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Two Suits against Woodburys and
Another to Follow.
ffnllolntiM T'ersrriitlon and Interferettee
with Trustee's Duly Alleged IiJ'
31. 1,. I'nnell Unity Writ
Served un Woodburys.
"Yet they wove nnt afraid, nor rent
Hiclr niirmeiiis, neither the kliiB, nor
my of his servants Hint hrnrd nil these
ivords." .Teremlah xxxvt:3l.
Respite the fact thnt Mnx T. Powell
has swooped down on the Woodbury?
from his eyrie above City llntl pnrk ilth
hvo Milts for tiO.m each, nil wns out
ward ealm and quiet at the Vnn .Vess
House Mondny evening. Kven ns the ruins
of the old Hotel HnrllnRton were crumb
ling Into dust Mr. Powell was prepnrlnR
Ine nnpers In the two actions and Monday
jvenlriR they wore nerved by Sheriff Al
ien. Doth nre netlonx In tort and both are
brought against t. . and R. V. Wood
bury to recover. In each case, the sum of
DC0 I5ody writs were served Monday
evening and lond filed by the Wood
burys. The first suit Is brnucht by Max
I.. I'owell personally and allepos mali
cious pel sedition and falso statements
In connection with the controversy over
I ho Hotel Hurllnston property. The. sec
ond suit Is brought by Mr. Powell as
trustee of the estate of a. M. Delaney
to recover for the benefit of the creditors.
Abuse of process Is alleged.
And these are. not the only shots that
Mr I'owell hnd In his locker. He said Mon
day that he would Immediately hrlnK
n third action, against '. U and n. P.
Woodbury, and V. A. Woodbury as
FUicty, In chancery, to recover S.".ntv).
This, is thevamount of the bond filed by
the Woodburys to Insure Mr. Powell
against any damage that might accrue
to him from their action In restraining
htm by injunction from selling at public
auction tho Hotel Hurllnston property
last March, Powell & Powell
and V. A. Hullard are tho at
torneys nrrnyed on one side and
Brown .fc Hopkins, presumably, on the
other. Some dust will h kicked up when
they get together in court.
li. P. Woodbury was Interviewed, or
rather he wasn't by a Free
Press reporter. He said ho didn't hav
anything to say, and stuck to It. Ho ad
mitted, however, that the writs had been
served, but Sheriff Allen admitted that,
nnl so did Mr. Powell.
The plea in the first action boss over
the whole ground, back to May S, 1A09,
' in day whon G. M. Delaruy qult
lalmed the Hotel Burlington property
1 Mr. Powell as trustee, Mr. Delnney
I elng at that time possessed of said
I n-perty In fee simple. On the 17th
f Sentoniher in the samo year It Is
further alleged thnt Mr. Delaney ex
e iled to Mr. Powell an agreement by
the, terms of which the latter had
complete control of tho Hotel Burling
ton property, to manage and detormlno
upon the snle of tho same. This was
In consideration of $7,000 advanced by
Mr Powell to apply on the payment
of the unsecured Indebtedness of Mr.
On tho 10th day of May, 1909, Mr.
Powell took possession of the hotel
and had complete control of It, with
the exi option of the bar, down to
Januarj s 1910, when the property
vac partially destroyed by fire. Also
Jir. Powell says that soon after the
Hie lie took steps to form a company
lo build ii new hotel on the old site
and that he agieod to pay at least
fZ5,U04 for the property as soon s
tho tltlo could ho arranged, To that
end he advertised the properly to he
told at auction on March 2'i. 1910.
Prior to the dato of tho auction the
defendants, f. I,, and K. P. Woodbury,
knowing, as Mr. Powell says, that ho
was planning a hotel to rompcto with
the Van Ness House and ''craftily
Indispensable. Thoro nre some simple
remedies indispensable in every family.
Among these, tho experience of v years
assures us, should ho recorded l'erry Davis'
Painkiller. For both internal and external
application we have found it of great valuo j
esneriallv can we recommend it for colds,
rheumatism, or fresh wounds, Christian
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crl'isr. ;
and subtly contriving to prevent tho
predion of a competitive hotel'' en
tered Into nn agreement with Mr. De
laney by which ho quit-claimed to them
the Hotel HurllnRton site. The deed
wns dated March 14, 1910.
