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i I ' lii'i ill nimii1 I i 1 -VX.
mmm national bank
A Good Bank
Capital and Surplus
Undivided Profits
Setter Than Charity
Service is better
yon serve a man-well you do him good with
out injuring- his self-respect. At the same
time you do yourself good. The aim of this
hank is to render perfect -service.
j " n $mem mr i
The Grime of Beind Poor
It is said that, poverty is no crime.
Sometimes it isn't, and sometimes it is.
rovertv s a crime
yourself by your own
of self -control.
.Begin now to saw voar mone hv ill
stalling a Savings Account.
3 G
Noi Even Make Public
vact? vjiif i cn ijeiiun: ami
and Company
hiiigtor Feb r7 Soviet Russia's
i;t-iv i i JilMlieril i iu I iiuiii uii-
cun srn.-i r-Mmrri 11 w.im K.im (ii-n.iv
propo i ,i trli i . -.id to the United
, Japai aid Houmanin, was re-
L III I I I'E 1 11 f I IlltllL 11111. l.
lais a i did not miifr ironi pie
prrno i' nadc by the BolshevIM
rni powers and th:il it would
'"ti 'n further ovk l piop.igntula
on' the world.
1 V 4 -rrr- T , - -r L -r r-i -
i i rn m ii i s 1 1 v t t fii.it
IK1 nnil 1l.nnnirir u.n i.. .tint
ed tfir 4 'miplr;ir,i
Frarrt-ee r ' yr i ; -William
.... . . iw ti.i - , in .i4 tM;igm
(darn , .i-.r. inflii.t.i.1 ki il... ri..ln.i
lurv re-re io-nny on n charge that
-uiujiiicu i'i nave wcnipsc rvauo
jjcliiv ui in v "('conn jniuctment
it Demp' oi i barged actual nvaslon
rant wc resworn out for their nr
ud the r lionrls fixed at 51.IHX) each.
nti.irv ai d t ,m ru.p and the evasion
1 one ve. r n prison,
indictment followed weeks or in.
ation roni'uetediiy E. Jr. Blanfold,
n he department of justice, bu
f "nvc ligation and Colonel C. V.
a" taut 1 lilted States district
p nrrn 'in.. ni-i.t. niin..
trn liv niihlie rhnriri.w li' Tnvln.i
1 ev divorced wile of the pugilist,
i he hnd been compelled to attest
sev - claims fir exemption.
" ..IVJHII.S. Ill
tracted the ehiirces, saying they had
caused b Hque aeainft Deinpnoy.
afildavit flKiired In the grand jury
i Mr- ucmpse. j'lanK Hpellman,
reenmative of a moving picture
nj u numntr tu perbons prominent
in snort rirc nu n.i
raft board whlr-h exempted nemo
ppearod. brfore the Jury. ' .
eral offlcluL s-aid thoy wore udvlccd
Dempsey and' Kearns would a.rrivo
r tfcomsolVL?
uov Av il rnnrif-rt r-(tl. .....in..
.. ....it .Hiving
j nit ni.il ma i;nner, uiotner.
i-u en 'it aim mi iaiiern nvo ehll-
rr during tfco jear m and Uiat they
roteivlnf njppor. from no other
lpaoyu Rtatemont to the rtr&Jt boanl
nls wife had lived .with hiin for If
n prcviotifi to h& upper ranto tefor
o;ixa ana uiat n.v p'lr.nts r.r.
ed si tor had inalp hnr dome with
or four yean, vi re fn!no, aceordlns
, Dour if 1 you would you.
wi tiprlln-r you. ' Dempsey
hi3 lft iutny rjcru;u,oy in
7nn-nuul" t-aiuggliTu'1 Notch )i
j, Kob. V Horace T.Iolondy, IVan-
'ougias- und Miss i:ilsat,oth I.'an
of JeffcJ-aonvl'.le iamo on uVIIj to-
... . .,,U, uiiuiii;!! iiiui(;jer;i
i from MornoV mill. They left Jcf-
V'lio ill r. vrn ,lr v n I.. .1... .
raveling good, Imt the snow was
uid drifted Mr Melr-nily froze sev.
' . i.iiuiii i i um;
o They arrived lit three o'clock,
g luttrhert at Humes' camp
ji:h ll'l' Jlllfl .11 (Inm,,,, r .
ITllllMT. I' I'll. 1 ll ruilfl ill in Vn
d from tho nchool directora In tlm
nr. It TTIIIorrrift linn 11,1 ii,..'
.... . . . -(- ..-v iiiy'iv"
a data showing tho grand, .lists of
tho total tax nald und w-.itrn unlit
qrs. Fifteen thousand VoplVs wero
In ordor that ovory school itlreistor
tt other persons could Imvc tho data
can sell thai property , through tho
fled If It is rood valuo .und you
that "(act plain n your advertising,
may reeiuco potty wot'cb. to ii
'Jir.g point by lotting. tho classified
to Be With
than rhnritv. Whp.n
u. you. bring' it upon m
negligence and lack II
Appointment Officially An
nounced Will Come to
America in Month
London. March 1. Tho appointment
of Sir Auckland O retries as Hritlsh am
bassado'r to tlie t'nlted States was of
ficially Hiiiiounced to-day. The ambas
sador will I' .-LVe London for America in
about a month He will bo the truest
of honor of the lMlprims and other so
cieties beton his departure
Tho-hlRh cum of llvinq; itt Washine
ton has been an obstacle to findlnp a
suitnblc niaii wlUlrjK to take tho am
b.iHsadorship at the salary allowance of
the post. These will bo considerably
laiscil in the present instance, accortl
in to rejiorts In diplomatic circles.
li' 'Mr, i:leetlnii llriiiKx iit
Mil ii 1 1 Villi" Xo I'JkIiI Out
ttumiN lo 'reai"her-
Montpellcr. March 2. Jlontpoller remain
ed in the. wet column relative to the li
quor -licenses afc'nln this year, thero being
a vote of 4.1.! yes and .a vote, of 2K no, on
thti general Issue, and IL'l yes and 'M no
on the druggist licenses.
