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Standing Committees Announced
at Afternoon Sessions of Sen
ate and House.
body would say that It was because I
couldn't afford It." Now If Governor
Fletchor should discontinue It, nobody
could say It was Anything more than nn
attempt to bring the office within the
mentis of Hie common man."
It Is wife to say that tho weight of
sober opinion among tlio legislators la
decidedly In favor of tho discontinuance
of tho ball by Governor Fletcher. Mont
pcller people would many of them llko
to see the old custom continued.
While no formal appointment has been
made Wnrnor A. Graham of Bellows
Kalis and W. R. McFeotcrs are serving
as secretary of civil and military affairs
and executive clerk respectively to Gov
ernor Klotchor. It 1 understood that
their appointment Is "practically a fact.
Chairmanships Well Distributed
among the Three Parties
Services and Ability
Montpoller, Oct. 8. Very little bust
ness was done In either houso of tho
Ueiioral Assembly to-day. The com
mittees wcro not unnouncou until anti-noon,
and when that had been done
the members were ready to adjourn
and talk over tho work before them.
There aro two now committees In the
Foliate, ono of five members on State
ami industrial interests and another of
the same number on Justice and muni
rlpal courts, and tho old committee
on Immigration and Industrial inter
ests 1b clumped to Immigration and
labor. Tho new committee on State
and Industrial Interests corresponds to
The Senate waB called to order at ten
o'clock by Lteut.-dovornor F. R. Howe.
Devotional exercises wero conducted by
tho Ilcv. Mr, Benedict of Montpoller.
It was voted on motion of Senator Dalo
that when tho Senate adjourned th's aft
ernoon It be to meet at nine o'clock Wed
nesday morning.
The chair announced as the commute
on Joint rules: Senators Laird, Batch
elder, Dyer of Rutland.
Senator Darling presented the report
of tho committee on rules, which was
adopted and the rules were read by the
Tho ohalr announced the appointment
of C. A. G. Jackson as official reporter.
On motion of Senator Shorwln of La
moille, adjourned.
It Pays to Economize
Rxtravaganco Is one ot tho greatest enemies of
thrift. Kconomy promotes Prosperity. SiiVo every
spare dollar you can, now while young. Start an ac
count with us. 4 Intorest raid nn Savings Accounts.
Chlttendtn County Trust Co.
Easier in Case of Minority Par
ties Than in That of the
the House adjourned at 10:X.
The committee on Joint rules made Its
report, which waB read by tho clerk, and
tho report was adopted on tho part of the
loy of Scarsburg, Carpenter of Granby,
Hubbard of Granville, Jones of Hub
bardton, Ncrny of H.irro town, Rogers
of Hnrtland, Chcstey of Sheffield, Marsh
of Urookllne, Macombor of Wostford,
Morcy of Fairfield. Wyllo of Glover,
Strong of Ilydo Park.
1'ubllc buildings Cnllnhan of Mont-
House. The rules as adopted aro P""C- j ,,cier, Hawkins of Sbaftsbury, Hunt of
tlcally tho same ns governed at the last Waltham, Pierce of Shrewsbury, Haskell
The Senate was called to order at 2:11
by Lleut.-Govcmor Howe, who presented
the report of the committee on Joint
the Houso commltteo on Internal af-1 rules, which was read by the secretary
The commltteo on revision of bills
Is reduced to-two representatives and
ono senator. It Is usually tho case that
ono or two members do tho bulk of
the work of that commltteo, so the
others are merely appendages. Yet at
the end of the session an extra com
pensation is voted to the committee,
and those who do little are paid tho
and adopted.
The following committee appointments
were nnnounced:
On rules Darling of Orange, Barber,
On finance Babbitt. Qutnlnn. Chaffee.
Blanchard of Windsor, Dyer of Addison.
On Judiciary Batchelder, McFeotcrs.
Laird, Blhncbnrd of Windsor, Chaffee of
.nme as those who handle the bulk of KlItIa'n(1( Mowpr narbcI,
tho work. Tho reduction of the com
mlttee thorofore tends both to econ
omy and efficiency. C. D. Watson of
St Albans and Halo K. Darling of
Chelsea have both served on the com
mittee on revision before and are
familiar with the work.
The three democrats in the Senate jorinsorii Dale.
are recognizea wun cniurraaneniin,
Mr. Roy of Caledonia heading1 the com
mittee on manufactures Mr. Pollard
of Proctorsvllle that on military af
On claims McFeoters, Blanchard of
Orleans, Darling of Caledonia, Dyer of
Rutland, Mattison.
