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Entered In the post office at Bay St. Lonls
as second-class mall matter.
CHAs! G. MOREAU. Editor*. Publisher!
Official organ of Hancock County Farm
ora’ Alliance-
Louisville &. Nashville R. R.
No. 1, due 3:03, p. m., daUy.
3, “ C:O2, a. m., dallv.
“ 5, “ 5:17, p. m., daily,
“ 7, “ 3:58, a. m., daily, ex. Sun-
No. 2, duo 9:12, p.m,, daily.
4, “ 12:88 a. m., daily.
w fi, “ 9:45 a. m., daily
“ 8, “ 5-41 p. m., daily, cx. Sun-
B. W. PEARSON, Local Agt. !
Fir The Ska Coast Echo has a larger
■circulation in Bay St. Louis than any pa
per published.,^?,!
Gity Echoes.
—Clean your yard- ]
—Whitewash your fences,
—The Echo does job printing.
—The schools have all opened.
Why didn’t you bet on Corbett I
—Mr. James Lcmario is at the Bay.
—Bathing was never better then now.
—The Board of supervisors met Monday.
—Mr. Thombury has ret.uw.cd to New.
Say, boys, come back to the Demo
cratic fold.
Mr, John S. Ramond spent Sunday in,
Pass Christian.
—Miss Katie Enright Spent Tuesday
in tile Crescent City.
—Last night a baby gill was bom to
Mr and Mrs. A. J. Kuttner.
— The fights arc over, and the I-tohl
you-BO man is around ngain
—Sweet and pretty Miss May Edwards
visited Biloxi on Wcdnesdey. ,
Mr Harrison Reese returned from a
visit in Louisiana on Wednesday.
—Miss Mamie Ncurolh left "on Sunday
evening for a visit to New Orleans.
—Mr. Howard Wilkinson was mingling
with his many Bay Mends this week.
—Mr. A. J. Kuttner (returned onTlmrs- :
<lay night from a visit to New Orleans.
—Mrs. D. Boardman and son, of Pearl
ington, arc visiting Airs. S, R. Lamkin.
—Mrs. P. Dclord and Miss Marie Lozc
liavc returned to their homo in New Or
—Editor W. L. May, of Pass Christian,
was among our many visitors here this
—-We understand that there will soon
lie -a private school opened on Union
—Mrs. Win. Amos and daughter, Ger
aldine, are spending awhile iu Now
—Mrs. James Connor, of New
is enjoying the delights of our September
weather-. ,
—Mrs. Annie Avery and Mrs. James
Kobortsou were visitors to New Orleans |
this week.
—llcv. Father Alphonse will say Mass
to-morrow morning at St. Claire’s chapel
at 7 o’clock.
—High and salty water makes it very
pleasant for bathing during these lovely
Sept mber days.
—Bad things always spread. Tho
L-3ism and Populitisiu has reached Dem
mccratic Hancock county.
—Walden Sadler is at homo for a few
days and it is needless to odd that the
girls arc having a lovely time.
—Miss Agues Tidwell, au attractive
young lady of Waveland, has gone to the
.Crescent City to spend the winter,
-—The Saturday evening extra coast
train has been discontinued for tho sea
son. It proved a great convenience.
—Dr. Samuel Logan has given tho con
{nvcit fur anew break water and fence
around his place to Mr. Chas. .Sang >r.
—Capt. B. F. Jones, the veteran news
paper man of Mississippi, returned on
Wednesday from a visit to Now Orleans.
—Mrs. Thop L. Walters has returned to
New Orleans for the winter where her hus
band will join her about the first of next
The official proceedings of the 27th
annual convention of the Mississippi State
{Press Association "lias been received at
this office.
—Mrs. J. J. Foster returned to her
homo in New Orleans on Wednesday even
ing after a visit here, the guest of Mrs.
Geo. Muller.
t—Compare the records of Cleveland,
Harrison and Weaver and yon will per
ceive that Cleveland r the man to bo our
next President.