One of the smallest votes of years was
east, while the tax voted for tho general
finance of the city was J3.10. which will
include an appropriation of M cents (or
the ."-cMonl oinmlssioiiers as per their
iciucM explaining that ii out of that sum
is for the bonus to the teachers. A fight
over this issue did not occur and the
whole matter of taxation was voted In
one motion inmle by F. II. Dcavltt.
Vhen special appropriations have been
taken care or, the JD.tO tax will be sunk
to JH9, which is about the same as usual
although tho tax was increased from $2.55.
The voters declined to bond for a fire sta
tion to exempt tlm Marshall garago from
taxation. They left the matter of medical
Inspection of schools to the school board
and voUmI to provide a place for tho
American Legion, authorizing tho city
council to lease a portion of tho armory
to the organization.
The following officers were elected:
Mayor H. V. Shurtleff; alderman, I. A.
Kelly, W. 11. Strut ton, Josoph Maronl;
school commissioners, Mrs. B. M. Har
vey, H. .1. M. Jones, Frnnk Corry. -'r.;
clerk and treasurer, T. It. Merrill; sheriff.
J.. U. J'ollard; auditors, I,. II. Hlxby, V.
H. I'itkin. C. 11. Lyons; constables, C. II.
rtcagan und Itobert Johnson; lister for
thr"e yo.i-B, V 12. tlrout, commissioner
of Uroen Mount cemetery, James M.
Houtw!!, park commissioner, II. F.
12 ".s.:.
New fork. March 2, Tho cost of
living is still on the Increase accord-
ii.g to teports received by tho nurcao.
of liibor BtatistlcH of tho United
States Department of Labor from re
fJI dealers In fifty cities. Tho aver
age family expondlturei for food wan
2 per cent, higher on Jan. 15, 1020,
than .n Dec. 1910, and the cost In
December was 2.1! per cent higher
than it had been In anv previous
Tlitv.o neurit) Miovv an increase of
!i per cent' since January, 1PJ3, ami an
-.."ira'je ot KM pur rent slnco Januar"i
19' Ii The comparisons are based on
the average retail prices of tne fol
lowing articles, weighted according to
the conmunptlon f tho averagi fam
ily: Pirloln Hte.ik, rmtnti steak, rib
roast, chuck toast, plain beef, purk
chops .raeoTi, ham, lard huns, flour,
e.oriimu.v, eggs, butter, milk, bread
potatoes, sugar. choei.e. net, coffeo
, and tea.
During the month from Dec. 15, 1919,
to Jan, 15, 1920, 29 of the 44 articles of
food for which pricou wero secured In
1919 increased as follows; Cabbage, IIS
per cent; potatoes, 20 per cnt; granu
lated sugar, 23 per cent; onlonr, 11 per
cent; lamb and rolled oats, S per rent
each; liens, 7 per cent; platu beef, fl per
cent; flour, 5 por emit; sirloin steak, rlli
roast, chuck roast, bread and cream of
wheat, 1 por cent each; round steak
ninl raisins, a por cent each: canned
salmon and rlco, 2 por cent each; ham,
evaporated milk, marcaronl, baked
beans, tea, coffeo and bananas, 1 per
cent each, Huron, nut margarine, cheeso
nnd erlEcn each increased lesn than
five-tenths of 1 por cent.
llleven articles decreased in prire, as
follows: Htrlctly fresh eggs, S per cent;
butter, r, por cent; bird and canned
tomatoes, .1 per cent each; pork chops,
storage eggB and nrangos, 2 pur cont
escli; fresh milk, canned corn, canned
peas and pruhos, 1 per cent nncli.
Thoro was no change In prices of oleo
ma rsrar Inn. :om meal, cnnflakcu and
n&vy, btiijia, i
Gymnasium Crowded to (he
Doors for i h c 23d Annual
Event Phi Delta Thcfu Era
lornily Takes the Cup for
Best Stunt Other Winners
Vermont University's jnid-wlnter spec
tac'.o, the Kotlego Kaleo Walk, v. to ntnged
before a crowded house at tho university
gymnasium Friday night, Tho capacity of
tho gymnasium wan sold out oven beforo
tho exchango of tickets took placo a wek
ago, and many pooplo who wero planning
to buy tickets during tho last week wem
disappointed. Thero v.'an an unusual ar
ray of etuiitrf, and tho "wnlkliV fo' do
eako" was above tho ordinary W excol
lonco. Thto wan Uio 3rd r.nniial Kako
"ICQ per cent What." the 3lunt pur on
by Phi De.lt a ThetH, wan awnrdel flrt
priiso of Oio Ilrlsg? cup un.i tim bl rake
Honorable mention was ylven to tho Dol
tu I'iJ fraternity, whose stunt w.irf (.ailed
"Tho- Shalt Noi." Clbtnetit 'Z and
lh.iw "JO of tho Lw.-.bUa lct.i fnit-mity
vnrc uT.-.rd(1 the first prise of tho small
rsie and cji.is offered by the llouulor
tnclet, fo- "tho best of tho ten couples
m tho "v.ilkhY to' do cako," wnllo Halgh,
'21 Wi.i Austia, Et, of tha Kappa Sigma
frau'.mltr, Jti special iriBh coslumoii, won
honorable mer.Unn.
