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Ht'HLilXdTON, VT., TIU'HSDA V, KHKIllWK V 27, 101H.
Eniilio Rabasa Regarded Perhaps
as Greatest Authority on
International Law.
Finance Minister Will Ask Con
gress for Two Hundred Mil
lion Pesos for Rcstor
ing Country.
yearn of uge ami speaks
lie .olved
of minor
Mexico City, Feb. 2G. Two hundred
inliii 'i. pesos is the amount the minister
of i.n in e to-morrow will probably ask
i i,ress to authorize the government to
s.' ,; 'iv means of Winds foi the
pa 1'ieatton .uid the rehabilitation f
Mixlco. It i; expected that some part of
t- . t-i will le used for the payment
of nth -npltii s
Mi Lah.ia a member of the Scnato
linn r j.i'iIi I perhaps as tlio greatest
, ,it i iti Me ioo on International law,
i i h i a .iiuiolnied ambassador to tho
iii i St a. .- lie was not allied with
11 ( h ro administration but was well
I m ni, among the men of tho
! iim He is "''i :
1 tiA lll IUelltl.
i i h ivi rnment looks eonlldently to
il,,, l to the future. It was announced
oil' lalo tb.it the tubel difficulties at
e li .mil Mataiuoras had been arranged
j,i t'.a troops bad been sent to
vMi.isouliotitLS to install Gen Carlos
t. an .a Hidalgo as military governor.
iJ.if.i I Tapla and ex-Governor Hidalgo
of the Stite of Tlaxeala, wlio are in ro-
liililon hav nf erred with President
lluerta, olfuliiK to surrender on condi
tion that the government gives recogni
tion to tlalr ollleors according to rank,
mid pay indemnities and expenses.
President lluerta has retused to coinplj
vuth theso conditions- Regarding the
navinc-nt of money, he declared with em-
niinsiH that the government was through
with uytng loyalty and would, Instead,
mud soldiers It Is not thought that Ta-
. , .ml Hidalgo will accent the challenge.
rgi.nieilo, one of Orozco's generals,
lnu- nutitl' J tde government that he will
hie lit men in camp at Soledad, in
t ic State of San I. ills I'otosi, or any otner
i iv indlc.ii'd, pending a conference to
.ii rang.- details lor mustering out or en
usiing "-' tll,; regular establish
m n
K u s-itlstnctiun was displayed nt the
ji.lice to-night over lato reports which
i l iated the early disappearance of revo
itionary disturbances in the north and
.. minions of tho south. It is not expect
ed that the Zapatista problem,
lii the .State of Morclos, will
mmedlately. but a number
. .1, f have announced their
to rorve the government.
Tho Zupat.stas have added to tile list
of towns thev alleady occupied Ameca-
nv a, on the Intcr-Oceanlc railway, 5'J
miirx sm.the.-Lst of Mexico City, and threo
i i.i of minor Importance. Italdlug
(irlin'ie.- will the usual atrocities, but
l.nnn nra In lIlirMllt l)f till! Ullll'demUS
bands fir whom little test Is promised.
The revolution In the State of Guer
rero appeals likely of an early scttle
mcit since the loaders there have
promises of allegiance.
To the report that i;mlllo Madeio was
killed Is iililed a rumor that his brother,
liaoul, lias mi t the tame fate at Torreon.
Both these young men were actively al
lied with Curranzu, and, II true, their
taking olf will doubtless havo u deterrent
elTect on rebel activity in that district.
Cirranza is Mill in possession of tho
rigin about M inti.rey, Init the head-
fpiartci-H of General Tivvlno, the federal
commander, are at Monterey, and iio-
vlno is said to have despatched troops
In tho direction of Saltlllo. Colonel Pas-
fiml Greuco. Sr.. who was allied with
tho rebel movement north of Monterey,
I h known to have been for a long tlinu
under tho domination of Pascual Orozco,
Jr , and a telegram sent by the latter to
day to Gen. Felix Diaz, promising ab
Kolutc allegiance to the government, is
regarded as Indicative of his father's "at
titude. It Is hoped that tho rebel gen-
iral will bo able to convince Ills father
and associates of thi advisability ot co.
lili r.ltleiii.
If this Ik done, anil all tho leaders
of Orozco's army follow the example
of their leader, it Is practically cor
tain that the Carranza movement will
dwindle away, leavlntf tho government
only tho Zapatista problem to
in the lanital rumors of plots and
rounter plots continue, but President
Munrtn iionears to havo an excellent
urln on (iffalrs and to be woilting in
minnleto harmony with Gen. Kellx
Diaz, who desires tho re-establish
mimt of neace. as much as or moi
than anyone ns he Is preparing
lils rumpalgn for tho
tho H' t'al ' lections.
Diaz held a meeting
and formallv launched
edgenient of the legality of tho lluerta,
Kovernmnt and that ipiesllon must be
eletcrmlned hereafteh entliely upon tho
basis ot performance.
If President llucrut is nblo to conduct
Ills government In regular constitutional
form, to maintain undisputed possession
of his capital and to extend full and
ninplc protection to foreign life and prop
erty in Mexico, foimai recognition will
not be withheld.
