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There was a settlement Tuesday In
pie estate of Jennie 0. Dcrwny, inie ui
irnntu niiwn.nl. wns born Sep-
V-mbcr X . to Mr. and Mr., frank WHkln
11 JJIUIU fcv...
In the estate of Caroline Oroenmore of
Colchester. E. II. liorion .... . ... -. .--
lautels were Friday nppun.n.. m...
mlifloners ami npi-mlsers.
James Sexton, a laborer, hns filed a
nctltlon In bankruptcy, giving his Ha-
I. lien US ut3 r.nu t-"-i
which 1110 Is claimed exempt. by her Hon, who took her to fire station
,,rrlacP of I.tcut. A. T. Colley nn wl,cl' sho mndo enmfortablo
and Mlw J"""1" Madeleine Purges will "'.,," ""ouml ''"' ,hV ?r. w
?nle t'laen nt the Cnltnrlan Church at , " ' ' sh" s Inter taken homo In a
Years of Suffering
Catarrh and Blood Diseases -Doctors
Failed to Cure.
Miss Mnbel F. Dawklns, 1214 Lafay
ette St., Fort Wayne, Ind., writes:
"For three years 1 was troubled with
catarrh nnd blood disease. 1 tried sev
eral doctors and n dozen different rem
edies, but none of thrm did me nny
good. A friend told mo of Hood's Sar
eapnrllla. 1 took two bottles of this
medicine and was ns well nnd strong
as ever. I feel like n different person
and recommend Hood's to any one suf
fering from catarrh."
Oct It today In UHual liquid form on
chocolntrr' . bints railed Sarantabs
October IP.
, of Griind laic, nephew ol
. Ion-:, li.is ptirenascil an unci'
st I), tin Star restaurant. He has bco-.
I ii tin M'staiiiant iu chef for
mii ii' time.
Stanislaus Charrlon, a barber employed
Rational mlnlstcis held the opening meet
lng of the year Monday ut tin; Col
lege Street Church. The Hew Dr. It. C.
P'ngg presided nnd spoke upon "Plcscnt
Tendencies nf Thought In Kschntology."
Following his paper there was a gen
eral discussion, nnd after routine bust-
at Wnhlstrom's barber shop on Church ncss. was transacted, tin- ministers fol
Hied, and Mrs. Kva L. White were i lowed their usual custom of taking
his behalf organizing the Pennsylvania,
Vermont and Ithodn Island forces, tie
was president of the Woodrow Wilson
league nf Kssex county, New Jersey, and
was the organizer of many such leagues
throughout the country. He was a native
of Charlotte, N. C.
According to the returns made to the
city clerk's ofllce, there were 51 births
In Burlington during the month nf
September and 31 deaths. Of the former
29 were boys and Si girls. The oldest
mother was 41 years of ago and this Is
her first child. Among the large fnmllles,
one woman became the mother of her
eleventh child at the age of !W, another
of her 12th at the same age and one
woman of her 17th nt the age of II. The
youngest mother was 17 years of age
and the child was her second. Of the
deaths an unusually large number were
middle-aged persons, while a fnlr per
rentage were of Infants nnd children
under in years of age, The oldest person
The Wlnooskl association of . Congrr-' to die was sr, yenrs of nge. There was
married Tuesday afternoon nt St. Joseph's
Chinch by the lit. Hew J. M, Cloarcc.
Captain George Jean llolden, son of
luncheon nt' the Van Nosa House
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Fbert nnd four
children arrived at the Hotel Vermont
Mr nnd Mrs. George II. llolden of thi , Monday and will spend n week In the
clt.. and who has been stationed at Fort. rlt-v '"'fore g'ng to their home In Con
George Wright, Spokane, Washington, cepclon. Chill. Mrs. Kbcrt was formerly
bus been ordered to service In the Philip
pines and will sail November 6.
Ill the estate of Domathllde Founder,
lute of llurllngton. Judge. Macomher yes
teulay Issued n llcenso to sell real estate.
Other business In probate court Included
u settlement nnd decree In the estate
of Mary Blodgott Nash, late of Colchester,
Miss Alice Baldwin of this rlty and en
deavorcil to reach llurllngton from tier,
many before the death of her mother.
Mrs. T.atini Baldwin, who died only n
few dnys ago. She nnd tho children
have, been In Germany, where the lat
ter have been educnted.
Miss iluth Kidder, daughter of Mr.
nnd Mrs. J. F. Kidder of Colchester
avenue, was pleasantly surprised Sntur-
alter Collins, who Is accused of day evening upon her return homo from
stealing $10 from John McMillan, for a neighbor's to find young ladles of
whom he worked, was brought Into city her clang In the high school gathered
court yesterday afternoon nnd ball fixed tb receive her. The occasion was tho
lit $100. ii,. w-as allowed to go on his own celebration of the Kith anniversary of
lerosnlzanc. The case was continued to j her birthday nnd the evening was spent
I)i tobcr 11. in games and dancing, followed by ro-
The wedding of Htioul Bisnlllon nnd frcshments, the Misses Mr.rjorlo Hendcr
Flmcnco Luber was solemnized Moll- 'on a,ltl Rose Uuttcr serving,
day mm nlng ut seven o'clock nt St. j At brief session of Chittenden county
joM-pns tunica, ino jie. j. h. im- court Tuesday morning the court direct-
coutuie performed the ceremony. They
wen attended by Eugene Brunclle nnd
Joai ph Jllsnlllon.
