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Principal Happenings
Over the State Told
Short Paragraphs
Lodging operations on a big scale
ere now iu progress on Coldwater
river about 13 miles below Coldwater.
The Green River lumber company,
which owns 14,000 acres of timber
lacd in Tate and Tunica counties, re
rentlv completed a logging road "which
runs through the heart of the only re
maining tract of virgin timber in Tate
county. This new railroad is ten miles
long, and more than half of it was
built on piling. The timb?r along this
road is now being cut and shipped out.
All kinds of trees are being used, ana
nothing is left standing.
In the desperate fight that is being
made to hold the levees against the up-pr'-
f lif-ntf'd flood of waters that are
sweeping down the Ttlississippi almost
every man, and even boys, are re
sponding to the call with a commend
able zeal characteristic of those who
occ-ujy this great delta country. Men
of ev ;ry vocation are going in person
not. (nly to soe tne menacing danger
that threatens, but are putting in their
time doing duty in some way to stay
the greatest fiood in the history of the
treat Father of Waters.
The Marks Public Library has been
move.l to the old post office building.
The use of this building has been
donated for one month by the oner.
At th.M expiration of two months the
members of the Coterie Club, who
maintain the library, hope to be able
to move into permanent quarters.
They expert to purchase a lot and
bgin the erection of a library build
insr thereon within in the very near fu
ture. The West Mississippi Fiood Com
mission has been organized at Vicks
burg with representatives from central
Knts throughout the Mississippi levee
district. The object and purpose of
the organization is to co-ordinate the
efforts now under way for the relief
of the people who are destitute by the
reason of the flood, or who may be In
m-ed .f lielp in rase of a break in the
levee in Mississippi.
Crop conditions gen?rally sneaking
Bre much farther advanced than they
were t'ais time last year in the vicinity
cf Hernando. Cotton has been planted
earlier than usual and is coming up to
a good stand, and it seems that very
little r 'planting will have to be done.
Corn that was planted early is being
worked out. A slow rain that fell a.
few days ago was very beneficial to
both corn and cotton.
Contracts for new buildines for the
Swlftown and Schlater Consolidated
School districts have been let accord
ing to word received at Greenwood.
The plans for these districts call for
modern, well appointed and thorough
ly equipped buildings, which will af
ford the best facilities obtainable for
the education of the children of those
Repeated heavy rains have fallen
at Shaw, during the past week, great
ly handicapping all farming interests
and filing the lowlands that are not
drained by lateral ditches into the
system of canals thnt have been dug
in tl e last few years. The digging of
these canals and laterals, have proven
their worth repeatedly.
The capture of a 100-gallon copper
till. 4 CO gallons of mash and a small
quantity of first run whisky by Fed
eral Prohibition Agents J. F. Buchanan
and J. I'. Owen, near Meehan Junc
tion, the place at which they were
charged with the murder of Johnnie
Wilson, a negro, in a raid near there,
has been reported.
Attorney General Frank Robertson
has returned from Washington, where
he attended a conference of the inter
state commerce commission in regard
to the consolidation of railrodas under
the transportation act. Some progress
was made, but the task is a huge one
and will take time to work out.
Mor room is needed at the Jeffer
son Davis Soldiers' Home at Beauvoir
as f) obi veterans in various parts of
the state are waiting for admission to
the institution. Superintendent Tartt
is recehing letters from old veterans
begging that he find room for them in
the home.
Despite low prices. Blue Mountain
Is shipping a good deal of lumber, the
production being greatly in excess of
the local demand.
The Clevelard volunteer fire com
pany has just installed the latest typo
Westinghous? radio receiving station
In their elubroom.
James Cassedy of Brookhaven has
received notice of his acceptance for
entrance to the United States Naval
Academy. Annapolis, in June, upon his
college credentials.
The Biloxi Democratic executive
committee has set July 6 as the pri
mary date for holding the municipal
Special work through the club wo
men of Tupelo has begun on the lawn
of Court Square to make it a beautif jl
Mrs. Elizabeth Hill aged 90, died at
her home in Meridian. She is said to
tave been Meridian's oldest resident.
Mr. Henry P. Patton, the recently
appointed postmaster at Sardis, as
sumed duties of the office May 1.
