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Charlwi llrneo, in, Thomrut Victim
ttl.-.mpt fit Jlotiliery In Serious
Found (J ullly of Second Mrsrrec Mur
der nnd In Sentenced1 to Stntrn's
Prison for Mfe
eight Rates also to Bo Raised
lr. OK A rent rllricr in Plnti nf
AIa Will Rp HirKrr
St. Albans, Aug. 2. Charles Brace, aged Manchester, July 29. Guilty of murder
J9 years, of Losnllo street, Is at tils homo , in tho second degree was the verdict of
In .1 serious condition caused, it is the Jury In the cane of Byron M. Petti
'.bought, from drinking wood alcohol. It i bone, by administering; strychnine In a
Is nald that tho poison was Riven hlni by dose of epsom .salts at their homo In
two of his sunnosed friends for tho pur- I Bennington on April 6. A sentence of lm-
pofft nf doplns him and obtaining MO, : prlsonment for life was Imposed by Judge
which ho liad with him. Brace, It Is raid, Wilson, but opportunity was granted his
Rates! left his home about It o'clock this morn- . counsel to present a bill of exceptions. In
Ing for the West Side Lunch, owned by ' order that they might more easily confer
Tlernoy, where he obtained a meai with their client in preparing this a Rtay
o received J20 which Mr. Tiorney of execution for 30 days was granted and
and als
way holding for him. It va" b'-lleved from Pettlbone wan returned this afternoon to
his actlonw while In the lunch room that i Bennington Jail Instead of to the State's
v... kft.i Jui.lnff U. lAfl the luncn I nr tnn At Windsor whnri hrt w to mivi
fli.l linn uctii utiiiii.iie. - -
l.MC-1 . . .1 ....... 1.1,. ,,.n, hnmA tfllPn lie I ViAim tntAii ttilo i f tarnnnn
l;wiu iliiu un inn i.nj i.v,,..v .v.... ......... ...... .. ...
wiui called over to the rear of tho gas The Jury returned their verdict shortly
house by tho men who had the poisoned ! after two o'clock (daylight time) after
liquor. 1 hnvlng had the case since yesterday
A four minute later. It Is said, his moth- j uftonmou.
(" who Knew that he luul the money with They mime Into court Ins! night at 9:r,0
him told his wtfo to go ami sec wnere no , for instructions as to the difference Ik-
was and ;.ret tho money. Mis. Brace left
the house and found him In an uncon
scious cotidltlo.1 on bench nearby.
Dr. W. B. Arnold was culled anil gave
him medical attention. It Is not linnwn the case in the Jury room again at S: ir.
at the present time, whether Mr. Brnco
wKI live or not as his condition in con
sldercd very serlou. When he was remov
ed to the nous- only $21 of his nmney was
found, It was this that gave the local po
lice "nc Idea that he was given tho liquor
for the pvrpnso o! doping him.
' Ijrtltiitrtnr. Allr 1 Ml J tho
i'-r will become offci-.tivo Augus-i '&
the advanced f'clght ratc August
according to a program outlined to
ht by Alfred P. Thorn, general counsel
the AMocjHttou of Railroad Hxou-
ngi.r rates, the increased charges
Pullman travel and tho new rates on
nsa baj-x-w i.t-d ml!!: plso "'111 bo
tn force.
Uroiul nun .vxports "iavo begun tne
ha transportation costs or. a
isi- ri.io. otw? viii dc prennTco
2u JMornlate. ComiDercn Commission
vty ;irtor it tha propotwd effectlvo
'CSc r.'.i Oioetr. will bo sudpIc-
ntivi by ti-'jitrd '.arlffs containing ratiw
all tn-.-1lorti.-i and on nil "ommodliles
wan an 'hit hytr.c.i'. task of working
tan nnltifniilnoiis dmll cm be
Tiinr-i 1 r ... ...... ....-' i
! j,n .tfTTf-4n1a .. -i" 1 . . . ti..
cs arrfl cJiarrti for t,iaJr rB.-livf
rltorba jr. thi hnN of tho c.Tintirg
oy o cum:nitv,!on
1IA IMtf ...nf t. f. 1 . n .... . .......
- - . . u . I1TJ lULI'K
effect snulit !io unnstiKl t-j.ilrnvi'l of.
pointed to th rdrreatioii of rti?
to t'.nrcn it mi tsjulr a into m uro-
patting he i.'icrc.ired 7tn2 bit f
prior to S'e.ptcmrHjr i f 1 rfnun 00
uiumry unir ibn gur.raateG pitrri- n-trctie:) have br.n Investlgalinf Vnr-
n.l o" tr-Ul'tirta.-'Jfj net !Uely wil,ni,,'i hiiMnt .ilfr)rr- ! rl.ilme.l fn.'t.
aiied 'jr.f.im ftvpirarum of th.- gt,-rn- Vaxn'jy's f pc.cnlado w d.-.oun'.od ti tVl.Vfl
1 s juar.tnie? c: i.-nlr to Wo ro.iis. an 1 .,. i.?tW),- -vn .() had Lccn
........ iuiu .... .-.v-i'.'."'- returriLi. ii is Z'l vnra or .11:2 snci
1 tho smi.'A.'itv-o t,-u.'c.cnc would hvo ' ix-rlci
t th goornrjen. ,iip.o!mitit 'Sn,
O01 I'.ir t'.it r-iTirr.A riM fir nrLlajrw ' - . . . ......
11 1 irx .1 :v in.
iNseen first and second degree murder and
manulnugl.tHr They thru re tiled to their
hotel for the night at the suggestion of
the court, and lm I; tip the deliberation of
Pive Pullmans Derailed and
Smashed and Two Passen
gers Slightly Injured
Port Henry. N. T Aug. 2.-AUhough
about 130 passengers were In the cars,
only two of them were Injured and those
slightly when live Pullmans were derailed
near here at three o'clock this mornlngr.
