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Young Englishman Will Get $20,.
CCO If He Hits a Wife by
May of 1011.
M , I
r ' rr. Mnr3., Fob. 21 John R.
.. r Fnglhhmrin wlio Is to
j , i p hp married by May,
. .:i , bushels of letter?. Most
: u-i; '.vuinuii more or less
t. Alio throw themselves at
head. A girl who slrrnu herself
llt-on nf such nnd Mich a num-
i. 'Ma sttett. New York, writes-,
i read In the newspapers about
you 1 ''avc been plarcd In the same p)
il'loli, . cine. Ymi will get alone, t ad
n lr. yon -"itlni,' you prefer a position to
ii ,fo i the money. 1 liopo you will have
t . I ' icK iiinl ret all three."
u.itl.i i billet iloux 1r signed Janet
11 en. liav. She fays slio la a waitress In
oik of Child's restaurants, New York,
md rdds, enticingly:
" see .tan uio looking over marrliKable
la.l is Well, 1 am a nice American young
iadv and would Uko to get aceiualnted
w th n nice, respectable voting man,
wi'Ul. I think you are. I would like to
liuc sou pome to New York.
pi i 'lirl.t gel a position In the sub-
w i pi i . or at coney isianu wnen sum
mer i Mrs.
If y. n rnswer 1 will send you my
hoi .r address."
f i mother New York girl asserts she
V or tho stare and says, modestly:
ha o played a very small part In
, c Hippodrome here. 1 am u poor Kill
in'l ciic-t. but 1 have seen better days
I o.n ni'lp you get that fyi.OCO and help
re i add to It. Are vou on?"
r am on'y n child, hut I venture to
wri e you a. few lines," begins a young
y i.an of lioxbury, Malo. She proceeds
t write about 10,Vi) words describing
her personal appearance, hr amiable
deposition, her soulful aspirations, and
Mourlnp Mason she could be Infinitely
happy with him, and tWA
Some terfervM rtii!.'es from women
should have beer, written on asbestos
A Hoboken, N'. J, nn a.lv'&ea Mason
t marry anybody, set the rjO.rvm and
Invest It with him In a publishing house.
"You will trlplo your money In five
years," the altruistic, man from Ho
boken promises.
"Fawncy," says the surprised Mr
Mason. "Some of tho letters 1 got are
from fflrls In their teens. They ad
dress me most fam.llatly. call me p-t
names and Insist they love me Sum.'
even have called at my house, hut I am
not at home to female visitors. F.usm '
I have obtnlned good employment and 1
nssure you, my boy, I don't care a rap
about those four thousand pun' unle--I
meet n girl who Is really worth marrying."
Cured by Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound
Baltimore, Mil. "For four rears
my life was i misery to me. I suffered
irora irregularis
ties, terriblo drag-
m ww
ti- v., v,-,
Kitiff sensations,
extreme nervous
Senator Dillingham Tells Wash
ington Vermontcrs about It
Society Elects Offiicers
Baltimore & Ohio Declines to Ac
cede to Request for In
creased Wages.
Defenso Claims That Long Lost
Son Is Imposter Backed
by Gamblers.
H.iltlmorc, Feb. 22.-.The Order of
Itnllwny Conductors and th0 Urother
hood of Tttillwuy Trainmen, which have
undertaken to secure r peneral In
crease of wuses for nil employes In
those branches of the service on tlm
principal linen In the eastern part of
the 1'nlted States and In Canada, have
Buffered repulse al the very beelnnlnR;
iriven me, and I ain veeomincuiUnir it
to all my friends." Mrs. V. S. Kohd,
1U38 Lansdowuo St., Haltimnre, Md.
Tho iuo3t successful remedy in this
country for the euro of all forms of
female complaints is Lvillu K. i'ink-
ham's Vepretalilo Compound. It lias
stood the test of years and to-day is
Washington, Fob. IS.-TIm first rcttular
tneetliif; of the year of the WaMiliifiton
society of Vermontrrs at the WashliiKton
ilub house was one of the hcM attended
meetlntrs pvi.i- tu.td ji,nl ounilieied over
ness, and that all n hundred people. After the protif.im, a
JI0110 feeling in my social hour was enjoyed while, luncheon
Stomach. I had waa served.