Tn the course of a conference with the
members of the S'eriatc committee on for
eign relations to-day at which Senators
Culberson and Sheppard eif Texas were
present, Secretary nt War Stlmson and
MaJ.-Gen. Leonard Wood gave assurance
of such a disposition of troops along tho
IVxns frontier as will Insure protection
of that section against Invasions by
marauders from Mexico.
iney explained that the removal to
Galveston of the detachments from HI
iso and other Hlo Grande points had
been rendered necessary by the crisis In
the city ot Mexico. With the accession
of General lluerta tlioy said It had look
ed for a time ns If active Intervention
might he necessary and It was desirable
to get as large a force as possible to tho
nearest point of embarkation nt tho
earliest possible moment. On this account
the nearby garrisons were rushed to that
place. Now that the critical timo had
passed, they expected that lime could bo
taken to bring troops from a greater
distance to Galveston This would bo
done, and the two otllclals expressed
confidence that there soon would bo no
reason for complaint.
Consular and other reports to the state
and war departments to-day indicated
the existence of small disturbances in
se-voral (Unrters of Mexico but on the
whole thcro appeared to be a general
conviction of the ultimate success of the
new administration.
T. S. TKOOPS Nl'MIilCIt .I.""'
Galveston, Texas, Feb. Efi. Approxi
mately 2,ori0 soldiers of the United States
army are to-night encamped In Galveston
nnd nnother thousand occupy trains in
tho local railroad yards and will he de
trained i-arly to-morrow morning.
The 7th regiment of Infant rv, the llrst
nnd second battalions of the Vtli Infantry
and the third hattalion nnd headquarters
stalT nf the Huh infantry arrived eaily
to-day and early to-night. The '.Mb in
fantry and Ith Infantry will arrive early
All of these troops aie of the lifth bri
gade. The fourth Held aitillery will ar
rive' to-morrow.
Camp sites for the fourth and sixth
brigades are being laid out at Texas
Hrlg.-Gen. Tusker 11. Hllss arrived at
San Antolnlo to-day and assumed com
mand of the Miutheru department with
be-adounrters at Foit Sam Houston
Tucson, Ariz., Feb. 21. The Sonora
State- Congress t-Iuy decided to ac
cept the iruortn provisional govern
ment, It was reported to-night. The
Governor's office will bo declared va
cant owiiif.: tei the refusal of Governor
Maytoreiia to accept tile party In
power In Mexico City. The volun
teers wlio supported Maytorena have
taken to the hills.
C. Me.Ki'.vnolds of Now Yor
Will I'roluibly Ho Wilson's
Scenes of Great Disorder Attend
Passage of Naval Appro
priation Bill.
Representative from Massachu
setts Was First Thrown Bod
ily' Down Steps before
Speaker's Table.
Laredo. Texas, Feb. if.. In response to
a ti'le-gram In liiipilrv relative to the re
potted death of Kmillo Madero, brother
of the late piesldent of Mexico near
Monterey Inst night. Gen. "ieronlnio Tro-
vlno, Governor of the Slate of .N'uevo
Leon, to-night sent the Associated Piess
the following message from Monterey,
"There has been no execution of
KnilHo Madero, nor was he killed In this
vicinity, nor Is tbeie any ronton way Inn in
.should be done to the honorable person of
such a man as Don I- mlllo Madi io.
Dolrlo. Texas. Feb 2ii. Without
firing a shot General Carranza and his
rebel followeis to-day toeik San Car
los, n.'i miles lieiiu Lav Vascas, Mexico.
This band is expected at Las Vacas by
to-morrow morning.
Illllge in Hie llnrkel I'nllimis n Tmii-
Ccnt Di-ellnr.
New York, Feb. So. Tile eoffee market
lc eloped pi onoiinci'd strength to-day
ind lee'oveieil from to 47 points of Its
teeent losses, within the past three or
four weeks the market has suffered a
cllne of nearly two couth a pound owing
to genet al lliiulilatlon anil aggressive
selling w hlcli would seem to have been
encouraged b larger estimates of tho
coming lirazlllan crop, more generous
current crop receipts than expected, the
omparatlvely large sale of valorization
colfee this season an.l a slack demand
from roast eis
There appealed to be in importmt
change In the geneial average of the
news to-day but tho offerings were much
less augrcsMve than recently, while there
was .nthe covering by leccnt sellers and
a renewal of bull support which Kent
prices rapidly higher after a somewhat
irre-gular opening.
Washington, Feb. 3!. After tour days
of debate, accompanied at times by scenes
of disorder seldom witnessed al the csap
Itol, the Mouse to-night passed the naval
appropriation bill, carrying approximate
ly JlSS,iii'OiO and authorizing thi- construc
tion of on,, battleship, six lorped i boat
destroveis and four submarines An
amendment to provide for ono battleship
instead of two as recomnn tided by tho
committee was carrie-d by a vote of 171 to
An amendment adopted niuire-.i that
the battleship shall be constructed In a
government ship yard.
A reported hy the committee the bill
carried appropriations aggregating JIK-
imi.on and provided for two battleships, a
tiansporl and n supply ship
I'ntil to-day the "big inw ' nun, head
ed by Itepiesentntlve llobson of Alabama
and Itepresentatlve Aveis of New York,
hnd been eonlldent that the two-hattle-shlp
piournm would go through and the
re."iilt was by no means certain until the
final roll call on the amendment.
Throughout the oonsidciatlon of the bill
there were heated exchanges between
members nnd frequent disorder. The cli
max came tn-dnv when Representative
Murriv of Massachusetts, standing he
tore the speaker's table demanding rec
ognition by the chairman, was thrown
bodily deiwn four steps and dragged to
ward his e-nt by an assistant letgeant-nt-arms.
