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■w.- r..*Mar. ciias. o. moreau.
MAY A MOREAU. Editor* & Proprietors.
framra '.'...j-li .a. —;— ■ J
Entered la the post office at Bay Bt. Louis
as second-class mall matter.
iiAY stTlouis fa liiras r A I. LU NC fT.
Il6T>, meets every first Hal onlay of each
month at Havou'Philip aehbolhonso. H.
I.niicb, president, Samuel vonDrozkow
sky, secretary.
Our La.lv ofthe OnlfCathollc church—
First Mass' every Sunday at 7 o clock, a.
i,,., secomlMnss at 10 o’clock a. m. V cs
imrs every Sunday evening at 4 o clock.
Very Kev. Father 11. Leduc, pastor; Rev.
Father AlnhonseLeittel, assistant pastor.
St Claris Chapel, f Catholic. )~Maa*
every Sunday and holiday of obligations
Mam Street Methodist church—Preach
mg every second rnd fourth Sundays in
each mouth at 11 a. in. Sunday school at
*>;(oa. m. Prayer meeting every WoiH
uesday evening at 7 o’clock. Rev N. U.
Harmon, pastor. _
Christ Episcopal church, Collar Point.
—Services every lirstnud third Sunday of
each month, at 11 a. m. Sunday school
every Sunday at 10 a. m. Rev. Nelson
Avriis. Hector.
A. G. Peiri,
Robert C. Engman,
Richard Mendes,
John B. loor.
George W. Maynard,
Ludwig H. vonGohren,
James Gilmore Fayard.
Peter Ramond,
Ferdinand H Eggloff.
mm , ■■.■■■ ... . ■■ rr-j
City Echoes,
—"Silence is golden."
—Send us your job printing.
--To-day is St. Patrick’s day.
—Sister Lease was not there.
—Vote for A. 0. Peirl lor maycr.
—Vote lor Geo. Maynard for marshal.
—Vote for B. C. Eugman for treasurer.
—Vole for Richard Mcndcs for secreta
• —Crabs are commencing to bite In the
—The Bay is building and forging right
—Vote for Peter Kamond for aldermap
from third ward.
—Vole lor Jno. B. loor lor tax-collec
tor and assessor.
—Judge Deblleux was a visitor to New
Orleans last Sunday.
—Mr. Jno. Lclunil Henderson has gone
on a Tlvit to Arkansas.
Kcv. Father Alphonse spent Wednes
day at Pass Christian.
—Vote for Dr. L. 11, vonGphrcn for al
derman from the first ward.
Vote for James ’Gilmore Fayard lor
alderman from second ward.
—lt is a good thing for some politicians
that We don’t say all we know.
—lt will positively bo Mayor Pclri and
there will be little or no kicking.
—Miss Eda Vlllars, who has many
friends at the Bay, was here Sunday.
—Easter bonnets ami new dresses will
be out in full force next Sunday.
—Vote for Ferdinand EggloH for al
derman from the fourth ward.
—Several big parties and dances are
announced to take place after Lent.
.—Hon, Elliott Henderson was a wel
come visitor here Tuesday morning.
—A good Democrat can get twelve men
to one against a People’s parly man.
—Shame on the man who will recog
nize his name on that Popuute ticket.
—The chances of the Democratic nomi
nees arc certain and not to be discussed.
—Mrs. Baron returned Sunday morn
ing from a visit to relatives in New Or
—Mrs. H. J. Turner and Miss Dora
Btiticr were visitors to New Orleans on
--Mayor and Mrs. McDonald and chil
.alien arc over from Pass Christian on a
visit to relatives.
—Mr. Buchanan and family have moved
from Pass Christian to make the Bay
their future borne.
—The one member of the P> ople’s par
ly refuse* olfUe. The citizens put that
much to his credit,
—Mr, C. A. Simpson has decided to
opeu a bar room at Biloxi instead of this
place at thought of at first.
- ■Mr. Armstrong, a clever legal light
returned to New Orleans Monday after a
pleasant visit to friends at the Bay.
—Thu Echo is getting.a good lot of
free advertising nowadays. It is gratify
ing to its editors to see the production of
their labors so widely regarded.