One car was partly telescoped.
An unlocking switch Is said to have
been the cause of the accident. Tho
engine and the first car of the train from
N'ew York to Montreal over the Cham
plaln division of the Delaware A- Hudson
road managed to get by the switch In
Thronirlt Hr Encoiunnrcmenl Her llas
bnnd necamc Famfmn Dialect
l''errlbur. Aug. 2. Anna e. Robinson
widow of Rowland E. P6blnson, passed
Harold IlfffKlns "Worried Ovrr Kate of
III Five Children Knds Ufc
Wild nifle
Hardwlck, Aug. 1. Harold Hlgglns of
this plnco, drlvor on n milk roulo for Ito
nwav ni nnknhtf. Ferrlabunt. to-day after . Johnson, committed sulcldo early Satui
a J3 months' Illness. Services will be , day morning by shooting himself with a
l,nm UVitnnitnv After. ' rlflo. Death Is thought to have been In-
noon at 1:30 o'clock, stantaneous. Tho bullet went through (ho
Anna Stevens noblnson .was born man's forehead Just above the eye, almost
Aunu.f -. iit. nf East MontMiller. belnrr . In th center, and practically blew off the
th youngest daughter of Stephen and I back of the head. Illgpins wife died about
Rachael (Bird) Stevens. She received three months ago, leaving him with five
her education at a select school in her small children. The oldest of these Is now
home town and at Qlenwood Academy. ' about 10 years of age, while the youngest
Brattleboro, teaching there during her . Is three months old. It Is thought that
senior vear and for one year after, later , despondency following the death of his
teaching In district and select schools In 1 wife and worry over the children brought
nnd around East Montpeller. on the deed.
In 1870 she wns married to Rowland 1-3. All except the youngest of thepc elill
rtnhlnunn ,if tffrlh!lrl ntnl tn thum worn . dren were with relatives, two being with
born Rachael Robinson, Klmcr, who died the grandparents nnd Mr. Hlgglns' brother
GETS $12,000
Money Was Demanded for Re
turn of 13-Months-Old Child
Kidnapped June 2 Prisoner
Denies Abduction
Philadelphia. Aug. 2.A man su
spected of having gotten the $12,000
hidden near Morrlstown. Pa-, on Jun
14, as a ransom for Blakely Coughltn.
tho 13 months old child of Oeorge II.
J foughlln, who was kidnapped June
Krprww Asm at Hoxtmry fUien to
Mntr I'rlson foi llirec io UIrM
fears llnd Itcj-nb' Srnii
Montpeller. A'Jtf. 1. ,ludtoi & Varr.cy,
wVo hm tcor agunt for the American
Cprws r. lloxbury, wiw a-n'Mbl Sa.tur
do7 njorr.ir.g on the charge of cmberzlc
' i -nt 'jf f ufids from t!' company and vn5
p Mi: ;..''rno.i . brought. t:'' P.arr- City
Co. -t jw.id npwn pleading guilty wa.s sen
'. (uced to l PtatB prison fo.' r.ot lesa
t!in t'i-o nor ijt than eight y-jrs.
tto ;resr :'. :ul.ii In
'h; r.:.m.fi. 7ms l;er. obliged In 1
1 ......nl u ,...11 M.l
:ovnrM ' the .vntal amount, sur-
uod '.iv tl'e "individual carriers, in-
trcoaury 'n :ii.o .l-ificlts Is that pnr
l of i he ySOO.tiOV") wage award cov-
ng labor costs trom Alay 1 to Soptcm-
"i, -a hen the guarantee expires. This
s officially estimated at siwhhmjiiii.
ns fhn AmnHcan neonle wilt nnv one-
rd of tho increased wages ror rau-
a emn oves in s year in i.i.xes.
)AiJH JiA I DM liU ljtl..HIa.l
m'01'3 SL'M
tn tne amouni guaraniceo ine r-
v ll,P .nnr. rr.rl Ihn nlalme nf tlin liliOS
compensation under their contracts
th the railroad administration the
ns win r ave i' si c Kin i-i iiiut-iii
I.n..l.ln Innlr j.i'AP Ihn limnnl.
s December 23, 1017.
tper.itlon oi me roans aner .-"epiemntr
mi p r inn rilii'h iii L' i . ,n...i.-
to accountants nnd tariff oxp-rts of
carriers, an annual return of about
preliminary sort, the railroad experts
iVAM Ihn frnlp-ht rf.VfTillp to lm lie-
V'l Ulltji'l lilt: IIUVV l.l.ll rii. l.l.l lll'WMl.l
$1 3m IViO.nOn nnil 1 11 r. Inromo frntn lins-
iier ii. twit, j.w.'jw.1"'. i t r rni iiiiiir';.
was explained, were based on the
Increased eorrrpond ngly wiih tho ad-
nce authorized hv the trlrral i.imml..
ne neen tor lnrrease: tn nlrac sin
" oi lurui in a report lorwarclcn
,1 A ..
this morning. At 11:1ft they returned ngaln
for Instructions but this time Inquired onty
' us to the difference between second degree
I murder nnd manslaughter. Al this time i
Judge Wilson said to them: "It would be
a great misfortune if you should not de
I tide this question."
j I'ettlbone received the verdict nnd the
sentence In a comparatively calm manner,,
although he showed signs of nervowness.