Ground has been broken for a hand
some new, high school building at
A report says, Charles Freeny, resi
ding near Freeny, took his life by
shooting himself with a shotgun.
By F. R. Birdaall
Information received from Washings
toj City and sent out by correspond
ents from Jackson that the Supreme
Court of the United States ha held
that the finding of a still on any land
makes the owner of the land prima fa
cie guilty, and entails not only a jail
sentence but a forfeiture of the lands
to the federal government, has caused
great consternation throughout Missis
sippi. Under that decision, stills clan
destinely operated on the lands of
other people, secluded in jungles and
without their knowledge or consent,
not only forfeit their property, but
jeopardize their liberty.
Elnathan Tartt, superintendent of
the Old Soldiers' Home at Beauvoir,
has requested the Daughters of the
Confederacy of Hinds County to ask
the board of supervisors when they
meet in Jackson, on the first Monday
in May, to appropriate $1,000 toward
the erection of a soldier's hospital, at
Beauvoir. The press of this city and
county are warmly supporting Mr.
Tartt's request and the efforts of the
Daughters of the Conderacvy and it
is reported that the Daughters of the
Confederacy in the 82 counties of Mis
sissippi are active in this matter.
The popularity of the Livingston
Park beyond the city limits in the
western suburbs of Jackson, has De
come so great, that the street railway
has asked and obtained permission
from the board of supervisors to ex
tend its line for a quarter or a mile to
accomodate the public. A magnificent
zoo has been organized at the park,
which attracts children by the thous
and, and men and women in unlimited
numbers, last summer, took a plunge
in the artificial lake there.
An unprecedented event took place
in Jackson on the ninetieth birthday
of John Hart, when 90 of his devoted
friends in all walks of life attended a
reception given in his honor by his
daughter, Mrs. M. A. Lewis. Mr. Hart
has lived in Jackson since 1S51, and in
the toasts drunk, and not in a Barmaci
dian sense, either, he was eulogized.
as a patriot, soldier, financier and de
voted citizen. The company adjourned
ten years ago, to attend his ninetieth
Two constitutional amendments are
to be ratified or rejected by a majority
of all those voting at the congressional
election November 7. One places the
trunk lines of highways in Mississippi
under exclusive control of the state
highway commission and leaves the
board of supervisors in control of the
local highways.
Field Representative of the Kiwanis
Club, International, Waldo E. Bailey,
with headquarters in Jackson, states
that Mississippi has 11 clubs and over
740 clubs in the United States and
Canada. The Ixmisiana and Mississip
pi Kiwanis District Convention will
meet at Gulf port August S-9, and a
very large attendance is anticipated.
One of the things that vexed the
legislature was the dipping vat prob
lem, which was tfe bated fiercely in
both houses. The senate passed a bill
allowing counties to vote out from
under the quarantine and dipping laws
of 1916, but the house killed the bill.
Preparing For Greater Business.
Jackson. The Illinois Central Rail
road Company is making heavy pur
chases of new equipment, indicative
of the fact that the company believes
nrosperitv is ahead and that revival of
business will shortly result. Equip
ment mortgage agreements have just
been filed here for record in the office
of the secretary of state, one of which
covers 650 refrigerator cars and .the
other 350 refrigerator cars and 2,000
drop-bottom gondola cars.
Would Block Attempt to Reclassify
Jackson. Commercial organizations
throughout Mississippi will likely be
asked bv the traffic bureau of the
Jackson chamber of commerce to get
behind the movement to block any at
tempt on the part of the railroads to
reclassify rates applying to traffic in
this state. It is claimed any increase
in rates wheih, it is said, would result
from a reclassification, would be detr
mental to the business interests of the
To Elect School Supervisors.
Blue Mountain. 'Saturday, May 6,
has been fixed as the day on which all
of the patrons of all of the public
schools of Benton county are asked to
assemble at their respective schools
for the purpose of naming by ballot
trustees for the supervision of these
Applications Coming In.
Moorehead. A number of applica
tions have already been received for
the Normal to be held here this sum
mer, beginning on June 6 and continu
ing five weeks. This is to be one of the
regular summer normals and will he
known as the Delta Summer Normal.
Cream Shippers' Ass'n Organized.
