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One Cent
a Word
Advertisfrf? in this column
one cent a word each In
nfrtion. Copy mrty be
chancer! evorv week. Cnsh
I in advnnce required. No
ndvertiscmeiit taken which
in less than 12 words, two
lines. Special terms to ad
vertisers usinp from 250 to
1,000 lines within 12 con
secutive months.
tu, ltt.brtlb.l io rrii, Wl III
i"hed, e.lrnnf, yixt nt barn, sanlun anil
trult at Weetmlnster Station, Vt for
f.nly tU per month. Thh Is'a good loca
Mon for a commurclal traveler. Aadr?F
Vf. V. Parr. M No. Union St., -nurllngton.
Vt. 20.0t.w.lt
ibovt no ACRES ef Cnnneetlcut valley
io. u i.rar nmuoiii'ipr sianon. i pun-
able fur truck fanning and tobacco urow-
m?, near gtiod mnrKt; rant reasonable: I
rvi furnlBh sliut 100 acres of panturo It
lelred. Sfo mc Saturday evening.
W. V. Farr, M No. Onion St., nurllngton,
Vt. 200.6t,w,lt
(ConllnuiMl rrnm pmur one.)
Mass., is spending tho winter at
the home of Mrs. Benjamin T. Field
George F. Daniels and daughter. Miss
Alloc, who have been guests at the Stev
en's House for over a week, have re
turned to Grnfton, Mas? Frank Rivers
la III with heart troubli Tho condition
of Arthur I.angcvln, who Is seriously 111,
was slightly Improved yesterday Tho
Vcrgennes-Wnltham branch of the Amer
ican Bed Cross drive for new members
begins to-day Mrs. Eva B. Shepard of
Brandon and Miss Laura Roburdn of
, . , ....
. .i.uu.h .irt.u ,,.il-u iuuiiis ni win; num.'
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Warner This
Is Mary Fletcher Hospital week. Winter
iiuiirt anu vuKcuiuiuH, oai iincn, ana oin
cotton are especially desired. Leave your
contributions at Mrs. Richard MacDoug.
nl's, Mrs. W. R. Warner's or nt the store
T II. C, Herrlck Frederick Fish hns re
turned to Springfield, Conn., after a vls-
wa?Z5? 'aas-ias! MxTssrfrzsS t&s&JE?x mr- -ya.s; rwr.xar
8g"--tr gr-a,,..";. bridport ss kISHSk -n-"?-1 sssj-.srair surras: izMaH
SaR5ri far R r ! charlotte
T.w.tf Thank-Of erlng Missionary meeting will -Mrs. R. Sunderland, who has been lli ,,lor' " U 1,a' r 1J Troop' 3rtl l-'nltci1 A ,arB0 numbcr ot frlen(l8 nnd nelBh' t. v i 7 h,S ' '' i grandfather, returned to New York Statr
behold with Mrs. Fred Guyette, Tuesday. (Or some time. Is no much Imnfoved -i Slatrs Cavalry. Fort Ethan Allen wore bore of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Daren en- mJ. FrnnITeViiiV? i? WMiiaT" H'o first ofjhe week-There will bo no
FOR SALE !Cmr IG,' Jr, "0ll',C Uha"BC 0f "onry Dona cous n Harry Drnir placed ,n 'a" Saturday night, ehnrnwl Joyed a box party at their home last "r"atf " , ? I.S ' T8?'0" .f .""'i00' ,0-',aj'- sey
. ji"!.1 ... da o-Tho Ladles' nonevcrtcnt society spent Sunday with Henry's aaJen Mr )Vlth "caHon. following an autorno. week Thursday ovenlng-Mr. and Mrs. i B'Jests of his parent? bunda. s to attend the celebration at nurllng-
nnt 7'l !f BPJrn urn'? Vr..,ttnnnS; ''(jld.Jts annua fair Friday after- and Mrs. Herman Austin -Mr 11 ltr" bl,e acM- which occurred on tho road Edward Steady arc parents of a daugh- ' RICHMONiy i Wn-Mrs. Ansurllla Hcmlngton. wife of
:es of Shoreham snent Run" ,0 the Fort" ,3cn Abalr of renter street tnr, born November 2 William Jewell1 bamuel-J. Ilnndall, died Wednesday morn
nimotf, v.MIn.?. vt. 2i9..Jt,w,lt V! , servt'a 'rom snven unt" fiGht day at tho home of Mr and Mrs Frnnli Was dflvl"K 11 horse and buggy Satur- and family have moved from the tone- J,r- nml Mrs- Leonard of Hooslck Falls, nftpr a long Illness at her home. In
-o"rr"i;crirVnieirnhT-dM-ff7rm ? , Vseful nlul fAncy articles will Allar.1 Miss Stella Austin Mas Irnn fr. day nfternon and while eomln? down nient of acorgo Hazard to that ot Uo.-coo " Y., are at tho homo of their daughter, ,ho northern part of the village. Besides
nine wri.:is .,ld. two yoitnc broml 119 for sale The Uev. n. 11. Simmons Mchvllle, whero sho will snend n. t w ,,DDer Eai" Allen street heard nn on- and ISeguIn Mrs. William Jewell attended Mrs- - K- Unrtlctt, where they will spend a husband, three daughters survive Mrs.
os with nl-i- and sir pigs two weeks will have tho Sunday service nt 10:t)ayB with her aunts ami coming nutomoh'lo and turned to the the funeral of a relative In Forrlsburc onic time Mrs. .1. W. Berry Is at the Onrlos Brewster, Mrs. ITnrry Hills and
' Uc"tZ1 MinMu f nJS 0rTnliin.di- ? Cl0C,t aUd ,caVcn Pi,rl' ,!ml wool! ,or Woodman danco. which was h,M w. rlht ' order to lot It by. At. the aU- Saturday afternooti.-CIco Blssonetto re- Mary Fletcher hospital, where slJ0 under- X)c Whltcomb of St Albsns.
H. u Parlcnr. Vullctts Bay. lol. wai-S. h9 new field, Ml.Mlcneld. Mass-Dr. Friday nlrtt w tomoblle was coming at a good rnto of oelved a roflous Injury to his arm ..n went a serious operation Momlay-Mn,. The funeral of MrMs. S. J. Unnll. who
j Emma Wood and Mrs. Francis Lolling- Uansom Kellogg who has bi. in il "ed' Mr Abal1 turned ittlll further to , the school playground last week. Arthur Slmonds Is In Windsor, called Wednesday will bo held at Tier late
it to his parents. Judge and Mrs. Frank purchased a work horse of I). H. Tar
L. Fish W. C. Footo has returned from ker Ray Moulton and mother of Pan
a business trip to Boston. ( ton, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Moulton of New
Orange Smith wont the sixth to Peters
burg, N. V., to accompany his wife and
her cousin, Clinton Stewart, by auto
here, whero they aro stonnlnc n few
das with Mv. Sin'th's parents, Mr. nnd
M,rs. Mllo Smith Walter Purington nnd
family of Lincoln vilted Mr. nnd Mrs
c. D. HIM the seventh Mr. and Mrs. O.