On highways and bridges House, Croft,
Blanchard of Orleans. Batchelder, Mc
On education McCuen, Mower, House,
session, tho changes being: The commit
tee on Immigration and industrial inter
ests was changed to Immigration and
labor, and enlarged from flvo to seven on
tho part of tho House; the commltteo on
revision of bills was changed from five
to three members, ono member of tho
Senate and two of the House.
Speaker Plmnley announced tho fol
lowing standing committers:
of Woodbury. Paige of Barnard, Mc
Donald of Burke.
Insane Ferrln of Essex, DeMerrltt' of
Wuterbury, Bobbins of Newport, Hen
deo of Plttsford, Hnlo of Dover, Halpln
of New Haven, Fnrror of Enosburg.
Appropriations Billings of Woodstock,
Tomllnson of Bolton, Ripley of Potiltney,
Adams of Thetford, Ware of Wilmington.
Crosby of Brattleboro, Jnckman of
Corinth, Stlmets of Cavendish, Stevens
of Hartford, Brown of Eden, Wright of
On rules Gngo of Wcathcrsflold 1 Brandon, Callahan of Montpoller, Hon-
Watson of St Albans city, Billings f
On elections Adams of Marlboro.
Kane of Wells. Bosquet of Roadsborn.
dee of Plttsford, Donnelly of Ver
gennos, Cutting of Concord.
Internal affairs Crosby of Brattle
boro, Wnlter of Klrby, Carpenter of
Bowdlsh of Weybrldge, Evans of j Chester, O'Brien of South Burlington.
Mnrntnwn. Walker of Grafton. Pike of I Moore of Sharon, Oalvln of Hlpton.
On agriculture Wallls, Darling
Caledonia, Qutnlan, Croft, Barber.
On manufactures Roy, Preston, Davis.
On elections Preston, Pollard, Blanch-
Isle La Motto, Houghton of Water
vllle, Eastmnn of Calais, Tullor of
Vcrshlre, Ketcnam of Sudbury, Wright
of South Hero, Haskell of WooJbury,
Blanchard of West Wmlsor.
Federal relations Brown of Eden,
Coleman of Jnmalca, Plumley of Lud
low, Royal of Lemlngton, Hathaway
of Goshen, Cancdy of Stamford
Knight of Dummorston.
Ways and means Weeks of Ml idle
bury, Wright of Wllllston, Proctor of
Proctor, Gardner of Pownal, Cook of
Lyndon, Guernsey of Rochester, Brig
ham of Bradford, Bowkcr of Lunen
burg. Hlllls of East Montpcller, Wright
of Westminster, Wllklns of Morris
town. Military affairs Bowman of Water
for.l, Smith of Newbury, Staten of Ver
non, Mooro of Rupert. Towsley of
Lnndgrove, Decker of Danhy, Footo
of Cornwall, McClellnn of Plymouth,
Donaldson of .Swanton.
Judiciary Ryder of RocMnghnm, Wat
sou of St. Albans city. Cook of Lyndon,
fairs and Mr. Dodds of Grand Isle ara of Windsor. Davis. Rov.
that on the insane. The commltteo on Qn miitary affairs-Pollard, McFceters.
elections Is enlarged, as the seat ' I Henry.
On land taxes Sherwin. Babbitt, Dodds.
On railroads Chaffee, Babbitt, Laird,
Blgwood, Darling of
Mr. Dodds is to be contested, it is
understood, by Mr. Phelps.
The Senate Is n bony containing an Elliott, Sherwin,
unusually large number of strong1 men orange.
end tne difficulty In making up the on street rnllways-BIswood. Preston
committees has been to give the mem- Batchelder, Roy, Dodds
bors such places as they appeared to On banks Dale, McCuen, Wallls, Mc
Feetcrs, Blanchard of Windsor.
On grand list Qtilnlan, Darling
Orange, Dyer of Addison
On corporations Mower, Johnson, Croft,
Pollard, Blanchard of Orleans.
On printing Davis, Pollard, Wallls.
General committee Dyer of Rutland.
Johnson, Davis, Henry, Elliot.
On federal relations Dale, Sherwin,
bo entitled to.
Mr. Adams of Marlboro, the dean of
tho Houso, heads the committee on
elections. Mr. Weeks of Mlddlebury
is given the chairmanship of the ways
and moans committee, and Mr. Ryder
of Rockingham, the other member
mentioned at one time as a candidate iLnj.
Adams of Thetford, Stone of Hyde
Park, Hur-J of Stratton.
State schools Wright of Westmin
ster, Vaughn of Randolph, Rogors of
Walrtin, I.atho of Maidstone, Slllowoy
of Elmore, Carpenter of Chester, J.
Orath of Georgia, Tnft of Townshend
Proctor of Proctor,
Minor courts Watson of St. Albans
city, Ryder of Rockingham, Weeks of
Mlddlebury, Clayton of Londonderry
Lawrence of Sunderland, Sllloway of
Elmore. Smllle of Cambridge, Smith of
Worcester, Thomas of Shelion.
