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sraMi it m mm uiitu i Auoiur.
h-lowlm iiiLouii uiilhiw) hum lhiwiiiu.
T.i J k
mill H.VflflllTlirn S?Sftli-i-a.-
J a . a A M .-v , . w aT .. a i & va.
ment of Usurping the Powers of the Presi
dent by Calling Meetings of the Cabinet Dur
ing Mr. Wilson's Illness This Mr. Lansing
Denies but Adds that He Called the Cabinet
Conferences; that They were "Proper and
Necessary'' Because of the President's Ill
ness and that He Would Have Been Derelict
in His Duty If He Had Failed to Act as He
Washington Feb, Koliett Lansing
mr w.iii:i im jsuv i um i ui iitnu'
i-1-d.jv nflrt' PrertMenl Wllann li.nl nr.
KWl l.llll "1 tlftui lllH lllf I'lUll'li" I'l
'tesident v calling meetings of the
.llllliUl lUIIIUh . I V llUll s illness,
Mr. Lansing denied that lie had sought
intended to hmui j presidential au-
horlty. Ila added, however, that he ln.
cved then mid ft III lull vi-d Unit the
ahinct i nnferenceu wei "fne iHa tn.iit
i'i 'I'vi .urn iHvr..-iii ,i i.-i n iifi; m inv
irsldents iniditlon und Hint he would
r necn ncrenui in my nuiy It lie luui
alien in nri as tie win,
s the record stands JIi Lansing teii-
cccmcri u j a res rnaiion was mrereii.
C I woio true that .Mr. Lansing had
ailed cabinet meetings mid stating Hint
f such wee the ra lie felt It ne-es-
r ,-iiiu ii let- lU'VClirie'l llliiieilO,
" summon nit ue.uis i me t xecutl ve 'le-
Mr. Lansing answered two days lalet
Nip ll'.ll ll lilt l lllill-Hl Ill'IIUieil I.W
n hlln ho WHS , e.nlv In "relieve vmi tif
I'l'isnannn in your nnnil"
The President te piled ast Viluesd:i.
11111 en., nun ii iii-aj'iiwiif 11 riy .11 r
LftnsPiL'a letter regarding "thi. so-called
1.nt K. I. ...... t. .11 1.....1. il.. -
"mini franklv take ailvantiiL-j or your
Before, till" letter wa.s written, the dnv
rnr thn regular cabinet meeting, last
in .-inn v, huh (intiseu mm m,, mrrcsnonu-
"lice diet-loses why the lablnei did not
meet On the Rimie day that lie lecelved
thi" lett..,- from the President Mr. I.anslni;
in" otlii'iTn that he would not cm 11 anv
Tllnrr n 1 nnr innnnllTim.
HUkli UN blUb KUUIII'in I IIIM ' I
hull uii miil nuouumiiuti
I nir nr St. Jn in inn. 11, nf fciill.
Imry unit KetlT of Mnnlneller.
( lenient Apiiolnlce
Montpelier Feb. 1.V Onv. p W, Clement
hn' nnnnlntrl Hie linen mimliir. tlio.
' v. iii-i .miin nine iii'uii rici.ii-u iinr.n.-i i.i 111'-
trinoir f--tae Flremen'.i association as several Inter-Church AVorld Movement
ri-ovlded by Xi . 'M i.t the Lawf" of in? , (f nprtnieuts in Vermont;
' h- ot'- r twe membirs of th boat 4 are stewardship, the !iv K Price, tlin
e'e ted fmm the H!,ite Firemen's ai-soels- land; life fervlce, I'rln. 1. Lelar.ri
Ion aim prohab will be designated
Ilf appot ttd for the. ea. I'tid'nc April
1 ITOo, Ilarr It Can- or St. .lohnshury;
fi; Imo year" the yen- "IiOImb- Anrll 1.'
.'I. Will'iin I' Dyer of Salisbury: and
for the yesr ending iri! 1, VM2, Lou;eiK'e
A Keiiv of .Montpeller
Mr fan was 11 niemhe-- ot the Senate'
'rom falertonl.i cotmtv He Is n native of the church shnll he made to under
of SI. Johusbury, boin in JSC., and was, take some definite form of Christian
ducat en in that town, graduating from,
the academy In 1KW He ban held several 1 Match 7. "net Ileadv" Sunday Sr
tnw;i ofllccs In St. Johusbury including , 1110ns giving the people e vision of tho
selectman, iiudlloi- and nchocl director I entire pre-i:astcr litogram and Its slg
M". reprc-etitcd the town in ISM and Is the ', nifleani e.
jire-enf senator from the county. March 1 I. "livery Member Present"
Mr- Dyer Is a native of Salisbury, was Sunday. Hvery church should havo a
born In 1571, and Is a meri'hnnt who full house 011 this day.
has lived mo. of his life In Salisbury ! March 21. "firing' One" Sunday. On
He rcpns. nlid Middlemen Springs In
l'"l and Sallelu . in 1919, He waa In the
Senate In Ifl-i . 1 ha.! neld several town I
n'heek, Inoluil'ng town clerk, which office
In now holds, 1
Mr Kelty j a member of the board
of aldermen of .Montpeller' has been mndo a day of ackuowledgcmnnt.