Sargent and Mr. nnd Mrs. Ralph Sweet
of Lincoln were guests Sunday of Mr.
and Mrs. a. L. Clifford Mrs. O. C.
Hteadman has returned from a week's
slay with her daughter. Mrs. Clara Carl.
in Charlotte,
liimis Harris and ramuy 1
t Tii-miinn .,,,...,. i .... ,ii
r urandon were guests last week of his
fnther. isnne llnnts.-Afr. i.nni. n.,-
lo Burlington Monday by tho illness of
Mrs. .1. W. Berry of Richmond, who had
n successful operation at the Mary Flet
cher hospital Tho concert given Friday
nTght by Bristol (alent was well attend
id Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Hill and Mr. and
Mrs. A. E. Clifford were nt C. C.' Ful
ler's In Joncsvlilc tho seventh Mr. and
Mrs. F. J, Hanson and Miss N. Hanson
motored to Richmond and Burlington' tho
sixth Mr. and Mrs. F. Nlmblett have
returned to town nnd arc living In
' harles Dovold's house Mrs. Maud
Monahnn has returned to her work In
Wpnhlngton, D, C, her mother, Mrs.
ni.Tn. m n,,in h. n. fr...
as Montreal Mrs. Elslo Iiafayotlo has
'.etumed from Burlington Mrs. William
Hull of Bristol visited her parents, Mr.
ind fro. Mllo Smith, last week AVll-
Ham rlayes and family move the last of
thS week to West Charlotte. John
Tr.ftt fcae. returned to Florida for the
winter Mrs. F. A. Thome of Bristol ls
nt A. L. White's for a few days' stay
.aiie uorot.ny biuverette, wno in in tne
Mary Fletcher hospital recovering from
an operation for appendicitis, htt3 had
a ellTht relepso. Her parents. Mr. nnd
Mre. Dennis Shiyfwette, and brother. Har-
old, visited her SundayThe C. C. C.'s
will hold their next social with Mrs. F.
C, Smith, November 18. Supper will bo
"naJ;"d J annual business meeting
l-.ld -T-1 1 . nnmiB Dnnl.lv Vi.1,1 1 1 mi...
uv.i.. ... "" ,.o
lar meeting this week Wednesday In
'heir church parlor A rogular meeting
nf tho Orango will be held this week.
A good attendance Is especially desired,
Mr. and
i baby
ilngton was nt her home hero Inst
Mrs. Ira. Brydla hns gone to Dover.
V. II., to visit her daughter, Mrs. Perkins.
-Mr. and Mrs. John Spraguo of' Housa-
Innlrt llh.r . .... n , ., ,1n., 1.,.. ..1.
, ..'.' . . ......
Willi re aiivee neie nu in .uuisuii
J E G-andoy Is in Rlpton this week
with his daughter, Mrs. John Otis and
funlly-Mrs. P. Rlnon han returned from
flrntf.ehoro, whero she hns been spend-
irnr a. few days with hor daughter. Mrs.
i-nrl Rmttb.-Jrtsonh Roirer Is In Burllne.
tnn VnfiAlulnir ttnntmcnt nt m Imunltfil
Fred Reynolds vrcnt to Burllngton Wed-
nosday with his sister. Anna, who wan
n have hor throat trcated.-Arthur
LaDuko, who has run the blacksmith shop
nt tho Corners for some time, hna closed '
up tho business and returned to tho Bur
llngton, . ORWELL
Mr. and Mrs, IT, L, Wells have rcttirned
ft em Si two weeks' motor trip through
ho northern part of Now York Mrs.
Ahbln Huell Is at tho Mary Blotcher hos.
Jltal, Burllngton, for surgical trentmcnt
nn her eyis Tlie gentleman's night of
the Fortnightly club which was to have
lii-en held on Tuesday evening at tho
i omo of Mrs. W. A. Jennings Iibh been
if .itponed. Mrs. Jennings, who. hns been
i ii , b l.i much better Edwurd Hem
luwuy und family and thu MUscs Elllu
r. i t..n..i t. .... mi .ii.-m.-ii iiiiiinK", . i-'. niroup at r on wayne. Inn Ho "ui- ..luym ,.w-uij uuinimny, nas resigned
vhh 10' s ?or T,"Tl FLI S T '"7" ,hore !i0Vun" y aK0' nd w-"lhp fat"pr of P- Norton of ' sltlon to Join the selling force of
nt her 'claU dl,,d aliur rca thew-MrB. Lucy this town. Mrs. Norton had started for the Maple Grove Candy company nt St.
In Mi Idle y n"d AIKs Mav Ila lock 0rr5'Vt''. 7. n"ndoIf'h t week, where there, but he died before she arrived- Jhnsbury and has already entered upon
her "un In Avbrldle -M an, MrT " wl" vlhl1 hr t,au"ton anil goes from A number from here attended tho neigh- now duties.
L White Air and Air P " Percu" to 'v"r,l"lr;11- wluju, she expects bom' night at Cornwall Thursday eve- The military funeral of Harold C.
'-on and Mrs.'n." W Smith were called 1 hlny aU ,vmteP n9 housekocper for her nlng There was a souaFli contest of tho Holmes whoso body was brought here last
------- . i., j,nv n.ii -.. i,,. ,,, i,,i nuiiut i iinuine nrescni. uiiicers wero
1 ,1.1 W.I I
i Mis. William Ki,iiii-, hnv. ' .m.i , .1.. . ,..i u...i.. .... elocted ns follows: President. F. P. Smith: and tne demand hns far
daughter, Eleanor Loulso. born nlng. -The proceeds wen SlV.a-John !?' nnd treasurer, F. C. Vamey. " M,1,0.of thu ldca."
, at.. a .1,1 ai... r ,n ... . ....... i The aclearates to tho COlmtv rnnvmit rm "' ""miuig nns Deell nt
- "jnoo i.c.1- iiiuiii.is is in poor neaun. . ... . , ':.:... A!.iL..r l, i
find Lilnlln. Phnlrtn unn U-. Uom.
1 Marietta Branch
' h, 'VW ?,nB,,u,d "llk
association held an Interesting meeting
. . ! . 1111 "nierosung mcrung
ijohcu M'Brer.:1 iLattf!'
Hoj"ntVcnrC,i 7'?
