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One Cent
Advertising in this column
one cent a word, ench in
sertion. Copy niny bo
ehnnpretl every week. Cash
in advance required. No
advertisement taken which
is less than 12 words, two
lines. Special terms to ad
vertisers using from 230 to
1,000 lines within 12 con
secutive months.
i U'lTI S N'i sl.VGLF, MAN hi twi en
. ai-1 "" w.i Mi -1 to work v. 1th .md in
Iviki !' en u school farm, 'Jin1 mr
i ti ill. a ly im lined pii I'l rn cl. Suituhlo
f l;ir t the right man. Write, giving
n' v. i !gM, blight anil i V! erienro mill
r .1 j ' .to.- -apli with rcfen nros, If corr
al , nt C I! Hrndloy, I'. O. box 14.W,
Los'or . 47Me2wlt.
1 ,HM It NT) wanted for season, good
warns to iik.'M pnrty. Write F. O. I tell
st 1 ,i't il.u.lwlck. A't. Sl.w.St.
jj'JITI'KN Mi:N wanted nt oiii'i to loam
t repair .iii'l drive automobiles, and prc
j r,. f.,r a ,u uncles at $15 to $10 weekly.
Ltnltdl opportunity. Write stating age.
X m M in Auto Company, IfiC Fore St.,
1 ..itl ,r 1. M . 32,wlt
SOMi: CNI: wanted to liuy tho best pHj-
1 -TI .
m.il In South Uoyalton, t.
.ul.irs wilto X. .1. Potvln.
32. wit
I' Fume ono to buy the creamery
Smith Hoyalton, Vt. Wrlto N. J.
1 A1H HV OI2LDINGS for Kile, f, and (i
i'i i. Id weigh 2,ivi pounds, sound and
i 1 r' -nt Frank II. Smith, Chutlotf,
t 4S'.'Gt.twlt
ju;. i si i' hkd guwunsky
eni" il': also high-grade
orn.- J) S. Hllss, So.
HULL. ?.
hull (alt I
I," d&wtf.
h)i tim'.ii lands and mill to fluse the
estate of I. V Stevens. Sale absolute
and w.thout reserve. The estate of
.lamps V SUvcm. deie.isid. Is the
nwiur of l."iiu acres ot timber lands,
with il. w sawmill near the lands. The
mill ' eiiiiii.pid with new hoard mill,
made by the Lane Mfg. Co., a elnoboaid
mt.l. p'.uur, matcher, etc., nP nearly
new Tho mill Is located about seven
' ill s from Cambridge .let. station,
t tuated on both the Central Vermont
(Grand Trunk) and Hnston ifc Maine sys-'ini.-
The mil Is operated by steam
power but Is on a good water power.
tT outl-i'- fin- connection with water
iowcr has been paitly made, and a few
nndred dollars will complete the con
lection. The sale will take place at or
lear tho mill at two o'clock p in.,
Thursday, March 0. 1!13. Tho property
vlll then and there be sold at public
luctlnn, absolutely, unqualifiedly, and
v'thout reserve, to tho highest bidder.
HPc-n thou- iiul dollars can remain on
m.j.iir tz ,,r tin- property, If desired by
the pjrr-i set Title good beyond quos
tl. n. V deposit of 20 per cent, ot tho
purchase money will bo requited at tho
time of sale. The administrator will bo
p'eased to show the property to pros
pect vo purchasers, or to answer nnv
i itsrions bv mall or otherwise. Ociirgu
J Storj, Administrator, AVatervIlle,
A i "in int. Taplln and Dickens. Orleans.
. Hone cr. t'UOt&w.lt.
isiihss of the lato I'eter Diivereux for
It wlt'i stock and tools, or will .'ell
t ult alout Will bo sold regardless of
'on ill order to settle the estate. IS
(er street ai.d&w.tf
II Y roil SALE. One barn choice hay
i n v f rMi at Wrstniinsti r Htat'on, Vt.
Aoply io a I. Holmes, Westminster,
"V t or v,'lti me at 77 lltlell St., HurllnK
cn, Vt W V. Parr. 4r,,t;w.ll
liAitiu-.n roi'ic cocicuitnLs, ntts-
I rid and HunrivMdo strains. D. S. Illlss,
Six t lrllntftnn. 47,d.twtf.
30 VCIli FAliM for sale. 11 miles from
Tt 'hmond vlllutre, school s mile, cap
acity .5 cows p.ntl team. Meadow level
and fiee from stone. This i an A No.
I farm ("onui and see !t or write lor
paitKUlars. M. D. Dimlck, Itlchmond,
't oO.Ct&wlt.
H':i'r: is a m:.L von you. r.o.acro
farm, hip s- ar 'msh, lots fruit, running
w.it r at hu.l.linij, 11! head cattle and
tools, all for Jl.To, half oaah. N.J I'ot-
i 'ii, South Ko niton, Vt. !S,2tAwl't
LAltOK STOC k KAIt-M for Palo. Located
In Cliamplaln Valley. Contains Coo acres.
Will kcrp over 10) cows, D houses, S
barns, other small bulldlnKa all nearly
new. For pnrticular inquire of Mrs.
IS J. Carpenter, It. D. No. 4, VerKcnnes,
Vt la.ditw.imo.
El' ND rolt I'HICK LIST of farms, etc.
V J Potvlii. Ite.il ICstuto IJealor, South
H'jyalton, Vt, 2G,w,tf,
'Dining lioom
CD SI. I'niil Sireel, lliirllnxtoii Vvriiinnt
Office 145 Chorry strnot II. W. Hul
lork, proprietor. Fine Shirt, Collar and
Cuff Work. 'I'Jiono .'IS-11 or aond post
il anil driver will call.
I'nielleal I'IiiimIictb nod Sleuni Fitter.
!! St. I'iiiiI Slrret.
.Vet JVoriu lliirllnulon .Snilnun Ilaulc,
169 Nai th St. Tel. 965,
CalU AiiHiirred Day nr lulit.
(Continued from imge 1.)
I.ln 1 M 1tl..1. ul..n.t Mtlinmili Ate
1 IS llillllU Ull IIISU J.l.1... j.nin.i.r,..
, Lawrence Is past fo'yeatfi of iik It Is rx
: pected that he will recover. This Is .1. W.
I awrence'g llrst visit to town since he
' left hete four years oro. At the ntiiiunl
' meetlliK of Hie Methodist Church of tilts
vlllnue the repoits of olllcers showed the
I society to. Jie itl a food condition. Tho
! followltm otllcers were elected: Tiiih
i tees of the church and parsonace prop
erty, l'rof. II. M. Sceley, Dr. M. It.
I Kdily, "W. X. Cady, William .lacksnn, W.
