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To Farmers who buy $30. Fertilizers
L You Can
Democratic National Committee
Decides Question on the
Second Ballot.
Leaders at the Jackson Day Ban
quet Appeal for a United
Fireproof Construction of Deposit Vaults
in the Ruined Equitable Building
May Keep Them Intact.
Death List Known to Number Six Actual Dam
age to Property Estimated at $6,000,000--
Marble and Granite Home of Assurance
Society in the Financial Center.
York. Jim. 11. Tin'
nnd granite homo of
dlil" l.lfo Assurance soeli'ly, covering n
wliolo lilo' k on lower P.ioadway, mi his
toric landmark of New Yotk's ciuly
period of skysi rnpor buildings iiml nuo
of tile cIlj's Important financial centers,
wan to-iliiy destroyed by fire with a loss
lit Fix lives .'lllll
property. A dozen
Imincti'o i lie Ix Moved
tho Kniilt- safe
lis mutoiits would be found
.' lihniigh Hi'- In-" nf tin-' biography uf
I;. P. 1 l.u rlmmi, which was tilmnt to ho
pilnti-il, sot tun Irtcli lev utile, the rocor Is
of tho linn iniiili lines liiny be saved If
the vaults of the i"'tnpiinv on tho third
him) fourth lloort arc tmiiiil Intnrt. l'nr-
probably Jii.inni.cm In 1 tunatcly tbr 1 liirrliii.ni line management
persons wi n' injured. I tiansfcncil pntt of Its records a week nun
most "Policyholder:! should bo patient." rir
added, "iiml for the tlmo not ask too
niiicli from u management that seems,
to lo mooting n difficult situation with
care iiml skill."
Cflh iiml .-h.lli Moors, ono of tho
limn lon-ly furnished rliibs In tho cltv.
will In- lni partible A hivv library of over
JO.W) volumes, many of which wore pi Ire.
less anil rnniint bo replaced, was dc-
stroyod. Some of Hi" most prominent
Wlls lawyers of Hip country belonged to this
""'I eli'h. The tlnmiu crm-uined also tho law
anil Insiitanci' llbrar.v of the ICitultnhlo
-oPli'ly, consisting of l.V") voliiinps, The Mill Hit'
Insurance llbrar va. nlil to comprise'
iin niii'i compute loiiprtion or insurance
lllpi-at'iip In tin- world
Pioneer of present-day
eonstrin Hon In tin ilty. tin
building was begun shortly
Civil War and enlarged until In ISS it
coven d almost Hip enilrc blo"k bo u ml oil I
by Hroadwii , Cei'ar. Pino ami Nassau
streets mill stood eight stories high. Its
lahoratp marblr Interior was not even
rivalled In mngnlf'i once by in. my of the
modern office buildings, of granite ex
letlor, the MrtU'tute. was nevertheless
not rirepronr.
Had ll not been foe llm flroornnf eon.
progioss im uplele with harrowing . .,.,.,,,, .,, m.lhllncs st,rrnun,1lnir ll
iI.mm. is mil.. ,t.,i.i i ti. ,,i,,inn r "t the rate of 3f a day. Commissioner
Valuable records. Including
rnphy 'of K. II. Ilarrlnian
priceless law librntlos which
replaced, went up In flumes, and the
fate of hundreds of millions of dollars'
worth of securities, stored In safe de
posit vaults, was tii-ulght In iiuesUon.
although It was bellee.l that fireproof
construction would save them from dam
age. Fought In the heart of the flnauelnl
district, ihe file upset the tlnnneial
chlnory of Wall Street and business
practically suspended throughout
The great stnn Hire, which besides
containing ihe main offices of the
Kqtil.able 1.1 ft Assurance society was
the home of the Mercantile Trust com
pany, the ICipiltabb' Trust company, the
bnnklliK house of Kountze Ilrothers,
Atmust r.tltnont fo,, the Uanimnn
railroad lines, the .Mercantile Safe De
posit company, ihe Iiiv. ers' club, and
many of the cltv s most prominent law
firms, stands to-nlijlit a shell of lee
coated cranlte, with Its once iiiaKiilflclent
jiterlor completely trutted.
Tim tlie was one of the mo.-l siectacul'ir
ever witnessed in far downtown section.
incidents. The intene i old acted alinot
Instantaneously upon the liin;e volume rf
water ponied upon the Humes and a thick
ice coalimr was ipilckly formed on the
'neadts of towerhiK skyscrapors adjacent
and upon the surface of streets for blocks
firound. The bulwaik of these modern
fireproof fctiuetures, according to 1'lre
Comml'-Moner Johnson to-nK'ht, win In
valitablr as a protection to the entire
linanciul district. As It was, the riiimnve,
except by water, was conllned entirely
to tlie IC'inlt iblf structure.
(if .lu-j.-e who lost their lives, three men
ere li'lbd l,v .luiupim; fiom a cnpl'iv of
Ihe roof of the .-.tr.ictui" to which they
wciu diivin by the llamcs. They were
employes In the bllllilillK.
