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©l it M(i\ Coast
—■r *—■■-■"■ ■ iwiw, ai. l -ii l J i.'*ssi
I | Printing:
X In Bey St Louis
II Printing
fin New York.
US For one check book, lOOOchccka,
2£<lf >p, well hound perforated
mi nd numbered, my price is fcd.OO.
ij iVjn. Johnston, Manager Printers’
S *nk Frees, 10 Spruce st., N. Y.
if J Here is a surprise for Mr. Jobn
"ton! The fnrogoiuK • • exact
JS ;, *M " r a " udvcrl iscmeiit wbich
recently appeared in Printers’lnk,
2j published in New Voik city, 11
S~ ’-3c trade paper widely circulated. Mr.
ST IX .lebnstou, a splendid printer, has
£- .'if his cmiimiind the finest of
S ’ Te printing offices in the Foiled
? ':* .'-iUIcN, For the very seine work
S’ t 3? The Echo's price is (0.00, one do!
JT MS ler less than in New York end wc
Jt r :*J refund rout money 11 not satisfied.
City Echoes,
Have you yet paid your taxes?
Board of Supervisors meet Monday.
Thanksgiving, as usual, passed off
Walking the railroad bridge is becom
ing a popular fad
Thanksgiving day was appropriately
observed at the "Lady of the Gulf” by an
impressive service.
Captain Seal's residence on Union street
is is being painted lu pretty colors. Paul
Surcouf is doing the work.
The Chicago Denial Parlors In New Or
leans are widely patronized, and many of
these people are from the coast. See ad
in this paper.
Street Commissioner Combe), who has
lost no less than a hall dozen horses late
ly, on Tuesday evening lost his favorite
stallion by Hie colic route,
Mansfield, ol local “home made" bread
fume, has contracted for the Tudury cot
tage on Main street, aid Is having built
an oven of considerable size.
If you desire a luxurious growth of
healthy hair of a natural color, nature’s
crowning ornament of both sexes, use on
ly Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Hair JUeuew
All progressive tax payers should form
it their duty to assist the mass meeting
Tuesday evening at the court house. The
discussion of waterworks fol the town is
of absolute Importance.
Sunday was a big day for Ibc colored
Baptist of (be town, Itev Frierson, of
I’earllngtou, baptised quite a large num
ber ol converts, the ceremony taking
place iu the lake, head of Citizen street.
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. .1. Knulkcr’s
little Infant daughter, by flev. Father
Leduc was christened Iu the Catholic
luuli and named Beatrice Zoo, Miss M.
Garde tied and Mr. E. C. Gardcbled, uuut
and ancle of the little one, were sponsors.
a handsome new Humbler is the pro
perty gl Prof. lliiinincrslmeh, an eiithu-
Hlnutio 'cyder. Mrs. Avoiy could And
no belter escort than the genial Professor
amlll Is to be hoped soon the ‘-Lady
Cobuno’’ and the “Rambler” will be scon
■‘scorching” the shell road.
A long pole bus been put up in front
of the post office from which weather sig
nals will hereafter flow. Postmaster
Saucier has It In charge. The display of
signals at this port Is quite necessary ow
ing lot lie large number of boats which
go out every day.
Monday evening a number of Mr. Ed
ward Gardebled’n friends surprised him
In a most pleasant manner, the occasion
being his thirty-eighth birthday. The
assemblage was a large one, all equally
participating In the pleasures of the even
It is the mmnimons testimony of nil
who have used Ayer’s I’ilU for stoniueli,
liver or bowel troubles, tlmt they arc easy
to take, always cfloiitivo, nu.l that they
keep Uic system in better condition (him
nny other me.dieine. Thu best family
M in existence.
Sunday the twin sons o( Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Bosch were christened at the
church of Our l.ady of the Gulf, ffuv.
Tattler I.cdtiu official in,-, The sponsors
were Miss Mary CUlona and Mr. Gaston
i. n\l hied amt Miss Mhgunia Richardson
ml Mr. Albert Cutchot. The tittle men
were named Berlin anUßerirtin.
The post olflee budding was closed
on Thanksgiving In ilia afternoon- Fast
year we ventured to say the Judge, and
his assistmt had appropriated the day
;>r tuiKey eating, but a note correcting
this erroneous assertion soon folio veil,
changing tin towel to a frizzly iouster,
consequently we do mt.flki* u rut Hie
r this year as to whai ituqni so is of
Uncle M. Were llenikfut for that day.