Thereupon, tho plon alleges, "tho
defendants Woodbury loudly rlnlmed
thnt thoy had tho tltlo to tho hotel
premises aforesaid" and formed n stock
company with others for the "avowed"
purpose of building a hotel on tho
1'uither, nn Injunction wns served
on Marih 2.", 1!10, on Mr. Powell and
J. 11. Henderson, administrator, the
hill of complaint being signed by (1,
M. Delnnej, l U Woodbury, and 15. 1'.
Woodbury, preventing tho salo of tho
The bill of complaint set up, II in alleged,
thnt Mr. Powell had collected of lnurnnco
companion after the fire, tho sum of J39,
t'CO mid t lint he hnd failed to account for
the money, also that Mr. Powell had con
trol of the bur and had threatened to
close It iii and that ho refused to ac
count I" ti c Woodburys for his manage
ment of t h- hotel business or tn Inform
them of t e amount of money necessary
tn redeem the property, they having pur
chased It iif Delaney.
Moreover, the bill of complaint said thnt
the Wondbur s were willing to pay the
full amount of all Indebtedness on the
property ni.d they asked for a final ne
count of his management from Mr. I'ow
ell. In the plea In Mr. Powell's suit It Is held
that allegation' were made In the com
plaint thnt 1 e was a defaulter and that
these and other allegations were malic
iously false and were known to be false
by the motors nnd that It wns dono to In
jure his goi.d rainc and credit In the com
munity. t'p to the ?".tli of Mav, 1010. when the
Injunction wa-- withdrawn, Mr. Powell
was prevented fp'tn disposing of the prop
erty. Mr. Powell says that thu bill of
complaint and injunction were served for
the sole purpor of preventing him from
erecting a botil thus killing competition
with the Van N" .".
After Mr. Pov ell secured an option on
the site of the old Ameilcnn House from
.1. K. Hocan on April S, 1910, he says the
Woodburys no longer wanted the Hotel
Burlington property and decided not to
carry out their contract with Mr. De
laney. They, therefore, re-conveyed It to
him. The plea further says:
nd the plaintiff further avers that on
account of the fact that, despite the ef
forts and Injunction of defendants, a com
petitive hotel was to be built on tho
American House site, and because tho de
fendants were convinced that they could
not prevent by the bill of complaint and
Injunction proceedings a new and com
petitive hotel from being erected in the
cltv of HurllnRton, they withdrew their
suit and abandoned all pretence that they
Intended tn build a hotel, and the Hotel
Burlington site was depreciated In valno
for hotel purposes by their Injunction pro
ceeding;." The property was sold on June 4, 1910.
for $17,(1 to S. II. Miller of Burlington
nnd Inasmuch as Mr. Powell stood ready
to purchase the property for a syndicate,
and pay $2.",oyi, the Woodburys were re
sponsible for n conslderablo loss. Mr.
Powell rays that he Is the largest secured
creditor of Mi. Delaney and that the
Indebtedness to him secured by mortgage
on the real estate amounts to upwards
of $27,v,0. "So that by reason of said In
Junction and meddling on tho part of the
defendants Woodbury and said action bo
Instituted by them as aforesaid, malicious
ly and without probable cause, plaintiff
has been damaged In his security and has
suffered great Ioks."
"Wherefore, and by means of the
premises, the said plaintiff has been and
Is greatly Injured In his said credit and
reputation and said Hotel Burlington real
estate has been much depioclated and
diminished In value and said defendants
have, without any probable cause, dam
aged and Injured the plaintiff, maliciously
r.nd unlawfully, to the damage of the
plaintiff, ns he says, the sum of $2',i1f
for which, with Juct costs, i.e brings his
suit "
Thti endeth the tale of the plea In the
first suit. The other, as has been --Hid,
brought In behalf of the crcdltc. - by
Mr. Powell as trustee nnd upon the nue
grounds. Anything mny happen ncv and
It may happen at any time.
Exception nntcred Mondny In rnsc
of Grand Lodge in. City,
In fhlttenden county court Monday
exceptions were entered In the ense of tho
Grand Dodge of Vermont, r, & A M , L.
