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h a Move Either for or
minal Arrvninnpn With n
prnminpnnniinn i rnm i niim
icago, July 21, (By tho Associated
award to a referendum vote by the
000 railroad workers without recom-
flttnn frnm th. llnlnn lit.nrlnrc ulrnrr
Its acceptance or rejection appeared
ablo to-night.
Is was the opinion In labor circles
wlncr -election he the United States
way Labor Board of a petition for a
arsing of the case.
reo cours'- v. re oiwr. to the union
second, recommendation that tho
T'rl Vin ftcrnnlfi!? nr.H. Ihtn". i!,t It l.r.
t ru'cctitm In the labor board's de-
juun apparently waa cioscu xo-aay,
ers of tho rail workern Intimated,
n they requested that the case be
tor asiUiiR for a rehearing it ap-
uimiuilmi mm Liit uruuii icauors
d consistently recommend acceptance
hft award as their nation Indicated It
unsatisfactory to thorn. Tho 011I7
left open, therefore, would s to
the board's decision .-Jons to tho
and rely on their reforundJim.
cd U& conc!uijRs reached after an
11 si we -vi in nttiirh tin h ciiiro
been riven unp'o time to pre.?-ent all
s -surrmtnding: tho cn-s-c.
the Railroad Managers' association
Indicated with few exceptions that
men were holding fast and waiting
their officers to act.
according to company estimates.
hers, however, claimed 000 men figured
no waiK oui. '..ompany uuiutis ftiim
lcmanus nau ncen prcsciuru niiu uiivt
UO iriCiuill'J lln; 1111 11 ti:i; .iiukw..iku
1 the rail board decision.
had voted to reject the award and
11 on ineir until ill wtiimiiuo.
Itfi MfR. Co. Ha $50,000 McAnlllfTr
irm or iiumnpnon io incrrnup
Capital to SI 00,000
onipcilcrt July -J. i lie iihc unu-
un it. ruiiii'iiii ui iiiavuciiu ii iiiw
articles of association with tho !
nil rvi 'l jhih lut mi r I ""
silk knit Roods. Their capital Htock
iu nun nun i uiu cihm ..j
nc same, town nua iuru uiutair
- t . . i it r.,.. rtAiH'inif nf Tl-.ir
IVil I in 1 II VI i nLtt;im.iii
S lO Lff'tlMJ I I III MUM '-
articles oC association in the same
t. HI ( UIIUUI.I tit uim V nwiinii
we. Tho Lamoille Valley Creamery av
iation of Kast lianhvick intends to
..tnn. rnm A't ftW in
IllUlllU llllbh UUIlllbllVIWIlb
Killed in Prime r, to He Uwd for
lIorNrmanMhip InNtructlon
now brick riding hall at Norwich
ce was of a very informal character.
HID IIUUUIMh IO "u I1.VI ll'l'M (! IK
t Avide. and is a memorial to Lieut.
T 1H ., Un. t n h 1.111a, 1 Iti
Xfin IdViWI, tll. "41" MO rvtlluiL. ii
Inn In CrunPfl II T H irl1 VlA rlQK' frit
1fttnn to 1 rvr5 lit let nttftVl of thfl llflU
rK cavalry stnoiP wmcn was erecicu
t year and which accommodates one
no incrcasen rnroiimcni iaHi year ami
prospects for the comlnp year mako
Albanx OtH Ctmi to Ktntr rriiwm
for One to Two Yrara
Stole KIM)
A tlknnn Till.. ttrt TI..I1. tTlllll M
city, who was arrested by County
.n1.q,. t,t.ill.. 1.... . -in t .i
h taktntr Jim from itov sh(t nf Wm
niiiuii, v. t;i nuu uuniu jn;rson, wan
iUbkU U U UUfjC it , 1 , I'DHt 111
court this morning and pleaded guilty
tho charge against her. She was Ben-
uuaui uiiu IAJ..V Lilt? cum ui nmswi r nn
A TVTr 1? A TAT17T
wn ui iuiiiiii wtin milium inHiuiiiiy
nn iniH aiiornoon nv rainncr rrnm
loaa oi nay in nia rieiu, tin was near
rear of tho rack receiving forkfuls
horses started suddenly and ho
tlv-s nf rt r nlr.1 1,1, i,,irl .i.nu (1
tho 11th Vermont volunteer Ilogl-
his wit.
Challenger Finishes Course a Scant Half Boat
Length Ahead with Lead of 19 Seconds, the
Same Advantage She Had Gained at the
Start Defender Therefore Wins by the
Amount of Its.Time Allowance 7 Minutes and
1 Second Next Race Friday
Sandy Hook, N. J., July 21. Reso
lute, defender of the Araerlrji's yacht
ir.e rup, name back to-day after two
stralRht defcata and won mafmifiennt
ly over tlie British challcnncr, Sham
rock IV.
Shammck finished a ncant half boat
Icnirlh ahead, with a lead of ID kcc
onds, hut as she hail pained precisely
(hat advantage at the start ,tho raci
wa& mlr.'iculously In yachting event.
a dead heat over the CO mil, course.
