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Bandar. Sunday school 9 :30 ; prohsfete-r services 11
. nv.and? p. m. Monday. Wonu'i Miaatoa
' ary Union. 3 p. m. Tuesday. Ladles' A Id 6o
cirty. 2 p. m. Wednesday. Prayer MMtiac
7 p. ax. Tboraday. B. T. P. U.. 7 :1ft p. m.
Sunday. Sunday School. 8;30; Pmcbiaf aer
vices. 11 a. m and 7 p. m. Tuesday. Laditi
Aid Socieiy. 3 p. m. every Tuesday except
second, woman's Missionary Hoeiety. S p.
nt.. first Tuesday ot.ly. Thursday. Young
People's Missionary Society. 3 p. m.. second
Thursday only. The Junior Missionary So
ciety meets every Suntiav afternoon at Mires
.Sunday: Bible school. 9:45; Lord's Sup
per and sermon. 11 a. m. Evening service.
7-15 p. in. Tuesday. Ladies Aid Society. 3 p.
m. Wednesday. Prayer meet inc. 7 :15 p. m.
Sunday : Sunday School. 9 :45 a. m. : Preach.
tag services 11 a. m.. 7:15 p. m. Miriams. S
p. m. Tuesday. Ladie Aid Society Tuesday
3 p. m.. at Manse. Wednesday. Prayer meet.
inir. 7 p. m. Thursday. Women's Missionary
Society, 3 p. m..last Thursday only.
Rev. J. W. Fulford. Rector. Services. Holy
communion every Tuesday. 7:3u a. m. Morn-
tag prayer will sermon every Sunday. 11 a. m.
The following schedule win take effect Sun
day. May 2nd. at 12:01 a. m.. 1915:
to. So. Leaves Aberdeen
No. 62. '
No. 54. '
No. 68 "
.8:00 a.m I
10:10 a. ml
..5:10 P. m. I
9:8oa ml
No. 61. Arrive Aberdeen
No. 53.
No. 55.
No. 57.
No. M. Arrive Mul.ion
N0.6Z "
No. 68.
No. 61. leaven Mtildon ..
No.Vi.- " ' ...
No. 55.- -No.
(57. "
...6:25 p. m l
8:35 &. id I
IV .1U . Ul i
3:30 p. m I
. .a tv v, id
. .0 -on a.m
.10:55 a m
3:55 p. m
.SUSS p. m
No. 1. Leaves Muldon 11 :51 p. m
No. 2. " " 3:53 a. m
No. 3. - 10:53 a. m
No.. " " 5:53 p. m
No. 6. " ' 3:55. pro
No' . " " 1 12:16 p. m
All paitener trains stop at Muldon. Miss
For folders and other information regarding
rates, routes, etc.. apply to R. P. McMILLAN
Ticket Agent. Mobile St Ohio R. R.. or write G
B. Allen. District Passenger A'nt. Jackson. Tenn
V.-Irea"t ami Oen'l Mkt.,
Geu'l PiuwniitT Agent,
with good oil liniment. 'Piat'a
the surest way to stoo, them.
The best rubbing liniment is j
"n n pr
Good for the Ailments of ft
Horses. Mules, Cattle, Etc
Good for your own Aches,
Pains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, Etc.
2Sc50c$!. At all Dealers.
Old Folks Saved 0
From Suffering
Mrs. Mary A. Dean. Taunton. Mass-
la her 87th year, says: "I thought I
-was beyond the reach of medicine, but
Foley Kidney Pills hare proven most
benenciai in my case.
Mr. Sam A. Hoover, High Point,
K. C. writes: "My kidney trouble was
worse at night and I bad to get up
from five to seven times. Now I do
not have to get up at night, and con
sider myself in a truly normal con
dition, which I attribute to Foley Kid
ney Pills, as I have taken nothing
Mrs. M. A. Bridges, Robinson. Mass.,
says: I sunereu irom Jtiuney ail
ments for twe years. I commenced
taking Foley Kidney Pills ten months
ago, and though I am 61 years of age,
I feel like a 16-year-old girl."
Foley Kidney Pills are tonic,
strengthening and up-bullding. and
restore normal action to the kidneys
and to a disordered and painful blad
der. They act quickly and contain
no dangerous or harmful drugs.
. For sale by Phoenix Drug Co. if
Made on Farm Lands and
City Property.
Seven per cent, interest. One
to ten years to pay principal.
Can fix terms to suit borrow
er. Quick inspection and fair
valuations on your property.
