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Howard National Bank
Is Your Money Organized ?
The supreme lesson of this age is organization. In
dividual effort is mostly -wasted.
This bank brings your money into an organization
which makes it Safer and more-Productive.
Willard B. Howe, President.
Elias Lyman, Vice-President.
H. T. Rutter, 2nd Vice-President
H. S. Weed, Cashier.
F. W. Whitcomb, Ass't Cashier.
B. B. Baldwin, Ass't Cashier.
Capital, Surplus and Undivided
Profits exceeds $700,000
A. G. Whittemorc
Elias Lymari
H. T. Rutter
J. S. Flint
Willard B. Howe
II. E. Gray
J. F. Whalcn
F. H. Shepardson
A. M. Young
Man, Thought to Be Mentally
Unbalanced, Confesses to Set
ting Fire to Barn at Orphan
age Last February and Again
Yesterday Morning
Miss Portia Bostwlck Arrives to
Take Up Work in Towns Sup
porting New Service Promoted
by County Chapter of Amer
icjin Red Cross
Miss Portia M. Bostwlck, of Brook-
Henry Lewis Joseph, 43, who has boen '
an Inrnuto of the Providence Orphan Any-I lino, Mass., has come to take, un the
lum on North avenuo since ho was about work of public health nursing for tho
live years oi age, was urresteu anu piaceu Chittenden County Chapter of tlm
In tha county Jail Frldny following j American Red Crosc She will make
hto confession to setting tire wlilcli do-' Burlington her headquarters, sharing
tftroyed tho roof of the bam nt the or- , the office of Mies Elizabeth Van Pat
phnnago early that morning nnd ten, Htnte supervisor of publlo health
also the. fire which hroko out In tho samo nursing, at 23:1 Pearl street.
place on the 4th of February last. Deputy The work of Mis Ho twirl; will lie
General Secretary and Field
Worker for Vermont Chil
dren's Aid Society Tell of
Good Work Being Done
Committees Chosen
Professor's Clothing Also Burn
ed Following Explosion of
Chemicals in Laboratory of
Histology at College-of Medi
cine Building
Commissioner Brigham Says
State Should Appropriate at
Least $250,000 Annually for
Ten Years to Eradicate Bovine
An Important meeting of the dliectors
(if the Vermont Cnlldnm'a Aid society,
Inc., was held In this city Thursday af
ternoon. The directors presont were:
Mrs. J. k. Weeks nt Mlddlcbury; Sirs.
Charles .M, Cone of Hartford: Charles M.
Wilson of V'crgennes; Mrs. E. A. Lln
derholni, Guy W. Bailey, Dr. C. V. Dal
ton and Professor A, R. Olfford of Bur
lington; Miss 1.. Josephine Webster, gen
An explosion of chemicals In the labor- I Elbert B. Brigham of Bt, Albans, HtaU
atory of hlltotogy on the main floor of I commissioner of agriculture, was the
the College of Medicine building shortly ' spoahor at tho fourth of tho dinners given
bsforo four o'olock Friday afternoon 1 by tho Chamber of Commerce at the Now
started a lively flro which caused con- , Sherwood Hotel Thursday. Ho took up
sldoroble exoltement for a few minutes, tho work of his department In a ven'
In the- process of putting out tin- blaze. Interesting and Instructive way, and rlls
Alfonso Garcia, it senior medic, who ousod several of th nenhi.-. f-
comes from San Juan, 1. R w. over- j the department and their application to-
The City Trust Company
Peace of Mind
What is it we want with money, after all? We want
peace of mind. Unless we get that, all the other thing3
we possibly can buy do us no good. When your money
is in this bank, you have no worries. You get peace of
Mate Fire Marshal A. J. Probln, or Mont- tarried on In th'. ten towns support-, crnl secretary, of Burlington and Miss , monoxide, or the result- of emptying' Mr. Hrlcham said that the work of hi.
peller. wllo Investigated both these r res, ,,. this service, namely Jericho and I Harriet Abbott, fl-ld worker, of llel- ,.yrene extinguisher, to put out th . depart ent l" d
unci who was largely Instrumental In ! Jericho cvmr-r. Cloverda'.c. Illnesbuig. Iowa Falls. ' blag., tfsrl C. MoMehon, a junior medic, tho "'taker i ui. Vth th? rr
racing their origin to Joseph. Mated Milton, Sl,b-,rn... Underbill. Westfort'. ' Election of an executive committee , of thta elty, suffered somewhat from live : protection of the
hat he l iourht the man was not ; WIIMatoii i-, Wlnnotkl (limited setv- . formed s. part of tha business. It Is the anH( but not overcome. G.trrla wo i10 8t"t" , ,w B ,hrnromoon oJ
..ght menu v and -aid that he would j rH principal business of this rommltUe to ulwn l0 ,h, Mary nctchcr hospital. Vw'u nn
looommend hat Iho men be sent to thn tt-a v.. ......... ......i ..... ..M.. nui.ih....or.i ft,.'. . - ' . .rr" Illlurnl interests or the Stato On
asylnm at Waterbury
that he had sat th
J. S. Flint, President.
Elias Lynian, Vice-President.
Harvey T. Rutter, Treasurer.