H W. Shaw, 22, rccelvoe! tho prlro for
th.i ber.t coaturao in tho peo-rado, on which
lis uppeirod as "Half und Half " a,i o.l?
'vil rrcatton depleting a lady's features
am: cosuroo on on- sHo, whua tr.a other
sl3o presented tlics faen erd cojtum-j at
a goiulrman. Tho prl7.o awarded to Mr.
-Shaw was tho cup offered by T. 15. AVrlc'il.
"nnjland leadinK Ireland" was given
honorable mimtion in t xwraAv-
The jurtguc. who decided thosn prlzoti
vote: F. H. Babbitt, Bellows Falls: Fro
fp.cnnr G. C. Gpjat. University of Vermont ;
nT-jdge Ilarlarid U. Howe, Uurlington; F.
. Howlaud, Montpolwr; titirvry it.
JCtngs'.cy, Rutland; John O. Sargent, Lud
low; J. Gregory Smith, St. Albans.
In the flnnl drill down of the military
competition for the thren medals offered
to tho men most proficient In the manual
of arms, Tt. E. Crui -'khink, '23, took first
place and tho Hlchold ?old medal; F. O.
Stllcn, 'SI, second place nnd the com-
mandant'n silver medal; and Sinclair, '22,
third placn and the commandant's bronzo
medal. The other contestants In this com
petition were: C. C. Joyce, '22; W. I.
Davis, '21; ft. S. Hunt, '22; C. T. Hazen,
21; and H. A. Warren. '2.1. Tho drill and
elimination was in charge of Major
Harrison Herman, Third U. S. Cavalry,
Fort Ethan Allen, and Captain Kodcirlck
R. Allen, Third U S. Cavalry, of Fort
Ethan Allen. The medals were awarded
by Colonel G. .1. Holdon, commandant at
the University.
Features of the program wero the spe
cial stunt entitled "As You Wore," put on
during tho intermission, wnuo waiting
for the judges to bring In their derisions,
by the Gold Stripe rlub of the University,
ind the singing of the University eiuartet,
also during the Intermission. This eiuartet,
composed of It. C. M. I'arkor. '20, H. I1.
Sharpies, '21, II, A. Durfeo (M) '20, and
II. F. Martin, '22, wero given some du-
cidedly enthusiastic applause for their
work. Every member of tho Gold Stripe
club which put em the special stunt, saw
scrvlcu overseas. Shermnn's band gave
excellent service in playln for the kakc
walking and during tho Intermission. Fol
lowing the regular program, a danco of
ten numbers was enjoyod.
Thero was ono very regretablo oc
curence during tho program. During
the changing of scenery for tho I'hi
Delta Theta stunt, which won tho first
prize, the men who wero shifting the
piano lost control of it and it fell over
on its side, striking one of the boys, C.
S. Cummlngsj '22, on tho ankle and
hurting him badly. Medical attention
was called and lie was rushed to the
hospital, after his ankle had been given
such treatment as was at hand.
Tho pcorade which opened the big
event was fully up to tho standard of
past years. There were many amusing
costumes and novel effects, such as a
racing buggy, with full equipment, in
cluding tho horse, the Uurllngton
street department, the various nations
of the globe, presidential candidate, a
humorous costumo effect of a very tall
girl and her sister, and others equally
Tho first stunt "Joshua Jessup's Son
Jeremy" which was presented by Lambda
lota represented a New England "Huskin
Bee," and was an instant hit, duo to the
original manner in which it was given.
Tho light slowly dawned upon the scene
with tho singing of "Harvest Moon,"
made more realistic by a moon hung at
some distance from the scene. This was
followed by a clever dialogue and a note
worthy rendition of a Vermont parody
by the rural eiulntctto led by Jeremy. The
square danco was not forgotten and tho
stunt was brought to a close with an ex
cellent inortuctlon of "The Hoston Fancy."
Tho nox'. stunt, put on by Delta Mu
was jtrtctly up to date. Tho scene opened
with a Lolsheviot meeting. A Bolshevik
slued at tlm opening of a mine telling
the lu-scmoh'd miners of the linn thing
ho had In Hussi and comparing it to tho
squalid condition,) n America. Then tho
scoiio shifted to tho council room of one
of the draat labor unions. Hero Mr.
Oompira and his co-workera discussed
tho political situation and especially In
Burlington, Vermont. Tho meeting seemed
to be entirely In favor of a city council
composed of unlvoislty piofustois both,
jxjpular and unpopular, Again the scene
shiftml to tho home of a miner wheru tho
family was Khown waiting to receive tho
representative of- tho president who wan
to bring tho response) to tho latest demand
of the union.
"10(1 VKll CtlNT WHAT?"
Tho third stur.t wan that of tho I'hi
Delta Theta fraternity, entitled "1(f) l'er
Cent What?" Tho llghtB disclosed a farm
yard scene, with three small haycocks
and a large haystack. A father and his
sou who hud just returned from tho war
wera united again, cafo and well.