Riven UP hope of Tho feature. of tlm evening was a
t-.er lieillK Vfeil ; speech by Hon. W. I'. Dllllm-Minm, tho of their cnmpalffti.
HV V ii ii in i senator from Vermont, on tho I Three weeks of
uiKe jjjuiii Ij. i liiK- hujjjort of Immltrratlon, In the audlenco
haill S V CROtUble Wl.ru ftpator 1'ubc nnd family. Judges
I 'w.. i,-.., ,1 'I hull 1 . . . ' .
lu u wiuiu, ' ' Staffoid and Itnbb and C. C. I P ntra of
tne patent office.
The senator spoke of the fact that In
tel ttl in il.e Immigration (pieillon calilo
In waves at different periods of our his
tory. Tlie first wum- of alarm was at thy
time of the Invasion from Ii eland Just
In fore the lvil War. Durlni? the last
ie vears the ci.untry has been seized
anew by f.ni of the alien Invatlon, and
The W. G. Reynolds Go
Furniture, Carpets, Linens
f felt as though
new life had heeu
more v. idely and successfully used than " immi-i-m,,,, ia . have been a nend
anv other female remedy. It has cured - "'' uwi ,,in conditions!. , it" ai iy im
thousands of womm who have been '"b.-riti-n .mie fiom northern l-nrope,
troubled with displacements, inflam-. "' V,1S( majority of
mation, ulceration, fibroid tumors, ir- ih "i.n.u-rnnts -ome from Miuthern K.i
reffiilarities, periodic pains, backache, I rope. Tie enat.u showed the briKht side
that bearing-dov.-n fooiiiiar, flatulency, , f tie iicn.ii ution piobiem by shoniuK
Indl Cfest ion, and nervous prostration, I Inn. tne t oi ImmlBrants was largely
K, It i, 1 1 M.l . .
ftlier au oiiuu iiio.hih nau laueti.
If you are sufferiutr from any of theso
ailments, don t aire up hopo until you
have plven l.yni.i J'.. 1'iriKiiam s yegc
table Compound a trial.
If vou woulil like, special nrtvlco
write to .Mrs. l'lnklimn, Ijynn,
ass., for !(. She lias guided
tlioii-nnds to hisiHIi. ftoo of
negotiations ho-
tween the ISaltlmore & i"ihld railroad,
atnoiur the (list to bo appronched In
the mnlter, ended to-dnv when the
company, tlirntf?h I'recldent Daniel Wll
'ard, declined to accede to tho demand.'
of tho organization.
Cambridge, Mass., Teh, 21. A huti
died days' wranple over thn rlshtful
claimant to the $750,000 estate of the
late Panlel Kussell of Melrose has not
only marked the case ns tho Jarndyce
and .larntiyce oi .MarsaenuscuH juris- 1
prudence, but has developed sufllclent
testimony to warrant criminal netlon
no matter which way the scales of
Justice falls.
A tall, dark halrcd.'well tanned man 1
from the plains of North Dakota stands ,
before the Middlesex probate court,
elthe" as the lone lost son of his fath ,
er, or one of tho most accomplished ( j:
Impostors In the local nnnals of tht t
Statu. He says he Is li.inlel lllake
Whittall's Rugs
Wilton and Body Brussels
A strike ! h.-'li ved to In Immlnert, ! uusseii. won msainearei vn a nut
bu' this action rests with the rank and aim mat no tnu not near ui ins i.nn-
llle of the trainmen of the system, some
S.fA) In number, who wll he polled at
once, a task which will cnnMiine about
ten days.
