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SANITARY walls are essential. Germ laden
L walls may be the cause of much illness.
Why take a risk when it is so easy to have
Alabastined walls beautiful, artistic and ab
solutely sanitary.
Instead of Kalsomine or Wall Paper
Alabastine, either in simple single colors or the many
hued onyx effect so rich and so easily produced by the
new Alabastine Opaline process, will give you walls
which are germ proof walls in harmony with your
rugs and draperies any tone or tint to please your
taste or fancy.
To obtain Alabastine effects you must use genuine Alabastine
Be sure to look for the cross and cirde printed in red on every
package. And, be sure to ask your dealer
or decorator to show samples of the truly
beautiful Alabastine-Opaline Process.
The Alabastine Company
Rapids. Mich. i&fHf MJm
1 11 1 Tin m in i J'm 11 1 11 i''iiIii.:',.'ihimi . i 'J '--rili'Vaff ' ,i V 1, . . n
to the
4r fcr,- X B
irop fe:. II
Supply and Demand
"Yon s;ll you wouldn't marry the
best man living."
"Mayltf it's a case of sour grapes."
confided Miss Cayenne. "It's highly
i,..,,. ....uh!' that I'd-have the chance."
To Have a Clear Sweet Skin
Touch pimples, redness, roughness
or Itching, if any, with Cuticura Oint
ment, then bathe with Cuticura Soap
and hot water. Rinse, dry gently and
dust on a little Cuticura Talcum to
leave a fascinating fragrance on skin.
Everywhere 25c each. Advertisement.
Has Settled.
"Well, my brother has solved the
housing problem." "Huh?" "Got him
self in jail." Louisville Courier-Journal.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTOKIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and see that it
Signature of OZZci
In Use for Over V,0 Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
The Privileged Ones.
"The middle class of citizenship
usually has the hardest time," said
the economic investigator.
"Yes," replied Mr. Chuggins. "The
man whose status in the .scale of
wealth is midway between the private
car and the flivver is the only one
who can't keep touring so as to spend
every summer in Florida and every
winter in Maine."
To let your little hurts and ail
ments get bad.
Keep Vacher-Balrn handy for Burns,
Boils, Cuts, Corns, Piles, or Soreness
Ask your druggist. Avoid imitations.
Important Omission.
Young lady (telephoning) Oh, doc
tor, I forgot to ask you about that eye
medicine you gave me.
Doctor Vell?
Young Lady Do I drop it in my
eyes before or after meals? Cornell
If every one in the world would
go to work, problems of strikes and
unrest would vanish.
Be oaroiul today tomorrow may be
too late.
Tied Cross Ball Bine should be used
In every home. It makes clothes white
as snow and never injures the fabric.
All good grocers. Advertisement.
The hands soon tire when the heart
is weak.
A Word for Himself.
Betty "Jack won't take no for an
answer. What shall I do?" Tom "Say
'yes' to some other fellow."
She Discovered It, Too
"After 10 years of hit or miss baking with
various other brands of powder I at last
discovered that the bitter taste some
times found in hot breads was caused from
alum in cheaper grades of powder. So I
am now an ardent booster for Royal
Baking Powder." Mrs. L. A. J.
Absolutely Pure
Contains No Alum
Send for New Royal Cook Bookll' FREE
Royal Baking Powder Co., 130 William St New York
Leaves No Bitter Taste
By A. L. QL'AINTAXCE, Entomologist
In CTiarse Fruit Insect Investigations.
United States Department of Agriculture.
The San Jose scale is just now ex
ceedingly abundant and destructive in
many orchards in the Bentonville,
(Ark.) section, and growers state they
are unable to adequately control the
pest with the usual dormant tree treat
ments with lime-sulphur spray. While
the bureau of entomology believes
that thorough spraying with dormant
tree strength of lime sulphur will con
trol the San Jose scale, yet to meet
the desire of orchardists for other than
lime-sulphur treatments, a number of
experiments with sprays were under
taken. The purpose of the present
article is to call attention to results
secured in the treatment of the scale
by the use of a spray containing 2
per cent of lubricating or engine oil
emulsified with potash fish-oil soap.
