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Construction of Moffat Line to
Rawlins, Casper and Sheri
dan Argued as Feasible
The possible solution of the long
advocated railroad line between the
Union Pacific and Sheridan in north
ern Wyoming with Casper. the prin
cipal intermediate, nmy have lwx?n
found by the Sheridan Chamber of
Commerce, according to the terma of
a letters received by the Casper
Chamber of Commerce thia week.
The solution of the problem lies in
the assumption that the Moffat road
in Colorado cannot long operate under
present conditions an<’ that it must
find a new outlet if it ia to be a com
mercial success.
Under the plan advocated Sheridan
proposes to have the Moffat road ex
tended from its present terminus at
Craig. Colo., to Kawllna, Wyo.. and
thence to Caaper and Sheridan. Thia
would npen up a valuable section trib
utary to the railroad and in time no
doubt w >uld m&kt it e commercial
This extension of the nne would re
lieve tho necessity of an extension to
Salt Inke city which would prove too
costly a road to construct.
In connection with tho proposal in
which the Sheridan dub seeks the
support of Casper, Sheridan has the
following to say:
“In our section the road would have
connections with an agricultural em
pire and direct connection with the
richest agricultural district of Wyo
ming. This would enable the north
ern district to furnish - Casper and
surrounding territory with produce of
all kinds end rattle for the packing
plant nt a much lower rate than pre
vails at present.
“Such a line would also give Cas
per direct connection with the sum
mer resorts of the Big Horn Nation
al forest which stands next to Yellow
stone park in beauty, ’scenic wonders
and trout fishing.*'
The matter has not yet been placed
before the board of directors of the
local organization but it is probable
they will give the matter their utmost
support if the proposition is feasible.
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Feb. 17 —Not
only does the Wyoming law of today
disqualify women for jury service, but
the Wyoming law—either state or
territorial—never has qualified them
for jury service. This was stated to
day by one of the leading legal au
thorities in tho state, after an in
vestigation regarding the rights of
Wyoming women to act as jurors in
spired by publication of a verdict
sentencing a man to death which
was returned In 1871 by a jury con
sisting of eight men and four women.
Scrutiny of the territorial law revealed
that this man. and others who were
convicted of murder in the first de
gree by juries of which women were
members, had been illegally put to
death, the territorial constitution not
merely not qualifying women for jury
service, but specifically providing that
a citizen qualified for jury service
must be a “male.’* Th© state con
stitution, adopted in 1890 when Wyo
ming was admitted to statehood, car
ried forward the territorial constitu
tion's provision that a juror must
be a “male." and in that respect the
state constitution is unchanged to this
To those who came and by sym
pathy and kindness helped us to bear
the loss of our little Latane, we ex
tend sincerest and deepest thanks.
And we hope that, when your su
preme hour of sorrow comes. should
you also be strangers afar from home
that God in His infinite goodness will
send friends to you. who will do unto
you, even as you did unto us.
BRYANT. 2-17-lt*
I Smooth
■ and creamy,
■ for it is pure
■ country milk
■ with the
■ cream left in. 5

Hot Chicken
11:30 A. M. to 2:30 P.M.
The Wigwam
O-S Bldg.
Newest Naval Bomber
This is the newest bombing plane being tried out at the Naval Al:
Station, Washington. It is a Curtiss C. T. Torpedo type, having two
400-h. p. motors and a wing-span of W feet.
17.—Five persons died from drinking
poisonous liquor here in the last five
day a Discovery of the source of the
liquor was made upon the death
of Charles Kelly, railroad gate tender
when his daughter mad<- affidavit that ,
“We have with us tonight—
Al Jolson, Ted Lewis, Nora Bayes, Van
SZ-Ki 3b Schenck, Frank Crumit, Manion Harris,
dßk Bert Williams, Dolly Kay, Paul Biese,
Furman & Nash, Guido Deiro, and many
al tE3S other popular stars.” *T?)
jolsoh JAW CmJF /t
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x W M X every evening with their latest hits.
Columbia Records bring these great
jSSßEJ’tMrli'c A stars to your home. Their talent is re
produced for Columbia exclusively.
far yA bbrt
wMU W 'WIWf williams
You follow the crowd to find a good show. Follow the popular
record fans and you’ll find what you want at some Columbia store
Columbia Records
Here’s the Pick of the List
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Granny Fox-Trot (a) Irish Washerwoman (b)l . «»• i . « « «
The Columbians Wearing of tho Green (c) Ri go lot to Paraphrase ] Caprice Viennoia (Kretsler) I 49449
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Dapper Dan Fox-Trot Laurie (c) Whit eCockade Second Hungarian Rhap-1 thoven) Kathleen Pariow A-2162
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™ ne Smith-Turner Music Department cXV
he had purchased the liquor from
John Beat.
