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i.loro and is ready for business In
l!ti -Mrs, I lia Hogan nnu nopnaw,
.. . .. ...fAM n-i,An Ik oi-curtV-
the home of Mrs. V L. Roberts.-
. .. .i tifinsmoro
f.L.ik. -ia nn,1i v. Itllhr.rt
ill i3n31ilU IIU "
cMnscrn wis in westiora on oaaine
.... t( . rUn.iV.M.1 n rf Mlir
..... .. ..I..1. - 1 tl. V. r. n. n
(ft Has 3 Biinnay visuur i ,,",,
ho rSuv. .,nd Mrs. J. T. UuM.alt.--Mr,.
Mrs. Chaiic Cornell of Tennessee
visiting at tii honv. of Mp. ana jurr-.
r. -...!. V ..n f 11...U T itn n.i
sr.-ndlng a few day h the homo of
:,r..l Mn. John F. Krewet, returned
lymonri Cook ban been trending a
day at the home or .v.t. ann jits.
hs Marsh, Edwarn woonrun. who
been In Lowell. Maui., has .returned
....j .,.. ttA.h.H l.litrhln.
ha.v returned from n trip to Grand
Mfn Florence nay assist'.! in tne
v.. i.mi Mrj ' rnr.V Porelval. who
Collins with n llk umbrella Mr. Collins
feelingly responded mid thanked his many
friends for their Interest n him, The
whole affair wan thoughtfully arranged
and splendidly carried out
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Gilpin of Barton,
and family, Mrs, M. M. Miller nml ..hit.
reunion will be held at X. A. Johns Wed-jdrcn of Nov A'ork and Miss Kva Ollpln
ntsday, August 18. The Sargent re- of B.n ton were recent visitors at the home,
union will ho held at Hurley Sargentw V,f .Mr .and .Mrs. E. W. rillpln. Mrp. W.
August 11. P- liasL-tian and two children of Melrom
r.,.,.. m.rrnv , Inghlands, Mass.. visited at the home of
SOUTH BURLINGTON ,Mrs. H. E. Itusledt. Frfday.-Mlss Alma
wucoxi oi re.wKf.nury, Mass.. Is passing
a two wcekn' vacation at the home of her
Mary Fletcher hospital for treatment.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfon Swlnycr and daughter,
Greta, and Elbert Rogers were over Sun
lay guests of friends In Gaysville.
Clinton Conger of Woodbury returned
homo Monday after visiting his mother,
Mrs 1 H. Conscr. Alfred .llmmo and
daughter, Bertha, and Ml .Tano Ring
visited at tra Rings Sunday. The HII'
The 1'roRTe.sslVf Agricultural e.luh
will meet Friday evening with Mr. and
Mrs. n. I. Xowton on Spear street.
parenti-, Mr. and Mrs. .t.
T'rolnce street. Mr, and
R. Wilcox, of
Romeo's orchestra will furr.irh muMo MllSB0 anfJ Hlf; vv'a Srofe,V ot'rfrand 1
for dancing
Llgne, Que., are at their home In this
Iplarp for a few wicks' vacation. Dr. and
Mrs. Henry Wheeler. Dr. Islah Wheeler.
Mr. and Mrs. 13. H. Lombard have been Mrs. I.. M. Ho.Tle and Mrs. P.-C-. Kweenov
spending teveral days In Montpeller at of Xew York city are visiting among rcl-
a,t Lake Carml with tholr leader and
assistant. Mlfa llla Fairbanks, and Miss
Sadie Wilbur of Georgia -Xatlian Fisher
of Springfield, Mass., Is visiting at the
homo of I.. I Laflcy. Miss Kva Denm
of Washington, n. r, and Miss Doro
thy Leavens of Cambridge aro visiting
In the home of their uncle, .1. a. Clalnes.
Eleanor Wallare, who was badly hurt
by a fall several days ago. returned from
the St. Albans hospital Tuesday.
Miss Carrie Bostwlck of Boston Is via
Itlng at .1. S. Howard's.-Dr. Frank Hunt
and family who have, been visiting his
mother, Mrs. I. K. Hunt have returned to
their home In Montgomery. The Rev.
K. IRolla Hunt of Forest Kill, L. I., Is spend-
lug hip annual vacation on his farm In
lluntvllle. His family and other friends
are with him. Miss Ruth Whytock of
Los Angeles. Calif., Is visiting her ssller,
Mrs. .t. H. Klngsley. Mrs. Bert Rich and
four children are recovering from the.
c In Fnderhlll to nttor.d the funeral I Mr. Lombards home. Miss Marietta. York jatlves and friends In this place where I measles. Mra. F. 13, Grow
M'. Fcrclval's- sistr m:. aieau. is enjoying a two weeks vacation irom uip.v mi ninny. rc3Kirn..-,uiss urare (forr i teveral little people Tliursrtay artcmoon
iiir Ru-slri of Weatforrt a at the ' her ilutles In the telephone exchange. of Washington. D. r Is visiting at the in honor of the ninth hlrthday of her
tf. of Mr. and Mi. Waiter riWIw't.t: Miss Whalen of Burlington Is visiting her home of her mother. Mr. H. M. Ooff. Ifldest daughter. Marol-n, Refreshments
lay. Mr. Strati ha.-, p-i'cli.'f?'! a new untie, T. B. Whalen. Ml as uiatiys. icror .nr. am .urs, .noses inviieue went tojwi-rn served Among tlie out or town
Misn Mrj- Traoh.-nit 'if WliUston f,f WlnooslU spnt Wednesday a.t her homo Xorth Troy Monday where they will guests, were the Mlssto Anrlry. Floy and
r. v!tnr fiturnv a. th? horse, of here. Thi Misses Malellne and Helen vl;.l! at the lunim of their daugh'or. Mrs. Marie Heury of ii'prlncfleld. Mas. Mrs.
nnJ Mr, C A. rvvn.cy.-Mw. Sarah f Murrlock are visiting friends in .Jericho. I Wilbur Rlchardwn Mr. and Mr. Leslie j H .o. Wilkin, son. Ahl Wllklns and
.. ,v" .;.rl'-iL-ti:r. v.v i wiie.r ar. and Mm F. Fi. Cliessmore wrrc : i. i omus iuiti iwo cnunren oi '.,ar.v. ciaiiEjIJer. Mrs. i .i. newe.y, spent Sun
t,. Vr. Iritru (.- Rice Mrs.
Macs., Is staying with hlr. brother, George McMahon, visited Smugglers' Notch and
Smlth.-MIss Lucille Tratt of Swanton la j Ml. Mansfield Friday, making the trip
homo for a vacation of two weks.-Mr. In Mr. Williams' automobile, leaving
and Mrs. Leonard- Rhangraw and '.Stowc at lwn p. m., visiting the ravos
daughter of Now York arc A'lsltlng at In Smugglers' Notrh and making other
Mrs. Arden Laplanl's.-The remains of stops on tnc trip ani going to mo sum
the. late David Baker, who died at 1 mlt of Mt. Mansfield and returning to
Hartford, Conn., were brought here for , Stowe. In leis than two and one-half
burial Thursday. .hours. Tim distance was about r,0 miles,
'much of It mountain travel.
The nev .1. A. Wright of Minneapolis,
Minn., and nephew, K. S. Wright, of
Montgomery, spent the day recently at
the Wright homestead. Fred Darling of
Adell, Iowa, visited at the home of F.
M. Wright Monday. The Rev. R. Burn
and family were In Troy this week to
Attend the wedding of Mra. Burn's sister.