'lr, Blanks 4'urner, sou of our e teem
ed phy. fclin tt. J. Turner, has decld and.
ns will tu seen !>v an ad elsewhere In this
issue, to go into the merohaud Mo Imsi
ness, The young gent enmn in question
Is well known in this community wber
ho im< lived his whole life. llis store
Is near the real temSr of his father on l'n •
ion street and will open this coming Mon
day with a full line of chuce groceries.
The Be ho iviahati him much success. -
A’ilie leal issue of the Biloxi Herald
lurnishei this bit of minnicc:
' There’s many a slip 'twistthe cup and
the lib." This saying was fully exnie
plified I. s Tma.lay night, when a mm-'
ringc iv:emoii.v was to have been per.
formed 1 el w ten a certain couple t I'olnt
Cadet. All arrangements had,been made
by the prospective groom, lint at the Ja*t
moment another fellow put in an appear
ance up I tarried off the girl.
In about Hie world we so
As billows In the bay,
Nutt litre, now there, now p Vf'>,yltm,u
Just aa Impulse choose to stray. *
y V-'T "• \ t w SSm
Mr I. Baron was In New Orleans yes
Mr. 11. E. Craig returned to tp city
Col. Chas. Marshal! spent fn liday here
wlih his family.
Miss Pearl Montgomery was a recent
visitor to Pass Christian.
Mr. ami Mrs. .Jo*. Gager visited the
Crescent city Tuesday,
Dr. L. 11. vonQohrcu paid the Crescent
city a brief visit on Tuesday.
Mr. Louis Leonhard visited his (laugh
ter, Mrs. Bosrrtman, Thursday.
Hon. J, I). Crawford, sons ami daugh
ters Sumluyed at their summer villa.
Dr. Turner and son Blanks were busi
ness vlsltois to New Orleans Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. H, B Bell will I aye In
a few days to visit the Atlanta exposition.
Mr. J. F. Joyce has returned after a
two week’s business stay In East-Missis
Mrs. Andrew Spotoruo, one of the Bay’s
chaiinlug ladles, Is visiting In New Or
Mrs. Ben Lane Posey spent Thursday
In town with her daughter, Mrs. E. J.
Master George Rohmer came home
from Mobile Thursday evening lor a btlef
The friends of Hr. G. L. Mitchell will
learn with regret of his illness iu New
Mr. Quinn of Louisiana visited his
son and daughter at the college and con
vent on Thursday.
I>r. Charlotte of New Orleans visited
Mr. Jiseph Hugas at the St. Stanislaus
college last Sunday.
Mrs. L. Kpotorno and daughter Miss
Catherine returned Tuesday from a day’s
stay in New Orleans.
Miss Jesse Campbell returned to her
home at Claiborne Thursday evening
after it visit to Hay friends.
Mr. Weiss of the X’icayono was In
town Wednesday taking orders for that
paper’s hook, 1881-95 review.
Mrs. Curtis and bright little son of sev
en summers, Earle, of New Orleans, are
stopping at the Hai Bt. Louis hotel.
Mrs. Peter Tudury visited her nephew
Jimmy Breath, who Is recovering from
serious fever, last Sunday in New Orleans
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Boardmun, who
have been here from Chicago on a visit
to Mrs.Hlta L lluardmau, arc gouc home.
Among a wide circle of friends no
departure causes deeper regret than that
of Mr. Alfred de.Vloutluzin from the Bay
who left Monday.
Mr. J. F. Mauffray and bride loft Sun
day evening tor New Orleans where they
spent a few days before returning to their
cot ntry homi In Louisiana.
Mr. Henry Zephrim, a young New Or
leanian. Is at the Bay to make it his per
manent home, an 1 is stopping at the
home of bis sister, Mrs. Baron.
Mr. George L. Amlin, representing
the George King Bridge Company, of
Dallas, Texas, is In Bay St. Louis with a
view of securing the contract of pipes for
the waterworks.
Nicholson Items.
Mrs. 8. W. Stewart who has been vis
iting friends and relatives at Poplarvllle
for the past two mouths returned home
last Friday, accompanied by her Utile
niece Werder Btruhuh,
Messrs, and. H, Wheat, Oeo. Bibbo and
Neal Strahau are In town with a drove of
tine Kansas horses.
