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ami, Fia., to Prevent Land-
t:i-:i. Slt-t
V 111 ILIlll ..I1IIIT
British Import Them from Ger
many to Bring Dovn
Clothing Prices
of a .-.Ohio "Jib Western Union
'.tsh, rAblo ship, Mf- Colonial, nai
ehortered by ib-j Wostera Uritan
which wvuld coniwiut tli a UrttJsa
llr.e .Tom tho BArhiJoi to Bovth
,.. J ! alaln .ei T It,..,., . TVnji
to-dtr tint tlm Krltish umbuwy
itr.n nf Amr1r.n .aw. 0,:let':.li ex
txl th.l tluro wits no sbmltcanca In
r.rol ably was inn only cote otiu
aDic i "ti. Ajr,c.1fr.l. cwniiy
on tho dhli line t'ora Bs.rr-.lo.i
l.?g'."n last suiijirisr.'. Som- time
. c..,. r -.v.,- i ...... :.r. nvf-frt'v.
i1o nn'.iufi or. ft nnu r.r... dn-
... - i . . i .. nr .. Kl
In Hmxtllsr wstnr. A.; .imcri-
!'mj ?rovi the United States to
Washington, Aug. 4.-Creat Britain In
an attempt to lower the cost of men's
clothing Ib Importing largo quantltl-AS of
paper salts from Germany, tho American
Chamber of Commerce la 'London reported
to-day to the Deportment of Commerce.
These ready. made suits are cut to Eng
lish style, the report nyn, ntul aro of
the very host papor trturo. Retailors are
soiling the paper garment.- at 4B cents to
tUC a suit. Lost month 40,(Xfl paper suits
were imported mto JCnglaml from Ger
many via Upland, and further consign
ments aro expected at frequent Inter
vals. Agents dealing ia tfco ru:ta declare that
fiy buying under tho present rate of ex
change prevailing between Great Britain
and Germany !t is possible for a man to
hey a !iev aujt each week, and that, over
a ."crlod :( tv.jlvu tnoathn tl entire cor:
ivrxjJd Vi Jeaa thin the prtoo of ono Brit-l.li-n-;td
w&o'iti rolt.
True Bills Said to Be Found by
Federal Grand Jury Against
Leaders of Rail Employes'
Anli Ptriver Sixti, Srwp Urtbunk
m"t Itn. Tilrhjux Rajiwnl In
Whlf Kivnr Junction, Aur. S.
Jn&no CniroU ItayirioiKl. the tiii-.ear-old
diti!ii)r ot V.r. and MVn. nichard
rta j rjo.'.a. If. 5end as the r-ynli an
nuto awxiiift thai hnirpen near
Has-tTo.-- -llatjtp late xliifa s.-'.rvrnoo:!.
7ilr. and Wjm. Ttnytnrm.l, the ftim:r
conductor on Vi-o Central Vuttna-it pu-sa-r
wailn ttv.n (t.vos 7hltr Ittxr
iunvUt: for .Mc:ti!at iu mWiklht
ys'e in ih fniT.lty c-.r vriih tnp child
iiid both aro liijviml. Mm. Ilaymond
a htjrr S:-viily a'hUpi 7vir. n.yE3orid
h;s Kwverts b'.'ulf- and cuts.
The t-ir rjliinfjed ton a r,tep em
ftaikinttPt bccai:."if of a brral: In ihe
Jicerin? pear and inarti; two turnov-erB.
Tile Injured wore taJton to tho homo
of Mr llay.mond's bi-otho:-, Karlo Ray-
enterc. Into by that :ompany wl'h j mond. Mra. Jlaymond, who prior to her
erm cm, mo western auic t ijkl; rj i-k' .vua murra iirru,.
a serious condition.
Krltish concern, tho Western Cable
mu i uiili uiilUK uil lino uuni ui u.-
to Brazil would add to this mon-
thls connection It was asserted
at the forthcomlnir Tnternatlonal
n'.unir.'itlons fontrress tho whole
was to bo examined "In a very
!T In the past.
re wore reports to-day that aftor
Western T'nlon Comjrany filod Its
lcatlon for a tiermlt the stato do-
mont rcqufstcd that a copy of tho
also b( filed .md that the com
hnd refused to comply. Xo In-
hn department. J
njf iHtt- untvi i.iuiu line ut."
ii me i niiuu n.;iies una uic J acme
osslble now only by way of London
ss the mcs'nscs are !'cnr to the west
lino to Brazil, officials said, Is
h to bo preferred as It would afford
cans of faster and probably cheaper
municat on.
me omcinas oxnrcssco uouoi in-iay
ther thero was a law retiulrins it-
for the landing of cablow In the
ed States, but when fiuoslloncd an
ils State department officials declared
hatlcally that there was sucii law.
o oruors iruni inu rtTiviBiii which
lted In "the destroyers bolus arsiKned
atrol the three mllo limit off Miami
issued, it was said after reports had
lied tho zovcimnent that the corn-
planned to ?ornpleto connection of
line. Secretary lVanleis war. advised
ic orders u;n Ma .cturn from Alaaha.
innouncini; to-day that liic five dc-
st-rs naa wen .issisna to patrol
be said th instractlons from the
to prevent the lauding fit the cable.