Coldwater. A cream shippers asso
ciation has been formed here with a
membership of fifteen. Others have
promised to join at once, and it is be
lieved a membership of CO will be
secured in a short time.
Needs More School Room.
Tishomingo. The school board oi
Tishomingo county met here to act on
a petition to grant Burton consolidated
school more territory. Burton is a line
school between Tishomingo and Pren
tiss counties.
Business Conditions Are Good.
Calhoun City. Business conditions
in Calhoun City and the county in gen
eral are very much improved. There is
more money in the county than there
has ever been before, according to a
statement issued by five banks.
Offers $500 Reward for Murderer.
Jackson. Got. Russell has issued a
proclamation offering a reward of $503
for the arrest and conviction or the
unknown negro who murdered J. T.
Boetler, night watchman at the blind
institute, on Friday last.
Differences Between England and
France Develop When Question
Comes Up, But Matter Is
Left to Committee.
Genoa. The powers have prepared
the preamble of the "magna charta"
for Russia; it outlines how JBurope will
give practical financial and economic
help to permit that great country's res
toration and reconstruction.
Across the Asiatic litoral, Japan
promises to contribute her portion of
money to assist in the reorganization
of Russia, and although the United
btates is not mentioned m the pre
amble, it is wide in scope to take in
the whole world, for it3 framers voice
the conviction that once confidence is
felt that foreigners can normally en
gage in enterprises in Russia the banks
of all countries will willingly advance
funds to their citizens to invest in
Great Britain and Belgium, as well
as Japan, to a leseer degree, are plac
ing credits at the disposal of enter
prises in Russia; France will provide
railroad material; Italy will help by in
land water transports, and all will par
ticipate in an international consorto
rium. The subcommittee on Russian af
fairs has already adopted article 1 of
the document, which is directed
against propaganda by the Bolshevik!
or attempts to change the existing
frontiers. This has chief reference to
Bassarabia, now annexed by Rouma
nia. An arrangement also was reached
on the momentous question of the na
tionalization of private property.
Apparently some compromise on the
project has been devised by the jurists
whereby the Soviets are able to adhere
to their great doctrine of nationaliza
tion and simultaneously satisfy the for
eign governments and peoples by
granting the use of the property, in
stead of admitting actual ownership.
The text of this article has Deen kept
secret, but it will come up again Mon
day for consideration.
Differences developed between Eng
land and France on the question of
Russia's -war debts, France insisting
that Russia recognize them in their en
tirety, though ready to scale them
down later. The question was left to
a committee. ,
On the questions of war debts, Eng
land proposed that the percentage
whereby the war debts were to be re
duced could be decided by the supreme
court of the United States. During this
discussion, M. Barthou said France
was willing to grant facilities for pay
ment such as a moratorium, and was
even ready to consent to reductions at
a later date; meanwhile France de
manded unqualifed recognition by the
soviet of the war debts.
When his attention was called to the
fact that reductions had apparently
been promised in the note of April 15
to the soviet, M Barthou pointed out
that the soviet has subsequently
changed its position and therefore the
powers had the same right. M. Bar
thou was ready to favor many differ
ent concessions, but wished to call at
tention to the fact that the govern
ment could only recommend, while par
liament must decide.
35 Skulls Found.
Berlin. The stockbrokers of Ham
burg were impelled to pause and med
itate the transitory nature of this
world's glories when masons repairing
the Exchange Building unearthed hu
man skulls in the courtyard. 'Thirtj--five
craniums seemed to indicate the
activity of a Germany Landru, who
had chosen the stock exchange as the
place best adapted to finish off his
Accused by His Wife.
Kansas Cty. Although announcing
that they placed little credence in the
the statement made to them by the
wife of Robert Carroll, that her hus
band had been implicat?d in the mur
ders here some time ago of O. V.
Dodge, local financier, and Miss Flor
ence Barton, society girl, tha police
were making a thorough investigation.
Wilson Fund Subject to Tax.
Washington. Contributions to the
Wilson endowment fund are subject to
government tax, Commissioner of In
ternal Revenue Blair has announced.
Blair's ruling was made public by Sen
ator Glass, of Virginia.
Guilty Of Arson.
Henderson, N. C. A verdict of guil.
ty was returned by the jury Mhich
tried George Wyckoff, F. W. Wooten
and R. T. Stokes on charges of incen
diarism in connection with fires here
last January.
