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CHAo. G. MOREAU, Editor & Publisher.
LAY ST. LOUIS, MISS., NOV. 26, 1692.
■■ii. Ii i ■
f , G. O. P.—Get out promptly.
Will there be enough offices to go
c und?
After the victory rooster came the
'i anksgiving turkey.
Municipal elections will be held in
Ocean Springs on December 13th.
The Pass Christian Beacon wants
- 'U, A. M. Dahlgren to be the next
Texas elects Hogg for Governor,
tr and the people of Georgia have sent
con and Ham to the Legislature.
The vote for Congressmandn this
strict was as follows: Stockdale,
4010: Jackson 1054. Stockdale’s
majority, 3556.
In case it has not already been
thought of, The Echo begs to sug
gest to the World’s Fair board that
experts be sent to lasso the comet
•for exhibition.
A cotton combine has been form
ed at Memphis by the Farmers’ Al
liance and the Industrial Union. It
proposes to control the cotton busi
ness of the South.
On the 10th of December will be
the 75th anniversary of the admis
sion of Mississippi into the Union.
This should be celebrated in a fitting
and becoming manner.
Hon. Jas. H. Neville has written
to a Meridian paper, stating that he
s not a candidate for the vacancy to
be caused by the retirement of Hon.
T. M. Miller, Attorney General.
Ocean Springs Leader issued
its initial number last week, and
takes the place of the late paper of
that town. [May the people of Ocean
Springs lead it by their liberal sup
port to prosperity.!
Hon. T. M. Miller, Attorney Gen
eral, has decided positively to retire
from office at the close of this term of
the court, which will be
early in January. The aspirants for
the vacancy are numerous and there
is no idea yet entertained as to who’ll
get the appointment.
Judge S. H Teirall opened the
regular . ovember term of the Har
rison coi.nty circuit court Monday.
.District Attorney J. H. Neville was
present. The grand jury was sworn
in with Hon. C. M. Bhodes, of Pass
Christian, as foreman. Court will
probably adjourn to-day.
The sprightly Free Press, of Pop
larville, ranks prominent among
most welcome State exchanges that
paper and has a newsy editorial page.
Bro. Bussell certainly russels about,
and we wonder how would Poplar
ville grow popular without its Press?
► On Friday last a big brake occur
red in the striker’s ranks, when some
250 men applied for positions at the
Homestead mills in Pennsylvania.
Most of them were assigned to work.
The laborers have declared the strike
off, but the amalgamated men pro
pose to continue the fight for the re
cognition of the association.
An expert malhemetician has been
figuring on foot-hall, which is ap
parently becom ng?the [principal stu
dy at our collleges. He says the
energy displayed in the average
game if applied to the plow would
“break up twenty acres of the heav
iest soil known in this country.” No
time should be lost in sending this
information to the fathers of those
young gentlemen.
A bill has been introduced in the
Alabama legislature which is likely
to wipe out the colored vote in that
State or at least the greater portion
of it. The bill provided that persons
whose State and county taxes do not
amount to more than $5 will not be
required to pay them if they failed
to vote at*the August and November
elections. The general impresrion is
that the negroes, in order to save the
$5, will gladly stay away from the
polls and spend the money for sar
dines and circus tickets.
The National Farmers’ Alliance
and Industrial Union adjourned their
meeting in Memphis on Friday last
a nd is split from top to bottom. Th e
bolt of the Macuue faction has taken
almost the entire Southern delega
tion out of the body. At the session
of Friday morning Loucks, of South
Dakota, was re-elected President;
Marion Butler, of N. Carolina, vice-
Prcsident; Ben Terrell, of Texas, re
coider; L. K. Taylor, Nashville,
secretary; L. Leonhard, Missouii.
Mcrtm.Page, Virginia, J. E. Deans,
of New York, H, C. Demmmg, Penn
sylvania, members of the Executive
No opposition to Loucks for the
Presidency existed, as the Macune
wing withdrew. On Friday night
the friends of Mr. Macune drew up a
protest declaring that he had been
most unfairly treated and stating
that if such action was not rebuked
by the convention it would result in
the withdrawal of nearly every South
ern State |from the Alliance. Near
ly every Southern delegate signed the
protest.. The Populites refused to
spread the protest upon the minutes
and the convention adjourned sine
die in the midst of a great tumult.