0. 17. HOUSTOU, Sr., rJ Jr.,
Over Maier's Jewelry Store,
Aberdeen. Miss.
In Mcarce, Chickasaw ccd Lcs
Counties. On well isspraved
. farm lands, I cm nccli-tira
tzr 5 end 10 yzziz, Lz
rower cow sets full crncunt cf
lean at a flat rets. Gccd vclea
tiees, ccod cplicns to bcrrowcr,
end prenpt ccrvicc. .
Ccn to found ct the Irr crileo
3 7.
The food adcakriatratioa is iriss
the caving of animal fscta czd azzts
and the use of our native nets which
grow in such abundance, may be
used as substituted for thess import
ant foods.' The pecan, black wal
nut, hickory nut, peanut and chest
nut are familiar to every boy and
girl who has enjoyed the , fun of a
nutting party. However, the nuta
are worthy of serious consideration
by the women who must plan three
meals a day and the children's school
lunch with the idea of economizing
staple food and at the same time.
furnish the nutriment needed for
keeping the family in prime condi
Our nuts have been analyzed and
the analysis show a . small percent.
age of fat and protein, with the ex
ception of the chestnut, which con
tains about 73 per cent, starch and
sugar with a small quantity of pro
tein. All the nuts contain a fair
proportion of mineral matter. Nuts
are generally regarded as hard to
digest, but this fact is largely due to
the following causes:
1 . Failure to masticate thoroughly
2. Eating nuts after a heavy meal
when not needed.
3. The highly concentrated food
value, making it easy to overeat
nut 3. As usually eaten, nut protein
is not so easily or completely digest
ed as meat, but if care is paid to the
proper use of nuts, they are about as
pagilv if rirtt sr ertmnlorcd v rtiooaforl
" - - ,
tag Dread ana milk.
ut8 should be used as a ' staple
'iiS'SlM00 as an ingredient in salads and
nouns, as a fltufTincr tor nnnlfrv. in
makintr rlpssprt. fnr aanrlaripViAa tir
children h lunches and in not h re a da
The nuts rich in pro
tein and fat, such as pecans, peanuts
and walnuts, should be used with
carbehydrate foods, such as bread.
fruit, green vegetables, while such
nuts as chestnuts may be combined
with meats, milk, eggs and other
foods containing protein and fat. A
wild turkey, whititis usually 'not
very fat, i-often stuffed with pecan
a a a .a
or penut meat, while toe goose.
which' is unusually fat, is best stuff-
ad with chestnuts.
Imported nuts are comparatively
expensive, but the native nuts may
be had for the gathering or bought
at reasonable prices at the sale Mis
sissippi Day, Dec. 10th. The pea
nut is the least expensive, and all
the native nuts are reasonably cheap
! sources of nutrients and energy. Ten
cents spent for peanuts will buy
twice the protein and six times tbe
energy that could be bought if ex
pended for porter house steak. The
following are some recipes for the
use of nuts:
Roast peanuts, remove shell and
j chaff, grind very fine in food chopper,
salt to taste and run through food
chopper a second time. This may be
made as needed or may be packed in
A ccuj tdHzz; they c R
Sx?rrT3 can be cycrcsSsd
tri3 chra ycux cyttcsa the besdst cl
yea trCXCsd year t;
end threat c3 enrich ycur
newest t2x Scctt'
cod lreer
j Vtaa TCrinen ta aer
Scott a aowaa. Uoosafiald. if. J.
fl Wgu Entorprico for Itzitzn;
tmwat'J Tiro ; ExjrtdB.-
Tiros oro bifjll and you can avoid t)uy
inrj thorn quito ofton by bayinrj your old
onca repaired. X7o aro now in position to
bundlo tnio T7orIx as T7oll ao any City ro
pair company can nnd with conciCcrablo
Wozz osponco to you, becidea tlio lener do-
lay cauccd by condincr tirca.tp IZtr&dD.
Lot uo looli ovor your old tirca cnil clvlrl
. you if thoy can bo modo to ccrvo you. X7o
will not accopt wcri U tlio tlrc3 rili cc ,:
ixzzZZCjr it, co ycu -lizo.ncVj:olzzo'lzy
- fm . . " . V-" ' "
err J Li czzztz-jzj c? t rJ j
crrr? elixir? ca o tzlzl Crc: .7
titjt coorm.