l'leslddit Ciartetson of the conductors
nnd President Ie of the trainmen canv
lo Haltln.ote life u.a!"- :iy .mil took
eharce ul the negotiation" with the Hal-! the Noith liakoia ,l.nt
tlmoie & Ohio. . vlre-pre' irlent of pnph Uou.Feau of .Malone, N. V., and that
er's death until n year after the es
tate had been practically nettled
opposite Mauds William C. Uu.sscll,
the elder son nnd principal benefl'lary
under the will. M't roundid In- an ar
rm- of the hlR'hest priced lawyers In
flic Stave. ii'I'M ret up th
Many home-makers nowadays
ilook for the name Whittall on their
1 prospective Rug purchases as natur-f
I ally as they scrutinize the back of a
;nyRLmels spoon for its Sterling, or a ring fori
If a leal oMate ad. Impresscr. you
ravorajly. answer It: for some ads. never
iced "o aipear mora than once.
Veterinarian Hart Itetlred, Vitpureullr
In mi, I'Niial ITenltli.
Mnntpeller. Teh ."2 Dr. Arthui II. H
f.owl, a n.irre velirlnarj surgeon who
had a lnrKP practice in this city and
surrourdlm; towns, was found dead In
bed this morrilnn at hi" homo on Cottaire
Mret In ll.irie. lir. I.ewls had a cas-e
at West Herllr. yesterday nfletnoon and
returned home about midnight lnt night,
retlrlnn aiip.irently In his usuti! health.
nr. Lewis wns bo.n In Dunham. I' Q.,
41 years ago. He was a Graduate of
'he Ontailo Veterinary college of the
Western Veterinary college at Kansas
1'tiv. ilo. For the past 1' years he had
i-Mded In U.irre and practiced Ills pro
Jion in Washington county. Ills fun-
ril will be held from his late home
'I'1 Mfdnv mornlnp; at ten o'clock and the
body will ho taken to Dunham for burial.
Corner of Building Blown Up by Dynamite- "50
Cars Out of Service Fencibles Prove Inade
quate and Lose Their Guns and Buttons.
Philadelphia, Pa., Fob. 22. Three ; Is a both, d of union sympathizers. In
ooys wore shot and probably fatally
Injured while several received less i-e-vore
wounds to-day In riots which
followod the resumption of service by
the Philadelphia itapld Transit com
pany. Tho shooting occurred In at
tacks on cars In the northeastern sec
tion. Fifteen o!lccir.en quarterttiX In the barn
tit the Philadelphia U.!d Tre.nHlt com
pany at Hldne aveuu and York street
tiarrowlj escaped death to-night when
the entire northwest "xirner of tho build
Ins was b.own a ay with dynamite. How J"'" P1 her" "; riPPCrt
th dynamite as place-l In the car barn I hl" nt- hV ry'' b"
Is a mystery. It evidently was exploded
In the toKct room In tho corner of the
building which was destroyed.
According to a statement Issusd to
:lfht 1 the Plulalelphla Hapld Transit
co'.pmj, tlie amount of dama-ge dons
lo day and tho number of assaults com
mitted ,y mobs woi creator than on
un prerinus day of tho fUrlke, although
the tenliory coven1 by the can of the
c ir.; -i" :vnt considerably less. Two
hundr and nlr.ety-Jlvo carB were de
inolishoi, making a total of 7F.0 cars
which have been put out of service nlnco
the beginning of tho utrlkc Saturday.
President Krugfr to-night notified Post-mai-trr
Ashhurst that tho company could
no lonrr Insuro tlm transportation of
ma.' although It would continue making
every effort In this direction. The noti
fication followed the attack on a mall
car o-nlsht.
Market street, the principal hunlne.is
U'oiouuhfare In th heart of the city,
was tho secno of disturbance all day.
Cari were stoned and two policemen
wore roughly handled by a mob of
Jovoral thousand persons. A dozen
irrests wero made and the prlsonorn
Maecd In a trolley ear. This '.van
itornied by tho mob and two of tho
prisoner!! esenped.
Propartalona worn mado by tho au
thorities to call upon the entlrn force
of the State mllltta If tho police to
morrow aro still unablo to copo with
tho situation.