K. 1'ostcr, N. A. UrooKs, jtoi. m. . oan
ford, II. A. Feck, ti. II. Marshall; stow
nrn. II- M. Seeley, W. N. Cady, II. N,
Dow, l'rof. K. W Cady, Dr. S. S. ISddy,
II. M. Haiti, W. 8. Huntley. S. 1!. Allies.
('. 11. Fain. W. U. Clement, V. W. Uncoil,
O. II. I'liinnaKiin, ClinrW- K. Youtt, M
K. Damon, Theodore Foster; .l'rof. .1. A.
MoriMiii piesililent of tho Kpworth
Leauue: l'rof. F. W, Cady and A, E. Aus
tho local preachers.
Tho Mlddlebury inn, which Mr. nnd
Mrs. John II. SarKent havo reconslructeU
from the old Allen House on Washington
street, was opened at noon Monday. Trie
Siirmnts have made a very lnrne number
of inipiovemeiits on the property, prac
tically ma kin,'? a new house. From tlnlr
experience of 1 years In tho hotel busl
nefs In Mlfidlcbiirv" It to probable that Mr.
and Mrs. H.arcent illl make a success In
their new venture. Mrs. Ficd Flanders
Is seriously ill with the Kilp at her home
on Weyhrldse street Monday, market
lay, CPUs broiiRht SO rents anil butter,
TM to ST. Tin- cattle shipment Monday
consisted of two carloads. H. .1. Hayes
has returned from UurlitiKton. wheio hu
spent Sunday with his family. The
Misses llernlco Klddei. llelene Lal'an'
and Mable Hucstls havo roturnod from
Ueldens. James Dumas and K. D.
Twilchel have secured the eontrnct for
the repairing of the Interior of Stephen
Huker's house in Salisbury. Hoy Hhackett
bus none to Worcester, Mass., where he
lr"- a position. ". A. St. Peters of St.
Albans U In town for a few days. Miss
ltiiby Sears has Kofie to Shelbtirne, call
ed there by the death of a relative. X.
.1. Ulveis. who has been In the employ
of John 11. Stewait for n few years m
plumber, has resUaed bis position nnd
will soon leave for VeiKennes. Allan
Sturtevant and family are moving from
Court str"et to the new house which he
recently purchased on College street. A.
V. Warner has returned from IlurlliiKton.
Mis. Louis St. Mary, who has been serl
otislv 111 for five months, with various
troubles complicated by old uko, is wain
lntf, iot only physically, but mentally,
and it Is probable that she will net up
and lie aiotind nealn In spite of her iikc.
Deput Sheriff l'aul Tinkham of
Koilu-ster lnouKht llenjamln Caswell ot
Hancock to tho Addison county jail
chnrwod with a statutory otfonse. He will
be yivtn a heailni? here. At S:S'I o'clock
Sat ui day nlsht In the CoiiKiVKational
Church .it Uridport the Hov. Clrllflth
Minns joinid In matrimony Lee ilemen
way. son (if Mr. and Mrs. Horn i.vne Ilem
enw.iy. and Miss Hazel I'.ussell, diiiiKh
ter of Air. and Mrs. Nathan Hussell. The
chinch kuh ciowdel. S. S. Norton of
llildpoit was the best man and Urn brides
maid was Miss Until (Jiosvonor. The
llower Kills were the Ml-ses Merei'do
Nlsuii and l.dna Hemenway, sis
ter of the Broom, with a number of
chlldr-.n .MrryliiK bas-kets of llow-
cia. Th : ushers were Thomas
F. Hums, .It., and Uayniond IJenedlct
of Mlddlebury and John Hussell and
Forest Myilck of Ittldpoit. Previous to
tne wertiiine; ceremony, a reception and
oanquet were held at the home of tho
bride s parents. The house wan decorated
with Dowers and anionc tlei presentations
made weru many offurinrrs In Kold. silver
and paper monev. The youiiK couplo came
ro Mlddlebury nnd took the nlRht train
for n wedding trip.
MKs Delia Hruya, who ias severely
injured .Sunday nlKht by a fall on tho Ice,
is still conllned to her bed. No bonus
were bioken and her skull was not frae
uireo, as was at llrst feared. Mrs. Louis
i otn has returned from Itutland. Krwln
(5. Piper, who was threatened with pneu
monia Monday. Is thoucht to be lecovei-
Inc. M. G. Orady Is confined to the bed
with a severe attack of tho Bilp.-Miss
Alice Hopkins has returned to UurllnK-
ton aner a few days at the home of Mr.
and Mis. II. ,. ivrij Km bt,.(.,.t
At the annual meetlnp; f the'Addlsnii
Lncampment, No. T, I, O. O. F Tiicj
day evening tho follow Itin olllci-rs w,.ro
elected: C, P., Charles F. Hlch; S. W.,
J'rnnlc i.-ishcr; 11. P., Chaihs Lamorder;
.1 , W. L. Cady; scribe, 1). Lewis Sel
kck: treasurer, Allan T. Calhoun. Theru
was a Bood attendance and at the close of
the business session a banquet was held.
The installation of new olllcers will taki:
place on the second Monday In March.
The KpIcopal Church society la Snaking
arrangements to hold n bazar tho first
pait of April. Mathew Calhoun haB re
turned from Boston and entered the em
ploy of Joseph Calhoun. Tho funeral of
the Hov. Georuo II. l!allty was held at
the Congregational Church in Weybrldgo
Tue.rday afternoon at 2:.1D o'clock. There
was a lari?e attendance and a profusion
of now ore. Tho Hov. Samuel Hose of
Cornwall and the Hev. A. A. Lancaster
of Mlddlebury olllclatcd. Tho remains
wero taken on the 4:42 train to Moravia
N Y., for Intel ment. Mrs. James Farrell
of Hutland Is In town, called hero by thu
illness of her Krandfather, Nelson Law
rence. Mrs. William H. Morcomb, Sr.,
icturnod Tuesday Irom Itutland, when;
she has been for 10 days vlaltliiK lu r ton,
William II. Morcomb, Jr., and family.
Dr Daniel O. Noble, who has been serf
otisly in for several months, and who ic
turned three weeks ago to h'a
home heio after two months
In Ihe Hutlaiifl city hospital, is
steadily jmprovlnt,' nnd Is now able to
Ude out for an hour or two every day
.urs. uarnner jjuncan lias returned rrom
Hutland after a week with .Mrs. Fred
KnlKht. Mrs. Luna M. Morrison, who
has been ill for two months, has recov
ered so far as to hu able to be out iiKaln,
Mrs. Dana Muriy and three children of
-Mention are In town for a few weeks.
Tho Mlstes Paulino Poland and Jen
nlo llasklns have returned after visiting
Mr and Mrs, John S Oradey In Hiithmd.
