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Mr n"l M"' I'n If v O. Hny, formerly
of !' i ' iniw of Stale I'oIIoro, I'a,.,
i, i ms uf a il.iuuhtor, l"tn CMo
I T 1'iii'kli' homo nt 43 Klmwootl
iicer,i nnos '"I'l yesterday to Moses
1,11 IN mi c of Junction, who will
lni i " -.en-Inn in ii fow elnys.
i ! iIiiii-rpi with violation
of i rid i w.ik liikcii Into county
.. n i'ii.i . Hint ball whs llxfil .it
$ ' h !i' 'i"t yi'l furnished,
.Mm i iili . S Van fatten, who has
lic i pc im.slv ill In a hospital In Now
iK it' . Ik i "W limiting nood preie-ress
t ttai'N r-ioMry and Is considered out
i r d.iiiijci.
r iii Hiilt of I'.iwicr Hottlhitf Works
I. I.. J." I. Hi. juclRtncnt was icn
1 n el'y riittit .Mmulay for tho
j i"' to tinner jnj.o and costs of
'i i' ' n Pit rri nod Miss Arthonis,)
J ' i'1 hell of l.nkisldc, were mar
r ii' SI. titli..tii h Church Monday
i i i, nt . o'.-lo. U. Tin; Hev. W.
. ' o.Totidiiii "llU'lated.
KihhIs lionnoit I'arnsw oi Ih of flrnn-
T g. and Miss Hello C. Ilnrtls of
' ii' i wi n married nt tho ltnptlst
i .ii if m ti i-- i'iv Tin selay attor-
ii by the Itcv. r. D. l'entioy, 1).
TI lift moi-tlni; of the tteilltors of
. i ' S (ionli'ii i if (iiand Isle, bank
r pt w ii- he'd Ti.. wi.iy In foio Heforoo
tieni'iri In i rvlli' I'r. tlrorjto Jl.
1 I., li i.f C.i.iiel Isli nniis elected trus
t 'I ',o N ni'trint'i Crnt'ir.N club held tholr
hi " ml tnor'tl'iir at the homo nf Ocn. and
M - r s l'i ck on Tuesday evening. Thu
1. Iii' i of etli.'ers and other huslni kh
i ' 1.. I v th t' i- inn rest of the club
oi , o il t he eve nlrtK
Hi Ke J S
J n lJ A
V a W k. wl
t. i ii 'nr Krai.
Mu liuud, necompan
Sliea, left Tuesday
n ie they will sail
While ubroad,
t i .m'I retii i ii fmir or live Weeks at
1,. ' le- rin irnim; homo nhout Decom-
! ' i i...i"'i. I riotav that tho terms
i 1 ii ei i "f i'. iniinty eourt ease
i. : 1 I. - i'r -- W 11. McCarthy
t ! " i ' ' '."ii and taxable
t. th i ;.i 'ii' ,ff Tin- Milt win
' i I" t tnrri i i il til.'ieis set at 2i0.
M - nml M-s i. T I" T'diey have
Is i ll'MI I " to Hie m.'UTlilKO of
t , i icni. r Mi-s I.t.cile Tobey, to
i ' A rib .- ( 1 ur I, ill. en the rvriilnij
r' vi. li S"i.i-tii1ier I. at clKht
f i. li. nt t e Mi'i'imllst Episcopal
C r,
trN i' h'li.. I -.ins made In Chit-
' i i inimtv . ..urt Mmulay nfternooii
1 t c ise ft Mis. 1' S. Collins nnd
I" (tn It. f'i ivini vp (Jeiirpe F. tlraves,
r iiistr.it.ir .f the e-t ite of A. A.
( ipt
K lioii'r -rt-. viu has h(-rn In
f. i ftM'i.il wci k.i. eharfied with
ii 'ZiiiiK nlioi.t V" "f the funds of
t Columbian National l,lfe Insurnnco
pur of nil he was nRent, wis
I'' Inv t iki-n Into city eourt rind bail
In .s mse was fixed at 5'i.
Th insl of the eonerete liloeks to
l ti pin -eil on the llurlltiKton brenk
mii'w tinder the Inst appropriation for
repairs, were plaeeil In position Trl
T' Is brings to eiimplttlon ie
' hat ha' i been In iperatlon fur
ii.li' six v rurs.
i r il. ath o' M"s- Sophia 1'uller oe.
1 i' the hi. mi- of her ibiiiKhtor, Mrs.
1 i k Hli ki y nt Cob-hester Point Kun
1 morn nc after a loni? Illness with
n The f in ral wns held from
.ii lesuli'i.. Tin s.lav afternoiin and
uiteiniint was mndo In the Mal
i ' . . emr ter
.1. -"di H.iker el irid with breaeh of
t pin e In st'ikli.R A. Hloom over the
i a 1 w s arraigned hefoiv .lustlre U. W
I'lhcri ". yestei l.i.v afternoon. He
llciirl mt tr -lit Mil upon hoarlm,' was
f utd Kullty nnil was flneil $i and rosts
it Ot He at..ifi'.il tie fuse to county
T' e ib fenso wms emnplele.l Thursday
I 'it Chlttinlen county ei.uit enso of
V Hum Ueiuus i- i:. S. Kinsisland and
C K 'llet, an aetinn of assumpsit
' ' ' ' tn rt.' .ir wiiKi'S of SJTIl alleKed
In I biii the plilr.tlff.Tho defenso was a
in iii offset iiniuuntliiK to over JSKi, It
V np ' . soil f t Dentils did not turn
i .. ' tl i .ti.. hi. oolleeiiil for milk.
V i. ti Mom a or Montpellcr, In cllv
i ft T a -dn pi aded sullty to a lirst
off ' ee of hit .M. i Hull and was fined J.'i
i sts- of $i Tn W. II. .Mlllham lilendeil
nt i'lln- In a inllar offenio but upon
I intr w.is f ..mi Kullty and wns line,
1 'inil .-Is of f.i.r.l r. ajipealed to
t i I. n t d furnished ball.
i c Wo.ul- John Iti'ltla and Orson
. r u.ie uralKMed In oily eourt Man
i iiirid with intoxication. Hach
''d Vi ri'nl enKiH. .lames Moloney,
i iituul drunkard's class, pleaded
1 ' '" alio' ior olfense and was sen
t i 1 to sen-,, so ,invs .lulin
' .s win- cr i ictrd of n second offense
'i.xl. ; ution nnd -was sentenced to
' :t" tlaj s n Jail.
