1 , r Hebron. X. V., Is the suet
or pi. nut". Mr. and Mrs. II. M. H.il
1 Mr -ni l Mrs. A. A. Ueemiin b ft
fi ' nrion Saturday to visit Mrs. H
ir ,' . i is, Mr nml Mr. Irwin I I, !!
1 ii on brlilKo In lluntvllle l oien
f( r i rl Mr and .Mrs. It. C. Ballard'h
I i ol.ier has been ipilte 111. ("arlns
I ( "r N(W York Is the Btiest of his
nn fi C, M. Bellows. Mr. anil Mrs.
Ain't l'i ,('li'i in of St. Albans was the,
p,( t if thrlr uncle, the Ilev. S. S.
I'r- ' ti i over Sunday. F. W. and
f! ire1 S i ' ii.irdsrm are busy these days
look K aftei writer fur the Bellows Frer
nc t n v and If a sprliiK can be found
hi firntrb to run into the vlllite they
n IrM.H a wafer system In the vli
la""C smill shower Monday ovonlnir
laid the dust, but not enough to help
tho wells or springs.
Mrs. M. B. Strait spent .nut week In
Mont oiler Mr. Krnlt (ame home with
with lur the last nf tho week rud to
turned to Montpeller Monday. Mr.
and Mrs O'-orKe V. Craft hnve re
turned from Ilrndford, whero Mr. (,'iaft
hai done cniiienler work th past mini-rner.-
I.. If. Cnswell'H people hnvo
moved Into their new house. There
will be a n.dtlnir n't tli" Ntutli I'alr
fax Mdhodlst llicoiinl Ciiureh Krl
Jny fvotiirifi, cuinlii' toil by woil.ers
fiom St Albans, all are invited, Miss
(Ira o Holmes of Milton will cpuml
the week nt the homo of K II. Cm
well. RI0HFORD. i
T ie r.f a. A. Murcli of Newport
prrni'ieil at St. Ann's Jlplscopnl Chuieli
Puii'lay in exchanito with the Ilov. F.
Hornby larh. Jesso 11. I'oiiKer Ih visit
Int; In fit. Albans.-,.Ms3 Mnblo ao
K'lley la takliiK tho nonlor year coiirsc
In tho KmcTson school of oratory, llos
tor MlS3 Ulnneho St. 1'lerro, who te
cenMy went to Nashville, Tenii., liaa
returned to TUchforrt. Fnnnlim O. Mal
oney wert to Iloston Tucstlny to tnko
privato lessons on the fluto nnd In lmr
mony Mrs. Michael fircone and llttlo
dniiRlifr of Montnomery Contor iito
vIsltliiK her sinter. Miss IMoretieo l.a
flumnie J, A Connor was in Toronto
last week nttendlnk: tho eiHtern council
of Hie IlrotlK rhood of Hallway Train
nun iirul Ilulhvay conductors.
A few Ijoikh, I'm lemaliiH nf two nvrn
vjttimn of tho elevutor illuuHter, wcro
fotitnl Satniiliiy In the ruins, Two watches
were found with thun, nml ono of I ho
watches hn.s been positively Identified by
t JJ. aibson, jeweler, ns that of William
f!atti"y, the tnf;lncer. Tho other watch
l.i thouvlit to have been Hint of Ilenian
liliue. Mr. ami Mra. Clinrlen Bean nt
Troy mo In t Int-T heie. Fred Hmnenf
of llnrilln.T. Mass., Is visiting hli mollier,
Mrs. 1'. I'haiieiif.-.A datlKhlef waH horn
to Mrs. Hubert MunillKo 'October IS. Mr.
Mandliro wns one of the vlctltui nf the
elevator disaster. Ioti 12, Hiillmm haa
elosoil bin labors ns clerk In the t 1 U.
fielKht ofllfo here and went Tiiednv to
llontoti, where he linn a position In tho
olllce of the (Junker Oats Co. II. 11,
Thomas Ixis none bnck to his old placo
In the fieljsht ollice.
The body of Lull's I.aporte of Bolton,
Que., one of (ho victims of the elevator
disaster, was found late Monday even'
liirr by men sncklne wrnln from the
ruins, The body was fairly Intact, but
the llesh wns badly decomposed. The
clothlnt; was all burned from tho body,
iiolhlin? IHnK found except a pocket
from tho trousers. This wan under the
hip nnd contnliird n hnndkoi elilef which
ploved the tiienn of I ionilfyin
holy. The boilv nn M! n In
ton, Que., yrst, loa- n.nrnlliji for
burlnl. At tlie time , ," i' ., iii,iislor three
wnrkmni v i re i!' ' In'o one of the
Ronth ili ois ol '!"' levntur. Chnrtes
Fuller V' within ) to HO f ot of the
door nnd was Mown backward several
foot nnd Injured, but was able to bo
out after n few dayK. Alphom-e Fnrituo
wns .lust Inside the door, was blown a
few fret outside and probably Instantly
killed Ills body wa roonvorcd outsblo
the ruins t' e dn fnllnwlti'r the disaster.
I.ouls l.npnrte was fatther Into tho
elevator and nppnontly bin body was
driven still farther Into the bulMInt: nml
arralnst the western wall, lionet helonfr
IliK In sill! another body were found
Mmnl'iy forenoon In the elevator ruins.
From their beln-f found about where
H.idlev llolcnmb was supposed to havo
Ik en woiklnjr. they aro supposed to lnj
his leinalns. but there Is no lilelitl(lcn
tlnn. The unidentified bones Of one body
found Saturday are thought to be those
of 1 Ionian Inline from pliers, buckles,
ete., found bo".l le them. Seven bodies nro
yet uliiccounted for. The Hev W. K.
DoiiRlnss is attendliiK n proacheis' lneet
lli'T in domain - Mrs. William Burlln
I4ii me of Prnvldonre, It. 1., Mrs. William
Terry of MnntrerU and Mr. and Mrs.
William Chase of Bilstol are vMtlni?
tho Hev. and Mrs. Silas 1', Horry at tho
Baptlft p-irs-onaire.