S. Tlllotson, vs. tho city of Hurl'ngton,
which means thnt the case will hi carried
tn the Supreme Court
The case was tried before Juilce Stan
ton during the March term of cbl'tenden
county court, when a verdict w:i- ren
dered for the defendant to rem.er Its
costs. The rase occupied but a few hours
In trial, the cltv being represented by R.
V.. Brown and City Attorney M H Vila,
The plaintiff wis represented by I. S. Tll
lotson of Pt. Albans, grand nristc r
The case was the result of the c-ftv ask
ing for taxei on the Masonic Temple
building In this city for the years ;cii
and 1917, the total amount helns S'l.DlS.01.
Port of nurlliigliiii Ituln ('olltipnrn nnd
Pnrt Is Pulled Mown.
The ruins of the Hotel Burlington got.
tlml of wultlng for romobody to start
something and Saturday morning pulled
olf a llttlo rumpus on their own account.
section of the front wall fell outward
to the sidewalk, fortunately without
sti Iking anyone.
Tho streets iera Immediately policed
by a force of firemen nnd later In tho
day secrnl sections of tho remaining
walls were pulled down by u forco of
workmen under the direction of Flank
McCale. The walls have been gradually
weakened by tho action of the elements
ever since the lire.
Hose Coin "ny That It Was aud
Otliern Don't Knoir,
The case of Rose Cota of Hatter)' street,
charged with keeping liquor on hnnd with
Intent lo sell, was partially heard Tues
day afternoon In city conn and was con
tinued to Friday morning, Her place was
searched on Sunday nfternoon, when sev
eral men were found drinking beer. Her
defense Is that the beer was of the Uno
brand, which does not contain enough
alcohol tn make Its sale a violation of
t. s law.
Henry Chlott, a young man, testified
that he purchased two bottles of beer In
Mrs, Cola's place on Sunday morntntf, but
that he did not know whether or not It
wns I'no or some other kind.
Ofllcer Eraser testified that he hnd seen
wagons loaded with cases of beer folng
up the alley that leads to Mrs. Cola's
home, but thnt he did not know whero tho
beer wns left as ho could not see the
house from tne street, lie had nlso seen
numerous people going up nnd down the
samo alley on Sundays.
Commencement Week Exercises
Came to an End Tuocday.
lsny of Die Grndtintes, Followed h
I'rescntnf Inn of Diplomas, Mcdnls
nnd Prizes Meeting' of the
Alumnae Association,
Mount St. Mary's Academy's commence
ment week exercises were brought tn a
close Tuesday nfternoon In the assembly
ball with the graduation essays nnd tho
presentation of dlplomns by the lit. Hov.
J. J. Klce, I). 13., who nlso mnde the ad
dress to tho graduates. Prizes were nlso
awarded tn students of tho schoM. In tho
evening a meeting of the Atumnao asso
ciation wns held nnd officers for the en
suing year elected.
Tho hall wns tilled for the graduation
exercises nnd the stage was made beauti
ful with a largo number of palms nnd
roses. Across the front of th stage wa
i fiuaullty of hemlock boughs. Handel's
Processional was played by St. Cecilia's
club, made up of undergraduates, of the
fchnol, as tho Bt. Rev. J. J. Bice entered
the hall and took his seat, followed by
revel nl other members of the clergy. Tho
nudlence nrose mid remained standing
until the bishop had taken his sat. Tho
clrrgy, who were present, weie the Revs.
P. .1. Barrett, J. F. (Hills nnd W. P. Cros
by of the Cathedral, C. C. Oelany of
While lller Junction, R. Devoy rf St. Al
bans Bay, T. J. Leonard of St. Johnsbury,
Salmon and Lucas of St. Michael's Col
lege, and Poulllet of Essex Junction.
The membeis of the chorus came In nft-
crwards and tiled nn to the stage, saluting
the bishop as they passed the place whero
be waa seated. They sang "The Fatrloa'
Moonlight Dance," being accompanied by
Mls Hazel Morgan on the piano and the
entire club, consisting of nine violins, two
'cellos, a Iluto and a clarinet. The chorus
Itself consisted of about M members and
was excellently drilled.