The court calendar was taken up yes-
ed a verdict In the case of Lena Levin vs.
Nathan Marcus, the plaintiff to recover
S!9.!M and costs. The suit was one of
ejectment, nnd when on Monday It de-
terday afternoon at a brief session of, veloped that the defendant had himself
Chittenden county court, and tho case , vncnteil the premises of Mrs. Levin, coun
Sf Bessie Lee Scovllle vs. Walter O. fp1 for both parties moved tliat the ver
Seoviile and Tr.. a suit for debt, was diet be directed by the court. After the
given a hearing. Decision wn.s reservel. verdict was rendered the jurors were ex
Court will convene again this morning at cused until two o'clock Monday.
ninrociocK Col. John C. Grcsham assumed corn
There were marriage licenses grant- mand of tho loth cavalry at FoH Ethan
rd In the city clerk's office during tho Allen Tuesday. In V.f Colonel' Ores
nionlh of SeplVmber. This Is a larger ham as major of the l.'th cavalry was
umiid than aro issued during most stationed at this post, slnco which ho has
months, but is not larger than tho usual spent a large portion of his time in the
numlcr to be granted In September, as Philippines, serving as Inspector-general,
then seems to be a rush townrds mar- Cpon hl.s promotion to tho rank of lieu-
one death at SI, one nt S2, three between
the ages of 70 and SO nnd a few between
i'iO nnd 70.
Ancient and Honorables Arrive
for a Two Days' Visit.
Unit Mllllnrj Ilseort from Station to
City llnll 1'nrk, Where .Mayor
Huberts Delivered Address,
of AVrlcomc.
Official Announcement of Changes
Recommended by Committee.
Annunl Appropriation of PI 11,000, Sellout
for Frebte-Mlniled Children, mill
Increase In Length of School
Vrnr Urged
The Ancient nnd Honorable' Artillery
Company of Hostou, arrived IIO strong,
Ofdelnl nnnoiineement has been made,
of the recommendations of the committee
tlon there was a crowd of fn." size.
.losopn Alien, section foreman on the u n,r train shed wat kept clear by
Delaware ft Hudson rond and well the police. The Tenth V. S. cavalry,
known In this city, had a nnrrow cscapn ,i Company M of this city, making
from Instant death In a fall over a 70 up the military escoit, were formed
foot embankment Saturday. Allen with i readiness nlotig College and Lake
his men was engaged nt work in ttm streets, and the members of tho re
rock cut about two tulles north of Wills- iCeptlon and entertainment committees
boro, when he toppled over the bluff were on hand with uutomoblles.
and fell to the water level, nearly 70 Leaving tho train, the Ancients fell
feet below. Ills comrades thought that lm,, Hnp ,,t once, and, preceded by
he was surely dead and procured n boat, their escort and Teel's band of 30
the only means of reaching the place i p!,.0e.s trom I'.oston, marched up Col.
where he struck, to go after his body. 0K(. street. The committees were
They found him still living and hurried , rushed up -Mali street and around the
him to Wlllshoro for urglcal treatment. ,ead of the column of troops, to their
Tho physicians found that he had re- pst on the band stand In Cltv Hall
eclved 20 cuts, In addition to numerous p,irk, where wore the aldermen and
biulses, but that none of the injuries invited guests. As the visitors passed
was n.cess.irlly fatal. It Is thought that ,i0WI1 ,st. Paul street their gaze met
the shock on reaching tho bottom wns n i!lrK,. mnll,.r. hung between the
lessened by striking numerous projecting Hotel Vermont and Van Ness house,
rocks along the way down. nn, tearing the Inscription. "Hurllng-
Newspaprr reports have been received t(in Welcome the Ancient nnd Honor
of the marriage of William Ilenrv Dwver. nl,1,! Artillery Company of Massa-
son of Edward Dwyer of this city, and chusetts.
In lsurllngton Tuesday afternoon, on,"1 ",ne wu" regnru to me proposed'
Its seinl-.inmial outing, The company ', cbanges In the education laws of Vcr-
came from Sprlnglleld, Mass., In a spe-'m"nt' ""w Ih'I,,k embodied In a bill to ba
cial train of eight ears, arrlv- (.Introduced at the present session of the,
lm? iiromoilv on time ,,i itnn,, iQcncrnl Assembly. It agrees substantially
o tloek, In nnd about the sta. I with the report given In the I-c Press
a lew ciays ago, ami in nnumon inaiies
tho following provisions;
rlage at that season of the year.
