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nn inn nnrKiriimiiv 01 servuiK mu iujn
f lin tnrt am I'hnnlnln! "I WBJttfor ft
Ethan Allen and my heart has always
In everything nnil everywhere they went
my heart was' with them. Wlnooskl has
given more than 100 per cent. In the
service of the country and It has Riven
that with a glory that In equnl to the
siory of the boys who did their duty.
The mothers have been happy In giving
their rill and St. SHchnet's College has
always been Interested In the boys of
the band and glad to have the honor In
i r 1 1 1 l i r wn rnmn vnii nn r r n m m unir v
spirit Is what makes a town and that
spirit hns always been at the back of
the people of Wlnooskl and to-night sees
that community eplrlt Is more promi
nent than ever. She Is proud of her
boys and Wlnooskl has done hor best In
our honor nnd t am proud to be able
to h counted among those to welcome
the boys home, and In tho name of St.
Michael's College 1 welcome you homo."
Twelfth: Lieut. Walter C. Hardacre:
"t was not attached to tho 31th Divi
sion, but T am proud of It and the work
It did. 1 am proud of Wlnooskl and
proud to be able to call It home. I
thank you for your hearty welcome and
want to say that It took the American
doughboys to clean up the watch on the
Thirteenth: The Rov. Father Doyle of
St. MIchael'B College: "I am glad and
proud to be able to make a speech here
to-night and the reason why I feel like
"peaking Is because I am a Winooskl-ltc
and feel more than Interested In Wlnoo
skl. I know that the thought uppermost
In our minds to-night, Is that tho armis
tice was signed and for that let us give
three cheers. Let us not forget those
trying moments when we saw our Broth
ers and fathers who left their wives,
mothers, sisters and sweethearts behind
nnd we saw them turn their faces to
wards France. We have learned a les-
lier lhfi uanrfnn tliat hna hann sr-n
up In the battlefields. This war has
shown what the American people are
uaao or. iney weni rorin as untrained
moll nnri that WAiit at It is Minimi I .......
football game and that was what took
the Germans off their feet. It tool: the
t Dtllra nivla mn (n almti, tham .aw t.
npnr nun ir wna ?n n n inn iiihcia..
umi cieanea up me waicn on tne. unine."
14th speaker: M. D. McMahon. who
inceu bo mucn during the war, and
- - . . - - .
lome tho trirls wapr irlnH in haa ttinm i
(J T 1 1 A V Huri liuai wn Hni, f h IhIh
urn unri thnt Vi thnun-ht tli,.t h,iainaB '
Fifteenth: C. S. Lord, another four-
iiiuum nnujiKpr. I r.in imr i.,.im ihj.
cni menifl nr nnr nnntu in anv nt. ti,ot
nnttrnt (a tVin nnMnlAaf - r . .
Ifn in Hiq fin VA.,0 l.nt r 1.a..a - .
n Wlnooskl, to ho nblo to help In wol-
ht T llvm In Wliinnulil. It In IK. Knt
OU'tl In thA hnut QIi.Ia I.. I, 1 .
Tho toastmaster, Mr. Conlin. then
fIB H t Arl thn larllno nf t ti a TOa.I .. A
"ii... wi n, hum jiutv wiuy WOTK-
n in nxirmnnv u tii ima nn nA 1 1 1 n ....
...... iii' i'ii i' 1 1. viiinfjo
r l r rnAAPn ta ,.a ia , i . . . . .
nnn Tno t-a in a.i . a- . -
i m ah i a t n mi r. in . ti,. . i. tin
nnnui nnvo ,,iin hmi aTa.....i
UDremn sacrine nn ivia nAiA
nirrecl elch. The hymn. "Nearer Mvi
Sixteenth: Captain Homelstcr of tho
in i.iimnnTiv i . " I'hin .. u i.
. v . . . . . i nun uutu llic
nm no n r fl ntlll nt..,n.. i . . 1
uvi! nu iiih ri v unrie nnmA wirn na Tiin
II WATir nvax n a hnvo irirl h Uhha
tnii tu LiiHiiK uur ii us L. air. vvniTiifv Trr
Seventeenth: Major Asniey of the for-
"1 want to say that this la the first tlmo
in i i ri ;iv' pvit nopn in iv innnoL'i -y-i rh.
lo be with you to-night and I want to say
nacr nrc or dhck in inn rmr. iiipnt
Drave aeea ana wo are a nroun nr him
Men should be proud to go to a town of
icn ripnnit nn u mnnnk la rnmnnanM nr
Is an example of what thev can dn. I
io-niKiit io rjuinti nil nnn to raise mir
right hand and to give three cheers for
Tho BO waitresses who served the ban-
Mrs. Laura Dclnrge, wife of Abraham
Nasby. died at her home at SO Hast Cen
ter street nt (1:1.-1 Saturday morning of
Kill n uisLitoi;. n u 11 ;ih it. ivnmiin
of about 2.-1 years of age and is sur
vived by her husband and two children,
Florence, aged live, and Grace, aged six.
She also Is survived by her mother, Mrs.
Adeline Dclage, three brothers, Ndward,
Rugene anil Armand Dclage, and four
sisters, Madeline, Augustine, Mrs. An
drew Swconoy and Mrs. Frank Catnllna.
The funeral was held Monday nt
eight o'clock at St. Francis Xavler
Church, with burial In St. Francis'
Theodore Vlllemaile, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Frederick Villemalie of West Lane,
has received his discharge fiom the army
at Camp Devcns. lie arrived nt his homo
Sunday morning, lie was a member of
Company CI, 103rd Infantry. ;cth Division,
and arrived from overseas April C on tho
transport America. Mr. Vllleinalrc Is a
former Company G man, liavlng enlisted
in the company June 15, 1017, at Fort
Kthan Allen, a short time before the
boys' departure. He sailed for Franco
September !!.', 1117, and arrived over there
October 15, 1917. Ho has seen 18 mouths
of active service, with not a day off
until the day tho armistice was signed.
The board of village trustees held its
Steamer Hoso rooms on Main street.
This Is tho first meeting held since the
election of the new trustees last month
at the annual village meeting, when
Lester Cruise was elected trusteo of the
outh ward to succeed M. H. Hollorun,
whose term had expired, and Louis
Manseau of Main street was clectod to
serve as trustee of tho east ward to
succeed M. T. Markhnnt, whose term
would have expired this year had ho
continued to be a resident. At the
annual meeting Joseph Couchou was
elected to serve as vlllago clerk, to
succeed John Flche, who resigned that
position at the last meeting of the
hoard. Frank Major was reelected at
the village meeting. Tho other mem
bers of the board are; John O'Drlen,
trustee In the south ward, whose term
expires next year; Eugene nichard,
trustee In the east ward, whoso term
also expires next year; and Kdwanl
Bashaw, trustee In the west ward,
whose term oxplres next year. All the
members of the board wore present.
