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UUIiLINOTON, VI. THUlvSDAY, .lAXfARY Ifi" 13. ' ' " Pa1HI3R 29,
oal Items of Interest From All
Parts of the Green Moun
tain State.
om the Island in the Lake to
the Passumpsic, Along Otter
Creek and by the Shores
of Whrtc River.
In divorce case was heard Satutuav
fun ddlson ii-rity court adjourned
111 Taisdny That was I'.cnlaniln U.
llev v N'i ill. A li.nli'.v of Fcrrlsbtirg.
e rlivur i"- grunted to Mr. liallcy
th. .rol il nf desertion. James It.
,mwn nf Mtddlcburv war .Mr. isnney s
t ,iiin ili wife as nut represented.
I ii. ru n it h-iti from liome In
(i L fur three years. Letters
i i thi' following ri'nialii at the
,t ifllci uni'itllril for: Sirs. O.
ft...... l.nw I.nrlr 1? Plltnnill.
i i ind 11 i board. Charles Stoddard.
s Th.ncr. Hiiro It. Welch, John W.
. nilir, ninril Hissett, Jos. Hartlett,
i ri'n R A Damon. Paul rountaln.
h Ilemptii! SI llurlbiirt. Sir. ami
rs. .Ii lvi Lnrrrv Omuls Slaloncy.. Fred
ifm Dr A W Franco. George Rhodes
il A S.mnnds Word lias been received
at t'' tlip voi n:r sons oi mt. nun
rs. AX'iii.im V. lis ao suffering from an
.-..1. . r r ,-.,.,.. .it llielr Vinme ill
vngsboro, SInss They wen- form, r rcs-l-
nl hi ri
The annual report of the village trustees
nl water - jmmisloners shows 11" order
. .1.. . .1. 1M-I ..mm. lit
lawn iiy uu' uiiMi i'.-' uiiiiuh i.-i- .mi. ....v
i tl2,-i.'Ti. as follows: Street lighting,
C.T' parks, Mcij.sV, streets, siwi.!f ,
wrrs, s.'.v.i.Tn. walks, .I;2.M; printing.
i ii, salaries, v.; professional services,
,7 lire department. '"."; nils-
inii'f'is. JI' I"- Intimates fur V.U"
. Salaries, fKi- lip- department.
- , poller, ?7C. street lighting. J2,eeo,
.i ..... i i-. .-1 .-, VITbI' mluntlinuiiiL'
:fl, total, J4W. Trusties' nnlers unprilil,
J.oso.il" grand total, J'','W.97. Villugc.
i anil list, Jl.'.TOI ".. Tux necessary, M
errent The water ilepartment Iris dlavvn
urlng the past ear S4 oniorp for labor
ml supplies amounting to SMu.lG anil
.. .. 1.... t .. .-.nllr. ..! fr... M ,.l..1 111..
lf,ll Uttf, I"' II V.JI'1-. ", ...II,
li.'isl ?1 1, .iflni? ii wink'ntr 1ml-
nci of $i, Among the orders drawn
v thi trustees lire orders to .1. H.
Suttoliih to the amount ot . wmcu
mm foi macailam roads built during the.
t jcir-ln the Columbus Smith will
i will, h occupied Addison county
I irt for two weeks and was given to
. i. i. . ..'rtl.1 nru.l n nfhiv.
k I - 'uiy .1 l IUUI il n ...... ,, ....v.-
noon, the Jury reported disagreement I'li-
.1 .1 I ,.nl. n vrvml TllO f'nltrt lOflU
i i-eress .mill '.) oYlock Tuesday morn-
The annual iipetins "I the Cou-
.1 1 . .1 i. ...Ill 1... I...I.1 'I'htiru.
hurch Sundny uveninn and the speaker
was Dr. Herring of New York city.
Monday, market day, e(,rs brought 25
cents and butti r ri to 31. Sirs. V.. V.
Fred SlcGee, who had been 111 for Homo
me ai me nome in .nr. nnu .rt. mm
. . . ,..V..... l.rt 1U-. ..1
with his mother, .Mrs, l.eanaiia. ryr, nicu
early Monday morning at the ago of
years of consumption. Ho Is survived by
his mother, a. sister, Mrs. Ardent Ander
ton of North Adams, Sluss., and a
brother, Raymond Sl'iiee of Ferrlsfourg.
The funeral will be held from his home
Thursday mornln? at 0:20 o'clock and thu
remains will be till-en on the noo'n train
to Charlotte for burial in the family lot.
Lewis I'urlnton pleaded not guilty Tues
day morning In Addison county court
to a chnrge of murder In the second
degree. Previous to the arrival of the
prisoner county court disposed of several
i rtmlnal matters, The trial was begun
at eloven o'clock, with Dr. K II.
Morrison of the Slary Fletcher hospital.
Ilurllngton, as the llrst witness and Dr.
II. II Stone of Uurllngton as the second.
1' too v about an hour mid a hull' to get
n Jury In tlm ease, ifi talesmen having
been called before the Jury was completed.
