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One Cent
a Word
Advertising in this column
one cent n word, each in
sertion, Copy may bo
changed every week. Cash
in advance required. No
advertisement taken which
is less than 12 words, two
i lines. Specinl terms to ad
vertisers usinjr from 250 to
1,000 linns within 12 con
secutive months.
1,000 SKUNK SKINS wanted for Im
mediate use, highest cost price paid for
.nil kinds -if law furs. Will go nmJ see
large lots. G. F. Pect. Shelbltrne, Vt.
iCI.lSt. w,3t.
PROTESTANT AVO.MAN, mil over "".
wanted to work with and Instruct lm.v h
In various household duties of a pii
vale school. Salary 110 per month with
hoard, room and washing, (llvn :ici',
weight, height and nxpe-rlence and send
photograph with l-ufc rences, It con
venient. C H Uradloy, I. O. Tiox 14S5,
Ronton. 2S!,St&w.ll.
WANTKD-Wld-nwak! boy and girls
and rum nnd women In every town to
sell enr mt novelties, big money, no
rash ieiii:red; permanent paying busi
ness from the start: write tn-day. Pil
grim Art Co., Rrochton, Mass,
rale. Ulrd Rros.' stork pen. Tilu
single toms $s. hens Si. Powers' Stock
Farm, S. N La-mi, Alanager, Leicester
Junction, Vt, 27G,2Gt.iW,'it.
TEN DOLLARS II KW A I'D for return of
English fox hound, him k anil Ian, white
stripe on fnnhcid and white spot on
neck, answering to name ( "Holldi.v "
Lost near Pease mountain, e'h-irlotte.
Send nnv information t,, Shellnirne
Farms or telephone (!", Hnihngton.
le.slness of the late ivter Dev-reiix
fir ".i'e with stock and tool.-', or will
1' slot k ,'lliitl- Will he sold legald
ii s or ro-t in order to uttle the es
t t 's "ie-orcre sfreet. .'-'.wit
CAT imp VI A ;." you contemplate- seek
ing n homo In I'lillfornia I ran offer
yu some extremely good bargains in
C ilifornla farm and fruit lands; also
s '' ill in re-de.enei- properties. J. W.
II"1 ' ' 1 "' 1'hilan building. San
Fran , -,-n 232.il.fcw.2in.
f i
I. ,AIlIHN;iiund
iiit-. II ('. flay, Car
eml I Or tii-iln Inr ten legulur is
sues if 'I'he (iiiNpfl Trumpet, .1 nnn-sec-tarlan
paper, 13 paces n.nli week, filled
with li.struetlve articles on lull sana
tion divine healing, aid the home life
An lllblr question that interests vou
answered through our 'Questions An
swered" Department. l.oiel Tiiiinpei
Co., Ilrpt. K. I. lidrr.i.ii, Iml.
Ml'A AMI ViMi:v wanted In ,-verv
Nov Fnglanel cltv and town tu dlstrl
hi te vnliml h Premium's, with genuine
,'Uid i nclnl Roger's silverwiiie Pleas
ant gr uteri employment. Vim mav
give part of vour entire time to this
work No "Installment plan " A leglil
niate business proposition. Rofereni-os
c.x-changrd Write at once c c,nlu
& Co., wholesale distributor-.-. Wintliroii
Soiluro Ttiiktntt XTnc-c, ii.i 1
' It
Dining "Room
120 St. Paul Street, lliirllngtcui Vermont,
Office 14.', Cherry street II. W. nul
lock, proprietor. Finn Shirt. Collar and
Cuff Work. 'Phone 38-11 or send post,
nl and driver will rail.
Praetlcnl I'luniltrrx nnd .strain Kilters.
"11 SI. I'aiil Street.
Nx Xortli Il-irllngtein snn-ii Hank.
1F8 North St. Tel. 965
Call Aiinnereil liny or Nlttlit.
JericSio Farms
IIS terex, xa.'Oll! riiWH,
team, all rrops an, I tools,
ivater, pood hulldliiKs.
IMI rrr, .:l,l()ll; l,
Food luilldliiKH, 10 rows
very Koo l
plenty of
.ml team.
'i0 ,n i es wood and tlnil
lier. dandy
Irtr, eri-N l,lilMlt uood
"0 cow p. team, i rops,
UKar or haul , newlv
1 ,',00 -hm p.
T. .1, UelM)M:i,
llullillni:, lliirlliiKliui, 'l
buil JIiikh;
tools; tin It
'rvv I'rrNN
Ahunluli-ly Wllliinii Pain.
Thti only office In Jitirllngton whoro
you run get tooth oxtraeted witlioul a
partie In or pain, without inking gas.
My method In used by no ther pniKon.
No p In. no danger, no aftor cffectH.
mi. i i. ini:.v,
Off be 211 Main St., llurllnglnu. Vt.
Offico llouiF, 10 to 3. 7 to K.
T , I
-uipi'iic cd bj ndilltic one
, ufu's ot Huajj- w ip-u
(Continued from 1.)
10 days iiKti, When out drivlnj? near Ihe
bridge, ii ninnwuy team bulonelw; to
Dr. Nathan Oppenlielm ran Into tlm
wawon and tlitnwlim her out briilsed lior
badly about the hody. iltnymonil Blark
of Albany, N. V.. business coIleKe Is
p.isslliB the 'riialiksKlviliB receiw Willi
his parenls Mr, and Mrs. !I. 11. Shirk.
'I'he Ladles' Aid society of the Metho
dist C'hiirrh will meet Friday afternoon
In the parlor of the elnirrh. Tho Misses'
Catlierliu I'lsh. ltuth Norton, Mary
Stone, Annie Klsber and Frederick Fish
and ilenj.unln Fisher, student at Mld
illebury Colh-Re, are pn.Mslns: the Tltniiks
Hiving rece.is with their patents, Mrs.
('. M. (Ir.md.v and lstcr, .Mrs, Martin,
of I'errlsbuiK. were week-end visitors of
tin It- mother, Mrs. J. T. Hill, of I'atilon.
.Miss (I race l-'ilsby invn a patty In
honm of her sixth blrfhdny Tuesday
aflcrnooii at the home of her grand
mother. Mis. K. I', liverest. Dainty re
freshments wire si rved nnd cames play
id. Miss (Jelievleve Maldoon bus pone
to New York. II. C. I'almer of llrlstol
lsdeil his unlit, Mr. I,. (1. Whltford,
Tu -i-ilaj .
Mr. and Mis. tleorpe Devoid and son,
Howaid, and Mr. and Mrs. K. I,, Devoid
l.avo none to I'loetoi- to visit Mr. and
Mrs. Krncst Spencer.-Miss Vera l'owell
wont Wednesday to Manehister to visit.
-Miss Fraiii-ivi llobart Is speiidlni; a few
days with her mother in CamhridKe.
Miss Marjoile l.ce of Mldillehury Collese
Is spending the Tluinksmvliis Miration
with her puieiits, Mr. and Mrs. K. A.
I.ee. S. Hairy llurroiiMlis was in l!ur
llniltoti esterday. Mi s. A. (I. Webster
went yesterday to Mt. Holly to visit her
daughter, Mrs. Daisy Wlssell. The con-
.i llf n of K. D. ('hllson is linprovlnij.--Mlss
Caroline ISeach of Mlddleliury Is
passing the week with bei parents, Mr.
