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H. S. Langevin Succeeded in Sec
ond Attempt to End His Life,
Took Cnrhollp Acid while Alone In Ills
llonir on .Mil In Strrrl l.ii.il Hion
Iue llnil Hccrnlly I, out lilt
Henry f, l,angovln committed itulclde
Sunday eve. at his home at r.." Main St.
by taking carbolic ncld, tln supposed
cautc being despondency over the loss of
his position In one of tlio shops last
Friday. Ho Is survived by a wife and hi?
parents, Tr. and Mrs. Henry I .anger In.
H hud been of n TTiorbld turn of mind
for the past year and had often threatened
to take hi? life. About a month ngo hp
was abort to tali acid, when his wife
il'senvered him and throw the bottle
i way as ho was rnlslnit It to his lips,
''or the past month he had appeared
n ore cheerful but It Is supposed that the
loss of his position brought the niorbld
t.ess bark.
Langevln took the r vson when nloro
In the hnur-e. Mo haw pone to a drug
store to ft two prescriptions tilled for
some children living In tho same build
lor; His wife took tho opportunity to call
n her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Decatur
Francis, who live In the neighborhood.
Tinvedn stopped at th" house on his
waj- back from the Mora and, handing
he' the prescriptions, proceeded nlone to
his home. He was discovered there a few
minutes later on the floor by two men
who happened to step In. He was still
conscious, The police were notified and
Pr C. A Pease and Otllcer Tvl les weie
soon on the scene. Dath had occurred,
however, before their arrival Health
Ofllcer C F Dalton was notified and pro
nounced death due to the taking of
carbolic acid Lannevin was sooer and
lnd'jstrlous and It Is thought that his de
sire to take his life arose from a dis
ordered brain.
Ordered oiniiilitcil in Wnlrrliiirr. Dr.
I'itziTrnilri Kseaped to Mldillclnir.r.
Dr J. K. Fitzgerald arrived In Bur
lington at ten o'clock Thursday morning
after creating; some excitement among
the. town official" tn Mlddlebury.
Dr FItzirerald arrived in Mlddlebury on
the B:0S train Wednesday evening, rodn
to the Logan Hmifc In a hack and
registered his name but not his residence
Ho took a room but at supper time said
h did not want anything to eat and by
that time hegan to act very rpioerly. He
wanted the chief of police called to ar
rest a woman across the street who was,
1 iwever, Invisible to other eyes than his.
He Imagined that ho saw his wife and a
flock of children that he called Ills and
It soon became evident that the was, to
F3mo extent at least, demented. Finally
the chief of police, overseer of the poor
and first selectman were sent for and
after a conference between them Ur.
Fitzgerald was taken to tho office of
Ira H. IxiFlcur and then to the home
of Selectman Thomas K, Burns, where
he was kept over night. In the mean
time, following hints thrown out hy Ur.
Fitzgerald, relatives In Burlington were
communicated with by telephone and It
was learned that during the day papers
had been made out for the commitment
if the doctor to the State hospital for the
t anc at Water-bury He had managed,
however, to elude the people in this city
and to cet as far as Mlddlebury. His
brother-in-law went to Mlddlebury on
t r night train and th" doctor was
b'-ous1 t bark Thursday morning on his
way to Waterbury.
For almost four years I hail a sore
on my lei?," says Mrs. Olive Hurd of
Madison, X. H., "and this spring a doc
tor healed It up. I felt fine for about a
month but had to be on my feet a pood
deal and above my knee camn a swelling
as big as my fist. I hunt; down and was
lis red as if 1. had been blistered and sso
(ore that I could ha-dly get around. The
toida of my leg seemed to be stiff and
the pain was so bad at limes that It made
me faint.
One of the neighbors told me about
Sloan's Liniment so I got a bottlo and
put some right on. Next morning f could
walk ever so much better and I kept
right on using the T.lnlment night and
morning It took down all the swelling,
and the lednesi and soreness have gone
too. I shall never be without Sloan's
Liniment In the house again and will
recommend It to all suffering friends."
Two Applicant for Trnnxfer Tliurs-
dny nnd More nxpertcd.