A dauKhter wns born Saturday to Mr.
and Mrs. Clainn Cassldy. A daiiKl.ter
was born Sun lny to Mr. and Mrs. l.oon
House. Mrs. F. M. Stone and daughter
visited In Hlchford last week. Miss
1'aullno Perloy Is pendlni; a part of this
week In Montreal. A Hallowe'en so
cial will be held In the Cnniiresutlonal
Church parlors Friday evcnlni;.
A chicken pie supper was held nt I. 13.
Joslyn's TiHsday nlht for the benefit cf
tho ('oii;retratlonnl society. About ft'i
wore present. Misses Dora Dory and
(Joule Wood aro spending a few days In
Iloston. Bertha Carr ,eft Monday niorn
hiK for Kansas, where she will spend a
year with her brother. Winifred Cut -Mrs.
Wood and sons, Francis and Meile.
went to Stowo Saturday for a few w"ok
with relatives and fi lends. Ilann.'r
flrnnfio will observe ladles' night at il''
next mcetlnc
Mrs. James D. Wilpht, who has been
(pilto III with erysipelas, Is Improving.
Mrs. Charles Weston, who wont on the
Boston excursion, has returned. Mrs.
Ethel Stevens is 111. Mrs. Hattie II. S.
Dow, who has been visiting relatives In
Beikshlro nnd Holland, has returned
home. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Woodward
have leturned fiom Massachusetts.
Arthur and (IcorRo Adams have Kone to
Helvldere, whole they have employment.
Their brother, William, is also koIii
and their families will move Inter. Wil
liam Blllndo of Fairfield visited his sun,
Hurley Hlllado, Saturday and Sunday -Mrs.
Kate Dunna of Boston, who eani
lo attend her slstei'n weddliu,'. wi'l ji.im
two weeks with her parents. Mr and
Mrs W. J. Cli'ilTcc. -Miss May r.. Chaf
fee and (J. C. Stuffliboati .ero maril d
at the liomo of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. .1. Charfee, October 21 by tho Hev.
C. D. Plerco of Johnon, unele of the
bride. Mls Myrtb- Wnllhrbliie wns
bridesmaid nnd Dloyd Chaffee, brother
of il'e bride, best maii. Only n,-.ir r, la
thes worn present. After a short wed
dltiK trip they will resldn with tin-(-room's
parents in FalrlUld.
The lire sot In trio Jeunlson w Vi
by some earelesn person Inst
was kept under control, thouuli -piltr.
n llttlo dnmnije has been douo to .b.if.
ty yoium' (rrowth of hemlock and lard
wood. Tho (Ire art on the -o-, ii,i
William Hoblnson farm at (ir, ,n's
Corner, broke bounds diirltirr tl,o (rain
Sunday and quickly spread in or a,
larKo aereani! throiiKh liiuibln
swamp and timber lands own,, i,y
Pn sper Ilushey, Charles Hull 'in,! oth
ers, coming out nearly to the t-o , .uii-d
new road. For a tlmo It was 1,-areil
the homes and fi.rru buildings of .lo
seph and Charles Ilushey, Krwin 'I'urk-
ir, .leiry Cotn and others i i nrt
ho waved, but by desperate work mi
tho part of tho forty men who re
sorted to plowing and back l.rii the
lire was controlled. Tho rnln KJnndnv
nlfht wns n frieat help. Mi. c. j;.
Heibiibrn has returned homo front a
month's visit with relatives m Bethel.
School opened in district No. 13, Fri
day after a recess of ten days while
tho teacher, Miss Florence Donaldson,
went to Boston on the excursion.
Mrs. N. K .letinlson went Wc'lm sday
lo Itnstoii In visit her sister, Mrs.
I,. Soavey, and will K" from Hun, to
hpond the winter with her sons In Ch
eadii, Mrs. A. K. llonslliKor utteinleil
the funernl Tuesdny I flerneon nf her
nelie, Daisy A., tho IK motiU: old
duuKhUr of Mr. and Mrs. K 1 '. Hydur
of St. A 1 buns cltv.-Mr.s. li. A. i;llm.
eion. for-nirly Miss I, nolo Chmlwlilt
of Sin blon. who lives In Ninth Itan
Kor, N. v., Is vlsltlni: her aunt, Mrs.
A. P. Itoce, and other rolntlvis.
Miss Mamie Dolan was culled to ;at
BerkshJre Saturday, by thi i ritual
HIliesH of her uncle, John Dol.m, j,,.
turiilii,r Sunday ulKlit. Mis1' Minion
Gordon of Alburnl; Center vlsltul Miss
Nelllo Cutlln over iitindiiy.
Deputy Collector and Mrs. O W. Web
ster were In Montreal n few Uiys last
week. Major U. N. llullnrd of Swanton
wns In charKo of tho customs oflito dur
liiB the nhsenco of Mr. Webster. The
Woman's Homo Missionary society
meet with Mrs, Henry Hoadley for din
ner Wednerday, November 4 Tho Hov.
O. W. Hunt, district superintendent,
held quarterly cnnferenVo Btturday
afternoon and preached In the Methodist
Church Sunday morning. Mr. and Mrs,
Brown urn tnovlnit to their farm ut
Berlti hlin Center -Phllo Htnnlrv hai
sold bis renldenco In this vlllnRO lo C M.
Allen of Hakersflnld, Possession will bo
f.lven at onrn. Mr. 8tanloy Is muklns
icpalr.i and Improvements to tho Danlnl
Cobiirn plaeo nnd will tnovo (here.
Henry Ilondley and Curios Johnson left
Wedtie.-dny nlnht for Dos Angeles, Oal
where thev expect to pass tho winter.
( W Mm Kim 1 1 visiting nt W, D,
NtihlltiK'a In Ilrnndon.--Mr. Hnwson nnd
(lnuithtcr of Prescntt, (Int., havo been
spending a few days with his daughter,
Mts. i:, S, Proper. -Mlm 1311a Handall
went to Kprlnglleld, Mass., Tuesday for
a 10 dayn' vlrtl Miss Huth Hopkins went
to Boston Wednesday to visit her sister,
Hilda, who In attending .Slminltiit Col
logo, Henry Fllnton has bought 8 )J.