He whs immediately tnkui bacK to nis
cell where he wrut visited shortlv after
'n the corrldo" by his brother, Benjamin
llaron Pettibon-!, of Pnwnnl and his
stater, Mr. Maud Hathaway of the sarco
town. Aflcr a fow mlnulos Mr. Hath
away vjit out and returned with Miss
Helen Irene Gulllow, tho nurtie, whoso
name has hern conr.tant'y llnktd with
TVttibnne's. Mlr.s flulllow remained )r.
tli cell until after i'ettlbone had left
vlth Sncriff ilardno. r.nit on emerging
her eyca sluiwd that she lid been weep
ing. Nevstxtncro had Lcn placed ever
the wlndoi.s and dcor nf the. J.U'. y'er
d.iy, however to Veep tho eyes of the
carlon-" from the prisoner, tis the Ja'.i I";
visible from the stree', po that any touch
ing scene enacted Inside thin afferr.onn
miy bo only guessed at. Miss Gulllow
'mmedlntely nhlsked a way In her father's
i intomoblli! In the same direction taken
by Sheriff Oirdmir's car, together with
y.rz. Hathaway and tho prisoner's father.
... SIH,0(M nnj l'mmiui n( HilAOrtfO The Oulllow car also bore a bundle, ap
parently at least a nianKct, wnicn was
brought from Pettibone's cell.
at Rokeby and Mary, wife of Prof,
Llewellyn R, Perkins of Mlddlebury Col
lege. It w.tr through her encouragement that
her husband became u famous dialect
writer. In ISM she was elected town
clerk, which office she held until falling
eyesight compelled her to resign August
1, 1915. Since then, nlthough unable to
use her eyes, she had received much
pleasure from rending the Moon .type for
the blind.
gins' brother In Wentworth. if. ' ",,, , ,,roUKhl , u p,.nsylvanli
baby was being cared for In the f . ml ly , " 'fir.. Hald to.
nlKhl. They couhl not tell tho name
.More to llnpt'st Institution
ISull.iwH Kails, Aug. 1. Ann'jane-;-
icent of ti J100.0CO gift to Vermont
Aulcmy at K.-.r.tons Itlver wttn vir
luul promise of a further sum of J ISO..
U00 by tho northern Baptist convention
wan given out horo yesterday follow
ing a nifetlng of the trustees of the
institution. Coupled with the confir
mation of the intention of the board
to rc-open the academy In September,
1921. the appropriation by the north
ern BaptNt body was accepted here as
a guarantee that the school closed
because of lack of funds In 1S16 and
will reopen next year.
rians are under wav for the con
struction of a dormitory building to
replace the structure burned In 1910.
The sum appropriated by the northern
convention was awarded with the pro
vision that It would bo used for build
ing purposes hut Is not to be applied
to the. old debts of the school. The
building is Intended for a boys' dorm
itory as the. school will re.-open as a
co-cducatlonal Institution. The girl
students are to occupy Jones Hall.
Committees were appointed to super
vise tho work of preparation for the
opening. The committee on teacher's
namo consists of Kx-Oov. W. V. Stlck-
ney of Ludlow, Owen IJ. (iray or
Cavendish, and Dr. W. A. Davison of
Rurlincton. A building committee was
appointed, made up of Dr. W. A. Davi
son of Burlington, Walter B. Glynn
and Dr. F. L. Osgood of Saxton's
River. Henry I.- Bolles nf Springfield.
Mass., one of the prominent benefac
tors of tho Saxton's River Academy
was among the trustees present at the
Bhtntnc Hits Mrrtnn Town Farm at
Darre Storm Impairs l,iBht
Dr. W. A. Dnvlson of Hiirllnurton o
Hoard Henry L. nole of Siirlnu
fleld, Mn.. President
Bellows Falls. Aug. 2. Announcement
was made public to-day that the follow
ing were elected trustees for Vermont
Academy at Saxtons Ulvcr: Dr. W. A.
Davison of Rurllngton, ex-Gov. W. W.
Stlckney of Ludlow, Henry Bond of Brat
tleboro. the Rev. Joseph Rohhlns of Bos
ton, John Barrett of Washington, D. C,
G. F. McFarland of Mlddlebury, Olln
Gay-of Cavendish, Dr. F. L. Osgood, John
13. Plddock, W. B. Glynn, F. B. Locke,
all of Saxtons River. The following men
wrc elscted as officers of the board:
President, Henry I.. Bowles of Springfield,
Mass.; treasurer, Fred C. Field of North
Springfield, Vt.; secretary, W. B. Smith of
Part of the steel girders ripped Into one ! Fcbrunry 12, 1919, Rowland T who resides In Crnftsbury. and two with Mrs. lllR-i ..,',., ... Hariior. N. J., to
.. . . I .... ... .. .... ... . . ,1 I.. l.rnn.U'nrl 1 "V II 'riirt -
oi i up cars anu tne woodwork In all of
tho cars was pretty much smashed up.
ll.irns nd Mini Iltirn During- Storm
n I1nslmnn l-Hirm JvrstooU
m !asf
llrlstol, July .10 During the severe
thunder storm that visited this place last
night from five till eight o'clock John
Fllzslmons' barns nnd sheds burned to the
ground. Mr. Fllzslmons had Just finished
haying so that hi? hay Is an entire loss,
together with one cow, five calves, two
hogs and farm machinery. The loss was
partly coveerd by Insurance.
The lightning struck three tlmea on the
promises of A. C. Dike, but no damage
was done, A barn burned in New Haven
and one In Starksboro. Tho stonn raged
Intermittently all night ending with a
thunder shower this morning,
GET $100,000 FOR LAND
of Mr. and Mrs. Chelsea Goodwin of this
place. It Is understood that they were
ready to adopt the child, but Mr, Hlgglns
did not wish to give It up. However, he
had no wny of caring for It. and was evi
dently fenrlng that he would have to find
a new home for It In the fall. If he did
not consent to the adoption.
Mr. Hlgglns. who was ? years of age.
had lived alone at his home In this place
since the death of his wife, and It was
In the kitchen of Ibis house that nis inn
of thu man or where lie wns wiKen.