Hatial on Chief Win. .1. Walsh ills
nppi.ir. d n a whlil of (lame early In Ihe
51 uKi'i.- f the eon'liwution when a
rvc-n oi mred on the third Poor where
in won OuhMnii the lire. No trace of his
aoilj hail been found tn-nl.uht.
Two other iii'ti, William Campion,
captain of the natehnien in the Mer
cantile Hale Deposit vaults In the base
men' "f the burned structute, and i-'ranl;
J Nelder, u special officer, whose bodies
hae n"t bun recovered, complete tlm
I si of di ad so far as known.
Several persons, watchmen and others
uhn were In the domiuil structure when
the lire broke out have not been positively
accounted for hut aie believed to havo
escaped. The death total, however, miy
pot lie definitely llxed until the flames,
which were still burnlns to-nlnlit, have
bcon extltiKtildhed ami the ruins cooled,
The list of Injured Inclildes I're.Midcit
Ihe bIo- j (o new olllces which It was intendlnc in
ami two j OPl nlV in Hi,. . It v Investing liitlldlnK,
iiimot bo leinlntr behlml onlv those of the cointi-
trollerx depai tnien!. the treasurer's of
lice ami the transfer drpnrtment.
The loss to the Lawyers' club on the
New Vork, Jan. P. I'Mre olllcluls to
nluht nunle an Inspeillon of the vaults
of the i:iultahle l.lfo A"siirance society,
the Ivpillable Hafe Deposit company iitnl
the Mefcnntlle Trust company, ami found
them all Intnct us fur us outward ex
amination could determine. The Kiplltnblc
l.lfo vault on the second floor of the
billlillni? Is supported by six steel piers
and resisted the weii'ht of fulling ruins
from the tipper floors. Whether the con
tents wero diimiiReil by witter or heat
will tiot bo learned until the vaults can
be opened. It wns roughly estimated
that the tliree viuills toirefher contained
over a half a billion dollars' worth of
One of Ihe remarkable features of the
corill.icralldii wns the' the hron'.e statute
of Henry II. Hyde, founder of the Kipilt
able, which stood In Ihe center of the
Kreat vaulted arcade on the ground n(),r,
escnpeii uninjured, tiurruiindeil by rvhi,
the heroic flume Mood to-nlilll on Its
marble pedetal without a sltiKle scratch.
S'tiperlnlendeni of Insurance Hutch
k!s. In a statement to-nltUit, snbl that
the Kiiultuhlc's loss was not a real one
as ihe hulldln;: was not carried as an
asset either by the company or the In
surance department. The company's sur
plus therefiie siood to-nluht. In- said,
substantially where It stood yesterday.
The records of ital moment to tho
; policyholders were safe In the com
pany's annex hitlldliu? on Albany street
j n ml those lost i ould probably be law
i ly replaced.
St. Louis. Dfinvnr. Chicago and
New York City Also Ran
Harmony Marked Meet
ing; with Bryan Absent.
tinilier N Over TvWoc
In I'lirnpenn Cities.
New Vork, Jan. V The ureal publicity
pltvscr iner ' -'10" lMO newspapers to methods of
i- i. i i I H'e ineveutlon and the scheme of ilt;orous
IM in i iainfti. . . . . ,
,, .. i Inspe' tlnn of hazardous premises have
after the ' , . .
caused a uccreaso m .c.v roias ores
during the last six months at the rate
of 2. a yiur, accordlnK to the semi
annual repot t of Commissioner Johnson
to the mayor.
The number of tins In the tlrt sW
months of IP1 1 was T.'ili. or at a rate of
1 IS a day. This ratio would have mount an
Increase over 1010 of 1,2111 llres. As a
i matter of fa.t the number of fires 'rum
July 1 to December 20 1311, was 1,110, or
opinion of
Fire Commissioner Johnson that, fanned j
'by tho Ul-mlle ale that was blowlnsr, ;ii
I (treat ronfliiKratlon would have rc
I sillied, I
SHOWHflS (ll'" HUANITT-: run's. I
j Due of the most clanueious nf the
onleals which the firemen had to faco
was toe showers of granite chips, many I
, oi them fari-'ii enotmh to crush a lunn
to death, which peeled off the facade
'of the hnlldlnjr. Several llremen weru
badly bllllseil b- these chips
Aided by searchlights from the lofty
Sliifrer biilbllriK. which were trained
upon the structure, firemen bewail
seari hiiii; on the thlnl floor to-nlKht
in the hope of discovering the body
1 of Tiattallon Chief Walsh. Compact
Ice coverlni; the debrb
work dllllcult and not
was entertained that the
be found until tilt lee had
masses of
made their
much hope
body could
been cut away, which would probably
mean a full ninht's woi k.
The ciMllmr of Ire, neoordini; to IMre
1 Chief Kenton tn-nlKht was all that
1 was holding the weakened walls of
'the striiiture toKether in sumo placer
land he expressed the fear that as soon
Johnson ai rived at his total estimate for
the period by tljiurlnK "'. flrei a day for
the lemaiiilnt; 11 days of the year, making
1I,.",!'S llres fnr the j ear, actually seven
less for 1011 than for 1!U0.
