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Ihi £ra (MO.
w . lu may. chas. g. Moreau.
May & Moreau, Props.,
CHAS. G. MOREAU, Editor & Publisher.
Official organ of Hancock County Farm
ers’ Alliance.
An official organ of Hancock county Chan
cery Court, Mississippi.
BAY ST. LOUIS, MISS., SEPT. 9, 18f3.
\ Cholera has been epidemic in the
port of Grimsby, England, for nearly
a month.
Here is a hint for our lady readers:
“Pet dogs are now dyed to harmonize
with the prevailing tint of Iheif
mistress’ boudoir.”
It is pleasing to note that the
foundries and mills of the country
are resuming operations and others
Increasing their force.
It is very gratifying news that the
differences between the L. & N.
railway system and its employes
have been satisfactorily settled, and
thus the danger of a strike passed
■ i ■<! i
On pine lands, or where the soil is
too sandy to give a good catch of
red clover, Japan clover will often
prove successful. Don’t give up
having a clover field of some sort
until you have tried every variety.
For want of rain the cotton
planters of Austin, Texas, declare
that it will take six acres to make a
bale, so great Las been the damage.
The prevailing price there was six
and a half cents for middling on last
There is to be on the 16th of this
month another wild rush for homes
when the Cherokee strip is opened
for settlement. It is feared there
will be some from Mississippi who
will leave better lands and better
homes than they will ever find there.
The Democracy of Tallahatchie
county has held a mass meeting and
adopted a set of resolutions request
ing the resignation of Hon. R. R.
Buntin as a member of the legislature
from that county because he joined
the Third party.
Are you going to the World’s
Fair? No man, woman or child of
understanding should miss the great
est achievement of our American his
tory. You will never regret the little
money spent and the time consumed-.
Go by the L, & N. route or ’direct
from New Orleans by the I. C, route.
Mr. J. C. Riette. of Jackson, Miss.,
of the 10th Mississippi Regiment,
proposes to publish the military
annals of Mississippi, from official
and original sources. He is now
gathering material for his volume
and calls on Confederate captains to
furnish him with the necessary rec
ords and rosters of their several
The democrats of Wilkinson county
have nominated Hon. J. A. Redhead
for representative. Mr. Redhead
left a day or so after he was nomi
nated for Chicago, and as president
of the Southwest Mississippi Immi
gration Society, will do what he can
to induce settlers to come from the
great north and west to south
Mississippi. V
*r=s=ssxsm if
Every cloud has a silver lining.
;4&ne of the silver linings to the finan
cial cloud that has overspread the
country is found in the fact that a
large per cent, of the worthless
immigrants brought here by manu
facturers have been starved out and
are going back acioss the waters by
the thousands. Let them go and as
many more as can be induced to
leave. The protected manufacturers
are realizing that they have lost their
grip on the government..
The Echo has received the address
by Mr. JSd Baxter delivered before
the representatives of the Brother
hood of Locomotive Engineers of the
Louisville and Nashville company at
Nashville, Tenn., August 25, 1893,
relative to the reduction of 10 per
cent, made by the company. The
address is of manly and heroic senti
ments. In well-founded words he
advised his associates to accept the
reduction for the present and to
practice judicious economy.
ihe people of this country were a
few weeks ago crying for our national
Congress to come together in session
and apply a remedy as early as pos®
sible to the prevailing stringency of
money. The country is flooded with
good money, but unfortunately gen
eral confidence is lost and vaults, old
stockings and mattresses are taxed
to their utmost. The monied kind
arc holding their own, sevenng*circu
Cojgress is now in session ostensi
bly for the purpose of restoring pub
lic confidence in our country’s
financial integrity ; but to many it is
evident that they are only killing
time. The east is crying for gold,
the west is Ci-ying for silver, but the
laboring man and his family arc cry
ing for bread. Which shall it be?
The condition of our country as it
relates to her finances is not a ques
tion of politics but of bread and
meat. Shall the poor man subsist or
shall he perish? Will ho bo forced
to steal and be imprisoned and leave
his family to starve, or will he be
permitted to labor honestly and sup
port them ?
These are important questions.
We rise with one of our contempo
raries to ask:
“Have all our statesmen gone to
seed? Have we no Alexander Harn
iltous? Cannot somebody rise above
party and personal aggrandisement
and do the country a service?”