According to a dlsputch from l-3gg Har
bor a negro arrested there late to-day
by federal agents anil Pennsylvania State j
liollcemen confessed lie had gotten tho'
$12,000 left by Mr. Coughlln near a rail- ,
road bridge. According to the report the
negro wrote to the Coughllns making an
other demand for money, designating a
swamp ntar the Philadelphia & Reading
station In F,gg Harbor. State policemen
Oomc-nt Appoints Mnnrlrr L. IHnnchnrd
io (io Over llookii of Auditor of Ae
cixinlH nnd State Trenmnrvr
day afternoon by a smalt girl who. whlln
I attend ng an auction shic nm uuwi, ...n
ll.rvrltind nnd l.nlr.l ! Mnrshflrlri nrouml tnc hoUsc and pecked In at tho
Trntrt to N. II. nnd 3. V. Men window.
Cover 3.S0O A errs ' Attention of neighbors was called to the
lody and Selectman nunc mni..ni nu.
soon on the scene. Kntranee had to bn
made to the house through a window, as
was dlscovere.1 anon, .. v ; . - ., f(1(loral aR(ntR ,vcnk to j.jKg nllrbor
and followed a negro who left on an
afternoon train from Philadelphia. Ho
made no resistance and was quickly taken
out of town.
Montpeller, Aug. 1. Fred A.
land and Fred L. Lair d,
for some ycarr. have held
Montpeller, Aug. 2. Maurice L. Blan
chard, formerly of Newport, has been ap
pointed b Governor Clement to audit the
accounts of the auditor of accounts and
the State treasurer In place of Professor
Gray, who did th Job last year. Prof.
Gray recommended Mr. Blanchard. who
Is a graduate of the Tuck School of Ad
ministration In Dartmouth of the class
of 1911 and who has held a good position
In New York and Is a certified public
accountant but now located In Hartford,
Hired Men, Cotts nnd Hoyn Itrit Vic
tims of Vermont Machine
Sheriffs Cur Muted
under storms that nasoi1 r.tr thi. on-.
n ill i i pp. coi'n nr.. i ..... n.iAi. . i tin r-n ih ii h 5 pi'nw nr inix pip ' r i v
.. , ,,,,,, mm- i.wiii.i Id. ' . v. . ii ... . .r. . . j ... rf - .-
St. Albans, August 2. Louis Touch -ette,
Raymond, Pashby nnd James
Houston, Fort Kthan Allen soldiers,
who took a Ford car belonging to
Rutland, July A check for J33.BO, to
which the name of Attorney Lawrence
f. Jones of this city was attached, was
received here to-dty tfirough the Clement
National Bank, having been cashed at
the Miawmut Bank, Roston. It was made
nut to George Smith and was endorsed
by a foreigner not known here. This led
Mr. Jones to Investigate, and he found
that three blank checks had been stolen
out of the back of his checkbook. There
Is no clew to tho thief or forger. The check
was dated July F. Officers here believe
the forgery the work of the same crooks
who fleeced Mlddlebury merchants a fow
days ago.
rm in Harre burned to the ground. The
R rrinRiM r.rn n i itini.Ai in v.n.i. . tu.
ie lights were, nut In the hospital and
e hotel here for a time to-night.
afternoon and who later in the day
were apprehended by officers at Rich
ford and brought hack to this city by
Sheriff George P. Catlln and Chief
of Police J. F. Mahoncy, we arraigned
before Judge Nathan N. Post In the
city court Saturday afternoon nnd
plead guilty to the charge ngainst
thorn. City Grand Juror A. H. George
Kach respondent was sentenced to
serve not less than two nor more than
three years in the Stato prison at
Windsor. They will probably bo taken
to Windsor to-morrow.
iu sviua-iia, ifc;, -, ;ur, ana airs. i;urus
Smith havo returned from Camden,
.1., where at the yards of tho New
1 1 11 .ti' nil .'i. ciuinsnp nr rnr. i . , . n f r i ,1 n
the new United States torpedo destroyer
urtevant, named after Knslgn Albert
lator to be killed in action after the
iiiqq .iuu.03 eiiLorea uir war.
nsirn Biunevjuu w.ia a stuaent. at
pffleM Scientific School at Yale when
a ciironoon war uroKO out. rwico no
anpuun or tne vanuy crew ana twico
rriw -ns rictorloiri over Harvard
3o'nr,3 tins .'I'.ntlngton avls-tlon unit
anlr.et by .L I. DwhSs.m, ana when
ta Mnl war rdtrnJlrrd It nt overseaji
1917 ,vid atRlf.ired on ths Enifllnh
r.? r 7.ir Tm1 I In Ilr"
at lacked by 15 Ocrman pUr.es, 'irhV.i? j
put out. imrr. me neis:a.T no si. .ie . T.(,-Tr,t rIi-vT-r, r, nm ipt
c t dTA-n on' p1avfi c?J AlnubW. t,wc ' l' Jlli t-UUUU Vic-J.
hers i.fftiu. r; plan cimsrioa nui-.ang, AViEiXNl IPi BVIVKC.
to tho 'cmt,
Montpeller, Aug. 2. Ponzi left Barrc out
of tho pl&cts that he tried tn secure
loans trom. His representative endeavored
to establish ar. agency in tho city, but
could not sucure anybody to handle the
business, so the city wa not on hlr. list,
However, Mlia Angellno Locarno of Barro
in employed In hla office In Boston.
But .Namrn of Yoonur Mrn Arr Sot
Given Out nnd Allowed tn Proceed
St. Arbans, July 23. United States Cus
toms Deputy Willis F. ' Fuller seized two
suit cases containing 40 quarts of liquor
on Train No. 6 Wednesday evening and
took Into custody two young men to
whom, It is alleged, the liquor belonged,
Tho customs officials at this time would
not mako public the names of the young
men. They are notf residents of tnts city
and atUr an Investigation were allowed
to go or. tbstr way. Tho liquor wxs confiscated.
