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The wr,T3KI,V TOBB PRESS, three eent
per copy. 7B renlr for tlx months, J1.50 per
year, postage paid.
Advertlrements and jubserlntlons received
at tho office, JSD College Street. Full ad
vertising rates sent on application.
Accounts .ra.inot bo npnerl for subscript
tlnns. Subscribe will pleats remit 'with
order. Names ate not entered until pay
ment la received, and all papers are ftirpped
at ths enri of tho time nild for.
nemlttflr.ee at the risk nf th snhsciiher
unless mad 'v eplttered letter or by chck
or postal oree pivable to the publishers.
The drt hen the subscription empire Is
on tl irMren?.labl of eich paper, the
e.hanpe of which tn a subsequent date be
rnmes a receipt for remittance. No other
receipt la ent unless requested. The receipt
of the pmer Is a sufficient receipt for the
first subscription.
When n change of address Is dMred, both
the old and new jddresses thould be given.
and Insists that they must have our chief
thought at this time. He adds:
"The defenders, of our homer, must rank
first, hut second only 1o the defenders
come the producers of life and those who
co-operate .tn nomc- cteentlal way as pro
ducers. First of these are the .mothers who
work In the care of the home, the mothern
who always hear the harden part of war
and peace burdens "
We Join with Mr. Hartness In naylng
that all nf the candidates for the gov.er
rorshlp are pood citizens and ' likable
men: Bur we ask you In all candor and
fairness, has any other one of them show
ed the thought and care for all the va
led Interests and the statesmanship that
Mr. Hartness sums up In the few sentences
we hare selected from others that deserve
to be Included"
Would not Mr. pollcien ca-ned Into ef
fect mean a different Vermont from that
we now have? Is It not worth while to
elect a governor and a Stiff Legislature
that will start thl' practical novement
for the kind of Vermont all of tit In our
- - -- (heart lone to see developed"
The krynotp to the campaign methods 1 Burlington's well cared-for lawns never
of the Eon James Hartness for the gov- I presented a more beautiful appearance In
prnorshlp wai, sounded by him when h July than now. On the other hand, the
paid that he did not propose to criticise 'farmers are wondering when they will
TERMS ., . . $1.50 a .Tear In atlvanm
WEEKLY 33.00 .1 5 ear in ndvmc
Hurllnston, Vt.
When ". Rint .tiiy thins, advertise tn the
special c "nn of this ppAr See p) two.
Berne ba . t i .1 offered thr this week
which It I . J; y"u t- read about.
Defender Gives Challenger Worst Drubbing of
the Series, Winning by 19 Minutes and 45
Seconds Including Her Handicap "The
Best Boat Won, ' ' Says. Sir Thomas Lipton
. British Oevv Gives Three Cheers for the
the plan: of other candidates, who are all .have
rood fellows. He would undertake slmnlv OTasti.
to deal v 1th his own program for the de
velopment of the Industrial and agricul
tural Interests of Vermont.
The more unprejudiced and thinking
people consider the Hartness plan for a
greater nnd more prosperous Vermont for
all classes of our citizens, and survey his
clean ex mpatgn methodr, the more are
they impressed with the. Idea that this Js
the sort of man we should have shape
our polit let for the next two year
Men and women of Vermont are asking
themselves what they are reaJly seeking
to acconpl'sh in the selection of a suc
cessor to Governor Vlement They are
being arked again as they wo.ro asked In
IMS to i ote for a business administration.