Mirotary of th'; Hoard of Trade In that. Two grent dHys: April 1. "Join tho
1 ity and was Stato publicity director for ' Church" Sunday, Caster Sunday. This
errr.O'it of the National Council of! should be a day of ingathering in nil
Defense the t'nlied Slates public reserve' the churches or tho State,
and the Ciilted Sts'.es employment serv-j Tlio month or February, the em
lee during the war. phnsls Is belrg placed on stewardship
The law under which the nppointirentK missionary education, and the
Me made Is to glvft relief to llii fltemon threo days remaining for speclul serv
w!m ma" have been Injured while pro-1 l"is are:
testing prnpetty agjil.n.t loss i)V tire I February 20. United day of prayer
Thrrr Is an appinpilntion of f.'.OnO a year' f,,r Women's Foreign Missionary So
mnde by the stnl tn help firemen who. clcty.
are worthy of such a sum ns the organl-i February 22 Stewardship Acknowl
r.atLtt nviv approprl.il- ns provided by edftenient Sunday, with special church
th" different sections of the law, ', services.
Februaty 23. Day of prayer for i.tu-
Mate. Tra-urer Mnrrlr. Mr,. ...urelln POLK WILL BE TEMPORARY
O. ...Hard a, ..ra.don SECRETARY OF STATE
Brandon, Feb. in. Mrs. Lucretla Clark Washington, Feb. IS. Frank L, Polk,
Ballard ami Walter F Scott, Stato trea- under-secrelarv of state, will be made
Hirer, wcro quietly married Saturday , frcUry-ad-lntcrlm to-morrow to net
morning a. tho homo of Mr. and Mis. unll, rrosidrnt. Wilson appoints a sue
Ttobert H Newcomb the Itov. Walter 0T t0 Uohcrt i,a,)S,nlT. rM b ex
Thorpe, Pnjwrn, lh Congregational1 tel, ,0 , t vory nPIlr tutvtra.
Church, nfflclatlnif. , Th(, mo of Vo. w SUEecs,rd
IIAnn p arx-K-cs mvn " Permanent appointee, hut his friend
HOUU OUINh HAVh eny thnt ho will not accept the appoint-
$5,000,000 CAPITAL' ,ricnt lf "'Or'! ''Im because of tho stato
Montpeller, TVb, 16,H. p. Hood A Sons.
Ine., t Boston Have filed articles nf
registration In Vermont Thty have u
capital stock of r,500,'A while their I
sat a-e 6'S 000 Thev were. reirlstr,i
der the Tlnta Tiaw 01 t
to reglstii under tho Masaachusctto
Thn South Duxbury Congregational
Clturch lias filed nrtlulcs of association
In thn aecretary of Stato'fl oillce for the
purpose of conducting a church society
tii the villago nf South Duxbury, The
papers tiro slsned by a. S, Butler, H, J.
Nelson und J.. S, Hills nf Duxbury,
Tho Windham coipomtlon, which la to
rebuild u hotel in llellowo Flls, has
Hied a certificate that $13,000 of tho citpl
lai tcck has been filed with the treas
urtr of tho corporation.
yam,., linifH WAX'V aim II V ui.ii.iii
wr 1 i r i i v j
UJ -r aT- . - a t- .- Inttn Ml'
i . -a mm mm m- m r a
more rahlnet confeitnces for the piescnl,
but no explanation was orfeied. Inquiry
at the White House brought only the
statement that Mr. Wilson himself ptnb
ab'y would nll and preside at the next
session of hN otllelnl ndvlwers,
lut the differences lietweon tli Presi
dent Ioiir pre-dated the first cnblnet call
by .Mr. Lanslnp. which was Issued last
October t. KeVen days utter Mr. Wilson
returned from his western fpealslncr tour
and took to Ills bed. They bepan at the
conference In I'ai Is, as Mr. Lansing '
ed In his final letter to the 1'resl-!
dent, ur.der dole of yesterday and lind con
tinued since that lime one of the chlff
differences beltiB over the govei mneiifs
attltuib; toward Mexico.
When the cuhlnet mot on October .',
Joseph l. Tumulty, private, secretary to
the I'lesldent, Is-nied a fotmol stnte.
meiit uxplalnlii't the reasons for the con
ference, lie said
in- . niuii. i nun raneu in rnnsiocr 1
questions In which more than one depai t-;
ment w.-u- concerned and also to ilisclir.s
the lndtistrln. conference. lie. referred i
Idem wiih the. hope of allaying the ;nduH.
1 1 III I
in nis siaiemen-.. .Mr. i umuit.i said Hint ) American Conaular Agent Jenkins In Mex
Hear Admiral Grayson, Mr. Wilous phy- I Ico. After the Jenkins, case had been (lis
slclnn. was present nr.d "siiagesttd that i cussed lit cabinet meeting, presided over
only u.'(5ont matters be In ought" to the ' by Mr. Lansing the State department sent
President's ntt'jntlnn. ja notu to CarriniKii bluntly warning him
Theieafter iiiitll this week th" cabinet ' that further "molestation" of Jenkins
met nior? or less regular During the
caul strlKe it met twice n week in an
effort to avert the walkout of tho miners
and several weeks ago It was decided
to have meetings every Tuesday and Fri
day. Dining the roal wage ronttnveisy the
President was said at the White House,
to hove been advised of the meetings
and to have been kept Informed as to
the progress bis advisers were making
toward a settlement of the contt oversy.