Conservation Parker of Troy, Hap
good of Peru, Clark of Groton, Swan
of Tunbrldge, Spauldlng of Punton,
Foote of Cornwall, Dotcn of Pomfret
Browster of Huntington, Biuz11 of
On Joint rules Weeks of Middle
bury, Hewitt of Plalnfleld, Cameron of
Library Miller of Bethel, Converse
Clayton of Londonderry, Adorns of of Charlotte, Robinson of Westmor,
Marlboro, Miller of Bethel, Hulctt of oukey of Brunswick, Smith of Wor-
Rutland city, Adams of Chelsea, Winch center.
of Barnet. Houso of correction Corliss of Hlgh-
Educatlon-Hunt ot Fairfax, Clayton cite. nxter nf War.lMlmrn. Gno.lri,,
On State prison Matttson, Pollard, Blg-
I wood.
On lnsan Dodds, Dyer of Rutland,
I Henry.
On State and Industrial Interests-
for the speakership, heads the Judi
ciary committee. Redfleld Proctor of
proctor heads the general committed
and Hapgood of Peru Is first In tho
committee on State prison. Apprecia
tion of ability and services is sno.vn Blanchard of Windsor. House,
by placing Mr. Billings of Woodstock Babbitt, Blanchard of Orleans.
first on the appropriations committee I on municipal corporations Johnson
nnd Wright of Westminster Is very Davis, Mower.
rroperly entrusted with the Interests On appropriations Barber, Dyer of
of the State schools. Addison, Dale, Darling of Orange, Elliot,
The democratic members have fared I On Justice and municipal courts John
well, chairmanships being distributed Ison, Preston, Mattison, Dyer of Addison,
among them In this manner: Ward of Roy
HanvlllB. claims: Hulett of Rutland 'JOINT STANDING COMMITTEE ON
rlty, street railways; Callahan of
Montpcller. public buildings; Watson
of SL Albans city, minor courts; Mil'
Jer of Bethel, Joint committee on 11'
brary; Orvls of Manchester, Joint com
mittee on game and nshori'os, an J
(Watson of St. Albans, Joint commit
tee on revision of bills.
The progesslvos have not been Is
)iored. Hunt of Fairfax Is chairman of
tho committee on education; Locke of
barton, manufactures; Vaughn of Ran
dolph, agriculture; Cook of Lyndon,
corporations: Crosby of Brattleboro,
Internal affairs; Jose of Johnson, 1m
pilgratlon and labor.
The Senate has voted to assemble
kt nine o'clock Wednesday morning.
but the House has not changed Its
On Joint rules Laird, Batchelder, Dyer
of Rutland.
On library Mower, Dodds, House.
On house of correction McCuen, Wallls,
On Industrial school Croft, McCuen,
On State and court expenses Laird,
Blgwood, Barber.
On Insurance Blanchard of Orleans.
Blanchard of Windsor, Roy.
On temperance Elliot, Dale, Dyer of
Rutland, Qutnlan.
On public health Dyer of Addison, Mc
Feelers, Sherwin, Chaffee.
On game and fisheries Henry, McCuen,
Laird, Mattison, Barber.
On Immigration and labor Darling of
Caledonia, Dodds, Chaffee, House.
Under fourth Joint rule Wallls, Darling
Usual hour.
Representative Howley of Burlington of Caiedonla. Batchelder.
umong ouier coram. appointments un reVHlon of bills-Darling,
lints a ulaco on the Joint committee on
Immigration and labor, which has taken JOINT RESOLUTIONS.
the place of the old committee on 1m- That a Joint committee or one senator
migration and Industrial Interests. Mr. and three representatives from each
Howley when Interviewed this after- county be appointed to canvass the votes
tiooii said that ns labor candidate he was given In tho congressional districts and
naturally pleased to havo to do with the declare those persons having a majority
matters which come before this commit- of the votes oast In said districts re
mittee, that ho hoped to be Instrumen- spoetlvely to bo elected representatives
tul In getting through some legislation in congress. Adopted in concurrence
for tho betterment of tho conditions of I Granting the use of the hall of the
laborers, especially legislation lb shorten I House of Representatives to the Vermont
(. hnnra nf labor In factories for worn- 1 Historical society for the evening of
in nnd children, and to provide ado- Tuesday, October 20, at 7:30 o'clock
ctmto factory Inspection. " motion of Senator Croft nt 2:20, ad-
The general Impression Is that the Journed,
I, glFlature will be well under way by
the last of the weok. It Is believed that
the time spent In exercises attending
the President's visit will not retard tho
real work of the session. During the
first few days of every session It is al
ways necessary to mnko haste slowly.