Although the son was overjoyed to bo
back home, ho htm heard the call of the
bright lights of the city, und plans to
return to them instead of staying on tho
farm with the dad. Upon the persuasions
of tho old man to think things over, ho
lies down to sleep near ono of Din huy
cocks. The noxt scene displays a rapid
change In tho appcaranco of the barn
yard. It has become a cabaret. The
stack Is ninv a stage on which dancing
girls entertain tho loungers. Tho hay
cocks huvo become tables among which
nrn tho plettsuro seekers, including tho
young dreamer, himself. Two friendly
girls ronvnrso with him for a while, and
then luuvo him. When called upon to
pay his cheek, ho finds himself penniless.
Just as ho is ubout to bo forcibly thrown
out, his sweetheart appears from a largo
chair on tho stage. Ho wnkes up, tho
rceno returns to the farmyard, whero his
father and sweetheart aro lit person. Tho
boy decides to stay on the. farm and be
1QQ per ccnt.Aiaetlcaii.
Following e anio tho Alpha Tan Omcgn
stunt, "What Vexf" This sliint showed
tho Vermont Mate- Senate as It. In to-day,
nnd no It in to be lu Iho future Tlm
stunt opens tilth two old farmers talk
ing p&llllr. Near them Is n reprenonta'
tlon o the world upon which Is scaled
Father Time. He shows to the men the
Senate of to-day, having endless debate
on tho bounty for blnrl; hoar. He then
discloses tho Senate of the future. This
includes several ladles, and none other
than Miss Berths Terrill In tho president
of Iho legislative body.
Tho Honnto discusses matters nticli
n would Interest any body of women,
and finally drinks a health to the nows
that Ireland ban been granted Ittt free
dom. Lostly. the scene, reverts to tho
two old men, discussing politics, but
ono gets excited and vows alleglanco
to Calvin Coolldge, the son of Vermont,
who 1h running for Iho presidency.
Father time onlrrt the conversation
with the assertion that Vermont, has
always turned out good men. national
levaders, and must hold tho proud place
won in the past.
ICappa Klgma's itunt wan a curious
mixture of tho Shakesperlan characters
and inodorn llfo and conditions. In il
watt found tho famous Julius Caesar,
Mark Anthony and Cleoparta, with
their band of guards nnd rutalnon.
transported to modern times. Caesar,
who was the principal character vn
found drunk, and Shy lock w.-is the,
scoundrel who supplied the liquor to
tho band of ancients Ko- wau able to
do this by tho tmo of hi3 "blind tiger.'
Ono of tho features of this ptttnt was a
dance by tho nhlmmy slEtoru. Con
sidering tlio character of tho players a
duel iv,i3 entirely In order und Bill
Shakcspearo and Julius Caosar pro
vided this. Tho stunt was full of con
Mirsation and some very good acting.
Phi Mil Delta appeared with a plan
tation sketch which was divided into
three ccer.i'S. First was showu a scuno
Ir. tlio cotton field Kvrrnl negroes
wero cultlvat!"a the cit'on. Two of
thorn i;ot into an argu'iner-t. and tho na
tional weapon was drawn. Next came
a tiogto Suniley school In which the
preacher exhorted bis audlenco ti give
up their wicked waya and join tho
HO-."vlrn of th.- Lord. Tho stunt closed
with a iicetic on th. plantation where
(luietrii'ss and pcaro rolgnil supreme.
I'ortrayeti by the Sigma Nu fraternity
was the old new WcBt with a sugges
tion of tho University of Vermont. The
ncntin was laid in a western bar room
which by tlio diet of July first, hail
been converted Into a soft drink place.
Tho usual crowd of gamblers, dancing
girls and drinkers were present. A cow
boy quartettn t-ang sevoral parodies
pertaining to Vermont and family
scenes. Professor Flunkem of tho
University and an Englishman wero
tho prlnrlpal characters 11 was just
such a. scene which may be found in
any of Zane Grey's books.
Tho Delta Tsl's stunt. "Thou Shall Not"
was distinctly different from tho one
preceding It traced the history of tho
execution of tho command "Thou Shalt
Not" from the. earliest to tho latest peri
ods of human life. Tho lights disclosed an
ancient seer, swaying In his seat In front
of the mystic lamp which showed tho
history of tho ages. The story of reform,
from Adam and Eve to the present time,
was told. Adam and Eve were first driven
from Uielr garden. Later, King Georgo
III aimed to impose his will on the Amer
ican colonics, but falling, his power was
strippd from him. Tho same spirit caused
tho freeing of the slaves, and Lincoln was
shown with the grateful freedman
crouching at his feet. Kaiser Wllhelm's
lust for power was put to nought when
tho command was given to him. Next tho
seer spoko of John Barleycorn's down
fall. With tho shifting of light, a bar
room was shown, with several mourner's
of tho deceased John Barleycorn. When
driven out at ten o'clock, they formed a
funeral cortege. This was the latest re
form brought about by tho command
"Thou Shalt Not."
With the nixt f-tunt, the scene reverted
to that of every-day life, and Ton
sorialltls, given by the Sigma I'hi frater
nity, was shown. As the name implied,
It was a barber shop scene, with all tho
modern appliances of the barber shop.