—The senior editor made a flying busi
ness trip to New Orleans Wednesday
in the Interest of our job printing depart
If you haven’t given your measurement
for one of those celebrated Wanaroaker
and Brown's remarkably cheap suits, go
ui once to Levy’i Welcome Store and see
about getting one.
-W’e understand that Mr. Julian A.
Mauffrty has rented the "Senate* 1 , build
ing and will shortly open a general mer
chandise store. Mr. Joseph O. MuuH
ray, ivho has many friends here, will dork
in the new store.
TUe attempt made to form anew ticket
in opposition to the gentlemen who were
legally and honestly nominated l>y the
Democrats of liny St. Lone at the ballot
box on the 24th day of February, 1894.
must and wilt prove fruitless. Hay St.
Louis Is Democratic and under this rule
It has grown prosperous In every way,
consequently its affairs must remain In
Democratic bands. Let the people stand
firm by what they haye done at the ballot
box and under no consideration undo it
In the coming election it is not the man
who you will vole for. It will be for the
party. At the primary it was for the
man and now you have chosen him it is
your sacred bound duty to support him
lu order to make your party victorious.
It is utterly Impossible to please all, and
no man should so attempt, therefore a
little kicking just now is not surpris
ing. Democrats, do not quiver; grasn a
tlrmcr grip, take courage and brave the.
smoke honorably and manfully and assert
your right and power and principles by
upholding to what you hayo caused
TUo OrwnnlzaUou In liny SI. Louis Vl'itli
Only Two Members.
Pursuant to a notice tacked around tho
street corners last Saturday and noted by
The Echo with little and very mild com
ment, a gathering of about some 50 or
tiO men made up with only a few voters,
minors, strangers and curious people, as
sembled at the court house Thursday
evening to hear the address of Judge
Benjamin Dtblicux, who claimed that he
had been requested by twenty-five ot the
most prominent men of the city to call a
mass meeting and form an opposing
ticket to the Democrats. He claimed as
a reason that one man alone had bossed
and fully controlled the recent primary
result and that his work should no un
done. To accomplish this purpose the
Judge stated it was necessary to form
anew organization under a different par
ty, and that this party should ho the
‘•People's" party or •'Populltes.” The
speaker illustrated his past Democracy
first and, iinblnshtugly said "I am
a Progressive Democratic people's
party man." and to cover things he made
it worse by saying be was a Democrat In
facts but for this occasion he had turned
People’s party.
After a long while of speaking and after
the weary attendants were beginning to
leave, the new party was announced as
about to be organised and members call
ed for. Only one responded—a nun who
was a candidate In the recent Demo
cratic primary and defeated. The call
for more members was long and persist
ent but In vain. The address lasted from
7:30 to near 10 o’clock and before 9 the
hall was beginning to be deserted. The
Popuilte ticket was finally made by the
leader and his one member. The ticket
was made privately, but the mao nomi
nated for the mayorship was given out as
Mr. Geo. Arbo who Is now absent.
Judge Deblleux speaks well but it is
indeed • pity that bo directs bis ideas In
tho wrong direction and subjected him
self to adverse criticism ot the masses.
Foreign Hlaslonery Noddy,
The Bay St. Louis auxiliary of the
Woman’s Foreign Missionary Society of
the Methodist Episcopal Church South,
held its 2nd anniversary on last
Monday March 2nd at the residence
of tlie president, Mrs, A. P. Joyner. The
occasion was not only delightful socially,
hut in the programme arrang 'd lor the
meeting wo had a feast both intellectual
and spiritual. The order of the exercises
consisted of songs, appropriate scripture
reading, prayer, Missionary Catechism,
reading of leaflet on the subject of for
eign Missions, reports ol secretaries and
treasurer, and the annual address of the
president. In the last we had a gratify
ing statement of tiro work accomplished
during the past and a hopeful outlook for
the future of the society. An appeal was
made to the guests present to join iuthis
branch of Christian service, ami several
had their names enrolled as members
while all brought offerings to signify their
appreciation of the work.