Following the music, two short essays
were read by the Misses Reason and
I.eary on "Chivalry" and "Heraldry." They
dealt with their subjects In an Interesting
manner. Miss Reason gave a brief sketch
of the history of chivalry ami said that It
had existed In all ages but had not reach
ed Its culmination until the time of the
crusades, when It became an organized
Institution. She quoted Burke, when, at
the time of the French Revolution, he said
that the flower of chivalry had been de
stroyed, but thought that although many
of the forms and customs had been de
stroyed, the future held still greater
hope?, with the elevation of thought and
Miss Leary, In dealing with the subject
of heraldry, told of Its Influence upon
arehiteelure and gave the meanings of
some of the symbols nnd closed with a de
scription of the bishop of Burlington's
escutcheon and Interpreted the meanings
of the symbols.
After another selection by the or
chostra, Miss Elizabeth Allard read bar
ossay on "Ideals and Actions." She
spoke of tho cultivation of the mtnd
and Its bearing upon the Imagination,
which In turn played such an Impor
tant part In the history of nations.
S'ho alo dwelt upon the Importance of
tho Ideals, which influenced to such
an extent the motives and actions.
After John Boyle O'Kellloy's "Tho
Trial of the flods" had been recited in
an eloquent manner by Mist: Alice Mc
Donald, the, "Concert of the Nightin
gales" was sung by the Misses Lillian
Magner and Agnes McMnhon, assisted
by the churns and orchestra.
The last number on the part of the
students was tho essay by Miss Evan
geline Dubue upon the class motto,
"Omne Bonum de Super." Miss Dubuc
developed the subject In a skilful man
ner and her s, proved to be one of the
most Intel estlng on tho program.
The presentation of diplomas and
awarding of medals and prizes cams
next. They were given by the bishop
and each student knelt and kissed his
hand as they received tho parchment
Fpon tho conclusion of this the blsjiop
mado his address to tho graduates
tho members of the class standing
during Its course.
The bishop's address consisted of
words of plain advice to the members
of the class, who aro to take their
places In tho world. Before bidding
them Godspeed he said that thoy had
received nn education which ho did
nnt believe could be sill passed
their learning had been founded upon
Cud and they had been taught tho
fundamental principles of knowledge
so that It was of a substantial nature
nnd not of tho tottering kind, which
has not God for Its foundation. He
urged them not to look down upon
those who had not received the advan
tages of such an education but said
that something could bo learned from
every person oncountered and that
self sufllclency closed the door to fur
ther education.
He nlso advised them against the
foolish sontlmcntnlity of tho times and
said that tho world novor needed good
women, women of sound principle!,
and common sense, morn than to-day
Ho asked them to follow the Ideals of
true womanhood as held up to them
In tho teachings of the reverend ids
tors and not to follow tho plcnsure
lovlng course of somo of tho women
of to-day, whoio only life was bound
up In nn attempt tn dress so as to at
tract attention or perhaps for a suc
cession of bnnquiits, theatre pnrtles
nnd automobile rides.
At the conclusion of the address, the
audience stood while tho cleigy left the
Tho winner of Our Lady's medal, the
highest reward of merit at the academy,
Is Miss Hose (J'Hrlen of Water
bury. Miss Alice Leary of thin city Is
the winner of tho medal awarded for
tho prize ssay and .Miss P. .niKellnu M.
Dubuc of Wlnooslil gels thu medal for
general excellence. The icwards for
church history and home economics go
respectively lo tho Misses Alice Mac
Donald nnd Effle A Reason, hnth of
Clrunllevllle, Miss Elizabeth J, Allard of
Wlnooskl rccched the medal for de
portment and Miss Frances E. Dnggett
the one for politeness
Tho wlnneis of tho other prizes aro
below. The brst prlz.i was a handsome
set o( books, presented by tho bishop.
Tho otheis were the glfta of a friend.
Bible history, 1st, Agnes McCnnn; 2nd,
Eleanor o'Sullivan; church history, 2nd
division, Ev Aquae, Loretta Murphy
Elizabeth .McGovern; Christian doctrine,
flh grade. Maude Oilmotir; th grade,
Kathleen Hairy.
The pioginm of exerrlses was ns fol
lows Proces-lcmil Handol
I'l. Cecilia's Club,
chorus - The Knltlcs' .Moonlight Dance,
Cluster Essay.
Chivalry, Miss Reason.
