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tfoung Virginian Displays Re
markable Stoicism Answers
Questions without Emotion.
Displays Trace of Former Jaunti-
nces as He Leaves Court
Appeal for Executive
Clemency to Be Made.
Hoston, Jim. it. With the appearance of
n man who hurt abandoned alt hope of
llfp, the Rev. clarence V. T. Hlehcson
stood to-chiy nt thi' bur of Justice, d.
c lured his guilt of the piemcdltat"l
nmrder of Ills former sweetheart. Avis
l.lnnoll, and without h tremor heard
Judge Sanderson sentence nlm to death
In the flfcti-li .hair during the week
beginning Mil! 10.
While displaying n remarkable stoicism,
the young Virginian appeared to thine
who crowded the little court mom as It
he were conducting his own funeral.
1 f t, when he walked out of the court
room, there wns a a trare of the old-
time Jnuntltieo that seemed to many to
Indicate that hK fight was not yot
To the half dozen question which
.t-nlgc Sanderson tint to lllehe'on to-day,
is to whether he realized the full nature
and flfoiit of his ncktiow ledgment of guilt,
In answered without the slightest
i hi I'nin, always In the nffil matlve.
lachoson's connscl declared after tho
proceedings that an appeal for executive
if nenev would follow soon and that
iv effort would lie made to obtain
ri Imprisonment Instead of death as
lie punishment. Whether the petition
dl be based upon Hleheson's services
to the county in malting his confession,
ir upon a claim of Incsponslbilty, has
hi' yet been decided.
.-ome well-known attorneys remarked
.-night that Judge Sanderson's action
ii accepting the plea and ordering it
spread upon the t coords- of the court
might have an echo in the supieme
ourt, on the ground that a jury alone,
otild accept such a plea.
When Rlcheson was arraigned, Clerk
Manning said:
"f'larcnce V. 'I'. Rlcheson. this indict -nent
charges you with murder In the
irst. dBfrw'. On November IS. you pleJd
sd not guilty to It. Do you desire to re
.raet that plea?"
"Yes sir," replied Illeheson.
"What say you to the Indictment?"
isketl the clerk.
"Guilty." was the reply without a
hango In tone.
The judge then summarized the Indict
ment and defined deliberate premeditated
malice aforethought In committing mur
Jer by poison.
"The only penalty provided by law,"
said the Judge, "for murder In the first
degree Is death. Have you pleaded guilty
to murder In the first decree after due
consideration and with the full knowledge
and understanding of the nature nnd
effect of such a plea?"
"Yes sir," was the calm leply.
"Is the plea made by you fiee and
vnluntarv?" continued tho judge.
"Yes Mr "
"Did you consult counsel with reference
to the nature of the offense nnd the
plea?" asked the Judge.
Again came the simple "Yes sir."
fler Judge Sanderson ban ordered the
plea entered upon the records, he asked
District Attorney Pelletlor If It was
desired that sentence be Imposed,
The district attorney replied that beforo
moving for such sentence he wished to
read the confession Hleheson's acknowl
edgment of guilty In writing which he
rent to the district attorney nnd to the
i ourt through his counsel last Friday,
was then read and madi a part of the.
l ecnrd.
The district attorney raid:
' It Is my opinion that the evidence
which the Commonwealth has accumulat
ed would be sufficient for an ordinary Jury
to Hurt this defendant guilty of murder
in the first degree."
Judge Sanderson then looked toward the
tall form of the young Vlrglrlan and said:
"Clarence V. T. Illeheson have you uny
t dng to say why sentence of death should
not be passed upon you?"
The viiung man apparently swallowed a
)i ird lump In his throat, but without even
3 shadow across his face, he replied:
No sir, nothing further than I have
Mate d "
Itislng Judge Sanderson pronounced the
leath penalty ending with the impressive
words- "And may (5od In Ills Infinite
goodness have mercy upon your soul."
Rlcheson's npearance In the court to
riav differed but little from that at the
tltnp of his arrnlKnment. Ills complexion
.win ,.ui-i ill., ii i.t'i.iit. i)iui(' Liii.t i. nr. i
111 fact, and thete were notlceabln lines
In hiR face. His paleness was paitlcnlarly
marked In contrast with his raven black
Ills words were evenly modulated, al
though at times so low that Judge Sander.
son had to request him to repeat them.
