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1 1 nntliiucil from piig,c it.l
i,, i t.i v.. ill lii I lurilvvlck
i ilm -. In in attend the poultry show.,
Mr. Mvrn SHI'S returned YV;lnesdu ,
ii in t U-it in .li'tU'lin with In r mm,1
'ink, i nl Midillcbtiry with her Hon,
j n si 'i chn-les Volcou nl' .loim-
l l' A I 1 1 H-fill j- .mil will Mult his j
i r Mi (i i '. (build, w Iim Ik In 111 i
I'll' l'ml. ov eiilm; Couple's Acndeni.v
11 pi i i "i Slgnm Nu iiiim. tin- fnsl-j
i , i Miiii t am In tli" Fnlvoislty nt
rn. nu ivliuli, fin' several years, has;
mi 'h- i ll iin'lilinlilK nl tin' Inli f-liii-
lin.t lsk. tllllll Series. I'. A. Imn lout
lit niv - mi" mil ir in iiuiyrci. r. n. I
ii I' 'i .hi DiiM'ti hnvr sold their
hi. -.s in llnmi r Smith, w ho j
ii t Id i' 1"'" "!l(ill Thf Ib-V. H. I!,
' . i.r Now , urk will li'Uin nl Hit-'
i ii Sunday iifti nimiii mi "Th.'
colon if tin' 1 It'll d." I'n lit NOW
. - ! ;i Kid cut over tin' eyo
i f-r i n i hi' In Tuesday while
v.- c. a. rule has b"hp to chi-
loi it) extended MfH wllh her
e Mi- Alice OI'p.-TIh W. H. -'
ri 'linr" V at (I. A. It. hull W'cd-
l toward, outside giiuidlan. N t fluck.
light hjiul support to ntibli- maiul, Laura
llmerson; left hnml sitppnit, Jennie Huw
yer; rlnht huinl support to vice-grand,
Mrs. F.th.n l.iittlinci'i left hnml Hiipport,
Miss Lena Klllmrn; chiipliilit, Mih. N. ('
Illicit: past nolilc Kininl, Miss Alyee
Ilupk. Miss Buck mih presented by the
todgc with a Jewel on her retirement from
llie nflli'1! of llolile irrulid. Follow Imr Ilie.llllV I'Vetllnr? ill tin. ttriinihltl Itlll. The
ceremonies 21 of the eomp.iiiy went to j Ui-v. I. I'iilpnmii Smart of nurllngton
"Tlie Washburn." where .1 I'linipiet. IiuiPkuvo 11 lecture on "The CooltHlovu
been prepared. -The fill vitmI t v elnii wasiiorsun the circus." Musi''"' numbers
entertalnei) by K, W. Towksbilry Mop
iluy night when the usual course dinner
was served. An midribs on "The Indus
trial Workers of the World" was given by
Hi. v. J. W. cheshro.-Mr. and Mrs. Jntn.'S
ll.iyis will move niAt inonib from the
house locently purchased by J. P. I'i
poil on I'enlrnl strci 1 to the Mansion
hoi"", where
Ihey will occupy the upper! The
.1 .
i rv
."i. from 12 until all are
e 1
I '1
n.' lour i ur.il 1 ari I' i s :'i i
ii ips en heels, having had
..I sleighing this winter.
. nt to fit. Albans Tuesday to
ii. i nl nl M." aunt. Mrs. .1 i.i Mil
il. W. Tabor ivim at
S inl.i to nlllclate at the mar.
i.i. r Thoutti" imd Miss Jesso
; ."iii Miss lb cub lns
imimi ' alii" Mniuluv I'Vi'ii
v. i, with her paientx. Mr. and
niinrtll. -The annual iiiiih-
i. "11 bv Lamoille l.lillue,
w'l tuku place al the lown
; Madam Mroek h or
' iuIkIi mimic. MIch Mary
' M.ifrH , w ho hap been a
, Hi of Ml-N l.llllaii Cole.
icwJiiy. The nuirilaee of
mil MIm .lelinle T.itro,
and Mm. II. A. Tatro.
I'ark .Monday nmriilni;,
in. I'roHby ollicifitlni;. M r.
M Imvls of I l.'Uilw lcl wire
-.l.n to attend the funeral
k Mln SpaiildliiK. .Mrs. -Mary
. ill.il In 'Wells Tiller Tuesday
"I' lur mother. Mre. Mar
ii i .Mrs. I'clik Burnar of ,Ief
mie Tuwdny to l.lt her
(leorijc lViwler. The ie
ti'iepli K. t'ook were bi'ouuhl
i v f'om Hurllncioii. while he
I i nlslu. M" ml Vernon
I Mr
l. .1"
M .
' .'.Itli
A 1 1 .-
III.- Slii
: Wilder
W.I- I
nictnoi i -
v . 1.1
ib nth tin ii -i
. was well .ill
. ni. Mrn. A W
t the en
n k!h with
i lidoil, UMT
Stiiiu- had
and i .in Muillcd law with th. late John
R 1 1 uti hliitoti In thin vill.iK' In 1W he
M.I-. admitted to the bur and beUail to
piactUe 111 tlll VUlae, te.lelllllK jrllool
In tli" winter. At one time he wii prin
cipal of the WiKt Itaiidolph Academy. .In
ivmi lie removed to Cedar Fall.", town, and
there prailleed till the outbreak of tho.
Civil War, when lie enlhted nu ii private,
lie oerved at VlekMliuiK, New Orleans,
Hcil lllvi r. Shlloh, kIckc or Corinth, cap
tun of Mobile, and In other cnirnKciuentH.
II.) wounded III Coi-lnlh mill "l the
end of the war look up farmlm: on his
lathel'H place, lie tilled i-everal Impor
tant olllee-, tcpr.WlltltlK tile tow 11 111 tllO
l.i'Klnhitlin' and In is7t wax elected JudL-e
ol probate, lie UrtH one of the oblesl
members nl I Im.'iil.s I.oiIki. No. -v. 1''.
A. M., ami was a chaitei' nienibi r of 1'. S.
(irnill Cost. l. A. 'I'idKe Nichols was
twice married, his llrnt wife belni; -Miss:
Ann Kllza llati. who died about Ifi years
lino. To them were born: lletirs ll't
licit, who now lives III Mexico, William
K.itcs. a resident or Dlnuliu. Cut., IMivar.
Hatch, who lives on the home farm In
Uralntree, and Anna, wife of David IJos
worth of Hrlstol. Ills Bicond wlfu wan
Miss llattle Louisa 11 an.-, a daughter of
lleiiiy and Mary (duly) ltriss. The fu
n ral sii v.ee was held al his late home
I'llday nfteinooii nl two o'clock. I lov.
I'letcher him apisilnteil . Klcbrord or
nrndford dust it the Stale aprleiiltinal
school lit tile Center, to sll, cetll II. I.
Hatch of this vlllaue.
Mrs. W. I!. Vlall and Mrs. Man Slioii'i
left Moiii1a for New York for a few days.