—lu Wayclaud this week there was a
private boat race in which many crafts
participated. Mr. D. Forsythe’s boat*
No-Ny, won the race.
—Sheriff Cazeueuve is having his home
on Main street enlarged and improved
otherwise. When completed, we have no
doubt to believe, that it will prove an
ornament to Main street.
—Mr. and Mrs. peter lle'lwego gave a
very delightful party one night this week
at which a large number of attendants
greatly enjoyed themselves. Dancing was
kept up until 1 o’clock.
—Democrats, vote Democratic.
—Fish are biting bettor eycry day,
—Now s a good time to subscribe.
—Let every Democrat do his duty.
—Mr. L. Baron visited New Orleans
this week.
—Mrs. Frank Kromvinkler and chil*
dron spent the week in New Or
—Airs. Pierre Lauuux and family lave
returned to New Orleans for the winter
—Miss Blanche Avery, much to the re
gret of her many friends, will soon leave
for Louisiana.
—Aliases Katie and Emma Edwards re
turned Wednesday morning from a visit to
New Orleans.
—Gainesville was very unfortunate this
week. Last Monday a handful of 1-3 par
ty ites met within her gates.
—Mr. Miller, of Holly Springs, Miss.,
has returned to his home after spending a
month with Mr. and Mrs. Tidwell.
—Hon. A. Ulman, mayor of Waveland,
left on Monday to attend the Olmypic
chib’s attractions in New Orleans.
—Mr. Reid, of Vicksburg, is in the Bay 1
this week. Ho came for the purpose of
entering his daughter in St- Joseph’s
—Col. E. .T. Nicholson, of the Daily
N. O. Picayune, is expected at his beauti
ful home, “Fort Nicholson,” idtuing the
latter part of this mouth.
—Hancock county will have .a, sorrow
ful little crowd on and after November
Bth. The crowd referred to arc the Pop-'
ulitcs ami Onc-thirditcs.
—On Saturday night an entertainment
and ball was given at Firemen’s Hall for'
the benefit of the firemen. All were
well pleased with the evening’s enjoy
ment. !
—Our popular and urbane friend, Mr.
Jos. O. Mi.uTray, who is the accommo
dating clerk of Plauchot’s dry goods em
porium, visited his home p Jordan river,
on Sunday.
—Mrs. L. K. Mattack, the writer, has
returned to her homo in Zdlwood, Fieri 1
da. While hero Mrs. Mattack wrote des
criptive lelt rs of our beautiful to
several papers.
—Among -the many pleasant families
who are spending the summer in beauti
ful Wave-land is the family of V. J. Wood
who intend to remain at their lovely home
for some time to come.
—On Tuesday evening Miss Sadler gave
a dancing soiree at her residence. A large
number of young folks were pres
ent and nil declared of having enjoyed
themselves immensely.
—Among the many Hay St. Louisians
who went over to New Orleans this week
to attend the fights were : Messrs. Chas.
Taconi, Frank Kronwinklcr, Chas. Breath,
J. E. Saucier, Ered Musoner.
—ln a week or two the “Fred A Frank”
establishment will be a thing of the past
—that is for Bay St. Louis. The proprie
tors are going to Chicago where they will
continue their business. Success to them. I
—Mrs. L. Dorn, of Grand Plain and
esteemed in "Bay St. Louis and through-'
out the county for her kindness and good
deeds, was iu the Bay yesterday. We
are sorry to say that Mrs. Dorn has been
very sick.
—The city Board of Health is not idle.
During the past week instructions was
loft at every residence for good sail-,
itation. If the cholera scourge reaches
this country it will have no neats at all to
lodge in Bay St. Louis.
—On Thursday morning the Now Or
leans Timca-Dcmocrat sent out a special
train along the Gulf coast with its issue
of that morning. By this .enterprise the!
coast people had all the nows of the Cor
bett-Sullivan light before breakfast.