The Manufacturer’s Record hits
the nail on the bead when it says the
poor man can make his money go
further in the South than in any
other section of this country. A
man of moderate means can find bet
ter opportunities in the Sou.h for en
gaging in businessman in any other
part of the country, A manufacturer
with limited capital can find better
sites, can buy his raw material cheap
er and'can make larger profits from
his business in the South than else
where in the United States. A man
who can command large amounts of
capital can find in the South oppor
tunities for investments that will pay
him larger Aturns than any other op
portunities that the world can offer.
The poor man must be industrious,
the man of moderate means
must be a master of bis trade, and
the capitalists must have good judge
ment and use it.
. The Lumbeuon Head Block comes
out with twentj-four land notices.
Knocking at the doo.s of Congress
for admission to the sisterhood of
Slates are Arizona, New Mexico. Ok
homa and Utah.
Presidefct-clect Grover Cleveland
has been invited to attend the Nica
ragua canal convention to assemble
in New Orleans on the 30th, instant.
The first World's Fair souvenir
coin was in Philadelphia on
the 19th, and was purchased by the
Bemington Typewriter company for
The Board of Supei visors of Wilk
inson county have entered into a con
tract with a Northern company tor
the construction of anew jail at
The new Code will soon have the
effect of depopulating the State.
Several large liquor dealers and other
business men have moved with their,
families to Louisiana. j
The canning factory at Bay St
Louis is doing a thriving business.
—ferry, (Miss.,) Headlight.'] Yes,
the canning factory is doing a thriving
business, and is greatly benefiiting
the town. The only difficulty is that
over 100 bands more are wanted.
The activity of the Civil , Service
Commission in behalf of Republican
federal office holders is just a little
out of place this tine. Still, if it re
sults in sufficiently opening the eyes
of the Democrats of the Fifty-third
Congress to cause them to quietly
fail to make one-appropriation, ail
will be forgiven.
A Jackson paper furnishes the fol
lowing piece of information: Ttife
Third party people attending the
National Alliance, at Memphis, or
ganized anew secret political order
known as the Industrial Legion. Its
founders are prominent leaders of
the seveu great industrial organiza
tions composing the People’s party,
with the foremost People’s party
leaders. Taubeneck is head of the
concern, and Burkitt is his first as
sistant. What next?
Natchez wants the Postal telegraph.
Biloxi’s pottery Is fast prospering.
Mr. Blaine is going to write another
John Wahamakei’s life is insured for
Eupo a is the biggest chicken market
in mis Sta.e.
The country has gone Democratic and
cotton is insi going up.' '
A woman edits the labor news depai’i
ment of the N. O. Item.
The Ocean Springs (be company has
received a fine new engine.
The Noilli Mississippi Conference meets
at Coil nib on the 30i i.
Miilsaps (Jackson) college libiaiy has
opened witn 2 OCO volumes.
The New Orleans Picayune now oper
ates lype-seitiog machines.
Pike county’s superintendent of educa
tion icccives S6O per mon.fa.
The Athletic ‘Association has been oi
ganized with a capital of $50,000.
President Harrison has over 6,000 wo
men employed as postmistresses.
A Maryland man died from joy when he
learned of the Demociatlc vic.oiy.
The Democrats should stop counting.
We certainly do not want the earth.
A wagon load of water melons was of
fered fur sale in Jackson on the lOtn.
The rainmakers are out again. They
are experimenting at San Antonia, Texas.
An extra session of Congress is being
talked about. Tax Echo approves ,o it,
Meridian hag 2,300 church members and
only 13 of them signed a liquor pe>ltiuu.
Few people [gave thanks on Thursday
for the gifts of our Legislature this year.
The combined debts of all the nations
in the world amount to over $80,000,060,-
The Australian ballot was tried dutiug
the recent election and —not found want*
Enterplse is to have a cotton knittiug
mill to be in operation by February Ist,
Keep yonr eye on Bay St. Louis. Its
growth and prosperity will yet suiprisc
A half cent piece was the smallest piece
of money ever coined In the /United
T.ie Democratic majoiUy m Mississip
pi was
polled. -
There are eight newspapeis ou the
Mississippi Gall coast. Thuie were only
four In ’9l.
