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Star Drug Store.
Tt**iia*a Toilet Soap, Perfumery, Sponges, etc. Try Stans' Liver Regulator
X: 1 0911 x/1 ligo a sure cure for all all diseases of the liver.
and jrPr6norlptlon compounded day oi night. Orders by mall prompt
ly attended to.
fIIOIUUUCS. Turpentine, Paints, OUa, Etc.
Soda Water and Finest Syrups.
Kslered at the Bay St. Louis postofflce an seo
ond-claaa mail matter
Subscription; $1 per annum, in advance.
CHICAGO: Repreaonted by Lord A Thomaa,
45 Randolph street.
NEW YORK: Represented by Rowell 4C0., No,
10 Sprue* street.
PHILADELPHIA; Represented by 31. W. Ayer
4 Son, Times Building.
Pabllahed every Saturday. Subscription, *I.OO
per snnum.strlotlv In advance. No pay, no paper
Office, 3-a. Residence, 3-3.
Louisville Sl Nashville R.R. Schedule.
Takes efteot Sunday, December 1,1001.
scuta bound—Arrive;
No. I—Limited passenger, dally 0:18 p m
No, a—Fast Mall, dally 8: 0 a m
No. 8-Fast Express, *:H p m
No. T—Coast, Ltd. dally, ex. Sunday,..7:lo a m
north bound—; Arrive.
No. 2—Fast mall, dally ...9:37 pm
No. 4—limited passenger, dally, 10:17 am
N. 6—Limited Express s:.'iß a ra
No, B—Coast, Ltd. dally ex Sunday, .8:54 p m
JOHN a. QRBEN,LocaI Agent.
Reuben I’Behfork’a letter arrived too
late lor publication In this week’s Echo,
News from Biloxi to relatives in this
city announces the advent of a little girl
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Grimes.
Why not pay only for the light you
burn? One electric light meter for sale'
Original cost #ls, Will be sold at a re
duction. Apply Echo office.
There will be an entertainment for the
benefit of the book fund of tho Public
Library Saturday evening, February Ist
at Bt. Stanislaus college halt.
Bishop Hugh Miller Thompson, bishop
for Mississippi of the Episcopal church,
will preach and administer the sacrament
of confirmation tomorrow Sunday
morning at U o’clock.
The Bay's Mercantile Company makes
the Interesting announcement flint for
thirty days, beginning the Bill), Inslam, a
reduction of 20 percent mi all pants, hats
and sells will be given.
An excellent quality of home-made
table syrup has been placed on the local
market by Mr. A. C. Brown. He is sell
ing It at 50c a gallon, delivered. Ring up
'phone 137 or drop him a postal card.
We learn with much pleasure the Inten
tion of Mr. W. G. Mitchell to continue his
residence in Bay St. Lenls. It was the
general Impression when Mr. Mitchell
sold bis business last week that be would
leave the city.
At a regular annual election Mr. Ernest
J. Leonhard was elected a member of the
hoard >f directors of the Metropolitan
Bank, Ntw Orleans, vice his father, de
ceased. The compliment is Indeed
worthily bestowed.
The Echo gladly learns of the improve
them of the comlj|lno of Mrs. Grimes,
whotus been in New Orleans, accompan
ied by her daughter, Mrs. Henderson, the
past few .'Weeks under treatment. Her
.return home Is expected Monday.
The home of Mr, and Mrs, E. AV. Grao.
tier has been blessed nnd made happy by
a Visis last Satnrda< morning from the
traditional store, It is .a little girl baby
and Urn “proud parents are receiving the
congratulailous from numerous friends.
With this Issue The Echo enters upon
its eleventh year of existence, completing
Us tenth volume last week. The public
in general and loyal friends have stood
nobly by The Echo all these years and
the management feels grateful and asks
lor a continuance of this patronage
1 At a regular monthly meeting of the
Public Library Ass.tcisllou, held Monday
evening, among olhci business transact
eo. ihe following was made part of the
constitution and req mated to he publish
ed in the local press: “That nothing he
removed from the library except that tho
librarian be there ”
A municipal primary election seems to
he generally agreed upon by all coneetti
ed. Monday, February 10th, appears to
be the layouts date and Its adoption Is
being urged, to which popular wish
the Democratic Executive Commute will
no doubt accede.