Tcro ccgaCasr. l-Scracrc ri ccta.
ca cj, oa taacpoonfal salt, 3t cc
ccar, veto teaapooBioiu cctter,
cep ciilX one ' tsaapooofct barj
pocsr. .
iJCream. suuar and batter, sift Cry
gradient together three times: add
milk to butter ae3 cssr mixture ; add
flour, roll on floored board rather thin,
cat and bake ten minute at y9 de
creet The current household magazines
contain numerous receipts fcr net
candies, nut breads, etc , which wilt
Civ a pleasant economic variety to
the diet.
All girls who have not sent in rec
ord books will please do so imme
diately, AH poultry club members
will please report the kind and num
ber of chickens raised.
Very sincerely.
Miss Maude Hails.
County Home Dem. Agent.
Farmers, mechanics, railroaders, la
borers, rely on Dr. Thomas Electric
Oil. Fine for cuts, burns, bruises.
8hould be kept in every home 30 and
60 cents. (Adv.)
More than 200,000 French sol
diers haye been sent back from the
firing line because they were so ill
with tuberculosis that they were no
longer able to fight. Our. Mississippi
men, too will fall victims of this dis
ease through the hardships of life in
the trenches. They are offering their
lives for us, for every man, woman
and child in your community. Will
we do all that we can do to nure
them back to life and happiness
when they come back to us broken
in health? Each community in Mis
sissippi surely is too proud, too big
of heart, too deeply conscious of its
obligation to its own flesh and blood
to refuse adequate provision for its re
turned tuberculosis soldiers. Money
from Red Cross Seals will open the
way for this service."
Soldier. Come Back Clean.
This is the song for the soldier
A O si ng as ne nam irom noma
To the fields afar where the Rattles are
Or over the ocean's foaaV
"Whatever the danger waiting
In the lands I have,aot eeen
If J .do not-2.i"-rf 1 come back at all.
Then' I will come back clean.
' I may lie in the mud of the Uenches.
I may reek with blood and mire
But I will control, by the God in my
Tbe might of my man's desire.
I will fight my foe in the open.
But ray sword shall be sharp and keen
For the foe within who would lure me
to sin
And I will come back clean :
"I may not leave for my children
Brave medals that I have worn,
But the blood of ray veins shall leave
no stains
On bride or on babes unborn.
And the scars that my body may carry
Shall not be from deeds obscene.
For my will shall say to the beast
And 1 will come back clean.'
"Oh, not on tbe fields of slaughter
And not in the prison cell.
Or in hunger and cold is the story
By war of its darkest hell.
But tbe old, old sin of the senses.
Can tell what that word 'may mean
To the solaiers' wives and to innocent
And I will come back clean."
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
D3. ''zm?
i every tn:
Ct3 3.
lira it can fca c3 8 yea
o krr bethel .
bleed c3 Itfa
- c:
oil always aaed ia
sdsrm &sa ctubbcra d
Ubacatoriea which mnslm U Crac fi
, 4
anil GcX'sn in road.
ILzo I.?.jra oho7 you hox7 to save
llill - fe FulIyGuaFaiifteedl
-- :t Wo positively (niar-
jg- - " , : . .nw
n 1
I '.TKmCmmmC
a il 1 1 f Jeiu Si
himmdm I in k-t- Trm
aw rsaea
' mm
r' ) r."jfjR Aaar far raa mr t,
153 f i
to t
ix this
; Lrqat Notice.
State of Miseisilppi. 1 V
(Ion roe County. -
January Term, 191 S. .
I'arr PrfcsilHi Ewlngr, complainant,
s. Will Cmr-f, dfendant.
To Will FrsKilin Ewinj whose
postoC3ce ck!res is unknown :
Ton are commanded to appear be
fore th Chancery Court of the county
of tlouroe in said Stat on tbe third
Monday in January, : 1918, to defend
tbe suit in said court of Mary P. Ew
in? wherein you are defendant.
' Witness c-4zaatre ttiie Oct. lffth,
1917. ' ' ,-.-- Q. O. It AY,
. Chincery Clerk.
PAIK3 1 tPCTZS, flollcitore For Com
plalntant. . ;r1 , f . ... " ,
Ajtztti tizaTitzldsat Notice.
State of Zlississipp.
lloaroe County.
Ccaesry Cocrt. January Terra, 1918.
Jact tloatrooerv, coaplainant, vs.
Xrda O. rioc:opexytdg.andant.