He finally took the matter out of the cab
inet's hands and suggested n. settlement
which the miners accepted.
...wm . . . .
iiiilii ununuii iiumu iilhu
.. ii.i.. fi..n.,n.i t. .
... ,, . . t v iiiiiiiiiiu -iy-
i.nlnteil in siemmlili'iv TnnlenI
I'lilendnr for Pre-tl-ister Perloil
Mlddleiiitrv. Fob. 1 3. Thn followl.ig .
....... 1 i. 1 ..,.1 I. ..r .1,. 1
(Ireen. P.Hndolnli Center: r.ilssionni y
education, the Kev. William (i. Towart,
Pennington, spiritual resources, the
P.ov fieorge (). Martin. St. Jobnsbnrv.
Tim tonlc.it calendar for the nie-
Master period Includes six treat days.
Thete are February 20, "Life Service
Erllelmenf Siindny. It Is Intended thnt
'i dfl:ilte appeal to tho young people
work on this day.
this day every active member Is ex-,
pected to bring one who Is not con-.
necte-J with the church to service with
March 2S. "Accept Christ" Sunday.!"!"' to-iilitlit nt his home on Washington
his Is Palm Sundaj, mid should hel4 ' '" illness of a few days, He
1 or ins r.caiin.
Smith Collepre Drive
St Albans, Feb. 13. Mra. Marshall 11.
I Curntnlngs of Burllnston, tho rrmoiit
Mi - lrmti. of tho Smith College drive for
Itoswell M. Auntln, an alumna of the
coIIcro, who entertained at luncheon
few graduates of thn coIIckc. Ways and
mentis for raising Vermont's quota were
discussed. Thcro nre In Franklin county
b'x graduates ot the college.
Close Middlebury Schools
Mldrtlobury. Feb. II. Dr. Hdmunds, ills-1
Irlct health officer, lias ordered thn sthnoln
of tho villago closo.1 during tho week aa
a precautionary measure, Thoro Is n very
largo umouut of slckuoss In tho village,
although no cases havo been ptcnounred
in lib lnfIliHn7
Lansing Felt It Keenly That
President Deprived Him
of Authority There
Washington, Feb. 13. The corren
potidenru bet won the President .ilid
Mr. Lansing which resultcil In Mr.
I.anilnK's resignation wna made pub
lic to-nlplit at the Statn deparlmont nn
hour after tjnder-serret.'iry I'olk hnd
conferred at llio White House with
Secretaiy Tumulty.
Mr. Lansing, In his final letter to the
President said (hat he had "not been
unmindful that tlio conllnuanco of our
present relations was Impossible."
Ho iulded that had he followed tils
personal Inclination he would have, if
slKiied while In I'arls. and that while
he hail been "surprised and disappoint
ed" at the frequent disapproval of his
MlirscsUoiis. he hud nescr failed to fol
low the ,I'rog!dcnt'H dcclHlotis "however
difficult It made the conduct of our
foreign affairs
Mr. Lansing uceompaiiled the President
to f'"t'lfl "t'r,1'!1-. "1?. " 0" of
;Vmerlra,n, "?ace ',fBn.te.,. but his friends
have said that while Mr. Wilson waj at
tho peace conference -Mr. Lansing was
virtually without nuthoilty and that nat
urally he felt this keenly since the other
allied and associated countries were rep
resented b their premiers and not the
bends of their governments.
Mr. Lansing finally returned from I'nrls
before the work of the American peacn
'delegation was concluded, being succeed-
1( i)V pnini; (, PolU
iimler.Reel'Mf ti ri' Af .
s - lal; 'riie friction between himself "and I
Mr Wilson continued after he came back ,
, Washington I
ra ,.u!,i can,P t ti, front with
Lil,., 1.1. I., ...,1 ...,.l I
i niv. iiiiiiiiJiiuii uiiu on ii-l m uvn i at i ri vi i
would "seriously affect the relations be
tiveen tho t'lilleil States snd Mexico, for
which thi- government of Mexico must
assume ho'e i esponslblllty."
President Wilson wa.s advised 'if a sit
uation which apparently hod giown acute
and he wan s'lld at the time to havo per
sonally taken churgo of the matter. No
fuither action has been taken by the
American government so far as has been
While, a few members of the cabinet
have conferred with Mr. Wilson since he
wa.s taken III, H was said to-night that
Mr Lansing had not "eon him and that
whatever business he had had with the
President had been carried on by dally
Before the President left on his western
trip, however. Mr Lansing, after his rc-
r n..i l. .1 .. ,.i.....nH .
nil II II u III jh:is null .1 riltlllulllK rilKapfctl-
ment to see him daily and ho visited the
I White House each noon to discuss for
'elgn and other affairs..
i 4 o nn 1 nrnn iirirmr
1 'U V-HIJtIjU tl lin
St Albans, Feb. l,",-On order of Judge
V. N Post of the city court Tom Taro
waft arrested last night by Chief of Police
J. 1". Mnhoney at Paro'd home on Pine
street, charged with violating tho terms
of 'lis parole fiom the State's pilson sen
tence Imposed somo time ago for lar
unv from C H. Trudoau's storehouse.
