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| FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1922.
World Results
By Leased Wire
Bout With Eddie St. Gair Was First Appearance in
Year and Training Has Put Him in Better Con
dition; Classic Battle Is Assured
Morey Young, once contender for the middleweight cham
pionship of the Rocky Mountain region, and said to be one
of the cleverest big men that ever stepped in a ring here, will
attempt to stage a comeback in his fight with Roy Conley of
Thermopolis in a 10-round fight that will feature the Ameri
can Legion card which will be staged at the Iris theater.
Young had been out of the game
hera for over a year. pri-»r to hb» l oot
with Eddie St- Clair at the Iri* two
y wtsckr ago. Dur.af that tuna ho
X himself general’z »n shxno but engag
ed tn no boxing matches.
While hl* recent showing against a
tough battler like St, Clair pleased
many of his followers. Young did not
ghow the class which made him one
j of the premier battlers of .the district
before ho retired from the ring game
’ here.
Young Is rounding out a month’s
Intensive training program and says
he will be In m good condition as ever
■when he tackles Roy Conley Monday
:-*nley, during the period that
Young bad been out of th a game has
been fighting on an average of once
a week and is in the best possible
oonditiofn. He graduated from the
welterweight ranks and when he meets
Young Monday win attempt to beat
f the ace of the higher division.
If Young is neat the condition he
maintained during his active fighting
career here over a year ago. the
Thermopolis battler is in for the fight
of his life. Doth the boys will con
clude their active work with exhibi
tions at the Casper Athletic club
. Young will work wrth Harvey Per
kins and other tattlers and Conley
will finish With light gymnasium
This battle which will feature the
card will be led off by a shotr pre
liminary program in which some real
S.'-htcrs will appear and by a battle
royal which will add merriment and
action to the evening bill.
Losers of Today’s Matches to
Be Out of Philadelphia
h>K the losers in the internation
al amateur classic A 18.2 balk line
billiard tournament provided interest
i today. In the afternoon match, Fran
cis S. Appleby. New York, meets J. E.
Cope Morton, Philadelphia. Alorton
has lost all three gttnies and another
‘ defeat will eliminate him as a title
At night the two European repre
sentatives. Ary Bos of Holland and
Edouard Roudlt of France, will face
each other after a day’s rest.
The winner of tonight’s match still
Will stand as a strong aspirant for
tho championship. On the records
w however, an American looms largo as
..•I ultimato victor, Edgar T. Applo-
■ by. New York national champion and
■ Percy N. Collins, Chicago, each hav-
B ing two victories to his credit and no
RB defeats.
ST. LOUTS. Feb. 17.—M8 ton Stock,
«tar third baseman for the St- Louis
HKaL Nationals, has signed his contract for
K 1922.
BE In the contract was a dacse in
■ which Stock agreed to report at tho
H Cardinals’ training camp at Orange.
■ Texas, not later than March L If
E( he reports as agreed. It will be the
first time sinco Stock became a mcm-
■ ber of the St. Louis Nationals sev-
S «val years ago that ho has been
■ among the athletes at the beginning
K of the spring preparatory work.
Receipt of Stock's signed contract
B brought to seven the number of play-
B era who have signed new contracts.
B Other players have contracts which
carried from last season. Those
\Bi signed are Stock. Lavan and Topor-
infielders, and outfielders. Hearth-
• B cote, Mueller, Mann and McHenry.
r The signing of Stock, Manager
■ Branch Rickey said, removed the
M possibility of worry about him not
reporting in good condition for the
regular season. Last year Stock did
sign until the eleventh hour,
missed spring training and reported
only in time for the first gome, but
BBk was not in condition to play.
fel Special Weekly
. | $7.00 and Up.
I Fine, large rooms, steam
Ml heat, baths, hot and cold
■■ water.
I American Hotel
* 244 S. Center St.
■ Entrance American Case
NEW YORK, Feb. 17.—These are parlous days for the
New York Yankees. Baseball calls it a “holdout session,”
but the situation is described as a strike in labor circles.
Babe Ruth, lambaster extraordinary, thinks he ought to
have more money—and measures the "more” in the thou
sands. Little Aaron Ward, keeper of the keystone sack, lets
Good Material Drifting Out of
Casper as Result of Uncer
tainty Here.
With th® advent of spring weather
but a matter of weeks and spring
naturally calling for out-of-doors after
the long winter and the* out-of-doors
leaning toward baseball as the great
pastime, Casper faces the possibility
of being without a baseball team un
Iga'J Immediate action is taken.
Ball players from many sections rs
the country, believing that Casper
would support a professional or semi
professional organization have flocked
here and are leaving again because
no ctivlty in tho great summer sport
is con contemplated.
Among the players who will soon
make his departure for other climes
is D. I. El wart, a. pitcher who went
through last year in the Montana
league without loosing a game. He 13
a big strapping young fellow who
hurls from the portside and it la be
lieved would be a valuable addition to
any baseball machine that Casper
coujd perfect this year.