Heraldry Miss Leary
Minuet from Military Symphony. .Haydn
St, Cerllla's Club,
Essny Ideals nnd Action.
Miss Kllznbeth Allnrd,
Uccllatlon "The Trial of tho Gods,"
MIfs Alice McDonald.
Quartette "Concert of the NlRhtlnfales"
Essay clnss motto Evnngellno Dublin
Prtsentntlnn of Diplomas and nwnrdlng
of medals.
Address to graduates, '
Right Reverend Bishop.
The mcmbcri! of tho graduating class
Latin-English course Miss Evangollno
Mario Dubuc, Miss Alice MncDonald,
Miss Alice Mory Leary, Miss Frnnces
Kululla Dnggett, Miss Efflc Anna Ben
sou, Miss Kllznbeth Jano Allnrd, Miss
Lillian Mary Desautel.
English courrc Miss Rose Jim')'
Not onn of the least Inlet estlng parts
of tho commencement week has been tho
exhibition of the work dono by tho stu
dents during tho yenr In one of tho rooms
uf the academy. Tho exhibition contained
F.imples of hand painting, ns well ns lnnd
senpo and other work, which showed an
astonishing amount of skill, Somo paint
ings of fruit weie especially noteworthy.
In the evening, tho meeting of the alum
r.ae society was held, with nn nttendanco
of about 65 members. Ten others sent
their regrets at not being able 10 be pres
ent. Officers were elected and plans dis
cussed for the perpetuation of .lie society.
At the close of tho business meeting tho
party adjourned to tho lawn, where re
freshments were served. The tables were
lighted with Japanese lanterns and a
pirtty effect was obtained. The result of
the election Is ns follows: Honorary presi
dent, Superior Mother Alpbousiis:
honorary lco-preldent, Sister Francos,
principal of the scbool; president, Mrs.
James Callahan of Montpcller; vice-president,
Mrs. Rose Berry of Burlington; re
cording secretary, Mrs Johu Cross; cor
responding secretary. Miss Anna Burke;
tieasuter, Sister Magdalen.
II. .11. Procter nnd MInn Annn Itltclile
.Married nt St. Mnry'o.
Henry M. Procter, captain of tho
yacht Stave Island, nnd Miss Anna
Ritchie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pe
ter Ritchie of North Champlaln stieet,
weto married Tuesday mornlne at
fi:30 o'clock In St. Mary's Cathedral by
the Bev. P. J. Barrett. The brldo was
attended by her sister, Miss May E.
Ritchie, nnd the best man wns Her
bert J, Dutton, a cousin of tho bride.
The bride wore p. gown of whlto em
broidered batiste, with a white picture
hat, and carried a white prayer book.
The bridesmaid wore blue nnd white
pongee, trimmed with lace, with black
hat, and she carried white carnations.
The ushers were E. J. Dupnw and Ed
ward Colllson. M1h Jennie Bacon
presided at the organ.
A reception was held after the cere
mony at the homo of the bride's par
ents, nfter which the couple left on a
honeymoon trip to New York. I'pon
their return, they will pass tho remain
der of tho summer on Stave Island.
Ovlla LeBlanc of 72 Archibald street
and Miss Ida Vlens of Georgia were
married In the presence of a few rela
tives Tuesday morning In St. Jo
seph's Church by the Rt. Re. J. M.
Cloarec. They were attended by their
fathers. Adolphus IHlanc and Napo
leon Vlens. A reception was held .it
the homo of the groom's parents after
the ceremony, and Mr. and Mrs. Lo
Blnnc left later for Georgia, where
they will spend a short time.
I'red llednrd nnd Ml Mnry I. nek Mar
ried Monday.
Mis? Mary E. Luck, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Luck, Sr., of North
1'nlon street, and Fred Bedard, u grocer
living In Wlnooski, wie married before
a small audience of friends and relatives
In St. Joseph Church Monday morn
ing nt ten o'clock by the Rev. J. A. I.a
coutme. Mrs. Sophia Baribault was mat
ron of honor and Louis Luck, Jr., broth
er of tho bride, was best man.
