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Tin 1 1 1 4 1 1 II 11 1 II II
Local Items of Interest From All
Parts of the Green Moun.
tain State.
Prom the Island in the Lake to
the Passumpsic, Along Otter
Creek and by the Shore3
of White River.
Two dogs belonging to iinlitiiivii
parties ran amuck among n flock of
coarse-wool sheep owned ly Harclay
Tougla?s Frldm forenoon unci man 1 .-"d
three of them to hmlly that they will
have to he Ullle.i. The dogs -ire
thought to be. owned In Cornwall
C.hnrlCR nemele shot and killed one
of them, hut thn other got away uii
hurt. The sheep were grazing in a
pasture west of Mr. Douglass's house,
a mtlo and a half south of th? villas',
and tho selectmen were notified and
went to tho scene of the disturbance
to find out the extent of the Jnniago -
Cerro Mnrnlauch, an employe of the
marhle mill on the night shift, had his
Ifft foot badly crusheil Friday niche by
tho falling of a piece of marble upon it
from a car which ho was helping to un
load. He was assisted by fellow wnik
nen to tho office of Dr. S. 8. IMdy, who
was not at home, nnd he was taken from
there to his boarding place on Seymour
Btrcet, carried port of the way on tho
back of one. of his fellow laborers. I -iter
medical aid was procured ami It is Imped
that his foot will be all right after .1
time. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh X. DucloN,
who were married Xovember is, re
turned Saturday from tttelr wedding dip
jind Saturday night were given .1 grand
reception at tho home of the bride's fa
ther. Alexander Heighter, in Cornwall.
Kefreshmeins wrte served and then, was
muMc nnd dancing' and other amuse
ments until midnight. The young folks
will hereafter make their home in liris
tol The (imulronnlal bidding on the star
mail route between Urldport and Slhldlo-
ury is now open and the bidding will be
closed on January -'I next. Tho eontr.iet
v.ill be let for the four years beginning
on July 1. It calls for two trips a day
i.ich way from and to Sllildlebiiry. The
present contract price is t72J .1 y.u .
Charles It. AVitherall, now of Shnrebam
and a few years ago one ol the largest
f-hcop dealers in the State, lias purchased
lrom tho estate of tho lute Irvin d.
oostiT of Cornwall his (look of tlior
cuigh i-red Spanish merino sheep. Mi-.
AVitherall purchased ibis Hoek for
breeding )Ltrposes. I'nlon Thanksgiving
M-rvlrcs will lie held according to a long
1 sta'illshod custom lu this town at the
Laptlst Church at 1":J o'clock. The
Jtcv A. A. Lancaster, pastor of the Con
gregational Church, will deliver the dis
course. Miss i:i!en Kelley Is lu Hutluncl
A-isitlntr Mr. anil Mrs. c. S. Morse. Henry
Ij.ivIs lias returned to Fair Haven after
tpending several days In town. Daniel
TV. Itoger.s of Leicester, a diamond drill
operator well known throughout this part
of Vermont and eastern Xew York, visit
ed In town Satin day. Mr. Rogers is Buf
fering from a severe Injury to one foot
which he received while manipulating
his drill about three weeks ago. (Jeorge
Marsh and CI, W. Ferry have returned
to Chester. Mr. and Mrs. Chillies II.
1'llnt, who have been In town for several
months, nun lied .Monday to IJochester,
whero they expect to remain through the
winter. Mr. Flint Is In falling health,
v hlcli caused him to rolliupitsh his em
ploy ment here. Miss Floienco Fenn ot
Salisbury are guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.
O. Peeley, Jr., of South Main street.
Miss Kthel Dwlre has gone to California,
where she will spend the winter. Miss
Cecil Dickinson h.is returned from Wor
cester, Slass., where she lias been visit-
jug for tho past few weeks. Miss lllrdlo
C'oollhan, a school teacher at .South Hero,
H'ent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
Jlrs, Phelps Coollhan. Mrs. 1. K. Mellen
1 ud sou are visiting her parents in South
I'ecrlleld, Mas, Dr. Mellen joined
tbem for a week's sta.vl Monday. Charles
l.ullook, who has been visiting his grand
p, rents, .Mr, and Mrs. C. J. Mullock ol
Water strii t, has letiirned to lillll.md.
Mr. and Mis. William Kills of Salisbury
nrnniince the engagement ot their daugh
ter, Jilllu, to John I). Woods of this i.ll-logc.-
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Aitliur II Williams of Washington, I .
c, Xovember -I. 'Mr. Williams Is a son
of Mrs. L Well of Seminary street.
Mrs. Floienco I.avonclie of Hrlstnl and
Janus Hamilton were man led in Piatt?-
burg Xo. !!. Irs. AVUIIam Morcomb
of College street picked a number ol
dandelion blorsoms in her yard Nov.
fa Mrs H I. Archer has gone to visit
r utlves in Uarrtnshiirg. N. Y. IMvaid
I 'tivl e h.is gone to Tinners Falls Mass.,
v'icre he expects to spend the winter
Tl following Utters remain at the post
dine inculled lor: Mrs. .lames Austin,
Si 1.- F X Hill, Sirs. Fred A. Stewart,
S' - Hid Pr odors, James Austin, Charge
Johnson, Clllford Xede.iu, W. II. Wright,
John A Wright. Mrs. Illtney has gone to
r- nth lleroiora few days.-A. C Wood-
v. aril bus gono to Worcester, Mass, 011
u business trip.