The barbers were talkative, and much gos
sip was bi ought out by their continual
questions and opinions. In ono corner
was a large, husky-looking manicurist,
who idled her traao infrequently because
of the high prices, but acted as a cashier
and advertisement. A co-ed from tho
university arrived, bearing the express
permission of Mrs. Stetson to have her
hair bobbed. The barber did this In
masterly fashion, leaving here a per
fect picture of the "athletic girl." One
of the most interesting customers was
Jean Baptlste of Isle La Motte, who told
or his experiences through the stormy
winter. Whilo a noisy little girl was
getting her hair cut "like a boy's" and
Jean was recounting his diflicultles, tlio
crowd rushed out hastily at the sound of
the tire alarm,
The last sunt was ono of tho old-time
medic stunts which were so common at
tho Kako AValk a few years ago. It was
given by I'hi Chi. There was, however,
an entirely now ending. Taking for tho
subject a bad caso of Delirium Tremens,
they showed a patient suffering from tho
disease and attended by several doctors.
When the doctors had left the nurse went
to sleep and waking, found her pattont
gone. Ho iu tho meantime had gone up
to the beams of the gym and from thero
made a dlvo Into a net stretched a few
fn.t tiom tho Iloor. Ho was caught hut
e . ..p.il again anil repeated his stunt.
Tl time doctors placed him in a
straight Jacket where they would )r Buro
to know ho would stay.
During tho lull between the xtunts and
tho awarding of tho prizes tho Gold
Ktripo club of tho Unlvetslty staged a bit
of war showing especially the llfo of tho
doughboy in France. Tho Hi st scene
shows tho doughboys sitting beside tho
road resting a little on the inarch. Soon
thoy aro obliged to seek cover at the ap
proach of a Zcppolln. Next the notion
shifted to a French cafo where they aro
seep sitting around a table ordering up
the drinks from a real J'rench garcon
A wounded Fronch soldier added much
action and a good share of tlm -humor
to this stunt.
(lenient '21 and Shaw '20 of the Owb
nro tho prize winners in the eako walk
ilig. Thoy were dressed In elaborate,
costumes und did some clever Jumping
stunts. Hnlgh '21 and Austin ! of
Kappa Sigma received honorable
mention. They wro dressed very
elaborately in green and brown suits,
tho "ladv" wearing a gown covered
with spangles. "Sho" did some clovor
anting sitting In mo miuuio and flirt
Intr with tho audionco whllo her part
tier danced around. At Iho end of tholr
danco tho man pulled out a Vormont
banner from bin parinet-H back hold
ing it out while they cako.walkrd to
tho exit. Wilson "20 and McMahon '3
of Delta Mu, dressed ns Hawaiian
ilanrers, ilbt hOIIU' nullvo stuff nnd
special stops; Killlck '2; and n0s
worth -21 of I'M Delta Thota gavo
some.thing entirely now when ono of
thorn falnled and had to bo revived with
a little drinlt. Thoy also did oomo stunt
danolnir; Fltcputrlck ':o and Herrlck
'21 of Alpha Tau Omega began their
danco with n novelty, the "girl" doing
a "split" an tho danco started. "Sho"
wnro a whlto costumo with a flowered
border Lamson '20 and Lamb '20 of Phi
Mu Delia appeared In gorgeous cos
tumes. They did somo hand springs.
Tylor '20 and Bartlott. '21 or Sigma
Nil wero very swell, th "lady" wear
ing an orange rostnme and somo ma
lino nbout her shoulders. They did
somo clever steps. Sawyrr '20 and
Cleaves '21 of Delta 1'sl Introduced
some very difficult oteps. Their danc
ing had mnny dips and side steps.
I'ciiic '21 and Clifford '2.1 of Sigma
I'lil were still different, tho man kick
ing a hat that was held nn high as lila
head by his parlnor, all tho' way down
tho gym. O'Connor and Grasso of I'hi
Chi, both pro-mcdlcn, also woro somo
gorgeous costumes. They lntroduco1 a
little coaxing act ns 11 novelty
Thero seemed to bo more stunts pull
ed off by the different couples dur
ing tho rakn walking this year than
usual, nnd nome of tho roupleti showcel
that they certainly could handle their
IJereiiln Republican Incumbent Cltr
t;nri Wrl by Yen Vole or 837
Voting llruvy
S'. Albans, March 2. Charles A. Buck,
democrat, was elected mayor of tho city
to-day over II. M. Dronnan, tho repub
lican Incumbent of tho office tho past
year, by a majority of six votes. Tho vote,
was Buck, 751, Dronnan 775. Safforel K.
Thorp, republican, was elected school
commissioner lu ward ono with
110 opposition. In ward two John
It. Hurley, democrat, with 90
voles wan elected alderman over F. 11.
Fortln. republican, who had 71 ballots.
J. G. Finn, democrat, was re-elected school
commissioner over G. W, Cleveland, re
publican, tho veto ritundlng 127 to 43. J.
Arthur Charbonueau, democrat, was elec
ted alderman In ward three over W. S.
Crawford, republican with a votn of 209
to SS. ii. S. dishing, republican, whs elec
ted alderman In ward four, having no op
position II. Maclean Dowart, republican,
with JTI votes was elected school commis
sioner over J. F. O'Noll, democrat, with
K votes. B. M. Hopkins was re-elected
city cleric and treasurer. Other officers
wero elected as follows: Grand Jurors.