The meeting was called to order by tho
president and the clerk read tho mln
uteH of tho laat meeting. Vlllnge Pres
ident Dubuc made the following ap
pointments; Finance committee, Eu
gene Itlchard, Frank Major and Louis
Manseau; license committee, Edward
llashaw, John O'Brien and Lester
Cruise; street, committee Eugene Men
ard, Louis Manseau and Lester Cruise;
sewer committee, Frnnk Major, Louis
Manseau and Edward llashaw; fire com
mittee, Lester Cruise, John O'Brien and
Edward Bashaw; light committee,
Frank Major, John O'Brien nnd Eugcno
Jllchard; police committee, Louis Man
seau, Eugono lllchard nnd Edward
Bashaw; water committee, John O'Brien,
Frnnk Mnjor and Lester Cruise. A few
applications were rocelvod for the posi
tion of a regular policeman, but It was
voted to retain the samo police force.
Charles A. Barber was re-elected chief
of tho police department nnd John
McGrath and E. Dclormo regular police
men. It also was voted to rotaln the
same special pollco force with tho ex
ception of Octave Cormier, who wns
voted out, A vote was taken as to
whether the board would retain the serv
ices of Frank Gndue as a special police
man or not. Tho vote resulted In a tin
and after some argument rrcsldcnl
Dubuc decided ho, ought to bo retained
ns special policeman. Five applications
wore received for tho ofllco of superin
tendent of streets. Those applying
were Joseph Abnlr, Jr., Alfred F. Vlllc
mnlrc, Chnrlca Myers, Oliver Myers and
Peter Bedard. After a vote the result
was ns follows: Peter Bedard one, Ollvor
Myers one, Alfred F. Vlllnmalro four,
tho other candidates liavlng received no
votes. Alfred F. Villomalre was de
clared elected to serve as superintendent
of streets. Chnrleo Adams, Jr., was given
tho preference of tho team work of tho
village. Pollco Officer John McGrath wns
re-elected chief of the fire department,
with Charles A. Blgelow as first assistant
and Charles Lavalley as second nFslst
ant. X.o other business of Importance
wns transacted and the regular budget
of bills were ordered paid: N. K. T. ,fc
T. Co. $3.4S; Ulchnid Mfg. Co. 6.Slj; Mrs.
Charles Adams ?12.2o; Stevens Machine
Shops ?T9.r.7; Mark Mctevler J15; H.
Abrams K.jO: C. A. Barber 6.-ll; J. It.
Allen, sheriff, $33.33; water department,
$8.20; Modern Woodmen $10; F. S. Angus
Co. $12.30; Albert Dubuc $13; Arthur
Smith $S; Hlchard's Pharmacy $2.73;
Charles Adams. Jr., $13.30; L. W. Bavlln
$2.20; Joseph Lango $2; Ellas Lyman Coal
Co. $11.10; F. Matte $72.70; Ashtubula
Changeable Sign Co. $9.20; J. O'Brien $31.
At a meeting held the other day the
Lafayette Hose company elected officers
as follows: Foreman, Charles A. Barber;
first assistant, Thomas Fox; second as
sistant, William Bruillard; clerk, Joseph
Gunrln; treasurer, Frank Pcppln; auditor,
George Ladue; steward, William Bruil
lard; fire police, William Bruillard and
Joseph Guyette.
The Rev. H. A. Lcduc, S. S. E has
been appointed treasurer of St. Michael's
College to replace the Itev. V. Nlcolle,
who resigned on account of 111 health.
Last evening the Holy Name society
of St. Stephen's Church entertained tho
returned soldiers with a musical and
literary program In Allard's hall. St.
Michael's College band rendered a con
cert In front of the Wlnooskl block on
East Allen street before entering the
hall. The hall was completely filled and
an Interesting program had been aV
rangod by the chairman, Mrs. Louis
Alnpa. St. Michael's Collego students
gavo many very interesting vocal and In
strumental selections. Joseph Gabbitt
entered. Among the speakers were the
Bev. J. B. McGarry, tho Hcv. Fr. Doyle,
C. S. Lord, C. A. Barber, G. 11. Stack
pole, Sergeant Edward Dupaw, Sergeant
Galuska, Sergeant Hugh Flnnlgan, James
Sullivan, H. Saundeni, and many others.
Tho smokes for the evening were
donated by the following business men:
B. J. Piuufuttl, James S. O'Brien, Erucbt
Brown, Ralph Baruldinl, Louis Doria nnd
Abraham Brothers.
John Provost, aged 31 years, died of
tuberculosis yesterday at the homo of
his sister, Mrs. Lavlgne of Russell street
on tho Heights. Mr. Provost was born
in this village and Is tho son of Vital
Provost, formerly of this place, but
now of Montreal. Ho has been a suf
ferer from tuberculosis for the last
five years, but has worked steadily until
last August, when he had to glvo up
his work. Besides his father, ho leaves
five sisters. The funeral arrangements
wero not completed last evening.
The annual meeting and election of offi
cers of the Progressive Study club was
held Monday evening at tho home of the
president, Mrs. G. M. Moody of Loomis
street. Burlington. The following offi
cers were elected for the ensuing year:
President, Mrs. Genie Bradford Davis;
vice-president, Mrs. C. S. Lord; secre- j
tary. Miss McDermott; treasurer, Mrs.
Maurloo Smith. The various committees
will be appointed at tho next meeting of
the club. Miss Esther Dunning gave
an account of the older girls' conference
at Rutland. Mrs. Goudey read a paper
on Americanization. Reports were re
ceived from the officers. The treasurer's
report showed $79 on tho credit side, $D
of which was donated to tho Winooskl
Free library and $10 to the Visiting
Nurso association.
Mrs. Elizabeth Luna, who has been
spending the winter In Florida, has re
turned and is making her home with
her sister, Mrs. Thomas Fitzgerald, of
Main street.
Junior. the young son of the
7tev. if. CJ, Banks, is getting bet
ter of the measles. Miss Freda Prior
has been very 111 the past weok with
meatiles and lung trouble. She Is more
comfortable at present. Master George
Talcott Is at home from his school in
Burlington, 111 with tho measles. Since
getting better he hod the misfortune to
hurt his eye with a buzzer. Tho string
broke and the button hit In the corner
of his eye.
On Friday. May 9, at 10 o'clock. Miss
Hazel 1. e.'uifildy, homo demonstration
agent will conduct h tireless rooker beo
In the town hall. Please bring money to
pay for materials used in the cooker.
Bring picnic lunch.
Tho 'class In home nursing will meet
at L'nlvcrsalist hall Tuesday, the 13th, nt
2:30 o'clock. The lesson will bo the fliht
chapter In the manual. Thoso wishing
books please communicate with Mrs. W.