A. G. Whittemore
Elias Lyman
H. T. Rutter
J. S. Flint
W. B. Howe
J. F. Whalen
F. H. Shepardson
E. C. Mower.
Democratic Strongholds of Oklahoma, Missouri
and Tennessee Definitely in the Republican
More Than a Score and 150 in the House
tA.t. ...i.. . .. '. . ... .. . . ,-:: ' . 1 ::: y,-' r7 I " .-.- ....v-..o-. me nrst or these he did not spend much
.,v,... , r.imrnii s iiospnai. in iiosion. aiiniRl-1 "om worKnr icgaruinK mo oip"smon 01 nd was said Friday evening to be surfer- time merelv telllne- r ft,n ronrtr th
f.re through I oil with the Massachusetts General Ho... i eases. It was voted to re-appoint the pres- i ln- nn ffrt fntib..,. ihr , rtUf. ' l.
personal spite against some one :.t the la1 ,U the HanhatUl, Maternity . ent executive commlltte, which Is made . Kree.ble headache. whirl, are dolnTi
orphanage. Hospital. Now Yo.X City, alao a Krad-' up as follow: Dr. C. P. Dal ton. Bur-I Dl., n,arIes A P.nve. city heal.h of. Vermont orow The Ltt Z nf
It as t r. i, Friday inoinlns thatlmtn of thp iow months post-wrad- Ungton, chairman; Mrs. G. II Kggleston. fleer, flIld Profeor Hovey Jotdan of the the. InsaoSTi th. Jx- anrt T,rnI,.u
the alarm came In for the fire at the or- llate pull ll0altl, cof3Tg0 wHU tll0 ln l-roctor: Mrs. Margaret N lleywood. St 1 diversity were working together In the mnth "nd rtMBSS 1
phanage. The box I. 413. but ov Ing to a Mrtictlvo District Nursing Association ! Johnsbury. .Mrs. E. A Llnderholm. Bur- ,to0Ky Ishoratorv Just previous to th..i nl"iE TJl
break In the mainspring of ttt alarm up-
ni ouhldii huh w 14 h in nvrp..u rv , hiihivu; uiiu uiwiucii,, rA-sjuiviw, nA ifhon in vt ms nn mt' rriw lit. . n. . t . . ...
paratus, the numbem did not reach the - c from i9I6 to November if.lh. lfjSS. ' The finance committee for the coming i p,aVey left the room for a few .minute Yt' , r,,,. , ,n,2.,li .I..m"
station propet ly and the tiremcti had to. slnre returning from overseas. MIsH.Vear wae choeii as .follows: Charles while he was gone, something at his n,, ,Stale
wait until a telephone call was Ment In , nostwli-k has bsen Instructor of home TnxUury. Windsor, chairman. Uuy W. laboratory table exploded and inflnmmn- nurini- 'ib nt v
before th.y could tell where to go. It hygiene -la-sea. Instructor of prob:, - ' "alley. Burlington, treasurer A. !i. Qlf- ble gases -In the' room burst Into ilame, , r,rnnKm., ndlnlMrtt H
did not take trn long ro get to the tionoi-n It, tho beland Stanford School 1 ford. Hurllngton, Jnme A. Ullls. Itut- students In th building heaid the ev- ,Pp"rtment o -aeult i
of Governor
te work of thl
!hft ilpnnrlmftnt'
1, ; 't""""1 um ' --'irslne. arid hesrt nurss In thn ". .Mommcrn. i-rostoi. i-ractor, anu ' plosion and iushe.1 to tho old of Pro- or foreetrv .M ,h, ', T(Vl' JVt,,, i
tnt f n KC P"""11 ,n ,h4 l!,v -"epond- nlronl depgrtment of the Oilldren-., 1 Mar. h M. Wll-on. Uandolph. 1 feasor Jordan, who was fighting the S i wiuX? tht
& .l"'- Hospital Ho.' on. . The following publicity committee was . rre, Hand extrngulshers helped to put , TenUol the Zmrtomt nf Jh!
When the firemen arrtv.d. they ro. nd T!le need of a public health nurse, in : loole,l Mis ('. M. Cone, Hartford, 1 ,he blao under control. In response to Zm A deal ot fhe work oPIh
the blare In th. loft of the burn The , ..llt.,l(lon ,,, llas U8Bll felt foP phalrnwii. Hernlce P.. Tultta. Rutland; atl nlnrin from box ,4. tho rlty the de- j . mm.t H 1 un t ..T h lw
fact that the fir seemed to have Mo. ten om. ,lmP t Just r.,nt,5. e. Kdward r f:ra., Hurllngton, A. It. Olf- partment was Hfion on the scene. The 1 Xs,r, ml h"u of to avZ
rrJli lh m.e. "r the 0m' '"S ! hranohe. of tho CUlUnrtn Pountv f-rd, Uurlln,,ton. . firemen used a few chemical. In putting onV; to " he VemoS V, Afr nrtthar
covered there at 5:1", o'clock on th. mwn- Chaptr of the American H-d I'm,.. A great deal of routine boslnes, .., tnp blMe whl,h wn, Pl,bl)e,, r its , ""-Vie suw)ctTs a'nd JwelMon
Ing of last February 4 arcmeed the sue . nc.ion towara serurie. n,)rjM dlscued. and brief reports were given . threat by that time. Professor Jordan's ! "V J ' M R
.PJ .r".K r.!?. e.Carl ,S'0fve,1 9n1 to taUo up this work Tt Is hoped that BY the. general secretary and the field rlothlnic was burned 10 some extent. bu , ni7 't, u th.MUa.,-r, nf .. ffn
led to the starting of Investigations wnic: ..... u i work.- -Mi-s VbHle,i. coneral secre- ti,.. , .u.i , h t i Mil i ig tnc last tluve-aurters of .i cen-
' ilu of ptiblli; health nursing in rural
cnrr.mtinHles may result In the employ
, sii.nt of mor public, liea-lth nurses In
the 'owns of Chittenden oounty
nded In the confession and Tet of Jo
Th fire Friday morning did not do n
treat dent of damage, fhiuiks to the iulck
work of the firemen. Two lines of hos
we-e laid and the fire was very soon un
dor control. The roof was practically
burned off, quite a bit of hay was de
stroyed, as well as 6ome grain and other
feed. The fire did not spread to any other Miilnni MlHlmm. 3
pnrx oi me. nuuumgt.
