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Abnaki to Be Better Than Ever
This Year.
V. SI. C. A. Priwiiprliw Jit Out. (llln
Dotnlln Admission ltcRiilntlnnu
Very Ubrrn!- -n, X. ('lurk
Will Hp In Clinrate.
The prospectus for Camp Abnnltl, the
boyn' enmp conducted hy t lie StatP onm
vl'tcc of the Ynnn.t Men'n Christian hs
r elation? of Vermont nt lllhbaril'n point,
North Hero, has Just appeared. Tho
r imp will open for Its sixth "imwiii oil
hp "1 and rloso July "V The booklet
i -mtnlns complete Information about the
mp anil Is Illustrated with several cuts.
'arln;t for n Irice number of hoys
i' i amp I" n"t all easy task,
i (1 v, 1th all possible .-are, abso
'i.to 5-aety cannot ho jrunran
i.pd liy human power, hill every precnu
tlon Is taken 10 prevent dniifier of nny
kind. Over tlx huniirrrt younK men nnd
toys have been In ramp and no neeldent
laa ever happened.
Byron X. Clnrl:, field secretary of Ver
mont, who has hail nine years' camping
experience, will nyaln be the i:nip direc
tor. Associated with him will be Cupt.
C A. Palmer of Montreal, E. H. Head of
Jllchford, General Secretary K. Allen
of Burlington, General Secretary W. IT.
I'lloher of Monlpeller, Secretary .1, S.
Moran of Addison county, the Rev. 3. P.
Hlomflelrt of Montpeller, and other compe
tent leaders, who lovo and undori-tand
boys, one In charjfp of each tent.
'ITic camp Is supplied with dinlnc and
deeping tents, as well as lodge, cook
Souse, and an outfit adequate for the
torafort and pleasuro of all. There are
Ms steel boats ar.d two fine swimming
places one at the dock, where the water
V 20 feet deep, with sprint; board, and one
)n tho sandy hoaoh at the head of the
bay, where the water In shallow. There
V a good field for base ball, basket ball,
knots, track events, ar.d other sports.
The sanitary arrangements r.re excel
lent, the drinking water Is pure, and the
Jootl -will bo of the bent quality, good va
riety, and suflirlent tn quantity for hun
gry boys. Joseph Uipier of Turlington,
who was a conk In a Vermont regiment,
during the Civil Wcr, will again bo the
cook In charge. livery one -who has been
In camp knows wliat this announcement
will mean In noups, griddle cakes, pud
dings, etc
ThcTe. aro two swimming hours each
day, one at eleven o'clock and one at
four o'clock. Tho swimming will ho tn
enargo of an instructor. A base ball
leairuo will" bo formed and a schedule of
games played, tho winning team re
ceiving a pennant. The annual series of
track and nquntlo Bports will bo hold.
A number of tramps aie planned to points
of historical and other interest.
A Hhort religious service will he held
each morning and the .day clones with
sonj and prayer. There nrn both Cntholl
nnd Protestant churchos In North Hero.
All boys over twelve years of age. be
longing to any church club or Sunday
school In the FtntP. are eligible tn the
Beside the above Information and state
ment of plans tho prospectus rontnlns a
treat deal of general information as to
Lake Champlaln, the minor regulations
of tM camp, necessaries for a camping
outfit, etc. The camp rommlttpe for this
year is as follows:
Byron X. Clark, chairman; K. K. Allen,
vice-chairman; P. I.. North, treasurer; CJ.
A Duck, Hov S. P Hlomflpld. V. It.
l'lleher, Bruce McDonald, rtcv. H. P
Perry. H. K. Read, Wilbur Towle, C. A.
Palmer, Donald Macriregor, Col. F. J,.
Oreone, Rev. J. P. .Schneider and J
Udermen nnd noarrl of Chnrltlefc tn
Cnnwlder Alleged Irregularities.
An adjourned meeting of tho board of
ildermen wo! held Thursday to take
ictlon's on tho mayor's communication
complaining of the conduct nf the city
ilmshoue and to consider other burl
ness. A special meeting vt the city
council was also held, when Chnrles H.
Jones was elected water commissioner to
rucceed H. A. Kdson, resigned. The
board meeting was adlojrned to Thursday
evening. There was a lot moro talk
about tho poor house situation and tho
board, upon a resolution Introduced by
Alderman Barnes, fir.&llr ppolnted Itself
a committee t) Invcstlato tho mayor's
Following tho adoption of thla resolu-
'on, Alderman Clarke introduced a
resolution to thn effect that a copy of thn
i iayor's communication be sent to the
i h airman of tho board of charities and
t .at a reply in writing he made within
n week, and thnt when the leply was re
ceived an executive session of the cum
ailttee be called to consider tho matter
Thn mayor made another long speech
about conditions ut the almshouse In
reply to Alderman Cowlce, who wMied
thn mayor's communication referred to
Uio hoard of charities alone. Alderman
Ranborn attempted to Interrupt the
mayor, but wan unsuccessful. Mr. San
born explained later that ho was In favor
of nn Investigation but that he wished It
Jnne quietly so thnt the newspapers would
not have fo much to mv about It. The
mayor replied that the press i-hould know
ell about it, as publicity helped In making
Tho commltteo that wns to report on the
matter of land damages on tli proposed
rower In the south end of tho city did
not report as tho members had been
unable to Interview J J, PVnn, one of the
.and owners, A. O, Ferguson showed
some new plans for a sewer to the hoaid.
