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C3 113 " C-TTCHIT
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is is3uez
-A -J V J
Carries tht Best Prices Right
Delivery Prompt.
Commercial, Wedding and
Society Printing Executed.
Try Ua for Oood Work .ad Low PrWa
. .v
Gnbaorlption , 51. CO Y
Advertising rata on application
VOL. 39.
jlTTo D30r3III3EH' 7,; 1917
NO. 27
V I 1
' li mi
Several hundrod thousands
of dollara bolon&inff to clionts
with which wo would liiio to
purchase first Farm Ilortfjaijo
Notes at. reasonable discount.
Maturity and rate of intorest
McFarland, Holmes & Maynard,
To the Farmers of Mississippi.
' . -
Agricultural College Miapissippi.
M. rni a. .1 l.li..
I . A lie mom pniriuuc huu pnumui'
the most profitable thine Misaisainpi
farmers can do now is to prepare to
increase their hog crops 100 per cent.
....... It now seems that in the last an-
r"i tha nation8 richest in fats
r Z tret!:, will be the victors. We
lo3 u th call.'
tr7, fctU for our arrr- cr.d for
Belitua, France, England and Italy.
The striking statement from the
nation makes us wonder if we are
really doing all we can. .The whole
allied world and the neutrals are
now looking to the United States
for help as the bulwark against world
wide famine. From Finland we
have news that the people are on
the verge of starvation and are sub
sisting on a bread made largely of
edible bark. Wheat production in
France 19 off 50 per cent., all food
stuffs short 35 per cent., and earnest
appeals have just come from French
authorities for more food. Sweeden
is issuing a bread ration 25 per cent,
below that given to the German peo
ple. In Denmark and Norway there
are not six month's supplies on hand.
Switzerland and Holland are wholly
dependent on us.
The wheat stocks of the world
have been reduced to the smallest
amount ever known. Flocks and
herds are greatly diminished, as is
particularly the case in Denmark,
whosa magnificent herds are now be
ing deliberately destroyed, and in
Belgium, while the pig is rapidly
. Mr. Hoover has tackled a problem
greater than that undertaken here
tofore by any single man. To him
a dozen nations are coming as their
one " hope to preserve their people
from actual starvation. To help
feed these countries as : well as to
furnish food for the armies, in the
field, Mr. Hoover has asked Missis
sippi to raise more hos and more
nogs, some form 01 pork seems to
be essential to an efficient army and
lares quantities are now needed for
the American soldiers. v
Once recognizing the great need of
more boss, Mississippi, farmers will
neea no csscrance 01 a minimum
price f ox this product, yet ccurcace
b circa 7 LJr. Hoover thai a ri-id
control cf the packers nilVLe tzixb
lisbed, and co tar as tba Food Ad
minisiratioa can h;l? tk? prha ci
averass hos will, not n beloa
C15.S0 a hundred weight ca tts
a patriotic service.
A litter of eight pigs, farrowed in
March or April and sold in Decem
ber at 9 or 10 months old, when they
should weigh 250 pounds each, will
weigh a total of 2,000 pounds. Even
at the lowest figure of $15.50 per
100. these pigs will bring in $310 and
you still have the brood bow. It
will take much less land and labor
to produce feed lar thc4 pigs than
it ci& trvtisewtT-balof-5 bottont
and the profits will be much greater.
All over Mississippi there are nice
young gilts that are now in the
fattening pen to be marketed or put
into the . smoke house. So far as
your influence goes will you see that
these gilts are saved and bred dur
ing December?
Help the pig club boys to Jceep
their gilts and sows or to sell them
to some one who will breed them.
By doing these things to the best of
your ability aud doing them quickly
you are sending reinforcements di
rectly to the boys at the front.
W. H. Smith.
Vice-Chairman State Council of De
fense. E. R. Lloyd. Director.
Million and Half Troops Trans
ported' Since August 1st,
Approximately 1,500,000 soldiers
have been safely transported by the
railroads since Aug. 1, according to
announcement by the railroads f war
board. A half million of these men
made journeys necessitating over
night travel and have been moved
in tourist or standard sleeping cars.