It is lime for further and definite
action to prevent the unseen and
irresistible forces from hurling this
country headlong to a woeful termi
The Echo hopes things will lake
a sudden change and relieve the
stringency’of money.
Lynch law, as the terra is common
ly used, means the punishment of
alleged offenses by private and un
authorized persons without a Inal
according to forms of law. The
origin of this law is traced to several
sources. One story is that a farmer
in Virginia named Lynch caught a
thief, of delivering him
up to justice, tied him to a tree and
flogged him with his own hands.
Another is that in 1687 a man named
Lynch was sent to the Colonies to
suppress piracy. The laws were so
carelessly administered in the new
country that it is thought that Judge
Lynch was empowered to deal in a
summary way with the pirates, and
thus gave rise to the name. The
source, however, has been traced to
an earlier date. In Ireland, in
1493, —so the story runs—James
Fitzstephcns Lynch was mayor and
warden of Galway, Being engaged
in trade with Spain he sent his son
there to buy a cargo of wine. The
young man spent the money in
trusted to him for this purpose, but
succeeded in buying the cargo on
credit. The Spaniard from whom
he bought sent his nephew with
Lynch on his return voyage to
Ireland, where the money was to be
paid. In order to conceal his defal
cation young Lynch had the Spaniard
thrown overboard. When he reached
home he was received with honor.
A sailor, however, upon his deathbed
told the mayor of his son’s crime.
The young man was tried before his
father, convicted and sentenced to
be hanged. His family and others
tried to prevent the execution, but
the father, seeing that the sentence
could not be carried out in the usual
way, took his son up a winding
stairway to a window overlooking
the public street, with his own hands
fastened the halter attached to his
neck to a staple in the wall and
acted as executioner. The council
books of Galway are said to contain
this record: “James Lynch, mayor
of Galway, hanged his own son out
of the window for defrauding and
killing strangers, without martial or
common law, to show a good example
to posterity,”
On the authority of Mr. Milsaps,
banker, of Jackson, Miss., the state,
county and municipal bonds of Mis
sissippi are more sought for than
United State® bonds.
The soundest sleeper we read
of lately is John Johnson, aged 88,
who walked off a train going forty
miles an hour in his sleep and did
not wake up; we mean he was un
hurt, and when aroused was surprised
at what he had dene.
A New Paper.
There is to be another paper on tne
Mississippi gulf coast. “The Gulf
Coast News Publishing Company”
has been organized at Pass Christian
and in two or three weeks “The News”
will be launched upon the public, in
connection with a fine job printing
department. Mr. W. L. May, one
of the chief representatives of the
company, purchased the artistic and
complete outfit in Chicago last week,
and from a view of the material we
judge it will be one of the finest
sheets on the coast. The paper will
be purely Democratic both in local
and national affairs, and will be
edited and managed by gentlemen
w'ho are Democrats both in heart and
actions. We wish the new venture
success, and trust the people will
appreciate and know a good thing
when (hey see one.
Mail System in Olden Times.
Less than fifty years ago there
was really no postal svstem in this
country. Previous to 1847 the mails
were carried by private firms and
rates varied according to distance.
Carriers often traveled on foot or
horseback and th p progress was slow.
In 1846 some of the postotflees is
sued stamps of their own, called pro
visional issues. The adhesive stamp
was first used in this countiy in ’47,
and the prepayment was made com
pulsory in 1856. In 1863 the stamp
containing the head of Andrew Jack
son was issued, and from then until
1885 the st} le adopted containing the
profiles of presidents of the United
Plenty ol Money.
We hear it said every day that the
hard times.'arc not due to the scarcity
of money, that the banks arc loaded
down with it, etc. That’s just what’s
the matter. The banks, the safety
depositj vaults, the old socks and
tin cans are all full of money, but
you can’t get it, and what good is it
doing? We are in the middle of the
ocean and no water to drink. It can
not be for a lack of confidence in the
banks or the government, that money
is hoarded, or else the bond holders
would “cash up” with the Federal
treasury, and the depositors in the
banks would withdraw their cash.
