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utatb or MISSISSIPPI, >
Hancock County, /
Cit yof Ha? Ht. >
A regular meeting of the Board
of Slav" r and Aldermen of the
■itf of Bay St- Lcuis was held at
.he citv hall on Saturday, the 4th
d,y of January, A. 1). 1902.
■ There weradMknt Hon. E. E.
O’Brien, may<Er*on Captlcpon,
.V r.CaoieroiOTPM Osoiimch, F.
(I. Kgloff, arlii Albert ,1.
Cavver, marsfll ■ohnvd Men-
minutes®rst meeting
*Tho reports oflLiwu-ious offi
cer* were rear!, ilPWtgated and
approved. The report of the treas
urer was ordered spread on the
minutes, the others tiled.
Trewnror’, Beoort—City Fund.
jyp r-To bl pnr iMt report 438 OS
Oe,. I>-By J. F. CueiWOTO, flnoe ra. c., . 3S 00
Db |4-Uy J. B. lopr, taxes 048 77
Jib 1— By J- U. loor, taxee 1223 30
JW 1-A. J. Carter, Menses 293 32
,141, 4-R. Mend ex, Uxe U
2 619 48
,_Dy warrahta to Board aa per Hat, 1907 02
Jn (—By Alolde Ladner, commie,lon... M 7
106) so
Bf balance, 667 6S.
School Fund.
Dfo J—To bal last report 17 39
l„- 16-By J. F. Caxenmira, poll tax,..,. 88 so
per 14-ByJohn B. loor, taxes, 178 27
Jin l-By John B. loor, taxes, 326 10
66,'. 06
Itn 4-By warrants to Maril,.,.. 270 2J
j,„ j—By Alolde Ladner, coin., 13 26
263 M
To balance on hand, 272 IS.
School Building Fond.
Dec 7—To balance 63 81)
DM 14—By J. B. loor, taxes,. 43 32
Jan I—By J. B. loor, taxes 81 tt
ns m
By warrants to board,. 99 98
By A, Ladner, commission,.., 813
103 10
Tobslanceon hand, 76 86.
The communication of Vic J.
Sournmnn, relative to his mis
conduct and his subsequent ap
pcarance and fine in the Mayor’s
court, praying for a return of fine
or a reduction of same, was or
dered tabled.
The street commissioner shows
an expense account amounting to
$2t!.25 for labor and $85.60 for
The (reports of the secretary,
tax-collector and marshal were
duly tiled.
The (ullovriiiK amounts were allowed
mol ordered pulil;
ft. E. O’Brien, mayor, salary 26 00
It. Mencius. secretary,..., -‘ ~ 20*8
Albert J. Caryor, marshal, 11 .. 36 00
ÜBangiird, street commissioner,. S 00
bfn> Oaprtepon, alderman, <■ 2 00
Jofm Osolnaoh, “ 2 00
A. F. Cameron, " " 391
F. H. Etflolf, “ „ jdo
Onlf Coast loe ft Mfg. Cos , lights 139 6
Ran'gard, 38 days oartago at $2.16, *3 SO
John DlDmann, 9 1-J days labor u 26
(.oopold Bangard,B day* labor 12 00
Walter Carror, cleaning mayor’s office,. .. 2on
I* A. do Montlutln, tor vaeolne points,,... 12 22
JosephCombel, for merchandise,.., 1 80
ft- J- Mu rtagh, special police, 3 dsys I 60
I, N. C. Hpotorno, cement to
Bowers, Chaffo ft McDonald, dty attor
neys, from Sept, to Deo. 81, 1901,..,... 100 90
Unit Coast Progress, pub. annual etatem’t 28 92
Hauling Shells, at 1 and So per Barrel;
Megu el Catchot. 473 bla , 22 99
Conrad Slok, 187 bis a 36
11. Hymel, 477 bis., 23 U
Thomas Adams, 400 bla., 19 so
Valerie Fayard. 70 bla., 8 00
Charles Ham, 417 bla 20 49
Dominique Chlona, 407 bis,. 19 91
August Reohon, 14 bla 70
John Rodion, SWhla., 27 60
F. Taconl, 70 bla 2 80
J-R. Guerra, 270 big. 12 06
P. J. 80d1n,270 bla; u,BB
F. C. Bormond,a?B bis 18*99
Mrs. Alfred Fayard, 144b15.,.l 7 80
Mrs. Charles Woraley, 326 bio 18 CO
Octare Fayard. 8.18 bla 10 08
John Dlllmann, 90 Ms 4 60
A. Peterson, 280 bla., 1110
Delmas I out tier, 388 bla 16 86
E. D. Toulme, 68 bla,, 2 80
Andre Manlerl, 706 bla 33 08
Paul Dlllmann, 70 bis., _, 308
There being no farther business
the Board adjourned to meeting
in course. Richard Mekdeb,
Attest.] Secretary.