Mrs. II. S. Peck gave a tea at her
tenant-colonel he was assigned to the
t'th cavalry and later to tho Hth. His
many friends In Burlington and through
out tho State extend to hint a hearty wel
come back to Vermont.
home on South I'nlon street Thursday
nfteinoon to about 100 ladles In honor
of Mrs. Itoy H. Peck of Sprlnglleld,
Mass. Assisting her were Mrs. .1. W. i Miss Ernestine Lanou, the daughter of
Kussell, Mrs. J. If. Macomher, Mrs. W. Mr- n'"1 Mrs. F. S. Lanou of 110 Aiclil
1!. Howe. Mrs. Uobert Noble, Mrs. F. ball) street, and William Neal Hudson.
M liaistow and Miss Dorothy Gates. ' ,n nn of Mrs. Jennie Hudson of 37
Hyde street, were quietly married Friday
Tin wedding of Andrew L. T.angevln ov,.nng t S:W o'clock at the chaiiel of
)t lo Cedar street and Anna Cokey of Ht- .liup.s riiurch. The liride was attend
s 1ifountaln stieet occurred at two f.,, 1)V ,lcr fnthrr, and the groom had his
o'clock Tuesday afternoon at St brother. Carl Hudson, as hl.s best man.
Joseph's Church, the Hev. Jerome M. only Immediate relatives and Intimate
Cloarcc performing the ceremon. They friends were present. After a short
wer. attended by Mr. Langevln's rut hi wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Hudson will
er Augustln Langevin, and his uncle, r0!iju at 4S Pearl street.
l'eter Credit. I
Sheriff .T, 11. Allen wltli Deputies Todd
Olllicr Demag of Essex Junction in the and ftavlln and Chief of Police Pnrber
tarly hours of yesterday morning brought of Wlnooskl visited "Slim" Uraxton's
Louis Lapoint and AV. Deslaurier to the place on the post road near Fort Ethan
Jnil, Ofllccr Demag says that he detected Allen Monday and arrested the pro-
the men breaking Into a frelglit car and prh tor on a charge of furnishing and
a iiinllgan Jacket with the tags still on keeping l.Uor on hand with intuit to
It, a pal. of baby's new shoes nnd an scu, jiraxton was up-stalrs when the
unworn pair of men's shoes were found ?eaichlng ratty arrived and was sur
In their possession. ' pri:u.a while writing some letters. A
The case of Alonzo Chase vs. Alfred ' ho of lK'el - 11 botUn of whiskey and a
W. C.relg. Albert A. Sargent, Elwln S. J" which had contained whiskey form
S.ott, C L. liugbee, Charles N. Iiarber "' 1,111 ot 0O(,s '"irrled away,
nnd HIchard A. Hoar wa.s entered In County court re-assembled Monday
county court Thursday. It is an appeal afternoon, pursuant to adtournment
taken by the defendants from the Judg- taken Inst week. The Jury case of Lena
ment of Justice Salmon Green of Rich- Levin vs. Nathan Marcus was in read-
Miss Mabel Lillian Watters second
daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. John A.
Watters of Fall lltver, Mass. The cere
mony was performed in the chapel of
the Sacred Heart Church of that city by
the Hev. Charles A. Donovan. Monday
morning nt 7:30, In the presence of many
relatives and friends. The bride's sister.
Miss Elizabeth O. Watters, was brides
maid, and the best man was the groom's
brother, Edward J. Dwyer of New York.
Following the ceremony, a wedding
breakfast was served at the homo of
the bride's parents, 000 Locust street.
Guests from New Kcdford, Itoston and
New York were present. M. and Mrs.
Dwyer left at noon for Huston and New
York. After November 1 tney will he at
home at 413 North Main street, Spring-
field, Mass., where the groom Is foreman
for the Ilosch Magneto company.
A horse deal of nine years ago was
brought up In city court Thursday after
noon in the suit of H. . Porter vs. S.
II. Miller for KX The testimony dis
closed the fact that nine years ago
Miller bought one of the condemned
horses at an auction at the post, but
found the animal the possessor of any
thing but an amiable disposition. Ho
would rear and plunge nnd evidently
wasn't propel ly broken lo the harness.
He engaged Mr. Porter to break him
and was to give him $1 per day ror so
doing. At the end or HP days the horse
was returned, but the ya has not yet
appiared and Mr. Porter seeks to re
cover the money for his wages. Miller
claims that the hoi so was Injured In
the training nnd Hint Porter and he
agreed to call the $?J off ns an offset
to the damages incurred. The testimony
has mostly to do. with the condition of
the horse at the time Miller received It
and is highly contradictory. Porter says
that he first he liarned of his agree
ment lo cancel the $3n when he tried to
collect fiom Miller.
mond In a case to recover on a promls
fcory note for $"fi.