This Vent's List Include Ifll Kx-Sol-dlrr-H
nnd 23T, Children
New York, Aug. 1. Suicide csFes
In the first six months of 192a have
snown an alarming increase over
those of the cnrmspondlng period last
year, the Save-a-Llfe league reported
hero to-day. In the first half of 1919
tho league received reports of 2,063
suicides ns compared with 1,771 for
the first half of this year. Tho league
aims to prevent suicide by offering ad
vice and financial assistance to despon
dent persons.
Of tho total KuleJdes reported this
year, 1.R10 wero males and 9fU females.
New York contributed 341. This year's
list Includes 101 returned soldiers nnd
22D childron.
N. H., and C. W Tooke of Syracuse
N Y., the deeds of which were filed
In the town elerk'n otflco In Marsh
field yesterday. There were 1100
worth of revenue stamps on the de'eds,
so that the connldcratlon must be
about ?10O,000.
The tracts of land cover about 2.S00
acres and are bald to contain about
15,000 oords of pulp wood. The grantors
made their first purchase in 1905 a.nd
have been adding to the tracts nf land
slnco that time. They reserve a right
to use what Is known ns Laird's pond
for camping purposes.
Philadelphia. Aug. L'. Reports from
ICgg Harbor. N. J., to-night said that a
In a swamp there to-day
ot the
, 1 later found that nne o n e , o . nm M u h( 0 coughlln
,, locked on the Inside, while the other nf Morr10wn MnH0) tor , kdn3ppH
The prisoner, according to
wh malc lo tne nousc - "'',',,"' negrr. arrested
large "0,n "00rf, .wn.rc SCCU1 '1, V. ' i 'iad confessed he Is tho man who
tracts of land In M.irshf lelrl. hive otrl 'ter rounn uwi . . ...
tho same to A. N. lllandln of Bath,
I been nailed tight
' , ., u-..v.i nut iIia iiiiijr. i or prjhuncr. arcuroinK to
Medical examination brought nut to', , d n..lrtl(.inM,nn ln
fact that the man had necn Mean in tne lh(. np,,uclon ,(f , h-d'
vicinity of 12 hours. Ho wns lying on his Antllpr elrcnlation here
i..ni mii i.. - - , i lo-niKin tnai a wnttc man was arrested
beside him. A .rrI ,1'' " -'." connecl.on with the Cough-
x"z j-i'authorifcirnoti;
STYVPPinn AT nrMWIVHTrtM Lf how the vhootlng was done. Mr. Hlg
"2 W1 I gins had evidently carefully fastened the
Bennington, July 29. Chief of Police I string to the trigger to his foot, then
r.-i..is Hm..ii th-ii ..e, . nnlnterl the h.irrel at his head, which
.oiiine .inri then fallen hack on his chest
as he toppled over. Plaster from a hole
In the celling, directly overhead, lay all
about. 1
A string attachetl to tne irigcer m in.- , .
rlHe nnd fastened around the dead man's Mr of firnson's Serious Arrldent In
font, as well as the fallen plaster fur- I ( A,hnns fhiid Il Frnt
nisnen tne ciucs iu "
Montpeller, Aug. 1. Among the auto
mobile accidents reported yesterday morn
ing were Mrs. Ludwlg Link of Springfield
reporting that while driving along the
highway recently that her automobile ran
Into a horso-rake, upon which tho hired
man of J, A. Belknap was riding. She
claimed she blew the horn on the auto
mobile before going around the curve.
The hired man was Injured.
Joseph Sevan! of Wlnooskl has reported
that while driving along the highway In
Colchester that a cow "leaped In the
road" in front of his machine, while
Moses Mills of Wolrott has reported that
his automobile ran Into a telephone pole
last week.
Horace, the 10-ycar-old son of Mr. r.nd
Mrs. W. S. Teachout, the former auto
mobile clerk In the Secretary of State's
office, was run down by an automobile
driven by Fred Geer Friday In Montpeller.
but escaped Injur?'.
Thaddius Cormier of St. Johnsbury has
reported that his automobile ran over a
Lyons hoy, breaking one leg, while Pcrinl
i- Sons, who have the contract to hulld
a federal road project In Falrlee have, re
ported that one of their truck drivers ran
t ruck over a man. Deputy Sheriff W. G.
Jones of Swanton has reported that his
automobile was run Into ny another ma
chine the other day when he was en route
to St. Albans to serve Borne papers.
o'clock this morning held up three
young Italian men who were In an au
tomobile on Mill street and who had
been acting In a suspicious manner In
the vicinity of the liottuni and Tor
rance Pillow Case Factory. In the ton
neau of the car the officer found nine
five gallon tin cans of whiskey. Tho
three young men who said they lived
In Troy, N. Y., were placed ln Jail nnd
the liquor was turned over to Francis
K. Morrlssey. deputy internal revenue
collector. The alleged whiskey run
ners and the automobile will be taken
to Rutland In the morning for hearing
before the United States commissioner.
of fur
St. Albans. Aug. 2.-The first serious
automobile accident In this city this sea
son occurred yesterday afternoon about
3:ffl) o'clock on Lake street when Phillip
Wat bent over to receive the bullet. The
.if i. mint have, heen a borrowed one.
! pointing to premeditation, as the dead quet. the elcht-yearnld son of Mr. and
man s father-in-law neciares mm .ir. , ' kihbi as run over ny .1. w.
Hlgglns never owned a rifle In recent
It Is prohahle that the shooting nc
curred about 6:S o'clock yesterday morn
ing. It was nbont that time that James
Slnon going by the house where Mr. Illc-
Dudley of Lower Wclden street. The boy i
received a fracture of one le? and I
numerous other bruises about the body.