The battleship Illinois was dock
ed nt the New Orleans naval sta
tion last Monday in one hour and
(ifty-soven minutes, over one hour
than the contract time. The
test of the new dock, the largest
m the world, was a success in eve
ry particular. Orders from Wash
ington are having the Illinois
icavo New Orleans this Saturday
morning for Newport News.
- 1
Office-seeking iu Venezuela is
noi. as active an industry as in this
country. The employes of that
government have received no sal
aries for six months.
For the benefit of Mrs, Dewey’s
health. Admiral and Mrs. Dewey
||pwinlering at Palm Beach.
Pitchfork on a Trip to Texas.
(For The Sea Coast Echo.)
1 jes’ oomohome frum a dog-gone long trip an’ I feel es greezy
es a biled owl. Lor’ but don’t them air tarnashun ralerode Jurneys
)rake a man upl Cyrus Shucknubbin, who air a cuzzin o’ mine, writ
,ne sum time back ter git ontied frum m’ old lady’s anrun strings an’
WW au’ thet wife o’ bis’n, Jurclia, a visit out in Texas at a town
ailed Hurrykillum, whar he Mow r cd ther cattle wuz king an’ whar a
ordinary cow was (wo cows long and cow au’ a half high, an’ they
romed on ther pantry, ’cause they had nothin’ else ter do, an’ Lor’
know* wbut ho didn’t tell me ter git me ter visit ’iml I writ back ter
fnm thet I jes’didn’t hanker ter go, spechully ter any Hnrrvkillum
'own, fer I tho’t tew darn’d much o’ my karcass ter hev my skiu
made inter a sifter jes’ tor satisfy them air cowboys target ambishun.
J-.vrus, he laffed back a lettur a tollin' me I was ther bigges’ idjit in
montrack and ho Mowed they hadn’t killed a man our tbar since ther
as murder. He didn't name ther day ther koroner got ther jury
Wo 1 jes’ woodn’t be outdone, an’ arter fotchin’ m’ old kyarpet
>ag down frum ther stable loff whar m’ Grandady bung hit up when
wuz born, and gittin’Charity ter fill hit up with rn’ cloase, I tol’
an’fetched up at ther depo; got on ther trane fer
cr Wh whar they Mowed es bowl would change ktars fer Texas,
Two Excellent Appointments For
nissuslppl Made by President
President Roosevelt appointed
two Mississippi Democrats to of
fice on .Wednesday. according to
the press dispatches from Wash
ington, which have been ccnflrm
cd. The appointees are;
It. C. Leo, to be United Slates
attorney for the southern district
of Mississippi, vice Albert M. Lea,
deceased. Mr. Lea’s term Would
have expired January 9, 1902.
Edgar S’. Wilson, „f Jackson,
correspondent of the N, O. Pica
yune, to be United States marshal
for the southern district of Mis
sissippi, vice Frederick W. Col
lins, term expired.
Commenting on tho appoint
ments the Picayune’s Washington
correspondent, says; It is stated
by Mississippi Democrats that Mr.
Leo has always affiliated with the
regular Democratic organization
and does not mow belong to what
is called the commercial democra
cy in some of the Southern States.
Mr. Lee was most highly recom
mended by Senators Money and
McLanmi. Tho president is sim
ply carrying out his announced
policy of appointing Democrats in
Slates where competent Republi
cans cannot be found. A Demo
crat succeeds Marshal Collin*, but
it is said Mr. Collins was above '
the average an a representative of
tho Republican party in Mississip
To road the Wise nod otherwise
advice of various journals to Mr.
Carnegie for the judicious and be
neficent disposal of his great
wealth one would imagine the
writers had studied the subject.