The commissioner renews his plea for a
bureau of lire prevention, and nys that
the lame number of Inspections of
hazardous pienil'-es has been made by
members of the uniformed force "In the
absence and anticipation of such a
bureau." The fact that New York, on
the flipTos of It'ia. had .W fires for evrv
lM.fnii Inhabitants', London M, l'.iris "I,
Ileillii i7. Ft. I'etershun; 72 and Vienna
j SI. Indicates, '.lie t oinmlsslonei' s.O , the
I pos'il'lllty of better preventive wmk.
I The further fai t that there Is a lire los
of a dollar for every dollar expended by
the city on the tire depart'. lout seems to
, ihe commissioner a eondltlon that should
j be reinedli d, ami he suukiMs that the city
Wilson, Hearst, Clark and Bryan
Are Given Tremendous Ova
tions as They Attack the
Republican Foe.
pellll $."( 1,0
and cut the
O a vrnr on llie
lire loss In two.
this Ice melted the remainder of
the bulldliiK ltiluht collapse.
1 Owlnw to tho lat'Ke nuiuber of se
curities In the vaults of tho Kipiitiiblo
society and other Institutions In tho
, building, deliveries In the stock ex
chnilKe were suspended during tho
day, while bunklnt; business was scrl-
ounly upset by the Inability of em
ployes of the elearlni? house, which
I stands opposite the Kipiltablo bulld-
Wllllnm J. (llblln or the Mercantile Safe fll'H on Cedar street, i,i leach the In
Ueposlt company whose rescue from the i stltut ion on account nf the fire lines,
basement vaults of the company, where ) owIhk' to the Konerl disiurbaiice of
he wflB Impr'soned, after two hours' work the flnauelnl machinery, the banks
by tho firemen, was one of the senni-( to-day refrained from calling loans,
tlonal episodes of tlm fire Mr. (Pblln h.ul I The part of tlie bulldltu; occupied by
Konc Into nno of the vaulls to saxe seen I- !
ties and accidentally locked himself In
with one of his employes, who accompan
ied him. Their cries for help were heard
by the llremen who had to saw throUKh
the steel bars of a door leading to the
Plrcot be.fore they could rescue the Im
prisoned men. Mr. fllhlln was removed
to a hospital sulfeiiiig from exhaustion
from Ftnoke.
One man In another ault of the Mer
cantile Safe Deposit company, believed
tp- bo Campion, could be seen from tin.
Rtrcct wi'h his logs pinned down by a
mass of debris, but could not bo rescued
because of tlm heavy steel doois, which
barred the way of the firemen. Through
the smashed windows of tlm door he
was ghen the last litest by Chaplain
MeCicnn of the flm department Just us
ho was swallowed from lov by Ihu
dense smoke, lie was not seen again.
Jpeetniors of the fire from the wlti
down or skyscrapers towering above the
hulldlng told of seeing others disappear
In the flames when the roof caved In.
Inlt the authorities believe that tin
A 1 1 1, 1 1 - t Hehrntit & Co, on the Nassau
street side inn of early construction and
oi'luinnlly a building by Itself. It re
ceived comparatively little damage nnd
Mr. ilmont tmid tho valuable records ot
his house had been saed.
The lire started about ,"i:3n o'clock this
I morning In a ptoreioom In the basement.
The employes fought It unaided for a time
and before the fliemen arrived It had
burned Its way through a partition Into
the elevator shaft. The blaze leaped with
a roar to the top of tho building and
mushroomed Into the upper Honrs, spread
ing thenco rapidly down through the
VenllKrnce of n I'rllim r.niilne nl
1'riicfnr In ChtirKistl.
ltuthind. "an Papers have been
served by Peputv Sheriff Henry It. Adams
of this city In a negligence .mlt in which
Thomas Smith nf lToetor. a foimer em
ploye of the Vermont Marble company,
asks Kutlnnd county court to award him
datuirjes of jri.fin), declaring that the con
cern was responsible. Ihrotmh Its ligem,
James Conrny. for Injuries he received on
October V' bUO The suit Is returnable
at the Mn-i'h term of court.
The ricebleilt. whl'b resulted in this
litigation, Is alleged to have hnpie'i"d
when Mr. Smith v. mi sent to the com
pany's carpi nb r shop In 1'roctor to got
some Mono boats. The door of the sh 'P
had hinges on tho upper side and wis
raised and lowered with a rope and pull:,,
the rope being held In place with a pin.
Tallies Conrov had charge of this door.