Our clever Justice of the Peace, Judge
Goo. W. Seal, made a vlsitto I'earllngton
last Friday. We are sorry to learn that
the Judge contemplates making that place
his future home.
Quite a crowd of the young men and
hoys of this place went out hunting last
Friday night, and captured a large w ild
cal. All returned well pleased with thefr
evening’s sport except our depot agent,
Mr. W. W. Gentry, who has bon gi lev
Ing the loss of a pair of four dollar shoes
and ten dollar pants ever since. t\e
think that he knows more about R R.
business than cat hunting.
Prof, W. Mall anticipated taking vocal
music, but since Messrs. G. Stevenson
and A. Lmtlor have put in their applica
tions, he has decided to wall until he gels
a hearing from Poplarvllle,
Rev. 1.. 11. Hall of Hattiesburg preach
ed an excellent sermon here on lust Sun
day evening. HAM HOKE.
For scrofula.
“Since childhood, I have been
afflicted with scrofulous boils und
Bores, which caused me terrible
suffering. Physicians were unable
to help me, and 1 only grew worse
f. under their care,
k At length, I began
Sarsaparilla, and
|wvery soon grew het
j|> ter. After using
r half a dozen bottles
I was completely
cured, so that I have not had a boll
or pimple on any part of my body
for the last twelve years. I can
cordially recommend Ayer’s Sam
parlllu as the very iiest blood-purifier
in existence.” -G. T. Reinhart.
Myersville, Texas.
Z. “arsaparilla
Ayw* Worry Poctenl cam Coughs and Colds
At Bay St. Lout*.
For TJif Kphy. , .
I; Bft,
JL.A. Reveal* Tier charm fit view,
So tlio fair shores of St. lamia
Smile out the Waters blue.
j Her cedar groves ami stately pines,
Her nearly stretch of ssnil,
The yellow hlnfls amt dark ravines
AllnVo on every hand.
Ncsf’ling in shade, the village church
With peace is deep imprest.
Haven of lest, where nature’s touch
In all is manifest.
Hlow skimming o’er her glit’ring tide
With restless toss of spray
The white-winged sloops lazily glide
'i'n Mexnjne's gulf away.
i Across the wave’s low rythmic bent
The suited chimes nog clear,
Tho weary mariner to greet
Ashe dotli home-ward steer.
Hie prlngeut suit-wind, redolent
Of newly sprouting pine.
Sways with a motion indolent
The yellow jesinino vino
And breathes tales of romance to mo
That happened long ago
In this fair hamlet by the sea
And twilight’s mist's doth throw
A silver-gray illusive veil
Betwixt the wave and sky
And naught but cricket chirps prevail
In one long threnody.
Will You Remember?
\ Afl quaint brown pew
Wtf. lii tlic old church midst the
With solemn sides where tho
ivy grew
And swallows built their bowers—
. The quaint brown pew
Where I sat by you,
While hells the vesper chimes chanted T
Will yon remember the gold that blended
With the snow of the sacred altar,
And the odor of incense that mingled
With the strains of the choir’s psalter,
The ponce your smile
Proclaimed on high—
Will the memory ot that eve cling to you!
You whisporort a prayer I dirt not hoar,
Hot deep iu my heart ’tin treasured,
And novels gently caressed your hair
While iu your eyes Love rested—
Will you remember,
Always remember
The joy of that dear vesper eveningf
And when the ivi’d-walls will have crum
And Time has wrinkled Mortality,
The odor of Incenao long wafted
Where the dusk calmly waits for Hu
Will yon remember, ,
Still sweetly reun-mlicr
That dear vesper evening iu chtirch t
—A. O. ospirtACir.
As far as Ik aid from, only two
colored men were elected to olllce at
the recent unpleasantness. One was
elected a councilman in Baltimore,
Md., and the other was chosen to the
lucrative olllecof recorder in Albany,
N. Y. It is perhaps unnecessary to
say that both were Democratic nom
inees. And still most of the colored
gentlemen will keep on voting the
republican ticket, hoping to get those
forty acres and a mule.—Springfield,
O. Register.
The Kansas City Times defines the
meaning of Republicanism and Dem
ocracy as follows: “Republicanism
means plutocracy with the machinery
as well greased as money can make
it. Democracy means the plain peo
ple, often poor, but always patient,
great hearted and struggling tow ■
aid the light of their social and politi
cal salvation.