Washington. Feb. .ti. I'nevpected dlf
rences of opinion arising in the House
money trust committee to-mgnt tnreni-
ned to delay the presentation of the
nmmlttee's n-port to the House possibly
until Saturday. The committee -at tar
into the night pondering eiver the icport
named by Samuel I ntMinyer, Us counsel.
On many of the pioposition- advanced
by Mr. I'ntennyer the committee s opin
ion was divided nnd several of his roc-
ommeiidatiei piiiwd-eil rolnngcd discussion
Mr. rnterin.M i and Chalim.in Pujo bad
expected that Mr. Untermyer's report
would be accepted with but little dis
cussion and practically no amendments,
but the eommiite-e showed a ih-' ided In
clination to differ lth Mr. Until ni.vei .
Several bills piepaied by Mr. l'nteimer
wen- laid befoie he committee and thev.
too, .vere subjevteil to (in exceedingly
erltlial analysis.
Washington, Feb. 'J;. TI.e Senate will
take no action at this session on Hi."
treaty recently negotiated with the re
public of Nicaragua, by which 111" Fulled
States would secure for the sum of
fnHi.MV), a perpetual and exclusive right to
build an lntet oceanic canal thiougli that
country. At a meeting ol the foreign
relations eommittee of the Senate to.
dav It was deteimlneil to roconinu ml no
acllon on the convention during the pins
cut Congress. In addition to giving the
Vnited Stales exelu.-lve canal. rights with
in Its b.udcrs, Nie-aragua agreed In the
trontv tha' shlis of the Fnlteii S-ut.t
might be admitted to coastwise tralflc,
and that tills country could havo the
right to establish a naval station in the
Gi ll of Fonscci, n W-year lease being in
cludul op the G'ent and Little Corn
Washington, Feb, '.'li. Tho postof-
llce appropi lation bill, carrying ap
proximately a.s3,U0fl,U0o, an increiiHe
of nearly $;!,000.000 over tho House
bill, was passed by the Senate to-eluy.
The largest single Item In the bill is
for the transportation of malls on
mall routes, Jul.fiuO.non beliiK author
ized by the Sonato for this purpose
The Se-nato appropriated JI7.ROO.000
for tho rural delivery service-. The
measure carries an Incre-nsi- of more
than $12,000,000 ovi r tho appropriations
made last year, due tn the establish
ment of the parcel post system
Washington, Feb. 25 Chief Interest in
the cabinet situation In Washington to
night centered about the attorney-generalship
and a report that Jumes C. Mclley
nolds of New York Is foremost among
those under consideration for tho place
by President-elect Wilson. Coupled with
Mr. Iteynolds's name as n probability for
this portfolio was that of Kdgnr H. Far
riir of New Orletins, former president of
the American Par association.
Men high in democratic councils de
clared that MeUe-ynolds and Karrar had
been under consideration for some time,
but that Inte development seeme-d to
point to the selection of th. former, who
was nsslst int attorney-general In 100:;-Vjo7
and has Ions? be-en specially retained by
the United Slates In trust prose-cutlons.
Though a democrat Mr. McHoynoldd
was engaged to piosecute the govern
ment's Milt against the tobacco trust,
and had direct charge ot that caso from
the beginning until the dissolution of the
American Tobacco company. He also had
chiii-co of the prosecution of the govern
ment's suit against the hard coal trust,
and carried the case through tho Supreme
Court, which unnulle-el the so-clled K." per
cent, eontrai ts.
Mr. MoKoynolds is a .-'.iliveof Kentucky,
a graduate of the law department of the
Fniverslty of Virginia and practiced law
for many years in Nashville, Tetin lie
located in Now York in IPoT
Other developments of the day serv
ed to conflim tho finality of tho selec
tions of Messrs. Prynn. McAdoo, Haii
iols and liurleson anJ to disclose var
ious steps by which other names gtad
ually have been eliminated from con
It developed also that Itepresenta
tive A. Mitchell Palmer or Pennsyl
vania bad been offered and had de
clined the vvni- portfolio, assigning as
the grounds for his declination that he
was a Quaker whose antecedents did
not comport with the iirectlon ol tne
war establishment .notnor uennne
offer of a cabinet portfolio disclosed
was that to Mayor Palter of Clovol.Tnd,
which also was declined because of
public interest Mr linker has nt
Aside from these, developments of
the day were largely negative, show
ing how the Held bud beep narrowed
by the exclusion eif all hold-over pos
sibilities from the piesent cabinet;
also the conclusion that there would
be no names drawn from the Senate
or House of P.epresentntives other
than that of Mr. Purleson
The remaining cabinet names are
now al.l to be settled, but the place
each Is to i eeiipy still remains open
to change. nss'p was active lo-d'ty
including Mr. Crandoli In the list,
Local Items of Interest From All
Parts of the Green Moun.
tain State.
From the Island in the Lake to
the Passumpsic, Along Otter
Creek and by the Shores
of White River.