At the afternoon session hurry orders
wore received for Attorney-General Uufus
j;. Brown of Burlington to go to Mont
poller on an Important case before the
legislature and the Jurors In the case
were excused until nine o'clock AVednes
day morning, as State's Attorney Tuttle,
In his present state of health, did not
want to manage the ca.se alone. Through
telephoning It was arranged that H. U
Stafford, State's attorney of Rutland
founty, would come here Wednesday mid
n.isUt Sir. Tuttle until Mr. Ilrown can
jeturn. Hiram Prior was found uncoil-t-elous
In tho shed at the home of his sun,
William Prior, about noon Tuesday. He
was quickly taken into the house and
poon died. Physicians found that he died
from heart dlrrase. lie was 71 years old
find Is s.irvlved by two sons, William,
with whom he lived, and John of Proctor.
The annual meeting of the stockholders
of the National hank of Mlddlebury was
held Tuesday afternoon. The following
otllcers wcro elected: President, . A
Haley, ifo-prcsldcnt, P. H. JJcniiett:
cashier, Charles K. Plnney; assistant
cashier, Robert F. Plnney; teller, Peter
J. Illnks; directors for the year, S. A.
llsley, Charles K. Plnney, Robert Cart
mell, John H. Fletcher and J. V. Weeks
of Mlddlebury, W. A. Lawrence of llrlstol
and D, H. Bennett of rsrldport. Charles
ifi. Iltiny, th eashtur ot th oboTe institu
tion, has completed his 41 yearn' servic.
starting in the banking business in 1SC9.
Tho patrons of iho lloaton Dairy com
pany have been mullled that I hey would
iceclvo XI K, for January mill; -The an
nual meeting ot the Ladles' Aid society
of tin. Memorial Rnpllst Church will be
held at the church parlors Wednesday,
January 22. - Fred W. Ileekwlth has gone
to Hoston for u It. Mis, L. ji. Slur-
rlson, who has been lit for a month, Is
much better.- Sir. and sirs, flcorge (I,
Weeks of Hobokcn, N Y nre In town
tor a few days.
The annual meeting at the village of
S'llddlebury was held In the town hall
Wednesday afternoon with n fulr at
tendance. Judge Charles 1. lltittnn was
unanimously elected moderator and
Joseph SI. Iturke, elerk. The reports ot
the officers as published by the auditors
were accepted and adopted. It was voted
to pay the water department the sum
ot $l.iOi for water for hydrants and other
purposes. They also voted to pay the
fire department fH to dofrav expenses
of a firemen's Inspection la.. A tax of
ful cents was voted, The following trustees
wer- elected: Dr. P. L. Dorey, Charles
F. Rich. Charles H. Wllllamum, Fay i
Wan en. N. A. Seymour, J. W. Calhoun
and Isaac Lavonche. Jr. At the con
clusion Charles U. Wll lamson resigned.
Charles A. Lyman was elected to take
the place of Mr, Williamson. C C. Wells
was elected as ono of tho water commis
sioners for three years, Oeorge T. Kidder,
Sr., and SI. A. Hahar were nominated for
lire chief and Mr. Kidder received Cr, and
Sir. Hahar I", C. K. Plnney wns re-elected
treasurer, ( , . Wells and H. F, Joy,
auditors. A resolution was presented that
committee he appointed by the chair
to look Into the matter of street lighting
to tepori at a m'itng not later than
.March 1. The committee Is: C. II. Wil
liamson, Dr. P. L. Dorey and Thomas K.
lioyce. The annual meeting of the
1-nharcr- society was held yesteiday at
the home of Mrs. Frank A. Farnsworth.
Reports of the various otllcers were read
and showed the society to be In a good
financial condition. The following orflivrs
were elected: Hoard of managers, Sirs.
Kzra liralnaril, chairman, Sirs. John Flet
cher, M-s. C. 1. liutton, SI is. Kugene
Twltchell and Sirs. L. A. Skiff; secretary,
Sirs. K. H. Thomas; treasurer. Mis. A.
W. Dickens. The annual meeting of the
Century club was held ai the home of
Sirs. S. Ii. Allies Tuesda evening. The
following officers were elected: President,
Sirs. H. F. Wales; vlce-pi esldent.", SIlss
Laura Goodrich, Sirs. Si. II. IMdy and
Sirs. F. H. .Martin: secretary, .Mrs Frank
Dyer; treasurer, SIlss Ida S. Waugh;
executive committee, Mrs. William Jack
son, Sirs. II. H. liagar and Mrs. S. II.
Alms. After the buf-lness meeting Prof.
(Ciiiillnuoil from piic 2.1
Supreme Court Rules against
Public Service Commision
Law of 1910.
Montpelier, Jan. 1,1. Covernor
Fletcher, In an executive message this
afternoon, transmitted to the (ieneral
Assembly the opinion of tin- supreme
court in regard to the right of tho
public service commission over mu
nicipal charters. The opinion ot the
court is as follows:
in reply to your leiiulreiiient ot our
opinion as to the constitutionality of
No. lir, acts of 1910, entitle 1 "An act
relating to the Incorporation of vil
lages and the amendment of city and
village charters." we have fae honor
to submit the following.