The commltteo have these plans and ac
tion will be taken on tho matter at Thurs
e'ny night's mooting.
The street commissioners reported favor-
ily on the petition of the N. E. T. & T.
Co., to lay n conduit on North Cnlon street,
between Pearl sttcet and lllckok Place
Tne' Army of
la Crowing Smeller Erery Day.
rupontMo bey a
only giTs
they permanently ,
cure leutijM-
tlta. Mi.
Iiotu wo
thefti for
mm, leiiiestiat, Sid tUnittht, Sallow 51th.
Genuine nunbeu Signature
rfleWJaWMIivMi m I
Jp ' -
Burlington People Can Tell You
Why It Is So.
. Donn's Kidney Pills euro tho cause of
disease, and that Is why tho cures ore
always lasting. This remedy strengthens
and tones up tho kidneys, helping them
to drive out of tho body tho liquid poi
sons that cause backnclip, headache and
dlstiesslng kidney ntul urlnnry com
plaints, llutllngton people testify to per
manent cures.
Mrs. I,. lierl"k, n King St.. Burling
ton, VI. , cays: "I have used Doan's Kid
ney Pills with veiy satisfactory results
nnd 1 nlw.iys recnnimcnd them when an
oppntttmlty presents Itself. They com
pletely relieved me of a severe nttnek
of kidney trouble in lSCS mid on nrcaslnns
since then tlfey have had tho ramo good
effect when 1 have felt any return of
my old ivnuble. The first symptom of
kidney complaint In my care was a shnrp
pain In my hick nud rilps. if I look
cold, It rctiPtnlly setthd In my kidneys
and at such t ires was so painful that
1 could pet s-'eep well. I aroso In the
morning feeling as If 1 had not heoii to
bed nl nil and I wns hardly able to begin
the day's work. Having my nttenttoi
called tn Doan's Kiilfcy Pills. I procured
a supply from the park Drug Store, and
I had only used tho contents of one box
brfo-o I felt much better. I continued
taking Doan's Kidney Pills nnd in a re
mnrknlily nhott time my foublc had en
tirely disappeared."
Por sate by nil dealers. Price f.O cents.
I'nster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, New York,
s,ol(i agents for the ITnlted Rtatcs.
Remember the name Doan's and tako
no other.
In this connection a resolution was
passed that a special committee, composed
of Aldermen Barnes, C'owles and O'Nell,
with tho mayor and city attorney, wait
upon the officers of the company and ask
that the city bo given free telephone ser
vice It; exchange for the street franchises
granted Thla was done upon tho urgent
solicitation of tho mayor.
A resolution that the north sldo of
Hlekok Place, between Oreeno nnd
Ish.tm streets, bo curbed, guttered and
walked, wns adopted.
Resolutions relating to the rules of the
park commissioners nnd to the cemetery
commissioners were read and adopted.
The rule's are practically tho same hs
the old ones mid were read to comply
with tho statutes so that thoy will be
At tho city council meeting the re
signation of II. A. lMon as water com
missioner was read and accepted, thn
resignation to toko afect Juno 1. Alder
man Dion nominated Alexander N. Lucia
as a candidate to succeed Mr. Edson
and Alderman Cowies nominated Chns.
H. Jones. On the first ballot Mr. Jones
received sewn votes nnd Mr. Lucia four
votes, nnd Mr. Jones was declared
Trro liny ntul lilirrele Do the Trick
mi Xnrtji Aipnilf.
A bicycle, a boy, and another boy, fin
nUhed material for a lengthy and lnter-
estliier trial Thuisil.iy in dty court. Al
fred Coure oy pleaded not guilty to a
charge of breach of the poare hut was
found guilty and fined fl.f) and co"-t of
Jl'J.41, which ho paid.
Sometime since It seems that Alfred,
who lives on North avenue, took a bicy
cle for repairs to one (leio. who lives
anoss the Mri'it. The repairs were not
satisfactory nnd Airred made remarks
to Mr. (Jcro. Gern, junior, aged 17 resent
ed the remarks and punched, pummclcd
and otiierwise m-iltivatul s-ald Allred.
Young Clrrn was brnugbt Into the hills
of Justice n.(i pk.uici Kullty to breach
of the peace Then he turned the tnbles
on Cotitirj ,m nated above. All of the
neichb .r m the racket and they wcro
all in i o rt Thursday to testify.
Hi en n Xn-i-Siippnrt ( lisp Mn.v Shnrp-
en Wlla.
"Vou can lead a horse to water, but you
can't make him drink," said City Attor
ney Vilas In his deepest ba.vs Thurs
afternoon In city court at the close of
the trial of IMward Bcvlns, or Lipolnt,
for non-support. "You ought to know,
you've got the rope," replied J J. Kn
rlght, whoso client, Bevlns, had Just been
sentenced to rerve ."0 days In Jr.ll.
Ha Bevlns, wife of Keloid, sat In court
wiiu meir tour montns old baby, Gladys,
while tho trial dragged through most of
the day. Mrs. Bevlns Is but IS years old.
She says that her husband wants to get
rid of he-r and the ciiiid.
Four or more weeks ago Mr. and Mrs.
Bevlna came to Burlington from IIIIls
boro, N. H., to live with tho former's
brother em College street. They did not
ngtee and things wont from bad to worse.
