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AJvertlsln In this col
umn ono cent a word, each
Insertion, Copy tuny bo
changed every week. Cash
In ailvanco required. No
advertisement taken which
Is lens thnn twelve wortlo,
two lines. Special terms
to advertises using from
2r,l) to 1,000 linos within
twelve connccitlve months
OWNFRS OF FARMS vv lio wish to hire
help or to tell a farm. should use
this column. Nearly 0,000 copies of
this paper are sold every Issuo and
your advorthioment would be lead
by many possible buyers. 2ii,wtf
PAIR MOROAX JIOHSRS for sale, five
(uid six yearn old, Jet black, no mark.",
weight twenty-one hundred, n rice team.
Address F. VT. Williams, Whiting. Vt.
FARir FOR SALE 10 acres nice land,
migar orchard, plenty of wood awl
'umber, buildings In prood repair, and
on main road. Price S). K. L.
Miller, So. RoynJtnn, Vt. 'phone..
the law. C!et labels and order of the
Frco Press Job Print. ;2,d,1v3w
KOFTHTjOWN and Hampshlicdnwri ewa
and bucks. Several prize winners. Ap
ply Pliclburne Farms. K. Gebhardt,
manager 62.1i&3!,3t
"FARM FOR RALI1-3 miles fiom South
Royallon, rontnlns ruTP, suitably
divided Into titlge, pasture and timber,
I? mhI house. II room-', nevor-1ullln?
water at house and barns. Sugar bush,
0O treCF, also ripple orchard. Kiiy
terms. Price t4 0'.. For pnitlcnlars
address .1. G. Taylor. South Rnvulton,
Vt., or I" M. Weed. New Mart ford, N.
y 3),w:t.
Leghorn, great laying strain. li, lor only
05c or IX"T a hundred. Satisfaction
Riarantted. Cliucnoe P. Holbrook,
Hydo Park, Vt. DO.w.lit.
ING. This spring of M. O. Howe of
Ncwfane, Vt., who bus three new seed
ling varieties, each one of rpeciii x
cellenc. A new M.iti a pound kind -cut
by mall prepaid for 10 cents Two othets
of great promis and wonderful nut it
for quality nn.i productiveness, by mall
ench prepaid If. cents per pound. Now is 1
the tlmi to ct the best while potatoes
are low All by express or freight. Also
potato balls for seed re- potato seeds in
packets. 1X to t'W neds for 10 cents, pie
pald mall. Send for tree circular with
full particulars. M. O. Howe, Newfane,
Vt r.,wat
FOR SA.LIC- General stoic In New Kui,'
land town on R. M. R. It., neai rall
r iad station; first-class stock, conslst
ln of dry poods, Krocerie.s, boots,
shoes furniture, paints, oils and hard
ware: present owner has done business
here veals, hut desires to ro est ;
nlll s'll building and Mo k at a ptlco
that II make it an lnducumont for
ono who wants a clean business of from
JL'.Ouo to JlS.OfO per year; bulldlnns In
lirst-rlass condition; tenement with
modern improvements over the store.
For further particulars address K. care
of Manchester Union. 1",w It
NOTICE how little it costs to tell
thousands of readers In many towns
of Vermont what you have to sell or
what you wish to buy. Advertise In
the Free Prers and you will ret ro
plle. to your advertisement.
!3,wt f
A frond ncuso with store, and 6
acres, of lane, on North avenui, also a
good Imrn and Ice house, will bs sold
tot lesi than It wouK cos', to replace
th bulldi.njri!, a good point for buol
nesr. A 40 acre farm 3 miles from Tlur
llnarton, froort 10-room house, common
fcnm, nlci younR orchard, an extra
rood placi to maka money. If you
want a nlro little farm near the city,
now li your chance.
108 COI,I,12;lJ STUEKT.
I'ursona !i.i!nn early Vermont books
which tbif do net euro to keep art
nvltd to wr't to J L. Boui.hwU!!:. Uur-Vig-on.
Vt. d-wtf
Abaolutelr Wltbuut Pals.
The only ofilcu In Uurllnston, where
you cuu Kt teeth extracted without a
particle ot pain, without taking ga.
My method Is used by ro other pcron.
No pain; no daiiRer; no after effocts.
Pit, L. n. HA7.BN,
Ofllee, 1A5 Pine St., MurllnRton, VI.
Ofllc hour, 10 u fi, 7 tn 8.
168 North St. Tel. 965,
Call AnnlTered JJny or Night.
will find that lost
article by adver
tising it in THE
(Continued from I'lrnt Iiirc.)
Plnnpy and Miss Anna Sullivan have re
turned from nurlhiRton. --Henry W.
Hammond Is making exlitu-lvp tepalrs on
Ilainmnnd hall After a live weeks' Ill
ness with typhoid fever und complica
tions, L O. Allen Is ablo to sit up a little
while inch day. W. R. Cnsoy has taken
n position In Fowler. Mrs. Jnmes Fnrrelt
of Rutland Is visiting her parents, Mr.
and .Mrs, Patrick McMahou.
The annual meeting of district No. 3,
I. O. O. F will bo held with Addison
Encampment this evonlm?. Green Mnun
taln nncnmpnunit, No. S, of Htirllnmnii,
will exemplify the Royal Purplo deirree.
Mrs. Arthur Rice and child, who havo
been visiting her parents, .Mi', and Mrs.
Anion, have returned to their homo In
Albany, N. Y. Prank Root of Fort
Covington, N. T., Is with relative hete.
-Mrs .Mtmley Wlneh and child of Pltts
ford are visliing her mother, Mrs.
Margaret allium c -Mrs. Fdyth Stagg, a
teacher In Fair Haven, Is spending the
Faster vacation with bur patents, Mr, and
Mrs. F. p. Woods. Mr. and Mrs.
Napoleon lioudreau have leased the
Hope house on Court street. Work ban
been begun on the fair ground and sev
eral of the barn- and sheds have been
moved. Joseph Cnlvl Is to movo Into tho
Register block, where he will stay until
his new store on Main street Is completed.
Clideon Abbey of Rutland Is In town.
County Warden William II. Taft of
Waltham Saturday nrtesteil Runal Lar
reau for acting a guide lo a non-resident
hunter who had no license. The non
resident hunter is the father of Ivirreau
and he has gone to Now York .State. The
respondent was arraigned before Justice
A. Vt. Dickeni. pleaded guilty and was
bourd over to the June term of tho county
court Amon the new arrivals In lown
T-e (i. W. Johnson and George B. Whit"
of Leicester. W. L. Chatlleld of Gnorgla,
Henr F. Iaj and William Galvln of
Rlpton, Paul 5. Field of Salisbury anil
Thomas T Tollen of Tltusvllle. Pa.-In
the north part of tho rountv and ntotmd
Rrlslol ouo can buy all the potatoes they
want for 20 cents per bushel providing
thoy will can v them away There .ire
thousands of bushels of jotatoes In rho
county which the owners held for higher
prices last fall, when they coud have got
45 cents per bushel for them In the tlebl.
