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President Taft Honors Him in Ad
dress at Unveiling of Tab
let at Capitol.
Acceptance of Memorial for State
by Governor Mead and by
F. W. McQettrick for
His Comrades.
.fntpcllor, Oct. P. President Taft marlo
lleo speeches beforo leaving Mont
peller tills morning. Shortly after nine
o'clock he was taken to the city hall,
where more than ,f) school chllden were
Fathered. The students mnrched from
the Vnlon school building, preceded by
tin teacher.", and each carried a small
American flag. Mayor J. 11. F.atoe briefly
Introduced the President.
fter the city hall speech he was taken
illicitly to the State House, where 1,600
cr niviro people were assembled on the
.rounds. lie spoke from the west
portico In part as follows:
I he had a most cordial reception
trim the people of Vermont. They have
paid that respect to the ofTlce which I
t mpo'iirlly hold which always comes
from the loyal citizens of Vermont and
1 hopr I have been able to distinguish
and not take to myself that measure of
til into which Is duo to the ofllee.
The old Vermont brigade Is one that
v I Hve for centuries and T am sure I
need nut In this presence, dwell upon the
Ik t it. go that those men have left tn you
and your children In the record of their
1-1 ii'di courage, their bravery and their
fear'essnoss. My father used to say, and
lie was a Vcrmonter, that the thing you
rould certainly say about the Vcrmonter
van that he was always a safe man,
1' at he was a man upon whom you could
count for the things that he ought to
ilo and that he never failed. Now It Is a
pleasuie to conic into such a community
and lo find that you are keeping up the
Handard. Good-bye and God bless all
He was then escorted to the hall of
tin Mouse of Representatives, where the
Joint assembly was waiting to receive
lilm. livery seat' on the floor and in
the gallery was filled. The ladies of the
Taft party occupied tlio front row of
seats In the spac- directly In front ot
the cleik's desk, with Mis- Fletcher,
Muor J. H. Kstce and Allen M. Fletch
er, .lr. In tlio other seats were Governor
and Mrs. Mead. V. W. MeCJettrlclt, !'.
c Williams, Col. W. V. H-Xwn of
Springfield, cr-Mayor and Mrs, F. M.
Corry, Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Lowe, Mrs.
'. K. Howe, Judges of the supreme
court. Senators Page and Dillingham
and Congicssman F. L. fireene. Oov
ernor Fletcher was invited to the chair
and Introduced the Tn-aldent in a very
few words. The President read his
ipeedi. He was In good voice and his
c ilogy of the merits of the common sol
dier was received with frequent and
continued applause.
He delivered a number of tributes to
Hie soldiers of Vermont In the Civil War,
and spoke of the lessons of that war.
lln also reviewed the, necessity of a
larpi number of trained officers rather
than a large standing army, and spoke,
of the National (luurd as an excellent
forco which should be larger.
Mr, Taft compared the present army of
this country with armies of other coun
tries and especially with that of Switz
erland, where lie praised the efficiency
of the officers In handling their men. Ho
alluded to the fact that they could get
their men together on a war footing In a
lemarkuble short time. Switzerland lias
no standing nrmy.
Ilo told of the make-up of the U. S.
nrmy and spoke of the fitting manner In
v.hleh the common soldier should be re
membered. Ho talked of the memorials
nnd credit due the private and wished
that more memorials of the nature of the
one unveiled this murnlng might be
erected. This tablet Is erected In honor
of the private as distinguished from the
At the time of the Civil War the supply
of oflleers was not largo enough and the
President alluded to the small number
f enlisted men at that time cotnparwl to
what was needed, He said that under
1 Incoln'.s first call for 75,000 men they re
sponded well, many going" Into the army
as sort of an adventure. On tho fourth
fall, tho people realized what It meant,
and were not so eager to accept the call
to arms.
In more modern warfare, tho con
flicts are of short duration, and hn
emphasized tho need of experienced
officers In or.ler that they might train
Ihelr men.
Mr. Taft said that it was necessary
to keep a bigger artillery and cavalry
forco than nn Infantry forco on ac
count of It being possible to get out
(n effective Infantry quicker than the
Dthcr branches.
