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Service the Best- Prices Rights
t i i
Delivery Prompt. I
Commercial, Wedding and
Society Printing Execute s
Try CiforQooJ'Workana Ix.w Prue s
$1.00 a Year
Advertising rates on application
VOL, 46.
NO. 44
Farm Loans on Easy Terms.
Again, I have unlimited money to loan on first farm
mortgages. Terms and time of payment most attractive.
If you contemplate borrowing see me at once.
Paul T. Graves, attorney,
g :-Jm.jtrrz.'TrT 'L.?'i'.' r.rywagg
Passenger Fares Reduced
For Wcek-End Tickets
Between All Points on
Mobile & Ohio R. R.
Tickets sold each Saturday and Sunday, beginning Saturday, May
6th, and Sunday, May 7th. during the months of May, June. July,
Auitust and September.
One and One-third Fare For the Round Trip, Minimum $1.00.
TirkntH limitf d returning to reaeb starting point by 12:00 o'clock
midnight Mortday, immediately following the date of sale.
For tickets and further information apply to
S. P. McMILLAN, Ticket Agent.
Rankin Defends the State.
Washington, April lr During
the discussion today in the Hou-e
of tli navy personnel. Representative
Rankin of Mississippi ami Linehur
ger of California, locked horns again
oyer the number of enlisted men
contributed by their respective states
to the World War.
Mr. Rankin, "In reply to the gen
tleman from California, I desire
to say that when I stated that
I might otfset his "(,0U0 ex-service
men in California who he says, are I
in favor of the largest personnel for
the navy with something like 100,000
from Mississippi who are in favor
of economy in naval and military
expenditures, 1 did not state that
all those men from Mississippi were
members of the American Legion.
An ex-service man has the same
right and the same voice in public
olTairs, whether he is a member of
the American Legion or not. He
tells you that Mississippi furnished
about 08,000 men difring the war
and that therefore my figures were
exasperated, but he overlooked the
fact that thousands of ex-service
men have moved to Mississippi
since the war closed.
"We had two training camps in
that state, Camp Shelby, at Hat
tiesburg, and Payne Field at West
Point, and when those boys from
other sections of the country came
there and saw what a wonderful
country we have and what great
prospects are there,, they Mocked
back to Mississippi after the war by
the thousands.
"And if my distinguished friend
from California had the privilege,
the pleasure and the honor of train
ing in Mississippi for the gallant
services which he rendered overseas,
especially if he had been a single
man, no doubt today instead of wast
ing his time trying to convince this
House of the proposition for which
he stands, or of tantalizing himself
with the prospects of going to the-
senate, he would be down there in
Mississippi cultivating his cotton
fields or mowing his alfalfa and
singing, "Praise God From Whom
all Blessings Flow.'
County Agent Notes
Charleston, Miss., April 21. Re
ports that oil has been struck in the
oil well recently started at Teasdale,
near here, caused much, excitement
in this vicinity Thursday. O. R. R.
Pace, superintendent in charge, paid
that oil had been struck, hut he did
not know how much. Mr. Pace said
that oil hearing sands had been en
countered at an approximate depth
of 5G0 feet. A rock which he thinks
was the cap rock, was met at 450
feet, then came a strata of brown
shale and then, according to Mr.
Pace, the drill entered oil.
Try The Progressive Farmer
While over in the Amory and
Smithville territory Monday I visit
ed the farms of Mr. Jim Allen and
Kelly Davis, and on both farms
crimson clover was being plowed
under that was over knee high and
as thick as could urow. Probably
2" or i0 acres of clover was growing
on each farm, and 1 will say that if
anybody can find a crop that looks
better than a field of crimson clover
in full bloom, I would like to see it.
Mr. Allen and Mr. Davis have been
growing this clover for several years
now, so of course have rich land and
every year their farms are becoming
richer and richer. The clover that
is being turned under on th.se farms
will add as much fertilizer to the
land as could be gotten from fifteen
or more sacks of cotton seed meal.
I heard Mr. Geo, R. James make
this statement, and it is a fact worth
remembering: As the soil is so are
the people. If the soil is rich we
will have wealthy people, and if the
soil is poor we will have poor peo
ple. It tines not matter how intel
ligent a farmer may be or how hard
he works or saves, he has no chance
of making anything except a hard
living on poor soil.
Every farmer in the county has
plenty of time to get seed and plant
a crop of velvet veans, soy beans or
peas to furnish feed and some fer
tile land to plant another year.