The big spoke aud wheel froioty lecen.-
ly established at Meridian was biuued on
Thj.sday week.
M.s. Lease IS now a candidate for Seu
iUOi ..on Kansas. TiiL- is nothing more
tuan we txp-eted.|
One molding aui. ? oofe evening uewsp -
per in Chicago will punt Ingmar editions
at the World’s fa i.
A bill has been introduced in the Ala
bama Legisla.ure to abolish the lailruad
commission in ..hat Su>.c.
Thu Indiana Affiance has passed a reso
lution demanding the sup.essiou of the
liquor tmftic- in that State.
It is feared the germs of choleia will be
canied into Chicago within Germany’s
exhibits in the World’s Fait.
A clean sweepi That is what Grover
Cleveland will give the county afcci the
4th of Maicb. No mugwumps need ap
ply, neither.
J usilce Lamar has been overcomed by
poor health again, and it is cousidcied
that his days of service on the supreme
bench are about over.
Cleveland beat Hanlson this time in
the North. Should the vote of eveiy
Southern State be thrown out be would
still have the majority.
/All that a land owner has to do to post
his land and keep off hunters, is to nail
op a board with the word “posted” on P,
according to the new Code.
Pass Christian is getting a heap of city
airs of late. The pietty little lown is
fast progressing a id bids fair for the en
joyment of a bright future.
Geese, Turkeys and eggs will soon be
in active demand, so it would be well for
the prudent housewife to lookout for her
Christmas supply In good time.
Politics should have been kept out of
the Alliance. The purposes of the organ
ization are too high and of too noble
a character to be mingled with politics.
The war cloud is appearing on the Eu
ropean horizon. The Baltic States are
laying in great quantities of military sup
plies, and a war-like demonstration is ex
pected. t !
The Memphis Appeal-Avalanche is ral ,j
ing a Christmas fund to make glad the
hearts of the poor children of Memphis,
when the season for rejoicing shall ar
The board of supervisors of Wilkinson
county have prohibited partridge trapping
for 8 years and ordered that no wild tur
deys shall be shot for two years or deer
for three years.
A letter written In Fairbury, Ills., in
May, 1887, reached Its destination in
Galeburg, Ills., last Saturday. It is not j
known nor Is it scarcely imaginable where I
this letter has been for the intervening 5
The Solid South.
The solid South, without arrogance
or the least assumption, takes much
credit to herself for the part' she has
borne under difficulties, temptations
and pressure such as no people cn
( ured politically.
- The solid South has been the ark
that has preserved the liberties of
constitutional government and kept
pureaud undeifiled the principles of
Democracy, s’audiug as a bulwark
against rallers of centralism auft ar
bitrary Federal power, resisting all
effoi ts to overcome them by machi
nations of the boodle pdwer, the
temptation of rewards to be ranted
or the ponderous attacks of the ad
The South in a word, has been
the guard of Democracy, aiound
which have gathered the scattered
forces of the cld victorious party,
and now by her endurance, her pa
tience, and her invincible integrity,
after years of waiting, has conquei
ed a victoiy —Democrat.
Foui teen goats that Marshal Geo.
Tardy found running at large inside
the city limits were sold ou the loth
to pay costs, Mr. tfni. Seymonre
being the purchaser. The price paid
was 2octs per head.—Ocean Spiiogs
The orange crop in this section
and throughout the Gulf coast coun
try was bountiful this year. The
ciop was never known to yield so
largely, and as a consequence the
maiket is flooded with the f.uit and
command no sale. The pecan crop
of this lovely and fertile Gulf coast
country has proved better than the
previous yield. The pecan is com
manding the higbtest value and
growers of the nut experience no in
convenience in readily disposing of
ciops. Come, one and all, to the
Mississippi Gulf coast and put
your land in cultivation by planting
pecau trees. The flg is giving fan
promises along the coast now.
Mr*. E. O’FUUon
of Plqaa, 0., idyl the Phy
elclane are Astonished,
and look at her like one . ..