.Mrs. Bevlns says that her husband em
ployed several ruses to get . Id of her
and that she has been hungry. Mr. Bev
Ins's brother helped the family on several
The court was Inclined to mercy but
I'dward Bevlns did not manifest any de
slie to provide for his wife if ho were
given a chance. He was sentenced to
servo ?A days In Jail and his wlfo iyjd
child were turned over to tho poor "de
partment. AnvnnnxKn i.r.TTr.ns.
List of unclaimed letters remalnlns un
called for In tho Burlington, Vt., post
office for the week ending June 10, J9M:
Ira fteddo, Burlington Avalture Supply
Co., Antonio U'Amlco W. B, Dawson, I),
K. Hearing, Arthur Delage, Wilfred H.
Dion, Antonio Ouevln, Dr. K P. John
stone, J. C. McCabe, M I. Thomas, Wll
Ham C. Walker, Mr. nnd Mrs. II. 13. Whlt
temore. WOMEN'S LIST.
Mrs. Priil Aldrlch, Mrs. Marlon Ark
ley, Mrs. K, M. Baker, Catharno Boyd,
Mlf.i Annie Carry, Mrs. Agnes Cross,
Mrs. Mary Devlns, Mrs. Mngglo IIIIIr,
(Si, Miss Holmes, JS North I'nlnn street,
Mlrs Martha Hunt, Mrs. Olive Loyd, Mrs,
Pdward H. McDonald, Mrs Merchlm, M
South Chnmpltiln street, Mrs. Henry
Heckling. Mrs. S. H. Bargont, Miss Dorct
Stevens, Miss Callsta Tncy, Miss Mnry
Patella Cross, Fred Desoflleoro, Mrs,
Hu.slo Green, Henry Klvola, Mrs. Orra
Sleelu Morse,
T1IK ciixsi:uvtio.v OP NATUniVS
Applies k well to our phyalral state ns
In material things. C. .1. Budlong, Wash
ington, H, I. realized his condition and
took warning before It was too late. He
mys: "I Buffered novrrely from kidney
ttouble, tho disease being hereditary In
our family. I linve taken four bottle of
Foley's Kidney Hemeily, and now con
sider myself thoroughly cured. This
should bo a wntiilns to all not to ne
glect taking Foley's Kidney Homedy until
It Is too late. J. W. O'Sulllvan, U Church
Convention Closed Thursday
with Installation of Officers.
I'lnep of Meeting for Next Year Not
Determined Aitilre(iei by Dr.
.ttmlrinril of Klielhurne nnd
Oilier flood Attendance.
The closing session of the 33th nnnual
convention of the Urn nil Chapter of Ver
mont, Order of Keestetn Strr, was held
Thursday evening at tho Masonic Tem
ple with tho Installation of officers, who
had heo nelected nt thn nttprnoon session.
The meeting of the morning was leg
islative In character. The report of
various officers were received. Mrs. Lil
lian Clement of this city delivered the rd
diess of welcome to which Mrs. II. L.
ftlllson of Bennington responded. The
annul patron, Dr. P. R. Htoddnrd of Hhel-
liu.-ne. and the grand matron, Mrs, Chris
tina Borland of South Londonderry, also
Dr. Stoddard, nfter speaking nt length
upon the work of the past year und the
ptate of tho order, concluded with tho
following words. "As, for the second
time. I .-urreniler to you my Jewel, I wish
to thank von for your confidence shown
by my te-ctcetlou last year. I have en
deavored to do my duty an I saw It.
The last year has been a good year In
1'nskrn Star work, Seed has ben sown
that I hope the Ornnd Chapter may reap
in the nenr futuro. nnd despite the many
other frate'nnl organizations, we are
still griming, nnd our noble ordr will
continue to glow as long as the world
stands because It Is f-o closely allied to
Mnsonry, tho oldest and largest fraternal
order In the world, Let us strive to do
our work well, lending the helping hand
wherever possible and In so doing prac
tice the prpcpDts of our order."
The following officers were elected dur
ing the afternoon! Grand Patron, Arthur
G Spauldlng of Ludlow; grand matron,
Mrs. II. L. Sttllson of Bennington; asso-
elate grand patron, George P. I.eland of
Springfield; associate grand mutton, Mrs.
Klla P. Weeks of St Johnsbury; grand
secretary, H. L. Stl'j.n of Bennington;
gland treasurer, Mrs. ICtta P. Praser of
Windsor; grand conductress. Mrs. Dana
N. Coy of Windsor, nssoclite grand
conductress, Mis Gertrude P Ituell
of South Strafford; grand ward
er Mrs. Abhlo P. Stone of Barre.
The appointive officers are: Grand lec
turer, Mrs. Ruby C. Hiiwley nf Rich
ford; committee em foreign correspond
ence, Mrs. Ellda Dunham of Barre; grand
mnrshal, Mrs. Laura B. Cole of Benning
ton; grand Adah, Mrs. Hattle Jones of
Richmond; grand Ruth. Miss Kate Ran
dall nf Crnftshnry; grand P.sther, Mrs.
Florence Pierce of Barton; grnnd
Martha, Mrs". Josle L. Pierce
of Johnson; Grand Klecta, Mrs.