They ar. being asked in as they were '
naked hi VHS to sink all other consldera- I
lions and State, pohclej: for the sake of
sentlmenta' halderdash about national
prohibition, and In addition the Iw en
forcement of ronstltutionil laws. They are
being atked to keep Vermont as- it is, and
not let it grow too fast, as if there were
the reivotest possibility of any common
wealth developing too rapidly'
Those are the points which are being
fimpharzed in behalf of the. candidacy
of various aspirants for the governorship
of Vermont Are those policies calculated
to raak5 Vermont a better State to live in
or to business in? People are asking
thernst 'ves this question and answering
for the nselves in the negative
Men and women of Vermont are reaJlz
lng that the acceptance of these pro
grams for the governorship means that
Vermont shall either stand still or go back
to earlier conditions. Thev are saylns
chance to rut and "cure" their
The Resolute won the, final and rubber
race out of five tests over the Shamrock
IV. The America's cup stays in the hands
of Uncle Sam. The result Is gratifying to
every patriotic American On the other
hand there will be general admiration for
the spirit of true sportsmanship manl-
l fested by Fir Thomas Lipton There will
be gladness everywhere that he took at
least two races. Everybodv will rejolre
that he proposes to make another at
tempt to take the cup home with him next
year with a new rhallencer H Is one of
the greatest patrons of International
i sport on record.
J The races for the America's cup from
year to year have Intense Interest for
sportsmen, but as a practical influence
in yachting they long since ceased to
j have material significance. re.p sea
I yachtsmen have contended for years that
l the average- craft built for International
racing have little value for practical use.
The Resolute is said to be the lightest In
construction of any boat ever turned out
hy the Herreshoffs. Nicholson, thp de.
signer of the Shamrock IV, nay? that the
eraft's hull Is even lighter thanthal of
the Resolute despite the latter's three
skins'of wood. A writer In the Brooklyn
Eagle say that the Resolute and the.
' Shamrock are both over-rigged and built
to race in what the Beaufort scale would
I register as a "light breeze." He adds:
"Shamrock had trouble with her bow.
sprit during the first ra- for the cup.
That was the day Resolute lost through
the parting of her throat halyard. Also,
more and more that they do not want 1
either to stand still or go back hut to help !
Vermont move forward In progress and j
larger life.
On v.-hat does Mr Hartness put empha-
sis. He puts first the -oune men and j
young women of Vermont and their edu- j
cation because he realizes as every one '
of us known that they arc the hope of
a greater Vermont, in pleading for more I
educa'tonal faeilitlec he says. I
"The children of the countryside, are the
best timber for the future character .f
The: e are not the words of a mere in
dustrialist They constitute the slogan of
3 man who as head of the State Board of
Rducs. tion saw all conditions and handi
caps cf education in our rural communl-
lit: lii.i mprtimzefj wun ine aspiration i
nf tl tir people for better things. And
right here let us say that Mr. Hartness
would s'lll be in that position but for his ,
commendable determination that no one '
in a later race, Shamrock's deck tried to
pay a visit to her masthead. The rtrain
caused the deck to buckle and it had to
be stre ngthenfd when the yacht was haul
ed out at the Staten Island Ship Building
Tard last week Those are poltive facts.
Therefore we have a right to assume that
the challenger no more likes a breeze
stronger than 12 to IS knots, than the
white defender of the trophy."
However, we do not look for practical
effects in our yacht races any more than
in baseball, or on the football diamond.
Yachting Is the one international sport
that challenges the attention of the en
tire sporting world. It is a beautiful con
test, and does much to promote the spirit
j of good sportsmanship. It Is probably an
mm h a fixture as any other International
Sandy Hook, N. .1., Jnly 27. Defender
Resolute gave the British challenger
Shamrock IV the worst druhblng of the
1920 regatta In the final race nf the series
to-day, winning, boat for boat by 11 min
utes and IS seconds and the America's
famous yachting cup remains American
Overcoming a 40-second lead and the ad
vantage of a windward berth which Sham
rock IV had taken at the start, the fleet
defender held a lead of four minutes and
cigKt seconds at the half way stake of the
30 mile course, and crossed the finish line
13 minutes and five seconds ahead. In
cluding her handicap, of sis minutes and
40 seconds which she did not need, Res
olute won by 19 minutes and 45 seconds.
In capturing the series and retaining
possession of the America's trophy. Res
olute came from behind after Shamrock
had taken two rares and won out by reg
istering three straight and impressive vic
tories. Shamrock IV won the initial rare
when the defender was forced out by an
accident to her rlcging and captured the
second In a fickle wind that left Resolute
becalmed most of the way Resolute won
the third by her time allowance of seven
minutes and one second, running a dead
heat with the challenger. Her other two
victories were won boat for boat.