11l the Eagle Pass (Texaal Guide we
find the following mention of a former
Bay Bt. Louis resident; “Tho Rev Wm.
Bart opened bla ministry at the Church
of the Hi deemer, on Numtay last, preach
ing morning and evening, and at the
morning service administering the sacra
ment to upwards of thirty communicants.
The congregations were largo, and the
[i impression made h\ Mr. Han favorable.
He Is a plain, practical, unassuming man,
without ostentation of my sort—and these
excdlcui features mark his demeanor and
fl The Honest Cobbler j
1 examines the “Sole of Honor” 1
I ® nc * s ‘ l ‘ s Honor. You
Jar f V may not know as much about shoes as B
Wji IkJf he does, but take our word for it—so B
jg&gtjj good a shoe as Selz’ “R.oya.l Blue” for |
so small a price was never offered be- I
fore. All styles, all shapes, all satis- i
iiMiß leathers at one price, |
SHSIk Till* Men'* good *hoc I* mde by Sell. Schr*b ft Lo., I
mmttZSmmLillMKt. r '-=r*M Chicago, the Urges' manufacturon ol
Sjp good iJbiMU In 111* ■arid. Tfg
For Sale by The Bay's Mercantile Cos.
Political Announcements.
The Sea Coast Echo Is authorized to announce
Alcldo Ladner a candidate for re election to the
office or City Treasurer.
The Sea Coast Echo la authorised to announce
James H. Breath a candidate for election to the
office of City Treasurer.
Mrs. Catherine Rulsech, After a Long
Illness, Expired Thursday Night.
DIED—At 10 o’clock p. m„ Thursday,
January 1, 1908, Mrs. Catherine Rm
sceb, aged 81 years and 4 months, a na
tive of Germany.
Mrs. Rulsech hud been 111 the past two
years,and ever since then herllfe had been
slowly obblngawai. She had been a res
ident of this City the past fifty-six years,
known by all and noted lor ner devotion
to the Catholic faith. Two daughters and
two sons are loft to mourn her death,
these are Mrs, E. H, Hoffmann. Mrs. C.
Thlery and Messrs. John and Raphael Rul
sech, all of this city.
The funeral, which was largely attend
ed, took place yesterday afternoon from
the residence of Hon, E, H. Hoffmann,
Very Rev. Father F. .1. Blanc conducting
the ceremony. At the church he dwelled
beautifully on the exemplary Christian
Hie of the deceased. Tho pall bearers
wore Messrs. J, A. Breath, ,1. F. Cnze
neuve, Richard Mendes, Paul Dillmann,
L. Hpolorno, A, Qulnlinl. Honorary pall
bearers Mrs. D. B. Seal, Mrs, A. Bouchel,
Mrs..!. B. Fahey, Mrs. Geo. Muller, Mrs,
Jos. Clingler, Mrs. D. Boutemps. The
Interment look place in the family tomb,
St, Mary’s Cemetery.
The community sympathizes deeply
with the bereaved relatives.
A press telegram from Summit an
nounces ihe Illness from pneumonia of
Rev, J. I’. Drake, formerly Methodist
minister of the Main Street Church, this
city. Me is fondly remembered by the
members of the church and by many
friends in and out of the church who will
feel a deep concern as to his recovery.
Last Sumla.v, at tbeclmreh of Our Lady
of 111'- Gulf, the little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Manley Utilize was christened, Very Uev.
Father Ulanc officiating. The sponsors
wire Mr. Joseph Falue and Miss Adelc
Spolorno, and Urn little one given the
name of Victor. After the ceremony Mr.
and Mrs. Blaize entertained a few friends
at their home on Washington street.