The Federation f table on College stieet,
which has been under lease for the past
throe years to slv R, F. 1). men tunning
out of Mlddlebury, will April 1 go Into
tho hands of Dr. R .1. Voscbnrg. who will
keep his huises and a lively In the stable.
Tim It. F. I), im n will find accommoda
tions there as prev lousiy. Miss Carrie
Dewey s visiting Mr. and Mrs George
F. Keefe .it Pt oetor, Miss Vlvin Stone
is vl'ltng her parents at Springfield - -George
M. Trncv Is visiting m Fnir
tln en.
Mrs. John Preston has returned fiom
Greene, N. Y . here she has been passim,-
the winter with her son, !r. Frank
Pie.ston. Mrs .b M.iMcrs of Montreal Is
vl-ltlnt: her uncle. William Sherrlll -Truman
J. Neton hns none to Swansea,
Mich., where h,. win ie-.lde.--Mr. and Mrs.
Stephen Biimiiiulii of Murllnmnn visited
1 ,7. "'J' ' ""iroucns. Hatnrday.-
I-.,,-..-, i,u,i on'ii iii me hiaie .Norma
school at Johnson is spending the Faster
i-acatlon with her parents, Mr and Jlrs
Pratt j yrel.-.M.ss Kmma Germain of
Rutland In vlsltlnw lier mother. Tho rite
of baptism was admliibered to seven in
fants at St. Paul's church Saturday.
A meeting of the Yersennes Milk Pro
ducers' assorlaton was held Saturday
afternoon at city hll ami a committee
composed of the directors were ordered
to draft a set of bv-laws for the associa
tion. The next meellnir will be held April
Noble Smith lias returned lo Crown
Point, N v.. alter a i.-lt to his sister,
Ml-. John Donovan, and ids brother,
JleiiM Smltli.-.Mi's. K. O. Norton and
daughter, Ruth, Mrs c. H. Cole ;md sls
i'i. Mls Anna Mai tin. and II. is. slack
i:ive none to Washington. I) r, for a
lei il.ijs' visit.-The IJaster offerhiK at
Hie Methodist Church Sunday was about
$: Charles Cliamherialn of West J.r-ii.-lnirtr
has moved to i ho Mbsos I!entntrw
lenrmcnt on Water stieet. -Mr and Mis.
Wilcox returned to Crown Point, N V ,
estorday after a visit to Mr. rind Mis.
W. R. Warner. Capt. M. Daniels and
Ml-s Ilattle Winslow liave new automo
biles. Tho lCpworth lnmie held
"lobweti" social In the parlors of the
Methodist Church Tuesday evening The
annual meeting of the Woman's Homo
Missionary social of the Conci continual
Church was held Friday afternoon. The
orferinc amounted to over
Manly 1). Marshall of Whitehall, x. y,
visited Ids parents, Mr. and Mrs. C l.
Marshull, Tuesday. Mis. Giles Hatch
returneil Tuesday from Schenectady, X
Y when she was callnl by the lilness
of her daughter, Mis. I..sll0 Arthur.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wtirrep Hame.s and son,
Wentnoith, of Trov, N. Y.. are uuests of
the Misses Ada and Jennie lirlstol Mrs.
eulthn Mm to bus returned from a visit
to relatives in New Yoik city and Al
ban. N. Y Mrs. F P Carney of Itu -linh'ton
islted her sister, Mrs. Fdward
J.arf.ui, Monday. -Mis Cyius Ilorsford
and son. Fredeilek, of Charlotlo nre vis
iting her parents, .Mr. and Mrs. William
Crosby -Henry P.ostwlek of Starksboro
visltisi Jarne.s Ripley Tuesday. The As
You Like It club was entertained Mon
d i.v evenlrg by Mrs. K. 13. McGovern,
Miss Fditii McGovein ajid Mrs. Vanco
W, Waterman at tho home of tho last.
April 12 "-he last meetina of tho season
will ba held with Mrs. Georso 'Hiorne,
Mrs. C. B. Haven, Alls. F. J. Phelps,
.Mrs. VY. Jodoln, Mlsn Wlllard and Mrs.
Carruthern entert.ilnlnfr. Miss P.catilc
(leoiKe Is out after un illness of pneu
monia. Le Vnnderhoof has moved to the rooms
In the Ryan block lately vacated by Mr
Phelps. -The cobweh sociable ulven Tues
day evenlnK by tli. ICpworih I.cncun In
(lie parlors of (lie Mfthodlst Church
netted the society whlei, will be ap
plied to church expense),. G Hnlli Is
movtnK to the Uirrow tenmnent ba'k of
the BtnvpiiK IIouse.--MisH Julia Rider of
lirlstol Is vtsltlriK her sister, Mrs. Leon
Adams. - Mrs Mary I'llllnw, who with her
BMiidilMiehter, Miss Mary PIlllnR, has
been pa v-Iiik the wlu'er with her sister,
Mrs. Carter Knnwle?, returned tn llurko
yenerday.-Miss Floience Made has
closed her school at Tnrrytown, N, V.,
and Is Ht the home of her parents, Mr.
und Mrs. Thomas Mac k - 11 Itenaud Is
on the sick lln.
A Finall bain together with a horse be-
Ioii'jIiik lo John Uurlui was burned Friday
afie'iiiion, Tlio lunch curt on Main
Btrecit owned by Ham UorKinun of llur-
linetun, mid maniiKcd by Weston Trudo
was destroyed by flra aliout ten o'clock
Frlduy iilBhl, It wn.s caused by tho ex
plosion of Kasollne. The hose company
reported and koI one .stream on the lire.
It made a .no bluzo while It lasted. -O,
W. McShano of llurlinitlon was in town
(Saturday, Mi h. I.. O. Chnplii and dauh
ter, Mildred, went Sntunlay to Washing
ton, 1), (!. Mr. and Mrs. (. P. Abeniethy
ari recovetlm; fiom IlineSH, -Mrs. D. R.
Hoswortli vlslteil her lelatlvoa In Kast
Mlddlebury laut week, Mm. Ruth Roburtu
of Klielhtiriie Is In town, fulled heie
b the lllne. s of tier brother und sister, K.