On one of the long hauls 8,000
men were transported from a camp
on the Pacific coast to the Atlantic
coast, a distance of 3,700 miles. The
men traveled in sixteen sections,
each section consisting of twelve
tourist cars and two bass&ge cars.
In order to centralize the furnizkias
of sleeping cars at most convenient
points for use in transporting cdI
diers, the Pullman Co., baa changed
the supervision of supply and move
ment of these cars from head
quarters cf the company at Cbicro
to Washincton, in close touch trith
cilttsry authorities, enabliss tb;j
to promptly furnish can at points
xtded. ; As a xtszlt cf thb co-cp-eratioa
between the irrcrsrtat, ths
rsilrssdiaad ths Pcliaca Co., ti!l
a million eoldiera kava htzn cprrrd
C:3 dbeczrts cl c-bba lor 2 tnia
trira In dzj.ccackra.
To crczra tba czizty cS t3 cca
in transit, tbs mi!roi3 hzro d-T jr
ca cTtr23 cptcJ c! 3 rrl!:i.c3
e.:-a c: c:-i:-i, cr3 izzi:
Ttsre t9 115.005.000 less meat
producing animals in the world to
day than there were before the war.
This means 28,080.000 less cattle,
54,500.000 less sheep and 32.425.000
less hops.
The Food Administration reports
that during the month of June ci tie
in the United States having a total
population of 15,000.000 reduced the
amount, of food thrown away by 32
per cent, below the month of June,
A telephone for the use of avia
tors has been invented. It is strap
ped to the head and will exclude all
sound except the voice of the person
The first year of the great war will
cost the United States $18,000,000.
000. Since the war began the allies
have spent over $90,000,000,000.
Congress will . appropriate for the
fiscal year ending June 30th. 1918,
nearly half of the incomes of the
American people.
Japan has population of 54,000.
000, spread over an area'of 147,655
square miles, a territory just a trifle
larger than the state of Montana,
which has a population of 446,000.
-The People's Home Journal.
1 . -
The name Doan's inspire confi
dence Doau' Kidney Pills for kidney-ills.
Doan'a Ointment for akin
Itching, Doan's Reg ul eta tor a mifd
laxative. . Sold at all drag stores.
Monroe County Teachers.
Dear Teacher Yon doubtless ap
preciate the advantages and realize
the necessity of club activity among
the boys and girls of the school of
the county. In view of these facts
and also on account of your personal
touch with' the pupils, it has ben
foamj that the teachers are . am .i
the moitt potent factors in club work.
In onlr to make these clubs mt
tacoetfctfnl itia necessary thtt thy le
organized early in the nession. By
holding meetings an he school during
the aeaatoa we can install the clnb
spirit into the boys and also teaoh
them soiaa of the essentials of ezecaw
C. A. Oobb, State aent of club
work, has designated the two weeia.
beginnine Nov. 26th. as campaign
weeks for the organization of these
clubs. With the co-operation of the
teachers it is oor purpose to organize
a number of clubs daring these two
We are not at all satisfied with last
year's club work. This is doe largely
to the fact that the county agent did
not devote enough time to the work.
This year Mr. Hew, assistant county
esent, will make a specialty of this
work, aad with the co-operation of
the teachers our county should rank
with the best.
It is going to be impossible for as
to visit all the schools daring these
two weeks but we are asking -the
teachers to talk to the boys about the
work and arouse such an interest that
organization will be easy. In fact
some of oar best clubs are organized
and manipulated altogether by the
There are three lines of club activity
among the boys, the corn, pig and
baby beef clubs. If yon desire any
special information along any of these
lines, communicate with Mr. P. A.
Rew, assistant county agent, Amory,
Miss. Very cordially.
E. H. White. County Agent.'
Peanut Butter Sausages.