Pnto's arrest came as tho result of a
romplnlnt of a man giving hid name ao
J'"""" Pparanto ot Xorth Adams, Mass,
who said thnt as he was on his way to
Itichford to visit a son h was waiting
in tho station for a train when I'aro
-ame along and on the lattei-"s representa
tion that he could procure some liquor
Sparanto gave him some money to make !
a purchase for him. P.iro did not return.
..., H vTLwitiiam w
, ' puu' ' 1 J' wiiiwm H.
,njM r,,?1,andlr nt. ",0
' Oriind Lodge of thn Knights Templars.
"nn meiy isikjwii. in .iiiisonic circles,
having attended meetings In all partM of
the count r.
COST $1,024,281
Washington. Feb, 12. From Juno. 1M7,
through January, 1920, 975 days, the war
depaitment cable messages reached a to
tal of fi,-Ji7,:i2J words, which cost J1.02I.2S1.
Tho average dally number of words sent
and rccelvod wan RXH, The average cost
was more than a thousand dollars n day
Decodid, tho mcssugeo made about five
tlmrs as many word ns were actually
sent or lecelved.
Washington, Feb, 12. Figures com
piled by tho atatlstlco branch, genet al
staff, indicate that substantially onc
t'nlrd of tho men of draft aire In the
United States are engaged In agricul
ture and allied occupations, und mi
olhor third In tho manufacturing and
mechanical industries, Thin percout
ngu dons not hold goud In some States.
In Now York, for cxamplo of the
mmi called in tho draft, ICS,. '104 were
engaged In agriculture, forestry and
animal husbandly, whlla 70.',ll! were1
ennnced In inanufactiirlnrr nnrt mnehfln.
leal Industries. A total of 201,760 New
Yorkets weie encaged In tranaporla -
Hon 279.931 In trad,, and 3,99!i l pun-
lie Fervlie
Of nearly 9.000 000 hi,iee .he .
of 21 and 31, Inr.lusl-'e tho draft re-
turns showed a total ot 2,SSS,r,IS en
gaged In agrlculturn nml 2,7':1,T93 in
mnnufaclutlnr; and mochnnlcnl ludtia
.Montpeller, 1'cb. 12 -Gov. p W Clement
, has appointed na jufctlce of the peace 'n
Hlghgate. F., M. Humphtcv In idaco of
C n pAiker ,el,M,.,i -n.i i.-r i.
Brown, 'n Mburg In place cf Lets I"
.lartell, dicvaser.
Will Be on the Basis of S50 for
Each Month Served, Franklin
D'Olier, American Legion
Commander, Announces
Cuiiiimlnllon from Whleli the Adjnnt
nient In Derived In Iln.prt on KnvltiK"
llepoKlIx Durlnir Wnr Cnntpiirril WHh
Tlinse of lre-AVnr I'erlml
Washington, Feb. 11. The Amellcan
Legion will proceed "actively and B
Kiesslvely" with action to secure legis
lation for adjustment of wnr service com
pensation on the basis of $50, for each
month served, Franklin O'Oller, national
commander of tho lesion announced to
day. The national loRlslntlvo commutes
was Instructed to tnlte. up with members
of Congress legislation already proposid
for tills purpose.
"Tho Kovernment saw fit to grant go.
eminent clerks a bonus for wnr service
rendered In the. safety of the national
capltol," Mr. D'Ollor said. "Workmen
safely ensconced in shipyards and muni
tion plants were rewarded for (heir war
service by exceptionally lilfih wnscs.
"The American Legion Is not seeking
a bonus. Tho American soldier does not
want a reward for tho performance of
his duty as a rltlwn. the very performance
of which will always bo for him a source
of Kronlest personal satisfaction, tils po
sition In this matter Is bnBed upon sim
ple Justice fair play.
"Conp.rcss lias taken no steps whatever
to discharge the government's obligation
to other ex-service men and womon. It
was tho view of the delegates of more
than a million cx-servire men and women,
the American Legion's national convcu
ti011 Minneapolis that tho government
owed this obligation to nil ox-service men
to relieve, the financial dlsadv&ntago In
olrtontnl to their military scrvico.
"The American Legion was Informed at
thnt time that Congress awaited Its views
on this subject and consequently gave
litem expression, but left with confidence
to Congress tho necessary steps to carry
'hem lulo effect. Congress has taken no
definite action toward thnt end In the
months thai have elapsed since the con
vention "W.. liallitf.n linl Hm lniArlMii. nnnnlA
will support concresnlomil action looking
toward such lellef and we do not believe
thai . en-.rdtei,. nf (, m-.-it n' re-
that, tei;ardlcss of the merits of re-
irnni'limunl -it Ihla limit uinnnmv tihrttlli
no oei,r,l n, ti, v ..r'n,.. e
service man.
The computation fiom which the ISO I
per month "adjustment" was derived, It
was learned, was a comparison of sav-1
iusc uuhiv uapuMiiH uuiuiK ine wnr wuii
those of the pre-war period, The average
deposit showed nn Increase of MOO during
1S17-191. It was said, and the average
poiloil of service of legion members was
eight months Indicating an "economic
Joss" for service men of JW per month.