Rolm; from there tn li.Htoiia. Ila.. to stay
till April. Mrs. 11.11. wIT" of es-( iovernor
Hell, and daiiBhter. Miss Jennie Hell, who
have been uin s's nf Mis. K. II. Miimiii,
left .Miuida.i. Mis. Ilallie Kent went to
JillStllll Mllllll.i.V I.I lillllllll tbiee weeks.
M'r. and Jirs. William l.aymotir.'. who
uiine from Spiliiirilelil. Mass., to attend
the fuiu ral of Mr". I ItaMnouie, lell
.Momlav Miss 1 1. si. r Moulloii lefl lol
I'.'iHun .MoiidiK to pass 1" das. Harold
Andrews ol llTisloii. who lias beep wjtli
bis cousin loi a week, recelwd pews Mi)n
day that Ids father hud been sclxnl with
a shock, lie I. fl at nine, for bis home.
Miss l,dla lliiell. who came last week to
visit .M-. and Mrs. C. i;. Iizell, went
to While llli np Junction Monday. The
Cel. .1. W. Cliesljio, who occupied the
pulpit of tl'p HaplTst Clmrcli In llellow
Kails Sunday, has leturued and will un
soon to Woodstock and other plan's to
.-peak before Sunday school meetlims -Mrs.
Kent, who had been serlousl 111
with pneumonia for a few days at the
home of her Mill, I.Uthei Kent, died a:
an iarly hour Monday inornliiK. .Mis., John KUIot of Hde P.n,.. M .... , i-,
Kent came from Itoi'h.ft.r sever.il w. eks '' -r. P. C. Kltiiiej's for tieatmnt lur
nun to assist In the home of her sot : " fw weeks.- About vi sat down to the
She w.is Tl M'lirs of ace and is siirilv.di dinner f-erved In the Ladles' Home Circle
by th -ons. Luther Kent, 1'icd Knit d the ConKHK.itloii.il parsonage Thnrs-
ot' ilranuc Mass., and Se.ininure lent 1 day. -- (IfoiKc Silver went to the hospital
"I Iim hi sier. with whom she nincrull"! 11 llurlln-Unu I'lidny for treatment.
aide he: home. -II. H. Howard rhomas Wilson and .1. U Wlllev nro
was loi'.nil uin onsciniis mi fie iiuor lusi .-mn iiik. .misou iirmui is Miy i.eiue.
Mil Irom the etlects ol io.il ua n i i uartson nrouier.s nave r.jmmeneeii rut-
thoiiatit. Ills houseki ep(r, Mrs. KUa I tin-: h " ut the lak. , the Ice Is about M
Howell, was also 111 at the time, and bulb niches thick.
wile linally lakin to the saiiliatiuiii tor Crank Smith, who has 1
where tlir w,l spend sev- m weeks nt
tendltm an Internalloniil . on .'iitlon of
he Airshlrc llrecdcrs' asi)clntton.--.MK';
Nellie llnyes of 1'alr lliium Is t-lt!tiy
Mr. and Mrs, Hciuy O'Hrh'ii. - K. 15.
Heillle.i, who has beeil III 1""'" flir ""v'
ernl days, has Kone to Hrlilorl
The iitinual Kentlemen's nlpht "f
the Mondav club was observed Tlles-
were Klven by Mrs. Herman Wllllntim
and Mrs. Carrol Crime. About 100
members and frlen Is of thf 'ltili worn
present. Arter the entertainment re
freshments were served The llluH
(liierade ulveii Tiiesdav eieiilnir in
Armory hall by Mrs. Hlxl" ' daiicliiK
class was attended h.- about :in couples.
. series of pitvato
winter will occur
Armorv hull. T n1
AllMll'" ave u
(Iriind Army hall
Hudney Caul, lilted TS dleil Satutday
niornliK- of jiaralysis after a tontt Illness.
The funeral was held at the house Mon
da.v afternoon, the H(. M. W'. 1'arnuni
otllclatlnu. llu Is survived by u wife and
one daimhter. Mrs. Alfred VerKc, an
iiKed hnl.i. died SiiikIio after u shoit ill
ness. Mrs. Henry Heiiware Is M'llously
III. Miss Mildred Hell was at home from
the Xcupuit IiIkIi sciionl over Sunday.
Mrs. lleoiKe (biildaid l doliiK well after
her operation ut Hoyal Vlctoila hosplta'.,
Montreal. Hrnest Heiiware Is worklnc
nt lioi.lln'.s mill In Jay. John Watklns Is I
I out after several days Illness '
third In th,
ihlllCi'S K'lVell tills
tills evening In the
Sons of Veterans'
illine social In the
last o oniric;.- 1M ward Wolcott Is
moving his family to Hiitland, where
he Is cinpUed at the Mnrbln City
Laundry. Hoss 11, Wells, who his
been 111 town for 10 dais, h.i return
ed to HrlKhton, Mass. The funeral of
Frank V. Illveis. w'ao Ib'.l Sunday
evenlliif, was held yisterday after
noon at live o'clock from hi late home
oil Depot Stleet, tile He H H. Wasll-
burnu ofllclatiiiK. Interment was in
Ciin- Hill cimetein.- Miss 1'ranees
M'essley. who underwent an operation
several Weeks nun lor .ippendleltis, Is
abb- In be out of doors .m'alli.
N'ews was I lived In unvn Mund.iv
the death In Cnlli'urnln of the nnlv son
I of the late I'rank and Julia Hustings
1 Cass. J. i Allen has sold Ids residence
' III this vlllaue to Crank Caddleronl of
Whitman, Mass.-Mrs. Nmn Coomer and
, Lenta Slratton. who were seriously 111
last week are Impiovlpi;. -S. 11. (lasc and
"on. Ilarland, an: III wllh pneumonia.
The Ladles' Colon was pleasantly enter
tained at the home of Mrs. William Hyan
I at Mill Vlllaue Thursday -Jessie
' was brought homo 111 last Saturday
Cuir was also HI with n hard . old -j
lam Williams, who w is njured
I lumiwai. Is improvins
I'a I r
. Mr
Die annual mil-cull meeting 1'ilu.ij at
, the Conuremitioiial chapel was well at
! H'lided. The Hev. Charles H. Ilayward
)f went to i Hens Calls Monday and rt turned
I rl.luy nioriilni;. W . I! .ohlc who
I has I n conllned b illness for two
i months or more, Is now able to be out.
The revival meetings, held at the Meth
j "illst Church, have been veil attendfd.
Annum those who attended the chapter
mo'tlns at Calr Haven Monday were i'.
I IS. Wilcox, Ho Walkei. Pi. J. C. New-
ion, David Harbor. Jr.. and C. T. Oood-
r, li.-Th. Hev. Mr. Ilell.'i of Skills. airy Is
holdiim r. vi v.i I in. . tines at the Methodist
j 'Inn r-li Mm li lni.iet is belnu mai"-
r-sti .1
i-.i.iiiri was held lie e Satunl.iy
Chan ellor V., L. Waterman
Itrattlebnro on an nnplicnttnii made
T. A. Cove of llarre, who Is re. elve
foi e
of by
r of
uteK to his home Saturday evening' tlie
I ride wa- Klven ii surprise party and mis
cellaneous shower ut her hiinir. Hefrr-di
iiieiits were served.