Resolute won by tho amount of her
handicap, seven minutes and one fcci
ond. The, fourth race of tie series will
bo started Priday.
Veteran yachtsmen who fotlowcd the
trim craft throuch the four hour.
three minutes and six seconds of rac- !
inp time, thought back over many
years of raclru; without bcinst able to
conjure up a picture that could com
pare with to-da.y's npectacle. It wa3
a reil yacht race from the start, and
It provided a finish rivalling- In oloru
r.csr. that of a neck and neck horse
Resolute had .taker, the load ,uly In
her favnrlto l"-mllc "neat to indv-.ard.
and roundin-r the stake witn about a
''Barter of a mile lead, sllppou s-iftly
do-n the wind with spinnaker and bal
loon jib top sail billowins superbly.
But Shamrock XV with her prreater
spread of canvas would not be denied
and slowly but steadily ate up the inter
vening distance until with little more
than a mile to go, her bowsprit reached,
then slowly began to creep past the de
fender's stem.
Inch by inch, as the spectators watched
breathlessly. Shamrock IV moved- and
up. A mile from the staRc, they were
runnln-r ncc and ncrk throus-h the fluffy
little white caps turned up by the breeze.
They appeared so close to-:cthrr from the
press boats that it seemed as if a man
micht have jumped from challenger to
defender. Actually the distance was sev
eral boat IcnKths.
Shamrock IV kept up the steady crawl I
ahead until, at tho half mllo mark from
the line, 'she was nearly a full boat
lensth ahead.
Then Resolute caucht a tiny extra puff
of wind from somewhere, and Ptrainlns
like a thoroughbred under the. lash, crept
up, slowly almost Impercepybly. She
had got her bow about even with Sham
rock's towering ma.st when a puff of
steam from the committee boat's whistle
registered Shamrock's finish.
But tho finish did not provldo all the
thrills of the race. Shamrock IV, Jockey
Her Frrqurnt MrrtlncK 'With Prtllhonr
Testified to In Trial of Bennington
.Harder Cane
Manchester, July 21. The fact that Miss
Helen Guillow, a trained nurse, graduate
of an Albany Hospital, was often in tho
company of Byron M. Pcttlbone, who is
being tried here for wife murder, was
brought out In the testimony presented
by the prosecution to-day along with tho
testimony of tho medical officials rrom
the State laboratory who performed the
autopsy. The. numerous times that Petti-
hone was known to be motoring, going to
tho movies or visiting at the homo of Miss
Guillow In Sodom, N. V.. both previous
to and directly following the death of
Mrs. Pcttihonc were testified to by the
prosecution's witnesses. It nlso was testi
fied to that Pottlhone asked one Roy
Paddock, the undertaker with whom he
worked at the Walbridge undertaking
rooms and the Individual who prepared
the body for burial, to attempt to pre
vent autopsy.
Dr. B. II, Stone, State pathologist of
Burlington, testified to tho effect that
the autopsy revealed that tho body was
In a healthy condition as to all organs
and that It did not reveal the causo of
rlealh wlthnnt a. further lahoratorv test
'which wits made hy Dr. C. F. Whitney.
Dr. Whitney later told of his laboratory
tests including the fact that a minute
quantity of the contents of Mrs. rettl
bono's stomach was injected Into a white
mouse and the mouso dlod within three
The episode of the possible attempt at
poisoning in tea on the Sunday evening
prccccdlng the tragedy was told by Mrs.
Bessie Wright this morning much as ISu
genc Rice told the same story yestorday
excepting that she quoted tho victim as
using stronger language.
A group of witnesses wem icallcd to
testify relative to seeing Pottibonc In the
company of Miss Helen Guillow both
previous to and following the death of
Mrs. Pottibonc. Colo Bowcn, a taxi driver,
told of taking MIbs Guillow and Pcttl
bone to Hooslck Falls from Bennington
twice in August, 1919,
Michael Fitzgerald, a fireman at the
Putnam Memorial Hospital told of see
ing tho two walking together stivcral
times in the hospital corridor.
Frank O'Toole, a taxi drivor of Ben
nington testified to no less than ten
Instances slnco tho middle of March
of this year and not later than May
10th that ho had either taken Miss
Outllow and Pcttlbone together in his
automobile or had taken Pettlbone- to
Sodom to seo Miss Guillow. These trips
included onoto North Adams from Ben
nington, but most of them were to or
from Sodom.
Edward Shanahan, a deputy sheriff
of the county, bvldently had been em
ployed to shadow the couple to somo
extent as his note book revealed notes
of their being In each others com
pany frequently between April 26 anJ
May 10. '
Because of tho funeral of a near
relative of ttomuy Joseph C. Jones',
ono of he attorney- for the defense,
court took a recess until two o'clock
Thursday, afternoon.
ing ' position, seemed to have gotten
tin .' . rtage at tho start, and started
ft' .ii board tack In tho weather berth.
tain Adams, of Resolute, offered llttlo
opposition, electing to wait for tho port
tuck, which came within a few minutes.
Hem ho took the windward berth, and
pointed Rcsolutu high up Into the wind.
Captain Burton turned Shamrock IV's
noso further In toward the .lerscy shoro
and the two sloops, traveling on dlvergins
paths soon wcru nearly a half mile niwirt.