"CFry ' TC m ""
m '. .Mr' Stevens automobile.-
'J " 1111 . 0,1 5" mnk" u,c following
liiuii,. tu caiiH rrom t nn couniv timti-
.... -
' The funeral of Hanson .Sylvester Kel -
:-W ,0 ,,c.lrrld!,f.1'r,""00,V
Mrs. Elliabeth Smith, loove to-day for
"nsira, u. u.Mr. ana Mrs. M, H.
Burgc, who plan on a winter In Florida. I
left lnt week Thursday to visit Mrs.
Purge's brother nnd sister In, Boston
C. B. Dickinson !i on u business trip In
Boston Mrs. Walter Smith has clOBed
her summer homo and left Frldav to toln
I'roressor Smith in Washington, n. C.
C. L. Contes of West Brldgewator Brent
tho week-end with his brother, O. C.
.Coates V. E. Rowloy Is In Rutland this
! week as Juror at the United Stitos Court.
I Town Representative A. B. Hon'nagle
' will give a reception to his friends Sat
j urday evening at the town hall Dr. and
Mrs. Weston have returned home from
a visit with frlonds In Undcrhlli and
Hardwlck Miss Barnes was lh Walthani
ns tho week-end guest ot Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Ward Mrs. Abhlo Rogors was a
visitor In Mlddlcbury Monday. Claud
Sneeden nnd family of Littleton. N. H.,
wero callers at J. K. Davis' Sunday.
Tho Rev E V Younc read his reslirna-
tlon Sunday mon.h,g He wl " won
trxorth Troy to rwldc. ,
.i-i v ..uiiuiN iil .i. I-,. riavis aunnav
AVard and family visited his
Bi.i.H r n if . .. . . .
"- uwui, mi uiunut: i uini
Sunday Dr. and Mrs. C. M. Snedcn and
two daughters of Mlddleton, N. H re-
.-chiij viancu .nr. unu .irs. j. j. bneaen.
.urn. rtiueri uuni returnea to her home
Frlday after passing several days with
friends In Northfleld Mrs. W. J. Wig
gins of New York city ls visiting Mrs.
Fred Muhlfrlcdel G. A. Hunt recently
tinven and Mr. and Mrs. G. Snedcn of
I Bristol were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. J.
Snedeii Sunday Miss Kdlth Barnos ot
Barro passed the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. P. c. Ward and returned to her
school In New Haven Mr. and Mrs.
W. A. Hoe vlsiti'd Mrs. Leo's brother.
wcs'c-v Slierblno, in Mlddlcbury Saturday
G. F. Evnrts has purchased the Georgo
Pllger farm, located In the snutharn part
of tho town A. G. Wright nnd family
moved to their home In Vergennes last
week Little Alma Hunt Is 111.
vu. u-,.- i-n.if..i ,no,.n.. t
" ........j uuni ii,tiiu
iinv..n vtu ,.r . ,i..,i, ,,
, , "' "
brother-in-law, Harry Perry Mr. and
.nr.-. nunry .tinnmng, sr., were In Bur-
llngtnn the first of tho week with their
mney, on account of (Us eyes.
Ross Goodyear took them in his car
The ladles In town served dinner to the
voters last week Tuesday. The proceeds
urn to be for tho library furnishings, j
and nmounted to I19.B0 Mr. nnd Mrs.
Morris Eatori wero In Bethel Saturday.
, ""; um .urn.
-lames Southcrton of Madrid. N. v..
visited Mrs. Southeitons brother nnd
wir(., .Mr. nnd Mrs. Arthur Lobar, scv-
oral days last Week PerclVnl ClOOk has
moved liis family Into rami) on Middle.
lmr - v Mountain MIsb Fannie Spencer
as'xted Mrs. Fred AndroWB several days
last week, when three of her children
"i"""" " "r aiseasca ioiisiih anu
At the community meeting, held In the
Friends" Church
October 25, the people of Monkton wero
privileged to hear Emeet L. Rand-glvo
his lecture on Ruh.I. Vr n.nrt t. .
VPr. mient an1 entertaining upeakor and
), hed the Interested attention of his
audience for nearly two hours. Then at
th cloBe of ,ho m.otlnE tho pe0M8
,,pected the fllrBi lnfC3 sarmBnta
an(l br,ad and curios too numerous to
mention, and Mr Pnnn ihi. II, n.
human stories connected with the getting
of er-ch ono of them, until alt were
gratified that they had sained a new
appreciation of Russia and the Russian
character. There was a good attendance
Thd Whatsoever Circle will meet with
Mrs. Chester Norton to-day. Mn.
Murtha A. Footo returned to her homo
, ,, , ... j. .
'" c,har'otto last week after upending two
wocbs 'sltlne b(r- tfranddaughter. Mrs.
;V . Paync-Repreeentatlve-elect John
Hp,Ty l,rMnted the truEteea of tho
""' lu UK " nppre-
l'an " inieiosi toward the progress
and betterment of his town In educational
ll"0B' for which they aro most grateful,
- '"nd lew C-rango was entertained
laHt wcc c Thursday evening by the local
A. A. Smcad met with a serious ac.fi
own the etalrs ot Z batv with bun-
..i. e :i0: i. . ...V .a.l"n.
dont Saturday, When ho started to go
dlo or corn stalks, ho lost his balance
nnu ten io wnoio uismncc, cutting a
long gaBh In the back of his head and
iu.nn.-icu. y nju- o mn, rnc II fnU- ,l...u ..1.
crous nmomit of foreign relief worK has m,, . V.i.M . L,,c" ""'. ono was bom in l53 at St.
been sent nearly ever m n! Hanltary in y -Mr " w 1 I ' VhM . T ".mm M."" ;rqUS' ,'; Ql H" l'rtn, 10 W,non'", at
conditions hnvu been Imt.rnved In tho daiiUV. i hll"', ls visiting her the nge of nine with her parents. Mr.
schools and town ref has CXrlhed Pjfc i&ZViP .V utf- fT. V,,K ,Vovo''t' 1,1 18,3 P,,c wnR
Whenovor needed.-Mrn. Anna .North -turn tl. . y..4"!1 two children married to the late l.eon I'atnnudo of
returned to her hom Tin Pl,oreha. after u,n , "m, T l,".' " lM,eJ,?mb ?' .W,noo"kl' wh ve yearn ago. In 1018
spending n few dnvs with Mrs. It. S it ' .! , ,, e ,R Nelson of Fair ho was married to her, ixeiient husband,
Halt.-,!. M. Meaeham m?d tamUy have f "L , 'VLi wi,lh. htr ST ffr1M!r' who B,,rvlvos hcr' Kho
moved to Bmndon. i
won, wno nnvo Deon vismng tneir sister, hm " mo ngnt and oft (ho crmnnt mnrt imn i tnero uy tno death or n re atlvn. Mr. nome nt oiip o'clock Knmr,ii,v nr
u,...i. i iu uu iii-iu fti itiiuuitMiiirv .ovfimnrr ii nrn -- iiuu
had i uk. s;veVa,tu h mV: Z"r-r h sio'wt 1 orTh-tt ivinT" Z ' ST. GEORGE n? -Tr SS jWH:
psss ns mmmsM iimiP mmmassmm
mMtmrnmrnmrnmBSM MMmrn esses. mmwMm
PlX. .mi J
who llav "ecu vUIttn Mrs. Mary Hnmil
ton for
ion Tor a few dnVR returned In their
" " to nmesburg.