After the election of officers and a dis
cussion of the local work done by the
society, the meeting adjourned by singing
that grand old Methodist doxology,
‘•Praise God item whom ail blessings
The hostess then, in her happy, cheery
way, invited all to a discussion of tho
more material subject of delightful ro
refroshmonts, Tho cake was pronounced
perfect, and “Aunt” Ellon’s tea and choc
olate ivresistablo, Tho bountiful repast
was gracefully served by Miss Maggie
Joyner, assisted by Misses Fayard and
This society of “women’s work for wo
men” though young in years and small
as to membership, is yet being felt as an
influence for good It is one of a great
sisterhood of societies doing good in send
ing tho pure word of God into “the re
gion beyond.” It is now helping to edu
cate a Mississippi girl who has offered
herself as a Missionary to the heathen.
Its only aim is to he rich in faith and
good works.
A Card.
To the Editors of the ECHO: ...
I understand that I was endorsed for
Alderman from ward 3, by the Populist
mass meeting held last night. It is a
compliment which I never sought and
which I respectfully decline. I submitted
my name to the Democratic primary and
was nominated. And if I had been de
feated I would have accepted tho result
gracefully, but ns tho nominee of the
grand old party, I ask the support of ail
true Democrats.
1 Jas. Gii.mokkjFatard.
Henry Peters was killed by an acciden
tal discharge of a gun at Kilu last Sun
day at the hands of Lottie Carter. Both
are colored.
—Home* for summer flatter* arc be
Hinnies to rent.
—Mr*. Reed and son were vleltore to
the Bay Sunday.
—To morrow is Balm Sunday, one
week (tom Easter.
—Do you know The Echo’s motto I*
‘‘Fearless In all Things?”
Messrs. L- Spotorno sod Chaa. Ham
Sundsycd at I’ass Christian.
Very Hcv. Father H. Lcduc returned
Thursday evening from a day's visit In
New Orleans.
SOnr popular f lend Mr. B. O. Engman,
has opened lumber yard almost oppo
site his store.
—Mrs. C. Hoffmann and Mrs. Archie R.
Hart loft for Csyka, Miss., this week ou
a sad mission.
—A Harrison county paper states there
arc already four candidates out for sheriff
of that county.
—Mrs. J. D. Crawford numbered with
the visitors to the Bay Sunday and visit
ed ber sous at college.
—Messrs, Geo. 11. Dunbar and Frank
Dunbar were visitors here last Monday
in their interest ot their cannery.
—Uev. Father Alphonse drew a very
large crowd of attentive listeners to the
Lenten sermon last Sunday evening.
—Walden Sadler came home this week
on a visit and received a largo numocr of
young lolks at his homo on Wednesday
The editors of Tim Echo acknowledge
the receipt of an invitation to attend the
entertainment exorcises at the college this
—The winter season is well over and
spring here In full forue. Cold waves
audcold snaps will be no more tor many
—Lovely Miss Corinuo dcMontluzlo
left Monday evening for a visit of sever
al days to relatives and friends in New
—Mr. John Osolnach made a business
Ulp to New Orleans Tuesday to the in
terest of Mr. Keller’s big mercantile es
—The columns of this paper aie open
to correspondents, but its editors will by
no means allow personalties. [Keep that
outof print.
—Mr. August Keller, ouo of the wide
awake and progressive this
city, went over to New Orleaus Thurs
day morulug.
—Mrs. Condoffer, of New Orleans has
rented for Ike .summer seasou the cottage
situated lu the rear of Mrs. Adams’
beach cottage,
—As a public newspaper and represen
tative of the musses Tins Echo has per
fect right and will exercise Us rights on
all and every occasion.
—An informal dance and reception was
given Saturday evening at the home ot
Mrs. Adams. The affair was thor
oughly enjoyed by all present.
..The Democratic primary elections
have decided who shall be our next city
officers, aud Tun Echo, wants no kick
ing. There’s no place (or it, gentlemen,
—This paper is the echo of public sen
timent aud never .sides in with single in
dividual or individuals. It Is tor the peo
ple’s interest and politically Democratic
both In name and being.