111 i'(Ti't'll'V
870 000,000 FROM JAPAN
.Mrs Daniel llriggs died Thursday night
nt her home in Ferrlsbiirg Centet, aged
yeiirs. She Is survived by her hus
band, thtee sons, Garfield of this clU,
Peiilainln, Jr., Chester of Ferrlsbiirg; four
daughters. Jennie and Hosallla llriggs of
liurllngton. Mrs. llariT Jackman of
Ferrlsbiirg. Mrs. Harvey Online of this
city; one sister, Mrs. Ann Pratt of Uur
lington, two brothers, Charles and
Harle-y Mlllei of North Fotrlsbutg. Tho
funeral was held Sunday with a prucr
at the house, after which the body was
taken to the Methodist Church at
North Fcrrlsbutg. where the funeral sc-i vo
ices were held, the Itev Or. Curtis offici
ating M: and -Mrs. .lames Tucker, son. Nelson,
and Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Como of
Panton were all thrown out of tin; car
riage In which they were riding to New
Haven Tliiusdav. The horses beanie
frightened and tan away and In turning.
tin- coiner near the L. (. Whit lord ho ise
on Green street the carriage was over
turned. Mrs. Tucker's wrNts were both
sprained and bruised and a small bone
In Mr. Tucker's right wrist was btokun.
.Mrs. Tucker was taken to the home of
George Pel kins. Mrs. Como was taki.n
to the home of Mrs. Charles Lull, where
it was found that a bone In her light
wrist was fractured. The party was on
its way to New Haven to get the body of
Mr. and Mrs. Tucker's grandson, the son
of Mi. and Mrs. Arthur Tucker, for burial
In the Catholic cenietei-j.
Lewis Lovern, lien Jenkins and William
"iv cut and lurnlslied to the slide -.107
i -ekes of Ice, lfixS". in nine huurs Fob.
I'.i. This Is reported In bo the best rec-
. .id ever .nade In lee cutting on the ilvei.
Max Aberstorie of llurllnglon visited
Max Flshman Satuiday. L. c. Selgar and
v . I!. Ililstol attended the Vermont
I ankers' association at ltutlaiid Friday.
Alfred Gllmore of Mlnevllle, N. Y., is
Itllig loscph LaPorte. I he Boys club
tist Church, tho proceeds tn bo for
tho parsonage fund. Miss Kvn McIijb
ot Montgomery Center is visiting hor
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Mclgs.
Mr. and Mr.s. A. K. Hall and son Sliol
dt.n of Montpellor passed Sunday with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Ball.
Mrs. V. W. Graves Is 111 with tho pyrlp.
Mrs. C. W. Prownoll Is 111. Mr. ulid
Mrs. Allen P. Ueach havo roturticd
from their woJdlntr trip and arc at
11 heir home, "The Lodge," Hnsln Har
bor. Mrs. C. XI. Uenton will ontortaln
the Ladles' Aid society of tho Meth
odist Church Friday afternoon. Miss
Caroline lioach ot Mlddlcbury passed
Sunday with her parents, Mr -" -.
1 L V. Boach. ,2r w u ,mQ XVt0')
A laboring t
city hall Mt,..u,iy evening, about llli
voters being present. Hlchard Maldoon
was elected chalimun and Alderman U.
c. Scott, Jr., secretary. Alderman Wal
ter W. Hrlstol to unanimously nomi
nated for mayor. G. H. Gowott declined
the nomination of alderman. Tho other
officers nominated vvero as follows
Aldermen for two years, llrst, 12. C.
Scott, Jr., second, Henry 11. Morris;
... t.
third. John Clark! tor ono year, Ucorgo
Casey, J. C. Hayes and James Donahuo;
eltv clerk. G. W. Stone; first constabl
G. H. Govvett; second, T. C. Mlddlebrook;
city sheriff, Fred Lebeau; listers, three
vcars. C. L. LeUeouf; two years, George
K. Stone; on; year, Gcorso F. YounK
road commissioner, Peter Austin; water
commissioner. Kdw.vrd Gee; auditors,
Krwln Graves, Frank Maldoon, I3r. H.
Pllon. city grand Jurors. C. L. LeBeouf.
John Amhleau; superintendent of schools,
Thomas Hartley. Dr. C. K. Langworthy
of the department of agriculture, Wa-sh
lni;toii. I). V., was tho guest Sunday ot
.Mr and Mrs. Timothy Neville'. Mr. and
Wf i;.m Iaduc of Orwell visited
Mr. and X.i David Hy.in Monday. ino
Lp worth League of Ferrlsbiirg will serve
bet limehes to tho veiters Tuesday. Tho
Ladles' Aid society of Forrisburg will
hntii n dlnie social ThurKilay eve-ning at
the home of Mr and Mrs. K. P. Birkett.
Levi Brown has bought the. Allen resl
deuce on Green street. The Social club
r i.'..i-riahin-n will meet at two o'clock
Thursday at their club rooms.
Tnneh..ru' ev.imtnatlons will bo held at
.h i,ii-h Melwinl building Thursday and
Friday, February 27 and ffi.
Mr and Mrs. M. D. Lyon, who were
. .,ii,i h,.iv tn nttend tho funeral of
Mrs. LvotVs father. Mlcnnei .Muni
rntorned tr. Dorchester. Mass., Tues
day night. loscph Noiseilx returned
from a business trip to St. Jean Hnp
tlsto, Can.. Tues.lay. Mrs. K. A. Col
lins is ill. The Kov. S. S. Cotib hns
returned from Syracuse. N. Y. The
city report for the past year lias been
issued and shows that tho expense of
the city government was Si 1.7. "10.0:1.
distributed as follows, city poor de-
$1,1".'JI; poor tarni,
and jail, ?:ir.,S0; tire. ISf. -f'.M7fi.