Tracy'H house and has moved Into It,
Charles Harrison will occupy the temv
ment vacated by Mr. Fllnton.
Mrs. i:ilen Coburn nnd son, Mrti)ti'
Dean, ot Dymo, N. II. , nro visiting In
town. M, II. Mnyiinrd of this town nnd
Mrs. Flora llotl of Johnson w manled
nt Johnson .Saturday. Mrs. Porter of
Fltchhurg. Muss., Ir oK-i;.... j,,,r HxLri
M'" i: " ' FN. Wells
niidiiy. James
. a i. a! losldenl of Fast Fair
i.eid died Saturday at the homo of his
daughter, Mrs. Beaulao of llanhvh!(,
nged 77 years. The funeral was held
Tueaday at St. (Icorge's Church.
Mr. an. I Mis. Fr"d I.ajnnv were given
a re, option Wednesilny evoiiini on their
return from a wedding trip to Canada.
Mrs. Illsle Janes, Mrs. Frank Pintt, Mrs.
l'.dwiird Hurhford, Misses I.'llzabelh Fp
li.un. Cluia Whoekr, Dehuinh Dow an I
Smile Bliss have leiuincd from Boston,
ns huve II. S. P.irk'-r, J. U. Clapji. Max
Sainpson ami Dow ltlchardson. The D.
A. S. of the Morfiodlst Church will havo
a social Thursday afteinoon with Mrs.
William Molf.itt.--N' lson Benolt his
moved in o. A. limber's tenement, Mr.
Duvnl l,alng inovi d to the Center. -.V
Mr. Duigeo of Hast Itlchforil Is moving
to the Perk farm on West hill, l.evl
Shakolt Is moving Ito u part of O. A.
Barber's house, William Hlvers hu
moved to the; (loodilch farm. Mrs. I,. A.
S wmi l as leturned fiom Hlchfoid, where
she has boon vlMtlng her daughter, Mis.
W. B. I.oeklln.
N. B. Blair of Morrisvllle was In town
Mondav. .lr. and Mrs. Cyius I-'lnod of
Jeffersonvllle spent Sunday with A. It.
Paine. .Mr. and Mrs. K. II. Hinds or
Moirlsvllle wore1 guests nt Ira Green's
the llrM of the week. A sociable was
held at Clifton Scott's Tuesday evening.
Mr. Cnllmrn nnd daughter of Brldpnil,
who have been the guests of Mr and Mrs
Egbei t C'olbnrn. have leturnrd to their
home. Henry Mite hell has Jut built a
line sugnr house to replace th" one do
.vtroyed by lire last rummer Mr. and
Mis. Myron Maynard, who weio manled
In Johnson last Saturday, called on
friend In 'town Tuesda .Harry Mney
invwl the examination for the undortnk
Ing business. Mrs. Wedls, mother of II.
M. and K. A. Wells, an elderly lndy
about yi-ars of age, lecently fell from
her chair. Injuring her hip, nnd Is conlln
od to the bed. The remains nf James
nnd a veteran of the Civil War, were
McNarry. a former resident of this town
brought from Hardwlck and Interred In
the Catholic cemetery In Ifakerslleld
Tuesday. Miss Sadie Merrill has return
ed from a throe weeks' v. sit In Fairfax.
W. S. Senile Is on his annual hunting trip
In the Canadian forests. Ooorgo Ann
strmig. who was formerly empleiyed hi
the pnstoffice. Is l?ltlng friends In town.
A e hie ken pie supper Tor the benefit
or the C.itholli! Chore h was held at
Abraham l.awrenee's Wednesday Oct.
21. The proceeds wero $K A box
social was held at Wlnnh; Itociiues
last week Tuesday. The proceeds worn
Jii.Oft. Senator John Wright and Hep
ri'sentntlve Albert Fre.sn spent Sun
dny at their Imme.s. The Ladles' Aid
soelety served a ehiekeu plo dinner
Oot. 21. nt the Congregntlr.tnl
Church. Mr. and Mrs. Juan Hoblnson
vls-lted the Legislature at Montpeller
last week. John Mcllrlde had 10
chickens stolen one evening Inst week.
Thieves or all descriptions urn very
numerous In town. Tho statement nf
South Hero creamery for month of
September follows: Whole number of
pounds of milk recolvrd, 2,11,sfi:i; wliolo
number of pounds of butter made, 1.,.
lf'l gross receipts, $4. 012.11; not io
eelpls, JS.477.27: nve rnge pi Ice per
bundled for 4 per cent, milk, $1.25.
Frld.iv evening a, v.-rv entertaining
program was carried out by the high
r.eliool seniors at tho Ak"ley memorial
biiildlnir for the benefit of their Wash
ington trip. Ducts were rendered by
Mrs. W. II. Douglass anil Miss ltebeccn
Hurt; "A Bachelor's Heverlo" on the
eve of his marriage was very well
done, with P.uthlmrn MeMahon us tho
bachelur, before whom about 2T, young
laellos uppenrrd as former sweethearts
to music by .Mrs. Douglnss. The even
Intr eloseil with n farco "Feirtunes eif
'ar," those who took part being tho
Misses Huth MeMahon, Heboeca Hurt,
Anglo Harris, Inex Smith, Avis Vear
ron and Ben Hoblnson. Miss Meiry
llcho Oilletto In visiting relatives In
Watervllle. Mr. and Mrs. Kimber A.
Thomas if Sioux City, town, vlsltul at
C. H. Hurt's Friday and Sntunlay Hit
grundmotlier, Mrs. Martha Hdgerton,
who has pusseel tile' smmer at .Mr.
Hurt's' will return with them to Iowa
this week. James Tucker Is In Wnt
nrbury working for C. II. Douglnss.
Miss Saello Harlow and Lewis Harlow
visited In Illnioro over .Sunday. Mr.
nml Mrs, II. 1. Fntinoo have returned
from a carriage drlvo of two weeks,
visiting Hlueshurgli, Burlington, and
othir towns. Mr, and .Mrs p. D. pike
left Saturday to visit their son, Fred
Pike. In Mansliidd, Ohio. Cmorse S.