A meeting of the Women's Alliance of
lness, the action being one of justice
ejectment, so-called, nnd came to county
court on an appeal fiom city court. Tho
nl.,l..in c.,K. .lit r. w...'.. 1,1 llC
the Unitarian Church was held in the "' , T . V. , ' ''"""
Church parlors Friday aTtemoon. U , The defendant having given up the
vns voted to give is to each the Day P'"mlses. the ejectment feature of tho
Nursery, the district nurse, the South- ca!" Aroyp, out W ),e (he evidence
ern Circuit, tho Humane, society, and the was all In both sides moved for a ver
Junlor Alliance, In addition to a number "lct " llc Erected by the court,
of donations made to societies, etc., in- In the etatc of Allco M. O. reck of
Bide the church. ' this city, Hamlin M. Gaylord ol Ilan-
Wlllard Strceter was arrested Saturday
et his home In Bolton by Gamo Warden
J. E. Reeves on a warrant charging him
with killing a deer on November ID, 1910.
Hall wa.s fixed at $100 In city court nnd
he furnished surety. The hearing was
continued until some date upon which
State's Attorney II. B. Shaw and M. G,
ILcary, attorney for the defense, can decide.
dolph was Monday appointed executor
and Edmund C. Mower nnd A. L. Sher
man were named appraisers. Thero was
a settlement and decree In the estutn
of Albert A. Illiss, late of AMIIIston,
and lu Hie estate of Michael Kelley.
John H. Kelley was appointed executor,
with E. P Taft and J. E. Burke com
missioners and nppralsers. In tho estate
of Edmund D. Ishnm of St George, Knte
C. Isham was annolnted administratrix
J. S. Patrick has Just returned from a ,o bonis non with the will annexed.
Ihreo weeks' hunting trip In northern
New Brunswick. He wa.s accompanied A distressed voice called up over the
bv W E Clark and Ira Weller from UmK distance telephone Saturday night
Moira N. Y Tho party went sixty miles an, 51,1,1 '"t the owner's name was
from the railroad Into tho wilderness Coolidgo and that he wanted every mem
and wero very successful, shooting three her MMdlrbury College football
uxcelhnt moose, two caribou and two which stopped off here parched
Seer, in addition to a large amount ot " ' 1"1', found. It seems tha tho
' Mlddlebury boys, while at Northtleld at
imi , the football game, got hold of the mascot
The divorce suit or Eva B. Block vs. wnch ,s , ,,roperty nf Coolldge and
Ralph O. Brock, both of this city, was Kt lllm lls iw. a unrn(,to, T,e reason
entered Tuesduy In Chittenden county that ,,c lUlWl r(imi)rte the Journey Is
coiut Intolerable severity nnd neglect tlint the local police got after the foot
to piovlde are charged. The defendant ball players and rounded up the cherished
has been enjoined from Interference with beast, lie was shipped back to North
hls wife's liberty and personal property, Ilf.,i Sunday evening,
following her charges that she has been
prevented from getting her clothing and Andrew I outols wns arrested yesterday
effects In her home. afternoon after trying to open the money
,... t""'- ln " "i-'kut "nice nt tho rall-
..,,, .......in n.ui , v .... .. ,roa(1 Htation. .V. J. St. Jean, the agent.
The column proceeded up Main street,
through Church street, nnd down Pearl
and St. Paul streets. Along the route of
At least three members of the sevon
on the proposed State board of education
shall be persons not engaged professional
ly lu educntlon. Of tho llrst board of
education lo be appointed under the
proposed nnangement, two shall serve
for tuo years, two for four years, nnd
two for six years. Each newly appointed
member thereafter shall serve for six
The board shall have at least four
stated meetings inch year, with special
meetings when neeessnry.
The board shall have power to remove
Its appointee, the State superintendent of
An annual appropriation of $10,i0 should
be made to cirry out the provisions
In the apportionment of school money
the board of education shall endeavor to
rdlive inordinately taxed towns, encour
age greater school expenditure In others,
equalize the burden of school expense,
and aid transportation.
A rebate of one dollar shnll be paid to
each town for each week that It employs
in a rural district a graduate of a normal
march the curb was lined with crowds whno ,. ,)t it t,.,.hrr training clabs or
Mr. Alice Murphy.
Mrs. Alice Murphy died at four o'clock
Monday morning at the home of her
daughter, Miss Margaret .Murphy of 2.
Pearl street. She hud been an Invalid
ever since the breaking of her hip six
years ago.
Mrs. Murphy was born Alice O'Dowd at
County Sllgo, Ireland, more than M years
ago and camo to this country when about
IS years of age and resided In t'nderhill.
When IS years old she became the wife
of James Murphy, who died about 10
years ago. After his death she came
to this city to live. She .s survived by
two daughters, the Misses Margaret and
Rose of this city, and two sons, Michael
of Richmond and James of Charlotte.
The funeral was held Wednesday
morning nt nine o'clock at St. Thomas's
Church at I'liderhlll Center
f7.'.i'i Tuesda in city court for a breach
had stepped out to tack up n time table
... ... ... ci ri.,.o " " "I' "
m u,o peace, uorr... . no r..v... and left the door unlocked behind him
urn neighbors out not tne esi or .c. o n kf,pt m pya ( hoW(!V(ri am, ,lw
nnd Morrill was charged with threatening Conto)H pn((.r Th(j lnUer mM .,ne)lo.
Chase. He paid tho fine and costs. Victor ,,)r ,ho cv3pnt ,so of certainm,.