SI. Barber as early as possible.
Rodney U. Mears, who has been lu
failing health Tor some time, died Mon
day morning at his home at tho ago of
81 years. Ho was born and always lived
on the faun with the exception of a few
years spent In Iowa. IIo leaves two
sons, Harry, of Swanton, nnd Hoyt, with
whom ho lived, besides several grand
children. Tho funeral was held yester
day at one o'clock at the house. Harry
Mears, of Swanton, lb In town, called by
tho Illness and death of his father, R. B.
Mears. Many are enjoying tho good fish
ing at the river.
Miss Jenulo Goodsell Is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. C. M. Uussoll. Mrs. Frank
RobortH of Pittsburg, Pa.. Is passing
some tlmo with Mrs. G. Roberts.
George Taylor, Jr., passed the week
end with his parents. Leon Perla bus
been honorably discharged from tho
army nnd returned home. George Colla
mer of Barre visited his homo Sunday.
Harold Thorp of Boston Is visiting his
parents. Mrs. Harrington, who hns been
at Truman Webster's for some years, Is
conducting a boarding house In Burling
ton with Mrs. Leon llenus.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Morgan and
Miss Morgan have' returned to "Clifton,"
Hhclburno Point, for tho summer.-Mrs.
G. K. Blair and Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Whltnoy nre at tho Blair farm for the
month pncklng up to mo to. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Thctfonl have moved to Hlncsbiirg,
.1. W. Porter, who has been at tho Mary
Fletcher hospital for several weeks, has
returned home nnd Is able to be about
tho house, Mrs. Thomas Henley of
Richmond was the guest of her daughter,
Mrs. E. T, Maloney, tho last of tho week.
Dr. and Mrs. B. H. Stone of Burlington
were nt their homo hero for a short stay,
Albert Lalng gavo a very Interesting
discourse on tho Antl-snloon league on
Sunday. Tho Rev. S. H. Barnum, who
has accepted the call In AV'cybrldge,
prenched there Sunday. Ho was accom
panied by Mrs. Barnum. They will not
movo until the roads nro In good condi
tion for nutomobllo trucks. Mrs. Charleii
Glmn Is III.
Mrs. Mary J. Buxton, widow of Thomas
Buxton passed away very suddenly at
the home of her daughter, Mis. Marlln
Bullock. Mrs. Buxton resided nt Jericho
but hnd como to spend a few clays with
her daughter. Her death was due to
heart failure. Funeral services were
held nt tho homo of her son. Wnrron, on
Thursday. Sho Is survived by three
other sons, William of Burlington, Clif
ton of Joucsvlllo nnd Fred of Richmond.
A dnughter was born May 5 to Mr. nnd
Mrs. O'Nell.
The condition of E. W. Qulnn, who
has been 111 for somo time, Is thought
to be Improved. Air. nnd Mrs. F. C.
Slater icturncd Sunday morning: from
Boston, where they witnessed the par
ade and met their son, Edward, re
turned from France William Klttel
has sold his fnrm to a man from Mil
ton nnd moved to Burlington. The
children of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Qulnn
are 111 with measles. Charles Smith
has moved to tho tenement of T. J.
McGulre. M. Murphy of Richmond
wns In town Tuesday. George Law
rence moved his family and house
hold goods Thursday to Claremont. N
If.., where ho will reside. Edward Wes-
com died last week Tuesday night at
tho homo of his daughter, Mrs. V. II.
Boyd. Mr. Wcscom was about SO
years old nnd was n veteran of tho
Civil Wnr.-Edward Slater and Frank
Fitzgerald have returned from Francs
after n service of 19 months. The
home of J. O. Blalsdell Is quarantined
because of the illness of some of the
family with scarlet fever. Tho body
of .Mr. Wcscom was taken to Eden
Friday morning for funeral servlcos
and burial. L. O. Brush, while fishing
Thursday, slipped and fell so heavily
on some rooks that he fractured three
ribs. Fred Tardle has rontcd and
moved to tho John O'Nell farm.
Funeral services for Henry Russin, who
died nt his home In North Underbill last
Wednesday, wero held at St. Thomas'
Chursh Saturday. Burial was In the
Catholic cemetery Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Glass of East Hnrdwlck aro visiting her
parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. F. C. Slater. Mrs.
L. A. Dorr nnd children of Burlington are,
visiting at the home of L. A. Egan. The
body of William Ravcy, n former resi
dent, was brought here from Johnson
Monday morning and funeral services
were held at St. Thomas' Church, with
burial In the Catholic cemetery. Rossa
Casey was home from Enosburg Falls
over Sunday. Tho returned soldiers will
bo banqueted at the town hall Thursday
evening. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. McGulre
hnvo received word from their son,
Howard, of the 7fith Division In France,
of his safe arrival in New York. Edward
Slater went to New Hampshire Monday
for a visit of iv week or 10 days. Chester
Barnes and family and Miss Ruth Slater
of Essex Junction wore over Sunday
visitor nt tho home of F. C. Slater. The
condition of Eugene W. Qulnn which was
thought a few days ngo to be Improved,
is not so favorable. Mr. and Mrs. J. AV.
Hanlcy observed the 35th anniversary of
their marriage Friday evening. Chnrles
Mablo, who served with thii machine gun
corps In Franco, Is at home. Mrs.
Oilman, who has been vlBltlng relatives
here, returned Monday to Hartland.
A reception was given at tho hall
Tuesday evening for tho boys, who re
cently rotumed from France. Wagoner
Roy Cleveland and Privates, Robert Field,
Herbert Rlggs nnd Gaorgo Grace
gave Interesting talks of their experi
ences having served eighteen months in
service overseas. After the program
and supper, "Tho Thousand Island Or
chestra" of Burlington furnished music
for a social danco. Ira Ring and family
and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Ring of Water
bury visited their parents. Mr. and Mrs.
W. L. Ring, the first of tho week. Mrs.
Ralph Miles was In Hlnesburg Tuesday,
to attend the funeral of her aunt. Mrs.
John Somcrs. James Phillips and family
visited friends In Monlpoller Tuesday
and Wednesday. Alfred Wright, has
moved into his father's tenement In the
southern part of tho town.
Mrs. Anna A. Evans, grand matron of
thu O. E. S Installed tho officers of Chit
tenden chapter for tho ensuing year. She
was assisted by Mrs. Maud Powell, mar
shal and Sirs. Ethel Phelps, chaplain. The
officers are as follows: W. M., Mrs. Jen
nlo Slears; W. P., Alexander McNally;
A. M Sirs, Sabrn. McNally; secretary,
Mrs. Addle Allen; treasurer. Sirs. Slar
garet Shroycl; cdnductresu. Sirs. Wlnnl
frcd Kennedy; assistant conductress. Sirs.