Fir Thomas Lipton, owner of Ihe greei
challenger volcrd what appeared to be
the unanimous verdict of yachtsmen who
had' seen the- five races when he declared
to-nigbt thai "the best boat won.''
Nature provides a rare setting for to
day's historic finish The sun, a great, fire
ball, was fast dropping through a red and
purple haze over the point of Sandy Hook.
when Resolute, clipping swiftly through
the deep greep water, with billowy white
sails silhouetted against the haze, bore
down on the mark.
A moment later, she flashed across the
golden finish line that the Dotting sun
had laid down on the rippling waler be.
tween squat Ambrose Channel lightship
and the committee boat Barryton
A mile or more behind, her own great
sails bellying broadlv. Shamrock IV was
coming about for the run to the maik
after n reach out from the Jersey coast.
when the white slenjl ball ot the Barry
ton dropped aniJ the shrieking of whistle
and sirens from the lltt'e fleet of spectator
craft proclaimed Resolute- victory
The bcalen ChaJlenger swept qulrkh
down the course, striving tn shorten the
intervening gap and save as much as -hc
could the bitterness of her defeat.
But as if to emphasize the great differ
ence in time between the two finishes,
the flaming sun dropped like a plummet
Into the deepening Ii.'izp, and a pale moon,
which had hcen hut dimly traced against
the sky when Resolute, finished, stood
out with increasing radiance.
When Shamrock IV finally pot over the
ltne, the sun was but a shadowy circlet
on the horizon beyond the haze, and the
shimmer on the water had turned from
gold to silver.
Resolute by this time had described a
great circle and had come hack to the
markto see her rival finish. As the chal
lenger crossed the mark her British crew
let out thioe. ringing heers for the vic
tor, and the conquerors responded with
lu&ty cheers for Shamrock IV and her
Sir Thomas Lipton, who built the chal
lencer In his fourth effort lo lift the bot
tomless old liewter mug that is tho
America's cup, and take It back to itn
original home in Kngland, turned away
from his humble sailing beauty and sent
his steam yacht Victoria full speed ahead
to overtake and congratulate the. Reso
lute's crew Ho returned Just In time to
see Shamrock cross the line
The aged sportsman's gameness as he
drew away from his own sloop to con
gratulate the winner elicited a salvo of
cheers from those on board the spectator
craft. And Sir Thomas responded as
Jauntily as if he had not seen his own
fondest hope once more haffled.
Sir Thomas announced immediately after
the race that he would build a ncn chal
lenger and come across again in l?IK to
have another try at lifting the America'
cup, provided some other yachtsman did
not challenge and win the cup sooner.
"I was beaten hy a better boat,'' ho
said, "1 have no complaint to make. But
I am greatly disappointed."
Failure to Report Sale of Car Pe-mltrd
In .Needless Pnhllrlrr for Wronjr
Brattleboro, July 27 -Earl .1. Colby and
Miss Mabel Johnson, both of Wilmington,
who left that town last June on the night
that Miss Johnson received her diploma
at the, graduation exercises of the Wil
mington High School, returned lo Wll
mlngton to-day with Attorney Kdward
S. Jon63, who went to Detroit after them.
Colby wan brought to Brattleboro by
United States Marshal Arthur P, Carpen
ter of this place wlio met the portv at
Bennington. Colby, who haa a wife In
Wilmington, pleaded not guilty when ar
raigned before ITnited Statea Commis
cionr Clarence M Miller on the charge
of violating the Mann act. He waived
examination and aa he could not furnish
JS.fW bill Sheriff Frank U Wellman took
him to Newfane Jj.II to he confined until
the October term of court In Rutland.
Colby served In the 101st Ammunition
Train In France.
Rutland. July 271 The Vermont Public
Fervlre Commission held two hearlngf at
the Hotel Berwick here to-day. A petition
from summer residents of Lake St. Castle
ton. Wells, for the right to orcanlze in
eleetrir company to furnish lights to their
cottagct wa;- nranted.