A meeting of the shareholders nf the
Mt. Mansfield Creamery and Grain as
sociation was held here Saturday evening
to discuss the mailer of equipping their
grain warehouses with nocescary milling
the afternoon of Auguat 15. A meeting of
the Community Church board of directors
was held ucsday evening. Messrs M, C.
Lovejo, A. It. Straw nnd F. K. Smith
motored lo North Troy Wednesday on
church business. Miss Mary Stcbblns of
Bristol, N. H., Is visiting her mother, Mr
Cynthia Stehblns, and brolhcts, S. A. and
B. R. Stcbblns and fajnllles. Mrs. Cynthia
Stebblns, who was very ill In the winter.
Is at the home of her son, S, A. Stcbblns,
and li able to be about the house a little
Mrs. W. .1. Churchill is passing several
weeks with her con. Maro Churchill, In
Barre. Among the rtcrnt guests nt Irving
Warburton'n at Moss Olen Falls have boen
machinery. II wan decided tn buy only the I
neeosary machinery at this lime, but to , IJrofcssor Brant nt Ynlo University and
make their warehouse of such proportions , Mrs. Brant and Mr. and Mr. L?wls of
as to provide for modem milling machln- Charlotte. There will be no dancing at
urns sister. rrv n t)l ,.,,. future. Frank Sears, prcs- I the. pavilion until timber notice. Wllbert
una and cnuore.n )rlf.n, of ,1C Farmers' Shipping nsi-oclation ' Mayo Is visiting his sister, Mr"?. C L.
parents of Mrs. i .intlev. Minn., addressed the mectlns. i f'ervler. in Northfleld.-W. W. Luce haa
v. .1. cnaftce, last te,1K 0f thp co-operative wrk the far- returned to Miami, Flu., after a few days
urice oi Munmsion ,,(, nr doing III that trctlon. ills far- with his famll
. . . . . . 3 .. . I . . .. a .1 ..Ton v
.11. x..,V.rflI. MtS IVJTOIQV
If. ho has Vm tPft;,iir.g rcvori
iv limrie tit Mr. a:m xn. wn-
jMcVcson has rctutTir to her home
BrnKlfncrc. -Mr and Mm. Fred r.rn-
anj Urew iJ-.Uflrer.. Doiocrt, naieo
Jaaa. of Mlehmcaid art spvjnilng
Mv, -jTltll 'ATT. Allhift FoKtJT.
1. Combs
In Burlington WMluesday, Several from tnd who have-bten Meiilng at the home da v with relatives at Quce.n City Park.
hero attendcel theTlrcus cither at Mont-'of Mrs. F,!Us Combs of F.irr.ir 6trcet. ,-Mi md Mm VV. U. White have, sold
roller or Burlington, Wilbur Shomon Is bavo gone to SheJdon, where tlicy will Itlic'r f'-rtn on North Main street to ,foe!
spending the week a! his
MallortM Uay.
of Troy visited the
Lunna, Mr. and Mrs
week, Miss Flora Charree or Burlington ,- nrn ,lolnc In that tretlon. Ills far. with his fanillv bete. Miss Hazel Hamel
parsed Saturday and Sunday with her 11Kr.t navf. t Iir I r min creanirry. shlpplnc has returned to Waterbury after vls-ltlng
parents.-Dr. N. .1. M tin roc and Mrs. organization, grain buying organization, Mtr. W. K. Shepard In Stown.-Mlsa
Mra. Munroe of Stockbrldge, Mass., 'co-operative alore, their own bank and I Madge Merrllt of Morrlsvlllo Is visiting
pafited the. week-end with Mr, and Mrs, their own fire and hall Imiuranc com- I ber i.lster, Mrs. P. A. Raymond. Mr, and
Lyman Gilbert. The Gates families from pany. A. R. Andre, manager of the Ad- I Mrs. H. c. Me.Mahnn and Children. Major
the surrounding towns are to "have a dlto'n Countv Famif-rs' Milk association, ! and Mrs. Dwlqht F. Smith and Miss Mil
gathering at the home of S. B. Marvin, spok on milk refrlcrallon. At his plant drcd Smith have returned from an auto
Wednesday. Mrs. S. r. Stevens, who Is In Mlddlehury. a refrigerating system In- trip and a ten days' stay at Old Orchard,
at St. Albans hospital, Is Improving. stalled a year ago has served half their
Ice bill. Some of tho Vermont creamery
Franklin County
tottagc.it be In camp at Rlvi.ni!de. The f-'.unt.iln lUro-vn of Enosburf; FaJIk 1'osAt.sion Is
i that If. to ornajnen the park at th, head to t gi-vn September 1 The Rcdc'.lffo
'of Main street arrlvu.l last wet' :uid tlm C...ii;t.iiiitirt enmpany Is to give. Its en
work of placing It will begin at once. Tho .icrtainmcnls in town August u, C jjid 7.
expense of thin fount-tin will be defrayed Mrs. Clnn Tinker and son, of Fletcacr.
by Fr.,r.l; ( orllt--. of tnimha, Neb . 'are vising her ;o.rr.tr. Mr. and Mre. W.
.-. natlvt of llie.hfcr.l, as a tc.-tlmoninl s. Vlilte.- Mrs Ciwa Often of E.irlingtot
of goorl will to his iu.uve plse.e. .Mr ar.d'Ius bcon visiting her r.on, c:con Orten ,
I '-w3 ha ie.c recalvel in thi c.tv of.Mrr. S. Car. Cu-pnrier ai.d cli;iiln wo- iimf family. David !iney has returned!
Uhc mmif encasement of Miss A'Jutm . 'r.ilanic'l lij Mrs-. I.oro P. Davl arc . to Inn home In Now ork city nlor u-ss-Fr.-iTirAK
Rrrw.kt .i.nnrhi... nf v- Vtillinllti camp on Vih shore or Lai:c Mci.'pl.re-Mng a. week with relatives. Wendell aiuth-
Iiu-,,!i was o fitor of ralativ ! CiioorT;) Bkx,1s of Louisville. Ky toltnagOK. ';ml a.:d fernard lllcks acconijnlecl hfrr.
onrllle Sumliy Arthur Hopklna Stevtns of W.nhir.gtoji. i -nr. o.n.-, xra. Aiirc: uu.tse.. wiu n,w hj mr hs run .
P. C, son of Mr. and Mri K '-' oievei,s ! been v'.sitfi''g nt l tjo-.no o! iheir flaugfc- ' warc iinproi c-r.eii rociccr arc in kvo
!of this city. The wetting w.il aKi- phicillev. Mrs. Charles Colby, of T.-oy ttreel. I tli.nr Jila ".Vunt Jerimba s Qullt,T,K
Majt"V?V .at WoCK. .M.Tir.a a 'u.rnsr rrucui or uus cny. ,......, .. .... ... ., . .j.... .
. - .. . . ,n.i .ii.. .v., - .Ma;, -i u-...--ir.h, P-c-..nKvliaritM. 1 tn.kln.r a ' ur.rl M. tlArolri Dfiir, of Providence:.
wr .v. .- c :vj. ..,,! Iii.icp of 'hln nio..-. tr. H.-rR.- r-hun- fr i'.rtrlrh and family of Lvndonvillo
i- vmu flnwahi" to retur.-. 'auiiw. Sa-.- ami. '.." a close Siindav itfurr.o .n cuf, an.! other relaU'-a. Mlrs Kinn Har- ' wore Sunday g,it-s -n Mrs. Cora riolri'.