Ho said that tho National Guard
made an excellent reservo forco but
that It was not largo enough and that
the present law relating to this wui
excellent, hut was old all, I not udupt
til to the present needs. JIo said that
wo could not count on the experienocr.
or tho Civil War, hecaiiso want are
Ho spoko at some length In regard
to giving the common politer credit
for his work and covered explicitly the
Necessity for a larger number of of
ficers, rather thun a huge standing
Ho said that It is peculiarly appro
priato that this memorial should be
mooted In Vermont, for Voriuont hud
bravo nnd competent generals and of
ficer?, which havo given Yeimorit her
prominence In war What gave Ver
mont a prominent plnre n the history
of the Civil Wnr was the character of
tho private soldiers she sont to tho
front. Vermont regiments were dis
tinguished as units for their stcadlnosa
and reliability,
Tho total numbor of deaths In the
Vermont troops was 2,417 a largo
percentage of the total roster. Ho
referred highly to tho work of tho
Vermont soldiers In tho army of the
Potomac under Col. Wllllnm Smith of
tho regular army. Ho said that their
record had distinguished tho people of
Vermont as a people of tho t'nltcd
After tho President had delivered
his address and departed tho Hon.
Porter II. Dale of Island Pond, a mem
ber of tho commission, assumed tho
chair. In his opening rcmnrks he ex
pressed great regret that the Hon.
Justus Dartt of Springfield, himself an
old soldier and tho nssoclate of Colonel
Dale and If. It. Amey on tho commis
sion, was 111 and unable to be present
and preside.
He fiist Introduced Miss Mary Strobe
of Boston, formerly of Island Pond, the
designer of tho tablet, Miss Strobe Is
a Vermont girl, who designed the
memorial ns a labor of love and not for
any compensation. In recognition of her
services Oovernor cMad and Colonel Dale
this morning gave her a handsome gold
locket and chain which sln wore at the
Harry 13. Amey of Island Pond pre
sented the tablet on behalf of the com
mission. In accepting the gift for the State ex
Governor Mead remarked on the fact
that Vermont was the first State to honor
the private soldier the way It had to
day. He made reference to the good rec
ord that the Vermont troops had upheld
nnd referred to the fact that no Vermont
regiment had ever lost Its colors. He
continued at some length, touching on
much the same ground that Mr. Taft
The acceptance on the part of the com
mon soldiers was by Felix V. McOetlrick
of Boston, formerly of St. Al linns. Mr.
McOettrlck conferred himself closely to
the significance ot the event ami t tic
honor which had been won by the soldiers
of the State.
Fully r.OIMI ;lve Hie President u Cor
illnl Reception.
St, Johnsbury, Oct ?. President Taft
and party were met at Montpeller to
day and at tho close of the President's
speccli at the State House were escorted
by three automobiles tb St. Johnsbury.
At every village along the way people
gathered to cheer the President. Only
one stop was made, about two minutes
at Danville, where President Taft greet
ed KO school children. The trip from
Montpeller to St. Johnsbury took about
one hour and 20 minutes.
The presidential party hail luncheon
at the residence of F. H. Hroota, presi
dent of the Fairbanks Scale company,
anil afterwards a lino mado up of vet
erans of the Grand Army, Co. Tt and
manv fraternal organizations marched
to the residence and escorted tho Presi
dent to a stand erected in front of the
public llhrnry, whore he .tpoko for about
Li) minutes. The crowd numbered fully
7,10 nnd gave President Taft a cordial
President Taft sal.l that he had he.
como acquainted with St. Johnsburj
through Henry C. Ives, whom he first
served with In the Philippines and whom
later he had sent as minister to Spain.
Ho had also known of St, Jo'anshury
through the Fairbanks scales, a set of
which haJ been sent him during one
of his stays at Murray Bay, Canada,
to keep record of a reduction of avoir
dupois, only to be found so honest
that he left them In Canada. Then he
spoke of t'.ie increased responsibilities
that had come to America ns a result
of the Spanish-American War, when
America had assumed the role of a
world power. Some do not like to
think of America as a world powe.
but tho President sai.i he has no ob
jection tl it If America performs her
part well. He sid America had as
sumed her responsibilities In a correc'
way In the Philippines. Cuba an 1 Porto
After the speech, the party left for
Hrctton Woods, N. II.
Randolph. Oct. 0. Tho presidential
patty arrived this afternoon about 5:30,
moro than two hours late. Several
automobiles went from hero to Hethel,
carrying I.. Il, Johnson and friends, II.
I.. Hatch and guests, Dr. and Mrs. E.
O. Warn-hard and friends, Dr. and Mrs.
J. P. Glffoid, Mr. and Mrs. C. II, Holds
and others. Knily In the day It had been
arranged for President Taft to speak
from a platform built by the G. A. H.
and the republican town commltteo over
the main entrance lo the Baptist Church.
