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ItSDAY, .lANt AllY 2.1.
al Items of Interest From All
tain State.
hE NEWS di tiUUHl KS
m the Island in the Lake to
o MtieBiitnnoK n nno- uilcl
Creek and by the Shores
of Wliite River.
i nrwi) eloetcn noam oi imw"
.tits met 1 th town rlcrk's office
my ovc- lug i tkI orga nlacd as follows:
ildept cf the board, I Jr. P. 1.. Dorcv:
wxPns J M llurke, A. S. Harrl
l, C ( Wells. F c Warren, J. K.
tolph. i.cowo T. Ivlddcr and C. r .
'i, stri'si commissioner, W. X. Cndy;
itirn , Mian P.. Sturtovant.
t'ira Frank "Warren, Jerry
ri i;(umni uorwiro, r.rwin n. nper
Noai W soil. Prank Vv'arrni was
i iLht rat i man. T1r sups-rlntctidcia
wirka I Charles A. Lyman: siiperln
lnt of ll-hls. Pay ' Warren: siipu
ndrnt i f fit' department, Isaac
Anolii .!r M.tis t.ncv lltnks u.'is
rd will mot t on the second Tuesday
tung of a"h month ,il tight o'clock,
petition for calling a special village
..I .... . .... I.' l ..111.. ...... .1.1 . .....
raibc mop money tor building more
--adamlzed roads wa read and a spe
1 meeting bni been railed for Tucs-
evs-nlng, February 4. Miss Klcnolr
idettc has gone to Prattb-lioro for a
days Isaac I.avoncho, Jr., who has
111 for a week, Is able to be out
, .1 J". Hahat, who has been visiting
town a wwk, ha.i returned to Itran-
ttdll block nro tip and the building
now enclosed A large force of help
at work putting on tho roof.
r.-s .lull ii II ill fiiM'ii. will. ill. .11:11 iv
tr.tt fiirmer w. 11 lrnr.uti Villttl no.u
n nf Shis fotvn. Hied al tbelr brim., .m
i tililnt-IAn street slimline ..l-nnliiir (iff. r
"irvi I 1 mi;.- t iu m minium in , .it. inc
of H2 years Slip 'k survived by a
diand, Office Jerry Degtey ..i-
ccd lilm In t'n ' .unity Jail fni intnxlca-
n where lie sr lit Hio night. Monday
iriuriir I c ivii-.nl .iiiukc -. it. I in hi nf t
i t, pisaiien guuiv iii me ciiurge ami
a Unci V and I'u.si?. He was nut aldi-
tuiv, and ho will wpr nd IS duvs in jail.
I i cattio (iniptncnt Monday coiiMfm n
thrc! carloads. Monday, mar-
. ...m. l.i.n...V.I fmni I..
ccnlM and butter, 01 to r,l. Mil.
recovering Arthur Forest Is HI at IiIh
m! on Hfjiiionr street. Mr. and Sirs.
Illlam Pi lor have returned from Proe-
where they were called by the death
his father. -Ml. and Mis. A. '. Tabor,
10 havo spent two weeks In Worcester,
. have returned. P.. F. Wales has
in iii:ii in ill urn H iiiii'i ii. i.'. i.i c.
th his family In town. Mrs. Frank Oll-
1..... ...... J, Ml. .niu tttf n f.ii
ard U. IVatsiin, Miss Penlali Sargent,
iss Graco Doads. Mis. Prudence Oodnttn,
lss Alice llolcomb, Miss Mable Snnford,
anc Cltta. Dennis Condon, A. F. llolden,
.. M t .......... Afl!F...l lf.il,..lu l.pllBh
. i . . ... n T.' lnrVw i li linu .-.it itvni.i1
om i wee a biinni.-s trip lo Huston.
did ha soi I- in TuondiroKil,
"V a'led tin it bv tlie IllneFS of
rs Plpci s moinei. .his. .unrein iiisnup
... . .l.n. I 1 ne.. ciiti.. In t.elei.ti.r .time.
on for a fow days.-ucotgu Kidder Iuih
mo U' .Muntpcller, to attend the
. I II. ,rr ..f .lift Mtfllr. Il.-.r.'
lliucii ...v- ... --.
i.i... H H rn.iTH.-Kr. Ik.u ..1 iirii.til
om Jtiitltind, where he was called by
death of a rel.ith -. .Uifcs Klcnnnr
raoem: 0.10 Mine ... ....... .........
ban ' puMtlon. Mrs. P. B, IMIIon has
ono to Fowler for a rew nays win nor
iiitrhtir and family -Napok-on ppdiadiiu
dntiiied to the house by iilties? A
Miclal vlllam. meeting; "111 ! ipmiI 'rues-
v i veiiiin F briial.v I. to see If tbr
it r wiP t i Is' inunrv for the leiiposc I
b II hue more permanent road the
unlnn summer The meeting will bo held
the town hall. -Mlsi t'unln Uewey,
l.n U'.u Ki.in 111 la nlile In lie nil ...
ir. Strlnhlock Iwjs con to UeoiEU-.
lero ho Is to overse a contract, aivJ
11 bo absent about Mx wrfks. Hid
Thi lift of unoUlr.V'd I'tfrs at thif
o lo a follows. Mips Maud llcvnoda,
llss IVoe Mclean, Will Casey, Vnm
ones, F. II Allen, Aithur Kclllher, Jack
Soft, Ernest J. K' llej, Mrs. llebeCL.x lAv-
i more, .MIs llattle Mimh. leo White.