Committers have to bo organized, mem
bers have to get settled In their new
House called to order at ten o'clock.
Devotional exercises conducted by the
On motion of Mr. Ward of Danville, the
reading of the Journal was ordered dts
environment and to become acquainted pensed with for the romalnder of tho
villi each other. This process Is ono
which can go on quite as well while en
tertaining the President as whllo tho leg-
JMators aro sitting at their desks within
sound of the speaker's gavel.
There was somo talk In tho hotel lob
bies nnd on the capltol steps about tho
puggestton nmdo In the Free Press that
the Governor's ball was a bit of useless
baggage which might well be dispensed
with. Opinions were somewhat at var
iance on this subject. One man said
that ho would like to see tho ball dis
continued, but was sure his wlfo would
object, Another said, that he believed In
anything which tended to cut down the
expenses of tho Governor's offlco so that
an ordinary, moderately poor man might
hold tho plnco without too much fi
nancial stress
"If 1 were to be governor," he said,
1t 'would he quite (in undertaking to
ttivo a governor's ball,'' nnd a man
atnndlng by broke In with "That's right.
1 couldn't afford It either, nnd I want
to be governor, and If I stopped It, I
sannld bo cmbarrusscd because every.
session, unless ordered by a member.
The speaker announced tho appoint
ment of John G. Norton of tho city of
St. Albans and P. C. Dodge of Randolph
as official reporters of the House
By Mr. Cook of Lyndon that a Joint
committee consisting of one senator and
throe representatives from each county
be appointed hy the president of the Son'
ate and speaker of the House of Repro
sentatlves, respectively, to canvass votes
given In tho congressional dlstrlots and
declare those persons having a majority
of all the votes cast In said districts re
spertlvely to bu elected representatives
to represent this State In the Congress of
tno uniieu mates
By Mr. Ryder of Rockingham: That
tho use of tho hall of the House of Repre
fentatlvPB be sianted to tho Vermont
Historical society for the evening of
TuoBday, October 29, 1912, at 7: o'clooH
und thereafter, for the purpose of Its pub
lie exercises and an address by th
Rev, Isaac Jennings, D, D., of Benntng'
ton on "Tho Undoing of Burgoyno."
of Londonderry, Ryder of Rockingham
Hewitt of Plalnfleld, Mulvey of Ca.stle
ton, Clark of Westfleld, French of Hard
wick, Angell of Wllllamstown. Spauld
lng of Addison. Eaton of Royalton, Tom
llnson ot Bolton.
Claims-Ward of Danville, Coburn of
Milton, Maughnn of Rutland town,
Brcen of Duxbury, Clark of Lincoln,
Lawrence of Monkton, Hill of Sher
burne, Richardson of Brooktleld, Fobs
of Brighton, Canning of Charleston,
Gallup of Guilford, Evans of Morctown,
Pierce of Franklin, Thomas ot Bolvl
dere, Plumley of Ludlow.
Railroads Wright ot Wllllston. Flynn
of Dorcst, Vaughan of Randolph.
Guernsey of Windsor. Parker of Troy,
Angell of Wllllamstown, Billings of
Woodstock, DeMerrltt of Waterbury,
Adams of Marlboro.
Street railways. Hulett of Rutland
city, Donnelly of Vcrgennes, Howley of
Burlington, Jose of Johnson, Blanchard
of West Windsor, Nevlns ot Fletcher,
Barry of Springfield, Buzzell of Fayston,
Mullin of West Rutland.
Highways and bridges Gage of
Wcathersfleld, Ward of Danville, Guern
sey of Rochester, Moore of Rupert, Ran
som of Jericho, Cameron of Norton,
Benson of Stowe, Smith of Newbury,
Hendce of Plttsford. Kendrlek of Greens
boro, Tenney of Windham, Thomas of
Salisbury, Hoag of Grand isle, Hitchcock
of West Haven, Corliss of St. Albans
Banks Wright of Brandon, Bobbins of
Newport, Ware of Wilmington, Weeks of
Mlddlebury, Flynn of Dorset, Wright of
Wllllston, Winch of Barnet, Smllle of
Cambridge, Stlmets of Cavendbh.
Manufactures Locke of Barton, Grlgg
of Barro city, Smith of Arlington, Pelkey
of Fair Haven, Jaclcman of Corlnlh.
Batchelder of Walllngford, Barry ot
Springfield, Oebble of Ryegate, Martin
of Bennington.