President Murphy of the Pentrnl
J.ahor union still reRards a Benern)
Htrlko of all trndo unions In tho city
nt Inevitable, although Otx.iulr.er
Pratt l reported to ho opposing this
move. A deleptatlon of lahoi leaders
left for WashliiRton to-day to ask
Senator I'eiirofe to uso his Influence
for u peaceable solution of tho trouble.
Membor.s of tho State Fencibles, an
Independent military orKanlzatlnn,
Hbout 200 stronsr, wero placed on duty
to-day, armed with loaded muskets.
They wero dotalled In tho KonsliiKton
nill district In tho northoftat, which
Kvery year thousands of men and
women din of l;ldnoy disease who
tnllfht havo bfen c tiled If lis presence
Jind been dlii-iverod In tlino and a
prompt treatment with KldnelH adopt -od,
If you havo bio kaclio, kidney
trouble or other symptoms of kidney
disease, bcnln unlntc Klduots Imme
diately. PriiKKlsts and dealer:) sell It
for SO cents.
their first fklrmlsh thoy were badly
beaten by a mob which paid no atten
tion to tho drawn bayonet.'- and snatch
ed tlie muskets from the hands of the
young militiamen Members of the
Fencibles, accotrtlng to Mayor Itoy
burn, acted as though they were on
a picnic, allowing Klrls In tho mill
district to wear their caps and cut the
brass buttons off tholr clnthlnif.
At one point a croup of rioters cap
tured a member of the Fenclhles and
carrlod him several hundred feet frmn
hi in of
nnd c:u n
and threw them Into u sewer.
Tl'.e probably family Injuied boys
ar John Hushes, IS years old, shot
In the neck. W. n Collins aged 20
years, and John Walter Stab, iiRed IS
years. They were ttiken to a hospital.
Tho first received Ills injuries lato In
the afternoon, when a mob attacked a
car at Clermnnlown avenuo below
Westmoreland ureet. The thers wero
shot durlnit r. similar attack In the
snire "ecllon of the city.
fill. SpoH' Oonnthm Followed Pre
nenf.Kloii of Hilllillnc Site to Jlcn
n Inert on Miin Centennial
TiennlnKton, Feb. 22. During tho exci
cIlos cclehratliiK tho renlennl.il nnidwr
sary of Temphi Chapter, ltoynl Aich .Ma
sons, this evening a ;ift of Junj by Oil.
Kklln Scott, pro)i letor of th" Penning
ton Machine works, for the c, , ctloa of a
Mafonic Teiiijile here w.is riiiHjiiii'-.-d.
This followed tho nnnomirement c.r tho
gift of a tlto for a temple by Mr. nnd
.Mrs J. II. Norton. Tile proposed sile H
the lot on ihe north fid of .Main Mrect
between the Oingrceatlonal Church and
the nfllre of the llennlnKton IJU-etrlc com
pany In the centtr of the busincs.i tctlon
of tho village.
At the centennial exercises held 111 Ma
mjiiIc hall tho principal fualure.i of the
program were a history of Temple Chap
ter by Henry 1.. Stlllson uf HcnulnirUm
and a Masonic addies-.s by tlrand Seore
t.iry Henry II. P.osh of llurlimiton.
Colonel Scott Is prop! letor of one of tho
oldest Industries In tho village, manufac
luring powder and pulp mill mnohlnory
He took nn nctlve part In the erection of
the llennluslon llaltle monument and Is
planning to place at Pennington Center
during the toniliiK summer a statue of
Col, Beth Warner, leader of tho Oroen
Mountain Iloyn of Revolutionary days.
jeKUlntcd by the lnw of supply and de
mand of labor in this country. He told of
the trennndims growth of our Industries
and Hgrleiiltutal pursuits f-lnco the war,
til vast extension of our l'.ilWvnys, and
he showed how thU could never have
been brought about without the Kuio
pean labor which came over In answer to
this need. All of this duvelopment came
as a result of the national si If emitldeno
lesultlng from U." outcome of the Civil
War. Our fnnnlin area was then opened
it' the middle west erpial to the area of
several European countries, and the
great German and Hcindln ivlnn Invasion
i-aino over. When the war opened our
railroads measured about SOfi ml!e. or
enough to go 10 times .icioss the emitl-
nent To-day wo have ei.ongh to glldle
the earth lit tho fpinrtor nine times. Of
course then? people were nttr.ictid to our
shores because of our better conlltionn
of llvlnir. In many pain nf Europe sl.ill
ed Inbor gets but from to. to iJO rents for
a ten hour day. Hesldeu we have film
schools and the Immigrants are more
anxious to have their chlldien heconio
educated than ate our native Americans.