.Maud Powell; chaplain. Sirs. Ethel
Phelps; marshal. Sirs. Edytlio Coburn;
organist, Sirs. Ellen Phelps; Adah, Stlss
Mildred Ashley; Esther. Stlss Frances
Cormla; Ruth, Sirs. Alma Brigham; Slar
tha. Sirs. Slyrtlo Hnhluson; Electa, Mrs.
Slartha Jerome; warden, Sirs. Lottie Co
burn; sentinel. K. I, Allen. SIlss .Mabel
Newton, Silas Ardello Grow, Miss Glenna
Phelps nnd Miss Barbara Turner at
tended tho conferenco Tor Older Girls at
Rutland. .Mrs. Hurl Day of New York
city Is tho guest of SIlss Electa Rugg.
L. D. Qulnuell has moved into tho Slcth
odlst parsonage. Theodore Slartln hns re
covered from an nttack of tho mumps.
Dwiglit Phelps of Richmond spent Thurs
day night with his parents. Sir. and Sirs.
N. E. Phelps. A daughter was bom to
Sir. and Mrs. Ellsha Corrigan of St. Al
bans at tlio home of her sister. Sirs.
Homer Rankin April 29.
Rodney It, Slears tiled Sunday night.
The funeral wns held Wednesday after
noon at one o'clock.
The play, "Safety First," will be given
at the town hall Friday evening. Follow
ing Is .the cast of characters: Jack Slont
gomery, Henry Paige; .lorry Arnold,
Harry Bates; .Mr. SIcNutt, Alfred Slc
Lane; Elmer Flannel, Norman White;
Abon Hen Mocha, Herbert Htintley;
Mabel Montgomery, Mrs. Harry Bates;
Virginia llrldger, Styrtle Wllley; Mrs.
Banington llrldger, Mrs. SI, II. Irish;
Zulelka, Mildred Irish; Slary Ann O'Fln
nerty, Sirs. Herbert Huntley. The Ladles'
Aid will meet on Wednesday afternoon
with 'SIIfs Myrtle Wllley. Sirs. Carrie
Cobb hns charge of the missionary pro
gram. The meeting of the Fortnightly
club which wns to tako placo Thursday
nt the home of Sirs. Ray Lewis is imst
poned until furthur notice. Irving Cobb
of Bennington spent the week-end with
his mother, Sirs. Carrie Cohb. Dr. and
Mrs, F. A. Petty havo returned from n
visit of a few days with their daughter,
SIlss Lillian Petty, who la a teacher In
the North'icld high school, After serving
for fifteen years a mall carrier on R. D.
route No. 2 lu this town which starts
at Fairfax, William Barkyoumb has re
signed, nnd his place Is taken temporarily
by Edward RowUnd. The entertainment
given by the village schools last Friday
evonlng was well attended. About $25 was
taken 111. Miss Gladys Hapgood of Essex
Junction was a recent guest of Mildred
Mncombcr. Mrs. Winchester, who has
made her home at Essex Junction for
tho past 15 years, Is now staylnr with
her sister, Mrs. Hiram Blackmer. Mrs.
Norn Grnvelln Is home from Fairfield for
a few weeks. Miss Myrtle Wllley spent
Sunday with her mother In Burlington.
The prayer meeting will tako placo
Thursday evening at the home of Mrs.
Jessie Grow. A nominating commlttco
has been appointed to bring In a list of
officers for a society to take charge of
tho Sunday evening service at the Com
munity Church. The committee is Mrs.
J. E. Allen, Sirs. Harry Bates and Mrs,
F. A. Petty.
Sir. and Mrs. J. Si Sweet went to .Monk
ton Sunday to attcpd the funeral of hor
sisier, ,ii rs. unaxnncriain. Arthur Sad
llrr and family aro moving Into Walter
Sadller's house. Sir. nnd Mrs. Hiram
Pierce havo returned home after spend
ing the winter with their daughter In
Berlin. SIlss Eleanor Sweet returned to
Barro Saturday after several weeks vis
It with her uncle. G. H. Hallock.
John Fargo, who had been In falling
health for somo time, passed away at
his homo In this village Sunday evening,
aged 78. Ho leaves, besides his wife,
SInry Sprague, one son, George of Rand
dolph, nnd grandson, Howard Fargo of
Richmond, besides one Bister, Mrs. Lew
Is of Duxbury, nnd three brothers, Ez
ra, Jnbcz and Herbert of this town. Fu
neral services at the house Wednesday
afternoon at one o'clock.
Tho farm trade between O. R. Tomlln
son and Gladwin Spauldlng has been
called off nnd the former hns purchased
tho P. L. Towers farm.
The SIcthodlst, Baptist and Congrega
tional Churches have completed their
organization ns the United Church of
this town, with the Rov. Charles H.
Bennett of the Slethodtst Church as pas
tor. The current expenses of the
church, together with tho pastor's salary
of $1,S00, will bo equally borne by tho
thrco denominations. The Sunday school
and all social and religious activities
will be union. The Sunday service at
10:13, beginning with May 11, will be held
In the Congregational Church for four
months, then four months In the Bnptlst
Church, then In the Methodist Church.
The work day meetings and the young
people's meetings will be held throughout
tho year In the Congregational vestry.
At a patriotic service at the United
Church at Hlnesburg Sunday evening nn
employment commltteo was appointed to
find employment, especially for returned
soldiers, sailors and war workers. BIcssrs.
. S. Hull and Earl .Mead and Town Clerk
Slirts Slary Miles compose the committee.
Their headquarters will bo nt the town
library. It Is hoped thet any one who
needs laborers will report to this com
mittee and their needs will be forwarded
to tho United States employment bureau.
Tho Hope Circle of the King's Daugh
ters will hold their regular meeting
Friday afternoon at the vestry.
A very successful meeting was held
In the town hall Saturday, when SIlss
Hazel I. Cassldy, home demonstration
agent, conducted a tireless cooker de
monstration. Thcra were about 30 wom
en present and eight cookers were made.
About 20 of those present came to get
the Instruction so that they could mako
their cookers at home. There was also
an evening meeting, when all of the five
members of tho kitchen canning commit
tee were present, together with five other
people who wore interested In this kind
of work. A great deal of Interest has
been shown In this direction. The mem
bers of this canning committee were
given duties to be responsible for.
Henry Glffln Is to look after tho building
plans. Sir. Glffin has chargo of tho
equipment; Sirs. P. II. McDonough,
manager and help; Sirs. B. H. Isham
and Sirs. John Lessor, finances. Plans
are under way for raising money to de
fray tho expenses of this work.
Sirs. Ralph Norton, of Essex Junction,
is caring for Miss Bessie Perclval, who
has had the measles. Roland Montague,
who has been absent from school for
several days on account of his accident,
has returned to school. Miss Vorn Pet
tinglll Is working for Sirs. Y. G. Nay,
nnd Sirs. Q. E. Thurston, who has been
caring for Sirs. Nay, has returned homo.