The Vermont Hydro-Electric company
asked permission to make some changes
In the preferred stock of the company )
The changes proposed consist In au
thorizing preferred stock to participate i
equally with common stock In respect to
dividends dcWrrrl on common stock In I
excess of 10 pr-r cent per annum; In ,
modification of voting power of preferred
stockholders, in conditions upon which
preferred stock in excess of jftVUifQ par
value, can be. issued.
Decision was reserved.
The Burlington Savings
Passes the $20,000,000.00
Deposits ffarptaAAaaeto
$170,238.51 $2,291,445.62
JUtT 1, 1920
Ordered tr T'sr on-Clnre.
BS .Mnde Immediate; CTianpe
Montpalier. July 27 Inspector Hig
gins and F1eTf of the Rtate. automobile
department, were, in Rle.hford Fattird.ryi
and Sunday with the result that 71 au
tomobile drivers wero ordered Patur-
ady night to replace the lenses they f
wero using on their lamps with non
glare. Icnso? and of that number r.S
male, thp change that night and re
turned to the Inspectors, showing that
they had compiled with the laws.
($18,422,729.15 $1,850,000.00 $20,272,729.151
1847 Seventy-Three Years of Stability 1920
C. P. Smith, President F. W. Wart. Vice-President
F. W. Perry, Vice-President E. S. Isham, Treasurer
Levi P. Smith, Vice-President C. E. Beach, Assistant Treas.
Montpelicr. July 27 Harry A Black.
Secretary f State, is endeavoring to
ascertain the new owner nf the auto
mobile in which it was reported to his of.
flee that the Rev. V. R. nauthier of High
gate was riding at tie time of a recent ac-
, 'Idem between Montpelicr and Middlesex.
father Gauthfer has written the office
tli at he was not in the car nor did he own
It One of the inspertors was at the site
that night and took the, number of the car.
It appears that those In the car wero
Hyde Park persons. Mrs. Tremblay, who
was injured, left the hospital here Mon
day for her home. Failure to report the
sale, of the car resulted In needless
publicity for those not involved In the accident.
Ralrh Rrlmes. VIbp, !,oe JATr In Oiler
Oeek Spending Vacation nt
(From the Philadelphia Ledger
Just 2S0 years ago tho first triple alli
ance was formed by Great Britain. Swe-
shouM be able to say he was using his t N-eth'erland8 aRalnvt tne encroachments
publi office to push his candidacy for , of France.
the f -.vernorship j
Th( Hartness plan for the development
of mont is so broad you can not con
dense it into a few paragraphs, but he
squer es much into a few sentences
follov Ire his plea for the utilizing of Ver
mont water power for tho development
of eleetrkity for use In the shop and fac
tory as well as on the farm. He says'
"I believe that millions of dollars of
our laving Institutions win find their
way had: into Vermont when wn have
demonstrated the safety of Vermont in
vest nents
"The plan is In harmony with the prime,
need of agriculture, for It draws a greater
population Into the State and increases
the I'ome market.
"It balances the State's activities to the
benefit of all Vermonters have been ml
grat -ig to other States because our Stat
has not offered good opportunities It In
not proposed to neglect the immediate
needs of our State while petting In motion
the big plan
"V'e know there should be Increased
anprrt for agricultural education Includ
ing adequate aid for the State College of
Agr'eulttire and experiment Ftatlon so'that
fhet" in'Mtutlons may Increasingly meet
the n-erl of farmers
"T cc should he an organization of
farmers' co-operative associations for
t standardization and marketing our Ver
mont agricultural products co that they
ma;1 bo marketed nt the lowest posnlblo
expense and to the best advantage.
"Assistance should be given the farmer
in control of llvestork dl"ea.-r.s, especially
tuberculosis so .that the- lcsjes may be
red- ced to the minimnm.
"There should he a linWng np of the
BgTleultural and industrial Interest not
only to inrreafe the home market, but
to make, available enormous sums for high
way construction and maintenance, for It
Is the crors roads as well as the trunk
lines that are essential to connect farm
and market."