-. .l.i-Tili- were! iv.ih a -lclli:htf6l automob'lo. trio ti i mo:i o' I,,!ilon !s viitltiK her aunts, Mrs:. '-Mrs. Matilda Sl.nm.v ; or vn-8iu-AufetL-
' Av nmniw... .vmrv'f. Gore. VMn-inr -hr, 'rii, k. . .v.. r.ii C Bcrmi an,i Mias Vt-a'ipe Liberty Is x Isitma relatives in tow'i -Mr. and
. ...... -.. iXmAx .. Jti tlCaC'
T .cirr. 2 J'JStl.'i w:iran
Mr. and Mra. Mark Stephenson, who
have ben passing their vacation In
Lowell. have returned, The Mkies
tlcorgianna Maynard ond Bertha Car-
p-:nter are In camp at "The Maples," .
Vale rerklns, Que.
Grand Isie County
managers are placing contrarij; for but
ter tuba to be made up the coming winter j
to be In readiness for next season's re- i
qulreinents -Some of the Vermont
crcanury managers, are talking of or
ganizing a State Crcamerjmen'a a.soel.i-
jtlon. It ban been ruggeMed having this
meeting at tlie State Dairymen's conven
tion in January. L. O. Mulholland of
Me. Rulb and Areola. Cutler have return
d to Morttown after a visit at tho hom
of their aunt, Mrs. H. C Welti. William
Bailey li moving from Moscow to Morris
villc iMwln Hall Is visiting his mother
In Wllllamntown. Frank Pike, of Barre
vit Itlng his mother, Mrs. Maty Pike at
R. S. Warren'.". Mlfa Ruth McMahon
closed her dancing rhisn with a "public"
held at the Akeley Memorial building
Music was by Miss Dorothy Barrows and
Montreller, field agent in marketing, and ! Messrs Clark and Bingham of Hardwic.k
Mlrs Blssonetle of TSnrtlifleM. called on . About .V) couples were present and a
Mr. and Sirs. A- D. Lnch Sunday.' Mrr pharant party was enjoyed. Mrs. Lola
Paul Raymond was In F.lmorc Saturday ; Billings Douglass, who left Stowe Wed-
' i.a fiimav In nMrnr! a famiiv rc.tmlnn. n . .. ... A . n ..t,.
body of Arthur Landon r?Achd The Rev. K. G. French of .tohnson preach-' in Bedford and Worcester. Macs.. War-
!ea ,ed acceptably at thn Community Church ren. Pa., Tiffin, O.. and Frbana, 111., on
1 .Sunday service Sunday morning. A solo h;r way to St. Louis where she expect",
erclteiiK rendered bv Prin. C. .1. Strand. A f tr. in lit VAn,An,kn. am.i
iiaiu uoe om oi nil nniusirocni. lie w3H,,,srfv of six motored here from In
n tho aMh Ir.l'Antry. Third Division, en-;v), a rllManre of SO miles to hear
laz-ta erf !nterrt!t w.ni visited Anions 1 ana her uncle. .lostph Liberty, of Tpjy
ih&ra -vrero E'alrlar. Falls where, Is iotwl i .-trect.Kmest Clark of New Tork city
i! .H ,,rn. nf ,y. r.wi v:mt1. I ritt ' ir. iraitnt? a fpjr livs hrr ..Atr.. Gorire mother. Mrs. Cora Field Richard Smith.
Marshall Field and little daughter
Wellsvillc. N. H . arc niltlng his
here Wednesday .lu'fy a, bavins heen
br&ught fro Franc. Arthur wa;; born
:'-oulli Hero April 17, i&i. mid lived th
ILatinr roDruary 1, MV. He started OVfr-n-rmon. Mr. French helnir a former nar.
r-eas Maj- ?.7, If IS. hU raw much flghtlng, jtor.-The funeral of Fremont J. Stone was
mdurcil many hardships, going over 1liehled at f'nltv Church Sunday afternoon,
top four Ornery On Ix'.L. way home lie was The Rev. W. T. Kcst of Morrlsville qf
takou III with piouiiionli at Brest .uvl : flclated. Tlie benrrra were Mr. Stone's
died thero February 24, 1?!). The, funeral son. Karl R. Stone. Casslus Glbhs, c. A.
waa held at the church Sunday. July 25, Tomllnson and Dewey Lyon. Among the
at 2:00 p. m. with Maionic burlai. . u, floral tributes were sweet peas from tlie
sarvlved by li'.s mother and futh . and children, a rnray of carnations from for-
who is working at Colchester this sum-
many relatives and Mends.
About Rii of the friends of Miy Haze!
Dnba gave, her a shower July 2J m honor
of her approaching marriage to Clyu
Hutohlnion. Miss Duba wa the recipl
. . -with Mra. A. C. li'W- ' 's k"1 oe largest UUc mlm. in tnia I h.. ner lurmer iiomc- lo '1MI reia-ivc. .n.rr was a cur.uay .isitur .n i.,,- ,,Ui,.r. rn. of TOany bcaaitxcm presents, suen as
, ..ry-omnaiivsd her tiero- .e.iuoiry aiil psrhire the world. The cure Mrs. L. 1-3. Hanson has reuimod to her of his tiaugnter. Mrs. v. w . .-.mini.
- ,,n ,a -gxn 3Lua TomuaKro rr u-.e :ns w;ro ann&iec py memixMS oi none in .Newport aiwr passmj- u iew ,.,ira na.-j- man an.,
'Tl: t " mar S o3 Ivst w.k We-l-'tne Si. Albaar. City club. SatunUy nlxcr- dayr wrth he,- ton, Prir- Ti. X Hanson ..Virtnn. w.-. have been visiting at .
fc.S310X y " - l( - l)i ;..il,r-i n.l minairM. m.t thl-'.-Vn RIOR-nrl r.nnnnr- nr.rt r.nn. X'er.netli lO Start's relumed to their home Motl.
cams, la - X-.-J-- r.f .i,iinv whft .-j-jm -..-rrriri! th.vlr I vi.iv., r-r-.irnerl from n trro umlin' visit , dar ILrarr. Paarjon of KtevK Junction
WEST alrLTON '-.inb-uiaa bcre. want to IDtfl-.sate Springs a the home or her r'.jter. :',
where tr.cy enjoyac an oulir.c. B.vsct,i.i Mor-n, In Boston
tltss Mad' Rocc- vf Ctw.urJ. J. '-j lSiUn6i d.Ehur. boating ar.U othe.r s-.-.:v.u
d Uarbar U"hitn?y of Jartclio teA. ,.i,-.j ( ... ,.:.(, , r.-..-irie
i t ti v r'rtt iin in l i. . ... - .....
r. ami .ins1. ' w"-v - . - , -n T.io i r...TtriiiiTi i.cs nirv t i ixi. uim-
ra, .uiiuti.il .-.-- - iii i v t i r.' ij i-.m:! tviii ivjil uii
rriardf juu .'iu jj ' 'tznsvv I'lt.' r ; 'virr i-nnav nint. .
visit in Mainc-MIsa n oxalic Ctransr a baaiwt vast Riven, more than 10") pco- I
i ,1 In r'nlihMsTr witn mi. i. i .,!-
H. Kenvon. Mr. andi.,u i,.c. v,1. it.tH u um itv he
M1 .-.J Iff nnrl rvc I . . . ". ....
r. a. .) moraptau "iu - visiting: members and tneir wive, aiso
Jmrmbtra of thft City Feed company. The j
ibannuet was followed by a dance in the
. he returned homa after -isitinsr
'"iec Mrs Maudr Tearson and Mrs.
Vrmk Iach. Mr and Mr.. Karry
row.rs snd ton TTndcU of Kichford,
visiter! nt D K rowan's laoc vcck.-Trs.
Rvrcn Vay drov to nt'rlinn Fatur-
a flrantrcr and &on, Glenn, were in
. .. ..... it c....-Jn. nKJ Clin.
t. vlt.llfi hfr nar.