P. It. Stoddard of Shclhurne; grand
organist, Miss Kdlth A. Brown of Lud
low; grand sentinel, II. C. Eaton of Ar
lington; grand chaplain, Mrs. Abble Ran
dnll of Wells River. The district depu
ties, grand patron nnd grand matron aro
iih follows: No. 1, W. T. Parnhnm of
Poultney nnd Mrs. Grace Richmond of
Rutland; No. 2, Charles Howard of Bel
lows Palls and Mis. Grace Richardson of
Townshend; No. 3. Charles W. Brown of
White Rtvpr Junction nnd Mrs. Nettle
Sargent of South Royalton; No. t, D. E.
Mason of Montpeller and Mrs. Luclnda
Cleveland of Randolph; No. Arthur
Lang of St. Johnsbury and Mrs. Annie
Dole of Danville; No. C. E. II. Sherwln
of Johnson and Mrs. A. R. Campbell of
Morrlsvllle; No 7, P. W. Baldwin of Bar
ton nnd Mrs Ada B. Hill nf Newport;
No. s. Prank E. Blgwood of Wtnooskl and
Mrs. Cnrile Sturtevant of East Fairfield;
No. ;i. O. K. Collins of Stimeham and Mrs.
Serapha Sneeden of Bristol.
At the evening session the ofllcers were
Installed Mrs. G. F. Leland, past grand
matron, of Springfield, acting as Installing
The place of meeting for the convention
next year was not decided upon, but It
Is probable that It will not be Burlington.
It Is thought that It would be advisable
to hold the convention next year on tho
east side of the State because of the
good effect It would have on the chapters
of that side. In future years It may bo
that the convention will alternate between
the east and west side. Over 200 members
nttondi'd this year's session.
('nil hsueil by M. ft. I.eary for Slnte
lliillirrlng In St, Albnns.
The call for the democratic State
convention was rent out Thursday by
M, G. I.eary, secretary of the demo
cratic State committee. It Is given
below in full:
"A "Convention of the democratic
voters of tho StatP of Vermont Is here
by called to meet nt St, Albans, Vt.,
Thursday, July 14. 1010. at eleven
o'clock In the forenoon, to nominate
candldnti-s for the office of Governor,
Lieutenant-Governor, Treasurer, Sec
retary of State. Auditor of Accounts
and Attorney-Gi'iiornl to bo supported
by the freemen of the State nt the bl
ennlnl election to he held Tuesday,
September C...A. T) 101ft.
Also to elect a State committee for
the enu'ng two years, and to trans
act any other business to hi done by
the convention.
Hepresentntlon tn the convention
will be on the basis of one delegate
from each town and city and one
additional delegate for each fifty vot
ers or major fraction thereof, cast for
the democratic, candidate for governor
In inns.
Delegates nre to be chosen at cau
cuses, called by the democratic com
mittee of each town or city, and should
provide themselves with credentials,
signed by tho chairman and secretary
of the caucus nt which they ate elected
and present the same to the demo
cratic State committee, whl"h Is tho
committee on credentials, at Its head
quarters at the American House, Im
mediately on their arrival ut St. Al
bans. A duplicate copy of tho credentials
should also U malUd Immediately on
tholr election as such delegates to M.
G, Le-nry, secretary of tho democratic
Stale committee ut Burlington, Vt.
Cnurunns to elect dplegaten to this
convention shall be hnhl Friday, July
I. 1910.
Further Information will be found
on the blank credentials sent to each
town and city committee.
Dated nt llprllngton, Vermont, thin
!th day of June, 1910.
Kmory 8. ITarrli, chairman, Allen T
CeJhoun, B. II, Bullard, John W. Thurji-
wn, j, iv. jvouey, j. j. Tnompson, w. i
Huapell, 0. L. Gates, M, C. Knight, O. C.
I Miller, V. V, Carmody, Phil H. Howei, M.
J. Moran, M. J. Wnlsh, M. O. Lenry,
fecrotary, dctuocrntlc Slnto committee.
The rcpiehtntntlon by counties Is nn
follows: Addison, .11; Bennington, 3";
Caledonia, 41; Chittenden, 78; Kssex, 10;
Pronklln, 47; Grand Isle, 12; Lamoille,
IS; Orange, 3fl; Orleans, I1; Rutlnnd, filj
Washington, Mj Windham, 40; Windsor,
43. Addison shows a loss of one delegate,
Caledonia gnlned three, Chittenden six,
Grand Islo three and Orange one; Rutland
looses six delegates and Windham gains
Thn committee on resolutions are: P. M,
Meldon of Rutlnnd, V. A. Bullard of Bur
lington, C. D, Watson of St. Albans, II,
B. Howe of St. .lnhnsbnry, P. H. Pratt
of Brattlchoro and P. ..i. Bryan of Mont
poller, This committee will moko the plat
form, which will be published In different
newspapers previous to the convention.
ThleiCK riot Xo Money lleenime None
Wat Left There.
Tho fruit storo on Poor! street nenr
George, owned' by n Syrian nnmod
Brlre, was broken Into yesterday aft
ernoon. The nmotint of goods taken
In not known but no cash Is missing
as none wns left In the drawer. A
week ago the penny-ln-th"-slot ma
chine, which hangs near the door, was
broken Into and robbed of Ita con
tents, two dollars In cash.
The entrance yesterday was made
by means of the rear door, which was
forced open with n heavy knife or
bar. Another door on the Interior wa.i
forced open in tho samo manner.