It is a maxim of the , 0111111011 law
that a delegated authority cannot,
without permission, be delegated by
the person to whom it Is given if
that authoiltv involves a trust and
requires tin exercise of the Judgment
and discretion of such person in Its
J'hls maxim Is applicable here, for the
power exercised by the Legislature Is the
people's power, delegated to It by the
people in the constitution of the Slate,
which expressly foninilts to the Legisla
ture the power to constitute towns,
boroughs, cities and enmities." This power
Is essentially a trut, and require.- the
exercise nf Judgment and discretion In
Its exi-utlmi. and no authority Is given
to deleral,. It. The Legislature must.
thereto! e. exercise Its own I'ldirment and
Hi-eietlon In Its execution as far as
p(c"ai'.v to dK-ehnige the personal trust
committed 10 It This, however. Is not
saying that the I "-Islnture can delegate
nothing coneei nlnu this matter, for there
are undoubtedlv some things pertaining
to It that the Legislature can delegate.
Out we are not railed upon to draw the
line between the di leguble and tile non
delegable, nor to suggest a way In which
the desideratum of a general law for tile
Incoi poratlon of villages can be attained.
Testing the art by the general prin
ciple above staled, wo think 't rocs
too far when It leaves to tho commis
sion to determine the plan and frame,
of government of the proposed village,
what powers and functions It may ex
ercise; and what shall be the flmlt of
Its expenditures and indebtedness, for
these are questions of legislative Judg
ment and discretion, and thereforo
their determination cannot bo dele
gated N'or Is this objection obviated
R to powers and functions by limit
InsT them to specific things as is done
in the eleventh section of the net, for
It Is still left to tho commission to de
termine In Its discretion what of tin
powers and functions It will confe In
the particular ease.
We think that sections twelve and
thirteen of the act are constitutional
They apply to villages only ytfler thev
are ehnrteied. and have nothing to do
with the constitution of villages under
tho net. Their purpose Is to provide
way for taking land by tho right of
eminent domain, and are entirely
sepnrabln from tho rest of tho act, and
ho may stand though the rest falls.
Ah to tho rest of the act, even though
somn of Its provisions may be gisid, yet
all are so connected and Joined together,
and form such u unified scheme, thnt
tho good, If any thero Is, must fall with
the bad. So ve think the entire net un
ciitrlturUnal ttcept ieetioft vivo ana
JOHN W. ftQWRt.L, Cl'lef JnflJ.
JiUlnnd Mufison John 11 Wnlson
Seneca Ilfuelion, (iorgo SI. Powers, as.
white jmlsrg,
TTAl. P 4 Art i nrt ti f . I
vuie oi xo to u against; lv nj
House after a Flood of
Senate Rejects Measure to In
crease Pay of State Prison
and House of Correc
tion Officials.
Montpelier, Jan. 1.. Seats were at a
premium In the Mouse this afternoon
"lien 11. M. relating to poll taxes and
the light of municipal suffrage, (the
unman suffrage bill), camo up as a
spi 1 lal older. There was a large number
of ladles preent, some of them having
been verv active In their efforts to have
the bill passed. Consideration of the bill
occupied the greater part of the after
noon and two roll calls were had, one on
nn amendment and one on the question
of ordering the bill to a third reading.
The bill was killed by a vote of 1 1S
to 67.
It has frequently happened In the past
that a woman suffrage bill has been
passi d by the House with the assurance
that It would be killed In the Senate;
but the Senate has already passed Judg
ment on the general proposal by Its
action on Senator Darling's bill and tho
house seemed to believe that I must go
on tecoril arcordlng to Its own Judgment.
The afternoon was one of oratory and
this was only squelched by the motion
of Mr. llowiey of IturlliiRton that debate
be closed.
tin the yea and nav vote on II. 1S1,
whereby It wns refused a third nailing
these gentlemen voted In the affirmative:
Adams of Slarlboro, Aiken. Aldrich, An
gell, llatchelder, Itlgclow. Hillings. Ilns
quet, llriggs. Hrlghain, Hrown of Athene,
Ilrown of Lden, IJuckley, Cunerdy, Car
gill, Carpenter of Granby, Clark of West
field, Clayton, dough. Converse, Cook,
Crosby, Cross, Clossniun. Doten, Last-
111.111. Laton of Royalton, tircen, Gray,
Guernsey of Rochester, Guernsey of Wind
sor. Hall. Hatch. Hewett. Hillls. I long.
Hulett, Jose Knight, Lathe of Craft.-.-bury,
Lawrence of Sloukton, Locke, Ma
comber, SicCliire, Sloore of Shoreham,
Packer, like, Plumley of Ludlow, Ripley,
Ryder, Smith of Worcester, Spauldlng ot
Hrldgewater, Stiphciu-, St. Peter, Taft,
Thomas of Salisbury, Tlllotson, Towslee,
Varnev, Vaughan, Watson, Wells, ll
bur, Wlnship, Wright ot Hrandon, Wright
of Westmlnstei, total, U7.