.nu. tf .Trrl Paftf.rson and
n thA Mr'Mulrv rest-
new office building of the company on
Lower Wclden street.
Flo.vd Lothian of lllghpate underwent
an operation for appendicitis Monday
at the Sherwood sanitarium. Ills condi
tion Is favorable.
Mrs. Marshall Xaylor, who has been re
ceiving treatment at the St. Albans Hos
pital, has returned home.
H. Heed of Sheldon was operated upon
at the hospital Monday. His condition
Mrs. Herbet. Ulchmond of .-lit-DiU.-nr
Kallr. Mart-., i.s visltinz in town. Mra
Ann Whitnev and the Misses N'ellie
lWlth and Alice Whitney of Rlchford -ults mns rfr.son
... ... .u. r r- ii r. a community .social on
day.-FI. R, Olmstead, M. K. Judd, K. W.
OlmMead and ton were at llighrate
Sprins?. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. R. P.
Chamberlln were at Rat r.crks'nlre.
Saturday .Mrs. 11. n. Chamberlln If Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wilder and
visltlnp at Ri hford. K. S. Wrlpht and ' daJJEhtcr, -nne.ttc, of F:nohurs Falls are
daushters, Katharine, Dorothy and ocenpylne the Gibson cottape for a
Gwendolyn, of Montgomery Center, wetci month.
at the home of H. R. Olmstead, Sunday.
Ml&s Dorothy remained for a week's
visit. Mr. and Mrs. It. P. Chamberlln j.(ri an(j Mrs. Ashland, Mrs. Hannah
were at Rlchford, Sunday. ( riumrt and Miss Llllic Bullitt of St.
mer lower village nciKhbors and a pillow
of water lilies from Mr. and Mrs. Tom
llnson. The body was accompanied here
from Milton by B. D. Martin, Dewey
Lyon and Mr. Stone's dauchter. Mrs.
Martha Ryan. Others here from out of
town were Karl R. Stone of Las Animas,
;oto,. Miss Betsey Stone of Morrlsville,
.Mrs. Burnell. Mr. ajid Mrs. Homer Sher
man and Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Douslas
of 'Waterbury. The burial was made. In
Harry K. Rufp was held Saturday after
noon at Unity Church with an attendance
that filled the larfre audience room of the
church. Tlie Rev. W. T. Rest conducted
cut ;!ass, silver, linen, etc Refreshments
were servod and a sood time enjoyed.
The funeral of Arthur Landon, whoso
body w.vt brought from France, was held
Sunday at tht :hureh. The Rev. Mr.
Wood officiated asiKtcd by t5c Rev. A.
E. HoaK and the. Rev. Georcft Wcsrot.
There was a Maronle. burial. There were
many from oue of town, anion; which
was a firing pouad from Fort Kthan
lAlle.n. Dr. J. S. Shaw Webb was In tonn tthe service. The bearrs were four
day .licompanled by Miss Marior. Cowan iprlday. The weddlne of Mif.s Hard 'cousins of the decea-scd. There was a pro-
mere win on tlrjba and Clyde Hutchinson took place (fusion or rosea, carnations, sweet peas
the academy .Monday eveninc at T.'O o'clock, only the .and other beautiful flowers, lncludlnc
lawn Fridaj evening. All are cordially immediate relatives helns present. The pieces from Mr. Russ' class In Stowe High
lnvltod to attend. Iceremony wa.s performed by the Rev. Mr. i School, the Alumni a.'coclation. the lower
umur trrc cnnivrc 'Wood. Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson left on village, neighbors and other friends and
HlUHliAlli SI Hlnuo jlh) 6VenlnR train for points in New I the. H. H. Smith Relief Corps. The mem-
Hampshire. On their return tney win , oers or ine corps aitcnocn m a oony in
reside in Burlinston. honor of Mr. Ruts' mother, who Is a mem-
nor. The tiurlai was made In the West
NORTH HERO 'Branch cemetery. Anionc those present
were Mr. and Mrs. 1-red Jackson and
sons of Garfield. Mrs. Minnie Smaller,
Ray Smalley, Miss Merio Smaller, Mr.
main for several month? with he.- broth
er, lllroy S. Billlncs and family. From
St.. Louis she will visit friends In Denver,
Colo., and Portland, Ore., and arriving in
January at Los Anceles, Calif., will re
main with friends In that city and rasa
dlna until another spring. A i.on, Dcano
Shackleton, was born July 3) to Mr. and
Mra. Hollls B. Smiley of New York. Mr?
Smiley was before her marrlase Miss Ma
bel Sharkleton, who haa passed several
summers at the home of her cousin, Ro
cIjio S. Wrrrcn, In Stowe. Miss Hattic 13.
Douclass, Red Cross nurse, made her
weekly vilt In Stowc Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Beatrice Gale Is a.slstlne at the
Mt. Mansfield creamery during the ab
sence of Miss 1-TIslc llastlnss.
Mrs. H. H. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs.
Bernard Connors and Chester Cleveland
serious accident occurred
Ho fifAfii,!,. i a srr nus acnmnti occiirrcn sdiur-
latives In town.-Mrs. Loula :acomc.cr comnlotcd for the basket day forenoon just outside the vil-
nd.-Mrs. Roblwon of Mai rlc n, S as s. y Ausust 12 under the aus near South Franklin, pot beyond con
v-siiiPB ner Drowi--i, ' . . vr,nklln Countr- Farm trol and was thrown on its side, and turn
Producers-' assoolation. There will be thero were in the car, his wife and thr :
many prominent speakers on the pro-', three small children, Mrs. Clark's niece,
cram, demonstrations of various farm Miss Lena Houphton, and two ouns men,
implements and fieU sports. I Clarence and Theodore Marhla. Mr:
Stella Wrlcht.
A son was horn to Mr. and Mrs. Law-
Hospital Tuesday.
At a meetifce of the entertainment com
mittee of Franklin Lodse, No. 1, held
Turaday evening It was decide! to hold
The Masonic Minstrels October " and S.
Kleanor Wallace, who has been rccciv
inp treatment at the St. Albans Hospital,
has returned to Knoshurjr Falls.
The condition of Helen Prior, who un-
. ... , . . 1 .. ,.l..c, rr-l.H mK
.. . . tt.ii if..,.. Uarpv CrnT
. . . Ha.. ramp .atllrrlnv
, . 1 ....v, u-ltVi 1,14
n . t- n..... Afll.lArl Tvlf, A.
nc Ljr. I r .. I in... ...iiu.m. ...... .-
j . .!.!. I... ..nn. n U'llllnm
rnen 10 ruavuii wu, ,i:i i.w.-..., ...
ote. for a two weeks' visit. T. W.
. h h.rn annointed acent for thn
The death of Justin stokes occurred at
n. nun u ui tun um.fi.-" i .
aft. the 3th and the funeral was held
. . i. fli.,i.lni, n-lli Viiirtil n n
uill LUC tlJ.-t- - . i
ason mi j in mc iamnj iu. .uv.tv
. . tit n t,w Anfm itirl li-irl rdaf'h.
the advanced ace of 81 years and ID
nntht. He had lived with his dausilter ,i(.r.i.Pri an oneratlon vesterrtav at the
t?. ia.li inn lid-i tMi.i. ...k .v..,b . .Marv n R.n iHnum lor inp removal or ncr
t. . An.Av4alnf.H II flrtll.SrtaV . ll I .