Both were fastened hy bolts. Brlce
loft the storo In the morning with
everything all right and upon his re
turn In the afternoon found the door
open. The proprietor Is at a loss to
explain the rennon for the persecu
tion. He Ik not aware of having ony
enemies and has been In the city only
a short time.
HI Wlfp lias Peutpnep Suspended nnd
Ho I'romlftpii tn Work,
Kdwnrd Kevins, who was tried In city
court on Saturday for the non-support of
his wife and who was sentence-d to serve
iy days in Jail, Is ngaln a free man, thanks
to his wife. On application to tho city
court by Mrs. Bevlns, sentence was sus-
penciled and he was placed In the hands
of the probation officer. Edward then
walked away with his wife, who carried
her small baby over ono shoulder.
Edward was first arrested on the com
plaint of Mis. Bevlns, they both belm.
recent arrivals in the city. Since Thurs
day Mrs. Bevlns remained most of the
tlmo about police headquarters and the
lusty squalls of her Infant made the plaoi'
resemble a nursery Mr. Bevlns has prom
ised to do better and It Is expected that
they will move from the city
Cnnaillnn-Anierlenn Citizen Orgnnlre
or Kiltlrallnnnl Purposes.
At a meeting nf a largo number of
Canadian-American citizens Saturday
evening a political club was organized
under the name "L'Pnlon Politique
Canado-Amerlcalne" and tho following
officers wete elected: President, 7.nxUv."
Gravel; vice-president. Arscne Boucher
secretary ar.d treasurer, J. N. Olngrns.
The object of the club Is to educntp Its
members nnd their fellow countrymen In
the technicalities of the political situa
tion and help. them Jn any way whatever
to do their political duty as American
nrsi.t:ts ami politics.
(I'rom the Bennington Banner.)
There has been a rooiI deal of talli
In this cnmpalBii in Vermont about
the relative merits of business and
professional men In office, but that
there are dancers from too much bus
iness connected with politics Is shown
by tho following from tho Saturday
LvenliiR Tost:
'It Is recalled, with pain, that ten
years nreo the stock of the Metropoll
tan street railway of New Vorlc sold
nt two hundred nnd sixty-nine dollar
share. Tor some time tho conceit!
has been In the hands of a receiver,
and recently Its assets wero put up
at auction. Investors have lost a
ttreat ninny million dollars nnd the
non-lnvestlnir public has lost vast
sums of time and comfort; for, whllo
the Metropolitan management was
JtiKKltnir securities, ancient horse cars
lumbered nlonrr Important lines. At
present the Now Voik street car
equipment Is decidedly Inferior to
thnt of Chicago and other cities. The
persons who were most prominent In
runli'ously manipulating the rtreetcar
system wero also most prominent In
manipulating city politics.
"Pitiful old nrlts that mlsht have
heen palmed off for street cars on the
populacH of Bed Pot; tell years afro
now lurch throuRh the heart of Phil
adelphia. Their deci epltude Is so ex
treme that It speins a shame to rldo
In tlipm. Along with the losses of
tlmo and comfort entailed by a
wretched service, the people of Phil
adelphia have lost some million:, of
money through depreciation of ln
flntpd end manipulated street rail
way securities. There, also, the fami
ly relationship, between traction and
politics was notorious.
"Other cities have passed through
the same harrowing experiences of a
polltlco-flmmclnl partneishlp. On the
broader Held of national politics th
trail of the partnership, Kenornlly
sponklntr, Is less clearly defined, yet
It always runs to the place that the
silverware Olsappeaiod from. Butl
Iness and politics novor Kt together,
except for loot. To keep politics nut
of business as In the case of the
poatofflre department Is desirable.
Tint to keep buclneas out nf politics
Is even more desirable. That, pssen
Malty, Is whnt Insursency means."
Of course this hasn't anything to do
with the present campaign In ' Ver
mont except as a warnlns that Is al
ways applicable In every campaign
that voters should be cnreful about
eloctlner men to any office If thoy nro
so closely allied to nny corporation
or Interest that they nro In dansrer,
cveui unconFclously, of prostituting
thoir public activities to tho benefit
of somo private enterprise.
The fond mother I hope you ure very
particular, nurse, only to tako baby lii
nice streetH -I'm so afraid of him catch
ing anything.
Nur.so (the ever-truthful)-Oh, yes, In
deed, the llttlo darling. 1 ahvaj.s goiw
straight to tho pnik and avoids un
'eiilthy eerms.-HkPtch.
It lti nnby Oa Cutting Teeth
Be sure and use that old and woll-trled
lomedy, Mrs. Wlnelow's Soothlnn Sy
rup, 'or children teething, it soothua
the child, soften the guina, ullaya all
pain, cures wind colic and la the heal
remedy for Diarrhoea. Tirenty-ilv
Mots bottla.
Almost 4,000 at tho State Labor-
atory during One Quarter.
Manufacturer nf Pood Products, Are
Bracing I'p nlnng the Lines of Pur
ity, lint Perfection linn Nut
Yet lleen Attained.