The a "h mil meetlitK of the Ladles'
" irf of Sit Paul's Church wim held
'' iiftf .a, when It was voted
t In so, l.ii.k soinn time In Novfin-
I (ilfhiis t. mim fr the ensulni:
v '" ' 1 '''I .is fnllnwH: President,
M l.lizabit I . wry, vice-president.
M I.' I'.nKl.lll. Rcctntni-v Mr-
l"i.i .k I.'inl ii. i: .ht, Miss r.llzaboth
Iyw i"
j.vrnlle cilont was brnui-ht from
tin ! It'.rlli.ttt 'i nt,.i arralKned befnro
Just e f! In 'ii r die. The yontiKSter
In fr,i -Hon li t .t vet tl years old. lie Is
Toll) 'i'lndrlr ! and the eharno against
i' is petit 1, 'I-, ill', the specific offense
'it(r He taklntr u' a watch bebinRln to
" l KJnr T o boy pleaded sullty
lit 1 w i- sentenced to spend the renialn
!' r if lis inlnorltv In the Slate IiiiIiif
trla ilii.nl nt VcrKcniiis. whither be
wi" ken Kat'irday aftornoon.
Ha il Ploof, eharsed with lller;al liquor
sell i 1'iaiik Coiiuler, ebarKed with
P r a ami ((.or;n McClellan, chatKed
w H in env, wcro In eoimty court Tues
rt'' " pluol. Nricli pleaded not KUllty
" 1 tmlr cases will ho hoard later.
I itrii- uf PutHiii nnil dlscniitinued wero
n I" Tin sday In the case of V. ,1.
l.io l .s .lames II, Urodie et nl, and
dllani O'ltilen et ul, aetinn of hs
" input . and in the case of II. .1. Month
" James li. Hindi,, and I'.llen A. Hiotllu,
In iiiii.iiv, petition or foieelosnie.
'' i Ultb lo In llliolbei eolutnu ilo
F ti of the lecent Hip of tho Ultll
ii i .nit Itefilinent association to thu
I d of UettyKhiiiK Ih Irotn the pen or
I bonias K. l.onerifan of the staff of
the Montreal tinznlle. Mr. I.onervran,
who .iceompnnled tho veterans. Is n
S' i of the into f'npt. .John l.onerKan
of Company A. Ulb Vermont HorI
tnre' Hie onlv man In that refftment
t rc-n e a merlnl of honor from con
crthB for distinguished gallantry.
Few nro rtilirt-ly frro from it.
It may develop so slowly na to cmtso
little if niiyilisturbitnccilurliiK this whole
period of 'cltildhood.
It may then prodtico dyspepsia, ca
tarrh, ii'ml marked tPiidettcy to con
sumption, btforo cntiiilni; eruptions,
sorea or swellings.
To get entirely rid of It take the Rieat
Hood's Sarsaparilla
In tisunl liquid form or In chocolated tablets
known at. Snrsctnbs. 100 doses $1.
Captnln l.nnorunn wns formerly a cit
izen of Uurllntjlon.
A. Uosenthal wns befotn Justice (. W.
llebervllle Thursday and pleaded itullty
to ti ebarue of breach of tho neace. bav-
ItiB battered up one Joseph Uptunn.
ItoHcnthnl was tlned J'i nnd costs of
K 37. Joseph J.lpnmti, wlio iccelved tho
bentlnij, wns also arrested, the case
ncnlnt him beln continued for two
weeks. John Saltus. a fractions voutiE'-
ter. who attends the Archibald street
school was In for breach of the neace.
Sallus Is accustomed to administer pom-
melliiKs to hovs at tno school, as strikes
Ids fancy. The case was continued for a
ICstelle Hi'llenbeck was arrested Mon
day by Peputy 1'nlted States Marshrl
Thomas Iteevcs, chatKed with violation
of tho postal laws, the sp.-clllc offense
against her behiK the mulling or a post
card contalnlne; defamatory utteiances to
Mrs. OHvo Orniel of l'eriisburKh. Mrs.
llollenbock wns taken before fnlted
States Commissioner II. It. Shaw and
furnished ball of ShM for her later ip
penrauce In feiletal court. She was ar
rested on an Indictment returned nijalnst
her at the recent sitting of the federal
Krniiil Jury in Rutland.
John nenolt was arrested and taken
Into city court Tbuisrtay on a mittimus
not havlnsT entered an appeal taken by
him In a conviction for lumxlcatlon.
ltennlt is In the habitual drunkards'
class hut appealed a case pressed afialnst
him a few weeks acn, lie was called up
on to disclose Thursday and claimed
that he obtained his whiskey floin a
si ranker. He was sentenced to serve St
days In the county jail. Ills cousin.
Joseph Itenolt. was also arrested mi a
mittimus, not having enteied an appeal
In a first offence conviction. Joseph was
sentenced to serve 10 days in jail.
Harvey II Talcott, n nathe of AVillls
ton and well known In HiirhnsMnii, died
suddenly Wednesday In Chlorine. Death
was due to heart disease. Mr. Taloott was
born July 21, UK, uraduated from the
fnlvorslty of Vermont In 1S."!. from the
Albany I.uw school In Wd belni; admitted
to tho bar the same ear. He served wlrti
the 13th Vermont IlPlmnit In the Civil
War. Subsequently ho settled In OhlcaRo
and practiced his profession. Ills home
wns In pep I'lalnes, a suburb of Chicago
.Mr. Talcott spent the reater tiart of
the past stinmier in liurllnslon. lie is sur
vived by n wife.