We call attention to Ujc change of of
lice hours in Dr. Walker's cardiu another
column. The local item in our lust issue
was misleading as no mention was made
o( his daily morning hours here,
—The agency lor the sale ol copies oi
Tim Echo has been given to Mrs. Annie
Avery, newsdealer, opposite the convent,
Copies ol this journal can be procured at
this otlice or Mrs. Avery’s at 6 cents per
—Mr. Glass, representing the Dally
States, of New Orleans, was here this
week. He isalßurepreseutiug‘‘Mldway,”
a journal soon to be issued and to be dis
tributed gratis on all outgoing .New Or
leans trains.
—Dr. John A. G. Hancock, who has
lor many years been located In this coun
ty, has decide to locate in Bay St. Louis
and will move his family here early next
week, Dr. Hancock is an able praction
er and wc welcome bim as a citizen.
—Mr. Geo, Adis died at bis home In
Osyka, Miss., Thursday. Mr, Adis" was
well known and highly esteemed at the
Bay, having residing here before. Mr.
Adis was Mrs. C. Hoffmann's son-in-law.
Wc deeply and sincerely sympathize with
the bereaved relatives.
Avery pretty and substantial store
is in course of construction on the beach
bank of the convent for Mrs. Avery who
will occupy it us a ncws.stand. Mr. Gas
ton Q. Gardubled has the contract for the
building and this alone is a sufficient
guarantee that tho work will be well
done. |
..We were glad to meet here atour of
flce this week Mr. Waller M, Denny, Jr.,
son of Hon. Walter M. Denney who Is a
candidate for Congressman from this
district. Mr. Denny is a youth of floe
address and is llsely to follow tho foot
steps ot his father which will lead bim to
a brilliant career.
—Wc buy our stationery where wo
think best, pay tor It cash on the spot
and do work for cash. This system
enables us to give perfect satisfaction to
our patrous and we glad to say we always
succeed to please. We do Job printing
right hetc at home and keep your money
at homo, Tim Echo Job Print.
—Nature has presented us with pheno
mcnas of almost every different form and
class, but heretofore, none like this has
come before the personal observation of
the writer. Ac the residence of Mr- Joo.
A. Breath, on Malu street, this city, la an
orange tree or sprout 10 inches high and
about 9 months old- The seed was care*
IcsslT thrown and took unto Itself life,
and now is adormd with a beautiful
white tlossomj whether It will give,
place to an orange or not remains to be
seen. The utmost care aball be given It
to make it a success.
Personal mad deneral Items Irons He
( ■■•rmlng Resort Mothered
Written by Oar Special for
Tbe new school bouse is quite an
ornament to our little town.
Mr. Geo. Clifford was here tbe
other day looking after bis property
Mr. Dunne, a builder of New Or
leans, was over on business inis
Tbe following were among our Sun
day visitors: Messrs, (jjeo. E.Sears,
Robert Seiinau.
Mr. Sam B. Allison and family
were guests of bis father, Mr. Jonas
Allison on Sunday.
The work of clearing Coleman
Avenue is progressing rapidly, Mr.
Cbas. Chadwick has charge of the
Mescrs. James Weaver and son
Soymond were here Sunday. Mr.
Weaver has purchased tbe old Carry
Atlaway place owned by E. 11. Me
Mr. P, O. Rosenslrcara, a promi
nent business man of New Orleans,
accompanied by bis wife visited bis
summer home here Saturday.
Prof. F.C. Bordage opened school
at tbe new school bouse on Monday
last the number of scholars in atten
dance is 87. > Prof. Bordpga is ' as
sisted by Mrs. Edith Allison.
Waveland’a mail bag received a
bath on Wednesday evening while
on tbe way from tbe coast train to tbe
post office, Tbe mail messenger,
who was under the influence of li
quor let tbe mail bag drop into the
water. How Would it do for the pro
per authorities to investigate tbe
matter. Strange to say there has
been at least a half dozen different
messengers at the above named
post office since October.
—Our joylal blacksmith, Mr. Jacob
IlcUzmannn, has turned out some pretty
work since locating in the Bay. He has
just finished and delivered to Mr. L.
Spotorno a splendid and well-built deliv
ery wagon. Every particle of the work
on this wagon was done in Mr. Heltz
manu’s shop bore, and the workmanship
Is equal to any of the largo factories. He
is a finished mechanic In bis line and de
serves the patronage of tbe public.