Claim Is made that the pin was 'n
sffflclent to hold the rope and that while
Mr. Smith was In the shop the door
suddenly fell, striking him In "uch a
manner thai he tecelved a compound
fracture of the right leg, crippling him for
Washington, Jan. !.-Tln deinocratli:
national eonunlttee completed Its wotk
hero to-day with the selection of Haiti
more as the coinenllon iliy. June '-'.'i
was fixed aft the date of the national
gathering when candidates for president
and Ici-presldi nt will be selected. The
republican national tonvontlon I to l"
held In CIiIciko June K
The democrats adopted u "permis
sive" primary resolution in connection
with the call for delegates, and smh
States as have laws on the subject,
or desire to do so, can select their rep-re.'-ent.ttlves
in the national convention
h direct vote. There are 1.0TI delegates
to be chosen.
llmmony marked lo-il,i's silting of
the eonunlttee which was given over
almost entirely in the arguments of th.j
representatives of tno arlotis cities
bidding for the convention. Win. Jen
nings Hry.'in did not attend the meet
ing, lie luul not finished his speech lit
the Jackson da bnnifUet until well alt
er tluee o clock this morning.
There was a brief controversy over the
proposed recognition of the pi-ogre'lvo
league clubs, : , 1 1 organization said tn
have glow n out of the Independence
b ugue movement started by Willi im ilau-
ilolph Hearst. When objection was mail
the itiesllnn of recognition was. defer led
for four years.
National Clial'inaii Norman 11. Mack
win, named to hind the sub-commlttce on
nrrnni-'oiinnts for the convention. Vice.
Chalincm Hull of Nebraska and Seen
tury I'ley Woodon of Kentucky will bi
ex-otllelo niembeis of this sub-eoiniiiittee
and there will be seven additional mem
bers in be named later by Mr. Mack.
Tlie pilinary resolution adopted was .1
modification of one pr-'pnM'd l.v Senator I
Cnanibetlalii of Oregon. It w.i framed
by n sub-committee, headed by C'cirk
Howell of Cleorgiu, and was us follows:
"That, In the choice of delegate-, and
alternates to the national democratic con
vention of 1912 tlie democratic State if
teriltoilil committees may, If not other
wise directed by law of such States nt
Ten Itorles. provide for th" direct election
of such delegates or alternates If In the
opinion of the lespectlve committees it
s doomed ties I rat'1 and possible to do so
with proper nnd sufficient safeguards.
Where such provision Is not nunle by the
respective committees 'for the choice ,,f
delegates and nltenuite and T.heio the
State laws do not provide specifically the
tr.nnner of such i hoiee then the delecales
and alternates to the said national con
vention shall be chosen In the manner
that governed the choke of delegates
limn the respective States and Territei les
to the hist ti.ttiiiii.il democratic loitveu
Hon "
Haitian. tc led In the fight for the con
vention from the ery first, but two bal
lots wore rO'Pitro'l before St.
I.ouls succumbed. Then the vote was
made unanimous. The Ibiltlinnrc bid was
accompanied by a ccrtllled check for $lm,
(.!. The date of the convention, Juno -.',
wns agreed to unanimously.
The first ballot (or the convention city
gave Haltlmoie '.'.I votes and St. I.ouls 1'.'.
with scattering votes for Denver, Chicago
and New Vork. the last named getting
only the vole of the State of Now Vork.
On the second ballot r.-iltlinore had 21
voles, a niajoilty of the eonunlttee .mil
.sullli'lent. St. I.ouls went up to :'.' votes,
but the light for that city, carried up to
the last minute, ptoved vain.
on the ,-econd ballot New Vork K.ive up
Its light and voted for Hiiltlmore. Ver
mont voted for Haltlinore throughout.
Washington, Jan. --Democratic load-
era of the coiiniry at inn jacKsoii nay
dinner here to-nlghl urgid their follow
I'd to stop fighting each other ami as
sail tho common enemy. Ihe llep'lbllcuii
nartv. vvth a milled front, oovernor
Woodrovv Wilson or New Jersey, sneak
er champ CI. irk. Wm. Jennings p.ryan,
William ltandolph lleatst. Josepii v
Kolk nnd other ilomoora.Ho ihleftalns
who have differed In the past. Joined ill
i. unanimous pi "a for hiirn'.iiiiv In lf'IJ
and predli led that political victory would
it was a luiuuPiioiis dinner In which
prospective cniullil.if es tor IP" presiuen-
t till nomination shared the honors or the
occasion, (lovenior Wilson was given a
tremendous nvalton when be said II was
the duty of the demociats on the trust
problem to "hit the heads that wo see
and tee that our shlllal.ihs are of good
hickory." The banuueters almost raised
the roof.
Win n Mr. Hoars! declaie.l he would
use every "soiiri e ai'd resource" In his
power to bring about a lUmocratlc vic
tory, and characterized Theodore ltooe
velt as a "h.irle.piln ot politics" thol"
was another eploslvo outburst.
But when Champ Clark, the speaker
of the House, called attention to tho
harmonious action of the democratic
majority In the lower House of Con
trrcss and the results they had a -
coinpllshed and set It up n sane
Our Stockbridgo special fertilize contain twice as
much nitrogen and frequently five times as much
potash as the average fertilizer selling: at $25 to S30
per ton. Look at the analysis on the bajjf and prove
our statement.
160 Bushels Shelled Corn on one acre, harvest
weight, testing out by analysis 112 bushels shelled
crib-dry corn was grown this year by L. S. White,
Collinsvillc, Conn., on Ktockbridgo exclusively, win
ning first prize of S500. Send for illustrated pamphlet
about this great prize crop and how it was grown.