Sirs. Abble Foster, daughter, Sadie, and
son, Wright, who have been visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buxton,
in Richmond, have returned home. Mrs.
Charles Wltwer, of New York, is visit
ing her sister and husband, Sir. and Mrs.
Wilson Curtis. Miss Lanta Slead of Wa-
terbury was In town recently. On May
1 she entered the Slary Fletcher hospital
for a training course. Mr. and Mrs. War
ren Day and children were recent visi
tors of Dr. and Mrs. Ladd at the Mnry
Fletcher hospital. Stlss Sllldred Hanley
goes to Williiton, where she has a posi
tion at Slansur's. Mr. and Mrs. Conway,
of St. Albans, arc to work for James Mc
Laughlin the coming season. Miss May
Eldrldgc, of Jericho Center. Is working
for Sirs. C. N. Stygles.-C. N. Stygle-j
has purchased tho Chase meat market
and will deal lu groceries and meat.
Sir. and Mrs. Edward Partridge were re
rent visitors nt the homo of Sir. and Mrs,
Tyler, at Essex Junction, stlss Bertha
Srhlllhammer was a week-end visitor of
her sister, Helen, In Burlington. At tho
annual meeting of tho SIcDonough Lodge,
F. A. Sl held nt tho lodge room, the
following officers wero elected: W. SI.,
George Olio; J. S., Arthur Bartlett; S.
W.. Charles E. Scrlbnor; SI., David Gal
lup; J. W., L. C. Fowler; C, F. A. Pur
rival; S. S George N. Woodruff; T
1. A. Irish; J. D., AV. S. Woodruff; sec
rotary, Dennis Rood; S. 8., A. B. Joy;
treasuror, John Schlllhanimer. A bounti
ful repast wns served by the ladles of
tho O. E. S which was vory much ap
preciated by tho goodly number of Sla
sons preseAt, after which short remarks
were made by different members. Those
made by h. C. Rogers were especially
entertaining no he has Just returned homo
on. a furlough from cruising on one of
the U. S. submarine destroyers. Mr. Cook
Is son to movo his family to Essex, whero
ho has employment. William Pollard Is
moving his family to Shclburnc, where
he has n position. SIlss Allda Booth Is at
Jericho Center helping care for her sis
ter, Sirs. Frank Pcrrlgo, who Is 111,
Harry Hosklngs, of Jericho Center, is
working for C. N. Stygles. Sirs. Charles
Peck, of Essex Junction was a recent
visitor nt the homo of Charls E. Per
clval. SIlss Lula AVhlte, of Burlington,
visited her mother, Mrs. Flora White,
April 29.-Mrs. Abblo Foster nnd
daughter. Sadie, and son, AVrlght, left
Thursday morning for Lake Placid, N.
Y., whero they have employment for tho
AVIUIs Slarsh and sister of Richmond
wero recent business visitors In town.
Maurice Beers of Montpeller was a Hun
day visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Wissle. Sirs. Charles Witwer of Brook
lyn, N. V.i Mr. ar. Mrs. Max Buzzell and
Mrs. AVIIson Curtis of "Lynns Farm"
were In Burlington Thursday to attend
the May breakfast nt the College street
Congregational Church.-Mrs. V. O. Nay,
who has been suffering with heart trou
ble the past few weeks, passed away
Saturday evening about 8.30. The funeral
serlvces were held at the house Tuesday
afternoon. Several from here attended
the funeral of William Rcavy on Monday
at Underbill Center. Mr. Reavy passed
away at his lata home In Johnson nnd
was brought to Underbill for burial. R.
.T. Allen and two eons and Mrs. Fred
Stevens and daughter, Lilia May, have
gone to Boston, making the rip by auto
mobile The pupils of the grammar
school have a display of several good
Vlotory Loan, posters. Mrs. Pettle, who
fractured her hip n few weeks ago Is
better and Is able to sit up a few hours
each day. Mrs. Nancy McLane, who
spent tho winter with her daughter nnd
husband, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Slorgnn,
at Richmond, has returned home. John
Schllthammer has purchased a new
tractor. Mrs. Carl Schlllhammer, who
has been quite III, Is able to be up. Mrs.
Katherlne Blalsdell and Mrs. Delia
Foster were In Jcffcrsonvlllo Saturday.
Miss lldah Foster of .Teffcrsonvllle Is
working for Mrs. Frank Perclval. Lloyd
Hulburd nnd Miss Jcnnett Rogers of
Burlington were Sunday visitors at tho
home of Dr. nnd Sirs. George B.
Hulburd. Mr. nnd Mrs. George Burphy
nnd children of Richmond wero recent
visitors nt the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Edward Jacobs. Oeorgo Nay of Hudson
Falls, N. Y was called home Saturday
by tho Illness nnd death of his mother.
Sirs. Y. G. Nay. Charles Keith was a
Sunday visitor In Slontpeller, returning
Slondny morning. Sirs. Guyette of
AVhterbury is spending a few days with
her husband nt the home of Sir. and Mrs.
Frank K. Howe. Sir. Rubley of Burling
ton, Sir. Knight and Sir. Riley of St.
Albans were recent business visitors at
the home of Mr. and Sirs. John Schlll
hammer. Miss Bessie Perclval, who has
been ill with measles, Is ablo to bo up.
Irving Nealy Is attending court In Bur
lington. Sirs. SInry J. Buxton, widow of Thomas
Buxton, died suddenly Slonday night at
the home of her daughter, Sirs. M. A. Bul
lock. Funeral services will be held at tho
homo of her son, W. E. Buxton Thursday
at 1:30 p. m. Sirs. A. W. Smith has re
turned after spending several days with
relatives in Johnson. Clara Stygles of
Burlington, Is a week-end visitor at tho
home of her parents. Sir. and Sirs. C. N.
Stygles. Sir. and Mrs. A. H. Packard
were In Burlington Saturday to attend
the county meeting of the Dairymen's
By the death of Sirs. Y. G. Nay, the
community loses one of Its most highly
respected members. Mrs. Nay was born
In Clarencevllle, P. Q. 68 years ago. At
tho age of IS, she received a diploma nnd
began her life work as a teacher In the
public schools, teaching nt Stanbrlge, P.
Q. nnd at Milton, Vermont. She was
married to Y. G. Nay October 3, 1877 at
Slllton, whero the first few years of their
married llfo were spent. They later moved
to Johnson and then to this place, whero
they havo resided tho past 22 years. Mrs.
Nay had been In falling health for somo
time and tho end camo Saturday evening
nt eight o'clock. The runeral services
were held at her late home Tuesday
afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. The Rov. George
AVcscot assisted by the Rev. E. J. (Enrlght
of Essex Center, couducted the services.