- To .rda Oa LIc-tTooery, non-rosl-CzziU
wfceca poetol address . te un
known: .. '
Yoa tre x-iajidd to . appesr be
fcrs C:a fXrbcry Cocn of tha county
cf IZzzxm 1 rIJ ttata. on the third
lltsZzj ta w 1S13. to defend
tia crii la 1 court cf Jack Mont
r:T7ji:Z 2 yoa rra a .dafeadant.
TaU I.: Cay cf Uofxsber 1817.
O. a. Crry Court. .
Tt iA rcrs. C-lzn For Com-
;, xzz ; psstslZce ; ad-
v t A
" J 4WI
:.'v - z.
9 L 3
- "
on! vo of the mnirnf acturero rnll cive
icfcaoiGn of tMo X7ond0rful attachment
'izzxtexv -Uco. 11th, on
c2 ATaordean, lyinc
SmUmm aparuil additional
ar. Mmemems tarn
mulmmtp fawn wagon.
mxtra) aqutnmmnt , scm
Hfiitoi mm Service
Offered From
In Connection With the
Kite ra
Leave Aberdeen 10:00 a. m.
Arrive Jackson - 5:27 p.m.
, Leave Jackson 7:39 p. m. (via I. C. R. R.)
Arrive St Louis - 7:20 a. m. (via I. C. R. R.)
Arrive Chicago -- 8:15 a. m. (via I. C. R. R.)
Leave Aberdeen - 3.-C0 p. m.
Anive Mesphis 750 p. m.
Leave Memphis 8.-C0 p. m. (via I. C. R. R.)
Arrive St. Louis - 7:44 a. m. (via I. C. R. R.)
Arri f Chicago - 10:45 a.'m. (via I. C. R. R.)
Tlirourjh oleopora to Chicasro from JqcIi
ccn rind Ilomphio ond advance rocorva
tlcn may bo cccurcd by addrocslng
Or. II. BOTTBri,
Gecrrsl Pcrsenssr Act tlesshis.
IU:ccb Ccctrd Ucilrccd.
the Xalie Place,
eaot of Aberdeen
feeding horoes.
We positively guar
antee that any Ford
in good condition,
using a Staude
Mak-a-Tractor, will
start and run contin
uously on high gear
and do the work of 4
strong,sturdy horses
Attached in 20 Llimitco
by one man without drill
ing a hole. Back to pleas
ure car in same time. Ford
chassis unchanged
11 Fords in One
Ford power multiplied It times
by gear reduction speed re
duced proportionately. Engine
speed never exceeds 1000 r.p.m.
The same speed that drives
pleasure car 20 to 25 miles per
hour pulls the tractor 2j miles
per hour. More pull, less speed.
Amazing Work
Doing work of highest priced
tractors on farms all over the
country. Turns in a short
radius. Works close to fence.
Little power required to move
its own weight weighs, com
plete, less than one ton.
See it at work on the Lake Place
two miles north of Aberdeen all
day on December Uth. The
demonstrator will show you.
The Cttts of HUslttippi,
tlorroe County.
In the Caancery Court. No, 6845.
J. A. McKinney, ct. si., vs. Henry
McIIlnney, minor.
by yirtue of a decree of the Chan
cery Court of said county, rendered
In tun atiore styled rsuao on the 17th
day of July, A. P., 1HI7. at the July
term A. D., Iwl7, of hald court, I the
undemi((ned, duly appointed special
commlsftloner of said court, will on
the 14th day of December, A. !., 1917,
between the hour of 11 o'clock a. in.
ond 4 o'clock p. in., nell at the went
door of Uih county court houtM in the
city of Aberdeen, in said Monroe
county, to the hlgheat bidder or bid
ders for Cah, the following describe.!
real etttate, hi tu a ted in the county of
Monroe, in the HI ate of lliiipt, to
wit: The south 70 acre otTof the IV n
acres of land decribel In a deed
which Is of record in deed book fil, at
page 1-17, of the land record of Mon
roe county, Mlnihi)pi, and to which
deed reference l here made, and in
which deed the said 120 sorer of land
is described as follow: 120 acres d
land olT of the went aide of tho no nth
half of section 12, towimhip 15, ratine
7, Monroe county, MiMHiHHippl.
Dated (hla the 20th day of Novem
ber. A. I)., 1917
(1. (J. HAY, Social Commissioner.
Messrs. I'AINK & I'AINK, Solicitors
For Corniiltlnunts.
Legal Noii. Resident Notice.
State of MiHtriMpii,
Monroe ('ount v.