Tho bride's pown was champagne color
ed crepe de chene, and she woro a white
picture hat nnd carried roses. The mat
ron of honor wore pink rajah silk and
woie a black picture hat. She also carried
After tho ceremony, tho wedding parly
went to tho homo of the bride's parents,
where a breakfast was served. Tun houH
wns elaborately decorated with flowers,
enisles, ferns and pennies being used,
Mi" V.. A. Luck and Mrs. E. T. Langlols
presided over the punch bowl, and thu
Mls.-ct Emma Bollerose nnd Mary Laduo
cried The couplo left on tho morning
tr. tin for Boston, where tl-.ev will spend
al'uiit ten days before going to Wlnookl,
win re they will make their home. The
biide was the recipient of many valuable
presents of furniture, cut glass and sll
i er.
(irnduntes of Mount St, .Mary's Acad
emy Entertain Their Friends,
Class dnv cxercle.s were held Mondny
evening at Mount St, Mary's Academy,
as Is customary, by the members of
thn graduating clnss. The graduates'
benediction was given by tho Rev. .1.
Glllls of tho Cathedral, after which
a lawn party was held on tho grounds.
This was followed by exercises In tho
nsacmbl) hall.
Tho benediction look plnco at sevon
'lock Monday evening In tho chapel arid
tho convent choir sang. Tho class with
the teachers immediately adjourned to
tho lawn, whero the tables were spread
beneath the trees. They wero deco
rated with cut llowors, tho gift of tho
lower clnsses to tho graduating class,
und the sceno was a pretty one, No
artlllclnl lights wore used.
Later In the evening the party re
paired to the assembly h.ill, whero the
clnss history, prophecy, etc, wero
The program follows:
Class history Miss Frances E. Duggett
Clnss prophecy Miss Alice MacDonald
Class will Lillian Desautelles
Address to undergraduates
Miss Effe A. Reason
Tho clnss officers are: President,
Mlsa Evangeline Dubuc; vice-president,
Miss Alice Leary; secretary, Miss
Alice MacDonald; treasurer, Miss Eli
zabeth Allard,
If It docs you should know that
backache Is generally causou by weak
or diseased kidneys. A medicine callei
"Kldnats" tins all Its Ingredient
printed on tho label so that overyono
mny know Jutd what is In it It Is the
great kidney und hhtdder medicine. It
stops frequent urination, DruKglsll
and dealers sell It for 10 ciuU.
A class of 27 graduated from Brattleboro
high cchool Tuesday evening,
Admlrnl Cleorgo Dewey nnd Mrs. Dewey
are soon to come to Woodstock for an
extended vacation stay.
A reunion of tho Jowett family, many
of whom llvo In this Stnte, will ho held
at llowley, Mnss., July 7. Rowley was
ctttlcd by Jowctts In 1C39. The last re
union took placo In ISM.
As Henry, three-year-old son of Mr.
nnd Mrs. Henry Goodrich of Rutland,
wns looking out of n necond-story win
dow ho pitched headlong to the pave
ment below. Tho only Injury ho re
ceived wns n bruised shoulder.
Twenty-flvo sticks of dynamite were
stolen last week from John Webber of
Bennington Center. Much anxiety Is felt
for tho welfnie of tho robber In case he
does not understand tho nature of his
loot, A reward of ?fj has been offered
for tho apprehension of the guilty party.
Two St. Johnsbury ft Lake Champlaln
rnllrond crossings In the town of Hyde
Park, considered especially dangerous,
hno been ordered nbollshcd by the public
service commission. The town asked the
commission for the elimination of four
John H. Wilbur of Northficld has filed
a petition In bankruptcy with liabilities
of !H and assets of JfA Rufus E. Carter
of Lyndon, a boiler maker, has also flled
a petition with liabilities of fXf&.K, nnd
arets of J110, of which Is claimed
The Cr.mdon Manufacturing company
of Bellows Falls, with n cipllal stock of
JiiVtiO, organized for the purpose of manu
facturing automatic heat regulators and
other machinery, has flled articles of In
corporation in the office of the secretary
of .statu.
Mortimer R. Proctor, son of former
Governor and Mrs. F. D. Proctor of l'roc
1.., VnV ..Cn... nn 1 1, n
Mauretanln for a tour of Holland, Eng- I i
land, France nnd Switzerland. He will be !
accompanied by a Yale classmate nnJ
will be n.b'icnt about six weeks.