There is in the light of evolution
and sociology no more knotty
question. Charity as a rule re
sults in propagation of pauperism;
patronage is often twice curst,
cursing him that given and him
that receives. Mr. Carnegie is
probably as superior to his advi
sers in the distribution of his
wealth as he was in its acquisition.
The proper attitude for the w orld,
if it cannot imitate, is to uncoyer
its head and admire. ’
Marconi's recent successful ex
periments w ill give pause to Paci
no cable projects. A cable to the
Philippines will cost many mil
lions while the wireless clhcrial
route is free.
Babies and children need
proper food, rarely ever medi
cine. If they do not thrive
on their food something is
wrong. They need a little
help to get their digestive
machinery working properly.
will generally correct this
If you will put from one
fourth to half a teasp.oonful
in baby’s bottle three or four
times a day you will soon see
a marked improvement For
larger children, from half to
a teaspoonful, according to
age, dissolved in their milk,
if you so desire, will very
soon show its great nourish
ing power. If the mother’s
mlik does not nourish the
baby, she needs the emul
sion. It will show an effect
at once both upon mother
and child. *
50c. and st.oo, all druggists.
SCOTT & BOWSE, Chemists, New York.
ite SSA (foasl fidw.
A philanthropic mid generous
undertaking has been assumed by
two public-spirited citizens rtf t lus
oity, Professor J. H. Owmgif,
principal of the public school, and
Kev. 11. W. Van Hook, pastor in
charge of the Methodist Chutch,
in the line of a free night school
for working boys. The school open
ed Monday nightfnt the city central
public school building and will
servo a much-neodod public go uj.
There arc a (number of worthy
young men In ’this city who are.
compelled to work tuiily for their
own and relatives’ support, and
arc shut out of any educational
advantages, and these gcntlemeu
are undertaking u most worthy
and laudable purpose.
The fame of Biloxi has proba
bly gone out to the world and
"fake shows" have been pouring
in here to reap tho benefit of the
citizeps’ prosperity. There have
been an average of seven week
forsomc time,and more arc billed
hero for next week. Complaints
long and loud arc being hoard
against them, and tho consensus
of tho hotter element is for tho
City Council lo run them out by
high license. The usinil atten
dants of shell game men have been
present who have been eomnland
ing tho devoted attention of the
city’s effieent marshal, R. M. Mo
sidy. This official gave three of
the fraternity twelve hours to
change base of operations and
guarded the trains to see that they
did not escape him and 'remain
The Back Bay bridge continues
a very profitable investment for
the city. Aside from the increas
ed petrouage that it brings over
from the country for the city
merchants, the .cash roceipla for
tollago arc quite sain factory. The
receipts for December last were
$224 n little more than $7 a day.
All is not serene in the ranks of
the State officials who have been
accustomed to riding on the tail
roads complimentary. The agita
tion of the free-pass matter last
summer hy 11100011118 has canned
all applications fo- passes from
Stale officials to be turned down.
The nows was conveyed to (his
city of the burning. Thursday
evening, out near Pass Marion, of
the three-masted schooner Marie
E. Cooper, the Banitaria Can
ning Company, of this city. The
vessel was propelled hy gasoline
engines ana it is supposed that
when tho tanks were filled they
ware loft open and tho gas eseup
od. The vessel was engaged dredg
ing oysters and tier cargo had only
a little while before been loaded
to another vessel. ( She was va
lued at $7,000 and had no insur
ance. Contradictory reports hav
ing come ns to wpether the ves
sel burned to the water or sunk a
crew was sent out today to inves
tigate the matter and report. The
owners hope to save at least the
engines as there was no explosion.
A suit of considerable magnitude
has been filed in the Federal
Court hero hy Mr. Cha* W. Mow
er against well-known citizens, al
leging brutal and inhuman beating.
The suit is for SIO,OOO and against
F. B. Castauera, Eugene Caste
nej’a and James Castcnera, own
ers of the tug boat ‘’Louis Peno
yer” and alleges that while Mow
er was employed in the vessel ho
was assaulted with u sounding
pole by F.B. Castuoeraand badly
The special meeting of the
State Legislature is causing to bo
focused the different plans in the
matter of oyster dredging Legis
lation desired. The sentiment
here is dredging without any res
trictions as to locality or depth of
of water, while others want dredg
ing restricted to that depth of
water where tongs cannot fish.