.mil Mrs. II. 1' Heaeh. Mis. S. II. Ilur
loughs has gone to Woodstock to lslt
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mason Miles. -Albert
Kimball of Mlddlebnrv 'oll,.ge Is
the guest nf Judge and Mts. Frank I..
r.iimeis' day. November was at
tended by a larue number of people. All
the addresses were highly appreciated.
C. D. Ho-H-e. State omltholoulst. cre.itlv
Interested every one In birds and tilt li
vable to the farmer In the ilott uctlon of
injut tons ' Insects. The care of Vermont
forests wa presented effectively h- l'rof.
A. I--. Minus, State forester. Mis. C. M.
Winslow of r.randon. of the State board
of library commissioners, snoko. on the
advantares of the town lllnary and how
tu obtain one. l'rof. A. A. norland gave
some line points tin dairy feeding, l'rof.
M. H. dimming had hut brief time, but
was f ii It of his subject. There Is a gen
eial ih-slie that he return soon and give
a talk on fruit growing. In the evening
Supt. W II. Douglass spokoon "The Rights
of the Country Child." He mmie a strong
plea lor better rural schools. Thank
ill,, due to the ladies of Mt. l'lillo Ur.'ingi
for s"ilng an excellent dinner and
Carlos VI .ti tin and family have
gone to Anilieist, Mass, to spend
ThanUsghlng with his biothei, ('apt.
Ceoige Martin. Mr. and Mrs. M. F.
Alb-n have gone to liurlingtoii to spend
the winter. Mlsa Lorn Dean Is spend
ing her acatiun at her father's, W. M
Dean. Hdward llaiglit and family
have itioved Into the house lecently
vacated by fleoige Shot tsieeves.
Frank Lewis and family will spend
Thanksgiving with his son. Walter
IawIs. In Mlddlevev. Miss Josephine
Kingsland Is at lior father's, Herbert
Tie funeral of frwln Iloheits was
held Satunlav. lie died of a slunk. Tho
biiil.il .i beside the liisli of ins first
v- if I
Mr and Mrs. C. .1. Taber of Ferrisburg
passeil Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. K. W.
Mfiider.--i:rwln Huberts, formerlv of ICs
se Junction, died of apoplexy in Monk
ton Thuisdav. The funeial was held at
tin- I'llend'.' cliuieh l-'ilda.v. the Rev. c.
Newton l-'rnnkllii ollh-hulim. Tin- Friends
and Mctl'odlsts will hold a union service
at the I'tlei.d's ('him h Thuriday even
ing at 7:.;n. Tin- Young 1',-ople's AiiNlllary
lull will lie lied a! Mi. and .Mis Lester
Dean'.- Frlda. eenln-r.
Ii-n Net dl). mi got the Hist deer In
town.-John . Steven tool; pint In tho
Horticultural meeting in Mlildlebiuy hit
-felt It. c Voting and 1.. it. Needliam
l av,- lirawu as petit Jurors In i.Yunty
Ciiiirl. - .ludgi- N. D. Hr,ineb has been
di.inn as gland .nil or to County e-oiilt.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph l-'ortler have rc
niiind from their wedding trip. The
Thanksgiving miIc- at the Congiegn
tlorial Clu nli will be held at 7:3') V. M.
Judge Lrancli bah gone to New Voik to
spend Tainksglving with frieniK,
Tho. mis I'm cell of Shureham. f.ilher of
Thoma- and James of this town died
Saluiiliis nioinlng
Mr and .Mrs. W. If. Chlhls
1 1 os i 'i I t.ielr cottage at
I'oliit and retuined to town,
will spend the winter with Mrs.
ha o
-T,ie I lev. K. W. Ilallowell Is
lined to the house with a sevele
lie was unable t0 preach Sunday
bis )n 1 1 ii I was
of Ml Idlebury
Whitman sulfei
last week It
occupied by l'rof Cady
College. .Mrs. Wali.ire
ed a shock of paralysis
Is honed she inav i-e.
i over. Mr Whitman, who lias l,e.,u
ill for several weeks. Is falling. Mllo
J ibnson is suffering from an attack
of the grin The Ladles' Aid of l'i.,
Methodist society realized about
;mi ,-o n .1 raw I'.iim Johusoii. Vt.. 1 1-2
miles to villac and depot, good house. 2
storv barn, i ater, laige orchard, good
sugar lush plenty of wood and timber,
ma, bine winked llclds, 2 liaises, l. cows,
10 .oiuig attle pigs and hens, nil hav
and fodder all fanning, sugar and dairy
toeils, in fad everything needed for only
I.2."A cash J1.2",n. I ml eas.x at r.e, , also a
big tiade- In a lO.cow fin in In rndcrhlll,
t2Hi. will trade for et property
Ills CIM.I.IKil'.
A prnioiit.
The hlied sulnkng assessment for
1!H2 arc now due and payahlo uu or
before Drccmber 5, RI12, at t.io city
ttrasurer's oilier, after which tlino
flvo per cout. will bo added imJ war
rants Issued to th,. city coiiKtablo for
I illli e hours 0:00 a, m. n, ni,; 1 n
I p. in.; Monday and Satuiday even
ings from 7 to 0 o'clock.
I.. C fillANT, city Treasurer.
I'lirlh Kti'li. l, .V- 20. 10)2
from their sain. CJhrlfitlnc, little
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. s. Shaw, lo
111, 'i'he school nt tho stone, school
house rlosol last weeh. Tho other two
Will closu this week,
Miss I-JIsle Fisher attended Hie preach
er's meeting In Urandon Frlday.-Mr. and
Mrs. Tliotiiin Cunningham have closed
their house for the winter mid gone to
Mis. Nettle Fitch of Huntington Is visit
ing her aunt. Mrs. Isaac llarrls.-Mis.
A. I White Is III -James Tboinn.,,,, i
has returned from the hospltnl.-Mi,s
Lome names, who has taught on Mason
hill, has returned to IlilstoI.-MIss Lottie
Viuney has closed her school In Little
Huston. The school will re-open next week
with .Miss Finite or Cornwall as tearher.
Miss Illanehe Henv of llleliiumwi i ,.i
home on account of the Illness of her
motner.-.Mrs. Isaac Harris Is hetter.
Captalu 13, AV. Hnlh-ti of rinoei i. n
visitor at Dr. Wade's.-The Woodmen give
a nance at the town hti' Thursday even
ing. William Dwlre. lien i:nui, n.,.i
(Inttivllle Thompson arc among the
lucky deer liunters.-MIss Maud Hanson
visiting In Llncoln.-Newell Hill and
grandson of Bristol vliio,i i.u i.i,.
W. N. Hill, over Sunday.-The "Deestrlct
Skule" Is being piepared for the Christ
mas sale.-At the next grange meeting
"The Midshipman." n musleni ,iinio
will he given.
Ii. V (liandlleld Issued t lot ,ti .,-
Ihenses this season. Ten deer were shot
by icsldents In town and about a many
more bv non-residents. C 1-3. Illnn.
ham of Montreal was a guest of his sis
ter. Mis. V. C. Merer, recently, hut was
called home Satuidav to Ills position as
customs house Inspector and collector
Aslib Hidden has gone to U'ewanee.
