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Thos. L. Evans, Fraie, ' opp p -°-
B*y tt. tcau, Kim. gtHf DfUgf StOfC.
VaoVi T>r> 11 era Toilet Soap, Perfumery, Sponges, etc. Try Evans’ Liverßegulator
v X CoU XJL Ugo * sure cure for all all diseases or the Urer.
Prescriptions compounded day 01 night. Orders by mall prompt
Medicines. “ t, " de ' l “• Tan—au,. p*n, on., bb.
A Full Stock of Paints, Oils, Etc.
llt is I | I
=1 I I
no joke |_j— }
about the The sea Coast Echo X A Established lßoa. X
having the beat facilities for ®> 5
turnlngoutthe finest job work X- '/i RAV c-r mi tic X'
of any plant In south Mississippi. X / BAY 01. LUC IS, MISS. X'
We print everything from a bus- & <
iness card to a circus poster. X $
We use only one quality of sta- X X •~"** ;| ■■■ ■ ■ y
tlonery—the best. Our prices y 9$
are reduced to a minimum. Yj W <X>
From years of carefu! study Yt, > j
and experience we can anticl- y> y?> >
pate the wants of the business X X, SS
public and fill your orders with y X j
a neatness and dispatch un- y y/ " 5
jfi equaled anywhere on the Gulf X X-'
Coast of Mississippi. Tbt us. &
Louisville &. Nashville R. R. Schedule.
No. 1, Fast ma11,5:22pm No. 2, Fast ma11,9:25pm
No 3, Fast ma11,5:55 am No. 4, Limited, 12:44 pm
No. 5, Limited, 6:33 pm No. 6, Fast mai1,9:49 am
No 7, Coast ac., 7:ooam No. 8, Coast ac.,5:27pm
No. 9. Sun, ex., 7:38 pm No. 10,Sun. ex.,IO:OS am
JOHN A. GREEN, Local Agent.
Roland Sadler spent Sunday with his
L. Spotorno spent election day in New
Mr. John IJvaudaisspent Tuesday with
Col. Trager and fjniiiv.
Mrs. Sallie McCaha made glad friends
in New Orleans Tuesday.
Mr. A. Matraoga was with relatives in
New Orleans Wednesday.
Mr, Emile O’Brien spent a few days last
week at the O’Brien homo.
Last week Miss Zoe Posey visited
friends in the Crescent City.
Miss Logan is the guest of her sister
Mrs. James McConnell, Jr,
Miss Katie Edwards spent Saturday and
Sunday in the Crescent Citv.
Mr. J. B. Guthie. after a sojourn at
Rosehower, has returned borne.
Tom dePaoli, who has been right ill in
New Orleans, is up and out again.
That popular knight of the grip, Harry
Burke, was in our town this week.
Mr. Geo. B. Mitchell and bride spent a
few das s last week at Bay View Villa.
Miss Auua O’Brien is visiting her cousins
in New Orleans, the Misses Richardson.
Mrs. Gus Medine and children have re
turned home from their stay at Bay \ iew,
Miss J. A Hille isspendinga few weeks
with her mother, Mrs. Hagan, on Main
Mr. Geo. Kergosien and sister Miss Vic
tcTiue were at the Bay Thursday from
Charming Miss Cathryne Walker spent
Friday in New Orleans on a shopping ex
Mr. Ernest Mnnton and sister Miss
Nora, of Chicago, are guests at the von
Gohren home.
Miss Hilda Harvey, of the Crescent City,
is the guest of her grandmother, Mrs
Louise Harvey.
Miss Emma Edwards returned home
Monday evening, after travelings exten
tiivoly through the
The Misses Dillraan,the winsome daugh
ters of Mr. Frank Hillman, left Thursday
morning for New Orleans.
Walter Campbell, who had been visit
fig his aunt, Mrs, Yennl, returned home
on Sunday night's excursion.
Business called Merchant Gex to New
Orleans Thursday. M*. V\ alter Gex was
also iu that city Wednesday.
Miss Kathrvne Hunt Blackman, after a
summer's stay at Bay View, returned to
New Orleans Sunday evening.
Miss Belle Osoiuach, a Valued attachee
of the Scranton Chronicle, is spending
the week at the home of hei parent^'.
Our editor and Mr. Henry Piofcalug;.
left this evening to attepd a theatre party
in New Orleans, returning tomorrow
Mr. Will Grant, popularly known at
the Bay, has left Sorautou and gone to
in the drug business for himself at Meri
dian, Miss.
Mrs. C. Spotorno das rented her cottage
on the, corner Front and Citizen, streets,
to a Mr. Verret, a New' Orleans cummer,
cial traveler.
Mr. John Connors and wife, who have j
been the gnests of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Eng
man for a week or so, have returned to
Pearl River bridge.
Mr. George Muller returned last night
from New Orleans where be bought h lot of
choice Western beef that was yet in the
oar at the time from St. Louis.
The colored applicants examined for
teachers’ certificates this week were Mrs.
E. F. Ross, B. R- Ross, M. Sylvest, C,
Labat. There were no male applicants.
Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Engman were called
by business to New Orleans Thursday
The popular “Enterprise” will soon off
er bushels more of ntew and tempting bar
People like to bring their printing to
The Echo office. We appreciate and take
m much pains with a 10-cent or 20-oent
order for visiting cards as a $lO or S2O or
der. Try ns.