This book also contains full list of contestants, their
methods and results, analysis of the corn and other
valuable information.
600 Bushels l'otatoes from Vi acres were grown by
Johnson Whiting, West Tisbury, Mass., this season
on Stockbridge.
Suo our nearest Local Ap;ent before you buy. CataloRuc
Free. Agents wanted in towns not now covered.
JDV W IVrjlV 4.' Chatham Street, Boston
to ultra' t attention away from the
truth and tl at evory bit of the respon
sibility for i he coiidions of to-day
tests upon tl'.e l!euibllean party.''
fiovernor Kolk of Missouri followed
ev- Judge I'arker
ample for the party to follow the
'climax of the democratic optimism of
I the occasion was reached.
Mr itt-x.tii. who followed m inv other
speakers. ptedlelod a revolution of!'
political action at the polls In No
vcmhei mid appealed. without any
the Supremo Court m t'-e S'.i'ul
and tobacco dr- is on T - .-mmh
pot trust a partv thnt l.o-k the ,
to halletige ve-v p-mllo foe"
shoilil bo tho
milted deinoo-weli-onie
Ills cumpalgn
I'lnpnxnl of f'lilciigii Divorcee Mrrl
nilb hr Appro till of
Chicago, Jan. S. Homa Darker, aged
It", and prottv, or course, wns "elerk
! Ing" In a Chicago department Htoro
two years ago. llnter Albert Sehaffer.
a fow years older, good looking, well
dressed, enrnlng .120 n week. Albert
Bald he had $".',00rt. They were tnat-
Ilul ...i I- ....ill II 1 l,l..,.lfl " "' " "i"iiei iiukiiii
london, Jan. S. The authentic records ,
of tho terrible ,'ia yeats' reign or tlm de
posed Sultan of Turkey, Abdul Humid,
lire to lie given to the world. The inliiii-1
test search had fulled to reveal their I
of casualties already reported Is baldly
Jkely to be lengthened.
Some estimates of tho loss ran as tdffh
is Jiri.ofio.ooo, hut more conservative an
thoiltles thought to-night Hint tho dam
age would not run over $ii,(ion,.nn.
' HAD I'l.ANNllI) NKW M'll.DINiJ.
An ofllcer of the Kqultablo said that tho
pocloty'B own loss would probibly not
amount to over WiO.W, covered by Its own
contingent Inmintiico fund, nnd that du
plicates ot every record destroyed wero
stored In subsidiary olllces of the com
pany In another pirt of the city. Tho
company had planned to erect a new
building on the site and as. figured by tho
officers the expense ot teHring It down
will now bnhincn well against tho actual
viluo of the building.
Stored In n llreproof vault over tho
main, ntrunco of tho building on tho
Hroart,vvay sldn worn between $i".,00i),0fj0
nd fciUO.OWrV) of tho securities nf tho cotn-
fany. Wlillo tlm vault was Biibjocted to
jhe fierce Ur.inc, Ongo K, Tarhell, u trim
' te of tho Eiiultablc, said to-nlttht that
disclosed the secret chamber vvhern every
written record has been kept.
Tho Constantinople correspondent of tho
Chronicle declares that It has now been
decided to publish tho documents which
arc complete, n Abdul Ilainld never de
stroyed a Idler or paper. Strangely
enough, not a single line ,if these records
was written by the Sultan, who hnd a
Mrong aversion for writing even his own
name. Ills signet served to authorize nlll
clal documentH, oven death sentences,
I to be insistent about tho
j at Nlngarn Vails, Albert
Ills money wns nearly all
It took iloma about ten
call that honeymoon off,
K.-C-Sl.AVR X'KVT $ll,fW.
ChampiilKn, III., Jan. S.-qrotRo W.
Smith, born a negro sluvo In Tennesseo
7r. yearn ago. left property worth Hlfi.Ooo.
according to his will filed for protmto
here. Hmlth ran uwuy In I SOS and Joined
the union army. Ho acted as a guide
for One nil John A. Logan. After tho
l war Smith came to uuampumn county,
whero ho bought a small tract of land,
Ho added to bin holding!) Htnortlly until
at lils.death ho owned WW acres of rich
furm lunda beside, other oropurtv
"told all."
tieeonds to
hut three,
hours to tell Albert what sho thought
of him.
A year elapsed. Divorced.
Another year. Itoina enters a small
Jowelry shop. Ienp year. A young
man camo to wait on her. Tholr eyes
"AI," said Itoma, "I think we're both
a couplo of fools. Don't you think
wo ought to have Btayod married,
"Vou bet I do!" retorted A I, "And
what we nro going to do right now
Is to got man led again, And It Ih-'J
all four-flush with mo this tlm, elthor.
I own thlx place,
"AI," untn tome, "I came here to get
a piece of Jewelry."
"Hum," replied AI. "How would lists
handsome solitaire do?''
Marrlfd again. Kveryhody happy.
Thulium Cnrrick I'lenils liolKy lit lliirg
Inrj nl I'nlr llnveii.