Harris nnd Stafford M. Iloardinan of
Vermont Pnlvcrslty and John Smith
and Harold Brush of Norwb h passed
Saturday ami .Sunday In Stowe, Mrs.
Unto Stone of Kwanion Is visiting her
paiflitB, Mr. and Mrs, Ldward K. Ilule.
Mrs. Herlha Snmpson of F.nonlmrgh
Falls passed last week with her cousin,
Mrs. IJlonorn Wnklns.---ln u civil suit
between Frank Polnskl, plain t Iff. nnd
Frank P. Smith, ilefendant, Friday be
foro Justice C. W. Watts, the, elnfend
anl recovered costs. Saturday John
Mecnan paid $10.70 for Intoxication
and coslii. Thursday evening about
20 farmers gathered nt the Akeley
Memorial building to listen to u talk
by Holnier Habllel In regard to form
ing a cow-testing iiHsoelutlon, The
Idea win received with enthusiasm,
anil U Ik experteal that r,no cows will
bo perurcd, 200 bcliiir too dairies if
live men pledged in tho met Msg,- -Mr
and Mrs. ltlchanj WaPo, who havo
been visiting their ulster, Mrs. Htella
Luce, left FvJdny for Burlington.
They expect I" spend the wlnlor In
Hampton, V" Fred ('hueiwlok bus
gone., to Stoikt iii. t'ft'.. to ii side..
Ida May, the 11-yeai-old elauichter of
Mr. and Mis. IMwtn Mngnon, died Katur
dny night after n long lllne with tuber
rulosls. Her bi"iheis nn.l sisters nr
Henry nnd Waller Magoon, Mrs. Ansel
Hojie nnd the Misses lhmlce, Minnie,
Lura, KlMi rind Llolso of Slowe nnd
Miss Daisy of Saratoa, N Y. The funetnl
will be held thli nfternnnn nt two o'clock
ru tho West Branch Church. -Mrs. Or
hindei A. Barrows hns returned from
Bnrre, where Khe has leeelved medlrnl
Ireatment for Hirer months, somewhat
Improved In health. -Mr. nnd Mrs. t.evl
Turner have rettuned frntu a e"irrleige
drive lo IMeli.- M"i, Thomas foster has
been very 111 with heart I rouble. The
Key. J. Q, Ang' 'I returned Saturday
rrom Boslon. The Hev. II. A. (I. Abbe
left Stowe Satni'lny. Ills family will
remain n short lime longer Mrs. Sarah
Thnynr came from Johnson Saturduy to
C. 1. Fddy's, Mr- S.mrord IMdy of
Watorhury visited it C. F. llddy's Satur.
day. The Inellos of the- M'-thndlst church
will serve dinner nt thtr vestry Wednes
day. B. A. Mils wns at home from
i;ssox Junction ever Siltieln v. Lysanerer
A. Harrows Is recovering rmm a severe
ntlack of blood poisoning. -Mrs. Frank
J. Hoblnson of M.ilone, N. Y., nnd Mr.
and Mrs. C. J. Mutin of Johnson were
hero Sunday on ipcount nf Hie Illness
or their father, I. A. H.irrrws, Mr. nnd
Mm. Munn retuin-1 honin Moiulny,
The Misses Ft hoi nnd Mnrjnrlr
Watts nro visiting their cousin. Miss
Maude Berry, in JHchmond. C. A.
Hlley went Moin'iy to BnBton. Mrs.
S. W. Barrows, mother of Dr. 11, W.
Bnrrow.s, Is 111 with pniMinfonln.
Klip-one Cobb returned Monday from
Burlington wheii hp was operated
upon nine days before for appendici
tis. Mrs. Wllllnii W. Luce has re
turned from the Mary Fletcher hos
pital, nnd with :ir Luce will go to
Florida In two weeks,- rieorgo (llbbs
of Stowe Hollow reports that wood
chucks and snakes have not yet en
tered Into retire!! out for the winter.
A pleasant surp'lse party was given
to Mr. nnd Mrs. I'. A. (llbbs at their
borne In Stowe Hollow Tuerdny evening,
the 4fit h nnnlverss't of their marriage.
Among the 101 people present were their
six children, Wlllium M. C.lbt of Bur
lington, Irving U. ' llbbs of .Mlddlesey,
Mrs. Cora St. Jock. George S. (llbbs and
Miss Fdna Glbbs of Stowe and Cnssltin
A. Cllbbs of Waterlmry and their fan
nies, Including the 13 grand children. A
purse or money and other valuable glfti
wero left na testimonials eif esteem. Mr.
(llbbs, who is a n.- tlve of Ktiglnnd, Is a
prosperous lumbernan and farmer. Mrs.
Glbba was formerly M!s Ilenrlotto S
Motrin, a native of SUiwe. They wero
married October 27 lf3, nnd have since
iniulo their home In Stowe The funeral
of Miss Ida May Magoon was held at
the West branch Circh Tuesday after
noon, conducted by tho Hev. J. Q. An
gell. Four of the oung lady's cousins,
Herbert Pratt, HaroM, Harry and Alton
Magoon wero bearor. TIo singers wero
Mrs. II. J. Foster, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Foster and E. J. llo iston, organist, Mrs.
I.cna Gnle. A large- number wero pres
ent, among them be ing Miss Daisy Ma
roon of Saratoga, Mrs. W. M. Gllebs of
HurHngton and th, ileeensed's eluss-
mates In Steiwe high sclioel. The bin 1 11
was In West Brancli cemolery. Met s-rs.
Sli'nklm nnd Newell lllgelow visited In
.Meuitpeller Wednesday. Commissioner
1 1. G. Thomas and C. L. Mc.Mnhon were
In Montpeller Tuesday. Mrs. W. M.
Adams and two children have returned
from a visit of several weeks In Brook
lyn, N. Y. Mrs. Walter Buinett Is serl
otisly 111 with spinal menlngltN.