Mr. Warren Fieri and little family left
this morning for Houston, Texas, where
they will reside, followed by many good
wishes. Before leaving Warren arranged
lio have The Echo sent him regularly.
Mr, and Mrs. M. D. Lagan Mid dangh-
Mrs Legrange. who were here at the
* er intending to remain a month,
to New Orleans. Mrs. Le-
Mr. C. C. Hartwell and wife were Sun
day visitors to the Bay
Mr, Louis Bourgeois, the merchant, was
here from Waveland one evening this
week on business.
Tuesday s election at the Bay gave the
fo.lowing results: McLain, 92; Evans, 28;
Turley 12, Dahlgren,2; Hafchorn, nit.
M. sdames (Jhas. Sanger, John McGraw
and Mrs. Chas. Marshall and son were
among the departures for New Orleans
tiiis morning.
The Board of Supervisors in regular
session this week placed the salary of
Siij-t A. G. Stevenson at the olr figures,
SIBO per ai.nnm. A just act.
Mr. and Mrs. C, P. Martin and daught
er were welcome visitors to our town last
Sunday, Mr. Martin intends moving his
family here and make weekly visits to the
Scranton Chronicle, Saturday: Prof.
James TANARUS, Eagan will leave this evening
for Vancleave to take charge of the pub
lic school there. Prof, Eagan was an ap
plicant in the recent examination and
averaged 93 3-4, one of the highest ever
reached in this county.
James T. Shaosy has been busy circulat
ing the necessary candidate’s petition for
Mr. McLain tor the congressional election
to he held in this district on the 29, iust.‘
to fill the unexpired term of Congress
man Love, deceased. Mr, McLain was
elected last Tuesday for the term com
moncing’March 4, 1899.
Col. W. L. Laney, editor and proprie
tor of the Hattiesburg American Citizen,
after a lingtriug illness of several months,
died last week at his home: He leaves a
widow to mourn his demise. We hope
our brother is ai rest. —Democrat-Star.]
Col. Laney was a brother to Mrs, Owen
and an ancle to Mrs. Wild, of the Bay.
He was here last splng and wanted to
buy The Echo and its job department.
The lecture announced to have taken
place Wednesday night by Mr. Holden,
was precluded by inclement weather.
%. J. P. Drake, president of the W. C.
T.-U., has handed The Echo the follow
ing for publication: “Mr. Holden will fa
vor the W. C, T. U. with a lecture next
Wednesday evening, November 16, at the
Methodist church. Everyone is cordial
ly Invited. Come at 7p. m.”
Very Rev. Father Blanc returned Wed
nesday morning from a flying'trip to Me
ridian whither he had gone to visit Rev,
Father Valley who has been critically ill
for m?.ny months past, and present is
At death’s door, suffering from heart
trouble. Father Valley is one of the best
known and beleved priests in the State,
and came to America in company with
Father Blanc thirty-one years ago this
Rev. Father John Prendergast has not
yet arrived as was anticipated some time
since when he was ordered home by the
diocease. A petition numerously signed
by the soldiers at Santiago for his deten
tion was successfully considered by the
bishop, bnt news comes that the troops
are being so widely scattered that Un
popular young hero priest has not the du
ties sufficient he would desire and will
soon sail for home.
The Echo acknowledges the receipt of
an invitation from Mr. and Mrs. John
P, Kenny to attend the marriage ot
their daughter Miss Annie Louisa to Mr.
Thomas P, Martin, Nov. 23, at St. Vin
cent’s church, Mobile. Both the bride
elect and Mr. Martin are well-known at
Bay St. Louis, having spent several sum
mers here with relative*. After the cere
mony there will be a reception at the
home of the bride’s parents, 218 Clai
borne street.
Wednesday afternoon the news spread
like wildfire that Gaston Telhiard had at
tempted suicide at the residence of his pa
rents. A representative of The Echo was
at once dispatched to the Telhiard home
where be fonud Dre. Turner and Bohmer
and Father Blanc who bad been summon
ed. It was learned that the young man
had been shot trom under the jaw and
out through the month by a 38 Smith &
Wesson, painfully but not neceearily se
riously. and that the shooting was acci
Prof, Jayne enthusiastically says the
attendance ot the public school is increas
ing right along, and famishes as with
the Roll of Honor, October 13 to Novem
ber 4, as follows: Principal's room—Ea
gar Driver, 87; Edna Morphy, 86; May
Watts. 82; Virginia Cleveland, 81, Lon lie
B. Grimes, 80; Bessie Hart, 79, Lawrence
Joyce, 78; Lester Trager, 76.33; John Ma.
roaey 74.75. First Assistant’s room—
Emily Cleveland, 80; John Turner, 80,
for scholarship. For deportment: Gray ;
Hickey, 92; Florence Hart, 86; Vernon
Joyce, 8s; Louise Delcnze, 82; Emily
Cleveland. 79; Katie Posey. 7g; Pearl
ghafer, 78; Fred Ansley, 75. Seocnd As
sistant's room —Maggie Ansley, 92; Mug*
gieHeitzman, 88; Gas Osoinacb, 88, Andy
Becker, 86; Connoe Delouxe, 84; Bundy
Maynard, 82; Frank Joyce, 80; Eugene
! v .*
I Hob. £. J. Bowen mi a Biloxi on
Hod day.’