.eoruo rarni Jii.-.- .Mai.iouc iiciisoii,
lister Jason Hi'liennan, Mr. and Mrs.
i 1 f lark .nil Mis. Will Idckcinian.
iu nun of (.'aru i' & ClarU has been
I solved and mo nusiness win ne con-
l'lb Jo ni i i. tn. ini lames ot tne
in list Phbrch served a chicken plo
upcr ediasdav cveninir in tne cnurcn
rlor.i. Mrs. Joseph Scranton and son
' New Yoik arc In town. Anton Cohen
'ft Fat unlay nlKht for a business trip
i .Vi w Yorl' Diistln Harrows Is con
i. :d i i t jiii bv Hlnes.i and Paul
N Ai in.. .11 i t.H.ln- his pine as
: dtoi lib hall and opera iousi.
"Irs, Jauo 'Pic. died Jan. 14 nt the
nc or hep daughter. W I. l'iin
r m heart falluie i'illoivln; piieumonlii.
i'v and Frank Pleice, who isld" In
h Wi't iimj one d mulilcr, Mrs. W. I.
i ter if 1" list, n Tbi filliera: Mel . ieert
' li Id T' lif ipi ,u Hi,. retliodHt
i i i i ii
S S. I'obb olllclatlm.-. The bearers were
P . Pierce, Thomas KitKiin. P. X.
Wllklns and Frault Stevens, and Interni' nl
wan In the (lace cemetery. Catlton
SpriiKhc of urldtol has sold the Sprasue
farm on the rhcr road In Waltham to
Mrs. Mury 11. Umleli. Tic larni l ontalns
160 acre of land, with bulldliiKS, ntid thf
conilderatlon win twi. Tin s.-ilf was ar
ranKed by Attorney ricorae V. Stone.
Mrs. Daniels also ptirch.isid the stock and
farnilnir tools. Possession will be Riven
.irch 1. The farm will be operated '-v
I'M ward Daniels,
William, youn; mn of .Mr. and Mrs.
IMelbert I,. Shikk. died Mumlay liioiuliiK
after a few dajs' Illness "f soptlccmla,
aci d l) years. The futieial n.is held at the
home at twelve o'clock Wednesday.
The Knlghte of Methodism will meet iu
the parlors of the church Friday cvenltu;
lor the liiHt-ill.it Ion of olllcirs. Mrs. Har
nett of SprlUKtlnld Is visiting her sister,
Miss Tessle Powers. C. I!. Itroutnll Is
at the Maiy Fletcher hospital fur tuat
ment. Mrs. i. K. Stone's Sunday school
class will meet at Mrs. W. W. llrlstol's
this afternoon.--W. It. Warner, member
of public commission sei vices, attended
three he.irlnKs at St Athnu. Tuesday. -The
condition of Mrs. W. I.. Porter, who
has been seriously ill with pneumonia.
In improving. The funeral of the Infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Putter was
held Sunday. Mrs. McFadden. who
has been vlslllnu her sKter, Mrs. F. N.
Cmives, returned to Uranvllle, N. Y.,
Monday. Mr. and Mrs. I. (!. ICllott of
Shclburne were uuests of Mr. ulld Mrs.
Fred Tnpper Tuesday. -Ml s. Fdward
liarnppy Is 111. The annual meeting of
the Eastern Stars for the election of ofll
ccrs will bo held at their rooms Monday
eveiiliiK Mr.. I., i!. YVhltford Is improv
lns. Miss 1'lnra liooth has returned from
a visit in Mlddlcbury.
William, youne; son of Mr, and Mis.
Fdelbert I.. Stasir, died .Monday moinlim
after a few days' Illness of septlcema,
used :0 years. The funeral will be held
at the home at twelve o'clock Wednes
day. -The "As Vou Uke H" club will hold
KUest nlsht this cvcnlns with Mrs. F. I..
Fish. II. c. Merrick visited his nif,- at
the Mury Fletcher hosplt.il Smula . Miss
Illicit l.ee is III.-The Woman's Home
Missionary society of th Methodist Mpls
iop.tl Church will meet at tin parsou.i--c
Wednesday alterimon. Dr. Sparkbawk
of llurllnmon was called lice Saturday In
consultation with Dr. Mornaii on the
in-i! of Mrs. Julia Smith Vlleii. Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Parker have pme to Kutlund
to attend the funeral of Mrs. Parker's
sister, Mrs. Julia C. Dm i. -Tne condition
of Mis O race liordon Is somewhat Im
proved. Jacob Clark is ill with thu si I p.
M1h l.oulsc Chapln of Stowe was the
Biiest of Miss Doulsa Woodman Monday
Frederick Fish of Midilleiniry Coll.-se
(Continued on pnue S. I
Constitutional Question Based on
Its Wholesale Amendment
by the Senate.
Montpelltr, Jan. li'. There U noun- talk
that the tint rate bill in Its present form
may be unconstitutional. It Is rumored
horn to-nluht that the attorti'-y-Keneral
has reached an adverse opinion on the
hypothetical Ucstlon bearlnn upon Un
constitutionality of the measure as
amended. The case niralnm the I in is
W( aliened by the fact that the assumed
statement of fact. put to the attorney.
t--eiiral h ifiln senatorH Is not unite
npiau with the facts presented bv the
The (lU'-slio), .i i 1st s Uhipr tie leitulie
ment of tie. i oiMtltntioti that .ill revenue
nieiimres shall orli.-ln.ite p the House.