' WhcrC "hc ' spend tho Mnter. Dun
'.-. Wl.r meeting
wero olectcd.-Alinn r it.), mi
h and fnm
.ntn!'n m
;.i,r: ;.5
y, who ,mvb .... ' -.:
nt. r n ... .. ..
ii men n fri-ntnirnriinr
Med Cross drive for n, .,.
I .1L"r ' J.S..!!bre'! n. !?? 0"
.- ir
1 their m.mborthTp o" ' at the T , "
I?5'y.PV not be hindered for lack
.,rho Latl's Aid Society will meet with
Jal"es Corey thle aftcnioon.
T1",rp will bo a Box Social at tbo home
?f w"bur Ball thlH evening, Ladlej
"r"'B luncn lor two Tho Community
oo nein in m onurcn vestry
, r rm cennife a. K. willams is in toun
I n. ic ua)B.-w. ann .wrs. Lano are
to .move to tho Jerry Seam house.
School Is closed In South Hollow on
account of the Illness of the teacher. Mis.
Clara Slayton E. W. Ford was In Lud-
low lust week. His sister, Mrs E'.la
Itohlnjo.n, returned with him for n short
visit. Saturday Mrs. Robinson went to
nurllngton, her brother, A. H. Ford,
went with hof. nnri n in.'. i.
to go to Florida with her to spend tho
winter The Misses Susie and G'advs
Jcwctt wero at their hnmr horn frnm it,.
high school In Rochester nvr Smwinr-
. -. -----
A w"r her sister nnd fnm-
lly fr0m M"ahuSetts with her for a 10
,iBy"' K'a Hubbard of
Rochester wn In town a nnrt nf inof
Week Tho Misses Nellie and Llnnle. Jones
of Northfleld were in town November 1
on business Nm n.
. . ' -vnu iusl
wveK mat , , u. Vinton, who Is Spending
the winter nt the home of his son Fred
Vinton, In Barrc, was very 111 with' pneu-
nionia, is more comfortable
Word hns been received here of the
.1 ..... i. . i. r .. i . - "
rl" "l nc 'n xacoma. Wash., of
Tho Rev. B. II. Curtis of Windham
preached Sunday as a candidate here
While hero the Rev. and Mrs. Curtis
were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. S. E.
Smith The Rhoda Farrand Chnni.r nf
D. A. It. was entertained bv tho Vor-
(tnn.., i i . .
Arthur J. VIZ IS
ueunesuny. A good number from here
ntteuded The Rev. A. J. Bowser has
res'gned ns pastor hero and after next
.... . .
nuuimj sura o nosor to preach
..... i ... . . . .
to preach.-
received or tne death of
Sunday school at tho vestry Saturday
evening. Refreshments were served
'Mrs. Francis Palmer Is with her daugh-
ter. Mrs. John Thomas Mrs. Lucy
Mlller of Vergennes la the guest of Mrs.
l-'rederlek Wlllmarth,
Prln. nnd Mrs. J. L. Seldcn aiu
pnrPnts of a daughter, born Saturday at
Aerreiines The Treasure Seekers met
, ,h Baptist Church parlors Wed-
nedny nftornoon. Hostesses, Mrs. L. W.
Bates, Mrs. Josle Morgan, Mrs L. N.
AVIlllnlnunn nml Mr. If f. AX-llllnni.nn
Tim r..nti.m.n ir...it. i.
Mrs. J. G, Pago! and Mrs. H. J. Hewitt
are vlHltlng Miss Bertha Hewitt In New
York The Outlook club hold a -ry In-
terestlug exhibit of early Vermont nrt
nt the homo fit Mrs,
. Rider Frldnv'iafter.
each lady explained
) hart on exhibit. Tea
noon. For roll tall
the article which he
and wafers wero served and a social
hour enjoyod.
Mrs. Hasiel Ball of Burllngton spent the
week-end with her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
17. A. Hasselttne Dr. A. M. Norton un-
forwent n successful operation at tho
MAry Fletcher hospital Monday There
w111 1,8 '"ceting of tho Paronl-Toachers
nssoclntloii jn the school building Friday
afternoon at 3:30 o'cloclc The Delta Al-
nha c,ft wlll hold a social In tho parlors
. . .... t. i . a. .........
"i urn r eucratea unurcn 1- r aav nvenlnir
to which the gentleman are Invited. One
hundred per cont of tho village schools
belong to tho Junior Red Cross Tho lo-
ial :s. rc. M. r A. held Its annual meet-
lug at prnngo hall, November S,
W. A. Ferguson nnd O. D. O'Hrlon; dele-
goto to central association to be held In
noston January zu, t. c. Varney. A
short program of music by Mrs. Dcnlo
end Mrs. Mnlllxiir. w.i .ninv.i ,i i
: ...i.. .
lowed by a very Interesting dlscoureo on
'Wernionf by Lleut.-Gov. Mason 8.
Dr. C. M. Hncden and family of Little-
ion, 11.. nnvo oeen spending a few
days with Dr. Snednn's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. A, Sncden. before starting on an
automoblie trip to California Mrs
Blanchp Nichols fell down the Bta'lrs at
her mother's homo Unt week Friday
night, breaking tho wrist of hor right
arm.r-MIss Edna Pottlbone of Burllngton
naa been tho gueat of friends this week
-Mr. and Mrs. C. D, O'nrlen anr Mrs,
A Hint tVA-o In Tli.. I lM r.
dav 1? A i v 1 ton y'
day Dr. A. M. Norton, who underwent
un operation nt the Mary Flotcher hos
pltal, IS doing as well n enn bo expected,
-Mrs. Lucy nurch nf Mnlnnn has nm.
R. Norton of this town. Hto young: le hool" 8 attended the reception given bv ZTSJfr "Z" I
er days were spent here-A. few , Representative G. P. Pcct Friday eve- n , Lssex Junction were guests
flakes of snow fell last week-Mary ESSEX JUNCTION ning-Mettle Benway of St. Albans is ftLMr "5f " :in&'StI0.r' Irs' Jnmes .r?"
and Margaret Carpenter have been nt ,vmlnm n . , r spending a week at Phlllza Lamott's- ' . nhd"-- ,nro'd "ryn,U ".,t.h.e
their homo on a vacation and both have ..""' "m B. JohnKOn u p0" hava In- Miss Julia Dower of Burlington, who , tlf. m' Mrs. George R. A hit
returned Helena Palmer Is visiting f Ut ,thelr , Brlat ml" ln i "a been spending a week wl h her Zv v n 7 'Sa,,Urd7 nnd
frlomla i nr.Hi.i j x 1. !. ohe of their large store houses nn th .. .. , day A son was born to Mr. nnd Mrs.