Frank Caldwell was a Hew Orleans ar
rival at the Bay Monday.
R. N. BlaJze, the affable owl, was a New,
Orleans ylsitor on Saturday.
.Louis Laurent baa gone to Louisiana
to engage in plantation work.
Mrs. W. W. Boulemet was among the
Tuesday visitors to New Orleans.
Mr. Jas, G. Fayard was in New Orleans
Monday replenishing his stock.
A large and varied assortment of ‘•jags”
were to be seen Saturday night.
Mrs. Charles Tarrnt Is spending a week
on a yisit to her mother, Mrs. Boechel,
Joe Mauffray spent several days the
past week at Jus home on Jordan river.
Manly Blaize was over on Tuesday to
vote and -Incidentally to see his best girl.
Business called Mr. Raoul Telhiard to
New Orleans Monday, returning Wednes
Sam Mitchell, who is running the Pearl
RiyerCluo at Lookout, was in town Sat
urday, *
Mr. Shannon, of Louisville, is the
guest ot his brother-in-law, Mr. J. B.
Mrs, E. J. Bowers and Mrs. K. M.
Posey were shopping in New Orleans on
Geo. W. Maynard, Jr., came up from
New Orleans Tuesday to vote with the
Miss Josie Dillard has returned from a
visit to her friend, Miss Hattie Perrin,
at Arabi, La.
Mrs. Josie Smith is spending a month
with relatives in New Orleans, haying left
Sunday night.
Emmett Ansley has had the lola fixed
for banting and fishing trips, Bud Cnneo
doing the work,
Mr. auo Mrs, C. B. Fisher gave a dining
Tuesday afternoon in honor of a visiting
party of friends.
A peach tree covered with blossoms at
the editor’s borne is an interesting specta
cle at this November tide.
Miss Agnes T. Philips returned Sunday
from her stay in New Orleans where she
visited Miss Maud Vizard.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. Dunbar and wife
from New Orleans registered for the day
at the Orescent last Tuesday.
Mr. Waiter Joseph Gex Intends leaving
tomorrow to resume his law studies at
the University ot Mississippi.
Supt. Charles Marshall Is absent, hav
ing left last Sunday for Louisville to join
the L. & N. annual inspection tour.
Sydnye Lathan Cowand returned safely
Sunday night from his day’s visit in New
Orleans, the guest of Mr. Louis White.
Mrs. Adams and family, occupying the
pretty pink cottage of the Misses Wagner,
left Thursday for their country home in
a chimney fire at the von Gohren res
idence Sunday night caused considerable
excitement in that household; the carn
age was small.
Mr. J. Watts has remodeled and other
wise repaired his yacht, the iiubv, and
put her in Al condition since her encoun
ter with the recent blow.
Miss Daisy Lines, the learned writer,
was the recent guest of the Misses Ed
ward .. diss Lines is a pedagogist at the
Poplarville High School.
An addition of note in the new cemete
ry that was diucq admired All Saints’
day is a marble cross erected to the
memory 1 Joseph Vonau.
Messrs. Murray Bangard and Fred de
Paoli, popular youngbloods of the Bay,
were in the metropolis the forepart of the
week, “taking in” the sights.”
Mr. A. E. Ladner, who is enjoying a
well-earued vacation, arrive here Sunday
with bis charming wife to spend a few
days with his father’s family.
The Gulf Coast Ice & Manufacturing
Cos. has closed its ice making plant for
the season and Manager deCoppet has
gone to New Orleans, to return next
spring. 4
Mine, C. Gardebled was called a la
Nouvelle Orleans Monday on business.
Mme. Gardebled has many good friends
In the big city who are always glad to
welcome her.
The Baratarla Canning Company at Bi
loxi is successfully canning mullet and
sweet potatoes. It appears to us there
would be quite a field for such an industry
in Bay St. Louis.
A board fence has been placed around
the grounds of the college’s “day school”
place, in the rear of the depot. The im
provement is city-like and adds to the
satety of those on the campus.
There is no better soul on the road
than our esteemed acquaintance, F. Al
baugh, who was here Mouday on his iri
annual trip South, representing the shoe
bouse of Tbale & Co-, Cincinnati.
Mr. L. Oliyaii, while out hunting the
other evening became lost and spent the
entire night wandering in the woods. He
finally found his way in time to prevent
the organization of a search party.
Pasqual Lutzi’s oyster house is becom
ing famous for the spaghetti suppers
served, and bon vivants gather there fre
quently on an evening and enjoy the good
suppers as only Pasqual can serve.
“Bebe” Tomasich has been nursing for
some time past a very sore hand, but Is
now recovering nicely. While opening
oysters the knife In his right band slipped
to the other and inflicted a deep gash.
Boadnjastcr J. H. Johnston left Sun
day for Louisville to join the directors of
the Louisville and Nasbyille Raildroad
company on the annual inspection, which
will pass over this division on the 19th.
Mr. Henderson tells us the lots of his
company at Gulfport are fast being dis
posed of. This is only another example
ot sncces with a good article when pro
perly advertised and supplemented with
Capt. Jim Mitchell and wife, who are
well known at the Bay bat have been
living for some years at their farm across
Jordan river, are domiciled in the cottage
of Mrs. Smith’s, on Union street, perma
na neatly.
Notwithstanding a recent shipment, oar
neighbor Muller, of Golf Coast Market
fame, Tuesday evening shipped 3,833
pounds of green hides from his slaughter
pen, which is considered quite a heavy
shipment and indicates prosperity.