A man named Moon was present
ed with a daughter by bis wife; this
was anew Moon. The old roan was
so overcome that be got drunk; this
was a full Moon. When be got sc
per be had only twenty-five cents.
This was the last quarter. And
when Ins wife found it out, there
was an eclipse of the moon.—St ll
wilh Sentinel.
Canton is to have nn ico fact iry
and waterworks. At an election re
cently, only three mossbacks could
he found to vole against the propos
The Lawrence County Press and
the Pearl River News are trying to
see which can carry the most legal
Congress convenes on the first
Monday in December.
Robert O. Ingersoll believes neither
in Ilariison, harmony nor hades.
i ' fc-V I (111 ■ RlirUi()V Wlllch g
5 fioiis ConflneaitnloMlsPain, Horror and Risk. 5
c My tvito iiwd “iKonicus* hiifnii” be- 1
3 tore lilrlb ot lier Ural üblkl, Hbo did not J
J suitor from CllAKl’Sorl’dNS—wiisnulnklr $
J rollcvod in the orltlenl Lour mirroring but S
V 111 tin -olio Imil no palus uftormnd and hor g
/ recovery was rapid. |
C 11. E. Johnston, Eubiulu, Ala. C
/ Sent by Moll or Express, on receipt of I
C price, W.O nrr bottle. Hook "To Molh- (
/ era" vtiuiieri Krce. J
l BlailFIKl.II UEUIIUTOIt CO., Atlanta, (la. i
B av S t - L° uis
Front Strest, j
Meats \
B’ruit, <
ante ;
I cited- s
Minimi', r
TM contra ft entered into tills, the 29th day of October, 1899, between A. G. Stev
• aiuynciuUaulant f public education of Hancock county, State of Mississippi,
end the Ameriouu 11 .ok Company, school book publishers of the city of Cincinnati,
Ohio, Wilms*?*; That Wiikueas, the Text-800 Committee. duly appointed for tin
comity of Hancock, State of Mississippi, in persuance of Section* 4068 and 4069, An
notated Code, did select and adopt tr.w the books published by the aforesaid Amen
••pii Hook Company (he following hooks, to-wit:
| Exchange ) Introduction frito Price for Pe
r■ j price ( niA’nt Snp’ly
Webster's Eloincntur. Spelling Book per dozen, .S') Per dozon, .96
McOnttcy’a Revised First Header... .17 .17
McGufF.y’s lii)vl*tl Second Header .30 .30
McOntley’s Revised Third Header .42 .42
McGuficy’s Hi vised Fourth Header .SO .60
McOnffey’s Revised Fifth Header ,72 .72
McOnffcy's Sixth Header .83 .85
Robinson's Row Primary Arithmetic ,18 :18
i Hi,bbison's New Rudiments ot Arithmetio .30 .30
Robinsop’a Hew Practical Arrthuietio .06 .08
Hubiusou’s Progressive Intellectual Arithmetic,... -29 .29
Harvey's Revised Elementary Grammar .42 .42
Harvey’s Revised English Grammar .05 .05
Eclectic Elementary Geography .55 .55
Eclectic Complete Geography J. 20 1.20
Swiiitoii’s First Lessons in United States History.. • .48 ,48
.ihim's llistoiy ot the American People 1.00 1,00
Butler’s School English ,75 .75
Steele’s Hyg-uic Physiology 1,00 1.00
Steel’s Popular Physics, l.(K) ],OO
Peterman's Civil Government .60 ,oo
Spencetian Copy Books (com. sell.) 1-8 per doz,. .96 per do*,, .96
Now it is hereby agreed by said A. O. Stevenson, superintendent, that the books
herein named shall bo used in the public schools of said comity for a term of live
years, that is to sav, until the first Monday of October, 1900. And the American
Book Company, publishers, hereby agree that they will promptly and at all times
during the existence of this contract, furnish and supply their publications herein
specified, carnage prepaid, on receipt of price, for the nso of said schools at and pat
rons, to nil patrons ordering the same, at and for the prices stated above.