The actual tacts are that the Senate has
amended the lat rate bill sent up to It
from the Hijiifi until Its own father would
not iccoRiilzt it. To be specillc, the Sen
ate amend) d the (list .e-ttnn of the bill
bv chanluf. one wold, and ti in'k out
uiid substituted new provisions foi all
aftci thai
Tlie iiies.lon pin to tin- attoi ncy-m-nenil
was whether ir the Senate were to stiiln
out cveiMhini; aftci the cnnctlm; cla ise
mil sulmltiitc new matter then for. tin
!llia.uie could be said lo have niisinatel
In the liotihe. Tin- rumor Is that the at-tornnj'-teneral
holds that under these
1 1'i'ti m st a n ci". ihe chaiiKe would amount
to a riibsliliitl.iu of n lu-w hill I.Ulu-r than
an amendment of the old. Whether bav
ins In tin' first si ctlon Is cnoUKh to chanse
this, remains to be seen, ami probnbly
would depend upm bow important a pat I
of the Kill the Ilrst sei tlon was.
The iiuihUun l.i made more illllicint bi
causii ot the ink that no bill otiKht to be
pasrxil In -"in li form that there is an'
Munition as to ,t oiistlMtionallD which
wouhl lie llkep to proioke lltlKntlon.
Wnshlnnton, Jan. II Great earfn
elides have started asaln In the Culo-
brn cut In the Panama cannl. One
.ilor)- Is expected to throw 1,000,000
vsrdp of erth and rock Into the, canal
unlfl tho rtam. shovel crews, who
are working desperately, succeed In
checking; It.
Another slide, at Cuehurncha. whle'i
whs supposed to have halted two ,-ears
riXO, analn Iuih beuun to inovo tapldly.
Tn earth sank four feet In 17 min
utes on tin afteniooti of January 2.
completely covering two railroad
The cnyinecis amlcipatcd these
movements mul had allowed for them
In their estimates, but It will take a
full nionta'n work of tho giant steam
shovels to set rid of tho debrlH,
pitoMPT pay.mi:n-t POP Mll.K.
Moutpeller. Jan 2S, -Vormnnl has
iindortaUen to net ore to the farmers
prompt payment foi milk sold to for
elKti creamerv asMoclittlons. Ily a. bill
slHIied by riouM-por l-'lntchor to-day
Hiich lompaiiieK doln(; business In tho
State will be required to fllo with the
secrotary of state a bond of 10,000
from which collection win be nuulo
of uccouritn Hot settbtd bj the th of
the month following thm n. whl ,i
tin,- w-jiL- -.uhUjUj.
Passes Amended
Voie of 17 to
Measure by
Shows Dissatisfaction.
Howley's Board of Arbitration
and Conciliation Bill Approv
edArchitect's Report
Nearly Ready.
Al titpelier. Jan. -2. Anothei step In the
perfection if lay. !elslntlon was in com-plli-licd
this moinliis when the Senate
passed II. 374, Ihe Hat rate bill, with the
proposals of amendment recommended by
the committee of the whole last Friday,
as already i utllin il In the Tree Press.
Mr. Dy.-r of liutland offered an amend
men', which was asreed to, prov Idlns the
method of reltnbursinir towns for money
paid foi advanced Instruction. The i,csls
Inttire )if IJlrt Inadverdently repeal)-)! the
law which permits reimbursement by the
State of towns not iiialntiiinins hlxh
schools, for mone.v jiald for advanced In
struction In other towns. An ae: has al
ready be.. n p,i...eii to reimburse towns
for tin- amounts paid foi this purpose In
the last biennial term, and It Is cxpieted
that tin- old ad will be revived at thU
session, so that this amenilinen' III be
applb able.
Mr. Ilarliei then proposed another
amendment juovlilliu' that tangible per
sonal property shall be considered a put
of the strand list in ihe r.iKln of a
special tax to meet the expense cans, d
by Hood, i-onllaKratlon or any unusn.i.
cnntiiiitemv. Mr. Iilanchard of f"ie
opposed thl. believins that Intati-cli.1-propcrt
as well should be taxed at t'n
local late for such put poses. .Mi. I.:iii
polllted out that the pill post- of the bii
was to biiinj oin Intaimibb- propertv .i
Imposhi-j a law rate, but that If It wen
to be burdened as .Mr. lilnnclnrd sutr
srestcd. It would not come out. or would
be held only by banks and Investment
companies and no by Individuals. Mi.
McCu.-n also opposed the amendment. The
amendment was adopted.
SPNATiiliS Willi SFPPuPTP.D Mil. I..
(in tlie iU"st!ou of proposltm tin so
alii- nilin. uts lo the House, Ihe vote wo1
17 to to. Th)' bill was tin n passed by a
vott oi 17 to 12. Mi. Preston w is absunt.
The senators vntltm for tin- pa.-'nsje of
the lull wire ltarber. liatehobler. llls
w.iod. bafl')-)-, Croft, Darllns of Cale
donia. D.iibls, I lyer of Put land. House.
Johnson. I.ntiil, McFeetius, Mower, ijuhi
bin. l!o-. , Sherwln and Wnllls.
Mi- Wallls, while ileclaiini; bis purpose
to voti for tin bill, ivpiesHcd his dlssatls
fuctioii vilth 'inp portions, which lie
thousht worked an Injure lo the smut!
towns In the matter of distribution of
public moneys, whi. b he expected to be
Improved In the lions,
Then. 1 mill,, ills? itisfaction with the
bill than exptc-Md In the brief ib-
1-at) tl-'- morniim. In tact t:n-ie are very
few s. n Hots to whom the mi ..-tire N i-n-tlrely
s itisfaetory. Hut It Is recosnlzf 1
that Hi- re must be some eoinpiomNe ot
opinion, some coni-i-sslons, If the (ieiieral
Assetubh Is to p.-i form Its duty and meet
the ib-ni-inil.s ot tin- people by eiiai-lln-;
sonic t.ixitlon law. In niakhis proposal
of atii. ndnn ni siiihi.i had to be KUldnl
not noi,i by ii.,..p. 1,1,,,,. u,at should
Ie- ilom ami how it sh.iuid b.- aceom
pllslwd. i. in also le oiiMiileraiions of Its
pro.-peClK In the lower house.