As .1. It. Eltapcnco, a Rutland plumber,
was taking a bathroom outfit lo Walllng
ford In his automobile delivery rig the
machine suddenly swerved Into the ditch
and wns stopped but a few Inches from the
edge of 15-fool embankment. Neither
the mnchlne, driver or cargo was In
jured. A remarkable record for school atten
dance has been made by Ml" Alena Wlll
micti of Proctor, a member of the seventh
grade. She lives nbout two miles from
the school building and has made the
trip twice each clay for the past four
school jears without once being absent
or tardy.
The Rutland board of alderman have
laid on the table for further considera
tion a resolution ic commending a tax of
?1.N. This include;' ST'i cents for city
tax, r.'4 cents for sinking fund. .Vi cents
for schools, 2e cents for highways, ?
cents for State schools; f, cents for State
highways, and ; cent for county tax.
A new lodge of Odd Fellows will be
Instituted at Cambridge In the near
future. A special train will carry
members of Gieen Mountain and Ham
ilton lodges of Burlington to that vil
lage and the visiting bodies will work
the first and second degrees respec
tively. Toe household effects of Mr. and Mrs
J. J Vnnderveer of Hoi toriville are being
disposed of In North Adams, says the '
Transcript of that clt. The llt contains !
many rare antiques, among which is
a sword mado tn 1414. Mr. Vnnderveer, I
formerly private secretary to Admiral j
Dewey, has been taken to the Hr.itilt- !
hero asylum.
The Austin trophy to the student of !
Norwich t'nlverslty showing best I
marksmanship was Monday awarded
to Sergeant R. I". Lynde with a score t
of U'fi. The first silver medal went t"
Sergeant I. J. Smith with a score ot
124 and the third prize to Sergeant It. ,
E. Walhrldge with a similar score at
a different range.
Eighteen automobiles carried about fiO
Rutland Elks to Mlddlebury Sunday
There dinner was served at tho Addison
Housu and tho return trip was mado by
way of Sudbury nnd Lake Boino.ieen,
about 100 miles being covered. The ma
chines were decorated with Elks banners
and long streamer: bearing tho word
A basket of eggs, an overturned
bugg., u frightened colt, a trolley car
and an automobile llgured In a queer
mlxup nt Rutland Monday. The own
er of the animal, knowing his Inclina
tion to execute fancy stunts, hitched
him firmly to a telephone pole. When
the trolloy and gasoline cars came
along at the snme time tho poor benst
thought he was up against it and tried
to climb the polo. Failing In this ho
lay down nnd waited for the end.
Louis Greeno of Rutland, In charge of
the lone engine which collided with tho
frlcght nt South Shaftsbury Juno 15,
says that he did not overrun his orders
as charged. Ho says that his machine
was crippled and that he v,as rushing It
to Rutlnnd with only ono sldo working,
having been on the road 12 hours; that at
Bennington Iho age.nt handed htm two
orders, saying "Shaftshury," and that one
of thn orders named the meeting placo as
Shaftsbury, but he ndmlts that he did not
look at the second order, Ho says that
he had brought his envlno almost to a
standstill before the crash came.
The following Rutland men have been
granted liquor licenses: First class, W. H,
Vnllqiietln, Tho Berwick, C. II. Iilor nt
The Bar dwell, Michael Dubnn, A. 11.
Plcice, G. L. Gibson; second class, J, II.
Dugan, Frederick Fcnn, J. A, Kelley,
Harry Levins; third class, F. J. Cjulnn,
Hotel Oxford; fifth class, Luclen J.
Trndell; seventh clns, A. C. 11. Bachand,
Before tho licenses welo granted the ap
plicants wero put under oath and
examined as to whether or not they had
secict partners, hail paid money or any
valuable consideration to any rersou to
help them nccuro a llcente, or were
bound to purchasn of any particular
bruwery or distillery. According to their
own testimony every man was Innocent.
"Have you seen any crows?" asked the
man with the gun.
"No, 1 ain't," replied the farmer's boy,
"but I've heaixl some,"
"From what direction?" cried the eager
"From the direction of tho chicken
house," the boy said, and his statement
was immediately verified by the clarion
calls of two Plymouth Rock roosters.
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