C. and Miss Win, Norton, The condition
or K. V. Norton and his il.ui"liler, Pliyllls,
Is unfavorable. Mrs. Norton Is seriously
111. Miss Klin Norton Is more comfortable.
They till have pneumonia. Ira Norton of
Rutland Is In town, called here by the
Illness of his bi other and sister. Ford
Thomas Is at home from Winchester, N.
H for the Fasler vneatlo...
Tho remains of Mrs. Plantha Nolan
were brousht hete from Plttsford Mills
last Saturday, and laken to tho resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Harlow.
(Sunday they wero tHken to New Haven
Mills for interment by the side of her
husband, There were InlcrcstliiK Raster
services nt all the local churches Sunday.
II. N. Olenson Is maklnc extensive Im
provements on the Interior of his tene
ment on Mountain avenue. Daniel Mon
roe of this town enlisted In Co. A, Mh
A'crmont regiment, August r, l'G4, when
bo was 14 years and nlnn months old. -W.
A. Lnwrrtice Is tnkltiK down find re
moving one of his barns on SprliiK street
Ralph T'almer and Wayne Hoswortli of
Mlddlebury CoIIcko and J Heme flurrltt
of Durllnston were In town over Monday.
Mr. and Mis. James Nutt went to Rns
ton lust Saturday, wheie th"y will make
their home with their son. Mr. and Mis.
o. M. Martin went to Soinervllle, Mass.,
Tuesday to reslde.Mlss Kdlth Hewitt of
Wellesley ('allege Is at home for the vaca
tion. -Mrs. Mnttle Parmlee. widow of Dr.
I'Nlson H. YouiiR, died at the family
home Monday mornlm; after an lllnewi
of seveial months. She s survived by
her mother. Mrs. D. s Paitnlee, two
biothers, elm ton and Durwood, and two
sisters. Mrs. Gertiude Allen and Mls
Roln.i Parmiee. The funeral was held
Wei'ne'dav iii'tcrnoen nt n"p o'elo,'U
at i lie hoiK-c . R.iy Hasklns was in )iur
llnitloii Saturday. Miss Mae .lln.tno vis
lied In YerKfimes Inst vek Ansel H.
Palmer I. as been appointed census eriu
mcinto" T-vo c.iwc, belutiKlni; to It. A.
Purlnton and V.. C. Norton, have been
tested, condemned and kilhel
Frank C Danforth, aneil years, dbvl
at the home of Ills son, (!. A. Danforth,
on .Maple i(iet Tuesday mornlnn with
pneumonia. e had been In ill health for
over li year. He Is smvlvecl by two sons,
GeorBi! A. of ibis town and I'dward of
Worcester, .Mass., nnd one dauuhter, Mrs.
A. K. F. Sniltli oT Piovldcnce. R. I. The
funeral will be held this afternoon
at two o'cloc k at the house.
Miss Gladvs Clark 'ins been v-Mtlng
relatl'es In Lincoln this week.--The fu
neial of Mis. Mattie Youni; was held nt
the family home jestetdny iifternoon,
The Rev. I K. Fsher ofllciated. The in
teiinent was In the family lot Green
wood ceinetet v. - Letters, ndvettlsetl are
for Mrs. R. W. linker. Miss Lucia Rou
eliette, W. A. Prices. Mrs. W 11. Ridley
of HurlinKlon Is v-Mtlni; Mts. N F.
Rleler. -Mrs. D. It. Hoswortli nnd chil
dren are at home from a visit of several
days In Fast MlddlBbury. Ray II. Clif
ford Is vlsltlnpr relatives in Stai itshoro. -Mr.
and Mrs. G. K. Rartlett of Richmond
were quests of Dr. and Mrs. G. F. Ed
munds .vesterday. Thev were here to at
tend the funeral of Mrs. Mattie YounK.
Jo.-hua W. Rlckwood, who died In Hur
lliiKtnn Tuesday, was a former resident
of this town nnd a member of Llbanus
I.cidtro, F. A: A. M. . of this town. --Mrs.
Fmina Cooley returned Monday from a
visit In Leicester Junction. The remains
of Mrs. liyron Garvcy vvete brnucht hete
from Novthfield Tuesday for burial In
Greenwood cemetery. Mrs. Garvey will
bo remembered as Mary Haines, a former
resident of this town. Miss' Clara Dun
sbee has letnrned to Proctor.
Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Mooie, who passed
last week at G. II. Hall's, have returned
to Tlcondeiosa.- Mis. Hoswortli of
Mooers. N. Y.. Is In town, coming lo at
tend Mr. At wood's funeral. -John Rico of
Springfield, Mass . passed Sundav with
Mi. and Mrs J. C. Moore -Mrs. L. II.
Tottlngbani Is III with bronchitis Misses
Kthel Jones. Lydla Raldwln and Gladys
Cook of Mlddlebury high school are pass
ing Raster vacation at their homes. Mr
and Mrs Gustavus Haldwin have moved
to C. H Kendall's farm known as the
Sevi rc per, place.-Dr. C. W. Kidder was
In Rnstnn la.st weik. Mr. and Mrs. John
Dickinson have moved to a farm In Or
well. BRroPORT.
Miss Thomas, a trained nurse from Hur
ltnUnn. is caring for O. K. Converse.
Call Smith lias bought the Daniel Hnestls
f.ino V. e are ICmnied that William
Hnestls has purchased Instead of hired
tho Daniel Sundci land farm Mr. and
Mrs. Waller Hrlggs has old a place to
Henry Garvev The proprietor of tho
Waldorf Astotla has pun based the
Marshall Smith farm and will erect cot
tages. The lufHnt daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Fi nest Myrlrk is recovering.-George
Atwood underwent an operation for ap
pendicitis at Mary Fletcher hospital last
week. Sidney Phelps, who resided hero
when a boy, recently visited in town.
Mrs. Charles Kllthorp has not been as
well of late, Mrs. C. G. Wing nnd son,
Jewott, have returned from the West
Ray Dayton has entered Hie employ of
Grosvenor Hrothers. The Hev. Georue
Dennett of Freeport, N. II . will occupy
the desk at the Congregational Church
Sunday. F. A. Kllthorp ban entered the
employ of William Grandey. -At the
Grange meeting April 12 tint first and see;,
ond degrees will be confer) ed on a class
Of six. Mrs. 1 1. K Rice 1 quite 111 with
facial erysipelas
Alton I afavelte has gone tn Rutland,
wliero he Is to work for Riley Purlnton.
