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Service the Best Prices Riht
X7 WW.
Delivery Prompt.
Commercial, Wedding ad
Subscription :-: fl.00 a Year
Society Printing Execute
Tit Us for Good Work and Low Prlc
Advertising rates on application
NO. 45
VOL, 46.
(3 ft
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Zedeler Symphonic Quintet
on Chautauqua Program
a. A X . i.
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Tin Zedeler Symphonic Quintet, which will appear at the cominsr Iledpath
Chautauqua, will he under the leadership of Nkolai Zedeler, distinguished cell
l.st, fnn.H-rly with tlie symphony orchestras of Sto( kholni, Sweden, ami ot New
York City.
Mr. Zedeler organized the quintet more than twelve years ajro with a firm
belief in the discriminating appreciation of the American putilie for the music
of the masters. With two violins, a cello, piano, and a recti oran which tills
the pla e occupied by the wind instruments in a larger orchestra, the organiza
tion has popularized the classics and has established itself as a hi'h rade live
pLece orchestra that approaches actual symphonic proportions in its musician
ship. Miss Itooth, organist, is also a coloratura soprano and renders a number of
rocal solos of yreat charm. ,
En p n t h A
Q H a U T 71 U Q U 7
Great Comedy Drama,
44Friendly Enemies.
Central American
New England Male Quartet
Alexander Trio
Zedeler Symphonic Gluintet
Notable Lectures on
Timely Subjects.
5 B I G DAY S 5
Rcclpath (Bhautauqua
Season Tickets, $2.50.
Chautauqua Week Here May 31 to June 5
LJ , W
New Ford Patent.
Guarantees to Crank Any Ford on a
Quarter Turn.
Eliminates end play in crank shaft. Gives hotter spark,
more power and mileage on gasoline, brighter lights,
lessens wear on car in general.
Remember Guarantee,
"Gladly refund money if not exactly as we claim."
Universal Thrust Ball Bearing Co
J. P.- BREWER, Agent.
A Menace to America Japan
ese and Aliens.
The New World is a newspaper
published in the Japanese language
in San Francisco. If there is any
body who ha? any doubt as to what
the intentions of the Japanese are
in tbi country, let them read the
following editorial from the New
"When we of the Yamato race
arie with a miphty resolve, the
Americana' opposition will he as
futile as an attempt to sweep the
seas with a broom. We should ad
vance and not recede. To stop is
to retreat. While we push forward
bodily, the'eneiuj' has no chance to
form plans. . . . These max
iums are suitable for thetpresent sit
uation. Kven if photograph mar
riages should be discontinued we
cannot be stripped from leaving our
descendants on this American con
tinent Kven if not a single Japa
nese woman comes it is not possible
to prevent the seed of our great
Yamato race being sown in the
American continent, by marriages
with Americans, with French, with
Indians and with NEGUOKS; espe
cially since there are already 100.
000 Japanese here and f,000 chil
dren are born to them annually.
Suppose we Japanese are prevented
from owning or cultivating the land.
If we cannot conveniently do so in
California we shall go to other states
and devise some plan. Even the
laws of California are not forever un
changeable. The day will come
when the strength of the Japanese
will make a clean sweep of all laws.
Even the kaiser's empire was de
stroyed when its time came. What
can the leaders of the anti-Japanese
movement do to stop the advance
of our great Yamato race?"
Can a Beef" Day Popular in
Yazoo County, Miss.
Meat preservation demonstrations
in rural communities of Yazoo coun
ty, Miss., have almost without ex
ception taken the form of "can a
beef" day, according to reports re
ceived by the U. S. Dep't of Agri
culture. The entire community
comes together for the day, and un
der the supervision of the extension
agent cans the whole animal. This
demonstration gives an opportunity
for the agent to instruct the women
in the proper cooking of the various
cuts of beef and in the utilization of
every piece suitable for food. The
demonstration usually closes with a
oap making lesson, so that nothing
is wasted.
The Political Campaign is on, $1 to us and
you get The Aberdeen Weekly for a year.
Notice to Pensioners.
There is no money in the State
treasury to pay the pensions at this
time, and the pensions for the sec
ond quarter being now one month
past due, I appealed to the banks
at Aherdeen and Amory for help,
and as heretfore, they came to our
rescue. We owe a debt of gratitude
to these banks that would he hard
to pay, and I wish to express my
appreciation as well as that of every
Confederate veteran of the countj',
for this kindness.
Call or write me and I will be
glad to mail your warrant to you.
It is not neceesary to make a trip to
Aherdeen to get your warrant, unless
you would prefer to do that.
JoeT. Morgan, Chancery Clerk.
Sunday School Notice.
The directors of the Monroe County
Sunday School Association held a
meeting in the law offices of Left
wich & Tubb, in Aberdeen, on Sun
day afternoon, April 23rd.
It was the decision of the meeting
to hold rive beat conventions during
the month of July. Beat No. 1 is
to hold its convention on the first
Sunday in July; beat No. 2 on the
second Sunday, and the other beats
in regular order on the third, fourth
and fifth Sundays in July. The
time for the county convention was
fixed as the first Sunday in August
and Saturday afternoon before. The
ulaces for holding the beat conven
tions and "also the county convention
will be determined and announced
Invitations are extended to all
State and county Sunday school
workers to assi&t in making all these
conventions a great success. Also
the teachers of the public schools of
the county are urgently requested to
attend these conventions and to take
nart in the work. They can be very
helpful in promoting the Sunday
school interest of our county, and
we hope they will receive ideas and
inspirations that will beneht them
in their work.
E. D. Gilmore, County President.
W. R. Smith, Sec'y.
Judge John H. Mitchell An
nounces For Circuit Judge.