-!.'; street, $5,B53.04;
$8,21 1 : city hail. i.ss.iu;
$l.;!7'..8r. A. D. Vlttum
Dorr Says He Attracted No At
tention while Thus Driving
on Lynn Boulevard.
Sticks to Story of Self-Defens
Says Marsh Made Insinuat
ing Remark about Aunt
Scuffle Followed.
41!; police
IT,; water.
city llbrarv,
Pa 1-.
Feb 27. All niuaiing story is
in a Geneva despatch to the Kx
whlch has to do with the Hus
sion Baron Ygor Tillnskv. now at .urlcn.
The boron declares Hint be holds a claim
on the Japanese government for M-ventv
million dollais. .Noeoidlng to the story
three Russian staff officers of revolo
tionaiy tendencies o!d the plans ot the
Paclllc fortresses, including Port Arthur,
tn the Japanese government at the o it
breal: of the Jnpanese-ltusHlan war. For
polltbal reaiotis thev desired the defeat
of llussla
Thev received III pavmont three checks
...... ... ...... 1 H
.tmount'n-i to a uuie more ni.io t '-j
ein-h. paynhlo at Toklo on March 22, r'l'i.
The olllcers further enntracted to remain
in the service of Japan until the 1 heel s
weie paid
lJiron Tlllnsky and 11 partner mum d
Schwitkl went to '.uricli in Hi.' and en
deavoiid 10 nilse money on the checks
,i.-l, a local financier. Ne-,-otiatinns
were opened v. 1th bank- In London
.vmntcrdnni ami Dresden, but they reftiseii
to make iiiiv advances vrithout seeing tho
original contract
In the meantime .11 101 ding to ti e story
the Japani so embassy learned of the af
fairs and reported It to Toklo. The eon
ul at Zurich vm Instructed to Invistl
rate Tha Itusslan enverntnent also took
up the matter and sent the Itusslan mill-
tnrv rittacl e at Heme to Zurich to make
Boston. Fi
bond of the
Dow . Co.
on 2.' ol 2)
b. Sr. Stephen It. Dow
brokerage firm of S. It
was found guilty to-day
eounts of an Indictment
charging ""' conversion of minis
mining companies 'n which he was
iMi...-,.tid Ills bai' o JJ5.000 was
continued pending senteuco and an
......1 1, Ho- supreme couit. Dow was
1 bo president "r four Michigan mln
SEVEREST OUAKE EVER ling companies, tho Algoma, Indiana
VP.T.T TIM NflW 'Tc.AT.ANn' Franklin "'' "th Lake and funds
,.f rli.ivi roioiueiiii-8 noii'iiiiiioii
presidency in
I'rlends of
tills afternoon
his candidacy.
h-nptoii. Feb. jr.. -Political inogpl-
- .. ... ,,..nt. dIii.i.h ,rf,.riT-nTnnni
(1 "J fi IP'' IH "V JIH IS-M'l,,,.
r Mexico Is not a matter requiring lin
neeilnte consideration nt the hands of the
sicretary of stnto and It was maie piao
Icall ' certain to-dav that this is an--ithir
ibleet Ibat will be bit ns a hw
tnp to the noxi administration.
In hi jplnlon "f slato department ot
Vials tho United States has no Intercut
n Mexico that will suHer by vvithliold
ng the full recognition, and aim all nee
iary business tan he illscharKiil under
l,e 1 pi 1 '.in , ji ruiii ' meiii thul
fcm sudor A "on I set 11.' This
t nm i ts o the; re 0; ntioti ol i de facto
1 million H in no "io commits tho DM-
ju fit mi 1, nt It .111 aeliiioui
Gilon. S,uu. Feb. 2T,.-U wards of J-l
people vveri killed or wounded by the IH
tlined 1 plosl.iii of a ehargo of 7,i"l
pounds of bho l powder, which Had be n
laid yesterdav by tho engineers In charge
ot tin- new harbor works with tho object
of razing an enormous block of rock,
An Immense concoiirso of townspeople
had gathered to witnosw tho demolition of
the hill separating Gljon from tho coaling
ha 1 hor of Mnzl, a mile and half distant.
The eihjoct of the operation was to cut a
loadway and thus aveild the present long
detour. ...
When tho fuse was lighted and tho ex
plosion occulted Instead of the rock being
blasted, bund reels of tuns of cl.ij and
final! Htoneswen- hurled like aitlllerypro-
tcctlb s among tho assembled spectators,
Whole families were mowed down as well
.... . ... 1..1.... 1
is many 01 tne- engineers 11110 lonmiiii-n
ollliinls. Twenty-four liodles have been
li-coveieil bill it I- , nrildeed eeilaln that
tlie tot il t . -1 ti 1 1 1 ivlP r ir I N't
W ellltii.
With a
this city
ion, New Zeal unl. Feb 2H -lepoti
,1- or artlllerj dis
a heavv eaiihiUake shook
to-day, I- 1 101 l.li i"
tunts, shaking down el, .aiiivs and
ilaiiiiiglng many houses. N do d w.m
killed, though many were cut l,j fall
lug bricks from the toppled ehlmneH.