Mr. and .Mrs. Wnlstou visited In Monktnn
Sunday. Mi.-s Taj lor of Rutland recently
visited her uncle, James King. Among
the sick this week nre Almon Norton,
James King, Flora O'Hryan and Eliza
Thompson. liny Clifford of Rrlslol U
spending u fc-vv days with his grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Clifford. C,
Miller was In town Satuiday. lie ha
i-cicuri il the contract for building thu now
town hall mid will begin work about the
middle of May. -Longfellow s night win
observed at the Giange meeting Filday
night ly quotations from Longfellow In
answer lo the toll call, Tho Installation
or now orflcers was put over until the
next meeting which will be April K. -The
funeral of Worden Stokes, who died at
Lincoln, was at tho llnptist Church hero
Saturday, The Rev. Mr. Ruufnrd offlcb
it t 1 assisted by the Rov. Franklin Hlnke
Initial wns In Mason Hill cemetery,--Krnest
Stoke.-! and family movo this week
to Lclceste.i, llielr futuro home. Miss
Miiudu Casey Is homo from her school In
Burlington. Mr. and Mrs, Harry Dun
.hi' and Miss Nelllo Welch of lirlstol
vlslled nt M. K, Ciovvley's over Sunday
- A good quantity of sugar has been made
by farmcra In this section, The largest mi
gar otchard In town Is owned by Walter
Smith who sets li.L'OO buckets tills year
Tim Ladles' Aid penny soclablti held
at Peter Daklns's Inst Friday evening wns
a. success, Neatly fl'J was reijlzed. lieu
lab Allen is visiting nt her lUile's, M. F.
Allen, Miss Josephine Klngsland Is visit
lug at Herbert Klngalnnd', Mrs, Ksniii
Palmer bus returned iifler visiting nt 'mm
dauKhtfi'H, Mrs, llenrv Rowley, In n5,
hiirne. I'biiilc.M Muzzy and fumlly urolim letiiriieci from Scheneclndy, N
vUlting In town, Isrutl Uurnuui U vUtll- bero aim him been with her dmmhtor,
ItiK at his Mother's, John (icrmali.
H. V. Field tuakltig a ID l.vs' busl
Mesfi trip to Mlrlilnan. -O. N Collins and
family of Sluueliaiii and Hcrlha Collins
of Hudson. N. y, (ir(, Uslllng their
parent, Mr and Mrs it W . Collins.
Mr. and Mrs. Henjatiiln I'nrpenter of
Illnesburg visited Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Carticnter this week - V. C Murray of
Hurllngton was In town last week. Mlsn
Rose Donovvny l a guest of her sister,
Mrs. Rowland Robinson.
Mrs. Anna Hoswortli ami sons from
lirlstol,' who have been vlslllng at A. A.
HoHrdman's nnd W. K. Klrby's the past
week, have returned home. -Miss Ruth
Russell Is iv Kiiest of her brother, Dusllti
Rusrfll, In Shelburno.-Mr. and Mrs.
George Hell of Rutland are visiting at A.
K. Whltney's.-nie Ijidles' Aid society
meet with Mrs. II, Rlnur I'Hday after
noon, April 1. Supper will be served.
Mips Anna Sheldon goes lo visit her
hrolher In Rutland Friday
Fred Smith Is very III with typhoid
tiro iitnnnla. Miss Stella Cross Is visiting
her aunt. Mrs. K. Carpenter Pearlle
Stagg of Rildport spent Sundav with his
parents, Mr and Mrs. B. Staiif. Charles
Hnestls of Hrldport Is moving to F.. (Car
penter's farm, which he Is to carry on
the coming year. -Mrs. George Sprngue
Ir. at Risln Harbor, caring for her moth
er, who is ciiilte ill with heart trouble.
Melvln Carpenter Is quite III. Wllber
HnScomb has purchased the f'hailes Kd
waids farm. Ir. Hraley of Concoid,
Mas . Is at Fred Smith's for a short
.'lav. -Mrs Kdlth Gough is visiting In
Middle'. -rv
Mrs. A. J. Hough had a sttoke of par
alysis Tuesday as she got out of her
wagon, and died al the homo of Mrs.
Amanda Wairen ni midnight. Her fun
eral was largolv attended at the home on
Saturday n-ftei noon - V. V. Hlackmer Is
home aftrr ..pending the winter In Middle-bury.-
Dr nella W Hrown. who has
been sick at the Rollln Hrown home, is
much better. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Stev
tus nto home from Rochester, N Y.
Miss Addle Rnvmond Is to teach In
Leyden, Mass. Judge Hrntieh retnnied
Saturday evening from I'aw'let, where lie
"pent ten days T. P Desjadon moves
this week tn the Jones farm and Joseph
Fortier moves to the Thomas farm.
Iir. De Witt Gieeiui of Murrain, N. Y.,
who has been visiting relatives here,
went to Charlotte Satuidav. - lien At
kins, who bad bis light ami crushed by
a log last week, has gore to a hospital
In Hurllngton.
Mr and Mrs. f'nron Fisher were sur
prised on the evening of March If, lv
about ."' of Ihdr neighbors and friends.
It being the fsth anniversary of their
marriage. A social time was enjoyed
and games played. Fine refreshments
were served hv the friends A gift was
left as a token of the esteem in which
they are held.
A. T. Lane and son. Donald, returned to
Ottawa, Canada, on Tuesday after a
several days' visit at C. H. Lane's.
Schools in town with the exception of No.
7 will begin Mond.u. A special Faster
service was held at the Congregational
Church Sundav. -Mrs. K, II. Matthews,
was called tn Hartfoid. Conn., Saturday
by the clealh of her aged grandfather.
On Wednesday evenlnsr of last week
nearly 71 friends and neighbors met
at the home of Mr. nnd Jlr. L. U.
Pod go. to make them a farewell visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Dodge are about to re
move to Proctor. J. S. Shaw present
ed Mr. and Mrs. 1 lodge a purse of
money Rollln Stone Is to occupy
Mrs. Cole's house this year.
The funeral of Warden Stokes was held
at the home of Clinton Pierce Satuiday
at 10 o'clock and the remains were t'iken
to Starki boio for Interment. The Rev.
Mr. Sanlord officiated. -Ho Sweet went
lo Hurllngton Saturday for a lew days'
stay. I'ranres Madigan returned home
with her. Jri emy York, the oldest resi
dent ill town, died Sundav Tho funeral
was held Wislncsda.v at the home of Wil
liam Yoik. his son. -K.o-ter eereses vein
held In the Hapllst Church Sunday morn
ing and in the afternoon the Rev. Mr.