Those voting in the negative were:
Adams of Chelsea. Adams of Thetfoid,
Alston, Hngley, Halley, Hall, Harry,
Heechir, Henson. Hlalst Hlanchaid, How
illsh, Howman, Hreen, -rewstur, Kurlmnk,
I!U7.7.ell, Callahan, Cameron, Canning.
Campbell, Carpenter of Chester, Chessley,
Clark of Lincoln, Coleman, Cummlngs.
Coillss of Illghgate, Corliss of St. Albans
town. Crane. Cutting. Dean, Denieiltt,
Dexter. Donaldson, Donnelly, IMen of
Hancoik. lCnnls. Ferrln. Flint, r.'in,
Fnss, Foote, I'lench, Frlzzel, Gage,
Gallup, lialvin. Gaidner. Gebble, C.IIkey,
Gleason, Goodlow, Grigg, Guyer, Hale.
Halpln. Ilnpgood, Harlow, Hasklll Hath
away. Hawkins, Hayes, Header, Hill,
Hitchcock, Houghton. Hnvvlev. Hubbard.
Hunt nf Fairfax, Hunt of Walthain, Him),
Hulehlns, .1.1. km.iii. .lenne, .formings.
Johnson. Jones, Kane, Kclluin, Kendrlck,
Kennedy. Lathe of .Maidstone, Lawrence
of Sunderland, Kavvson, Liuas, Magnon,
Marsh, Slnughan, SIcClellan. Si'Donnld,
SleGrath. Mears, Miller. .Mills, Moore of
Rupert. Moore of Sharon, Morry. Mnllln.
Neiney, Nevlns, li'Hrien, d'Graily. OrvU.
Parker of Slontgonif ry. Pilkey. Peiry uf
Chittenden, Perry of .Mendon, Pierce
of FrankMn, Pierce of Shrewsbury,
Proctor, Reiisoin. Ranney, Richardson.
Rob!. Ins, Robins, Robinson of War
1 en. Rogers of Hartlaild, Royal, Shaw,
Sillovvnv. Smllle. Smith of Arlington,
Smith of Newbiliv. Sparks. Spauldlng
of Addison. Spnuldlns of Panton,
Staten, Stimets, Stone, Strong, Swan.
Tenney, Tliomns of Helvidore, Thomas
of Sheldon, Tllllsnn, Tomllnson, Tuller,
Walker of Rcnson, "Walker of Graf
ton. Walter, Ward, Ware, Weeks,
Weld. Whipple, Wllklns, Winch,
Wright of So. Hero. Wright of WIUIs
ton, Wllle, Voting; total, llv
liovernor Fletcher h is appointed as
inenibeis of the commission to have
charge of the participation ot Vermont
In the cilebratton of the neml-crntennlal
of the battle of Gettysbuig, Hon. H. W.
Allen of Ilurllngton, W. H. H. Slnck nf
Springfield and Capt. Frank Kcnlleld of
Slonlsvllle. This commission, under tho
provisions of H. 'iV, will have ;i'),i) at
Its command, to be used In defraying
the ex enscs of Vermont veterans to
thi battle field and taring for them while
An attempt was made to ic ouHer u.
vote In rrgaid to the extension nf tin
charter ol lb" Rvi gate Light and Power
company. vvlUeh grants a larger extension
ot the right of eminent domain than
was considered desirable yesterday, and
the motion to recnnHdei, after some
debate, was ordered to lie.
When S. , 1 elating to the salaries
of of fliers of penal Institutions, was
called up, Sir. McCuen. the introilucm,
expressed his willingness to have the
bill killed, since the salary of the su
perintendent of the Industrial school had
bei 11 taken enre of by the bill pas--il
by lb" House. Sir. Chaffi. Ud that
while Sir. Slorgan, the supi ilntendeni
of the lloup-i of Correction, had not
asked for any Increase of salary, lie felt
somewhat hurt that that ilNi-iimliiatlon
should bo made and Unit it was pro
posed to ruUo the talury of onu officer
ctnd not to raUe his.
Mr. OhAltoe thought th bill should ht
poaicfl and that all those siipurlntBnd
rnts should be pl.leed on r equal font
lug, a iegariln their salavles, aafmo tho
bo.uil """" ji, uiuuitsliitifrii and 111 xei)
the pass.ig-- of the b'll. Mr Met'uen de
clined to roninut himself to ,1 specific
statement. 11 I" whether the salary ot
thu superintendent of the house ot cor
rection ought to be raised. It was point
ed out that the work of tho superintend
ent of the Industrial school was different
from that at the State prison or the
house of coriietlou, and passage of thu
bill was refus' d.
Hniiso bill HI. known as tho sawdust
bill, an act to prevent the pollution ot
streams, occupied tlm utluntlun of the
House for a large part of the morning
session. Tho principal merits ot the bill
nre thnt It prevents damage to lands be
low a mill where sawdust Is thrown Into
(he river, and that It prevents tho de
structlon of the spawning beds of trout.
There was a wide divergence of opinion,
as evidenced by the discussion, even be
tween mill men and fishermen, but the
bill was favnteii by a Inrge majority.