I" addition to speaking of reforestation
and other State policies, the promotion of
thf welfare ard uplift of those who toll,
Mr Har'ness turni tn the hrave boys who
off"ed their live for the defence of their
CO ' e .ri.nv
Secretary of ftntr rnndidntr for Nor
Inntlon Not Ilkn o Have Any
Paris has a landlord who allows every
one of his tonant to live rent free for the
three months following the birth nf a
The United States Naval Academy will
celebrate its 75th anniversary next year,
having been founded in IMS by George
Bancroft, who was secretary of the navy
in the cabinet of President Polk.
England's largest land owner Is the nuke
of Hamilton, It is estimated he could
givo away a square mfle of land every
day for half a year, and yet have a com
fortable little estate eight miles square
to call his own
Ten pounds of potatoes of good variety
contain approximately sevfn and a half
pounds of water and two and a half
pounds of food, chiefly starch. The starch
of the potato is equal as food to the starch
which forms the principal nutritive sub
stance in bread
After the fall of Emperor Nicholas, suc
cessive Russian revolutionaries, who held
brief power, transferred great sums of
money to Sweden. In expectation of the
time when they would have tn pack up
their traps and fle It is said that one
Swedish bk alone holds rAOCO.ono of
Russian gold In this way, and very prop
erly refuses to yield it to the original de
positors, who most certainly stole it.
The New Zealand authorities are fight
ing one of the. most remarkable birds in
existence, the kea, which threatens to
kill off thousands of sheep and ruin the
New Zealand aheep farmer. The kea Is
a kind of parrot, a little smaller than a
rook, with an extremely strong beak and
claws for its size It attacks sheep day
and night, and a flock of the birds has
been known to kill np 'fewer than, 70
sheep In a single night The extraordi
nary thing about the kea is that the male
cannot be distinguished from the femalo
and no nest has ever been found. No
one Is able to say where the bird breeds
or when, por has any one seen any young
A blue sun has appeared once only and
will probably never be seen again even
to the end of existence, This occurred in
the summer of tSS). in the Sunda. StaUs.
The cause wm tlir eruption of a. large
volcano. In the terrible shock that fol
lowed a great range of mountains wa
blown completely into the air The cav
ity left after th explosion was 1,000 feet
deep, Billions of tons of rocks, dust apd
raud were blown upward to a height of
17 miles. The sun was completely ob
scured. In Batavia, 100 miles away, the
street lamps had to be lighted, although
it was not yet noon. But toward sunset
came tho magnificent phenomenon Unown.j
to astronomers as the bluo un. This
was observed hy every one within 30 or
40 degrees of the equator.
Montpeller. July 27. Harry A. Rlack.
Fe-rretary of State, tills evening an
nounced that he will be a candidate for
nomination nnd re-election to the office.
He was nominated two years ago this
fall and it is a custom to allow the Secre
tary of State to have eight yoars, if he
so desires, therefore it is. not likely that
Mr Black will have any opposition
His record will compare favorably with
any of th State officer in efficiency and
attention to his departmental work.
Vergennes, July 27 Ralph Grimes, aced
nine years, who ma.de hni hom with Mrs.
Dolard Richards of Vergennes, was
drowned while in swimming lone. In Otter
Creek. Rok Landing, at Fcrrisburg last
Ho was passing his vacation at the home
of Mr. and Mrs Aliner Porter of Ferris
burg and was sent after the cows about
four o'clock. Falling to return at tho ex
pected time he was searched for and his
clothes found In a boat at the landing.
Search was made for the body which
was found in 12 feet of water about 12 feet
from the shore. Selectman Chester R
Hawkins of Fe.rrishurg was notified and
viewed the body, after which it was taken
to Ketcham's undertaking rooms In Ver
gennes to. await orders from the. boy's
grandparents. .Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Grimes,
of TTolbrook, Mass.. who have heen
notified of his death The parents nf tho
la1 are living, but their residenco is unknown.
Hrntflehoro Onmnl.ntlnn Tin Rera Ac
ooptrd In I'Vilrral Rorvlnr
Montpelicr, July 27.-Arijt.-Gen. H. T
Johnson has received notice of the com
pletion of the organization of Company I,
National Guard, In Brattleboro and the
company has been accepted in federal
corvtcc. There was a little, delay about
the latter owing to the fact that a place
for a storage of equipment had not been
obtained. The officers are; Captain, Roy
B Miner; lieutenants. Charles A. E. Good
win and Edward C. Vail.