Iloscwcll M. Austin, A. II. Goorgo. Phil
ip It. Johnson, auditor. If. M. Hatch;
trustees of public library, N. Atwood, N.
N. Post Tho voto on license was yes S27,
no 173. Mayor Buck nnd Alderman Hur
ley nnd Ch.irbonneau took tho oath of
office .immediately following tho an
nouncement of tho result.
There was much Interest shown from
the time tho polls opened at six o'clock
tills morning until they were closed at
thrco this afternoon. When it comes to
paying whether tho voto was heavy or
not It must bo stated that whllo It was
heavier than last year that was in part
due to tlie soldiers' vote, therefore, In
comparing the voting to-day with the largo
registration of voters, It perhaps was no
heavier than the ordinary.
By hours the voting was ns follows:
At fk.10 o'clock a total of 3.3 votes had been
cast; nt seven o'clock. 51; at 7:30, 6S; at
eight o'clock, 1"0 at nine o'clock, Ifil: at
ten o'clock, 2i!7; nt eleven o'clock, 4".3 and
at twelve o'clock, 850 had cast their bal
lots. It was voted to take advantage of tho
State aid highway money to tho full
amount of 1,000 offered by tho State;
voted to oxompt the members of tho flro
department from taxation; and voted to
empower the board of school commission
ers to employ a medical Inspector for tho
Randolph, March 2. Itandolph nar
rowly escaped a serious flro to-day,
whon the fire broke out in the basement
of tho postofflco about tl:00 a. m. The
cause is though to be. the furnace,
which is said to have exploded, but
authentic reports aro not yet ascer
tained. Nearly all tho contents of tho
basement wero destroyed and the of
fice proper is badly damaged by smoke
nnd water. Tho plato glass windows
wero broken by the water and every
thing is smoked and damaged with
water. The goods In tho tho Thomas
store aro also damaged by smoke, but
tho extent of which Is not positively
known at this time. Tho boxes for the
most part are not injured except by
the smoko and most of them aro In
working order. Later information will
be announced later.
Bennington, March 2. Tho voters of
the town of Bonnlngton at tho annual
meeting to-day adopted the proposal
to build a concrete, highway between
the Bennington and North Bennington
villages at an expenso not to exceed
?85,000. Tho distance Is about throe
miles. Recently Stato Engineer H. M.
Mcintosh camo here and after an In
spection recommended that concrete
construction be used if the town should
veto to undertake tho work.
Tho mooting also voted to accept
the report of tho committee appointed
a year ago to Investigate tho necessity
and probable cost of a town hall and
Instructed the committee to purchase
the W. A. Root property for such pur
pose at an expense not to exceed J20,
000. Tho proposed site is on South
street directly opposite the federal
Montpelier, Feb. 27. Two Montpellor stu
donts, Flprenco Currier and Homer M
Shields, have been awarded silver medals
by a Boston newspaper for having writ
ten a Washington essay and have re
ccived honorable mention also for their
work. Miss Florence Bolgcr of Fair Havon
received $500 and first prlzo.
Montpelier. March 2. The Mlsslssquol
Pulp & Papor company of Sheldon
Springs has filed with the secretary of
Stato certlficato that they Intend to In
cieaso their capital stock from $100,000 to
Tho Winooskl Ovcrgaltor company,
which was recently organized In Wlnoo
Hkl, lias filed its papers iu tho Bcerotary
of State's offlco, after somo dolay owing
to the matter of tho llccnso fco. Tho capi
tal stock Is $75,000 whllo tho papers aro
signed by (i. L. and A. W. Edwards, H.
W. Richardson, H. W. Carlton, M. Mac
kay and W. H. Weston.
Tho Bellows Falls Garago company
whicli recently organized In Vermont linn
filed a certlficato that It Intends to in
crease Its capital stock from $5,000 nnd
that $5,000 bus boon paid up of tho laBt
mimed figure.
Listers' Meetings
Montpelier, Mar. 1. Tho commissioner
of taxes has announced t'.mt tho meetings
tor Instruction of listers will bo held this
j'our at ono o'clock on the duya end at
tho placed designated In tho following
schedule; NowKrt, March 9; St. Johns
bury, March 10; Island Pond, March U;
Brattleboro, March 16; Whlto River June
tlon, March 17; Montpelier, March 18; St.
Albans. March 19; Bennington, March 23;
Uutlaud, aiarcJi.2i; n.urljnctoa.jj.axch 25.
Nearly . Thousand Majority for
Bie; Issue of Municipnl Elec
tion Four Republican and
Two Democratic Aldermen
Burlington voted by large majorities for
tho 13 por cont Increofo In taxation for
tho purpose of raising teachers' salaries,
for medical Inspection of scholos, and for
llconso, both druggists and the other
kind, Tuesday at tho city election when
six nldormen, two school commissioners
and ward olTlcem wero elected. The vote
was light us thero was no mnyoralty
contest and In two of the wards no con
test of any kind. In tho other wards thero
wero hot flghls, however, and tho results
wore close. '
Tlio nldermon clocted aro: Georgo D.
McBrldo In tho first ward, F. A. Deyette
In tho second, Dr. J. E, LaTlocquo In tho
third, Edward II. McGrntli in the fourth,
E. O. Mltlguy In tho llfth and William II
Wilson In tho sixth.
Tho chief political Interest of tho day
centered around tho nldermnnlc contests
In the serond, third, tlfth and sixth wardu.