Except when he spoke Hleheson's mouth
was tightly closed, the usually expressive
Hps helng presred ilimlv over teeth that
seemed to be locked together. Throughout
the proceedings his hands gripped the
wooden tall befote him.
i ne man s clerical appearance was
enhanced by n long seinl-flttlng overcoat
which covered a suit of black material
i in ne nun pi uiMireu iroiu counsel ro
dav In order that ho might appear at his
are received of nn Increase In the amount
of new business received. Quarry owners,
In this stone, state they have considerable
business ahead, more than they expected.
A summary of reports for the year Just
closed places the volume of business In
the main In this Slate nt about normal.
The lumberman, however, complains of
a. lack of snow to conduct his operations.
Considerable logs have been cut ami aie
waiting to ho hauled tn the mills. As It
Is, even with a good fall of snow right
RWay, the expense will be larger tluc.
usual by reason of the Inforced ldlenes
of teams.
Failure reports for the year 1!11 num
ber ?1 In all: this was In number four1
more than for IfJO but the nmount of
money Involved was, as to bankruptcies,
II per cent, less thnn for the year pre
vious. The amount of llablllllea wns the
smallest for any year since IMS; the total
liabilities for that year were $lSl,fi3J.r.1
with assets "f 1I2I..S7.1S, whlU
for the -year 1911 lite total
llnbllllles were $16l,2iK7'i and assets ?,
fiOT.oft. In detail, the failures were
classified as follows: Five receivership',
two assignments, eleven offers of com
promise and ten Involuntary nnd H
voluntary bankruptcies. Of that number
December. Mil gave two Involuntary
nnd seven voluntary bankruptcies, with
liabilities or JH.ST.'.C and assets of J.
fi.7i.77. December, 1310, gave thtee com
promises and seven voluntary bank
inptcles, Willi liabilities of t,.0,4:fi.47 and
assets of $3S.2fi.nf. December. 1!UV. gave
six falllttes but the amiiunt Involved was
.7! per cent, gi eater than for the Decem
ber Just elo.'cd.
Itcports of damage done by tire during
the year 1101 show the amount of loss was
the smallest for any year since IM, al
though the number of mercantile Inter
ests affected was greater than for any
of the past live years with the exception
of Iflld. One bundled and twenty-two tire
were reported affecting Hit meicantlle In
terests with a total damage of $.152,777. tis
of this number December, K'fi. contributed
twelve fires, nffectln seventeen people,
with aggregate damage of $v?, 7(1.1. During
lfllO there were IIS tires affecting 1RB peo
ple with damage of $7J,-,n.1. which year
showed the greatest damage of any of
the past five vcar. Domestic corpora
tions of a mercantile nature numbered 4i
for tPll with aggregate capitalization of
$2,115,100. This Is the smallest number
formed during any of the past dve years.
ISlo gave 51 with a total capitalization of
Forward Your Remittance by Foreign Draft
u I.
" .. ..... f-nl..
When you liavo funds to send to Europe oi an ",m rt, " "
country send It by Forolttn Draft. We Issue these in iris n
all foreign Countrler. They ore payable in "''i1.?'1 01 tllc
"ottntry on which they nre drawn nnd assure ""'J-1'
!!, .1. nooth. President. D. Worthen. .?"rv
John .1. Plyntl, Vleo-I're.l.'ent Itnrrle V Hall, Asst n
Untermyer Says They Know Lit
tle of People's Thoughts on
Corporation Management.
New York, Jan. Comparing with
Hip Van Winkle the leaders of the fin
ancial win hi, "who know about as much
of the thoushls which stir the people
to-day about corporation management
and the uses of great wealth as Hip
tli:l about happenings Ip his home town
during his wonderful sb i'P. ' Samuel
TnUiinfr Snndnii In Pllgtltn Church,
Madison avenue and IJilst strict, de-
Minority Stockholders Present
Testimony in Case That Will
Last a Year at Least.
Seeks to Recover $59,000 for 118
Alleged Violations of Fed
eral Statute.