Admiral lecker. commandant at
wesi ir. commniia ot 1:10 ueswroyer
but Secretary Diuileis said he wonld
p!act hy hln .-n.ir. Rear Admiral
erson, commandant at Charl?ton, 3.
MnAftaohnaettH Winuaii Soo Shopping
nnd Ik Xnw Itnn Jewelry
Vnlneil nt l,SOO
St. .Tohnsbury. Aup. 4. Mrs. Holly
DodKP, wife of a Jeweler at Swamp
scott, Mass., is lookinfc for a diamond
necklace valued at $l,fi00 which she
lost In a Mepartment store here while
shoppinpr. When leaving the hotel she
placed tho necklace containing three
lariro diamonds set In platinum In an
envelope In her hand bapr. A piece of
the envelope was later found in tho
store and she thinks tho necklace was
cither stolen or dropped out and picked
up by some one who cither purposely
kept it or has It, and does not know
its real value.
Chicago, Aur 4. True bills niralnat
forty-ono lenders In the rocont strike
of rail employos understood to have
been voted by a fV-doral Brand Jury
wore held lu oboyaiico to-day by
Judfr Snr.iticl AJischuier while the Jury
heg-an an invftstlfratlon to find out. how
afternoon newspapers wore able to
publish accounts of tho Indictments
two hourn beforo they wore reported
to thn Judtrc.
Judge Al-jcrtilcr characterized tho
unknown person who javo out news
of the. Indictments ns an anarchist
ant, declared owrj' Ileal step would
to tnken to punlah him.
Rcpor'eiu fill bo s'ihpocnand, ho said.
Tho JudKe Injitrurted the Jury to find sut
If tho ia luri brcn vlolatud and asitd
oa;li ono .dlvldu-j.",?- If "ho hiul been re-
nporslblii foi trj leak."
Jrteanttmo John '.Srunau. prcniden; of tho
ChicafTJ r.v.-d.-ti'jn s lucroclatsin which
was fowwd ! railroad men who qui;
wc-. .: Tti tse announcement Mat thry
"Were taking . vacation unKI grjoted
Mgher toy" an! ot.'.crj said to hao o-ar
Indicted prepared for court a-lio.t.
Mr. Otijanu nnn others xpi'essed but-
priso Rtia tne ar.tgt't ;n:ctmefits and In
dlrated Ji jrttntiucii'H a:jwiutlj.i might
tako nareurtrd aeQan. CoutiAel was m-
ployid ty ma.:y of thj mon namw aa
norm Joubted .)ii k'-thc'itlclty or r
portei. tmlictioonts.
Ivfi-. QruniU polntcil ost that he rji.l tcv-
ora! othur mwtibcrs of the yardmen aa
r-jclniloti wws nrrratrt scmo tl:no ao la
rojinrict.'oii -.!lh tho recent s;oradlc mil
strlV.rs, htic p.iid Uio fact that their case
had twico bn pjstjionod, tlia last timo
Indefinite! had led them to be'.lcvo fed
eral offlclalt) vars saiiafletl they had tn
no way violated tho law.
It bocamo known to!ilght that 1Z.
Loroy Humes, special apent. of the de
partment of Justice bad been question
ing1 Grunau and ot&or railroad men and
had presented a mass of documentary
evidence to tho Jury.
It was as a result of this evidence
according to tho reports of the tndlct
ments, that tho true bills, charging
violation of tho Lever act were voted.
Mr. Humes to-night declined to com
ment on the "Leak" saying It was out
of his field, but said he understood the
Jury would mako a report on Indict
ments tomorrow.
Crafty Officials Nab 'The,
Crank" Who Probably Wrote
the Letters Asking $12,000
Ransom for Coughlin Child
Philadelphia, Aug. 4. Postal Inspectors
announced to-day that u search of tho
houso whero "The Crank," under arrest
in connection with tho kldnnnplns of tho
thirteen months old ton ot Mr. and Mrs.
George II. Coughlin of Norrlstown, Pa.,
said ho resided, roveatcd nq trace of tho
missing child. What clso was found in the
placo that might load to tho recovery of
tho baby or connect "Tho Crank" with
tho actual kidnapping, George A. Leonard,
chief postal Inspector, said ho was not at
liberty to rovoal Tho ln.iper.tor added that
the man under .VTent, who the Pennsyl
vania Stato police and tho postal au
thorities say they bollovo In tho man
rauto,i. Is wello do and prominent In
tNi community whc.ra ho said he lived
It was reported to-night that he was a
resident of Sivr Gretna, T. J., whero he
recently purchased a house and an auto
mobile. lU'i name Is said to ir.dlcato that
h- wae foreign born.
Declines State Probe to Show
His Resources Says No Law
Can Force Such Action
Theatre Audience Cheers Him
Boston. Aug. 4. Charles Ponzl, whoso
offer of W per cent return on investment
In '.ft days lias resulted In federal and
Stato Investigations declined to-day the
suggestion of Attorney-General Allen,
that the Stato conduct an Investigation to
detormlne his assets. The audit now being
made by federal authorities is for the pur-
pas ot disclosing his liabilities.
"There Is no law which can forre mo to
show tUl my assets," Ponzl disserted
"Show mo my liabilities and I'll Bhow
enough cash to cover them.