While fighting the flro. Assistant Chief
Cftrty suffered a scalp wound when
struck on the head by a falllnc brick
The wound was dressed and Chief ("arty
was attonding to hi- dulle as unial
later In the day
ropoitflil the pressing need of a -erious damn Re wax done to the
tlrem Ilelltll
"fy-rfrrton Way In llnlM-ller .11
ll.irre l.lnlit Ci. sim'U llmitii
larg. wardrobe or clothes cabinet In , bulldlng. A few containers and other ",Vlw hVen
whlc! clothing for children may bo filussware were broken. The laboratory economic renTn
stored and kept in good condition until , lab,PH W(JV, -orched m i.Iockm by th.. Kb" nre.en, ifme ,h! I-nnn.
Alonlpelier. Nov. 0 -William Wiilham,
gcd 21 years, wn.s eleclrooutcd about four
When the flro had been tuken .Hie of, - cloeK this afternoon while employed by
' hlef Stockwell Immediately
touch with Deputy State
Preble, who was In the rllv
Investigation of fire conditions in Wlnno-t slork r00'" ""ring the afternoon. Mr. ,00( ,lon,
ski. Mr. Preble accompanied I'hief atock- ' 1'u" nn(1 stePPed away to wanh oil from now ,n)o.
well to the ncene of the tire and agreed I '" "s wjien oh nearo .ir aiiunain
with tho chief that the conditions sur
sued an appeal for audi a cabinet. If
i anyone would furnish tt, tho society would
j appieolote the gift.
i Miss Webster reporud two very In
tll j '.erestlni; cases which have been handled
I during tin- lust month, and in which some
1 helpful work was done with veiy little
i expense to the society. A promising girl,
12 years of age, had no home. She had
various relatives, but none was able to
aged the Interior of the room to some ex
tent, but the expense of repairs will no'
be heavy
It In said by authorities on file appiiia
tus that the use of Pyrene extinguishers
In fighting fires on the interior of n
Home of the reasons for this is that dur
ing the war tho value of tho dairy product
In the diet of a nigged American people,
wns demonstrated: the soil nnd clima'
of Vermont are admirably suite! to daln -Ing;
largo areas of tho State are In tho
building is vcr Jangeroua us the go . ,,.; ,., of .,.,. urp for ,.atp. Hnd ,
dairy Industry provides work for tM
which escapes U deadly. The Pyrene ex
l"u"ml f -'-" ' b -"7 hired mnn during the winter months, in
where gasoline or elcctrlclt Is concerned, ., ... ... . . , ...
care for her properly She was pased j t is said, or where the fli i In the wn le , needed -"
niwi.tiu uuu J (i.iv.KC, .w , , ypeil. Olll IIUL III L'lUDUU Tt-Ulll"
hod no home anywhere. Finally, one of
l.v koi lntoth Montpeller & llarre Ught & Power i tbe relatives asked the society for aid in I PP,I)PH Al milRT IK
Klre Marshal m company with Clarence Lull. ! taking cure of the girl. Through the ' V ai-coi w ! m ijirni t.
following an , "," been testliiK out transformers In syf,tematic work of the society, a verv ShSSION Al KU11.A?
PAlnmn PAD TT- ' , O i. ntr.-n T , minding the origin of the fire were ex
vwiuillll Kjr. vy. J . lYldlUllLV 111 neililLe Will e nctlv thn sa
New York, Nov. 1. An almost record
emashlng electoral vote for Senator
Harding topping the 400 mark and llc
publlcan majorities of more than a score
In the Senate and loO In the House, were
assured from virtually complete icturns
to-night from Tuesday's elections
With the Democratic stronghold of
Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee def
initely swept Into the. Itepuhllcan ranks
hy the party's crushing victory and
Arizona, Montana. Nevada, New Mexico,
end North Dakota added, the llarrtlng
Coolldce ticket has 101 electoral votes,
nrcordlng to latest returns
The Itepuhllcan landslide, to-night had
given the Republicans uS Senate seats
as against ,17 for the Democrats with late
returns undermlnim- the seat of Senator
Reckham, Democrat, Kentucky His Re
publican opponent, Richard .1, ICrnst,
forged ahead in a nip and tuck tight for
the only Senato fight left unsettled. Of
he 31 Senate contests, the Republicans
-aptured nine from the Democrats and
lected nil fifteen of Ihelr candidates.
mong the Democratic senators who, on'
to-day's returns, ent down to defeat
were Senators Chamberlain of Oregon,
former chairman of the Senate military
committee, Senator Hmllh of Arizona,
who lost to former Representative Ralpn
Cameron, ajid Senator Henderson of
Nevada, who was defeated by former
Governor Oddle,
Final returns liom a lew- congres
sional districts still were belated to
night, some duo to close races which up
let a few previous announcements, and
sthers from isolated sections. With these
nlssing districts, the Republican roll in
he House had climbed p.ist .8.'i to 1.15
or tho Democrats.