Two applications , for transfer of Ilcep
fs to "oil Intoxicating liquor were re
ceived Thursday by tho hoard of license
commissioners. Stephen ,T. Ploof asks
fir the transfer of his first class llreivte
f om 01 North avenue to Charles Molr's
stand, fo" er of Elmwood avenue and
North street. Byron M. T.amhkln asks
tor a transfer of his second class licence
f.'om KT2 North Wlnooskl averse to Vi3
( nerry street.
Of the first class lltenr,, es, George M.
Pelaney, M. Dorn and Fred J. Flanagan
w'll occupy theh long-" .10 stands. Fran
N Latour wMl con luct Mr. Ilrrt cl-.is
I'-ense pUc at the northeast corner of
Knrth street and North avenue.
Of tho second class licensees, J. Henry
Tavlgno will conduct his place nt tho
rimer of King nnd Battery streets
Thomas R, LoClnlr at 1M North street,
"! otko O. Munson at 147 Main street,
P-ank If, Roblllard at 1!W North stieet
fjurtavo Trem-bUiy at Bl Howard street.
Edward P. Woodbury will conduct his
third class lleenre. (it the Van Ness
11oi.se. It is understood that the other
third class licensees will petition for
nansfer. Charles II Hooper's seventh
class license Is grante for the building
at the roar of the City Hotel,
Positively enred by
these Little Pills.
They also reliere Dis
tress from Dyspepsia, In
dljestioa and Too Heart;
BntlBg, A perfect m
edy for Dizziness, Nausea
Drowsiness, Bad Tast'
In the Mouth, Coat
Tonjrue, Pain In the Blue
regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
Don'l MlStaKO tfte ubaao 01 Sour
Troubles, A Burlington Citizen
Shows How to Cure Them.
Miny people novcr suspect the-Ir kid
nuH, If stiflcrliiK from n lame, weak or
aching back they think that It Is only a
muscular weakness; when urinary trouble
sets In they think It will Boon correct
Itself. And bo it Is with all the otherB
symptoms of kidney disorders. That Is
Juit whuni tho dunnor lion, ou must
euro theso troubles or they may lead to
diabetes or Urtght's dliaasc, The beet te
medy to use Is Doon'n Kidney Pills. It
cures nil Ills which arc caused by weak
or diseased kldnoys. Uurllngton people
testify to permanent cures,
W, K, Murtha, 78 Main St., Iiurllngton,
Vt., says- "Some monthi ago I was tuf
ferlng from an ticuto attack of kidney
complnlnt. I hnd a dull heavy pain In the
smnll of mj back nnd loins and the kid
ney secretions were highly colored and
Irreeular In action. Learning of Doar 's
Kidney Pills I decided to give them a
trial and am now glnrL that I did so. The
relieved the pain tn my hack and
sttcngt'i "tied my kidneys, I ta'te pleas
ure In recommending this vr.luahlo re
medy to other kidney sufferers,"
For "ale hy all deaders. Price M cents.
Foxter-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for tl e United States.
Remember the name TOoan's and takn
no other.
Coal Miner mid Operntors Sinn Affrrc
inent t'nlnti 'nt tt,roKiilzeiI.
Philadelphia, Pa, April 2:1. Peace
between t!ie mine workers nnd oper
atois In the anUii-aUto coal regions
of Pennsylvania is n"sured for an
other period of three years. The
agreement continuing In force until
March SI. 1312. the awards of the
anthracite coal strike commission was
signed In the board room of the Head
ing company here to-day by the com
mittee representing tho workeis.
With the exception of five added stip
ulations suggested hy the miners, the
agreement is identical with tho one
signed In New York three years aro.
The mine workers' union Is not offi
cially recognized, tho members of the
miners' committee simply signing the
agreement "on behalf of the repre
sentatives of the anthracite mine
workers." The conference was 1
harmonious affair and ended with
everybody happv.
i)F-:riii-:i i. mvottrn r.vsi:.
Decrees in dlvorco cases heard previous
ly In Chittenden county court were
entered Thursday as follows.
Florence Wood Penman s. Robert A.
teaman, bill for Intolerable seveiity.
Hattie M. Griswold vs. Austin M.
Griswold, bill for Intolerable severity.
Martin E. Tllley vs. Clara M. H. Tillev
(petition for annulment of marriage)
petition dismissed.
Hattie Ladue vs. Frank Ladlie, or
der for alimony entered as per stipu
lation. Julia K. Miulton vs. William V. Moul
ton. bill for deseitlon.