Tho accident, it Is said, was not caused
J iamr....n;Sn Oil HIP part OI MT. lJUnlC,
who was driving very slowly, wltnesfvs
Fort F.than Allen Soldiers Arrested nt
nichford In St. Allntnn Car
St. Albans, July 20. The Ford touring
car belonging to Harold H. Harvey, stolen
this morning, was found this evenlntr In
I Rlchford, and In It were thrco soldiers
Montpeller, J"uly 30. Harry A. BUck.
secretary of State, to-day suspended the
operator's license of Clark L. Sargent of
Jay because of an accident that took
place In North Troy village Thursday
afternoon In which a man walking along
the street wns killed. This Is In line
with a recent edict from his office that
If a person was killed a suspension of
the license would take place until the.
matter had been Investigated, at least.
He revoked the license ot W. E. Patton
ot Springfield and John J. Oadln nf that
town for having been convicted of intoxi
cation while driving an automobile,
Morton H. Hart of Essex Junction suf
fered a 30 days' suspension of his license
because nf reckless driving, which In
cluded an accident.
Italian Committed Snlrlilr hy Cnnsum-
Intt Half n Ponnil nf I'olson
Barre, July 29. Dominic Pucher of
Barre. age 4fi, died this morning, having
committed suicide last night by taking
one-half pound of Paris Green In a glass
pins lived, heard a noise Inside which he ' say. i ne child, who was playlnc on tho
described as sounding like a tin pan fall- , sidewalk, ran ln front of the car whll I
helng chased by another youngster. The
child was Immediately taken to the St.
Albans hospital.
These, two were together at Mr. Chase's
hnme early Saturday morning and came
to Hardwlck together on the early morn
ing stage. They parted about six o'clock
In the morning, according tn Mr. Chase's
best recollections and Mr. Hlgglns then
of water, ocennants of the !,,.. har,i said that ne must nurry name ami l,...u
him about 11 o'clock- nnrl hrenkinir in ,w his clotheo to Mart on his milk route.
Ing. He thought no more or the matter
until he heard of the suicide. This hour
coincides with the period which Mr. Hlg
clns was thought to have hcen dead at
the time he was found. (JEALOUSY MAKES RICH
Probably the last man to tnlk with Mr. . nPMTIOT A ciTinmr
Hlgglns before his death was his hrother I Limxiini A &U11,1JJI'
. . . . ..i 1. . . n MflelniM.. i '
ny aoopuuii. Aiuutr n.ipu .,t - ...n....... . vw
door of his room they discovered what
HnroM Hlerins liar, lived In Hardwlck
had taken nl.iro. He .!.. n 4Un ' 'r about two years past, coming
hosnltal. hut did not rerrnln con,eloonen fOm CrartSDUry. Since nis rnii.-h
and died about four o'clock. He has
recently sent about J3.000 to two brothers
In Trentlno, Italy, who survive him.
Vonth Acelrientslly Hlrs Cousin Whom
ne Fired at In Water
Bellows Falls, Aug. 2. Walter Gale. 16.
suffered a slight Injury to his knee here
to-day when a rifle bullet fired by his
cousin, Garrett Crotty, ricocheted from
tho surface of the Connecticut river and
struck young Gale just abovo the. knee.
Crotty fired his weapon from the bank
In the direction of a boat In which Gain
was rowing with the Intention of scaring
him. The hullet glanced from the water
into the boat and caused the wound.
The missile lodged in his knc and was
removed by physicians at the Rocking
ham hospital.
National Guard Orders
Vftmtpcltor, Aug 2. Major Cowan -f
jtland, who will bo Iho comrasindrnic of-
. e . v... -vrA .nn -.T i ...... . n,,.. ...
trr.p Dovons Murine tho muster that
........ . l . !r.(.,".l.. X.i IshwI I V. i.
llowlnr order concrtUm: the move
ant of tho r.ovi! conv-mJca: Company
Newport !n 'wo cr-ache and a bag-
.... I ...... a. W " t 1 ... I n r, w-r In... .......
0 St. Johnsr.tiry, two coaches.
4v at 7'JO that morning; Machine Oun
1. 1. ......... rn f lnnv.nl. nt r. 1 -.nA
',THMiiV M.. Burlington leaven at seven
clock In two coaches and baggago car;
. A n l A inarllrinl rlsln V mM
Itituid, leave at 10 o'clock via UellowR
f.n. r.-imnanv K.. one coach and batr-
go tsr connoc.tlng with apeclal train
tj Rutland; Corepany I Brattleboro,
..n.V onil AAfnKlnti (Inn fnr Iai irln e
in r-i iiiiii i uj im wi luiiiutiv i v. ivui iiik
the moritlnff via Greenfield.
Spontaneous (Vrmbu-rtlon Onoar
Destrrctlon of Hrrlin nnlldlnirM
Montpfclier, July M. Tho bams and hen
houso of F, L3. Gray In Berlin were
bumed during Wednesday evening the
cause said o havo been duo to spontaneous
combustion of noy. a hevy explosion
took place about the time the fire startod,
Tho buildings worn Insured tn tho Ver
mont Mutual Flro Insurance company for
J2.5O0 which will not cover the loss of
St. Albans, July 30. Arnold Reed Denl
son, aged 17 years, a son of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank W. Dcnison, died this afternoon at
:30 o'clock of spinal meningitis. He had
been in 111 health slncn May, when ho
... ...... I nn.Mmnnk Tl Ii i r 1 no Ii ) n n
from Fort Ethan Allen, Touchctte. Hous- I .. , ' I ; iirftt riAr ffnnh
ton and Pashman. Tliey were brought here j0hn and Edward. He was president of
late this evening to await a hearing. ' the graduating class of 1920 of the high
school; president or inc. Young People's
loucnctte has relatives In Rlchtord. Tho
men rodo about tho iiy here. It Is
understood, be.foro making the tilp to
Tha article relatlnr: to the stealing of
tho Harvey ear appears In tho St. Albans
news in another column.