The papers were filed yesterday in
Chittenden county court In tho special
assumpslc suit recently brought by Will
iam (J. Fisher nnd Andrew "W. Fisher
iixitlns't thu J. W. McAuslan company
and Howard National bank, trustee, to
recover J30.COI. In the suit of Klla M.
Fullor vs. (ieorco Clifford, Juds'inent w.is
entered yesterday for tho plaintiff to re
cover J ST) and osts. The ease of Kllza
Voir, vs Fred Untax was settled and dis
continued. Tho cao of Merrill McCarnar,
Ji., vs. Voter I i very, Merrill MeCurar
and AVllllain Thynne ot nl., trustees, and
the case of Duel Thomas nnd wife vs.
R. O. StronR and wife were continued.
Iilacksmlth DuKuan nnd a number of
soldiers at Fort Hthan Allen yctenlav
had a hnrd tussle with n hor.-e that re
fused to he shod. The horse was led Into
the shop about one o'clock, tun I'liuKan,
who has heretofore been able to shoe
nnvthltisT from a envernment mule to an
ostrich, wns unablo to mnko the nnlmal
lift Its fret. Tho horse wns finally taken
outsldu, Its feet bound, and thrown to
too ground. Kven then the task of shoe
ing seemed as far from completion as
ever. A pit was flnnlly du and the
equine was laid on Its back In the bole.
Its four Ioks maklnR violent s'Rnals to
the blub heavens. It was finally decided
that no rlni-'lo reslment could shoe the
animal nnd the hor.o wns led buck to
the trinities.
Henry Sullivan. Michael Slnihun and
CeorKO Sheehim were in olt court Mun
day, chatKed with the iomiI and an
cient crime of chicken stonllni. Sulli
van pleaded Ktillty nnd was sentenced to
servo not loss than ono and one-half nor
more thnn two months In thu lbni-c of
Correction nt Itiitliind without ...sis Tho
other two pleaded not KUllty hit irmu
.Sullivan's testimony it appeared " n the
tlireo men secured seven of Samuel
Chase's chickens nnd four or n.um be
lotiKlns to nabbl Jf. Sacks. The Shee
hans were sentenced to sen n t less
than two and one half nor mure thnn
tlireo months In the House of Correction
at Itutland with costs. The cnio ufrulnst
'.eh Hliilr for belnK a confederate of the
thieves was continued a mntith and Y
was released on bis own recnijnlz.ini.e.
The water In Ixiko Cbninpl.iin reached
the lowest known mark Friday Tho
previous low wnler mark w.i made tn
ISM, but Friday this uiiitk was pnseil
by a quarter of an Inch. Rime u ,;,s
been custom of the navltr.itoi- ,m tin. like
to keep a record of the low w.itei reached
during the year. In 127 a low nwik is
mldently reached for then. ,-,,i ,id
"bencli 'mnrk" stnnilinc; at Snellen no
harbor made at that time. October 10, IKS1
all reonrda were parsed. At th.it time the
steamers of the Chainplaln Ti.msporla
tlon company wero running to Tlcoti
ilurnira. Pilot K. H. Itodw. 11 of the
Tb onderoan was on the lake t the time
and says tbitt the steamers had in ,e run
Into the mud nt the Ticouderoca dock In
order to hnve tho cam; plank n oh fioni
the boat to the dock. Pilot Itoekwdl
said Friday that tho water was so
low that tboro was only one cm by
which the steamers could enter Platts
buiKh harbor.
(Ftom the Bt. Albuns MesseiiKiir)
The ('Upturn of Klroy Kent In u re
inliuler that tho Lualslatuti. shoubl
not suffer the session to pat,H without
Inking soinn posltlvo Nteps tuwutd
one uf two things either putting an
end to ijie shiirriinn of Insane crlinl
n ti 1 m bin k and forth between Windsor
and Wnterbury by d. talnliin them
liciinnnulitly ut the Stut,. iuIsoii In
Windsor, or else approprlatlne; u suf.
Ililent sum for the innkliiK of a safe
place of detention at the Uatethury
asylum. .Suptirlntendi nt flrout and his
NtalT Hhould not be held lespouslble
beyond the dcKlee of oidluaiy care for
tho custody of tho daiisteious crlmlnnl
Insane If the State does nut prepare a
place In which even the blithest dr
Brce of care will not restrain them.
And that appears to b tho situation
Siiiiiinnry of lliiHlnris Trmisiiclrd tlur
ltiK Hie Week llmllng (letober as,
ltnto of Phlllnda T.ntnothe, HtirlltiRtnn.
AVIU proved; 13111m H. Tnft nppnliited
executor; Kltnor H. Davis and O. I. Hay
coiiinilssloin ra and aplirnlsers.
Kstato of lll'IdKel Mtllqlieeli, HurllliKton.
F W. AVard appointed administrator;
Henry Oreene and K. S. Isham eonunls
Hloners and appraisers; C. P. Smith ap
pointed fttinrdlnn for minor heirs; np
pralers' Inventory tiled; license to sell
real estate granted.
F'tnte of llrli!i?et lieldy. New HnVen,
Conn. Settlement of the account of the
administratrix (In Wttnont) nnd decree
of tho estate.
In re. Fortunant Ixtnurneatl, -Mlllon,
(non-compos), Medetlc l,etouineau ap
pointed cunrdlnn.
Hstnte of ICdna ".. Howe. Itolton. Pet
tlement of the account of the executor;
dpcree of distribution made.
ICslnte of Sarah Amrollne Dewey. Hur
llni!ton. Jennie M. Dewey appointed nd
nilnlstratriv. Kstnte of Loomls A. Ilallaid. IlutllnK
ton. Settlement of the account of the
Ktiardlan; appraiser' Inventory tiled.
Fstate of Thomas Johnson, Wllllstnn.
Settlement of the account of the executor,
nnd decree of distribution made.
Hstnte or .Whin McNnll, Colchester.
Commissioners' teport tiled.
Kstnte of Francis X. ltordo, liurlinqton.
Conitnlsslnners' report tiled.
7tat of William J Fuller. I'nderhlll.