Superficially Shamrock IV atpeared ti
have tho advantage. But finally, when
Slianiroc.k tacked, about two miles oft
the .lersey highlands. Capta'n Adams'
ttratof-y was proved. He held Ref-oluti
en her course and tho yachts iK'gan to
It was a yuoKTion wnlch would have mo
weather berth when the.y met, bat
Resolute gained It by a -want 100 yards.
Then ensued an exciting scries of sharp
tacks, in which Shamrock IV tried to
cross RcEoiutc'i bow, Tho nimble yachts
were like playful swallows, darting first
to port, then to starboard, then back
again to port oftentimes almost befre
their salts had fl'icd on tho preceding
swing. But it was Rcsolutc's game, and
tach limn Captain Adams swung her over,
she had drawn a little further ahead of
hsr .irrtv.il. . .
Skipper Burton fainted twice, bringing
Shamrock IV about until her sails flapped
and then swinging her back on the orlg-tnM.-
rjnf h lnst nn the mane-uvrc for
Captain Adams refused to be tricked.
Klnally Resolute gained a poini win-
Captain Adams felt he could make the
mark In one long reach and the defender
turned her tall on Shamrock IV and scud
ded away.
Shamrock IV quickly forsook her short
tacks, and gave chase. She gained slightly
on the reach, but Resolute beat tier to
the mark by two minutes and four sec
onds, made a close turn to windward,
and broke out her greatest wind catchers
with surprising rapidity.
Shamrock's turn was a bit wider and she
was slower breaking out her spinnaker
.....I v.illrrtnr nnrl when sho did get them
out there was a great gap of daylight
between thern. Rctoluto item ncr own on
the home stretch until Shamrock IV filled
this gap with a little triangular jib sail.
This s'eemcd to help her immensely ana
she began to close up the Interval until
she had passed the defender.
When they had crossed the finish, both
yachts holstod the "C" flag that indicated
unwillingness to race, to-morrow and it
was announced the next start would bo
Friday. Latnr It was announced Sham
rock was to be placed in dry dock to-morrow,
presumably for denning and polish
ing of hor hull.
Tlrld at IHtl- Home In St. Albans
Prominent Democrat Attend
SI. Albans, July 21. The funeral of Capt.
George W. Burloson, who died early Mon
day morning at his home on Stowell street,
was held at the house this afternoon at
two o'clock, the Rev. Richard J3. Arm
strong, rector of S.t. Luke's Kplscopal
Church officiating. The bearers wcro
George S. Burleson, H. C. Pomeroy, Maur
ice Walsh. W. B. Witters. A. C. S. Bee
man and W. H. R. Davidson. Burial took
Place in the family lot at tho Kast Fair
field cemetery. Members of the Frank
lin County Bar Association and A. R.
Hurlburt Post, No. (V), G. A. R. attended
in a body. Many prominent Democrats
of the State were present at the funeral
among them being Mayor J, Holmes Jack
son, T. B. Wricht. .1. K. Kennedy and M.
G. Leary, the Hon. C. II. Darling of
Burlington, H. C. Comings of Richford.
collector of customs, Olin I.. Merrill of
lnoshiirg Falls, former collector of cus
toms, ex-Gov. P. W. Gates of Franklin
and .1. K Ken.nedy of Wllliston
FINE N. H. MAN $100
Operated Auto While Intoxicated
Ohnnrcd With .Smuggling
.Montpclier, July 31.-K. A. Drown of
Sullivan, N. H has been fined 1100 and
toMs in Newport according to Information
which the Secrntarv nf Kl.ilo lm. nmiviij
and Mr. Black has sent to the Secretary
of State of Now Hampshire a copy of the
runvicuon, wnicn was tor operating at
autoninhlle wMIa Inlnvfrntori trn ...
rested last week at Derby Line, charged
mm Having smuggieu liquor in 1113 aut
mobile. Ara Oreiri? RtnnnH hrt fnr
Tho Secretary of State has revoked tho
uuiuiiioiiiie operators licenses or W.
viikih ui ;orin xroy and Wlirord James
of St. Albans for operating an automobile,
according to tho report received hy the
ocvii'iuiy, wiiuu uiey were intoxicated
Civil War Veteran Dies
Montnellcr. July 21. Gen?p n
a veteran of the Civil War died to-day"
following an operation for an ulcer In his
intestines, mo was a native of Montpcller,
born In 1843, a son of Stephen and May
Brovn. He served In the 10th Vermont
Regiment, while his father served In tho
9th regiment. He was 33 years employed
hy the Brooklyn Rapid Transit company
and the lints that existed before tho com
pany was developed. He leaves a-widow
iiuu h .hhiiw; wneoiocK: two sons,
George and Harry of New York. The body
will be taken to New York for burial.