There was a profusion of flowers. The
bearers were her husband, Y. G. Nay,
nnd son George Nay, a brother-in-law,
Scott Nny and a cousin, U. T. Chilton.
Those from out of town to attend the
funeral were: Mr. and Sirs. George Nay
of Hudson Falls, N. Y., Sir. and Sirs.
U. T. Chilton of Clarencevllle. P. Q., Sir.
and Sirs. A. 11. Holmes of Slllton, Sir.
and Mrs. Fred Holmes and Sirs. A. D.
Cochran of Essex Junction, Sirs. Sabra
Collins and Sirs. W.N. Holton of Colches
ter, Dr. nnd Sirs. Scott Nay and Sirs.
Clifford Turrill of Underbill, Mrs. Nora
Lauo and Mrs. Albert Lane of Burling
ton, Sirs. Julia Howard of AV'Inooski, Sirs.
Katie Howard of Burlington, Sirs. Olivia
Holmes and Mr. and Sirs. E. G. Gale of
AVestford and Mrs. J. R. Goddard of Fos
ter Junction, P. Q. Sirs. Nay Is survived
by her husband, Y. G. Nay, one son,
George N. Nay, who Is a lawyer and
resides In Hudson Falls, N. Y and a
sister Sirs, J. R. Goddard of Foster Junc
tion, P. Q. Mrs. Sybil AVells. who spent
tho winter in California with her son,
has returned home. Sirs. Jennie, Pierce
of Burlington Is spending a few days with
her daughter and husband. Sir. and Sirs.
Fred A. Perclval. G. H. Hutchinson was
appointed delegato to the county meeting
of the Dairymen's League. Buell Irish,
who works in Blodgctt's Hardware store
In Burlington, was an over Sunday visitor
at tho home of his parents, Mr. and Sirs.
Irving Irish.
SIlss Ida Cross and Henry Nattress
of Wolcott wore married at St. Thomas'
Church by tho Rev. Father Thcrrlcn
April 28. The funeral of Honry Rus
sin was held nt St. Thomas' Church
Sunday, with burial at Underhill Cen
ter. Mrs. W. L. Blalsdell returned home
from St. Johnsbury last week. Sirs.
Earl Buchanan returnd to Hartford,
Conn., Friday after visiting her par
ents. Sir. nnd Mrs. W.'C. Bailey. SIlss
Mary J. Benedict suffered a shock last
weok. SIlss Lena Irish of Jericho is
caring for her. C. SI. Henderson and
B. H. Blakcy attended the Dnrtmouth
A'ermont baseball game In Burlington
Thursday, Jay Haynes has gone to
Slonkton, where he has a position as
butter maker. Dr. F. B. Hunt and
family of Montgomery Center wero In
town Inst week visiting friends.
Sirs. J. W. Atchlnson received 113 cards
on her birthday, an Easter Illy from
Sirs. Gillette of Burlington, a pansy
geranium from Sirs. Cole, and other
numerous gifts from friends. Honry
Ayer nnd SIlss Ada Benedict were elected
delegates to tho county Sunday school
convention to bo held In Burlington next
week. The Boys' Athletic association will
glvo a play entitled "A Poor Slurried
Slan," at O. A. R. hall, Tuesday, Stay
20 Tho Underhill Cemetery association
will hold their annual meeting nt K. of P.
hall. Slay 13, at two o'clock. Harley San
born of Fairfax Is visiting friends In
town. SIlss Slary E. Benedict and Earl
C. Cross were married Slay 1 at AValtham,
Slass., and havo como hero to live, where
Sir. Cross Is In the nutomoblle repair
business. Sirs. Cross will run tho Under-hlll-Burllngeon
bus this summer.
E. S. AVrlght Is In receipt of a telegram
from James Dean of Boston, chairman of
the Victory Loan committee of the Fed
eral Resorvo Dlstrlce, congratulating tho
local committee on their success in rais
ing more than the quota for Colchester.
Wolcott Beach and wife of Burlington
spent Sunday at Dr. N. H. Kenyon's.
SIlss Brown of the Stato Library com
mission, Slontpeller, called on Sirs.
SIncNcll, the local librarian. F. B.
SIcFadden of Ogdensburg, N. Y has
visited recently at E. S. A'r,lghfs.
Lawronco Pitts, son of Sir. and Sirs.
Irvine Pitts, Is ill with scarlet fever.
The Ladles' Aid of the Baptist Church
met April 30 nt the parsonage. Sup
per was served. Chester F. Button, Jr.,
met with nn accident nt Essex Junction
on Thursday morning. His ankle was
Bovcrely Injured. Warren A, Newton,
after 18 months of service lu France, Is
renewing old acquaintances In town.
Forrest Wentworth, of East Dover, re
cently returued from France after 18
months' service, visited George Huntress
last week. Ralph Manning returned home
Saturday. Ho spent some time in a Ger
man prison camp. Mrs. E. M. Allon, of
Slllton, has boon visiting Sirs. Ellen
Thompson for a fow days. Sirs. E. S.
AVrlght Is visiting her sister nt Schenec
tady, N. Y. Mother's day will be ob
served by a union service noxt Sunday
morning at the Congregational Church.
Following the morning service there will
be a Joint session of the Baptist nnd
Congregational Sunday-schools, closing
with a homo department rally nnd re-
organization. ai me urango meeting
Friday the following program was pre
sented by the lecturer: Violin and piano
selection, Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Severance;
roodlng, Mrs. Carrie Houghton; discus
sion, "Docs tho Daylight Saving Law
Help or Hinder the Farmer?" P. M. Cur
tis, B. V. Gale, Sergeant Jones; reading,
Miss Adelaide Bombard; piano solo, Miss
Mary nine; discussion, "Shall a Young .
Sinn Go In Debt?" Herbert Severance,
Frank AVnshburne. Clayton Coroy; mu
sic, Mr. and Mrs. P. AV. Severance. The
Grange has voted to assure responsibility
w. .... ,..,... ,.,.
The graves will be decorated In tho morn- ,
Ing. Thrre will be a basket lunch at
noon. In the nftemoon a program will
be presented by tho school children of
tho town assisted by a few of the adults.
Under the nusplccs of the Grange a pe
tition Is being circulated to be added to
the New England Homestead's mammoth
petltlftn for the repeal of tho daylight
saving law.
Tho Ladles' Aid were entertained at
Library hall on Wednesday nftemoon
by Sirs. F. B. nnd Mrs. H. B. Smith.
The ladles cleared $20 from repeating
their play In Forrlsburg Center Friday
evening and were served a very nice
supper by tho ladles thore. The Rev.
Sir. Rutan of Maynard, Macs., com
menced Ills labors here Sunday. His
family and goods will come the last of
the week. Sirs. Louise Barrltt of Platta
burgh Is a guest of Mrs. F. J. Coulbron.