We note with pleasure the return of
Mr- £. E. Austin from the Louisiana
country, hat soriy to leant ot the trying
siege of malarial feVer which he has gone
through, contracted some many weeks
since, and only now he is recuperating.
Mr. Spotorno excurted to Gulfport
Ur. Chisolm wu inew Orleans Mon
day on business bent.
Miss May Edwards bas returned to ber
class duties at Poplamlie.
Miss Maud Parker visited friends at
Ocean Springs last Sunday.
Gaston Telbiard is taking lessons in
bread making at Henry Betz’s.
For printing neat, for printing cheap,
1 be Ecbo seek, on Front street.
Mrs. Rita Leonhard Boardman was in
the Louisiana metropolis Monday.
Mayor Laizer and Marshal Wm.-Rubr
were up from Waveiand Tuesday noon.
Mr. Anatole Ladner, accompanied by
his brother, spent Sunday with the home
President McKinley has designated
Thursday, November 24, Thanksgiving
Aristide Ladner, who is now in New
Orleans, was over to see home folks last
Mr. C. Dorn, the prosperous voung
(armor at Grand Plain, was in the Bay
The arrival of eight new pupils Mon
day adds to the prosperity of St. Jos
eph’s Academy.
Mrs. O. Sauge was in New Orleans
Monday on business connected with her
millinery establishment.
Mr. W. J. Chapman left Monday morn
ing for commercial travels, after a few
da^s’visit to bis family.
Chalmette Villars and family are com
fortably domiciled In one of the Tudury
cottages On Union street.
The Geo. A. Caldwell property on the
beach front by the touch of the painter's
brush bas been much enhanced.
Miss Katie Edwards, the valued school
mistress at Waveiand, was visiting in
Bay St. Loins Tuesday evening.
Among the departures for New Orleans
Moaday morning lor a day’s stay In New
Orleans was Misi Nannie Graham,
We understand a measure will soon be
introduced to have the city provide ad*
ditional lamps to the light system.
Capt. Tyler bas had his lumber shed and
livery stable considerably enlarged and
made attractive —roomy aud haudsome.
liulle Sadler has returned from a trip
to New York City whither he bad gone in
the interest of the New Orleans Picayune.
Mr. Andrew Ducatel was entertained
Sunday by Mr. L. M. Gex and family, re
turning to New Orleans the same even
Mr. and Mrs. Jules Mazerat closed their
summer villa a lew days ago and with
their family have returned to New Or
Mr. L- Baron has bis naptha launcb
oat again and of late has made several
successful fishing expeditions up the Jor
Mrs. H. Moreau and grandchildren*
Elise and Georgie Muller returned Thurs
day night from a day’s stay in the big
After a stay of many weeks visiting in
New Orleans, Miss Lottie Cuneo return-1
ed home Sunday, accompanied by bet
Miss May Angel reached here Sunday
to visit the Misses Angeline and Amelia
Oorabel, leaving Wednesday ou a visit to
relatives at Long Beach.
Johnny Lutzi, who returned from New
Orleans-some two weeks ago where he
bad gone for treatment, is now O- K.
and with the boys again.
Messrs- Ernest and Albert Leonhard
were guests of their sister, Mrs. Board
man. last Sunday, the first-named re
maining to spend the week.
Rev. Father Delaney officiated at High
mass last Sunday and delivered an im
pressive sermon on the spiritual duty of
the living towards their dead.
Mrs. H. H. Plccaluga was among the
arrivals on the night train Thursday
and is spending several days on a visit to
her daughter on Carroll avenue.
Our enterprising young baher, James
Breath, ships to Pearlington a supply of
bread several times a week. This speaks
well for the popularity of “Jim’s” pro
A recent macaroni “supper” in the
bakesbop of our friend Jim Breath, was
one of tiie after midnight diversions**! a
a number of youug men, numbering
about twenty.
Miss Blanche Avery made her usual
visit to New Orleans this week where she
has resumed her studies in elocution.
Miss Blanche’s efforts giye much promise
to great success.
Misses Helen Brand and Mattie Merkel
left for their home in New Orleans Sun
day evening, after a week’s visit to Miss
Rosa Boh. They were the recepients of
much social attentions.
The Moreau-Muller home entertained
old-time friends from New Orleans Sun
day, Mrs. C, Heed, Miss Annie Keed, Mr.
and Mrs, J. J. Foster, Miss Eugenia Fos
ter and Master Francis Foster.
Mrs. Howard Pate and two children
leit Monday morning for their home, in
Abbeville, La , after a stay of severs
months with Mrs. Pate’s parents. Street
Commissioner and Mrs. L. Bangard.
Fascinating Miss Alice Msuffray, after
a visit of several weeks to her friend
Miss Nell Tyler, bade good bye Wednes
day to a host of new-made friends and
left for her home at Kiln, accompanied
by her father, Hon. J. P. Mauflray, who
was In attendance of the board of super -
A special train of one sleeper, two day
coaches and several baggage cars from
New York passed through here early Tues
day morning, bearing the New Orleans
French opera troupe, consisting of 106
people, carrying 466 tranks and 98 boxes
„f costumes. The opening will take
place next Tuesday eight,
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Baumgartner
left Thursday for New Orleans to spend
the winter or to probably reside perman
ently. They have been residing here for
the past seven years, Mr. Baumgartner
making the trip daily to his business in
the big city. They carry with them the
best wishes of many friends.