Tho oftlrrs of tho Secutltien Kxchange
company, conducted by Ponzl, continued
throughout the day tn honor all notes
presented by an over diminishing lino of
Invnstors. At Ui end of the eighth day,
tho run on Ponzl, caused by Investiga
tions and published criticisms of his busl
noris methods, appeared to liavo reachod
the end.
Holders of iiotes were paid. to-day at
tire rale of slcty an hour, and at no time
Loonard declared he believes tho cr.'.ld ( werv more than JW waiting In line, as
Official Ilrftuw to DJucnim Cnne of
Amy Shonio, "Whoftp Itody Wnn
Found Near Johnmm Omrtcry
Montpeller. Aug. 4.Loranla Andrews,
a young woman from this city, saved tho
lives of two of her companions employed
at tho Mount Washington Hotel In Bret-
ton Woods, N". IT,, last week, according
to notice received hero, Four of them
went swimming, but Miss Andrews did
not go into the water until sho saw one
of tho girls slip off a rock into deep
watnr, followed by another companion.
She pulled one out by use ot a small tree
and tho other by poking the branches of
a tree into the girl's bathing suit. She
had gone down tho third time. Miss
Andrews took the training received In
C'ampflre Girls' training and depended on
this to bring tho girl back to conscious,
ness, which took some 13 minutes.
C. )lrK.t-nzl Itrnjm ;o INt at
Rrntntn Payrv M1U nnd r-ae-
V.ytgith. Atjc. . WSUiun C Mt-
yesfc-xA nun wb'.o ! 'nil 10 fcl
a uuram. svon tt c:mn: next or
Crfn aA Onctami him ska!i. H
nnroirsrlitd usd vnta PI ytmrw eW Tho
atitl-nrlUs t tayf f .'ocftt lit
Norfhriold AutoUt Hlta Animal Mojtor-
cyrtlvt Striken .Tlnchlne
Mnntiwller, Aug. 4. Mrs. John Pearson
of North field has reported to tho secre
tary of State that Sunday evening her
automobile collldi-d with cattle, making
the report thus: "There was a man with
i lot of cattle in tho road. They had no
light and before I coald stop the car hit
one.'1 V.. C. Olds of Norwich reported
that a motorcycle -an Into his a sl'imobllo
revwtly n.ar Whito River Junction,
From '.ho diagram. It wv evident that
Ilia motorcycle diivor tried to go bo
twoaa the Oljli car and another automo
Win 1'. was ineotlns.
7tirv-r )ronr larkrd Tm-
IUH . V WJU i-' .T U' WU INI A W .11..-
tt v-tth chamn-ra of!, a product of an
I;)Jian Jir; trw, has shown unusual
grow toward racnvory, bat tho roan
not hewn nTiolly er.rrd aocordmjr to
M. ' ictor SaJTord, rji&lrman of the
LnVnlon said thjit b.ictir1oolcal terts
dhnrn Uio procRncn of bacflll m tho
d and f iiw rek-aeo of tire patients was
tia txicm watchlnsr tho progiriaa of
that a cims for leprosy had boen
Johnson, Aug. 4. Was Miss Amy Shonio,
the lV-year-old factory worker, whose
body was found back of tho cemetery
yesterday afternoon, nfter she had been
missing four days, murdered or did she
commit suicide. Is the question being asked
to-day. The body of the young girl, who
would soon have boon a mother, was
taken to the home of her father at Stowo
for burial to-day.
State's Attorney Tracy repeated to-night
his statement that he was still proceed
ing under the assumption that It was a
case of suicide, and declined o make any
other statement. Dr. B. H. Stone of the
State laboratory at Burlington, who per
formed the autopsy and took the organs
to tho laboratory for analysis, has also
refused to make any statement.
It Is understood, however, that there Is
a theory of murder, though this Is not
based upon any official statement of the
case. Nothing Is understood to have been
found upon or near the body that could
have contained poison, If tho young girl
did take her life that way.
Is In chs.rgu of persons ,n -J1.11adclhliL.
who do not know It is the kldjinppn.l baby.
r.ri.11 n.ithorltleu .-ompUto thclY exami
nation of tho prisoner and Urvor.tlsato the
fit.TV be veils, hL) name will not bo m'ulo
pu'ille, rtor w'rl tho pice wharo ho la being
nelrt be mvew.lad. Ho wu arrested In Kig
Harbor, N. J., Mondiy and Is beltevod to
be tlndeir detention In a suuti Jersey
To the 7..ubllc the pnsooor is kno.rn as
"Th. Crank" becauso he Is susyectcd f
being tho man who wrote Utters slr-icd
"T5e Craik" to Coughlm demanding ?12,
cmo f-.r tho rttu.u of the child.
T'u.-rtal Inspector Leonard confirmed the
dramatic utovy of tho methods used In
trapping and capturing tho man suspected
ot belag the kidnapper. According to
Ionanh tho Coughlins recently received
more letters demanding JIO.OV) for the re
turn of tho child. Correspondence with
tho writer was carried on througli news
paper advertisements nnd It was ar
ranged that Coughlin should drop tho
money In a box from -a railroad train be
tween Camden and Atlantic City, when
ho saw a white sheet flying from a tree.
The Pennsylvania State police and
tire postal authorities co-operated. One
hundred and ten policemen In civilian
clothes covered the railroad from Cam
den to Atlantic City, a distance of GO
miles. Tho distance was divided into
sections arm1 each section numbered.