- 'unutuwiu itiiti . nri nupift ..... - uuni. iiiin, v.. j-j. i , i f . luiuni 1 i nuirif.
M..V , . ,,.v.v.ii.-Wih Adttiino liixny, wno 4aay nrtcrnoon wob won by tho Shclburne j after which clgnrH nnd candy were pass-1 November 15.
ZT? ' J? T'10 J. lt..u.' ft l1"1.0 ca.c" ',ny'
- 1 v
Chittenden County
Mrs KU8en,0 ,lam w)(n of SolfiCt.
rM Zr '""rV- '" nt "V !,on,r
r XJl' '"n:H "I '""""a Pectoris nt
- t 220 Mali, street of angina pectoris nt
nf . ' CV"",R- ShfJ WaS 0,0 ,,m,K'"c'-
, . i' .lill.V1,nl n',,, ,,(lcn I,rovo,!t of
---r J HJVUNL 111 .! II 1 1 1 ri'1 1 1 . . t..
2tn,1 L'vost of Burlington and Mrs!
' 1':" !-h5
one step-dnughter Udward, WHllan,;
i the dttch. But this was not enough room
0 auiomooiiiKts, for they run into
the buggy and smnsned the wheels on
tho right sldo, to kindling wood. The
horso became frightened nnd In some
mannerfreed itself of tho harness, ran
down tho street and wan stopped at the
corner of Allen nnd Main streets. Tim
automobile, nfter hlttlnir the hursv. slued
aoriss tne rotid nnd ran Into a telcpmph
vie, namngir.g tno hood and frame nt tho
.car as well as the mudguard Tho oc-
cupants of tho car, who numbered four
at the time of tho accident, escaped wltl
out lnJury- Two of the occupants dlsnp-
nearc1 an nly Mr Murphy, nnd Mr.
al wcr0 lcft' Ml' Abn'r. tho only oc-
CuPnnt of the buggy, received n few
brulse'' antl scratches. Chief of Police
CI,arles Barber was soon on tho scene
an1 lnv,tlgnted.
Mr. and Mrs. Chnrlcs Barber returnpd
lnHt week from a ten ,,n's' wedding trip
s'"'nt Now Yol"l State. They wilt re-
eldo at 239 Wett Canal street.
Tho remains of Georgo Larocnue. who
',.,.,, " ,OL'" lns'"u"- weio tnuen to
Mlddiebury Sunday evening,
Im Rose Cu.son daughter of P. Cus-
Kn of 32 Wct street nnd Loon Wllnon of
Burllngton wero married Sunday after-
"oon by lho Uov Joseph Turcot of St.
r rancls Xavler's Church. Follnwtnir thn
.imiij t uiiinvr was served to tno
haPPy couplo at tho homo of tho brldo.
Thpy Ieft 0,1 thp sleeper for n wedding
trip to various points In Massachusetts,
New Hampshire and Vermont.
Tho honor roll on Main street contain
ing the names of our 4fta soldier boys,
who enlisted for service In tho World
War from this town, was decorated with
line or their spur track. About 30 square
feet of tho store house roof has been
raised one story nnd tho mixer nla'ed
on the upper floor. Tho machine Is elec-
trically equipped with elevator to the
BroUn(I "00r ana hns a capacity of is
tons rtr rl.iv. rnlrv rna ,1 i. i
rat'"- a- mowing more popu'wUh
""nor cacn year wno will thus
be abl ,0 ohtaln tho exnet mixture he
'"l1" an" nt a snort notice.
w t o,,,.,kii ...... . .... .
' n mi in years nas
i.n... i.. ....... ... ...
" " " ' mo ver-
week from France, was held Fnturdny
nnernoon at 2:30 o clock from the homo
f his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. L
Holmes, tho Rev. William Millar nf-
tlolatlng with the Masonic service nt the
grave. The hearers were: C'lffofil Nichols.
Junius Norton. Rnlnh
Berry, Harrison Thayer and Haley Plum-
iner. The American Legion nnd Ethan
Allen Lodge, No. 72, J. II. Vlele, acting
master, attonded tho funeral In a body
and a squad from Fort Ethan Allen
escorted the remains to the grave where
taps wero sounded.
D. C. Slater returned Sunday from n
trip to I'nughkeensle. N. A'., wlmm ho
attended a three days' meeting of the
eastern sales force of the Do Laval
KeParat0'' company. Mr. Slater Is to work
i'"rj uirnicriy covered Tiy Irving
F H,,bnrt, deceased.. Mr. Hobart's name
was - frequently mentioned during the
thr, ,la's he had ben a familiar figure
nt tno conventions of tho past 13 years
l-iaroia Gregory camo Saturday from '
il Drninpr. nr i f a... i....,tn .i.i , ... . j uiuirr nu i-.uwiirn :inn .lixfl innn.n - " '
New York city to visit Mr and Mrs War- j Callmer and son of Barre aro visiting
ner Gregory. j at tho homo of William Donsmorc Mr.
Constable James P. Flynn nr'rested two and Mrs. Wallace Richmond of New
soldier for Intoxication Sunday afteer- port have been recent visitors at tho
noon at Jericho. The two wero pafcsengors home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Lewis Whlt
on tho Cambridge bus and though very Ing's Madam Densmoro, who has been
quiet were In such a state as to bo objec- visiting at "tho home of Mr. nnd( Mrs.
tlonable and disgusting to the public. Carl Densmoro In Burlington, for a few
uricii manufacturing at tho Drury
3rick & Tile Co.'b plant here la finished
ror tho season. Thcro arc only two kilns
left to burn, ono now In tho process of
burning, tho other ns soon as prepa-a-
tlon for the samo are completeJ. Tho
comf,a"' has had a very busy season,
ovnitniiiis uvcr d.iw.wi naving noun nmco
exceeded tho
hlch provnlls
a stnndstl .
started foundation
for an n,ldltlon to tho howo barn, In slzo
about MxSfi feet. They hnvn found that.
"""" nocessary to nouso tno
extra teams which they Intend securing'
ii mo naming or their wood to lho
brick yard, During the jiafjt seasonNlbout
1.200 cords were consumed In the mnk-.
Ing of tlm brick.
MIfh Flora Atherton left yesterdny for
St. Augustine, Fla where she will spend
'he winter. On her way South Mls
ton will make stop over visits nt Phlla-
u.-.iMii.i anu Washington.