U rn. K .1. Bowers, the distinguished
representative from Hancock county, In
troduced a bill in the Legislature Thors
day, entitled “an act to regulate the fish
ing and canning of oysters in tile Slate of
Mississippi and Improving and enlarging
oyster beds in the Mississippi waters,
etc,*’ A copy of the bill in full can he
seen at this office. The bill, should it.
become law, would not only harmonize
the dredge and anil-dredge factions, but
would create u source of much revenue to
the Stale.
Hattiesburg Progress; Judge Turley Is
not mad, but somehow he is not reeling
well and It would not be well for any one
to sass him just at this time. He resign
ed as collector of customs at the Biloxi
Port and another was put in his place in
vciy short order. He did not have to re
sign. but he did and ho cannot be blamed-
As leader of the Republican party In Mis
sissippi the president Is walking all
around him and appointing Democrats to
federal offices without consulting Judge
Turley or any one else,Republican or not.
That looks a little mean, and is mean, for
Judge Turin,\ and all the other Republi
cans In the state have tried to hold up
Ibe party the best they could and are en-
Hlled to some recognition by the nation.
l admistrutlon. But instead of this he
is walking over them and giving offices
togoldbug Democrats.
For Infants and Children,
fhe Kind You Have Always Bough!'
[ Monthly Appropriation by the Yazoo
City Council For Library,
The city Connell of Yazoo City has voted
to give $.'K) per month to the tow n library
The Sentinel say ; ••The action of Hie
City Conned on Monday night in voting
$;w).(H) a momh to the Library Association
deserves the applause the entire comma
i nity. Nothing was ever dona with moio
unanimity and In m tines-. It. testifies to
[ a public spirit tlm deserves the highest
| commendation. All appreciated the im
mense equivalent tliai the Library is ro
' turning to the schools of the town, and
| will return at a grenilv increased rate
:as the facilities are improved. This has
been done for yeais without asking a
dime’s return from Hie it>. The propo
sition was altogether a fair one from the
Board ot'Contiol, and it met with a most
g ii"ions respon-e.”
Local System Found In Excellent Con
dition-Telephone for Pearllngton
and Logtown—'New Cards
For the ist.
Now that the had break in the telephone
system at the Front street railroad Clos
ing has been lemedied, after laborious and
continuous effort braving cold and wet
weather, Manager D. M. Allen is justified
in feeling prond of tho completion of tho
work and with the present perfection In
which tho exchange is working in touch
with its many subscribers.
The poles placed at the crossing are
not only taller and heavier than those in
former hso hut are more durable being of
juni|>er, a red nnd ban! wood grown away
from here and used in cabinet work and
veneering. It has been the intention of
tho Cumberland people for quite a while
buck to string all of their wires over the
city with such poles and the time is not
far off when snob a work will actually bo
On Tuesday nnd Wednesday Manager
Powell, with headquarters in New Orleans,
was in Bay St. Louis on an inspection
tour, ami expressed innoh satisfaction at
the excellence of the condition in which
he found every detail connected with this
one ot the many branches of tho blugeat
telephone organization 111 the country. He
complimented both the day and night
operating force, not forgetting Ihe line
man, August Hherges.
Mr, Powell wits interrogated concerning
the proposed establishment of an exchange
nt Pearlington, with a system connecting
Log:own, nut gave out nothing as to how
early work would be started on tho enter
prise. However, it appears certain (twill
not ho long before the Pearl river section
will be connected by telephone v ith the
outside world.
Manager Allen, assisted by Miss Sau
cier, are revising the card in present use,
preparatory for the printing of a now
one, to be printed between now nnd the
Ist of next month, ready for distribution
on the latter-named date.
The location of central will shortly be
moved to Ihe Hancock County Bank,
where a suite ot two offices have already
boon applied for. Mr. Allen says the In
cation is central and the company is nl
ways anxious to house their offices in brick
Officers Elected for the Military Or.
ganizatlon Additions to the Bi
cycle Corps College Song
Book About Completed—
New Students.
Last Thursday Company A of the Cdl
lege Cadets, held a meeting in its armory
hull for the express purpose of electing of
ficers for the ensuing six months. .Several
important business matters were soon dis
patched and the election of officers began.