—County Superintendent of Education
A. G. Stevenson has issued the following
notice “I hereby give notice that I will
he in Bay St. Louisjon Sept. 16 and 17 for,
the purpose of examining white applicants
for teachers’ certificates, and September
23 and 24 for colored applicants. Also
in Nicholson on October 21 and 22 for the
examination of white teachers, and Octo
toher 28 and 29 for colored teachers.”
—Notwithstanding that tho municipal
elections are many months off, there is
already a candidate for tho mayorship.
The gentleman is highly qualified tor the
position, very enterprising a man of mod
em methods and ideas and a resident of
this town not ma#.y years. Wo are in
structed not to give his name for the pres
ent lime.
—Several members of the In For Fun
Club are not satisfied because a certain
young lady member of tho club, whose
brother or brothers are not members, has
her brotluer to come at tho club’s amuse
ments and Stake the same pleasures as the
entitled members. This is surly unjust,
as tho rules -regulating tho club says that
no one in the city, eligible to membership*
shall participate in the amusements of
the club unices ho is a member.
—I-Ast night brought truly the social
event of all events of the season in the
form of a private ball, given in the spa
cious parlors of the breath residence, by
the members of the In For Fun club. The
affair was an “entro nous” one as, like all
the club’s pleasure, it was only for mem
bers with one or two invited guests. At
| about 9 o’clock dancing commenced and
terminated this morning. Refreshments,
etc., wore frepueutly served. This social
I affair will long remain Wiw ii.i the memo
ry of all present.
Ilou. Pierre Lananx.
At lik residence, 389 Esplanade avenue,
New Orleans, On Monday night, ta 8;30
p. m., to Hon. Pierre Lananx came the
inevitable end of life, Mr. Lanaux, with
his family, was’a regular summer resident
in liny St. Louis, owning a magnificent
villa on the beach. He was held in high
esteem by all who know him and the news
of his eteath was a shock. Mr. Lananx
was one of the wealthy and leading repre
sentatives of the Louisiana Creoles. He
was born in New Orleans, in January,
1845. Some years ago he was called to
the presidency of the State National Bank
and the New Orleans Insurance Associa-
tion, and held those positions until his
death. Under his aide administration
both institutions have prospered. Mr.
Lamaux’s life was an eventful and one of
—On Thursday evening, at the editor’s
homo, the members of the I. F. F. club
and a number of invited guests, making
altogether an immanse number of young
folks, cnioyed the pleasures of* card par
ty and a donkey party. Avery enjoya
ble evening was realized. .
—“I can’tjvote for Cleveland.” You old
demagogue! If you possessed a hr.n Ireth
part of integrity and rugged honesty of
Cleveland, yon would sprout wings right
away and soar aloft to the higher regions
Can’t vote for Cleveland, indeed. It would
be a higher honor conferred upon you,
to vote for him. Go and clean the politi
cal filth off your scurvy hide hofue you
speak so contemptuously of a man whose
shoos you are not worthy to n*hosc. Git
out, you old rat. Leader.
—One of the most pleasant wagon rides
of the season was the moonlight wagon
ride given by the young folks on Satur
day. A band of music was im attend
anceraid tk hetter time could had been
enjoyed. Those present were: M isses
Mamie Baron, Katie A. Reed, Fdwege
Saucier, Alice Baron, Vicky Breath, Lot
tie Cunco, Ollie Caldwell, Miss Dacron,
Messrs. R. Cnneo, Chas. Breath, Alphonse
J. Baron, A. Q. Breath, Hoht. Maynard.
Jno. S. Raymond, the scribe a*d many
Mississippi Democrats.
There was a meeting of the Democratic
cam ;aigu committee at Jackson, on Tues
day, looking to Abo inauguration of *{
vigorous campaign. Congressional Nom
inees Hooker, Stockdale and Money were
present as were Messrs. Vat-daman, 1
Burge, Blount, Ratcliff and Watson.
Information from *B quarters indicate
an overwhelming majority for Cleveland
in the State and the election of a solid
Democratic delegation to Congress.
