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mors men lane Dreaming anew
t$ day's Gains.
Auatrlnns Start Something- on the Cnr-
o Plateau, but Are Wonited, Suf
fering Heavy Cnannltlea.
As Is customary after the attainment
of tho objectives of his drives, Field Mnr-
Hbnl Half? on Wednesday permitted the
British troops In Flanders to have a
breathing spell while consolidating their
gains of Tuesday along tho Ypres front,
likewise tho French forces on the British
loft flank were busily engaged In organiz
ing their newly won positions.
A heavy rain fell during the day and
no attempts at strong attacks were made
by either side, although at various points
there were small forays In tho naturo of
line straightening operations by the Brit
ish and French and weak attempts at
rniintir-nffnRt-n nn tho nart of the Ger
mans. These latter manoeuvres all were
repulsed and the allies held the ground
they won In Tuesday's offensive.
Along the right bank of tho Meuse in
the Verdun sector the Germans north of
the Bols Le Chaume following a violent
bombardment, attacked tho French lino
and penetrated It at several points, but
were kept from proceeding farther by tho
Are of General Potaln's artlllorylsts.
In tho Austro-Itallan theatre th
Austrlans also attempted to gain
ground against the- Italians on tho
Carson plateau, but In the furious
fighting which followed they were
worsted, buffering heavy casualties
Along tho Balnslzza plateau lively ar
tillery duols again are In progress.
Considerable activity, both by tho
artillery and tho Infantrly continues
on the Riga front In the north Rus
sian fighting zone. Southeast of tho
Spltall farm the Germans have vlo
lcntly bombarded Russian positions,
In the middle sector of this front
tho duels have reached considerable
proportions to the north of Lake
Peace Is Impossible, according to
statement of tho imperial German
chancellor, so long ns Germany's
antagonists demand German soil or
try to separato tho people from their
Emperor. The German foreign sccvo
tary In an address to the Reichstag
assorted that there was no linpedl
ment to peace that could not be over
como by negotiations except tho de-
wianri nf Vranne. fnp thp I'GtUIH O
President Wilson Issues Proclamation Directing
Food Administration to License After No
vember 1 the Manufacture, Storage, Im
portation and Distribution of Some 20 Prime
Bernstorff Ordered to Arrange
to Destroy Canadian
Police Fined 9000 Worth of Manor nt
Manual villa' In isnrrr.
Montpeljer, Oct. 10. One of the biggest
raids made in Barre In a long time, and
probably In the State, for liquor re
suited in Manual Villa, better known as
Charles Villa, appearing In Barre city
court lato Tuesday evening to respond to
tho charges of lllpgal selling Intoxicating
liquor, and keeping with the Intent to sell.
He was placed under $3,000 bail, which
ho has not furnished, while Armando
Crapo, who, it is alleged, was employed
by Villa as a delivery man, was placed
under $1,000 ball on the charge of illegal
transportation of liquor. The liquor
seized Is said to have been worth JC00
and Included whiskey, brandy, claret,
grappa, 639 quarts; boer, 107 bottles; as
well as drinking utensils.
Washington, Oct. 10. Government con
trol of foodstuffs Is extended to take In
virtually all tho essential articles of diet
by a proclamation Issued to-night by
President Wilson directing tho food ad
ministration to license after November 1
the manufacture, storage, Importation and
distribution of some 20 prime commodi
Many small dealers are exempted, as
are farmers, who were especially excepted
In tho food control law.
The move was forecast In a statement
last night by the food administration
declaring It was necessary to prevent
unreasonable profits and to stop hoarding
and speculation.
After quoting the food control act. under
which the action Is taken, the Presi
dent's proclamation says:
"It Js essential. In order to carry into
effect tho purposes of said act lo license
the importation, manufacture, storago
and distribution of necessaries to the
extent hereinafter specified.
Ml porsons, firms, corporations and
associations, engaged In the business
either of (1) operating cold storage ware
houses (a cold storage warehouse, for
the purpose of this proclamation, being
defined as any place artificially or me
chanically cooled to or below a tempera
ture of -13 degrees of Fahrenheit, In which
food products are placed and held for 30
days or moro); (2) operating elevators.
warehouses, or other places for storage
of corn, oats, barley, beans, rlco, cotton
seed, cottonseed cake, cottonseed meal or
peanut meal; or (3) Importing, manufac
turing (including milling, mixing or
packing) or distributing (including buying
or selling) any of the following commo
"Wheat or wheat flour, rye or rye flour;
"Barley or barley flour;
"Oats, oatmeal or rolled oats;
"Corn, corn grits, cornmeal. hominy.
corn flour, starch from corn, oil, corn
syrup or glucose;
"Rice, rice flour;
"Dried beans',
"Pea seed or dried peas;
"Cottonseed, cottonseed oil, cottonseed
cake or cottonseed meal;
"Peanut oil or peanut meal;
"Soya bean oil, soya beanmeal, palm
oil or copra, oil;
"Oleomargarlno, lard, lard substitutes,
oleo oils or cooking fats;
"Milk, butter or cheese;
"Condensed, powdered or evaporated
"Fresh, canned or cured beef, pork or
"Poultry or eggs;
'Fresh or frozen fish;
'Fresh fruits or vegetables;
'Canned peas, died beans, tomatoes,
corn, salmon or sardines;
Dried prunes, apples, peaches or
Expect Adjournment Thursday.