III., wh.-ie In. his a position. W. ,1. An
ile, son of Mount lleriiuin, Mass., passed
the we,-!; end with his pan nls, Mr. and
Mis W. J. Anderson. Mrs, (!. N. Hall
Is pnslng a few dox in Mlddlebnrv.
Thomas I'nicell, who made his liom
Willi his daughlei, Mrs. (ltls Root, died
l-'ii'l.n. aged V, v, ais. The burial was In
i ii web Munduj nioi nliig. The R,-v. C. N.
Merrill of St Johnsbliiv occupied the
pnliHt of the Consri gHtloii.il Chinch San
aa- .mi-, anil .mis. v. w. .Morse are at '
llrandon Inn. whet.- rhey ,-xpect to )ias- j
tin greater p M of the winter. A Shoie- 1
ham boy. John i '. 1-3. Voss, it student
nt Muldlebiiiy, has pased the examina-tn-n
lor the dell Rhodes Schohii shin.
and will appear h,. ion the lioanl at
I'-ui iincton. - Miss Winona liurdilt of
Sprlncllebi is passing the week with her !
slstn-. Mi lUhel Hurdift. Jesse Dai rah
Is tin guest of his mother. Mrs. Patrick j
Mehan. Miss Mabel Delano, who teaches
In Springfield, is passing tin w.-.-U at '
Mrs Mary Mwlntim. an aged lady, died
last week. Mrs. Charles Riley lias re
turned from Hoston. O. 1-3. Converse
'vent lo Iliirllngton early In the week.
Schools In town are beginning the winter
Hymn Clink, State serrelary or the T.
M. c. A., will speak In the church Sun
day morning. At the Sunday school at
noon be will address the- .Men s i-luh and
will speak at S.'i p. in.
.Mrs l.lZle Wells is sell.illsU ill JuW-
man Cro-hy and L'mery Patnnde i, tinn
ed fnun Rocliester, when- tln-v luuc been
deer hiiuntlng. Mrs. Minnie T.ei,,,-
Quilili has a son. Imin Fildav. Her
mother, Mrs. Reit Taylor. Is with her In
Hraiulon The Rev. T. A. Unwind olll
elated at the Jones-S.-lleck wedding Wed
ncselay, Nnveinlier Ji. in Sudiunv.
Charles P.itilek of lilm sburg railed on
file-lids the Mist of the w k.- Mrs. li. I).
Diaper Is vl.-ltim; In-r s,,n In Rutland.
C c Thayie was in Rlptnn the last of
lb. week. Mis MeKliiMier of liuiland
l as been v situis, al Mi Florence Allen's.
Mis. c II Smith was called tu We-si-liuil
Hie last of tin- week to cine for her
Miotlier. who was seriously III. Dr. and
Mr.. Dodge. Alts. Came Dodge and l.iui
se,n Hlngham started lor Cuba Tnedi -.M.vioii
Ste.idmau I cotillneil to hl bed
fnun poison, ,-ausid bv ruling caiined
1-3 Tuwnscnd of Rrooklyn, N Y., was
here 1.1 St week on business rolllli ted
with the ubcr proiirrty In the (bin-.
Ccorge nnd lltlcn Hurlhurt of .Mnnl-ton
ore spending Thanksgiving with llu-lr
grandparents, Mr. and Mis David Fob
laiisbce. (leorge Flllntt and William
Orvls weie Hie lucky hunters In thl.- p.nt
cf the town, rm h killing a hin-k Theion
Monioe, who lives In the (inn-, also killed
i lie. Tile Ladles' Home Cilcle will meet
Thursday. December, with Mrs, Walter
Voting. Dintiei will be served.' c,0,.fg
liallock ha gone to Slilib-j, Mass.
School in district No. in closed Friday
with Thanksgiving exercises. 'I'he county
hup.-rintriulcnt. .Mr Storoton of Rochrs-tc-r,
was present and gave an Inter
esting talk on education. -.Mr. and Mr.
Fred Lailue and the Intel's brother,
Louis eiagnou of Wllllainstnwii, );lve
been guests or .Mr. and Mr.-. Joseph tiag-non.-.Mrs.
Luey Chatih-,, who went to
Canada to Investigate the cause of her
sister's death, has ri-tiuned satlslled wllh
the- result. She- consulted the doctor In
attendance-, who give- a death certlllcatii
as consumption being the cause of her
Heath. She uh-o saw the neighbors who
I i-lped In her Illness. Tlu-y reported to
Mis. Challleld that Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Hargent did all thai was reiiilred fat
her comfort and said F.tta ieiiietcd them
not to notify her relatives. This was the
cause- of the suspicion of foul play, hut It
I proved that Ktta Denia died a natural
Ml. Lllliirette Allen, d.lllghtel of the
late Kpliion and Mary Reach Allen, and
widow of Hopkins F. Haines, M)iuc time
H'u lei-eased, died at her home very
Hiiddenb Saturday from the effects of a
shock, In the tuth year of her age. She
had I n In her usual health and was
prepmlng to go to the home of her daugh
ter, .Mrs. R, J. Allen, for a visit when she
was suddenly stilcken and died before
an) of her chlhhen could reuch her. Shu
was much respected and highly esteemed,
it devoted wife end mother She was a
lili'lllher of III? Melhodlsl F.plscopul
Church hern for many years and In her
yoiingur days was Its oigantt for a long
time. Shu was married October 19, 1S75, to
Hopkins F. (iulnc)K, She letavrs seven
children: Hainuel I-', and Roswell II., with
whom mIih leslilcd; Mis, Herbelt Spraguu,
Mrs. AVuller White and Mrs. Wilglit lloyt
of this place, Mrs. l.'liiirle Wilghl ijftd
Mis. II. J, Allen of New Haven. She ivn.i
a sb.ler el Fled v Allen of l-'etrlHliin g
nnd of Mis, 1-3. I'.uhlll of l.'uiuw.ill, Tito
funeral services were held Monday nt
tl:00 a. in. at her lute home, the He v. F
JI. Sawyer of Illneshurg, n fotiner pastor
here, ollldatltig, assisted by I he Rev. AV.
H. Hudson. A quartette composed of
Flossie Vainey, Mrs. L. W. SliOllldlng,
Hie Ilev. V. M. Sawyer and II. F. Reach
sang "Does Jesus Cate" and ' ilatherlng
Home." Theie were many beautiful
flowers, among them being u large num
ber of chrysanthemums from the Ladles'
Home Circle, of which she was a charter
member. The huilal was In Hie Kent
cemetery. The bearers were A. S llusto,
Ilnrvey Newton, v.. I. Stauc. It. F.
Reach, Levi Reach and Ileiuv K. Allen.
Those present Horn away wcie .l-.s. - H.
Clalnes of Vergennes. Mrs. John Dodge
of Wist lluthind: Miss Anna (ioidon, llur
llligtoni Ray Rtlttell of Weyhlldge; Mr.
mill Mrs. It. L. llanehett of Mlnevllle,
N. V,, nnd many nlheis.-l-'uy Harris' Is
again seriously III. finbthl Smith Is
gradually fulling. .Miss Smile Converse,
who spent the summer bete, bus been
given the position of head stenographer
In the New Vorl. Times oilier, New A'nrk
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wilglit ale occupy
ing one of the O'Nell tenements im West
street. Mrs, Chase llrooks and daughter
have been lslllug her mother. Mrs. C. II.