There are thousands of acres of
loam land in this county that should
be planted in velvet beans to furnish
some feed for the cattle in the win
ter time, but there has not been
enough of these beans bought in
Monroe county to plant over 600
Most farmers gay-that they will
not plant velvet beans because they
cover the corn, but I think that when
corn will not make over 15 bushels
per acre and often less than 15
bushels, it should be covered with
something to hide the poor soil.
A peck of soy beans or velvet
beans cost very little; this amount
is sufficient to plant with an acre
of corn, so why not get a few pecks
to grow with your corn and produce
twice as much feed on every acre of
Appropriations Voted For J 922-23
Total More Than Nineteen Millions
Total appropriations voted and approved by the leaislative
session of 1922 are $19,379,54.70, according to figures published by
Joseph V. Power, secretary of state. This is calculated to result in
a total saving over the appropriations voted for the biennium of
1920-21 of $27,400.
The appropriations voted for 1922 and 1923 are in detail as
follows :
Common school appropriation $3,766,521 00
Old soldiers pension 1.600.003 00
Mississippi State penitentiary 842.500 00
State insane hospital " 872,000 00
Expenses of Legislature 245.000 00
Beauvoir Soldiers Home 179.600 00
Notes executed by governor 104,833 15
East Mississippi Insane Hospital 403.200 00
Deaf and Dumb Institute..'. 126,000 00
Gulfport harbor work
Blind Institute
Oyster Commission..
Erroneous privileges, etc
Monroe County Democratic
Executive Committee.
The Democratic Executive
Committee for Monroe county,
Miss., is hereby called to meet in
the Court House, Aberdeen, Miss.,
at 1 o'clock p. mM Monday, May
1st, 1922, to attend to such busi
ness as may properly come be
fore it, pursuant to law. Be on
hand and fail not, or be represen
ed by proxy.
F. J. Underwood, Chairman.
T. T. Deavenport, Secy.
80.000 00
73.300 00
46.000 00
25,000 00
Houston hospital 20.00 000
Capitol Commission
Summer normals
Tax assessors, relief in payment
Gravel and road material, O'Keef farm
Spur track, O'Keef farm
Arkansas and Mississippi boundry settlement
Coriotb cyclone sufferers
Pardon Board '
Removal statue Jefferson Davis
Fire department, city of Jackson
OKI Ladies Home
Calhoun county, reimbursement for reassment
Mileage and per diem, presidential electors
W. M. Lampton, interest on borrowed money....
Expense conservation commission '
Refund Webb WalUy, sheriff
J. D. Googe, balance on salary penitentiary....
John Russell, pension
J. R. Watkins Medicine Co., refund on privilege..,
12.000 00
10.000 00
8.3S9 00
5,000 00
5.000 00
2,000 00
2,500 o0
2,500 00
2.000 00
2,000 00
1.000 00
403 60
294 78
285 29
250 00
240 00
105 00
100 00
Bond and interest items , 1.S99.379 40
178.100 00
34.000 00
5.000 00
153 86
351 "9
50 00
24S.000 00
10.0CO 00
25.000 00
50 000 00
71.000 00
87.000 00
6S0 00
34,018 54
National Guard 110.000 0
State Normal College
Experiment Station, Stoneyille
Taxes erroneously paid
S. M. Hollingswortb , pension
Geo. R. Edwards, railroad commissioner
Tom Brown, pension
State Board of Health
Past duo bonds and interest
Attorney General, legal services
Live Stock Sanitary Board
Mattie HerHee Hospital
State Charity Hospital, Vicksburg
Special judges and chancellors
Vocational rehabilitation
Vocational education..,
House carpenter
Natchez Charity Hospital
Advertising and negotiating bonds.