The quarterly bulletin of the State i
beinrd e.f health, hearlncr elnto of June
1, Is .lust out. It contains a report of
the specimens examined at the Slot"
lahotntory of hyfrlene durlnir Jnnn
nry, l"pbrunry nnd Mnreh, the f'rst
qnartpr of tho yenr. The total num
ber of examinations was .V'92, of '
which S.IP.t were cultures fo- diph
theria bacilli, r. 7 were putum for i
tubptcule bacilli, 2 OS were of mill: nn 1 '
cally nil the samples below standnnl
wpro so branded becnuso they were
.11,.,. T-ln-1,. ,f .....a Cm. Tit,.--
illrt. Llrrht of these came from Bui-
llni?ton. Of 'he 204 snmples of food
samllie.l 1I2 wore nbovo standard, 3.1
, .
were below and n Inn worn unclassified
The foods that fulled to pass were not
i,....n.. u in tnnnnr
scored so heavily ns In some formei
bulletins, Indlcntlno; that mnnufnctiir-
oi-H nre beclnnlmr to sen tho error of
oih are iiemni nif, u .y
their ways. Home Interesting com-
ments are made, however
samples of butter were found to be
oleomargarine: somo bnlelnrr powders
wero alum phosphate powders; fcome
frankfurters were artificially colored,
while some other forms of snusage
merely '"passed"; some sardines wero
packed In olive oil and some In cotton
seed oil; .some fBS were "practically
free from Insects," while nome pvnp
oriited apples wero "freo from in
sects"; some extracts were found to
be colored Imitations, eif 2" samples
nf drill's examined. U. were loaal and
12 llleiral. Most of tho Illegal brands
boro mlsleadlntr labels. The bulletin
closes with nn article Jn the "danKor
ous nnd deadly house fly" and an ap
peal for a sane and safe observance
of the I'ourth of July. These articles
follow :
norsi: flv.
The most abundant and widely dis
tributed of pestilent insects Is the com
mon house lly (Musca domesticn), con
stituting nbo.it W per cent, of tho vnriour
species of tiles found about barns nnd
houses. This hexapod "mixer" has about
lO.f.09 very fine hairs on Its feet, from
which oil exudes constantly, ennblliiK the
fly to wall; (hy capillary attraction) In any
position on n dry mm fare which Is not
too dusty. The house lly breeds preferably
In horse manure, though at times In
Knrhage or human feces-, the full cycle
of development from the pkk being nine
or ten days. Itltchlo says It Is estimated
that In one summer E"0 flies may hatch
In a cubic Inch of manure, If this Is left
The hairy nature of Its feet makes the
lly an unrivaled carrier of 111th and
contaalon, and as many ns 10m) bacteria
have been found upon a single fly. Among
the germs which have been thus Isolated
In pure cultuie. we may mention: A.
tvphl nbdoinln.ills, B. coll, bubonlcae,
pyogemlc micro-organisms and the eggs
of most of the intestinal parasites.
Microbes are carried mostly upon the legs
of the Insect, hut are likewise deposited
In Its feces and may he liberated by the
dry decay of dead flies. In one spock left
by a fly that had been captured on tho
fnce of a leper, says Bltchle, HID leprosy
germs were counted.
To diminish and destroy what may be
termed the Klv Peril, there ate three
main principles to follow: 1. IUmoo tho
first cause by having manuii- lemoved
every week (before maggots have time to
develop Into Hies), or If this 1 Im
practicable, keep It caiefullv coveted In a
closed box (u.-llig chlorinated lime ej a
disinfectant) or scteeued with wire gitize.
(arbngc should be protected In the s.imo
way, when It cannot be burned or fed to
chickens or jugs. 2. Prevent entrance of
files Into house nnd contact with foods
and drinks, by well-titling screens for
doors and windows nnd the quick storing
of viands In refi igerntor and cuplicurds;
also a netting for the helplesH sleeping
baby. 3. Kill every lly on sight, if you
cm, with a wire -killer," dilute formalin
(renewed everv d,i.) on a plate, or t'cky
fly priper, the black i'y paper should not
be used where there are Utile children,
as It l.s very poisonous. The nhsenco of
flics, like the presence of soap, should be
considered a true index of elvllmitloti.
For several years we have .initially
called tho attention of thu public to the
ilangeis attending the explosives urd to
"celcbi ate" July 4. Tho ivmbc- of fatal
Injuries resulting from gli nt cr l.e s, toy
pistols and other explosives has annually
exceeded that of many historic tl b.ittle.s,
Tho nolp attending this form f . h'-a-tlon
has a dl.sastrou effect u ion m.uiv
ranw of Illness. We trust th" agitation
that U going on for a more .ane ami
quiet olisenntiep of this hoh.l .'- will he
succi-ssful. However, should the slight
est Injury be ebiftp to any one, no matter
l.ow trivia! It appears, call u surgeon at
once A proper dressing of tlio wound
may prevent tetanus, or other s rlous re
sults, In many cities serious ronsl leratlnn Is
being given to the abolition of explosives
and In the adoption of as Interesting but
less ilniigerous amusements. We would
urge upon all a careful consideration of
this subject.
Various Mnttcrx of f-iieetnl , Interest to
Ppinlnlne Itcnilci-n.
(From thn Phllidelphla Ledge1- 1
The Informal hat of this summer is
really very attractive. Its cl-.-.i :n Is In its
tin, ..II .1... . .. ... - ..
1 '"iri" ii)- ,11111 111 lis air 01 iicuik luvcm
ed for tho tropics. This city has a way
of presenting iV veiy good Imitation of 11
tropical climate through tho best part of
Its summer months, ami the shade hat of
those climes uro quite worth while here.
The Informal hata still hold their quot 1
nf rotcM and leaves, of plumes und
flowers, but the nioiiilng lints and even
those for afternoon wear with short wash
flocks am free of buch flneiy.