Among House members whose rc-elec-,lon
was reported definitely to-night waa
Representative Volstead of Minnesota,
tnthor of the Volstead prohibition en
forcement act, and chairman of the
House Judiciary committee, a position ho
Is scheduled to retain.
in the House contests, the Republican
sweep gave Ohio a solid Republican dele
ration for the first timo In Its history,
In this, the homo Stale of Senator Hard
ing and Governor Ccrx, the Republicans
gained and the Democjats lost eight
seats. In Missouri, the Republicans
gained snother block of eight,
Knoxvlile, Tenn., Nov. 4.--Retunis com
piled by the Journal and Tribune to
night with 125 scattering precincts miss
ing out ot 2,000 In tho State gave Hard
ing 139,048, Cox 187,463, or a majority for
Harding nf U.EtK. Korty-one of tho miss
Intr precincts arc normally Democratlo
counties, and Si In Republican counties.
Mississippi .,
-New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
'North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
Vermont ,, ,,
West Virginia
rd In ir i'ox
.1 H
IS 0
I! 0
7 U
3 b
n 6
0 H
1 0
:u 0
ir, n
13 0
111 u
0 13
tl 10
fi 0
8 0
IS 0
1:. 0
.12 0
0 ID
18 0
4 0
8 0
3 0
4 0
14 0
3 0
4r. 0
ti 12
r. 0
:t 0
10 0
r. u
33 0
s 0
0 9
6 0
1Z 0
0 "0
4 0
4 0
0 12
7 11
13 0
8 0
:i 0
401 127
me as those surrounding the
outbrenk last February. In holh
rases, tin fire had started In the hay at
the head of the stairs In the horse barn.
1 Both Deputy Fire Marshal Preble and
Chief Stockwell became convinced thnt
Ihe fire liar! been set nnd thorough In
1 estigatlon were started The men about
I the place were questioned closely and the
j answers and actions of Joseph directed
1 the mass of the suspicions toward him.
le admitted In talking with Mr. Prehle
Kroan and looking around snw that the
"Juice" hud nffected him. lie signalled
nn alarm and then commenced 'Tlrst aid,"
which was followed by un of a pulraotor
for an hour, but Mr. Mlllhani did not re
spond to the action and was pronounced
dead about live o'clock.
He was working on a dry wood floor,
which mystifies tho officials us to how ho
cot thn 2..W) wits, n portion of which
probably went thinui-h his body It en
e was found for her. and she l
oylng the benefits of real home
life. Tills was accomplished with no ex
pense to tho society except the time of
the worker
The. other r.aso iported by .Miss Web
ster wu9 that of a four-year-old girl,
whose homo conditions were very bad,
This child has been placed In a good homo
through the efforts of a worker of the
Children's Aid society. In this case, the
One great need of the Vermont dairy
Is the tuberculin test of cattle. The Stains
and the natlona.1 government aro 00-
ANU ' operating In this and despite the smalt
appropriation for the work, Vermont has
suit titer lii-nriince I-llc Tnken Ip now more cowh under test than any other"
Qvnud Jury lu ..! , State, with the exception of Minnesota,
Commissioner Brigham Is of tho opinion
i-.utiauu, .nov s.-ine uimeu mib us th(lt f hp stal, ghould appropriate at leasj
District Court of Veimont convened heie
thla morning at nine o'clock for the ad
journed October term and commenced
business at once, the grand and petit
Jurors being sworn In and the trial of a
case takvn up during the forenoon. It Is
possible that four civil cases may be
lieu i rosH came lorwara ami pain ine 1 tr,elj Th grtnu Jury ,, sufflcent
expense incurred, while the society gave lvork to (as a numHer of a&ya 0nK to
the time of Its trained woiker. thB Ur(fe number of liquor seizures on
auss .oouu, uie wuiKer 111 me .-uuiii-
lere.l thrnltfrh tlit, rlfrht linn.l anil u-ent
out bv the lower toft W ' . 7 7. , ' l,u ' snmuan noruer. District Attorney
uui oj ine lower n u ie. , nf , Kiaie. ronorted the case .. . ., .... ....
- . rju Hru 01 uurunirton win not
commence the Introduction of evidence
inc. j-nunK niHii unci m-en wun no com-, jf . ir.vear.old clrl. When Ibis case was '
that he knew thnt the fire started "in nee last Mnr.li employed as Hue-; fuIv nve(1tlgated. It led to the convlc-1 h(..or ,,. hflrtl. ,,,, , ,,,
te straw." a, oe expressed It. In the I '"- "e wa well ked by hi, associate, . tlonJ anil flnlllK ot yomg man foi. . ,b''0re bd B"n 'J0; " nt
hor-e bam. He said that he liked t hear ",ml W,,H n resident of Richmond when . ,,.,, thB conviction ot two dealers for i .VHrl "'"7 .;, "' , f.Hth !
the siren of the engines comlnc. and he j he commenced hN employment. Hls;,,J0 nicgltlmnte selling of cigarettes . to ,, L1"'Pma" leirt. ouij, ai
lidded that I hey did not get there so
quickly I his time as they did lust Feb
father w:is killed Hitm.i months .-it?,, hv . . .. ....... .. ' foreman.
, minors, uiese lesuus oeuiR H...pioi..enlUr.v . slartlnir tB. .-,, ,.. ,nornUt
the explosion of a gasoline motm.