Shipping Coal To Ohio.
Chattanooga, Tenor- 'Probably for
the first time in history bituminous
coal from this territory is now being
shipped into Ohio, 100 carloads having
been ordered from the Durham Coal
& Iron Co., here by Cleveland parties.
R. R. Values Fixed.
Washington. Tentative railroad
raluation for rate making purposes,
recently fixed by the Interstate Com
merce Commission, was $1,979,000 on
the Danville & Western, in Virginia
and North Carolina, and $140,567 for
the Augusta Northern, in South Caro
lina. Named Postmaster.
Washington. Samuel Y. Watson,
has been nominated to be postmaster
at Eaton Rouse, La,
i .,
Victor Rosewater, former editor and
publisher of the Omaha Bee, has been
made assistant to the president of tha
Sesquicentennial Exhibition Associa
tion, which will celebrate in Philadel
phia the one hundred and fiftieth an
niversary of the Declaration of Inde
pendence. NJIEIIOti 10
Landowners Would prevent Major Dab-
ney and Others Being Paid, Al
leging Levee Board Failed
to Advertise for Bids.
Clarksdale, Miss. A bill of com
plaint asking for an injunction restrain
ing the payment of salaries of the con
sulting engineer, Maj. T. G. Dabney of
Yazoo-Mississippi delta levee board;
General Superintendent of Mainte
nance B. R. Bagley, General Foreman
Lee Trimble and Paymaster C. S. Lon
gino, and the payment of expense
money connected with recent levee
work near Tunica at the point where
an emergency developsd about two
weeks, was filed in the chancery court
here in the names of W. II. Kilis and
J W. Henderson, owners of land and
personal property in the district.
The memb?rs of the. board against
whom the bill is filed are President L.
C. Franklin, J. F. Burrow, E. T. Wool
folk, G. T. Thomas, E R. Walton, E.
V. Catoe, W. F. Stub'blefield, T. W.
Foster, E. M. Page. R. L. Walton, W. L.
Bankston, A. E. Dagger and J. L.
Campbell, individually and as tnt
board of levee commissioners for tha
Yazoo-Mississippi Delta.
The act under which the bill haa
been filed has nothing to do with this
being the legally constituted board of
this district and its authority to act as
such. It simplv sets drastic limita
tions on the board in that the commis
sioners cannot employ Maj. Dabney as
consulting engineer, g. paymaster, book
keeper and foreman of maintenance,
nor can the board make purchases of
material for emergency work without
first advertising for same. The bill
of complaint will be amended in its
provisions with reference to the levee
board bookkeeper.
The bill of complaint sets forth that
the levee commissioners of this dis
trict, "on or about March 9, 1922,
hired, employed or appointed the fol
lowing officers, agents and employes
of the said Yazoo-Mississippi delta
levee district, for the term of two
3'ears next ensuing from and after
March 9, 1922": Maj. T. J. Dabney, con
sulting engineer, at a yearly salary of
$4,500; B. R. Bagley, general superin
tendent of maintenance, at a salary of
$2,400 a year; Lee Trimble, foreman of
maintenance, at a salary of $1,3S0 a
year; C. S. Longino, as paymaster, at
a salary of $1,S00.
Complainants further allege that
they would show to the court that the
defendants, acting in their capacity as
members of the levee board, did dur
ing the month of April enter into cer
tain contraits for work in connection
with the alteration, maintenance or re
pair of certain of the levees of the
Yazoo-Mississippi delta le'se district
and purchased, or contracted to pur
chas?, materials in excess of $500 in
value without having first advertised
the "work by inserting a notice of the
letting of said work by contract at
least once each week for three consec
utive weeks in a newspaper of general
circulation published in the domicile
of the board of levee commissioners,
nor a newspaper cf general publication
published in the city cf Memphis or
New Orleans, La , as required bylaw."
Greenville, S. C. Next Meeting Place.
Phoenix, Ariz. Greenville, S. C,
was selected as the 1923 meeting
place by the United States Good
Roads Association and the Bankhead
National Highway Association at the
close of their annual joint convention
Miners and Guards Clash.
Salt Lake City, Utah. Three were
wounded, two seriously, in fighting be
tween striking coal miners and mine
guards at Scofield, a mining camp, ac
cording to reports reaching here.