Henry I.anglols vs. Julia I.anqlols, bill
granted for adultery.
George Stoddard vs. Adeline Stoddard,
bill granted for desertion.
Addle McGookln vs. Richard McGookin,
bill granted lor Intolerable severity.
Geoige Cirpentler vs. Mary Louise
Carpentler, bill granted for intolerable
Sjlly W. Farrar v. K. D. Farrar, bill
granted for intolerable severity.
Clnss Uny nnil Commencement Speak
er?, Chosen.
The A class havo chosen the following
rli,ss day officers: Pies, dent. T. Fletch
er Andrews; orator, Ch.iiles Mai Donald;
hhitorian. Miss Hazel Weeks, prophet,
Mi-s Helen Oaivels; maislial, Bernard
The commencemrnt speakers will be as
fellows: Martin G. Pill man, "The Splr
il of C'orpoiatlons": rreilerlcl: S. Wheel
cr, "The Cuban Revolution"; IMwaid
Gtio, "Tl.e Admlnlstr.ulon of Theodoie
Roosevelt"; Miss Uorotliy Hill, "Samuel
ac Champlain and the Lake"; Miss
I.m ly Hulburd, "Books as I--lends";
Miss Gladys Smith, "Sflf-ftilture" ; MS3
Mr.r.iorle Perry, "Who Is My Neighbor?"
Ralph W. Slmonds, "Industrial Educa
tion." Dyspepsia Is our national ailment.
Burdock Blood Bitters Is tho national
cure for It. It strengthens stomach
membranes, promotes flow of digestive
juices, purifies the Idood, bi Ids you
Official I'lgnren for April Ilenr Out
Prevailing Opinion.
Local Forecaster W H Alexander of
the I'nlted States weather bureau reports
a mean temperature for April of 40 de
grees, with a maximum of 70 on the 7th
and 13th, and a minimum of 21 on the 2nd.
For the last week of tho month the
minimum was at or below fieezlng point
every day. V.ie greatest dally rajign wan
27 degrees and the least was 4 degrees.
Tho mean April Umporau o for the last
.'6 year.-. In Burlington i.s 44 1 decrees,
The average dally deficiency In tempera
turn slnco January 1 is 2 1 degrees, The
precipitation (rain ami melted snow)
amounted to 2,67 Inches, the total In
cluding 2.7 Inches of snow The averu.te
pieclpltatlon of tho month for the last
2fi years Is 2 01 Inches, the accumulated
excess of moisture since January 1 being
Z.y, Inches. The piovalllng wind was
from the south, the total movement
lo,3,',7 miles, the average hourly velocity
14.4 miles, and the maximum velocity
K miles per hour, from the south on the
121h. There were only three clear days
In the month. 14 being partly chcidy and
12 cloudy. Frrolpltation oecuneil on IS
days. Tog was noted on t lie 3rd, 4th, 6th,
7th, 11th nnd IMh. sleet on the Hth and
30th, and a thunderstorm on the 19th,
a m,rn iiosii possmi.rc,
"It Is hy no menus Improbable, thjt
some day on enterprising roso-grnwer
may succeed In presenting tho win Id with
a blue rose," says n wilter In Huburbnn
Life for May. "Not many years ago tho
Idea of a gieen rose would have been
ridiculed, yet to-day thun Is such a rose
to offset tho ancient blue, which wo have
not-as yet, That It will eomo In time,
we may bo sure, For morn than half a
century, flower-growers have been seek
ing to crealo a blacu rose, In HiIh there
has thus far been only partial success,
0110 foreign florist having obtained n
rose of so deep a cilmson as tn appenr
black tn otdlnary lights, but revealing
the cilmson heatt when clot-ely exam
ined. This tesult tho florist obtained,
first, by selecting tho darkest roses as
breeders, and, second, hy the use iof Iron
flltnga In tho soil."
Wealthy Men Entertained in Lux
ury by the Metropolis.