Miller of Hristol spoke In the Methodist
Kplscopal Church in the absence of the
pastor. The address was followed bv
recitations and song bv tho children.
S. II. Buell s at Marry Fletcher hospital
J. K. Rhodes of St. Albnns visited his
cousin, L. II. Rhodes. Monday night -George
Atkins is quite III. Mrs. William
Nlchi'ls is confined to her lied. Mr'
.latneii Mondv Is III. Jonnes Turner Is
homo from Hancock for a few days. Mrs.
Josle Morgan has returned from Aloiirg,
where she liejj been the last two or three
weeks. I K. Grnver is ill with gnp.
?raw HAVEN
Th L.idlee' I'tiinn will give .-. s .?ar
social in the ball Friday evening. April I.
Mrs W W. Wilson j Hrlslol was the
guest of her brother. L J Kv crest and
family Tuesday Mr. I.. Potter and Miss
D..isy Pottc;r were In Huillngton Tuesday.
The Misses Hazel and Paulino Partch
have returned from Hiirllngton. Mr. R
W. McCuen of Vergenues was In town
Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Wllber Klngsley
nre guests of Mr. Kingsley'li sisters,
Mlstes Ida and Myrtle Klngsley. Mrs
K. Rowley, who his been sick some.
time, Is gaining rapidly -Mrs. Mary
Hoscoe was 111 with grip. Mrs. Louis I,
Uttle, who was operated on for appendi-
cits, Is gaining lapidly 'Miss Ida Kings
Icy, who has been spending her vacation
In Starksboro, has relumed home,
Mr. J. II. Church Is 111 with nervous
exhaustion. Mr.-. C. J I'lsk visited her
sister In Ilethel last week Mr.-. S. K.
l-'essendeii hi with her pjt nis for thu
summer Giiirge Robbhis has gone tn
Granville to work for L M. Church. -L.
J Robinson Is building an addition on
lus mill by the tunnel bildge and putting
In clapboard machinery. -Grace Perkins
of West Rochester wns the guest of Her
nice Katon Saturday nnd Sumbn .
Faster services were held nt the Meth
odist Kpiscopal Chinch last Sundav after
noon. William llntcli was lu Huillngton
on business Monday and Tuesdav -Arthur
Viinderhciof lias been lu Mlddle
bury and Cornwall visiting lel.iilvis
Like stieet school began Mondav with
Mary Adams as teacher. Tim north m I
nuiith schools, combined at the laltci -kchool
building, also began Monday wMi
Mrs. Groige Allen, leachcr. The l.adli
Homo t'ltclc "met Wednesday nneiiioon
with Mrs. 1". I-X Giandey.-The lake
this point denied itself nf Ico Mond.o
with the Kxcepilon or some soatteiliu:
lileces, vvlih h Is t lit llrst tllllo lu suv en
ycais that It has gnuti out in Marcli.
Robert Htovvc and sister of New Haven
tsiten in town Sunday Mrs Giles ai 'i
Mia, Leslie Arlhui While plowing for
Samuel (lalnes recently Wllllo Stagg
noticed n mass of blneU objects flitting
nbout In front of his horses and on ex
amination round them to bo a large num
ber of voung grass-boppeij .- The r.irmers
nro busy plowing nnd sinno sowing has
been done. The land which has good
drainage Is already too dry.
The llw, II. II. Wltftof Addlon called en
friends In town Mor.dny. Ho as accepted
a call to tho Haptlst Church In Hard
wlcl:. Mrs. L. A. Webster and daugh
ter were guests of Mlsn Hubbard In Hran
don Friday. Herbert Casey returned to
his homo In Wllllnmslown Hnlurday.
Mrs. Rack and daughter, Hazel, visited
In town ttturdny. llnrrljon AVooter,
who lias been very III nt hh daughter's,
Mrs, Henry Wells, Is Improving. -The
Hev. Isabell Phelps has returned lo her
parish In Snilnglleld, Maine, Misses Clara
nnd Kiln Keiiham nre moving to Pramlon,
where thov have bought a place. -Mrs. V
C. Kolev Is In Poultney visiting rela
tives. --Mts. Warien Raldwln was In
Hrnndnn Mondav. D. J. Hrown l Ivilld
Ing a barn on his place here Rotiin Keeler
has bought a farm of lleiheit Holmes.
Mr nnd Mrs Willi mi Keeler have moved
nnlo Ihelr farm In Cornwall Albert
Haldwin was the iruet of his parents
over Sundav. returning to Rutland Mon
dav -Miss Kdnn Haldwin of S.vracuse Is
Ilie guet ,.f hev parents. Herbert
Fnrnum N , . rklnc In c . Keicham's
store. -D. .1 Hrown Is mnvng Into his
lioiife vacated by N. w, Foster. Ilowmnn
Crosbv line ihe Paiker house. Mis. Kate
Ketchim Into the house vacated bv Mr.
Crosbv, Carroll .Veedhntn Into the
Keteham rnrm. and I'rnnk Rnwson and
brld" Into the Will, in r.i'i'i 'icnicd !,
Mr Ketrliam.- John Alne was in Mlddle
hltrv last week.
verv pteas.illt recepilon was tendered
tlie Rev nnd Mrs. While last TupmI.iv
evening Mr. White left on Mondav for
go.vls have gone but Mrs. White will ie- 1 home for their Raster v ,na' i"li Da
nu.l'i 'c r ,i few days.-MNs Kdlth I'.egnr i , , Al,n - ,v.d IT n.nl.'i .f fr.ui'-foot
Is at home for Faster vacation from her j .,, f . f ,s Thorp in ion boms
ehonl Ir. Cftstlet'in. --Lyman I'latk. ani.la w,,,t
old and respeeteil- itlzen. died at hi- ,,. .tt,.,h .,,.., ,vaH tl,r reelpiei.t of
home Tuerda.v
morning icft. r several
weeks' nines-. Hi was so verns of ate.
He leavos an aged widow, who Is In verv
feeble health, and three sons, Casper
and Waldo of this town and Rnvmond of
Australia. The funeral serviced were
conducted by the Rev. II. H White.
Stella Cross spent last week with friends
III West Addison - The cmlv daughter 'if
Daniel o'Connell died of c .in-iimiitlou
Inst week She was hut led in Mlddlebury.
Call and Th.nl Smith of RiMpeir' .lie
visiting In town The Ladles' Aid meet
at ihe ve-irv Mareli li c'lara 'Mr:, w.k
Ihe guest over Sundav of Christine Un
coil of Waltham. Carrie and Flora Wlll
marih ate home from Mldd'e ury high
school for Faster vacation Rodin Shr-
benn has the appointment of cenu I
taker nf this town and will commence
work, April 1.