Avpralsers' lnvetitorv tiled.
i:tale of Anna J Donnelly, IlurlliiRtnn.
Appr.iKt r.V Inventory (lied.
Kstnte of Heoree AV Stevens, n.isex.
Apju al -i r-' mventor tiled
Iti'N before the Sute l,ecibiti.rp at
Monti Hit' for the Mr-d three weeks of
tin pif-e'it .elnn a1-), for appropriations
aimnititiiii; to almost Jl.Tl.eftn. The list of
the appropriations s audit, with the pres
ent allotments of the public moneys hi
Jiaventhesls, follows:
Permanent school fund ftn.12S.r,2
Normal Industrial school li'.efrt
Normal unnnal appropriation . . 2.".,',
Normal schools ($22,r.iM) r.n.fOi)
Soldier's home 24,f)
Soldier's home extra appropria
tion 2.f)
Tercentenary celebration 25.noo
Fniversltv of Vermont ('fi.tW).. b".i")
State forestrv lO.Oi") ..
State forestry 2,n0
l.elainl A- Urny seminary IO.iu'O
Ueland Xr C.rnv annual appropri
ation for T ents l.tW)
Laboratory of Hvclene (Ja.f'f"i l.'i.m)
Mlddlebnri .olleKe (t2,4i1.. . . C.riofi
Stale ceoloirlst 2.T.'X)
Secretarj of c H and military
nffahs ($3"i) Lien
Clovernnr's stenoevapiicr in
Aid for .limine! i S nun
IMen school hnlldini: I.riil)
.State been"" hoard f..f1
AildtFon county clei k additional
salary Sol)
Hoard of agricultural e.iWi
AKilcultural commission '-ii
r:xtra supreme court JtlilKe S.uo
optometry board JnO
Si Cnlb-ce Men Made Members of Ilie
I'lil Itelln Tlictn l.iiNt i:entim'.
At the Phi Delta Tbcta bousn Inst
evening was held the annual Initiation
of A'erniont Alpha of Phi Delta Theta.
Tho fnllnwliiK men were Initiated:
PwlKht AVIlon Harris of Stowe, Paul
Wendall Watermnn of Harre, l,eo James
Abbott of Hnrtlnnd. Stafford N. Hotird
mnn of Stowe, Ralph Potter Shnw of
Hethel, Hurton Anson Field of Hurllni;
ton. Hefreshments wetn served. Many al
umni were present both from out of
town and resident. Anionic those enter
tained by the chapter wen. the follow -Iiik:
JndsTo K. C. Mower, Prof. M. w.
Andrews, Prof. H. 1C. CimnliiKhnm. Dr.
C. I Forbes. Dr. F. K. Jackson, Prof.
C. A Kern, Prof. H. A Kdsoti. Dr. 11.
It Sahln. nil of this citv, T. C. Cheney
of Morrlsville. F S. Hates of New York,
and D. M .Munson of Morrlsville.
necorntliiK Knr The llitlloc'eii Itoinp.
Hoit In Knjny KveiilnK.
What most people do not room to
understand about llallowe'rn Is that
the really wltchltisr hour extends only
from mldnlstht to i o'clock n. in. tt is
only during those r,a minutes that
mnlilens and hachi'lors are able to look
Into the futute.
It Ih an nncleiit belle!, nnd fairly
woll authenticated ar such notions (ru,
that a child burn on Hallowe'en Is
able to see and talk with fairies, p.ut.
unfortunately. t.ilH power, when pos
sessed In Infancy, seems nenrly al
ways to depart later In life.
There Is no better way to find out
who Is Kolnir to he one's husband than
to ko to bed on the nlKht of Oct. .11
with a kIus.h of water on a table at
the bedside.
Hut It Is absolutely essential that
a little stick shall be placed so as io
float upon the water. If these require
ments are fulfilled the maiden will
bo sine to dream of falling from a
brldne Into a river, or of some mis
adventure, and hemp: rescued by a
Another method, hilillly recoinmended,
demands thnt the youtiK woman, on tak
Inic off her shoes to ko to bed. shall
place them on the floor In the shape of
a T. Then she must say:
I set my boots In tho shape of a T,
Hoping my true love for to see;
The shape of his body, the hue of his
And the kind of njipatel my true love
doth wear.
Wheieupon 'she must Ret Into bed back
ward In silence. If she Is destined to be
man led duiiliK the followlnii 1J months
she will dream ot her husband that Is
to be.
A (treat deal of fun may b" But out of
a Hallowe'en purty If such un entertain
ment Is properly niniiOKed. it should be
as Informal as possible, of course, (ho
object In view beliiK a imnp. HverythliiK
should bo us old-fashioned as possible.
Deal tables and pewter nnws mo ud
tnliable, and the I ifr.shments should
be douuhnuts, losy apples, chestnuts,
hazlenuts, molasses cake, and perhaps
inatshmiillows to toast befom the open
fire. The open flic Is nulte essnntl.il, and
cider Is the most suitable drink.
For decorations tbeie should be fes
toons of apples and nuts. And fuuu oh-
scuie corneis should peep pumpkins
in l i-il with KH'teiiie t.oes In J. id,
o' lantern style, with iiunlles Inslih, of
tin in.
AtnotiK the noNellbs In such tuvs this
year am magnified peanuts, inudn of
paper, which on beliisr opened, reveal
funny llttlo flKures most of them repie
sentlnn tho characters familiar In the
colored supplements of the newspnpers.
noNV to hi found In all of the laic cities
Another novelty Is a Halloween c,e-
QaAiAQ ILftOO rd.
Qnnlellens In New Vnrv, llnslon ami
Clilenco .Mnrkrts,
Neiv York. Oct. 2S.
WlinAT HecelptH CTi.imi. expoitM 7.7;
snles 1 200,fi futures: !rn.r) spot; spot
ensy. Conlllciltut Arent nf.wrt made
wheat very lirenular t rtay and kept
trade within narrow limits Some bullish
reports from afternoon rnused a recov
ery of eat Her loss and final prices went
net tmchnnncd. Dec. closed Jl.tnijj May
clored $1.10.