Montpeller, Oct. 10. The supremccourt
denied the motion by S. II. Jackson asking
for Immediate certification of the case of
Charles Bailey of Barre ngalnst the Wet
more & Morso Granite company back to
the lower court, that a trial might take
place this term upon the objections raised
by E. M. Harvey, for tho defendant, that
the only delay made thus far in the case
had been by tho plaintiff and that the de
fense will have to secure time to prepare
Its case for the new trial. Adjournment Is
expected Thursday, during the late morn
ing or afternoon.
The case of Henry Russ ngalnst Michael
Good of Barre was argued In supremo
court this morning. The case camo to
the supreme court on exceptions by tho
defendant, one of the most important of
which was, as to tho judge of the lower
court allowing the testimony, of ono
Meeker, a boy, being ndmlttcd, claiming
it was used to prejudice the jury In favor
of the plaintiff.
Grants Many Divorces.
St. Albans, Oct. 10. In Franklin county
I granted by Judge E. L. Waterman as fol
lows: Beatrice L. Lucia vs. Sidney L.ucln,
intolerable severity; petitioner given leave
to resume maiden name. Grace L. Smith
vs. Charles H. Smith, adultery, F. Roy
Fulllngton vs. Jessie Sweet Fulllngton
Intolerable severity. Lea Bcrtrand Dion
vs. Peter Clement Dion, intolerable sever
ity, Virginia McDonald vs. Daniel A. Mc
Donald, refusal to support; custody o:
minor children granted petitioner; alimony
granted as per stipulation on file. Eliza
beth T. Frost vs. Stephen N, Frost, In
tolerable severity, Leon B. Sweeney vs,
Mary Rose Sweeney, Intolerable severity
petitioner granted custody of minor chll
dren. Arthur Tetrault vs. Jessie Keroy
Totrault, adultery. Lillian Greenla vs,
Edward Greenla, refusal to support
custody of three minor children granted
petitioner. Annie 15. HnstlugH vs. Roy
M. Hasting, Intolerable severity; suit
money granted and alimony nn por
Htlpulatlon on file. Goldlo Got! Mitchell vs,
Carroll S. Mitchell, intolerable severity
custody of minor children granted nnd
alimony as per stipulation. Carrlo T,
Bashaw vs. Nelson J. Bashaw, wilful
Entry of settled and discontinued was
made In the case of F. Hoy Fulllngton vs,
Emmet K. Reatty. In this case the parties
are from Enosburg FalU and tho charge
was alienation of tho affections of tho
plaintiff's wife, Mrs. Jessie Sweet Fulling,
ton. McFecters & MoFoolers were attor
neys for the plaintiff and H. F, Brlgham
of Bakersfield was tho defendant s coun
Globe. Ariz., Oct. 10. Judge John Mc
Bride, federal mediator and widely known
labor leader, died Here yesterday rrom in
i Juries received to-day when, ho was struck
"Sugar, syrups or molasses.
"Excepting, however, the following:
Operators of all elevators or warehouses
handling wheat or rye, and manufactur
ers of tho derivative products of wheat
or rye, who have already been licensed.
"Importers, manufacturers and re
finers of sugar, and manufacturers of
sugar, syrups and molasses, who have
already been licensed.
"Retailers whoso gross sales of food
commodities do not exceed 100,000 per
"Common carriers.
"Farmors, gardeners, co-operative as
sociations of farmers or gardeners, in
cluding livestock farmers, and other
persons with respect to the products of
any farm, garden or other land owned,
leased or cultivated by tljcm.
"Fishermen whoso business docs not
extend beyond primary consignment
"Those dealing In any of tho nbovo
commodities on any exchange,- board of
trade or similar Institution as defined
by section 13 of tho act of August 10,
1017, to tho extent of their dealings on
such exchango or board of trade.
Millers of corn, oats, barley, wheat,
rye, or rice operating only plants of a
dally capacity of less than 75 barrels,
'Cannors of peas, drlod beans, corn
tomatoes, salmon or sardines, whoso
gross production does not exceed 5,000
cases per annum.
"Persons slaughtering, packing and dls
trlbutlng fresh, canned or cured beef,
pork, or mutton, whose gross sales of such
commodities do not exceed $100,000 per
"Operators of poultry or egg packing
plants, whose gross sales do not exceed
$50,000 por annum.
"Manufacturers of maplo syrup, maple
sugar and maplo compound.
"Uinners, buyers, agents, dealers or
other handlers of cotton seed who handle
yearly, between September 1 and August
31 less than 150 tons of cotton seed; are
hereby required to secure on or before
November 1, 1917, a license, which license
will be Issued under such rules and regula
Hons governing tho conduct of the busi
ness as may be prescribed.
"Applications for the license must be
made to the United States food adminis
tration, Washington, D. C, law depart
ment, license division on forms prepared
by it in advance for that purpose, which
may be secured on request.