Agriculture Vaughn of Randolph, Hlllls
of East Montpeller, Gardner of Pownal,
Rogers of Walden, Jennings of Orwell,
Frlzell of Canaan, Pierce of Franklin,
Hoag of Grand Isle, Benton ot atowe,
Hitchcock of West Haven, Cross of
Whitingham, Hall of Holland, Bolton of
Cabot, Stevens of Hartford, Tllllson of
Land taxes Walker of Benson, Fish of
Mlddletown Springs, Allston of Stannard,
Cralno of Brldport, Kellum of Guildhall,
urewstcr of Huntington, Mears of Sand-
gate, Eastman of Calais, O'Grady of
Roxbury, Gryeene of Weston, Dean of
Mummo-e, Perry of Mendon, Mills f
Stockbrldgc, Clough of Bloomfleld, Aiken
of Putney.
Grand list Hlllls of Bast Montpeller.
Gray of St. George, Johnson of Leicester.
lialley or tierlln, Knapp of Woodford.
Campbell of Nonvlch, Perry of Chitten
den, Hart of Ira, Hutchinson of Brain-
tree, Harlow of Irasburg, Ball of East
Haren. Walker of Grafton, Sparks of
Nnwfane, Eaton of Royalton, Magoon of
General Proctor of Proctor, Comings of
Rlchford, St. Peters of Ferrisburir.
French of Hardwlck, Spauldlng of Addi
son, Moore of Sharon. Converse of Char
lotte, Parker of Montgomery, Ennls of
Marshfleld, Houghton of Wati-rvllle. Flint
of Brownlngton, Lawson of Coventry,
Swan of Tunbrldge, Grlgg of' Barro city,
Crosuman of Clarendon.
State prison Hapgood of Peru, Guern
sey of Windsor, Ennls of Marshfleld,
Becchcr of Pawlel, Whipple of Sutton,
Erlggs of Starksboro, Wlnshlp of Mt. Ta
bor, Wild of Berkshire, Ranney of Pitts
field'.. Corporations Cook of Lyndon, Crosby
of Brattleboro, Thomas of Salisbury, Or
vU of Manchester, McClellan of Ply.
mouth,- Olddlngs of Bakcrsfteld, Cutting
of. '.Concord, Guyer of Wolcott, Hitchcock
of West Haven.
(Municipal corporations Thomas of
Salisbury,. Rials of Colchester, Carper
ter of Chester, Howley of Burlington
McAllister of Waltsfleld, Donaldson of
Swanton, Josn of Johnson, Ripley of
PoUltncy, Palmer of Shelburne.
Town llneH-Liiwrepec of Sunderland,
Lord of Orango, Kennedy of Victory,
Lucas of Folrlee, Young of Qiostenbury.
Crofna of Brldport, Hatch of Mt. Holly.
Mileage and debenturcs-Martelle of
of lllncsburg, Burbank of WlnJhull
Brown of Athens.
Industrial school Bowker of Lu
nenburg, Donnelly of Vergenns
Hayes of Strafford, Shaw of Peacham
Gleason of Richmond.
Game nnd fisheries Orvls of Man
chester, Wilbur of Tlnmouth, Moore
of Shorehnm, Jennj of Rending, Hutch-
jvns of North Hero, Farrar of Enosburg,
Cnrglll of Morgan, Cameron of Nor
ton, Corliss of lllghgate, Lucas of
State and court expenses Adams of
Chelsea, Eaton of Hancock, Lathe of
Craftsbury, Thomas of Sheldon, Ferrln
of Essex,
Temperance Brlgham of Uradford.
Hunt of Fairfax, Varney of Bristol
Robinson of Warren, O'Brien of So.
Burlington. McClure of Derby, Martin
of Bennington.
Fourth Joint rule McAllister of
Waltsfleld, Wells of Whltlntf. Farrlng
ton of Somerset.
Immigration and Labor Jose of
Johnson, Howley of Burlington, Grlgg
of Barro city, Russ of West Falrlee.
Buckley of Wheelock, Tillotson of
Lowell, Foss of Brighton.
Public health Coburn of .Milton, Dow
of Topsham, Hayes of Strafford, Rlge
low of Andover, Ferrln of Essex, Com
ings of Rlchford, Parker of Newark.
RovUlon of bills Watson of St. Al
bans city, Bowker of Lunenburg.
Insurance Wllklns of Morrlstown,
Brlgham of Bradford, Voiney of Bris
tol Hall of Holland, Spauldlng nf
On motion of Mr. Watson of St. Al
bans tho clerk of the House was In
structed to procure 3!i0 printed copies
of tho list of the standing committees
for the use of members.
Tho speaker announced that tho re
vision committee would receive bills
for Introduction Into the House after
to-morrow morning.
On motion of Mr. Ripley of Poultnoy,
tho House ndjourned nt 2:16.