Tlie shock was the sevi n st e,i fi ll
In New Zealand
in i'ti t .
re Involved 111 th. Indict
ui:iti ins own nuAin stop
scope applied
Schnoj lie
Los Angeles, Feb. ;, Ono llfo was lost
and tnueh damage wrought by tho rnln
fall of tlio lust two days, tho greatest In
the hMorv ot thlH secllcn Sin "t car Hue''
In fiomo BcetlmiM of the 'He arc out of
tomnilsslon .end w.(Xj school children wero
given nnother hnllrtnv heeauje oT tlm
111 oil
Providence, It. 1.. I'eli Ji! Presi leilt
li. ,1. liiambeilln of the Grand Trunk
railway appeared before thu General
Assembly to-ilay and asked that tho
State place lis glial anlee 'ifter that
nf the Central Vermont railway on
bonds of Jil OOO.Oliii In order that Hie
Southern Now lhiKlnud biauih of the
Canadian road mav be omploted Mr
Chriniberllu said be had been unsuc
cessful In negotiating the S 1 u 1 1 1 0 1 n
Now Fnghuid bonds but that f tlm
guarantee ho sought could bo secured,
ho wiih assured Ibeio would be no dlf
llculty in securing tlm riei emmry fundii
to eoinplete- the Soiitbein V, w Fng
1 ii II (1 lallwav
Ui Id' about win tin r 01 not ou can
"Rfforel to buy It Just now AFTER you
hnvn "t I'1! t 1- 1
Fob With a stutho-
to his ear.--. Kali AV.
inanufactuier of surgical
e-htenla.v listened to Ills
heart record Its dying beats after lie had
pierced that organ Willi a hteel lance.
Near the bmlJ'i which was discovered In
the icar ot his stole, tho police found a
piece of paper on which was written the
figures i - a" ending with "21 "
Depiitv Coioner MclCeever believes this
Is Hi" iccorii ot Hie pulsations Scliney
der liti'l strength to re-i-ord before Ills
death. He ,V"H ,s y''nr" ',1 11 i'l ,1IM "
l poor health.
of the ( ongregatlonal cnurcii met t- ri
day evonlhg at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. S. Iiristol and elected olllcers ns fol
lows: PC-sklent. Leo Hrlstol; vice-presi-
lent. lieit Cole; secretary, John Norton;
treasurer, George H11IIW: cliapiain, lite
Itev. P.lchard G. Wood oidgi'. Olln, son
of Mr. and Mis. Samuel Jackman 01
Wesi Ferrlsbiirg, died Friday afteinoon
after a short Illness with pneumonia.
My! on Flshman of Iiristol pasted Sunday
with his sister. Mrs. Abraham Cohen.
David Llchterman eif Montreal. .111 Im
porter of furs, was a giie-st 01 m .11111
Mis. Max Flshman Saturday. -1 be imge
Cemetery Improvement society met
with Mis. Chester Hawkins Toenlay
ifiei-iioon. Michael Muiiihy died I'lldav
at the homo of his daughter, Mrs. Lewis
lluiibutt of Hrlstol. from a general
breaking down, aged v years. He Is
suivived by one son, John Murphy of
Addison, four daughter Mis. W. II.
Adams, .Mrs. J. M. Allien of this city.
ti Martin I). Loii of lioston and Mis.
Lewis lluilburt of Hrlstol. ur 11.
buster of lioviden-e, Ii I . is passing
month at the Norion I louse. Miss
llattle lienuott has returned to Hurllng-
ton after a visit to nor uiuiuer, .nir
Alexanelei Hennetl. and Mrs. George
Laramie. The condition of Fred L.
Grandy, who bis been critically 111 wiin
winter cholera, Is slightly Imprn-e'd.-Mrs.
Hmlly Wyniaii Is suffering from an acute-
attack of appendicitis. C H. Strong iinu
Miirston llavallne ente-rtalmil their
friends Friday evening at the rooms 01
the latter. Mis. J. D. Whiteside of Last
Orange. N. J.. Is the guest of Miv S. S.
Galnes.-Mrs. Walter Set .niton and Miss
Seranton gave an al homo u eii-
nesuay at tne Hieveus noose. r unnn."
Fish, a sti dent at Mlildlebury College,
onssiil Sundav with his parents, Judge
nnd Mi s. F L Fish. -Mrs. S. M. I Inn is
Is visiting ln-re and surrounding towns.
n,irrv Willi., lorinerlv of this place, now
of Itiirllugtoii, who has been under treat
ment lor blood poisoning at Samaritan hos
pital. Albany. N. Y. hi- so far rccnveri'd
,.u to return bom- -Mrs. Lawienco
Hartley of llurllngloii is visiting
ter, Ml" Thoiniis M.uk.-Mis.
Whlti-slde of ICnst Oi-inge. N J
niest of Mis H. S. ebitiu-s
John ftnssett of St. .10a11s
lowii Saturilay. Mr and Mrs
1 1. Lyon of lloslon were
Suiulll. h the dentil of
nt Mlddlcbury was in town
day. Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Warner left
last evening for a few days' visit to
ills sister. Mrs. K. D. Kdge-rly of New
Vovt.. .T A. Harrington is attending
a meeting of tho Hardware Associa
tion In lioston. The birthday social
at the Hapti"- Church will no neiu
Frl.lnv evenlnK. Mr. and Mrs. W. II.
i-.,.,.i., and daughter. Harbara. have
returned from Waltslleld. Leonard
V Itenaud visited his sister. Mavcel
linc at Fanny Allon hospital the llrst
f tlie wool- Tho Itev. George Har
vey Is to move to Panton. The "As
You Like If club was entertained
t,iv evening at the homo of Mrs.