Bogimng from and after Taesday, the
20tli of March, 1894, each and every
purchaser at the Gnlf Coaat Market,
head of Main Street, will receive a
ticket an a receipt for every 5 cents of
meat purchased. Upon presentation
ot 500 of these receipt tickets the hold*
er will entitled to $2.50 in cash
money or for 1000 tickets $5.00 in
cash. Gko. Muli.rr,
Gulf Coast Market.
— *
Card of Thanks.
The widow and family of the late Mr.
Severln;Bourgeois take this method ot
thanking their many kind friends also
Rev. Father Leduc and Dr. R. J. Tomer
woo attended at him during (ils illness.
Very Respectfully,
Widows. Bourgeois and family.
In conformity to Section 4, page 4, ot
the Charter of the city of Bay St. Louis,
approved March IC, 1880, the Board of
Mayor and Aldermen ordered -the regular
election to be held in the City Hall, on
Monday, April i, 1894,
lor a mayor, a secretary, a treasurer, an
assessor and tax-collector, a marshal and
lour aldermen, one for each ward.
J.no. V. To OLM, Mayor,
Bay St.{Louis, Miss., March 3, 1894.
The Louisville and Nashville Railroad
Company will pay the following prices
for material lost from Its bridges, and
track in the October storm It delivered In
goodjorder on shore ucar the bridge at
Scranton, Biloxi or Bay St. Louis:
Kails, $5 00J each; cnosoted string
ers, bolsters and caps,|sl.2o each; creo
soted ties and guard rails, 15 cents each.
C. Marshal, Supt.
On What Is Happening
In This Busy World
Its incomparable telegraphic news
service, interesting local matter, time
ly and vigorous editorials, full and ac
curate foreign intelligence and general
make-up place it at the head of South
ern newspapers.
Its large and rapidly woreasing cir
culation renders the advertising col
ums of
More Valuable Than Those ot Any
Other Doily In the south.
ptftr Yrar. t*.oo ptr Year fhoo ptr Ytar.
Caveats, tod Trade-Marks obtained. and all Pal. !
ant business conducted for Moocratc Fetal.
Our Omot it ORROtrrt U. , Pu*r Cmci
and we can Moure patent id leal Umo than those
i remote from Washington. .
Send model, drawing or photo., with deecrlp.
! tion. We advice, II patentable or not, free ol
charge. Otir let not due till patent ia secured.
UPatRMifT, "How te Obtain Patents.' with
ol aaot in the U. S. and foreign countries
i sent free. Address,
. orr. PRTisrr ORRiat, WstmtaTat. D. C.
I About year ago 1 took violent at
tack of ]a grippe. 1 coughed <luy ami
night for about six week*; m.v wife tlien
aiijlgeHted that I try Chamberlain's C'ongh
Remedy. At lirat 1 coaid nee ho diflVrr
enee, but Still kept taking it, ami soon
fouioi that it w-w what 1 needed. If 1
got no relief from one dose I took another
and it wan oulv a lew daya I wan free
from the cough. I think people in gen
eral ought to know tDC value of thin ro
meuy "and I take pleasure in acknow
ledging lOt oeneflt I have received fron
it. Madison Mustard, Otway, Ohm. 2 r '
and 50 cent hottlus for sale by Thus. L
Evans, cor. Union and Front streets.
IMews and Views
The Picayune baa established at Jackaoa.
the Capital of Mississippi, a
Coder the Personal Management of that
Experienced and Accomplished
Mississippi Journalist,
who will discuss freely and broadly a!)
questions affecting the political, Industrial
commercial and aoclal Ufa of Mississippi.
The Picayune has a correspondent at
every Important point In Mississippi.
The Picayune enters Mississippi on ths
day of Its publication every morning, bo
lore 8 o'clock, and traverses Its territory
la numerous directions before nightfall
Mississippi Is thns supplied with a great
metropolitan newspaper, containing reports
of Interest from every part of the world.
At the same time. It gives to tba people
of Mississippi, besides tbs news of their
own state, special timely comment oo
everything of Interest to them, so that, to
all Intents and purposes, tbs Picayune baa
become a Mississippi newspaper, without
abating any of Its metropolitan character.