Antl-Allmony Colony In I'nnioiis Lud
low Mrect Jail Strange Steamboat
to nvlRiilr the IluiNon Knlh
rr Knickerbocker Want
SinVHlO.OOO for llouse
Cleimlna. New York, April 23.-Thls city now has
a millionaire's Jail. What Is probably
tl.e most curious Institution of Its kind
In the country Is the Ludlow Street jail,
known more generally as Alimony Inn,
where tho wealthy members of the nn-tl-nllmony
club who use It ns their head-
rjuurters In luxury", at the expense of the
il. In prefeicnce to paying alimony to
hen divorced wives, At present this club
m.mbors sevonleten members, the length
of whose vlslu will vary from one to
six months. To look after, their wants
the city employs a staff of twenty-four
pMsons, r much larger proportion than
l.i to he found In any hotel t "wever ex
-luslve. The Ludlow Street Jail Is main
tained for persons who offend tho civil
not the criminal laws. If the wealthy
man who Is much better acquainted with
the divorce lawyer than the stork falls
pay the alimony Imposed on him hy
the judge, he can either migrate to New
Jersey, at a cost of three cents if he
goes b-- ferry, or for five cents if he goo
by tunnel, or he can enjoy six months In
I he Ludlow street Jail free of costs and
In thf company of h'n kind From ten
0 clock In the morning until four o'clock
in the afternoon visitors are rece'ved.
In the evenings card parties playing
ilther brliKo or poker are the custom,
and at all times any delied luxury Is
available. In the yard at the rear of the
building nut-door exercise may be taken.
To affi-rd this entertainment, which Is
furnished free of charge to the prison
er, the city is cNppndlng at present tl23
a Month for each member of the wealthy
ni i exclusive colony which enjoys Its
hospitality The latest member to join
Hi if club did so rather than pay $l2- a
1 nth alimony. Like tho others when he
Is 1 cleaned bis obligation will be dis
charged. Altogether this curious instl
iti bm furnishes a cheap and easy way of
evading the financial obligations Im
I ispii ,y t lio rthorce courts and many
wealthy men are glad tn resort to It
MPco II Involves practically no Interrup
tion In their ordinary mode of life, Of
comse It Is expensive for the cltv but
nobody appears to bother about that.
Work has Just begun here on tha
strangest ship built in this country In
rr-irly a century. The ves.-el in nues
tlun is a replica in every possible detail
of Robert Fulton's steamboat, the Cler
mont, the flirt of Its kind in the world.
It was Just one hundred years ago that
the first steam vessel travelled from
New York to Albany, and the copy of
the original which Is now being made,
will pursue as nearly as possible the
same course next fall at the Hudson-Fu!
ten celebration. The dimensions of the
repioduction of the old boat, following
exactly those of the original, are 150 feu
in length and 1.") feet in breadth, with
a di aught of only 2 feet. As In the first
rleambuat to navigate the Hudson river,
tl.e reproduction will have two cabins,
me fin ward, to the discomfit ure of the
pilot, will lie in the stern Instead of the
bow, and the engine which will drive
the ouiious fifteen-foot broad paddle
iMiei-m mil ne inicovcreu just as was
the case a century ngo. The onl changes
from tl.e original model will H. the addl-1
tion of a safely a!ve to the engine and
the caiohiR of life preservcis as now
rrqu'red by law both of which were un
known in the day? of the first steam
boat. The Hudscon-Fulton celebration in
winch' the reconstructed I'lermon; will he
n feature Is to be on a large scale. More
than $i,ooo,"0, It Is stated, will be spent
in commemorating this annhcrsary, of
which the el'y has Klven JX0 !'). One
of the chief features will he the un
veiling of a toweling stntue to Henry
ILirison. which will overlook the river
nt Spuytcn Duyvil near the northern
cxiremltv of Manhattan. This lofty mem
oi'al w' ich will tower three hundred
feet above sea level Is In charge of a
committees of piominent residents along
the rher. Including such well-known men
is George w. Perkins, V. c. Mu-chon-helm
and Cleveland II. Dodge, and Its
co, will be met hv private subscriptions.