This was large enough for tho entlro
party and to this President Taft was
escorted Immediately nn his arrival. Ho
spoke about five minutes.
.Montpeller, Oct. 9. About a hundred
membfrs nn,i others gathered In Rep
resentatives' hall this evening to form a
Taft and Sherman Iegsln1lvo club.
Speaker Pliiinley caUcd tho meeting to
order and on motion of Senator Cush
nian of Windsor, Senator Harbor of
Wlndlium was elected presidont. J. E.
Weeks of Mlddlebury was elected vice
president'. Senator R. W, McCuen of
Vergenncs, --ecretury, and Seth N. Oage
of Weutlicrstleld, treasurer. T. It. Jami
son, representing tho republican national
committee, spoke of tho purpose of the
committee to aid In any way possible
the organization work previous to the
November election. Ho also lead tho pro
posed constitution and ny-lnws of the
Colonel Wilght aire representing th
committee further explained whnt It was
hoped to accomplish.
Chulrman F. C. Williams spoke of the
need of work and the desire for aid
from members of tho Legislature.
Senator E. C. Mower of Burlington
spoke strongly of the necessity for
such an organization, Ho moved tho
adoption of tho proposed constitution
and It was ndnptod.
The following wuie elected to com
prise tho executive commltteo of live
provided foe by the by-laws: Rcdfleld
Proctor of proctor, George C. Wright
of Westminster, F. Babbitt of Bellows
Fulls, J5. C. Mower of Burlington, and
H. K Darling of Chelsea.
Regular Legislative Business
Quite Overshadowed by Pres
ence of Chief Executive.
Measures for Abolishment of
Hanging in Hands of Revision
Committee Would Sub
stitute Electrocution.
Montpeller. Oct. 9. Regular legisla
tive business was quite overshadowed
again to-.lny by the presence of presi
dent Taft In the city and everything
else was laid nsldo this morning lo
listen to his nJdross on the "Commo.i
Soldier from Vermont" nnd th"
speeches accompanying the gift and
unveiling of the bronze tablet to the
memory of the common soldiers.
The Sonato met at nine o'clock and
was called to order by Mr. Babbitt, the
president pro tern. It appeared that
Senators Preston, Dale and nil tho
senators from Washington county had
failed to file their credentials with he
secretary nnd they were requested to
do so Immediately.
One bill was introduced, by Senator
Babbitt, relating to debts exempt from
trustoo process. After the Joint as
sembly a second bill was presentel by
Senator Chaffee, providing for the In
stallation of a steam heating plant In
the normal school at Castleton. Tho
afternoon session of the upper house
whs devoid of interest.
Governor Fletcher has appointed
Warner A. Gra'.iam of Rockingham
secretary of military and civil affairs,
as foreshadowe.l in tho Free Press
last week. He has appointed Col. W.
W. Brown of Springfield to he chi-'f
of staff and detailed Capt. Preston H.
Hadley of Bellows Falls to staff 1uty.
W. R. McFeeters of Enosburg Falls is
the Governor's executive clork.
The case of Dr. W. J. Aldrlch of St.
Jnhnnhiiry, regarding whose election
there Is some doubt, was brought up by
Mr. Cook of Lyndon, who asked that
the committee on elections Investigate
and ascertain whether or not Mr.
Aldrlch Is disqualified as a member under
tho provisions of the constitution by ioa
son of his holding an ofllee ot profit under
the authority of Congress. Dr. Aldrlch
has not yet taken the oath and while
lie bus been present has refrained from
taking any part in the proceedings ot the
House, waiting for a decision 111 his case.
Tho committee to canvass votes for
representatives In Congress will meet
Tnursday morning Immediately after ad
journment, nnd the result of tho election
will be announceu at the afternoon ses
sion. Thus far the Joint committee on revision
of bills has received eleven bills, six
from the House and five from the Senate.
Bills are no longer as formerly Introduced
by a member rising In bis set and an
nouncing that he wishes to Introduce
such a measure. All bills now are
handed to the revision committee, which
sits In a room Just a few feet removed
from the door of the ball a' representa
tives. In this room they are examined
by members expert In legislative forms.
purged of any formal defec ts, anil, unless
Identical bills have been prevlouslv
handed In, are then Introduced from the
revision committee Into the body of which
their author is a member. In this way
needless duplication Is avoided and bills
are put In such shape that If they be
come law their effect will not be
vitiated by any mistake of language or
other merely technical blunder.