Remarkably Effective Spray.
Tne careful experiments in Florida
by W. W. Yothers with various sprays
for the control of citrus scale insects
and the orans white fly, as published
in Farmers' Bulletin 9P.a, resulted in a
formula of engine-oil spray which has
been found remarkably effective in
view of Him iniHll amount of oil used.
minutes the brown scum beginsto dis
appear and at this stage the kettle is
removed from the fire and the entire
mixture is pumped twice under pres
sure of about 60 pounds while still very
hot. A proper emulsion cannot be
made by stirring nor should the mix
ture .be allowed to Cool before it is
pumped. Too much pumping will often
break up the emulsion. During pump
ing, ordinary pump packing is burnt
up rather quickly by the hot oil mix
ture. For making the stock emulsion
on a large scale an all-metal pump
would be necessary.
The stock emuislon contains GO 2-3
per cent of oil. To make a 2 per cent
emulsion for use In a 200-galIon spray
tank it is necessary to use G gallons
of the stock emulsion.
Precaution should be taken to pre
vent the stock emulsion from freezing,
which occurs at a temperature of
about lo degrees F. above zero.
Use Soft Water.
In case difficulty Is experienced in
making a proper emulsion, due to
hardness of the water, the water used
should be softened by the addition of
1 pound of caustic soda or lye per 100
gallons of diluted spray. The caustic
soda should be dissolved in 2 or 3
' t I- J X
San Jose Scale With Larvae and Adult Eeetles Feeding on Them A, Adult
Beetle; B, Larvae; C, Pupa; All En'arged.
namely, 1 per cent, emulsified with
potash fish-oil soap. Mr. Yothers found
that any one of several oils of the
lubricating type, when thoroughly
emulsified and used at the dilution In
dicated, was quite effective against
these scale insects and the white fly,
and these sprays have now come into
large commercial use in Florida.
The surprising efficiency of a spray
containing such a low per cent of oil
suggested the desirability of testing
sprays of this character against the
San Jose scale. The abundance and
destructiveness of the scale in the
Bentonville section of Arkansas and
the desire of growers for other than
lime sulphur sprays, has offered ex
cellent opportunity for testing Various
dilutions of engine oil sprays against
this pest. The experiments were car
ried out by A. J. Ackerman, of the
office of deciduous fruit insect inves
tigations, and have included tests of
lubricating oils of a strength of from
one-half per cent to 4 per cent or 5
per cent, thoroughly emulsified with
potash fish-oil soap. The results
showed practically complete killing of
the scale by one thorough application
of the spray of a strength as low as
2 per cent of oil. Orchardists have
been so pleased with the results that
the 2 per cent oil spray will be ex
tensively used in their present neces
sity of bringing the pest under subjec
tion. Injury by Oil Spray.
A point yet to be established in con
nection with the present experiments
Is the possibly injury from' oil spray
which may result to the trees, twigs,
or fruit buds, and several seasons' ex
perience will be necessary before a
final decision on this question can b
reached. In view of the experience In
Florida in spraying citrus trees In
foliage with 1 per cent of oil, it is felt
that dormant deciduous trees will prob
ably stand without Injury one annual
treatment containing 2 per cent of oil.
In order to render the treatment
available to orchardists who may wish
to test It on a small scale, the follow
ing directions for making the stock
emulsion are given :
Formula for Stock Emulsion.
Red Engine O!!, or oil of similar
prrade gallon 1
vVater do..
Potash Fish-Oil Soap pound 1
The oil, water and soap are placed
In a kettle or other receptacle and
heated until the contents come to a
boil. A brown scum appears on the
Burface of the mixture as it first be
gins to boll. After boiling for a few-
gallons of water and then added to
the spray tank and thoroughly stirred,
after which the proper quantity of
stock emulsion can be added.
Any one of the following, or similar
oils, may be used, some one or more
of which can doubtless be obtained in
most parts of the country:
' Diamond Paraffin Oil.
1S Red Neutral.
Jr. I'.ed Kiigine Oil.
Nabob Oil.
An oil which has given excellent re
sults in the experiments herewith re
ported has approximately the following
characteristics :
173- C.
2 '.4 C.