Mlddlmn Man Plead Not tJnllly
Murdrr of II. Iieatcr
Montpeller, Fob. 12. Oeoige M. Hale
of Middlesex, who was IniUcted last week
by the grand jury In Washington county
on the charge of murdering H. Lester
Morse, was released this afternoon on ball
which was furnished in the sum of
Hale was arraigned end pleaded not
guilty to trio charge of murder, after
which his attorneys moved for ball. The
State did not oppore It, and stated to the
court that It did not expect to be able
to establish first degree murder.
The constitution of Vermont ho consid
erable heating on the matter and the
court reviewed that closely, Ukewhe the
opinions that have been handed down in
which ball has been permitted, including
State vs. Noakes In which Noakes, who
wafi charged with murder, was released
on ball after being found guilty of mur
der. His case was reversed In Supremo 1
Court and bent back for a new trial.
Then he was releaied on hall. Tho court
took Into consideration what the State
had hs id about not expecting to prove
the chatgu of Ural degree murder Hl
case will be tried In the March term of
county court
Uiirllnglon (iroccry Co. Maid (o Plan
Kxtrnln tnt SI. Alhan
St. Albans, Feb. IS. SC. Blodgott of the
Burlington Grocery company wan In this
city to-day looking over the company's
property on Catherine and Market street
with a view to making arrangements for
the disposition ot one or two of flip old
buildings owned by the company. U Is
understood that a substantial wholesale
warehouse nml storage building will bo
erected during the coming spring or sum
mer. The buildings to be polil nro tone
ment houses build of wood, while the
new structure will bo ot stronger and
more durable character, such as brisk
or cenient. The location or a warehouFe
at this point, It Is said, would undoubt
edly benefit the grocery of St. Alhana
and vicinity Tho slt-i is a particularly
desirable one. having a .sidetracks on
Market Btroiit and team or truck accom
modations on Catherine street.
Pleads Guilty to Break
j Montpeller. l'eb. If.. Louis Shnmbo
I wan brought before City Judge Harvey
this afternoon and entered h plea of
guilty to tho charge of breaking and
entering the office of the Tenny r ompany
Ho was sentenced to the Industrial school
nt Voigeniirs until 21 years of age. He
also was fined W0, which hj ia to pay
at the rate of :.00 a week. The sentence
at the school was suspended and ho waa
placed In the hands of the probation offi
cer pending his good behavior
The caso for butglary at the Daly &
Meigs store h with the contt. Tt proh
ably will not bo pressed tf the boy obeys
the term "I" his probation.
f-ni'SHKD IN i:lfvatop.
I Huland, l et). l...-John Yatt.al.tn
"'.own ;'n "01 f XIV V"'
1 '' ' nJ hSl1 n til,y'
th Tim nivJ ' 'Br''lh'y '""
(Jured and will pmbably die as result of
' llnir rruMifd In the hotel elovator this
A nalnJO' ' ork In the shaft and
the carrlaK" wss ' ' second floor. At
Pic palnter'H request Yntt attempted, to
l(.wer ll' !'" slightly Standing 011 the
Moor of the hallway, .-jo retched n lo tlm
flpvninr to turn on no piwtr. It It. kup-
..esnil till.. 1"" chcrl or, tha electric
Wni ,T' hetdr" ohm ddi
I backward. y.i . diibled up, fort'owl,
so that his lace prose,, rgtlns' Ills bp -
U in. Mis way sinpptM ,f , ,,.
'. Till e'-o-H lve.u ,,
Embezzlement Case to Come Up
at Next Term of Wash
ington Co. Court
Montpeller. Fob. lli. The case of State
vs. Dewey T. Hantcy charged with em
bezzloment of funds from the Btate of
Vermont will not bo tried this term of
county court here, Il was arraigned to
day. Tho defense was ready for trial, but tho ,
State claimed It could not gel ready and i
asked for a date to be fixed In the next
term of court. Tlio court sot the date for
tho first day on the opening of the com- i
Ing teirm of court
1,000,000 FOREIGN-BORN
Independence Ornate Kpropeon Caa-L
trie Drawn Allen Home
N'cw York, Feb. VS. (By the Associated
Press,) Nearly 1,000,000 foreign-born
laborers havo left the United States fur
Europe since the armistice was signed
and 1,000,000 more will dopart ea soon
as passport regi'lallons arc made lets
strict, according to a statement Issued
here by the Inter-Kaelal Oounoll, of
which General Coleman dti Pont Is chair
man. Tens of thousands of aliens are re
ported to nt giving tip their Jobs prepara
tory to returning to their home land, It
wa Raid, and many of these "as the
result of racial prejudices will take back
with them stories about America which
will make this country loeo attractive to
The Independence that has been
granted tho countries of
Europe, it I
was staled, "and the fact that 2i),noo,o00
persons, women largoly, are drawing aid
from their governments In tho form of
pensions, are factors which detract from
the Incentive heretofore existing for for
eigners to seek their fortunes In the
fnlted 8tatr."
A nationwide educational movement
among 30 nationalities In this country,
having for Its purpose the endeavor to
"adjust the foielgn-botn to Amerlran
life," has been undertaken by the coun
cil which has held numerous conferences
with leadlnc- representatives of each race.