"Any person, firm or corporation or as.
soclatlon other than those hereinbefore
excepted, who shall engago In or carry
on any business hereinbefore specified
after November 1, 1917, without first so
curing such license will be llablo to the
penalty prescribed by said act of Con
gress." Tho penalties prescribed for violation of
the act are a fine of $3,000 or Imprison
ment of not moro than two years.
German Envoy Here Was Aluo Aaked
to Vmc Irlfth-Amcrtcnna In Carrying
on Sabotage in Thla Country.
Congreanmnii Frnnk I.. Greene
ilrcnxeN llnnqileterti.
St. Albans, Oct. 10. The annual conven
tion of tho Vermont State Firemen's asso-
lallon was held in this city to-day, open
ing with a mooting at tho city hall this
ftcrnoon, when a business session was
held. President C, B. Gladding of Barre
opened tho meeting and welcomed the
firemen. Chief F. J. Guerln of this city
responded. Fifty-three firemen answered
the roll call.
Officers were elected as follows: Presi
dent, F. J. Guerln; vice-presidents, George
H. Horton and M. II. Holloran of Wlnoo
skl, William Shlndler of Bennington,
A. Whltcomb of Montpeller, J. H.
Donnelly of Vergennes; secretary, E. D.
Moore of Bennington; treasurer, L. C.
Grant of Burlington; executlvo commit
tee, W. A. Pattee of Montpeller, James
H. Holloran of Winooskl, C. B. Gladding
of Barre, C. D. Stockwcll of Burlington,
George T. Kidder of Middlebury; auditors,
E. F. Nash of Burlington, C. A. Barber
of Winooskl, R. S. Kimball of St. Albans;
topic committee, C. A. Nlles of Burling
ton. W. A. Pattee of Montpeller, E. M.
Tobln of Barre; statistician, Frank E.
Perkins of Burlington.
The placo of the next meeting waa left
with the executive committee. A picture
of the firemen was taken in front of tho
city hall.
This evening a banquet was held at tne
American House. Mayor J. E. Maun
acted as toastmaster and the speakers
were Congressman Frank L. Oreene of
this city, F. E. Perkins of Burlington,
Chief Gladding of Barre, Chief Pattee
of Montpeller, James Holloran of Wi
nooskl and A. A. Parmolee of this city.
Burglar Alnrni Mounded A Few Rain
coat Only Booty Taken.
East Ryegate, Oct. 10. Tho general
store of George B. Wallace was entered
Just after midnight Monday night by
a gang of yeggmen who are believed
to be professionals. Mr. Wallace has
had his store entered soveral times and
had a burglar alarm connected with
the house. Almost Immediately after
the alarm rang, his safe in tho storo
was blown to pieces and the burglars
made a hasty exit with a few rain
coats, cigarettes and other small stuff.
Officers tried to head them off at Wells
River whore they found them In a
freight car, but the yeggmen opened
lire first and made their escape.
Sheriff Worthen has notified all of
fleers In this vicinity to watch out for
tne gang and report developments.
Ex-Gov. Gates President.
Sheldon, Oct. 10. A meeting of tho
Frnnklln County Fair association was
held at the New Portland House to-day
nnd tho stockholders voted to hold the an-
nunl fair September 2-5, 1918. The follow
ing officers were elected: President, ex
Governor C. W. Gates of Franklin; vice-
president, W, G. Fasaett of Enosburg;
secretary, V. A. Irish of Enosburg Falls;
treasurer. G. P. Twlgg of St. Albans;
general superintendent, A, D, Wilder of
Franklin; superintendent of races, V. vv,
Steele of Hlghgate; superintendent of ren
tals, E. A. Curtis of St, Albans; auditors,
Dr. E. M. Brown of Sheldon. ex-Governor
Gates, Olln -Merrill of Enosburg Falls;
Directors were elected as follows: For
Bakorsfield. Harry Scott: Berkshire, S. C.
Towlo; Enosburg, J. C.Towle; Fairfax, H.
B. Bellows; Fairfield, Berry Chase; lot
chcr, S. N. aibbs; Franklin, ox-Governor
Gates; Georgia. A. T. Curtis; Hlghgate,
M. E. Barr: Montgomery, C. A. Oardyno;
Rlchford, S. Carl Carpenter; St. Albans
city, C. L. Curtis; Sheldon, S. B. Thomas;
Swanton, 8. W. Bliss,
Vermont Sunday School Aaaoclatlon to
Meet at Middlebury Next Week.
Middlebury, Oct. 10. Tho 49th an
nual convention of the Vermont Sun
day School association will be held at
Middlebury October 18 and 19. Special
features will be the separate sessions
devoted to "Childhood, Youth,"
"Adult Work," and "Tho Rural Sunday
Among the speakers will be W. C.
Pearce of Chicago, adult and field su
perintendent of the International Sun
day School association, W. I, Woodtn
of Hartford, Conn., Mrs. L. S. Chapln
or. Connecticut, the Rev, William Shaw.
Ph. D., of St. Johnsbury, and many
Six Examined.