Mrs. IS. H. Hinas. nawicy iiiiim. mm The St. Albans public, library will clote
i . ... T3. at ice r- o iii a -n i . i , i . ..
mi iv iruin Diauiumi ' . .irfiurnay ior iwo wcpkh.
isit their' uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. , Th condition of K. W. FosUr. who
... i T- finrl Mm. . ...... .
ill - - - 11 11 (J I t. TTli ,
Swinver went Sunday to their ,
fl Annl. nwVilet nf Kf-ntlanrf le vis.
itln? Mr. and Mrs. William Charls of
the Bay.
Major Daniel H. Clcnty, U. S. A., has
been retired for disability with the rank
of lieutenant-colonel. Colonel Gienty will
be remembered as an occasional visitor at
the home of the late T!v. T). J, O'Sufii
van. Ho was adjutant of the First New
Hampshire volunteer Infantry durimc the
war -vlth Spajn and went Into th resubr
arm yxfUr tt.
j Albans were recent visitors at the home
I of TI. D. Scott. Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Powers of Manchester, N. H,, spent a
I few dayp recently at the home of Austin
Sinclair. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Swale of
Montreal visited at the home of Charles
Kwins recently.-Frank Newton 9?
.Vashua, X. II.. visited a few days at
I. J. Chaffee's.
The second annual carnival will be held
A chicken-pie supper will be. held at the i
hojne of Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Hazen to-
lllBOU rausiv! l.n.fciam iis . Wrnon Pr-V 1r- :,n,l Mr, MnT,
the boys of Camprl), Mr am, Mrf , fIanfl Mr
part. Th prOCeeU5l . M Mllo Callm, nf MorrUH11e. Mr.
ranged, in which
Abnaki will take
wm oe ior me nenem oi me .PmuU1!,L d Mrf A BrookF anfJ daURhtcr or
episcopal onurcn.-.cs nas necn re- .r,m0Te, Mrs. Earl Sweet, Mr. and Mrs.
oeived of the death of M. H. Livingston 3 j Houston of Cady's Falls. Mr. and
in .New lorn city. .Mr. i.ivinssion sieni.
sevoral summers at .1. A. Tudhope's and
will be greatly missed as a summer visi
tor. Mlsa Vaushn Tatro is at home from
the Mary Fletcher hospital, here she!
underwent a serious operation for the
removal of a portion of the mastoid bone.
tho River Bank remetry.-Thc funeral of 0f Haverhill, Mass.. came Thursday nljht
for a week'a stay with Mrs. Thompson's
sister. Mrs. H. G. Stowcll, of Maple street.
Miss Evelyn Wliltcomb of Ludlow has
been spending a few days with relatives
tn this villa-re and Hyde Park. LinwooO
Law. who is with the Community Chau
tauqua company, w.ts In town the latter
tiart of the week, called by the death of
his grandfather, S. n. Bracken. .1. M.
Kcllcy wa3 a business visitor In St.
Albans Thursday. Miss Merle Smalley
was In Burlincton Thursday. Miis Mad
Merritt has been spendlnc several days
with her sister. Mrs. Taul Raymond, of
Stowe.. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Vlrreant of
Somervtlle, Mass., wero guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Sherman tho last of the weeii.
Mrs. Mary- Camp has bad a telephone
Installed In her residence, on Court street.
The number is r.l-lO. Miss Lois Riley ha3
returned to her home in Stowe after a
visit to her aunt, Mrs. A. E. Grant. Prof.
' o.rl Ta Martin W. r-.ha.ffVp hxv been
spending several days al the home of the
former's father, O. W. Chaffee. Mtss
Olive C. Wadlln. who has been a guest of
Miss Lcfa Xay at The Randall, left
Thursday for Portland. Me. Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Johnston of George street are re-
Mr. and Mrs. K. V. Wav snent the
implements and fieta sports. arencc ana ineouore .Marina. .Mrs. TnP Pecond annual carnival will be held , Burlington -Koworth league V, r i T I, ' whose death occured at his home on Win
' Xews has been received of the birth of Clark and Miss Houghton and the two on tnc ConjrreRational Church lawn Frl- , f e h jVon S'v evenings during Wa"Cr ,?Jlbcrt'J,nM07"l,O?.T ,M' Tcr suect last week Wedncsdav. n
a son July T, to Mr. and Mr,. J. F,. Wayiyoungest children escaped with scratches , rt,v ,-,. The niehford Juvemle band . d. n "enlnes ""rin5 evening-Mr, and Mrs. Karl Richard. , tcr st recl 1 home Fr)d afternoen.
of Chicago. Mrs. Way was foi mcrly Miss and a severe shaking up. Clarence Ma- , , furnlsh mwic al,ri there will be. scv- the "!t of lhe summer- I son and little daughter of Syracuse. X. Y I Goodllffe of the
Mir. E. S. Cobb of Jeffersonvllle, Jlir. I
Mary Cobb and son, M. X. Cobb of Glover,
and Mr. and Mr3. Donald Page of John- i
I son. i
mim ,m,cc .Mower oi .-ion i nj. .M.nn., congratulations on the birth of a
. , -r. ... ...... ; i danghter. Barbara Marion, born .ituy --.
Mrs. C. B. Burt. Mr. and Mre. Burt and I ' I. t. r. t,ih
Miss Mower Waited Miss Mower's sister,!
The funeral of Stevens R. Brackett,
ehia suffered a broken shoulder blade. Mr.
Clark was bruised about the head, but it
rencc Barrett of Milton at the St. Albans , is not thought seriously. Irene, four years
cral other attractions. Miss K. Grace -Wadlelgh
was In Burlington last week. 1
Mrs .Flora Rouse and daughter. Miss
old. is in a serious condition, not having i Grace, and Mrs. Harriet Ida and son.
fully recovered consciousness at this time. Tilohard. and the Misses) Susln and Flor-
.Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Sturgls, who havol cnCc Rouse of St. Johnnbury were, guests
been visiting Miss Ihinlco Hendricks, left of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sykes Sunday.
Sunday for their home In I'tlca, X. Y. Miss Ida M. Grecnleaf was called to St.
Tho condition of .Mrs. R. Carpenter, who ; .lbans prlday by the death of her father,
ha been ill for several weeks, docs not! Charles F. Grecnleaf, who died Friday
.miss iiiiriMsun, in ii-uijru, t
ftUbllLC, ' ' ' ......... ...
TSi. r.Ulin .MIA wen- ill otioiu,
nk T.niil. Rnr-rs of Panton has been
I.. . n Mnv.nn 11... f J A am.
line in iviv . .nut vu.t ...mi . ...... ...
v of .Tonesvllle were at Mark Algern
Mrs. Francis St. Amour and uauea:R.
I.. I -.1. VCNI S?t
. mnrir
Q., is caring tor her. Prof. James Wilson,
of tlie University of Wisconsin. Is visit
ing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. II.
Abell. Professor Wilson was formerly
principal of the local high scliol, leaving
tn .illrnil Ovforrl I'nivfrsltv :is n Rhorlrn 1
scholar. Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Oben, of
Nashua, N. H., arc visiting their niece.
Mrs. H. J. Ladue. With Jlr. and Mrf.
Ladue they spent Saturday In Montreal.
Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Croft. Mr. and Mrs.
D. M. Croft, Mrs. Ellen Croft and Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Newton passed Sunday
In Jcricho.f-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Erwin
and little daughter, Gwendolyn, left Mon
day for Hermon, N. Y., where they will
Mrs. !j.