The motion to dismiss was lost by a vote
121 to T(i. The bill was passed.
Three requests were made for con
ference committees to-ijiy, two by the
Senate and one by the House. The
Senate refused to a crept tho House
amendments to tho bill providing for
continuing an investigation ot the wa
ter supply, whereby tho appropriation
Is cut from Jle"0 to Jl.nua, and on 11.
142, relating to the duties of road com
missioner. The latter measure has
reference to the cutting of bushes be
side tho highways, and In the opinion
of some senators would leave the mat
ter In such a condition that no one
would have authi rlty to cut these
bushes or the money to pay for It.
The Houie lefused to recede fr(m its
amendment!! to S. l.'iti, relating to the
denth penults and asked for a com
mitter of conference.
S. 111, providing for a primary elec
tion system, was called up in the Sen
ate this morning and on motion of Sir.
Darling of Orange was further ordered
to lo and be made a special order for
next Tuesday. Mr. Daillng gave notice
that at that timn lie should move to
substitute for this measure II. 4L'3, the
Adams bill, because that retains the
convention nnd delegate -ystetn while
allowing the people to express their
preference nt the primaries and In
struct their delegates
Th- Senate was ealled to order by the
lieutenant-governor and devotional ex
ercises were conducted by the chaplain.
II. H.. Relntlng to duties of road com
missioner. The House having refused to accept the
amendments proposed by the Senate, Sir.
Croft moved that the Senate Insist on
Its amendments. He was supported by
Mr. House and Sir. Klllott. The motion
prevailed and on motion of .Mr. House the
Senate voted to ask for a conference com
mittee. The chair appointed as the committee
of conference n the part of the House
Senators House, IClllott and Dyer of Addi
S. 1C3. Relating to conditions ot liquor
S. 173. Providing for an elementary
textbook on Vermont Industries and re
10:3l A. SI
S. 111. Relating to nominations by direct
primary system.
In asking that the hill be ordered to lie
Sir. Darling of Orange gave notice that,
when the bill was taken up, he would
mov.i to substitute H. 423.
unrsF. hills ri:fi:rri:d.
H. !. To pay J. G. .Mann. To commit
tee on claims.
H. IM. Rehtlng to taxation of steam
boat, car and transportation companies.
To committee n finance.
H. ITf. - Relating to the salary of the
secretary of state. To committee on ap
propriations. H. 4". Granting powers to the village
of Johnson. To committee on miinlclpU
II IS.'! Relating to the expenditure
"f highway taxes. To committee on
hlghwavs and 1 ridges.
II Id I To enable city of St. Albans
to issue negotiable warrants. To
committee on municipal corporations
II. 141) Relating to pavuicnt of
fare of discharged convicts
H. 12L' Relntlng to appointment of
roaJ commissioner.
II. ,17S Relating to highways.
On motion of .Mr. Sherwln. the
Senate at In.. "J adjourned
s ' Hy Mr Chaffee, wilting th,,
Slmitpeller Wells River 11 illro.id rum
panv. To fonunlttee on lalli-nnds.
S. Mr ChalUe, relating to the
Fast Rarrr & Chelsea railroad. To com
mittee on railroads.
S. 1M To Incorporate the Harttoril
Savings Hank & Trust company.
P 110 Reining lo flow-age. On m itlou
of Mr. Chaffee the bill was postponed ,11
II. 312-Relntuig 10 brokerage of Insur
ance. S. r.nRc.itintf to sahiiles of olllccrs
of penal Institutions.
Sir- SlcCuen was willing that this bill,
which he Introduced, should he killed.
Sir. Chaffee of Rutland ured that the
bill with an amendment, should h,. passed
In Justice to .Mi- Morgan of the house ot
coi rectlou.
Hy .Mr. Hlanchard of Windsor lebitlng to
a gradual tax on Incomes. Referred lo
committee on inilltaiy affairs
A message was received from the nov
el nor iiiinmiilttlnB the opinion of th,. su
preiue com t In regard to the authoilty
of the public service commission over mu
ll' ipal ehiirtcri-
On miitlon ot Mr. BatcholiSer, the Sen.
ate resolved ltilf Into a committee of the
Whole for i-oilsMrfitioii of ., rr, allng
(l.eillllllird 1111 si(r I.)
I-tOQ AltlO')
Vote Will Be Taken on Measure
in the House of Commons
Balfour Concludes "If Blood Be
Spilled, Real Assassins Thoso
Who Dare Not Face
London, Jan. IS. The home rule bill
stnrted on Its final stage In the Hnuso
of Commons tn-da. and the occasion
was mark'il by two speeches seldom ex
celled In the House, by the prime mln
Islir. Herbeit II. Asqulth, nnd .Mr. Unl
four. the former b-.-nler of the opposi
tion. other spr niters, representing ill par
ties, followi d and the debate finally
was adjourned until to-morrow when a
division will In- laken.
The bltterii"ss which bills 01 a similar
natuie arousul In the past was largely
absent In the discussion to-day, hat with
thr harder hitters- on the program for
to-morrow this may not be continued.