COIIN IterctpW 4.1.2-,T.. pot steadv.
Option market was without transactions,
closing net unchanged. Dec. closed 7i;c;
May close 71'iiC
OATH-lteceli.f ll.l.lei'i, expoits r,.f.i.
Spot market steady.
HffiAIt-Haw steady; fair reflnllu; Tt.,V.;
cetitTlfuicnl M bt 4"!; tnolasses sttRar
3.31 ; retlned dull
COFFMF-Tliii market for coffee fu
tures opened quli'l at nnchnnecd juices
to an advance of ii p"lnts and ruled
Ketierally steady on rather better French
cables-, local bull support and btiyhif,' for
n ri action on the theory tliat the price
of coffee In the Interior of Hrnzll was
down to If not ticlow the , ,,st f ,ro.
ductlon. The market lose, steady net
unchnnpeil to tm points higher. Sales
were icporled "f 1S.2T.0 h.iu Includlni;:
Oct. J.-i IWi.ITi; Dec. 5Ti'..h. March fS IS;
May .. inTnl.!,",; Auc. nnd S.pt. nt J.l.iri.
Spot coffee quiet; No : Hlo r,c; No.
1 Santos Sc; mild coffee dull; Cordova
nosTON rnoni:cF, mahkkt.
Hoston. October 2'.
.'l,niTt-Four i-teaih : Kprlni; patents,
mill shipment. D'n C, ; winter patents,
JI.:S"i 2.',, wlnbr Htraleht". t H014 f"):
winter clenrs, Jl Mini: Kansas patents,
$.VI"'t?S.V); sprint; i lears. J1 .".'.'n,-,.
HaiC enrnmenl. $t :V,i r, :. Ri anulateil,
!l.2f,ii 1 ,10; bolted. UlTi'.il'.n rolled oat
meal, $." 't"i T r:o : ' tit. Ml ,'.,!; yn ; rye dour,
$1 OTilN 0; I'tih.fi W.'-Vn.-, io
COI!.V-Cnrn b quiet and enny: Spot
steamer vhIIonv. 7c; No j n-Uow, x7i(;c;
No. 3 yellow, W.,0
OATS Oats nr.. quiet hut n.m: Spot
No. 1 clipped NVblle, iVlc; No. 2. WfiTIHc;
No. 3, Mtft&c; rcjeetnl Nvhlte, r.Jtiu2ii.e.
HAY liny Is dull and easy; straw Is
quiet but tit in; mlllfeed Is ipilet hut
steady; 1 In v. choice, !l'i; N'n. 1. J17H15:
No. 2, $1511(1; No. 3, ju ,-yo
straw, SlSftlP.fiu, oat straw, $11;
rack spring tnnti. JJI172I2T1: winter brnn,
II.2TiT)2l.7T.; mlditllncH. JJI'rSn: red doc;,
l.HrtflW.V!; mixed feed. JMfi'.'if.r.O; linseed
meal. $.12.2..; cottonseed meal, $2r.rriflR0.
POHK I. ard wns ndvanced l',o yester
day, but other pork provisions are steady
and utichanceil- Haw haf lard. 13",c:
rendered leaf la-.l. 13'jc. patu. 14f14' ,c
pute i.ird, ll-i4c. ljtj'nljc. country
dressed hoes, C't '7Hc
P.F.FF Very sow and prices ras---
1'xtra sides. flfTtcjc; Rood, fiSi2o; llebt,
filjfi7'.c; heavy hinds. pood,
lflfilOUc; llKht. STiV; heavy fores, f.M:W7o;
pood. riK!4c: liBbt. :,ncc
I, AM I!S Lambs ate ensv; yearlliirs
nnd muttons ate unlet; vals are steadv:
Choice Iambs, '.i.ne; yearllnics. T'l'c;
muttons, 7fJvc; Neils, lf712c.
POflruv Poul.ry is rpilet and easy,
with some western arrivals selling' for
less money: Northern turkeys, 22ri2T.c;
nathe roasting chickens, lWi2ne; native
broiler, lifi.'oc; i.urthern fmvl, llfct.'c.
nOCiS Kngx are firm- Choice hennery
and nearby. 4nff4'Ji . eastern extras, WT
.".He; western, 2S'.':". ; refrigerators, '-'317
UKANS A'cllow eves and I.I inn s are
lower, but other kinds of beans ate
steady nnd unchanged; Carload lots, pea.
J2.T.V52.40; medium. $2 3e"'i2.: " : yellow eves
$:Ki:i.i!i: red kidneys. $2.1". .lobbing lots.
HKflTic nbovi carload lots.
APPDFS Apples are fnlttv steady,
though receipts are liberal
nnd the demand moderate: Maine
Harveys, $2fi2 2.1; nine Pearuuiins, $Jff
2.T'1: Nodheads. .'n2.25: Hubtiardstons,
Jl 7f,1i'-'.i".n; Oravensteins, 3: TiOir.l; Halib
wln. JI.VH2..V1; (iieen'nss, $1.7fi'i! 25;
Kings, $J.Tifi3..10; bulk Haldwlns
and Oreenlngs, Jl I'.-.Tf 1 .Tr. . Pip
pins, Jl.Sftfi2: Ab xandets. J2.j'Hi3 2.'.;
Pound Sweets, !3'n-1; Mcintosh Heds,
$!(; Tallman Swets. t Sufj; :. Wolf
Itlvers, jN0.ritMi3.il; lex apples, TA-TiJl.
POTATOFS White potatoes are
firmer and higher, at JlfVylM bg for
tl e best Maine stoik, baas Included.
KITOAHS Itetlned sugars are steady,
wltli n good demand, granulated and tine
being quoted as a Leeds at f, IV.
"hlc.n;o, HI., Oct. 2A
WlinAT-Dec. 'i; Muv 1.03-VVi:
June (iSe.
COHN-Oct. fHc Dec r.Tifi7hc; May
f3tRc; July r.2ivi5.i Sept B2i4e.
OAT.S Dec. 4Ve; May T.iV. July 4.1' .e.