The adjutant-general has comlssioned
Dr. William Grlnnell of Rutland as cap
tain in the medical corps and J. Ben
jamin Hannon of Bennington as captain
tn the quartermaster corps. Captain Han
non was a few days ago discharged from
the army
after two and one-half years
Report Poortnic In Srarefnry of Mate
from All nirrrtlonn
Montpeller. July 27. Among recent auto
mobile accident reports to the State auto,
mobile department have been H. B Hood
of HardwicV and R. B. Jones of Mont
peller, In a collision on the wide Barre
road; W. A, Dutton of Hardwick report
ing that his daughter, Alice, was driving
their car when a horse, owned by a man
named Bolton of rsbot bakrd Into the
car. E. C. Collins of Greensboro has re
ported a minor accident that occurred in
Grover. A. B Evans of Randolph killed
a dog while driving his automohllc J S.
ti. Varney of Roxbury slipped over a bank.
W F, an,d M. D, Davis of Waterbury
reported a collision with a car In Wol
cott. the number of which he did not
Alex Blair of Barre reported that his
automobile turned turtle on the Eart
Montpeller road Sunday evening, remit
itv: In a few bruises for the occupants,
but no serious injuries to any of the party.
Driving too close to the edge, of the grass
was given as the cause of the accident.
Thomas Sheridan's car was hit by an
electric car yesterday afternoon when It
turned from Nelson to Barre street. No
damage occurred
A classified nd will settle a multitude ot
Rutland. July 27, tle.ut.-Gov. Mason S.
Rtono began a course of lectures to-day at
the Vermont Summer School for Teachers
in this city, about ISO pedagogues com
posing his audience. The general subject
for the courso lb "untold Kvcnts in Ver
mont History." '
Poor father gets It from the most unex
pected places, even from the cemetery.
Certainly there is no taffy no eritaphy, so
to speak handed him In the following In
scription on a tombstone tn Birmingham.
Here lUt. the mother of children Feven,
Four on earth and three In heaven;
The three In heaven perferrlng rather
To d.le with mother than live with father.
Boston Transcript.
(From the, New York Tribune)
There is precious little logic in Governor
elements reasons for refusing to call his
Legislature in special ses-sion to ratify
tho suffrage amendment He talks of the
Constitution, the freemen of Vermont and
the right of .self-government and seeks
to reverse the Supreme Court nf the
Fnited States in its decision rejecting the
referendum provisions of State Constitu
tion. But that derision Is a literal applica
tion of tho Federal Constitution, and the
freemen of Vermont who fought under
Ethan Allen made no objection to this
clause, when their State entered the Union
In 1791, the first to be added to the new
nation. The language of the Federal Con
stitution declares that an amendment shall
be valid "when ratified by the Legislatures
of three-fourths of the several States."
Governor Clement's kick is not against
the Supreme Court, but against General
TV'ashlngton, James Madison and the
others who grafted the Federal Constitu
tion. As a matter" of fact, Governor Clement
is slmplv giving some very poor reasons
for being a v-ry "sot" individual. But
he is entirely within his rights, and the
principle of State independence involved
is a very important one We gladly
agree with Governor clement that mere
party expedie nev should not control. Ver
mont was perhaps the most democratic
of all the New England States. It fought
a lone hand in the Revolution and fought
it ve.rv well, It if, certainly entitled to
its own opinion upon the. ratification of
the fedtra! amendment.
Tho pity is that a Governor who has
no authority whatever tn vote or pass
upon such ,i federal amendment should
happen to be In n strategic position
which prevents the ratifying authority,
the Leglrlature, from assembling before
Its appointed date for this purpose. The
Legislature is declared to be overwhelm
ingly for ruffrage When It does assem
ble In due roursc of time it will ratify
the amendment and Governor Clement
cannot lift a finger tn stop It. He can
oniy rteUv ratification. He cannot ulti
mately prevent it.