By common consent Congress is sup
posed to be the family physician,
and first thing for him to do is to
diagnose the case and then apply the
remedy. We are ready for the me
Intelligence from Racine, Wis.,
dated the 4th, says: “Anarchistic
posters have been found tacked on
the dead walls about the city for the
last few days. Nearly 3,000 men
are out of employment and several
labor meetings have been addressed
by Robert Schilling, of Milwaukee.
The posters woie headed “Words
from God,” and told the starving
working folks “to dump the million
aire mayor, Jackson I. Case, into the
lake with the rest of the millionaires,”
and “take their money and buy
bread.” Mayor Case has received
several in his mail.
Every leading newspaper in the
country, says the Memphis Commer
cial, is expressing satisfaction
because of the failure of disreputable
tramps and anarchists to lead unem
ployed American workmen into riots
and other acts of violence. The
workmen of this country cannot be
led by alien agitators who have no
use for or any comprehension of the
institutions of this government.
Anarchy cannot take root in the free
soil of America, and the advocates of
it are beginning to appreciate the
Unless you write or have ’printed
upon your envelopes the number of
days you wish them held, the post
master will hereafter, by a ruling,
hold thirty days instead of ten. As
soon as the contract for printing runs
out you can only have envelopes
printed at your home office, as the
government will stop printing ad
dresses thereon. —Ex.
Since Mr. Cleveland’s message to
Congress has been read not a single
baby in Colorado has been named
Grover or Ruth. In truth times are
so hard out there, with this talk of
silver demonetization, that the baby
industry has fallen off wonderfully.
Even Jlhe more prosperous cannot
afford an increase in the family.—
Greenville Democrat.
The people of the United States
never to the same extent as now
realized Jefferson’s remark that
banks were more dangerous than
Standing armies
stand up and fight, banks break and
the officers run away in many
A Kansas editor announces sarcas
tically that he wants to buy a bag of
flour, a pair of shoes and a straw
hat, and is ready to receive lowest
bids for same. He says that’s the
way the merchants do him when
they want two dollar’s worth of job
The success of MfsT Anuie M. Beam, of
McKeespoit, Pa., in the treatment of
diarrhoea in her children will undoubtedly
bo of interest to many mothers. She
says; “I spent several weeks in Jonstown,
Pa., after the great flood, on account of
my husband being employed there. We
had several children with us, two of
whom took the diarrhoea very badly, I
got some of Chamberlain’s Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy from Rev. Mr.
Chapman. It cured both of them. I
know of several other cases where it was
equally successful. I think it cannot bo
excelled and cheerfully recommend it.”
25 and 50 cent bottles for sale by Thos. L.
Evans, corner Front and Union'streets.
Mr. Harvey Heed
Laceyvlile, O,
Catarrh, Heart Failure, Pa-;
ralysis of the Throat y!
14 1 Thank Ood and Hood’s Barsa~
partita for Perfect Health.”
“ Gentlemen: For the benefit of suffering hu
manity I wish to state a few facts: For several
years I have suffered from catarrh and heart
failure, getting so bad I could not work and
Could Scarcely Walk ■■ ■:.;{
I had a very bad spell of paralysis of the throat
some time ago. My throat seemed closed and
I could not wnlloH, The doctors said it
was caused by heart failure, and gave medicine,
which I took according to directions, but it did
not seem to do me any good. My wife urged
me to try Hood’s Sarsaparilla, telling me of Mr,
Joseph 0. Smith, who had been
At Death’s Door
but was entirely cured by Hood’s Sarsaparilla.
After talking with Mr. Smith, I concluded to
FT Hood’s Sarsaparilla. When I had taken
two bottles I felt very much better. I have
continued taking it, and am now feeling excel
lent. I thank God, and
Hood’s Sarsaparilla
and my wife for my restoration to perfect
health.” Habvby Heed, Laceyvlile, 0. .
HOOD'S PILLS do not purge, pain or gripe,
bat act promptly, eeaily and efficiently. Sfto.
Orders token every evening at custom
ers’ residences. Marketing delivered
at residence. Meat to bo had at all hours
ofthe day.
Front bet. Main and Apothecary Sts.,
The Nervous System the Seat
of Life and Mind. Recent
Wonderful Discoveries.
No mystery has ever compared with that of
human life. It has been the loading subject
of professional research and study In all ages.