To Propogate Trout
Montnellcr. July 21.-l.lnus Leavens In
Investigating the different places in the
tato relative to the installation of brood
ing ponds for propagating trout. It Is
proposed to' do as much of this as possible
In tho streams by forming small ponds
becauso of Uio fact that the wild trout
when propagated are much stronger than
those raised In a hatchery. With that
In view, he tins Inspected a place near
Wells River and as soon as ho has com
pleted his Investigations of other places
the designation of brooding ponds will
take place,
On the Eve of this Event He
Urges G. 0. P. Members of
Tennessee Legislature to Fight
for Suffrage Ratification
Marlon, O., July 21. Senator Harding
enlisted In the fight for tho woman suf
frage amendment to-night declaring on the
eve. of his formal acceptance of tho Re
publican nomination for president that
he was ready to throw the weight of his
Influence for ratification In tune for all
women to vote In November. '
Tho announcement followed a call by
representatives of the National Ameri
can Woman Suffrage association, and
took tho form of a telegram to Mrs. Car
rlo Chapman Catt, head of the association
at Nashville, Tcnn,
"I am exceedingly glad to Icam, the
telegram said, that you arc In Tennessee
seeking to consummate tho ratification
of the eqi:al suffrage amendment. If any
of the Republican members of tho Tonnes
see assembly should nsk my opinion as
to their course. I would cordially rnconi
rcend an Immediate favorable action. '
Jn p-wenllng their jilea and securing
results to-night tho association repre
sentative stolo a march on a delegation
of tho National Woman's party who ha.1
planner! to enliven the formal notification
ceremonies to-morrow by demarding that
tho nominee urge Republican legislators in
Tcnnes-eo to vote for ratification. What
action the women's parly crowd would
take was uncertain to-night, hut their
enga-tcracnt to r.cc Senator Harding to
morrow stood.
Thu conference between Senator Hard
ing and the party of women occupied
only a few minutes and followed a day
given over largely to last minute prrp-
iratlonn for tho notification ceremonies
at which the nomlnco will mark out the
skirmish lines of his campaign in an
icceptance speech interpreting the party
platform and declaring his personal stand
on national Issues.
His position on the League of Nations
colored with particular Interest by re
cent developments was discussed by th'
candidate at a two-hour conference with
Senator Lodge of Massachusetts who will
deliver the notification speech and who
as, chairman of tho foreign relations com
mittee led the Senate fight against unre
served ratification of the treaty. After
ward neither would make a public state
ment, but it was understood they went
over thoroughly the ground on which
the. battle over the league is to bo fought.
By his close associates the candidate
is expected to lay down a policy to-mor
row contributing to the paramountcy of
the league issue In the campaign and help
ing to clear tho air for a. finish fight be
tween the two big parties. His advisers
declare he will strike out with all his
strength against tho league as President
Wilson submitted it, and will add a con
structive suggestion of what should he
done to secure peace and to maintain it.
The acceptance, speech will he delivered
late in the afternoon near the end of a
program which begins at seven o'clock in
the morning. At that hour a local delega
tion will march to Senator Harding's resi
dence and the candidate will officiate at a
flag-raising, hoisting the Stars and Stripes
on the flag pole recently transplanted to
the Harding lawn from tho residence of
William McKlnley at Canton.
Delegations from other cities will bo
greeted by the nominee as they arrive
during the morning and early afternoon
by train and motor, but he expects to
make no address until the notification pro
gram begins at a park in the outskirts
of tho city at 2.00 p. m. He has been
Invited to a luncheon given the national
committee and the notification committee
by Dr. C. TS, Sawyer, but he said to-night
he thought It unllkfty that he could at
tend. More than thirty special trains are ex
pected during the day and many thou
sands will motor In from nearby cities
and towns. Republicans and Democrats
of Marlon have, joined hand? to provide
entertainment and the city is decked out
for tho occasion as never before In its
Two of tho delegations will bo partic
ularly welcome. One will be a resuscitated
brass band from Caledonia, in which
Senator Harding once played a trombone,
and the other a group ol several hundred
citizens of Dayton, the home town of the
senator's Democratic opponent, James M.
Cox. Of the two, the senator expressed
himself as most anxious to sen the
veterans from Caledonia and to Judge f
their efforts to put on a close harmony
come back
The notification Is to h held In a
Chautauqua pavilion, whrie scat.? have
been provided for abont 1,(01, althmu'li
moro than ten times that numb-r of v;sl
tors are expected. Will II. Iliys, tho
national chairman, will preside, ami there
will bo no addresses except those of
Senator Lodse and Senator Harding.
Bishop WIHIam F. Oldham of tho Meth
odist Kplscopal Church will deliver tho
Invocation and tho Rev. Father Joseph
M. Denning of St, Mary's Catholic Church
here the benediction.
So much personal attention was given
to arrangements by 'the candidate to-day
that he again got behind schedule in his
correspondence. Among the telcgranw
he received was one from Perley Chrls
tensen, nominee of the Farmer-Labor
party for president, requesting that he
uso his influence for executive clemency
for Eugene V. Dubs, tho socialist nomi
nee, who Is in tho Atlanta penitentiary.
Senator Harding said he would rCply
after the notification ceremonies wcro
The suffrage delegation which called
on tho candidate to-night arrived unex
pectedly and walked Into Harding head
quarters just as tho senator was leaving
for dinner. They wee Riven a hearing at
onco and a few minutes inter the tele
gram to Mrs. Catt was made public.