A culling law, stamp measure
and a patrol system ;to enforce
these requirements. The facto,-
rios will have
present and an organization
known as the “Oyster Men's
Protective Association” has heoi.
formed hereto look after the ton
gers interest. There willTlo two
bills antagonistic to their provi
sions from this city before the Leg
islature. The factory people’s
measure, it, is said, will propose
the removal of all restrictions
against dredging, impose a tax of
from $2.50 to $7.50 on all boats
fishing oysters, and a tax on all
factories and shippers of raw oys
ters respectively of SIOO and $5,
es ther L. N. coodn’t git ’crosst ther Mississippi river tor go out
tbar any ways handy. Wa-al, hit. bein’ early in the r rnornin’ when
started, I wuz shore ter git a daylilu ride so’h 1 cood see ther kuntry
we wuz a pausin' thro'. Shore nough, we got tor New Orleans an’ 1
Mowed ter ther kunduckter ea how t wnz boon’ fer Hurrykillum,
Texas, an’ had ter change kyars sumwhar. “Ya-as,” ho Mows in er
funeral voice, “I loss Severn 1 frens putthar.”
He bundled mo off at totherdeepo, which 'peared ter bo built up
rite in ther river. So I got tbar all right an’ anuther feller hollers at
me: “All a h-o-a-r-d fer thet Suthern Porcific ralerode!’’ “Consarn
hit, Mistur,” sezl, “I don’t sec no ralerode.” Then ho laffed an’
pinted ovur his sholdcr, sayin’: “Jes’ thet ’er way, Rube, and ye’ll
fin’ ther boat.” Now how iii ther name o’ little pertaters did thet
air feller know my name w r uz Rube, I’d like ter know. I nevef sot
eyes on ’ini afore ter my reckonin’. But hit wuzn’t time ter argew,
so I follered ther other travollurs, an’, bless yer hart and hat-band,
1 never see sich a big lookin’ craft even in my dreems! Purty soon
down come a ’hole devilment o’ kyars an’stuff rollin ontenher boat.
I hollered thet ther ’hole darn hiznO'js Wuz goin’ ter sink and made a
brake ter git off’n hit when a little tad-pole o’ a fellow grins at me
an’ Mows: “Don’tbo skeered, Rube, thay haint nothing goin’ ter
hurt ye.” Why, By Crackles! hit seemed thet everybody knowed jes’
who I wuz on thet boat, so I Mowed ter ther young feller, “How in
ther name o’ (her lead steer do ye know mv name so dod-blssted
well?” “Oh,” sez ho, with a funny luff, “I kin tell yer name by ther
A commission of four will be ap
pointed by the Governor to take
charge of the oyster matter, who
will elect mi Inspector and a secre
tary. It K current here that Gov
ernor Longino has given much
thought and study to this matter
and has.fully. Informed himself of
Jim question in all its bearings,
and will present some very clear
cut recommendation to the Legis
lature about it. Those in posi
tion to know suggest ho will re
commend that tho Stale take
charge of the problem. That it
will boa preffiinent matter before
the Legislature is clearly apparent
now,—Biloxi cor. N. (). States.
He Enters a Yard at Ntght by Mis
take and Is Arrested on a Serious
Dr. Henry J. Comhel, formerly
of Hus city, where lie was born
and raised,mu) favorably known,
got himself into a most cm bur ras
ing position in New prleails Mon
day night, in which city he has
been residing since his return from
the United States army, where be
served with much success in the
rapacity of physician and surgeon.
Ho wa * arrested and charged with
entering in the night time with Sn*
lent to commit a felony. The ar
rest was made on the promises of
I. L. Lyons, corner iSt. Charles
avenue and First street, by a po
liceman of the Boylun force. Our
young friend ssys he was "under
the weather" and entered Hie yard
by mistake, and the specific charge
made against him of stealing flow
ers from Mr. Lyons’ garden is
without foundation. When ar
raigned he entered a plea of not
guilty, and was placed under
.bonds, to appear for trial at a fu
ture date.
■Hocretary Long has appoints]
John A. Kearney, of Cohoes, N.