Largest Customs Business
St. Jisvivna, Aug. s. ino statement oi
. ,.nnpni.Hnn4 In riistrnno rtlfttrfrt of
cs dono through tho local port since
....nlMallnn nf tint rllqtnmn HhttHp.t
t vnara airo Importation for tho past
days were as follows: Free merchandise,
:(3,lft.O0; dutiable merchandise, 12,128,.
3.00; 'ot.il Imports, J7,3SC,10fi.OO; duties
illected. flCKB.oi. Vino cxprwtions
re! Dumestld marchunillsc, Vi.OK.Kil.OO;
.....Mi,, trr. Jf.'.' ih tntnl
rf icn nifui iwiiiinu, - . .
Washington, July M.-Wllllam R. Wil
liams, of Richmond, Va., has been ap
pointed assistant secretary of war suc
ceeding Benedict Crowell, who resigned
recently to return to private business.
Secretary Baker announced that Mr.
Williams would take tho oath of office
to-morrow. Under the army reorganiza
tion act he will havo charge of procure
ment of munition:! and Industrial or
ganization for war.
Mr. Williams Is now connected with the
Richmond forging cbmpany and form
oily for many years with tho Aniorlcan
locomotive ny oris.
West Danville, July tB.-At the summer
homo on Joo's pond of Mr. and Mm.
f 'harles H. Goss of St, Johnsbury their
youngest daughter, Clara Helen, was
married this afternoon to Noel Noycs of
SI. Johnsbury, Tho ceremony took' placo
on tho piazza overlooking the water. Mem
bers of the two families being present,
he Rev. Dr, Francis A. Poole, pastor of
tho South Congregational Church at St.
Johnsbury, performed tho ceremony, Tho
piazza was decorated with trailing pine,
yellow daisies and pond lilies. Following
tho ceremony, refreshments were served
by the Misses Ruth and Dorothy Ooss,
cousins of the bride. Tho groom Is a Vale
graduate and served In the war with the
rank of lieutenant in the regular army In
the Routhwest. The bride Is a popular St.
Johnsbury girl and received many choice
gifts from her friends,
association of the Unlversallst Church;
he played quarterback on the football
team and played, also on the baskotball
team; he was a member of tho debating
team of tho high school In his Junior and
senior year. The funeral Is to bo held Sun
day afternoon at three o'clock at the
Montpeller, Aug. 1. William Brown,
who, in Westerly, R. 1., on July 27 shot
hlu wlfo and then committed suicide, was
a resident of Barre. About a month ago
these ncwlywcds visited friends In Barrc.
Mr. Brown helng well known an n mem
ber of the old Hardwlck nlno of a few
vears ago and for a time played on the
Barre Athletic team,
Operated OUr WU" Number Plate A
ivned to Anotaer .Machine
Montpeller, July 29. Harry A. Black,
secretary of State, has received from
Judge Wright of the Orleans municipal
court the statement tnat Ernest J.
Wheeler of Westmorc appeared In his
court this week pieaaing guilty to op
erating an automobile on which were
number plates that were assigned to an
other machine. He paid a fine of 3 and
cost, which will probably mean that he
will lose his license.
No report of the accident in which
, r-nrev's machine went Into a po-
,ato patch In WalUfleld recently has
been received at -
Inaccurate Ice Weights
w. roller Aug. 1.-". N. Davis, deputy
M "tanner of weights and measures.
IT returned from the northern part of
tl State, where he has been Investlgat
:. ..-Ltninti! relative to the Inaccurate
. rihtH in Ice. He found such conditions
to exist according to a statement made
.... i,i. Saturday morning, in Newport and
ha turned the matter over to the State's
The Ice was delivered by guess
I"1"11"' ..-.l-l,!
j rather than uy
Montpeller. July 29, F. S. Tease, factory
Inspector of the commissioner of In
dustries office, has returned from Mad
River Valley, where he has been Inspect
ing the mills. He found nearly all of them
shut down because the farmers are using
all the help they can secure to harvest
their hay crop, which Is large in spite of
the poor weather for the last three weeks
109,318,000 BUSHELS OF
Washington, July 29. Wheat from last
year's crop carried over Into 1020 totalled
lre.HS.OOO bushels on July 1, compared with
4,561,000 bushels of tho 1918 crop on hand
the corresponding day last year, said an
announcement to-day by the department
of agriculture.
Springfield, Mass,, July 30. A mortgage
for J15.000.000 given by the Central Ver
mont Railway company to the New York
Trust company filed hero yesterday. Tho
mortgage covers a bond Issuo which wilt
be used to refund Indebtedness of 112,
000.000 of the Central Vermont, which is
controlled by tho Grand runk railway.
1J! to Miss Llndy Wllley, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wllley of Crafts
bury, he has spent most nf his time In
Orleans county. He was born in King
man. Me. His father, Charles Hlgglns,
survives him and lives In Brownvllle, Me.
The other survivors, besides his five
children, are the hrother mentioned above.
father-in-law and mother-in-law. Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Wllley of Craftsbury.
At the last announcement, funeral ar
rangements had not been made, but it
had been suggested that they might bo
held to-morrow.
York. Aug. 1. Dr. Jose Arenas. '
wealthy South American dentist, who wm
found dead with three bullet wounds In
his body In his Wet Side apartment Sat
urday night, committed suicide, tho
medical examiner reported after an
autopsy to-day. Arenas ended his life after
j an unsuccessful attempt to kill Ruth
Jackson, a chorus girl, and Ignaclo MartL
her companion.
Marti and Miss Jackson, each of whom .
was shot hut not seriously Injured by '
Arenas told tho police they called on thn
dentist to get some clothes the girl had
left in his apartment when tho shooting
orcurred. Jealousy, because Marti had
enticed the girl's affections from
dentist is believed to have been
Ml Bertha Ournl's rremenee of Mind
Prevent Helms nun Over by
Montpeller, Aug. 1. Marshall Trombley
of Berlin has pleaded not guilty in Barre
City Court to the charge of stealing a
horse on circus day from Joseph Ell, at
whoso farm he had been employed as
farm hand and has been released on ball.