Chancery turi, .January Trim, inn-'
Kmily Howell Moore, compialnau-1
vs. Artliur Mooro. deteiidunt.- 1
To Artliur M ore, a nun resider.
whose MHlini'H sdtlieH is unkiio wii'f
You are coinniaiuicil to appear be
fore the Chancer)' Court -t t ho coun
ty of Monroe, in said HtHto, on tin
third Monday in Junuury. ll'ls, to de
fenil tho suit in said court of I'milj
II. Moore, wherein yin are a defend
ant. This Noyemlier 19lh, 1917.
(i. Cl. HAY, t 'ham-cry Clerk.
I'AINK A I'AINK, Solicitors For Co m
Notice to Non-Resident
State of Mississippi, Monroe County.
Chancery Court. January Term , 191k.
Henry IJetts, complainant , vs. Ixmla
Iletts, dcteudaut.
To Loula L. Kelts, whose posto(!lce
address is Fayette, Alabama:
You are ciMiuusnded to sppear be
fore the Chancery Court of tiie coun
ty of Monroe, in said State, on the
third Mondayof Januai y , 19IH, lode
fend the suit In said court, ot Henry
lietts, wherein you area defendant.
This 2tUh dav of November, 1917.
(1. Cl. HAY, Chancery Clerk.
I'AINK Al I'AINK, Sollcitilors I'or
Non-Resident Notice,
State of Mississippi,
MonroH County.
Januur) Teim, litis
Jce Watkiu. cfunpUinant, vs, Mn
nerva Cl, Wstkli.s. Oeieiidant . . If
To Menerva (1. Watklns, posto" " ,
address is Mcmplds, Tenn :
You are commanded to appear.,
fore the Cltuucerv Cotitt ot the eoum'Jl
of Monroe, in sahl St tie. on t he I hli ti
Monday in January. 191H, to defend
the suit, in said court of Joe Wat kin.
Wherein you aro defendant.
This November 12th. 1!i7
CJ. Ct. HA V, rhaiicury ( ituk
I'AINK I'AINK. -:!!. toi 'i l'(.r
laf Noi,-ktIUe.it ..'."!. .
State of Mississippi,
Monroe County.
January Term, 10t8, t
Kmma L. Hoders, complainant, vs.
Clarence Hodgers, defeijilant.
To (Clarence Hoders, a non-resident,
whoso postolllce address Is un
known: You are commanded to appear be
fore the Chancery Court of tho coun
ty of Monroe, in said state on the
third Monday In January, 191S, to do
fend the suit in said court of Kmma
L. Hodfjers, wherein you are a defend
ant. Witness my signature this the 271 ii
of November, 1917,
Cl. (I. HAY, Chancery Clerk.
I'AINK & I'AINK, Solicitors For Com
plainant. Legal Non-Uesldent Notice.
State of Mississippi,
Monroe County.
Chancery Court, January Term, 191H.
Mjry Ann Taylor, et. al., complain
ants. vs. Hlizabeth Johnson, et. al..
To Klizaheth Johnson, a non-rei-iclit,
whose po.totllce addreis is un
known. To Cato Taylor, a non-resident ,
whose post Mico addi ess is J(nesoio,
A rkansHs :
You are c n t t ii ' ' I to spear be
fore the Chaui-4 r. ' mi, t of in. coun
ty of Monr -o. in ,ii str.t, on tii
third Mohduv in .liuiuary, 19IH, to d
fend the sun in aid court of Mmy
Ann Taylor, et. al., wherein vmi .re
Till November 19' h, 117.
(1. (1. HAY, Chawory Clerk.
I'AINK At I'AINK, So Icitors For Complainant.
FOR UllST 0l I'Oli SAI.I:.
One 4 room C'ottsiae in iroocL.
repair, almost new, with lunre lot,
garden, chicken yards and harn,
$I5.(K) per month. Will sell for
$1,250. This is an exceptionally
good bargain.
One five-room Cottage with
garden and large lot; will rent for
$12.50 per month.
One 5-room House, centrally
located, big garden and lot, will
rent for $10 per month.
One forty-acre hill Farm with
good House on it for lent, or will
sell for $500 cash or on terms.
One eighty-acre Farm for sale,
with house on it that cost $1,000.
Will sell for $1,200 cash, or on
One fifty acre dairy or stock
Farm under hog pronf and cattle
proof fence, two miles south of
Aberdeen, two houses on place,
offered for $1,500 cash or on
terms. See
j:::r cm a C3.
Urcl mt
1 1 i
5 C . 1
.-J V

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