In tho second Deyette created a surprise
by winning over E. A. Luck, a former
alderman, by a majority of 5.1. Luck ran
on tho citizens' nnd democratic tickets
and Doyetto as a Independent republican.
Both sides wero very active and many
looked for Luck's election, because ho
had been endorsed by the democrats and
had a largo following In the. Republican
In the tlfth ward Mr. Mltlguy was
eloctcd alderman In n republican strong
hold Tiy a maJorHy of ton over F. A.
Rousseau, his republican oppomfnt. In the
sixth J. W. O'Neil was defeated by Mr.
Wilson by only nine votes. Tlio tight hero
and In tho fifth was the closest. Dr. J. E.
Laltorquc, republican, won out over Jules
Slmays, democrat, by a margin of 2 votes
In tho third ward.
Tho board now makes up about aa it
did before and tho wise politicians are
of tho opinion that tho voto will stand
seven to five as It did all last year on
many Issues. Messrs. Deyctto and Mc
Brldo return for another term. Dr.
LaRocque replaces Alderman Besottr,
who has been absent from meetings for
nearly a year. Mr. Mltlguy succeeds
Alderman Ladd and Mr. Wilson lakes tho
place of Alderman Hall.
F. E. Kimball and J. P. Murphy were
re-elected school commissioners without
any contest In their respective wards and
tho make-up of tho school board remains
the samo.
The voto for increase In pay to tho teach
ers was a sensation, the majority being
nearly a thousand in favor of It. All
wards In tho city voted heavily for the
movement, except tho third and fourth
wards, where thero wero small majorities
against It. Tho total vote wua 1,975 for
and 9S7 against.
The license vote was of no use so far
as saloons go, but nevertheless the city
voted heavily for llconso, considering the
number of votes cast. The license voto
carried every ward In the city
except tho first. Tho voto was 1.5S8
for and 1,139 against. Druggists' licenses
were still moro popular and the final voto
on this lssuo was two to one, being 1,61.3
to 869. Thero was no question about the
rlty's being In favor of medical Inspec
tion In schools, the voto being 2,211 to C31.
Following is the voto by wards;
Yes No
Ward 1 1.,..- 102 195
Ward 2 39t 3.36
Ward 3 323 SS
Ward 4 2,33 63
Ward 5 271 231
Ward G 212 2.33
Total ISM
. 522
Total 1975
, 123
.. 257
Ward 1
Ward 2
Ward 3
Ward 4
Ward 5
Ward 6
Total ....
Majority ,
Ward 1 256
Ward 2 607
Ward 3 29S
Ward 4 147
Ward 5 451
Wan! il 452
The results In the different wards fol
low. Ward One Alderman, Georgo D. Mc
Brldo (R) 270; school commissioner, F. E.
Kimball (R) 27S; ward clerk, O. W.
Edwards (R) 273; inspectors of election,
D. H. Cameron (TV) 250, II. D. Lacoy (D)
232, II. B. Hall (R) SIS.
Ward Two Alderman, F. A. Deyotto (R)
419, E. A. Luck (C. & D.) 3G6; ward clerk.
James E. Bradley (R) 455, Zotlquo Gravel
(D) 217; Inspectors, A. II. Duhamel (R) 4S0,
Charles Levin (R) 328, G. II. Bacon (7ft) 430,
Heman Crooker (D) 352.
Ward Three Alderman, Dr. J, E.
LaRocquo (R) 220, Jules Slmays (D) 200;
school commissioner, J. P. Murphy (D)
324; ward clerk, William Beauregard (It)
142; F. J. Chllds (D) 22; Inspectors, J. O.
(Bacon (It) 212, K. F. Falley (R) 233, Fred
Fugero (D) D. J. Kheenan (IJ) 184.
Ward Fclur Alderman, E. II. McGrath
(D) 264; ward clerk, Oscar Helnlngcr (D)
221; Inspectors, John Realty (R) 101, John
Bergeron (R) 151, William Blondln (D)
197. John A. Smith (D) lbO.
Ward Flvo Aldcrmun, E. O. Mltlguy
(D) 271, F. A. nousseau (R) 266; ward
clerk, K. W. Cooncy (D) 213, F. J. Ilendeo
(R) 283; Inspectors, T, F. Conlon (D) 267,
J. II. Dolan (D) 323, L, J, Irwin (n) 362.
C. R.. White (R) 278.
Ward Six Alderman, Wllllum 11. Wil
son (R) 311, J. W. O'Neil (D) 305; ward
clerk, John F, Collins (D) 251, H. II.
llRgur (R) 318; inspectors, J. II. Carlln
Phone 18TS-W 184 Pearl St.
Motor Ambulance Servlcu
(P) 402, E, H Chase (R) S31, J L Kellny
(D) 288, J J, Mnlloy (D) 15, V I f,oul
(U) 301.
lloml HelnMntCM tho Offlrlnli In Offtr-o
Prior to federal Control
St. Albans, March 2. The following Is
the text of n circular1 Isucd by President
E. C. Smith of tho Central Vermont.
Railway company.
"Pursuant to the provisions of tho rail
way bill Juat passed by Congress, thf
Central Vermont Railway company has
taken over tho operation of Its proparty.
effectlvo March 1, 1920. .
"Tho executive olflclali in office Just
prior to foderal control ore hereby re
Instated, except that:
"Mr J. W. We.rrilaw is appointed
oral managtr In chargo of operation
"Mr. E. Dcschcnos is appointed comp
trnllcr In chargo of llnance: and account
"Mr. .1. W Redmond is appointed gen
eral counsel.