F. J. Coulbron has sold his placo to
Alfred Gerard of Burlington.
The regular meeting of Champlaln
Chapter, O. E. 8., will bo held on Fri
day evening. Degrees will bo conferred,
after which light refreshments will be
served. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith and
son, Robert, have returned from a visit
at tho homo of John Rico of Essex Junc
tion. Victor Duclos of Lincoln was a
Sunday visitor at the homo of his
brother, John Duclos.
Miss Hazel I. Cassldy conducted a
very largely attended fircless cooker hoc
here last week. Eight cookers were
Caleb Pillsbury and two sons, Charles
and Kenneth, ware In Burlington recent
ly. Tho SIlsscs Vlbbfe and Jennie Wel
lingcr ''visited their Bister, Mrs. Walter
Osborne, In AVilltston, Wednesday. Mre.
R. E. Forbes returned Saturday from a
visit of a few days in Burlington. Ear!
Ayor was in Burlington Wednesday and
Saturday on business. B. E. Forbes was
In Burlington Wednesday and Saturday.
Fred Peet was In Burlington, Saturday.
Sirs. AValtcr Osborne and two daugh
ters. Slarion and Delia, visited at the
( homo of her parents, Sunday. Mr. and
Mrs. Tlrus Isham of Wllllston visited at
the home of R. E. Forbes, Sunday.
At the Congregational Church Thurs
day at 7:30 a devotional and business
session of the church will bo held to
consider the coming visitation and cam-
palgn of tho Pilgrim memorial delega-
Uon, led hy the former pastor, tho Rev.
E. P. Treat, and duo to arrive In Rich-
m'ond for May IS. Saturday evening, in
the vestry, a supper in honor of the
the vestry, a supper
deputation of U. V. SI. students. AH
young men are invited to meet them.
Supper from six to seven, after which
speeches and other entertainment until
eight. Sunday meetings will be ad
dressed by the six members of the
student deputation, two at each meet
ing. A general rally of people of the
community is to meet tho deputation at
7:30. Chorus and special music appro
priate to Stothers' day. Social hour
after worship to give tho public a
chance to meet the visitors and bo on
tertained hy them. Light refreshments
for all. Miss Slary Freeman of Essex
is visiting at the home of her uncle,
SI. J. Glcason. Sirs. SI. J. Sabcns en
tertained the Louise SI. Smiley Circle
of the King's Daughters at her
home yesterday. Sirs. Josephine Derlck
has sold hor home to Sir. and Mrs.
O. B. AVood, and T. Rcdlg has purchased
of Conte Brothers their fruit and con
fectionery business and Frank Conte,
who conducted the same, has gone to
St. Albans to reside. Sirs. E. C. AValker
was among the visitors In Burlington
Tuesday. Sir. and Sirs. P. L. Towers
have sold their fnrm to Sir. and Sirs.
A. R. Tomllnson of Huntington. Mr.
and Sirs. John Towers of Brooklyn,
N. V., are the guests of Sir. and Sirs.
P. L. Towers. Miss Elsie Dessau, who
hns been III for several weks with diph
theria, has recovered and gone to the
home of her mother In Burlington for a
tlmo. Miss Frcderica Leary Is ill with
scarlet fever. A'erne Green is assisting
at the postoftlce and at tho M. E. Leary
drug store. Howard Fargo Is In Hunt
ington, called thero by the death of his
grandfather, Slartln Fargo.
The Progressive Agricultural club met
at the home of Sir. nnd Sirs. Frank At
wood Friday. About 73 were preBOnt.
Tho following program was rendered:
Piano solo, SIlss Rachel Stewart; a play,
dialogue and flag drill bytho pupils of the
Sutton school; talk on fircless cookers by
Miss Cassldy, self-feeders for pigs by
Sir. Painter; bettor roads by Slichael
Thompson. Refreshments were served,
cards nnd dancing were enjoyed. The
club meets next month at G. A. Kinney's.
The program commltteo consists of Sirs.
Charles AVhlto and Sirs. Frank Atwood.
Lieut. R. W. Chaso was a recent guest
of his ulster, srrs. G. A. Kinney. Lieu
tenant Chase goes to China soon. Mr.
and Sirs. Harry Danbrook, Sirs. I. O.
Elliott nnd SIcIntyro Elliott motored to
New Haven Sunday. SIlss Louise New
ton Is with her sister, Sirs. Slyron Wall
The change In time of departure of
trains over tho Central Vermont rall
nv whlph lioeanni nftVptpn" Kiimlav
with tho new schedule. Is as follows:,01 " wuincy nouse grounds anu iinaiu
Northbound trains for St. Albans, Mon- was towA entangled In some woven wlr
trenl and Intermediate stations, leave fence vlth harness and buggy badly bro,
at 4MS a. in., daily; 10:26 a. m.. week- kcn.-The condition of H. I. Draper, wha
days; milk train, 2:12 p. m week-dnys; has been ill several weeks, is Improved,
New England States limited at 5:03 p. He began Saturday to sit up. Quite a
m.. week-days; regular mall S:14 p. m., i severe electrical shower visited this placs.
week-days. On Sundays the milk train j Sunday evening. Mrs. J. H. Burns oi
leaves nt 12:30; N. E. States limited at Rlchford passed Sunday In the family ol
7:37, Sundays only. Southbound trains
for AVhlte River Junction, Boston and
Intermediate stations, loavo nt 7:25 a.
m., weok-days; N. E. S. l't'd., 11.09 a.
in., dally; milk train, 3:20, daily; 5:05
p. m week-days; night express dally
11:20. Tho train for Cambridge Junc
tion leaves at 7:20 a. in.; mixed train
at 12:40 p. m and 5:09 p. ni.
The houso of Sirs. Alice Pllon nt But
ler's Corner was destroyed by fire Sun
day evening between U nnd 12 o'clock.
It was noticed that tho chimney burned
out at about flvo In tho afternoon, Sun
day, hut that caused no alarm, as, being
of old-fashioned construction, It had
often burned out without nny further
trouble. But this time tho roof, In closo
proximity to the chimney, evidently
caught firo and hnd smouldered all tho
evening without being noticed, About
11 Sirs. Pllon heard a loud crash and
upon investigating found that the roof
over tho room adjoining hers had fallen
In and the house was afire. The Essex
Junction fire department was called upon
and responded, but was unablo with tho
facilities at hand to check tho fire. Tho
Burlington flra department responded
vory promptly to tho call and reached
tho scene nt 12:12 p. m. Although ton
late to save tho house they did excel
lent work In saving tho other buildings.
Mrs. J, P. Flynn of North street' re
turned home Sunday from tho Fanny Al
len hospital, where sho underwent ait
operation four weeks ago.