Total number of electoral votes, C31,
Necessary to choice, 2tV!.
Harding has 404.
Cox ha 127
,u l"r " S""" . ,!, ,..., .h .l,,..!,,., nrt ,he
.... .1 .too urrioeni innner en .-inn lie i-ower . .... ..--. . ..... , .,- . ...
i lie Mjiitien n jipuur.iu.-e 01 me iiio.nei - ----- -c. was inevuien. .Teverui in ner iri- ,.i,ni, vi o. i t.-..
, ..." ....j...... i-nniiiunv sent nn uutumnbllH to that nlnce .. tenor, vs. Charles H .Stafford, a Ben
m1 him nnd hr- ntonnd talkliiar.
Ktr Mnrnhal rreblp and Chief Stools- momftr- ne ls -s,uv Vt?l "off r reia- Klvl anJ l0 flnd a plftCe for llpr wii0rc
wo hurt hpard encme i. howpvpr. lm f-l I H,"u,p' v41" lu,,l":"
I r i i - .. 1.1.4 i lutJini wtt-a iniLiniz in rL. iTfiiii.t wiumi li. ...... .. v, t . i.. - u . v.
f j u it i nr 7iui ten ui iu . iiifi um , " - i nut; uuu ueuu ui uuish. up mi u iiuiiic ",,rin (i ao,. nf fltiiVfa Aitioru ,i VL, . I .
Eumohll.3 to thnt nlaoe .. i.. t-.. tv,,...v. ., e t)I
lo advise her of the incident. Besides his iou, th(. ty. able ?o help the "'n-! 0ltlf nY '"J",
..(oris .t.... I . . r4 It ...a o .1
sb.. will be brought un uroperlv. The,".'1"". "
confident that the man was guilty of , employed by the company. It Is expected many vlC(., wncll wer(. unpRrthed In the 'J1" there would be no trial in the John
arson and Mr. Preblo consulted Chief of , mat tue uouy win oe u.se.i to i-.iciinionu thuroUKh Investigation of t.ils case fhows ' ' " ' " I
Police Russell regarding his arrest. Chief rnr 'unerai
I Russell also questioned Joseph. - .
Defore the arrest took place, however. NORWICH CRIPPLED
Joseph hart conresmeu to .1. .J .Mcurain
mt bad conditions of all kinds are link-
result from the kicking of a young woman
ed together grol,.,' one out of another, "'P" J slnu' j """K:
and In taking the 'ice t the roof, be- . , ' 111,an'
- . ,.,,, lfi.H i.. ih. Kutland railroad, neKlltreiico, raJIrood
t i iuir 11 uruuiiirfl iuu uctnuiu m - , , , . , . , . -
lone of the head men at the ornhanaKe. i. ....... tvii I. it, ...... nm it tn t- voutli of Hie State, much future trouble I ""eni t Jtocitingnam in .uarcn, i.n.
, I'enler, Who llrukr Let In Vt, Coiilent
that he set both, the flro Friday morn
Intr and that of last February.
Joseph said that on Februmy 4 last.' Northfleld. Nov 9 The Norwich I'nl-
he went out with the milk palls In the verslty foothall niu.ul left on the noon ,aI;e tjy the socletv Is thoroughly In
can he saved. It Is this work which thei""r" . J"7 " '""' . V "
a iu oini.n oi iviciiuru ve. uirsciur-
ornlnK as usual, that lie went Into thn 1 train lo-day for Hoton. where they plav vestlaated bv tr.tlned workers and no
barn and left the milk palU, walked Boston University Thursday afternoon at stoIlf, i jeft unturned to clean up so far
through the cow barn to the horse barn, , Braves Field. a, possible the evil condition- which have
w-ent up the stairs In the horse barn, Norwich won the Vermont Slate chain- ,0 rt0 wt, each case
'scratched mulches on the floor and set plonHhlp this year by defeating both t ,Vft voted at the director's meeting
I fire to the straw lie carried out the Mlddlebury and the L'nlversity of Ver- -Phursday to Isnue a printed report of the
same actions exactly Filduy morn- inont. They will go into the game with j trst vear 0f WOrk of the society, with
Ing. setlliiK the fire In exactly the same Boston L'nlversity Thursday In a crip- nalll workers In the field This report
'spot that It was set before. , pled condition. Their star center, Cadet I will Include the reports of the general
Mr. McOrath Immediately notified File Hdwaids, a Maiden. Mass , hoy. sustained secretary, the field agent, the treasure.
'Marshal Preblo that Joseph had confess- . a broken letc In the Vermont name Km- n,,. address on "Standards of Child
ed to setting the fires and the police soon nrduy and will be In the hospital six Helping." delivered by Professor Henry
i had the man In custody. i weeks. Capt. Daniel f tecple. will not he In Thurston, of the New York School of Bo-
the came. Ho was called to Manchester. c.al Work, at the recent annual meeting
t a xintTIDr rn nriVO 1 N ''" his borne, Monday hy the death or of Vermont Children's Aid society In'
V AN UhlttLl r DU 1 0 hls father. Head Coach Potter and As- , Windsor.