-Mr and Mrs. William II, Thomas left
for New York Tuesday nlsht, where thoy
will Join Mr and Mrs. 1'. 11. Cloyes and
j:o to ijiko llelene, Fla., for tho hnlancu
of the winter Mr, and Mrs. H. P. Hu
lett, who have spent three months at the
24-ncro farm, 4 m. out. will tradoj
120-ucro farm, 8 m. out, stock and
tools; country store, $11,000 stock, do
Inir J12.000; lino city prop, for homo
or Investment. IlflollH Itenl KntHte,
ins Colliue St.
Ali.iilnlely Without Pain.
Tho only olTlce in UurllnRton whero
you can i.'ot teeth extracted without a
particlo of jaln. vlthout taking Bas.
My method is useil by no thor person.
No p .in; no dansor; no after etfticts.
Office 231 Main St., UjillnKton. VL
Offlco IlliUra. 10 li, X 1 In H.
Addison House, havo koiio to New York
for two weeks beforo they leturri tu
..Meeker, Colo.'
Charles F. Hlch has none on a brief
round of" visits to relatives In Whiting,
Leicester and ltrandon. William P. Mo
JIukIi of Amherst, Mass., a natlvo nnd
loiiKtliim resident ot Mlddlebury, In In
town with his mint, Mrs. John II. Sar
Ketit, nt tho Mlddlebury Inn. Anions vis
itors hero from out of town are Mrs. Ma
bel Howers of Shorelmm, Conn., H. A.
Lewis of HlirlliiRlon, D. D. Ilurns of Hut
land, Ilnlph 11, llelden ot Hlpton, Nelson
Ooiiletto of Hraudoti, Arthur J. Wilder
of Hrooklyn, N. Y., Merrill O. Field ot
Cornwall nnd Course W. Marsh of llcn
iiliiKton. A laiKe riunihor of horsemen
went over to Port Henry, N. Y., on Wed
nesday to attend the races on tho Ico on
tho lake. Several Mlddlebury horses oro
entered for the races Thursday and Fri
day. Miss Delia Htirj'ea, Who was peil
ously Injured by a full on the sidewalk
Sunday nlKht, lias lecovered from her
coinutCKc state and it Is exported that she
will recover In a week or so. Daniel T,
McCormlck has t?one to TlconderoRa, N.
Y., on a business trip for a couple of
weeks. Judson A. Wrlnht, who has been
hnvlns the Rrlp for a few days, Is Improv
ing rapidly. Nelson Lawrence, who has
been 111 for two weeks wjth an nttuck ot
tho atlp and a serious caso of pleurisy.
Is muTh Impioved. Ho l.s S3 years of line.
His son, Joseph W. Lawrence, of Cain
brldKo, N. Y., who ban been with him for
several days, has returned to CainbrldKe.
Some of the promlnont democrats in
town are ptnmilhK a celebiatlon for Wil
son's InaURUiatloii March I. Tho plans
are Immature as yet but will probably
bo completed beforo Satuidny. D. J.-Me
dio of Portland, it former well known
Mlddlebury boy and now largely Interest
ed In the monumental marble and granite
bulsness, returned to Hutlnnd Wednes
day evening after a few days In town.
Simon McMahon and John U. Mc.Mahon
have gone to Port Henry, N. Y being In
terested In some of the horses that are
going to race there this week. Phelp.s J.
Coollhan, who has been II! with the grip
fur nearly a month. Is so much Improved
that ho was able to be out and attend to
his business Wednesday. Ills daughter,
Miss I-MIth Coollhan, who Is teaching
school In South Hero, and who has been
with him for several days, has returned
to South Hero to complete her term.
Harry L. Chambers roturned Wednesday
to Sudbury. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew .1.
Crossman of Ilrattleboro and their daugh
ters, Oladjs and Harriet, are visiting
In this vicinity. Mrs. Crossman was fot-
merly Miss Julia 11. Freeman of Middle
bury. Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur J. Field have
roturned from Hutland, where Mr. Field
bns been for two weeks for treatment,
at the Rutland city hospital. Miss Dora
M. Wilson has returned from WoM Hut
land, where she has hem for several days
a guest of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Morse. At
the Congregational Church, A. A. Lan
caster pastor, morning worship Sunday
will be at lu:4!i; sacrament of the Lord's
supper and reception of memheis. Com
munion nddress by the pastor. The Young
People's society meets In the vestry at 0:15
ti. m., tuple, "The Ideal Christian, ins
Practical Service." About M men attend
ed the dinner at the Congregational
church Tuesday, when a Hrotherhood
was organized, the books to be open for
"0 days, giving nil an opportunity to sign
and become charter members. Signa
tures may be made at Shatter's drug
store or at the ltev. A. A. Lancaster's.
The address of the evening was by tho
Hev. II. F. Swartz of New York.
Miss Mlna Parish Is visiting Mrs. F. II
liuike. Louis Gagnon is at home from
Wllllamslown with lis parents, Mr. nnd
.Mrs. Joseph Gagnon. A. II. Hrovvu Is ill
with the grip at Georgo Sargent's. It Is
the third attack this winter, Horace
Hook Is recovering after a serious Ill
ness with the grlii and heart tumble,
complicated by a nervous breakdown.
The remains of Mary .1. Clair weru
brought here from the hospital In Hut
land, where she died after an operation
for cancer nnd gall stones. She was "4
years old and Is survived by three daugh
ters, Mrs. James Derb ot this town, Mrs.
Chailotte Oaks of Dauby, Mrs. .eta
Howe of Warren, and two suns, C. H.
Hldcr of Danby and I.ouN Itlder of Go
shen. The funeral was held in the Meth
odist Church Saturday at 1:30 in the
afternoon. The Interment wuh In Kim
wood cemetery by the side of her late
husband, Oliver Clair, who was a vet
eran of the Civil War and passed to a
peaceful rest October 1.", I'.HU. They were
former residents here.
Wo wish to thank all those who as
sisted In any way at the funeral of
our dear mother and grandmother.
nrjoHGK nown.
IJ. W. Kstoy and A. W. Govt were in
Charlotte Monday and Tuesday on buM
ncs. J. S. Hriggtt returned from Ii'errla
burg Monday, where he was called by
tho denth of a relative. W. II. lirowu
visited U. W. Peake at the Mary Fletcher
hospital Monday. L. A. Neal visited him
Saturday Fred Chase of Springlleld,
Mass., was an over-Sunday guest of his
mother, Mrs. Josle Chase. William Shat
tuck visited his sister, Mrs. Ila Mead, In
West Hutland over Sunday. Card.-U Nor
ton visited in Poultney over Sunday.
Judge and Mrs. K. A. Hasselllne will at
tend tho Inauguration nt Washington and
visit their son, Dr. H, 13. Ilnsseltlne, ami
family. The doctor Is attached to the
marine hospital service A board ot
trade was organized Monday evening
with tho following olllcers and directors:
President, F. G. Hasklnu; vice-president,
P.. J. Hrlstol; seeietary, T. It. Thomas,
treasurer, O. H, Farr; dliectors, V. M.