When tile orders of the day were call
ed and Sir. Halfour at the lequest of
the opposition lender. Andrew Ilonur
Law, moved the ree tlon of the meas
ure, the House was crowded to Its capa
city. Sir. I'.alfour. while not so fluent
as the prime minister, delivered one of
those spi eehes for which he In fainoim
and whli h rouses his supporters to guat
He dealt with the bill in a general
way and In the rase of l ister, likened
It to that of the American colonies be
fore the Revolution. Pointing
finger at the government bench
Halfour concluded. ''If blood
spilled, which God forbid, the real as
sassins will be those who have never
had the courage to face the situation."
Premier Asqulth defended tho bill
from every standpoint. He pleaded
with tho House to forget Hie nast and
give Ireland what the vast majority
demanded. He laid stress on the safe
guards Introduced In the bill to pro
vent protestants fioui being oppressed
by the mnjoiitv, anil repeated tile gov
ernment's offer to insert any other
reasonable safrguanls, If only the op
Position would toll what was wanted.
The unionism and liberals continued
the debate until after dinner, when
T. I. O'Connor gave the bill his bless
ing in behalf of the nationalists. The
Hon. Thomas C. R. Agar-Robarter
was one of the two liberals opposing
the measure.
William O'Rrien, leader ol the Indepen
dent nationalists, criticised sum- of tlm
provisions of the bill and said that while,
he could not accept It as a. final settle
ment ot the nationalists' lequln-ments,
they regarded It as a sincere and cou
rageous message nf peace to lieland.
The laborltcs' adhesion to home rule was
declared by James Parker, sitting for
The Rt. Hon. James Henry Campbell,
postmaster-general, who had charge of
the financial provisions of the bill, de
f -nihil them at length.
The Rt Hoi James Heniy Campbell,
serving as leader of ("lsteriies In the ab
sent I' S 1 1 IMwanl Carson, irpeateil
lister's objection to home nib- and dr
li.ucu that ihe bill would produce a
generation ol mti 1 nerine strife and
peitnnneiit ilisasn 1 to the progn s-i of
tin- countr:. .
l.itrgcM Dlsplio at M. vHiati Ilvei
Held In New Hnglnnd outside
of Huston.
St Albans. Jan 1 r, The Jfith an
nual exhibition of the Vermont State
Poultry association, which was opened
In city hall yesterdii.i. Is i-onceded to
be the largest and best display of birds
ever' held in New Hnglnnd, outside of
Hoston. About everv foot of 'ipaee in
the hall Is taken up with coops and
every roup contains blnls Hint are the
best in their class. The Judging,
which was begun yesterday, was con
tinued to-day and the judges are giv
ing the satisfaction which they have
on toriiiir occasions The number
which attended the show to-day was
far above that of vesterday though the
first d.ij'h attendance was reniarkcdly
Amoni, tin exhibitors fiom outside the
Immediate vbinlty aie: John ri Katun,
Woodstock: c, Ayer, North Trov; H.
1 1. Hume ami I'. J Woodbury Shoie
))iiiti. II. A. Hrush X- Sons, A. H. Ashley
ind I',, .v. i'io8t, Milton. Mrs. I '. 1' Lldv,
Randolph: Chailes T. Pierre, t! A. l!.r
ilrk, llnrdwl. 1; V. W. Stiles. U. 1.
Corse. 11. A. Rice, Alliurg; .Mrs. F. H
MeCule. J. W. Jones. J. M. Ashley, C. D.
ordway, Hurlliigion; H. A'l Shepiird, c.
II. l-'airell, A. W- Daly, J. V. Lwing. F
K. Felt. M. J. IlDlie.v, .Montpelier. Gilsou
l-'arn. CJuechee. S. N Parker. Harre;
A. C. Mciiiire. Mlildlelown Spilligs. F. .1.
Douglass. West Glovel . S S. Pearson,
Rutland. It. V. Hatch, ,1. N (ii.lndou. It.
C Hlodgelt. J. H. Abernethy, R. ('. .Mar
tin. Hllslol. 1 1 c. Sllles. Si Johnsburv.
c. V. Mason. Ushi-x. J. C llolden. North
linrendon, W L' Hist. Rrownsville.
Among tin- iui,t iliors from outside the
State ate- Arthur U'llcock. K X. Gerry,
Saufoid. .Me ; C. G. Stevens, .Manchester,
N. II.. N A Gallant, Platlsbmgh; J.
Lvman Kelly, Herbert O'Neil, Malone, N
V.; George S. lioctor, .Milton, N. H.i D
H, Brayner, Granville, N. V.: ii. 0. Fad
den, Noyan, I' Q
, eninen ,,m1 nAiiulnr exhibit 13 that Ot
j John S, Raton of Woodstock, who has a
pen of bird ( ailed " vernuinteri i uis ii
a new breed, In wlur ale a Hunt blue wit
iillow lrj, I loin thi !((;. "t these
birds occasionally there comes a hand
some blnck fowl that -Mr. Katon calls
"Hlack Vermnnter." Thu Hock numbets
difficult evir experienced by tho associa
tlon, and during tho day only some or
tho regular premiums vvoro awarded,
None of Ihe special prizes have been
awarded nnd It may not be imssl.de lo
' do thta to-morrow. The display of gfese.
ducks, lurkev.- nnd guinea bens occupy
thn stage room of the hell and the splen
did specimens demand much attention
from the visitors.