Sp. gravity (20 C.)
Flash Point
Fire point
Viscosity 20" C.) (Engler,
Volatility (loss at 103 C 4
hrs.) 3.3 per cent.
Acid or corroding substances None.
Distillation 300 370" C 4S per cent
by volume.
Above 2f C 52 per cent
by volume.
Some Protection From Southwest
Winds Should Be Provided
Fertilize the Soil.
Select a semi-protected location
from the southwest winds for your
tomato plants for home use. Build
ings, trees, a hill or com afford good
protection. Do not set the plants too
close to the protecting object or they
will be injured by shade. Fertilize
the soil. Set the plants deep In rows
five feet apart and plants two to three
feet in the rows.
Good Stand Made at Massachusetts
Station Planted With' Red and
a Little Wh'ite Clover.
Alfalfa sowed with peas and oats,
as early as the ground can be worked,
along with red clover, and a little
white clover, made a good stand at
Massachusetts station. The nurse
crop was cut rather early for cows,
and the legumes grew so rankly dur
ing the moist summer as to make a
heavy cutting in September, with two
crops the next season.
Caring for Little Chicks.
Brooding and caring for chicks Is
far more Important than hatching. To
chill the chicks Is always fatal. It
often -costs something to learn this.
Soil Should Be Prepared the
Same as for Other Crops.
Some Fertilizer Should Be Scattered
Where Row Is to Be Planted and
Then Raked In Scatter
Seed Along In Furrow.
In planting grarden peas first pre
pare the soil the dhme as for other
crops, then scatter a little fertilizer
where the row is to be planted and
rake this Into the soil. Next stretch
a line and make a deep mark with the
corner of the hoe. The bottom of this
mark should be at least three laches
across so that the seed can be spread
somewhat and not crowded too closely
together. Scatter the seed In this
furrow 15 to 20 seeds to the foot,
then cover about three Inches deep
and slightly firm the soil over the
seed -with the back of the hoe. About
two weeks will generally elapse be
fore the sprout appears above the
At least three, and preferably four,
plantings should be made at Intervals
Of two weeks In order to keep Tip a
continuous supply, advises the United
States Department of Agriculture. If
j&e first planting Is of Alaska the 8
ond should be of Gradus or Thomas
Laxton, while the third should be of
Excelsior and the fourth of Telephone
or some similar variety. This will
guarantee a continuous supply.
There Is nothing particularly diffi
cult about the cultivation of peas
Just keep them well hoed and prop
erly' trained upon the brush or wire
trellis to keep them off the ground.
After the peas are all gathered the
vines and trellis can be removed and
the ground planted to late potatoes,
late cabbage, spinach, turnips, late
snap bans, or any crop that It Is de
sired to grow during the last summer
or tall months.
Under Suitable Weather Conditions
- Pest May Be Exterminated
With Nicotine.
Experiments In dusting and spray
ing for pear psylla lead to the con
clusion that under suitable weather
conditions the pear psylla adult on In
dividual trees may be exterminated
with equal certainty by either dusting
or spraying with nicotine prepara
tions. The practicability of freeing
an entire orchard of the pest remain
to be demonstrated.
(Copy for Thi Department Supplied by
the American Leffion News Service.)
Former Intelligence Officer Frustrated
Many Anti-American Activities
During War.
- - V
The name of Gustavus Ohlinger
might have meant something to the
kaiser during the
war, and it did.
The German soci-
p -C.w 1 eties that were
t Ct-JL.: rampant during
lilt; JUT! H'Kl tv U v Y
well Captain Gus
tavus Ohlinger of
the Intelligence
department of the
United States. He
broke up their
meetings and
many of these so
cieties and their
activities ceased to operate by reason
of his learning so much of their prop
aganda and plotting.
His home is in Toledo, O., where
the American Legion has as its com
mander this same Gustavus Ohlinger.
The Legion convention was in full
blast in his home city when a wealthy
Toledoan burst in and announced that
be would jay the entire expense of
the ex-sorvK-e men's gathering if they
would drop their bonus stand. What
Ohlinger told him was never learned
from a five-foot shelf, but it was good
enough to cause a hurried exit on the
part of the Toledo business man.