Raised fromjhe Dead
Long and Terrible Illness
from Blood Poisoning
Completely Cured by Hood'd
Mrs. Mary E. O’Fallon, a very Intelligent
lady of Fiqua, (Milo, was poisoned while as
sisting physicians at an autopsy 6 years ago,
and soon terrible ulcere broke out on her
head, arms, tongue and throat. Her hair all
came out. She weighed but 78 lbs., and saw
no prospect of help. At last she began to
take Hood’s Sarsaparilla and at once bn*
proved; could soon get out of bed and walk;
She says; " I became perfectly cured by
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
and am now a well woman. I weigh 128 lbs.,
eat well and do the work for a large family.
My case seems a wonderful recovery and
physicians look at me in astonishment, as
almost like owe raised (ran she dead."
HOOO'S PILLS ehonld be in every family
medicine chest. Once used, always preferred.
It on win b y the ODELL TYPE
with 78 characters,
and sl6 for the SINGLE CASE ODELL,
wauantedto do better work than any
machine made.
It combines simplicity, durability,
speed, ease of operation, wears longer
without cost of repairs than any other
machine. Has no ink ribbon to bother
the operator. It is neat, substantial,
nickle-plated, perfect, and adapted to all
kinds of typewriting. Like a printing
press, it produces sharp, clean, legible
manuscripts. Two or ten copies can be
made nt one writing. Any intelligent
person can become an operator in two
days. We offer SI ,OOO to any operator
who can equal the work of the DOUBLE
Reliable agents and salesmen wanted.
Special Inducement to dealers.
For pamphlet giving indorsement, etc.,
358-64 Dearborn St., Chicago, ill.
Practices in all Sea Coast comities.
Okfice: Union near Hancock streets.
Buildings, and fall faculty of College and University graduates. First-class board
and accommodations. Charges moderate Superintendent, his family, and profes
sors live in the bhlldlngs Help and attention at all times. Best n Irn methods of
teachldg. Send for a catalogue to
J. T. MURFEE, Supt., Marion, Ala.
A, D. PEIBCfc,
Contractor and Builder,
j-ay St. Louis, - - Miss,
Coot.acts taken for large and small
jobs. Estimdcs furnished.
Dental Office.
W. E. WALKER, D. D. S.,
Main Office: Next to Post Office, Bay St
Louis, Miss. Office hours—From Ba. m.
to 6p.m. Pass Christian, Monday and
Fiiday. Office: Opposite Mexican Gulf
Female College,
One of America’s best health Bksorts
Most invigoiatiug climate on our conti
nent. No fatal esse of sickness during
present administration of 18 years.
Buildings commodious and well furnish
ed. Grounds spacious and beautiful.
Full college courses in all depaitmeuts.
Music department unequaled. 128 music
pupils In uu enrollment of 159. Next
teim opeus Sept. 16th. Send for cata
logue. B, E. ATKINS, A. M. Prest.,
Asheville, N. C.
Near Charlottesville, Va.
Is beautifully situated on the eminence
opposiie Mopticello. 'Puiest ait, bestsa
uiuy ai langciueiils. Thoroughly equip
ped. Full staff of teachers. 1. nf'iv home
influences. Number limited to AKy. Opens
Sept. 15. Send for catalogue.
JOHN R. SAMPSON, A. M. ; Principal.
Mrs. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart, Principal.
The Fall Session opens Sept 15, 1892.
Best advantages in eyet v departme. t,
wub everv homo. coinfoU and inimitable
care. For full paiiictUais sto terms,
etc., apply t,o the Pm.cipal.
—-T— — -i ■■
Male and Female* College,
Kloacliio, La.
Next session opens Sept. 6, 1892. Flev
cn schools of instruction. Full faculty.
Thorough work. Strict Dlslplinc. For
catalogue. Addtess
Rev. C. W. Tomkiks, President,
Port Gibson, Miss.
W. C. GUTHRIE, A. 8., Principal.
A Boarding School for Bojb.
Rates extremely low owing to endow
ment. Healthful location in the “bill
country,” on L. N. O. & T. railway.
Buildings adequate. Methods of instruc
tion the most approved. Home influ
euces. Catalogues on application. Ad
dress Secretary C.-H. Academy, Poit
Gibson, Miss.
Union Female College.
Next session begins September 7th.
Pleasant and healthful location, Superior
advantages in Literary. Music, Art and
Elocution Departments. Thoroughly
competent and progressive teachers. A
pleasant college home. Pupils may enter
any time during the session.
H. N. ROBERTLON, A. M., Pros.,
Oxford, Miss.