Montpeller, Oct. 10. The State board of
pharmacy Is holding, its annual fall
meeting at tho State House for the exam
inations of candidates. Six appeared
Wednesday morning, but It Is expected
that before the examinations aro com
pleted Uiat tho number will, be swelled
First CoiiRrrgntlonnl Church of Frank
lln Obm-rven II Founding.
rrinmiiij, un, iu, mo iuoui an
niversary of tho founding of the
First Congregational Church was oh
served yesterday. Letters from absent
pastors were read and remarks made
by tne Reverends W. M. Mayhew of St
Albans and F. WlUon Day of Swanton
both former pastors. After dinner sev-
erul old hymns were sung by a large
choir, greetings were extended from the
pastor of tho Methodist Episcopal
unurcn, me iiev. at. A. Turner, the his
torical address was given by tho Hon
C. W. uates, and nn address by th
Rev. u. XI. Morrill of St. Johnsbury.
Escapes Only to Be Caught.
Montpeller, Oct, 10. Henry Wngner was
arrested this afternoon, charced with hen
stealing. Ho was lodged in tho office of the
county Jail and while Deputy George
Grandflold was shutting tho door, Wagner
went through the house part of tho Jail
and escaped by crossing the field to tho
street. Ho was caught, however, by tho
ouiccrs ueroro no was out of the city
limits. Wagner was In Jail some time ago
and know the way out bv ilm frnnl nnrt
of house, lie will be given' a hearing
Washington, Oct. 10. Secretary Lansing
drew upon his collection of secret German
diplomatic correspondence again to-day to
shed further light upon what tho German
foreign office and genernl staff wero doing
In this country while nominally at peace
with the United States.
Ho gave to the public, without com
ment as usual three brief cablegrams, dis
closing that moro than a year before sub
marine piracy drove America to war, tho
Berlin government was Instructing Ambas
sador von Bernstorff to arrange the de
struction of Canadian railways and. to use
Irish-Americans In carrying on sabotage
In their own country. They showed, too,
that von Bernstorff on his part, was oven
at that early dato seeking authority to
support a campaign to Influence Congress.
" 'January 22, For military attache
You can obtain particulars as to per
sons suitable for carrying on sabotage
In the United States and Canada from
tho following persons: (1) Joseph Mac
Garrlty, Philadelphia; (2) John P. Keat
I he. Michigan avenue, Chicago; (3)
Jeremiah O'Leary, 16 Park Row, New
One and two are absolutely reli
able and discreet. Number 3 Is rell
able but not always discreet. Thero
porsons aro lndlcatod by Sir Roger
Casement. In tho United States, sab
otage can be carried out In every kind
of factory for supplying munitions of
" 'Railway embankments and bridges
must not bo touched.
Embassy must In no circumstances
bo compromised. Similar precautions
must be taken in regard to Irish pro
German propaganda.
(Signed) "Representative of
General Staff.'"
" 'January 3. Secret. General Staff
desires energetic action in regard to
proposed destruction of Canadian Pa
cific railway at sovoral points, with a
view to complete and protracted inter
ruption of traffic.
"'Captain Hoehn, who is known on
your side and is shortly returning, has
been given instructions. Inform tho
military attache and provide the neces
sary funds.
" 'The second message war:
(Signed) "Zlmmcrmann."
Of the three men mentioned In the
second message, McGarrlty is a promi
nent Irish leader of Philadelphia and
Jeremiah O'Leary, besides heading tho
American Truth society. Is editor of
Bull, a publication recently barred from
tho mall as seditious. AVhlle no ono at
the state department would undertake
to positively identify the John P. Keat
ing, it was assumed that tho man referrod
to was John T. Keating of Chicago, and
that Casement did not know that ho. had
been dead for soveral months. It also
was suggested that Casement might have
proposed these names simply because ho
id met tho men and known them as Irish
gltators in this country, without any
correspondence with them on the sub
There was no official attempt to Identify
the Dr. Hale recommended by von Bern
storff as an authority on the work of the
mbargo conference, which so liberally
bombarded Congress with telegrams de
manding the munition shipments to tho
allies cease. Dr. William Bayard Hale,
ono time onvoy of President Wilson to
Mexico and author of a biography of the
President, was In Berlin about that time
ns a newspaper correspondent and np
parcntly was on Intimate terms with the
German government. Dr. Hale's atti
tude on the embargo question Is said to
have strained his relations at the White
House before he went to Germany
In snlto of the absence of formal com
ment, administration officials did not hesl
tate to discuss the latest disclosure pri
vately and to describe it as a natural and
proper development of tho whole tremen
dous Indictment ngalnst Germany as an
international criminal and n lawless vio
lator of the most elementary nnd gener
ally accepted principles of lnternatlanal in
tercourse and comity, inoy declared that
not only does this correspondence, taken
In connection wlthNwhat went before and
has already been made public by the
stato department, convict the German
government through the Knlser's personal
representative In this country of violating
American neutrality and the effort to
deal a blow at Its European enemies, but
it clearly discloses the calculated German
nurnose to strangle tne aamimsiraiion in
anv attemnt Whlcn H migni mane to pro
serve that neutrality by deep laid plots
to control the legislative branch of the
A Klenlflcant feature of tho revela
tion tn which attention Is also Invited by
ih nmrlnls Is that tliey nave ueen In a
sense progressive in intensity. uegln
nlnir with rattier mil" nimuiironin ui ucr
man Intrigues, each batch of telegrams
thnt have been given 10 me Amoncnn
press has devoioped graver accusations
. . rl in.flnv'a i)lan1nauAa
against Germany and to-day's disclosures
n- .. rHwi as vastly strengthening the
Indictments -not oniy new mauer
dlBcloBod, but In supplying missing links
In the chain of evldenco to connect the
Gormnn forolgn office nnd tho Gorman
Emperor's personal representative in this
rnnntrv with the sin ster conspiracy
against American Integrity and tho vory
n.. r American citizens.