Montpeller, Oct. 6. In the Interim be
tween the organization of tho General
Assembly and the commencement of ac
tual work, the knowing ones who re
main here nrc trylnr to decldo who will
be the lenders of the session, with less
satisfactory results than usual. Tlu
Senate contains so many known men of
ability and experience that It Is not ex
pected that any otie or two men will
stand out as lenders In the ordinary
In tho House It Is not ensy tn select
from the many young and publicly un
known men those who aro likely to ns
sumo positions of leadership. This Is
more true of the majority thnn of tho
two minorities.
For the progressives It Is expected that
E. P. Joeo of Johnson will by common
consent be given the position of floor
lender. Mr. Jose comes to the General
Assembly with some prestige, having de
feated n former lleutenant-govornor of
the State, and that when he had been
a resident of Vermont but a short time.
Ho Is a Harvard man, n devoted ad
mirer of Roosevelt, a worker and a
fighter. He has been a success In tho
lius-lness and Industrial affairs he has
undertaken by sheer forco ot ability and
pugnacity. Ills selection to nominate the
progressive cnndldnto for speaker lndl-1
rates the regard In which his progres-1
slve associates hold him, while the fact I
that ho was not the cuueus candidate I
for that place Indicates that ho prefers
work rather than honor.
E. A, Cook of Lyndon, progressive
candidate for speakoj-. Is another
strong man In the ranks of the newer
membership. Ho has a good local repu
tation as a lawyer and his devotion
to the progressive cause Is assured,
Arthur M. Vaughn of Randolph Is of
enough consequence that ho ought to
make himself known before tho ses
sion lias boon long In motion. E. C.
Crosby of Brattleboro Is the business
man of the new movement, accustomed
to dealing with largo affairs, and while
bo may not make no frequent an ap
pearance In debate as the others men
tioned, It Is probable that his advice
will bo felt In council ns much as that
of any of his associates.
Charles I). Watson of St. Albans,
elected without republican opposition,
caucus candidate for speaker, is Un
natural leader of the democratii
forces. Mr. Watson has not enough
pugnacity In bis composition to make
an aggressive floor lender if party lines
should be drawn, but he has tho con
fidence of his own party and of others
In his Integrity and sincerity, to mich
an extent that, willingly or unwilling
ly, be will be the titular loader of the
democracy. i
John H. Donnelly of Vergennes, old- ' '
time democrat and member of the State (
committee, would have more Influence i i
In his party caucus If lie had not pro- ' (
rnlsed, as the price of Ills election, to ' ,
vote for the republican candidate for j ',
speaker. Mr. Donnelly's frank state- ,
ment of his position In the caucus of '
his party that selected a speakership I t
candidate relieved him from any 1 ,
odium, but his position In that case."
has weakened his Influence. I
Fred C. Martin of Bennington, ono of .
the younger members of the party and ' I
a delegate to the national convention, has
the qualities of enthusiasm and ability
of expression, and will be heard from
In no uncertain way. J. B. Smith of
Newbury, who Is serving his second
term, made nn exre'Ient Impression In
the Leglrlature of 1910 and will be a mem
bi r ot consequence, The Rev. John Wes
ley .Miller, the clergyman from Bethel,
who Is serving his fourth successlvo
term, must be regarded with more than
ordinary consideration.
It Is easier to select the leading men
from the two minor parties than from
the majority. Charles A. Plumley, nomi
nated for speaker w'tbout opposition, Is
tin nominal republican leader, but the
floor leader is not yet known. II. D.
Ryder of Bellows Falls, who was sug
gested as a candidate for speaker, is a
man whoso years and experience should
secure for him much consideration. J
E. Weeks of Mlddlebury has been n
well-known man for many yeais. He Is
versed in parliamentary procedure and
has the vnnf ld nee of tho-e who know
Write for Further
This bank Is a mutual Savings
Dank In which all property
and profits belong to
the depositors.
Business can be transacted by mall
as well as In person.
No money loaned tn any ofneer or
trustee of the Bank.
C. P. Smith, President.
Henry Greene, Vice-President,
F. W. Perry, 2nd Vice-President.
W. Ward, Treasurer.
S. Ixhnni, Assistant Trcaiurer
You have
your money.
to work to earn
Save it and make
it work for you.
We will show you how.
The Burlington Trust Go.
CHy Ilnll Square North.
Winooski, Vt. (STo,tnI.Vfi.,V Organized 1859
Interest 4 per cent. Taxes paid on all deposits.
Our plan for Hanklnc by Mali ia safe. Try it.
Siivlintn deposits. Cheek Accounts.
Write for Statement.
Assets over SI 40,000 H
Deposit over 1,680,000.00
VurpliiH over 135,000.00
The large surplus of 0 Is a Ruarantee to depositors.