There was u lino attendance nl the ed
(atlonal meetlnR ronducted by I'nlon
Hchool Superintendent It. W. Calmer In
thf CormrrKnllonal Cliurch Monday.
Tim mnruliiK session wn opened with
prayer by tho Hev. W. L. Holcoiirt. Klt
tliw remarks were iiinde by Superintend
.nt Calmer, who afterwuiilM Introduced
Superintendent Henry Hnberts of Wolf
born, N. II., who wave much valuable Ill
formation. Superintendent Leon Prior
of the Wltiooskl Valley union pave an ex
cellent paper on "Composition " Follow
ing these there was u general dlscu.'
slon on HiiRllsh work. During the noon
hour lunch was srrveil by tin- Waterburj'
teachers to the vtsltliiK teachers. Al the
afternoon session addresses were mado
bv the Hon. Mason S. Stone Of Mnntpet
ler, State superlntendr nt of education.
Mr. Hoherts also (.-ave many siiKKestlons,
and helpful thoughts were Klven by Mrs.
W. L. W.isron, president of the Statu
Fiileratlon of Women's cluKs, An Inler
cMlntt paper was Klven by Miss Carpen
ter of the WiUerbury schools, violin solos
were played by Miss Norma CerUlns and
Haymond IlHseltlne! a vocal solo by Miss
Wi'lthy Hoeker and a flute solo b
Miss Annie Dotothv Calmer. A
leudltiK was also nlven by JIIss Uraee
Hoblnsoli. The Ketierut subject was "tttit;-
llsh." and much enthusiasm was created
In the subject. An enthusiastic meet Inn
was held In the opera house Sunday even
lap, when the membeis of the community
committee from Montreal spoke. Some
practical work was outlined as helm; of
lKtiellt to thl.s community and volunteers
called for, a Rood response being Riven
A solo was rendered by Mrs. C. O. Hill.
Mrs. Orcein' ,,f the commltte lead the
slmtiiiK. Mi"' Citterson of the same com
mlttee presiding at the piano. Mr. Hlrke
acted as chairman of the committee and
Intioduieil the other members. -Mi. and
Mrs. (leorj;.. Joslyn are both critically
III at their home In Colby vtllo and have
trained nurses earlnir for them. The lec
ture by Mr. Hllke of Montreal at the Con
Krcfiiitlon.il Chiu.h Friday evenlns was
nltaslnc and Itiftruetlve.-MIss Carrie
Keetie has returned home, called b" the
Illness of her pal .'Ms. Mis. Keene's con
dition Is much Impro'. ed -The members
of Mal(Uls de Lafayette Chapter, D. A.
C... are Invited to a meeting with Mrs. W.
A. Hrlscs in Montpeller Saturday.
The death of Oeorpe Dexter Joslln
, i red 'I'll "'la I' bollle in Colby-1
vllle. Mr. Joslln, who was & years uf , Chllndelphla despatch .says accotd
ai! last May. had been In poor health lti(? to both Independent operators and
for some time, and had brcii critically coal-carrylntc railroads, all dniK'-r of
' l"" -I 1 1., as
ror . i.inmeiihii use win ,r. HI,t j
compared with M,;01 it, imj, nilt .,,-,
electric vehicles compared with 5, in
Keenest disappointment Is felt in Carls
. ver tie veiM-t of French commission
of enKlheers that Frcmh possession., in
tho Antilles will benetlt v. rv little l,v th,.
openlm? of 'ho I'ananui canal.
A strip of land mar Charlm,' Cross. Lun
don. Is to be hotd by the Windou i oumy
council to Liverpool a lmdon (Hobo
Insurance company for ,C 1 1,737, or at the
rate of ..rjoiii an acre.
i lie cmcaim ureal r siern has sowm
stockholders to n mile of road, IVnnsyl
vanla one for every 7j2 feet of road and
Union Caclllc one for eiery St.". fee. New
ork Cfjiitral hnH one for every half
Tile nKilculturnl department hopes to
establish a date-KrowliiK industry worth
a year in the Southwest. It be
lieves dates, IIks, olives and llko products
may be made valuable additions to I'nlted
States crops.
Legislation to curb powers of electric
transmission companies which hnv. se
cured control of Massachusetts water
ways will be recnmniendeil by tile Stuto
mis and electric light commission In a
special report to be submitted to the Lc4
Islature shortly.
Sir (ieorse C.ilsh. th.. not.. I F.nllsh
writer, says the money trust has had
much to do with tin- prosperity of the.
t'nlted States and predicts that r suits.
will slum th.. Inlluenee uf
houses Is wholly b'lli.'fl-
1 o.one. tioetha a unrcs army rf
Hoard Can.nna cnnal
MamburR-Amerlcan Steamship com,
has reduced the rate for ' crnir pass
from ia.iVi to .".".
The Stato of Texas has flrl s it
KrewaUiiK some f 7. " uns d
Colorado A- Santa Fe loi i - 1 'a
to run a train on udvut .1 hr
The V'fir lDIi tvim the m
for underivrlters In Wo '
Lloyd's. The total nnv.'i' '
paid on only the in...
cnsualtlti) In e-tlmnteil .r .
Ottawa despatch ay r i"
Kovernment circles that tin
Kovfrnment is rushinif work
post plan for Canada wi I h
Into operation bv exeiut..
out leldsllltloll.
MassacluiM'tts w no v
In tho union with a i ,i
State o(TIeers. Hliode 11 n 1
two-year term this mom
Telephone enmtntinlrati'.i
Vork and San Francis ,
established next year
Telephone company. Th. . '
Iiik will be about MS a ml' i
n 1
of the liupitry
la rue banklnii
The Hoston American sas Hie 1". S.
Sti el corporation, according to Cittsbura
rumor.', will voluntarily scoemti' Its
subsidiaries und make unneies.-.iry gov
ernment proseiution staited under tho
I Sherman act. Clan Is said to hnve been
I discussed last week at a mi otitic; of sue!
officials In New Vork.
st Ion
hi in;i iv!i.
onsbt I"
i.- deildeil in
o i spent
thir or
have a
tile ilf-
i II
tb IkhI '
now 'I'll.
i ', in I.- -Th.- He Mr I'nnv
Ii. I..I funeral services at the
i r. is.op.il Cliurch for Italph
,i i sii.n . Miss Josle Drown has
r. .in Hroiktou. Mh-i.., and is
. e.s for I. L Ceail and Co.
.1 K Fuller was confined to
'let w.el., is niote i.oiiil'ort.ible
l.'inalns of (ieutu" I!. Strat
um's father, who db d 111 Hui llncton
were bronchi liere Saturday and placed
In the vault. I'rof. Allen expects to no
' Sab n, Mass, as soon as his family
i ' I" I- ,n e
on, Hall
I - ..Lb. I
i'." .1 c.
t-t'.l bv his wife.
"! Hill West (I'llllK.