This Is especially true of the boyn.
The senator spoke especially of the fact
that the majority of tho graduates from
high ,-chonls In our Vetmonl towns weio
girls and that the boys did not seem to
appreciate the educational advantages
set before them. The senator then spoke
of the fact that statlstl-s show that In
the high schools In congestid rente! s at
tended by Immigrants the boys are tlm
earnest students, particularly the Jewish
boys, and In many of these schools W
per cent, of the graduates are hoy.
The senator said "Vou may t .lk about
n.ithe stock but unless you educate this
natives stock and discipline the minds
of the liys they wont stand the test."
The senator Intimated that our schools
should not make so much of ciainmiilg
I. c.t should teach the boys to think.
The senator refuted the statement that
European 'otintrles 'lumped their unde
slreabb's on our shores, by showing that
) per cent. of the Immigrants
at Kills Island know exactly
where they are going and havo
intelligent reasons for coming hero.
In an imeristlng manner he told how tho
iminltuin's alle.idy here write back home,
where a letter from Ameiiea Is often
p'i-.-(',l all throjgh the Buiope.m village.
It Is in this whv that the European emi
grants me kept posted ns to conditions
In America. Tlie ones who come heiu
are the Intelligent and thrifty elass-es.
p.esides, oui laws are very efficient In
excluding undesirables. The steamship
companies must carry back all undesira
ble" whom they have brought over am
mint pay a fine for having nr.iiight
them. This cause.? tho steamship rom
panh t to examine them h.-foro they im'c
Kurone. hnAlng regard lo our l uvs The
great Caiman line? brim; j" nianv
who have ?one from Italy and Iltifsi.i
tip to German reaports. If any if theso
were undesirable the steamship compan
ies would leave them In Germany, and
this displeased the German Koveruirient.
Hence th?.t government stationed patrols
nil along th" German frontier at which
Italians, IttiHlans and other Europeans
desiring to emigrate to Amerle-i are
amlned by Germans nocoidlng to '.h ta
qulrementa of the American laws.
I'nder our laws as thus ran led on: we
excluded f1,00 aliens in a single year;
organization went to Canndn and reprc
tentatlvcs proceeded to New Haven,
where negotiations are still In progress
with ne .ow York. New Haven A Unrt
ford. The Canadian load", approached,
namely, tho ( ni.adl.in I'ncIMc, Gland
Trunk and Toronto, Hamilton .S: Buffalo,
refued make concessions satisfactory
he has been barked In his flrfht for i
the llusell property bv n particularly
clever group of t'.nmhlprs In or about
Dlckln.on, N. D.
The charfres on both sides lmve been
sonsatlon.il and can not bo dlregarded
by either the prosecuting; attorneys of j
tho State or the nation. If the claim-
its 18k.
to i ho men nnd tho men are now belni; i ant's case is upheld, tho postolllce au
polled on tie cpieitlon of a stilke. I thorltles will 1" warranted In nrrpst-
i Inc some of the other side for forfflna I
MAY EXTEND THE TIME. cancellation ""'es nd rllllnp tic t
" ' malls.
I f on the other hand, the estate wins
Iteturiin of Corporation Income Mii-t)lp olnlmnnt, Who?e name will there- (
1 Would ole question. . fore be Kousseau and not ltu. r.e'l, ,
Washington. Teh. 22 A probable j stea nds as a perjurer and one who has
solution of the vo.xed question regarding . nttompted to obtain monoy undor fal--e
the making returns of net 'neomes bv ; pretenses Tho climax, however, seems
con-orations unki the eorporutlo,-. tax ' as far off a., when the opening words'
(why ?