A W N'orton. Mrs W A
assisting In entertaining
n Kimball was hostess.
Ino- nroirrnm was carried
duet. Mrs F. L. Fish
Mrs. G. F.
The follow-
out- Piano
and Mrs. I". G.
Hi 1
AT AG 11
N. Y., Feb. 2 .Miss
Wood bridge Thompson,
ii..,,, ,,r Ihlu eltv- 11.,. 1
hit Sai'irioK" rl ti iw at Hie ago
a for-to-duy
of 10a
I'p to a lew nays before bur
.Miss Thompson retained all hor
1, unities and was very active. She
,V11H born III New London, Conn, an.l
was a dlie. t descendent of Gordon
(JalHtanall, colonial puvernor of Co.
netticut In 1 1 so Hor Braudfuthor,
Captain William Thompnon, wn killed
', , 1 ..I 1 1'
was in
Mini In
called hero
her lather.
.Michael Murphy George cnssldy. pay
riinl liisuuctor at St. Anselm's '',,11.
Manchester. N II , lias been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. .1. M. Aldon. lllshop A. 0. A,
Hall of lluiilugloii administered tho
rlto of conllrniHlinn to a clnss of six
at St. Paul's Chin i h Sunday. Tlm
Turner Ait Kxhlblt of Huston hold
Inst week at the assemblv room ot
tho lllxby Free Memorial library un
der tho auspices of the Vergi'linos
graded school was very successful an I
netted over $7' Mr and Mrs. .1 M.
vt.i.m ii ml il. miihtor. Miss Mary, and
Mr. and Mis. W II Adams attended
the funeral of Michael Murphy at
lli-Mol yesterday Tha body was
lire ughl here and Interment made in
Hie Catholic ceinetel y. Mrs I" G.
Norton and danghler. Itiitb. Mrs W.
Dalr..mplc. Mrs W Noiton an I
Mi-m'c II Colo were In Hurllligton
Hatunlav. The "Ah You Like It" clul
,,i,.im thlH evening. Morris Lee has
the nieiisles The condition of Harvey
Kettbim, who has been 111 with the
rrln for several days, remains about
tb same. A "birthdav soihd was
hrlil Uedb u - n
V,.rlr,n roll Call. Wltll response
rv-g-'rouiid of children's sayings;
vocal solo. Mrs. J. II. Donnelly; paper,
"Child Criminals." Miss Frances Ho
bart; vocal solo. Mrs. A. W. Norton:
reading. Miss Ala Crosby: piano solo.
Mrs V W W-itorman; pantomime,
Mrs! F. L. Fish. -Mrs. K. G Norton,
Mrs. V W Waterman.
mm. ,-beck list for tho annual March
meeting has been posted and contains the
names ot Sl'.i voters, VM more man case
ballots at the la.il September election for
tho Slate ticket, rnero an- mm v. -dates
mentioned for tlio olllcc of third
seleciman, George T- Kidder, .loliu n
Stewart, Daniel T. McCnrmlck and Ham
L. Hunt. Phelps J. Coolllian, v.po has
been ill vvltn tho grip and complications
for two weeks. Is steadllv Improving.
Ills daughter. Miss Bdlth Coollh.ui, who
it; teaching school at South Hero, arrived
Saturday to visit him.-Mrs. William It.
Davis of Tu.ikigee, Okla., who camo
,.it on account of the death of a rela
tive, has started on her return Journey
-Mrs Hohurt Peacock lias gone to New-
York, where she has a position. There
are letters at the postotllco addressed to
tbe following: Miss Margaret Connors,
Mrs. Ma it Mathow.s Mrs. Alb.ui Parker,
Hubeii Ilrcnlien, Jos, II. Illll, G. M. Ken
dall, William Hoeets. contractor. The
vear-old child of Mr. and Mrs. Ceylon L.
Kddy, who has been seriously 111, threat
ened with pneumonia, for lo days, Is much
Improved and Is now believed to bo out of
danger. Joseph ISattell In the recent lire
at lluilltigtou lost a c.uload of lumber
that ho recently shipped to the Slicpaid
v Mors. L.mbir company 10 !" mad
Into Mooring for the oompletlon nf his
block on Main street. It U said that tlie
lumber was valued at about ."A), with no
insurance Ira II. LuFleiir has pur
chased the Samuel H.icon house on Sey
niour street. rrof. riay i- i isiu-r n,e
gone to New York, where he will Join
the members of the New York American
baseball eiub who are to go to their train
ing nuarlers In tho lleunuda Islands for
tpring training. Mr Fisher has been .1
pitcher on this tonni for several ye-nrs
Ilo Is also physical Instructor at Middle,
bury College. Miss Marie Sigma' ha--gouc
to Vergeunes for a few days.-Al-bcita
Olnistead, oldest daughter of Mrs.
C. V. Olnistead, was taken to tho Mary
Fletcher hospital Sat unlay afternoon, ac
companied by her mother and Dr. Pren
tyH, The board of civil authority mot
at Hie olllce of Joseph M. Burke for tho
purpose of abating taxes and tie, mm; any
eotuplalnts In regard to Hie grand list
Not nianv persons uppeap-d beforo tlie
board. Neiulv Do of thh students
of the Women's college are 111 with
toiisllllls and are coiillneil to tfielr rooms
In the women's dormitory. Joseph W.