E. W. Morrill,
Insurant Agency
Representing the strongest and most
liberal companies In the world.
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance
Cos., of England.
Royal Ins. Cos., Liverpool, Eng.
Phoenix Ins Cos., Brooklyn, N Y,
Pheonlx Assurance Cos., London, Eng.
Hartford Fire Ins Cos., Hartford, Conn.
Mechanics’ & Traders’ Ins Cos. N. 0., La.
Umted Uddenvritera Ins Cos., Atlanta, Ga,
N 0 Ins Association, New Orleans.
St. Paul German Ins Cos., St. Paul, Minn,
Losses are paid cash without df scouu*
and without waiting the usual 60 days
Per]) ramond,
Estimates made and Contracts taken
All work entrusted to my care will re
eolvepromp land careful,attention.
Physician & Surgeon,
Office' Hours— Froifi (T to 10 s. m,
and 2toßp, m. Office boursat de Mou
tluzins Pharmacrv—From Ifolp.’m.
Synodical Female College
Incorporated 1865. -t
Formerly State Superintendent ol Educa
tion lor Mississippi; late ol South
western Presbyterian University.
Course* To cover all branches of
higher female education.
Location* Noted for health and fine
climate. .
Buildings* To be enlarged and tbor
ougbly renovated before opening.
Religious and Social Influences. Kx
ceptionallv good. Terms. Moderate.
Florence, Ala.
Memphis Conference
Female Institute*
The 49ih year of this popular school
opens September 6th, 1892, fully equipped
to give thorough training in literary
courses and special branches. > Full Com
mercial Comse. Location healthy. Build
ings improved. Grounds oeaitUfled., An
attractive home. Send for catalogue.
A. W., Jones, President.
v %
Formal | School |
Next Annusi Term be ins Monday Sept 5.
■ U\*
Course of Study: Commercial Teach
ers’, Suiyeyovs’. i’repaioiy'. l ' Initiatory,
Idegiapb.y, introductory SUifcitiflc, Com
plete Scientific, Classic,' iMlislic and A.t.
1C" lenses per month: Bhatd fc7.00. Tui
tion V'-'O iO £O. 00. ■
Adva\taoks: Successful pvestige, in
cieased luciliiies, logical curriculum,
specul qor i.seq. The school is thorough
ly Not mat, turn its both is nonsec-
Uuli’Oy ttuil teaches tbe new education*
Eu-ioia, a town of woudciful enterprise
aud growth, lathe metropolis of Webster
county, and has seven months of free
FACULTY: D. Harmon, A. B. Princi
pal, L. E. Patterson, B. S., Miss Susie
Jaimon. E. 8. Mrs. J. F. ClrowoU,
Miss Minnie Uunstan.
Address the Prluclpnl, Eupora, Miss,
Thursday, September 15, 1892-
All departments of the University are
In excellent condition for the most ef
fective work.
The plan of study is so arranged so as
allow all desirable options in selecting a
course of study for the Bachelor’s Degree,
or in the planning of work for the post
graduate degree of M. A., or Ph. D.
The grade of scholarship is being con
tinually advanced. The departments are
in charged of competent, earnest and pro
gresslve men. Large and valuable a<ldi
tious have been made recently to the ma
terial equipment of the institution in the
scientific and law departments. The li
brary affords splendid facilities for study
and investigation. The faculty of instrucj
tlon numbers 21. No tuition fees charged,
excepting a fee of 50 to law sthdents.
Other fees and expenses are moderate.
No mstitutfon claims a better record than
this for the orderly deportment of its stu
dents durirg the session just closed.
Send for catalogue and special an
nouncement to
University P. 0., Miss,
Express office, Oxford.
Ouveats, asd Tra and c-Ma rkSobtJlned^andtinSu'
cut business Conducted for Moderate pkci.
Our Office is Opposite U. 8. Patent Office
and we can secure palest in leas timo taso thoas
remote Irom Washington.
Send model, drawing or photo., wfth descrip
tion. We advise, U patentable or not, free off
charge. Our lee not due till patent la secured/!
A Pamphlet, “How to Obtain Patent*,'’ with'
cost of same in the U. 8. and foreig a countries
sent free, Address,
C A.ST'Snw*CO.
PAT! NT . WASHWC/Tdtt. D C. |

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