Secretary Lansing haB conferred with
.u wh ambassador and with the
British ambassador. In the latter case as
recently as yesterday, and It is under
stood that tho startling disclosures made
to-day. as well as "'oso wlllc '"vo pro
reded them from the same source hns
been mowth he full knowledge and
nnnroval of tne '' imraiiiiraiiii
approval ' cffcct . (
French and British publics as well as In
A.rwU is fully realized here. In all
countries where there has been
m! or less agitation In favor of an lm
mo 5 C!" f even If Inconclusive, the
Zvernments have " necessary to
exert themselves to prevent such a spread
?e"-.i.Vl i,iea as might Jeopardize the
ui i.-iu rmlea ln lh ,,,
A very pretty home wedding took pla.ee
at 11 o'clock , Saturday morning at tho
home of Senator and Mrs. Abram W.
Footo In Cornwall when their daughter,
Kathleen M. Foote, was united In mar
riage to George H. Carlton of Spring
field. Tho ceremony was performed by
the Rev. Roy E. Whlttlmore. The bride
was gowned In a taupe colored traveling
suit and wore n hat to match. Miss
Jessie Foote, a sister, was bridesmaid
and Ralph A. Foote, a brother of the
bride, was best man. airs. Carlton was
a graduate of Middlebury College ln the
class of "11 and for two yoars nas Deen
assistant librarian nt tho Springfield,
Vt library. Mr. Carlton Is a valued
employe of the Fellows Gear Shaper
works. The young couplo are very pop
ular In their rospcctlvo homes. Mr. and
Mrs. Carlton have gone to Falrlee lako
to spend tholr honeymoon, after which
they will make their homo In Spring
field. Only members of tho Immediate
families were present. A very pretty
and quiet wedding took place at St.
Stephen's Church rectory at two o'clock
Saturday afternoon, when Christie May,
youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bur
ton G. Peck of East Middlebury, was
united ln marriage to Paul C. Morgan,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Morgan
of BrlBtol. by the Rev. Elbert B. Holmes
rector of the Episcopal Church of this
village. Miss Rena Peck, sister of the
bride, was bridesmaid and Kenneth Dan
forth was the best man. Tho bride was
gowned In a blue traveling dress, with
hat to match. Only Immediate relatives
were ln attendance. Mrs. Morgan Is an
expert pianist and Is a member of tho
Vlttum orchestrn. Mr. Morgan Is nn
expert cornotlst. Ho has Just been dls
charged from the service of the United
States government, In that professibn,-
havlng just loft the battleship Montana.
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan received many
presents. The young couplo left for parts
unknown and on their return will re
main in this section for a while. Mrs,
L. M. Gage of South street went to
the Mary Fletcher hospital at Burling.
ton Monday to undergo nn operation.
Tho rain of tho past few days and
nights, which has boon almost continu
ous, has been sufficient to raise the water
ln Otter creek and the other rivers and
brooks In tho county and has also been
very beneficial ln tho country districts
by filling up the welts and springs and
giving the farmers a chance to get at
their fall ploughing. Mr. and Mrs. James
Westall and child and Mrs. Westall's
sister have returned to Chicopeo Falls,
Mass., after a two weeks' visit here at
tho homo of his parents, Mr. and Mrs,
Charles Wcstall, Jr. Mrs. Edward Woo-
ster has gone to Rutland for a few days to
visit relatives and friends, after which
she will go to Orange, N. J where she
will Join her husband, who has a posi
tion on the Erie railroad. E. R. Yates,
proprietor of the Middlebury Steam
laundry, has moved his laundry from the
old bakery building on Mill street to his
now building, which he has Just com
pleted, on the same street In tho rear
of the Dyer block. The new plant will
be fitted up with all modern appliances
for tho business. Tho new building Is a
wo-story building. The laundry will be
on the lower floor which, owing to the
slope of tho river bank. Is partly a baso
ment, and the office will be on tho floor
above. The present arrangement leaves
Mr. Yates with a considerable space on
the office floor. The Rcdemptorlst
fathers of New York will begin a week's
mission at St. Mary's Church Sunday,
October H. A cordial Invitation Is ex
tended to all to nttend tho services of the
mission. The Ladles' Aid society of the
Memorial Baptist Church met with
Mrs. B. B. Brown Wednesday nfternoon.
At a joint meeting of tho Woman's
Auxiliary and the Woman's Aid society
of St. Stophen's Church Mrs. Earl
Dewey was elected secretary to suc
ceed Mrs. Arthur King, who has left
town. Mrs. George Swift and daughter,
Marlon, who have Bpent tho summer at
Bar Harbor. Me., have returned nnd
opened their homo here. Mr. and Mrs.