Two bills for the abolishment of
hanging In favor of electrocution have
already been presented to the commit
tee on revision of bills. Both came
from tho Senate, one being fathered
by Sonator McFeeters of Franklin
county and the other by Senator- El
Holt of Windsor. Senator Elliott's
bill, the simpler of the two, goes to the
extent of substituting electrocution for
hanging and stops there. The bill pre
sented by Senator McFeeters provides
not only for the change In the method
of carrying out tho extreme penalty
but also for the erection of a separate
building and the purchase of the
necessary apparatus. The gist of it Is
that an appropriation of not more than
live thousand dollars be authorized to
bo expended under the direction of the
Governor for the purchase of the elec
trooutlng apparatus and the erection
of n separate building tn house it.
Senator McFeotors says It Is etldent
that the present method of Inflicting
the death penalty Is not perfect.. This
nui win at leant do away with such
horrible features as the broken rope In
the Elroy Kent case, which have made
receiu executions ioo terrible to think
Sonator McFeeters In tho practice of
law in tho northern part of tho State
has had opportunity to witness some
pecullnn effects of the death sentence
nnd frnnkly say that ho Is opposed
to It. However, ho believes that ques
tion has been fought out sufflclsntlv
beforo recent Legislatures and Is will
ing to rest with the modification en
acted by the last Legislature by which
the jury must declare, for capital nun
liliment before the convicted mun can
Then.. U a kind of iiony In the fact
that while Mr Mi-I-Yi-tei favors this
moie humane method of carrying It out
bemuse of his dislike of the death
penalty, certain other legislators favor
il particularly because they regard tho
dentil penalty as absolutely ni-oessarv
for the Intimidation of dep rat., crlm-
llinis anil believe that a hill which re
moves unnecessary and hideous fentures
In the carrying out of the punishment
win preni i no punishment itself from
blnj; swent. away by borne wave of
humanitarian sentiment
The president of tho Senate, ttie presi
dent pro tern, of tho Senate, and tho
speuker of the House havo appointed
Stephen S. dishing of St. Albans and
Fred E. Oleason of Montpeller clerks
of the revision committee, and Knther
Inc' Diinlovy, stenographer.
AVIndsor county members of tha Leg
islature havo otganlzcd. At a meeting
at which all tho membors from that
county were present. Col, F. s. Billings,
representative from Woodstock, was
elected chairman, nnd Representative L.
II. Barry of SprlngfUld was elected sec
lottiry. The organization Is for the pur
pose of ncqunlntnnco and Hint the mem
bers mny present n united front in case
of legislation affecting the Interests of
Windsor county.
There are some constitutional amend
ments to bo voted on by both houses
of tho General Assembly at the pres
ent session, having boon adopted by
the Senate of 1910. Tlmy will natnri'.l
ly come boforn the Senate first but
tho Senate authorities on parliamen
tary procee lings a if puzzling their
heads over tho question of how to
bring the matter properly before that
Will the secretary of State certify
tho action of tho previous Senate so
that they enn be taken up?
Shall the Judiciary committee take
cognizance of the situation and pro.
ceed on Its own Initiative?
Is n resolution necessary to author
ize a committee to net?
Or shall the Senate as a whole pro
ceed with the matter, the proposals
of amendment being brought to Its
attention by the presiding ofllcerV
The normal school question came to
attention early at th's session, when P.
E. Jose of Johnson rose to a question of
personal privilege In tho House this aft
ernoon. Mr. Joc said he had been mls
ropresi tiled by a letter written by prof.
Edward D. Collins of Mlddlebury Col
lege addressed to C. P. Jones of Johnson
which ho read as follows:
It Is rtported to mo that Mr. Jose
at Montpeller has taken the attitude
that the normal school should be put
out of commission and some other thing
substituted for It at Johnson.
Now If this is true it Is a bad thing
foi your normal Interests; for It spreads
the teport that Johnson people do not
care enough for the school to send down
i man who will stand lor It. As one,
man said: "If thai Is the case they do.
serxe to lose their school." It Is up to
them to come down lo Montpeller anil
show the Legislature that Johnson peo
ple do not feel that way. At any
rate Jose should say ivhere he stands
and Ut folks know whether he Is be
ing nilsrcproscntu! by tills report which
is being : ssiduotisIy spread about.