POP.K-Oct." $13 74, Dei. tir,.'.i7ia, Jan.
Jl.l.iVnl.l.T!...; May 115.5.
I.AHD-Nov. JH.OO. Jan. $.1 W.i'M.tJ); May
HI HS -Oct. tH.fiJil'IT'ii: Jan. S.io1&.W3;
May $ 5Tfi S 5714.
Cash quotations are as follows:
WIIF.AT Spring No. 2. ll.njti 1 ns, ;.
3, !n.itil.oj: No. 2 red. KiVu$l.ViV
CORN No. 2. Ct''jc: N" 2 yellow, 70'i
(Tt 7Cc
OATS No 3 Nvbl'i. I.1T4T1',
RYK-No. 2, 74'o75.-.
HAHI.F.Y-Goni ficdlng, f,;c; fair to
choice malting, K'ntA'.
l'DAXSi:i:D-No l nortlnveslern, !.
2S. TIMOTHY Prime peed. $3 2.1f3.r,n.
SHOUT UIHS Sales (l,),Jfl.) $(. 37'alf
MKRS I'ORK--(per bbl.l $l3.S7'j'rt1l.f"
l,AUD-(per Ifo lbs) J3 6KHi.w,.
KIDKS-Short cbar fboxed) ji.MIjS.M,
WIIISKKY-fHasIs of high wines) $1.37.
HFTTHH -On the produce evchango to
day the butter market was tlriu: cream
eries, OfitlOfiHc; dalrlen, lViSSe.
K(ir;S Steadv: nt mark cases included
IJtflSe; firsts 2!o; prlino tlrsts 2C; cheese,
steady, 12tTi 13llc-
Qliotntlmis for Cuttle, Sheep nnd Hogn
jit .NciN A'orl;,
Niuv A'ork Oct. 2'.
HI"i:AT.P-Hecelpts 2,2.17. Mai ket steady
Minors tn.r.iHi B r.r. oxen and stags $.'.7Wi
f. TO, hulls jaMi-nf' J12oi?H2.1; ext-,
fat western do fif" Kxports to-day 2.
s53 quarters of beefs.
CADVnS-HeriiplH 2.f'17 market
steady. A'eals $''9.X; rev tops J9.r,0;
culls $3.e0.'ii-t Till, giM'ers and fed calves
2.r.ff-t ); ycnrllngs - WKlI .10; western
calves f2.CT,ti 4.7.'.
rnatket steadv. SI P $J MTM 1.). culls
Jl WHt.' 25; hiinbs J ' '"fii'..2.1. culls $.1.2Ki
4 25.
HOtJS-Heielpts 7.144: iiiuiket tlrm.
Stale hogs CH). I'lK'1
.-...1. 1 1. I 2 Cotloi, f.,1,,..,
.t'll 1 01 '- Ill, III, 'O
npeiieil steady 1 'J ",; H; Jan.
M. March W, M"' s"r,; -1 " V i 70; Aug.
H15 asked. Cotton futures closed steady,
Closing bids: "'' '' s M'7; Dec.
R i7; Jan. lv" ' - M""'h ssi, May
S77; June P Tl. Jlv 5 7fl-
HoSt,)M, Qp,
Ht'TTnn--f!,r;"1, MfUr ',-estern Ofitf
Pliers for I.Ino stock (lie Snine ni II111
Veek Previous.
Hnston, Oct. 2.xprlces of livestock nt
the Hrlghlnn ntoekynnlH yestenlny were
tinchntigi'el from those provalllnr! at the
last market. The receipts of all varieties
of stock wero light with the exception of
runner rows.
About Son rnnner row-s were mild nt
prices ranging from l.e'.' to $1 tn ewt.
There Nvero about 40 beef ionvs on the
market. A'ery few were of quality good
enough to bring $3.7). th" tup price for
cinv beef. The prices ranged down to
$2 ewt. Two bulls hronght SIM and SJ CO
cn t. From JIM to $1 wns the best paid
for the half-ilozi n steers nnd oxen sobl.
Tho elrop III hogs was stopped oNvIng
to tirmtioss In Nvestern markets. The TT,
rill the market brought as good prices as
Inst week. Tho top was $1.7.1 ewt with
feNV bringing Hint price. The gnntor part
sobl for JAM ewt. Hoars brought at 1
stags J4.
The rattle rated the coal trade as
worse than last week, even thing con
sldered. The general tango of prices was
the same, however. C,ood calces brought
from $.1 to $0, with n few fanrv ones
bringing 5!.TA Drlnkets brought ftom
$2..r to $3.i10. There Nvero nMuit 400 sold
Sheep nnd lamb" were tlrm Slieep
brought from $l.iVt to tt, and lambs from
$3 tn $fA The receipts were In t e
neighborhood of 200.
Among the sales yesterday were
K. (S. Piper. Mlddlebttrv, VI . l eg
average weight Of"), at !.7."i. 0.1 -al.es
average weight ion. nt i: 10 cow. nif
at,e weight, 700 nt $1.S0.
Hoslon, Mass. ( t "S-Tbere w.i" n
fair amount of nctivlt'- In the eopp-r
stock market to-dny, with a fomewhat
easier tone in leaders but tin re itcTill
ncrs In the active list
Tho following wholesale and retail
pries are furnished the Free Press by
c. ,. Harher, Jones & Isham. A'erniont
Fruit Co. and F. HoNves A: Co:
whoi.khai.i: prticns.
Kggs, doz .."S
Hutter .20
P.eef, dressed .0613 10
Clilekent .20
Hogs .OS
I.iiinhs ,l2ttj
Potatoi bush .7,1
Veal OSIf.03
Hoans qt .10
Hut", lb .ej
l;ut.ter, Creamei.N, prints .... ,,
Huttr-t, Separator, creamery ., ,C0iJ2
Calibnge, lb .03
Can id's, lh .f'3
CehTv. bunch O7'o in
I'll, ese ,l
Sane Cheese, Hi ,2J
Clenlli cheese, each 11,
Swiss cheese. U, .31
Hoquefort cllfese, lb .50
Kdnm cheese, each 1.C
Chicory .20
chives .20
Cranberries, qt .15
Cucumbers, .pi
Kggs, doz
F-caiolle '.'')