Mrs. Irving Qllbert Is spending several
weens visiting relatives In Hartford,
Place has taken a position
MnHlnll lint.... VbII AfMlltiniH'
ttltli 4i
y 1 ' Capewoll Horse Nnll company
f Hartford, Conn., nnd began hlR duties
AlondflV. M 111.. 1... j. . It I.. ...tut li .
"uy.r. Place ha territory in eoutn.
""nipahlro nnd a portion of
tho teachers' training courSo
Essex Junction, Is taking Mrs. Hugh Ulx
by school, Mrs. Dlxby being III.
Sholburne high school boys von a very
uiune .mu CXCllinc oatnn ImaVothnll
I from the Hlnesburg high school .boys
ineshurg Friday. The game waJ tied
- r s,mon ofr y
"Kroemenl to phty nvo mlnutes emted
with the score tied. A double foul was
with" ho score
'llod and each t(
a mnesburg play
Z'l 'I"'. 7.
rg player stepped over Tho lln
Itlng the scoro and game, l'rln-
wr acted as referee and every
. ...i... ...I
fairness. The llnnl score was 5 to 4 In
favor of Shelburno. The Shelburno line-
up was; Noonan, center; I'almcr and
l'oole, guards; Muzsy and Webster, for.'
wards. Gapt. Fnrrell played during the1
"lH.1 "nuie? uecauxo wonsior was
niir Trtr1 U' Mil Trln nnmn 4tnti nlnttt
have only admlmtlon for i-rlncl paT Con
n0 "nd, .,L,"b0.?"'
real estate i tai" , m.
rho "'nee Improvement society
rHllz(,rt ve" S13 for dinner on election
lay' TI'o proceeds were divided between
tho Iml""vement .-oclety and the SopIiU
Sm'lco c'l,b to bo used for the benefit
1,1 w,e norary jira. .lames Saffprd gavo
u llu i'- inursuay nnernoon to eight
'i""e3 .miss i.ena wilder, who hns
"'c uouso tno past
week with asthma and bronchitis Is
much Improved Mrs. ,dclla Blcknell Is
111 and Mrs. Martha Fuller' Is caring
for her Mr. nnd Mrs. S. M. Packard
went Saturday to Vnder.MII to spend tho
winter 1'ietcner Mrumnls is mov
Ing to Jericho Mrs. II
nnd daughter, Harriett,
U. llatlrl
were Sun-
day guests of Mrs. James Safford
Gnlln Caib of Essex Junction visited
F. U.
jviiiui-y im'iuiy, .nr. anu .irs.
K- A. Stiles nnd da
n- K- Kinney wero
daughter, Evelyn, nnd
guests nf Mr. and
Mrs. John H. Stiles In Mlddlcbury Sun-
Mrs. TOltlt T.lvrninrn nnd (l1di-Ati
snent Sunrlnv
-L. A. Purlnton of Burlington was a
business visitor In town last week Mrs.
Mn.. a u i tI .
f0"'..'80"' th0 week-end
...... J .J. ...... Ill 3 l.nu .-Mill, 11CIII1, Ullll
with relatives In Jonesvllle.
Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins of Burllng
ton and Sergeant and Mrs. Allen of Fort
Allen wero Sunday visitors at
F. J.
Perkins' Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. George Prior are parents
of a son, born last Thursday nt the Mary
Fletcher hospital Mrs. Harriet McEwln.
or i hleago, III., and MIks Agnes Gurley,
H. II. Dickin
' ' .',' -:' ' """ ; ' ' ;
son .Airs. Mllo Wcbdtnr nnd son. of
Groton, returned home Monday nfter vis
iting her daughter, Mrs. L. S. Sumner
Miss Doris Hawley hns returned homo and owmd by Mrs. Belle Clark, moving
from the .Mary Fletcher hospital,, whero his family there last week Dennis Ken
she had been for r.u operation for np- drew was tho guest of his fathcr-ln-law,
pendlcltls B. C. Hawley has resumed Charles Jennett. In Platlshurgh, tho first
his work for C. M. Henderson Mr. and f this week Mrs. Dell Ilildrcth of
Mrs. S. M. Packard, of Jericho Center, Jonesvllle, who was the guest of
hnvp come to spend the winter with C. her slter, Mrs. Frank Goodrich, a few
M. Mead.
Mrs. Mary Butts -of North HyiU. Park
U spending a few days at her cottage
here Mrs. Jennie Pierce of Burlington
Is spending a few days at the home of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred A. Perclval Her-
hert Nattress. of New Hampshire Is vis-
'Ung his wife nnd children at the home
f Mr. and Mrs. Harold Peck Burton
Field, who has heen 111 the pa.stJer-
days, Is much better Mr. and Mrs
fleo Foss. who h:ne heen working for
Carman S. Brush and Km the past sca-
' son. have camnleted mirk nml returned
to Bur Inirton. Air. llolmt. a former
resident of this town, but now a resident
nf Burlington was a recent visitor at tho
homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Pnradeo
.Airs, i-.imcr uicKiien, who nas been vis
Ring relatives In Colchester, has return-
ed homo Mr. nnd Mrs. Eugene Tyler
wero visitors Thursday and Friday nt
I the homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. Edson Irish
in Wcstford Mr. and Mrs. Georcn
days, has returned homo Oliver Brown
'of Boston Is visiting frlonds and rela-
tlves In town for a few days Mr. Gar
row hns tho Job of carrying tho mall
from the depot to tho postofilcc Miss
Ruth Pettlnglll, who went to tho Fanny
Allen hospital for an operation, has ro- ,
1'iineu nume i. nuries iiouvy nnu sister,
Katherlne, who have been visiting rela-
tlves for a few days In Now York, have
returned nome uno v lovcianu ui uik
Placid, N. Y Is visiting a! tho home
of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sjchlllhnmmer.
The condition of William Flynn, who
sulToml a shock of paralysis n week ago,
Is much Improved. Bert Lcd,dy of Bur-
llngton visited his parents, Mr. und Mrs.
P. J, Leddy, last Sunday Allen BU-k-
nell Is seriously ill Mrs G, A. Terrlll
has gone to Hartford, Conn,, where sho
will pnsH several weeks with her dauch-
tor Galon M. Cady of Essex Junction
has been visiting, in this place Tho cou-
dltlon of Mrs. Eliza Blcknell, who has
been 111 Is Improved. Mrs. Floron e Mur-
ray of Fltchburg, Mass., is visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Leddy. John
111.. 1. 1 J .. 1 ...til
..... ...... -
Hlco haa traded his farm (with Arnold
Aldrleh of Jeltersonvllle. -Jlr. Rico will
. lit. .
move to Jeffersnnvlllo nt once-A, great
mnny chrhtmns trees aro being shipped
to Now York and Philadelphia markets.
at team by a score of 6
to 4.