Coughlin was given a map showing
the flections and was Instructed to
display from the car window the num
ber of the section when ho threw out
the' box. Ho boarded the train, saw
the white sheet a short distance from
Egg Harbor, threw out the box and
displayed tho figures 13 which were
peon by Stato policemen along the
They immediately went to that section.
A man was observed coming from tho
woods, pick up something from the tracks
and disappear. Ho was traced through the
timber and captured In Egg Harbor.
Bloodhounds wero put on the trail to
prove the man was the right one and they
carried the scent to the spot where he was
captured. State policemen, who traveled
on a special train preceding the regular
train also figured In tho capture.
Tho prisoner. Chief Leonard said, had
more than $100 in his clothes. Ho Is
described as a man of good education.
compared with hundreds on previous days.
Pl-oculatora, two of whom claimed to have
made J11.W) yesterday by purchasing
notes at 10 per cent discount, met with
little sucors to-diy No statements were
given out during thv day by any of the
authorities 'vorklng on the ca.5e,
Ponzl and his wife attended a theatre
to-night and his appearance was tho signal
for shout,! and cheers from the audience,
to which he responded by bowing from
fill! box
Cnuihed Into Anto on Curve ami Urcnkn
Leg?, nn Arm nnd Injure
St. .Tohnsbury, Aug. 4. Howard Boyce Is
at tho hospital to-nlght with two broken
legs, a broken wrist and nn Injury to his
head received when riding on a motor
cycle at a fast pace. Ho ran Into Fred
A. Walker's automobile a short distance
from this village. The Impact was so
great that Boyco stuck on tho radiator
of tho car some moments before ho fell
ofT, Tho occupants of the Walker car aro
uninjured, but Boyce's motorcycle is com
pletely -wrecked. Boyco met the auto
mobile on a sharp curve and could not
pass It as another car was coming and ho
could not go between the two cars.
Addison County
Tho Rov. Elbort B, Holmes, rector of
St. "Stephen's Episcopal Church, start
ed this week for a month's vaca
tion. During his absence his place will
bo supplied by the Rov. Alva E. Cnrpcn-
tor, a former rector of tnis cnurcn, nnn
will hold services Sundays In August In
tho village church it 8:00 a. m. nnd 10:15
a. m. On August, 8 and August 22 ho
will conduct services at tho chapel In
East Mlddlehury. Mlsa Elizabeth Baldwin
rettfrncd Saturday from Now Haven,
Conn., where sho has been taking a four
weeks' course at tho vale summer school.
Miss Baldwin will remain hero at tho
homo of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Baldwin, until September, when sho will
go to Middlcbury, Conn., as a teacher In
t'lio high school for the coming school
year. Miss Hazel Rogers has gone to
Now Haven for a visit to her aunt, Mrs.
.lullus Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. J. P.
Russoll of Brldport are hero to visit their
daughter, Mrs. J. Leo Palmer. Miss
Clarlbel Grlflls of Detroit, Mich., Is mak
ing a visit to friends In East Middle
bury, where she formerly lived. County
Agricultural Agent R. I'. Franklin has
returned after spondlng Uie greater part
of last week In Investigating tree pests
and Held pests In Salisbury, Goshen and
Rochostcr. Mrs. Earle Brown hnq return
ed from Bristol. Zephyr Boulla Is taking
a week's vocation nnd his place of busi
ness will bo closed until Saturday. A good
advance was made Saturday on the now
pleco of road on Main street and It bogan
to look as though this pleco of work
woukl somo tlmo bo finished. A long
stretch of cement was laid on the east
sido of the road and the work was
quickly done when tho men got at it.
It will tako ten days for this cement to
dry so that tt can be used for travel nnd
In tho meantime the road Is in bad shape
for carriages and autos. Miss Ethel
Langdon of New Haven Is .hero to visit
her aunt, Mrs. Benjamin Hayes. Miss
Annette Mondoro of Montreal Is In town
on a visit at tho borne of Mr. and Mrs.
J. Coran. Mrs. Charlotte Webb of East
Granvlllo Is In town to visit her brother,
Henry C. Walker. Mrs. William Edgcr-
ton has gone to Fair Haven to spend a
few days at tho home of her daughter,
Mrs. E. B. Cllft Mr. and Mrs. Roy Day
ton aro parents of a daughter, born FrI
day night. Mllo K. Moore, Jr., one of
tho local mall carriers, has gone on a ten
days' vacation, which he will spend at
Lake Dunmorc. Prof. Lewis J. Hathaway
'has gone to Montpeller, whero he will
Join Mrs. Hathaway for a month's visit
Dr. and Mrs. Phillip K. Mellon and son,
nichnrd, havo returned from a month's
outing at Thompson's Point. Dr. Mel
len's parents. Dr. and Mrs. L. E. Mellen
of Manatee, Fla., are spending a few days
with their son and family. Mrs. John E.
btlles has returned from MorrlsvUle,
where she was called by tho death of her
father, Mrs. Myra SUlcs, who ho been
Grnppn and Soar Wine Found at Two
Italians' Homo tn Montpeller
Change Illegal Selling
Onnt TVUkvd win CUttrndfln 0.
Irte' Art:TTT jlteCwx mprlamtong
MoutpoOnr. Aug. .-ioRi a. ttttln pronsl.