New York, Jan. 8. Prom testimony
taken In the suit of the minority stock
holders of the Rutland railroad nrralnst
tho New Tork Central It was brought
out that since the Cential assumed con
trol of the Rutland the latter hn.s se
cured a materially lower division of the
through rates.
Pi lor to IMS. at which time the Ne"'
York Central assumed to own the Hut-
land, on carload shipments from Ma
lone to Coth street, Rutland's division
ot the through rate was 50 per cent I
The Burlington Savings
will pny the usual dividend t
depositors nt tlie rale of 4
pel' nnnuiti for Hip six months
eiulitifr Deeeinlier Hist.
lire pnid on nil deposits front 1.0() to .,.")0U, nnd on luiT'ov
amounts from widows, administrators and trunrdinns. De
posits will draw interest from .Inntiary 1st if received on or
('. I. Siellh, President.
Henry (ireeiie, Vlce-Prex. P. V. Wnril. Treasurer
W. Perrj, and Vleo-Pres. I.'. .S. Ishniii, .sst. Trenn.'
allowing New Vnrk Cenlinl Inerensed 3W f
St. .lohtisbun. Jan. !'. I'nltfil St,it-
District Attornex Alesunder Diinnett has
Issued p,iper foi the federal government's
Jiilt against the Central Veimnnt Itall
wa;, conipnn for the reenveiv of f.'?.nflO
damages for nPiged violation of the
fedral statute lelatlng to the number i.f
consecutive hour1- nllro.id rinplm can
C I HC I " M ST A NT 1 A I , HVIDK NC 10.
There was considerable chill In the air
and Snlffly didn't know whether it would
be wise to begin a conversation with .Mrs.
Hnlllly or not. Finally, howeer, the s
lemc became too aictlc for comfort and
he decided to isk II
"lieiulKul morning, my dear." he ob
served, as be lathered his chin.
"Don't, you talk to me, Mr. Fnlf!1," te
torted the lid. "I am illsgiisied with
you. You needn't fool yourself Into think
ing I don't know In what londltlun you
nil Mr. Hogley . lune home List night. I
uverheard y.utr conversation."
"ConvetsatlonV" said Snltlly. "What
did I say?"
"You said on didn't know, when Mr.
Ilugley asked yon which keyhole was the
right one, and there's only one on th"
door!" said Mrs. Snlffly. Il-irpcr's
dared thai "pi bile fiitlment will very, 'lc (P,t iU work.
soon bring them to their senses.
"liiislness men say that the agitation
that Is now going on hurts business." he
said. "In my Judgment It hurts only
Illegitimate business. Our people are sur
prising!!, patent when you consider their
power, and v.c are far behind Knglaiwl
In economical reforms. They have old
age pensions, employers' liability Insur
ance and national Insit.mco over there,
three things that ate bound to come In !
this tnuntry."
Dlseiissint, Inheritance nnd lncnm
taxation, which he said were the "most
just and enlightened fotms of taxa
atlon," Mr. ruteimvei continued:
The statute sas that trnliiiin u can be
employed only lor K consecutive bonis.
There are US alleged violations charged
against the Central Vermont, the penalty
r each offense being a fine of ?.v'
The government does not bring a
criminal notion but seeks to recover bv
a civil st'.U. The papers h.io been sent
to I'nlieil States Marshal II. W. Ilalley
of Uiitland to set e
Must Speclneulnr Itnlil t lilnntim n tins
Kniiuii In Years.
New York. Jan. !. An Inva-lon of Chi-
"The wealth l our county this State es- ,livtwn by an nniij of 1i". pollcemrn nt
l.eclalh. ereape. taxation, not through , ,n,.; 1,, n wir ag mist gambling re.-ulted
tack or legislation or inroiiKU corruption. in ,,r. f,,r,.ut of hut am Chinamen anil I v..rt.. haimes were made In the rout
Im; of Rutland Transit inmpany's
steameis where they competed with Cei.
pronortlons In acenrdnnee with their re
Uilist." I'ollowlng this order Hutlano s
propoiilon became :f. per cent. Mutin
ous liistntui'S show that the ItntlundV
proportlon was reduced between lo pe.