County Superintendent A, G. Steven
son came down Sunday night from Nich
olson Sunday night, stopping at Mrs.
Breath’s, to hold examination for teach
ers. Monday and Tuesday were for the
whites, the applicants being Miss J.
Hart. J. P. Drake. Jr., city; George J. :
Gaaslio, peartiagtoo. The examiner*
were Proto. A* G. Stevenson, Geo: If.
Stevenson, C. & Corker®.
The shipment of raw oysters Is quite so
industry here now and (tires employment
to a large number of people who other
wise might not be engaged. The fish
shipping gives employment to at least 15
or 90 people. They sell their fish every
morning to a buyer st the coast train and
thereby enables them to dispose of a small
lot which they could not otherwise dis
pose of.
Beginning with the next Issue of The
Echos column each week on the front
page will be edited by the ladies of Bay
St. Louis—a column entirely their own.
The ladies are the representative women
’of the city and The Echo has reason to
feel flattered that it was so specially se
lected. The column each week will be
edited individually. >
An example of the “unlucky 13 n was
observed on the beach between Carroll
and Ulman avenues one evening recently
by the writer, where a row of shade
trees numbering exactly thirteen were
planter* some years ago at the time the
ill-fated properties were being erected on
the lots opposite Count the trees next
time you pass there.
Written for The Sea Coast Echo.
He then sat by the glowing log’s fire,
She then sat on the other side;
Just for fun and to try her
He would his ardent feelings hide—
She would blush when e’er he spoke,
And sigh at the nine o’clock stroke.
He Would walk with her and sister
Whenever to Sunday school they went,
And maybe say how he had missed her
On last Sunday. Then In compliment
Make some speech in flowered word i
That would now seem so absurd.
Then, he’d first to papa speak
And ask him for his daughter’s hand,
And say his Lome was cold and bleak,
Too lonely was he to till his land;
Papa and he’d make a settlement
Before he until the damsel went.
, NOW.
But now’ great guns! what change!
He meets her at a dance—they whirl
Around the hall. ’Tis not strange—
They have Ji st met—but then the girl
Seems happy in his fond embrace,
They smile into each other’s face.
He calls to see her, they stroll thither
By the washing waves aiid sands.
He tells her he is happy with her.
Speaks of travels in distance lands;
And she thinks ne talks so sweetly
That her head is turned completely.
Papa won’t consent, and Ma will fuss
And try to keep them far apart.
“Weat does it matter, dear, to us,”
Says he, “you are mine own, s^a-'tbhart,”
A ladder’s by the window next nora—
Pa wake’s up—the angel’s gor !
A note left belilna them tell.-, ..r.v
The old racket Won’t work now.
Harry Stuart Saucies.
A iVonilerfal Discovery.
The last quarter of c, century toco/d*
•aany wonderful discoveries ia medicine,
but none that have accomplished more for
humanity than that sterling old household
remedy. Browns' Iron Bitters. It seems to
contain the very elements of good health,
and neither man, woman or child can take
it without deriving the greatest benefit.
Browns’lron Bitters is sola by all dealers.
Many a hot scrimmage
with the Dons has been
scrapped, but they always
got the hottest end of it.
They got the same end
shoemakers get who try to oppose the
victorious march of SEL2 SHOES. These
are the true American product, with the i( Mgma Ji
true American superiority of fit and work- I I
mansbip. If you once wear a SELZ you
never go back to any other make of SHOES*
Selz’s Shoes for Sale by
The Bay’s Mercantile Cos.,
Front St., Bay St. Louis.
mm lO mJm Ifl academy,
“A Model School For Boys,”
UNEXCELLED LOCATION and Climate. Modern outfit. Preparesfor any college or unlver 1-
,V Five experienced Instructors in the Faculty. Operated In the Interests of Christian education
ust the place for your son. Write for fifty-page Illustrated catalogue.
J _
Positions Guaranteed
. o
We are offering advantages far superior to any in the South-nd at extremely low rates. Life
scholarship, S3O. Don’t think because the terms are low it is inferior work. It is thorough and on
a parity with these hard times. Beautiful Catalogue sent on application.
N. J HARRIS. President-
THOMAS HALL, holly springs, Miss,
O A 1117 A Classical and Military School for Boys.
Strict Military Discipline. The only Academy in the
state having an officer of the United States Army
in charge of the Military Department.
dt Thomas Hall prepares students THOROUGHLY foranv UNIVERSITY or business. Its grad
uate's have regularly led their classes atlthe States University. Chancellor Fulton says:
“The students who have come to the University from St. Thomas Hall have shown most exceUent
preparation, and the work done In that institution has repeatedly won the high commendation of
* student’s thorough and complete preparation Is a prime requisite for suoeessful University work.
The situation of the school is the best a A most healthful in the South. Elevation, 850. feet. Ab
solutely free from all malaria. 7 __
Six Instructors on the faculty—graduates of Harvard, Lehigh, University of Mississippi, and West
P The presidin't 1 and. 6 his family, and all of\the Instructors five In the same buildings with the cadets.
The expenses are very moderate. For catalogue, etc., write to.
H RtV. |, ST Nt.VRs, President, Holly Springs, Hiss.
Whitwortti College.