The exchange pi ice and introduction price are to remain in force for one yea
Irom date. * r
And said American Book Company, Publishers, further agree that they will keep
the quality at paper and binding and the mechanical execution of said publications
up to tlie standard of the sample furnished in 1895 to flic Text-hook Committees of
this State, and Hint they will give to the Public Schools of said County the benefit
ot any reduction that mav hereafter, during the existence of this contract, be made
by them in t he regular prices for said publications.
It is tinlher agreed by said parties that this contract shall not become operative
until the said publishers shall enter into bond with the Board or Education in such
penalty as it shall in escribe and conditioned for the faithful performance hv them of
all contracts made between them and any Superintendent of Education in any conn
ty. In the event of a broach thereof, recourse for damages may bo had on said bond
by action in the name of said Board of Education for the nso of any person or persons
aggrieved, the said bond to ho approved by and filed with said Board. The said
Board o( Education to have power at any time to require a now bond in the same
penalty in ease that hist approved shall in its opinion become insufficient
Witness the following signatures of said parties this, the 26 day of October. 1896
A. U. Stevenson, Superintendent of Education, Hancock Councv
Anici lean Hook Company by C. T. McCoy, Agent and Attorney In Fact.
Dr. Miles’ Heart Cure Docs IL
Mrs. Chas. I,a Point, a well-known resident
of Denver, praises this wonderful remedy.
Her testimony should convince all as to the
worth of the Now Heart Cure and Restora
tive Nervine. Her letter dated Bept. 11th,
18M,reads as
Mm. La Point, 2137 Humboldt St,
"Typhoid fever loft mo with heart trouble
of the most serious nature. Nothing the
doctors gave bad any effect. I had severe
pains In the heart, and was unable to lie on
my leftside for more than three minutes at
a time. My heurtseemed to miss beats, and
I had smothering spel Is, In which it seemed
every breath would bmy last. Wo acci
dently saw an advertisement of
Dr. Wiles' New Heart Cure
and Restorative Nervine, and purchased a
bottle of each. After taking the remedies a
week, 1 could bo lifted In a chair and sit up
an hour, and In a short time I was able to
do light housework. I shall be evergrateful
to you for your wonderful medicines. Truly
they saved my life.
Dr. Miles Heart Cure la sold on a positive
guarantee that the first bottle will benefit.
All druggists sell It atM, 8 bottles for 15,0 r
It will bo sent, prepaid- on receipt of price
by the Dr. Miles Medlcat 00., Elkhart, lad.
Dr. Miles’ Heart Cure
Chemist and Pharmacist,
Cigars and Tobaco.i,
Soda and Mineral Waters,
Eioul uour Main Streets,
Buy St. Louis, Miss.
The Dally Edition of
The Great Democratic
Newspaper ol the West,
Will bs sent postpaid to any address fo
one ysar for
Every weekday for one year-and a Presl
deatlal year at thst-for
One Cent a Day
Ko Subaerlp lorn tor loan Than
One Vent ut Tills Rate.
Daily, per month 500
Daily and Sunday, per month.. 75c
Sample Copten Free oo Application.
164-166 Washington it.. Chicago, lit.
New Store.
Us Tuner,
New Goods.
De.i.r in General
(Union street.)
Biginning next Monday, December 2nd,
will bo rcai.y for business,' Your trade is
Drug: Store,
Main and Toulme St*., Bay St. Lonis.
A full and fresh stock of Drugs, Patent
Medicines, Toilet and Fancy Articles,
Stationery, Cigars, Tobacco,
Paints, Oils, Brushes,
&c, Ac.
Prescriptions, Filled Boy and Night.
Bronzer, House and Carriage
fOTShop: At Fireman's hall, Bay St,
Louis, Miss. '
fall & Winter Stol
Welcome Store
Dry Goods, Shoes,
Corner Front and Main Sts.
J. A. & J. O. Mauffray,
Dry Goods, Notiona, Genta Furnish*
ing Goods. Shoos, Etc-
Fine Dress Goods and Gents Fur
nishing Goods a Specialty.
All out goods are new and of the
last designs and we are selling at re
markably low prices. Give ns a call
and we will p| e ase you.
Tlte Senate,
Store on Front head of Main Streets.
Railroad Mange
Fine Wines, Liquors,
Cigars and Tobacco,
100 cold beer constant! on hand
Buy Bt. Louis, Miss.