cent, and 'JO tier cent, of the total i '
under the proportion It leeched prior .
the New York Central management
The testlmnm alo brought out t un i
November, ipr.l. the Itutl.iud Tianslt is. i
ti.iny, owned by the Hutland. contr.ic'.f 1
for two steamers for HA'jVi. that i.n
inents aggiegatlng jur.ieo md been nun'i
on account of tiles' steamers, Hint mi
June m., Mill I, the P.utlatid eompan.. 's 'e
teiest 111 this contract anil these stent!
era was sold to tip' Western Transit m v
illiy, owned be the New Yolk Cen'vi
and It was provided that the two teair
eis should be leased back to the Hull r
Transit company tor tlve years at i
annual rental ennui to smell P"r cent. '
their covt. the Ituilnnil Tianll comtian'
laying Insurance .and other charge and
obilgatltig It'elf t.. pay for the 'teamers
nt co-t at the end of live yen is, Testl-
ttroii.v w.is aNo irei'iited to show Mint I
nut since I"-' had the Itutl.iiul or am 1
corporation merged w'th It been compelled
to pay such a high r:ite of ii.teiest fir
capital furds
It was also btouglit out that since (he
Central secured conliol uf til" Hutland
'J ,e in r
. plensanl for hn.uk depositors to rend tlmt the
ecivf interest at llie rnte ol tour per rent, lor
ftllii' past six months Itut how nuieli more conifnrtnlile is
X !" tepijiiniy that they will receive this rate for tin jt
W -enm!,? six months.
jL ''"Ins is o;iinranteed to depositors in
& ' ' SurSington Trust o3-
f , lalc-est has been FOUR PER IffiXf.siBce Jan. 1, '07 4r3
lint tnronvii uireies-ne.ss. i;i,n estate the destruction of more than a scute of
pays O'i per i en- of the t,ive of till.- ' u-nnilill)iK 1. ns. It was the most spectae.
State I .Til In favor of a fedfral income ,tar raid md tin mot thorough clean-up
tax. Let each Slate tcHtutuMi its rights , Chinatown has seen sine" the F.lMc Slgel
to levy an Income ta. Rhlns the power I murder cum- prompted a similar war. The
to the federal '.'ovctnmeiit on the com!!'
Hon Unit It pav back to the State a cer
tain Jiortloii of this tax. Tills could be
done h constitution il amendment, and
mure than ciK.ii.'.h money would thus be
raised tn support both the federal nnd
the St.'te goveri.nient.s, and leave sonie-
Invndlng army to-night was led bv a
young Japanese, who his lived all bis
life In tin- illstrlei and who has been de
voting m.inv month to gathering evi
dence against the Chinese gambleis.
The mysterious Informer wore a large
black mask and w-is guarded by two de
thing over to ap-dy to the operation of i if, v,.. The police stormed the doors
with a.'.es and crowbars and In almost
every e,i.e they found the ileus crowded
with gamblers.
mill II (!! I I 1 II
Hepoits to Hr.idstreet's foi the week
state that cold weather has greatly ns
slsted tho retail merchant with his clear
ance sales, and the volume of business
done has exceeded anticipation". Mnny
of the manufacturing interests, have bejn
engaged with Inventories and the coming
week will see this work completed ami
mills that have been closed (luting that
period will resume, Some plants which
have been Idln for several months and
others that have been worklntr short time
will resume nearly normal. On the whole
the outlook for the coming months Is
bright and an optimistic tone is apparent
Uuruing the eranlto monutneturera reports
Washington, Jan. V Secretary of
the Interior Walter I.. Fisher devotes
a large part of his annual report to
the needs of Alaska. In addition to
advocating mora liberal land laws, es
pecially with a view to the speedy de
velopment of that faraway section of
the United States, he urges the con
struction by the government of u cen
tral trunk ll.in rallioad from tldownter
to the Panama and Yukon; the reser
vation of a sufficient amount of th-..
oal lands to provide for the future
needs of the navy, this oal to be
mined by the government . more llh-
ral appropriation for roads and trails.