Take one-quarter cupful of soft,
sifted bread crumbs, three-quarters
cupful of cream of wheat, one cupful
of peanut butter, one egg beaten
light," one-half teaspoocful of salt,
one, one-half teaspoocful sage,' one
half teaspoonful of thyme and one
quarter tecspoonful of pepper. Mix
together well, add beaten ess, form
into sausages. Place on . pan in
which a teaspoonful of drippings or
clsomarearine has been melted,
bake about 20 raiauica; ccrre trith
bananas cut in halves length wica
cad esuttd in hot butttr. Tha Peo
ple's Iloma Journal.
DiUioc? Fed fcrayy cTter dlsaor?
ClUer tasta? Ocplsa ctllaof
liver ccrli errllrj cp.
' . - . - a. v ,
I "
1 1
: -l II J
n' -
n n 1
JUClJL juddU w
nit inv7
mm' -am
Ef? yen ccnl
into our store and try your streacdi
on a surer of the aew
"Velvet ntibc?"
The wonderful rubber compound of which
Diamond tires are now made is an epoch-making
discovery in the industry. Until you have seen
and examined this new tire and tested its material
Eb will not realize how much mileage you can
y in a pneumatic tire. J Yet such is the skill and
fStcaency with which it is produced that its price
remains almost the lowest of the standard makes.
Fkit co$t 1$ and tfmilJ he a big factor In
Determining the Tine on yout machine.
Come in today we have your sire, and we are
here from 6.00 a. m. until 6 .00 p. m.
B!r'o IJcso
Araa, Phone If o. Etc.
. mm m. m S
vc; ysizr two c7Rsp
si P 1
a a m
April S. 111. trr
ben II. McKarlsnd O. M. Ilnlmr
Js. W. Msyuard
r.:cFcrlcndf Holmes & Maynard
Aberdeen, Miss.
Will practice in all Courts both Htate
and Federal.
Office up-stsirs over Kikner Urns.
Grocery Store.
Dental Surgeon,
Offirsorrr Hrrsfiaa' Uteri. No 117 Kaal Ctu
' mr) Htrt-i.
HNiilriiu. 18.
L. Q. NISBET, D. D. S.
8uciisor to A. L. Alnxander
Ortlre in Paine BMtf. up utalrN-front .
Cuml)rlanl 'I'lmtie, Olllce 100
Itesidenre ttl
Offiw Hour to in :ni a. m.. ft l 7 p. iu.
Other Knur r Aiiointtnrit.
Dr. Robt. W. Staines,
Consultation, Hxamination i d
Hpinal Analysis Free.
Hoth 'Phones. Over Kimmel's Htorp
Attorney and Counsellor nt Law
Attention Itflven to all leal practice.
Collection of rlAims promptly
OlHce 2nd iloor McQuiaton Ilulldinc.
f ZTZ n
lSft: (Fa do If
.. . Absolutely Without Cost
Ths most startling offer of the season. We challenge competition the greatest
opportunity ever offered to the Clothes Buying Public.
' ; ;7 ORDER. NOW'
Have Tour Suit Made to Your Individual Meagure.
Sckct your suit from the most complete line of Fabrics ever assembled. Hundreds
of designs to chose from- our regular stock of Napperville Suitings Worsteds in
prefucxen Tvceds, Nubs, Virgreaux Fulton Sergesf Silk Mixtures.
05 to 08
55 TO $8
TFEms Ojulof is Limited Act at Once
: i
Don't ovcrjoolx tHio unhoard of oalo up-to-minuto ooaoonablo paterns. Products of
tiro X7C?IC'D tcctlccns decicrnod by the highest salaried men in the country. Positively
tailored to your individual moaouro by osport artioiano. Values up to $30.00.
7 .(SaU: Tflnsit TaMoiredl Look
Kbvs yci? B-Jz.io Fit You. Thb great Offer good only to a Limited Time.
r f r
atu'rra, Doc. 8th.
cf hc trill 1C3 1 pc3 cj to
:0 L l4J UJJIL
I r t r r 1 r- ' - T
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