I Alumme. A steadily
■*—"*' g ■ ■— Increasing patron
age Send for our new catatodue. It will give you full information about our courses of study.
Oar conservatory of music and Hit, our school of expression.
finr graduates are holding Heading positions In our Southern colleges. Of our recent
eraduates In music, one is direcwßr of made in a Kentucky college; another occupies a similar po
sition in an Alabama college; on®her has an honorable position In a Mississippi college; another la
director of music in an Arkanssjr college. Some who did not complete-our course occupy equally
hnm-irabla and lucrative positions. What WHITWORTH as done for others, it can do for you.
Look *t Our Rates—Bboard, washing and tuition (10 months) SIS 00. One girl from each
nountv or pariah will be gitJfen the foregoing and anyone extra, for $l5O 00- Any poor girl, vouched
for bv her pastor,can get jSord, washing and tuition, for *IOO 00. Acoomomdatlons for 150 board
if? enrolled last seasoii. Write at once. All ettere cheerfully and promptly answered.
J* Rev. John Chambers, A. Brookhaven, Miss.
A famous school for girls* Very thorough and of high grad*.
Judge mreorge D. Gray, Culpeper, Ya., says: “I sincerely believe it is the very
best fenmale school of which I have any knowledge.” I Hast rated catalogue free
to all tbo apply. Jas. Dixwxdoxs. M. A.,
W Principal.
Epjvorth College , H °y Sprin g|__
AO T* 01dest Equipped Female schools In the State, Fan College Coarse:
Proceedings of the Board of flayor
and Aldermen.
A regular monthly meeting of the board of may
or and alderman of the city of Bay St IrfMila F*®
held at the city hall on Saturday, the sth day of
November, JJ.D. 1898, at $ o’clock, p. m., and
there were present: Hon. John V. Toalme, mayor
L. Capdepon, J. P. Caaenenve, August Keller, A.
G. Tomasloh,aldermen; G. W. Maynard, marshal
and Richard Mendes. secretary.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and
P ”Fhe mayor's message and reportes of the va
rious officers were read, examined, found correct
and order spread on the minutes, follows:
The mayer’s message among other things re
lates the good condition of the streets and urges
tlx© passage and enforcement of m ordinance
that would rid the city of the tramp nuisance.
The treasurer’s report was as follows;
Got. 1. To balance as per last report, $ 36
“ I. By J. B. loor, taxes, 686 *9
“ 4. By G. W. Maynard, licenses, 16 45
" 4. By R. Mendes, road taxes, 200
1606 90
Nov. 6. By warrants to board, $693 09
Nov. 6. By treasurer's coma , 15 21 806 30
$ 60
Oct. 1. To bal. last report, 5578 *7
Nov. I. By J. B. loor, taxes, 30 83
s3w ao
Nov. 6. By warrants to board, $299 30
Nov. 6. By treasurer’s corns., 77 290 07
5319 13
The street commissioner’s report details all
work and where performed, manorial bought,
nsed and remaining on band and an expense ac
count of $132.99; viz: canag. $102937: labor >39.62.
Moved and seconded that the amount of $5.00
be paid the trustees of the Promote Hall for ren
tal of said hall, used by colored school for exhibi
tion purposes. A vote was taken and the motion
was carried. Aldermai Cazeneuve voting nay,
for the reason that is neither law nor money for
paying same.
Moved and seconded that the accounts for
quarantine guards and telegraph expense be paid.
A vote was taken and the motion was carried;
Alderman Caxeneuve voting nay, for the reason
that there are no funds to meet same and no legal
quarantine was established,
His honor Mayor Toulme, by and with the con
sent of the board, remitted further punishment
of Nick Green, discharged.
The following bills were allowed and ordered
John V. Toulme, mayor, salary sl6; R. Mendes,
sec’y, salary 20.85; G. W. Maynard, marshal, sal
ary $20.; L. Capdepon, J. F. Cazeneuve, A. Keller,
A. G. Tomaslch, S2 each, salary' $8; L. Bengard
street com., $8; R. Caldwell, light contract 47,60
J. L. Norris. 1 1-2 tons coal SO August Keller, 2.66
anuJ. V. Toulme, 1.35 for telegrams board of
health; J. Bengard, 451-2 days cartage 102.37; L.
Bangard. 24 1-2 days labor 30.62; R. Maynard hr
days 58.25, R. Hetderhoff, 19 days 28.50; G. Tel
hiard 11-2 days 2.25, P Tudury, 26 days $39 and
D. Choina, 26 days 39.09 for quatantlne guards;
H. S. barrels shells9.o3; J. Heltzmann,
repairing spade .25; G. W. Mayiar.l pri
soners 18.80; August Keller, merchandise 1.30;
Standar OH Company, oil 27.58; W. F. Delcuze,
book, &ic. (school) 1.00; J. L. Norris, 2 tons coal,
(school) sl2 Sea Coast Echo printing 300 blanks
6.50; Gulf Coast Progress, printing proceedings,
legal notices and slationejy, 44.41; G. W. Dun
bars Sons. 2925 barrels of shells, 87.75; R. Men
des, office furnishings, .30; D. W. Bontompsjan
itor (school;, Sl2; A. F. Cameron, lumber, 37.74;
trustees of Promote hall, $5.
There being no further business the board ad
journed to meeting in course.