( rx
I.i. I
t kr
.... is. ill
..f .Mor
IiiHtallcd Wednes-
i:. after which ,i bamiuet was
Hi" nim,'e. and then Mr. and
'i l'hw Inl. r. siliii; accounts of
Wi-,1 to attend the national
i fiVcrnmeni has api-iinted
kfonl trustee uf the UKrlcul
.1 hero to take tho place of H.
w hose term has expired. Mr.
n active Iii the Interests of
Aft.'t his appointment on tin.
mi's ii ko he sold hi' farm In
.ml moved to Randolph He
... nt, ire and trnasoroi of I lie
laiiiln L. Diiis has 'ommht
MlM III. lioll.se II, 111. h
I'l.- In "il ff . I 1 i . .11 s,
'-"llir. MrF limi'i D.ivl.,
ii nFesstnri -The tt'.tli weddhis!
"f Mr and Mrs. F. T Hall
d V" their friends S.ituiday
'1 he Hindolp'.i Woman's Llui.ir . lub
l, 'i e if nr.nuul suest night in the parlbh
i IF' F Idui, when there were about SO
i '' v n "ttjht course dinner was
rfl Mr and Mrs. Mirsha.ll of The
At,-if' in i ', lb. pivmram ol' the evening,
Mm t Hus-dow. vlce-pr. sldent. ini-
V njr n 1-i.led O. C. Limifon, Supl. 11.
I lew aid Mrs. K. O Ham. A ocul
ele i .ii was k'vcii h Mrs. J. U. Adams.
Hf .1 W. Chuslii'ii u-f t Salindn.v
aHer Mil) i'.i Itellows Falls, where he
lieu hed .k .Kiriiion Sundav inoinlni,' in
lir Flrsi naptlst Chinch. The Hev. W.
Spariawk supplied the pulpit of the
ui ad I cliurch In his nbHcneo. The
.'Uli f Mrs Susie Hayuiouie net uiieil at
r.i .iir I'llda.v niurnlm; afn-r ii buiK
i ii r Illness Irom a tubercular trouble.
l. It t motile had been In lulling health
two ..us. and went to the Cittsford
II I r in f.u sevcl.ll Weeks, bill IlllpIuVe.
i r
H i
i In
i.ii'v ti.mpoi in y. Slie wan born
. tlie ilfi nuln r of Mi .mil
. i- I lov e, ;!'.i ,v . ais uuo I lei
i- pa.s-,nl in, i Ids iblnll.v.
. il'.- nip i sin iii.il 1 1 . . I I'led
hi. I lo lie in mi. iIuiikIiI. i
' l .vears of il. vvas bolll
i. ' ind ItUfb.nid suivIm Mtk
She i- aleo -urvlve.l bj lir
ii. i b in town, and thice i.
ibot'lje Huberts, Mrs. Isiuis
mrc and Mrs. Louis Tatro, the latter
f--i tei Two brotheis also Mirvlvo,
ir of Handolph Center and
,i " a luiir-biilbi i . of Spi Iiik
' he riinel'al was held .il Hie
i ii on Sundav. Mr and Mrs.
.ui. of Sin iimileld. Muss., ,ir
in ie main till after the seiv-
bi'sler "lull Is to ulVe ill!
in the lii.iuuo hall on the
ary .'ll when Curtl' lull
imnsh music Jaiiuiirj 21
led h.v the ll nub r of tlie
nlilinu for open house d.i.v
i .linn will lie open I'ioiii two
l lie. n unlit i !'-lit 'n llie i V ell-
nu has been airaimed. -Miss
l Morupi'llei m rived. Siiturda.v
, sister, Mrs I. H. Di'Hol -
(.ni.l'.lpli bank was upen.il In Hip
on i.loil; rtiitui'iliiy murninu.
I. nu or JmlKn 'Wllliniii II, Nlchnli
ii i I .1, nrv i.i lifter a luiiii iioilod
i .iii'ie Mi liuls was 'mm hi
I 1 ' II " 1 '-I 1 J'l I ll 11. I"
J.j.,1 ' I '..in Ml! I. I ' '"ll' j
tu i Uncut wli. rc il is said tlicv are
inuklii". a i!oil i ecovery. Mrs. Llna
Miller Kdwards. who bus been 111 Wot-
ceuti r. .Mass., lor a fevv wieks, canii
Sutiinl.iv to leinatn ovei ninht -with her
mother. Mrs. Minnie Mi!h r. M unlay she
Went on to li.'f home In Harrc Mrs. Avis
Dow and duushtrr. Itu.i. went to .Mont
peller Mondav lor a short stay. Tlie Hev.
V. T. Sparhawl; o.cupled the pulpit ot
tlie Federated church Sunday niotnliiK
and Mr. Cbeshro returned for the pv.cn-
illK seivlce.
..'. and Mrs. L. W. Tcwksljuiv ei'ter
talned the I'nlverslty I'lub at their holiiv
on Monday liiuhl. Dinner was served, fol
lowed by a paper by tin Hev. J. W.
cliesbro on "The Industrial Workers of
th,. World." Mr. and frs. Cram Cllm.in
nf Huston, who have been with Mrs.
HoImuI Flint and her mother. Mrs. Doia
I lulu. left fur their home Tuesday. A
f mural service for Mr.-. Kent, who died
it i he home of her son. Luther Kent,
w.is held nl two o'clock Tuesday after
in. .a and the remains were taktn to Hrls.
to' f..r interment. About 15 members of
I' S Oram Cost of ibis place went to
H'-iImI Tiiesdaj to att. nil the fuui'la! si rv
I' nf the nte .Myron Suva"a. who wri"
a member nf the organization lu re The
I'.'iimander not beiim able to be pr sent,
c.ipt .1. K. Llilr. dci olllelated and the
r t ii.il ervice nf tin order was ."lven ,tt
the church. Mrs. Cura Hobblns, an old
neighbor and friend of the fainil.v, a'so
went to the funeral -Miss Nettle r,r. e
or Hoy.ilton, who has been enu rlalnr d by
Mrs. Hu,-enl" Allison, retilimil lo her
home Tuesday. Mrs. Hdna Stock well .nf
Huchcater arrived Tin sda for a fevv
davs with Mr. and Mrs. c. .1. Stockw ell. -11
llllaui Mann who was seriously 111 Mup
div. now seems i.i b,. moie ' omfortnble.
His son, 'ieoii;e Mann, of iju.ch'e rjinio
Monda? fur h few da vs. Tlie openiipt of
th. new bank loom ntttpdc'J hy a
larso nuinlier - Jlrs. Film Moise irave a
luncheon at the hotm. nn Kmersnn terrace
at R:Sii o'clock Monday evenlnc in honor
of Miss Marguerite Merrltleld, whoe i n
K.iltcment to Muk Morse, youniicist sun
of Mr. and Mm N N Morse of this
place, was iinnoiini ed. The eompanN con
sisted of la yuonK ladles, friends of Miss
Men Ificlil A live course luncheon was
served. MDs Merrllield came lime from
flrarion to tench hi th,. ".railed school -
James flnev is c . n -u the house h 1
,iii attack of l'linh.iKo. Mrs. C. H. Steclf
and Mrs C. J l.abnunl.v were In Hethel
The death ui W. W .Mm lun occurred
at an enrlv luuu Widnesdav morniai:
after a limit period of suft'etina. Mr.