Tho return
- (mo vll be played In Shelburno nex
Friday Tho danco Friday ovenlng un
der the ausnlOA nf (ho ltl.,1, uht
tier tno auspices of the II ith Hehno
Athl.tlo association was largely attend
.4.i.Vi- . .. . .
Z'.t !ai..L i,."0'.,. V.M' ''' Hf.ent
..o.c ..... .mu hub,
at . ",08" a.nd ft,ch"rdren of HtnrkH:
at bf , f'.,v".m?P0 n.":1
N. Labelled Mrs, Ml'n'Z
Bldy. who has been at the Mary Fletcher
hP'tal for throat treatment, returned
T homo Saturdny.-Tho tfubtlo health
SU,T". 'w' ""ostwlc,:' ? " '
Saturday. She was accompanied by Ml,s
ontanco 1'eeler and Mrs. Ituymond
Soule. who Is chairman nf thn rmmiv
chapter of tho nurses' committee. Miss
"ostwlck will bo hero again In a few
"W- . , .
A on was born to M
. .
- hS.nl ... "!
' clark o-. Edwood,
. . ,V r:. ' ,nfle'
i nnd SIS Thomas of Grand Isle wero ro
ceniiy me guesis ot .ir. nnd JIit. George
Bartlett Mr. nnd Mm. F. H. Edwards
nnd Mrs. W. F. Tllley have returned from
a ten days' automobile trip to Bo.-ton and
vicinity Miss Mary Casey Is at the Mary
F etcher hospital for treatment.
The funeral of William Mlllham. who
iw accidcntnilv electrocuted at Mont.
poller Tuesday, will bq held Friday morn-
ing at eignt o'clock at tho Church ot
tho Holy llosnry In this vlllace. Burial
will bo made at Jericho Corners.
.H.vjihiiiiii. nil in iiLic nuiiiLT
iu.3viiiiii.iijr, nus u tuner
L" .t0WI? Monday M ss Emma Bruce has
nnisneu worn lor Mrs. Church and re-
turned to her homo In Montpeller Mrs.
Mnfle Douglas was In Montpeller Satur-
day Mr. anil Mrs. W. A. Hill, of Starks-
day Miss Ruth Noonan spent the week- ant steward. Cyrus HlrU-ikj , h'nilain
end at her homo In Shclburne Fay Mrt. II. J. Wright; tleasurer, Osr-ar Don'
Minckler, of Moretown, -lias moved his iO'-ielnry. Mrs. M. j. Biscomb gate
family intp the McGarghan house Mrs. Un-per, Robert L'ndcrwood; Cert , Inex
AVIlllams and son, Henry, of Chnrlotte. Klngsley; Pomona. Alt.i j.n!mn',
were Sunday visitors at F. II. Chcss
more's The Lcnd-n-Hand Circle of
King's Daughters meet with Mrs. A. E.
Crandall to-day on the vestry plan Mr.
- " -e moved
Mrs. Fred May attended the funeral
of her grandfather in Richmond Inst
week Wednesday, Miss Laura Parker
i"" hi in" uisii iuiniui mr
rfilrlnr Hav I .t. ....... . .
Mahen last -week Mrs. Carrie Morrill Is
with her brother, William Brownell, In
"Woodstock for ii few dnvs. Mr. Brownell
Ii In poor health Lewis Terrier, who has
been occupying A. E. Martin's tenement
house since ho was burned out, has
moved to the Wright tenement house
In the east part of the town Mr. nnd Mrs.
Alfred Reed of Essex Junction wero
guests of Mrs. Paul Chapman recently.
Peter Terrlen and family have rented
the farm known as tho Nicholas farm
nays last ween, started for l-'iorlda
last Thursday to spend the winter
Miss Ade.la Brownell intends to go ,p
Burlington the last of this week to spend
the i-omlng winter A. E. Martin, How
nrd Terr'en and Frank Lundervllle were.
In Burllngton Monday on business Mrs.
Marion Lnthrope 'of Maryland is with
hor brother, T. W. Cady, for tho com
ing winter The work on French hill Is
finished for this season, .
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Fay, Mr. and Mrs.
A. K. Brown nnd daughter, Audry, Mlsn
Ryan and Walter Terrlen called on Mr.
and Mrs C. R. Sheahan In Chnrlotte
Lawrence Wright, who has spent sev
eral months In the west, has returned
to his homo here J. ,EtlWolcott has a
"ow, furnace which he wJU.,havp Installed trimmed with mink fur Avith hat to
ln l,s 1,nmn socn.-rFranlt E. Pitts iK.tmatch and carried a corsagd bouquet
visiting his daughter Mrs. N. B.- Wright 0f violets. Tho bridesmaid was nt-
nnd other relatives F. C. Wright ha.s
finished his duties here as Station Agent
nnd Is ruccecdcd by A. II. Jotto A danco
will be given by tho M. W. A. Society
ln their hall Friday evening. November
12. Supper will bo served. Tho Kings
Daughters will hold their annual Christ-
mas Sale and supper In tho Pnrlsh House
eniicM..i. ' 7 .' . ...
u. ji. hiiuui.hu w i.uiiuiiKiun, viaueu
friends In town Monday A recoptlon
will bo given Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Man-
nlng and family, who have sold their
f.vm, and aro loavlng town. The Grange
will attend ,ln a body.
The Rl. Ilo-. Dr. Bliss of Burllngton
upokn nt Trinity Church on tho "Nation-
wide Camnalirn." Sunday evenlnir Mr.
nnd Mrs. H ram D. Skee s of Burllnirton
were tuests of Mr. and Mrs. c F.
Hkoels Sunday. The Woman's Auxiliary
mrt with Mrs. C. . F. Skecl.s on Wed-
nesday afternoon Cephas Boardmnn Avas
homo, from Groton over Sunday Mrs.
Rose Stujges went to Knoshurg Monday
for a few days' visit Miss Helen Robin-
con of Alburg passed Sunday In town
Mr. and Mrs. Itetibrn Cooley of Georgia
visited Mrs. C. S. Parker and sister, Mrs.
Barnes, on Sunday Allen Sweeney of
Vt estrord lias charge oi the Larnmay
blacksmith shop oil River street.
Mrs. Nick Rouse and children returned
Sunday to their homo-after spending uev
cral days with Mr. and Mrs
ent tho
t'nu uuyn wim . unu JUrS. Will
Hweonoy Mrs. Georgo Granger spent
week-end In St. Albans Mrs' Sarah
.. . . . UM
Costello ha. closed her .homo In this rlaco
nnd gone to spend lho winter :ih her
dnughter, Mrs. John Flynn, in Bt. Albans.