The expenditure of a mer trifle of
JIT.'-.niW.fiM for the benefit of his numer
rus and evpensive family may soon be
undertaken by Father Knickerbocker
slurp that eager spender has discovered
that the debt limit of the city has not
been reached and that he can still bor
row a hundred and fifty million dollars
or so. The greater part of tills expendi
ture for municipal house-keeping expen
ses, so to speak, will be for new trans-
portnlon lines, since those already under
consideration will cost at least JloO.WO.iW).
to build. Chief among thehe, as so far
planned, is nnother great suln.ny in
Manhattan, which would cost at least
tWO.OOri. while other similar lines In
Brooklyn and lower. New Turk would add
another $41,M,i"Cl to tho total. For ferry
service and other river transportation
facilities some S.WAOOn Is needed, whll.
for additional parks In various parts of
the city SIO.OOO.OVI may be all-ted. Tnrie
mlscclhineous expenditures to be under
taken come such Items as $.",000,iX0 for a
new tiro alarm system, $rt,D0o,0C0 for ;i
new sewer system, 112.MO,0i1 for new
school buildings. $:,f0,finO for tho savin
of Central park, and nmeroiis othrrl
smaller amounts to meet various needs
Altogether It looks as If Father Knle-k.
erbocker's housekeeping bill for the next
twelve months would exceed anything of
the sort In the past,
This city Is soon to acquire the most
remarkable clock In tho world, nnd this
hi spite of the famous time-pieces In
F.uropcnn cathedrals which perform In
all sorts of wayH In addition to giving the
time of dav. It would take u theatrlca
troupe, however, to go through all th
features which will be combined in Fath
er Knickerbocker's new nnd unique time
piece shortly to be Installed, The featuto
of recording tho hours will be a mere
Incidental to its other activities, which
would make a good-sized circus sldo
show. One of the most remarkablo feat
ures of tho clock Is that by tho use of
u barometer, a hydrometer, a thermome
ter and a compass It will glvo hourly
automatic weather predictions a day In
advance, a feature calculated to nppeal
For Cuts, Scalds, Burns, liriiiso, Spritns,
Insect or Mosquito Ilites, apply i
All dealers sell It, SSrentn.'
'mated hi the Normy Mc Jlclns Co,, rra Mrtt.
Want to be strong?
Eat more Quaker Oats. Eat it for
breakfast every day. This advice is
coming from all sides as a result of re
cent experiments on foods to determine
which are the best for strength and en
durance. It has been proved that eaters
of Quaker Oats and such cereals are far
superior in strength and endurance to
those who rely upon the usual diet of
heavy, greasy foods.
When all is said and done on the
cereal food question, the fact remains
that for economy and for results in
health and strength, Quaker Oats stands
first of all. It is the most popular food
in the world among the foods sold in
All grocers carry Quaker Oats. It
sells at 10c for the regular size package,
25c for the large size family package
and 30c for the family package contain
ing a fine piece of china.
particularly to baseball enthusiasts. Mov
Ing pictures will be displayed behind Its
dial Illustrating historical Incidents an
showing the faces of all the presidents
Another part will show a - induction
If Nlagnra Falls with real wn, r' the col
or of which will be changed by mfar.a
of electric lights. The most rimarknhl
thing about this clock is Its small
Standing in Its case It is only twep
feet high, four feet wld nnd twenty-nln
Inches deep, that Is only little - larger
than the old-fashioned grandfather'
clock. The meclnnlsni nnd case will con
tain In addition to a piece of wood fron
every' State In the Fnlon. CIO feet of
electrical wiring nnd 412 electrical con
nectlons. Altogether It will display morn
lines of activity than nny other clocli
In the world.
The modest commlslon of one-tenth "f
one per cent . amounting tn $154,001, U
the demand contained In a bill Just re
reived hy Complioller Met?, from a man
who claims that he originated tho Idea
of lengthening Manhattan Island hy rill
ing in the waterway between the Batter.'
and Governor's Island. The value of tho
real estate which would thus be added to
that which now exists, would according:
to the man with the Idea, amount to
SlR4,0"0,oCl. Hence, as he explains, his
bill to the city While the Idea In qucs
tlon may appear to be visionary there Is
evidence to the cont-ary. When firs
presented tn previous mayors hy Its or
Iglnatnr, it was merely laughed at b
them, but the Introduction at Albany cf
a bill proiding for a com mission to In
vestlgate the proposition has now
brought It Into the field of possibilities
In view of this senatorial activity th
man who first evolved 'the protect Is an
xlous to realize ci Its value, and accord
ingly has billed-the city for the J1S4.0CO
in question.
Ir the bamboo-carving shed was a dif
ferent class of men. The phyMognomy
was a revelation--large, intellectual fore
heads; bright, Intell'gent eves, clear-cut
mouths. Only one man reminded me of
ether convfets I had seen In Knglond.