Would Maintain High Prices.
Washington. The house labor com
mittee's investigation of the coal strikt:
has shown conclusively that coal op
erators are in a league to maintain
high prices. Chairman Nolan, Califor
nia, has declared.
Calls Conference On Muscle Shoals.
Washington. A national conference
on the Muscle Shoals project, fostered
by the Southern Commercial Congress,
will be held in the tri-clties of Flor
ence, Sheffield and Tuscumbia, Ala
May 22-24, it has been announced.
V -V
V - -l .A ' -
,i.ii-iini"ii"i'' 4 t
Was Relieved of Both Rheumatism
and Stomach Trouble, by Tanlac,
States Los Angeles Man.
For the second time Tanlac has put
me on my feet, and you may know by
that what I think of It," said William
T. Hardin, 1409 Garden SL, Los An
geles, Calif.
"Three years ago, I had rheumatism
In my shoulders and neck so bad I
could hardly work. I tried medicine
after medicine only to get worse, but
finally I got hold of Tanlac, and I
haven't had a trace of rheumatism
"Then last summer my stomach got
out of order, I lost my appetite and
what little J did eat made me feel
bloated, all stuffed up and miserable.
I always felt weak, tired and worn out,
and was so nervous I couldn't sleep.
"Well, Tanlac did a good job for me
before, so I Just got some more of it,
and now it has again fixed me up, and
I'm feeling strong and energetic like
I used to. I'll tell the world Tanlac's
the medicine for me."
Tanlac is :nld by all good druggists.
Why Not?
The human fly was scaling the out
side of the tall building at a dizzy
height and nn anxious throng watched
In the street.
"What's he doing?" asked- an old
"He's going to the top of the build
ing," said a bystander. ,
"Well," asked the old party, "why
don't the darned fool take an eleva
tor?" A Lady of Distinction
Is recognized by the delicate fascinat
ing influence of the perfume she uses.
A bath with Cuticura Soap and hot
water to thoroughly cleanse the pores
followed by a dusting with Cuticura
Talcum powder usually means a clear,
sweet, healthy skin. AdvertisemenL
Question of Sex.
It happened on a College avenue
car the other morning. Two women
were discussing the headline in the
morning paper wich read "Arbuckle
Indicted for Manslaughter." One of
the women remarked to the other:
"You know, I crin't understand how
they can arrest him for manslaughter,
when a woman was killed." Indian
apolis News.
To let your little hurts and ail
ments get bad.
Keep Vacher-Balm handy for Burns.
Boils, Cuts, Corns, Biles, or Soreness
Ask your druggist. Avoid imitations.
Not the Man for the Job.
Thomas Robertson, an ollicial of the
Eagles club, recently sent notices to
several lodge members appointing them
members of a committee to visit the
sick. The next day one of those thus
notified halted Robertson on the street.
"I'm chosen for the sick committee?"
he asked.
"Yes why not?"
"Well," the member replied, "I don't
mind serving, but my business "
"Can't you serve after business
hours?" Robertson Interrupted. "By
the way, what's your business?"
"I'm I'm an undertaker."
"Excused," said Robertson. Kansas
City Star.
Prepared for Death.
The suburban, lady beard an air
plane whizzing overhead. She called
Cottie, the colored maid, to see it.
"Has you all ever been up in one of
those contraptions, ma'am?"
The suburban lady said "No." and in
turn asked Cottie if she wouldn't enjoy
a ride in one.
"No, siree, ma'am," she answered.
"Seems like when I went up that high.
I'd like to be ready to jes keep right
on going up.
Only One That Counted.
Tonnn; had a little brother and a
little sister.
One day a neighbor met him going
to the market and pleasantly asked:
"Are you the only child?"
"Nope," he importantly replied, "but
I'm the only one working."
Uniforms are a successful education
against patches.
Smiles that won't come off are apt
to become monotonous.
At What Age
0 TkT
This rule is based on the well
known fact that the drug ele
ment in coffee and tea whips up
the nerves, and that serious ills
often follow.
If it's a good rule for children
to keep away from the harm of
nerve-stimulation, isn't it a good
rule for everybody?
Think it ever.