There wore several candidates for each
position, and voting In most cases was
very close. Mr. Henry Fangny was elect
ed captain, the most exalted office in the
company.. The voting for the other of
fices resulted as follows;
First lieutenant, Win, Hunter; second
lioiiieiiant, Olga Mary; first sergeant,
is 10 be filled by a competitive drill, and
the bes drilled private will ho chosen for
!f plan*.
Tlit* newly-elected officers were inducted
into oflico Thursday, and It wan the occa
sion of merry-making in the rooms of the
armory. I'he new captain, in a few well
chosen words lli.inked the company for
the honor conferred upon him and hoped
to lie aide to sustain the reputation which
the company has already won.
Tim orcliealm niid brass band have iv.
midkml their hi-weekly rehearsals, ami
the former has masteiid four now places
since the holiday**. The hitter has loam
i'il iwo. The young musicians lake great
<h*light in the study of new -selections, ns
ihe rapidity with which they master them
The bicycle corps, under the manag**-
in out ot Hrother Jude, has received sev
eral new additions. 11. Mix, Jefinon,
M llcti and G. Mix have joined the ranks
of the cycling s<|imd. On holiday and
Sunday afternoons the bicycle corps takes
a spin along the sheliroad.
Prof. John Hemmersbach announces
that the songbook which he is compiling
for the use of the students will soon he
completed. The hoys look forward to its
appearance with a feeling akin to anx
'I he following boys were received dur
ing the past w iek; J. Delaney, L. Alti
mils, Roland Danes, K. Wild.
County Echoes.
Uogtown Locals.
Special Correspondence.
Mr. J. S. Otis left Thursday fur Biloxi
on hindnm (or this H. VV. L, Cos,
Miss Alice Sohroedor is spending a few
days in llio Crescent City witll relatives.
Mr M, F. Maxtor, of Pearlington, has
accepted llie position of foreman of Mill
No. ‘J, H. W. L. 00,
Died—At 7a. in., on Jno miry 11, 1902,
Anne Rebecca Howzc. aged 10 years. The
h roaved parents and relatives havs the
sympathy of the entire community in this
hour of sorrow.
SoiiNc misoliievious individuals passed
through Logtowi, Saturday night. They
opened gates and let roaming stock into
llower goldens and even went so far to
take a man's wagon to pieces. These mis
eltiovious individuals should bo caught up
Wot k of cutting the right of way and
hewing orossties for the J. A. Favrc Lum
ber Company’s logging railroad, from
their mill at Favreport through the conn
try for several iriFs, has heou commenc
ed and will ho pushed to rapid dimple,
Nicholson Notes.
Special correspondence.
Hon. J. F. Williams, of Biloxi, was here
Wednesday on legal business.
Tim severity of the winters it seems is
on the increase each year in the South.
The Queen & Crescent Lumber Compa
ny mill is about to run on full blast again.
Dr. O. A. Johnston was a visitor to
New Orleans Thursday on legal business,
Mr. Holder, of Pearlington, was here
Thursday in the interest of his life insur
ance business.
Died—At d’ica.yiine, Miss., January 18,
1902, W. Randolph, after an illness from
omccr extending over a period of six
months. Mr. Randolph had been a rest -
dent of this section about two years and
was a good citizen. The remains were
buried on the the Itith at New Palestine
‘ church cemetery.
Chancery Summons.
No. 811.) Stats of Mississippi.
To Pauline Weaby:—
You are commanded to appear before the
( banoeiv Court of tbe county of Hancock In
said State, on the fourth Monday In January A
f). 1902,10 def oi l the suit In said court of Frank
F. Wyeby, wherein you are a defendant.
1 Seal. 1 This loth day of December, A. D. 1901
E. H. HOFFMANN, Cleric
Be It Known by this charter of Incorporation:
That DnWltt Baoon, W. B. GUUcan. together
with their associates, successors and assigns are
hereby crested a body politic and corporate un- 1
der the name and style of the
•nd as such shall have corporate succession for
the full term of fifty (60) years and have and en
joy all and singular the powers, rights and pii
viloge* granted to corporations of this character
under and by virtue of Chapter 25 of the Annot
ated Code of 1892.