He was short in stature, the eyes were
."Mall and oblique, the forehead narrow
r.nd receding, the ears large, and the
Jowl flabby. His crime was manslaugh
ter. He wa the chief actor In a drama
of Jealousy that wan played to a fatal
finish In one of the hovels of Toklo's
Fast-end. A faithless wife, a hypocrlti
ea' friend, a s.irprise. nnd in the narrow
hovel a fight to the death hnd been
waf.ed, the guilty wife the only witness.
Hr tll(1 nnt ,nnk "I1 ns 1 PaMl-'l him, this
""m"10 Otneilo. witn marvelous dexter-
ty he was fashioning. In bamboo, an
angel with outstretched wings.
In the weaving depattment the con
iets were making -Uniforms for the
army. Piles of the finlsh-'d .larmen's
lnv on the shelves around the shop, nnd
here again th workmanship was peer-fe.-t.
And how they worked! The sluit
tbn were thrown through the wraps by
hand, and it was obvious that the weav
ers weie old "lags."
"It pays them to he Industrious," said
Ihe warder. "The averare convict makes
ten sens (five cents) a day; four sens go
into his own persona! account A skilled
"Aorker will make twenty sens a day,
fight being bis own again Rome of
these men actuall.) support their families
on what they earn In prison! As you
know, the average coollo can live on
fifty sens a month."
One old man, whose eyebrows remind
ed me of white feathers laid on the fore
lfad of a bronze statue, was critically
icyardhig a newly-made khaki coat. He
aws an old burglar, who hnd spent most
of his declining years in the prison. He
had become an expert tailor, and was
held by the authorities In something
akin to esteem. He had sons who had
fought for the Kmperor In Manchuria;
ore followed Nogl to Port Arthur, nnd
never i turned. I tried to read the old
man's thoughts as I watched his nerv
ous, wispy fingers fold the dun-colored
(oat. I wondered If he ever pictured In
mind u bruised, shell-malmcd, hud
d'rd form lying on the. slopes of that
mighty fortress of the Ka't, a form en
folded in a garment that his old father
might hav made In the peaceful calm
of Kugamo prison. May Wide Wolrd
In all, over n score of large edifices
have been provider. Much taste has been
shown In placing them on sites where
their picturesque exteriors am seen to
the gie.ntest advaantage In contrast with
""'"rl" nacugrounn uin.rue.. ,.y .n
'vr,0"H wa,Pr And the grounds have
been ornnmented with a view to com
pletlng the picture which the exposition
will present The waiks and drives wind
amid not only greensward, hut bcdB and
rows of plant nnd shrub, In this climate
flowers bloom In grtat variety, and acres
of the site have been devoted to beds
differing In color and design. The floral
display will be one of the most attrac-
ve features. Advantage has also been
iken of natural features to create a
series of cataracts, Thoe are culled the
I Casra',es ar Oeyser Basin, nnd they
form the centre of the general decorative
scheme. Surrounding both nre sunken
gardens that will be rich In bloom
throughout tho exposition period. Be
yond them aro tho formal gardens nnd
lawns, the lsta on th grounds ending
In groes of native woods. In tho dis
tance stands magnificent Mount Halnler
eighty miles nway, hut so clparly out
lined against tho char hlun sky of the
Pacific coast as to seem much nearer.
Mount Hauler Is south "f the exposition
grounds, tn the northraFt are the Selkirk
Mountains, nnd to the wept the snow
crested heads of the Olympics make n
rugged outline against the sky Albert
Wllhelm in Putnam's for May.
"It's ttue when the ol' cat'" away
tho little mice will sport an' play, Imt
ono or more gits taken In when Ihe ol'
cat shows up ais'ln. "Boston Herald.
By Emma Paddock Telford.
Tho housefly, stealing from his narrow
Drugged with the oplatn that Novem
ber gnve.
Beats with faint wing against the sun
ny pnne,
Or crawls, tenacious o'er Its lucid plane.
-O. W. Holmes.
Great fleas have llltlc fleas
t'poti their backs to bile 'em I
And little fleas have lesser fleas,
And so on ad Infinitum.
Jnmcj Itussell Lowell (Illgclow Papers.)
tewed rthubarb
Corn Beef Hash and Poached Eggs.