Horner was also ln for a drunk and In ,f nnyone was about, and when ho saw
answer to his plea of guilty wa.s fined th(,ro wnH m)U ma(1(( ((t oncu fop ,ho
ir, and costs, He will servo tho altorna- mom.y drnwi.r llk,(, on but u
tlvo sentence in jail. , was locked. He pulled hard enough, how-
The recruiting station which has been ''ve', so that the bell Inside rang. St. Jean
lim n for Hie mist 10 days In the Federal called tha police station and Contois dls-
liulldlng has been closed nnd the men appeared but wns later found In the
In charge have gone to Glens Falls, lumuer yam and arreuted by Oiilcer
N Y., wheie they will open a station for Thomas Collins.
tin sumo length of time, i-our inon wero Saturday's Now Voil; Times tells of
hipped from hero and two others sue- lnt. u,.utn ot Cul Jotlfl j (iltt0Tlx, who U
resHfully passed examinations. Thoy art well known throughout Vermont ns n
Inmutes of the lndustilal sshool, how- r(.sl,lt of hl extended visits here In the
ever and It Is not known whether or ntl;rcBt r th candidacy of Woodrow
not they will be accepted for the navy. Wilson. Ills death occurred ut the New
Mis. Pntilck Downs of 17 Elmwood Yoik hospital, whete he was tnken when
avenue received a bad cut over one eye suffering from pneumonia. Colonel Off-
In a fall down tho front steps of the ford lived at I'S1.; Central avenue In
city hull Tuesdny afn.-rnoon. Mrs. Downn Newark. N. J., and wns f3 vears of age,
Is nn elderly lady and was also badly He was one of the llrst to bring forth
biulsed by the fall, which was the entire the candidacy of Governor Wilson for
W'itth of the stairs. f,ho was accompanied the presidency and W'orUod actively In
Manilm l.rprond.
News wa.s received Monday of the
death in the morning at Richmond of
Maxim l.rprond, formerly of this city.
Mr. Leprond was 77 yeais of age nnd
resided In this city for ninny years. He
was a charter member of St. Joseph's
society, which was organized r,3 years
igo. ine funeral was held Wednesday
morning at nine o'clock at St. Joseph's
Church. Mr. Leprond Is survived by his
wire, a son, Rlchanl, and a daughter,
Mrs. George Beaudry, residing at Rich-
mond. Mr. and Mrs. Leprond had been
living with their duughter In Richmond
ror the last two years.
Mm. (ironrr Walker.
Somervllle, .Mass., papers announce tho
death In that city last week Wednesday
of Mrs. Carrie M, Walker, wife of George
earner, ano was born In Burlington 00
years ago. the daughter of George and
narnet M, Dorr, and lived In this rltv
until her marriage, when she moved to
Somervllle. Mrs. Walker had been in
gradually falling health for the nast two
years, ino immediate cause of death belnir
Brlght's disease. She Is survived by her
nusDanu, a son nnd a daughter.
Mm. i:, I), Meunrrt,
Mrs. E. D. Menard of Rouses Point
uiea wiursuny morning at S::;o o'clock at
tno l'anny Allen hospital, where she had
been for a few days. Her dentil followed
an operation. She wn. 12 years of age
and benldes her husband she is survived
by three sons, The remains were taken
Thursday afternoon to her homo at
Houses Point, for the funeral and Inter
Mrm. Kllen l.aiualr.
Mrs. Ellen (Miller) Lamnlr died Thurs.
day night at the ;iomo of her daughter,
JUrs. Henry Hoosr, of 3CH St. Paul street.
She had been 111 a year with cancer, lie
Ides her husbund, she U survived by
five children, Mrs. Henry Hoose nnd Mrs.
Frank Rayta of this city, Mrs. Elmer
Uushey of Wlnooskl, Mrs. John Harlow
of lioaton and Mrs. Louis Roberts of
Cllober, Ariz.; and Is also by a brother,
Wolter Miller. Mrs. Iimalr was g7 years
of age. She bore her long suffering with
much fortitude and patience. The fun
eral wn held Monday morning at St.
Joseph's Chuieh,
of good size. Tho straight ranks and
perfect step of the Ancients won the
admiration of the onlookers nnd drew
forth applause here and there. Captain
Francis Hawks Appleton, Lieutenants
Milton C. Page and Jnckson Caldwell and
Adjutant James D. Coady were in com
mand of the Ancients. Most of the men
In the command wore Its regular uniform,
similar to that of the 1'nlteil States
artillery dress uniform for ofllcers, with
red stripes and brass buttons, but here
and there In the ranks were red coats,
caps of the Civil War pcilod, or plumed
hemlets. In past years this variety has
been even more a marked feature of the
Ancients than nt present.
On St. Paul street, north ot College,
the escort fell out, and the Ancients
passed the reviewing stand, giving their
marching salute. Entering the park, they
formed in front of the stand, nnd Hie
escoit passed In review and were dis
missed. The Ancients were then faced
about, and Mayor Roberts delivered a
short address of welcome.