The domicil© of said corporation shall be Han- ■
cock county. State of Mississippi, and Its princi
pal place of business shall be located with branch j
offices whererer necessary.
The purposes of this corporation arc the man !
ufsoture, purchase and sale of turpentine, pitch,
tar, rosin, naval stores and other products of !
wood; the manufacture, purchase and sale of
charcoal; the manufacture and sale of lumber,
as well as the manufacture and sale of sash,doors,
blinds, trimmings, boxes, furniture and other ar
ticles mode from wood; the purchase and sale of
real estate (necessary for Its business); to oon
duct a general merchandise business. In connec
tion with said business: and to this end said cor
poration Is empowered and authorized to pur
chase lease, sell, convoy, use and own such real
estate and timber in said State, as may be neces
sary for said purposes within the limits pres
cribe by Chanter 25 of the Annotated Code of
18112; to acquire .own construct and operate tur
pentine still*, saw mills, planing mills, dryers,
and all machinery and appliances necessary In
the operation of said business, and to construct,
purchase, own and operate In connection with
said business tram-roads, logging roads, sailing
vessels, barges, steam vessels and other water
craft for the transportation of Its materials and
The capital stock of tills oofpbmtton le hereliy
fixed at the mlm of Thirty Thousand Dollar*.
($510,000) composed of throe hundred shares (3COM
shares of One Hundred Dollars (*100) each, and
said corpiratlon Is authorized to begin business
whenever Ton Thousand Dollars ($10,000) of said 1
stock shall have been subscribed, and paid In,
either in money or property.
This corporation Hhall have the light to enact
such By Laws as tolls stockholders may seem fit,
provided always that the same do not conflict
with any of the laws of the State of Mississippi
with reference to corporations; and the same
By-laws may designate the number of Directors
of said corporation,and may also lix the traces ;
therein and method of tilling same.
The enumeration of powers herein shall not bo
held or taken to preclude the exorcise by this
corporation of any and all powers granted to
such corporations by said Chapter 25 of the An
notated Code of 1802. DeWitt Bacon,
Jan I 3t W. B. UILUCAN.
I HEREBY NOTIFY all parties indebted to
me on account of my late mercantile business In
this city that I have appointed Richard Mendos
mygjollectlon agent. AUG. KELLER.
Buy St. Louis, Miss., Nov. 80, 1001.
Don’t Take Calomel.
TTP.PTHT. THE Now Liver Medloln*.
takes the place of calomel,
without the evil effects; acts mildly and effeotu
ally. Pleasant to take as lemonade; cures all
liver diseases, such as biliousness, constipation.
Indigestion, sick headaches, etc..; clears the
complexion and pfevents malarial poison. Price,
Mounts per bottle. Guaranteed and sold by L.
Bav Bt. Louis, Miss. Now Orleans, La
Bowers Chaffe A McDonald,
Offioes—Hancock County Bank Building,
Bay St. Louis, Miss., and Rooms E. and F. Mor
ris Building, New Orleans, La.
Practice in the State and Federal Courts of
Mississippi and Louisiana.
D. B. SEAL,”
Fraction, in all Sea Coaat Coantles. Ofllc:.
Union near Hancock streets. Boy St. Louis.
Gaston 0. Gardebled,
Contractu taken for amall and large Jobs, Eatl
mates made free, and plans and designs cheer
fully famished. A liberal share of patronage
solicited. Orders left at Gardebled’a Drug Store
will receive prompt attention. Residence on
Carroll avenue
L. AdeMontluzin,
Drugs, Chemicals and Patent Medicines, Perfa
mery Toilet Articles, Candles, Spectacles,
Fishing Tackle, Etc.
FRONT neat Main Streets.
When In Need of Fire or Stove
King up Telephone No. 70 and your order will be
properly attended to. No delay. Big measure.
Orders taken for Bricks, Lime. Cement. White
and Yellow Sand, and Charcoal.
CONRAD SICK, Bay St. Louis Brick Yard
L. M. GEX Aqt ,
General Merchandise, Fancy and
Staple Groceries.