The lloii.se h,ls p,,,.,.,! up. mn pntl,
ins apptoiu Intioii lor the I'niverslt..
of Vetmont and a.lilltioini 1 scholar
ships in Ml.ldleluiry i'ollet;e and Nor
wich I'nlvervltv.
Mi. Howie) s ion pi-.nidluc for a
State board or arbitration and con
ciliation was passed bv the House
without opposition.
The Senate has dlsimend that the
taxation bill is still incomplete and
will piohab!) ask tin- House to return
the bill to-morrow- and then res mi
sider Its vote. This means that a day
or two of ib-lR) will ensue before
the bill sets before the House for ac
tion. The New York architect ei.pl vol
b the committee up provldltiK mo-n
room at tin- State House has ret urn- d
with his plans pi .icttcally i oiiipb teil,
ami tin- committee will haw Its iii.il
report irad) to be submitted In a few
la .-
pssi:s vir.u ami:.d.ii:nt.
Tin- hist piopos.il ot ami ndment to
tin' Stat)- i-oiistitution, lelntlnsr to the
Kovernoi s vetu, was ailopt)-)l by the
Hons.- this niomlnc. This aniond
ment Is Intendeil to kIvc the Oovern-ir
srreater power In the matter of ex
ercising the veto, but It Is a question
whether It does so in renlltv Mr.
nlllltiKs of Woodstock was strotiKl;.
opposed In the amendment because he
believed It weakened the s-ovei nor's
power. Mr. Weeks, chairman of the
tpeclal lomnilPee which recommend,
ed the amendment, said the committee
was not unanimous The amendment
wah adopte 1. 171 to J'l
U-nllc,- w en' asked to lern e the House
for an hour this nioiriim; during the dis
cussion of H. tC'. to pi event the spread
of Infectious diseases The bill was ills
cussed at some leiiKth, no one speakliiK
as;nlnst It. nd "'i"1 ordered In a third
rendlUK bv a unanimous vote
Two bills weie Introduced In the House
this moinlm,'.
The bill crentini; a conservation mm
mission, and npnropi uitlni; money for the
purchase of land and tin- construction f
reservolis, was a spicial onb-r In tin- Sen
ate this lifts i noon It was fi. ...ci or
slercil to lie Mr. .Mower said he feared
that the bill, whlh lnteiidi.il for a desir
able purpose, mlnht In iniiropetl drawn
and mlKht tequliu auii'iidmeut Uu his
motion the Mil was mudx a special order
for next Tuesday
MIsKCTnic Ml.ASPIH! Tu j.ii:
SiniHn' iKspoliion wih mu-le oi s
Lu ttattlAU lis AiHa mti vliaUiiluiuui -uf
ie iiuesii.e .,f d)lav
1 In M, lll;iic liaiil
w.'Hinlv dibat)'d, but
I that Om delay was
ii c. A. Prouty, who
i . etei trie company,
mlnht havi- an "Pportunltv to
the bill, the ddac was ptliints-d.
The MUsstloli of a Stati- ileteutlon farm
was briefly debut"!. Senator Croft ques
tioned whether tin establishment of tsuch
a fnrm would aeiompllah what was
dcslrol, hut the bill was passed.
(Jovctucr l-'letrh'-r thla aftcinnon nn-nouiii-)
l that he hu'l (.'runteil a tejirlevc
until Jnimai), V'H. to Ai-lbur lloswoitb.
Tin- prisoner was --nteiteeil to be txs
cuted this month, and the law ptovided
that An execution i annot take place until
tbr Mist if Jiimi.iiy. after the adjourn
ment 'if hitervenlni; session of the 'vcl--latnre.
sti suib a n-prleve wan ner-i'ss.'ir) .
A l idIIiu; bill provides that sil'-n i-n-ciition
shn'l not be carried out until .;o
ilays litter the adjournment or the Leu
Mature, ivbli h v 111 avoid tin- necessity
ot Mich a loin- Hprlevo In the future.
When II. If", whli-h restores capital
punishment for murder by wUhdravvIni;
the option from t'n luty, came up for n
third reitillm:, Mr l.'.irlliit; opposed tin
passage of th" l 11. lie hellsivesl till H
step buekwaid and urged that the bill
should not pass. The lawyers of the Sen
site were generally opposed to him. be
lieving that the ni tiler of punishment
should not be leit to the Jury. The mat
ter was debateil lor a shurt time, tho
senators saying little more than to de
cline llu-lr pnMtinn, anil the bill was
passed by a vote of 21 to H.
A fuiihei extension of time her become
necessary for tin- commissioner of taxes
to make out his statements In leganl to
certain corporation taxes, owing to the
continued Illness of the eomnilsslonci ,
ami a bill granting an extension till the
middle of FebniHrv was passed under
suspension of the rules. About half a
million of taxes Is Involved In Ibis nialter
nnd the State cannot atfonl to loe the
The llrattlelioio overpass bill was passed
by the House anil hurried Into the Senate,
where the House iimemlnients Were luime-
iliateh agrcs-ii lo. It was not disposed
of in Hie lloutc without debute and an
atiiendinen offered bv Mr. Cool, ot Lyn
don was adopted making H effe live
Minli I The bill w i tlnn pass, ,1 p. a
nti oi III lo k!
ib'ctrl. )-inii-
tllltll Till Slt.l ' . lie
of Orleans w i
vvhen It was st.u
naked that tlu 1 1
Is Interested In a
.S. li.it
w is i all. u i.i oi'ilei P) Mr.
pri sidi lit pi o t. in . and de-. o
isi r wen- i ond .i b .1 In thu
1 tlbliltt. tin
tlu. ml i X) l )
) haplain.