I.ivvrence of Cambridge, N. Y., has been
1 ailed here on account eif tho Illness of
his father, Nolson Uiwrence, who has
a bad attack of the grip and pleurUy at
Sa'.om, Mass., Fob. 2Ti. For half an hour
after he had killed Gcorgo K. Marsh, an
aged mancf icturor ef Lynn. WlUlam A
Dorr diove up and down tho Lynn boulo
vard with the body propped up beside hiu
In the single seat of Wb rucabout. Other
ELtitorriobilldts passod him. but, though il
was light, h'- attracted no attention.
This is a part of tho remarkable storj
that Dorr told to-day to a Jury befora
whom ho l being tried for murdor.
Tho Slate alleges that Marsh was mur
dereel in order that tho defendant might
profit indirectly through a trust fund
which he thought would go to his aunt.
Miss Orpuha JIarsh, with whom he lived
In Stockton, Cal., upon tho death of
Marsh. Counsel for thi defendant sot u
self-defense and Dorr was put on th'
stand to toll his story
For four and a half hour- Dorr wa
under examination or ctus-s-eximlnatlon
He told in detail of his llfo In Stockton,
where ho said he was a member of
church choir. His aunt's propert w.n
Involved, he, said, Jind ho belleve-d th.lt H
was being mismanaged. He could get n'
satisfaction from George 12. Crane, who
looked after the estate, and he decided
to come Kast and see prvitely George K
Marsh, hl.s aunt's uncle
Arriving in Lynn, ho obtained lodgings
near Marsh's home, and made the ac
quaintance of the old man. Ono day ho
took Mursh out for a drive In his auto
mobile. Marsh made an insinuating re
mark about Miss Marsh, asking Dorr it
ho was really the woman's nephew. They
qnarrcie-il nnd tho defcnelant starteel to
leave tho oar. Mr. Marsh tried to stop
htm and was shot In tho scuffle tha'
followed. On cross-examination Dorr told
the story practically as ho had llrst re
lated It. Iteplylng to questions of Pls
trict Attorney Atwell, Dorr said:
" fter the shooting I wrapped the iod
ot Marsh In a blanket, put his hat c i
his head and started toward Lynn. I drovi
the machine up and down the boulevar.i
several times undecidedly what to eh-,
Once- 1 drove nearly up to the Mare 1
house and then my courage failed and 1
returned to the boulevard Several times
I had to stop tho machine to prop up
tlie body, which had toppled over."
"What prompted you to keep riding
iround with the body In the machine."
the district attorney asked
"Fear." said Dorr.
The witness thought that Marsh dled
about 5:30 o'clock on tho afternoon of
April 11, 1P12. About six o'clock ho drove,
his car near the marshes and put tho
body on the ground, Then he half carrlexl
and half dragg el It from the roadway
arid pushed it through a fence. It rolled
down an embankment, where It was
found the next day.
The defense rested without having in
troduced any testimony other than that
to establish self-defense. The State 'wi'l
call two or throe witnesses in rebuttal
Worked Wnv 1 11 d Mean to Text
periiinnrpey of Service.
Washington. Fob y -Basing his pea -
Hon on the fact that he took the diplo
matic civil service ox -urination as a
career. Henry P lien her. the American
minister to Chile, will not tender his re.
slgnntlon before the Inauguration of Pni---
ident Wilson. This determination moilo
known to-day proliably will form the basis
for a test ot the permanency of the civil
service aa It applies to the diptomntio
branch nf the government sei-vl Flet
cher entered tlie diplomatic srrle as tho
result of nn examination and worked up
from a minor secretnryshlo to tho post ol'
minister to Chile. Hi Is n republican.
A number of .Vmurlcn.ii ministers. In
cluding' 12 In Itttlu America alone.
and one ambassador, Mr Ttockhlll nt
ConstantinpolL', havo risen to their
places from the lower urttdes. of tho
service In accordance with thu sys
tem of examination and promotion
created by executive order In tho
usual course tho atrroHssadors,
most of tlie American ministers.
d - th' ir resignations to tho In
prosldont, espoolallv where there
change In the d I riant party
Is done as a matter ot courtesy, in
order to afford the new administra
tion full opportunity to adjust Itself
and learn or thn state or business in
each of tho embassies and legation!!
before making1 changes It Is be
lieved that 11 number of such resljr
natlons alreadv havo been addressed
to President-elect Wilson, or certain
ly will (-each him befoie March 1
is a.
Washington, Feb, 2. ioi.iet proece-d-IngM
for a separation decree wero In
stituted six weeks ago before a refereo
Bourne, wife of tho
Suites senator from
the preliminaries l'o
been Id progress la
the facts did not
Mis, Bouine"re
by Mrs. Jonathan
millionaire 1'nlted
Oregon. Although
tho divorce havo
Oregon several weeks
become known until
lliieiulsliod hor apartment in Stoncklgh
Conn She ts now on her way to Pilrt
land to' press tho suit These facts be
came knawn to-night.
Senator Boumi admitted last ovc-nlna
that his vvlfo hud parked hor !ans and
pennies and departed for Oregon, but
hound that ho would not dUcuss th
report which occasioned so muoU Inter-

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