Corner Hancock ami Washington Sts., Bay St
Lonls, Mins.
Pleasure Parties
visiting the Bay can obtain by ringing up
Tally-hos, Surrios, Buggies,
Saddle Jiorses, and ....
Electric Launches
for Ashing and moonlight excursions on the
water, at half the usual rate.
Fire Wood cut to stove length sold In any
quantities. Hauling of any kind a specialty.
Office—Hancock County Bank Building.
Bay Bt. Louis, Miss.
say st. touts, miss,
Residence— Gilmore Fayard’s House, Keller
avenue. Office—Main street, Hancock County
Bank Building. Hours, 10 to 11 a. m., sto6p. m.
Cumberland Telephone No. 81.
it. j. turnbrT
km* p. m. and Surgeon,
Office Front, near Heuil
Union Streets, . ,
Livery Stable!lumber Yard
Building flaterial,
Cypress Lumber. Orders promptly attended to
Twenty-five schools In Department of Science
Uterawre and the Aria; professional courses in
Law, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineerin'.
Mining Engineering. Well
rtea. Able corps of Instructors. Tuition Free to
men and women, except In Law School. All ex
pensoa very low. Attractive location. Perfect
sanitation. Complete water and sewer and
wcll wVr g systems. Purest deep
Summer term, June Hth to July atth mot
Session of 1901-00 opens SepteStN. r 12th For
catalogue or special Information regarding
courses of expenses address. naming
R. B, FULTON, Chancellor,
University. Miss.
Mia. Cromiller i visiting her daughter,
Mrs, Forest Baaganl.
Miss Ida Landry spent Sunday with her
friend Miss Hamilton.
Mr. Quo. Muller was a business visitor
to Now Orleans yesterday.
Mr. sod Mrs. Aristide Ladner and little
daughter .Stella visited Biloxi last Bnn
i Mr. Erasmus .7. OUvari, connected with
the L. & N., spent Thursday In Now Or
| Mrs. Bad Mclntosh and danghter were
here from I’ass Christian Thursday even
mg shopping.
F. Banderol, who is bolding a good po
sition in New Orleans, spent Sunday on a
visit to his family.
Mr. William Ames came out from Now
Orlanns Sunday on a visit to bis brother,
Mr. Tin mas Ames.
Messrs. H. 8. Saucier and Roland Snd
lereame out from New Orleans Saturday
night on a hunting trip,
Cush lor Eugene H. Roberts, of the Him*
cook Comity Bank, wns a business visitor
to New Orleans Thursday
Mrs. Chas. Turnt and little son spent
Sunday with their relatives, Mrs. Benchel
and family on Carroll avenue.
Mr. R. N. Hamilton, fiom Baton Rougs,
La., spent a few days with bis family this
week at their pretty beach home.
Mrs. Claudius Psysrd and little daugh
ter Rnlh, of New Orleans, spent Sunday
with Mrs. K, N, Hamilton and family,
Mr. Chos. Spindler was the guest of
Mr. Theopbile Coinbel Sunday, returning
to his home in New Orleans Monday morn
Mr. ,Ins. D. Saucier returned to his dn
tie* with the G. & 8. I. H. R. at Gulfport
Mondny night, after a two-days’ visit to
his family.
Mrs. Boardman and little daughter and
son, from Pearlington, aro visiting their
relatives, Judge and Mrs. IT. M. Graham
on Main street.
Captain K. 8. Boardman of the steamer
Columbia wns over from Pearlington
Thursday night, guest ot his father-in
law, Judge H. M. Graham.
Mrs. H. R. Piccaliiga.who lias been vis
iting her daughter, Mrs. Moreau, left for
home yesterday evening accompanied by
Marie Louise Moreau. Mr. Piooalngn wns
n Sunday visitor.
Mrs. A. Beuohel and family sre enter
taining Mr. and Mrs. Martin 8. Kenney
Jr., a bridal couple. Mrs. Kenney was
Miss Flora B. Poppers, married in Now
Orleans Thursday evening.