Morion vvns taken HI uhuut two .vears ami
vvltii an ormud" bean iioiible .md from
the llrst he found no udlef. Much of the
time he ba beep unable to He down. Mr.
Morton was Im many veurs. a piointneut
business man In lown. ownlnK and eon-
din ting a mo.-. r.v stole.
ear uko Auuiisl. Hi
a liny iccotd. His nnlv
tun of .Moiitclali, N. .)
riv ell, hilt is epei l ll
been incivid of the
Mis. Arlstmi S.nifuril
en visltlim lor
l.uir weeks in Washington. D. ''.. H.ilti
nioip, IMiIlad. lpbia. Crllicetiin, N. J.. Nt vv
Haven und ilaitl'ord. Conn., Ciovidence,
Hostuii and Livvreii.e, has returned.
James Voiim; is still eontlticil to the
Inuisii and is Ver.v leeble. - Maurice Spieer
is iml ns w ell. There will be an examina
tion at llardwlek on February by tho
I'nlted States civil service commission to
till the contemplated vacancy In the otlice
of postmaster at (ireensboro. Tlu m-
pens.itlnn of the postmaster at this olllce
is kIvcu as .;7'i fur the last Usual year. ,
Application forms ami full inforiu.itlnti j
miicprnlnir the n nulreinent.-- or th
the Kmpire (Iranlie lumpany of Ham-,
to sell the utility In certain nmrtL-aK's
on the company's property that uie mjhm
to expire, oppusttiun to the Kriiiitlntf of
the order was made by Mr. Slbsoii, who
controls shares of the stock or the
company and who asked tor thin, to take
up the mortgage. The i ourt ranted the
application and the ordr for the sale of
the eoidtles will be made ut auction, at
.a date soon to be announced. The new
railroad extension is soon to be In oper.i
I Hon to this iiuimj and ll Is held by the
altornevs for Mi. SIbson that if the mat
ter could be delayed It would mean that
a nint h larter pi Ire con'.d be secured after
the rallriad was In opeiation. It is ex
pected the load will be In seivlce In about
two weeks. Hlunchurd .vi Crawley former
ly owned this quarry.
Clarence Lull, a lineman fur the Con-
Isolldateil LlKhtlm; company, who was
ainilui tl.ili can lie seciited from the pint
tuasti r at lirecn-boro or from the I'nlted
States i Ivil servi". . oinnns-iiin at Wash
ington, D. c
i taken to He.iton hospital a week ai;o with
two fractures of the 1. a iccelved when
a pole tell upon blin vvas operated upon
Satunlay murniiiit. The two bores were
vv h'ed tcuether.
lleriufter tile Lowell libiai.. will In
open Wednesday afternoon from one to
live and Saturday evening from six to
seven o'clock, 1 ix order of the trustees.
Thoma.s Klloy of Albany visited his uncle,
John FlnueKan, and niece, Mis Sle.ilu n
Murphy -At the St. lKnatln., i liureli
vv eiincsu.t.v oiiiriiiiu;, .i.iiiu.ir.v i.i, tin-
m.iriliiKe of Mrs. Delia UK lair anil
Hrnest .1. Hlan bind was solemnized. The
Hev. Father l.avljine performed the ceie
mon.v. Mr. and Mis. Hlanchard have
KOiie to Montreal on a shoit trip. -A. A.
Hmtoii has oiie t.. New Haven for a few
iiiunths. -I'.ii ki Carman is at home from
Spiiiinib Id, Mass. for a fortnight's a
ealion. -.Mr and Mrs. IMnnind Hoberts
of Sutton wire the uue.sts of Dr. and
Mrs. D. J Sbeehan Tuesday. The Hev.
Father L.uIkiii aiioiiipanleil his sister,
Miss Alice Lavlsin. to Montreal lust
week. Miss Luikiu- .vlll stay theie for
tn.itnurt .'i th. Hoyni Victoria hospital.
The fureral ol Mis Vitk of WetlieM
wns held Tuesdav from the S-. Iku.iHuu
Church The Hev. Fatb. r LavlKHe ulll
cUleil. The rcmilns or Mrs. Mary
Hlalsdell Caine or Shrewsbury. N V.,
widow uf the late I! F Calm, foruii r'y
or ibis town, weie broueht h. ie Tuesday
Tor inteiment In the fnmilv Initial lot. -Mr.
and Mrs Hdii.ii I.u'lalr went Fil
duv to I'lttsfoid lose, t heti son. William,
who Is taklim tieatineiil In t'u salii
torlum. .Mi L.u'laii ninnied '1'iiesdiiy,
but Mis. LaClalr will May a few weeks.
i 'a i.t I' i iiik Tumi kins i
ei sltv .s .it I'm t Kih.ui .
tal'.lim x.iin. nations l.e .
' wo i andidi.tes pi si tiled
lucal ilvl' sci'vi"o : u i.i
il.'IV to t.lk. . V Mllll.lt ii 111 -i
Hoxbury i...-tmii'-t. i snip
Nui i it I ni-
"' II this Week,
uiii.it mi - i mlv
tl i nisei v es to
v Hall Sat ir
lur the v.u ant
Toe icMilt oT
111 tor three days. He was born 111 Walts
II. -Id. His llrst wire was Kinellnc Hnrri
K.m and they had three chlldrf n. Two
daim'hteis dbil v.hiu youm.' a. id his son,
I'rne.st, resides In town. His second w1fu
was Alma Hart and she with one duiutlt-t-r,
Hertha, Hurilven. A sister. Mrs. Fnil
Clroiit. is also llvlnc. The f an, ral will
be ili'ld at the house lit two o'clock
this atternoon, the Hev. liiorue T.iber
I ot the Advent l bin ell of Mur-
risvlllf otflclatliu;. Mi. Jollu was on.- or
the town's oldest lesldents. Mrs. Joslln
is id with pneumonia
The Kinder symphony concert Klven by
the Wilder pupil nt the opera house
Tuesday evening was a sin. cess artistical
ly and financially. Th playing of tho
Wilder Studio Juvenile orchestra vvas
beyond what would be expected of those
of that age. Miss Jordan's playing showed
excellent technique and phrasing, and th"
singing bv Ml" Merrill showed the power
of her voice and training. The part of the
IVaterbury pupils in the Kinder Tov
Symphony and Kitchen concert vvas mmh
enjoyed and showed also the training in
ihythm and real svmphunv woik. The
prizes for th stiimes weie awarded to
.Miss Henderson and Miss Huth Hravcs.
Ill the atternoon the concert complete
was given at the Vermont State hospital
for the Insane. Here as a special favor
Mrs. Wilder rendeied a vocal solo. Mrs.
11. N. Demerit and Mis. H. It. D.-m. rltt
spent Mop. iic in Hur'.mgton and culled
ueun 1! W Denp ritt. who Is teroveilng
.a unnoiini "il fi iiii
o ung son of
lives In the Aiva
1 1(11 low brldse. Is
xamiii.iii'iu v. Ml
Washington later
Ch. ules Abbott. hi
Cook house, n"ai the
111 with " mi.d "use ol slnallpux and ae
family is undi i i.uiiantlne -The .inn nil
M isonl' -ii 1 1 is scheduled foi CrldaV
ivenlng at Aimory hall. Hural Mall
Carrier Ho.viitun Is 111 and his route is
being covered by Substitute Carrier Mc
cormick. The I'cv W. A. Shaw or Mon,.
pelii r
i linn h
b i ture
T I Ml'l'
at the
. which he sold ti
had an ciivlablii
sun, Hubert Mor
. has noi yet at-
sOflll.- NeWS ll.lS
irllleal Illness of
nf Maiden, Mhs.,
1 1
. 11
ll III I.