Richard Mendes, Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that teachers’ examlna
i lion will be held as follows: Bay St. Louis, for
i white teachers, on Monday, November 7, and
Tuesday, November 8,1898
Bay St. Louis, for colored teachers, Wednes
day, November 9, and Thursday, November 10,
Nicholson, Monday, November 14, and Tuesday,
November 15, 1898, for wnlte teachers.
Nicholson, Wednesday, November 18, and
Thursday, November 17, 1898, for colored teach
Applicants will pay attention and catch these
dates and be on hand. Examinations for A. &M.
College and 1.1. &C. can be he held at same
dates. A. G. Stevenson,
Sapt of Pub. Education Hancock Cos.
Flcholsoe, Miss., Oct. 28,1898.
MethodUtEntsoopalChurrh, So ni^-Previn*
every Ist and 3rd Sundays, at ll a- 7
and 2nd and 4th Sundays at 7 p. m.
Invited to attend. .
Baptist Church— Preaching second Sunday or
each month 11 am.
Catholic Church— Preaching by appointment.
fraternal orders.
Diamond Lodge. No. 393, A. F. and A.
Otia. WM.:O. SW; H-S- WeMoa,
Wallace, JD. Meets 3nd Saturday each mon
Koch?guide: Asa Hursey. A. Madi^
sentinel; C. k. Cook, guardian. Meetings Ist and
3rd Saturdays of each month.
Luther Weston Camp, No. M, ~, e
World—C. D. Orr, consul commandeir, Vr •W ■
Wallace, adviser lieutenant; Alex Orr, banker,
Gmw Geiger, escort; M. Geiger, clerk; J. Q.
Fountain, physician; C. P. M ’ a
R. Miller, sentry; George W. Parker, W. A.
Brown, John Be D. Orr. dele
with Rev. w. G. Forsythe, ftiwmftw*
Meetings 2nd and 4th Thursdays In each month.
Mail Schedule Str. Pearilngton, Wllev T.
Favre,clerk. Dally trips^tW^nE%UMilook
out, fcearllngton, Log town, and GidneevlUe.
Leave Pearilngton at 6:00a. m., and 3.15 P- ™ *
connecting with morning and evening trains
Mall arrives 11 a. m., and departs 3:35 p. m.
Mall Hours—Sam to 4:30 pm. W. A. McGuire.
P. M., Abram Russ, assistant.
DR. R. L. Llyod,
Okfice Hours—9 a. m. to 1 p. ra.
Logtojvn Office —At residence.
J. Q. Fountain, M. D.,
Office Hours: 9:30 to 10:30 a. in., 4:30 to
5:30 p. m.
U Our success has been one continuous chain. 1 L
|j 1 _ ■ ■i - . HfP
■J The Sea Coast Echo |
| BEST Equipped ia South Mississippi
nfino- the neat kind and jj
F TYpoi D*TYITI O'— .original ideas, |
ii Stationery—
IJ Tb Echo will not out prices. Our work jj
i sells on Its merits. Express prepaid I
IJ on all printing. Our country patrons (I
I may get prices from or send orders M
0 to
1 • S. J. GRAY,’
"j General County Representative.
Jj With Office at Pearllngton, Miss. j
Modern P ar^or
The neatest and most up-to-date shop
in the city. All work strictly first-class.
Shaving, 10c; Hair cutting, 25c. *
Small pictures enlarged to any sizk in
crayon at a small cost. Send for prices
Y our photo on tintype returned uninjar
ed Ordeis by mail given prompt alien
u°n. w. a. Brown,
Pearllngton, Miss.
Geo. M. Geiger, Manager. First-class
teams at reasonable prices. Special at
tention given to travelling men. Haul
ing lumber wood, etc.
PEARLINGTON, Hancock County, Miss., I
Thursday, Nov. 10, 1898. 1
Mr. Simon Favre is away on business
this week.
Mr. Frank Mitchell and family are oc
cupying the place recently vacated by ye
This place was visited by a severe rain
last night, followed by a decided drop in
the temperature.
Mr. Dan B. Favre and charming wife
are at home again, after a several weeks’
visit to relatives in Biloxi.
The writer begs the indulgence of our
readers this week. All the trouble and
worry incidental to moving has kept us
from gathering many valuable notes this
Mr. Wallace and Ben Baxter left this
morning for the wilds of Honey island io
spoud a few dajs in pursuit ot bear* wild
cats, etc., etc. Mr. W. has promised ns
one hear, two deer and a halfdozeu tur
Notwithstanding the fact that McLain
mi- elect-'d, the returns from this pre
ci .i t r* it- rare what we said last week re
garding to Evans being the favorite ol
this place, which some were wont to dis
pute previously.
Blunter and big talk count for nothing.
Inspection aud investigation will demon
strate to you that our facilities for turn
ing out a superior grade of neat and at
tractive Job work are unexcelled any
where on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. A
trial order will convince you. Send it
right nlouii.
The Best Plaster.
A piece of dannel dampened with Cham,
berlain’s Pam Balm and bound on to the
affected parts is supei ior to any plaster.
When troubled with a pain in the chest
or side, or a lame back, give it a trial.
You are ceitaiu to be more thau pleased
with the prompt relief which it affords.
Fain Bdm is aisoa certian core for rheu
matism. For sale by Thos. L. Evans.
Bioc/1 ti rve®.