Replying to the statements contained
In the letter, Mr. Jose said. "I havo
never made any such statement. Per
sonally I hope some course may be
pursued by which the attendance upon
these schools may be Inci eased and their
usefulness and prolltabP-iiess to the State
may be assured. ' am ".i ' ' at this time
to express an opinion v Ui whether or
not this can be done, but It Is my per-
Minnl desire that it may ho brought
ibout. My whole attitude since arriving
at Montpeller has been ono of seeking In
formation pro and con In order that a
solution of tlie normal school problem
may be reached which will be satisfac
tory to the people of Johnson, Castleton
and the State In general."
The Senate was callel to order lit
President Pro Tom. Babbitt nnd devo
tional exercises were conducted by
Mr. Angell, representative from Wll
llamstown. I'he program of exercises at tin
unveiling of the memorial tablet was
read by the secretary.
The president annoiineed that th.
credentials of Senators Preston. Dale
and all the Washington county sena
tors ha 1 not been llled with the secre
S. I. By Senator Babbitt, an ai t re
lating to debts exempt from trustee
process. Judiciary.
At the Senate on motion o!
Senator Barber took a recess till 9:1.",
Warner Graham, secretary of civil
and military affairs, made his first ap
pearance immediately after reassemb
ling with a message from the Gover
S. l.'. By Senator Chaffee, author
izing the State hoard of education t
provl.li) a stoam heating plant for tip-
normal school at Castleton. Commit
tee on education.
(By Senator Darling of Orange, v-i
latlng to a stenographer for the presi
dent of the Senate and speaker of the
At ten o'clock the Senate repaired to
the hall of tho House an 1 on Its re
turn, on motion of Senator Pollard,
Lieut. -Governor Howe called the Sen
ato to order at 2:10.
Tho appointment of Warner A. Graham
of Rockingham to be secretary of civil
and military affairs was announced In
a communication from the Governor.
Tho president, as tho commltteo on
the part of tho Sonato to canvass votes
for tepresentatlves In Congress, named
Senators McCuen, Mattlson, Roy, Henry.
Dale, McFeeters. Dodds, Sherwln. Darl
ing of Orange, Davis, Croft, Laird, Bar
ber and Elliott.
On motion of Senator Mattlson, the
Senate adjoin ned at 2:So,
D.ivutlouul exercises weie conducted
bv the chaplain.
The two houses met In Joint assembly
at ten o'clock In the forenoon to listen
to an addnss by the President of tlm
United States upon "Tho Common 8o.
dler front Vermont In tho Civil War."
The President, escorted by Governor
Fletcher, entered tho chamber at 10:35
o'clock and at once began his luldress.
Miss Mao Strobe of island Pond, the
designer of the tablet, was Introduced
to tho assembly and delivered a brlof
address of the concept Ion and work.
Senutor Dale tool; the chair at this
point nnd after requesting the civil Wnr
veterans to rise for a moment, (about .'M
responding), Mr. Amey of Island Pond
presented the tablet. The tablet was
accepted on behulf uf the Sfato by ex
Governor Mead,
On behalf ot the common soldiers ot
Vermont of 'fil, '66, the tablet was ac
cepted by a fellow comrade, Felix W.
McGettrlcli of Boston.
On motion of Mr. McClellan of Ply
mouth, tho Assembly extended Its thanks
to Felix W. McGottrlck for his ablo nd
dress. On motion of Mr. Cameron of Norton,
the Joint assembly having been dissolved,
tho Houso adjourned at 2;(Xt In tho afternoon.
The speaker road a eommunloitlou
from the Governor announcm ap
pointment of WnmiT A. Graham of
Rockingham as secretary of civil and
military affairs.
That the pny of members, clerks and
stenographers of the Joint commltteo on
revision of bills be fixed by tho president
of tho Senate and speaker of tho House
of Representatives, and that the auditor
of accounts be directed to draw his orders
In favor of said members, cleiks and ste
nographers In accoi dance with sta ll oer
tlllcates. Adopted.
Resolution, by Mr Cook of Lnilon,
Hint the committee on elections bo direct
nl to Investigate, ascertain and report
to this House whether Mr. Aldilch of St.
Johnsbury Is disqualified under the pro
visions of thi- constitution of Vermont
from membership In this House by rea
son of his holding at the time of election
or at the present time any office of profit
or trust under the authority of Congress,
.Mild committee being empowered to send
lor persons and paHrs. Adopten.