Thomas, H. R Hosworth, K. W. Vurnoy,
C. A. Hurnham. H. F. Hatch. Murray
Hourne, formerly of this town, Is now lo
cated In Fresno, Cal. Tho Delta Alpha
class of tho Methodist Church will meet
with Mrs. 11. M. Gleason Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. O, If. Plain nro at homo
from lliirllngtoii
In tho auditors' report the selectnnn'-'
orders were given as $1,'1S, f,t ; borrowed
money, 3l,7'Vi; town hall receipts, $r,03.D0;
expenses, $333.19; road commissioner's or
ders, town, $2,071.61; State road, $;19.S3;
overseer of the poor, $1,1517.33; health olll
cer, $91.13; Greenwood cemetery; receipts,
IJJGI.Mi; expenses, $7dS.22; schools, $17,
fill.I.'; treasurer's report, receipts, $.i4,
227.11: expenses, $.4,22!i.lil; to bo provided
for, $H!,M0.Hi; assAs, f,ril, 110.12; Lawreneo
Memorial library iccelpts, $l,l!l; expen
ses, $:CG."7; school buildings, $l!i.3IS.i;r,;
contents, $S,H3.TC; library building and
contents, $U,HH Miss (lenevlevo Kll
burn, a daughter or Mr. and Mrs. K. C.
Kllburn, Is seriously III. Spinal menin
gitis is feared. Mrs. 11. L. Parmlco Iihh
returned from a visit with her ulster In
Tho mortgage on the Methodist
Church will bo burned March 1 1 with
npproprbitn ooromonles. The Outlook
rlilb will meet with Miss Kalo Stewart
Fehruury 28. Miss Clara Vorguson,
who Is teaching in Lincoln, Iuih been
111 with tho measles, hut In recovering.
Ami Hall of Montpellor was a guest
of Judge nnd Mrs. H.. A. Iliisseltlno
Thursday nnd Friday. Mrs. Hall and
child returned home with him. Miss
Jennie Grow Is 111. F II Dlrkermaii,
Hnlph Denlo and W. U Hanks attend
cd tho meeting ot the State Hankers'
association n Hutland Ftlday. Prof.
Myron H. Snnford ot Mldllebury Col
lego gnvo a tnlk befme tho stu
dents of tho high school Monday
ii "Old Homnn Life."- Washington's
birthday was observed here by tho
closing of tho bank and the display of
"Old Glory." The II. !' " 'tnicrn
hud a dny o(T. Mlchnel Murphy died
nt tho homo t Mr. iitul S'ru. Lewis
llurlburt Friday. He w,is tho father
of Mrs. Hurlhiirt. The funeral was
held Sunday morning at SL Am
brose's Church at !):30. the Hev. Fath
er P. J. Dohetiy oftlclntlng. Tho bu
rial was In Vergennes.
J. S. Ilrlggs attended the funeral of
Mrs. Daniel Hrlgss, hlH bioth s wife, In
Fenlsbtirg Sunday. Ml Nolllu Harlow
visited Dr. and Mrs. II. L. Avorlll In
Mlddlebury last week. n alarm of tiro
Saturday night about ten o'clock was for
a blaze at the home of Mrs. Ulla Dana
and '.Mrs. Sarah Atwood on Spring street.
An oil stove caught lire, which was con
fined to the room and extinguished with
out using any water. The room was some
what scorched and soino bedclothliK
was burned. The mill yards are bring j
stocked with logs drawn on wagons.-1 1.
1-2. Fnrr of Albany. N. Y. I visiting his I
mother, Mrs. Sophia Farr. Mtft. Furr Is
lr poor health. A number of people suf
fered slight Injuries by dipping on tho
ley sidewalks Sunday. Mron Flshman
was In Vergennes over Sunday. T. U.
arney has returned from Moiitpeller.
Aiiten Lawrence attended the funeral ot
Jny Clark In lllnesburg Sunday.
Mrs. i' K. Hussell u hettel. V. M.
Lewis returned to Ituibniiton Monday. -C.
J. Illalr bus been at o. P.. Hoot's, 111
with the inoasles. Tho ladles of Hands
Cove chapter, D. A. It., serve dinner In !
... . & . '
their looms town meeting iiiiy.-.iunpii
Fortlcr has gono to Iiolden's FAIls to run
Ihe power house for the Proctor works.
Mrs. II. II. Hnscnni Is lnipiovlng. Miss
Leila Smith closed her school Filday for
the term. The oilier two schools In the
village have two weeks more. George
Thomaii Is critically 111 with pneumonia.
-Francis Conwav has returiKd to work
in W. IS. French's store Mrs. L. o.
llascom K III with the measles. Profes
sor Lambert of Middleburv College will
occupy the pulpit in the Congregational
Church Sunday morning at 10:43
Catherine Stay hn.s the measles.
Mrs. !M-th McAlvin Is suffeilng from
blood polsonhm In the foot. Hairy
Washburn Is 111 with the measles at the
home of Dr. Denton. The small child of
Clint Kimball Is 111 with the measles.
Miss Lulu Sweet Is seriously 111 and lnen
incltls Is feared. Mis. George Thomas,
Sr., has returned from a slant visit in
Hoston. The debate of the Young Pen
pie's Auxiliary club Friday evening was
largely attelulul. The allltmatlve was
Mrs. Charles Ho.igand Mrs. Lester Dean;
the negative, Mis. Charles Franklin and
Miss Calla Miles. The Judges were Max
Green, 12. V. Mender anil Mr. Van
Vllet. It was decided in the nlflrmatlve.
Mrs. Annette S.eet, widow of Henry
Sweet, died Tuesday morning.
Mr. and Mr.. I.ee Hemenway will go to
housekeeping at the Wilbur Hamilton
place. The Ladles' society realized $24 -.t
their social Friday evening. C. 1-2. Pal
mer has returned from l'errlsburg. Har
old St. John was operated on Saturday
for a trouble following pneumonia. Mis
Alice Hemenway, a 'toucher In New Jer
sey, was heio to attend the wedding
her brother. Lee, to Miss Iluzel Hjis.'
The Ladles' ot-ietv will hold a ."o
the vestry Thursday inlng, Mara
The Ladles' Home Clri le held tluir an
nual mietlng at tile home of Mr md Mrs
Italic! t Young Friday evening. Abu it f,i
were present A literary program was
given. Slipper was served. The ladies
are planning to build sheds for horses at
the Jerusalem school houe, wbeie meet
ings are held. The next meeting Will be
lit Id with Mis. Candiiee Atkins Thurs
day, Maieh '.Mrs David Follansbee re
turned Thursday fioni Moiitpeller with
the body of her gient aunt, Mis. Phoeiie
llrlttell. The funeral was held at In r
home Friday afternoon, the Hev. Mr.