But notwithstanding this fact It Is not genor-
ally known
that the seat
//7 / ' ~T/A VV\ of life is loca
/AA ' i I r'y~t£S\ U'd In the up
/lLr . A/" Ay ; ■A\ per part of the
IlKvHl/’ vT HA* 1 apical cord,
) Tr~-~nc\ 1 near the base
(tSN-TV^;UV / of the brain,
n ') ) and so sensl
/ R j tlvo Is this
/ > \¥ilT / portion of the
VoaJ ■ T / nervous sys
t, \ HsjSliv / tem that oven
IQ 1 \ I / the prick of a
/ \ I neealo will
j I I cause Instant
Recent discoveries have demonstrated that
all the organs of the body arc uniter the con
trol of the nerve centers, located in or near
the base of the brain, and (hatwlienthesor.ro
deranged the organs which they supply with
nerve fluid are also deranged. When it Is re
membered that a serious injury to the spina!
cord will cause paralysis of the body below
the Injured point, because the nerve force Is
prevented by the injury from reaching the
paralyzed portion, li; will bo understood bow
the derangement of the nerve centers will
cause the (lei angemcnt of the various organs
which they supply with nerve force.
Two-thirds of chronic diseases are duo to
the Imperfect action of the nerve centers at
the base of the brain, not from a derange
ment primarily originating In the organ it
self. The groat mistake of physicians In
treating those diseases la that they treat the
organ rather than the nerve centers which
are the cause of the trouble.
Dr. Franklin Miles, the celebrated spe
cialist,has profoundly studied this subject for
over 20 years, and has made many Important
discoveries In connection with It. chief among
them being the facts contained In the above
statement, and that t! o ordinary methods of
treatment are wrong. All headache, dlzzl
tHiPs. dullness, contusion, pressure, blues,
maida, melancholy, insanity, epilepsy, St.
Vitus dance, etc... are nervous diseases no
matter how caused. The wonderful success of
Dr. Miles’ Restorative Nervine Is duo to the
fact that ft is based on the foregoing principle.
Dr. Miles’ Restouattvb Nervine is sola by
oil druggists on a positive guarantee, or sent
direct by Dr. Miles Medical 00., Elkhart,
Ind., on receipt of price, SI ter bottle, six
bottles for S5, express prepaid. 1® contains
neither opiates nor dangerous drugs.
a, gkrdes. ESTABLISHED 1870. j. M . gerdes.
A. Cerdes & Bro.,
Sail Makers & Dealers in Cotton Dock,
Galvanized Iron and Brass Ship and Yacht Hardware and Fixtures nil Knh
her and Leather Clothing. Copper Paint of all Brands, Nautical Indumenta and
looks, Ship Bell Clocks, Oyster Tongues, Anchor chains, Windlasses. Etc.
306 and 307 Julia Street, New Orleans
DRUG mu,
Druas, Patent Medicines, Toilet
Soap, Perfumery, and Fancy
Articles, and Stationary
Also Cigars, Tobacco, and a full stock
of Paint, Oil, Turpentine, Brushes, and
everything usually kent in a
Prescriptions accurately and promptly
compounded. “
Bay St- Louis, Mias.
Railßoad Exchange,
Fine Wines Liquors"
Cigars and Tobacco*
Iceficold beerconstantl- on hand.
Bay St. Louis, Miss.
Are; No loud talking, noprofanity.no
indecent expressions will bo allowed, anv
one drunk and violating decency will not
bo permitted to remain in the house.
The rules are quite rigidly enforced and
the penalty for neglect is summarily in
flicted. James Gilmore Fayard,
Physician & Surgeon
Office : Next to Post Office.
Office Hours—From 8 to 10 a, m.
and 2f03 p. in. Olllce hours at de Mon
tluzin’s Pharmacy—From 1 tot p. m
View of the World’s Fair
nScnd two cents in postage to
F. B. Bowes, General North
ern Passenger Agent Illi
nois Central Railroad, 194 Clark street,
Chicago, 111-, for a free copy of a largo,
colored bird’s-eye view of the World’s
Fair and vicinity. It is mounted on
rollers for hanging up, and will ho lound
of value as a souvenir and for reference.
Frederick Carlsson,
Wants the ’people to know that he is
making old furuirnre new. There is no ex
cuseforany one to have broken chairs
around the house when they can be so
easily repaired Mattresses made. Call
mound and examine his work. Shop nest
to the convent.