M.r. Jose of Johnson rose to a question
of personal privilege, explaining his atti
tude on the normal school question, which
ho claimed had been misrepresented
The speaker announced as tin- commit
tee on the pait of the House lo canvass
votes for members of Congress the fol
lowing named members:
Addison county II uhlKird of Granville,
Hathaway of Goshen, llalpln of New
Bennington county Bagley of Sears
burg. Young uf Glastonbury, Mears of
Sandgate '
Chittenden county Maconiber of West
lord, Gleason of Richmond, Rials of Col
chester. Franklin county Corliss of St. Al
bans town, Moroy of Fairfield, Old
dings of Bakorsflolil.
Grand Isle county Wright of South
Hero, Pike of Isle La Motto, Martelle
of Alburg.
Lamoille county Thomas of Ik-lvl-dero.
Guyer of Wolcott, Sllloway of
Rutland county Jones of llubhari -ton,
Deeker of Danby, W'-ishlp of M
Caledonia county Chesley of Shef
field, Parker of Newark, McDonald ot
Essex county Carpenter of Oranby,
Clough of Bloomfiebl, Royal of Lem
ington. Orleans county Canning of Charles
ton, Magoon of Jayi Wylle of Glover.
Orange county Richardson of
Brookflebl. Hutchinson of Hrnlntree,
Hayes of Strafford.
Washington county Smith of Wor
cester, Breen of Duxburyl Nerney of
Barre town.
Windham county Marsh of Brook
line, Brown of Athens, Sparks of New
fane. Windsor county Rogers of Hart
Inml, Plumley of Ludlow, Greene of
On motion of Mr. Campbell of Nor
wich, the House adjourned at '.':4."i
p. in.
E. C. Dike So Badly Injured He
Has to Return without See
ing President.
Montpeller, Oct. D. Ail automobile diiv-
n by L. C. Bain of Bristol
Mid having ex-nicmbcrs of the leg
Iskittirn as passengers, tipped over
about two miles south of Water
bury tills morning, Injuring .two of Its
occupants, one seriously. Those In the
car were Colonel Dunshec and 1-5, C. Dlko
of Bristol and the Hon. George Thayer
of Lincoln, who were on their way
l-cre to seo President Tuft. Mr. Thayer
was pinned under the machine as was
also Mr. Dike. Mr. Dike was badly hurt.
Il a thuught Internally, A doctor from
Waterbury found that no bones were
broken. Mr Dike was strapped up about
tlie body and when he arrived here wa.s
suffering much pain. He was forced to
return home by train. Mr. Thayer suffer
ed Injuries that made him very lnme
Chicago is to hnvo a new t$,ono,0u hotel
to be built at Michigan avenue and Jack
son boulevard.
From January 1 to September I, S.o
cases of hookworm were observed In il
counties In Alabama.
Governor-elect W, T. Haines of Mulne
Is t Philadelphia for treatment of his
yes, being threatened with bllmlnos,
Columbia I'rdverslty's cancer research
fund receives $!),l under the will of
AugiHtus W. Openheym.
The republican Statu committee of Call.
i lornla has demanded an extra session of
Mho Legislature to repeal tho primary law
and enact a new one permitting Cali
fornia lepubllcins lo siif "' ,h" Taft
Paid $213,592.41 This Year to Se
cure Ronomination for
HE GAYE $159,339,80 IN '08
Willing to Tell What He Con
tributed in Pre-Convcntion
Campaign Four Years
Ago, Too.
Washington, Oct. ?. '"hailes I'. Taft of
Cincinnati to-day told the Senate eotn-
Imlttoe Investigating campaign funds Hint
ho contributed i:,Ml.T.3i to aid In elect
ing bis brother presidont In 1!iS; ami
that he had paid J2IH.r,9.ll this year
toward the expenses of securing the
'President's ronomination. Mr. Taft was
on the point of telling the committee how
much the nomination In I'.-OS had cost
him, when Chairman Clapp stated that
the commltteo had no authority to in
vestigate the pre.conventlon campaign
of that year.
Mr. Taft said his object in going Into
tho campaign was to see that If his
brother was elected he shpuld "walk
Into the White House free of any monetary
obligation to any Individual, great Inter
est or corporation."
Dan R. Hanna of Cleveland, hacker of
tho Rooseelt forces In Ohio tills year,
as the Pieslilent's brother was of the
Taft forces, followed Mr. Tart on the
witness stand. He testified that he gave
JlTT.neO to the support of the Roosevelt
campaign for nomination this year. Of
this sum, $yi,Wj went to the Roosevelt
national committee. J.V,001 to Walter F.