More than C0 Industrial and financial
organizations of the country are said to
be Interested !n the council which advo
cates "a i'.beral attitude on tho part of
the public toward Immigration" as a ic
eult of the teported unskilled labor
Buffalo. N. T. Feb. 15. A cold wave
this morning with heavy snow turned
later in the day Into a blizzard which
to-night is stated by tho weather of
fice to be the worst that ever afflict
ed this end of the Stato
Jamestown, N. Y., Feb. 13 With
three feet of snow on a level and bad
ly dilfted ml' way traffic Is completely
suspended between Buffalo and this
city Trolley tines to Westflold nrn
closed an are dome of tho local lines.
Hirl trains on main line are hotiti, be
hind time.
Llttlo Falls. K. Y, Feb. is. The
worst blUjarrt of tho year Is raging
to-night through the Mohawk valley.
Country roads are hlockiid with snow
drirts, preventing delivery of milk to
stations for shipment to Nut" Vork.
Trolley service is barilv crippled and
only perlaha'hle freight is beinR moved
on the steam roads.
Syracuse, .V Y., Feb. 15. A'ter a week
of thaw and balmy weather, the worst
bliatard of thr season set In early to-day
and late to-night showed no sign of
abatement. Driven by high west, winds,
the snow demorallred train and trolley
schedules and blocked country roads in
all sections of central and northern New
Kltnlra. N Y , Feb. 15. Despite badly
drifted roads, due to the prevailing bllz
bard, Interurban traction lines In this
section of the southern tier maintained
schedules fnltly well. The snowfall was
much lighter In Klmlra and vicinity than
elsewhere In the Slate
mica. N. Y . Feb. 15. The bllizard
which has had this section In Ita grip
since early to-day had subsided a trllle
at a late hour to-night. Train servico on
the divisions running north out of CJtlca
was reported practically at a standstill
with tho situation most acute bclweon
t'tlca and Homsen, a stretch which Is
Impassable owing to th drifts. No freight
except perishable goods la pasting through
or going out of Utlca,
Glens Falls, X. V Feb. IS. This S4C
tlon of the Adirondack country is in tho
grip of tile most severe blizzard of many
years. From IS to IS inches or snow,
driven by a strong wind, fell this morn
ing. The wind Increased, piling roads
with drlftc many feet deep. Trolley serv
ice to outlying villages Is cut off and
local llne- were tied tip until late after
noon. Rural lections are snowed In and
there waa no travel over highways to-day
In an art covering hundred of square
To-day's fall makes a total of four fct.
Springfield, Mats., Feb. !. Sno-r that
fell this morning was of slight Importance
In this city, but reached a depth of from
six to 12 Inches In western and northern
Deep snow gave trouble to the Boton
S: Albany and Boston & Matno tailroads
In operating over the Berkshire grades.
The northbound Sunday train on the
Atliol branch nf tho Boaton fc Albany
became stalled In a. snowdrift at New
Se.lem at 11:0 a. m. and when an attempt
was being made to move the stalled train
'he locomotive and baggage car were de
railed. The passenger were liken to
Atho! on a relief ori'ilne.
iiHius i.. i.u.v, ., ,i i.oa-.on .v
.Main, were arriving trom one to two and
h half hours late at Oreenfltld.
. ..,,n,,,TZ7TZrZ7Z 1,
St. Albans. Feb. 16. At a meeting of
American Legion Post No one held lo
mght the following offlccis were elected:
Commander, Cnpt. C S. Sumner; first
vlce-commandcf, Philip W. Morton; see-
out), r.lohaid PollnrJ, adjutant, Arthur
H, Ltrryi treasure:-. Loioy A. Hal!; chap-
'lilt.. H Rv. Stanley CummingH.
! U C DATIl 11U Cll! nnn
I Montpeller, Feb. ir.. The Bmdforrt
hp ronpsuy or ftprinn leiu nss ruec
i r. oci' et a ri of S'ti a statement
I 000
Declares Such Was Experiment
in Socialism Necessitated by
War to Which There Were
Many Objections
Sa .Scheme of Political Appointment
liver Um-I.ed Will Hrplncp Ho Srlrc.-
tlon of A hlllt j
nml Character, lie
New Vork, Feb. 17. Tho return of tho
ml. roads to private ownership on March
1 will mean the placing of private opera
tion on Us "final trial," Herbert Hoover
rtAelnriMl tu.Hlftit In hln Innlilfurnl address
, presjcnt of the American Institute
of Mining Unglneers. At the same time
Mr, Hoover attacked government opera
tion of either railroads or shipping as
"experiments In socialism necessitated by
tho war" to which they were many funda
mental objections.
"No scheme of political appointment."
Mr Hoover suld, "has ever yet beon
dovlsed that will replace competition In
Its selection of ability and character.
Both ahloplng and railways have to-day
the advantage of many skilled petHonnel,
sifted out In a hard school of competi
tion and oven the government operation
of these enterprises l not proving satis
factory. Therefore, the ultimate Ineffi
ciency that would arise from the deaden
ing paralysis of bureaucracy bus not ye I
had full ODDortunltv for development.
' Already we ca:t show that no government
Bw.r. .
or sectional Interests can properly con
duct the rinks of extension and improve
ment, or can be free from local pressure
to conduct unwarranted services In In
dustrial cnterpilsa.