and the ndoptlon of a form of terri
torial government, a commission form
being suggested, better adapted to Its
remote situation and peculiar local
Knlarged application of the leasing
principle as applied to the public, flo-
maln, especially a liberal leasing In'
for the development of the mineral re
sources of Alaska, particularly Its coal
lands, and Immediate consideration by
Congress of water-power development
nnd control are recommended by the
secretary. A general overhauling of
conditions in Alaska is needed, he
"The great public movement for the
conservation of our national resources,"
says Mr. Fisher, "is pot opposed to
prompt and wise development of the
public domain. The essential thinn Is to
see that under the guise of settlement
do not permit more exploltntlon,
which In the last analysis retnrds both
settlement and development. The man
on the ground should be the object of
our solicitude, and we should protect
him ngainst those who would place upon
his shoulders any unnecessary but den."
In regard to agricultural land settlers,
Secretary Fisher holds that the law
should Insist absolutely upon cultivation,
hut "should permit the relaxation of the
rule requiring residence dining the first
two years." A change In the law Is prn-
poed to peimlt the rettler to acquire
title at any time after five years from
the date of entry and after be has lived
for three years upon his land.
No land should be open to home
stead entry," he declares, "except thai
which Is really suitable for homes; and
then the homemnker should be aided in
every proper way. The timber nnd stone
act should be Immediately repealed, and
also the act authorizing the cutting of
timber on mineral lands. They hold out
a constant Invitation to abuse and to
mere exploitation.
"The public range cannot be properly
administered under the existing law. It
should he leased for Kr.ir.lnK purposes un
der the broad administrative discretion of
th:s secretary of the Interior. At present
tho range Is being destioyed."
It 11 unsound both In pilnclplc and in
practice, he say.s, that permits for the de
velopment of water power are revocable
at any time at the will of the odmlnlstra
tlve officials.
municipalities. At the nresent time our
Inheritance tax is about one-seventh of
i what It Is In other countries,
I "Tlie levying of an Income lax by the
, State N not practicable. If we should
put a t.i on Incomes, all big wealth
would .iy, 'Yh, I reside in New Jersey.'
They would not liw there, they would
simply say they had a residence there and
that Is all that the lw requires. Then
New ,Ieiey would probably lake off Its
Income ta to get Ncv Yoikers to claim
n residence there.
"Our form of goveriment permits thN
dibit bidding for privilege" between
Stntes. And so we have a i orporatlon
system without legulations well nigh
disgraeef n! Some of these Corporations
have reached the point where the federal
government must step In. Kvery othei
country does It
"Heal estate pays 1 !-4 per cent, on Its j
value. Presumably, under the law. rail
road bonds nnd other forms of securities
pay the same. A a tnat'er of fact they
do not. We sometime nw parsed a law
providing that thev should pay otic. half
of one pep cent, on their par valu, onre.
If you owned a thousand dollar bond of i
railroad you would pav V, on It once, and
never pay taxes nn It again, If you
owned one thousand dollars' worth of real
estate you would pay JI7.fi" on It every
year, or If vnu had one thousand dollars
In a bank you would pay the same every
So we have this monstrous system
of taxation because of Illicit compe
tition between our States, and T say
that the people will Insist upon a form
of taxation that reaches the wenlth of
this country and does not take It sole-
Iv from our property owners. Let u
have a central government that can
collect the taxes nnd not an encour
agement to falso swearing and evasion
of taxes.
"We must find some way also to
keep men who run our corporations
nut of the treasuries of tho corpora
tions that they control. We must con-
tmwm trim
iiiiiLi iiunsn I 1IUUI u
Five Hundred Infantrymen Will
Aid in Keeping1 Road to
Peking Open.
Washington, Jan. !'. After a lapse of
more linn In years. American tioops ore
again to Invade China. They aie to aid
in keeping open the railroad from Peking
to the rea.
In eight or nine days, Tfi regular Infan
try will be disembarked at the Chinese
port of chinwangtao.
Several days ago Mr. Calhoun intimated
that some of the other powers were look
ing to tlie 1'nited States to contribute a
quota of troops to meet treaty obligations
to keep open comiiiuncatlou between the
capital and tlie coast. It required the
Intervening time to develop the exact
neds of the situation.