Jane Rievird, whop premises were inld
cd seveial clavs ago, pleaded guilty Fri
day to keeping with intent to sell nnd
was -cntenrtd to serve three months hi
county Jail. -Mis. Frank Conrad Is visit
ing In Illnesburg. Rnv ilacomber has
c ompli'te'U bis engagement as cleik In
Kerry ,V Frechette's -toie and accepted
a similar iositinn In St .lohn-bnrv. Miss
Ilildn Mnnslleld, who has been visiting
town for several cln.va, went to Johnson
Saturday morning.-At the regular meet
ing or the grange Filday night tlm tblid
and fourth degieis wirt confeired on nine
cnrididaUs. A lai go iiumlHr or people
enjoyed a sugar party at A. H. Shannon's
sugai camp Thursday night. The Stowo
high school basket ball team played the
local team here Frlda and were' defeated,
tO to I.'.. Mi-s Jennie C.ildcrwood I.- visit
ing In St. Jobnsbnry Arthur Dufl'eny
has clofpcl his me.it market.
Miss l.enn In bev and Walter Alwnrd
weie married Moi unv lOMensiv e repairs
are being made on the Interior of ihe K.
P hall - Mrs. Laura P.niie of Wolcott
vi-lteel at I-' H. r.a-"tn lr.'s over Simday.
Mis. Moses Costello place wa- r tided
Saturd.i) ind quite ,i imtltv nf wh,skv
and beer was found c T. Pierce has
been appointrd census em. mi rater for the
village and 15. J. Mulcahv for the town
Robeit Stevenson of P. so n - t-tmn In
tow n.
Dr. Darling w.-i- in S: ' i i.-'.'p t Ties,
day Mis.- Abble Mason visited In I'alal-i
last week. J 11 Me'Loud iva .i hu-lness
visitor In St Johnshtir Tned.tv. Miss
Lulu Town of Morrlsv ot.. vi,p..d at i:.
M Davis's Tuesday
The IU v . I Ce.n.i inn ,,f J'tio-hone,
Idalio, Ins aciipted tie, ..ill to the
pa-lornle of the li.ipu-t i ..ui'h ami wnl
begin his duties here Mat l
Tile Faster services at the Conre'
g'ltlonal Church M o I iv f .". mo i
went attended by a , ongi i gaibn
which cotnpletel.v lit loci tl e . nurcti.
Tile deem ntlnns consisted wlic.,1. of
I'-lster Hllles and cut How ers the giTt
of .Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Devi- of Mt.
Vi'inon. N. Y. Mrs. Davis will be ie-
luembeiecl a- tne claughtei ol t ie lit"
Mr. nnd Mrs. 1 1, H .Mflcomher of this
village. The flowers were Liter dis
tributed among Ihe sl k of the pal
ish. Faster nnt.-lc was very a 'i cpl
nhly rendoreil by the c I oil' Tbreo
persons united with the e huivh.
A. It. I'oll.uisbno and Miss Grace M.
Lincoln, both of rndoiliill. weie re
centlv married at tho Congiea iiion.il
parsonage, by tho Rev, C C. Ada'n.
Harlow rbonipsoii went S.itnnla. 'o
Roxbury to ber.ln his dutle" n station
agent for the Ceinrnl Yei 'lioni f.'iil
wa v.
Mis, Jane Snvder, widow of Marvin
Snyder, died nt Fanny Allen bosplial yes
terday forenoon of llrlght's dlse.i-e. Slut
went to tho hospital a week ni;n lo-day
for tiealment. Mrs, Snyder was aLiout SO
years old. She camo to this village from
Milton nbout 40 years ago, Mr. rinvder
died about IS years ago. She is survived
bv one son, John L. Snyder of South
luidKe, Mass., mlll a Klori jt,.s, !nbln
son of Milton. Tim nrraiiReineuis fur Hie
funeral are not rompet,.d.
Mrs. Frank Nichols, who underwent an
operation at Fanny Allen hospital Satur
day, is doing well.
Mis Jennie Cnsavant nnd daughter.
Mil.. Theodore Stoppln and daughter of
Montpcller arrived heie last night, called
bv the death of Mtb, Caaavant's father,
i:iiur-oii Austin.
. . ,1, r ii-ley Is seriously til with pneu
i i i aid if nto llrlk'ht'H disease MRJ
i.iano ut Uui'lliiKUm U cuilutf (or hur,
" 1
Miss Daisy Fielder Is III with measles.
Mr, nnd Mr, Ralph llallruk and children
went Saturday lo Ktinsburg, where they
expect to make their home. -Mr. nnd Mrs.
Fdson Plntro nnd Mr and Mrs. Marble
Plercn - t tc, Stntksh.iro Saturday to
attend the funeial nf Worrlen Stokes.
Mrs. Georgia fierce will teach In Ihe
Pierce district and Mm. Alma Taft on
Ksst stteet tin i r schools to commence
A pi II 11.
The Misses Martha Norton nnd Jnnet.'e
Slmlttirk of the Kdmitnds hlgli schoo
and Miss Minnie Rrewster of the lirlstol
high school aie at home for the Faster
vacation. J. K. Andrews of Kssex June-
tiott li visiting his son, Fred. Miss Leah
liaglev still lemalns critically 111.
Mar.lnrle I.eah, only dnughler of Mr.
nnd Mrs, Gerald W. Ragley, died Wed
nesday nt 11:411 a. tn. with acute
RTlght's disease, aged seven years,
nine months. Clifford, young" son of
Mr unci Mr. R. J. Trnmble.v, Is 111 with
Mr. M.irv Clark ami family are III with
the grip, others on the sick list are liyron
Johnson, Maty Laninn, Ien.i ('luipmiin.
Mrs. James icnrlm and Homer Pryor.
Patrlck Frell i, turned from i'linny Allen
hospital SntidHl. and 'vas hnppllv sni
prlscd In llndlng his sirlng hoiiso cleaning
and paperl g done. Mrs. F. W. Clark
gave n dinner panv Wednesday. March
tt. - Florenc e .Metcnlf artlvecl S.ilurd iy for
he- Fiis.er vac ation. -Seth Johnson of
Hordentovvn. N. J.. Is vlsltlmr friends in
Wnshlngton Albert Lander returned
Thursday tn South Hero -James K.
Kennedy ha.' p-inhasid an automobile -There
was ,c m iple "iignr sociable at the
Methodist '-'.i.''opal church Fridey even
ing. Th lb : M. Kent cave a til.
on the lllllev i iiiiici.