Deposits on or before Nov. 5 draw int. from Nov. 1.
Better Than Four Per Cent.
This bank will keep your money safely and pay you TWO PER CENT.
SI:MI-A..1AI.I.v. .interest payable January 1st and July 1st. We solicit
a portion of your deposits. Checks or drafts can bo sent by mall.
Burlington, Vt.
Capital, $300,000.
Surplus $200,000
A general Banking: business transacted.
Foreign Exchange issued and remittances made to all for.
!ru countries.
Interest paid on time deposits.
8afe deposit boxes to rent.
r. r.
It T Ulltfr
Ritas Lrtnaa.
A. G, TVatttemore.
Hagh McLean.
F. R. nnrsreaa, President.
H. T. Rotter. Cashier.
EHiaa Lyman, Vlee-Prealdent,
H. S. Weed, Assistant Cashier.
Office with Howard National Bank
P. 13. IIUIUiESS Presidcnti
P.I.IAS I.YMAX. Vlee-Prealilenti
IT. t. niTTTFin. Trenaitreri I
A. fi. WIIITTP.MOMF. Attorney nt I.nwi
V. F.IIFNtlKK, Trensiirer lliirllnBton Traction Co,
P. H. V.tnKPn. Mannsrer IliirllnKlon Llnht 4 Power Co.
.IOSKPH . PI, INT. nf O. C. Taylor A Ca.
IrrtirMt Paid on Otpetrti
1 Fm fron
On motion of Mr. Smith of Newbury, jAlbWs-, lUchardion 0t-roomld, jjgf
Montpeller, Oct 8. The most t Im
portant case awied belore thn supremo
court on the opening of the second week
of the October term to-day was the lion
nlneton county caso of John O. Sarsent,
attorney-ffeneral, vs. tho Ilutland Rail
road company, an appeal from the or
der of the public sen-Ice commission.
Tho order was filed In April and n peti
tion for suspension of tho order pending
further hearing was denied at the May
term this year. K. W. LAwrence rep
resents tho railroad and Mr. Sarsent
the ntforney-Kencral's offlco. Mr. Law
rence completed his argument this morn-Ine.
At tho afternoon session arffuments
were heard for a reanjument of the oaso
of II. H. Powers airalnst the Rutland
railroad, II. H. Powers appeared for
himself, assisted by T. W. Maloney and
It. K. Brown. Alexander Dunnett and
IS. W. Lawrence appenred for tho railroad.
Powers sued tho road for balance of
wanes ana aner me arguments wcro
hoard It developed that JudRe Rowell
owned stocK In tho Now ork Central
railroad, which owns tho Rutland road.
Motion for renrRumcnt was made at the
last term and aritued to-iay.
The plaintiff arRiieil tbat the dls
qualification was plain and that no JudRe
can bo allowed to sit in such a case
under oRrcement of parties as Ills decision
will effect others than the parties to tho
suit under consideration.
The defendants arRiio that dlscmallilca
Hon may bo waived and that It Is within
the discretion of the court to allow the
question of disqualification to bo raised
at this time.
Judge Howell and Powers did not sit
this nfternoon, Chief Judtto Miles of the
superior court sitting In place of JihIro
llocauae. ho has been too liberal In
nn, Aniline 'prisoners, polltlons are In
eirciilatlnn for tho recall of Governor
JIunt of ArUoua.
Cheater Doric!" of nnualiurs; Slashed
Ilia Throat with n llaxor.
KnosburK Falls, Oct. 6. While suf
fering from temporary Insanity, Ches
tor DurRln, aged 19, attempted suicide
to-day nt tho homo of his mother, Mrs.
K. P. Adams of Marlboro, now servlnu
his sixth term in the House, while sel
dom beard In debate, has Rained a largo
desree of ronfldince In file service he
has irlvcn to the State, and while be
cannot bo expected to be an nctlve lead
er on the floor he will have such a fol
lowing that he will be a member whose
support will bo well worth having.
Oeorgo C. Wright of Westminster, who
was a member of the last House, Is an
other who made a strong Impression and
whoso opinions carried weight. Seth N,
Uage of Weathersfleld proved himself
a man of capacity two years ago. Thero
aro large hopes of Ridlleld Proctor of
Proctor. If ho Inherits the family ability
as he does the family features, ho will
bo one of the Important members.