Sir. and Sirs. Frank Allen nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Hanley, who spent the wln-
ter at Dado City, Fla returned Slonday
The many friends of Mr. and Sirs. Dean
Thwlng of St. Albans will bo pained to
hear of the death of their only child,
ucan uurner Tiiwtng, Jr., aged 13 months.
The child Is n grandson of the lato Oeorgo
and Sirs. Wllley and was sick only ,
day, death being due to spinal meningitis.
Roy Cleveland, a member of the 26th
division until his discharge, "a few days
ngo, has gone to Huntington to live, after
visiting his sister, Mrs. Ken yon.
In spite of a disagreeable night and
bad traveling there was a good attend
ance lit tho basn ball benefit promonatlo
and box social Friday night. Tho high
est bid for a box wns $4.75 and tho gross
proceeds of the evening wero $17.90. At
tho regular session of tho Federated Sun
day school, Slay I, Florence Slallory was
elected cradle roll superintendent and
Sirs. F. SI. Blgelow. missionary super
intendent. The committee to have the
exercises In charge for Children's Day at
tho Federated Church the first Sunday
in Juno havo been named ns follows:
Sirs. G. AV. Sharpley, chairman. SIlss
Ruth Kenyon, SIlss Grace Blgelow, Mrs.
W. H. Brown, SIlss Flossie Austin and
SIlss Marlon Dean.
A very pretty wedding took place
at tho home of Sir. and Sirs. AV. T.
Hanley, when their only daughter,
Slyrel Grace, was united In marriago
by tho Rev. Mr. Wcscott to Le Roy
Jackson Chase of Nowburyport, Mass.
The doublo ring service was used.
They were attended by Rennle Green oj
Burlington and James Slurphy of Now
buryport. The brldo was gowned In
bisque georgette crepe and carrledi
bridal roses. The bridesmaid wor
blue taffeta and carried pink carna
tions. Tho brides boquet was pulled
apart and Slary Hanley, cousin of th
bride, caught the last rose. Tho wed
ding march was played by Sirs. Slullen
of Enosburg Falls. Slimy useful gifts
wero received Including cut glass,
money, silver and linen. After the
ceremony the guests pnsed to the din
ing room which was trimmed lu green
and white and dainty refreshments
were served by tho three cousins of tho
bride. Pearl Hnniey of Slllton, Sirs.
Charles Austin of Essex Junction and
Mary Hanley of Essex. The happy
couplo left on a wedding trip through
the AVhlte mountains returning by tho
way of Boston. They will make their
home In Portsmouth, whero the groom
Is foreman In the automobile repair
shop there. Tho brldo Is a graduato ol
Burlington business college in tho
class of 1914 and was last employed In
the Porter Screon office at Winooskl.
Those from out of town to attend tho
wedding were Sir. and Sirs. Crooker
of Burlington, Sir. and Mrs. Bowles of
St. Albans. Sllldred Chnse and James
ilun,"y J" ryrori. Mass.. wiss
I Ronnie Green of Burlington Mr. and
I Mrs- .M' Han eL of M1"on anA
j daughter. Sirs. Mullln o
faUa a"d Ed"a, Pl?rce ?'
t the sami
town, Mrs. Julia Cormla of Essex!
Junction and John SIcNassar. Wea
ther permitting the high school base)
ball team will play tho Bellows Free
Acadomy team In Fairfax Friday after
noon. The line-up will be ns follows:
Nichols, c; Abbey, p; McNall, 1st b;
Swan, 2nd b; Bates, ss; Hanley, 3rd b;
C. Swan, I f; St. Amour; and Lucia, r f.
There will be a solid session of th
high school Friday In the high school
if tho team goes to Fairfax. Remem
ber the danco at the town hall Friday
evening. Lessor's orchestra will be in
attendance and the public is cordially
Invited. Tho Ladles Aid will serve a
hash supper at the church, Thursday
at 5.30 o'clock.
Sirs. Mark Alger of Huntington vis
ited friends in town last week. Mr.
and Sirs. Benjamin Douglas went to
North Craftsbury Saturday to visit Mr.
and Sirs. Henry Pease. They returned
Sunday. SIlss Eleanor Rollins of Barre
visited Mrs. Clinton Smith the first ot
tho week. Gaylord Goodrich has moved
to Hlnesburg. Sir. Jacobs has moved
from A. AVorthelm's farm to T. L. Ste
vens' tenement and will work for Sir.
Stevens. Mrs. Cynthia Hapgood was In
Burlington Tuesday. T. B. AA'halen wai
called to Burlington Wednesday to aerv
on the grand Jury. Little Donald Hea-
therington has returned to Richmond
! after some time with his grandparents.
I Sir. and Mrs. c. c. r uller. sirs. A. M.
Sablns will entertain the Lend-a-Hand
May 15. Mrs. AV. A. Church Is recov
ering from her recent Illness. There
will be a Sunday school next Sunday
at 10:30 o'clock. Sirs. Germain is re
covering from an attack of rheumatism
Clyde O'Nell of Waterbury was it
town Sunday.
Franklin County
There was a good attendance upon ths
Slay danco in Foresters' hall Thursday
evening under the auspices of the Ro
bckahs. C, E. Lofiam has resigned hLs
position with the Dr. B. J. Kendall com
pany and viignged with the Federal Pack
ing company after 35 years of service with
the first company. Ho will do service in
the sanitary department of the new com
pany. C. L. Ovltt returned Saturday
morning from a business trip to Boston.
AVIlllam Boaulac, who arrived frora
overseas with the 26th Division, has beaj
passing a few days in Gardner, Mass.,
whero ho was when called to service.
He nrrlved In town Friday on a visit tq
his parents, Mr. and Sirs. J. H. Bcaulao,
A team belonging to Sirs. SIabl
SlcSlahon of Sheldon, which waa left
standing too long on Depot street, Satur
day, started an investigation in tho rea(
her brother, Allen Draper.
J. A. Gibson went to AA'aterbury Sun
day moming by automobile and return
ed In the nftemoon with tho body of Miss
Aura Kendall, who passed away thcra.
Saturday. The funeral was held at twu
o'clock Monday afternoon from the home
of her uncle, A'. A. Irish on North Slain
street. The Rev. L. C. Denny officiated.
Burial was In the family lot In Missis
quol cemetery. The deceased was thirty
nine years of age and Is survived by he
mother. Sirs. A. A. Kendall nnd n slater,
Sirs. A B. Noble, living In Oakland,
Calif. Among those present from out ol
town were Stlss Lena Hamilton of St.
Albans, Sir. and Sirs. E. C, Kendall oj
South Franklin and H. SI, Kendall nnd
Sirs. J. A. Harvey of Rlchford. Th
Rev. L. C. Denny has tendered his resl
(Continued on sure (our)

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