We Tell You Briefly :
law Is supplied In n Joint resolulli.r: in
tinduced In the House to dav by He pi e
sentatlv" Moon (P.cpubllcani of Pennsyl
vania proposing to extend tho time of
making such returns to May 1, 1?10.
Thousands of complaints hae heen re
ceived by Congrcs protesting that the
returns on Incomes could not be made
by March 1, Ihe date originally fixed In
the law. The fnet that Mr Moon Is
chilrman of the House committee on re
vision of laws makes It piobable that
his lesoliitlon will be passed.
Tencner "What lessor do Lincoln'"
and Washington's birthdays t.-ich us?"
Hoy "That thete ain't room for .my
more of us to bo born In February."
were spoken on September 2-0. It Is
climated that the case has cost to
date $200, noo.
Jackson, Miss., Feb. 22. l.eroy Per
cy of Greenville wns chosen I". S. sen
ator fiom Mlsti-lppl to-nlcht on the
ISth ballot of the democratic caucus
by a majority of fivo votes over for
mer Governor Vardaman. The nomi
nation is equivalent to election.
Pueblo, Colo., Feb. 22. The pattern
storehouse of the Mlnnerpia plant of the
Colorado Fuel & Iron company was burn
ed to-night. The loss Is il.CA'OX
Two Destroyed by Fire 2,608 Windows Broken
and Nearly 500 Arrested 3,000 Additional
Policemen Two Girls and a Man Shot.
Philadelphia, Feb. 20. ItiotliiH' '
every section of this city followed
attempt of the Philadelphia Hup
Trail"!: company to operate Its in,,
here to-day. Pa'sengers and crew
were driven from the cars by Infurlttt
ed limlM of strike sympathizers and ri
nearly a score of Instances the aban
doned rnrs were burned or otherwise
destroyed. At nightfall every cur
was withdrawn from service
Stern measures, were adopted by the
police to quell the disorder and neatly
500 persons were arrested, charged
witli Incltli c; to i lot. Two :irls and
one man were shot h; stray bullets,
land many people weie i amoved lo
Mayor Jteybnrn to-;iljcht ordered
Police Director (May to swear In 3.00U
nriditionnl police and Issued a pro
"s droe the eonductor and motorman
'.i their posts and after the four wo
i passtmser.- l.ud left the ear, set It
.'re with waste taken from a nearbj
'ht car. The follow Inn car was nlso
uppcd and was being set on fire when
detachment of polbo and a chemical
tiv'lne readied tlie scene
In this same section Maiy Delln. aged
n eais, was hot In th" leg when tho po
di.o filed their revolvers In an effort to
heck th.) mob.
In the usually unlet residential section
uf Wesi Philadelphia, n.obs were formed
which for a time haftled the poll.'f Iron
l..irs and stums were piled on the tracks
mil several cars weie wreck".! Mounted
polu emeu ivere powcrles, to dlser,e the
rnolis here nnd a die hose was finally
brought into play.
Contradictory claims are rude by the
opposlriff fotce.s as to the nun., er of men
Tho executive conr 'ttue of the cen
tral labor union at a meeting this
afternoon, pl.dgod Loth moral and
financial support to the striking car
men Thny also decided to call a
sympathetic strike of every union man
In tho city In case Hie authorities put
111 eiYect their threat to operate tlie
25,118 at the potts of er.ili.Tkatlon, 11,115 cars with policemen and firemen.
nt the German frontier patrol stations i The most seriously Injuied person
clnmatluu putting in effect the riot act. I 'trike. The leaders of (lit Amalga- 1
mated Asfoe'atlon of Street nnd Electric
Hallway Employes -av thai G 2o0 nf the
T.t'.J emp!oes of the Trai - ' eotnpani
hae left their cars. The (initials of the
company say that 2.C0O of their employes '
rue loyal ami that regular service will I
bo resumed at daybreak to-nunow. '
and U!,f") from tlie Fnlted States.