Kobe i Hce n sovved a. res of
celts n-x wfe-k --Walla-e f'ulcm in ha
Bid e tn New Yolk Stale to wot k cm a
well me. 'Hue for J. A. William.
Georrre and Mei'rltt c.irpen'." ere
I v p. nh-isa at surmise n.irtv le-t Mond.u
evening. It being the T.'nd annlv ( rs.u y of
her blrthil iv Among the presents was a
set of six dining chairs. Paul Thompson
and friend of North C'hampl.iln street
vlslltil lehtlves In town over Sunday.
Miss K'b,; Williams Is pusslng bei roaster
vim, it or it her liouie hen -Fdw.inl
McGon.iii ,s p.ilntlng his residence on tne
r..c k-
' Mr- '..iv ll.inley returned Fiid.iv fiom
(lie 1-atitiv Mien bo-pllal, where she has
I he. i .i- i few Weeks George X. N.1V
I of S.ii.d. Hill, N Y. was n g lest over
Sundav of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. .
i G. N.iv Ml.s Genla Rarhnr. who li.es
with bet t.ranclparent'i, Mr. and Mrs li
II WiM.e, was taken to tin- Maty
Fletcher ho-pltal Saturday, wl" re -he
underwent an operation for append Ills
Vler condition Is reported serious. Ge.nge
Mnrks of Hurllngton has been visiting
at F. S Tomllnson'-i. Ml p. N. H Good
win is making repairs and aHei.nions In
the Interior of her house. Miss Florence
Hnxton teturns to Kssex Junction to
dav to pursue her studies In the high
.-chool after two weeks at home. Mrs.
Harriet Cleveland of Fairfax has been
vislllng at G. W. Foster's Ira C Morse
is 111.
Mr. and Mis. C. K Nay unci ch.idien of
Hurllnglon, who have been vl-itiug in
town for a few days, returned home
Monday. Mrs. G. W. Foster has been
visiting her daughter. Mis. T. W. Kuxton
in Cambridge. P. S. Mctilbbon lias mov
ed his family to i'.sscx Junction. Mi.
Me Gibbon I- lo care for Mr. Place. Mrs.
Max A. Kuzzell Is seriously ill Mi-s
.Mildred Kuxton, who has been vl.-r ug
at the home of her grandparents, M.
and Mrs. G,orge Foster, for thiee weeks,
leturned Tue.-dicy to her borne in t'lri
hi Idge. Miss Addle Cooper of St. All.an
has been visiting Miss Jennie M.m it
Mr. and Mrs. James Pollard and Mi- II
11. WllcUr were at Ike Fanny Allen i
pilal Tue.-day to see Miss Genla Hat lie
who recentlv unileiwent an opentlon f "
appendicitis. ,MI.-s Gertrude Garland of
Hurllngton has been visiting her hrotl et.
John Garland. New s has been received
here of ihe ciiti.'.il condition of Mt
Hose Porter Cole of I'hamplain. N Y
following an npet.uiun for cancel. .Mr
c le was until after lie r marriage a le.-i-ch'llt
of ih',.s village.
I .-. Morgan Is visiting her fa
Mr. Hukei In Pleasant Valley
ll.irrii'i Roger.- was tin' guest of
Kciw.uil l.-hiuu in Kiiiiingtoti over
Sun. l.i
Mi-.- Nina Hallntd and Miss
S'l-.m Illnckly weie In town ever Sun
day. Julian Well- I- moving to Swantnn.
-Mi-s A M. Ciowi and Mt.-s Kesslo
Johnson have relumed to town after
'pending the winter with friends in the
West and In M.issachu-eits Miss Lizzie
Harris of South Huillngton Is vls-ltlng In
town.- Mr. and Mi- Corv Caswell of
Plattsbiirpli have been at his fathers,
Allen Caswell - Miss Hell, who lias been
Ihe guest or Mis II Fuller, leturned
Mondav to liei home In I'-s.-ex Junction.
Mrs. Grant Petty and daughter,1 Rath, of
New London are visilbu in town.
II. o. an Vliet has received tho ap
pointment ns iciisiis enumerator for tho
town of Charlotte J .1 t.uiiulnn has
boi.;ht of Albert Hall bis hou-e and lot
.-Ituutiil In the sovtli pan of the town
and' adjoining Mr. ,'uli. lap's farm.
Lemuel Voncb ll nnd son of South Hero
have moved to ihe farm eelongltlg to tlio
Peter Stuc.v cbtati, whi. li they have
taken for the lotuli.g vc.ir. -Lucy RKh
and Robert Rich of Hiirlirgion and Henry
Piniiaui of P.rlghaiu Acadruiy arc visit
ing their gitinclpaienls, Dr. and Mrs.
Vainov, duiiiiR the Fisier vncntlon -Mi-s
S. A. Norton of S.iult Ste Marie,
Mich., Is visiting her e.-ter. Mrs. Irving
llliullcy. Mrs l''red Hein bus ri)lurmd to
her homo In the west t ut or the town
after spending three woks with her
mother, Mrs. St. Gungi. who Is 111 with
rheumatism Miss Anna Haves is at home
from the neimal s. ho. 1 at Johnson to
-pi ml ihe Knstct mvcss intn l.ei pan Ills,
.dr. and Mrs Daniel Have.-.
Miss Until Phillips of Milton is engaged
fur tne sptltlg tet in of e.'hool.
Harry lllituid went I i-t wic k to join
his unile In Idaho.-S. . l-'lvnu ot St.
Alliin- Is visiting al G W Granger's.
Mi-s Jane ITeni h lias gout to Milton in
it-idc.- Mr. and Mrs. I'llvif Uowurd
spent Faster Snnda.v at I. T. I low aid's.
Miss I'loience Smith has gone (o Wash
Ingtuii, D. c, im a two weeks' stay
Miss Lou Kidder Is visiting ill Hurling
ton. Kdgai Giow has bought tho place
In the village owned by George Moigau
and will move lioni his faun linmedliitn
ly. Fred Grow him bought Henry PiirU-Pl-'s
filllll anil ''-is take II possession
Mis. Susan Stole i.uaher ot tne Iti V
John T. Stune, UU'J m Clilt.iKo Mutch H.
Mrs Stone was well known In t' s nvvi
ix number of yearn ago and her on
preached In the f.'onsregnlion.'il churc'
for some time. Mrs. George Min kbr of
Milton Is visiting at II. F. Jink-.tr-
HvnriH Kidder Is nt home from Mldd'e
bury for n vveek n v ncntlnn. M.ss I i
Whipple of Rlcbford was In t. itn it
seveial dfi.v.s la't week - Mrs. I' Mur u
l 111.