Otis Abbey has gono to Sandwich, X.
II , where he will spend the winter with
Ms daughter, Mrs. James Jluvviirth anil
her hiiHband.-The Misses Mabel llucstls
and Helen l.apun Imvoreturnedfioiu Hut
land. The cattle, shipment Slonday con
H.'ted of three carloads - The Ladles' Aid
moiety of the Methodist Hunch
met with Sirs. S. H. Alnes at her home
cm Soi'ln stiti t Tuesday ufli nioon Slls
Faith Chapman of Ferrlsbuig Is assisting
in tin postolllce liete li.ilillllil Foi l st
f C.inibildg, X V Is vlf-ltlnir here
Voiidnv .iftei three Weeks In town. -Dan-lil
StcCoimlck has returned from Tlcon
diroga, X. v., where he was superintend
ing the erection of the new altar lu the
Church there. The l.ab.iree soclctv of
tho Congregational Church Is planning
to hold 11 Christmas sale Friday nrter
110011 anil evening, December 11. Mon
day, market cln . eg us brought In to n
cents and butter ::n to ni cents.- Mrs.
Charles A. Harle, who lias been III foi
the past few weeks at her home on South
street. Is slowly Improving and on Sunday
die was taken to the hopilnl at Itutland,
where It Is thought that she will Improve
Sirs. .Miry Mead, widow of the late
Horace J. Mead, was found dead In bed
at her hnlilr 011 College street Tuesday
morning about "even o'i lock by Sllss
Jennie Hawthorne, who lives In the hnuwc
nest to her. She was summoned there by
two young child) en, who have lived with
.Mrs. Mend ami who have been attending
school. Mrs. Mind was 77 years of age
on Sunday. She was born In Cornwall and
came to this lllmr to live about 2j
Mars ago. She ! survived by one son,
rail Mead, a piomlnent lawyer of Xew
Yotli, with an otllc n Wall Sli t. and
me step. daughter. Mrs. William I dibit
of iilieiiln, Ohio, and a slslei. Sirs.
Il.illlet I'eek of Cornwall. Mi's. Mead Is
,1 member of the Coimiemitliiiial Church,
or which d nomination ..no hail been a
meinlKr since a young ulrl. Mrs. .M-ad
was down town Monda.- afternoon and
si omul as well as could lie expected lor
a woman of her M'ais. Ilei son, Carl.
iirtivid on the !i;lo o'clock train Tuesday
evening. SI is. I. A. llordeau has
gone to llurllngton for a few days. -Thanksgiving
day will be the blrthdav
of Charles I.. Youtt and a lame number
of the members ol' the Grand Army I'ost
and of Wllllimi 1'. Uiism II Chele. Ladles
of the (Irani! Aimv. called on .Mr. Youtt
Monday night and gave him a genuine
surprise party at the lion 1 his daugh
ter. Sirs. Kzia F.. Turner, in the Metho
dist block.-William I'. Ittisell I'lrc, .
Xo. :., will hold their annual election of
olllcirs Wednesihn evening, Di nibi 1
James Hodges and Sllss .Martha Kemp
of lllpton were mauled at St. Mar'
Church Slonday morning at S-".n 01 loci
Father Shannon, pastor of the ehuri b.
oltlclated. After a short wedding trip M
and Mrs. Hodges will make their home 111
Ulpton. Si.ss Maggie Karrrtt bus letiuii
ed fioni Ituthiliil. Mrs. Louis C0I.1 his
gone to Troy, X. II. Mrs. Ficnumt Abbi v
has gone to Itutland - I'led Hammoinl
manager of the government farm, Is re
ported as a littl. belter.
A pretty wedding took place at St
Smry's Church Wednesday morning 't
s:S0 o'clock when Miss .Maude Lal'an.
only daughter nl Mr. and Mrs. Fran''
La I'an of Weybrldge. was united in
marriage to Archie l.aUrake of tills vil
lage. The eeietnoin wax performed
Fnther J. D. Shannon, pastor ,,f th-
church. Sllss Canel 1 c.ouleti of We -
bridge was bridesmaid and l'rederl ir
LnPau. a brother ot the hi ide. was bid!
man. Imniedlatelv alter the ccrcmu'iv
t'oev were taken t., the lion f t'io
bride's patents, where a weldiee
breakfast was served Mr. and Si's
LaHiako took the llyer south for a
short honeynionn and on their return
they will make this their future home
Tin funeral of Sirs. Marv .Mead wa ;
held from her late home on Colleg ;
street Wednesday afternoon at two
o'clock and was largelv nttcnlcil Tho
liev. A. A. Lam aster, pastor of tho
Congregational Church of this village.
mil the liev. Samuel Rose, of the Con.
gregatlonal Church at Cornwall ulu
lated, and the burial was hi ihe fam
ily lot In the Cornwall cenieteiv. 'VU
floral tributes were manv. -Carl Mead
of Xew Yolk arrived late Tuesdae
evening, called here by the Million
death of his mother, Mrs. Mary Mead
Mrs. Lena Abalr has gone to Ilello-' r
Fulls for a few weelts. Henry (Jareev
went to llurllngton Wednesday after
noon, taking with I1I111 ills wife, who.n
he took to the .Mare Fletcher hoMiital
for an operation. Chailes liel.iiio. who
has boon suffering for the past few
weeks with hemorrhages of the lungs,
has been taken to the Proctor aospli'il
and later he will go to the Pittsford
sanatorium. Com Slarlnauch, the Ital
ian laborer who hn 1 his left foot bad
ly In lu red here Fildav. was taken t'
the Proi tor hospital Tuesday evening
Fnlon Thanksgiving services will I o
held at the Memorial llaptlst Cnuro 1
here to-dav at HL.KI o'clock. Sirs.