On tho other hand we take ,'food enn
of those who do 1'ome. At Ellis Inland
thuy am well in ated. They are quite
helpless when they arrive because th''
In to-day's rioting was 13-yuar-ohl
Viola Iteavnn. who was shot In the
abdomen by a Mruy bullet from a po
liceman's revolver, as slut was atep
piruT from her home at H29 North 1.1th
langiuiro Is new and many havo come I street whilo a mob was attackini, 1'ivc
from eiouutry district". KspMal care Is trollev cars In front of the house.
tioAitsc, rniKiiis, tiiffv coi.ijs,
pain In client nnd sorn liinrts, are symp
toms that q iicl'ly develop Into a danger
ous lllnciu If the cold Is not cured,
Foley's Honey and Tar stops the rousli,
heals unil eases the congested pnrts, t,d
brlr.as ejulcl: relief. J. W. O'Sulllvan, 21
Church Htiect.
taken to net theni to their friends and
destination without molestation, and
they aro put aboard their trains without
giving an opportunity to any exploiters to
speak to them. Erpeclal care In taken
of the ylrU and women and every ef
fort is made to piotect them from the
white slave traffic.
The senator tpoke favorably of the fpc
llon of tho law which tends to distil.
bute the Immigrants around the coun
try and guards against congestion In tho I
cities. He alro outlined the valuable) 10
ports soon to come from tho Immigra
tion commission regarding cnnilltlona nf
Immigrants In thin country.
The Vermont Association uf tint District
of Columbia nt lis minimi business meet
ing elected the following offlccra; Presi
dent, D. S. Fletcher; flint vice-president,
John O'Conuell; second vice-president,
Col, M, C. Hooker; third vice-president,
F. O. Knight; corresponding secretary,
Grace Iteiss; recordlnif secretary, E. I..
Crundall; financial i-ocretary, N. J. Me
dium; treasurer, ll. T. Ofrteiiiinger. tiu
honorary presidents Included the Ver
mont delegation In Congress, .fuden c,
N. Jtebb, Judso W. P Stafford and
Hev. H. W. CJreen. After the business
mooting a miislrnl program was entnyid,
Enter a rollatloii was seiveul.
The Importation of W5 strike break
ers fiom New York led to an attack
on il.e barns and main orfhes of the
company at Eighth and Dauphin
stioets tills afternoon. Windows were
hi. .ken by ton,.s hurled by the not.
.vhlch was dispersed after 2i aires'
u.id been made.
Gient attention to de'tails was shmvu
Georce Feltsaup, aijed 22 years a
nurjo In the Friends' asylum, was also,b. ihoso eng;iiKed In wre. king and
struck by a stray bullet while hasten- 1 hiirnlni,- Hip cars. Hcforu the ear was
lnir to a train. Ills condition Is nut ' burned at 2tilh and Wharton streets,
critical. freight car on a nearby siding; was
Tho transit officials sav 2!'" cars forced across the street to block the j
wore wreckid. two lompbtely burned ! possible urrival of tiro engines The
and one partially burned by tho mobs pins were withdrawn from tho ca"
to-day. Two thousand six hundred and wheels and every possible proeni tion
eltrhl car windows were . tnai-hed. The , was i.iken to prevent the moving of
officials of tho company charite that
tiie rlotlnc was directed by union men.
Thoy say that nil their "nes excopt
thoso In tho noitheastern section of
tho city where the rioting wn. the
most severe, will be In operation to
morrow. Tho union loaders suy they will foice
thu company to aibltnite, Thev . liargu
that tlm company Pus for months, by
the ear ufter the torch had been ap
plied to tho cotton waste with whkh
It had been tilled.