Rain. In Mlddlehitry.- Mills Atwood and
Ruben Shcdrlck nie working on the new
scliool hiilldlng In New Haven. -'I'he Rev.
W. R. Shaw pi cached the Thanks
giving senium Wednesday evening. M rs.
C. 1 1. (I'lliyau Is 111. -Representative T. C.
Vtirncy I at home from Montpeller for
the Thanksgiving recess. Mr. Karl
Dearborn has leiinned Horn the Mary
I'letuber hospital and Is with Mr. Hear
boiu's p.irnits on Rristol Fhiis. 13. C.
Marsh Is making n-pahs on his teneiui-nt
1 on Spilng street. Mr. and Mis.
Cliauncey Reaniaii of St. Albans ale
lsltlng lelathes.-Mrs, 13. i '. SI. Hi urge
and son w, nt to lliirlhigtoii l'i Idny. 1-3.
I! tlulndoii was a liiislness visitor In Rur
llngton I'rldac -Th,. ;,-v. and Mrs. Wil
liam Millar have n-tuiiii-d to Ninth Tinv.
Mrs. C. - m ,.lu j .'riihiv fnun
visit of seeral days In New Haven.
nry M. I'arninn died In Aillnutnn le-
eently. He was u cousin of II. I'. .Shcrwlii
of this town -o. R. w. lis of liurlingtoii
and 1-3. D. Rlackwell o Rrandiin were
In town Slltllldiiv luilee I Ih.v.
siltlne was In Veigennes FiM:i. A
C. Rem diet Is 1 1 ported as siutu-wJi.it Im
proved. Tin- sidewalk on OuHiold street
Is being Improved. Smile of Hie nld
veteians hen- are talking of attending the
."'th annlveis.iry of the battle of fb-ttNs-luiig
next Juh. The lollnwlllg Well- mem
bers of the llth legllllenl ii lid ill the
battle; Capt. N. I-'. Dnnsl II. shn-
win. A. I-:. Wiiulit. .1 J. IMinailes. II. 1'.
I'eck. John lliinlin. Jnsr-i-h Clapper and
Philip lv..yrr. II. c Rnsco,- and 13. L.
Crow of New ) Li -n were In town Satur
day Paul Rbharilsuu
returiieil frnm a
nnd Weston Tiudo
successful Imntlni;
trip In Chiton Satunlav night
whl. h
l r,iiight in four deer, two of
thev s.-f'H.-A lji-y,. iiu.lieni
att.-nde I
In llolb-y Hull Sunday
evening to hear Rjron N. Clink of the
V. M. C. .. ;-iy Collins, the Re-I
Sox pltchi i.-Th - s, honls i Ins, d W-d-nesd.i.
,ii the Tlianksgiv ing ms.
Mr. and 'Mrs. Ilemy Dads of l.li:
ccdn were ovei-.sun.lay guests of M .
and Mis. Aithur Smalb-y. About six
Inches of snow fell here Sunday night
anl .Monday. A loot fell in Lincoln.
The men's class of the Methodist Sun-
ila si heol enlei'taln
class Tiiisdav at th
an I Mrs. R. W. I3str;
Hugh N. Hiielos hai
Mr. Wbv':
lioine of .Mr
-.Mr. and Mrs
returned from !
their wedding trip.
U. A. I.awn-nic was a business clslloi
in Mldillehury Wednesday and Thursday.
Mrs. .1 II. Jin olis and son and her
mother. Mrs. Lizzie Maxwell of liurling
toii, are visiting Mr. and Mis. 13. s.
Lailue-. Miss Hertrude P.iimlce of Spilng-Ib-ld
Is at the I'.irmlee luum-sti-mi lor Hie
Thanksgiving vacation Mrs. 13. L. Sher
wln Is assisting in tin tin, bate oilier a
pint of each day. Mrs. I-'lon-nce L.ivoiiclu
of this town and .lames .1 Hamilton of
Plattshurgh harness weir marrird on
the llth by tin- chaplain of the Filth
Inlantrc. They will reside their. Miss
Noiina Atkins of Albunv. N. v., ,s spend
lug Thanksgiving with h.-i mother. JI s.
W. II. Iliowe-Mi. 13ml Deiirhoin. who
h.is been at .Mr. I e.n bin n'.. lutl-cr sine'
she tcturni-d from tin Mnr Fletilur ho
it,il. has letuineil to hci honii . II. i '.
Palmer was n, erg.-niii-s Ti.eila.. -Aithur
Mutt Is at home lmni .Middlehiny
I'ollc-ge lor the Tliiiuksgiviiig vacation. -
Ro.v lint was a Huilington visltoi yester- i
d.i.v. I!. R. (Hunt bus ictuiiii-d to Hail-I
loid, Conn. -Mi. and Mrs. It. C. Uoltoiij
an spendiim Tliiinksi.lv lug with lior
pan nis in lr .hiunlou -Jolui Hliiucli-i
aid has been In Ruilaiid this week.
Miss Hlij-.ab, th Kim has retuined to
Massachusetts.-Miss Lotm- Rattles hasl
c-losid he'- school In Stin ksboi o and Is at I
lioine. New e im nmi grandson visited
ii Stark.iboro the .ir of th wrt-ic. -Tin-lilinlal
if Allied n'Drtt. an aged l'i s
deiii of the Notch, was held at St.
Amluose's Chun h yetenl.i moinlng.
Tin- Rec P .1 Dolnnv nlil, lat -d.
builiil was in Holy Cross ceinetei.v
J. Klock and son. Julian, an visiting
Nolth llcniiincitou.
Scliool In the ,i Rrlde ilistri- ,. taught by
Mav Nasli. . Iom-, ,1 sm ,,-ssl ul term Frl
d.iv Those who obtained perfect at
tendance e-eltlll .lies Wile. Alice Wllgllt,
Libel Clue, Reiiha Florence, M.ulon
lToience i'lorcin - Cloe and Pusis Cine,
Lawrenc-' Wriglit mlssid oni-lialf day.
Klght out ol' a class of II passed the llnal
tests with an average of 'eo n-i' cent. The
next term begins .Mnndiiy. Dei ember 2.
Miss May Nash. :'. , A, 'II. has n-
turiied home ufte Illplellllg a sun c-ss-
ful trim of siliool in Colchester
Clun nce Rills of Texn vlsllcd filcnd
ill town list wick. Mis W. il. Munsim
I'litc I'tulni d the ti-ai-heis of the I'lilnu
schi-ol Thin slim rvenhig. -Si hools In
town closed I "i May for a weeks' x.tca
tion. Mis. W. Smith spent Sunday
with hei daughter. Mis. II. o. Wales, in
W'Oluldge.- Mis. I nti Dciisinoie and
daughter, Pearl, who have been vlsltlng
In town ihe past week, returned to their
home in Rune Mi.-iiday. Tlu-y wcie ac
companied by .Mis. Cm I Di-nmiiuiv and
children -.Mis. T. K. licit 1 1 li:c 111 of Rilstol
Is -Isitlng her slstei, Mis. Alger.- D. ll,
AlRrr went lo Ji nesvllle Tuesday night.