Stone of Hrlstol ollielatlng. Mrs. Hilttell
was In her !i.lrd year and formerly lived
hire. She Is survived by one son, 1-21
bridge llrlttell nr Moilah Center. N. Y.,
and one daughter. Mrs. George Tromblee
or Moiitpeller, with whom she lived. Mr.
and Mrs. Trombl, e weie here to attend
the funeral and will remain some time
with Mr. and Mr. Follansbee and other
l datives. Mis Hov llurlburt of Monk
ton was here to attend the funeral of her
great great aunt, Mrs. Phoebe llrlttell, of
Moiitpeller. Mls-s Huth Follansbee Is
visiting In Moiikton and Now Haven.
The death of Amos Atwood In the Mill
year of his ag lined Monday after an
Illness of two days, at the home of his
nephew. J. Wall, r Atwood, with whom
he had lived tor many years. Ills funeral
was held al h- late home Wednesday
at 2:00 p. m, Hie ltev. Samuel Hose offi
ciating. William Lavalley has sold his
farm to Deane iiii.-s of South lluilington,
who will take pooKcHslon April 1. Mrs.
A W. Foote Is In Pawlet visiting her son,
William and family, Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Foote and son, Wlnlleld, arrived from
Moiitpeller Monday. Jov Hose of Mld
dlebury College is spending a few flays
wilth lnr pannts, the Hev. and Mis.
Samuel Hose, while recuperating from
tonsilitls. Messrs Hendry and WnNh of
Mlddlebury Colli p.,. assisted in the ser
vices at the Congi , gatlonal Church Sun
day, both morning ami evening.
Moiulny evening Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
Noomin were tendered a roccptlon at
Allen hall by 5n nr more friends and
nelghhois. Lr. C N. Curtis of the Meth
odist Church hi behalf of their friends
presented them with two oak chairs.
.Music was- furnished by Miss I2mnia Hall,
Joseph Stone ami Mm. oi,. Hull. Hefresh
minis were served and a social time en
joyed. Mrs. 12. J, Hunker has returned
to Piovldeiic,., H. ., after upending a
few weeks with lnr sister, Miss Klleii
Dow. .Miss l.oia Dean has closed her
school In icsex Center anil has been
spending .i tew days at her father's, W,
W. Dian. -The Misses Carrie and Fan
nie Whulcr, who have been 111. ale con
valesclug.MIH. uinier Picton, who has
hem III with the measles, is improving.
The last entertainment In the winter
course was given Tuesday evening In
Allen hall by Muscanttrs St lvteisbur.4
orchesliu -Mrs. Lydla Lessor and l.imlly
have ntowd to Hinlingtun after living In
John Kenyan's house. Jack Volt I""1 re
till 'lid to his home after spending so v.
enil weeks at Adolphus Cusln's
Mrs I2leii Ayer, who has been conllned
to her bed for two weeks at the home of
bur son, Frank C. Ayer, with the In. H
convalescent. Jl, )'ii,K p.is sold UH
f'li'Ui to Mr. Townsend of Sudbury and
I" moving to Sallabuiy In th Hedmnn
Miili.ii place , vlu h be re. cully bought ot,
George Kelsey. Miss Gcnevlnvo Lamor
iler Is 111 with a 'hard cold, Forest Ayer
letunied to his school In Hnndolph Satur
day after paAslrig a welt nt home. Mrs
Charles Farmer Is HI with tho grip.
Tho annual donation arid oystor
supper whs held Wednesday even
ing nt tho town tint!. Two farces, "A
IJusluosu Mooting" and "HlrlnK Holp,"
were given by the Indies. Tho
Grnngo will meet lis usual Friday
evening. Samuel Tatt Is 111. -The In
dies will servo their annual dinner
town mooting- tin v. 'Mrs. Anna Forgu
son and Mrs, Madge 12ddv attended
the Snrgcnnt-Swoet wed.llng In Lincoln
the 13th. Miss Kate F. Hill Is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Lottie Thompson,
In F.ast Harnard. Tho hollso of Gran
vlllo Thompson on Mason-Hilt was de
stroyed by ilro tho 18th. It is thought
fire caught In tho attic, ns tho roof
won ablaze when discovered, Some
of tho furniture was saved. The barn,
which was near tho house, was saved
bv hard work. A small Insurance
w:an can led. Mr. Thompson's family
Is now living In James Thompson's
tenement nt tlm village. rthtir
Steadman has rented the Francis
Hannon farm In lrelnnd nnd takes
possession March 1.
Mr. and Mrs. S. '.. Walker opened their
hnine Thursday 'evening, when a reception
was given the new pastor mi l his fam
ily. Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Walker, Hev.
nnd Mis. G W. Fitnch, Mr. nnd Mrs.
L. II. TottliiRham and Master Clark
French received In the west parlor. In the
dining loom Mrs. M. P. Cook poured.
Miss North. Miss Hahlwin, Mrs. W. H.
Stoki - end Mrs. W. G. Larrnbco served.
s.i , ... pl. were present.
i ...n. the youngest son of Mr. and
Mi- John IJiinias. out ono foot while in
tin- woods chopplng.-Mrs. C. N. North
sp, nt Sunday In Ticonderoga.-Mis. J. L.
Jones is In Swanton with her daughter,
Mrs. Hugh Uaker.-Mrs. F. K. Piatt and
Mrs. W. G. Larrabee entertained the,
Mi rnxlali Club Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Piatt Mrs. Walter Smith,
called hue by tho death of her father,
William .1. Anderson, returned to her
home in Washington, D. C, Wednesday.
Miss Helen Collins attended the funeral
of Hev. G' org. ISnilcy at Weybiidgc Tues
day. Miss Carrie Scott is 111. Mrs. IL
O. Hrotk of liurllngton was the guest of
the Misses Jennie and Hose Hriggs Tues
day. Thu funeral of Mrs. D. C Hriggs
was held Sunday at two oVlock nt the
Methodist F.plscopal Chuich at North
Fetiisburg. The Hev. Dr. Curtis olflelat
ed. Iiniial was in the village i metery.
Tin Itiiieral was largely ntteiulid and
there were many beautiful flotal offerings.
i In- bearers were W. II. Dean, Austin
Hooth. . P. HIrkett, John Henson. W.
H. Nichols and Thomas ICngan. Among
those In attendance form out of
town were: Ml. and Mrs. W. G. Hriggs
of Starksboro, Mr J. S. Hriggs. Mrs. Shel
don Alijer, .Mr. and Mi's. Norman Mott,
Mr. and Mr". Goodsiil llolcomb. Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Hockwood, Mr. and Mis. Dan
Lull of Hrlstol, Mrs. Ann Patch or i:ur
linglon. Mrs. Dora Loveland or Hlchfuril.