John Fradetto has gone to Hrattleboro.
William 1'. Uussell Circle. Ladles of
tho (irand Army, sent two boxes of
fruit an I other things to the Soldier.-.'
Home in Pennington Wednesday.- -Among
people here from out of town
ale Wilbur J. Arthur of Hrooklyn, X
Y James .1. Paldwin and It. L Cm roil
of Sclienei tail v. X. V., .1. W. Z sice's
of lirookl. 11. X. Y.. Franklin W- Fltts
of Fall liivcr. Slass., Ceorgo I Wll
Hams of llronklvn, X. V.
The condition nf Mm. Kied Jordon, who
rccentb unilcrweiit a surgical operation
at the .Man- Fletcher hospital ill Hurllng
ton. is Impioved.- .Mm. F.. C. Ciilues,
widow of Hie late Hopkins Halites, died
suddenly Saturday at her home in I'anton,
from the effects of a paralytic shock. She
Is survived by two sons, Samucl'und Ros
wel Haines of I'anton. four daughters.
.Mrs. Wright Hoyt ot P.mton, .Mrs. Her
bert Spt-.igoe of West Ferrlsburg, Mrs.
Hert Allen and Mrs. Charles Wllght or
nXw Haven, and one hrofther, Fred Allen
of West rcrrlsbtirg.-Dr. L. D. Hettinger
kllliKl a buck iher weighing -.3 pounds
in Ulpton last week. -The Uev, J. Hall
Long letuniid Saturday from a visit to
Montpi Her -l"red(.lordan has moved from
West Addlsnn to the rooms lu Uohert
Hudson's tenement lately vacated by Hen
Parker.-Chestrr Hawkins is mtffcrliu
from blond poisoning lu his left arm.
Mr and Mrs. Joseph Outer visited Sir
and .Mrs. Llljuh Parish of Urldport last
week -Mis. T. f. I'helps and Sirs. Sloi
tlmei Thomas of Xorth Adams, Mass ,
me visiting their sop and In other, Dr.
F. C. I'helps. -Alfred Illalr visited ftieild.s
ill ituiilnetoii 'iiiida Miss S. SI. Leach
of Fairfax is vlslth g at the iiome of W.
L Coley.-C. p Henloti visited Ills tnntli
ir. Sirs. L.F. lieuion.at tin. Slary Fletch
fr hospital Huiiday. -Miss Ulalno of llur
l.ngtun came last week to tho State In
duatrial school, where she will nave
charge or the laundry. The I-adles1 Aid
society of the .Methodist Kplscopal Church
met WedneMlay afteruooii In tho
church parlors. -SI is. Marguerite Dennett
!t sulTerlng lrom an attack of tonsllltls.
Mis. S. S. Cobb and Sllss Cora Thompson
arc III L'iiIoii Thanksgiving service at
tliii Jlaptlst Church Wednesday evening
with sermon by the Huv, Ueoigu Harvey.
Sfrs. Cheater Sherman Is slowly re
covoilng from injuilcs misCaliied almiit
Gov. Dix Gives Freedom to Man
Serving Life Term, for Mur
der of William Rice.
Was Convicted on Testimony of
Valet Who Escaped Punish
ment after Sending; Pat
rick to Death Cell.
Alli.nn. X. V.. Xov. J7. timer IMx
to-night announced tb.i' he h.is pardoned
Albert T. Patrick, who Is serving a life
sentence In Sing Sing prison for the, mur
der of William .Marsh Uiee.
Governor Dix said Col. Joseph F. Scott,
superintendent i,f State piNons, wa.l
among those who recommended Patrick's
pardon He hail received letters, he nld,
lrom scoi i s ,,- prominent citizens in Pat
nck's behair, hut he declined to say who
the write! s were
After the Hovoriior attached his sig
nature to the iinidon, an attache of
the executive d, partmeiit dropped he
loiiiment line the local postoffb e 1..
nlglit In an eiieIoie ad : e-sed
W.T.len John P Kennedv of Sing Sing.
H tile pa 1 don roaches the prison to
morrow. Patrick may be udeased upon
its lecelpt, although he may not leave
the prison until Fiiilav.
it is said Patrick plans to leave foi
st. Louis, the home of John F. .MUli
ken, bis brother-in-law, but may ni
tuin later as a claimant for Hie mil
lions left by the age 1 man with whoso
minder he was charged. .Mr. Slllliken
aided Patrick In his tight for freedoin
and It Is reported will assist ",ilm in
his efforts to prove lis iuuoeeiice.