It was near tlie close of tlie otllclal
dny when the State department's re
quest for the despatch of troops reach
ed the war department, but a cable
gram to Major-Oeneral Hell wns do
span bed within a few minutes in
structing lit hi to despatch the force
together with u hospital corp. de
tachment. It Is understood the Kith infantry
will be culled upon to supply the
Hal boat or i.ill lines and tn.".' . .ey werei
prevented from making "tup at various
ports en the (Ireat Lakes. Hv reason !'
these changes It was estimated the earn
ings or the Transit compiii were re
duced J7.V'i1o annually between sr. h points
as Ogileiisbnrg. Detroit, Cleveland, .Ml1
vvankee nnd Chicago.
From the (iicumstances of this suit li
Is expected that the taking of testimony
will continue for anoiher year and that
the suit cannot be submitted for tinal
healing Inside of two years
J P. Morgan is said to have paid
fJt.lT."! for two rare books ftom the i
I Until lil.'arv sale at London. i
New York Central Is said to be plan- '
nlng tour-track electrification ' - )
yond PeeksklU to Poughl:cepe, and I
eventually to Albany. I
The Council of Jewish women of N'-w
York plan religious training through
I llibllcal stories told in moving pictures.
I The war department announce- th it
the Maine's dead will be brought baii. lo
this country In armored cruiser
I .Mrs. Clara Cahlll Park of Wollaslon.
Ma-s., has begun a movement for pen
sions for widowed motbeis of dependent
The Italian minister of the tie.isury an-no'incc-i
that Italy has a war chest of
tpVi,n,n.iYi with which lo continue the war
vv Ith Turkey.
W;nnne.,: Vl WlnimU 1tk
iiitiu.-mi, tii 1 1
."."r'WSfi Organized L88) j
dour from etm t
I T ch"!lr, draft rntofftc o- nfprMi miner or Is ill
'urrei-Tbr reUter! Ictt-r or nxpreii
This l.ni.l; pnjj Inlrr-sl mil! the tuxes on nil deposits.
Vcrniiinl Mortp.i'Be l.oniu ollctled nt reasonable rate.
Ormnti.t rne, President.. '""ni-.nd Cole, I'mory C. Mower,
Kmorv C. M'.v.-er. 1st Vlce-l'res Orman P Hay. C. H. Sttlpman,
Rev. 2nd Viee-Pres Ji ,T Whit" O H. Cntlln. F. B.
Trenstirer "!ei'nt tr y Gray.
Orman P.
' Ctrl
i4! Deposits on or before Feb. 5 draw int. from Feb. 1.
This hank is lor the benefit of those who wish to s;tve their j
money. YV solicit ;. riortion of your deposits nnd will pnv the
same dn menus ns are paid by other hanks.
0. S. ISHAM. President, Burlingrton, Vt. N. K. BKOWN, Treat,
have pi oven a sure and proftrariie investment fcr Savings Hanics and In
dlv'.'.ual investors for more 'ban 15 years.
We confine our loans to the very host agricultural sections, and per
sonally Inspect every farm before making tho loan.
We Invite the closest Investigation. All business with our Investors
he''!... nn' l' '-i Correspondent's solicited. Vertr tnt references furnished.
' Oklahoma City, OUIn.
Juutl. e of the Peace Waring of Newark,
N J., will give a pound of tea and a free
marriage license to all leap-year brides.
Secretary of War Stlmsnn ays that
after talking with Colonel Hoo-evelt he
iocs nor believe rhe colonel will be a
candidate foi president.
The National civic Fedei.itlnn will
endeavor lo secure uniform legislation m
the various States for pure foods and
Op ac mint of the huge snowdrifts.
dog teams are being used to deliver the
mail In Alaska, tlie Copper River
Northwestern railroad being tied up.
troops, who will be embarked on the
fine them to the use of their own t transput t Thomas,
means In the promotion or tnetr mens,
Wc must stoi the formation of these
threatening' fortunes by the use of
funds entrusted to them."
KnlKhls of Labor Orniinlrntliins bilr
to Asll l.oncsfcorf men.