Miss Vim, D,,,,,
astc-r of Rui Huston
vlsllcd Mis ;. s. Wright Tuesday.
Tlieni will tu- ,, Thanksgiving service
In Hu pailsh Iuiiisi l'liduv evening
eight o'lliiel.' in, a,,- ti,,, i.nsiilce of
Outline This is mi oiien meeting of tlm
Oiiingi ami every one Is hulled to b"
pli'M'I't 'Ih, t,,.. -. c Twlss will
preach the K, nn,,,,
A pnttv wedding took jilm at our
I'id of An runnel cimreh. when Mist
ni.iee Ruin, ilailghte-i of Mr
Joseph Ruin, Jr., ami Arthur
of Wvn Lebanon, N. V., wen
and Mrs.
united III
iiianlagi , the Rev. P -V CauipeaU-lli-
lb, cenionv a ipih 1 I eccotliui was
.IniliicilMtu JHcmlij ami itialivc- Wlio
picsenl The presents were handsome, ron-f-lsllng
of rut glass, sliver and llneii. Thn
VOIIllg e illiil,, l.tfl r,,. ii olinrt t-i.ili1lr,i.
Hip. aftrr which they will rrsldr In West
i-onanon, N. H.
W, AV. I'urkcr had his rinklr broken
ry ft kick from n horso. Mr. unci Mrs. M.
I'. Hull have gono to Sprlnfrftohl, Mass.,
lo spend Tluitiksglvlmr with hor daugh
ter. The children of Miss Rail's school
gave nn Interesting nnd well drilled
Thanksgiving entertainment at thn hall
Monday evening The card club was en
tertained Tuesday evening bv Mr and
Mrs. Chapman nnd Mr and Mrs. J1
I lorsford - Christine (lullek has teturned
from visiting her sister In Mttsfonl.
The Missionary society met with Mrs.
H. 1-3 Hates Thursday. There were a
large number present, It being the an
nual meeting. Mrs. Kininn Rlshop. Mrs.
Svhil Fay mid Mrs. Hart Hall nsslsted.
Mr. and Sirs. James Safford an 1
Savllle, retuined Monday from
CeiksJilre. wheic they nttrndrd
golden wedding anniversary of
parmts. Mr. anl Mrs. Frank lladd.
F. S. Ransom Is nt home from .Mont
peller for i w k. Mr. and Mrs. 13. 11.
Smith wi-ie In Rurllygt'ui l-'ildav.--Mr.
and .'.Irs. Cm roll Cleveland run'
chlldieti of Ksscx have been vlsltlnt;
at licit Reel s's. -flss Dm Is Rrinvn has
closed a successful term of school In
I'liderhlll and Is al home fur Thanksgiv
ing. Miss Hlanehe ilil.-r has gone to Si.
Augustine, Florida, for the winter.
MR nie She.-in leiuni''
1 In ilur- i
lli.uliui Mondnv nlglil. (i A.
Hi! ,W'ii fnun I U wagon nnd
Wednesday night. He was
Stanlv was I
biidiy 1 , 1 1 1 1 j
-! tinv on I
lop of a I ntel of elder and wu iliiuwn '
ofl In ttti i ii the horses, hi"h ran ,i,,d
drnugi o li i nt about six rod- end the foi- 1
V. lit I win els passed inn St.nil:
ae-io.is 111 chest, hieal.lnu one -lb. Mi.:
Stanly I as cnmfoi table a- roulil be ex
pected nt till" wilting.
(icorge Stanley was at home fiom llel
lows Fie,- Aeaileinv over Simday. Ren
ton Williams of Richmond Is a guest of
his s!slei, .Mis. Jennie Fay. Oliver
St.mlev is getting along nlc-lv and is
abb tu t up
Tin- burn of l.inlen llostwhl, was bin ti
ed lo Hie ground Sunday night with all
llf contents. A linise. tlner row's nnd
lliiee- h'-ifeis. as well as lm. and grain,
Were- consumed. Insurance of f"'i Is held
on the limit and contents. -Tldwnrd I'.ushy
bus iniie,l Into lln. .1. C, Mlb-'s house.
Mu Delia Nenton l moving to Cm ling
ton this wi ek.
The legiihn nailing of the Hope Circle
ol tin- Run... Dauuhtei will be h-Id
v fii Mis.
ga'l- mil
D.iujht. i-iin-l
tow:, hall
Mm.' 1 1- glee at II ongri -
vi sue Fildiiv. -Tin- King
will lii-v, a sj, f n.-efu!
iirin I. s and a supper at tie:
Friday, i '-i i-inber ij. -Th,- dls-
tile T school
pilltlUI'lll .
i ii I;, tin, si-
e iosi d Fildav 1 1 , N,i. r, D, -i
. tauulii l,y Mis.- Anna I'ut
liuvlng no libs, nt in, 1 1 ks ale:
1 31 .veil Davis, light Ullls-dub, Fled
Shiiruck. libolvs Rrothers. (inn-,- Rioth
eis. Denis lllusdali. Re.itriic Reed. M.ir-.1oib-
.McKeiizlr. Those absent i. ne-halt
day: Haiti" L- ssor Allb- I Iwen. Miles
Rilb-.v. Ried Kilb.v. !u No. -. jis!1
Hi lie Coyuns. leacln-r, pupils having no
ibs'-ni mails during Hu t-rni an-l-3inainie
Rissonett. Leon ( ISiim, Wllliani
Down-, lleiiiy Albeit Hazel Atherton,
I'reda 'hlti, Diiicihy White. Albeit
Amioiii inl'sed in,- day. In No. '.i, .Mis
Malgant MiKm.i. tenihet. pupil
lug p,-i" 1 1 atl--nd:i,ic,
.lissle Tiaci.c. Malic
Tiace.v . Si or Trai ev , ,
Lucv L'i i,.c on,
Mm 1 III. Willie
1111 Pan irk. Col-
lb- Pan Irk, Vunc I
iok L-11'.in. Con,ir-
ittl -I: nail l'n-dij-I
tk C. J. Russell
Cn -i
family o'' I'.urlington and Huge-no
V of Chelsea, .Mass.. 1 all, d m,
Is hen- Sui-ilay.-Miss Anna Patrick
is si-ending a week in R111 hngtoi:, -.Ml
Re-ssie W111I bus been visiting In Jtur
llnglon. Miss Florrnrr Alb-u Is isitlng
In-r slstei in liui-liiigti.n Mi s. Jos, phlnc
Dwlre. M'ss Mai; Hwin- and Mrs.
Jos. ph Di.c-liiiliie nth iided th, fnneial of
Mis Dwin-'s motln-l. Mis. Rns-ell. .a
lib l.iiioiid. I. II. A tl n has returned
afhi -peiiiibig thin v.-rhs in Riirllngton.
- Mi and Mi.-. Si hilling are mending .1
' ' d-i'i with .Mis. Srhlllng's mother.