At u time dining h.s l,,nj im .ncera
tloii at Sing Sing, lour veiirs of which
were smut lu tile prison death house, h.is
Patiloi; givi n up the li.eir uf securing his
freidoni. I.otli r after letter has been
iccolviil in the eeciitlve chamber urging
that be lie patdniifi! and each successive
governor since !ov. odoll has been asked
In extend oM-ciitlVi i lemelje.v .
lioveinoi Higgles wis to impressed
with the prisoner's plea that he granted
him iline lespites did eveatoall m-
11 uted his sentence from death to life Im
prisonment. P.ililck was 1 han. ed with having
I ght about the death of .Mr. lib e.
itot by his own band, but tlroUgh tho
agency of Chailes I", Jones, a alet em
llo.icil ill the Uiee household. It was
principally upon the ti -tl ny of Jones,
who lonfessed to having administered
ibloiofnrin to the old man while he was
I'sleep at the behest of Patrick, tli.it the
lawvei was eonvii ted. Jones oscapul
1 ninsliment and has long boon able to
bid. blslibiiiitv from the public. At last
n ports be was said to be In i'ev.is
"sslidpg. X. Y.. Xov ."7 -Albert T.
i'.i'riik was not Informed t i-nlght nf the
fact that In- had I n panlonnl. Imrlng
his Incarcel atloii hole Patrick bis no'
unlv beivune 1 onsiilcuous tin lHh his
own offiuts to so. ute fr bun. but tm- tb,.
legal aid ho gave to other convi ts. lie
has helped manv prepare applb ations for
Mr. 11 11. 1 Mrs. I, oilier Lord of Itiilliinil
'eleliriite niiUrrsiir.v itllli
lllg lleeeplliin.
Itutlanil, Xov. L'7.-.Mi. and Sljs. Luther
Lord of 17 Park street, this city, cele
iintnl their golden wedding aniuvvr.sary
to-diiv. The affair was unique In that
tl Were present among the guests
thiee other couples In the two families
vho have also been man led inure than
."1 vears. The other couples are Mr and
Mrs, Ira Uussell and Sir. and Sirs. P.. U.
1 ord of Slnewsbiirv and Sir. and Mrs.
Carlos Colbuin of Uutland. Sirs. Uussell
and .Mr. Lord aie sinter and biother i.f
I 11 1 In r K. Lord and Carlos Colluim Is
a brother of .Mrs. I., i:. Lord.
One bundled liicnds and telatives weie
Invited to a leeeptlon of the annlveisary
nnd a program of music was arraiigcl for
their eiitertalnnient.
Lllthc! 11. lord and Celesti.i Colbuin
Lord were married Xovember :'7, ivj, p,
Xortli Sbrevvsbiiiy by tile late Uev. Mosi.s
Wlncliestcr. They passed all llnlr m.ir
rli d life op a rami In Shrewsbury until
thc move to Itiillnul pi yeais ago. Mr.
Lord now has n giociry store The couple
have two daughters, Mis. W. H Aldrli h
of Shrewsbury and .Mrs. I high T Whit
ney of Holland, and a son, F.aton U. Iird,
of this eltv.
Uutland, Xov. l!7. fiiarles Halas of
Proctor, age ill yeais. was held for Hut
laud county court without ball, by Jus
life U P. Uutler of Proctoi under the
1 lunge of having murdered ileoige
Sovchan. a Slav, at l'ioctor by stabbing
while the men were drinking about a
table at a boarding house Xov ember 111.
Hulas w as in lalgneil at the house ot mr
leo.inn and he ploadid not gulliy, waiving
1 xainlnation. Ihinst 11. O'llilei, is his
counsel. It Is mulct stood that tho de
fense will hi that Halas struck ihe blow
with the knife hi self-defense, There Is
said to have been icaluusy net ween the two
men over tin v ictiin's wife
Itochester, X. Y . Xov. :7.
eliteied the homo of Mrs.
liar Hull to-night, hound
Mrs. Fish .Hid her ls-vonr.nld
Seven men
Jacob Fish,
and gagged
son, rut the
telephone wires and rausackt
d the house,
wanted they
horses and
Failing to Hud anything they
1 scaped after stealing two
cuiilugos fioni tbi b itu Mi
' titer ot State Sciutor.cliia
AV'rtUou.-nfl..tkA. 1 ti rtlnlMjn'
h l'si N a
Tliumibj U.
Xew York. Nov. 7. Pardon of Albert
T. Patrick came as good news to many
friends In New York who sided with him
In his celebrated ten years' light for free
di.ni. "It's a triumph," said George
Francis O'Xell of the counsel who aided
Patilck, "out a too long delayed one.
Sirs. Patrick, the woman who married
tho accused murderer In the Tombs1, and
who has spent practically all of her time
since In pecking his pardon, was advised
of t lie news and while overjoyed she de
clined to make a statement.
As a widower with two little chil
dren, Patrick came to Xnw York from
Texas In the late IiO's to practice law,
rcnowing acquaintance with William
Marsh Itbe. a helpless old man of mil
lions, who was formerly a friend of
the Patibk fattilly In Texas. He la."
bedridden In his Xevv York apartments,
living alone with the exception of a
valet named Charles F. Jones.