Flour, bread, bhl $7(017
Flour, pastry bhl Ju.T.O
Green Mint 10
llubbatd Squash .04
iUuro, Huston hall, bead .. .1Vu 12
f.ettuce, home-grown, head.. .Ci
Maple Sugar, lb 12'4'i? 20
Maple Syrup, gat $l.ifi$l 2n
Onions, Spanish 0."if fJ
Onions, lb ,i)4
Parslej bunch ffiXt 10
Pcppois, doz .30
Potatoes, pit
Potntoes, sweet lb ooij-'i 'ii
Pumpkins ' .10
i Juince.s, lb ..- i "e
Tin nips, lb i'l
H"rf. roast, lb y.n 25
Chickens, lb 'Jnti "j
FonvIk, II ISk 22
Hams, lb .U
Hiuil.i. diced, lh .25
Hams, pressed, 1' is
Dnmb, hlndquai'ter, lb .20
Limb, hindquarter, lb .25
Leaf Lard, It .14
Pork Cnop, lb 12V'? 11
Hoik ltoast, lb 121-rt 11
Porterhouse steak, lb 25 30
P.ound Steak. 11 .20
Salt Pork, lb IJi
Sirloin stenk, lh 2'hj JT,
Tripe, lb .10
Turkey, lh
Vc.il, ronst, lh 1214 to ji
Veal steak, lb .2.1
Heans, tit $100
llran, ciNt 1 turn 1 10
1 on. meul, cn t $1 7.1'ujl S3
Hay, baled, eNt i''n(f
Hay. louse, ton JlT.liK
Hi'tifeed. ml.xi'd, CNVt $1 ?0
Middlings, ewt J150fJjlGj
Oats bu fai't 70
O.it sttiiNV, haleil. Cwt .75
Provnder, No. 1 i Nvt $l.r0fj! J)
Ptovender, No. 2, ewt Jl-TCtv J I 49
l'oultty Nvbcat, cwt l.M
Apple", jiei'l; ,2.1'i Ii.l
Hamulus, doz .!) .30
Dates, lh lOIj'.H
Fb:s, lb .20
Orape fruit, each 1(J.2H
drapes, basket Mil 20
Lemons, do-. .2."nl ..'.')
Otanges, doz 2' 1 if CO
Pints, home grown, peck.. .4ofi 50
(,'eililen Wcilillllg Cclebraleil liy the
Ilex', mill Mr. ;cniiinl lireins.
Thi Hev I)r and Mrs (lemont (lnnes
iiluhrated the tVJlli unulvcrsary of their
wedding yesterday. Holy communion
nviih celebrated at St. Paul's f'huich at
levcti o'clock a. m. Dr. lirnves, assist
ed by the Hev. Dr. C. V Hllss, was the
celebrant. This was followed In tint
golden wedding hrcukfnst at the old
lioine 011 Colchester avenue. About 10
nieui'ieis of the fainllv wero pieselit.
Allium; these weie the Hev. John Henry
Hopkins and Mrs. Marie llruves Hop
kins, of Chicago; Jul. 11 W Carioll and
Mrs. Lillian tlraves Carroll, of New
Yolk1 Mr. and Mrs Harmon S. tiiiiNits
of Uye, N. Y ; Capl L. C. Andrews. I'
S. A., and Mrs ChailottH llraves Au
ilreNVH. Mr. and Mis. Chiiiko tliaves of
lluitford, Conn ; and Dudley Oraves of
llnitfotd. Conn After tho ble.tkfast, a
latt'.e photogtaph of the f.imll.N nviih
taken on the N .sl ni-iuIiiU of the houao.
Finin four until six In the ufteinoon u
reci'pllou was held at the old home on
Colchester iivenuo Dr and -Mis. (ir.ives,
n.sslsled by Mis. John Henry Hopkins
and Miss Alice Winder of Ueene, N II .
Wlirrrvrr nny piinled thine of jr"r
tmvrla, It rrprenent you anil your
Imealne.. Ymi ennnnt nfforrt to lie
nrrlrn nbnnt any pnrt of your print
ing. The Free Prr.a Print atnndu for
Bood prlntlnji
Telephone Cnll
I'rlintc l',Tcbnnc;e
Co inicctliiK
All Departments.
Inspect the Piano at our store and begin saving Certifi
cates now. '
With Every Cash Purchase We Will Give One of These
Certificates to the Full Amount:
Twenty.Pivc Cent Certificate
vnv1 thi CVrtlflcntpi. Wnlrb nir mlt rrtlrnuiit for
ronilll ImiN nml ilnlo. TJif Iltic litov N for Itu
nuinr uf the miitfttmit.
m 25c t",'s".:!:,n:--. : 25c
Th? person presenting- the Certificates showing the larg
est amovint of cash purchases at our store at May 1st. 1009,
will receive this superb $450 Emerson Piano ABSOLUTELY
Women's Silk and Net Waists except
ionally attractive styles
Tho prettiest collection of Waists we have ever been able
to gather.
Plain and figured White and Ecru Net Waists, daintily
trimmed with lace and medallions, button back and lined
throughout with Japanese Silk, extreme
ly dressy waists Priced at $2.98, S3.98 and $4.93
Taffeta Silk Waists in plain colors and fancy check and
stripe effects shown in a variety of new models among
whirh arc many plain Tailored Waists, trimmed
with silk covered buttons Priced $3.98 to $8.95
$4.50 Black Taffeta Waists at $2.98
Just one of the many exceptional opportunities this de
partment offers. This high grade Taffeta Waist with yoke of
pin tucks and wide panel embroidery, collar embroidered antl
trimmed with lace, long1 sleeve model, extremely pre'tty and
quite the most exceptional waist bargain we have
offered. Regular value $4.50, $2.98 Ea.