Mrs. Alfred Bushcy visited her parent
d. Dancing wan also indulged In-Atr.
t A. K, Forbos and son. Rnnlnmtti. worn
l-,l(,t,i i.i.... ,r
iii uurunirion nn hnu n..BH c-,. . .....i t.
ivunuu ib in scotl Pnrchor was
- In Burllngton Frld.7n r ."71... Z"
" ""Hln.on on business Saturday-M
iiiiiBuain. w. .T. vn-. . tt
?,0T" ,Wero " Burlington SatUrday.ltJr
VUrllc'tl.ot """sl.urg, was In town Mpn-
wYumZ "bTntd Lufbadt ilffi
water Mondny.-
farm to George Hnldn r w..S Art
Bnldo tak.- . ' . V'" 'i . ? r
nnd M. Laurence "wi ln?e and son
were In WnilsTon Sun,lav.-Mlss Thomas
and Miss Duller of Hlnesb .rg vlSltcd Ml"
Vnro iri-.i ""rhisiiiu .is
bury, who has carried on ljarl AW
farm for the past two years will move
''nek to h's own farm In Wllllston Decern
' ,'Pr l'-I'ranl Hinsdale was In Uurllneloti
.Monday Master Grant Wll'lam" "ad
"fvcrai or his school friends It. for n
'"rthday supper Sattinlay.-MIss Florence
' Hubbard of Burllngtfln Is vlaltlng
W -Wcr. Mrs. Karl AyeV
- -NIrs- Handnll was born In this town No-
vcmoer i, isk.
PV.jnlrK. i -i-
" rdllKJin IjOUIlty
I crn . T n . -
1 luijjlllO
Burt Plant, who nnderwont nn opera
tion at the St. Albans hospital about a
month ago, has returned to his homo ut
tho Bay.
Mr.s. Mildred Glldden ot Kingman stieet
, who has heen receiving treatment at the
hospital has returned home.
' Mrs. Lncinn Tut.-I. whn ......
iiirun iil inn nun rh -.,.., l .
i. .
ii'ii cu 10 nc,' ormc on AaPon tm (
At the meeting of Lakeside Granr.
No. 309, P. of It., '.old Monday cvenlnir
tno following officers were elected Mis'
ter. D. J. Corliss; everseer ICrtne"i"l'n-
derwood; lecturer. .Miss Katherlne Har-
Flcia, Helen Lurre.
A pre iy wedding i3i!c place at Hoi-
Angeis Church Monday morning at 7. .TO
o clock when Miss Winifred Delanv,
dnu-;htet- of Mr. and Mrs. George. De
lanoy, was unl'ed in marriage, to Jesse. O.
Rlcnnrd. the Rev. L. It. Desro-liers nur
! formln-r the ceremony. The hridoimiid
woro a dark blue suit with har to match
and carried a bouquet of pink carnations.
Immediately after the ceremony a wed
ding br-nkfa.tt whs served at th- 10-ne
of the 'jrlrto's pantsi After a trip o
T "well and Sprliw.f Md, Mass.. Mr an I
Mrs. Richard will leslde at the home of
tho groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. N.
Richard, on South Main street.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Lon Gowlng of Rlchford at the St.
Albans hospital last Friday. November a.
Mrs. Georgo Tutt.'c of Lake stree- was
successfully operated upon nt the St.
Albans hospital Saturday afternoon.
Louis Lndue. who has been at tho St.
Albans hospital for treatment, has re
turned to his home on South Main street
Tho condition of Mrs. Frederick Richard
of the Bay, who underwent a serious
operation at the Fanny Allen hospital,
Wlnonskl, Inst week Tuesday, Is improv
ing. Her sister, Miss Helen L, Little, of
tho Bay is with her
A (-on was born November 3 to Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Ryan of the Lake road.
In the Franklin County Court Mon
day afternoon the civil case of Mnrj
A. Chase and Sarah R. Place vs. Lyn
ford O. Nye of Hlghgate Center tort,
was begun. The plaintiff In tho cas
nre suing to recover for a barn and
,.. .,,.,, ' : , '-'-. '"
,i,"h, r , ""'" "
" t L T..
Tho flro is clnimed by- them to hav
been enused by sparks from thn chim
ney of the foundry owned by the de
fendant. C. (' Austin & Son and
George M. Hogan represent the plain
tiff. The attornles for tho defendant
nre D. W Steelo of Hlghgato Center.
F. L. Webster of Swanton nnd Nl H.
! Alexander of this city.
Miss Mnry Elizabeth Jnrvls, daughter
of Henry Jnrvls, became the bride of
James T, Riley, son of Mrs, Hattle
Ulley of Sheldon Monday afternoon
ot four o'clock. Tiie- Rev. L. ls. Des
rochers, pastor of Holy Angels Church
performed tho ceremony. The brides
maid was Miss Gertrude Callnghan nnd
tho best man wns Harold Muldoou.
The. bride wore a brown duvetyn suit
tlrod In n dark blue duvetyn dross with
lint to match and carried a bouquet of
sweetheart roses. Both the bride mid
groom are In tho employ of tho Cen
tral Vermont rnllwny. Mr. Riley whllo
In school wns prominent in athletics.
helntr l.lthnr on.l rnnlnln rtf 1 1, a TI ..I
hnm Acadcmj. bHStslmll tcam of nRUers.
field. They left Jn Train N
o 3 for a
,rp to Montreal, Toronto
nmrnif -mim,
Ont., nnd
son itnir
Rahph, was
November 2 to Mr. and Mrs.
Nows has heen received of the death
of Mrs. Emma Pierce, wife of the lato
CassluH W. Pierce, both former well
known resident of this city, which
occurred nt her home in Melrose, Mass ,
Sunday evening: at 10 o'clock. Funeral-
services were held m A...lr. r.,....i...
afternoon and the lmrini
In tho family lot In Gnenwood
cemetery In this city yesterday after-
noon. .Airs. I'iorce wnw a dnughter of
tho lato Hiram and Anno (Beatty)
I'lerce. Kho Is survived by two sons,
Guy C. Plcrco of Chicago, III., and Hal
R. Plerco of Melrose; oho daughter,
Mrs, Bornnrd Shattuck of Melrose, ono
sister. Mrs. James Halloway of this
city; and two brothers, W. M, Plorr
or Seattle, Wash,, nnd H. M. Pierce nf
Olympla, Wash.
A hon wa,s born to Mr. and
i.eorgo B. Douglas of South
street November 5,
Nelson A, LaVole, Jiho has been In
the cml,Io' f tho American Rallwt
HxprMB for two years, left Monday ev
nlns tor Los Angeles. Cal., whero he
...111 . .. . ......
will reside In tho future.
Miss Sarah M. retem and John
Henry Mnrlow woro united In marrlngo
nt Holy Ango'H Church Monday morn
ing ni oigni o'clock, thn Uev L. 15,

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