The t'nllor has returned to first favor,
but It Is not the sailor of a dozen year
ago. Thn Gibson ,lrl would not know
It. II has a broad brim and excpedlngly
wido crown, comes, down well oer tho
hair aid In made of rough taffy-colored
IU trimming Is a velvet hand In any
color one desires, finished with a pump
bow ut tho sldo. The hatpins used with
it must not be ornamental, hut tho plain
black-head ones em ta-booed. Possibly
the best ones are of Imitation barroque
204 wpro of other foods. IBH a special quality 01 iiioner, " 11 7,n : . . 1 1 w --u;f.
were of blood for w.dal rea-tlon. LIS Knoe"
wete of water and ir.T were mlserl- l".c"stonier!V.ai:ii,tlna'.ielrtire0.av;o:ilvbc
laneous analyses. f tbe 3,S ., SJSK top r.r nt.,
of mlllc and cream. 1(50 weie ubove i by scrvcril UverB cf thin, r-pe-i.-.llj prcpated fabric oa the S&iJ oft ! Arf-n i
standi, d and IOC were below. I'rnetl- '"Vhertfrilarprfceo H EASV KIDLNO. '"l
iWK Mf-sl..v.' tifi-A panger'
, 'IM uixki.i); mull
VAVL tn '"'IK. '
Tkep lh bicycle ulilplt bit o iiijtcmf exprnte indymi niUnttli out ev tint
KTiVftV DDlPrtt We tumuli u hitliMt jrjiTc bictclei it is Donsible m m.v,
e-MblOfll rKllitO t one mll ptnfit above acnul fctc,TvVt. You ,a?t
tn U tnlildlfraen'J tirolm by buyir,!: direct of in nJ luve the minufaeturrr'i
nnt'e behind your b'cyele, lilt Ntrr MtJT a bicycle or a r.a r tl ' tire' Km
st any W,-e until you re'.eive nut latalPruri and learn our unheitd oitllcri
m mil de AS70HiSHEs&r;un6"
;rri.-Mweca9maKcyouth'a year. Vf rsM the Ughest grade ; bicyc e for Knmonei
linn ary other tactw. We are aitiified lth i.oo peof.i above laetory cou
RIGYCLi: JJSJAJ.fillH. yo'l can cell our bicye'ea Hsder ye. era .!) 3" f
43 our prices. Orders tilled the djy r.celveii. " ls 1
!:)NI JTANI l)IOVt:i.i;S. te .do not rerjlirlr liandle se'ond hiri t...
taually have a number on hind taken In
sa"tronit)th' at nric-1 nnrnir.lrom HO o VS
enir.Ti"i op nn re. slo.il'' irhcei:, mi3r:e:i
COfiSlhlJ-BRRKEl.', ejuiprntnt cf all knit at !::
i - t i.lt i nt thA - ft
yj per iiirt vni iu X. ,i J
- .... .... m M rm. A 11 R 1 1 1 FI1 fl f- A t-
tn ttiiMiaa uoi
KAK.S, Tacl.t or (ileal wilt not 1M t!i lmUMllMi
p!r out. fiuty thotiaend pairs oh lait year.
u. cr uto auiurcj iiiousicu jviii ov ...
irertwo hutiJrtJ tliousicd pain now in use.
eiuteasyilditi;r,xetydii:ableaatl llncdini-l'lcvrltli
t!lc tCT ul onlv'jt.Sj per pair. All' orders shipped name day letter i received, Ve ahlp c. O. D ct
tpprovil. You 'do not payn cent until you have examined a-id found them ttrlc'ly ns represer.tt '
Hewn y dwr rucil in njui.ii, ui j , .c;. k
, .as,i u'ITII Olinilil aiirl enclose
teudltrr us nn order ai V.a tires may be rilurued at (Jtllt expense If for any reason they an
"tr.fa-.ory on eramlnatlon. Aye ,Y PU'::".r:l
llaWt 41 jUII U1UCI It liillJ lii i. Hie..-', imu mt-je -"lit VJ.iti, mil 3"r-
r.c:ir better, list longer nnd loolt finer thnn any tire you have ever ued or een at any p-l'- v, i
Unow that you will be so well pl'ased that when you want bicycle you will cite ui ycr o-der.
Vi'c want you to send uc a trial order at once, hence thla remarkable tire offer,
vviM mr-trn Vime don't buy onv kind at any price until you send for a pair el
tir 7 tlrJ SvKt.U n&d Iledgethom iuncture-Proof tires oa approval and tela al
the special Introductory price quoted above; :or write for our big Tire nnd Sundry Catalogue nb.cl:
ce3Cribe3 and quotei all makes and kind of tires at about half the usual prices,
rmv iimn- but write us a postal to-lay. DO NOT THINK OF BCYINC a blcrce
KSW UVXI 3 WtSI or a pair of tirea from
Ou"S W C arc matcing, il omy cusm a jJVMiii iu itiuu cvciiuia nuicn iti.
i l mm cycle mmmri, - mmi ill
pearl, and the mother of pearl Is coming
Into favor. Squares and triangle of Jet
nro nl") worn, but they cover up too
much of the hatband to be effective.
Theio Is another kind of lint worn for
tho mornings thnt U quite effective. It
Is perilously nenr the peach basket style,
or rather the mushroom shape. It Is also
of coarse straw with a wide hrltn that
covers the eyes and back of th" head and
If trimmed with a wide folded band of
stiff silk ribbon arranged In a huge bow
across the front.