The show will continued throughout to
morrow nnd Frldnv.
Not In flO Vvnrs llnvr Lumbermen
I-'nceil l,lle Coiiilltlon In Mlil
.fntmnr Rutland, Jan. 13. There Is 110 snov In
the mountains of Rutland county, evu
up to altitudes of feet, and the larlt
Is a fcrinux drawback to lumbering ac
tivities. I'nless there is snow later than
usual In the spring the quantity of los
drawn out of tin- woods In tills part of
the State will he Ui per cent, less than
usual, according to Kliner W. I!KU of
this city, who says that not for M years
has the presftit condition firev.ilbd In
Sir. Hlssell has thousands ot feet of
logs, cut anil plied In Shrewsbury, ready
to be drawn to the mill and other lumber
men are In the same predicament. There
It, so much Ice that a fmv inches of snow
would make sleighing.
Fnderhlll. Jan 1". p. H. Fitzgerald
died this afternoon from Injuries re
ceived f 1 0111 a horse early in 'the
morning. Mr. Fitzgerald wns found
In the stall tineonsi lous bn.lly biulsed
and mangled. Drs. Ifulburd and Hur
nett were called and later Di. SIc
Sweeney of Hiirlington wns summon
ed, but It was Impossible to save his
life. Sir. Fitzgerald wns one of I'n
derhlU's leading 1 Itlzens.
Chicago, .Inn in Kdwnnl lleiilbach to
day slgnid a contract to pitch tor the
Chicago National League H iseii.nlt club
during the 1 omlng seasor
Appropriations Committee of
House Approves Sums Less
Than Asked For.
Slontpelier, Jan. 13 It is undeistood
that tho appropriations committee of
the House has voted to report a substi
tute for House bills Nos. 4, 71 anil 111.
This bill, which will consolidate the
measures asking appropriations for
the I'nlvorslty of Vermont. Norwich
University and Stlddlebury College,
cuts down tho request of each of the
While the Institutions will be disap
pointed lit getting less than they asked,
it is thought that under the circum
stances, and particularly In view of
the great number ot other appropri
ations necessary, they will he recon
ciled to this reduction. The bill car
ries a clause making thoso appropria
tions effective only for the next two
years and establishing no precedent to
effect the action of the educational
Tho appropilations carried by the bill
a:u understood to be as follows: l or
ihe University of Vermont -Medical iol
lege, JlH.JyO, for agricultural extension
work, J.ortn. for agricultural scholarship,
H.iO: for Norwich University, S.'."'J. for
-Mlddlebury. SL'.n.
Hourly Flooding Mure Territory In
Indiana lirei Out In i:niiNVllle.
Hvansville, Ind.. Jan. 13 -With a stage
of IC.'J and still rising, tho Ohio river Is
hourly flooding more territory and forc
ing farmris to llec from their homes to
towns, many of will -li a'uo are feeling
the effects of the nv. iMou Conditions
here nnd in the -m Md.iu submerged
country fast are appro.u hlng those ol KM
when the w ater reached Ii f, et, I ! f e t
above the danger mark.
All the low places In Kvansville are sub
merged. In the uptown section on Minor
sticet water is pooling Into icllaiv. from
the street and sewn outlets while In
the, residence destrlcts many homes are
without hrnt, water having put out fur
nace tires.
At Nmv Albany l,im persons are home
less but the city l. able to care for them,
refusing "Id offered by the Red Cross so
ciety. Cincinnati Jan. is. A steady ruin
heie all day caused the slowly receding
Ohio to r i.ic to a stv.!.dr '..!! to-nlrhl and
reports of a general rain t'noughout the
Miatl.iiu .'.in of Hi" Sl.lle fed to 'e
illitious that another ris-- Ih Inevitable.
Ittv-i r men an of the opinion, however,
that If the rain stops hv to-morrow
morning tin new- flood will not cxn ed
the i rest leached In", night. iiJ J tot
Rutland. Jan. 1". The annual charllv
IkiII of HobeitH Post and Roberts Relief
Corp-, G. A. R . was given to-night at
the new Slulne temple, about 4' per
sons participating In the dancing. A
slinilat function has heen given every
winter for 1H stars to keep up tho fund
to help needy vrteians ni.i' ,'ielr families.