The Sheffield company has finished Its
Ice house. Mr. and Mrs. I), c. Hriggs,
Jr., have returned to Fenisburg. Mr.
and Mrs. II. W. Jackm.m and Mr. and
Mis. Grant Jnekimm attended the funeral
of their nephew. Olln Jackman, at liasin.
Hariior Monday. Vt. W. Collins has tin,
grip. There will be a sociable at 1-2. P.
lirkett's Thursdn night. Thomas 12 ig.ui
prnt Tuesday In Chailotte.
Miss Adulv Campbell is vlsltlnlg in
hiion ha.a The usual March meeting
dinner will be served at tho post hall.
Tin fourth quarterly conference of the
Methodist Church was held at the parson
ne February Mr. Coulter was gi int-
d a vacation of two weeks on account of
ill h, tilth. The members t the conreii iu e
oxpiossoil a wish to have Mr. Coulter
return as pastor next year.
Pnsldent Thomas of Mlddlebury will
Thomas of Mlddlebury
puaen at inn i ongi egatlon.il unureli Sun
day and Piofessor Cady at the Methodist
chinch. Levi and Hude Sturtevant of
i'ctiisliurg are guests of their uncle, Grant
Still tevuiit. The last quarterly conl'i rence
of the year will he held at the Methodist
Chinch Thursday afternoon. District
Suptiinti nileut l oh man will bo present.
Arthur P.lchinond of .Mlddlebury has
leased and is running 12. II. Flske's black
smith shop. The Social nnd Improve
ment sochty heM a largely nitended
Washington's birthday sociable at the
town halt Tuesday evening. Thirtien dol
lars wero added to the treasury or tho
.Mrs. Julia Kelsey Is threatened with
pneumonia. Mre. William Keeler of
Whiting and Mrs. Nelson Jones or Sliore
h.im passed Saturday In Hutland. Mrs,
Carroll Hubbard, Miss Ida Cox and Miss
Kdltli Stlckney went to Northlleld Tues
day to attend tho wedding Wednesday
evening of a cousin, Miss Prudence Stlck
ney, to Dr. Mayo of Northlleld. Mrs.
Maiy Hiown went to Kssex, N. Y., Satur
day to visit slsteis.
Mis. John Foley and baby ui with
Mrs. Geoige Farr. Mr. Foley has been
there a few days. -Mrs, G. ft? Church has
been ill with neuralgia In tho head and
shoulders.-MIss Alice Smith Is at homo
from school at Hochester ill with tlia
grin. Carl F.aton Is III with measles, con
tracted while In Montnelier Miss mil
drul Knton Is nt homo from school nt
r.ociiestcr under quarantine for measles.
Mr. and Mrs. William Lee of Lincoln
were guests or William Mcltttyre Tuesday.
-A pleasant surprise was given Mr. and
.Mrs. M. J. Landon Tuesday evening.
It being thetf 4"tli anniversary. .Mrs. Wil
liam lloag Is 111 with typhoid fever n. C.
T. Smith is boarding wth William Dennett.'
-Oiren Wells will move to tho Charles
Weuwr farm In Hrlstol March l.-Georgo
J2verest Is 111.
The Hev. Georgo II. Iliilley, who had
been pastor or the Congregational Church
for about seven yeius, died at his homo
Saturday night ai the nge of 7 years,
Mr. Halley had been a prominent mem
ber or the ( ongregatloiial Church In Ver
niont tor many yen is and camo to his,
Weybrldge pastorate rrom Forrisbutg,
where he had hicn for manv years, Mr.
Dalley was hoin at Moirlsvllle and en
tered Mlddlubury College In the class of
lift', but ut the llrst call of President
Lincoln for Volunteers he left college and
enlisted as a private In Company II of
the Sixth Veiinoiit and served until dis
charged for disabilities, lie had been III
for only about three weeks and his death
Is attributed to DriKiit'd and heait ills
ease. Mi. Halley leaves a wife and tlllvo
sons, Henry Ij. rtniw. n f'n,.rvii,,.,i
clergyman at Longmcndnw, Mass., Wil
liam k imnty or Conway, Ma-is,, Charles
C, Hallcy, in tho auditor's ofllco of tho
Santa Fo lUillroad company at Topcka,
Katis., and two daughters, Mrs. William
Hawker of Conway, Mass., nnd Miss
Allen 1. Halloy, who Is at home. Tho
funeral wits hold at tho Congrega
tional Church at 2:30 o'clock Tuesday
afternoon ami was conducted by tho
Rev. Samuel Hoso of Cornwall nnd tho
Hov. A. A. Lancaster of Mlddkbury, Tho
remains -were, taken for burial tu
Moravia, N. Y on tho 1:1.-. p. m. train.
Horvoy II. Farr died February Is ot or-
panic heart dlseuso and nrterlo sclerosis
aged SJ years, Mr. Fnrr had brcn in poor
health a long tlmo hut was nick hut a
short time. Mr. Farr, a. non or Jcane H.
and Hannah Surnner Fnrr, wus bom Jan
uary 2fi, 1S2. In Huntington. He attended
tho common schools and moved while
young with his parents to Lincoln, where
tho greater part of his llfo was spent,
living many years on the tarm now oc
cupied by his son, Wallace. Mr. F.nr had
represented Lincoln In the Legislature,
was postmaster for many yetus and held
many town olllces. Ho was a member of
the local Methodjst Church nnd hud al
ways been active In social, religious and
jiolltlc.il affairs. He Is survived bv one
daughter, Addlo and Tour sons, Wallace,
George, Frank and Jessie. Th funeral
was In Lee cemetery.
Miss llattlo Mae Sargent and Italph C.
Sweet, both of Lincoln, were miurled
Wednesday Feb. V.t at the homo of thu
bride's parents. The Hev. Mllo Mooie,
pantor ot tho Haptlct Church, performed
the ceremony. Tho gifts were numerous
nnd beautiful, Including a largo quantity
of gold, silver, cut glass and linen. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Sweet left Thursday for Mass
achusetts to visit relatives The bride Is
the daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Geoige A.
Sargent. Tho groom Is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles W. Sweet. The hi bin wore
n gown of white silk nnd curt led a bou
quet ot white carnations. They were at
tended by Miss Nellie S.itgent and Frank
Varney. After thu ceremony light re
frcshmellts wore served. Thero wero
about Ion guests present Those from oth
er places were: Miss Lizzie Kane, Ma
lone, N. Y". ; Mis. Frank Ferguson nnd
Mrs. Hrnest F.ddy, Staiksboro; Mrs. Ma
llei 12ddy, nutlaiul; WH'lam Hill. Har
nni'd, and several relatives and friends
from Hrlstol and other surrounding
Miss Gortiude A. Varney and Alva O.