Granted that your body may
stand more, can your judgment
afford to risk more? Any doctor
fsSM fillip oiiiip
l ! I V I "i 1 )
VmJ mj Lm4 Wii L j L I L j 1 . . j ""v-
This new
gum delights
young and old.
It "melts in vour
mouth" and the gum in the
center remains to aid digestion,
brighten teeth and soothe mouth
and throat.
There are the other WRIGLEY
friends to choose from,
Afraid of It.
"You had a good start at college;
you were on the highway to a well
rounded education. Why did you give
it up?" "I heard that it was folly to
be wise."
"O Happy Day" sang the laundress
as she hung the snowy wash on the
line. It was a "happy day" because
she used Red Cross Ball Blue. Adver
Sparkling Gems.
The humorist contributor looked In
upon the editor of Answers upon his
busy day. The humorist contributor
should not have looked in upon the
editor of Answers on his busy day.
The editor of Answers can't feel hu
morous and busy at the same time.
What was more, the humorist con
tributor would not go.
At last the editor of Answers decid
ed to stop being busy for one moment
and be sarcastic.
"That was a gem. that joke you sent
me," he said in bis usual dry tone.
The contributor drew himself up
with pride.
"Sir," he said, "you Hatter me!"
"Not at nil," replied the editor. "You
should have seen it sparkle when I
put it on the tire!" Answers.
Deliberately Unfriendly.
"AYhy is Mr. Grumpson so unpopu
lar?" "Because he's eccentric."
"He carries around a pocket Bible.
When a golf player starts to tell about
his score Mr. Grumpson takes the
Good Book out and asks him to lay
his right hand on it."
There is an insane rivalry to see
how fhin the slice of ham In the
sandwich can be made.
Some men spend half their time
framing promises and the other half
In making excuses.
Should You Take
ft T 1 TT7 . f
iveeaiess kisks wttn
Is that a queer question?
Then many people are doing a queer thing
-and often it turns out to be a serious thing-.
The Federal Bureau of Education says in
its rules for the health of school children that
children should not drink coffee or tea.
can tell you what coffee and tea
often do to the health of adults
as well as children.
There's no sacrifice in being
safe. Postum is a delightful,
. satisfying mealtime beverage,,
wholesome and pleasant alike
for adults and children. Postum
has no age limits!
Your grocer has both form3 of Post-am:
Instant Postum (in tins) made instantly in tha
cup by the addition of boiling water. Postum
Cereal (in packages of larger bulk, for thosa
who prefer to make the drink while tha meal
is being prepared) made by boiling fc fully
20 minutes.
Postum for Health "There's a Reason"
Made by Postum Cereal Co., Inc., Battle Creek, Mich.
too: rt
A Year's Wear c? cere,
when yon bay
J if it th(
No rubber to rot.
Is It Genius cr Push?
Norman Pavey, in "The I'iiLrrirn of
the Smile," tells the story of the wait
er who took the Impresario's p!ao
one nieht and thrilled T.on.!.Mi with
his violin. Apropos of which t!,e suo
ct'ssful manager gives bin ;de::s about
genius :
"If he's a genius he"II h h
way; and when lie's pus) i.N way
and made a stir I'll pick him km. Aw,
you don't know what geni:s i; yr-i
talk like a bally school girl. ;,.:
not being able to play or paint of
write or any d d tlnnr thousands
can do that. It's push man, push
genius Is guts."
Explains Old Mystry.
A subterranean river wirh several
tributaries has been discovered up.ir
Lubeek, Germany. It empties into tho
Baltic sea about twenty mil' byond
the seashore. The discovery has re.it
practical value because It cxpl sins
the mysterious difliculties that !:avn
been experienced with Lubck's water
supply which now can be overcome.
A girl in love is often uruib! to ex
press ber thoughts, but it's qn te dif
ferent after marriage.
When two men arguing begin on
statistics there's no limit, if tl.-.-y ft--l
TT TT T. 1 r
lour aeaitnc
stretch. Ask Your D.al.rP- V " J -
for Nu-VSaT Suspondt-ra ViL k
Garters am) Hotte S-jf porters. J " s.
klf he hasn't them, send (iirect, F v'l t
givinpr d?Bl?r' name. tery It: VXv ,
pair rtiarir,tcM. I k I f- t
Mici. t-----

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