When the aged millionaire was lonnil
dead lu bid one morning the cot oner
decided hi had pimply succumbed to old
age, hut suspli Ions, atosi. Tin dajs aft
erwards a check heating Itlco's name
in favor ot Patrick was ilcposllid In 0110
of the hitter's banks. It was declared
to be a fin gory, on the heels of rills,
mutier wis whispered. Valet Jones was
r.mslnl. Suddenly ho broke down and
confessed that he was tin actual miir
dcier of hl wealth) master, but at
tin Instigation of I'atrhk
le told main conillctlng stories He
New Yoik. Xov. 1'7. P.ecause State's
counsel feared a letiial would icsiilt In
aciiulttal. Slam ice SI. I.ustlg. uuivlited
' months ago of poisoning his wife, and
long an on upant of a "death house" cell,
walked lorih a flee man It dim court to
dav. As.slsti.ni Dlstilct Attorney Xott told
Judge Mibi 11 in special sessions that
two of the most Impoitant of the 1 pie's
witnesses had dlsappeai eil, anil he could'
not hnpi again to v let Litstlg without I
their testimony. In allowing Lustig i,l
leave court Jndgi .Mubpiiin sllpulatill
I '1 '.low Pi,. . e v. , , . . . ,
Catholic eh. in l.i ,, l.on.'i within a
month an attempt was made to destro.v
St. Petel's Church.
The Temple Congregallunal Chinch of
Washington has iMendcd a call to the
Uev. Charles T. Ilnw II of tlie irooldwi
and London Tabernai b s, to become its
Ilabbl Ahtaham ilelbr resigns from the
Temple Shonrel Hir nnuii 111 IlrooKl.v 11.
after ohioellng to snuff being dlstlibll! d
when hi was preaching.
Swimming Into Hell (late. Mrs. Caroline
Phillips resi nod a pollcetn 111 trom diovvii
Ing. Vw 1 others wen- lost.
(Vila Altaian, II mouths old. of .Man
hattan, choked to deatli after taking too
largo a olio fiom an apple.
"lie 12th anniversary of tlie evacuation
of Xew York by the llrltlsli was cele
brated by the Old Unari! 1 " Manhattan.
Secietary of the .-..ivy Mover has
directed that the lniernr tlonal Morse code
of signalling be adopted Immediate!
throughout tlie naval service, repl.n lug
Ihe Meyet rode.
City Commissioner John F. Kehoe of
l'ai'salc. X. J., has instructed tlie polh o
10 prohibit all raffles of turkey and other
fowl, which have been customary in local
saloons for .viars.
I'ortv members of the domestic science
de,ai tnietit of the Woman's club of
Xntb.v, X. J., were given Instructions bv
William Scarle, a butcher, in the art of
carving beef.
The Harvard club of Philadelphia an
nounces an oiler of three scholaiships of
i(.'i."-i eaeli to be aw ai dcil annually to fresh
men In llarvaid College tioin Philadelphia
and viclnltv.
It took tlx men three hours at Lancas
ter. Pa., to hoist Mrs. .Marv Helen out
of an abandoned well Into which she had
fallen when tile Untiring loveilng it gave
way under her L'."'l pounds.
A prairie lite, which devastated a sec
tion of coiinlrv I"1 miles long and ten
miles w ide, swept ovt r the Sioux 1 csorvo
tion In Smith Dakota ami burned Itself
(ait lu the marshes of the tlver far . the
The deaths in Xevv York eltv In tin- last
week nuniheleil 1,3."4, a rate of i:.d a
thousand of tlie population. In tile cor
nspondlng week of list year the total
vas 1.S7S a rate of 1 1.4.1 a thousand.
A woman airestnl by .Mis. Devlin, head
of tlie llolv Xame society of the Church
ol' Hie I111111.0 iilate Conception, n,,.
ItroiiJv, was sent to llbickwell's Island for
six months f' stealing a purs,, in the
Patronesses "'' Junior Cotillons met at
Hi,. I ic ot Mrs. Artliui M Dodge lu
.Manhattan and decided that the "clutch"
niiil "slinngic" forms of darning will be
1 arrul h society at affnlis given for do
Lutaiitcs. Found' Judge Itoclie, chairman of legis.
lallve coiinnittie of Xevv York State
Waliiwaj association, declares he has
lieaid Xevv York Central Is about to nc
oulic uuitiol of all boats operating on
Hudson tiver. "H would nut Miiprlso
,,,," he added, "to seo this great corpora
tion not only controlling the two rail
roads operating "" 'Ucr side of tho tlver,
Put tlie river craft also, We should, by
leglsl.itiu emu tiucm, liiuuo lllla comll
said ho killed his maater by aininonia.
then that he gave him porno "gray pills"
which Patrick procured, and tlnally that
he saturated a Hponge with chloroform
and li-ld It over the old man's face until
he died. II,. stuck to this latter story on
tho stand and puicliasul Immunity by his
confession. Medical experts testliled that
Hire's lungs showed that he bud I ipen
1 1llln.l !.,. ..1,1 "I- ..I . ,
.....v.. . '3 v ,,,,,, ol,,, 111, wn me. oiufr nana
Patrick called o.speits who maintained
that there was no such evidence.
Patrick denied nil the accusations
and perslsteiitlj cnnten.led that the
old man illed n natural death. Ho lfd
liis own defense and all of the rcmnrk
able attempts since to have the ver
dict set asl le.