A ajjeclil nituMru; of Swanton Six Lodg",
F. ajid A. M , was held in Masonic hall
Thursday evening. Mlrs Allele Jones who
reccntlv returned from the Fanny Allen
I Hospital in WinooskI, Ik much improved
r? MsMilton .u brcn cnloyii!t: . in health. Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred TVanncy anil
at the Soldiers' Home in Bennington. The
funeral van held from the home of his
niece, "Miss Marion Curtis of St. Albans
Sunday afternoon. Miss Grecnleaf is re
maining for a few weeks with her cousin,
Mlffi Marlon Curtis. Mrr. F. M. Stone and
Miss.Josle C. Stone, who went to St. Al
bans Saturday to attend the funeral on
Sunday of Charles F. Grecnleaf, returned
home Tuesday. Miss Mellra Porley vis
ited at the home, of M. P. Periey of Enos
burg Falls last week. Mrs. Raymond
Hanley visited her mother, Mrs. S. P.
I't-rley Friday.
K. E. Tinker and family spent Sunday
tn Jencho. Mre. Albert Wood and little.
Mrs. Jennie. Styles Is visiting her iister,
Mrs. A. J. Ladd. Mrs. Sarah Kerr and
two children of Brushton, N. Y are
vliiting relatives here. X number from
thUs town attended the funeral of
Arthur Landon Sunday. The Ladles' Aid
society will hold its annual sale of fancy
and useful articles, August 3. Quite a
number from here, attended the circus In
Burlington Tuesday.
are passing the week with Mr. Richard-1 J,u-. j
'son'. mother. Mrs. Julia Joncs.-M.-s. 'Congregational unurr no ,u, itu .....
'Erton Godfrey has returned from the'tincnt wa l "" 15
1 , L , ... , (the familv lot. Mr. BiaoKctt was one oi
,Maiy Fletcher hospital recovering from j n Momsvllle. having
an opera ion for appcndlclUfc.-Thc iJrt hcre 13 vears. He possessed a
Ho ow Commun ty club will serve Ice iresiueu utir '" ,, .,riin
i , , , fine mind and was a man or sterling
cream at tho school house. Thursday eve-innc ,m'"", u" ," '
worm anu uiinsm tii.n. !-,.-.- .....
ning. Mr. and Mrs. Cliauncey White
years ago
Lamoille County
wmkc vacatlrn at Jcrldio Cntr, re-
;trr.e,l Sunflay.-M.-a- I.,. 0. MiurGibbou
., T......., jn.l Ovi-M n'hl-n
SirtflV ,-,T7jf r spJUUlim l"w www ,u
John Austin of Springfield. Ma.s., are
fruests at th Congregational parsonage.
Miss Abble ltazenhas returned to Swan
ton after passing several weeks at lu.r
their. Vermont, visiting relative. Carl bme at Green's Corners. Tho Commun
uesua m vis., in--, iiw'ipi .....
H. Moultor.. Miss Ann uuney oi
WaihuiKlon. D. C, Is visiting her mother.
. . n.... ril..L-Ar(f.r... Alplhollrni. iTailOll.
vho If worklns at ..lonlsornury. was ut
UProA ssiinu.i . r m.iuit. t-j n .,,.
tt? summer vatatlva from Ml. Hermans
Ma.sr.-Mr.". John Cam-ll has returned
trom the Fannv Allen Hospital much Im
proved In health. Miss May WUlard of
BjrllliBtor. and MiSi- Mary Plumb of
Towtishenl were, jruesta of Mrs. L. C, Mac-
Gibbon Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. .:. i-. Mean
of IiOnccster. Mass., nr" in town, called
her- by the Illness and death of Mr.
Mead'a mother, Mra. Cyrus Mcad.-David
Galmp took a load, of young people to
Montgomery Sunday.-Mr. and Mrs. Clark
Burns ar.d dauEhtor . 'returned from a
XUle of h slMer. Mrs. .. L. Bartlelt,
Saturday.-Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Burns and
ity Chautaunna company gave a five day
series of entertainments last week In a
large tent on the school (-rounds. The.
progTam was of a hlgl character and the
attendance good. Miss' Grace Ranneyf
Springfield Is visiting friends In town.
Mrs. Jfnnie Judd of Illghgate Falls was
a Swanton visitor Friday. Mre. P. C
R-.ono Is the guest of her daughter, Mrs.
Harry Smith of Farrar street. Horace
Cros-s of St. Albans was a business visi
tor Friday. Ruth and Elizabeth Brown of
St. Albans, have returned to thetr
In Sheldon after visiting relatives
friends In town. Services will bo suspend
ed In thr Methodirt Church until the first
Sunday in Septemher. Purins August the
Methodist people will unite tn worship
with the Congregational Church.-The
T5cv. F. H, Wilson Pay and family nave.
month s vacation in
ermont and Massachusetts.
The annual camping trip for the local
reside. Miss Mar-rar-rt Hadil accompanied
thorn. daughter of Cambridge spent Sunday at
Mr. and Mra. Carroll Cramton of Med- John Nolans. A few of the farmers have
ford. Mac-., ar? visiting Mr. Cramton s 1 flnlsbn-l haying. All report about a usual
sifter. Mrfl, Earl Cassldy. Mrs. Ira crop. Walter Jones of Jeffersonville. was
Lcvitk and infant son, Warren, of Hart- in town Sunday. Mls Blsio Tinker Is
ford, Conn., are visiting relatives in ' spending a few de-3 with friends In
town. Mrs. A. Nutting and daughter. I Burlington.
Caolins. of Bakcrsflelil a-ro visiting in I Mr. anil Mr. Seneca Haclton of St,
tlie home of Mrs. A. A. -Aaeltlne. Mis. ' Albans are. spending their vacation vith
E. J. Irifh who has heen passing srv- her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lmb.
rral weeks with her husband in Hart- ' Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lamb of WinooskI
ford, Conn., hafi returned to her family ' worft home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry
hun. Mre. M. B. Seates and four chil- ' Coleman have bought of W. S. Shcpard-
I t ii t i.. ,.e o , Cll 3R uuiu in .it-""..
parents of a daughter. Shirley Ruth, born . rl1' lfiS '"S
July ll.-Edwar,! J. Taylor of Montreal ,1"hc Bracket . In IBS 1 united n
hw joined Mr. Taylor at the home of'm 'i" to Laranda Luce of '-.
their son-in-law and daughter. Mr. and, Jo this union re born fixe chW.on.
Mrs. Racbum R. McMahon. for a few rKmtst R. B" of 1 e
lday,-Mr. and Mrs. W, F. Harris, have. .Mass., Mr, Nett e L . o
issued inviwtioni to the marriage oc," " . . r.nr r,,if..
I ihplr danihter. Margaret Mae. to Sumner
Derby Harrbon on August 11 at Unity
J. P. SanUmorc. buttermakei at the , "'hureh.-M. F. Atkins of Monroe, La..
Gold Brook creamery, met with severe in-: 's visiting his sister, Mrs. Lmma
Juries whe he wao pinned beneath his car Ma-r- was 31 tnB nomft of, Mr- ,anud Mrs
when it was overt-urned near E. P. . w- -x-orcross, has been joined thero by
Hllliker's residence on the main road to naugnier, -mi-:. Gorman, ann iour i
and Carolync Brackett Stiles of Middle
bury. These children, six grand-children
and' a sister, Mrs. Caroline E. Bingham,
of Junction City. Kansas, survive him.
Mrs. Brackett died seven years ago.
Miss Wilma Gill of Brandon Is spendln?
some time with relative; in town. Misa
... - . . . bm i j-i rr -kiit-inn i.n. ir. iiinc n M'l i nm i
Morrlsville weanasday e-cning. rne ac- , .. ......... . - . . Hunt of North Troy Is tn, guest
cident occurred about 11 o'clock when Mr. early lite In the lamlly of his uncle. th , Adene H mt of . Alken.MiM
Santamore and Albert Raymond were re- 11 A". !?1t,0W.c-A. p,",,J of ... Tavlor of St Johnsburv has boen
turnimr from MorrbMlle. and was caused i -'I hoys from Kamp Kill Kare In charge u Tarr 1T, E ,a Taylor,
by striklnr a piece of gravel In the. road, of George S. Harris have been on , cam . Winr ,or, (op MV.