The Tribune greatlv regrets Governor
Clement's derision, which seems to be
founded on bad logic and a serious con
ception of a Governor's if sponslbillty In
respect to federal constitutional amend
ments. There remain Tennessee and
North Carolina, and we hope greatly
that the Democratic leiders of theFe
States will bhow more open-mindedness
than the Republican Governor of Ver
mont, Meantime how about the Repub
lican Governor of Connecticut?
Brough-Prouty j
Bellows Falls, July 21 George Francis i
Brough, eon of Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Brough (
of Winchester. Mass.. and Miss Lillian
H. Prouty. daughter of Mr. and Mir.
G. F. Prouty of 'Jl Center street, were
united in marriage yesterday in Immanuel
Church by the Rev. J. G. Currier. They
were attended hy the . parents of the
bride. A reception was held after the
ceremony at the bride's home, on Center
street After a short trip through Mass
achusetts they will make their home for
the present with Mrs. Brough's parents.
The. bride has lived for the past few
years In this place and attended the
local .schools and has for two years been
employed at th Model Press. The groom
has lived In town tor nearly eight yeajs
and is an overseas veteran and a mem
ber of Company E, National Guard. He
is at present employed at the. Fifield &
SonV garage. Those present from out
of town were Mr. and Mrs. W. Cllory
Taylor of Springfield, this State , Mrs
F M Prouty of Grafton, Mrs. G. 15. Cook
of Boston, Mr. and Mrs. 31. E. Jones of
North Westminster and Warden F. Hale
of r.ockinshnm.
The Bank is the "Big
Brother" of Business Men
Building a successful business requires
more ready capital than it can produce.
It is the business of the bank to secure
the necessary funds with which to finance
business institutions during their period of
growth. It renders a very vital service to
("he community it serves.
Burlington Trust Company
162 College Street, Burlington, Vt
I SINCE JAN. 1, 1914
the Wlnooski Savings Bank has paid Interest for seven
semi-annual periods at the rate of 4 per cent per an
num, for four semi-annual periods at the rate of ivt p
cent per annum and for two at 4H, per cent per annum.
Such other dividends will be paid from time to tlm
as the law permits and the condition of the bank warrants.
52,000 TESTED
Over .tO.OflO Cattle Ovrn Tubermrowts
Tw ot Sttf nnd Fid. Gw.' Krpenw
Montpelier, July 22. The. commissioner
nf agriculture is compiling the data for
I his regular report to the legislature fori
i the two years ending July 1. 103). It shows
that over f.2JVl head of cattle have been
tested for tuberculosis ajrd of that num-'
ber over nO,W were tested on the co-opera-tlve
plan between the State and federal
government, while the rest were tested
at private expense. inis is aoout one
quarter of the number of heiid of cattle
In the State subject to test.
Kmory C. Mower, Pres.
Robert J. White. Vice
Pres. Uollis E. Gray, Treas,
Henry M. Baldwin. Teller.
Harry R. WIshart. Teller.
Emory C. Mower. Robert
.T. White, Chas. H Ship
man. Frank E. Bigwood.
Hollis E, Gray. Guy W.
Bailey, Homer E. Wright,
Wm. E. McBride.
Winooski Savings Bank
Bl',4 yrnm at sncoeasful buslnene.
No. 11 Wlnooski Block. Wtnooelrt. vt.
Landslide at. Willoughhy
Montpeller, July Sr. Persons who are
intending to enjoy the beauties about
Willoughhy Lake will do well to Inquire
relative to repairs made on the road near
the lake and thorc going north of St.
Johnshury will have to follow the road
through Lyndon, West Burke, Sutton to
Barton or through Wheelock and Glover
A slide near Willoughhy occurred Sunday.
$75.00 $75.00. $75.00
Of all depositors may not bo large but such an amount to your credit
would help to give you confidence that hard times with lower wages or
even loss of your Job would not make you go hungry. Many large deposits
were first ver" small The first deposits may come hard, the nest will be
easier Save now. Rank open rgnlar hours, also Monday nights from seven
tn eight
190 Main Street.
Burlington, Vt.