Coffee Pop Overs
Cream of Snllslfy Soup
Onions Tlndlshes
Hoast Beef Browned Potatoes
Artichoke Salad
Hhubarb Pie
Black Coffee
Potato and Herring Salad
Whole Wheat Bread and Butter
Custard Sponge Cake
It Is not necessary to go to Africa to
Urn' game nt this season. The most of
us inn locate It on our own preserves,
even If the be no larger than n city
flat. Willie the " game" we seek, Is
small and not secluded In the Nature
Study courses ; while no bounty Is
awarded for Its capture and trophies
of the chase nre not In demand for hall
or library ndoir.ment, the one who is
vigilant In pursuit and captuie or In
deflecting thee small and unwekome
isltors Into other fields and pastures
nut your own, Is doing good work tor
borne and fatherland.
And fust on the list of disease tians
mitters, the ordinary house fly. Not so
lung ngo motheis used to sing to their
"Baby-Bye, here's a fly
Let i,s catch him,
You and 1,
Here he goes on his tos
Tickling baby's nose."
The up-to-date mother doesn't wait
for Matter Fly to tickle baby's nose,
for does she not know that a single
fly may be carrying in his mouth and
on his lens more than ltxi.OO of tho
most disgusting bacteria not only ca
pable, but In many cases bound to trans
mit the germs of typhoid or some intest
inal disease to "Baby-Bye."
As for that other oft-quoted bard who
bade the fly "freely welcome to my
cup" he should have taken a view of the
fly's feet before ho wiped them on his
cup and perchance his welcome would
have been less fiee.
Having its origin In filth, It carries
with It the bacteria which breed In
filth and as It moves about crawling
first over refuse then over the food on
tho table, flying from the llp-i of the
cancerous or tuberculosis patient to the
rosy lips of some mother's darling, it
becomes more dangerous to modern so
cletv thnn as though all the wild beasts
from African jungles, were turned loose
In our streets. Infant diseases which
chiefly prevail In the hot season when
files abound, nre due, now say the
scientists, to the flies themselves and not
to the hot weather which we formerly
accused. An English health ofllcer In
giving his experiences In the Journal of
the Royal Sanitary Institute, says the
pollution of mak by the fly Is' respon
sible for the death of many children.
The fly is specially fond of milk and
plants bnetetla In It which breed rapidly.
Milk Is thu Infected not only In the
cl homes where It Is carelessly ex
posed, hut at farms before it is brought
to the cltv. Pinetlcally all dairymen
keep horses nnd usually the horse stables
aie near th cow sheds. In this way the
flies breeding In the stables, fly directly
to the milk. In the crusade which the
I'nited States department of agriculture
Is now waging against the fly In this
country the first recommendation is to
destroy the breeding places. Kerosene
nil or common salt tin own over places
where the fly Is wont to lay her eggs
will help In the extermination. All
stable sweepings should he Immediately
carried away, or confined In a tight re
ceptacle until they can he removed Pour
kerosene Into the drains. Do not allow
! decaying matrlal of any sort to accumu
late on or near your premises. Keep the
garbace nail clean, carefully covered
and scolding dally or sprinkling with
lime or oil Burn or bury as much table
refuse as possible. Keep all food cover
ed and see that your butcher or green
grocer has all his food exposed for sale,
screened. Keep flies awny from the sick,
especially those 111 with any Infectious or
contagious disease. Kill every fly that
strays Into the sick room, remembering
that his body Is covered with disease
germs. Screen all windows and doors,
particularly kitchen and dining room. A
weekly' wiping over the outside of screens
with kerosene keeps flies from settling
there ready for entrance.
Mix together one tahlerpnonf ul cream,
the same nmount of puwdercd black
pepper and a tablespoonf ul brown su
gar. Put in a saucer, darken the room
save one window' and In that set the
saucer contains the mixture,
to SAFi:crAitn the family from
Fly paper Is good In Its place; but
that Is not afllxed to any one's gar
ments tnsh enough to sit down upon
It, nor yet tl.e cat's back, To safe
guard the fly paper as much as pos
sible, lay when opened on a newspaper
folded In two or three thicknesses to
an Inch larger dimensions thnn the fly
paper all round. Fold tho surplus over
like r frame and fasten down Just at
the ed -e of the sticky portion of the
fly paper. This welghtR it down so that
It does not fly away at every breath of
wind, nnd nt the same time enables one
to handle It without sticking the fingers.