He was In a death ceil at Sing Sing
for five years and the .late for his ex
ecution nail been set several times h'o
foro tlie nrst step tovvaid clemency
I was taken by Uovetimr lllgglns, w ho
ordered the sentence of death com
mute I to life impi isonmellt.
1'ntrlek positively resented such a
"favor." lie maintained that ho want
ed "liberty or death." In 1!f9 lie made
the remark-able pica that he was 1 -gaily
dead one of the days set for his
execution having passed without sen
tence being cai rie I out.
isciu I lanmicrsti 111 Is impaling to
11 il I a new gland opera house In Xow
York for tin piodiictlon ot open. In F.ug
lish that lie iiiuld .vet be tiled If the missing
w messes should be found.
I.ustlg arter Ids convb tlon nn Slev ).",
!dn. siieni two vi ars In the death house
at Slug Slug, while his luwvors fought
for a new tilal and won before the court
of appeals,
Duilng his 1 1 Lit and alter In- conviction
ho maintained be was lnnoieiit of 10
spouslhlllty for tlie death of Ills wife,
lihod.i Iiene l.ostlg. To-day I rolteiated
his intu'cein . as lu left court md 1 lasped
bis inotliei in bis aims He w is a private
d"ti live ird is vears md
' ' ,e ' S n 1 'I I o. l I . ,.
smoking auroiiiolil), s I'muid In Fifth ave
nue. .Manhattan, in live ilajs
For Ivv idavs snow has tnllen ibundnnt
b and thoie is line sleighing at St.
Petei sburg.
.Mildred She, bin, Yi years old, fell .Vi
fiet down tin- Devil's Slide in Che.venne
canyon, Colo, and was Instantly killed.
Dreaming theie was a flic .Ml.-. Mas
Uadt. wlio lives .11 the Hotel Orleans,
."anliiit 'an, ran to an open window anil
lumped out. landing upon a skylight eight
stories below She cannot recover.
London special to Xew Y01 k Herald
, vs piess there Is unanimous n denounc
ing alai mists' icports toreshadow lug .1
gi iieral Ktiropean war over a strip of land
for Set via on the Adriatic. Highest dip
lomatic authorities concur in statement
tint si ares to which so much space has
inn given In 1 ontlneiital press are with
out Justltication and .lie due to plots of
gamblers who wish to depress stocks and
protl' lrom a panic born of their mislead
ing statements.
Dittolt, Mich., Xov. :'7. liecause mem
1 crs of tl aniege, wagon and automo
bile woikers in Ion desire a shoo commit
tie and tile cmplovers, professing to see
lu this di maud a move to establish the
' ciosd shop" have lefused the men's
reiiiest. about 1,'km union men have gone
oi- strike bore. Five plants of the Anief.
iian Automobile Trimmings company
and tlie lliiggs Manufai tilling compan.v
arc aflectcd.
Chicago, Xov. :'7.-Tvvo Mocks of sheep,
one from Australia and the otliei fioni
China, an I veil In Chicago last night and
will be shown at the International Live
stock exposition Willi h begins at the stock
.lards oil Satutday. The sheep weie Im
pelled by the National Wool Orowers'
association. especially to show tho
different sorts of clothes that aie made
rrom wool, and Just how many suits can
lie made fi mil tin- product of one rheep.
Xew York, Xov. 27. One of the pas
sengeis 011 tlie liner Slauretatiia which
sailed this morning, was Pilticess Yvonne
Collm eilo-.Miinnsfelil of A list 1 in. who. oil
her aitlval In Xew York three vv cells
ago, declaiid she was planning to live
while lu this city on three dollars a week.
She encaged a suite III a fashionable hotel
and nttondt 1! the liorse show several
times. Just before she sailed to-day, some
body asked her If she had succeeded In
limiting herself to three dollars a week.
The princess laughed and replied: "Xo. It
cost me three dollars a minute. Hut 1
enjoyed even moment "
Washington, Nov 'Si. Hein Thomp
son ol' the Canadian depat Imcnt of marine
and llshi-ries lias applied to Summer I.
Kimball, gcm1.1l supei Inteiident of the
American Life Saving Senile, for copies
of the plans of tile latest oil foot-power
lifeboats, anuoum lug his intention of ask
ing for bids for the construction of
similar boats for the Canadian service
Xew Yotk, Xov. iff. Although eggs of
various grades ate selling lu Xevv Y'oik
at piices ranging fioni cents ,1 dozen
for "strictly fresh" down to about lis
cents for the cold storage variety, an olll
clal report maile public lu-day shows that
more than l,447.0uo eggs are being held in
storage warehouses In New- York and vl
Uult.v. San Fiilliilsco. X. -"7. Albeit Duwirr, 17
yeais old, completed a U& day walking
nip across the continent from Krlc, Pa.,
yesterday. His traveled S,2il miles, mak
ing Ills living by selling papers, and gath
etisl tlie signatures of 7"l inivots, post
tiiiii.tc.re and otlici.s 0 cfjjibl.te tlio siia-
Former President of Philadelphia
Olub Excluded from Councils
of Baseball Magnates.