H. A. Foster, who was returning from ! i"K trip on Mt. MansheM and vlcin t m ne M, and M, Walter C.Ward
'Iron, who have been visiting in Mast
achusetts and New Hampshire for sev
eral ueekf. have rrturnc-d to their home,
II. B. Kimball of Boston ijasprd the
week-em. in the home of Jirr ixtrentf
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kimball.
Mrs. Leslie I. Coomb3 and
of Gary, lnd are In camp In the Bee
man cottage at Riverside camp ground.
Misr. Eleanor Isham of Windsor is
visiting in the home, of her uncle, A. W.
Isham. Tho condition of i' H, Stratton,
who wa.s taken Ht-rinusly ill a few days
ago, is much improved. Mrs. Spencer
Perkins and son, Spencer, Jr., of Lynn,
home Mass-. are visiting Mrs, t'oan In the home
and of Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Stetson. Mr. and
Mr.-. Frank Newton and grandson, Wat-
sol tho ClarK noure at me tenter anu
have takfJi iiosscsslon'. Miss Lucy Robin
Min has returned from a few day virit at
Hlgbgato Springs. Mr. and Mrr. Walton
and Miss Edith Walten and Mr. and Mrs.
ill.-Mr. and Paten LaPointc of Chatham. N. T., were
two children ! week-end visitors at llldon Lamb's
parenti ,
Mr.. R.
Pratt passed Tuesday with his
Mr a-nd Mrr Frank Pratt.
Mongo nnd son. Graydon, havn
from Newport. Miss Rlddell
of Montreal came bark with thero. Miss
McGoaen of Fairfax Is irlting her sister,
Mrs. McNall. The nev. and Mrr. Allen
were business visitorr. n Richford lion
riav. Mr.i. Patten and Mrr. and Miss
son Rand, of Nashua, N. H , are visiting Chandler of New York and Mrs. Horace
In the home ot A. l Croft. Mr. and
Mrs. H. F. Reed and daughters, Florence
and Katherine, returned Thursday from
Newport, whoie they have been visiting
for teveral days. A part of about .Ml Odd
Fellous from Hartford, Conn,, traveling
Smith of Worcester, Mass., axe staying
at Black Falls. Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Domlna and son of Now York aro vlblt
Ing with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
ParliiH Ponilna Mrs. W. S. Rubless of
East Berkshire and Mrs Hanson and
program earned out at the meeting of
Mansfield Mountain Grange Saturday eve
ning. Mrs. LctI Turner has returned from
the. Fanny Allen hospital slowly recover
ing from a serious operation. O. E. Luoc,
H. E. ShAW, Pr. H, W.' Barrows. G. H.
Shaw and C. M. Parker "were in Burling
ton to attend the Remocratie convention
A oarty of six, Mr. and Mrs, W. M.
cm Vermont region, arrived at the Green
Mountain Inn Tuciday coming here from
t,""-. - , T,.i.,ri nf nlch.:lnc annual cannniiK iru. .--i ,ul unin louring cars am one truck, son oi .Miami;""'.' '"mi'iiiK m nic
im-r. tons and Floyd Humming ' nun i..i.. ...in hdrl on i .... .. .. . . Vnrth inn .
... j in mu-ii -iiimUv umiiiwuiiii " , T ., t""";,c" uirnusii iuih pjarp rnnay on ineir auieicu pi.., c hhmhu.
monu viaiit-t ...v..... -
the. srnjit grounds at Lake Champlaln the
fecund week In August. The scout master
will meet all those who are planning In
Mrfc. Abblo Shea or Boston came Friday attend at the library Tuesday evening
ro-ilnir to pass the rest of the summer when final arrangements will be mnde
with her daaphu-r, Mre. George Hinsdale.
Mr. and Mrs. wuinm i-rpsion ami son
of Burlington were In town Sunday at tho
home of M W. Hlnsdale.-Mlss Emily
Ellwell was a guest at the home of R. E.
Forbes tho past week.-Mr. and Mrs.
Caleb PUIfibury attended the funeral of
their uncle, Mr. Wheeler, In Essex Juno
vlon Krlday.-Mr. and Mrs. Earl Agan,
.laughter, Dorothy, and son, Harold, spent
Saturday In Burllngton.-Gcorgo Hinsdale
'of Boston has been pasting n few days
tt his summer home.
Miss Vera ttagley of Hudson, N. H
v-i been vliiting Mrs. Klma Hauks the
jiar-t wct-V.-O, vV, Breistcr is at the
and a camp program agreed upon. N alter
Spear is spending a few days In Mont-real.-Horatlo
Hllllker. who died In New-
port last week, was born In Swanton ana
made her home here until 0 years ago.
He was !)7 yearn old and the time ni ms
death and tho oldest man tn Newport.
Cornelius W. James whose (unernl serv
ices were, held In Rutland last week was
for many years a resident and respected
citizen of Swanton. An occuslon of
more than ordinary Interest took place on
tho grounds of tho Taquahauga club Tues
day afternoon, July an, when congratula
tions worn extended to Hiram A. Collins,
who was 90 years old on that day and the
oldebt member of the club. After a beau,
tlful lunch ha1 been served, Pr. E. S,
Stone in behalf of the club prcs-entcd Mr.
with a dozen touring cars and one truck, I son of Middlcbury are camping on the
adle gh nlare,
way to Cowansvllle, P. Q where they Edward r.usniorn. no nas sold uts
were lo work a degree that night, Miss , farm to Mr. Vincent of East Berkshire,
Hlldreth Tyler of this place, with her has bought the Ellis Hushfnrd house.
friends, the Misses Alone Crosby of i Mrs. Pana Grow of Bethel la vlaltlng
Springfield and Katherine MeSweeney of i her aunts. Mrs. Halle and Mrs. Maiui.
Burlington, passed the week-end bv tak-' field. Mrs. Harvey Dodge of Burlington,
Ing a trip through Smugglers' Notch on
hoise bark. -Hugh Perby went Monday
to St. Albans, where, he has employment.
Mr. and Mrs. Carml L. King and F, O.
King .of Worcester, M.ni,, arc visiting
ther brother, 0. L. King.
J. it, Mears Is passing two weeks In
Boston, Providence anil New York on
business F. E. Lang nf Chicago was a
ru-ent guest at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. E. .1. I'armelee, Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Puffy ure .visiting In Sutton this
week, An 11-pound son was born to Mr.
and Mrs. William Greene of Hlghg.ite
Satiiiday at the homo of Mrs. flncno's
parents, Mr. and Mre. Stanley Saylef.
A. iiirtv ?: campfire Girls arc In camp
N. J Mrs. narics woodworth of
Newark. N- anf Addison Smith and
son, Frank, of Rlchford were recent
visitors at Newton Farre.rs.-Mr. and Mrs,
.James Cheynoeth and daughters of St.
Albans, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Jane of
Brooklyn, N, Y and J, iA-e Anderson
of Eborn, 111., were Sunday visitor In
town.-MIss Glenna Casavant nf Burling
ton h been visiting her aunt. Mrs.