Mis I l.i 1 1 s i I'lini Thnnksgivliig ser
'' in Id at the ilnpilst Churcli
Sui.d.i.c 1,.,11'niiu
.Ml the barns ,111 th, farm nieupinl hy
! 11. -i, in and D01.1 Rostwi, k, burned about
.. 'd, eight Sundae night. Nothing was
- ve-d. All th,- hav, gialn, tool, seven
cows and a hois,- wire binned. The
1 -nisi- Is unknown and tlnn- was only
:.''! Insiiriinie.-I-'. w, Perry of liurling
toii has leieniiy presented to the town
l.biuiv 11 hiindsonie cherry hookcis ami
Rollln 13. Miles () Rnrllngtou has pre-ent,-d
17viiluinesof eurtciit lbtiou. .1. If.
Allen has returned fiom visiting hi
diiughti-is in lirandou and Hurllnglon.
13. ti. Martin has moved fiom the village
t' the farm he 1 uceiitly purchased from
Oeiuge Lovr.-Dr. Riusell ami J. w,
Jom-s of Rnrllnaton wne in town Sun
1!. y. -Dr. Si hilling and Ids hiide weir
with Mis. Iliiiti-- ,iM-r Snndiv ,1 ml
pi li 'I tn st, .a f,,r Oiimnnv Tnesdav.
.Mis, .Mirunili Wescolt picked a slraw
bcirv blossom S11nd.1v -Mrs. Rollln
I'lu-bes and son, Hciijainin, spent Sunday
In Wllllslon at tin- home of Addison
f.mlth.-W. I). Oiev is -it home from
Montpeller f,,,. oV(.,. Thanksgiving.
Mis. Isaac Stone, long a leslden! of
Smith Charlotte, dk-,i Thursda.v moinliig
after ,1 hi hr Illness. Mrs. Stum's maiden
nnnir was Cb-nientlne Sorrell. She was the
daughter or Raphael Si irell of Ferrlsbnrg.
She was 71 yems old and had hern min
rlcil ,V veins. .Mr. Stone Is survived by
her husband, now 7i years old, and ii
sister, Mis Joseph Stoye of l-'cl rlsliurg.
Tho funeral vwis held Sundnv niorulng
fioin the Church of Our l.adv of Mt.
Carmel. The Rev. Fatln-i Ciinipeiiu of-llcliih-d.
The Inh'rment was made in the
lathol,- ceiuetery. Mr. and Mrs. Roderlc
Rno and sou went to Rristol Thnisiluy
hi nth-mi Hie funeral of their cousin, Ml
Nellie l-3no, who died of t.vphobl le-yer in
Pasadena, Ca., and whoso body was
brought to Rihtol for tnlerment -Frank
St. ( leur-io and Arthur Heoige have m
turiicd from llu-lr deer hunting nip hi
Warien, cub with a deer. Flank killed
a dee r 111 Win ron and Arthur shot one in
Orauvlllc -Rm ton C. Reels and family
of Jericho Center and .Mr. Anna Cleve
land of l-Issex ( enter n,iii-liil mcvn sl.nn,-.
day ul'tci noon by autoiiiobii.. , , , , . 1 u
oVcr-Silliday guests of Mi. anil Mrs. Lewis
C- Reel and Mr. and Mis. II. C. Fonda. -Senator
.1. J. Oulnlnu and Heiireseiuiiilve
' Hudson Converse are ;it home fiom
Montpeller lor the Thanksgiving ices.
The village scliool, taught I by Mrs.
C.eoigla I'Icicii, closed Fildav Out of a
membership nf 111 the following we're per
fect in atleudunci!; linssei Rrnce, Reno
Drlnkwater, UiU (Illicit, ICila Pliice,
Aland Shi 1111,111 mlnh, Wui i . Donald
HiiBh.iw, Ch.nic-d UiniUvvtitti ami ll.tr-
old Tiiit. Absent onei-half day, Lyle Nor
ton, Madeline! Miller and trn Fuller. Ab
sent ono day, .Tennlo Menway, Helena
Jnmes, Ada Merrill, and Jessie Place. Tho
per cent, of attendance was Ofl.2 ftchool
will begin agnln Uecemher 2, with the
samo teacher.
Mrs, a P. Mann find da.tu;hter, Marv,
or Ludlow, htivo been tho buchIi of Mi
ami Mrs. T,. 0. Towlo the past week -Leslie
Jordan of AVonelsvllh, R Hpcn.lln
Ids TlmnksKlvlnir vacation at the home
of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. w. H
.lorelRti.-MJss Hazel Knight, who is
teaching In Mlnevllle, N. v., spend
lng a- few days at D. W. Knlght's.-T.
II, Hruco of Island Pond was a visitor
In town this week. John Tatro shot a
buck which weighed 225 pounds. Miss
Jnnet Murdock, who Is atti.ndlng school
nt Jericho Center I ut home tins week
for the Thanksgiving n-ecta. -Dr. nnd
Mr.?. Nn left this we-el; fr iifi,(0t,t
where they will spend Thanksgiving wlfh
ihe.-lr children. Ocorge flrovelln, who
went to Canada for Itealnient. enmr.
dl I Inn
Wednesday. Mr. ffrovelln's eon
leir.ilr.s nhont the same.
If line Chase haw retuined to St. Al
bnns afte-r a visit In town. Arthur 11.
Packard was In llnrllngfoii Saturday.
Mis. M. II. AVliltne'.y and elaughter, Har
bara, have ronto from Rristol to icslde
with lie-r paient. Mi. and Mrs. D. 1-3.
Rood.-Mis Florence t),iy. who has
been leaching In Randolph, e-ame Satur
day to spend Thanksgiving with her
pan nts. Mr and Mrs. Herman H. Day.
I'll, lbs Lnughlln was an ovcr.Snndnv
vlsltois In Cuillngton.-I". D. McC.lnnls
was in Richmond l'i Iday. M rs. W. D.
Chesinore has retuined from a week's
Wsll In Pittsburgh. -Mr. and Mrs. Al
fled (i. Vainey of We-stford spent Fil
days a I Jed 'c, A'niney's.-Te-lephones
win- lt: i ili i Friday at James Rren
inns aii.l .jrs Sarah Mni-rln's-C u
nil I)
w a
:t I wothlnj. for F. S. Tomllnson
13. Hood's house.- Archie Perrlgo
F.ui llngton Salurda.c Tin- bovs'
oigamznl ,-lass of the Congregational
Churih el- .rid about Jlflfu f.- missions
fiom the box party ami hnrvi-t ,nU,
Ft Ida v ecenin.- -Mr. m,! wh!i,lf.y
of Rakei-slleld bi.. be, n visiting at D.
H. Rood's on tl.elr win home fiom Rris
tol. -Mis Lulu Lincoln -elm ha been
seriously ill. s ahr to 1 i-1 ,
Rro'vn Was- at home e,y, r Sn
Rui llnglon. I'. S. Toinhnso'i
ed l.iiililln-- a garage lor 13. R
-On Wednesd ij . Nov. 20 Mr
"it R. AV.
" 1 " fiom
i. - P. I -.
and Mr
W. I. H.vlnuton we-n- pb-iisantv surnrlsed
at their liiimi when about l'i of their
in mihors and friends gather., 1 ai tlieftr
iioiiie to 11 ngnilulatc tlioni nn th,-.r L,0.
din wedding. A most plrasaut .11'. moon
was inloyed All. and Mrs. Ihlngton an
nine 11; th- town's most isle.nicil 1 Itl
::ins. Washiiiglon Irving Hvinslon and
Jam Phelps wire married In Wlll-hmo,
N. V. T'n v moved here fnun H'n, -burg
in 1x71. and hn, nUviv-i n,,n
l-losi'lv nlilltlfi.il wllh th wml. in- it,,.