Hoston. Jan. 1". A strike vote tvns
passed by all Knlnhts of Labor organiza
tions of freight handlers, freight clerks,
Reports that an armistice, hud been
arrawrcd to prevent a renewal of tho
fUhtlng between the republicans and
the Imperialists In China were wel
corned at the State department as In
dicating that there still was hope for
the conclusion of peace, thuugh It Is
feared that this can only be arranged
on the basis of a division of the existing
When attention was directed to the ac
tion of Russia in asserting an Individual
steamship clerks, roundhouse men and1 inieiest In the future of Mongolia, It
ship carpenters nr meetings held list ,VIIH pointed out that Uin virtual ills
nlcht which extended well Into this morn- ii:einleiiiieiit of China had already be
ing, A general strike to assist the long. Kllll.
shoremen In their demands for lncreised Though no official notice has been taken
wages Is thus authorized and only awaits i j ln, latest development, It Is taken to
the official older of tlie district nssem
bly of the Knights of Labor to have the
men actually leave their Jobs, tying up
work nt all the railroad terminals as well
as at steamship docks, coastwise and for
eign alike.
A meeting of tlie district assembly
has been called for 1fi::'0 this morn-
Int? at which time I he vote of the
assemblies to-night will be canvassed
and the decision mode an to tho hour
of opening the strike. All told, about
Jl.lWlo men were Involved by the action
of tho vnrlous bodies last night which,
with tho longshoremen, will hrlnw the
total number of men affected up to
An ordei lo strike ma.v te Issued at
noon, according to the Under', or pos
sibly It may bo decided to :lv :!l
hours' notice tn the rallroidr nffo-Med
"Would you call Fillgitlns a clever
"Certainly," replied Mlns Cayenne. "He
Is not Intellectual, but he Is wonderfully
clever in concealing the tact from
tratif era.-Waablnfton mar,
1 6 mow wij 6ffi j
Ulnneapolla, Mian,
qpod Vermont Kfrayt.
mean that the course adopted by Russia
has Riven rise to grave forebodings us
indicating the breaking down of the
nBreement between the six powers to re
frnln from tho pursuit of any Individual
advantage, which wns brought about
through the ovei lures of the state de
partment here
It Is admitted that the suzerainty of
the Manchu court had been lightly main
tained In Mongolia and that the throne
was never able to hold a tight reign over
Its subjects In that quarter of China.
St. Petersburg, Jan. 9. A revolution
nty movement I" reported in eastern
Turkestun, according to despatches re.
celved bv the Novoo Vremya. The
Chinese authorities In that section, It
kuvs, aro seeking Russian asslutonce.
linden, Jan. 9. The Peking cabinet
'has received despatches. t,at the, re
olutlonnrles are destroying the Pit-
! ICow rnllvvav. 100 miles from the south
rn en.d, cay the PoKlnR correspondent
of the Pally Telegraph, This cuupltvl
with the absence or commu Icntlons
from Wu TlnB-l arm for two dny's I
akcii to Indicate thut hostilities uto
Capital, 5300,000 Surplus and Profits, 8200,000
A general Banking business transacted.
Foreign Exchange issued pnd remittances made to all for
eign countries.
Interest paid on time dsposTf,.
Safe deposit boxes to rent.
R, HPROnpa President
T RUTTKR. Cashier.
H I Gil McI.EAN.
KI.IAS LYMAN. Vice-President
II. S. WEED, Assistant Cashier
Lord Klllanln urges the establishment
of Galivay, Ireland, at one time second
only tn London as a port, a.s a trans
Atlantic port.
Winston Churchill, tl-st lord of tho
Hrltlsh admiralty, favors home rule for
1 1 eland as a step forward to the union
of all ICnglish speaking peoples.
A Washington special to the New York
Win Id quotes a well-known western pro
gressive republican senator as saying:
Roosevelt will be the nominee of the
Republican party, and will be elected.
Knough votes nro already In sight anil
with the solid West, they will he suf
ficient to 'hog-tie the colonel' and stam
pede the convention."
Ilnston's gross funded debt on Decctu.
her 31 was MK',V..:'. "'.', an increase of
II.H'vi."1' over .1 year ago. The net fund-
1 debt was $TJ,'""'.,.'I, a decrease u
t.'TiV.UO In U mouths.