Interests contemplating putting
baseball teams in t the field or sup
porting parts of a representative team
should make provision to take care of
players who are now stopping here, by
providing work until the start of the
season and jobs throughout the sum
mer to help defray expenses.
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pounds for 65 cents. Norris Company
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Sausage Maker*. We also render our own Pure from Wyo
ming hogs which we receive every week from different sections
of the State.
LB. Fresh Ham,
Lamb Stew >. whole or half
Beef Stew H1 1 n Pure Pork Link
Veal Stew XUV Sausage Ok.
Pork Chops mOC
Beef Shoulder Shoulder Lamb
Boil Chops
Veal Shoulder IQI 600 doz. Fresh Eggs,
Boil | z.ol. a t 2 doz. for ..75c
Prime Ribs, t. 3>ooo ]bs p]atte valley
whole Gold Bntter 2 lbs., 65c
4,000 lbs. Swift’s Pre-
Pork mium Ham, family
■n h ±; t ■ size, per lb3lc
Ihoulder ICp 10 lbs. Pure Lard $1.70
Steak 1 V Bring Your Pails
Hamburger 10 lbs. Pure Lard.... 51.40
St ea k 10 lbs. Shortening 90c
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Rib Own Yards.
Imported and Domestic Cheese.—Smoked, Salt and Pickled Fish
Full Line of Delicatessen Goods—Fruit* and Vegetable*
Invitation to
Hanging Party
Turned Down
PL J IT&BURUGH. Feb. 17.—An in
vitation to attend a hanging al Mis
soula, Montana, today has been de
clined by Barney Dreyfus, owner of
the Pittsburgh National Isague
baseball club.
Out in the western city. Joo Vo
kovlch, according to the official
Investigation is to go to the gallows
today following his conviction of
murder. Frank Jones, a private
scout and a resident of Missoula,
recently secured the hanging Invi
tation for his boss.
It be known that he want* hi* salary
increased to SIO,OOO and won’t play
unless ho gets it.
Os the pitchers. Waite Hoyt Is the
only one to come to terms so far.
Waite recently announced himself a
holdout, then got married and made
peace. "BuDet Joe" Bush and Ram
Jones obtained from the Boston Red
Sox. feel their "advancement- entitles
them to Increased salaries. Bob
Hhawkey Is firm In his opinion that
he, too, is deserving of a little mone
tary gain, and Carl Mays of the sub
way shoots, talks about a higher
check for 1922.
Meanwhile the Yankee .owners de
clare they win not stand for anything
MOSCOW. Dwtdo. Fob. 17.—Basket
ball championship honors of the Pa
cific coast conference probably will
go *lO the University of Idaho, it
was said today, as a resu’t of tho
Vandals* 82-28 victory over the Uni
versity of Washington hero.
In last night’s game Idaho led un
til the last minute of the second half,
when Washington tied the score at
24-24. An extra five minute period
was played, during which the score
was again tied at 26-26. after which
Idaho men tossed three baskets to
one for Washington.
Nice business location on
Center street; room 11x32
feet, on ground floor.
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CDe Casper Oaflp Critune
NEW 1 ORK, Feb. 17.—Jack Britton, who was whipping
first rate pugilists before Dave Shade of California ever heard
of a boxing glove, will defend his world’s welterweight title
against the youngster in a 15-round de-.ision match here to
It is said that the champion, because of his age—he is 37
—has started to slip and that he will •
not be able to withstand the assaults
of the 19 year-old lad from tho fam
fly of fighting Shades of San Fran
Jack /met David in Portland, Ore.,
about a year ago and he remembers
the occasion. He was floored once In
the early sessions of that scrap, but
arose to fight his way through the
remainder of the ten rounds. The
contest was declared a draw.
Shede has had success since he
transferred his punching activities
from the west coast to the east- His
aggressiveness ha* carried him to
victory In a majority of his bouts.
Britton hasn’t been very active In
the last year, excepting tn a aeries of
bouts with lesser lights. They say he
hasn’t the punch, nor the ebffttness
that marked his bouts of several
years ago.
Tonight’s bout, tn one respect, has
been likened to the Zbysxko-Caddock
wrestling match of several weeks aa***
Stanislaus, the champion,, nearing tho
fifty mark in years, defended his title
against Caddock. just turning 38. Cnd
dock was good and aggressive, but
Stanislaus still has th® title.
louisvilleTo Pill
LOUISVILLE, Ky., Feb. 17.—The
/'xhfbltion game* of the Louisville
club of the American association In
cludes games with the Brooklyn and
Cincinnati Nationals. 3t. Louis
Americans and two Southern lujsocla
tlon clubs.
The Colonels win play their first
game with the Brooklyn club at Pen
sacola, Fla.. March 19. Games with
this club also win be played on the
two following day*. Other games arc:
St. Louis Americans at Pensacola.