Avmbw owa rven tothi Kdward Dalr
ran: TJtd tit ?rtt-tJon how that Gor
ornar Onrnoat ea".?nhW! thn StatM" alter,
nsy of Chittenden county twfor" issuing
a pardon for DiJoy. In addition to that
he had a long- list of prominent psrBons
tn Barltngton asking for tho pardon, ln
chrifos the mayor, City Conndl, police
Rud other persons.
Will Onmpnlgn Tor Ilrimbtlenn Ticket
Starting Ijwt of ThU Month
New York, Aug. 4. Colonel Theodore
Roosevelt will campaign for the national
republican ticket from the latter part of
the month until election day. Republican
national headquarters hero announced
to-day. Ho win mrJie two picllmlrnry
addresses, one In Now Jersey and an
other In St. iAWTcnce county, N. T., and
will thou so to Maine, "ire ho will mako
several speeches rrkir to tho election.
From .Value. Colonel RvoaeveU will go
to IndJaua. and thenc to Kentucky, whero
he wfU make a horseback trip of at least
ono wr tbtwch the mountain regions
in cor-iuty with Coiernor Morrow. After
th KentueJty ofanpabrn he will travel
throngh TrttciUy every Stale wt of te
MItoIssIH" Rtver,
proclamation to-day 'njTKrMrti ami
mJr 9 1 nUATnrlw 1 rfc soil till" t
ntftnary or th landlm; of ttw Fil-
w st Plymouth Jn 7620 ind appointed
af Now Yore nwrnwr of tho MI
1 tirce'itamiry commission,
thi proclamation, tho Pnsrid'snt m-
ttto end that wJutary and patriotic
a. -a . tV... fA.(ta.,,1A
n3 TTmV 00 Drawn iiuiw. v'T hhoi
Ammlwiji Maart Man Sold to Have
Stolen Jewelry of V. V. Dovrer
Kontlller, Aug. 4. Tho pollco to-day
arroat-d loonard H. Brown alios Hodges,
who claims Amesbury, Moss,, as his homo
on thn chr.rgo of larceny of two rings,
two silver dollars and othor valuables
from tho room of Frederick P. Dower.
Brown claimed that he was manager of
(ho Grand Union Tea company In Amos
bury and Mr. Dower gave him the use of
his room last night. This morning Dower
found things missing and when Brown,
was wn relied, they wero discovered on
his person, excepting a diamond stick
,iln. Hn has posed In Montpeller ils a
telogntpb oporator and aho as a mana
ger of a Direct Importing tea store. At
Barro he posed as a salesman of oloctrl
cal goods. When he first arrived here.
Mrs, ftosn Itnina Clin recti With illegal
Tternlnjc nt l.lipior Plruda Gnilty
Montpellor, Aug. 4. Mrs. Rosa Brusa,
who wan armstad Last week on the charge
of Illegal keeping of Intoxicating liquor,
appcarod In court to-day, pleaded guilty
and was fined !C0O and costs and sho was
allowed probation while paying tho lino.
Nnw to llrtlrc WalkrA 13 MHea Dairy
Phut 17 Yearn
Brattloboro, Vt., Aug. 4. After sorvlng
continuously ftrr .toct than 33 years na
letter carrier on the same route, Dennis
E, Tasker to-day gave up carrying mail
and began a vacation of 15 days at the
close of which he will retire on part pay.
Ho Is (77 yearH old and began carrying
mall when tho free deliver' service was
ostabllshed here Jnly 1, 1SST. He walked
19 mllos a day tho first 17 years and has
walked about 13 miles a day since then.
Ho Is In good health and for the present
will act as secretary for the Valley Fair
association. Spencer W. Knight and
William E. Barber, two of the original
carriers here, also havo served continu
ously ever since nnd will continue for tho
Montpeller, Aug. 4. Police to-day raided
the houses of Mrs. Margaret Blanco and
Philip Zonfrello this afternoon, getting
liquor at each place. Their cases aro
continued for hearing. They arc charged
with illegal selling ot intoxicating liquor
and it Is understood that disclosures have
been made on them. At Zonfrcllo's seven
bottles of grappa, a gallon of sour wlno,
a gallon of grappa and a barrel of sour
wino were found and at Mrs. Blanco's
throe barrolB of sour wine were seized.
Dbmppcu WhUe PnCr Steep-No
Reonon Known for RnuaKnr Avrxy
St. ATbans, Aug. 4. OcarrSt la being
made to-day for Phyllss Iy&ke, the
15-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
F. C. 1tMe of St. Albans hill, wV? left
hor home early yesterday rmmU?r
while hor family were sleeping. Ac
cording to her parents there was no
reason fr hor leaving home unless
sho might have mat"" up her mind to
secure work. When he left tho house
she wore a blue skirt and gray coat
with patent leather belt and light pink
cloth ha.1 with wide rim. She is slender,
about five feet tail with datk hair
and gray oyoa.
No trace of the girl was found by
her father yesterday and her parents
to-day ha-e been scouring tho country
side In an automobile, County au
thorities havo been notified and are
on tho watch for a girl answering
hor description.