W. H. YENNi,
Millinery and Shoes,
■ Gents, Ladies and Misses!';
Cor. Washington'and'Front Streets-
Proprietor and Compiler.
Office at Court House.
Also buys, sells and rents real estate
Terms reasonable.
After ney-at-Law.
Practices in all sca'Coast counties.
Oefick: Union near Hancock streets
Contractor and Builder
iay St. Louis, - Miss.
Contracts lar.cn for large ante small
jobs. Estimates furnished.
Ripans Tabules

RIP AIM B TABULES are the beet Medi
cine h news l . for lndlge* Jon, Biliousness,
llcodacuo. <OoxutlpatXon, Byepcpttiu, Chroato
Liver TrouKrEos, Dizziness, Had Complexion,
• Dysentery, 'bifenslvo Breath, and nil dis
orders of the Stomach, Liver and Bowels.
Ripans TolKiico contain nothing injurious to
tho most deJiuMbo constitution. Are pleasant to
take, safe, eH 1 ' jvual, and give immediate relief.
May be ohU&ied by oppUoatloß U scares*
"Many Persons are broken
down from overwork or household cares.
Brown’s Iron Bitters Rebuilds tho
system, aids digestion, removes excess of bile,
and cures malaria. Get the genuine.
ffc;slag atonic, or children who wont buikF
ing up, should take
It is pleasant; cures Malaria, Indigestion,
Biliousness, Liver Complaints and Neuralgia,
Louißville& Nashville R. R.
Limited Express Daily
Pullman Veslibuled Cars
N, O. Ticket office, cor. St. Charles
and Common streets. G. L. Travis,
city ticket agent.
Depot ticket oflßce, foot of Canal
street, A. E. Ladner, depot ticke
tfgcnt. John Kilkenv,
Div. Pass. Agt.
C, p. Atmore, G. P. A., Louis
villc Ky.
No. 1, due 3:80, p. m., daily.
3, “ 6:47, a. m., daily.
“ 5, “ 6:15, p. ni., daily,
“ 7, “ 6:53, a. m., daily, ex. Rue.
No. 2, duo 9:82, p. m., daily.
“ 4, ■' 12:36 a. m., daily.
“ 6, 11 9:42 a. m., daily,
“ 8| “ B-40 p. m., daily, cx. Sun-
JNO. A. GREEN, Local Agt.
Do you wear them? When next In need by a pair.}
Best In the world.
If yon want aline DRFSS SHOE, made In the lateit
styles, don't pay $6 to SB, by my $3, $3.50, $4.00 or
$5 Shoe, They fit equal to custom mado and lock and
wear a* well. If you wish to economize In your footwear,
do to by purchasing W. L. Douglas Shoes. Name and
price stamped on the bottom, look for ItWhen you buy.
W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Moss. Sold by
Wholesale Manufacturers of
Nos. 6,8, Water Street,
Instance igency
Biloxi, Miss.
Representing the strongest and most
liberal companies In the world.
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance
Cos., of England.
Royal Ins. Cos., Liverpool, Eng.
Phoenix Ins Cos., Brooklyn, N Y.
Pheouix Assurance Cos., London, Png
Hartford Eire Ins Cos., Hartford, Conn.
M ecbanics’ & Traders’ Ins Cos. N. 0., La.
Crnifcd UdderwriterslnsCo., Atlanta, Ga.
N O Ins Association, New Orleans.
St. Paul German Ins Cos., St. Paul, Minn.
Losses are paid cash without discount
and without waiting the usual 60 days,
Door, Sash and Blind
And dealers in
Builders' Hardware, Window Glass ,
Putty and Pure Mixed Paints.
F. C. Turner & Cos.,
Corner St. Anthony and Water Streets,
A Reward of SSOO
Will be given for any case of rheumatism
which cannot he cured by Diummoud’s
Lightning Remedy. The proprietors do
not hide this offer, hut jo int it in hold
type on all their circulars, wrappers,
printed matter and through the columns
of newspapers everywhere. It will work
wonders—one bottle curing any ordinary
case. If the druggist has not got it, he
will order it, or it will be sent to any ad
dress by express on receipt of price, to
gether with special instructions for use
moupmond Medicine Cos., 48-50 Maiden.
Lane, New York. Agents wanted.
Counsellor * at Law
Will •

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