March 25. 26 and 27; Birmingham at
Birmingham, April S; Nashville at
Nashville, April 4 and 5; Cincinnati
at LoniwvfHe, April «, 7 and 8; Nash
ville at Ixmisvflle. April 9 and 10.
The ladles of the Christian church
win hold a hake sale all day Saturday
at the Casper Storage grocery.
' 2-17-11
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Sleason Ready to Talk Trade
to Pitchers on Eve of
Annual Exodus.
CHICAGO. Feb. 17.—WUllam (Kid)
Gleeson, manager of the Chicago
White Sox, and Johnny Fvcra, anoth
er Natolonal leaguer, both boiling over
with energy, today started prepara
tions for the White Sox exodus to
morrow. Gleason and Ever* arrived
' in Chicago yesterday.
Gleason conferred with owner Com
iskey. who has just returned from a
' trip to the Pacific coast.
“We had a good ball club last year,"
Gleason said on hl* arrival "but we
didn’t have the pitcher*. I expect
Jose Acosta to be a big help to me.”
Asked If he expected to don any
trading with the New York Yankees,
Gleason said he was willing to talk
trade to anybody who could show
something worth while in the pitch-;
Ing line. •
At El Paso—Danny Nunes, acra
mento. outclasses Joo Mat ran ga. New
Orleans, in 12 round*.
At Ann Arbor—Five Michigan ath
letes declared bielirlb'e for future for
competition owing to low grades in
last semester.
At Cleveland—World * bowling rec
ord believed established when Marion
McDowell rolled total of 1,771 tor •ev
en rames, an average of 253 p.n*.
At Detroit—Four world’s record*
were broken and one was equalled in
$7,500 Judgment
Is Entered for
Loss of Teeth
NEW' YORK, Feb. 17.—A tooth is
worth >1.259 in New Tcrk-
Judgment ha* been entered against
the city Ln the sum of <7,500 in favor
of Miss. Mae V. Tracy. Brooklyn for
. the loss of six teeth.
Tho Leeth were knocked out last
April Mis* Tracy teatifiet.. when she
was struck by th** retriever rope of
a trolley pole.
Edgar Appleby
Defeats Francis
Feb. 17 —Edgar
T. Appleby of New York, national
champion, defeated hl* brother, Fran
cis fi. Appleby In the Thursday aft
) ernoon match of the international
> amateur 18J balk line billiard cham
. plonshlp tournament today. 800 to 308.
r The champion’* average was 17 11-17
. and hi* high run* M. 33. 3L Francis
- Appleby’* average was 13 and his high
1 run* 43. 88. 29.
; Tiger Contracts
Still Pending
r DETROIT. Mich., Feb. 17.—Hu
, bort Ixmnard. star pitcher of the De
i troit American league club, and Harry
r Hellmann, leading batsman of the
league last year, are still negotlatinx
‘term* with the Tigers for tho 1P22
r/wtraJ A. A. IJ. and national chain
plon*hh> swimming meet 'here last
A» Tulsa—Jock Lawler, Omaha,
wins referee'* oecislon over Gene Del
moot In 18 fast rounds.
At St. Blurt—Wfilfewn Olhjv. St
Pr.oi. wins northwestern indoor amn
tear skating championship with one
hundred points, by winning lialf mile
and mile events last night.
At Saranac I>ake—Everett McGow
an. St Paul, wins American profes
sional outdoor skating championship
titls from Arthur Staff, Chicago.
***>" Frank J. Navin, president of
tho Detroit elab. refused to conflnn
or deny reports that tho two players
are asking 115,004 'or this ymr s work
or that Heitmann had returned nls con
tract unsigned.
Battery Men Report February
21 and Others to Report
Week Later.
ST. LOUTS, Mo.. Feb. 17.—A total
of IS exhibition fames will bo played
in tho south by the St. Loulr. Amer-
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First in News
Os All Events
icons before the American league sea
son opens, April IJ.
February 21 baa decided upon
by Lee Fohl. manager of the
as the date on which the batterymen
will leave for the spring training
camp at Mobile, Ala. The Browns
plan to hold their firs* workout Feb
ruary 11. The infielders and outfield
ers are scheduled to begin their train
ing a week later.
The Browns' squad this year will be
one of the smallest ever taken south,
numbering 30 players. Last spring 43
players made the trip.
In the party of batterymen win be
15 pitchers and four catchers. The
pitchers are Shocker, Davis, Bayne,
Vangtlder. Kolp, Danforth. Wright.
Smith, Metne. Holliday. Noel. Henrv.
Pruitt and Elliott. The catchers are;
Severeld. Billings. Collins and Having.
The outfielders are: Tobin. Jacob
son. Williams. Shorten and Durst. In
tieldars are. Staler, Gerber, McMiuras,
Ellerbe, Aus'-ln. Itobertwn and Mul
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