Brown, manager of the Roosevelt Ohio
campaign, and another J77.o.i to the work
of re-organizatlon in ohlo.
The expenses of the fight of Speakor
Champ Clark for the democratic nomi
nation of the presidency as given by
his manager, former Senator Fred T.
Duboi wore $i;0,4f.S.ri0. Senator Wat'
sun of West Virginia was the liealest
The S 11 . 1 .11 1
to M feet.
d ' ,i ' -'d f r '-1 .
Yokohama reports an advance in the
price of raw silks.
A serious outbreak of plague has oc
curred at Angrn. Azores islands.
Miss Helm Gould Is about to writ"
a book on the relations ot capital and
berlln says tho deposed Shah Mo
hammed All Mcrza Is to return to
Harry Lauder, Scotch comedian, Is 111
with a painful intestinal ulcer at jon
don. The New Haven svstem will erect a
$1,000,000 hotel at Hardy's point. Bar
Six Taft electors will bo placed on the
presidential ballot In Nebraska by peti
tion. Montreal will have a capacity for stor
ing and handling O.ovi.ooo bushels of grain
by 1H13.
Denmark has Increased Its Internal
revenue tax on tobacco, cigars and
New eorporations with a capital of
JSO.IS'j.OuO were chartered In Delaware dur
ing September.
Japan complains of a general de
pression In business following the death
of the Emperor.
Tho Canadian Pacific railway Is to
Increase Its capitalization from $:00,O),0QO
to $KO,000,000.
James J. Corbett, operated upon for
appendicitis at Philadelphia, continues to
show Improvement.
Tho new Vlckors rifle-calibre automatic
Klin weighs 27 pounds and llres 2,072
lotind. in is 'minutes.
Iron and steel manufactures are now
being exported from I'nlted States at the
rate of ll.tOO.oOO a day.
The capital stock of the Louisville &
Nashville railroad Is to bo increased
from $ci,iYi,ofi0 to $72,000,001).
At Omaha, Hvelvn Tlmw denied that
she was on her way to Reno to get
a divorce from Harry K. Thaw.
Count Terauchl, Japanese governor of
i.'orea, denies that Christian missionaries
are being persecuted In that country.
Work on tho $10S,orto,ooo Frio canal,
which began in April, I90C, will bo com
pleted July 1G, 19H, It Is S30 miles long.
Commissioner of Fisheries Bowers says
there nre W.00O more seals In the rookeries
In the Hehrlnir region than there were In
The avwruee pi Ire of lumber In the) Tho following impositions were madi
Northwest .has advanced to $I3.P1 at the In Wall Street Friday without taken
mill, compared with $.m In December, ll.Soo nt 3 to 1 against Tnft, $.0o0 nt r to .
I'-'H- ion Wilson, ll.Ond even tvu Straus finishes
Ill st or second
Tim .Mexican Chamber ul Deputies has )
voted to authorize President Mmlero to j A Moscow- millionaire named YnsKi
float a loan of $in,iw,ono as a new war sky, a member of the upper house, drop,
fmi'l' ped dead upon learning that his brothel
luul disappeared with JCf,0i'0 of tin
iruisiiouB Chaioricr'a latest bhlj money of tho firm.
contributor, glvintr $10, TOO, and Wil
liam It. Hearst the next, with con
tributions amounting to $R.r0fi, TI11
total i oiitrlh'itlons to the original
Clark fund wort- S ir,,0t.9S. At th
end of the I atflni'Te . onvention, paid
.lator Dubois, tho Clark forces had n
deficit of M,r,!t0, 3,000 ot which was
mado up by Speaker Clark personally
Tho Harrlmau fund Incident occu
filed the morning rcsslon. Judgo Roh'
ert S. Lovett, chairman of the exoou
tlvo committees of the I'iiIt Pnrjfji
the Southern Pacific rallr nils, f stl
fled that Mr llarrlmnn had reocated
ly told him that President Ronsovel
asked him to go to Washington 11
October. Itnl. tmd asked h'm to assls
In getting funds to aid the New Vorl
republican State campaign.
Senator Puinercuo asked Judge Lovet
If he know of imy conference of trans
portat'lon interest" looking toward tin
support of flic li.'piiblleiin ticket In 1!M
The witness said lit did not, although
the railroad interests ::o far as ho know
were generally on that eldn.