After referring to the handicaps Im
posed upon business through the failure
ot transportation facilities to grow with
the country Mr. Hoover continued.
"It Instant energy, courage and latgo
vision III the ownets should prove lacking
In meeting the Immediate situation we
will be faced with a reaction that will
drive the country to aome other form of
control. Energetic enlargement of equip
ment, better sendee co-operatlon with
omployos and the least possible advance
In rates together with freedom friPi
political intercuts will be tho cutes upon
which the public will weigh the results"
Mr. Hoover said Uid' while with the
railroads government inefficiency could
be passed on to the consumer, "on the
seas we will sooner or later find it
tmnsUted to thn national tieasury."
Th speaker asset ted that an government
officials could not engage in ' higgling
In fixed rates," they mU9t take refuge in
, ilgld regulation and In fixed rates. "The
' ttevl of our leige fiiet." he said, "in
th world's market Is thus to bold up rates
for to long sa this great fleet In one hnd
holdH a fixed rate others wilt barely un
derbid. Tf we hold up rjtes an Increasing
number of uhlp.s will bo Idle as the private
float grow. Wo shall yet be faced with
the question of demobilizing a consider
able part of this fleet Into private hard.,
of frankly acknowledging the. we op
orate far uthar reason inon interest t-n
oJr Inveatmant."
Will tin to Satire roe Oonrl-1'i-uully
Imposed Might rtrjuiltre Jury at Trial
Montpeller, Feb. 12. flentence was not
pronounced In Washington county court
to-day on Horace F. Graham, whr. whs
convicted last week on 7.5 counts of
larceny of State funds vhllo auditor, at.d
the case will go to Supreme Court on
exception?. The defense s.-juoJ In court
to-day against the Impoem of sentence
on the ground that such sentence might
prejudice the mlnda of the Jury In the
event of a. new trial, which the defence
wilt ask for. It Is rather unusual for a
State case to go to Supreme Court without
nentenc being imposed.
The defense lo-duy asked for nlnnty
days In which to complete the exceptions
and Judge Butler announced that he
would fix the time later.
Montpeller, Feb. 12. Rufmond Wells ot
Boxbury, who was charged in Bat re city
court with assault with' Intent to kill
Frank Miller, his brother-in-law, has been
held in bail of l.Oto for appearance
when hearing occurs Ha cculd not fur
nish bail and I committed i.a the coumy
P. I.. Pntennnile and Brother thi y n
l.rtiiaT Fnctory Shoe Store
Frederick L. Patenaudo of this city and
his brother, Joseph L. Patonaude of Web
ster. Mass., have bought out the It. H.
Long lartory shoe store at Bi Church
afreet. Frederick Patenaude has been
connected with this store for IK years,
ten of which he spent as manager His
brother owns a very up-to-date shoe store
In Webster, which was established ten
years ago He will remain In Webter
and Frederick Patenaude will manage the
store here.
14T Sllrer Dollar, ReprnlLn; Wrek'a
I Am, Tnrorrn From Fnclnrj- Wlndorr
Northampton, Mass., Feb, 1", Silver and
gold were thrown away yesterday to Illus
trate the wasta represented by careless
ness among factory workers of the
McCallum Hosiery company. George B.
McCallttm, treasurer of the company, told
the operatives that In a week 11 ,76) needles,
worth onn and one-fourth cents each,
had beon lost. Tno effect was the same,
he isald, as It 1147 ware thrown uut of the
shop window, and the treasurer took from
his desk a pile ot 147 allver dollars and
( ,..,! them m,i r the -i,.inW
bk cuttered underfoot 11111: as much
destroyed as If thrown away, ho added,
- eStmatnR the amount uf loss from thl
. cflull) ,sit n.te!i nt 50, and a shower of
IK'tiil coins was tossed among the work-
,ers, Soma waited for 1)10 treasurer's latei
r,'mar!;s' otnc" r'bei tr the gold.
while many ruKhed out of doois to search
tor the b.lvtr Id the snow
' , . ,
nepori lo Coatrnry Are I.ntnar a
ihf tfrmlth orrie-r
the llralth Officer
Momptller, Feb, 13. Contrary to the re
port of the physicians to the district
health officer anmn persons In Montpeller
havo been circulating the report that the
"flti" was prevailing In the city. Dr. U. H,
Burr, health officer, Issued a statouKtit
tn-day that such waa not so, that tin re
is no "flu" in Montpeller, There la quite
h llll1" sickness In tho c'ly which has
probably b-e- the cause nf the alarm
I ,i mine pufinni.
Perhaps We May Drive the Last
Rivet in New Suffrage Ship
of State
Chicago, Feb. 12, Governors of thn,
various States that have not ratified,
the federal suffrage amendment will,
receive telegrams demanding Imma-,
dlat consideration and prompt ao
llon by the legislatures, as a rm!t
of action decided upon to-day at thn
Ipenlng- of the fifty-first annual con-,
vcntlon of the National Amerlcaru
Woman Suffrage, association.
Delegates to tho convention numbsr-i
Intr 2,000 wish unification to be com
Iiletcd so that nil womon of thei
country can partlclpite In tho presi
dential election.