E. P. Cushmon are at Hampton Beach,
Mass., for a ten days stay. Mrs. Jen
kins and daughter, Mrs. Helen McQues-
tlon. of New York are guests of Mr.
and Mrs. F. W. Beckwlth for a few
days. Wilson Hobbs, who has been em
ployed" by the Rutland railroad for a
year, has resigned and taken a position
In the office of the Middlebury brancn or
tho Vermont Marble company as book
keeper. The National bank of Middle
bury and the Middlebury Public library
will be closed all day October 12 in
observance of Columbus day.
Monday was the day sector a general
beginning at picking the apple crop, but
all work In the orchards was prevented
by stendy and hard rains. It Is not
expected thnt the crop this fall will be
more than half that picked a year ago.
Lieut. Harry W. Burns Is at his home
here for a short furlough from his duties
at Fort Ethan Allen. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Frank J. Donahuo have returned from
Brandon, where they were called by the
death of Mr. Donahue's mother, Mrs.
James Kelley Donahue. Charles Westall,
Sr., is able to be about again after a
few days' Illness with a bad attack of
the grip. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Sev
erance have given up their residence in
Proctor nfter a few days here with Mrs.
Severance's mother, and have gone to
Springfield, Mass., where Mr. Severance
has taken a position with tho Westlng
houso company. Mrs. Ida Voso Wood
bury of Boston, field secretary of the
American board of foreign missions, was
nt the Congregational Church Sunday
forenoon and presented nn outline review
of the work and missionary activities of
the denomination. Mrs. Woodbury also
gave an enthusiastic patriotic address nt
the church In tho evening nt the union
meeting of tho, Congregational, Methodist
and Baptist congregations. Tho audience
was ono of the largest seon ln the church
for a. long time. Mrs. Grace A.
Brown has returned from Burlington,
whore she has been spending a few days
at the home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Oliver Chil-
son. Monday, market day, eggs brought
42 to 45 cents nnd butter 35 to 45 cents,
Mr. White, who has hauled tho
mall betwoen the Middlebury post-
office and the depot for the past year,
has reslgnod his position. John Lowell
hns taken tho position nnd commenced
tho work. Mr. White expects soon to
go to Bennington, where he will mako his
home. M. K, Moore, constable nnd auc
tioneer, was tnken suddonly III Monday
forenoon on tho railroad bridge while
holding an auction. Dr. Sanborn wns
called and look him home. He Is greatly
improved nnd expects to bo out In n
couplo of days. Mr. Ryder, who happen
ed to be In the crowd, flnlshod out the
auction sale.
Mrs. Susan (Garner) Kldredge, wife of
Myron E. Eldredgo, died nt her homo
on the East Middlebury road Tuesday
afternoon of heart trouble. She was 1
yeanTof age. Th"e funernTWlll bo held at
the house Friday afternoon at ono o'clock,
the Rev. M. R. French of Leicester offi
ciating. Burial will bo in Evergreen como
tory. At a meeting of the executive board of
Addison County Fish and Game League
to mako arrangements to decide on a dato
to hold tho annual meeting and banquet,
Wednesday evening, October 31 was de
cldod upon. The business meeting will be
held at five o'clock tn the afternoon In tho
Grange hall and tho banquet at the Ad
dison House at 9:00 p. m. An effort will
be made to havo Govornor H. F. Graham,
Congressman Frank L. Greene, Fish and
Gamo Commissioner. Linus Leavens of
Cambridge, Lleut.-OoV. Hulburd of Hydo
Park, State Treasurer W. F. Scott, Fred
Hawks of Bennington, and some other
prominent men of the State. It Is hoped
at this meeting to Interest people of
Brandon and to amend tho constitution of
the county league In order to admit sports.
men of that town, their Interests botng
mutual with those of the county, ln the
stocking of Lake Dunmoro.
William Ford, Charles Bingham, Guld
eon E. Abbey, John Shaw, H. D. Archer,
S. B. Hobbs, H. Clarke, B. H. Lane, Wil
liam L. Cady, M. G, Grady and C. F. Rich,
members ot Lake Dunmore Lodge, No. 11,
I. O. O. F., attended the annual district
meeting of the order at Burlington Tues
day evening. They mnde the trip by auto
mobile. Francis C. Stedman died at hla
home ln Orwell Monday morning of a com.
plication of diseases. Ho was 77 years of
age, having been born in Orwell December
10, 1840, the son of the late Jonathan and
Mary (Wlsewell) Steadman. He Is sur
vtved by his wife and ono daughter, Mrs,
Eugene O. Bishop of Orwell. Ho was a
lifelong resident of the village and
prosperous farmer. He was a Civil War
veteran and served in Company H, 5th
Vermont volunteers, for four yoars and
two months. He was a member of John
A. Logan Post, No. 8 of Orwell. The fu
neral will bo held at the Congregational
Church ln Orwell Thursday afternoon at
two o'clock. Tho Rev. Henry C. Newell of
Middlebury will officlato and burial will
bo ln Mountain View cemetery. Col. S.