So Says J. J. Bynrd Attorney for Dairy
men' Lengue UnreH State Action
Saratoga Springs, N. Y Aug. 4. Pre
diction that the retail price of milk In
New Tork City will reach 2i or 30 cents a
quart noxt winter, unless the State takes
steps to encourage dairy farmers to raise
more cows, was made yesterday Detoro
the Committee on Resolutions ot the
Democratic Stato Convention by James
J. Byard of Cooporstown, an attorney
for the Dairymen's League and a dele
gate to the convention from Osetgo
Mr. Byard asserted that the only rem
edy was to encourage the raising of heifer
calves by payment of small premiums
and urged the Inclusion In the platform
of a plank declaring for such legisla
tion. He said a largo decrease In the pro
duction of milk was threatened by the
slaughter of the Federal and State Gov
ernments to exterminate bovine tuber
culosis. Mr. Byard estimated that the weed
ing out of tuberculous cattle would
cause a decrease of 30 per cent. In the
number of milch cows In the State
within six months and a decreaso of
50 per cent within 18 months.
The difficulty of replacing the
slaughtered cattle would be Insur
mountable without State aid, Mr.
Byard said. It was nearly Impossible
to buy cows outside the State at a
price at which it would pay to pro
duco milk and tho price of calves food
was so htgh that tho farmer In or
dinary circumstances and In need of
money, sold his holfer calves at the
age of four weeks.
Mr. Byard asserted that this slaugh
ter of heifer calves for food could
bo prevented If the legislators would
pass a bill giving a small bonus for
each ca'.f raised to the age of three
One Flmi Lays on 23 IV r Cent of
Working; Force of 4,000
New York. Aug. 4. Several clothing
manufacturers In this city reported a
reduction to-day In their working force b
bocauso of lack of orders and "general
conditions In the trade." Schwartz & Jaffc,
inc., employing ntoro than 4,100 workmen
announced ttmt 123 per cent of their em
ployes wero ordered not to rejiort this
Leaders In the clothing Industry said
they wore not alarmed by failure of tho
retail trade lo replace largo orders and
expected n Rtablllzotioa.ot tho market
Roll in C. Slllen of nurllngton Arrexted
nt Montpeller Following Aecldent
Montpeller, Aug. 4.-Rolln C. Miles of
Burlington was arrested this evening hero
on Grand Juror John II. Stone's warrant
charging him with reckless driving. Miles
Is alleged to havo attempted to pass tho
automobile of J. M. Boutwell of this city
on a narrow hill. Both cars were travel
ing nt a good rate of speed and Mr.
Mllos, Is said to have sldcswlped tho
Boutwell machine doing some damago to
each car. He has been released on J300
ball, furnished by Charles Kingsbury of
this city.
Montpeller, Attn. 4.-Tho condition of
Bertha Eldrcd of Waterhitry Center Is ns
comfortable as can bo expected. She was
brought to tho hospital here, ono leg hav
ing been cut off at the ankle becauso sho
was In front of a mowing machine which
was being Urtvcn.'in-tho .field- near her
WaJtv Beuran, Brass (land. "Floral Trl
DnteM nnd All Coat MOO
Newark. N. .1 VJg. 4. An elaborate
fure-ul was he' ii Newark, N. J yes.
terdny for "Jit mle," a pet canary be
longing to EmUlla Russomanno, a cob
bler of 1 Hoyden street, that city. The
hlrd died Sunday from strangulation from
a watermelon seed wh'ch had got mixed
nr. with Its food,
The dead bird was homo In a white
hearso. followed by two coaches, a 15
piece band and about 500 persons on foot,
to a vacant lot owned by the cobblor on
Factory street, near Branch BrooTc Tark,
where, with duo ceremony, the bnrlal
took place. Tho band played dirges as the
cortego moved slowly over the two miles
through tho Italian section traversed by
the procession. Ten thousand persons wit
nessed tho unique funeral procession irom
the tenements In tho district.
A fashionably dressed woman motored
from Philadelphia to attend tho funeral.
Sho brought a huge wreath for tho bird
and also contributed 3 toward the funeral
expenses, "which wero salu to no aDout
Moo. The little coffin alono cost $25.
Neighbors contributed morn than $100.
Lorenza nnd Maria, tho parents of the
doad bird wero purchased by tho old shoe
maker at a pleasure resort a year ago.
.llmmle was born about four months ago.
Crepe was hung outside the cobbler's shop,
the blinds woro drawn and a noto pinned
to the door curtain, "Closed on account
of Jimmle's death."
tho peoplo who were lntcroslcd In the
project and took part In raising tho funds
needed for tho equipment for tho play
grounds. John Smolensk!, who was In
jured when run Into by un automobile
whllo at work on tho bridge Monday
forenoon, was able to bo about tho
streets again Tuesday, but Is not yet ablo
to resume work. The .Weybridgo autoist
who ran Into him come-back to town
Tuesday to Inqulro as to tho extent ot
his injuries. Miss Genovlovo Wood has
returned from Walllngford, whero sho
has boen making a two weeks' visit to
hor grandmother, Mrs. Julia Wood.
Phelps Coollhan has returned from Bur
lington, where ho has been for a few
days at tho homo of his daughter, Mrs.
Ira Pond. Oasca Bain ot Washington,
D. C. Is here to visit his parents, Mr. and
-Mrs. Homer Bain. Miss Julia Ellis of
Salisbury and Harry N. Jones ot Toledo,
Ohio, wero united In marriage Fridiv
evening at the homo of Mr. and Mrs.