Mrs. T. W. Bruce of Br.ittlobor.i and
Mrs. F W. Lawrence of Mirrlsvllle were
ilsltors hero Friday Osear Campbell Is
spending n few da'. s In Boston and
vlclnll. Mr and Mh. Lren7.o Calkins
have go -e to Franklin county lo remain
several weeks -Mis. V, (1. Page and .Miss
Alice Page were In Montpellor last week.
The supper given lo- the 1 idles of the
Catholic society Friday evening had a
large attendance. The Hov. V M. llanly
pri-inlii'd at the Cnngri'gu Ileum! Church
Sunday morning In exchange with the
Rev Hamlin, who preaelied hi Cambridge.
John Davis has bought tho Alfred
Jones place In the northeast part of this
town. The annual meeting of the Odd
Fellows of ti ls dIMri't will bo held here
November 17.
Mrs. O. II. Newton was called lo Hard
wlck Friilnv by the I'lnes-e of her fietlier,
C. Keith. Mr. nnd .M's. K. II. Illndes of
Moirlsvllle spent Sun lav In town. Miss
Aliinh Gray iiceomi mled her eoushi,
Miss Kinsley, to Woieester Muss., the
home of the latter. U edncsdnv. Mr. and
Mrs. S. M. SalTonl hive returned from
Huston. Mission wcei. Is bring obseived
at the (1 A It. hull by he Catholic so
ciety of this place -Myn n Cady of
Washington, D. c, lu spending a short
time witli his brother. II. II Cady. Miss
Dorri.a Wllley was h Huil!nEton Mon
day. Mr. anil Mrs. ''Initios LalJoiinty
entertained friends T 'Sdav evinlug with
whist. Mr. and Mrs. My run Leaoh were
at C. K. Ix-aeh's Tue-day. The Hev. Mr.
Hamilton or Hyde Pmk preacher at tho
Congipgailonal Cliur, SuniUy morning
In exihnnge with Mr, Hardy. Miss
Hlll.a Weston has ret imed from Nashua,
N II., where she ha-, been the guest of
her brother, V. H. Western. Mr. and
'Mrs. J. Hitch, ock f I-;.s-.ox Junction
have been spendlnt: .-everii! days with
relatives In town. -Mr and Mrs. W. A.
Safford of Btirlliigtuii lire the guests of
Mr, Snfford's patent" Mr. nnd Mrs. J,
D. Sarfiird,
Hulmer Hablld, representing Hip u. S.
department of aglUultuie, who with
George H. Ten 111 h.n. maehi a run vims
for the purpofco of limtltutlug a coorjiera
tlvei e ow to.etlng association, haB t lle.
cossary 20 herds phdgeU with MM cows,
this evening, 'ccompanled by
Pi or. Hills or IlurlbiKlon he will meet
the funnels at the board of trado rooms
and perfect tlie oigaiilaallon. Miss Ada
Taj lor visited 111 U ub'ott Siindiiy. The
He. John Wesley, while painting on
the town hull In Llnmre Friday, fell untl
tere-lveil pHlnfuI Injuries, though no
bones weie broken 'rH- Wetley nnd
dnuHhter arrived he"' tro,r their home
In St. Johnsburj H"t 'voulim.Mis.
Kinma Spear, who bus been 111 ti,reu
months, ipsuuied work Monday at
Drnwn's stnni.-H- A- flnmlley loft Hut
urdny for Iowa. Levi Nobles, who has
Ikcii In the employ of M. 11. lloardmnn
for nine years, Is expecting to move, to
Johnson, wheie ho lia employment.
Mrs. George H.awKlns returned to Calais
Satlirday.-Mr. and M- Joseph St.
John returned to 6t- Johnsbury Saturday.
-Mrs, O. It. Wood and children of
Georgia aio vlsltins Bister, Mrs. M.
L Shnw.-Mrs. I.lV navl" Ulc'l llday
nt tho homo of her fon, Charles A Dav
Is. 'Xhn funeral services were bedel Hun
day afteinoon. Mr" McCtfii, of
Watervllle, her graiid'hninliter. attended
the funeial - MrP- W ' Hmllio 0f vat
enlllo cnuio Sut'"ll'lV her par
enls, Mr. and M' 1 s'i'Uh, her I
faltieir being serloii"!' -uoscpn Cling
of Hlchfoid was called heie FiUuy ,,y
the rrltlcnl Illness of hl.i mother, Mrs.
Joseph Hnrlsetiti,
Mrs. A. t Colbv of Danville Is vis
Itlnir hor Hlstorn. Mrs, Lydla Peek nnd
Miss Litry Prentem. Mrs. Hllu Cur
rier of Jeihnson wns Iho gui'st of hor
niter, Mrs. Kslelln Churchill, over
Sundiiy. Mr?. IL J. Fisher has re
tin tied from u weok In Burtlriglon,
Miss Hnttb) Scrlbiier wont to her home!
In Johnson Moiulny, Sirs, Flora Kol
lev nnd. datinhler. Mis. Ilattle Perrj',
of Snranne Luke, N. Y., who have vis
ited Mr. and Mrs. George Towne, went
lo Slowo Mnnilny. C. Johnson of
I'riiiiklln. who hns visited hla non, II,
S, Johnson, returned homo Monday
and left . Wodnesdaj- for Cali
fornia, whore, hei will spenel the win
ter. The Hev, P. A. Smith went to
Georgia Monday to attend a eonfer-ene-o
of ministers. Mrs. F. N. Wnter
Imry of Wolcolt Is visiting hew par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Wood.
Mr. and Mre. Wllllnin Davis nre In
Wolootl nn tile guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Fdward Bullock. Mrs. Huso Powers
returned lo Brockton. Mass., Mondnj-.
George J. Johnson Is building a
tenement house on l tin lot south of his
Bridge stroi't leslde-ce. -Miss Mnggln
.Viler of Barton Is making nn extend
ed fctny with Mr. nnd Mrs. S. F,. Hlev
ens Mrs. J. II. Warren returned Mon
ilu.v from Vcrgi'iines. Miss Winnie
Johnson Is 111. lllurd If. Towle bus
purchased F. J. Be yn ton's trucking
business, The Grangers will havo n
political debato at their hall Friday
evening. The Hon. Frederick G.