LmluH Duell has been quite III wit! an
attack of nstlima and bron.lin - M s.
Duell was 111 with Ihe grip ,ct t' . ij
iltne. N, Smith who moved I . 'l.r i y
n month ago Is moving back to I r I n
c y r.itm and will work for 1, L lle e
Mt. St, Peter will move to Ri, hmnr.o
Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy o' cdi nc -passed
a few days Inst week wlti, t
daughter, Mrs. Aldrleh. Mr eed M
Alson Rollins returnnl Sundc
1 Fnderhllt, wheie they have hce g.
at G. C. Drlnkwater's s, viral
There Is no ftost In the giound .-
d.i s
.1 f .rm
i is are plowing.
At the missionary meetln be' '
(.'oiigrigatiotial Chinch riuncln
an interesting progrnm "
Pallets were lead 1. M - II. .
Mrs. N. K. Wright .Mr .;p..n.
diet. Mrs. Chn-r. Mit !.
Mrs. M. C Hair .n el M M 1
John Atchinson. ,)r i- . .i Inc'
bouse with Ihe gnp ' ,y 1 1 r -KlIu
Do .glass of I: t I , tioi
.it t lie Lome of Mr nnd . . ( .
1 est T! i.'Sday. I-', l-.vir ' , ,
I ,-.i;t e were rerentlv 'fi
ed 1 i s pnrohn d o' V '
l.o K e-.t "lieell. .Ml- I
ice . . ng lirr s. '
c.j lhridce Hollls Sip '
v l-illl g b,s Kofi. H P S'
tet li is ge.tir to Shelbt.re.
with i I- father - A '!
I. . Ml . -id Mr-. II i'"-If.-
Mr- l-onard wa- r
pltal ... -I week for tif '
Ml"- llnwl Knlghi v
er v a, ,i t n w it h .. r
Mi - D v K-ilghi. , ,
Spt I -iss Morula 'i'- -v
mm. Aptll l1- Mv '
line' "n Sundav to
in toe v -pltal Mr
-en . uteri 'Incd ! '
lh r
't'b'i ,1--
mra: 'I
re ic-;i t
I 111 VI 'et
C 111,1 ' 1. 1
: ird-t . t'
. Fad'i
dl -it ",
. win r. -
) Sue
r c
1 O' -.
II". '
A .11 tl
li . 1
1 r'-e,.
for t
.r t .
. a '
. It .
, t-iii.l) i-
ing c,er,---e Kim.."P Me- i.iel M
.iticl 'I is Hake worn fined f"
costs for Intoxication. All three vv
strangers In town.
Mi- . L. Wnlkrr and daucl.ter II
of I' n 1 1 it ct on at e' v it ng at J II .i
y L. Degree of IhT'lnc'in s'.'ije in '
Toe-el i
Hie (..
t ' " I -
drv an I t
I.-1-..1 Mill
The . . .ini'.-i"-,.
,i .1- I . the sklmi,-" 1
-.e, t. . t t
.ll. I rur -.Il . I . '
c .nrlccttf 'I'l i.i -.1 i V
1 f 1 rrned ' Ol i Me M
1 ' 'I ' .1 . l.lll- ' I'l
i K i ..- i :
it . .f rvrrieb' e ' .
.. , t "i bet f.itni t -
. . it ---ot er s ' 1..
'I' . -.1 i' ' lie l' .1
.; . . l le f of Ml. !'.'. il
Mi-- c'cil.l Spl". ie o' 1 .
mi i' - 1,, ! are -pending ti
' 1
' s
R t
v It1 thei- parents "'C
I i s s , 1 1' u ' i. 1 -I-".",
it, , hospital, .ir" .
M - M ir. Wilgbt Is ,i ...
.1 " ' The p ie ,1 . ,
M: - W .'ter H.irvev I- !
w is .it home ftoin H' rl'
d , v Hi. urn d Larnci of ' '
guest o; his brolh. : . ' "
:ii .
i r.i
I, Scum is oil il trip ' She.
to shonl pb kerel. ,1 .. .r.
centi' t . Ho-loii. wne i . . h
as inoi.'.'tiiati on ,.r c . . !
load on the -ceith -i.l .f li'
of the Duvhui v 111 e f" - mi
iie.irl .mpassable H-w't!
workmen Iriv i tikm .i
Jenett to gel tili'ber .ri.l t ..'
Pieston In: M , M ' '
children ' t. nc .1 Met
William-'. . t " v icie
stoipi'ui w i' li her n .. t.
for several months V - .t. -wetk
ill Westfo:.! ' Ir
Charles Pickett Mi Pi e. '
be en working for li Muzzt
woods during the w Intel-, v i- '
ily in WPktfonl Sunday und M
Mrs. Anlstatia Ciow'c. ci'
Hurley weie married it St. c i
Churcii Tr.'icl iv inorntre '-v Ih
A. i 'mil ; i 1'het le hl w as .1
w bile .-.!' lib a while ' t i,
white 1 - t Ion - T' e r de-'
Mis- K.u' ie Crowlej ai'd the '. st
Dennis llml.v fter ' shoit we.M i
trip thev v. ill reside .if Snelhuree s li
f.iims, which Mr. li'i-b t boiuhi a.
c Clark last fa" Mrs C !! Id his
rented the north s di of I. H D' ,'''
stoic and will mhui open n mill1"1 rv -MI-s
Maltu Stoddaid of Siuliu, 1
gilded school is homo for n two weeks'
v ni aion.
Knil Smith lias a pair of M.i nt . tt
Monkevs fot CNhlblth.il. Price ! n
to see them Mrs. Glrdln Smith I i
sick with the grip.
ce i
Manslleld Grangii g.ivc a
imp o
sugar supper Hiid soii.,1 lo c- i. - in .c
and friends Tuci-dny l.lghl Mr- 1. j'
Chopin and son, Kendall ret'.r. d f' i
I er mother's homo In I'nn i.l i Moudiiv
night. The Mlnses Alice and Girtri. i
llarniiin und Miss Klanclie H.-ivvl- It
ui'i' at homo from their lusperuvi on -lei,es.
in spend tho Un-tor a. atlon -Tlie
Women' lloine Mi- on. in - u
will hold their tnontbl i t n T'-iir-dny
nfiernoon at H ome . f Mr
lhil'l. After tho mlssl. ny nicitui n
I'Uslnoss meetltiB of t c Ladies' Al 1
mcluly will bo hr.1 He n G (
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