Heforo the car at Fifth and Somer
set streets was set on fire, It was
raised fiom thu tracks with stone
Tho strikers and their sympathizers aio
displaying more bitterness against the
company than at any time iluilmt tin
Heavy, Impiiro blood uakes a muddy,
pimply complexion, headaches, nausea,
lndlKCHl"f' Thin blood makes you
weak, pale, sickly Hurdock Illood lilt
tuts makes the- blood rich, red, pur
ro.'ituroa perfect health.
r..(n. ...... .,1. ,.u I, ,,i.l Oil- strll:i, nf litur li, ...... i..... .i....
U t. .1 ! ll.'ll. Jl,' r.'UII l mi..-. I ' ". rm it, in , jvV llll 11IIIO UUI' i
deavorlni: to fori the union to strike i lug tho fmmer stilko wan the rioting,
and finally, by dsehaiglug a Iiiiko num- so widespread nor were there as many i
her of union men practically deelaicd a perroiu engaged In iitluckliiK the cars
lockout. 1 Men with union buttons wero found In
Duilns the mornlnurhoius cnis w'"' 'lie mobs every whero and they are chnrg i
run on every line with little difficulty e- ul wlili beliiK tho ilngleadeis In manv oi
cept In Iho mill district In KpiihIiuUoh. ihe distill bancps. More severe rioting Is
wlieiro cam were stoned by illsorih rly cxiiecled lo-inorrow, Tho order of Mayor
mohs. At tleen o'clock, the transit com Iti-ibum to swear in 3,t) additional police
puny officials annoimrtd Unit ears weie has also einbltterisl the men,
running on their regular Sunday who- o.nsldei nblo difficulty In being experl
dule. Shortly afterwards riots were re-,in.d by the frlendH ot those arrested
ported from scores of widely .separated ( In to-dav's riots In finding the prlMmi'rs
lneiilltlnn. a' ' " sPctirlng copies of the charge. It
in , ruined Hint prisoners aro being Kent
CAP. Ill UN ED.. 11 Y HOYS. , ,.,,,, bouses nt points far distant
At '.'(hli and Wharton stivels, In the ; .m '1 "IncPK whom the arrests tako
southeiii i-eet Ion uf tba diy, a luoh of , l i.
WHITTALL'S Rugs, notably the Anglo-Persians, are
the finest American Rugs, and they are the direct re
sult of one man's determination to produce the bestj
American Rug made, and yet to keep this output at '
prices well within reach of every purse,
THAT one man sUidied the art of rug-weaving for
years; how to select the wool of the Himalayan sheep;
how to make the sturdiest of yarns from that wool;
how to clean, scour and dye those yarns in a manner
totally different from that commonly employed; how to
dye those yarns to a perfect shade; how to weave those
yarns together by processes that secure firm, heavy,
solid fabric that will wear and wear! And then, his
greatest achievement of all: To capture the beauty, the
charm, the individuality of the hues, the satisfying,
quiet tones, the soft luster of Oriental Carpets and work
them together into designs unique, delightful, magnifi
cent! Homelovers seeing Whittall's Rugs forget the
price and admire the quality and beauty in place.
Whittall's Rues for Service
BUT with all their fineness and beauty and. tone Whit
tall's Rugs are not made alone as objets d' art, or for
little-used rooms where wear comes least, but for re
ception hall, library, dining-room, nursery, where daily
use the stress and strain of hundreds of footfalls, of
repeated sweepings, of sanitary cleaning will test the
weave and lasting qualities of the colorings.
11' mi. ill ii 4mi n!
ml! wniliaii dm aim ruues
AND for the best selection of these fine Rugs you should
come to our store where the "Ohlidema," "Peerless,'
"Anglo-Persian," " Anglo-Indian' and "Royal Wor
cesters" await inspection
The Siz3
22.2x36 in.
27 x54in.
36 x63in.
4.6x7.6 ft.
f 6x9 ft.
8.3x10.6 ft.
9x12 ft.
I 10.6x12 ft.
The Prices
For those who want cheaper
Rugs weVe prepared a showing of
Tapestry, Axminster and Velvet
Rugs which cover every grade from
$7.50 to $25 for the 9x12 sizes. You
cannot afford to buy without a call
on us-
The W. G. Reynolds Co.
Furniture, Carpets, Linens.

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