The People’s party claim that they will
elect Burkitt in the Fourth district and
Ratliff in the Fifth district, but the Dem
ocrats arc at work and will elect Money
and Willlamns.
The State Board of registration and
elector, consisting of Governor Stone,
Attorney General Miller and Secretary of
State |Govan met Tuesday to appoint
three election commissioners in each of
the seventy five counties of Hie State.
Weaver’s War Record.
v, i
The Pulaski, Term., Democrat pub
lishes the following leaf from Weav
er’s war record, and The Echo is
of the belief that it will have some
effect upon the Weaverites in Han
cock and all other counties:
Gen. Weaver, while in command
at Pulaski, in January, 1864, issued
an order to Chas. C. Abanathy, Jno.
11. Newhill, Robert Rhodes and oth
ers that they pay into his hands
81,000 for the maintainance of refu
gees, (meaning negroes and rene
gades from Alabama.) This order
was accompanied by a threat that if
the money was not paid they and,
their families would be sent South
and their property given to said re
fugees. All of these parties are dead
now, and were,, over 6Q years old
when that cjxier was issued, Can
any man vole for such heartless
wretch ?-
A man by the name of C. W Wilt
sold Mr. Jasper Cox, a very poor
man. two thousand pounds of bacon,
for which he received the cash. Mr.
Cox took the bacon to th.§. cotton’
mills of Lawrepce couaty ad traded
it for cotton twist. This he careful
ly stored away in the loft of the ht'le
cabin, thinking it wonjd assist himi
in purchasing a little home after the'
war, as be was very poor with a large
family, and had no home. Weaver
learned through some source that
this gentleman had the twist, and
sent a detachment of soldiers to his
home and took possession of it, and
shipped it to lowa for his own use.
The cotton twist was worth at the
time it was stolens2,GOO.
Jasper Cox is living in Gibson
Jokn F. Williams a poor but high
ly respected farmer in Giles county,
had twenty-five fat hogs, which at
that time were worth $lO per hun
dred, gross, and a lot of turkeys
Weaver, in person, took a file of sol
diers into Williams’ place and made
the soldiers shoot every hog on the
place and had them brought Into
’camp. When Williams asked for a
voucher. Weaver said : “I don’t give
rebels in the South vouchers, would
rather furnish rope to hang every
and in one.” Mr. Williams is still
living and will swear to the above if
necessary. * * *
Weaver made it a practice to charge
our citizens lOceots each for passes
to come into ami go out of the feder
al Unas. This money he put into
tis own pockets. This pass read as
“Pass the bearer through the Fed
eral lines. J. B, Weaver, Com’Jcr.
It was ordered by the Chancery court
of Hancock county, Mississippi, at the
July term, A. D., 1892, thereof that the
Sea Coast Echo, a public newspaper
printed and published in sakl county,
shall from and after the first day of Nov
ember, 1892, be one of the official journals
of said court, and that notice of said se
lection be published in said newspaper
from now until the date aforesaid-
By order of Chancery court, Hancock
county, Miss. E. H. Hoffmann, Clerk
Bay St. Louis, Miss., Aug. 3, 1892.
Bay St. Louis, • • Mia*.
agent for the
J. Llndley Nursery
Is now making a canvass of Hancock
county and taking orders lor Fruit Trees,
Flowers, Shrubbery, Shade Trees, etc.
P t'n u iim try !■< i:c 11 v( sll 11 * i e
of the best in the country, gand the tres
arc all well adapted to thisclimate. Save
your orders for him.
Millinery and Shoes,
Gents, Ladies and Misses
Cor. Washington and Front Sir eel
Administrator’s Notice.
Whereas letters of administra
tion witn the will annexed on the estate
of Gregorio Payro, deceased, were grant
ed to the undersigned by the Honorable
Chancery court, of Hancock county, Mis
sissippi, on the 19th day of August, 1890.
Now all persons having claims against
said estate, will present them and have
the same allowed and registered, within
the time allowed by law or the same will
be forever barred,
Ms. C. Blanciiin, Administratrix,
Bay St. Louis, Miss., July, IC, 1892.