Before Best could be located he also
had succumbed to alcoholic pisoning
Ueteetlvea who vialted Beat’s home
found his son. Hairy Beat, deeper-1
atcly ill. He was» taken to a hospital,
where he died without regaining con
i This ia your last chance to bear
the famous master pianist. Leopold
Godowsky. before his departure for
■ the Orient on his tour of
three years.2-14-13t
CDe Casper Dailp Crftnine
Five musical artists including
members of the faculty of the divi
sion of music of the University of
Wyoming will atagr a musical feast
at the new high school auditorium
at 8 o'clock tomorrow night. Among
the artists who will appear here are
Mabe! Babington. pianist; Margery
Mitchell, soprano; Daisy Wharton,
violinist; Roger C. Friable, pianist,
and George Edwin Knapp, baritone.
The concert is being stagcri un
der th© auspices of the schools of
the state tn line with the endeavpr
of the University of Wyoming to
stage high class musical events in
ail aections of the state and within
the means of everyone. Very email
admission charges will be made
mainly for the purpose of defraying
the expenaca of the visitors. Grade
school children will be admitted to
the concert for 25 cents and high
school nuplla for 50 rents.
Tho program follow?*:
Marche SlaveTschalknwsky
Mias Babington and Mr. Friable.
T'nto Thy Heart —Alhtaen
Spring Song——Well
Violin ObbUggtoea by Mias Wharton
Hcwnlng ..Wei Fdego
The Wind’s In the South Soott
At the WellHageman
Miss Mitchell 4
Spanish Dance Saraaate
Hymn to the Sun
Rimaky- Korsakoff
Tambourin Chinota Kreisler
Miss Wharton
The Blind PloughmanClarke
Would God I Wore the Tender
Apple Blossom Old Irish
Harmony del Riego
Rolling Down to Rio
Edward German
On the Road to Mandalay—Speaks
Mr. Knapp.
Etudre. Op. 25, Nos. 1 and t—
a . Chopin
Ballade In A Flat———Chopin
Irish Dance, A Reel
Miss Babington.
Calm as the NightGorze
Mias Mitchel! and Mr. Knapp.
Gum-Suckers* March Grainger
imu« Babington and Mr. Friable.
Where My Caravan Ha* Rested— *
mediate further reduction of 203 of fl-1
eers and 2.000 men in the American
| forcee in Germany wax announced
by the war department. There
will be remaining In Germany after
this reduction u total of 1W office re
and 3417 men.
LONDON. Feb. 17 —<Yrr The As
■odated Press)—The probability of
a delay of three weeks tn the open*
ing of the Genoa economic confer
ence was conceded in British offi
cial circles today. This XM the
firnt intimation in such circles that
the French wore likely to win their
contention that it was impossible to
start the conference on the date
originally choeen. March 8.
Premium hama. all you want at 31
c*«ntx pound. Norris Company Market. .
Vocal Duet, with Piano and Violin.
U. &. Court at lender
CHLTENNK, Wyo., Feb. 17.—A
reulon of the United States district
court for Wyoming will be held at
lender, beginning April '3. A jury
“S. S. S.” Makes Skin Clear and
Beautiful—Your Body Plump!
As»wf Results from Increase W
f-«rn Blood C.Ud S. S. S. a Remarkable
Mbk Blood Cell Bauder.
-<’’l Do you know that your lorn of Grab
to due almost entirely to the small
Eg--. x A Do you know that you can build up
your whole body, from your face to
J „ your feet, to the normal, natural.
SB beautiful plumpness which it should
Zr kava by using the great blood-call
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change your diet, or figure out the
guess-work theories about tats in
fooda or use new fad treatments, or
anything of the Sind. Take a a a
Tour skin will clear up remarkably,
your complexion wtU be like a rose
Wff petal, your lips ruddy, your eyes clear.
vZ'JW your neck and cheeks will fill out.
Also 8. a a being one of the most
TMx shews wteS a a a eaa do to powerful blood-clesnsers. your skin
jrwvr eyw. eUarteg ywur ekte. It umom yoo . u 8. 8. 8. to sold at all drug
ywi t* agp I—see xtolafcxa •< es stores, in two sixes. The larger xfee
faMl is the more economical
New High School Auditorium Tonight
8 O’clock
Under the Auspice* of Natrons County High School.
Mabel Babbington, Pianist
Margery Mitchell, Soprano
Daisy Wharton, Violinist
George Edwin Knapp, Baritohe ’
Roger C. Frisbie, Pianist
All of the artists are members of the faculty of
the division of music, University of Wyoming.
Admission Grade School Children, 25c
High School Students and Adults, 50c
And at this office that is the only kind I turn out.
Then, too, the prices you pay here are very moderate.
Dr. Carll
4th Floor, O-S Building Phene 564-J
A New Line of Our Own
For Everybody's Pocketbook
Realizing that wages of the working
man are reduced we have manufactured a
new line of chocolates.
Pure, Delicious and Guaranteed
To stand as to quality with any kind of
chocolates manufactured and shipped in
for SI.OO per lb,
u -
These Fine Chocolates Reduced to
Lukis Candy Co.
Second and Wolcott Arkeon Bldg.
for the amrion haa b«n drawn. No
L important criminal caae tx to be tried
L *
I Good eggs to eat. two doxen for 75
r cent*. Xorrta Company Marko .

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