It Is claimed lie took the horse, wagon,
and harness to como to Montpeller and
that he did not return with It, but went
to work at another place. Ho claims ha
neglected to notify the owner where th
. ncKiccicu io jiuiuy tin- uwiicr nuro uia
Montpeller, Aug. 1. Miss Bertha Duval. I nor5(! was anri that he intended to return
formerly of Burlington, who was visiting
Mrs. David Splcer, her sister here, was
hit by the automobile of L. L. Stone of
Berlin last evening whie she was cross
ing Main street. She seized the front
humper of the automobile, saving herself
from going under the machine. Other
than minor bruises she escaped Injury.
Mr. Stone, wno was driving his machine
slowly, reported the msttcr to tho police.
Montpeller, August 3. Some of the pas
senger trains on the Central Vermont rail
way were detoured over the Montpeller
and Wells River railroad to-day owing to
a derailment of an engine on a freight
train near Northflcld.
It was not dumped very badly, but was
so heavy that It was necessary to use a
wrecking equipment to get It back on tha
Found Guilty of Plotting to Orerthnro I Iron. Some delay In getting equipment t
V. S. Government draw the New England States Limited.
.' " over the Wells River railroad occurred,
Chicago, Aug. 2.-V, llllam Bross Lloyd. 1 dup t0 ,short notlce. Two cars were drop-!
millionaire socialist, and nineteen other ,1 off thc traln whch helped out uia-1
members of the communist labor party, 1 terlally.
to-nigni were iouiiu Kuiny oy a jury, 01 1
conspiracy to overthrow thc government 1
of the United States. 1
Tho defendants were given various sen-
tenees, most of them getting from one to
Jerney Breeder to Henr Notional Dairy-(
Salt Lake City, Utah. July CO. John
Bonnet), a sheep herder, was shot and
more 'than l.onO sheep wero killed early
to-day In a clash between men said to
represent Colorado cattlo Interests and
t'tah sheep men, Just across tho State
line In Northwestern Colorado, according
to a telephone message from Vernal
Uintah county, Utah, this afternoon.
Rutland, July SO. Had John Hart of this
city not shown a contrary disposition
when arrested on circus day he would
have been let off simply with a charge of
Intoxication when he faced Judge George
M, Goddard in municipal court. John
Kicked Officer T. C. Elworth, however,
and the kick cost him $1.V. Hart was
found In thc gutter and tho policeman
with the assistance of a taxi cab driver
tried to load him Into (he vehicle, John
was finally put Into the taxi, but by that
time the driver was shirtless, Elworth
was nursing soveral bruises and John's
fnco was decorated with a black eye.
Grand Juror John S. Dorsey, made the
charge breach of tho peace ond Hart said
he was sullty.
five vears In the penitentiary, a few being 1 Council nnd Jemey Cnttle President
given fines In addition and soveral werej QUec))t.0 i..vt the annual meet-J
sentenced to one year In Ja.ll. Lloyd got ,nf. of tn Vermont State Jersey breeders,
the heaviest sentence, being given one to t0 pp h(,w Aug.st j3 at Quechec Fells 1
five years In the penitentiary and a lino . ,-arnii QPchee, It Is expected that M. D.
of $3.0 In addition. Muiih. president of tho National Dairy I
1 Counril nnd president of the American 1
1,000 TEACHERS ARE Jersey Cattlo club, will be present to
Another spcaner win dc Lreorge . fis
Montpeller. July 30. There are about son, former president of the American
1,000 teachers who are, enjoying the train- 'Jersey Cattle club nnd at present a dlrec-
Ing this year of summer schools. Of these, top of the club; also 1-3. S. 1 sham, the
140 are registered In the school at Rut- 1 Vermont Slate commissioner of agrlcuN
land, about 130 at Mlddlebury, and ture, and other noted speakers,
about 500 at Burlington.
Tho way thc State school happened to j MATHEWSON HAS TUBEHCrLOSIS
be organized Is thus; About 100 teachers , sarannc jkPi x, y juiy so.-christyi
sent a petition to the commissioner ask- Mathowson, veteran baseball player, mail
ing for thc school and nfter consldera- RPr am Coach, has been at a sanitarium
tlon It was decided to conduct one and llprc for (ho pa5t month undergoing treat
qucstlonnalres were sent to thc regis- mpnt fop tuberculosis, it was learned to
trants to ascertain what studies they Ho-
wantcn mo.11, vv uen tnese were returned 1
the courses were made up
studies which tho majority of tho teach
crs wanted.
I Mnthwson has been confined to hla
from the rocml cvcr since his arrival, has received.
Public Meeting- to Be Held Au-ut 26
Announced by Communion
Montpeller, Aug. 3. Th commission
selected some months ago for the purpose
of proposing amendments to the Constitu
tion held a meeting this morning In the
Senate chamber of tho State House with
four members present. They considered
the matter before them and then It was
decided to hold a public meeting August
26. M. E. Morse, socrttary of tho com
mission, will prepare nnd publish a notlco
giving the object of that meeting,
no callers and has been undergoing am
absolute rest.
It was understood that his condition wasi
not such as to cause any immediate
Tho famous pitcher and later manager
of tho Cincinnati National League clulj
camo here Immediately aftor leaving th
New York National team where he ha4
acted as coach.
Philadelphia, Aug. l.-Four persona em
ployed In a five-story .building nt 117--7
North Fourth street occupied by about a,,
dozen manufacturing concerns lost their
lives and several others wero Injured to
day when fire swept through the structure'..
Search is being made for other bodies b-M
tiKved to be ln the ruins.

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