Alcorn A. & M. College..,,
110.000 00
. . . 500 00
, 82.000 00
3,008 00
: loo.ooo oo
Industrial Training School 216,000 00
Building at tubercular hospital 2,856 26
State Plant Board . . .. 200.000 00
Executive mausion. lights, etc 1,150 60
Commissioner of Agriculture 52,500 00
Agricultural and Mechanical College 528.985 72
University of Mississippi 308.056 9S
New capitol 61,696 oo
Old capitol 14.280 oo
Smith-Lever Act 135,4oo oo
Charity Hospital, Jackson Io3,ooo oo
Mississippi S-ate College for Women 312,ooo oo
Hathorn and Williams, legal services 3,o37 5o
Gravel, etc., road to Rankin farm 6,ooo oo
Kings Daughters Hospital, Natchez lo.ooo oo
Deficit, Agricultural and Mechanical College 7S.251 68
Seooba Sanitarium 3,ooo oo
Gilmore Sanitorium 4,ooo oo ,
Northeast Mississippi Hospital 4,ooo oo
Mayes Hospital, New Albany 4,ooo oo
Biloxi City Hospital 6,ooo oo
Kings Daughters Hospital, Gulfport lo.ooo oo
Tupelo Hospital 8.000 00
Prevention of Venereal Diseases 32, 000 00
Agriculture and Commerce, milk inspection 8,000 00
Geological Survey 28, 000 00
Experiment Station, NcNeill 2S.ooo 00
Experiment Station, Holly Springs 3o.ooo 00
Experiment Station, Raymond 2o,ooo 00
Sanitation, hygiene, etc., negro rural schools 2o.ooo 00
Clarksdale B. and L. Association, etc 16o 00
Winona Hospital - 8,000 00
East Mississippi Insane Hospital, new building 60,000 00
Street paving. President street, Jackson 3,3oo 00
Agricultural High Schools 35o,ooo 00
Assessors, salaries .' 29o,ooo 00
Drainage survey Parchman farm 929 00
State Highway Department IGo.ooo 00
P. H. Brown, ex-sheriff, Tallahatchie county 5o 00
McComb Sanitarium 4, 000 00
Martins Sanitarium 4.00000
King Daughters Hospital. Clarksdale lo.ooo 00
State Insane Hospital, care of certain patients 12,37o 42
King Daughters Hospital, Brookhaven 8.000 00
Normal College, deficits t ...... 16.221 16
South Mississippi Charity Hospital 16o,ooo oo
Constitutional amendments l.ooo 00
C. L. Rushing, special, judge 2o 00
Health work, Beauvoir Soldiera Home 3, 000 00
Charity Hospital, Jackson, deficit lo,6S2 53
Principal and interest on bonds 2.7oo 00
Oxford Hospital and Bramlett Hospital 4, 000 00
Colony for feeble minded loo.ooo 00
Tubercular Sanatorium 292, 15o 00
Parohman farm, drainage..... 3o,ooo 00
Bond improvement commissions, buildings 125, 000 00
Rate litigation, Cumberland Telephone.. 25, 000 00
General appropriation bill 934,49o 00
Total appropriations. 1922-.1923
Total appropriations for the years 192o-1921
Total appropriations for the years 1922-1923 ,
.$19,379,054 70
. 19.515,251 46
. 19.379.054 70
A savings of.
.$ 136.196 76
BilifT fiir
See the "Mikado" Pencil" ad
vertisement in this paper. We
will sell a limited number of these
famous pencils at fifty cents the
dozen. Call and get yours at
Aberdeen Weekly office.
Geraldine Farrar 13 giving a series
of farewell performances at the Met
ropolitan Opera House, according
to the ordinary procedure in such
cases, the first series of a series.
Detroit Free Press.
4 i
A large and complete line, all sizes, 14f 16
and 18-ineh. Self sharpening. -Ball bearing; 5
cutting blades. Finished in gold and silver.
Guaranteed to give satisfaction. The price will
suit you.
Lann & Carter Hardware Co.,
Everything: for Home and Farm. CASH OR CREDIT
Patrol Your Land.
The supreme court of the United
States holds that where a still is
found on one's land the landowner
is prima facie guilty and may be
convicted without further testimony.
This decision makes it very hazard
ous for land owners to allow whis
key to be made on their land. It
not only subjects them to indict
ment and conviction, but cafries
with it a forfeiture of the lain! on
which illicit stills are operated.
Hinds Countv Gazette.
Subscribe for the Progressive
For Two Dollars wc will
send Vardaman's Weekly and
The Aberdeen Weekly for a
year to any address in Missis
sippi. Send the $2 to the Aber
deen Weekly, Aberdeen, Miss.,
and both papers will go for
ward to the address for one
German tegishitors propose to un
derstand American prohibition or at
least make a Reichstagger in that
direetion. Dallas News.
Will buy any kind ot
Hogs. Piggy Sows
for sale or trcde.
3 !
I fi r : .- ill
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1 Wi
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Use Proper Gare in m-
Corf r tt
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4 a

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