Arp; No loud talking, no profanity,on
indecent expressions will bo allowed: any
out) drunk and violating decency will not
lie permitted to remain in the bouse.
Tbe rules are quite rigidly enforced and
, he penalty for neglect is summnrilv in
tiicted. Juidch Gilmoro Fu.vurd,
“J The modern stand
u ard Family Medi
yj cine : Cures the
common every-day
J ills of humanity.
x i
I have just opened a beautiful assortment of
Flannels* Opera Flannels,
Cashmere, Serge, Fancy Calicoes, Dress
Goods, Infant’s Caps, Ladies’ Capes
FSXojar* priw * Ladi ° 8 ’ uiij — . oo. te
I Defy Competition in Shoes.
Have just opened up a very pretty Line of Fall Halt
School hooks of all kinds, such as are used , ..
county schools. Staple and fancy Groceries w- C ' ty an 4
Liquors by the gallon Hay, Corn, lloH.T
ware, Crockery, etc., etc. I have (lie linocf ’ J m i °’ ” ard -
Pants for men and boys, and clothino- f, , asßol ’*' nt ‘t of
of Hosiery Linen Handkerchiefs, Embroiders aS il?
surpasses all others combined B and Jj,aces
prL k r p i i“^"if Mm r my *
cheaper U.an ever. " Uer 'l nartere n<l will soli
August Keller
Cor. Front and Washington ts., Bay St. Lonia.
General Merchandise
AST"Houses to rent Bummer *nd winter.
[email protected]^
IP dry goods store IN TOWN. iji
THIS one fact alone is an inducement
and the reason why you should %
;; purchase here, but better still is |
j, ** . fl ud complete stock
-and which I sell as all who P
P- deal with me now, at prices reas- 3F
onable. ? v g
I Flannels, I
|■ II I LADIES’ CLOTH, | },j
I Goods, "" 11
1; 'I NEW LINE H A T £ ii |jf-
p uouing. L^=ifiL |
J Hats, from One Dollar up. Shoes in endless variety. 11
0 Children’s shoes from 25cts up. pecial— <|
pj Guinea Blue 4 1-4 cent per yard. Can- li
1 ton Flannels at 5c and up. Men’s j i
Cashmere Pants, f3.00.
Cotton is going up, but I am still selling 1 yard jf
If. wide bleached and unbleached at 5 cents. Good line '}
of calicoes at,s cts. Special drive in Straw Hats, 10c. |'|
| JOS. F. CAZENEUVE, Front near Union Sts (|j
Real Estate Agents,
w. E. WALKER, D D. S.,
Northrop Building, over poet office, Pass
Christian, Mississippi.
Office hours—7 to Ba. m 9a. m. to 1
P' ™ :2 *o f.:30 p. m.. except, Mondays.
Bay St. Louis Office—Mondays, 8 a.,
m . to X p. m , 2 p. m. to 5:30 p. m.
In ease of an emergency patients will
he seen Without on appointment, though
it is better to write or telegraph in ml
yiitice. r
Insurance Agency
Representing the strongest ana roost
liberal companies in the world.
Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance
* Knlnd.
Royal Cos., Liverpool, Eng
Phoenix Ins Cos ...Brooklyn, N Y
I heonlx Assurance Co.,— London, Eng
Hartford Fire Ins Co.,..Hartford, Conn
Tl . a<Jer8 ’ lus Co ‘ N - La
Udderwrltera Ins Co..Atlanta, Oi
Nuw Orleans
St. Paul German Ins Cos., St. Paul, Minn
Losses are paid cash without discount
and without waiting the usual 60 days
fpeel |
| Badly \
|Today? |
2 We ask this repeatedly, because*
• serious diseases often follow trifling n
■ ailments.
■ If you are west. 9
S R rown ’<; sS-xsW: S
• Lsl If tT II O have no appetite
and can’t work,
• I*- _ begin at once tak- g
81 mil ing the most relia
“■ "II We strengthening gj
■ medicine, which is g
■ U Hlnen Brown's Iron Bit- a
• Diners ter*. Benefit come*
■ tj from (be very first $
a - dose.
2 Dyspepsia, Kidney and Liver |
• Neuralgia, Troubles,
■ Constipation, Impure Blood, £
2 Malaria, Nervous ailments |
Women’s complaints,
2 Get only the genuine—it has crossed red 5
S lines on the wrapper,

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