Y., a** the successor to K. 8. Ma
clny, thn historian laborer at the
Now York navy yard, who was re
moved by order of the President
for hi* strictures upon Hear Ad
miral Schley. The office is offi
cially designated “special laborer
in the department of supplies and
accounts, navy yard, New York.”
witii pay at the rate of $2.4H per
diem. The appointment read-:
“ViceE. S. Maelay.” mid omits
all reference to the manner of that
individual’# departure from the
service. _______
Brooklyn him two sets of Jud-
Ecs, liotii claiming the right to
hold the stupe courts. One set
was legislated out of office, hut re
fused to vacate on the ground that
the act of the Legislature ousting
them was unconstitutional. The
conrls will haye to settle the dis
United States Consul Ileenan,
Odessa* Russia, says “Agricultu
ral machinery, including steam
threshing machines of a specified
diameter, is admitted into Russia
free of duty.” Russia lias a large
amount of agricultural territory
to lie developed.
The French Minister of Foreign
Affairs is wise in his day anti gene
ration. lie advises France to
keep on pood terms with Ameri
ca, because its wealthy classes are
the best customers for the luxu
ries produced by the French.
An agreement has been reached
by the Pncific coast members of
(Congress on a Chinese exclusion
Ia tv That such a bill will be pass
ed seems to boa foregone conclu
sion and it is well that such be
come the law.
Chicago Evidently believes in
encouragingjiomo industry. Some
of her have organized
“The Pig Clip)*’ which will give a
weekly liinuer at which the menu
will consist entirely of pork and
pork products.
A dispatch from Cairo says that
in view of the approaching visit
of Mr. ,1. Piorpont Morgan to
Egypt, workmen are engaged in
sorewing down the pyramids and
hobbling the front feet of the
American victims of the fictitious
pedigrees of dogs issued by the
London Kennel Club deserve no
sympathy, it is only anothercase
of good money going to bad dogs.
Toady Americans are beginning
to put up good money to see the
King go by, in the coronation pro
cession, but the true-blue Ameri
can still prefers aces to Kings.
<QMMW caccgnniac<ic)aca<ici<niaa—aC
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3f • of tha beat
I 37 Piece:
Fork* and Rpoona, and in the neweet and pret
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hay seed inyerhair.” I made a sashay at him with my umhreller,
but he run away, Goshding hit! 1 haint got no seed in my hair, an’
didn’t have, nuther, fer I ast a lady did she see any up thar an’ she
smiled moughty sweetly, and sed “Nit!” Thet truhbled me a tumble
lot, but I guess she didn’t mean hit thet way, fer I got a habit o’
bein’ a clean man,
Wa-al, arter puffin’ an’ a hlowin’ we landed on tother side ther
river an’ everybody stampeeded like a lot o’ duru fool cattle. I fol
lowed berhiud, carrying all my bundles an’ bags. We landed squar
in aralerodc yard under a big shed whar ther train wuz a waitin' fer
us. A feller show’dme a scat in whut he called ther chair kyar an’
I had ter pay him a four bits fer hites he ’lowed hit wuz only made fer
Congressmen an’Senators. (Wonder whut he took me fer?) I didn’t
say nothin’ tho’ an’ I ’lows he’s a believin’ yet thet I air some Sena
tor a nuther. Wn-al, ’pcarances do deceevc people, sure!
Furst thing I knowed we wuz a steamin’ outen thar for Texas. I
settled down and took a fresh chaw o’ terbackor an’ got ter lookin'
outen ther winder. Gecminny whizz! hit ’peared ter mo wo wuz
goin’ a hundrud miles a hour rite on thro’ sugar cane fields fer miles
an’ miles, Jes’ es green an’ purty es yer want ter seel and eveiy now
an’ then a big mill grindin’ out sugar fer thet trust ter put a price on.
1 wuzn’t payin’ ’tenshun ter much else when a darkey who ’lowed he
wuz porter o’ ther trane teched mo on ther sholder an’ ’lowed I’d
have ter quit spittin’ terbaeker juice on ther floor es hit wuz agin
ther rules an’spred deseeso. 1 throw’d my chaw away, but coodn’t
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I ■ |J]
A perfect Remedy forConstipn W ft* US 6
Hun, Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea {III lr
Worms .Convulsions. Feveris- fj I if
ness nnd Loss or SU!EI> 1| \_/* Pnf UVul
Fac Sunils Signature or
I Thirty Years
th ointaur gommnv. n* vowh oitv.
taiwMrf——To HIM I■!! imii mbmwmbbbhhi
Shall You Study
There's money ill It,
Three to llvu lltoiinnnil dollars it
year—Mint's what our graduates do.