That's why the Legionnaires like him.
Kid gloves miyht be alright to use
sometimes, but Ohlinger doesn't draw
them on when he tackles Legion prob- j
l'.orn of German parentage in China,
a close friend of the late Theodore
Itoosevelt, world traveler and famed
as having ridden a bicycle across
South Africa are a few of the things
that show why "Gus" stands ace high
with the Legion men and also why he
must be reckoned with by any group
whose Americanism is questionable.
yf3 00
A Trying Period Through Which Everr
W oman Must Pass
Practical Suggestions Given by the Women Whose
Letters Follow
Pbila,, Pa. "When I w3 jroing;
through the Change of Life 1 was
weak, nervous, dizzy and had head
aches. I was troubled in this way for
two year3 and wa3 hardly able to do
my work. My friends advised me to
take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound, and I am very sorry that
I did not take it sooner. But I have
got good results from it and am now
able to do my housework most of the
tinte. I recommend your medicine
to those who have similar troubles.
I do not like publicity, but if it will
help other women I will be glad for
you to use my letter." Mrs. Fan'
nte Rosenstein, SS2 N. Holly St.,
Phila., Pa.
Detroit, Michigan "During the
Change of Life I had a lot of stomach
trouble and wa3 bothered a great deal
with hot flashes. Sometimes I was
not able to do any work at all. I read
about Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound in your little books and
took it with very good results. I keep
house and am able now to do ail my
own work. I recommend your medi
cine and am willing for vou to pub
lish my testimonial." Mrs. J. S.
w . - t a ? a
LivERNOis, zvol juacuoa Avenue,
The critical time cf a woman's Ufa
usually comes between the years of
45 and 50, and is often best t'wih an
noying symptoms such as nervous
ness, irritability, melancholia. Ikst
flashes or waves of heat appear
pass over the body, cause the face ta
be verv red and often bring on head
ache, dizziness and a s?nse c suffo
cation. Another annoying symptom which
comes at this time is an inability t.3
recall names, dates or ether s:ri'!
facts. This is liable to make a v.c-:r. an
ose confidence in hersif. She be
comes nervous, avoids meeting
strangers and dreads to go euta'.cr.e.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetal,!
Compound is especially adapted to
help women at this time. It exer
cises a restorative indence, tones
and strengthens the system, zv.i a in
sists nature in the long week? an J
months covering this peri") 1. Let it
help carry you through this time of
life. It is a splendid medicine l r the
middle-aged woman. It is pret-ared
from medicinal roots and herbs an i
contains no harmful dregs cr narcotics.
Detroit, Mich
LiVtlia XT. PlnkTiam's Private Toxt-Toolc upon "Ailments
Peculiar to Women" "will be sent you free upon request. Write
to the Lydia K. Pinkliam Medicine Co.. Lynn, Ma.uchueit
Tliis book contains valuable information.
Philip Stapp, Formerly Editor of Over
seas Publication, at Head of
Hoosier Publication.
L 1
;sS ;cVt
It is said that every town and vil
lage in Indiana boasts at least one au
thor whose writ
ings have w o n
some degree of
fame in the lit
erary w o r 1 d.
Keared in this
atmosphere so fa
vorable to scrib
blers, it was in
evitable that
Hoosier mem
bers of the Amer
Ican Legion
should desire
some medium of
expression for their Legion ideas.
The result was the establishment of
the Hoosier Legionnaire, which recent
ly started publication with a circula
tion of 32,000.
Philip B. Stapp of Greensburg. for
merly editor of the Hour (Muss, over
seas publication of the "Sauntering
Seventh" division, Is editor of the In
diana publication. A delegate to the
Paris caucus of the L'epdon. Stapp was
appointed a member of the first na
tional publicity committee of the Le
gion. During his 2G months of serv
ice In the war, Stapp rose from "buck
private" to a commissioned officer in
the field artillery.
The newspaper is sent to all Indi
ana Legionnaires every week.
Nearly Dozen Destroyers Which Wore
Coveted Gold Star on Stacks,
Are Doomed.