It looks especially well on young glrlft
and 1 probably one of the best adjuncts
for a short duck skirt and a separate
white blouse. It Is quite tho fashion to
change these wide scarfs to suit tho cos
tume a.s one does the narrow velvet hat
bands. When these hats first came out they
were- trimmed with hlack satin or velvet,
but the warmer days brousnt out tho
n.ore brilliant tones. Grass green soon
became a favorite, and It possibly leads
the other colors nt the moment.
There 1 another stylo of Informal hat
which Is unusually becoming. It Bus a
wide brim rolled up all around and a low,
wldn crown. The upper part is taffy
colored and the under part N any color
one chooses blue, lavender, green or dark
purple. Tho hatband of velvet matches
this color.
It Is a novelty hat and will probably be
quite popular all summer. Of course, It Is
not as available as all white, for It must
become part of the color scheme, but If
one chooses an adaptahle color It gives
good servlcn with many kinds of frock
It iIom not look well with foulard or
veiling, as some women wear it. for I.
reallv belongs to the wash frock or ptilt
by right of Its severity.
Last yeai women worn the most ornate
hats covered with flowers or tu'le or rib
bons with their linen coat suits and d i-k
skirts; these were not appropriate ar.d
were only rllownble hecau.-e fashion ell I
not take nny step against them.
The tailor hat of to-day, this kind of
plain Mr.iw with lbs velvet band of silk
scarf, l.i really correct and given a good
set-off to any kind of frock that goes to
the tub nnd Is worn through the warm
rummer hours.
June Is the month of rosjs,
Fo tncy tny.
But they also talked of blossoms
Due In May.
And of inlnbow showers in April
Lightly tossed.
But each real demonstration
Was a frost.
So when you sing of roses
And of June
Be prepared for speedy changes
In the tune
Yet be patient, though uncertain
We may look for settled weather
In July Washington Star.
48 U HtfQ il
tbbiUN IN
I Hi
As I hrvve purchnsed a new high powered Automobile,
I will sell my 22 H. P. Reo Touring Oar with detachable
totincau, Gas LampB, Speedometer, Glass Front, Top, and
Side Curtains, Extra Tirc3 and Tubes, Chains, everything
complete, newly painted and overhauled, in perfect con
dition. Cost $1500 will sell for $650.
GEO. A. CHURCHILL, Burlington, Vt.
The Day Brings Sis Quota of
Quests for You!
Something must bo sought something is needed something
must be found quickly. May
a house n boarding plncc a
ture a worker n job a tenant.
In nny of these instances, and in anyone of a hundred others,
the use and ntilizntion of want
and, nearly olwuys, successful.
Iricycl; fuml-.hM hr .. i .,ir anti tverrSS, ,i
trad by our C Wcajro retail storei. These re clear ou
or S1U. Dt.rript1
rc t.ritin inn mailed ir,
fii atm jiedalr., S1rt:, Kl,i!r,
roner eiinm
tht rtlai!
73 tffTnoaUOK, Ot.'LY
frY - vniZ.ztZS,
c uy mmw. u i,i j,-. imii 11 yov
thia srtveriliernent. Ytu nin no rl.S ,.
anyone until you know the new and woaderiu.
(From tha Chicago Tribune.)
The clerk filled out tho marrlige ' cc si
and handed It over.
"Thank you." said the. young man.
"Hold on! That's $2."
"Two dollars!"
"Yes, did you suppose we gave thsa
things away?"
"1 rcrtnlnly did. Charglr.' a man C f r
a sheet of paper that didn't -os' i
county more than a nickel at he u "tAt
Is robbery. Have I got to p-iy It
"You'll pay it or you'll hand i ik hs
"All right," snld the young rr.sr 'ak 5
a bill out of his pocket, te'-'i-r g It j
tho clerk and waiting for '.'1 -ra gi
"but I can tell you right now a air
robbln' me! Your'ro robbln' 1 10 pri
cher. He'll get Just 2 less then I wi
going to give him!"
Pocketing tho change nr.d tilting 1
hat back on his head, he stalked ou (
the office with the air of a man w m ' '
been Imposed upon but who knew how to
get even.
New Maid (opening door for caller)
Me missus ain't In, ma'am.
Caller Oh, yes, she Is; I saw her at
the window as I camo along.
New Maid Did ye. ma'am? Sure sh
was afrnld ye'd caueht a glimpse of r
face! Llpplncott's.
Hives, eczema, itch or salt rheum seM
you crazy Can't hoar tho touch I
yo ir clothing. Doan s Ointment cure)
rnost ODstmate cases, nny stirrer.
jA" Klt
y 7
In the way of accident
Insurance and nt samo
prices as asked for In
ferior contracts. Tho
Traveler:!1 Is tha first
accident company in
tills country and tho
largest. Their success
Is duo to prompt and
cqultahlo settlement of
claims and superior con
tracts. Your patron
age solicited.
T. S. Pck,
ficnerul Insurance- Agent,
Burlington. - - - Vermont
HstnbllKUctl I860.
Mii,n.ai;sTiioxi: six
1 ',S'tic.Tu'l!11 1 ir 1
110 Ckarck St., Burllnrtom.
$j 8 0
aft SS3
be the quest's objective is money
used piece of machinery or furni
ads. will make the quests feasible

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