Those In the party were Miss Mary Olcott,
Mrs. Vv. H. AUeco and Mrs. James
Stokes, nil of Rldgertold, Conn., and
Mrs. George A. Soden of Chicago,
Los Angeles, Calif., July 2l.An or(lcr
for removal of Jack Johnson, negro, for
mer heavyweight champion pugilist, to
Chicago, whore ho l under sentence for
violation of tho Mann act. was signed In
tho United States District Court to-day".
Johnson will start eastward to-morrow,
aceordlrur to tho United States marsh".
Convention Adopts Resolution
Giving Him Nomination De
spite Fact that Nebraskan Had
Previously Declined It
Lincoln, Neb.. July 21. Tho prohibition
national convention to-day adopted a res
olution tendering tho party'H presidential
nomination to William .1. Bryan' despite
the fact that a communication from Mr.
Bryan declaring he would dccllno was
read. Only six of the iVinro than 200 dele
gates opposed tho resolution. The resolu
tion only tenders the nomination to Bryan
and he will not be considered as actually
nominated until he accepts.
In naming Mr. Bryan tho convention up
set precedent as well an Its program by
selecting the candidate on tho first day.
Nominations wem not scheduled until Fri
day. The nomination came after s struggle of
tl-e delegates which was started by the
resolution of W. I. ('alderwood of Mlnno
s'ta. ' tendering" Mr. Bryan the leader
ship and asking him to icply promptly to
the convention whether he. would accept.
At'empt , f tab!-! tldi resolution onls re
mltirl In an bourn recess during which Its
opponents led by Clinton N. Howard, of
New York urged Charles Rryan, brother
of th-s nominee, to make public communi
cations he was known to have concerning
Mr, Bryan's attitude..
Thir. brought out the fact that a propos
ed stamprdc. plans for which became
known yesterday, had resulted In Mr.
Howard sending a telegram to Mr. Bryan
asking if he would accept the nomination
and that tho Nebraskan had replied, say
ing he would decline. Speaker;; criticised
Mr. Howard for what they termed his re
calcitrant attitude" In net making public
the correspondence sooner, when It was
generally known this morning that he had
heard from Mr. Bryan.
Charles Bryan sent a letter to the
convention after it reconvened urging
that it reject the resolution and say
ing that Mr. Bryan's friends would op
pose his acceptance.
Speakers then charged that secret
conferences between delegates and
Charles Bryan had been held In the
last 24 hours with the apparent object
of preventing Mr. Bryan's nomination
on the ground that he did not want
to be named.
Miss Marie Brehm of California, first
woman to be elected permanent chair
man of a national political convention
relinquished tho chair and placed Mr.
Bryan in nomination. The nomination
was seconded by Nebraska. Florida.
Mlranurl, Illinois, California, Wisconsin
and Ohio.
To-night the delegates heard several
speakers assail the Republlcann and
Democrats and toll of "the wonderful
success of the Prohibition Party.
Every effort wan being made to got
in touch with Ir. Bryan and learn
his attitude toward the convention's
Inspector Operated In Johnxon Satilnla;
and Sundn j Some Hud Neither
."crtMcnten or Llcenoe
Montpcller, July a. inspector Pierce nf
the State automobile department has re
ported to the secretary of State tho-Bj-sult
of his work Saturday and Sunday
In Johnson, where he detained lfio auto
mohllistrt causing them to show whether
they had authority to operate an automo
bile. Ho found many instances In which the
drivers had neither certificate of registra
tion of the car or the operator's license
with them. He. called attention of the
drivers of machines to tho fact that If
they would carry these as provided by
law they would be detained only long
enough to show Identification and would
In the end save themselves some embar
Ullllnglinm, tireene, Mnilth Among
Spenkrr-t nt lllghcnle Spring
July 2S Sivnnlim Itand to Piny
St. Albuns.luly 21. A great Republican
rally for G. O. P. voters nf this vicinity
and the State will be held at Piatt's ramp,
Illghgato Springs, Wednesday July 2S.
Among tho prominent speaker." engaged
for tho occasion arc Senator William P.
Dillingham, Congressman Frank L.
Greene. Fuller C. Smith, delegato to tho
Chicago convention wilt also sneak. The
Swanton citizens' band will be In attend
ance and Felton'i orchestra of this city
will give selection. The big meeting will
'CRiii at seven o'clock standard time.
Affray on Bond Job nt Flilrlee Ilenalta
In Wounding: of Tlronl rirojrgtn Held
Chelsea, July 21. Luigi G regis Is held In
Oranro county jail to await the outcome
of the Injur) sustained by Francesco
Tir nl, who is at the Barro City hospital
suffering from a stab wound as tho rc
suit of a fight among workmen on' a
State road job In Falrlee on July 4.