IS.t I
vvlio for mutiv years vvas a resident in
town Mi". S. int'oid has b.ep slrlcki n I.hoii
with a .jiiock of ii.ir.ilvf.L-. rrupi which
she Is not expected tu r.illv A H.
lleile, who has been luvincr n -it tacit
of bronchial pneumonia, was able tn walk
out a short distance Wednesday. A larpn
number of people accepted the Invltntlon
of the batik olllclals on Tuesday, and vis
ited their new quarters, and were shown
liiound by the einployi s. After making
the tour of tile rooms the company went
Intu Uin dlrei tors' loom, where they were
nerved with retreshuieiils. Mrs. 1 1. H
Copel.ind, the wife of the c.i.shler, and
-Mrs. Thomas, wife of one of the dlieetor.s,
prusliled over the table. Miss Mary
Wedffwood or ChU'opee, Mass., has eoine
to leuialn fen a few d.ivs with hei ninth
er, Mrs. Annie Wedgwood - Mrs. O. S.
Cliiiinberlln. who has In en cunilned to the
house bv Illness foi several weeks. Is now
ii I 1 i lo be out. The olllcers of Fern He
bekiih Lodge wete Installed Tuesday
night bv Mr, llattle IIiiiii, D. P.. presi
dent, and .Mrs. Charles Hock marfhnl,
both of the ladles coming from North
Held. The Hollowing were otllcere '. Noble
grand, Mrs. Martha Foul; vice-grand,
Mrs. Franklin Sull-iburj; sMrrtiry, MrK
Hurlhn Scyrnoiifc; treasurer, Mils Mil
'lied Fuller' conductor. Mrs fleoive
ii ,i in "ii, iimld' i,'iiiO'Bti. Hoi;rn't
Flank Hivets dud stidibiil. r-undav
evuniii'4 about la . 10 o'clo. k at his
lionie mi Depot street from u ptual..'
tU hlio.-k He Is .survived by his wife,
two sons and one daughter. Join
Kenneth. Intiiut Mm ot .Mr. ati.l Mrs.
Arthur Kctchiiin, died Sunday after a
snvenil weeks' illiniss. .Mrs. Wilbur
Slseo, who has been III wllh tho (flip,
i- Itiipiovlng. K-ii-v Tuvlor has leasi.il
Mrs M. Williams's fiiiru In the Hr'esccs
Mills illstrb t for I mine year and
will lull" possession Marrh I Mrs
Kdwurl S. M irsli lias son." to Tin onni.
Wash.. In spend ;.niu,. Hme with hop
William H Hipb'V.-.Mr.s '. J
Wid It has ii turned from W eMon.
where ltc has -pent sovral weeks -Mil.
.Maria Williams and Hussell .1.
Williams have gone to Hichford. N.
V.. to visit Mr. and Mrs. Scott Seager.
-Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cunnlncham.
who 'in vc been In New York for sev- j
prnl weeks have returneil tu the
Hraiidou Inn.
Samuel J Thompson. wnu u.is
bfen ill loi several weeks ivltli pin u
monl.i, was inketi Mnndu.v to the Mur'
l-lr trher hospital In llui'llmiton, to in"
one of his li'et aniiiiiiated, which Is In.
fcited with gangrene. -Neshobu Hleetrlo
coinpiiiiy Is Instilling new lights hi the
Ihickus I'Oinpanv's Inilldlngs. -Cfcorgu
LoiitulH of 1'oresiilale was iiiicsled Mon
d.i afteinoon bv Constable Chailes D"
Ciiil'ino for iiiioxb atloii lie was lined uy
Justice M. L. Ciibbs $.1 and costs amount.
llu; to fllVi. wlili it he paid. Hl.tlul .llli or
W. A. Ativell pioscculed -Clirtoid Shuin'
an was atresiiil Monday murnlni' by Co
liccman W II. Slscii and brought bct'oni
Jusllie M. I. Hibbs for Intoxliii Hon. llu
was lined $5 and costs, which he was nu
able to pay, and lie w as M ilt to the niimty
Jail for l' days. Uiund Juror W A. At
well iiiorfeciiteil Mi. and Mis. Charles
M w upioH left fie idii; loi i'i.'iiih,. ,
II li Win. I iu. In Montt'eli. r Toes'hiv
and Weiliiesdiv . 11. L Austin was In
WaltstlcW Tu. sdaj. chnrles Hurdle lias
tlnlslnd work for 11. (I. Ward and Is
working fin Walter Corliss In North
Faystou - Mis Almmi Cuta of Walis
I'eld visiti d ui tow n uver Sutiila v . Ja mc.s
Fllnn. who winks hi Wilcox's store, is at
home ill vitii th. Mieasies. Albert Ferris
lias the niuinpH -Thoi who attended the
teachers' m." t i. at jitri mi Mon
dav vvii. M'ss .Jtis.'pbinc Flsk. Mis.'
lir.ice Hti, ev and Miss I'.thcl Child. -MUs
Maud .loiiiisun of Montpeller visited
l.er p.iieiits l'ii"-il.i and Weilne'da.v
Ullbi ri Mtlis 's siriuiisly ill al ihc
home of his u-ii. uts Mr and Mrs. Ueurgu
Vlll. s, will, jaundice, Mnsict Harold
HriHe and Hi.- vunng son of Mr. and Mrs.
Waller al. t.it'i ill wllh ' 'Undue. Mls
lieltle llhodis I 111 with the measles, an. I
also two "hiiiiren of Mr. and Mrs. Ilaiiy
Slid man. Miss Delia Holmes, after an
illness of two weeks wllh mulish s at tin
lionie of Mrs. Lll.i Hatpin, has so fur ie
covered as to gu tu her home In Mont
pi'ller. Mi. and Mis. Martin Andrews
of the east pan of the town weiv g '.'Sts
Sunday of Mi and Mis. Ir.i Johns ut -fin
hp. mint ..I an l-e Jam the Wlnooskl
river iivei'tluwed Its '...ink.- a;.iln Tiles
da.v and shut oft all truth" Wcdiu fda
noon the ru.nl was el. nied tlie north side
Mr. Chiis,, tin driver ol th" expris
li-.ini from W'aitj-field. reached Middlesex
luesdsv morning atel tlmJIiiK the mid
inipi.-Mbb fi Montp.llr on a -count of
hteh w iter bad to rmnln rt r nlelit In
Middlesex -IV. 0. Comstciik of Mont
piller wis n guest of his parents over
"' "d.iv .1 w. Alexnlidet hi" had a tele
phone Instrflli il iii his noun Mr and
Mis A c Moiiltiiu spent S.iturdav and
Sundiv m Niirlhtlchl, gu. M" ol Mr. and
Mrs (bulge Sellna Mi. "'"' '- '
IlilN wet,- m Uaire Muiid.iv. guests of
Mr noi Mis Luther Vc'sun ' oueliiH of
Mis Hills .Miss Liu v 11'" ""'
llletisli v
Mis Hnv I
at th. M.n ' Lb I
W. Deinerltt w .-ut to Hustol Muidav to
assls' In iiirltu tin Inu m.nhcl. The
K. L. rf. i lub weie entet tamed by Mrs.
K. H. Campbell yestei day. Th" lopilltlop
of Judge i rossett changes Very little. -To-nlghl
at the opciu house thp fourth
number ot the lecture cnuise will be
helii, 'The Masqui-rs" entertaining with
impeisonatlons and oilglrtal sketches.