Army engineers In report to Congress
favor nn Inland waterway rrnm isoston
to Heattfort, N. thence down the
lornla coast and C.ulf of Mexico to tho
inoulli of the Itio fiiando. I lie cHtlmni
ed annual saving to shipping would be
about $l.lio.ii"".
1. Townsend Harden, head of the llur-
den Iron Woiks In Tiny, N ., one of
the largest concerns of Its kind In tin
country, announces tniii tne company
will enlarge Its plant and double Its
capacity, work to begin at ome. At
present tbeie are ! men employed
at the mills nnd Ibis number will be
doubled. Mr Hurdeii says lli.it the out
look In the Iron Industn is brUhtei'
than In ,vi e.u's,
Tlie report of the eommUsloiier of rnvi-
Ration recommends that the Pultd States
makes provision to give American uhlps
free use of the Panama canal i also times
that the federal government acquire wn
trol of all wireless stations In this conn
try, now operated by four ur live corpora
lions, Four hundred and forty. eight ocetill
CitY Trust Company
BurHngtort, Vt.
urvjjAon siATiiMai AoL INTEREST paid on depo
4 c
0 Us free frcui all lasai.
equipped with ulnie-
passenger steamsinps in lite t nnen oiaie oi ire i rn. minu "n ...nui.-., .i...,,.- .,,,.,
1 avc complied vvitn the wireless ship act. working ii ssantlv at the pumps. U
in. 1 H- oilier ve-sels have voluntarily bedding and clothing was soaked anil
equipped will. Wireless The tot ll nttnl- Wllen ull Siliniiny lllglll cue leru s sieer-
her of merchant ve-sels In the world now Ing gcat was wasueu nn.ij u mumo
S 1.013. "is though the ctnl nan come, uy ncroio
.effort this was repaired and the do-
t lioston Mrs. (Irace Canlield ll.in- s;rover's ( otnnimder, Lieut. -Commander
' , ... ,... 1......,,,.,,. ltlr.,on1l ,..,.itln,.A,1
iron, daughter or iiicnaio i u... ......i. . . .. u.v..n
sporting man, is seeking a divorce from . keep the IHtle vessel's head to tlm
Martin llannon. Uarlniouih College .storm nn.l In tins wnv sepi per ninvii
athlete, with whom she eloped 1.1 months j Wireless orders from me oaittesnin
South Carolina directed commander
Fremont to pioceed into Hamilton roads
II was four o'clock this morning when
the Terry met the auxiliary cruiser
Priiirie, which convoyed her into the
I'hrillliiK l'.lerleiiec "f Torpedo Hon
iliirliu; he Hurricane.
Not folk, Va., Jan. n -Mattered nnd crip
pled as the result of her severe ex
perience at sea, the taipedo boat de
stiojer Teiry limped Into port to-day
with one engine working. A tlilllllug
stun f their battle "Ith wind and wave
was told by her crew .
The Terry hail been a -sighed to scout
lit a ill-tance of about Jl"u miles lo the
northeast of New Yoik hi the war g'ltno
manoeuvre and win somewhere off 'ap
Sable on the Nova Scotia cast when the
storm struck her late Satin day. V'nr
It hours the little craft was almost at
tlie tnci.'V of the eus The wind blew
a huriiiune. washlus clean the decks of
the deHroyer and carrying away every
l or tv. ii days thole w.i.s nothing c,ook-lotir tastes and neeits i uiitvaie
cd on board tho vcfscl, the W members prompt luteiest In the "To Let" sets.
A man returned home late one nigh
after having partaken rather freely ol
the "cup that cheers." All might huvi
been well had not one ttce Intercepted
between him and Ills destination one
solllan tree at the foot of his own
steps; lint Mr. H suddenly came In
to such forcible contact with that tree
that he wu almost stunned. Afer re
covering his senses, lie wandered about,
but repeatedl humped Into the same In
offensive hairier At length he sank
down on the ground and muttered help
le?sly: "Lost! lost! In nn impenetrable
That .ipaiilneiit not quite .-lilted lc

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