Muflanil. Jan. . T'iom.i Cnrrick of
Fair llav. n idculcd guilty to the charge
of burglary In ilty court this aftern.nm
ami vv.i'- sentenced py Judge I'n-d U.
Swluuerlon to serve not less than two
I, or more Ihnn three yo.n- at the Ilnii.ii
of Correction In this city. C.irrlck h-ni
been bound over to the county grand Jury,
hut after being at the conntv Jail for .six
weeks he asked State's Attorney 11. I
Stafford of this city to tile nn informa
tion against him In order that he might
begin sentence at once Instead of waiting
until Match.
Cnrrick was arrested at W. F. I'arker
,v Son's Jewelry store In Fair Haven at
midnight late In November, the nolso ho
made breaking Into the premises having
aroused neighbors.
flonnlngton, .Inn. A posse of deputy
Mierlffs went to Stamford Satuidiiy night
and raided the two hotels In that town,
the Stamford House on the Massachusetts
line and the IMrndlso Hotel. A ipiuntlty
nt lienor was found nl each pi. ice. There 1
vviim not n large ainouiit ut Hie rarndlse
Hotel, but tho proprietor of the Stamford
House had evldentb tint In a winter's
slock. Frederick II. Mather of the Para
dise llotfl and Harry Keating of the
Standard House were at raiuned before
Judge K. II Hidden of the Itenningioii
municipal court, who accompanied the
raiders for that purpose, and were held
under ll.lmO bonds for further hearing
on Friday. I loth furnished ball and wore
Denver. Colo., Jan. S.-I.awieiue llrown,
the only son of J. .1. Hrown, millionaire
mine owner of Denver, Is working a drill
III a mine at Victor, Colo., In order to
support his yiiuiift wife and live weeks old
ron, Hrown married Miss Allcen Horton,
a Kansas City debutante!, but his father
did not take kindly to the niarrliiKa hp
ruu of the youth of the two. Voting
llrown sayB ho and Ids family ai happy
and that he will not nslc his father Mr
If (ihe'R to bf hud at all.
your want ad will get you
Bfrvant girl.
just now
a capable
suggestion as to who
standard beater, for a
racy, lie was given a
rivaled the ovation of
for the presidency.
Ncnlv a thousand le-nliiig democrats
fiom all .sections ot the country attended.
Ilarnionv was everywhere about the ban
quet board.
Senator o'Gonnan of New York was
to.istni.i'iter. At the speakers' table wero
Chump Clark, ono of Ml- ri's aspirants
fnr the presidential nomination, Alton li.
Tarkcr nf Now Vork, Senator John W.
Kern of Indiana, who appeared as the
champion of i iovomnr Thorn. i.s I!. Mar
shall. Hi" Hoosler aspll.int for the piosl
dency, Norman K. Mac!, chairman of tho
denuxratlc nutlonal ctnunlttee, William
J. llryan. Governor Windrow Wilson of
New Jersey, another presidential nomi
nation seeker, Senalor Newlatids of Ne-
,-.ida, Joseph W. Folk-of Mlsv-ouil. who
receive 1 the cndoisemint of Ills State
coininlltee for presidential honors, Senator
Pomerene of Ohio, who ippenred as the
Lrepi esentntlve ol (inventor Harmon, ami
William It. Hearst. Mr. Hearst arrived
folk u;noim:s ci.ap.k.
First of the distinguished guests to
enter the baiuiuot hall was Speaker Clark
who was roundly cheered. Govnior
Wilson al'ii ri celvcd a roiiaing welcome,
v. hMe Mr. Hr an's entrance was signalled
by loud i heel Ing.
Fin m or C.oveinor Folk was the List
of the pre-ldeiitl.il possibilities to enter
ll." hamuli t hall. Though he pass 'd
Spoi'kcr Clark's chair, there was no slsu
ot r'i ou'iiltlon rrom either of Missouri's
distinguished sons. Mr Folk, however,
engaged Mr. Hrynu in earne-l eonvei ga
llon. The dinner over, the program of
toasts was inaugurated. Toastm.tster
( I'Ciorman said:
"Ihe country I- looking hopefully t-i
the Democratic partv for relief from the
manifold Ills that afflict It and a gre.it
triumph awaits us, a great upportunlt ;
for patriotic si rv lee and public u?fulnes.
is before us. If wo but keep our ranks
unbroken and adheie to the teaching!! if
the man we honor here to-ulght."
Mr Hearst leached the hull ,'u-t before
the speaking began and was greeted with
th- same ontlin-lnsm that iitlmileil the
entrance of the other honored guests.
Norman !'. Mack, i hah man or the na
tional committee, klndh-d a fiery out
burst at the beginning of the speaking
piomain, when he said:
"I think It. Is time we demociats stop
pod fighting ono another and began a.
unanimous, attack on the loinniuii
enemy. The country Is ready 1" turn
Its affairs over to the Deniocr.it lc party
If wo behave ourselves."