Tlronl was stabbed with some sharp In
strumcnt, which penetrated one lung and,
while his Injury was not "considered very
serious at tho time. It was thought beat,
however, to take him to tho hospital for
care and treatment,
Immediately after the stabbing affray,
two young Italians, who are said to have
been mixed up in the affray, left Falrlco
and arriving In Bradford, sought auto-
mobile transportation to Wells River,
whero they could avail themselves of
better facilities of escaping by means of
railroad transportation. They secured
transportation to Wells River and, when
the affray came to tho attention of State's
Attorney Sherburno on tho following Mon
day morning, he. Immediately in company
with Sheriff Tracy went to Falrlee and
found that the men who were wanted were
undoubtedly out of the Vermont Jurltdlc
Bruley Hearing Postponed
St. Albans, July 21. A hearing In the
case of Bessie Bruley, who confessed to
being tho mother of tho girl baby found in
tho rear of Jordan Hall and which was
to have taken place this morning was
postponed until a future date. The physli
cal condition of Miss Bruley made It Inv
possible for her to come before tho court
Information of importance can be ob
tained through-cuuilfled tody.
Addison County
George Wales has returned to Wash
ington, D. C after a few days here with
old friends. Cards have been received an
nouncing the marriage of Wlnflold Scott
Huntley, Jr., and Emily Jane, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Atwell Calvin Ellis, of
Lyndhurst, Vt July 14. Tho groom Is tho
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Huntley of
South"vIaln street and tj-as a student of
Mlddlcbnry College before he went South
to attond a law school In Durham. N. C
Mrs. .Tolui Thompson of Brooklyn. N. Y
Is In town to visit her mother, Mrs. Mary
L. Tllden. Mrs. A. S. Harrlman has ("one
to Burlington to visit her daughter, Mrs.
Alhlan Parker. Mrs. Emily Bralnard of
Washington, D. C, is visiting at the home
of Col. and Mrs. Thad M. Chapman.
Mrs. G. D. Miner and granddaughter.
Beatrice Hubbard, are at Manamct, Mass..
to visit at the home of Mrs. E. L. Briggs.
Dr. and Mrs, Earl Farnsworth and son
of Grand Islan, Neb., are at tho Addls-on
House for a few weeks. Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Ross of Barre have moved to town to
make their home with their daughter,
Mrs. Lcroy Howard.
There are now 314 students In the' var
ious departments of the summer school
of Mlddlehury College, which is lfr? greater
than tho total number registered last year
and the number of States represented Is
21 besides Vermont. Of these studenu?, y2
arc In tho French schoool, SO are in the
English school located at Brcadlnaf Inn
at PJpton, and M arc In the Spanish
KChool. Miss Inez WNIIams and brother,
Rupert Williams, oSt. .Tohnnbury, aro
In town for a few weeks' vacation visit.
The Iron work for tho two new railroad
bridges which tho Rutland railroad Is to
build In town has begun to arrive in car
load lots and It Is expected the work of
constructing the bridges on Main street
and Merchants Row will be begun right
away. Miss May Brislln, tho district
nurse, Is taking a vacation of three weeks
which she is spending with her mother in
East Clarendon. Frank Leno. who has
been In bad health for many weeks and
who recently returned after two weeks'
treatment In yio Fanny Allen hospital, is
improving now and hopes to recover his
former good health. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Franklin nnd two children of Montreal
aro In town to spend a fow
weeks. Miss Dorothy Ross has
gone to Grand Isle and will spend her
vacation at Camp Hochrlaga. Leslie Day
ton has purchased the Mrs. Eva Pond
house on South street and will take pos
ccsslon at once. Word has been received
of the death of Mrs. Gcorgo D. Copcland
at her sort's home In I.os Angeles. June 2S.
She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel D. Austin and a. sister of Mrs.
Walter Billings of this town.
A good number of members of Addison
Encampment, No. 27, I. O. O. F., went to
Bristol Monday evening to attond a meet
Ing of Wardwell Encampment, No. 31, at
which meeting the Bristol Encampment
worked the royal purple degree on a class
of six candidates, threo oT whom were
frnm Addison Encampment, Nn. 27.
Among those who went were Melvin K.
Damon. Louis H. Stalker, William H.
Ford, Ouldeon E. Abbey, William W.
Turner. Michael Grady, C. F. Rich and
Burt Rickcrt. George K. Abbey has re
turned from Burlington. Miss Dorothy
Walker has returned from Proctor. Mrs.
L. J. Bruya of Barro Is In town on a
visit at the home of her mother, Mrs.
Napoleon LaPan. President John M.
Thomas has returned from Vergcnnr
in the vicinity of which city ho on Sun
day preached at an open-air gathering
on the shorn of Lake Champlain. Miss
Evelyn Houghton and brother, Albert
Houghton, have returned to AVaJIingford
after having spent a week at the home
nf their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ter L. Billings. Large quantities of hay
tvhlch were lying cut on farms in this
county were got up and into the bams
during Sunday. There were still other
large quantities lying out roady for stor
ing which could not be got In. This work
was made necessary by the steady wet
weather extending back ume time. The
Misses Hilda and Alice Munroo of
Brookllnc, Mass., arc In town for two
weeks with relative. Mrs. Eugene Whlt
timore and son, Paul, nave returned to
Rutland after a week in town. John Tom
masl after making his home In town for
two years has gone to Fair Haven and
expects to go Into business for himself in
that town. Mr. and Mrs. Honry Spar
row of Spring Lake, Iowa, arc with
friends in town for several weeks. Odcll
Estcs has returned to Bristol after a
few days' visit In town with friends.