At the Bay St. Louis Brick Yard
visiting MOBILE, and dcsiri: g
First-class Lodging
Foot of Government Street, opposite
Louisville & Nashville R. K. Depot.
A the Bar! will be found the Choices
Wittes, Liquors, Cigars, Tobacco, &c.
Dental Office.
W. E. WALKER, D. D. S.,
■ ■■'■■■ •
Main Office: Nest to Post Office, Bay St
Louis, Miss. Office honrs—From Ba. m.
to 5 p.m. Pass Christian, Monday and
Friday. Office: Opposite Mexican Gulf,
Estimates made and Contracts taken
All work entrusted to my care will re
ceiveproiupt and careful attention.
Physician & Surgeon,
Hours—From 8 to 10 a.J m
and 2t03 p. m Office Imvrsat de Mon
tluzin9 I Phurmacrv—From 1 to4r>. m.
Contractor and Builder,
Lay St. Louis, - • Miss.
Contracts taken for and sma
obs. Estimates furnished.
I). U. SUM.,
Practices in all Sea Coast counties.
On kick ; Union near llan ;ock streets.
Counsellor & Atty at Law
Will practice in Jail Courts in Sea
Coas counties. Including' Federal Court
also in Supreme court at Jackson, Missy*
Has a complete Line of
Shoes* Hats, Caps and Umbrellas
Dry Goods, Fancy Goods, lotions,
Grouts Fumlsltlng Groodls,
House Furnishng Goods. -
Everything in this line will be sold at and lower than New Orleans Prices. The
patronage of ail is respectfully solicited.
Remember the PIONEER of Low Prices,
GASTON A. LEVY. Cor. Main and Front Sts.
I Citizens.
Eat the Malt made Yeast Bread Di
N. 0. Brewing Association,
• o
Gulf Coast Ice & Manufacturing^.,
Bay St. Louis) Mlsa
This commodious and elegantly refitted hotel is delightfully situated on the verge
of the Mexic waters, and affords the most comfortable rooms with an uusurp as.-u
able. Splendid drives, boating, Ashing, bathing, etc. Families and commercial
turists will find it to their advantage to apply to MRS. A. ALLEN,
Propkuctiwss, Bay St. Louis, Miss.
o TjN very body takes THF ECHO because H is the cheapest and
o §l. one of Uuj best papers on W*e Miss ssippi Gulf coast. It
0 having the largest circulation in Bay St. Louis and circu
° lating largely in the counties of Hancock, Harrison and Jacksou
0 makes a splendid advertising medium. The ECHO'S
1 =Job Printings
.° department is perfect in every way, it be new and modern wo
0 can turnout work in the latest style and at New Orleans prices.
0 Work through the county solicited. We have the only job print
-0 inti office in the county. Address Chas. G. Moreau,
o Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Head of Union Street.
Artistic Photographing.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
a.~ a KKDKri. ESTABLISHED 1870. J. M. qeuue.
A. Cerdes & Bro.,
Sail Makers & Dealers in Cotton Dock,
Galvanized Iron and Brass Ship and Yacht Hardware and Fixtures, o'Tßnt*-
ber and Leather Clothing. Copper Pain of all Brands, Nautical Instruments and
hooks, Shipßcll Clocks. Oyster Tongues, Anchor chains, Windlasses, Etc
30$ and 307 Julia Street, New Orleans,
1 1 " 1 ®8101 1*
. Oranges. Bananas, Dried Fruit, Peanuts. Coooamits, Potatoes
APPK ' B ,mi r bc, Krout, Pickles, lags’Feet. Vinegar, Butte.;
° neesc.Sausugn, Beaus. Peas. Eggs J crackers. Cakes. Candy,
Paper Bags, Paper, Etc.
No. 36 Povdm 8t NflwOpleans, La.
Represented by C. Ai. Bibucc.
330 ols.'j an eneral Stationary
■’ O.hui Mrrni.ij Papers can be had immediately after the a
the Morning Mail Train.

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