H. ,!7t -Vo regulate the taxation of per
sonal propei ty and to establish a uniform
late on certain classes thereof.
Mr. Dyer of Itutlritnl offend n further
amendment providing for iclmbiirsemcni
of towns for money paid for advanced
instruction, which whs adopted
.Mr. Uarb. offend an amend itu-fit pn
Vldlng thai tangible personal property be
consider)-)! a, pun of tlu- grand list Iu lite
tuisllig of a special tu v lo meet the ex
pense caused by a Hood, conllagrntlolt or
any unusual or exi r.iorillnarv cause.
Mr. Illaiabard of iirleans opposed the
pmeiiilnieiit. Mr. Johnson favored It, as
did Mr. Kalrd, Mr. D)er of lliitland. ami
tin- atnenilment was adopted.
llv a ilslng vote it w. s decided to pto
poe lo tin- Hoiisi the i.mendments n-c-iiiiiiniinl'd
v ths i oinmlttie of the whole
i.i a .it of 17 to in. The bill
passed b) a vote of 17 to 12.
Those who votnl n favor of the pas
j.nui o the bill wen liaiber, Ual.l.eldei
pigwsnMl, '' iirfie. Cioft. Darlini: of Cab
ooni.i lludrls, D.D'I of P.utland, Hou.-e
lohnson, I.alrd, McPectn-, .Mower, Qiilu
Inn. Hov, Sherwln, Wallls.
Thosi' voting in the negative wen
Tilt t. Hlattcharsl of iirleans
I'.lani-haril of
Wliidsor, Dale, I larllng ol
Dm r of Addison, Klbotl.
tirnnge, D;ivls,
llemy. Mattl-
son, Mi-Cut-n. Pollnril.
The chair appointed as menibcis of ihe
omuilssioii to Invs-sllgnte wati'r powers,
Mr. Chafl'i-. and Mr. F.lllott.
(Ml motion ot Me Chaffee the Senate at
II :!io ailjourmsl.
SK!N'l-:i) I1V Till-: (lOVFIItNnlt
S. 111. An ml t amend nertlon 12I1 ot
the publn st.it'tlis. as amended by No
SS of the ai'ts if I'""-- relating lo contempt
pi 01 lings.
S Hi3.-An ait 10 unt'-nd section
uf 'the inibllc siatuie. us anp'itded by
section 2 of No- i-"- f the a -Is of llnis.
relating to He loiiillthins of llipior
lies n-tes.
S. t: An act 111 amniiilinent of ami In
adilltion to -Sections vM. 'A' and 4'C.S or
the public statutes, ami et ctlon Itttt of
the public statutes as inernl)-il tiv N
I2 f tin- acts o' l'"'s- relating to torelisc
1-iiMiiii-r.i' n-soi htlions
S. V'S An .1)1 i" aini'ini Imn 1 ol
No of tilt nets of 1'l. as allli'llilcl
i) No. .'In ol lb' acti ol I'rns. relatlnr.
lo 1'ie 1 limn 1 -a lb. v I' in. of I'.rat
tl 11. 11,
,s. lNiV-crtiatlng a conservation ioiiiuiih
slon and appropilatlng funds for building
and developing reservoirs for the storage
of Hood waters, "n motion of Mr. Mower
the bill was orders'! to lb- and made a
epeciil order for next Tuesday afternoon.
,s iTS-KelatlnB to the keeping of town
,st, ITT -Ilegulailug fi'e ami dlmrlhuUuu
of electilc energy.
Ml. liatchelilci- offered aincrnlmerits re-
miring petltluu under ihe act to be
brought In the fl"t Inmnnee to the pub
lic service 1 omnilni'l'in Instead of tho tu.
preine court.
Mr. Ulutu-liard of uilean moved that
the hill be muds- a special order f,,r
Tuesday liuiiulHK "'l'1 wim supported b
Mr. Pale. Mr- Huleheldei, Mr. Johnson
11 nil 'Mr. IiT'l opiioicil. tin explanation
the opposition was wltlidiawn and Hle
uiiitlrin prevailed
S 20,1-Concerning tbe l'ist Marie ami
Chelsea and Ham' ltalho.nl companies.
S -V.' -- Ksiabllshlns a State detention
II 4i-nelatl!itf I" H'e Mi!enlni of
Tip cv mm Tn
UII)lull2 ji.i00 no')J
Grand Council Accepts Proposals
for Peace Settlement with
Balkan States.
Hardly Expected That The Porte
Would Register Decision
So Quickly Anti-Cli-max
Cniistniitllioplc, Jan. .2. Turkev I
lo-dav submitted tf the will of th. )
powers. The grnml count II of tin- ,
Ottoman empire de I led in favor'
of accepting tin- proposal "I Km
rope for a peace settlement lntw.cn
Turkey it li 1 the P.alkan allies. As
officially announced tac grand
council "appiovcil tin- government's
point of view, declared Its couM
dence In the sentiments of equity
voiced bv th" great powers
ami ,
expressed th)1 wish to
promises is ml proposed
effectlVel) realized."
see their I
assistance I
I.onilon. Jan. 2.'. flic plenipotentiaries
el' the P.alkan kingdoms are Imtuei.seiy
pleased over the decision of the grand
con mil at Constantinople ti, accept tin
advice ol the p-.vvers. While It had p.-
one Iiiei 1 aslngl) 1 tain In lb- past
is liout.- thaL tlie Turkish Ider st.-ites-nien
were picpated to face the bitter
fate tl at ends tin- empire's lustui) as an
nation. It was bunll) 1 xpceteil
mid icglster their dei-islon
Illicitly and so deilpltel).