"If I had been called on SOa years ago
to welcome you," said he, "I would prob
ably have shouted down upon you from
the top of a walled town, and told you
that the portcullis was up and the keys
were yours. To-day we have no walls,
and as our gates and our hearts ale open,
you have no need of a key to tho city
But we have a moat, our lake, ten miles
In width, and you are to cross It as part
of the entertainment offered you. What Is
more, th water Is ;is per cent, pure at
tin; taps., by test. We also hop,S to show
you a town unexcelled 'or location, and
extend to you the freedom of the
Captain Appleton nsponded In a few
seiitence.i, declaring that the Ancients
some times drank water, and thanking
the citizens for their hospitality. "We'll
take anything you offer us," said he,
and milled that he had had llurllngton
ln mind for several years.
Along the business streets and else
where In town there was a generous dis
play of tlie national colors, in the even
ing the new ornamental electric lamps In
City Hall Park were lighted for the llrst
time and a concert by Tcel'.s Irnnd at the
Van Ness House attracted a crowd of
citizens, who listened to music of an es-
reelally high quality.
About nine o'clock (some 7;, of the An
dents, learning mat tne omceis had genu
tc the Ethan Allen club to pay respects,
lu view of the reception to be given there
to-night, marched to the club house, ac
companied by the band. Their coming
was a surprise, but the club men rose to
the occasion, got out their spare tables,
anil an Informal jollification followed,
with band music and witty talks by
Captain Appleton and Mayor Roberts.
The streets Tuesday night were enliven
ed with the red and gold of the uniforms.
the lsltors for the most part spending
tho time about the hotels and on the sld
walks. They expressed themselves as
much pleased with their trip to Spring
Held and Burlington, and over the good
weather with which they have been fa
vored. "We always pick out October
weather," said Captain Appleton, "for
the llrst week In that month Is usually
To-morrow morning the visitors will be
taken about town lu automobiles, In the
afternoon they will see an exhibition
drill at Fort Ethan Allen, and In the
evening they will have a bamiuet at the
Van Ness House. Friday morning they
will lenvr for Bretton Woods, taking
luncheon nt the Mt. Washington House
and reaching Boston that night.
one holding a Hist grade certificate at a
wage of not less than ?7 per week over
the cost of board for a beginner and not
less than Js per week over the cost of
board for such teacher who has taught
for at least .".0 weeks, but such rebate
shall not be given for nny school whose
iverage attendance Is le.s than 10 dally.
A school for feeble-minded chlldron
should be established In connection with
the State Industrial school at Vergenne.".
Medical Inspection of schools should hu
made effective.
The Increase of the .school year to 150
school days, recommended by tho com
mittee of nine, would raise the number
from the present requirement of 2S weeks
411 SrnlorM I'lret Ofllrrrit nnd Cnst
Ballots for President.
Tho senior class met Tuesday and
elected otllccrs as follows: Asa S. Bloonv
rr, president; "Miss Cora Parkhurst, vice,
president; Miss Helen Perlne, secretary
Nathaniel K. Peterson, treasurer
O'Brien and Owens, athletic committee
representatives; Hitchcock, Nelson and
Jordan, Misses Graves and llrownell, ex
ecutlvo committee. All, Including the
young women, balloted for national presl
dent. When It Is taken Into consldera
tlon that 58 ballots, were cast by tho 19
who wero present, tho result Is highly
significant. Wilson received "0, Roosevelt
17. nnd Taft 10. Prof, M, B, Oglo and
Prof C. W. Mlxter received threo and two
votes, respectively.
A well attended and enthusiastic
meeting of Taft supporters was held
In A south college Tuesday evening, ut
which tlmo a Taft club was formed.
Officers were elected and plans dis
cussed for an aggressive campaign.
The following nre the officers: Presi
dent. W, P. Smith; vice-president, F.
S, Wheeler; secretary) R. H. Ballard;
treasurer. P,aul Gates; campaign man
ager, N, A, Bailey.
Vermont Beta of Pi Beta Phi Initiated
Ms Lenta Van Alton, '15, Satuiday even
ing. The Initiation service was followed
by a banquet nt their rooms on Hlckol;
place, a large number of atumunn being
present Dorothy C.nk, '11, nnd Amy
Wheeler, 'Jj, responded to toasts.
.Meet Milurdny nt llmitprller '!th C.tl-
olnnel l.nlhrr Illmn Chapter.
The Nntlonnl Society of the I.'nlted
States. Daughters of 1512 of Vermont.
will hold a conference on Saturday with
Colonel Luther Dixon Chapter of Mont-
peller to celebrate the centenary of the
great war meeting. The morning session
ulll be held at 9:31 at the Kellogg-Hllb-bard
llbraiy, and the program Is as
Conterince called to order; Invocation,
Stale chaplain, Mrs. C. B. Lamson: wel
come, legent. Col. Luther Dixon Chnp
ter. Mrs. Smith S. Ballard; response.
State Piesident, Mrs. Charles H. Spoon
er; greetings, Mls Jennie Valentine,
rmont society of Colonial Dames, Mrs.