Fleetwood will rhow why ono shtfilld
veito for Tuft nml Thomas J. Slcwart
will champion Bryan; Atfnnl Dodge,
the Independent candidate Theimas
Itlriren; Clement Smith, tho prohibi
tion candidate Chiilln; Herbert
Delano, t he socialist candidate,
Debs, nnd Fred Small the soclal-hfbor
candbhitp, Martin L. Preston. A small
admission fen will be charged. Mr.
and Mrs. Mlchpel Kanaskey left Tues
dny for New Yotk city where they
will attend the marrrago of her broth
er. J. Snlzmnu. Mrs. Joseph purlsenil,
whei had beeai 111 for seime time, died
Monday night. Allen H. Smith anil
Mrs. Sarah Hunt wero unite! In mar
riage Monday evening nt eight o'clock
nt the home of tho Hrlde with Mr.
and Mrs. Martin Wllklns. The Hev.
Otto S. Ha-epo olllelatod. Mr. and Mrs.
Smith left Tuesday morning for Con
verse Me,, where they wfll spund their
honeymoon with her relatives, Clay
Allen, who has been on the fruit farm
of L. B. Boynton In Cheshire. Conn.,
Is passing a vacation hero. Mrs. J.
A. Btindy returned Tuesday from Bnk
eTslleld. Gordon Newclty met with a
painful neclelent Tuoralny while work
ing In the Mould fi Davis stone shod.
A small piece of steel flew from his
hummer nnd entering his nrm be-low
the elbow, ecverrel an nrtery The
regular meeting f the Woman's club
Monday evening wns well o Hernia!,
there being nbnut fifty Inellos present.
The 2'1 farmers who comprise the co
operative row testing association met at
the bonrel of trade rooms Tuesday even
ing to complete tho organization. He
marks wore' mado by Professor Hills of
Burlington and Hclmor Hablld of Wash
ington. A institution and by-laws wero
adopted and th" following dlroi-tors
elected: K. II. Eggleston. H, S. Math
e w . M. II. lloardmnn, George I. A.
Smith nnd George II, Terrlll. They elect
ed the following officers: President, G.
H. Terrlll; vlce-preldent, M. H. Board
man; secretary, II. S. Mnthews; treas
urer, Geortre I A. Smith The annua!
meetings lire to bo held tho first Tues
day evenings In November and monthly
meetings will be held from November to
Apill. Inclusl'-e for the purpose of dis
cussions, with a rionkor. who will be
sent here by Prof. Hills. It la expected
that the association, which will bo
known u.i the Morilstown Dalrv Testing
nseelatloti will be put Into operation us
near the flr'.t of November as Is possible,
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Wadlelgh went to
Boston Tuesday. J. A. Hundy return-d
fremi Worcester. Mass., Tuesday. Miss
Hmma Langdol! went to Johnson Tu'-s-elav
to pass her vacation.
Mls Carrie Gregg of Htltbind. return
eel there We-ilnesdiiy. Hon. F. G. Fleet
wood wns 111 Buillngton Wednesday. His
mother. Mr. Laura Gloed, neenmpantod
hlni -II. Walte wont to Grand Isle We-d-ni'sday
to purchase apples. G. H. Toirlll
was In Darlington AVednesdav. Mrs. C.
C. St. Clare went Wednesday to Ri4
nionel to visit her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
John Hii-hardson.-F. W. Mould has pur
chased of P. K. Davis his Interest in the
Mould & Davis stone sheds and will con
duct the business alone with A. W. Fuge
as foreman. The Grange political debate
will take place Friday evening In the
ti wn ball Instead eif the Grange hall. The
M rrlsvllle Military hand will furnish
miisle -Word was received Wcilne-nlny
morning of the death of S. W. Beaulao
In Hnrilwlek Tuesday night. Mr Heau-
l,i r, who was III with typhoid tcver wa
tnkon to the hospltnl In Hardwlck about
ten ihijs ago. and his case was conslder
eil n inilel o;ir. Funeral services will be
h. Id at the Catholic Church nt Hyde
Park, Frldav. TJio funeral of Mrs.
Jo-eph Pariseau will bo hold this morn-
hi r nt the Catholic Church at I!-Se
Park. Fnther J Nnrbert 1nChaiice will
offlclnte. 1. H. Currier, who has visited
Ills brother, G, W. Currier, left Weilnes
dnv for Mlddleflclil, Conn., to vote for
Miss Mnttle Wilcox has returned from
a r-evoral weeks' stay 111 Georgia and St.
Al'ians. Mrs. Annie Thomas spent Sat
in dav with relatives In Morrisvllle.
Ml.es Sj-bll Haymore was home from
North CumbrldKo over Sundaj'. The
Ci ratnery association will moot with
iMrs. J. F Wilcox Tuesday. J. Smith
of SI. Albans was n guest of J. M. Wil
cox the past week Frank Thomas Is
having a cellar dug nnd Is getting In
iradlness to build a residence on tho lot
that he purchased of G. D. Grlswold on
the new street, an extonslon or Hallroad
htreet toward Brewster river. It Is a
phusant locality and several other lots
ate spoken ror. The street may be
unmeet Brewster avenue lu remembrance
of Jonah Brewster, tho llrst settlor In
C'.unbtldge Center, now JeffersonvIlK
The grist mill owni'd by J. M. Wilcox
is called Brewster mill nnd the gic.it
rook which Is tho abutment of tho ureli
biblgo across thu river Limollle was
culled Brewster rock. The Ladles' Aid
KM-loty "in 111 hold their annual chicken p
supper and sale of useful articles at tho
chinch pallors Thursday afternoon and
evening, .
Mrs. Joseph ShnveneauBh Is visiting
relatives In Hiram, Me. Frank, son of
F. F. Howard, who had been suffering
with consumption for three years, died
Saiuidaj-, Th funeral was held Mou-
riuj Mrs. Herbert Srott Is vllttng In
Qorhnm, N. IL Tho condition of Itobert
llolme3 Is reported no worse Jl C.