A dniighter. Jane Ruth, was bom to Mr.
nnd Mrs. I!. W. Chambers Saturday at
the Mary Fletcher hospital. Mrs. Cham
bers before her marrlagn was Miss Fran
ces Piper Leonard Zeeman. with a gang
of men. Is putting in a new piece of
cement walk on North Pleasant street to
take the place of an old tar walk. Mon
day, market day, eggs brought SO to m
cents, dairy butter Ki cents and cream
ery butter M cents. Mrs. R, D. Wordcn
of Ravenna. Ohio, Is visiting her brother.
Earl E. Polsuc.
Another large audlcnco gathered at the
town hall Monday evening to witness the
second prcheiitatuin of the pageant drnma,
"Tho Court of Fame," many whom were
present Friday evening attending again.
In tho voting contest at the home talent
show at the town hall Monday evening,
Mrs. GedYge Chaffee rcorlved most
votes, as, Samatha Allen; Mrs. H. B.
Hagar as Barbara Frlctchic. Miss Pauline
Sanford as Topsy was a close second. Tho
drama netted jl.V.'.lS which will bo devoted
to the district nurse fund. Mrs. Elbert B.
Holmes gave an afternoon tea to Mrtt.
William T. Forsythe. wlfo of the late
William Forsythe, a former' rector of St.
Stephen's Episcopal Church of this village,
at her homo on South Main street Tues
day afternoon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles P. Cassln of New
York city have arrived for several weeks
here and at Lake Dunmore. Hundreds
of apple barrels aro being delivered at this
station every day and drawn out to the
country to bo used in tho packing of tho
fall nnd winter apple crop. From tho
present outlook tho crop generally will
bo about an avorago one, wlpi a much
better yield of better fruit to tho grow
ers who have taken proper care of their
orchards. Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Bl.iltcly
have returned to Lawrence, Mass., after
several weeks In Mlddlebury and vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Morton of
Indianapolis, Ind., lire In town for a visit
of two or three weeks. The Misses Jen
nie Tlsdalo and Myrtle Lynch have gone
to Swanton tot spend a few weeks with
friends. Mr. olid Mrs. Frank J) Gllllgan
of Port Henry, N. Y are visiting in
Mlddlebury nnd neighboring towns. Mr.
and Mrs. Chauncy Ellsworth have 're
turned to Franklin Falls, Mass., after
three weeks In towiu Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Sutton, who have been spending ten days
at tho Addison House, h'avii gone to
Burlington, whero they will send a short
time, after which, they -will, take-.trip
through Lake Champlain and from Uiero
will return to their homo In New York
Mrs. T. H. Barnum of Weybridge has
returned from a four weeks' visit with
relatives In New Hampshire and Con
necticut. Dr. Charles fl. Barnum and
Miss Alloo W. Barnum of Groton, Conn ,
aro making a 10 days' visit with their
parcntn, the Rev. and Mrs. S. H. Bar
num. The meeting of tho Middlobury
Grango No. 31S will bo held Friday
evening' and the program will bo .is
follows after the. regular business sts
fHon: Musio.; --p to tnn Pmspnj TmR
What American has Done the Most Good
With Ills Money 7" answered bv six
mombcrs! roll call, a. favorite chllJhood
game; mnslo; "What Did Onr -arm
FUrnlsh for the Meals of My Family
One Day In the Paat Week " Mrs.
Charlns James, Mrs. Fred Brooklns,
Mr.t. Earl Dowey. Mrs. H. 13. Sessions'
strt quotations of choioo poetry, by an
many members; music. Tho music for
tills meeting Will ho in rhar-o nf -Vt,.
Carl Barton. Tho Surprise committco
is .Mrs. F. J. Hubbard, Mrs. Ooorco
Fern and Lylo Mapon of Warrens
burg, N. T arc visiting their aunt, Mrs.
... ... u.i. .Mu.3 Alice Raymond nf Bal-
.tlmore, Md., is -islting Miss Grace L.
Allen of Bcningham. Warn., who Is
spending her vacation with her father.
, Henry E. Allen.-Tho Vorgonnes appor
tionment of J20O, toward the fund to mate i
the t-'fl.m preventorium gift made hy Red-
field Proctor to tho Vermont -Tuberculosis
i association has bcn met by tho payment
of W.5 In cash and SE3.S0 in pledges. Thu
made a total from Vergennes of Jtfiri;,.
,ionn Hiincn, who with his wlfo has been
spending a week's vacation with his par
ents returned yesterday to Springfield.
Mass. .Mrs. Bunch will remain some tmio
longer. Mr. and Mrs. Volnoy Avery, who
have been making their home In Reading,
Pa., havo rented the J. O. Walker house
in Ferrisburg and have moved their house
hold goods there. At tho Vergennes Gun
club shoot Friday afternoon, tlicro wcro
20 contestants. II. W. Adams was hlg't
gun with a .-core of 22 out of a posnihlc
2S. F. W. Lcheau second, score 20, W V.
Warner, third, Fcore 10. Mr. and Mr-.