, I slstnnt Conch t opt Barber evpect, bow-
ENTIRE VILLAGE ver-bo ah,H ,n slvo l' H KOo',
I fight the way they did Saturday, B U.
i I will Have to work hard to win the name.
t'a.-..,..t r.lill,la,.o A 1.1 .neletv itt frv
Intr to accomplish, livery case which la "c"r,:'1u' " 'b '
The cane on tllal to-duy le Henry Pres
oott of Middleburj' vs. the Mutual Life
Insurance company. Suit Is over a policy
for 5,0OO on the life of Bortha Preseott,
deceaood wife ot .the plaintiff False
representation In making the application
la claimed. Jones & Jones or this city
ure attorneys for the plaintiff and
Thuilatilt & Hunt of Montpeller represent
the defendant
M Admit
! Moults ii II Ik Tarpon but IJne llrraks
j After 4.1-Mlnutf? Plttht
Point Isabel, Texas, Nov. 9, (By the
Purchases Sparta. N. Y. Will 'J1? "Ill replace ,w,rd at center nnd
r "Flanders will sturl in Capt Steele s pn-
Get Rid of Its "Undesirable
majority of at least ,O00
Mexico by
Nesfjor Montoya of Albuquerque, Re
publtcan candidate for CongTesi, waa
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov 4. Revised leo- elected over Antonio I.ucero of Los Vegas,
tlon returns to-night, complete except hy a majority of about 4,000.
for a few scattered precincts, reduced the
SlHt-lnir l?KtMll-, lu ..r. .
Associaieu rressj e-rvsiuem-eieci iiaru
tvlch tinmr and Pay tll.XI Karb , ne wcnt arpon ,,. ,0.dfty an
Mnnfltfpr Vov 'J. Churl Joiian. )f linttirlt hln nrlxn (H.fnh cnt nwnv tftni
sltlon at tnckle HyUnri and Maher. the 1Jl00irield, 1 1 K Tryon, Berlin. N. V.. 43-nilnute tussle, he liked the sport so
.-Norwir.il emiH uv rereiveu mum .oni- Doiiald Qrlswold, Lancaster, Mass.. Earl ; well that he stayed out rrom morning
ment lu the A ennont press and ir they Ht.otnolli 1,, Center. N Y Norman until nlghtrall.
Klve a Rood account of themselves 0,i Cornell, Fall River, Mass., and C. L. Pal- jf was the breaking of a tioll line
Thursday, are expecte, lo receive con- , Mertfi,u,. Mfl9s., p,,.,,,, KUt- In ; tgled In the wreckage of an old wharf
slderatlon for Camps All American te.ini. l)Rrl.tl L.Uy ,.out to.day (0 t,)(. cnarg.B of M,at lost hlm his tight with the biggest
stealing a ride on a Central Vermont t fl,, ,e ever had hooked, a tarpon de
Supreilie Court Cases rallwuy train from Northfleld to Kssex sn-rlbed by hl. companions as measuring
Montpeller. Nov 4. The Chittenden Juncnon lasi aaturaay in ortier to save ,0,0 than six feat. The President-elect's
to shore and the
lions or twonty modern tenement houses ' Reeves-Redmond ease The ret of the which were. paid. i home empty handed, favored on the first
and several other new buildings. Soine'cases are continued or there will he no ;;.,',,,, . J y f his vacation by clear, hoi weather
of tho old dwellings will be torn down hearing. The case of State v Cd, Turner ' ASK PKUrfciK UBolliKV AINCK. 1 Mr. MardliiK eel forth on the expedl
and others renovated, , In Franklin county was submitted on lion shortl after six o'clock this morn-
Scarboro, N, Y Nov. 7. The century
old village of Sparta, near here, Is now
ihe property of one man,
Frank A, Vandarltp, New York bankor,
has purchased th
came known to-dav
entire village It bo-'';ountv rnsw ' H'U'reme Couit were .Its- expenses of travel to Burlington to at- I uo,u ian ,,ulled In close to shore and
and In order to re- posed of Thursday morning The Wei- eml Ihe football game between the Nor- : 9l,H gnnt waM showing signs of gl
' ll ti.. .i...,., .1... ! linear. Pell nnd Tun elt-1 1 lns,1:ile ,-es WIC11 ana tennoni t nivei-wiuex, '""r no when t he ne rauvht rasl and snan
..' ",,."l,"".'u .V''" I. "... k,i. i,i..r ..... .irn assessed rines averKlntr S11.S2 each, I ,,,, ,h... i ... ,.u
won, ne announcen ptans ror tne erec-'"'" "r i -- ", " -
majority of Senator Hording for presi
dent, but still gave hln a load of 3.S0O
over Governor Cox. Tho vote Harding
H.935; Cox 22,578.
Electron of Ralph H Cameron, Repub
lican candidate for senator and Thomas
K. Campbell, Republican candidate for
re-alectlon h governor, was conceded to
day by SL H. McCalla, chairman of the
Democratic State committee, Uo-electton
of Carl Hayden, Democrat, as representa
tive In Congress, also was assured,
Oklahoma City, Nov 4. Oklahoma
swung safely Into the Republican
column to-day on returns from 2,000
of the 2,685 precincts in the State. It
appeared that tho State would split Its
congressional delcgalon probably oven.
A tabulation of 1,974 precincts out ot
2,685 for president gave a Republican
majority of 8,513, tho vote being:
Harding 172,313; Cox 163,800.
For United StateH senator 2,0 48 pr-
Incls gnvn a Republican majority of
Albuquerque, N. M., Nov, 4. Virtually
romplete returns from nil sections of the
State show Senator Harding rarrled New
In outlining his project Mr. Vsnderlip briefs and the rest of tho caf.es contln- Major or Ilitrre nnd Moi.tprllrr AsWnj. tm, point Isabel life saving j ucss for the State
J250.00O a year for tho next ten ycnrn If th
work Is to be completed and the Statt
freed from thp disease. At the present
time there are over 900 herds on thn wait
Ing list, because of tho small approprta-.