In this shape It may he pinned up
against the wall If desired. If by any
chance, anything that should not, gets
affixed to the fly paper, apply vaseline
freely until Its hold is loosened.
The agile flea Is also under suspicion
of conti Ihuting tn the dissemination of
disease. Immlgrnnls ftom the slums of
European cities frequently bring on
their pertnns, Hay the Immigration of
ficials, (lean that are perfect hot beds
of contagious diseases, Dogs, cats and
rats have rc!i their own particular
hi and of fleas, which they distribute
with catholic Impartiality. The rat flea
Is the purveyor of the frightful bubonic
plague. The fur of the raccoon Is also
said to be a favorite trystlng spot for
fleas, a fact that may militate against
tho Tnft boom In pets. Where a housf
becomes badly Infected with ndult fleas,
It Is a hard matter to dlslodne them, Not
very one can afford to try the Cornell
I'nlverslty method, of engaging: stalwart
Janitors to patrol tha Infected rcgioni-
Plan for
Summer Comfort
Don't add the heat of a Ititclien
tire to the sufficient discomfort of
hot weather.
Use a New Perfection Wick Blue
Flame Oil Cook-Stove and cook in
With a "New Perfection''
Oil Stove the preparation of
daily meals, or the big weekly
baklnff," is done without rais
ing the temperature perceptibly
above that of any other room
in the house. Another great advantage of the
Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove
is its handsome CABINET TOP, which (jives it every
convenience of the modern steel range. Hut an ample
top shelf for warminrr plates and keeping cooked food hot,
drop shelves for holding small cooking utensils, and is
even fitted with racks for towels, Made in three sizes,
The Jtayd Lamp
fc whether l Kh
with sheets of stltVy fly paper fastened
around their legs, the sticky side out.
to ratch the fleas upon their ankles.
For those who hae no husky Jani
tors willing to assume this role, take
out of doors all rugs, curtains, bed-
ling, draperies or anything Into which
the Insects may creep and hide. Shake
nnd heat and leave to air while the
floors of the rooms are cleansed. Sweep
the rooms and burn the dust collected
nt once. Wash the floors with hot soap
suds to which carbolic acid has been add
ed. Finish the treatment hv spraying
with Insect powder or Inject carbolic
water Into all cracks and crevices.
Washing Pussy and I'ldo with car
bolic oap, while not a complete pre
ventive of fleas Is a discourager.
If you have not rooted objections to
a couple of toads domesticated in your
kitchen, you can write tints to roaches
and water bugs. The tends are said to
be cleanly In their habits and not given
to wandering about the houBe. If you
object to them, however, naptha or
kerosene sprayed around the wooden
wor.., shlves, stationary tubs and crev
ices where these hups do congregate,
will dispose of them, as also hot alum
water, one pound dissolved in three pints
boiling water, spraed or applied with
an old paint brush, above all, there must
he scrupulous cleanliness. No uncover
ed food left tn tempt them, no greasy
sinks and "smelly" dish cloths, no wet
cleaning rags tucked away Into corners
and dark places. i
An old Brooklyn housekeeper Is au
thority for tho statement that ants of
any sort can be routed by the free use
of air shaker! lime. Sprinkle freely In
the places they frequent and they will
leave at once. A Missouri remedy for
ants conslts In mixing n little tartar
emetic with an equal quantity of pow
dered sugar. Put In a saucer, moisten
with water to a cream and place where
ants are troublesome. If the water dries
away add more. This Is said to be un
failing. I
Garden ants can be driven away by
sprinkling ashes saturated with coal oil
about their haunts. Another good way
Is to locato their nests, place quick lime
nt the mouth and wash It down with boil
ing hot water.
Sister Bessie came running home from
the church bazaar In breathless excite- ,
ment. J
"Oh, mamma," she panted, "Billy met
with an accident down at the bazaar." i
"Dear me"' sighed the mother. "What
mischief is he In now? I declare he's a ,
bitter pill."
"Oh, but he won't be so bitter now.
He's sugar-coated. lie Just fell Into the
tub of soft molasses taffy." I
will be heard and heeded.
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