The funeral of George Same, who dbd
ot Hrlght's illsiase, was held at the hotm
of Mr. and Mrs. W. J Palm, r Mond i .
th" lie. Mr. It. niii'tt ofllc'atlng.-Tne
Hev. and Mrs, v. A Hem. 1 nr. mussing
a tvro vvn'ks' vacation In IJnston and N"'.v
Vurk. -Miss Orris McUI.t.-r n-turneil tn
her school wink hi Handolph atlunl.i.v,
arter spending a three weeks' vneatlon at
home. -Mrs. Huch Halrd spent the first
ol' the wi ek in Wutei bury. J. D. Thomp
son id Norw ich was in town Saturda.v and
Sunday. -The Hev. W. 11, Dukeshire will
a coal famine has been dissipated by
the mild weather of the past two
months. While there Is not a bife
supply at the mines, operators have
been able to till all orders and :u
present r.-tallers throughout tin . nun
try have normal atoeks.
More than Mi'i.mO.OH Is Invested m the
movlnir picture business m th.- I'nlted
States, according to two sp. i ial invi stlga
tors of the department of jut:i I'uder
present supply and leasing s stein tho
Motion Picture Patents mmpuny, con
slstlng nf nine leading man ifactui ers,
controls entlte Held.
WashiiiHTtori special savs high prices
for oil have "hit" United States navy.
Chief Cone of the bureau of steam
englneerliisf told the House comuiltteo
on nnval affairs that tl." price of oil
Increased tin per cent, last year. Ho
declared that on the Atlantic coast a
ship can steam Du times further by
use of coal than using; oil. considering
the price at which oil is obtained, un
the Cai-ltb- const, however, tin- posi
tion Is reversed, use of nil bclrisT
cheaper. . i
Th" New York State Markets I.e..
win introduce Into the I.eslshituio i ;
for regulation of commission htiliics
and establishment of a svstem of tradliic
that will bring producer und consume!
do.-, i tog, ther In an effort to bring down
cost oi living. It li bellev. d $W,owV'.i n
y. ar ould hi saved tn consumers In New
York city alone by .some prat ticuble
inetho 1 of distribution. New York city
pa;, s e.uio.iio yearlv for Its food. JXn.
iM" r.f which is for the fond Itself and
Mri,i"o.iin for handling.
Ileiiiocrnls lndlealp liileiiilon in Pans
Mennire elneil hj I'reslelrnt.
W iishtugi'in. Jan !-- l-'re.- meat.'
pruposiii uy the Hi'iim- ih -uoi rit- at
s h'.t !..-If.l
bv . ,.t
K. N. Ilarrett. eelltor ,
(Irocer, sivs that the j .i .
trlbutlon of the i .nun.
I'nlted States nnxregit.
;i..fVl cans per y. i
Tho (lei man Koveinn,. i
new potash bill which
strict production. 'H
probably be brought 'n
mlnatlou of the presen"
Upturns from 1..VM postmii
city delivery serlre show f
parcel post packages were
those ulllces In the lirst s , i '
system wis in oporation.
The Pall Mall Onssette
trade societies and trie I
Hrltalu are preparing im
a huge Industrial potnbin.
I,')xi,Ch) nun and many m
s.i- s i i-oiera
1' t
t n i
A Chicago special s.iv
of opinion among busliict
that Wuinlrow Wilson w
views on "blu business"
i evolved mori jud bett' t
Kaullng It.
A world-wide cimpaign for '
cation nf hookworm will n urn
flrtt nips to which tliMi.i.c.-. , r ,i v ,
of the proposed Hoi-kef lor e, (11
will bo applied ns sno: i.
charter ftom Congrp.-s
Piesldetit Selberllng of t if i
Tlru it Hubber companv iir- 1
output will In 113 uppri'Xlru i
i 'VI. It was about l.Ti.i". t
double thai of It'll. L"urh "f s
past has shown a dotmlcd o t . '
r Od
1 " g
SI" ,
. m
lectin .'
ev enlll.
a' tlie Method st church
I. m lll.i Sabln Widow of the late C.aw
suti A Sub. n. ill. d .l.iu'iuiv 10 at the
bom. her da lighter. Mrs. H. II l!."i
.'a mln Cneunionla with complication"
was tlie .alio., uf her death. She wa.s
born in Maisht'ield neatly Ts yeai.- ago.
and was the daughter of Horace and
Sophia it c nt I c.rk. Funeral services
were held from her late home Friday.
She le-ives two iaughtei.s. Mrs V.. M
Daniels and Mts 11. II. HenJ.imln, two
li and a sister resMhig
w as
S. I'. irnh. mi's fauill
I'llda.v lc llealtl. (Uli
two i-.. s ut .in as. i s
I Diina fur
A London special says insurant u
the Cunard steamship fleet ha un i
renuwed at increased premiums w i
the White Star line lias b en f ' I
to pay almost double tilt rn o In f i
the TItuni.- disaster. only ves.s. I
worth more than ?1. 000.000 will b in--lire.
I and th" Whit- stir Hn rrrl
un at Its own risk a 1 rg r re i -.
n of total value than 1 rtc
'W Vork lie a Id -,i ,i ar
- i iitifiu turers. de;ulers ai I w n r
adages, threatened w It' i f rtl r .'r
.n wholesale price of gas nb m
i nts u gallon to yi cuts ' "t ,n
i movement to prevent ,i tin
The Now York tlarage ..ssr. it
penl to the attoi ie v-g. ii' r i, f
to take action In the matt.
vancu In the pip. would i.
hibitlve tn the average nu-' .1
I- r
" wll
N. vv 1
ir' r
nlmi b
i . ow
S.-Slop ot Cur
sen ntlil veto, wa.- mdli .ii.l
liii-t of Ih" .xira ;n-sson of Cnrgr.-s
t.irlfi revDlon program at the be.irlnp
before ihc House committee on ways and
uieai s to-dui.
M. mbers of the committee i'mphas!ztd
uie urn punr sinlinient In favor of frew
in--.. t - ,,n.l .i tmng trend townnl free cat
tle, .a a ciiril with tho general i-dlcy of
the .li ,i, ..r:its last year to transfer the
uri .-s.iil. s of Pfe to th- tree Hn, Includ
ing ii.. ..it' nnd five lumber.
Cmlest against putting entile and
meats . t- tl" free list was voiced by S. .