There's Imiior in it—lt isnohle to do
There I. pleasure in it—restoring
thn maimed, hl and a film lad in
Them is purpose in it—lt In found
ed on I In* Hi in (do tn: til Mint lint per
fect machine rniiH perfectly.
There in unexampled opportunity
—Btto,ooo )iriiotll iontttH could Ini pul
to work today.
Then there's Iho cot —80 nionth'
nonrno at half the cost of other pro
The Hontlirrn Hehool in at the top—
graduates equipped for thorough aur
vlce, liieinhur Associated College*,
tine faculty, every facility.
The grndniiteH we've Mint out got re
hiilih. They onre people. They are
HHlahllHhed for litn after a few week*
of meritarion* work Wo appeal to
yon froji their record. They have
won HiioceHH. And yon nan do it.
Thia Hcienco in revolutionizing drug
medical ion, "Got hack to nature” i*
thoalogan of progress. Osteopathy
Ih natiire’a method.
Aak na any qiloation. Wo want
.yon to know what tlna new system ih
—that ia all; we tnist your Intelli
gence for the rest.
Southern School of
Franklin, Kentucky.
that i r. irm oonvmot^
Gulf Coast Market,
Beef, Pork, Veal, Mutton, Etc.
ftaltrerpd to customer*’ rc*l hf nrr prentnif. Orders noHcltM urenr imnlng. Nothing bttl
tmn kopt. and orioa* tlway* r*aAOiuit*p Front head ot Apothecary ■trintfa.
Ik Mutual Life Insurance Cos.
MADISON M. JAYNE- Special Agent. Bay St. Louis, Miss.
fer ther life o’ rne hoc wbar people cood ketch fever, smallpox or any
other sickness frum terbackor juice. I reckon be Jes’ got uppish
’causy he didn’t havosich good terbacker an’ wuz tew prowd ter ax
for a piece.
We kept a bilin’ a long like ther devil beatin tanbark, stoppin’ onct
in a while ter let ther engineer git his breath. After a while a dud
ish lookin’ feller with gold speckticles come an’ sot down by me an’
got ter talkin’ ’bout crops an’ sich like. Ho to I" me ther kuotry we
wuz pawin' thro’ wuz whar tbay raised all ther rice an’ people made
more money than Carter had oats when he bad ter take ther fence
down ter let hit grow. He ’lowed his name wuz Smith. I told mine
an’ axed him ef he wnzn’t kin ter Ligo Smith o’ Coontrack. He
’lowed he wuz Lite’s fund cuzzin, I sure wuz glad to meet Lige’s
fnrst cuzzin on his pa’s side, an’ we got to be big freus. He ’lowed
be wuz in ther oil bizness and bcin’s I wuz a fren o’ Lige’s wood let
me in on a oil land deal he had, so I gin him ton doliart to close ther
bargain an’ ho gin me a receet. Charity ’lows he beat me outen hit.
but I know better, fer haint boa fund cuzzin ter Lige Smith on his
pa’s side? No, they can’t fool me, fer I got ther receet an’ knows a
pood bargin when I see one. Wa-al, arter travailin' ail day we gofc
inter Texas an’ hit wuzn’t long’fore thet black Sut’bern produck
shun o’ a porter hollers out “Hurrykilluml” “Who’s killed ’em?”
hollers a ol’lady berhm’mo. "Nobody,” says I. “There’s where I
git off, inarm.”
Tenth Year, No. 52.
I. The percentage of its cnroa Is
greater than in any other aystein.
8. Moat of itacnrea arc made when
all else haa failed,
'A. It cnrea many trouble* that
medicine cannot. *
4. The treatment la absolutely safe
fi. It doe. not produce one disease
to cure another.
(I. It removes the cunae of the di
7. improvement conlinncM after
treatment and the core la permanent.
H. The system is not saturated
with dangerous drugs.
0. It is more pleasant to take than
any other treatment.
10. The method of treatment ap
peals to the common sense of intelli
gent people,
11, Thu thousands who have tried
It sre enthusiastic sn its praise.
18. The charges sre quite reasona
Literature Furnished If Desired.
' ■ —————l——————
Southern Infirmary
of Osteopathy,
Franklin, Kentucky.

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