"Mr. P. D. Kitzpatrlrk Is appointed
chief engineer
"Mr. H. T. Novvell Is appointed me
chanical superintendent "
Injunction .Snld o lie Sought Restrain
ing Walker for hunprndlng
CnOiollr Piiplli
Brandon, March 2. Nothing new ha,i
developed In the school situation here
None of the i6 suspended pupil of the
junior high school who were suspended
by Principal Walker Monday morning for
not having brought excuses from their
parents asking that tht.v he permitted to
remain away from the morning exercises.
has roturncd to school. It la understood
that the Rev. E. 'F. Cray, pastor of St
Mary's Church here, was In Rutland
Monday, where t Is understood ho con
sulted nn attorney with the idea of ob
taining an Injunction prohibiting Prin
cipal Walker from suspending the Cath
olic students.
U is thought, likely that this cajio will
bo taken to tho courta and that this will
bo made 11 test case for all towns and
cities in the State. Tho achool board la
standing squarely behind Principal Wal
ker. INSURANCE .$17,123,855.20
Metropolitan Wrote. f3, 1(51,655, LnrgeM
Amount or Total In State for 101P
Connecticut Oeiicrul In Veil
Montpellor, March 2. Insurance Com
missioner J G. Brown lias compiled i
btatorncnt showing the amount of busi
ness Written In Vermont in the last year
1919 by tho several companies writing life
Insurance, a total of $17,123,853.20, of which
the Metropolitan has the largest amoun'
written, naineiy $3,161,855. The Connecti
cut General is next with a tout of $2.00?
149 and tho National Life Insurance com
pany is .third, with $l,S02,7tt.Gl. Including
the Industrial insurance written by tho
Metropolitan and Prudential companion
ojid insurance written by group com
panics, the grand total is $23,20),C97 S4. Thn
total lossos paid in the year amounted tn
Newport, March 2. Mrs. -C S Emory
wire of the gubernatorial candidate, was
the first of 'only 12 women to take the
frcoman's oath to vote to-day. Newport,
women wero not enthusiastic for voting
Tho llccnso voto In Newport city was
64 yes, 07 no, and on fifth class 61 yea
and 92 no. In Newport town, the license
voto was 10 yea and 40 no, and llf til clssn
six yes nnd S3.no,
James T. Gardner was re-elected mayor
He Is a republican and had in oppool
tlon. . '
St. Johnsbury. March 2. At the town
meeting to-day exemption was granted
for en years to John W. Davtes, owner
of tho Plymouth creamery which has re
cently been erected here, and the new
shirt factory of Lauber, Llpton & Co, of
New York city. One thousand dollars for
a public nurso and a town tax, including
forty per rent Stato tax of 275 cents on
tho dollar wero voted. The town tax was
Increased 20 cents on the dollar and the
school tax thlrty-Uve cents. There was
only one, contest for town officers and
the caucus nominee won. The town voted
for license, 302 to 215.
Oklahoma City. Feb. 29.-Oklahoma be
camo tho 33id State to ratify tho suffrage
amendment Saturday afternoon, when
Governor Robertson signed the bill,
which had previously passed both tho
House and the Senate
Saying it was Impossible, to got lu thn
Senato tho' 30 votes necessary to pass the
ratification resolution with the emer
gency cl'iusc, Bert C. Hodges of Okmul
geo, suffrage leader In tho House, moved
that the House concur in the resolution
us passed by the Senate without the
clause. The Houwc passed tho amended
resolution by a vote of 76 to 4, with 21
It Is planned to send certified copies
of tho signed resolution to President
Wilson .tho .secretary of state and thn
presiding olfieers of the national fianato
and House of Representatives
Anti-suffrage senators said they would
not take part iu efforts that may be made
to circulate potltlous to tgfer the ques
tion to vote of tho people. If tt, 3. referred,
they said, they would uso their influence?
to prevent a voto favorable to suffrage
GIVES $989,000 FOR
Paris, March 1. Mrs. Robert Bacon,
widow of Col. Robert Bacon, at one tlmci
Amerlcau ambassador to France and n
former socretary of state, haa placed In
tho hands of tho trustees of tho Ameri
can hospital In Paris $9S9,00O, with tha
request that it be devoted to endow
twenty-four bads In freo wards of thn
new Amorican hospital, which Is to b
built at Neulily. This endowment is given
in memory of colonel Bacon, who, aa
president of tho American hospital, took
great Interest tn Its welfare
Henry P. DavlBon has transferred $150,
000, the remainder of ono of tho war fundf.
of which he was chairman, toward th
building fund of this hospital, the sum
to Insure erection of that part of tho
building which will be devoted to tha fro
wnrds endowed In momory of Col, Bacon.
Mr. and Mrs. Georga A. Kessler havn
given $50,000 to the building fund.
Mrs. Baron's gift brings tho hospital'
total yearly revenue from endowment tu
$GS,S00, the amount requited to opcrato
the hospital being $S6,000. The amount
necessary for tho proposed building Is
$1,250,000, of which, lu addition to thn
donations of Mr, Davison and Mr, and
Mrs. Kessler, $17,000 already haa been sub
scribed. Tho hish prices you pay mean high
wages to workers. That's one of tho
blight spoto In connection with the prlce'

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