Judge Lovett asked to no allowed ti
say that Me. HiiiHinan wnr not esp.
elall.v Interested In tiie election of Gov
ernor Hlgglns of New Vork. He said
that both Mr. Harrlinun and 13. B, Odell,
I Jr., v-ri- In fi vor of t'"- nom'nr.Mor. of
Jo". H. Choate for governor.
Former Konnlor S.-itt f Weft Vir
ginia., connected with the national com
mlttee in HHi. sold Chairman Corlelyou
hud diellned his suggestion to go to "35
Broadway" for more money, declaring
that Pffj.fdeiit Roosevelt did not want
contributions ft-m the Srnnilard Oil In
tere-ua 5!e:mtor Scott :c.!d ho did not
know of 11 previous contribution from a
director of the company having boon
returned. He thot'iht President Roose
velt had told hlin over tlm telephone
that "Mr. Ilarrlm.in H coming, and I'll
see if ie can rnle some money for tho
New Y01 k fight."
Other witnesses included Matthcn Hala
of Massachusetts, who said the Rooro
volt prlmari- eimpalgn In that State t1 li
year cost 7I.43i;..V;. only Jli.iu2.70 of whl
was raised loon II v; W. T. Mossman of
Pittsburg, who testified that $'57,K).73 had
been spent by the Taft club of Pitts mrg
for the tampaign pi western Penns 1
.in!n; C. B. Wnir-n of Detroi sh
raided J18.KK for tin- Taft campa. 1, lr
Michigan; Walter I.. Blown of Toledo
Roosevelt manager In f'ln.i. ttl.n l(
not account for about J5.".,viO of the J'27 -l"i
which Mr. Hanna said he gave for tho
Roo.-evelt campaign In thit State Mr
Brown said It had gone for "nrganlza lor
work"' that should not properly b
charged to tin- Roosevelt eimpaign.
To-morrow the committee will hear
Charles D. Hllle-i, ehnlrmar of the re
publican committee, and former secretary
ti President Taft, and John D. Archbold,
president of the Standard OH company,
who testified In August that be gavu
$(0,il to the Roosevelt fund ot 19M.
for notorle, is m -"i ' r 1
Henry Watterson will challenge him to ,1
Tho Pennsylvania railroad has award
ed contracts for the n-moval of graibi
crossings In Pittsburg at a cost of
The Chespoake & Ohio railroad is glng
to revive the gloiies of White Sulphur
Springs on tlie line between Virginia and
West Virginia.
The Biitlsh government has bought ot
Joseph Pcnnell, an American artist, a
complets set of his pictures of tho
Panama canal.
Slgnor Marconi, a Spezi.i cable states
Is Improving but the question of whethet
he will retain the slgiit of ills right ,cvi
Is still unsettled.
The oval painting of tlie Madonna, foi
which J. P. Morgan recently paid $20,000,
has been stolen from St. John's Churet
In Placenza, Italy.
In the golf turney on the links at West
Newton, Mass., o ball driven from a tea
overtook and killed a sparrow and then
continued true in Its flight
During September S3 foreign vessels
cleared at Galveston, with a total ton
nage of 213.32S tons, one of the larget
months In the history' of port.
Miss Olga Maryln, aged IS. of Brook
lyn, from whose right' lung a poarl nnd
gold pin she had swallowed was remov
ed, fs dead of Mood poisoning
A series of New York World eartoonk
illustrating democratic doctrines will ba
used as moving pictures and shown In
10,000 places In tho United States,
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson st
no hope of cheaper beef, lie advises poo.
pie to oat mutton, which Is as nutrltlou.
as beef and cots half as much.
A $.1,000,OiJ packet company is belni
organized In Pittsburg to build new un
enlarged steamboats for freight and pas
senger service on the river.
Divorces have been granted al Cam
bridge, Mas.. to Richard and Bogoi
A. Lyon, brothers, whose wives aro sis
tois. Statutory offenses were alleged.
Secretary of State Knox nnd Secretnr
of tho Interior Fisher, after review Inn
l,(i Fnlted States troops at Honolulu,
left for Seattle on tho cruiser Mary
Organl7ed bands are tanking big prolit
In New York by stealing thnroughbrei
nnd pet dogs and holding them for re
wards or selling them to unscrupuloui
The port of London has accented ten-
dors nmountlng to JC2,i3O,O0O for dock ex
tension ami improvement, which covei
moio Important works Immediately contemplated

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