Charles E. Ross and daughter. Miss Ade
laide of Butland, are visiting his broth
er, Frank A. Ross, and daughter, Mffi
Mary Ross. Mrs. William Smith of Bur
lnlgton, a former resident, called -"on
friends hero Friday. Charles I,co has re
turned to Hartford. Conn., after a visit
to his father, Mosos S. Lee. Mrs. Chris
topher Yattaw ha gone to make her home
with her daughters, Mrs. Clayton Mcln
tyre and Mrs. J. H. Hart. The condition
of Miss Helen Burroughs, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Burroughs, who re
cently underwent a serious operation i i
the General Hospital in Boston, Is im
proving. George Woy has moved his fam
ily to New Haven where he has employ
ment. Attorney George. W. Stone of Vcrgonnen
has announred himself as a candidate for
State's attorney. Mrs. Cecil R. Br'stol
and children, have gone, to Alburg to vis
it her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clellan.
Mrs. Susanna CMorritt) Booth has pur
chased of .Mrs. Alexander Bennett thn
Samuel Wilson place near the park and
will take possession October 1. A. L. Bhn
ohard and nephew, James Kirk of New
Haven, Conn., arc, visiting Mr. nian
chard's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Rlanchard. Ira Brydla has instaUcd a
Pine Tree milking marhlne on hh farm
In West Ferrisburg and has piireh.ised
a Fordson tractor for farm uses.-Mr and
Mrs. Henry LaRnck were brought before
Municipal Court Judge A. W. Dickons
Saturday on a complaint by neighbor on
tho charge of disturbing the peace. Both
pleaded guilty The court sentenced Ia
Rock to six month's imprisonment In tho
house of correction at Windsor and Mrs.
LaRock was fined fl".2o. Both sentences
were suspended subject to good behavior
The children were placed in charge of
State Commissioner W. H. Jeffery State's
Attorney A. R. Sturtcvant appeared for
the State- The condition of Henry Pres
ton, who has been ill for several weeks
from heart trouble at the homo of his
sister. Mrs. Mary Goodale, Is so much im
proved that he Is able to be out. Truman
Tyrell of New York is visiting his par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Tyrell of
West Forri3burg. Abraham Cohen and
family and Max Fishman and children
spent Sunday at Lake Dunmore. Prof.
George alrymplc and family of New
ark, N. J., arc visiting his brothers, Wil
liam B., and Walter A. Dalrymple. Mrs.
P. Slngerman has returned to New York
city after a visit to her cousins. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Abraham Cohen. Charles Miller h.is
purchased the Lang house on the west
side of tho river of tho Herrick Stevens
estate and will take possession Augu-t I
Mrs. May Gale has returned from
Greensboro, whero she has been caring
for a patient. Mrs. Louis Pantnn of Low
ell, Mass., is visiting her son, Alfred Pan
ton. Congressman Frank L. Greene was in
town Monday. Mr. nnd Mrs, Thomas
McManns of Worcester, Mass., arc guests
of City Representative nnd Mrs. Wil
liam H. Norton nt the StcVcns Hoiies.
Mr. and Mrfl. William It. Sessions and
two sons have returned from a two
week-' vacation spent with relatives In
Brandon and Bristol. Benjamin Clifton
of Watertnwn, N. Y., called on friend3
here Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Bartley of Bridgeport, Conn., are visit
ing Mrs. Bartloy's parents, Mr., nnd Mrs.
George S. Floyd. Miss Mnrjorle rhelpn
is attending summer school nt the Uni
versity of Vermont. Mrwand Mrs. Gcorgo
Geo spent Sunday with Mr. Gee's parents,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Gee. Mrs. Cynthia
Mclntyre anil niece, Miss Jessie N'c'l.
accompanied by Mrs. Mrlntyrc's brother,
Elynn Kent, and wife of Mlnevi Ic,
N. Y left yesterday for Taroma, Wns'i.,
on a two months' visit to Mr. ohn S'or
ton, Miss Ernestine Rcnaud of Montreal
Li visiting her uncles. Desire, Louis and
Nelson J. Renaud. The Rov. nnd Mrs.
II. A. Sanderson of Montreal are guests
of II. P. Edwards at the State Industrial
School, Miss Ruth Dickinson or W'Htu
Plains, N. Y Is spending tho summer
with her aunt, Mrs. E. G. Norton Clin
ton Pccuo of Buffalo, N. Y , Is visiting
his father, William Pecue. Miss Ger
trude Piper, accompanied by her grand
father, Cnsslus T. Warner, and Dr. V W.
Waterman, was taken Monday to thu
Mary Fletcher hospital to bo operated
upon for appendicitis. The Vergennes
town baeb.ill Icam will cross bats next
Sunday afternoon on tho old fair grouuda
hero with tho fast Burlington American
Legion Post, No. 2, team. Henry V.
Wheelock Is spending the week nt his
camp at Woodhury Pond. Mr. and Mrs.
Grover Gowett, Abraham and Mrs. Elda
Gowett linvo returned to Holyoke, Mass..
after a visit to their parents, Mr and
Mrs. Joel Gowett. ,
Over "00 people attended the frco lecture,
Illustrated by moving pictures, on tho
(Con tinned on puso 3)

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