Woodrovv Wilson was received with
eliiers prolonged for many minutes. The
C.oveinor discussed tho tariff and other
Issues, but Ills leforenee to the ctuiclicy
iilestlon awakened the greatest Interest.
"The country." said (Inventor Wilson,
Will not brook anv plan which con-
entrates iiuitrul In the hands, of the
bankers, because It knows that Ihe bank
ois ihcmselves are not Isolated, and
that the banks are tied In bv a thousand
nterprlsos, h community holding and
by Interests In many Inttlcato was.
The outside public must In some thor
ough and effective way be pill In a
position to keep Its credlti. and Its fin
ancial opportunities free. The b.mkcis
of tlm couii'ry may have the highest and
purest Intentions, but no one class can
comprehend the country, nu one set or
Interests, can wifely bo suffolcil to dom
inate It."
Judge Alton 11, Pai ker, ' who pro
ceded (lovenior Wilson, was the first,
speak'er to mailt' direct leferenco by
liaine to former President Unoscvelt.
He called his assault nn the trusts "u
client and nasty fraud."
"The statement of Unoscvelt that
tho trust law was Impotent was tin-
tine, and .vou lawyers Unovv It."
(laid." ' I charge now, and when
mini irtimltv Is presented and I
asked for facts and llgurns, 1 will
nmvo It. that all of his tirades against
the law, llm
William Handolph Hearst, who was
given a rousing leeeptloli, expressed
Ids faith In the principles of democ
racy ninl said his only desire was to
ml his best efforts "to help trim
democrats ontrol the party in the In
let osts of tine deniocraey." The com
ing election, he -nid, will be decided
by the Independent progressive voters.
"Assuredly these progressive citi
zens will not follow Mr. Tart in the p.e
ptiblican party for Mr. Taft is either
opposed to their Ideas or Indifferent
to thorn, or cbc Incapable of compre
hending them.
"positively these progressives will
not be able to support Mr. D.i Follottn
In the ltopiibllcan party, for Mr. 1-a
Follette belongs In th- Democratic
party and will never be nominated
for tho pie'blency by the ttepnbllcan
"Surely these genuine progtesslves will
not fall In behind Mr. P.oosevelt. who.
when president, saerlfbed every progres
sive principle f. r Ids own ndv.intnire and
on ovor.v occasion has betrayed tho Inter-
ess of the peoule Tor the sotdiil support
ot fume criminal trust. To suppnit
i;ooevelt would make the whole progres
sive inovttnent ildlcul.iu".
"The man Is a veiy hatleiiulu ot
politics, uiperlni; torward and backvv.iid
.nut shiewi-ie over ev-ry conflicting ouarier
of the political stag", masked as to his
i em opinion and Intention, attired In a
tinsel palehvvnrk of opposing principles,
tarrying not a big :'ticl: but a ship stick
with which to mtiko much noise and lo
no -ervb o, appealing unexpectedly
tlnoiigh overv trap door of opportunism
and disappearing acrobatically through
evei'v open window of time solving ex
pediency. "With KooscveU as hni leipilu and Hoot
lit columbine, with ItookefeMor as clown I
ami Morgan as pantaloon, the whole pro-1
grosslve movement would become a roar- j
ing Christmas p iiitoinlnio, culminating In,
i spectacui.it- ti.in-ioiination scene, wncn.
ptosperltv would again dissolve Into panic
ami where Morgan and Itockofollor le
velled onllit oiled in Wall Street would
once more save the country, In order to
divide It satisfactorily betwenn them-
scU I'S."
Mr. Hryan. who came last on tho pi li
gnum .spoke on the subject "The Passing
Plutocracy." Nothing that he said awoku
so much applause as his poetic peroration
limited from Hyroi:
"The dead have been awakened shell
I sleep'.'
"The worlds at war with tyrants
shall I crouch'.'
"The harvest's ripe and I pause to
The lianiiuei hall rang with a deaf
ening din. Hero and there above the
noisy tumult could be heard mingled
cries of "Viw, stav asleep" and "Vou
are still a live one."
Then Mr. llrynn continued:
"I slumber not tho thorn Is In my
couch ;
"H.ich day a trumpet soiindeth in my
"Its echo in my heart."'
Mr. Hrxtu i liarnctei Iz-'d the movement
for popul.tr election of senators as the
greatest national let'iuni of ihe genera-
X o Itllllnml Mmh tiers
Was I'm 1 1 IV (lis I'nrin.
Hntlauil, Jan. S-A rath-r ti"
eh.miory ui-i was fiN-d lo-day wi
County Clerk 11. A. Harmon, the "i
plaint being made In .- player tor .
In iiUK tlon that l.evi H.iker mid Moil, r
Maker have prevented OM-ar D Young "'
West Rutland, aged ! yeats, fro . go n.,
on to his own farm In Woit llutlan,:
on which they are tenants. Jin si Fie:
M. Hlltler of tills city has granted
temporary Injunction against the r..ikei--
In the bill of complaint the orator sc' s
up that on March 1. hist, he leased hi!
farm of about L'.'o acres. located on tl
road between West ltuthind and Ira, tc
the defendants for a period of one yeal
on condition that they imry on the fane
In a husbanil-lll'.e manner, give tho i at
tie the host of care, cart stone nw,i
from seeded land tind on ipilttlng 'V '
premises Irave an amount of grain.
ami "sugnr wood" eiiual to that
they found.