The Sunday Picayune U popular because
It Is peerless.
The Weekly Picayune Is necessary to
every well-conducted household, and con
tains mors Mississippi news than nay other
Daily sod Sandsy Picayune —112 a year
Sunday Picayune $2 a year
Weekly Picayune *1 a year
NKUiOLauN ft CO.. Proprietors,
How Or leans, Ida
Railßoad Exchange,
Fine Wine* Liquors
Qigars and Tobacco
loe cold beer constantly on hand,
liny St. Louis, Mies.
Are: No loud talking, no profanity, no
indecent expressions will be allowed, any
one drunk and violating decency will not
bepermittod to remain in the house.
The rules are quite rigidly enforced and
the ]iennlty for neglect is summarily in
flicted. James Gilmore Fa yard,
Attorney at liaw,
Office—on Front near Main streets,
Attorney at Law.
Practices In all sea Coast counties.
Oefick: Union near Hancock streets
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
No. 9 Main Street.
Also buys, sells and rents real estate}
Terras reasonable.
Counsellor & Atty at Law
Will practice in all Courts In Sea
Coast counties. Including Federal Con..,
also In Supreme court at Jackson, Miss.
W. E. WALKER, D. D. S.,
Bay St Loris Office: Front near Union
streets. Honrs: dally Bto 9:30 a. m
Thursdays 8 a m. to 5:30 p. m.
Pass Christian Office: Witt,nan BiiiUl
:>ig, opposite Mexican Or If Hotel, Houu;
10 a. in. to 530 p, nr-, daily except
Physician# Surgeon,
Office : Next to Post Office.
Office Hours— From 8 to 10 a, m.
and 2t03 p. .m. Office hours at de Mon
tlualn’s Pharmacy—From 1 to 4 p m
DRTI7h. yon GOHRtN
(Formerly Clinical Assistant, Univrvrsuy
Strasslmrg, Alsace-Lorraine.,
Physician, Surqeon
and Accoucheur.
specialist for diseases of the
Eye, Ear, Throat & Nose.
Office—Front Street, opposite Post
Office. Hours—lo A. M. to 12 M.
Iree consultation for indigent patients
KKM Ta * ~wSaturd *y 8
m lllHl
Dry Goods, Fary Goods, Notions, Bats,
Ladles’ Underwear,
CliHdrpiTs ami Misses’Roady Made Diessps
Millinery, Laces, Ribbons, Embroideries, House Furnishing GodH
Malting, Rugs. Window Sh-des and Cornices. " *’
L’atrouag.- of all solicited. BespectlulU
G' A . LEVY. Cor, Fro it at.d ?. a:n Ktncu
Agent for Wanamakcr & Brown’s Celebrated Clothing,
Yacht Sails and Rigging
We make a specialty of high-class Yacht Sails and Rlggin.
I prices very much below those obtainable on the seaboard. Ado
I Complete Outfits For Fishermen.
I nJjAV Send us d ‘ mensions of your boat and we will submit
/ It \ Sli * P ,lns inJ es * ima<es on her complete outfit
/ V\ Sand
\ Tc °ts tiz\s*K
Send 6c. (sumps) for new llhistra'ted Catalogue of Sails and Marine Goods.
„ A , * . 9 E 9- B * CARPENTER & CO.
207 to 211 So. Water St., CHICAGO, ILL.
Bay St. Louis Hotel and Cottages,
Tito commodious hotel is delightfully situated on the verge of the Mcxir
corner Front and Union si tacts, and allords tJio most comfortalde rooms win, Pl’
unsurpassed table. Open the year round, with excellent accommodafioim for fmi lIL
and transient boarders. Board audj£loding, by the day, week or month
further particulars apply to 1 ur
MBS. A. ALLEN, Proprietress,
Bay St. Louis, Miss.
k. oerdes ESTABLISHED 1870. j7m okudkiT
A. Cerdes & Bro..
Sail Mem & Dealer in Cotton Dock,
Galvanized Iron and Brass Ship and Yacht Hardware and Fixtures on w„h
her and Leather Clothing, Copper Paint of all Brands, Nantical lnstrumem.
hooks, Ship Bell Clocks, Oyster 1 ugnes, Anchor chains, Windlasses™;,,; and
CAUTION.—If a deala* elitrt W. 1.,
Douglas Nfaoca at a reduced price, or lays
he hae them without naare stamped on
button, pal hlmdiewnae atiaad..