Parker was at home from Montpeller
Saturday. fieorgo" FI. Oswell ot Ogdens
burg was a vlsltar hero Moiulny -Mrs.
F. P Hill of Hyde P.nk wiib In town
Monday - Mis, A. U Gamin Is visiting
In Barton and St, Jolinsbury -Joseph
Fay, who has spent the past season In
Kcene, N Jl , lias returned hete for the
The Freemen of lite
State of Vermont,
George H. Pronly, Governor.
WHEREAS. Minrn lines taken nfTrirt tn.rlnv nn nr.t nf trip ttfinp.rTtl
Assembly of the State of Vermont,
is in urn worus lollowing:
"SLCTION I, Whenever, during an open sonson for the hunting ot
uny kind of rrnmo In thin Slate. It Fhnll appear to thn Governor that
by rraie.n of drouth Hie use of firearms In the forests Ir liable to
r.a.use feirot firert, he mnj', by proelnmntlnn, suspend tin open seaaon
and make It n close neason ror such tlmo an ho may designate,
SLCTION 2. Ditrlpg the tlmo wleh chull by such prorlnmntlon
be made e close senium, all provisions of law covering and relating to
th. elo'o KoriBon shnll ho In force, nml a ponton violating a provision
f the rnmo rhnll bo subject to the peiinltles therein prescribed. In
cfso rinj ierson shall shoot during the cleise reason ftxfd by proclama
tion of the Governor, ns provided In th" preceding section, nny wild
nnlffint or bird for the hunting of which there la no closo season other
wise provided by lnw, ho shall be punished by a flno of one hundred
dollars nnd ceints,
SFCTlON ,1, Such proclamation sha'.l be published In such news
papers of the State rind posteVl lu hu Ii places anil In such a manner an
the Governor tuny order In writing. A copy of such prorlnmatlon and
order, attesled by Hie .Secretary ot Civil and Military affairs, shall bo
filed with tho Secretary of Slate. A llko attested oopv shall be fur
nished te the State FIMi nnd Game Commlsslnnor, who shnll attend to
the pnsfing nnd publication of the proclamation. All the expense
thereof shull be paid by said Comtnls.-loner nnd allowed by tho Auditor
of Accounts.
SFCTfON 4. in rnse the Governor shnll. by prclsmnllrn Issued
under the provisions of this net, make a close season which shall In
clude the period wftlcli. by the provisions of Section J321 of the Pub
lic Ktntutos Is nn open season for the hunting ot deer, he shall by n
prorlnmntlon Issued nnd published ns provided In Section 3 of this act,
fix some period nf fix eonsiT'ttlve working days. In the snrne year. 113
an open season for the hunting of deer; and during such open nason
no fixed, nil p rsons shnll have the sai,,e right to hunt deer as Is pro
ildcd bv S.-etlon C.121 of the Public Sta'.utos. for the hunting of do-r
therein po, fried. All other provisions ((f law relating; to the huntli-.f
or doer shall 1... of force and effect during the open season therrfor,
so ll,xer by proi Inmatlon.
SFCTION :,. This net shall take effect from Its passage."
WHEREAS it appears to mc, the Governor of the State of Ver
mont, that at the present time by reason of drouth, the use of fire
arms in the foreat3 of the State of Vermont is liable to cause forest
fires, therefore:
By the authority vested in me as Governor of the State of Ver
mont, under the provisions of the foregoing act of tho General As
sembly, I do hereby and by this proclamation, suspend the open sea
son for the hunting of any kind of game in the State of Vcrmonrj
and do make and declare the period of time beginning and including
the 23rd day of October, 1908, to and including the 8th day of
November, 1908, a close season for the hunting of any kind of game
anywhere within the borders of the State of Vermont;
And all persons shall govern themselves accordingly and be
subject to the provisions and penalties provided by the Act above
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my nrame and
caused the Great Seal of this State to be hereunto affixed.
Done at the Executive Chamber in Montpelicr, this 21st day of
October, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and
eight, and of the Independence of the United States, -he one hun
dred and thirty-third.
By the Governor, GEORGE H. PRO.UTY.
AARON H. GROUT, Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs.
A verv pretty wedelli.c was solemn
ized Wednesday OetobT -'1. nt two
o'clock nt tho home . f Mr r.nd Mrs A.
B. Ferr.v when their gi .iri'l-dnughtor.
Miss Lolta A Flint, w , united In
marriage to Carl A Thav, r of Ran
dolph. The Rev. Frn7r Mi tzger p i -tor
of the Bethany Chur. h ul Hiin
elolph, performed the ere -nuin In tl.e
presence of largo number .f finnl'
and rclntlves. The bridal pert,
eluded the bride's sister. L'l'a. " 1
George Alhird. The bride has ..,u s
clerk In Hell Bros.' store in P.at.lnlph
and the. groom Is a butti'rm.aki-r em
ployed on tlio Greem Mountain st" k
farms at Randolph After th" s. rvin-r
of tho refreshments, the couple vtart'd
on a carriage, elrlve' to Croftsburv aft
er which they will go to Spi Ingileld
and Fitchbnrg. Mush. Among t!i""
present rrom awnj' wore Mr. and
Mrs. HiTh Thresher and Mr. and Mr--,
Arthur Brynnt or Northtlehl, Mr. mil
Mrs. Geoige Wardnor and Mr "u 1
Mrs, Chester linker of Fast Hoxbuiv,
Mrs. J. W Caso of Boston. Mls A i e
ShiTinnn of Springfield. Mans, r.slilu
fiom many from Randolph They
lo live lu the Gorham home on e'tn
tral street Randolph,
The body of Relwin Kelson, wl.o died
Tuesday III Flte libtirg. Mns wa '
brought he ro Ftleluy for Interim nt.
Mr. I'M so ii was a brother of Klijah Pri
son eif this place nnd lived here until
about 2" years ngo when he wn to
Massachusetts to reislde'. His re:. inns
were accompanied by two sons, Fr
nest and Dean Hdson.