A. Ilsloy has purchased a new flag for the
fair grounds and It was thrown to tho
breeze Tuesday forenoon from a 55 foot
steel pole. In the entrance part to the
fair grounds proper. It Is tho largest
floating flag fn town and takes the place
of one which has been thero many years,
and was pretty well tattered and frayed
out. Tho flagpole was set by Allen Cal
houn & Son. At the mid-week prayer
meeting Thursday evelng at the Congre
gational Church, a tercentenary stereop
tlcon talk will be given by the pastor, tho
Rev. H. -C. Newell, on the topic, Pilgrim
Beginnings." Ernest L. Rand, county
secretary of the Y. M. C. A., who has been
for some weeks engaged in association
work at Fort Ethan Allen, has returned
from Rutland, where on Monday evening
he delivered an address before the Trinity
Church cadets. Robert Murray of St. Au
gustine, Fla., and sister, Mrs. George M,
Fletcher of Clarendon Springs are here to
visit John A. Fletcher.-Judson A. Wright
has returned from a visit ln Rutland and
Is making preparations to go to Daytona
Boach, Fla., the latter part Of this
month to pass the winter and fall and
part of the spring ln that place. Mr. and
Mrs. James Martin have returned from
Florence after a visit to Mr. Martin's
mother, Mrs. Catherine Martin. Mrs.
John D. Ryan Is visiting lnWost Rutland
at the homo of her parents, air. and Mrs,
Andrew Hanley.
Chief of Pollco Georgo H. Chaffee
wont to New Haven street Tuesday
afternoon and arrested a man who gave
his name as James Heart of Rensselaer,
N. Y., on complaint of somo people In
that vicinity who said that he was ped
dllng and begging. Ho was brought to
the county Jail, where ho spent the
night and this morning was taken Into
Judge A. W. Dlcken's municipal court,
where ho pleaded guilty to peddling
without a license and was fined &o anu
costs, which he was unable to pay, so
he was given 167 days at tho house of
correction, at Rutland, to which insti
tution ho was escorted by Sheriff Olln
A. Smith. Tho music department of
tho Women's club of Middlebury held
a well-attended meeting at the home
of Mrs. E. C. Bryant Wednesday after
noon. A program on "The Music of
Italy" was given. Fred Crane, who re
cently purchased the Pride place on
Washington street, is making exten
sive rcnalrs on the Interior. The regu
lar monthly meeting of the Middlebury
Suffrage Study club will be held with
Mrs. Lewis J. Hathaway Friday after
noon at 3:30 o'clock. The third quar
terly communion service will be held
ln the Methodist Church next Sunday
morning. The Sunday evening preach
inc services will be resumed In the
Methodist Church after the vacation
months, beginning next Sunday eve
nlnsr. A welcome social for the col
lege and high school students of the
town will be held in tho Methodist
Church next Saturday evening at 7:30
n. m.. under the auspices of the i-p
worth League. All members and
friends of tho league, as well as the
members of tho church are urged to be
nresent to meet and greet these young
Deonle. Thero will be a meeting of
Middlebury Grange Friday evening and
following It the' first and second degrees
will be worked. L. M. Gage nas return
od from Burlington, whero he wont
Monday, his wife being operated upon
at the Mary Fletcher hospital. The op
oration was successful and Mrs. Pago
is resting as comfortably as could be
expected. Rollln N. Dunshee of New
Haven, Harry C. Lowell -of Cornwall,
and Nell L. Thompson of Starksboro
among the second squad of conscripted
men that went from' Addison county
October 3, havo returned, not passing
the physical examination at camp Dov
ens, Mass. Clinton and J. N, Place o
Ktroudburg. Pa., arc in town on a bus
lness visit of two or threo weeks. L,
M. Lllllc. foreman In the Register ofTIco,
who has been confined by Illness for
two weeks, was able to resume hi
position Wednesday, although not fully
recovered. iioDeri aicnenna or uo
trolt, Mich., Is In town. Mr. and Mrs,
Jnmes D. Sanborn, who have been
spending several weeks in Middlebury
and neighboring towns, went Wednes
day to Now York city for a short stay.
aftor which they will go to Palm
Beach, ''la., to spend tho winter. They
were formerly of Arlington. Mr, and
Mrs. 8. S. Ingraham and two children,
who spent bIx weeks In town, have re
turned to Manchester, N. H. Mr. and
Mrs. Burt Fisher have returned from
Poultney after two weeks there with
relatives. C. J, Wise of Providence, R.
Is tho guest of the family of Henry
Dumas for a few days.
Four Must Do Jail Terms Prof,
Appelmann's Hearing
Rutland, Oct. 10. In the United States
district court here to-day Judge Harlani
B. Howe of St. Johnsbury sentenced four
slackers to terms raging from one to si
months In somo county Jail, modifying
tho punishment according to whether th
young men affected had shown a disposi
tion to register on June 5, 1917, for military
duty and had made an attempt to elude th
officers. This was practically the only
business done In court during the day.
The sentences Imposed were as follows!
Arthur McGoon of Barre, six months In
Washington county Jail at Montpeller;
Albert J. Massey, East Hardwlck, four
months in Washington county Jail; George
R. Blair, St. Albans, four months ln
Franklin county jail at St. Albans; How
ard C. Jenne, Newport, 30 days ln Orleans
county Jail at Newport.