Fo o;. • - rnTer with neuralgia. Thla
i 3 J.J and permanently cured
'7 Browns’iron Bitters. Erery disease of
tae blood, nerves and stomach, chronic
or otherwise, succumbs to Browns’ Iron
01 iters. Known and used for nearly a
quarter of a century, it stands to-day foro
■rost among our most valued remedies.
Browns iron Bittern is sold bar all
Notice to Fishermen, Oystermen and
I hereby Klre notice that all that tract of Lon
-oth® nonh b y 040 Gnifof
1,7 Jgyoa Boudreau or John
son.S °*y* n .’ on *outh by Boudreau Bav and
M Little J o ffin“r
Drum Bayou, and enclosing that body of wafoiT
marked on the Louisiana State
gwo-ted to tte f. J enouMBSS AS!
Bw St Lota., 1D,,., NOT.^fj'y^™*-
Opposition Bakery
ThaoeJ A S? W ® U BROS -> MOPS. *
R. J. Ttjbkek, m, and.,
SSSSt ** 8t
Hall's Great Discovery.
One small hereof Hall's
ery cores all kidney and bladder
removes gravel, cares diabetes seminal
emissions, weak and lame backs, rheuma
tism and all Irregularities of the kidneys
,n both men and women. Kegulates bl. -
tier troubles in children. If not sold by
your druggist, will be sent by madon re
ceipt of sl*oo. E. W. Hall.
ceipi oi 9 go]e Manufacturer.
For sale by Finley. Dicks & Cos., New
Postoflic© box 218, ' Vaco * exaß ‘
read this:
Weatherford, Texas, June 28. 1895,
For seven years I was Bufleiin>, "it
kidney tronble. and found no permanet
relief. After using dozens of bott.es of
different binds of kidney medicine, had
come to tbe conclusion there was■ uc.cure
for it. I was induced to try Hall a Great
Discovery, and find that lam cured by
only one bottle. J. C. McComhkix.
From New Zealand.
Reefton, Now Zealand, Nov. 23, 18%.
lam very pleased to state that siueo 1
took the agency of Chamberlain’s medici
nes the sale has been very large, more es
pecially of tbe Cough Remedy. In two
Years I have sold more of this particular
remedy than ot all makes for tbe previous
five years. As to Its efficacy, I have been
informed by scores of persona of the good
results they have received from it, ami
know its value from the use of it my own
household. It is so pleasant to take that
we have to place tbo bottle beyond the
reach of thechildren. E. J. Soautlebnry
For sale by Thus. L. Evans.
Dr. Miles’ Nervine
Effects of Tobacco.
THE excessive use of tobacco, especially
by young men is always Injurious and
undoubtedly shortens life materially.
Mr. Ed. 0. Ebsen, compositor on the Contra-
Costa News, Martinez, Cal., writes; “I have
used Dr. Miles’ Restorative Nervine and re
ceived much benefit from it. I was troubled
with nervousness, dizzy spells and sleepless
ness, caused by the use of tobacco and stim
ulants. I took Dr. Miles’ Nervine with mar
velously good results, allaying the dizziness,
quieting the nerves, and enabling mo to
sleep and rest, proving in my case a very
beneficial remedy.” Dr. Miles’ Restorative
Nervine is especially adapted to restoring
the nervous system to Its normal condition
under such circumstances. It soothes, heals
Dr. Miles' Remedies
are sold by all drug- |K*v
gists under a positive E*.' _
guarantee, first bottle |IL JH
benefits or money re- Hb, ffogtorttf jB
funded. Book on dls- mCf Health villi
eases of the heart and Eb&o . .
nerves free. Address,
DR. MILES MEDICAL 00.. Elkhart, Ind.
Is prepared to do thorough practical work In the
education of girls.
Curriculum Equal to that of Any
Firsi-Olasa College.
Best Advantages In Music, Elocution and Art-
Healthful situation. Cultured community. Home
like Influences. For catalogue, etc., address
The Next Session Will Begin Sept, 14.
Location healthful,
Moral Influence good.
A quiet place for study.
Special attention given to the work of prepar
ing .boys and girls for college. Terms reasona
ble. For further Information, address
j. A. SMYLIE,' Prtnolpal
YV persons In this state to manage our busi
ness In their own and nearby counties. It is main
ly office.work done at home. Salary straight *!>lo
a year and expenses—definite, bona fide, no more
no less salary. Monthly $75. References. En
close self-addressed stamped envelope, Herbert
E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M. Chicago. 2-20-90
L. M. GEX, Agt.,
General Merch?ndise. Fancy and
Staple Groceries.
Corner Hancock and Washington Sts., Bay St
Louis, Miss.
Gaston G. Gardebled,
Contracts taken lor small and large jobs
Liberal share of patronage solicited.
esidence at Gardebled’s drug store Bay
St. Louis.
D. B. Seal,
Practices In all Sea Coast Counties. Offlce;
Union near Hancock streets. Bay St. Louis
P 00 ?! 0 ' 0 Store.
/T"e Famous,
W Bay St. Louis, Hiss.
1 —o —
The newest store in town
invites your trade. Best of
goods for the lowest price.
A fresh and up-to-date stock
of fancy and staple
Hay, Corn, Oats, Bran, Hard
wate, Vegetables, Fruit, etc.
.^as?e! ered to 411
_ Famous.
__ 1848-1998i '
MDtlaw lll^! 0 departments ex

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