C. S. rtrotrnell. Treafc
Home Savings Bank,
v. iiroMneu. i-rec. clarence P. Cnnlri, Vlcc-Pres.,
Flr Hnvrn Concern Incorporate With
Capital of SIO.OOO
Montpeller, July rfi. The. Reed Coal com
pany of Fair Haven has filed articles of
association in the office of the Secretary
of State for the purposo of selling coal in
Fair Haven and adjacent towns. The
i capital stock is JltWO, while the sub
scribers are Mary Reed, B, Leslie Reed
nnd A. D, Raymond of Fair Haven,
Toung Bailor On my last voyage I saw
waves forty feet high.
Old Salt 3et out I was at sea for fifty
years and never saw 'em that height.
Young Sail Well, things are higher now
than they used to be Arkllght.
CHIMlflKN Mrs. V. m. Katz, 50: Annondalo St, N.
S. Pittsburg, Pa., writes: "I Pave Foley's
Honey and Tar to my little sramleon
when he had a i,n.t m nnd It did him
Mots of good. I used a lot of It when my
own rmidren were small" " mllst nav"
merit to hold tho leadership generation
aftor generation, J, W. O'Sullivan. M
Church Bt,-Adv.
nrnftlerwro Flrmti tit Put Out S7.VVH1
and SW.ono Iteepr-tlvely
Montpeller, July f7, The Kolst3d-Taylor
company of Brattleboro has filed with
the secretary of State the statement that
the company expects to issue 7S,ono worth
of stork, while the White Manufacturing
company of the same town has reported
that It proposes to Issue J20,nno worth of
stock and that fUJ.W has heen paid up.
The Monarch Manufacturing company
of Bellows Falls proposes to Issue f3(W
worth of stock and that E. W Kelley
takes 1P0 shares, H. T. Kelley DOO, George
Baker IT), F C Bromeau 10, while 1,240
will be. tn cash.
Chittenden County Trust Co.
Burlington, Vermont.
A Steady Income
Your money deposited in our savinjjrs
department will jrive you a steady in
come. Interest is paid twice a year at
the highest rate allowed by law.
Fiprht Pine Blister Rust
Montpeller, July S7. 5. B. Detwtler of
Washington, D. C, has been In conference
with John Riley, Jr., relative to the white
pine blister rust in Vermont. He baa
charge of a campaign against It and they
j have decided to use chemicals of the
goosenerry ann currant nusneo m Kiiaron,
whero the rust has been giving them trou.
hie Prof L. P. Young of the University
of Michigan and Dr Cooper, both of
whom are making a study of the rust,
are spending some tlmo In tho Slate.
J, Booth John
It. A. Cooke
.i. njnn c. noonni-j j, . Patrick
An, old Englishman, Jama Pcort by
name, traveled about on business until
he was nearly eighty years of age. He
became celebrated for his punctuality and
methodical habit. Upon ono occasion a
gentleman stopped at an Inn much fre
quented by Mr. Scott and saw a fine fowl
cooking. "That is very good." said the
hungry quests. "You may serve that for
my dinner." You cannot have that, sir,"
replied the landlord. 'That is being cook
ed for Mr. Scott, the traveler." "1 know
Mr. Scott very well," uald the gentleman.
"Is lie stopping hero'.'" "Oh, no sir," an
swered the landlord, "Rut six months ago
ho ordered a fowl to be ready for him at
precisely 2 o'clock to-day, and we are ex
pecting him every minute " Youngatown
in fh Eva.1 m . t .
u i r nonevsnonneri urai, .v.. . , .
Ant " ch. vk.,, . ..... .. .. .
c ujuiijcu. i nave ee.orAf I A tel
nui tvnat is it, sweetheart?" he aik
n W .nr.lt. I ' 1 .
- " - ."- UVMUCU. rfi.T U
liM-nKi rA it U .U I ,
niainunas in your engagement nn?r
Tit Bits (London).
lit- tvn.tj- wn. turaacu WUUldrt IB U
on the very latest store news. Sh
knows all about the new Importation o
millinery all about the daintiest drej
materials, and just where they can
-.-oH.-h to ber greatest advantwa.

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