This Is so unlike the customary Turk
ish tin tim that some suspicion is enter
tained, without supporting proof, that
Turkey might still have cauls i.p lu r
Tin- Porto s reply to the Joint note of
tin- powers will be bund d to tlie .1111
baspadoi' to-mori ow, however, ami the re
mainder of the negotiations leading to tin
WKiililg of the peine treaty arc 1 xp. t. J
to l an autl-chmnx
line eniclai point of din,!-, n. . 1-1 s
to be si-ttlcd in the Uestlun ul uitlenimt v
The allies purpose t)i b-V) 11 bean p.n -ineitl
upon the s'.eftiated u.itii.i. lb.
Spoul! Of $'.1SI.(-,)JIO as tin aileSIU.lle Silin
Their nilnlimim Is an amount t -111.1; i"
the Turkish debts .mm bed 1,1 i'ie
territories w hb b the) will .mne .m.. i
the in atv.
The Ttnks an- llki li to contest the I
Indemnity strongl), and the bankrupi i-on-i
illtiou of their country furnishes them i
with a potent argument for an appeal to
the powers. Tin- negotiations over the
-ettlenieiv of minor ipiestlons and for
was then 1 the t iking over of the couqueieil pio
tvimet. will occupy a considerable time
mil It will be some weeks before the
treat) is siem d.
I. Novakovltcli, ihe ex-premier of
Servla. salil to-night: "The Turks set m
Mnnll) to have recoveriM the fucultv of
reasoning, but why to-ilaj Instead of six
weeks ago. n they must pay what our
four armies have bei 11 costing us all this
time. Wt have not yet t down iluun-s
lor the ludoniiilt) bet we b ive practically
decided on what basis It Is to he
en!) iilati d and how it Is to be divided
among tin- allies.
Ilaeh llalkau Stale will lake as a basis
the number of soldiers it put In tin- Held,
averaging the com of each soldier during
the time tin- country was on a war-foot-In;;.
The sooner Turkey concludes pi-an-the
less she will have to pav. The pow
ers must help us 111 this Miiustion a!.-u as
the Indemnity will be employed to pay the
share of the Ottoman debt falling upon us
i proportionately to the teriltorle we nc
Miiii e "
Dr. Dineff. bead ot tin- Itulgarlan dele
gation, s-xptessud satisfaction when con
gi undated upon the probable peace set
tlement hut he was of the opinion that
the negotiations would drag along for
.seVellll weeks mure
Premier Venlch of tirceic .-aid that
h,. expected the decision, as Tiuko.v had
I tber lellsollabb' ollerillllive.
M. Miv uskovlti b, head of the Mnntent
gilu delegation, observed Hint now that
all I' ) gravest piobleiiis wete about to
be miI cil It set tin tl Incredible that the
legitimate aspirations of .Montenegro, the
smallest of tho Kutopcnn kingdoms for
the ncfiulsltlott of Scutari should be op
posed and thus threaten H11rnp.Mi1 peace,
It appears nevertheless that all the
ambitions of Greece anil Montenegro are
not likely to be realized. Austria and
I til 1 v are united in their opposition to
the actesslon of Scutari by Montenegro.
The attitndi of It'll) Is due partly to
her obligations as n member of tlu triple
allium e. ami parti) to tin old leeling
I existing between the Italian and Monte
I in mln reigning bouses, nothw Ithstandlng-
the dose 1 flattonshin
The tireeks hope lo In- able to letam
Sn'onikl vi lib the lonscnt of the allies
and the assistance ol the powers, since
the town ol Adllanopli and most ol the
Vila, et will go to lliilguihi. Put the lltil
tfiirians advance the same claim, although
neither coi.ntry lias a majority of the
iiiluibltnnls ot Salonlkl.
At their mtetlng to-d iy tin- ambassadors
nicely bronch'jd the oucstlon "f the
frontlets ol Aliu-Jibi. The met ting iidjourn-
i d carl)
It Is i.ndei-stood thai the opinion
prs vallH unioiig tin
ambassadors that 1 hey
Hhlllllll 1 1 1 1 I H mllldle emu vc
dcllmliatlous proposed by
Pel weep
Set via
those piopost-d b.v Austria
Til.- Seiviitn di ligation bus nntllicd tin
powers that lln repotted Servian uuib
RaieD of Albanians In territory occupied
Uy Servian troops me w about founda
tion In fai I.
DKC lSlilN' W W. I N .M.Mi)l S
'.uustwiittut-yiiv Jstu- TUo 'fvnatiou
submitted bv tin 'J'.iikisli gov-ci nlin 1 t t.
the Brand council to-day was: "Sim 1 1 I
the r'-cotiimendatlnns sontaliied In lb
noto of the Kuropuaii powcra be ne- ept.
or rejected'.'"
Tho government frankly confessed lis. f
m favor of agreeing to tho sugge- tl-ei
made, by tho powers, and nft'r 11 sll-rhl
discussion the. atsse.mbly decided nlnm-i I
'nanltnriiisly In agreement with the d-w
of the government
To-morrow uhont noon, therefore, tin;
Marquis Johanti Do Pallavlclnl, the Ans-tro-Mungarlaii
ambassador nnd the dean
of the diplomatic corps at Constantinople,
will be hands d a note lu which th o otto
man government agrees to tip, proposals
embodied In tin- joint note with regard
to tho eewlon of the rortn-M-j of Adria
uoplo and the filtlln- disposition of the
cgcan Hands, and places Itself in the j
bunds of the poneis. , meeting of the
council of minister will lp.. held tu-mnr-!
row morning before flic- flnnl step is
The Joint note of the powers advise)!