-' 'ongn gatb.ntil Church. .Mr p-lntnn
having be en a deaeon sine,- the re -or
guhlxutloh of Ihu chinch in
children were born to them,
dlid In ll'Ol. ami Albert, whe
173. Two
Sin 11, who
lives upon
th s.'iim
also hav
fill 111 With lll p.ltei'ts
one grandson. Men 111
.Miss .Mai ion Jackson of Rnrllngtou
was the guest over Sundnv at the homo
or hei aunt. Mrs. F A. 1'ercival
Mls Mm tic Alser. who has hcen teach
ing in (ireensbnin, came Snturday
'V Ing to lemaln over Thaiiksglvlng
Mlili h-r mother. .Mis. K. :. Alger -.Mrs
CM,. 1, ...i-. Ii-ni l,,,u r
j Rurllngtnn. Theoil R. Williams.
Mrs. 1:. R. Williams. Lieut, anil Mrs.
A. R. Williams, .Mis. F. S. Tomllnson,
Mrs. O. II. Crown and .Miss Lulu Lin
coin were- In Rurllngtnn Saturday.
I3dwaiil I-'lciin Is working In Fairfax-.
' -Mrs. Celgar Il.irhcr has gone to
I Seattle, Wash, Air. and .Mrs. c
N'av and chlldien of I'liderhlll spent
Siiiidav at Arthur C. Crown's. The
.usual pra-, er niretlnir al the Ciciere-
gatlonnl chinch will 1 initted this
I" I. and In Its place will be held ,1
I public TI anksgiv lug service To this- Sll.
1 vice both the Methodist .111.1 I!.-, 1, use
churches have been Invited. Airs Julia
.Moultiiii has returned fiom 11 two weeks
visit at the lioine- of her son, I. D.
Moultrn. ut the Cctin-r. It i.v niond
Sev crane f H111 llngton. who ha been
hunting ,iu town for a we, k, shol a
12-. pound buck. Mrs. 1-3. W. Post of
Cssex Junction was In town to attend
tin- golib-n wedding of .Mr. ami .rs
W. 1. Rvlngtnn. The report that David
Clssonetlo nf Cist CoRon had hired
a house he re was incorrect. He will
not move Inn- at piesent Air. and
.Mis. 13. 1 i.ikes of Woodstock have
hi 11 vi-hlng .Mis Cakes' luofher, L. C.
Stevens and friends here.
.Mrs I, 1 1 Ab.ullun. who has hern 111
wllh 1 hiumiitism for sevrrn 1 weeks,
Is abb1 to be out The ni'.xt meeting of
the Sni-I.il Service, CH1I1 will lie held
with .Mis Hans ). Wlldei .-Air. and
.Mis. licit Rhus and family went iat
utdav to charlotte tor a visit, return
ing Alnii.l.iv Air. and Alls K. Thomas
Scott and daughters. .Misses Hazel mid
Hene oil, who have been Visiting
her sister. All Frank Perrlzo, and
other lelatlnns In Jeilcho and I'nder
lilll for thie-e weeks, left Alontluv moin
lng foi their lioine In Dudley. .Mass.
Air. and Alls Rdsou Nealy will euiter
tiiiu the N'l-ah fainlllr on Thanksgiv
ing. .Mis. I' S. Ransom and son, Out I-
ton, spc-nt S.iturdiiv In RurHngton.
Mr. and Alls. James Saftonl iuu Sln
have retuined from L'ast Rerkshlre.
Air. nmi .Mrs 1:1 nest II. Smith nrr re
moving to their new farm house 011
Hie Smilli farm.
pntt.v tbougli iiulet wedding look
place at the Cliurnti of the Holy Rosary,
Richmond, Tuesday, when .Miss Maigaret
AlcAvov w.i. united In luatrlnge to John
Dcihenv The wedding ceremony was pot
1'iiinicd bv the Rev. P. J. Dcihcny of Rris
tol, brother of the groom, assisted hy the
Rev. Claicinonl of Richmond. Thr hrldr
was atteiided bv Alls Jane AIcLaughllu
id Riirllngton. Hubert J Huriihuin cif
AViitcrliur.v acted as best man lt(
la ppy collide left tor an extended trip tu
Hoston and New York and upon their re
turn will tcsldc in Richmond.
News was received yesterday of the
death November -"l In Spi lnglli-ld, Alas.,
of Aithur 13111s. a former resident of this
town He was f'l years of ng(, ami leaves
In side a wife and one daughter, a moth,
i' and slste-r of Springfield and one bioth
cr, Lucius, of this town. The funeral was
held Tinviliiy with burial In Sprlnglleld.
AHss Florence Rrevvster was given a
birthday party nt the Congrrgntlonal par
lors November 20 Light refre-shments
were served. The Allssc Ruth HIR011
and In.i I lodges and 1-3 c. AVnlker ,,(
Mldillehury College! are at Ihelr hoine-s
lor the ThmilisiUvIng recess. 1. l. Rraib
ley of Hanover, N. II., wa the guest ol
filenil 111 town yesterday. Alles .Minnie
Vannlef of this town and John Hashavv
of Rsscx werr mairled .Monday morning,
I tin Chiii'i h of 0111 Lady of the Holv
Huial. by the lv, A. 1'. Clermont.
Heorge Shand left Atondny evening for
Chicago, where! lies will spend the winter
with lUs son, William Shnnel. -AIlss UuHi
Ilur nli am went to her homo In Urandon
yostorday and Allan Joseph Fay tn her
nomo in kibcx Junction for tho Thanic-t
giving vacation Afr. and Mrs. Oeorgo
itartieit retuined A edntvsdajr cvrp
from a month in Alnellson, VLs.
Fny Shaltuck Is visiting his sister,
Jennnette, in Jericho, Arthur Row- -0-tuineil
to his homo In Splinglleld, Afn ,
Tnc'sduv morning. Airs. O A. Raker n .
ceimpariled him. Airs. Catherine Den
went ti, Hniiliigtnii .Monday to visp '
daughter. Air.. Allchin-I Alalgan-Le
Hanks has re-turned from Sunr-ooU,
H.--W L. Ring and elaughter, Jane, n'lel
Mr and Airs. Iru Ring visited In Hm
llngton Tuesday.- Tin-re was a dance n
Hie Al. W. A. hail Wednesday evei.Ing
-Among the lucky ones to get deer wrr
'leorge Raker, Alnyland liriu'c, j,-,
Smith and Will Cutler.-Aflss Orela Nor
ton w 1 In liurlingtoii Alotidnv inel Tu. s-i:ay.-Mlss
.lima Hinds has returned from
o.orgl.i. where she wa tin guest of 1 er
ster. Airs M-irvln.-Mrs. F Al Nort m
I seriously III with gattltls R r Jnr.
llll un-1 rmnlly are guests at the home r f
!'I father, o H, M.irrlll -F,-,,nk Sawxer
I- C'ollnghui and Dr r,dw irds of 1,011.