J, award Harrington in Salisbury. The
Rov. Roy E. Whlttlmoro of the Memor
ial Baptist Church of Middlcbury ofll
ctatod. Tho bridesmaid was Miss Gladvs
Maylrow of Salisbury and Michael J. Hig
gles of Middlcbury was best man, Fol
lowing tho ceremony, a reception was
neia and a wedding lunch was served at
tho Harrington home. Mr. nnd Mr.
Jones left on the noon flyer Sunday f. r
luieno. unio, where they will mako their
futuro homo. Mr. and Mrs. Leon F. Tr.l.
vlard, Charles P. Morris and Ml3s Agnes
tj. .Morris and James McDonouch hnvn
returned to Rutland after a short stay
'". uunmoro. Robert Steele, 2nd.
who was badly Injured at Cornwall two
weeks aero, is Just ablo to bo about tho
midKo again, nut ono hand is so badly
Injured that it will be considerable
length of time beforo ho will bo ablo
to resume work. Tho Misses Ruth and
Lena Ferguson of Hartford. Conn., a-n
here for a month's visit to Mr. and Mrs.
William H. Baldwin and with their gra
mother, Mrs. Huntington, of Huntington
Falls.-Mrs. L. S. Knight and son, who
havo been hero on a two weeks' vls't,
havo returned to Cuttlngsvllle. Mr. and
Mrs. Fred A. Stvenor havo returned fron
Proctor, whero they have been on a visit
to .Mrs. William Desjadon.-Dr. Robert
C. Flngg and family have returned from
Lake St. Catherine, where they have boon
camping for a week. Mr. and Mrs. D L
Wells and Mrs. .Mabel Young have re
turned to Orwell nfter a short visit In
town.-Peter Lack wont to tho govornmcnt
farm Tuesday Just over the WevbrHgo
line, whero he has taken a position for
tho rest of tho ycar and until spring.
Mr. and .Mrs. Robert Easton nnd Wil
liam Easton and Carlton Huestls h ivo
returned from Walllngford, where Uiey
have been on a visit to Mr. and Mrs
Charles N. Foote. Miss Estellc Footo',
who accompanied them to Walllngford
will remain at her brother's home for
another weok.-MIss Sarah Sterns haa
returned from the Fanny Allen hospital,
where sho recently underwent an opera
tion. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Culver ot
Knondlne- fh. t Jr ntu v,- - ,.1 . " " mo nomo or
John E:St h. inUiTl,.?"'.?. Ufrord.-Mrs. M, V,
--- unu.B ana naugnter or
Clement Appoints Justices
Montpeller, August 4.-Jov. P. W. Clem
ent has appointed as Justlco of peace In
Undcrhill C. H, Mead to fill the vacancy
caused by tho death of U. H. Qulnn and
William J. Barrott of that town In placo
of J. F. Fitzairamons, who has. xooved
out of ' town.
An adjourned special meeting of tho
Memorial Baptist Church was hold Sun
day to take mto consideration the matter
of the resignation of the Rev. Roy E.
wnrttlmore and it was voted to accept
tho resignation. It was also voted to give
Mr. Whlttimore a three weoks' vacation,
which wfll cover the last three weeks of
this month and he will practically coaso
from tho pastorship with the services of
Sunday, August 8. No provision has as
yet been mado for supplying his place
with a new pastor. Somo trme ago plans
were made for the removal of the ex
press office at this time to a small
building located near the Ellis storo op
posite the passenger station on Seymour
street, but the proposed removal will not
ha made, at any rate, not at present
Dr. Howard L. Avorill, has closed his
office and will with Mrs. Avcrlll take a
fivo weeks' vacation which they will spend
In camp on the shore of Lake Champlaln
and Dr. Averlll will not re-open his of
fice until September 6. Col. James M.
Tracy has returned after spending two
weeks with relatives In Weybridgo. Judge
John B. Weeks, who got considerably
Jammed up and had his collar-bono brok
en by being run Into by an automobile in
Rutland six weeks ago, Is able to be
about again and attend to his business
every day, but Is not yet fully mended and
has carried his right arm In a sling all
the time. Mrs. J. B. Ingham of Brook
lyn, N. Y la In town for an extended
visit with her sister. Mrs. Frances E.
Rose. Attorney General Frank C. Archi
bald of Manchester was in town ovor
Sunday for a visit with his sister. Miss
Susan E. Archibald. Charles Bouvier left
Monday morning for a series of visits
with relatives In Greenfield, Springfield
and Turnnrs Falls, Mass.
William Edgerton has resigned his po
sition with the Hortonia Power company
here and' has gone to Essex Junction,
where he has accepted a similar posi
tion. Mrs. Ellen Hope has returned from
a visit to relatives In Lincoln. Mr. and
Mrs. Earle Pelsue have returned from
Lake Dunmorc, where they havo been
In camp for 10 days. Monday, market
day, eggs brought 55 to 60 cents, dairy
butter 55 and creamery 65. Ezra Braln
ard, Jr., and William H. Bentley of
Muskejo, Okla., have arrived In town for
a few weeks' visit Mrs. Grace Brown and
son, Boyd, and Miss Rena O'Bryan have
gone to West Rutland to visit Mr, and
Mrs. Howard Wlnslow, after which Mrs.
Brown and son will go to Granville, N.