Demand on the various Stato executive
for . changed attitude towards woman
voters, followed tho receipt of a tele
gram Indicating that a special session
of the Oklahoma Legislature would b
called for February 21 to consider ratlfl-"
Particular attention was directed br
the convention agalnit Governor JIart on
Washington, tho only equal suffrage Stan
where no move has been made to call a
special aesslon.
In addition to Oklahoma the New Mex
Ico L-glslature will pans on the questisa
on February 23. West Virginia, and Dela
ware aro expected to take favorabla
action shortly. In the event that "Wash
ington doe not make fno Sflth State, pufw
frage leaders aro certain that Vermont
ur Connecticut will takp that honor.
Tho executive council of the Nation)
American Woman Suffrage ansoclatlon to.
night recommended that tho assoclatltti
dla'olve. as its objoct was about to hi
Another recommendation approved wn
that tho League ot Women Voters, no
a section of the suffrage association, b
organized lis a new and independent w
clcty. It alio was recommended that tin
ptft3ent auxiliaries of tho association re,
tain their telatlonshlp to the board oi
directors to he elected at this convention,
mil they shall change ther names, ob
jects and constitutions to conform td
those of the National League of Women
Voters and tnke up tho plan cf work tq
be adopted at tho first Congress of the
Additional recommendations, mUuded.
a resolution that tho League of Women
Voters make political education for tne
new ivomcn voter:., (not excluding men)
it first duty In 192u: that the nation-wide
plan shall Include normal schools In ea.ch
Htnte followed by schools In each county
and that the league make an effort tn
hnve the study of citizenship required
In the public schools of every Stp.te, ana
aljo in 1 ho colleges and universities.
As a piirmnn-nt memorial to Dr. Anna
Unwind Shaw, former president, the as.
socUtlon 'j-nig'.u decided to found a chili
0 political study at Bryn Mawr College.
M irrlkaT of Soldier In Occupied Are
of l.ei-mnoy KoTlrtriden H;reftr
American Headquarters. Coblenz. Fett,
12. Two hundred and fifty sokl'.ers of th
American .'irces In Germany who havw
married Huropoan girls have been in
structed to start soon for America witl
their wives, In accordance with a recjaj
01 dor of Mnjor-General Henry T. A11b
In command.
In connection with hit order It was ajsJ
announced that army authorities woull
not consont In future to marriages it
American soldlere on duty In the oe
cuplcd area, officers contending that mei
without wives In Germany a-e Better sol
dlers than under present circumstances
All but 200 soldiers have marked Ger
man girls since the American form
reached the Rhine tho others Include'
In the order havin? married principally
French girls or young womon from Bal
glum or Luxembourg
Washington, Feb. 2. Ralph Hayes, at
slstant to the secretary of war, will tf
overseas at the end of tho present wenl
to inspect the preparation for the retur
of tho American military dead to th
United States, and to co-operate wit
the American Graves Registration Sr
Ice In Europe. Mr. Hayes will inak
preliminary inspeot'.on also of propose!
American burial place? for the. accon)
modatlon of those bodies whose pel
manent burial In Franoi has been r
quested by the nearest of kin
Several unll ot Graves Hegistratlo
personnel have left recently for Kuropi
Operations are beginning at 8outhrai
ton. n-.td wtll probably start soon
Brest No additional personnel for tt
present will be sent from here
Information renchimi' the war dopar;
ment Indicates that about 59 per cent
the relatives of deceased American ?t
dlers wish the bodies of their relativi
returned to their homes, about 21 pi
cent desire their retention oversea;, a
about 15 ir cent have not yet Indlc.iti
a choice
Outmatte Cnucht at Hwanton llrarrti
.Vaval nosnftal
St. Albans, Feb. 12 Deputy Shf riff J J
Alfred lett to-night Manchester. N f;
taking with Mm Kdmund Onlmetl
charged with desertion from the ns
hospital at League Island, Pa., to tu
over to government authorltlas. Qulmel
waa arrested In Swnnton yesterday '
Sheriff G, V Cattln and Deputy Shef
H. X Lash way.
New York, Feb. IS. The 22nd aimlvw
s.iry of the blowing up of the Unit
States battleship Mnlno at Havana, whl)
precipitated the Spanish-American Wj
waa commemorated hero to-day by t!
Veteranr of Foreign Wart. P.car Admlr
I Charles I), Slgsbee, retired, who cor
manded tho warship nt the time, declan
in an addresa that the cause of the n
plosion which wrecked the Maine al
killed most ot her crew v.'at still a taf
Mlddlehnry Woman Dies on He alt (
Mxpswure nt Blnre at Snn Frnnrlsett
Middlebury. Feb, l2.-Word was r
tcived here to-day of the death In Si
Francisco, Cel., of Mn, Martha Naul
widow of Phelps Kashe, Mrs. N&sho w'
to Callfornlo for the winter and was
Hotel Berkshire when It burned latt Sti
day morning. She escaped, hut as 4
was thinly clad alio caught cold. TH
developed Into pneumonia, which resultf
tn her death. Mrs. Nashe waa the ilaug
ter of the into Solomon Jewtt and w
bom In Woybiidge. She Is survived (
n sister, Mrt. Kate W. Swott of Cart
bridge. Mass , and a nirphew, Prof!
Pveii .if Middlebury

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