Turkev to cede Adrlanople to the allies
anil to leave the fate of the Aegetn Is
lands to the (owers for future determ na
tlon 111 return the powets promised tltr
hem voh-lil support so long ,1. 'lurk'v de
1 erred ti.el" co'itis. l.
I'litliilln Claims He Agreed Not lo i nn
tesl llither's Will.
P.ullainl, Jan. .1. c. Merltln-w of
I tin ll'onl. N. Y.. ha brought suit. In Kut
lund county court ag mist Hlrnm It- Merit
hew and l.dwnril S. Meiilhew of Pit, hit;
..rotherii, to n rov. r 11,I on a contract
Laving to do with the settlement of tho
estate, of tlnn- jnoiie'r. Mis. Ann Merit
how. who db-d in .Mac, 1M1. T. W.
Molom-y and George M". Piatt of this
city aio counsel for the plaintiff.
The platntllf nllegtc that he Is olii- of
four heir.5 of Ann Merithew as therr is
.. sistt.r la-Hides tip- three lu others v. ho
arc in litigation. The plaintiff i"m left
JOi lu his mother's will. Ha claim;! that
this is linn h less than orie-rourtn tho
value of her estate. Me Intended tp con
test the will but promlrcil not to do so on
tho ground thai his b.-otln rs tuni over
lo hlin one-fouith the p.,- .Jill':,, of
sluirca of certain stock, or the ciidvulent
if .M,4;."i. They ihvo failed to -ur.ke ihi-j
traitst'-r. he claims, and he sues tn got the
.siock. lie claims that bii mother, In
Making bet will, vvrs iinrtulv influenced
jy the dtfendanta.
A Washington spccl.iJ saj that forces
hi IIoiie of Itepreseiitativtis favorable
to action on currency and banking at the
special session arc abr-it counterbal
anced by these tipposed. Nothing can bo
none in em -is unless sjnie outside for.-
Is made effective to compel a tlon
Wears Pearls of Empress Little
Nieces as Flower Girls Her
Only Attendants.
Tarrytown, N. Y., Jan. 22. Miss Helen
Miller Gould was married at 12.VI o'clock
this afternoon at l.yinllnirst. her country
estate, to Finlev Johnson Shep.inl, a rail
toad mail, who has ilsen from the ranks.
The brldo went to an altar, half hidden
by roses and great banks of palms, on
tho arm of her brother, George J Gould,
who gave her In marilage An orchestra
screened bv mussi s of flowets In the mu
sic room played the "liridal Chruus" from
"Lohengrin." and the I!ev. Daniel D.
Uussell, pastor of tin- Irvhigton Ptcshv
tcrlait Church, performed the cercinony.
Hi'leii and Dorothv Goald. lib s of Mls
Gould, Mood with her Gnrhstl in pale
pink satin, thev neted as llowsr girls and
wore her only attendants
The couple stood during the - eremony
heniath a bower of American beauty
loses with festoons of grav-wlilto iisp.ir.i
uiis reaching almost to the ground. The
bride carried a modest bouquet of lilies of
tlie valley, her favorite flower.
A rope of cxiiulhitc pearls, said to have
once adorntd the F.mpress Josephine, Na
poleon's wife, nnd a pear-shaix-d diamond
pendant, the latter the bridegroom's gift,
weie tlie only Jew.-lrv worn by tin- bride.
The pearls were a brqu.-t from Miss
Gould's mother.
The wedding grvvn vis ot duchess;
hor.v satin, with u sweeping train three
mid a half raids long, trimmed with
tluohetii and rose point lace, and with seed
pearl embroidery. The loci and veil were
Hie gilt? ol th Duchess de TnlK-yrand.
formerly Miss Anna Gould, the btlde's
sMti I liei veil was held with a sptay
of iituigo blofRom:i aril swept m turn
ing liner to tin- cid of the long train
Orangi hlotsonib also caught up the laco
at tho shirs of the skirt. Tho bride's
slippers corresponded with the gown,
and ware trimmed with small rosettes of
oranso blnsonms.
Fnch of the llttln flower girls curled
a batket of pink roses, which matched
thplr gowns. Ths Ir stockings were of w hlto
silk, their slperR white and mounted
with golden butteifly buckles. The brid
hinded to Dorothy her bouquet of liHos
of the valley while the bridegroom placed
the llns upon hei linger
.ess than peisom were bidden to
the sereiuoii) They Intituled close rela
tives of the lulilc and the In Idegroom
and the frl'iids of lone standing,
New York. Jan. 22. Fifteen bun
dled "Hovvcry mission hyvs" lm.l ronst
beef, tin nips, bread, coffee anil apple
pic for supper to-nlghl, the gift of
Helen Mlllor Gould In honor of her
niarringn to Finlev ,1. Sheparl. In
groups of several hundred tho -boys''
formed In Hip's on the sidewalks near
! "lu mission. . I lishetl hungrllv Into Hie
1 '""" "no unci- eiiung ineii- nit uiiitesi
In resoltitioiih nl manas tn .Miss Gould
for her "beautiful pit In remembering
us In this most auspicious moment -if
her earthl) career "
Tip; diners i-hi-cicd a nietssage of
encouragement from Governor Sulzir.
Kverybujy hurrahed when a Bpeakar
sulil that their henefacioi "Instead of
IhlllKllig about hci tronsfieiiu and
hats jud gowns a oilier l i n
First Testimony Government Haa
Been Able to Obtain Support
ing Its Allegation.
Former President of U. S. Steel
Corporation Says Internation
al Agreement Existed As
Late As 1010.