John A. Mead, 1st Vice President Natlon-
il Colonial Dames; Mrs. Joseph A. De-
Boer. State Regent. D. A. It.. Mrs. Wat
son L. Wass'on, president Vermont Feder
ation of Woman's Clubs, Mrs. G. Ii. White,
Regent, Gen, Andrew Jnckson Chaptor,
Mrs. l.oun B. Lord, Regent Com. Mac-
donongh Chapter, Mrs. William dimming
Story, Daughters of 1S12 of New York vocal
solo. When the Heart i Voting, Mrs.
Edith It. Comstock, greeting, president
of the I S. D. of W2. Mrs. William
l!eri S'lade; pi, mo solo, Mrs. Harlow A.
Whitney: business: lecess; 1:00 o'clock,
lum heon to The Daughters of 1M2, given
by local menibi rs of Col. Luther Dixon
Chapter at the home of Mrs. Smith S.
Ballaid, . Bailey Ave.
In the afternoon the session will be
hi Id at the Hall of Representatives at
the State House at ":1j. Overture, Mont-
pelier Mllitaty Band; call to order, Mrs.
Charles II, Spoonor; Invocation Dr. John
M. Thomas, President of Mlddlebury Col
lege; Vermont Gov. Allen Miller
Klitclur; Columbus Day, Mayor James
Bordin Estie; The Day Wo Celebrate,
Mrs. Smith S. Ballad; music, Norwich
Cadets; The Grand Anny of the Repub
lic, Gov. John Aimer Mead; music, Nor
wich Cadets; Patriotic M(.s-age From the
Cnlversity of Vermont, Dr. Guy Potter
Ibiiton, "Patriotic Norwich Cnlversity,"
Pies. Chillies 11. Spoonef. "P.itrlntstii
Mis. William dmunlnss Story; "t'nlted
States Daughters of 1MI," Mrs. William
Gerry Slade: address, Hon. Ma.son
Stone: music. Norwich Cadets, benedic
tion, Dr. John M. Thomas.
Music will be furnished by the Norwich
Cadets, Prof. Fred W. Craln, musical di
"Prompt Attention Giben to 'Phone and Nail Orders
Tie Old 3ee Hibe
October 10, 1912
UflrlcrrK Kleetril nt the Annual Meet
ing l.nxt Kvrnlnic.
At n meeting of DeGoesbrland Coun
cil. No. 279. Knights of Columbus, la.st
evening officers wero elected. The 15th
annlvtrsnry of the council Is to be cele
brated In November nnd thero will bo
present nntlonnl officers. Tho officers
elected Inst evening are as follows; G.
K.. Prof. G. R. Starkpole; D. G, K L.
W. Fennell; chancellor, W. V. Scully;
recorder, Ed. H. Corley; financial secre
tary, D. J. McM.ihon; ti. usurer, P. H.
Coffee; advocate, M, 1), McMahon; war
den, B. F. Cannon; 1. G., J. J. Cross;
O. G., G. H. Marengo; lecturer, Judge.
Henry Conlon; trustee for three years,
E. O, Mltiguy.
YORK OCT. 1012
Central Vermont railway, New London
nnd steamer. Fare for tho round tilp
J7f. Train leaves Burlington 10:57 a. m.,
Wlnooskl n. m., Essex Junction 11:21
a. tn Cambridge Junction 9:10 a. m.:
arrive New London 9:01 p. in.; leave New
London via steamer II : p. m.; arrive
New York 7:00 a. m, Tickets good going
on trains named above, October 22, ar
riving New York the morning of October
23; returning good to leave New Yoil;
until October 2 to arrive at storting point
October 30, ltd!. See flyers for partlc
ulnrs. (Adv.)
11,14, !C,lS,21&w2t.
NeverHefore Has This Store
3een So Well Equipped To
Serve You In Supplying
Your Cold Weather Needs
Whatever you need to make you comfortable for the Winter
is here, and the quality and fail price of everything is very
1 5'
Women 's Outing Wght Qolvv
$oc to $1.50
Gowns of heavy serviceable outings, in high neck and V neck
styles, with long sleeves, prettily trimmed with fancy finishing
braid; gowns that are cut extra good length and width, are
shown in the prettiest outing patterns, including pink and blue
stripe effects, plain white and colors, all sizes, 14 to 2d priced
50c, 75c, $1.00 and up to $1.50.
A DlanketValue that is Exceptional
a Regular $4.30 Part Wool
"Blanket, $3,69
A fortunate purchase enables us to offer one hundred paira
of large size Part Wool Blankets, in white only with pink and
blue borders, and a deep taffeta ribbon edgea thick, warm
blanket, that is fully 50 per cent, wool, full bed size, and sold
everywhere at $4.50 per pair to-day and until one hundred
pairs are sold $3,69 per pair.
Slveaters for Women Triced
$2.98 to $7. so
Heavy Woolen Sweaters, in the latest models for Winter
wear, deep collars, Norfolk effects, etc., in white, cardinal, ox
ford and navy.