IMand were ,,t fi i M,,.,, , ,hlvue ,
ileer hunting.
The Pleasant View Cemeteiv n. a.
Hon has ln-i-n Ineui porat, d ,r, m(.t ni
L. C. Hall's Friday afternoon nnd r eeted
oilicers as rullows: President, t. (. Itall
tteasunr. c. ir. Cnhh: tnist is .5. m.
Huntley, R. A. Stone. ,. c. ,,n tP, r,.l
lary. .1. H. Alb-n -The Re ah, M -Ohnrli-s
llenningson are parents of a o- ,
bein Friday. -There will be 1 dance
the Knight of Pythias irill on even
big of Niivoiuber :s - M . o. ii Raw oii
of Newpeut I visiting her sister AIr
13, II. Ruggies.e leorge H-iR ius t hm
from Hoston over Sunday and L. 1 II ill
slarte'd on mi extended western
Hip Wednesday. Air. Hall expects a
visit California. Washington, Oregon anil
to stop at vailou places on the way -.Mr.
and Airs. J. 1-3. Rice aro visiting their
daughter. Miss Aleda, in Lynn, Alass -'"I'he
Alaseiiicrs" will be given in the
town hull on the evening of December S.
as the second number of the entertain
ment course. The Rev. 11. H, Strong of
.Milton will preach In tho Congregational
church Sunday. Thoro will also bo a
Thanksgiving service at 10:." Thursday
1111.1 nlng. The Fortnightly club meets Fri
day .nstead of Thursday at tho home of
Alls. Carrie I'artridgo.
Mr Siim.mtlni (p.'iuiin) Nny died
Friday afternoon at t' 1 hewn of her
daughter. Airs. John Sheldon. She was
taken ill Sunday. Deatli was due to
heart failure. Mrs. Nay was horn In Mil
ton July 10, 1S2I. Flvo children were
bom to Airs. Nay of whom Airs. Sheldon
I the only one to stirv'vo her. The fu
neial was held at her lato homo Mon
da.v morning at nine o'clock with burial
In Alllton.
Iin Cbiirlionne.ui and Allsa Helen AVell-i
were mnrriid .Monday. Mr, Char
bonneau Is employed as clerk at Fletch
er's store and the lirldo was waitress
at1 Johnson's lintel.
Alfred Reaudwln of this plaro and Miss
Nellie Alyeis of Rurlliiglnn wero marriuil
nt tin Congiegational paraonago Satur
day evening by the Rev. C. C. Adams.
Mr. and Airs. Alex. Hague of this
place and .Mr. and Mrs. Jiwieph T.itro
wete married :!l years ago Sunday. AVI Hi
about 2" of tnelr fiiends rhey celebrated
the anniversary at tho homo of Mr. and
Airs Dague.
Ails. Heorge' Hovn fell in her shed
Satuiday and broko both bonesi In her
left ankle.
The marriage of Algar 13. Carlnton
American vlce-cnnsul-gene-ral at Hong
Kong, to .Miss .Margaret U Henderson
of Rrnmli'v. Kent, ling . 1 annotincod
to have taken placo on November 2't,
at St. John's C.ithi'lral. Hong Konsr.
thr Rev. II. Copley Aluylo performing
the ceremony. Tho wedding was pri
vate. Air. C.irleton's mothor, Mrs. A.
1-3 Carleton. and his sister, Airs. .1. F.
llobart. reside acre and Air. Carloton
has siient seve-ral summers here.
A Polish wedding was solemnized at
Si. Stephen's Church Sunday afternoon
Col'owlng ben, ill- 1 ion of tho 1-n.ssed sacra
ment. Tin- i-rfinciny was performed by
the pastor, the Rev. J. P. Rand. Tho con
tracting parties wero AVhidslaw Stec and
Aliss .Mariana Jnckuni.
Joseph Adelard Hrunelle anil Miss
Anna Onssavuut wero married Mon
day morning" at St. Francis Xavlor
Church In tho presence of many of
their friends. Tho Uev, L. Alarcea
I in r f o 1 m ci 1 tlm ceremony-
At St. Frauds Xavicr Church Tuesd.
nioi nlng there were .solemnized 1
weddings 'I'he Rev. 1-3. C. Fontai'i'
lldaied at the wedding of Joseph A'. 1
uf St. I'eter street and Atlss Aug
Patlzo of ICast Spring street. T'u lb
I. Alaiceau performed th.- other c
monies. Joseph I.ecbiir of W. ,iv-r
was mauled tn Alls Yvonne Alulili it
West Canal street. Aliss Alurv Choiinaru
of Rive r street became the lirlcb -if Alfmel
LilCh.lllte of lllckok street
Rudolph Coutrc-ma.sh, form -tly of Hart
lord, died at Fort Russell. Wv'ml
M.turduy. He Is .1 broth. -r o' I'm
Coutrcmiish of th1. villa.-, and e-li 1 1
i.s a private in Compan. 1.. i t 1 nf 1-
liay. Ills remains ere exp. t- d c
hiilie In Harlfoi-I l'i.- I.itt- : " 'f
Week for burial II--Id.-s hi , r-e
li lives four brnliur- mil tbne - -
A very unlit wedding was - 1 1
at St. Stephen s n'h l-i'r 1 a!
de tier about 1 to o I" k v- st. r 1 1
noon when tin pas-.u, th- H v 1
P. Panel, unite -1 " vcedlo. k Miss
O Lcarv and C, 1 , 1' T.-uip'. t-m
bild.il nalr was aitclid.d v 1 .1
) ' nn
Alixndd and Me lMllb ill., ar
sister of the brld' Th- vvedd "14 vv is
quiet one and was aitcn.bd t ', in
illatc friend of f ' eoniia- ting ' in
l-'ollowing tile ccieni'Uiy bv ihr p est 111'
couple ii-palred to th- home of Mi's Cars.
Saunders nn Fust llcn street, xvlure a
wedding least was cnjnved. th. u i c
leaving m tin- 3:10 01 lm k tr, 11 u.r
Plovldcliie. The- bllde Is a viv I ipu'
young lady and is emplov d us 1 - Ir k
for the American Woolen eompanc 1 u
grcicun's honie Is lu Portland, ii-e,.,..! I
has been In town for t'u past . n- a" 1 s
also cmplo.v iifby the woob-n ..mpaiv
Wold was received In town c-fst-rd n- nC
tho ilcath in Waterburv of All-s K' 7. i'n 1
Ladam, who died then- yesl'-id-n iflfi
poon. The remains will he -limgbt Vi
the undertaking rooms of S " Lavlgim
tci.d.i The funeral will be held t St
Fian.i Navler Churcb lu-morrow mom
Ing Miss Liulnni was .1 former resident
cf. this village and is survived in Uirni
sisters and two brotlieis, Airs, ntoliu
Roiiseiuct and .Mrs. Joseph Aletevicr, vvh-i
realdc liere-, and Airs. Peter Snrdlff of Hur
llngtun. SHilLBURNE.
Will P.ukcr. who carries on Airs.
Alrceh's fnim, was b.ully hurt bv bciiisT
kikeil bv one of his wolk 'uu' vvhllc
1 uUliUV him 111 the bl.ill, Tilu lioine kluk-

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