New Voik, Jan. T -Willi, ni P;ill Core .
former preshl.nt of the, United Stati
HteM ctuporatloti. a wltns- to-dtvv In t!w
fcleral suit to llolvo th corporntlor.
under the Shermixn sinti-trust law, tvi
nlshed th irovernmejit with the tnmi
testlmonr It hod bern , (litUn (t
support of its alb gallon that tho eas
lioratlon pat tlclpated , ., JntomnttTOi
steel rail pool
Mr. Cotrr followed Theotlor Rnerwrert
on the ytnrul aftsir the Inrtnr had rpte'l
his testimony of two years ago hfor tbr.
Stanley steel inveaUir;-tine committor tvni-)-rriing
th ntnui.sltlon of the Tennocw
Coal A. lion enmpane '.ir th corrjttoi
iluring tho panic nf idiit. -oioDt Ilooy
velt. after reiterating thet he had givsi
his panctlon to. tho ileal "to mvr. the eoun
try from disaster" and sifte- h had beet,
asked If he hail hearsl various retv-ntj
about tho Tenu..t-e rv.at and Iron own.
pan , Including ono that the Tnl'el aiKtni
Steel corporation had within a. yi.r prr
vious hud experts evamlnlnu" tho prsi
erty. declared to-day that "not one thlnr
could h.iv been known to mo about trum'
fmnv that would have, alt'-red rrs
action. '
Colonel P.oosnveit was examined at. his
editorial ofllcea by Jacob M. Dkktrgion,
former secretary of nr nnd chief ooun.l
for the government In this ease.
Mr. Corey testified in a room in a. down
town ofllce building. IfB said that as late
as k')10 an understanding had exiited with
foreign rail manufacturers under xvMoh
the steel corporation njrrecd not to com
pete with them in their own countries
and foreign manufacturers in turn agreesl
not to seek business lu the United States.
"it was understood," said Mr. Corey,
"th-it sompetllloii should be restricted to
nciilial markets. ountrle.s which illd not
P'-odtiec steel tails."
Whether in these markets tl.) v.ai,
i ne- iinderstandine irith foreign prsidiiD rf
ji-s ni prleer and n division of tonnagefi,
tin- witness trofesed ignornnee
Wasn't Mexico ns-igned t.o the 1'rlt
i Slates Steel corporation V" ask l J mist.
' -I should not sav s" ' -eplle I t. M'-
1 "Was Mciico assigned to any oru
"1 tlon't, know aiiout that."
Mr. Corey e.-vplalncil that he hud had
little, to do with making the arrangements
himself, but had gained his knowledge
from James A Farrell, when in chargo o'
tho corponiUon's export business, who
slnco has succeeded tno witness as pres
ldent of tho corporation. Mr. Farrell, he
rt i nl, had made flips abro.ul to dlsctuts tUc
matter with the foreign manufacturers
Mr. Corey ttjflisl " the e.TlsWaoe "
a ste-1 nil iool arnontr American marwi
facturcrH at late as IftM unrter vhloh the
price-: of rails wcr kopt fin an vui
keel and buslnt-vs dlvMed. Tn llilw tbi
steel coi-corntJon pMtArlpAjKul, he. stittl,
nod vi aj; rcpresnnn! t. ne'tlritffi b
Jurttpi Albeit It G:.rr-. rjaorten 31
Schwab o" himself.
M'-. Coroy t-'tlffesl fnrtlusr that otui f
the reasons tho iTnlnn Hteel compans"
was taken over by the corporotltiti raj
that "it v.aH getting otu?tomr from til
Carneglo company." Tho TTnlon coarpenv
ne said, hnd built It plants for the man
tifacturo of steel bv thi opn hAutb
pl,-ess, at that thm- a new mnthosl. Aa
sooa as tJ-.e corpomtlons scoured ocmftol
blast furnnceB bulonxtng to tho Wvaron
coii'ittny, a surf I diary of the T'nlon, hasT
been dismantled, he mala.
ItutUind, Jan Among fh- OJvnl War
veterans who attended the funeral of
Joseph II. Ncedna.ni, a member of Co. (. ,
4th Vermont, at 'tis home here this mom
lug was dipt, c w i"arr of Urandon
wlio -19 )-enrs am was in Mbby nnil Choi'
Ieston prisons for llveinonths -with Kleit
tenant Needham The obseqnleH to-day
were in charge of Vermont Lodge,
Knights of Pythlns, at tho house and
Hoberts Post, G. A. R., at the grave. Tlie
bearera were members of those orgaulia
tlon.'. Mr, Needham had held the highest
otilces In beta orders
Waslniu an. Jan J2 Petri inri of War
Stimson h.is atpiovcsl plans for the
mammoth c.uni to shcltei-ctrvlving union
and confederate veterans, who will nieel
at Gettysburg battleilelil next July to
commemorate Iho Sotli anniversar) of the
The camp will i opsin of avioit .d.'rt
tents, affording acconiiuiKintlonH for be
tweep ti,( anil 70,oj) veterans, 0
kitchen tents, a complete divisional Its .1
hospital and three fully eiiutpps .1 'i
ui'titai leu. Tin' camp will spread ovc .a)
acres Congress has appropriated l fi.fr)
for Hie celebration, the State of Penns i
vanlii SijO.U'Vi more and both noitl -tu a pi
southern Si ites will make appropriations
to defrnv the transportation , Mieiims of
their lcspe.'tive veterans
The Aniorlcau Writing Papci i-imp.iny
litis been awarded by the government
contracts amounting to 700,C pounds ,(
tlner grade paper, i !),( i pounds of le ! ur
Ptmci and "!". n) po. nils n . ovfi it
pri. , - ii. 1 1 1 1 ' . i. t i,

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