Sciibner, both or Lincoln, were mar
ried Tuesday evening at tho home of the
bride's patents, Mr. and Mrs. ISdgor A.
Varney. The Hev. Mllo Moore, pastor
ot the Haptlst Chinch ottlctated. There
were several guests from out of town una
the gifts were numerous and beautiful,
Irichtllng gold, sliver, rhinu and linen.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Sciibner will be at home
in Lincoln after March 1. The bride worn
a gown of white mohair, and carried a
bouquet of white cat nations The hrld.il
pair were attended by Mr. and Mrs. Har
ley Varney. Little Virginia Varnev, niece
of the bride, was llower girl and Lyla
Varney, nephew of the bride, was ring
bearer. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Smith wero
ushers. Mrs. ICdg.ir Slple was '.n ibarga
or the dining room and light refreshment:!
were served by Misses Gladys Slpb , Anna
IJowman, Greta Gove and I.mheia Var
ney. Guests rrom other ilavs were:
Mr. and Mrs. Hanlln, Mr. and Miss Sc.rlb
ner, brother and sister of the groom, ot
New Haven; Mrs. Clayton Varney and
little daughter, Virginia, Mr. and Mrs.
llarley Varney and son. I.yle, of South
Framlngham, Mass.
Mrs. O. H. Colburn has gono to F.ast
Harilwick to join her husband, who has
charge of ;i crenmot-y. William Orcutt
has sold his tarm to Patrick Hasilon of
Hrlstol for $3,3A G. D. Draft fell on thu
ice Sunday and cut a gash la his head.
Howard Hrooks Is ill. Mrs. Adellno Hock
Is visiting hrr daughter, Mrs. W. II. Noi
ton. John .Sprague and Arthur Varney
arc In Huchester. Murray Gore has sold
out In South Lincoln and has moved to
Hrlstol liats and will work for IDlwaid
KaKtman Wilght Ferguson of New
Haven was m town Tuesday Mis-- Clara
Ferguson h is retunud to her home, in
New Haven. --Miss Stella Gore ! f.'.
Mis. Flora Hale suin.ned a shock ot
paralysis last week.-Alb, rt Dutton is In
poor health P.. 12. Patties has been III
with acute Indigestion Mrs. Alible Ayer
Is in Walibn helping to iare for her
mother, who Is 111. George Wilson haa
purchased the Frank Fuller place. Mrs.
Minnie Currier visited at O. 12. Currier's
beforo returning to her home in Mont
gomery. Alii e Fay Is nt home from
lVaeham. si liool til. re being chmed on
account in measles.
Mr. and Mis William C. Jackson spent
Sunday in 1 ndi i hill. Warren Ladd re
turned Saturday evening from Munis
vlllo and lludwick. Tho condition of
Mrs. Hoy Kimball is improving. It, W.
llrown and Miss Phyllis Drown wero at
homo from liurllngton over Snturday and
Sunday. Miss Hesslo Percivnl returned
Monday to 12s.ex Junction. The ladles of
tho Congn gatlonal Church will give a
"white elephant" social at tho church
parlor Filduv evening. Supper will he
served at the usual hour and those at
tending in o requested to bring a quota
tion from Longfellow. Tho Jurymen from
this town are Theodore D, Williams and
Hurko G. Drown. Lynn A. Drown re
turned Monday to Meriden, Conn., after
being at home for Saturday and Sunday
The iiussionaiy society of tho Haptlst
Church met Saturday afternoon with Mrs.
Hello Parsons. A pleasing program was
given Friday afternoon at tho school hall
by the school children In honor ot Wash
ton'.s birthday. The attcnd.ineo was
good, Principal Maloney and several bnyj
from tho Center being present. The pa
triotic drawings of Kenneth Day received
fnvoriiblo comment. Mr. and Mrs. Park
11, Drown of Underbill spent Sunday lu
town. II. T. Cliaso has returned from St.
Albans. Ills son, Philip, will remain for
a few days longer. Fred King, who has
lately purchased the barber shop here. H
hounllim at G. W. Foster's. Miss Kuth
ciilio Heavy Is 111. Tho Hev. William
Cashmoro will give a lecture this
evening at rmKrhlll on "Life and Cus
toms In tile Sub-Arctic." Krnest Hogcrs
has returned from a week In Moretown.
wiiero ho visited Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ful
ler and Mr. and Mrs. Howes. He went
Monday to North I'ndcrlilll for tho sea
son. Kdwar.l Mai tin, who has been em
ployed by John Schlllhaiunier for a year,
has llnlshed wik and Is at homo. Miss
Florunco Duxton Is recovering from tho
measles.-Mis S. 11. Wells Is visiting her
sons, George, Frederick and Lee, In New
York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Mr. and
.Mrs. D. C. Hawiey wero In Hiiiilugttui
Saturday. Ivan .1. White returned Mon
day tu lliirllngtoii after a few days at
home. Mrs. Sarah Martin, who has been
In poor health for several months, Is
greatly Improved
A peculiar runaway occurred herb
Thursday when a hrailly loaded lumber
,iftrv n', u ilriBAftnUIn h f 1. h 1.11. . ..
I.."" irti-iii in, u.u ftn-i-p nil" in vi
village- Tho load became loi sen. d it
plld upon tho horses, frightening turn i
that they beciiino miniating, Th
mndo tho very sharp curve at fhr bottr
on a dean run without overt irn , tb
luix.i, mi , iiii ii vj.mii; iijiuii . in . i a
111 tho covered bridge, but mlr.i lj I
pn-nsed nnd continued toward lncx, 1
Iieil lieiu ui-iui.il iv. i i.si' i n bin i.ui.
slewed on tho Ico and broke n wb
which Mopped the team. Mrs Gr ii-t 1
llulburd went Tuesday to Hos'on t v'
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hulbu d -U irti
C. Hawiey Is seriously III --Miss Anns .
Wlndetibaeker went Tuesday tp Hurllr
ton, where she will mako an extend
- ill J. I II. It, IJ. IIIUIHII 111 tJlllVllll v ui,
ter visited at F. D. McGInnis s Tuesday
Dr. Georgo 11. Htllburd was a visit ar I
'Huillngton Tuesday. -Mr. and Mrs. Wl
Hum Turiill or Hssex uro vHUngnt Fn
Lovely's. Mr. and Mrs. Hury Park
and son. Owen. Me nmt Mm John Obvi
anil Mrs. John Heddlng ot Lu. riburg, N
l., aro visiting at A- A- Park, r
K 12. Fish Is rpendlng a wi ek lr Co
ton. ami while away wl attend th.
Ilurdwiire rsoeatlon mcetin.- In S Hi .