Y where they will visit at the home of
W. W. Brown,
John Smolensk!, one of the workmen
employed on tho road-making Job on Main
street, was severely Injured whllo at work
Monday forenoon. He had Just risen from
the ground with a heavy wooden bar In
his arms, when a woman In an automo
bile ran her machine Into him, striking
tho bar and knocking him ovor. Smolenskl
was badly bruised and was taken to his
homo. A doctor was called and found no
bonos broken, but tho man will have a
vacation from work for several days at
least. The woman In the automobllo did
not stop to discover how much damago
sho had done, but mado fast tracks for
her home In Weybrldge. Miss L. Lor
hlnger of New York city Is In town for a
soveral weeks' stay with Mrs. M E.
Grant. Miss Nellie Murphy and brother,
Joseph of Brooklyn, N. Y are guests at
the home of Mrs. uiibert Lararia ror a
couple of weeks. Miss Nellie Murphy
has gone to Montreal for a few days'
visit Sho was accompanied by her sis
ter, Mrs. Guy Peck of Orange, Mass.
Mr. Pierce and his niece, Mrs. Watson,
have gone to Worcester, Mass., where
they will spend a fow days. Rufus Waln
wrlght nnd Cushlng Hill have returned
from a fishing trip at Sunset Lake, where
they have been for soveral days.
Tho formal opening of tho now children's
playsTounds nt the graded school took
placo at three o'clock Tuesday afternoon.
There wits n wry largo number of chil
dren prcsont, with thotr parents and
grown-up f do mis. The children wore
Stvaor nw tntcreBtlng"talkyty-80qiejKtC
N. Y., are tho guests nt the homo of her
father, O. 1L Cushman. Miss May
Powers of Boston is in town on her an
nual visit to her aunt, Miss Lucy Ttn
ney. Mrs. Kate Mooro has returned from
Lincoln. Miss Cornelia Woodward of
Warrensburg. N. "T is in town for a
visit at the homo of her aunt Mrs. John
W. Hammond, Miss Elizabeth Wlsell of
Schenectady, N. Y Is visiting at tha
homo ot her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edson
Wissell, for a few days. Mr. nnd Mrs.
E. G. Hunt havo returned from Lako
Dunmore, whero they havo spent the past
month at their summer cottage. Mrs.
H. D. Archer has gone to Warrensburg!
N. Y., for a visit to relatives.-Earl
Brown has moved from the Brown housa
on Pleasant street to the Caswoll housa
on Washington street.
Otis Abbey ot South street was 98
years of age Wednesday and observed
tho day in a quiet manner, receiving
friends and reading post cards and mes
sages with which he was showered.
Mr. Abbey was born in this town and
has lived most of his life here but
served some time in the army during
the Rebellion and lived for a few
years In Providence, R. I after his
discharge. He Is a remarkably strong
and vigorous man for his years and
tip to wlthlrr. year or so had been very
active and he can now do more work:
than many men of half his years. It
is understood he Is the oldest living?
man In town. A party comnrlsln p
Mrs. Ira H. La Flour and her daugh
ters, the Misses Gertrude and Delphino,
Mrs. Fred Vassar and daughter. Miss
Catherine, Mrs. James Dumas and
daughter, Beatrice, Mrs. Jessie Mack.
Mrs. Dumas Hope and Miss Mary Dovi
neau, who havo been camping for a,
week at Lako Dunmore, havo returned
to town. Some ot tho party had oulto!
an exporlence the other nleht vhn I
Mrs. La Fleur was awakened by a
strange noise and upon arising and!
making an Investigation found thatl
there was a snako In her room, Mlss
Devlneau hearing a dlsturban
tered the room and killed tho snake,!
" i., a, Mpotioa no I
der 2S Inches in length. Edward n.
Bums, who has been residing fopsev-.
cral months In West Rutland, has re
moved back to town and Intends trt
continue to livo hero for tho future. .
mibs uossie La Brake has returned to
Florence after a couple of weoks hero
at the home of her brother, Archlo
Ii Brake. Editor Charles E. Crano
and Mrs. Crano are now In camp at
I.ako Rescue In Ludlow. Dr. C. Ford
Langworthy of the chemistry division
of tho agricultural division at Wosh
Ington a well known Mlddlehury boy,
has come to Vermont for his summer!
vacation and Is at present visum? rola
tlves In Ludlow. Mr. and Mrs, Chris
topher Young and .Mr. and Mrs. Carroll
Bacon and daughters, tho Misses Evelyn
nnd Christine, have returned from
Plttsford, whero they havo been mak
ing a visit at tho homo of Mr. and
Mrs. Napoleon Young. Mr. and Mrs.
Jason Marklln of Stoudsburg, Penn.-u,
aro In town for a few weeks' visit
with friends and relatives. Tho com
munity canning kitchen, which was
recently started up for the season, haa
got well under way and under tho di
rection of Miss Ethel Billings Is do
ing a large and Important work In the
canning lino. Tho rooms aro open
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of
each week to members of tho homo
demonstration department of tho farm
bureau. Prof, Luis Hcrror.i of tho
Spanish department of tho Mlddlehury
College has roturned from Rutland,
aftor spending a fow days with Lawyer;
Podrocato. Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. PoN
sue have returned from Lako Dunn
more, whore they havo spent 10 days
In camp. Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. GoodH
rich have returned to Saratoga, N, yj
I i (Continued ou pngt

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