Tile Tawl inaieh to-nlghi w.us led by
llnrley G. Sheldon of West Rutland,
commander of the post, and Mrs. Ueorgn
K Lassoi, lepresentlns the relief corps-
The lellvf fund was staited In ISM with
a wax play and numerous other enter
tainments vvtre given before ths auncea
wore lnauturatwJ. The organization hau
o far handled iS,0C' for charity, tho
Inihisl sum lor one n-m being Jfto in
Jfcc,, Tile lllciuhrrahlp nl Hi, pest Is a
Utile I- S III, 111 ll
Heroism of Burlington Slater ir
Saving Life of Boy Thus
Widow Will Receive $45 a MontU
and $5 Additional until Lit
tle Son Is 16 Years
Pittsburg, Jan. 1C The Carnogl
hero fund commission to-nlijht an
nounced a further list of awards to?
heroic acts. Tho last list wns mdn
public on November Tho list Includes-
Albert c. .f.inei. deceased, silver
mednl to widow and JfiOO to liquidate
mortgage, and pension of $43 a month,
with $ a month additional for her
son until he reaches the age of in.
Zelner, roofer and slater, died attempt
ing to snve Charles p. Sullivan, itsri d
seven, from a live electric wire, Uur
llngton, VI., September 7, 1D12
Sirs, y.elner, when seen by a Prci
Press irporter last evening at hf
home, 3s Peru street, was delighted
at the leport ot tho award.
"So far.' said she, "I have not hii I
nny notice of the decision. The agent
of the Cainegle fund was In town foe
a week, but 1 did not see him durlti-r
the l ist three or four days he w" I
here, and I had no Intimation as t
want the outcome would be. I all
deoplv grateful nt the news vo t
hr'ng- me. for tho sake of n.v Httl
boy. as well as myself."
.Mrs. 7.elner and three-year- .Id so i
had been at the home of a netghboi,
and when found by the Free Press mnq
last evening she wns removing leu
from the walk In front of her home.
Tho little boy. In a red coat anil cap,
was playing nearby, and extended i
small, fnt hand for the visitor to
shake. Ho doesn't know of his father's
death. When it occurred he was too
young to understand, and was merely
told that his ''daddy" had "gono
away." Sir. Zolner was frequently
called out of town for days at a tlmo
by his trade, so that his absence from
home did not seem unusual to the boy
Hut he said frequently, "I want to seo
my daddy," nnd finally, one day, be
asked for pencil nnd paper, nnd, lylrir
on the floor, he scribbled for a tlm"
"See, mamma," he snid, when he hid
finished, "I have written to daddv "
Defense Will He Thnt Revolver Wui
Dlselinrged by crldeilt.
Mlddlebury, Jan. IS The trial of tho
Slate vs. Louis C. Purlnton was resumed
In Addison county court this morning
11. L. Stafford, State's attorney of Rut
land county, Is here to nsslst State's At
torney Frank W. Tuttle In the prosec i
tlon in the necessary absence if A -torney-General
R. K. Hrown.-
Tho Indictment charges that the te
spoiulent did kill and murder SIllo Wrisht
nt Starksboro June "'. last, without
malic aforethought, and so not making
thn case a capital one.
Out of talesmen called Into the in v
box. the following 12 were selected- Jol n
Gough, Richard N. Warner and Sidmy
H. Dnnmlne if Addison; Frank Chnrl9ton
of Oiwell. Frank FItts ot Rlpton, Carlos
S. Martin of FerrHhurg. Lucius Webb
of Granville. A. I. Whitney of Salisbun,
R. 1' Young of Orwell, Herrv Vanor of
Slonkton. nils Howen of Lincoln and Car
son Fisher of Cornwall.
The defense It Is understood will be reif
defenso and that the revel r vvaa dis
charged by accident
Northfleld, Jan. 15 Norwich Uni
versity's baseball schedule follows"
April 12, West Point at West Point,
Slay 2, Trinity at Northfleld. ?,, Hoston
College nt Northfleld: 7. New Hatnp
shire at Northfleld. 'J. Dartmouth at
Hanover. 10, .Mlddlebury nt SHddle
bury; 15, Vermont at Burlington: lil
Wesleyan at Stlddletown : 17, Worcester
Tech at Worcester; 21, St Lawience at
Northfleld. HO, Mlddlebury at North
Meld Juno t, New Hampshire at Du
ham; 3, Hoston College at Hoston, '.
Rhode Island at Kingston. 7. Slays
Aggies at Amherst. ?, St. I.awrenco af
Canton; 10, Union at Schenectady; 11,
Syracuse at Troy.
The games with Syracuse and Dart
mouth are pending. Games with
Rhode Island and Connecticut cuue
will be scheduled nt 'crtl., id
South Head. Ind . Jaji. 15. Jean Duhur,
last year's pitcher for the Detroit Amer
ican league team, to-day announced ho
had refused to sign the contract sent
him and would quit baseball. Dubuo
snys he will coach the Notre Dame base
ball tram.
Ausuita, Me, Jan. IS. Former Con
gressman Udwin C. Hurlelgh, republican,
was elected United States senato hy tho
Maine l.eglsl.itute in Joint on ml in l
da v.
Helena Mmt. Jan. 11. -1 honias J
Walsh of Helena, primary preferential
candidate, to-day was ee, trd United
Stntes senator, receiving e- . r. n, n
both house uf the Leglslatuii
Nobody can tell you just how many in.
ertlons of your ad will be needed t i
llnd u lilljer for voue properlv t an
one or vperleni e. will tell yo.i to Ktep
l it and ' on II sum nil

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