Ibid. Mass - David 1:, rry of Si ',n irnti,
Cal., Is visiting his brother ( P rr
At Friendship Chaptrr's r. , jl t,i ci
mg in .Mason e ' omul.. ,1. r , .t,.
granu matron and dlstrh t q. ty gn(. i
patron and several othrr s' ti olllrc
were present A hnnqu
atter ih(. work Mrs. Ho.,
lotto Is the guest Of her , ,
J. J. Hoss. The fourth a, I
tnlriment of the series ti
auspices of tb" AH Around
nt the Congregational rinn
evening. The funeral or Mi- '
dltd Saturday evuitng .'
was held at tho Congre.iu i
yeslerduy at two o'i ! I
i. ii 1
r 11,
ceased camo from Kiu
years ago to mako her !
daughter. She Is survived I. i
tern, Mrs. Henry Klggs and . r
Live! more of this town. V r
Heath of liarre, Mass., a s . n
Y'ork, nnO one son In Kngl.nel A. t
tnlnment was given in H I, i .1 l
Monday evening for the . i i i ,
senior class of tho school - It S 1
or Darlington Is visiting at t e h i
Mrs. Maicla Green. ..Irs. N- tti 1
who has been visiting in" pari H
two months, leluriied yest. r laj to
home in Huflalo, N. '.
Mrs. Ford died Stindav .f n monla.
Mr. Ford, who has been .ill' il" III t
pneumonia, is more eonil. r' . W
While also has pneumonia V nl M
Coates, who have' been wi' Mr, ir i
Glllett, have returned to U tii 1 -Mr
and Mrs. J. II. Atkins nr.- wi M' G
lett for the present. J. 12 O' i -t 1 I
to nurllngton 'Weilnesda i ', w i
he will serve a.s petit tumi it tu - i
of United States couit M - 4 U I
mer. who has been siiff. rnv froni l
chltls, In Castleton. is n , . ' ' n't
.HIPS OilUli' I II nlUH I" Hi le-l 1 I' I I I
measles. The fiiimlv of A J i r r -i i
is recovering fr.un the gup p
Ion was in Hiiiiliigtun Ai s M .-4
Florenco Olmstead. who I i- i
weeks with tonsilitU. I" s.," . v -it n r.
A son was born to Mr. n M ' y
Small February 24 Mrs. . 11 Sarg 't
Is 111 with the grip. Mrs G A Dr. u t "
is visiting her daughter. Mr'- r. r
Ion. in llui lineton. Tho Hev. . V Ijh -
fee will preach here Sundav ; th ' i 1
I hour. A whlft partv was 1 '1 nt u.
home of Mr. nnd Mis. N. J. h s S -urday
evening. The llrst prlis wero wop.
by Mrs. H. C. Hussell iind Harn Stri r,
tho consolation prizes . ' JPsn Lili
Johns and W. D. Taft -M ' 1 on Mi -i
visited Miss Pauline T.';t A Dnti i
the last of tho w. . :..
A necktie and apron s... i ' eg n
Tliursdav evenlni; at tie i s-.
Tho lleektles and aplon- r il'fb i
by ihe committee who aie s, l n,i
other features-. Mi.-s All I i it
homo from her school r:- n r .v 1
Miss Gladys Nealv, who has ' r r
tlneo weeks, li tinned to si h . 1 T if
-.The condition of Mrs. Kdw rl La 1 i
still remains ciitica! While n. ir nut ot
his horses Thursday evenln, Wll'lim 1
noil was seriously injured bv ,. ki r i
face. Mrs. licit Heels and d.i'it. t
zel. visited her parents In C'lailot S
r.rday and Sunday. The Mir i'a. t
witli Mr. Il.i rn uni Monday rv ii u
uesday evening olllcers or the v. ' r '
hold a meeting at W, J. Nl ilss
Womon's Home Mlsslon.uv s. U v I
meet Thursday at 2:) p. m. it t ic 1
of Mrs. Halt. Tho Ladies' Si S -lee
club will meet Wedncs.l.i , M ,,
nt the home or Mrs. Saffonl 1, ir. i i
Is 111. Charles Kenyon, w i f. r th r t
tew years has been carrjln o t 1 i
rami, moved Thursday t W it r ,
where he has taken a farm 'I si'
school ttachcrs' meeting wit . e 1
day evening at the horn. o" v s
Hawson. Mrs. G. C. Hick!.. . w I
Felix J. Grillln. is ho his . ,t 1 .
L. Sherman's farm two i r.
chased a farm In Fleti h. r .u ' w j
there to live March 1.-M'- i .rt n
lleers or Jericho Center i-- v r
parents, Mr. and Mrs. 11 S 1
1-2. H. Volght has been vlsllli.g 1 ir
Mrs. W. C. Scott. A daiighttr. 1
Caroline, was born Sund.iv tj M
Mrs. Peter Hacon. School In t i
closed Friday, and the tt i. ' r
Miles, hns gone to her bom. in M
Frank St. George hns rilu I
two weeks' visit 111 Hrldpoit M
with a force of men is Mllo,-
1 1
kt ,
house at Mount View it. uu. i ' i
Footo returned from .Mm.ino 1. r Sa'u
dny, where he spent the wi with
cousin, Uepiescntutlvo 1-2. H " (. r
The roll rail and birthday i.i i ,v
at tho Methodist Chuich Pel r ,n 19
nn enjoyable and Miccisfi.i if' !
program was fully i.mli.l nut boi
sat down to dinner served ' the hi
at one o'clock. The bp til l i' iff '
umounted to $.")(!. Follow ti tb ill
the fourth quarterly conform. . w s
at which Dr. J. II. Coleman, .1 itr'
perlntenilent, presided. The f 'iwn
tlcers and coninilttees wi r. uip.i
Stewards, J. D. Harriett, V 1 1 Pil
1). C. Smith, J. O. S. -Maeck, F It Si
dard, W. Hlssonett, C M i,u. . "
W. Tracy, Hdward Hussell, 11 W T
2nd, Leo P. Irish, Mrs. W W Irish, M i,
C. P. White, Mrs. C. M. Unss. 11, Mrs J.
A. Corey, .Mrs. Mary Gates, Mrs
It. Varney; trustees, J. H, Darttitt, F H.
Stoddard, F. W. Dlssouctt, C. . Hu. s 'I,
II. W. Tracy. II. II. Maeik, J A Oi ,
C. P. Van Vllet, I. (1. Klllott 11 .
Tracj was approved as class U.ulcr xl,
W. Tracy, 2nd as president of lCpwi rtU
League, It. H .Milyck as mindly t, h.nl
siipeiintendent. and Mrs. F H, Stoddinl
as president of Ladle" Aid .,n. nisn ,n
memhers of the quiirteily tip term ,
For church treasurer C M jjos v
elected, recoiiling stewait. F It Stod
dard; district steward. C M Husspll v
I unanimous Un nation was i li 1 ti tn

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