Judge Howe said that It was an honoi
to serve the nation and those who seel:
to avoid It should be punished. He wan
satisfied that McGoon had refused tn
register and had sought to elude the of
ficers and thus escape the penalty and for
this reason the court gave the young man
the most severe sentence of all. Jenne' m
case was different from tho others ln thnt
he had shown a disposition to register by
writing the clerk of his home town, St.
Johnsbury, and had told the officers where
he could be found when wanted as he Is
an express messenger and runs Into
Canada on a train. The court thought hla
case one of heedlessness but believes
punishment should bo Inflicted to con
vince him that thero was a duty to perform.
The hearing scheduled to bo held tltlf
afternoon before United States Marsha
Arthur P. Carpenter of Brattlehoro on the
petition of Prof. Anton H. Appelmann oi
Burlington for a permit to remain at thi
University of Vermont, made necessan
by the stationing of the signal corps there,
was postponed. Marshal Carpenter re
ceived a telegram early this morning sum
moning him to Massachusetts because of
the critical Illness of his sister and word
was sent to the Burlington men Interested
ln the Appelmann matter not to leave
Many Coaea Entered Settled or Con-
tinned In Washington Co. Court.
Montpeller, Oct. 10. The judges ol
Washington county court went over th
docket this morning, with, the result
that It was announced there are 1(
more cases for Jury trial. The Jurj
will return Monday and It Is posstbli
some of tho cases now set for trial maj
drop off tho docket, which is in evict
shape that the attorneys will ueet
to watch It closely when the Jury comes
back after supreme court adjournn
The case of Maude Craigill against II
B. Nichols, slander, has been entercc
ns settled while other enterles an
nounced of about the samo naturt
were: Pearl Fuller against Merrill Rus.
sell settled and discontinued, Angole
Aja against tho Montpeller & Well!
River Railroad company settled
Fred Davis, receiver, against I. L. Wll
fore, no trial; Capital Savings Bank A
Trust Co. against William Lyford and
Eliza Smith, continued; First Nationn'
bank against Michael Pembrooke and
same against Patch & Co. on the docket
and Patch & Co. and Michael Pembrooke
against the First National bank on tlif
chancery docket have been settled anc
discontinued. These were suits ove:
notes. In the case of the Northflck
Trust Co. against F. O. Pierce and tru?
tees. It was stated that an agreement ha:
been made for a settlement, while the
Exchange Trust company against Clark
& McMasters will depend upon dlsposl
tlon of a similar case In Rutland counts
next week. The case relatlvo to the
estate of Hattle Hawkins, 11 years old,
may be settled.
Owing to Washington county attorneys
being engaged In hearings In supreme
court, about all that has been done in
county court has been the trial of dl
vorce cases. This morning the case o
J, C. Keefe of Barre against Dora Keefi
was tried. This Is for desertion.
During the afternoon the case of Clan
LaFever of Waltsfleld against Wllllan
LaFever, a petition for divorce on tin
grounds of desertion and refusal to sup
port, was heard by the county Judges
who are giving out no decisions untl
the end of the term of court.
Mrs. Burns Pays Her Fine.
Middlebury, Oct. 10. A mittimus wai
issued this morning by Albert W. Dickens
judge of municipal court of Addisot
county, and given to Sheriff Olln A. Smltl
and Deputy Sheriff Noble J, Sanford com
mitting Mrs. John Burns of the Logan
House to the house of correction at Rut
land on a judgment for selling Intoxicating
liquors contrary to law, Sho was taken tc
Rutland but on her nrrlval she paid tlx
sum of (392 due the State and was allowed
to go. Sho retuhrned to town on the flyer.
Physicians Enlist.
Montpeller, Oct. 10. Dr. F. W. Hani
man, Dr. C. P. Chandler," Dr. W. R. Hark
ness, Dr. J. E, Dewoy and Dr. M. D
Carey havo passed examinations and re
ceived commissions as lieutenant In tin
medical department of tho U. S. army
Thoy do not expecto to be called for Bonn
time, however, Dr. G. H. Parmenter nvi 'i
application, but was rejected on phyMu.i
examination. All havo substantial prac
tices here.
As Postmaster John H. Donnelly was
Comt!ane4 on vago-tiro.)
Charced with Killine Heifer.
Lincoln, October 10. Henry Eubar, wo.
Brrcsted by Deputy Sheriff George Gar
land and taken Tuesday to Mlddlebuo
for a hearing beforo Judge A, D. Dick,
ens, on a charge of haying killed n two-year-old
heifer owned by Michael Tlerney.
Evidence produced led to the arrest ot
Joseph Eubar, brothor of Henry, win
Is being held for tho December term ot
Addison county court, bail being fixed nl
Called to Bellows Falls.
Bellows Falls, Oct. 10. The Universal!!
parish has extended a call to the Rev
Rodney F. Johonnot, who has accepted
the call and will begin his work Octobei
21, Mr. Johonnott haB held pastnrutci
at Chicago and Auburne, Mc., romlnn
here from the latter place. He succeeds
the Rev, Vernon E. Blabrough, who coin,
pleted his pastorate here September 16.
yjy sv runaway nuiao,
to a dozen.
success of tne ---

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