Women's Coat Sweaters
No garment for cooler weather comes in for such practi
cal use as these warm, comfortable Coat Sweaters for pres.
ent wear they are extremely popular made in many different
weaves and colors. Some with V shape neck, others button
up around the neck. Priced
at $2.25, $2.50, $2.98 and up to S5.9S
Four Specials in Silks Most in Demand
The splendid values in this unsual offering will be ap
preciated. 20- inch Peau De Cygene in black and an extremely pretty
line of colors. Soft satin finish, very desirable for dresses,
waists and trimmings. Sold regularly 85c per
yard Goc per Yd.
21- inch Diana Silk, beautiful soft, bright fin
ish, in all the most desirnble new colorings. At $1.00 per Yd.
23-inch Crepe Do Chine, white, black and all
colors. Regular $1.00 quality 79c per Yd.
20-inch Taffeta Silk, a quality that most stores feature
at 75c per yard. Here in white, black and over 40
different shades. At 56c per Yd.
PAN VELVETS in all light shades, that are in such great
demand for trimming, etc. Sold everywhere at
$1.50 per yard. Here $1.35 per Yd.
Illinium '111111 l he 0th and tilth I iixalrj
Will lie Stationed nt the I'i'-I-
The one ti.pte of convernaHen .1 rt
l-.thlin Allen In the expected rutn.iiK of
ulou'd ttoops from the Philippine isl
amic. The present hninlful of soldleis
at the poht are not eaer for a chano
of mnilon. They are eo nncII .tisticil
with present conditions tliat they nnouIi!
like to remain. It !; probable, Iionn on er,
that the transfer orders, when they am
issued, will send t nn it sinindrnim "f the
10th cavalry and two hnuadrotis of the
Sdh to Fort Kthan Allen and dlNlde lie
other tetnalnln one Mpi.ulron of e.i -n
refitment by fendlnn them to West l'utnt.
and to posts having ollh'ers' s l.noU.
.Should only the luth ca-Nnlry !"' t
1 "tn t Kthan Allen the hnndsoinc hcnv nt
llllery barracks, which are iionv but a
few J cars old, would htill remain l'lle
H l not ciinslelercd probable tl- it the
NN.ir ilepaittnent will send inno battel Ich
of Held aitlllery composed of nnIHc unl
dleis to a post which has a inalnttty cf
coloied men. This, howcNi r, is poseible.
When the coloted subllefH cuine 'o
I 'ull i:tbnii Allen they v, Ul take the
llmst and most modern eqnlppi'il ipi.tr
teiH In the country. The lain uml 11th
i.iNalrynien do not yet ktuuN NNhere they
NNlli be sent. Tho fnrmer oiviinlzalnm
think their ik'stlnatlon Is ToU l-oaven-NNorth,
Kan. At present a spliil of b.ir
iiiun) and contentment piuv.ills at the
toll. The soldiers ale u Mlpeilor i lass
of men. Their uniforms ate Pl
Huod coniiltion mid tlielr iinaiteis ate
KlNen Kood iitti.nllon Tile post Itself Is
in Nery nood condition, huinn lihstandlmr
tliu tact that tho soldiers mo Icnn In
tntmber and hine u blK pot to look utter
The Hoblleis speak In hltihest telins of
then pieselit otllccis. A V'leo 1'tess lu
pin ter yeHeiduy talked with a Iiiikh
number of men and not one bad any
fault to llnd. The Holdleis uru also
pleas, d at the tiealtncnt thuy lecelvo
trom the pe'opb' of Mill IhiKlon. Wlnooski
and Ks?e .lnnetlon Hnrrlni; a feiv in
eldenti? which nre a part of the monthly
pay day, the soldiers claim that the best
of feellnu exists between the authorities
and the soldiers, nnd the citizens nnd
Mall and Telephone Brdcrs Forwarded
It is for you to decide who
shall have the superh
$450 Emerson Piano
A .' pnsliiKb l.irce umber if r ,en
r.nw ' Kort Kthnn Alien hti-e ei n
t'.ure for years It is preii't'd t it f
the wl- soldiers nr.. taken f" 'i V ri
Kthan Allen the a'-nn wt!l Ins a i'
nuniluT of men nn...i a 'ter their teni-s '
enlistment ixpie NN'i: vnne t.i triiont
to llnd hijines
I'eler "Nlcreler Heeoininttteil 1o Hointe
of ('orreetlon for Ilrenklnt. l'orole.
1'eter Merrier out of the Hn ie of
rorrectlon nt Itutland on p role '
order ol Governor l'roetor. n t- s
terdny arrested and w"l be recur, m
ed tn the Itntlnnd Irsi Ittitlon to r m
plcto his full term ttn l r
Mcrcler had served ab. ut Inno N-.ir
of a tNvn and one-half pur tent, n o
for Brand larceny. Ilia arrest yes'ir
day recalls hi" robbtnK one i'ret ' i
lonNlctliin and sentence to Hi t a 1
following. Ho was paroled wit In
tho past month by the tloM rn ir s r
dcr and leturned to lturlln(rt..n i
of Rood luhlco nnd s-ood rcsoliiti s.
lie fedl ftom grace, however, tt.i day
of ills an Mill, was arrested for tr
tiivlcatlun and sp. nt 10 d.ivs ' t',
beln reli used only n few dav i .
lie will now be returned to Itu" I
to complete the icnialmler of his i r i.
liial sentence.
t linreliCK There llcclile to ,)nu In I lit
Sliiiiillnneoiii) IlvmiKf list Ic Ionc
iiio ii t In Von ember.
A Idler Just received from I.' i,
Chapman business malinger ot tho
series uf "Slmtillanenus UniiuK'-Us'
MeelliirJs" In be held in alum! tw . ir
places In Vermont next month mi's
that Iho churches uf Ksse .luintl. i
have decided to unite In tho tnoNi
moot. The Hev. 11. 11. Itohlnsoo w I
no to thnt place for the two we. ks
hcKlnnlnir November 5. as an evanfic
jlst. and he win be accompanied by
Mr It C Knnpp as slnprr Heth 'f
I these nre tried Nvorkors from D.,
Chapman s coterie

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