Pean Scott. Mra. Scott has returned to
Burlington with hcr.-Mr. and Mrf. Olln
Miller and family of North Troy have
returned hoine.-Mr. and Mra. Cl.ircnco
Bnlsellu and daughter of Torrlngton,
Conn,, aro visiting Ills father, Joseph
lioltellc-Oscar Smith of AVorcefater,
r 1....11. u. r,-,n,. ,.r,n.-,v ih this weCK. ine .Misses Mmrrinc
party soon after the accident happened I Sweeney of Burlington. Hlldreth Tyler
and found Mr. Raymond in a somewhat j of BtiMtari: Falls ; and Alene i rosby of
dazed condition trying to get Santamore. Springfield passed the. week-end with Miss
out from under the car. Help was also'Madine Boardman in Stowc, while on a
obtained from Mr. Hilliker's. Mr, Santa- cback ride around 1 h
more, was unconscious wncn lahin uui i .....
and suffered from injuries on his head and
shoulder. Mr. Raymond suffered slight
injuries and both men were unable to
work Thursday. The car was badly dam
aged. .
Article oP association of the Com.
munlty Church of Stowe, VL. Inc., were
filed at the office of the Secretary of
Stat last week. M r. and Mrs,
A. P. George, Mr. and Mrb. A. P. Alger
and Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Magoon attended
the. funeral of Stephen R. Brackett In
Morrlsville Friday. Mr. Brackett was
a native of Stowc and resided here tor
many years. Mrs. Henry Gornall and
little son have returned to their home
In Taunton, Mass., after teveral wecka
with Mr. Gomall's parents, Mr. and Mrr.
A. J. Magoon. Miss Alieo Magoon accom
panied her sister to Montpelier. where
they pasted the week-end with their
brother, Harold Magoon. Miss Hazel
Adams, who has; had employment in the
agricultural department
P. C. the past tw.
parents! Mr. and
at tho lower village
of the firm of Almy. Blgclow v Washburn j robaugh of Washington, P. C
of Salem. Mass.. aim ins naugnier. .Mrs.
Josephlno Y. Sanborn, are gucsto of Mr.
Bigelow'a brother anil who, .Mr ami airs
Edwin R. Blgelow. at "The Ledges." Miss
Mary J. Blgelow, a niece, who aeconi
panlcd thorn, Is visiting her mother and
sl3ter.s Mrs. Louise Blgelow and daugh
ters. The trip was made by automobile.
Harold J. Sanborn, Carl M. Parker and
Mr. and Mrs. Jack IlenneeEey, who havo
motored here from Boston, arc pa:,lng
Iwo weeks In Stowe. Mr. and Mrr.
R. H. May of Essex Junction and gucot.
Miss Madison, of Boston were visitors al
F. S. Boardman's Friday. Mr. and Mrs.
F. E. Smith and son, Walte. and Mrs.
11. W. McMahon motored to Burlington
Friday, There were about SO couples In
attendance at the ball given by 'the
Ponald McMahon Pott. American legion,
at the Akeley Memorial building, Mu.lc
was by Carroll's orchestra of Barre.
Many of those present were from Mor
rlsville, Montpeller and other adjacent
towns. The legion will givf another ball
on the evening of Aiif ust 7,-Mr. Williams
of Bennington, accompanied by Rueburn
,ral rtavs.
spent several days In camp at Greens
boro last weck.-Miss Mary Whitcomb.
who has heen spending two weeks with
relatives In town, returned Sunday to her
hums In Watertown, Mass. Miss Whit
'comb is employed as stenographer in th
rhall of Middlesex and daughter. Miss incc ' "
Leila Marshall, of Montpelier passed the ton. Mass. ,,,-.
week-end with Mr. Marshall's cousin, F. ' Mrs- f- " Pike died at the home other
P. Billings, and family.-The Munn-Luce sister. Mrs. W. M. Sargent early Tuesday
annual reunion and picnic will be held at' morning after a six months illness from
u. r,... ..,. ao , ti,. ,m,,i' nj Sarconia. Funeral services will h held
fourth degrees will bo worked and a short
this afternoon at two o'clock from tlie
Sargent home. The Rev, George E. Good
cllffe will officiate and interment will be
made in the Public lot In Pleasant View
Cemetery. The bearers will be F. M Plk
Pr. George C. Publer, B. A. Palmer and
W. M. Sargent. Sarah Rublcc l'lke was
horn In Morrisvilte to years ago July 16.
and -was the oldest daughter of Pr. C C.
nnn Kate Snicer Rublcc. Twenty thren
xcar ago she was united in m.trrl.ig to
Powell and man, W. M Powell, Jr., and F. M. Pike- or istowe, ana nucr i-ei.iu.
thr Misses Elsie K. and Sarah Powell of) In that plnco for a year they went to
Old Chatham, N. V. on a horseback tour Brooklyn. N. Y when they lived two
through the Lake Champlaln and north-, years, going from tore to Mansfield, Ohio,
after residing 10 years there they return
ed to Brooklyn living there until two
Mansfield vears ago. when they went to Baltimore,
'.n-m.l. Thev visited Mt
In Washington. WrdnPsday and were detained here by an I Mrs. Pike possessed a charming perron.
r. years, ir visiting tier (0 one n( the horses.'. Other guests allty and was a iniwiri.ni oi mui- u
Mr. Edgar J. Adams. t ihr Inn this week have been Mr. and ity. In her early life sne nccame cuicicn.
.Walter K, Blgelow i ,,. ,, , ,,rt, f Minnoaivill.v. sin. 1 a a nlanist and taught piano here tor se .
G. P. oral years. She studlcu voice aim soji
Baldwin, secretary o fthe Woodmen's as-! in a Brooklyn . .. cliurcn tor somn
soelatlon at Concord. N. H.. Mr. and Mrs. time, and was a member of cnaminaai
Eugene Wolf of Philadelphia, P,i Mr. I choral society of that plac. Her dcmlsft
and Mrs. J. M. Turcot! of Indianapolis. I Is deeply icgrotttd nf a large circle ol
Ind., Mr. and Mrs. A H. Lombard and Lamoille county friends. Besides her liur
Mr. and Mm, E. W. Meldnim of Guilford ' band bhe is survived by two Bister;.. Mrs.
Conn., and families, a party of eight mm-, W. M. Sargent of this village .Mrs. o. .v
Ing In two automobiles. Miss Eliza F. Mix
of Hartford, Conn., Mrs. S. V. V. Hoff
man of Philadelphia, B. G. Bishop of
Springfield. Mass. The management of the
hotel is meeting with much success in
pleasing Its guests, who speak In highest
terms of their entertainment there. The
Radclllfc Chautauqua company has ar
ranged to give entertainments here
August 0, 10 and 11, afternoons and eve
nlngit. the afternoon program built around
"Building a Community" and the eve
nlngs "Building a Nation," The tent will
be. lortaeil on the school campus. The
entertainments will Include concerts and
lectures. Miss Cobaugh left Wednesday
after completing arrangements. A meeting
of the committers In charge of nrningo
menlB for the August sale was held Tues
day afternoon. The sale will bo held on
Palmer of St. .lohimbury. a nrotlier nr.
George C. Rublcn of, Lancaster N. H. and
an aunt Mrs. C. Babcock ot St. John; -buhv.-On
July -' a son Rohion Elster
Mou'lton was bom to Mr. ami Mrs. Don
S. Moulton of St. Albans, at the home of
Mis. M mil ton's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. George. Robson. Pr W 1.
Johnston will go tomorrow to
St. .lohnsbury to nrcompang homo,
Misii I.elah Cochran. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs M. ". Cochran, wha Has
been at the Brlghtlook hospital for ths
past two weeks. Mre- Lola Nay, Who
has been spending two weeks here will
go tomorrow, to Burlington for i short
stay before returning to her position In
New York, Mrs, II. H. Butterfleld, who
(Continued on Vast 1'uiir)

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