Was Charged with Making State,
ments Reflecting on the In
tegrity of Officials and
Nrw York. Xov. :'7.- Hornee s. Fogel,
fotmcr prrsldoiil of the Philadelphia
National League Uaseball club. Is for-
ivir excluded from participation In t'ho
councils of 1 ho National Liagtie. This
was Hie decision ot tlie magnates of
the league after hours' consldi ra
tion to-day of tho charges that Fogel
had made statements reflecting on tln
Integrity of the National League. Of thn
seven charges, the club owners found
the former Philadelphia club president
guilty oti five, and dismissed tlie other
two as relating to privileged communi
cations. Mr. Fogel had no sooner read tlie deci
sion than he countered It with u dellant
statement. Uefore the meeting.-: began
hr had expected such a decision, lie de
olaied. "The Jury was packed against
us." he assorted and lie practically told
the magnates who had expelled him from
their eo'ineils that he would pay no attcn
lon to their findings.
'J will sell or represent as I please
the Philadelphia club in the .National
League as long as 1 fee Inclined to do so."
ac iteilnreil, "and no one can distill b me
from ilulng so."
Sir. Fogel said that his attorney. Sit.
Shields, had suggested to him after hours
f discussion that lie withdraw and re--01
1 to the courts on "the grounds that
here was 11 baseball political consniraey
igainst me t get some one else."
"I thought." said Fogel, "that I owed
!t to my baseball reputation which I
onslder sixitlesu tti fight tlie ease to the
Inlsli. 1 procured witnesses on each
bulge to refute ovenvlielmlngly tho
e-tlmony of tlie opposition. .Mr. Shields
till contended that it wa a waste of
1 1 - and that we might as well resort!
to the inevitable. I still contended that
we should meet the isue because I had
-tiggested at the start that' an open
meeting be bold."
"The entire affair is national politics.
Fortunately my constitutional rights are
safeguarded in common law and the re
sult of the verdict of the packed Jury
against me does not affect my property
tights In the future. I would simply add
that the people of America know my
leputatlnn as a builder up and fosterer of
oaseball and I will stake my reputation
lor fairness and sportsmanship against
that of any man who voted against me
on live of the seven charges nnd who
ruled the other two charges for political
President Wiler of the Philadelphia Na
tional League club refused to vote on the
hargea against ids predecessor on the
ground that the leagiiu lacked Jurisdic
tion In tlie case. Mr. Wilder said:
"1 decline', to vote, as I stated before,
on tlie ground of jurisdiction. I want to
state, however, that while I declined to
vote on that ground, 1 endorse all that
was. said on the subject because 1 think
Hint baseball with the largo amount of
capital l.ivcstcd ought to be run on the
highest principles of honor and Integrity."
Ail of the clubs In tho league were
represented to-day and all voted to sus
tain thi live charges against Fogel except
tlv Philadelphia club.. Xo testimony was
taken at the resumption of the hearing
tills morning and the league representa
tives went into executive session Imme
diately. At no time, it was said, was the
verdict in doubt but tlie magnates de
bated at considerable length tile form in
which the resolutions should lie drawn.
There was discussion also concerning
tlie povvirs of the league as to the
pilvlleges and duties of Us own members.
As 1 1 1 1 : 1 1 1 given out in tin- resolutions tho
league magnates deildiil tliat they had
unlimited powers to sav who should not
repiesent 1111) club forming the league
hut that they did not presume to say to
any dub who should represent it in tho
national councils.
The charges on which Fogel was
found guilty were In brief that he had
acciisid the St. Louis club of placing Its
weykest team niMluM Xevv Yoik; that
lie had verbally attacked the Integrity
of tlie National League race of IMS and
Intimated (hat the race was "crooked"
at the same tini" charging that National
League umpires had given all cloo de
cisions to thn t Hants tliat In an article
In the Chicago levelling Post under date
of September -s Fogel lind made ac
cusations against President Lnch and
charged Ills umpires with collusion, tliat
in r, letter dated October 12. which Fogel
sent to the other seven National League
1 lub ownets, lie had declared the leagtie
raci of t'.il- was not honest and that
Preshh nt Lynch and his umpires were
incompetent, and tliat Fogel had made
cnnl and written charges inflecting
upon a specified Xatlonal League um
pire. Ucgaiillng the Chbago Evening I'ost
article, tin- basis of one of the charges,
W S. Foi man of tliat paper, a witness
tit tlie heating, declined the article had
been sent to lilni by Charles W. Murpliv,
piecldcnt of the Chicago Xatlon.il league
.lull Mr. .Murphy In testifying said lie
had not lead tlie entire statement before
1 went to I'orman After tlie meeting
the Chicago magnate refused to discuss
this phase of the case, and tlie other mag
nates, who iiad voted to exclude Mr. Fo
gel from fin tiler councils of the league,
i.ald tlie resolutions spoke for themselves
and also declined to make statement.-'.