In this issue of the paper will he
found the announcement of Judge
John H. Mitchell, of Pontotoc coun
ty, Mississippi, for Circuit Judge of
the First Judicial District of Mis
sissippi. Judge Mitchell served this dis
trict in this capacity from UK39 to
1913, and made for himself an envi
able record, having been reversed
by the Supreme Court as few times
as any judge the district has ever
had; and it has had many good and
excellent ones. Judge Mitchell is a
Christian gentleman and a lawyer of
ability and distinction. He is and
was courteous to lawyers, court of
ficials, litigants and people alike.
He believes in the strict enforcement
of the laws with equal justice to all.
It is understood that it was only
after strong pressure was brought to
bear by the bar and the people gen
erally, that Judge Mitchell decided
to become a candidate; and if elect
ed, it .goes without saying that a
man of his high character and at
tainments will give the people the
best that is in him to make them
an ideal judge.
Candler Candidate.
Macon, Miss., April 27. Hon. E.
S. Candler, of Corinth, is in the city
today in attendance on chancery
court. reing interviewed as to the
prospect of his "becoming a candi
date for the governorship of the
State, Mr. Candler said in substance:
"I guess it is a pretty well assured
fact that I will be in the race. So
many of my friends from different
points in the State have urged nie
to make the race, and I have about
decided to seriously consider it."
666 quickly relieves Colds,
Constipation, Biliousness and
Headaches. A Fine Tonic.
Try The Progressive Farmer
Church Advertising.
At the quarterly meeting of the
Massachusetts Press Association.
held in Boston a few days ago, a
resolution wtfs pasod inviting the
churches to use the columns of news
papers at regular advertising rates.
We do not understand this resolu
tion to mean that the little local
news ot church activities will be
omitted unless paid for. Such ma
terial is legitimate news and should
be provided the readers of every
paper in every community.-
But there is a growing tendency
on the part of religious organizations
to go after members and increased
attendance in a vigorous, modern
way, and for such appeals display
advertising is used just the same as
would be employed by a lecture
bureau, the movie theatre, the base
ball game or any other function
bidding for public support. Such
appeals may be justly classified as
advertising and entitled to be paid
for as advertising.
At that, if judiciously directed, it
will be a good investment. If the
work the church is doing is good
and that is not gainsaid then every
legitimate means to accelerate and
increase that good is perfectly de
sirable. If display advertising can
do it, display advertising should be
included in the budget of the organ
ixation and paid for the same as is
the coal, the electric current, the
choir, the organist, the janitor, the
pastor, the singing books, the Sun
day school quarterlies, and all the
other supplies which are needed to
help the smooth functioning of the
great business, as well as spiritual
and social, institutron which the
church has come to be.
Women Give Out.
Housework is hard enough when
healthy. Every Aberdeen w6man
who is having backache, blue and
nervous epells, dizzy headaches and
kidney or bladder troubles, should be
glad to heed this Aberdeen woman's
Mrs. J. W. Bolding. 200 X. Hickory
St., says: "I felt languid and tired
most of the time. I also htsd a heavy,
dragging down feeling through my
kidneys which made it difficult for me
to keep going. Dizzy spells made me
feel miserable. I hardly knew what
to lay it to unless it vu my kidneys,
I had heard and read a great deal
about Doan's Kidney Pills, so I de
cided to try them. After using Doan's
1 was convinced the trouble had come
from my kidneys. I have never had
an occasion to use a kidney remedy
since. This is convincing enough
proof of the good merits of Doan's
Kidney Pills."
Price 60c at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that'
Mr. Bowling had. Foster-Milburn-Co.
Mfg.. Buffalo. N. Y. , lAdv.l
A large and complete line,
and 18-inch. Self sharpening,
cutting blades. Finished in
Guaranteed to give satisfaction. The price will
suit you.
all sizes, 1416
Ball bearing; 5
gold and silver.
Lann 8c Carter Hardware Co.,
Everything for Home and Farm. CASH OR CREDIT
" Si
j y
' " " ""' J.L.H. Minm mmm i in mrnr " n
n ' tt
Chautauqua Announcement.
The irresistible comedy drama,
"Friendly Enemies," Solis' Mari
mba Band of spirited Central Amer
ican musicians, lectures of timel'
significance, and top notch musical
companies, these are among the
many "varied attractions which will
appear here at the big 1022 Iledpath
Chautauqua which opens May olst
ami continues for live days.
The number of airplanes lost go
ing from Florida over to the whisky
islands, brings to mind the old
truism that whisky and gasoline
will not mix -JTocsan Sunflower.
For Two Dollars we will
send Vardaman's Weekly and
The Aberdeen Weekly for a
year to any address in Missis
sippi. Send the $2 to the Aber
deen Weekly, Aberdeen, Miss.,
and both papers will go for
ward to the address for one
More people are looking for posi
tions than jobs, and more are after
jobs than work. Oneida N. Y. Dispatch.-
Will buy any kind of
Hogs. Piggy Sows
for sale or trade.
Walk-Over Shoes
have stood the test for
these many years
they have made good,
today they are as de
penaaDie as ever.
Every day is Friday
the 13th with the man
who banks entirely on luck.
You will elminate every vestige of luck, you
will play a sure thing each and every time you
purchase a pair of Walk-Overs, the most com
fortable, sightly, shape retaining . moderately
priced shoes on the market. We are showing an
extensive line of Walk-Over Shoes and Oxfords
in several new snappy young men's lasts and
leathers, also all the staple lasts and leathers to
please the taste of the more conservative dress
ers. Buy a pair of WALK-OVERS and watch
your feet smile.
Jo Mmbel
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