Kenyon Raincoats for Women
A feature here, because they give the most satisfactory serv
ice, are rainproof and made in many very pretty and exclusive
patterns Kenyon Raincoats are priced $12.50 to $17.50.
Slip-ons, Cravenette Coats, etc., in a variety of styles priced
$3.75 to $10.00.
?lackinalv Coats $6.98 to $14.30
Mackinaw Coats for young folks are very practical. They
make the best knockabout coats, and for Winter sports, etc., are
Tlvo Extraordinary Good Qlobs
for Women at $1.00 per pair
Those who just put a dollar limit on their glove expenditure
will find THE OLD BEE HIVE'S "Bacmo" mannish cape gloves
for street wear, and the "Perrin" Gloves for dressier occasions,
without an equal at the price.
The "Bacmo" Gloves are cut in the mannish effect, with prix
seam and one large clasp; colors, tan, gray and black.
The "Perrin" Two-Clasp Imported Kid Gloves, overseam
sewn, in the best shades of tan, brown, gray and white and blaok,
easily the best fitting and best wearing glove for the price.
" 'Beacon " Bath pbes for Women
"Beacon" Blanket Bath Robes for women are notably fine,
because of the thick, soft material and handsome patterns. We
show a wonderful variety, in both the mannish style and trimmed
effects priced $3.50 to $6.75.
Qrduroy Eider dolvn, 50c per yd
A very pretty Eiderdown that has the corduroy effect and
especially suitable for children's garments, bath robes, kimonos,
etc. ; colors are pink, blue, tan, gray and white 27 in. wide,
Melton Velou, 12 1-20 per yd
Melton Velon is an especially pretty fabric for kimonos.
It is thick and fleecy, and shown in a full assortment of pretty
bright colorings and patterns 27 in. wide.
We Sell th. Best Outing at 10c yd
And offer the fullest variety of patterns and colorings. This
outing is known as the regular 12Jc outing an excellent weight,
and a very special value at 10c per yard.
LANE At Burlington, Vt., October 7,
1912, Phoebe Foxeroft U'llie, daughter of
At. and Mrs. W. O, Lane, age 13 months,
CHAPMAN Mrs. Wllhud Chapman of
Wllllston died October 7 after a long
and painful lllncai.
II, A. .mtnn of llusln Harbor Found
Den.l In III ltoonl.
Henry A. Newton of Basin Harbor
was founJ dead In hc.l at his room In
tho Elmwood yesterday morning,
where ho had spent the night. Tho
cause of death was gas which poured
from a Jet left partially open and It
Is thought that death was due to ac
cident, although at tlrst a suspicion
of sulcldo was entertained.
Newton came to tho city Tuesday after
noon nn.l stayed at his lodging place
most of the time. He retired e.uly nnd
nothing unusual was noticed until tei:
o'clock yesterday morning wnen ,v
womnn working about the hall In
front of his room smelled gns. She
knocked on his door but gained no re
sponse and dually tried tho door.
which wa.s locko 1 on the Inside, 'ic
called for help and entrance was tin
ally ma le by forcing a widow which
opened over a roof.
Newton was undressed and in b"d
nnd had probably passed n part of t'.ie
night In slumber, Tho gas Jet w.is
about one-half on and tho room wns
completely filled with the tUlU. Be
side the head of the bed was a maga
zine left open, as though he had been
rending. The mun had, plainly been
dead for hours and Health Officer C.
F. Dalton and Chief of Police Russell
wero notliy.'d. They, neeonipnnlo I by
Grand juror Moulton, visited the room
ut once and conducted nn investiga
tion. The man was uWlcntly In comfort
able circumstances for his clothing
was good and a tax receipt showed
that he held property In Ferrlsburg
In the pockets wore found several
letters which gave his Hillress as Ver
gonnes, It. F. D. 3. Tho correspon
deuce Indicated that he had been con
sidering n relief for deafness. There
was also a wallet containing J13 anl
a gold watch, In addition to a mer
chaum cigar holder.
The body was taken to Corbln's iili
lertaklng looms and Basin Harbor
communicated with. It was found
that he was a bachelor 50 vears of
age. le Is survived by a sister. Mrs.
Stella Gleason, and a brother, Edward
Tho bojy was taken by them to Basin
Hnrbor last night.
'Hie Iti.Mil Month anil the Honl I Bi
ennis Sudden changes of weather aro espo
chilly trying, and probably no none mor
so titan to the scofulous nnd consump
tive. The progress of scofula during t
normal October Is commonly great. We
never think of scofula Its bunches, cut
aueoiis eruptions, nnd wasting of th.
bodily substance without thinking ol
tlie great good many sufferers from 11
have derived from Hood's Saraaparllla.
whose radical and permanent cures ol
this one disease are enough to make 11
the most famous medicine In tho World
Them Is probably not a elty or tut
where Hood's S.nsapai Ilia has not prov
ed Its merit lu more homes than one,
lu arresting nnd completely eradicating
sctofulu, which Is almost as serious and
I as much to lie feaied .is Its near relative,
I coju.uiu.nUuu. (Adv.)

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