The upocillcutlon which were not sus
tained Included 11 letter from Fogel to
Piesldent Lynch and a telegram from
I'o'jel to licsldeiit Id 1 maii i uf tin (in
diniJU il .u, lu ljulli ot Hies, cummunlcu
tho iitiinl res were "nn(,,.,,,,
me 1 miaueiphla. team was gettln"
"rotten deal." "
Tho resolutions oh tuinnt.si i. 1
"Fnon conslilerntlno r.t u-
nerctororo llle.l against Horace S. Fogc
and of ills ansa-nr ihn.i.. -
evidence offered In minnnr nf -u
f. wl I.. .1 -
Lou hi uoloiihm i n npimr w x.i. .
lollgUO or tirnfCHstnnnl Lnulli
hereby nnd that he. thn snbi nr
e oirei. is iniitv lhM i -. .
each specification thereof, except ppccill
rations three and live, which are dis
missed because tho communications re
ferred to In snld sn,.ntiioiin-
prtvilegcii: and
"Vt'Wi,i A f I a . tlw. mi-... .i
charges nnd before the hearing thereof
the m:iM rlipuen si. liVtrrnt 1 ...
president of tho Philadelphia hall club
tncrehl withdriiwlnr flu lhn
tlve In tills league, of said club, and
"Whereas, Notwithstanding such rendr-
nnttnft unl.l llnrflnn U l.V.r.l . ,
- ... - . .wuiLaicu II
person and by counsel; and was afforded
every opportunity to, and wag Urged by
of the charges made by him roflcctln?
Ilmin th.l Vmr,..ei. .....1 I -
methods, and the nractlccs and rul, of
. ....-,u, , ,i,u, ugiun H1U 111 (.CKill.v Ot IISJ
'mIa!s and umpires, nnd of tho charge-
and thr-nta made by him In tho letter tu
the league club presidents of October 12,
l'Hii but he. the said Horaco S. Kngol, has
irouucMl no e.videncn whatever which
tends to silicon his charges, re flection
n mi inreAtH thus made.
"Therefore be it. Unsolved:
"1 That this lengite hereby cenmire
and condemns Horaco s. Fogel for thn
utterances nnd publications so made, bv
mm while president of tho PhlladelphU
ball clttli uf this league.
"2 That he. the said Horace fl. Fogel,
bo and lie U hereby forever excluded
from further participation In tlv councils
of this league as the representative of thn
Philadelphia ball club, or of any club,
"Z That thes,. resolutions he spread
upon the minutes of this lenirun an i ,.
copy thereof duly certified ho furnlgh.l
to oath clul) composing the National
"Ho It resolved further that the --
rotary of the league be and ho Is hore
by instructed to give to anyone Intnr-
ostod free access to th complete steno
graphic minutes of tills hearing, nnd,
Vv herons. Thn Jurisdiction of ihl
league to pass Julgment lmon th
charges Just disposed of has boii
btonght in ipicstion;
There be It further resolved that thin
league N not a body ot limited power
whose JUlthority Is restricted liv the nnw-
ers exprfssly enumerated In Its constitu
tion. As a voluntary association of thm
representatives of organized professional
baseball we have the same unllmtterl
powers that appertain to lndtvioual men
and associations of men. whenever tho
representatives of any club falls Bhort of
those high principles which should be tho
standard of all moclf-rn mildness men and
sportsmen it becomes the privilege and
duty of this loaguo to say to the cluh-i
composing H and to the general public
that such persons will not b admitted to
its councils. We do not say to the clubs
who shall represent them in the meetings
of this league, tnit we do reserve tlie
right to say who shall not represent
them, when tho person so excluded shall
be proven to be unfit to discharge thn
h'gh duties devolving upon him in our
Negotiations for the exchange of soma
Cincinnati players for Shortatop Tinker
of the Chicago club were still going on
to-ntght and a final conference will bo
held to-morrow. A report to-day that the
deal was off was denied.
A representative delegate from all tho
Xatlonal league clubs will leave hero
ifi-mnrroff evenlntr tn ntteno the funeral
of the lat John T. Hrush at Indlitnnpoll
on Friday.
Washington. Xov. 27. President-
Taft. representatives of the diplomatic
corps here, members of the cabinet,
tho United States Buprom Court anl
both houses of Congress, Governor
Ooldshorough nnd other Slarylanrt
State officials nttenjod the funeral
services herei to-day of the late Sen
ator Isldor Uayner of SlarylonJ, who
died hero Slonday. Uev. I'. O. B- Pierce,
chaplain of the Fnlted States Senate
delivered the funeral sermon at
house where the principal service
were held.
London, Xov. 37 Sir Kilwn.nl Henr.v,
chief commissioner of tlie London Slotro
politan police, was shot by a would be
assassin to-ulglit with a revolver and
wounded In the neck. He Is believed to
lie seriously Injured The outragn wan
committed outside his private residence In
Kensington. The assailant was arrested
Snow fell yesterday over an area o
the southern States extending from
the Pan Handle of Texas to Central
(leorgla and last night the Sout;i felt
the effects of a sudden drop In torn-
perature with prospects of coldc
weather to-morrow. At Vlcksburic
the snowfall was the first ever
recorded there In November and ai
Jackson, Sllss., t was the heaviest op
At Atlanta tho snow began to fall
shortly after noon and a storm ratred
for several hours.
Hoihester. N' V. Nov 27 -Charles C
Hatrett of Syracuse dropped dead in
State sficct in-night while taking patt
In a parade of member of the CJrotto
from Huffalo. Syracuse and Itoehestii'
Sli Itarrett was monarch of Kedcr
Khun Orotto of Sytacuse, and a former
assistant superintendent of public works
In charge of the western division of
the i:rlo canal. He was made Inspector
of the western division in lWi and suc
ceeded William II. Niiiinloy as nails
taut superintendent of public work In
The largest buck reported killed timing
II e oticn season for ileee welched 4oL
Aitit;ds iiiij waa elwt by, -Elinor StoddarH

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