W. L. Douglas
S3 SHOE thVworld.
W, L, DOUGLAS Shoes *r stylish, Hiy fit
ting-, and give better satisfactloo at the price* ad.
vertised than any other make. Try onepair and
be convinced. The stamping of W. L. Douglas*
name and price on the bottom, which guarantees
their value, saves thousands of dollars annually
to those who wear them. Dealers who push the
sale of W. L. Douglas Shoes gain customer*-
which helps to increase the sale* on their full line
of goods. They can afford to sell at a less profit,
and we believe you can save money by buying all
your footwear of the dealer advertised below.
Catalogue free upon application. Address.
W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mass. Sold faf
G. Plane het.
TTlWlSffiit*^' : Mm*
The War is Over. A Well-known Sol
dier, Correspondent and Journal
ist Makes a Disclosure.
Indiana contributed her thousands of brave
soldiers to the war, and no state bears a bet
‘l. 113 ? 1 respect than It docs. In
literature it Is rapidly acquiring an
J| laco ' In war and literature
Solomon Yewell, well known as a writer as
hot. has won an honorable position. Dur
-S !? w !* ar he was a member of Cos. M,
Y v C . av “. lry an 4 of th S mh Indiana In
fantry Volunteers. Regarding an Important
circumstance ho writes as follows:
n. ,VF r 1 1 .9 f us old veterans here are using
Dr. Mites Restorative Nervine, Heart Cure
and Nerve and Liver Pills, all of them giving
splendid satisfaction. In fact, we have never
mred remedies that compare with them. Of
the Pills we must say they are the best com
bination of the qualities required In a prep
oration of their nature we nave ever known.
We have none but words of praise for them.
They are the outgrowth of a now principle In
medicine, and tone up the system wonder
fully. Wo say to all, try these remedies."
—holomon Yewell, Marion, Ind„ Dec. 5, 1894
These remedies are sold by all druggists on
tporiUve euarantee, or sent direct by the
Ur. Miles Medical Cos., Elkhart, Ind., on re
ceipt ol price, tt per bottle, six bottles io, ex
press prepaid. They positively contain neither
opiates nor dangerous drugs.
AT this office . .
Contractor —Mf Builder'
Contracts takenfor small ami largo jobs
A llhoial share of patronage solicited.
Residence at Gardeblcd’s drug store Bav
St. Louis, Miss. 6 5
Insrance Agency
Representing the strongest and most
liberal companies In the world.
Liverpool & London A Globe Insurance
Cos., of England.
Royal Ins. Cos., Liverpool, Eng.
Phoenix Ins Cos Brooklyn, N y.
Pbeonlx Assurance C 0.,.... London, Hug,
Haitlord Eire Ins C 0.,. .Hartford, Conn.
Mechanics’ & Traders’ Ins Cos, N. 0.. La.
United Udderwritera Ins Co..Atlanta, Ga.
N O Ins Association, New Orleans.
SL Paul German Ins Cos., St. Paul, Minn.
Losses are paid cash without discount
tod wtihout waiting the usual 60 (lavs.
■ Send away your Job 1
\ —— 1 printing away from I— ;
1 I homo when I— |
! slßm^EOTOsjlli
1 1 can do it for you as well J tZZi
1 I and as cheap. Wo do; XZZZ
\ 'printing in all possible; X-Z
; : form. Give us a trial;
9 y and bo convinced. Price;
I# y list sent free of charge ;
Ik-—on application. ; £^3
£Door, Sash andßHnd^
ManufaiTbeks of
And dealers in
Builders’ Hardware, Window Glop
Putty and Pure Mixed Paints.
F. C. Turner* Cos.,
Corner St. Anthony and Water Btr*el
’ M OBILE. AL A . _
p ° " (QHT S* "*o J
Scientific ii D

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