Homer Douglas of Wlllhimstown was
before Justice Homer Vail Monday
charged with having sold niortB.iseJ
property , which Is forbidden by liw
The evlelence was that ho had vo'A two
horses lo Hoy Teksbury of Bethel,
mortgaged by the lnfe Dr. Porter ot
Northfleld. Dr. Porter's aelmtnlstrntor
l.ael forex'loaed and Mr. Tewksbury minle
complaint to State's Attorney M M. Wll
bon. Mr. Douglas pleaed not guilty, out
was round guilty. A lino ot 5, with
e'osts was imposed by Justice Vail with
titatlltoty alternath-e.-Chailes PitmaH
has letiuneil fiom a Hoveial months
absence In Boston und i lcinlty. Miss
Huth Draper of llarre spent Sunday
with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. N, M.
Draper. Atwood & Tllson are moving
their tobacco and eMnfectlonery eslnb
Itiihmeut to the new block of Mis. Mary
The funeral of Mrs. Clailaaa (Rice)
Lamb, who died Saturday cvenlus,', was
hold Monday moiulim at Hie I"""'' ot
her duughter, Mis. Justin llolmaii. the
Hev. Di. Cooper nsslhted '' the Rev. Jo
seph Hamilton, onielntlnc;. A daughter.
Miss S.idlo lamli, and a ne-phew. Allen
Lamb, both of Northlleld, constlluted
those from away. Jnteriuiiit was madn
In the family lot In Granville Mrs.
Lamb, who was tho widow of Aldcu
limb of llnitnlllo, hud for the past "0
j ears enjoyed a homo with Iter ihulgltf er,
Mrs. W, H. Vlnll, Her long l"fe of Si
years had been spent mostly in thU s.ec-tlon.-Charles
Hlalr hns itturned to Ilos
ton after a few- days at L. J. Hlakely's.
Mrs. Dana Chmlrvlck returned Tuesday
from several weeks' absence lu Mohawk,
N. Y. Mr. and and Mrs. Harry Phillips
accompanied her for a month's "'"V In
this vicinity -Miss Eva Foitlu hns gone
to Northfleld, where she has found em
ployment. Mlsk Gertrude lleniamlev. Ik
again at Elm cottaso after a Mi mus
tr'.p to New York
Mts. George Slack, while ntlrmptl ig t'
separate e.logs that worn fighting, was
i,o,iiw iiiiun in iicl- wrlBt F M, Wf'iK-
approved October 21, 1008, whicfc
wood of 1-s.ex Junction is n guest at
N. L. Hoyden's. F. W Washburn un-ilerw-ut
an cperatlon for appendicitis at
the Randolph Sanitarium Inst week jr
iv. is a bad case but the operation seetrs
to have boon i cersful. The teachers of
the normal rave a reception to tho sen
lor class :,ton4ay evening nt the "ol 1
Homestead." J. M. Fargo Is bookkeeper
for H. F. ZMnerson & Co., for a few
daj-s The N'onnals are to have a Hnl
1 lowe'-n party at Normal hall Sattirda
! evening with severnl new features and
I attractions.
Mrs. Eugene Holnmn. Mrs. .1 P.
cieve-laiiel and Miss Etta llniwooel at
, tended the encampment In Montpeller
Wednesday. Mrs. Clarence Moulto'
went to Burlington Wedne-sdav for a
. Miort visit to her son. Sherman Mi 'li
tem Mr. .Hid Mrs. Carl Thayer l-.avr
returne'd from Craftsbury and 'Wei
n sday proceeded on their wed I'r
trip to Springfield and Fltchb'irg
Mass. Miss Lurlndn Duplus has boe i
' spe ndlng the past work In Tunbridge
Mrs. Clemle Pratt lft Wednisda.-
f e.f" Los Angeles ror tho winter
i Miss Effie May, daughter of Curt s
Klbbee. was married Monday morelr
nt 1 er home to Hny M. Adams of Rnr
delph Center. The ceremony was pel -iriri.ieil
by thn Rev. Mr. Wells of t--i
latter place. The bride was tasteful
gowned In white and her traveling .mi
was dark brown. They were tho re
cipients of many presents. After a wed
ding tour, including numerous Vermoi
towns, they will make their home wit i
Hie grexim's parents at Randolph Conic-'.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles 1'. Woodward of
Wakelleld, Mass., retiuiied Saturday
fiom u fortnight's visit to his uncle, A.
W. Whltucy.-Ellsn Scales Is Uniting her
daughter, Maiy, In Montpeller. Mr.e Aela
Whitney i etui lied Sunday from a few
ehi'-s' lslt lo her slster-lti-law, Mrs. Mr
nle Whitney lleielgdon of llarre rlty -Charles
Jones of East Barre has been
visiting his brother. Ho-ace Jones
I.oren J. Goodrich and William C. Go- s
left last week for Stockton, Cal. Mr. an !
Mis. Carl llolumaii of Lowell. Mass,
aio visiting his biother, Fllield Bohanori.
Arthur E. Bacon hns told hl. firm on
the Cinlnth ruiiel to Mi. Emma M. Lac! 1
for M. 200. Mrs. J. D. Lane has return 1
to Bonon after a month with her moth
er, Mrs. William A. Hood.
J N. Patterson has sold tho smpi
route from North C'inftsbury to llanl.
wick to Martin Johnston. Charles Hatcli
ehler has mover! Into the tenement ti
tho Smith blnik. Quurterlv meeting ser
vices will bo held In tlio MothodlM
Church Sunday. November 8. Among the
plengint events Inst week was the mnr
rhigo ot S. A. Smith of this town nnd
Mrs. Jane Hartlette of Bar.ton Lvindlnr.
Mrs. Luelndn Kinney of Lowell it visit
ing here.
H. P. nnd Samuel P .Elliott have hat)
to put In n gasoline engine In their Brls(
mill nt the Center. H. H. Elliott and
family will soon go to Massachusetts tc
live. J. II. Ollmore has moved to the J,
A. Gray lesldence.
Clirroret O.akley, tho younn sen of Mr
nnd Mrs. Jnck Onklev was sorlously In
jured Saturday nftornoon when n loadeel
team pasfrd over his body Sunday ha
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