A typewriter has at last defeated
nearly a dozen of the destroyers which
for four years zizagpred through the
North sea and in the submarine zone
of the Atlantic and gained notable vic
tories over German submarines. The
coveted jrold stars, worn on the stacks,
where all might see and know that a
German sub had met death, were
awarded the Parker, O'Brien, Cum
mings, Porter, Davis and many others
which have been ordered "out of com
mission' by the Navy department.
"Out of commission"' means nothing
more or less than that the fast grow
ing navy junk pile grows higher. Never
again, probably, will these greyhounds
of the deep circle around a lleet of
transports, suddenly dive off to one
side, sweep back again, drop a depth
bomb, and then watch the oil come to
surface that shows another German
submarine has gone down to visit Davy
The thrills of the deeds of these
"star" destroyers are a bit overshad
owed by the news that the Shaw is
slated for the scrap heap, too. She was
escorting the huge British transport
Aquitania when the rudder jammed
and the giant ship ran her down. The
Jacob Jones also brings back sad mem
ories. She is named for the first Ill
fated torpedo boat of that name which
was sunk while battling in the subma
rine zone.
Foch Was One of Them.
""Why an honorary member; wasn't
I one of the men from Tarbes who
fought during the war?" said Marshal
Foch when he was asked to become an
honorary member of the Tarbes,
France, Federation of Former Com
batants, a French organization sim
ilar to the American Legion. The
latter outfit thought the Marshal was
so much one of them that they mad
him an active member in George Wash
ington post of Washington, D. C, the
first Legion post organized, when he
was on tour in this country.
Kenovine is a grod
Fend for nervous
men and women be
cause it quiets and
' ;iitii t T ' ft) lti' ' " ' ' ' '" I - j
jhSVSS '
f :
Relieves And Restore
I !
1 .ill
i i
MM. !
Hi tit!
"Will quiet weeping, nervous
women and girl-s. Will steady
the hand mid get the nervt s
back to normal. Absolutely
Ask Your Dealer
In purchasing your inedV-ines,
drugs, drug" accessories, et-.,
look for this shield ou label.
It assures quality.
Van Vleet-Manfield Drug Co.
Souih'a Larue st hoisa! JJruj' is:s
Memphis, Teoa.
"' fll ' - f 'tut -- '' - - "
Safety first a conspiracy to rb ttit
doctor. hospital ad undertaker.
When two women begin to exchange
compliments it's t lie recording angel's
cue to get busy.
It Is hard to tell the difference be
tween the fruits of victory and defeat
by the taste.
"Nature is the art of God." Sir
Thomas lirowne.
Two Hundred Pounds of Sympathy.
"I want to speak to 'Aunt A-:: -.'
who gives advice to the ern."
"That fat man over there in tl.e ear
ner is 'Aunt Agnes. "
"The id.-a! I thou-'ht the n::t..r
of that department was an c" i- riy
spinster with a broken heart."
"You can see for yi-uiself that ' -'s
of the masculine gender ::iai t.;kej
nourishment reguiarly. bat
madam, you d.-n't Unow ;: ; 'h
that man's soul. He's so a?,e- f,-l ! y
some of the letters l,e rec. Ives 1
wiaidens in distress, that If he d.d.a't
drink steadllv lie never ee,; -.-t
Accidents do not lust happen: they !
, through ins w ork. i.a ;:a A:
are caused.
If a man is overbold he occasionally
is bowled over.
If you won! 1 have a faithful servant
and one that you like, serve n ar-
There are the worthy poor and the self.
worthy rich.
Freedom of speech js r ' v
Poverty comes mostly from thought- curheti by public opinion e ; t ::-
less spending.
WARNING! Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin.
Unless you see the name "Bayer'1 on tablets, you are
not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians
over 22 3'eaxs and proved safe by millions for
Headache Colds Rheumatism
Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Accept only "Bayer" package which. contains proper directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets Also bottles of 24 and 100 DruggUt.
AJslrln la the trad mark of Bayer Manufacture of Moooact!ccldter of ai:cjU?cli
jnhuiiaiiii l
iimE DHfirlirinr!
iuoi G b u
tiio iziorziorziomoirioi
t i
F. 11

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