Another thing that must ho considered;
in tho dairy program of tho State in'
that of the quality or tho products.!
Cattle must bo developed by carefiili
selection, and thla is done now by tht
organization of cow testing associations
among thn farmers In tho matter ofl
butter and cheese there Is a big differ-'
enc In the price of first grade nnd
second grado products. Vermont now'
hae three creamery inspectors to Inspect.'
the plants, and enforce the regulations?
of the department. A market Inspector"
1s constantly at work, .making now mar
ket and developing tho old markets.
Hb helps both tho.producer'nnd-thsicxm-sumer.
In recent yearn the co-operative cream
ery iivement has gained a great deal
of impetus In Vermont. This was raadn
possible when the Interstate Commerce
Commission abolished tho leased car sys
tem whereby tho largo shippers had a.
monopoly on lt of the-jnHk shipped lntj
the cities Now an organization of!
farmers Is able to ship ita milk aaj
odvantogrously as the big shippers, j
Under the old system the farmer x-i
pooled the shipper to tako all of th
milk htr could .produce, regardless of thol
time of year or the demand for thai
product. The demand for milk Is con
stant, but the supply varies greatly,
according to the season of the year.
At the present time these co-operatrvn,
plants handlo about one-third of thn
milk produced, nnd they aro equipped
take care of the surplus milk during)
the periods of .greatest, production.
Mr Brigham Is In hopes of seelncth
Vermont milk and other dairy product
holding the eam plnee, In the estimation
of the public that the Sunklst orange
of California do at the present Urns.
. The growth of certified seed pot&to
Is another branch of Vermont agrlcul-,
ture that is becoming quite profitable.
Theao potatoes are oarofully inspected)'
In the field and then put upon tha ap
proved list Farmers In the districts
south of us are obliged to come to ver-j
mont for their seed. Many havw tnken (
advantage ot tho certification of thf
State authorities, and Vermont needj
potatoes are making' a reputation outsldeij
of the State.
Mr. Brluhum told somethins: of th
work of the department at fXtt-s-. nnd!
expositions. describing especially tha
work a( the New England States Expo
sition The appropriation for the world
Is too small for an adeouate display ofl
tlio productH of the Vermont ngrloultur-'
Iwtj. and so at th -nxpoeitlon-a sale, wasl
held that made it possible to apandj
tJ.&OO on tho display, when onlyt ttUOOoj
was appropriated for the purpose. Mak-j
iiiK the display dependent upon such al
basis is not a very good piece of busl-J
said the villa it e wan filled with some I ed. Washlnttton county ,-ases were iicsldrntx lo lliervr Artnlstlrt- Hay
Rono. Nov. 4. With less than bin votes' . .. . ...... i ii..m, .. i
. KT . ------- - - unnesirao e citizens nut mat when It s , retiouuu, ii,.iei.,, ,.-,.,, nvinK ireri. ,.,,, Vm. iTivor is l? Unr.
unoounUd. Nevada has given Senator , ,... .. ..'.....'. i n,e heel of the ilori.-... Th Moutpelloi. Nov. S.-Mayor b. to. uang
TT,1I -,l,,.,ll... JIW. .I"--""""""."-'! ..l"u ' fie. euinr - 1
" " nice people."
Qovernor Cox. Former Governor Tasher ' ..ui....a ..i ,
. j... r u.i . . . ine village itchieved notorlel
14, VMiuie, i vf iiuiictin, nu ueen eievwrn A ,
UnltedSta,e. senator over hi. Democratlo ' 1 y
T 1 o , a 'a.' .: il "f WhIU Plains declared convicts
' v Ti V T T T, 11 Sing Prison were rrequentlnic
publican, defeated Charles R. Evans,
Democratlo Incumbent, ror Congress by a
majority of 8,000.
Thn Htato Legislature will have a Re
publican majority,
station thre. miles out he transferred
from his motor launch to a skiff and
went to worlt The tight with the big
Before closing Mr. Brigham told some-
thins of the work of tho forestry section j
of his department. They, too, are doing!
o.v ,.f Iturv,. wnrt Antlnir Mnvor Waldo 11. . --r.--. r- .
ments wen commenced in Leland vs. 1'"- 0f Montpeller have, each issued 'rpon took place soon arterward and A lot of protective work. It Is Impos-I
v a tew Leonard, regarding a book account, ' "l,am, a,vi, the eltv residents when It wns over" he decided to make a , jdhle to get farmers, or the State cor-l
by the Judgment In thn case or John I,. Spnuld- ' . ... two ,,ijeg observe Armtstlco day d;i' of 11 e'"1 !,ent launch back to j (.orations Interested In planting forests
Weeks Ing, Adm , vs. the Mutual Life Instil
ft'('" . Mnlrti nd manner I port to bring out Ills luncheon Pro-j unless adequate ftps protection Is
from company or New orl.- has been made r . vlouslv the I'rcsldent-eloct had planned , afforded. The Diamine of forests helps
that the nnswer was adjudged insufficient
nnd that the case Is sent buck to the
lower court, the defendant given time to
replead, In the case of Cllenn Tarbell vs
Hurry I'.