Cowan oi' I "ot t Worth, Texas, as spokes,
man ror th ' attic industry west of the
Mississippi ' ei. Mr. Cowan said tlm(
such a ! hi il adopted would mean a
Menu! i.f heaii'i meats from the South
Amcr t n ranges and pictured a ruin of
the liiilusliv in Texas He urged the com
mlttee to maintain n fair preferential in
the A an ri. an m.ukets, and said Hint any
Importations uf foreign cattle would comi
from Mi
rii)iir;illi'i'il Kxpi'i H'W'i .
lo Si'Vi'i'ilv iiihI la-uut'i nl
Afl.'intii' (inli s
and Canada and Aru'ep.ina
Queonstown, Jan. -I D-i' c- "
llsal'lcd vesse's contlnii-- t v
this port after imp
lepcis owing tn the -i-i '
duration of the Atlai, '
( 'apt ui' M' orinp'
bark LnrKbull. frmn -
cember IT for St. John "
lias returneil to Oueees'ovv
a thrillliiK storv ot th
which ncarlx- euriled I--bottom
several times i. ..
mns week. The cabins w
the sails blown to i ibh, -Karlshall
was only saved f o- t
dering by kpppinur her he.ul
sen by the use of a motor n t'K
On Jaiiuiiiy 11. wlun 20n mil' s
of liueenstown tiftcr a.i..ti.
storm had domollshcd "
flooded i verv compartei' nl
tain decided to I un ' tin
port, nu Sundav n - i ill
forniiast out and onL tl i r
i i
iv b o
r s.iv-
'In iv eilding uf Miss ,)c-ic Matgarel
Ire.'ii. ilaughler of Mrs. i'cwttl Cieen.
and Wilder Thomas 'I' Duxbiirj
i niiii.eil .-limiinv .ifn rnoou .11 otin
o cloi'k at th
In Cullivville
of Until bi id
Veals of llgi
Mr and Mr.
home of the bride s uicr
the d,i.i helii.; Hie birthday
.ma u. in I'he.v aic :'.j
I'l... ..i-nnlll is Ho- son
h luihnil Tlll'lll.'k uf
bury, ami bus n fine farm on Siranuie
lun ii.... ii........ iv'Tahil of Mor-
rlKillht peirfnrmeii Hn- eefinoti'
"f the i-iltical Illness of I
'"ei, Ui biide .ii-il jjiimiu 'ii''1
i mini s ra-
I'rnol..- i'.erta .I.ln ?1 -Urologlcil
re, itch m tif- southern pirt pf Alberts
bv Unruum Drown his ld to the dls
covery In the bed of thn Revd river and
Deer river, north of Hrooks. of some
"eelnun "f rt historic Uf. which are
Ui'W to RCUnce l)e or them lias been
nnin.d Albetl.isutir aTter the province. In
its d.iv or glor.v H was u carnivoro'is
ll.ard and Is now the onlv one or Its
kind in the museums.
Anothei skeleton Is now being uncover-
ei ed will' ll will he shlppul to New Vol k I
atld ret up theie in the Museum "f
Natuial History. Hy the time It leaches I
that al. o.h of things curious, It will I
have (ost the museum not less than U"'. '
Tills beast has b.-i n minted by Ml. Drown j
and will go down in history us the only)
Niui.iupboius. which means literally. I
Ol'ixitril IISMld.
Tin- work of culling out these spe. I
mi'iis In stum Is nu indiums oiie.'W.cks
ann even inonihs mint be silent In caie-
'hipping away uu. adheilpg rocl.
I"! ,la.i i i'. J n -I laslie .M Shaw
,1 , I in s 1 ha-, i 'iv ' ( ,u contra t and
uin not i. cpt llsml'-il from the Firm.
'M'.rigige fjiiarantee ,v Trust enmpqnv
Tip d.rp tors have ' ho.p!i W harion il.
Harris as ins successor In tin- presidency.
1. it Mi Shaw says be .-an remain un epi.
plove of the hmk until April is. IMI. He
ani)'JJri'-l 'Irmlv etrreav that, he pro.
posed to pit tight, not as prcfldtnt, of
course, fi that ofllclal must be elected
ever: vesr. but he was there to do what
evei tin new occupant of the olllce hid
for 'dm to 'i '.
I'ri.siibnt llairls was a.itoundeil at the
information, and when told that Mr.
Shaw said that he bad a contract
new executive olllrer of the trust
pan.i smiled and slid: "Well, Mr. ?h:ivv
geneiiillv knows what he is talking uhout,
but I i onfess I never knew one was In
pl."teieo J
.1 I
ed the -li ip from sinktnu
Captain F.ixvvortliv . i
Stpjiuer Mill' hi Hang- "'
BiMlmori for Queeristew
stor.v. Th- M ilvern H .
(jui I'listuivn '.ted. ' lur
rovvlv es'jpiil founderini'
In the hum ane whbh I
uary l? t- .Innuarv 1 Purnig i ni
(he captain never lef thf bnage
or night, and was obliged to dodge
Hell!, to avoid being engulfed
were tlooil 'd 'and ste.i-n y i
emittitit; .icnlding sti an li.
id to t n. i '.' plan s hi .rtu .
vve'i "till i Iroi" i i it I t- .'-m
w i n m nrcil
h" I Manv
" 1
ii ir-dl
o t
1 1-
i- V
T VI'llsil A-
and pneklni? th pleceii cnio's'lj In boxe
for shlprnoiit.
Mr. Hiiivvu ivil, inritliiiu- his iosi'.ii. be"
Mill IS cti!lii.lt 1.1' ... ,'l.llu I,, 1,1.-1.
inuiKdi .lUv.oveiK?.
m.i: n
I Mi Ferris id i iklahiun.i If th,. dis
j ilnifuishcil gentb uian from Illinois thinks
'that, bv badgering me and drugging Iri
some iifeience to un outside and wholly
extiinsl. nui tier, he can close m mouth,
he I seilonsb mlstnken." '
.ir viinn oi i ninoiii "i)ii, l do nut
think unytning couui close the utrritlt
itiiiii'. nioulh. nut hi on his hi nd."
Aflel Wbl-fl Hie blisilli'ss of the HiiIISO
of H. nt'.-i lit i'.ii'. s dioiieil on. as slcepllv
Oov Till' Have llurolled since .'iiiurt
Wan Commissioned In l7.!.
Ni vv York. Jau .'.' - Th. I
lUHIIllellunce, the I.i' k of 111' ,1 4
stiuhuts "i a naiit'ciii "d .' I 1 j
pieacpt stale ol deVil"pm i ' i
i hunt murine, were th. i e.i on. ,mi t3
day b the New ,euk i.i.,i, t . . i.
Hon for pliu Imr out of (.ni ih ni ii
schoolshlp NiwiKirl, will. I' ' ' i 'in- o
lUiilUal suiiuol iiimlm-Uil ' tl Ik i J
sllieu 1ST3. In lt.J W yeara of oxlstenco
otil.v Tul Mlliient have been inmlled In
t tin school and ol' this ..cnnui' i i Iv it
foil iWi il i-v ll i a- , , , ,.

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