Party lines were diawn in the speaker-1 program follows
ship contest, a proceedlnR which had 2:00 p. m., the Rev, A, I.. Cooper, I. D.,
become unusual, but this was the ro- presiding; anthem, Trinity Church choir;
suit largely of progressive activity, scrlpturo reading, the Rev. J, Kdward
which forced a purpose to have an nc- Wright, D. V. prayer, the Rev. Jumcs
curato count of strength bofore the voto It. Sargent; hymn, "O Worship the King";
was taken for governor. In recent ycarB historical address, tho Hev. L. Olin Sher-
party lines havo been Ignored In tho burne; "The Hlblo a Missionary Agent,
House proceedings. It may be that they
will be drawn this year, for thu samo
reason that they wero drawn In the
speakership contest. Hut It will bo re
membered that the disgruntled republi
cans In tho governorship election went
to the democrats rather than to tho
Widespread Exposure nt Children at
Rutland Wholesale Vaccination.
Rutland, Oct. C A serious case of
smallpox with a widespread exposure of
many children was discovered by tho
health officer this afternoon, nnd thn
Lillian Walto of Uordovllle. Durgln patient. Mlcnnei .m. yan oi aeaanw
Kkuhnd hla thront with a razor nnd I street, was to-night removed to the
was discovered lying In a pool of I
blood. Ho will recover.
Since attending: a camp mooting: last ,
summer, neighbors say the young man
hns acted "queer." Illness also. It Is
said, caused him to be melancholy
Montpoller. Oct. . Tho centennial an
niversary of the Vermont Blblo society
will be held In Trinity Mothodlst Eplsco-
pul Church Tuesday, October IS
Isolation hospital. The man had been 111
for a number of days but tho disease ww
not diagnosed ns smallpox until to-day.
He lived ulth his sister nnd the famllj
occupies a three-family tenement. Then
aro n number of children In tho housi
nnd these nave all been exposed.
A rigid quarantine has been placed oi
the neighborhood and Health Officer C
i . Hal! stated to-night that all suspect!
would have to undergo vaccination to
The I morr0w morning. Physicians will begh
vaccinating the children attending tht
School street school, which draws frorr
that vicinity, to-morrow morning.
tho Rev. Ashley D. Lcavltt, secretary N.
H, Hlblo society; fraternal greetings from
representatives of other Hlblo societies;
hymn, "The Heavens Declare Thy Glory,
Lord"; benediction, the Rev, Duncan Sal
mond. 7:30 p. in., the Rov. W. A. Davison,
progressive s, and It Is a fair and reason- D. D., presiding; anthem, Trinity
able general assumption that If the pro- Church choir; Scripture reading, tho
greHslves, who nro potential makers of uv. William Shnw, prayer, tho Rev.
troublo, shall attempt partisan action, s. K, Hlomlleld; hymn, "Upon the Gos
teh democrats will Join with tho repuhll- pel's Sacred Page"; address, "Tho In-
cas rather than with tho progressives. nuenco of tho Hlblo on Secular Instltu-
- tlon," the Rev. Frederick H. Allen, sec-
Tho National Association of Credit Men rotary Massachusetts Hlblo society;
announces that hereafter It will take a address, "The World Wide View of
more oetlvo Interest In banking nnd cur- Hlblo Society Work," the Rov. W. I.
rency reform. Hnven. D. P.. secrotury American Hlblo
society; hymn, "America"; benediction,
Albert H. Stewart, foreman of nn Ice 11,0 "ov' lvan "' neiiedlrt,
house on the Kennebec river, says! "I H.WUi NOT A CANDIDATE
havo used Foley's Honey and Tr Com- Ludlow, Oct. C J, W. Sault denies that
Lieutenant Tonrra of .Navy KNtalillauci
American lieeoril In Hydroaeroplane.
Annapolis, Mr,, Oct. 7. A new Amer
ican record for nn endurance High'
was made hero yesterday by Lieuten
ant John H- Towers of the navy a via
tlon corps In a hydroaeroplane. lit
was continuously In tho air for sl
hours, ten minutes and 3! seconds
Tho best previous American rocor
made by Paul Pack for four hours, 2!
minutes nnd 3S seconds.
Tho dlstnnco covered by Lieutenant
Towers was approximately 3S9 miles
with six miles to a lap. The courst
was not a measured one, wever, and
Towers's dlstanco record ,s not offi
cial. Towers rose from tho water It
front of the aviation Held, across froir
Annapolis, nt fi:fiO this morning nnd
did not touch tho water ngaln until
35 seconds after one this afternoon,
Llouts. 1. V. Doroh und L. M, McNam
ara of tho nnvy wero tho official time
pound personally for a number of years, he has been a candldntu for secretary of
unco for n severe com l contracted wnuo civil ami limitary aunirs unuer wuvci nor Keepers.
working on the Ice. Two bottles com- Fletcher anil doubts If the Governor even
pletely cured mc." J, W, O'Sulllvan, 21 regarded him In making his selection for Your clusMllcd ad will be an Item o,
CburcU street, ' tAav.Jxth.'8 iiosltlnn I "opportunity now" for somebody.

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