Mr Young avers that the Me.--rs
Ilaker have not lived up to their agr-M--m-'iil
and that they ordered him fiom
ihe priiiiiscs when no attempted t, so
to ins own farm and give the . i "i
food, which wns necessary for their .
, fare. It is sef up that the d-fen 1 .
have no atlachable property and i
I there Is thus tio tedress for the or.i'- i
I In tin culinary damage suit.
TriiiiMfiiirtiitlitn liop.l ltnes of Vei-nionv
'llielr Ctiiiiiniiii Aim.
Moiitpolior. Jan. The Central v- -iiioni
railw.iv and the lto-ton M i ,
I inteiests ar.. locking horns over tie -
noss of the llarie iiuaiTics. rlie .M",
p. Her Wells lilver. owred by the 1'..--tou
.vv- Maine, has decided to hnllil .in -tenslon
of a mile and a half from i: t
I5.ii re In the spring, tapping new nu.irrf. i
an I co-tlnc about Vm."'. llcfere i
public service comml-'sloti at llarre
.week the application of the Itarre (iianiii
ltallrond romp.inv for a charier vvn- . '
sidercd. the petitioners aiming to show
that public good reiiuires the road T'm
charter application Is signed by Pi Mri.t
I people and bv K. H. l-it;thugh. prcsul- :
ot" the Ccniial Vermont. H. C Jen -,
I general manager, C. . Witters, miir ',
and the company lia.s alreadv secured t
tight of vv.iv for most of tin- distance
I'p to this time the liarre railroad 1- 1
hid a monopoly of the business of tNt
quarries and will not submit to another
iiimpmiy cnteilng tlie Held without a,
light. '."he llarie nunirlos have i
called the transportation gold mines
V orinollt. Yeais iign there was a slml' if
fight mi befweon the two rinds hut win ,i
the Central ermont had a charter.
did not build, and D. It. Sortwell of t ,i
Wells Itivir cm a line tin ouch llarre
the iin.irrles and tlie Coi.tr.il went M
Wllllanistow n.
courts and the Slates wan
lion. lie ill god i llniin itlou
partisan Issue that lias been lujicted Into
the controversy, asscttlng that neither
of the great patties could hope to win
a constitutional victory unalil--d.
He endorsed tho diuvt primary nnd
advocated lis application to national dec
Hons In every State In the union.
"I congratulate tb democratic Con
gicss." said Mr. Ilrinn, "on ihu record
It is making. H Is earning the tonliilence
of the nation. In the matter of the tmlff.
the country Is rapldlv appro, uhlng the
democratic pi"?llou and while there are
individual opinions as to M-liodulcs, there
can-be no differences of opinion among
democrat s. as to the substantial advan
tages to bo secured to the people by
the reductions IWI aie being at
tempted Mr 111 yau ained hl.s hearers, "that at
this lime, when the whole country Is alive
wlih progressive sentiment, It will be
criminal folly for our party to falter In
Its onward innich. or to show cowardice
In the fnce of the powerful enemy which
Is drawn up In buttle befoie tin."
"As much as we may bo Interested in
the tariff question," he continued, "We
niiiit not Unorn the menace of the truts.
Tho nonioi'rallc party must meet Imme
diately and boldly tho Issue presented by
I'tiHuiiiilislo lei-UMiimi Mm Ho run god
li Ihe Hlclicsiiii Cnc.
Montpeller. Jan !' -There bus been .n.
elrctilillon m Ihe V. riuoni pros- and o
that of other States a report of a sensa
tion. ll character In which ll l clilinerl t' ,
mental hi eakdown of tho Hev. Arohlh-i d
Mason of Passimipsio, which has led ti
his coiumltiucnt to the State hospital .it
Watorhury, was due to Ills brooding
over the case of the Itev C. V. T. li. i
.son, who to-d.iy at Hoston pleaded g'l.'H
lo niut'dcr In the first degree. The report
had It that the itev. Mr Mason was ,i,
close friend of the doomed clergvnnti
and they luul pio.iched In 'lie nm.i
church. Dr. D. D. Orout, sucrlnteml us
uf tlie hospital, stated to-day there Is not
the slightest foundation for this report.
Mr. Mason's mental trouble began hefoiu
Itlchoson coinmltleil the deed and the t,j
clergymen were not known to each oliict
nor had they ever preached in the sunn
church. Dr. Orout pronounced the story
a silly fahtlcatlou. While Mr Mns-r. j
I case Is grave It ts not Incurable Ho Is V
' years old and bur. a wife and two children
Valentine Holm, the Sudbury farm hand
iirtesttid s'ometlmo ago ami stupected of
the alleged assault upon Miss Neli
Met'hnn, Is to have n hearing In lUuland
two weeks from S'lturday. lls hearinf
Iiiih been twice postponed.

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