Whltrhlll of
to play a game ot golr during the after- I in the Improvement of the scenic beauty'
; noon at the Brownsville Country club. 0f the State and the conservation of ths
tl. II...'.. . . .- . .... . 1 . n., .1.- ' . .
Vrtlerbury i iinnniiK . uuti,.,. ,,, ir uni- , iiuuiri.1 i enuur.ee,
Ine trlD to-dav were P. 13. Scobcv and Mr llriehHin ndvocuied a svstam of
tho oranil 'rriinu nanwiiy company the llrconi is t-niiiiinnie mr t.niiFn t f. n, Creatter, Ills hosts bore, and Sena-
rase was reversed anu cause, remanded.
Helena, Mont., Nov, 4. Tho plurality
of Senator Harding over Governor
Cox In Montana was Increased to
42,000 by returns compiled early to
day. Returns from 1122 of the 14S3
preotnots In the State gave, Harding
89,541; Cox 47,831.
Kargo, Nov 4. North Dakota was
conceded to tho Harding' column "by
a large majority" In a statement mode
to-night by Democratlo State Chair
man Johnson, who also conceded tho
ro-cleotlon of Congressman James H.
Sinclair, republican, In (ho third district.
Wstch thn ads. You may find such a
rtinarkablo bargain thnt you'll "fly to
the shop" nnd lots nf peoplo nrt flying
theso dnvs
The news story of the stores Is Inter
esting to you. Things ars happening
that you should know and to know them
ou must read Ihe ads.
London, Nov. 9. The marriage of the
Duchess of Marlborough, formerly Con-
suelo Vanderbllt
W. K. Vanderbllt
borough In New York In November, 189!i,
was dissolved In tho dlvorco court here
Owing to Indisposition, the duchess was
The plalntlfr In the lower court I ecnlved ,, t0.day'lhat Harry C White
a verdict or 7.0"0 which Ihe court bet ,m B cnmlrtaio tor collector or c
v-vy ?v:a: rirA'icr'"," ::;:,fxiuo p-pr,Horofh
Waterbury, Nov, 9. Announoemeiit Is ' tors Hale of Maine ana iciklns of West
hill win Virginia. tisrry m. uaugnerty, a close
customs. , personal adviser for the President-elect,
as the editor also Joined the party during the itfter-
rbury Record, ' noon.
Hold Two in $1,000
Veigenncs, Nov 9. Mrs ("laid I'eirv
unablo to be present and the curiosity ot ! and Alexander Miller, both of I'.tntnu,
thoso crowding the small court room was
rewarded only hy a sight of the duke, who,
wrapped In a heavy Astrakhan-collared
coat, sat In a front sent. Sir Edward Car
son, counsel for the duchess, In a matter
of fart tone recited tho marital difficul
ties of the couple and the unsuccessful
attempts to bring about ta reconciliation.
Only two witnesses were examined and
25 minutes aftnr the hearing began Jus
(Ice Horridge pronounced the finding of
the court "decree and costs" In favor of
ths duchess,
l.imcnberg. Vt , Nov 9 Camp Wln-
neshewauka owned and managed for ' I'ninlirlilar.
SUES FOR $42,000
' nf a v a Km i t'l. t VpytBrfiftV 'iff I urni.,i., l.
ni l' i'i"Hn" - !i'w,
County Municipal Judge , W nickens ! hnry Iiiib been sold to
of Mlddlcbury for a prellmlnaiv hoarl
on tho charge ot mimicry Mrs pm
was defended hy J, B, Donoway of Mid
dlebury. Miller waiving a hearing, After
hearing the evidence the court bound
both of tho parlies over In the sum nf
J1.000 each to npjvear at the December
term of Addison County Court. Both fur
nished ball for Ihelr appearance. Btato'e
Attorney A. R. Stiirlevaut 0f Middleburj'
appeared for the Htnte.
Mn., nrlua-H olio ii
the last six seasons by Karl O. llalch ABI,nlll t. V. nnd lirnntl IVunk Honda
. i .. . i. nt i.iIiiih.
anil l'' '- . Mnnlneller Nov 9 Pnnnns I., n -nit' '. V. . . .
rtew vorK - , or one oi tnp moL nuporiauL m tn
Slate forests. He believes that such an
Investment in 70 years would yield four
ler cent Interest and a reasonable profit
besides. Theie are several pieces of
wild land In the State that could lis
had for the purpoen at the present time.
lu closing Mr. Brigham stated that ths
expenses of his department hod Increased
(luring his term of otllco, He believed
further that they are not yet high enough,
ihat tho State should spend more money
for the purpose of furthering the worlc
v, lie in will be managed next '' f , '
ivl ison l.v MlH Julia Sharkey of Now " ' h Central Ver-
yorK wiiy. ' ' " "'" i tain trustees, special assumpsit, for col--l-,"f.
.r,Z", """I ,?,,ati:!-- f . w- (lied with the secretary
White Mountslns faring a small lako
and had 100 girls In camp last summer.
If you would be continually happy
don't neglect tho classified advertise
ments lu lo.day's panei.
of State to-day. The action wns brought
In Franklin county court through Dudley
H. Dorr and George M. Hogan, attorneys
for the plaintiff, who claimed this sum
of bonds owned by him am duo and un-
. paid.
State departments. In order to keep tbs
young farmers In the State, the farm
must be made to yield as good an lnconi
ns any other business, and money ex
pended In that dlrctlon la n good Investment.
Cork, Nov, 4. Deputy Lord Kayo
O'Callaghan has boon elected lord mayo
In succession to thn late Teronca Uaoa

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