Hon. E. J. Rowers, who is so ably re
presenting Hancock comity and rim Sea
coast at Jackson, was homo Sunday and
Monday, the Legislature having adjourn,
ed from Saturday to Tuesday.
Miss Abide Hamilton loft from New Or
leans Wednesday by steamer for Ulue
tleldi), Nicaragua, the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Landry and their daughter Miss Ida,
They will remain for some time visiting
the surrounding country.
Mr. H. C. Staunton, of Chicago, is en
joying a stay in this city, a guest at the
home of Mrs. 1). R. Taft. Mr. Stannton
was a welcome visitor here last April and
May with Mrs. Stannton. He has taken
many pictures of Bay St. Lon is scenery
for “song slide” exhibition.
B*ar th* Ito Kind You Have Always BouM
Hu Mutual life tome Cos.
MADISON M. JAYNE. Special Agent. Bay St. Louis, Miss.
'••ait that it meat.
■GulfCoast Market”
Beef, Pork, Veal,M
.. IV -.’; V: ; T: v " ' " j p- .. , irj . , irjl
harvard piano
If f ”
and Kim strocti Cincinnati, Ohio
ITtIBM *° m,u *lll Mo In M light wind*. This with A n ~uuL. ,
wJm #lllAlrilWßM riwaoUxjour H T ft. mill* ouual In fuimplnf mpo4i v ooloion, * T . Wo
HHMill m steel
SBn§M HYBEIA spray or whitewashing
PUMP irM • * cp al
rl/iffm rni i IHI ** aiie ienou,n V° ur direct to manufacturer .
■BBnMliM IT>bu "' <Tlh? *"' TEMPI - E PUMP CO., CHICAGO, ILLS.
'> . -T ' ’ * * ~~—•*-• -
The ting Mlg.Ca., il Hiil.i;
Coe what he want's right
away by calling him
te the ‘phone!” is an expres
sion often heard in business
What do you suppose is
thought of you when it is
found that you can’t he
reached by a modern meth
A few dollars a year
would place a Telephone at
your disposal and the service
offered dy the
Cumberland Telephone
and Telegraph Cos.,
is unsurpassed.
Call Central for particulars.
/ Money V
by using the I
I Remington/
\ Typewriter users testify /
\ that it gives a better /
\ return for the in- M
JL\ vestment than any/iL
C\ other writing I fUT
fJTJ dlj
I remington' |
23|| ' the World's Columbian, Eipoil* IN
I! !■ 1897 PRIX (highest sward) W
9 1808 diploma of honor
M (highest award) at Luxembourg. |p|
ojß 1900 PRIX (outranking all B
01 1001 adopted as omciAijdPfi
* ■
1 represent what I have and have what I represent.
in every department with now and up-to-date goods, and at
that will send you home brimming over with satisfaction iP 10 * 1
few items: * ‘’ ot i
Blankets, per pair, from
Comfort*, fr0m......
I Mo to M „
Boys’ All Wool Sweater*,
Mo to u a
Men’s All-Wool Sweaters ~ „
The Hunter’s Comfort, something new-aooTort waterproof ooat, tor „ r
Boys’ Suits, for ages Kto 1* years, . from ohi W *
Children’s Vcsteo and 3-pleoe Suits,.. ~ "
to $2 so
A Suit of Underwear ■ town *, |v „ f
Always an immense stock of Men's and Youth’s Clothing
Trunks, Valises and Satchels in all siges. , Men’s and BoysHsi <
Caps in all shapes, colors and sizes from 10c to $3. * s# <l
in great Varieties. Brocades, Tricots, Ladies’ Cloth, French ti
nelsgnd Waisting, Broadcloth, etc., of the latest shades. ARm 7
ful Line of Deep Mourning Goods. Outing and Fleece Flanr.ni 1 '
sc, 6c and 10c per yard. Pull-yard wide Cotton 5c per yard 8 H
Special attention is called to my lino of Men’s Woolen Ovei,u
well named “The Pride of the Town, lrt *.
Gents’ Furnishings of All Descriptions.
...wgIITON-BROWu - Don’t forget that 1 am sole a^t
HimiiimriirE xl ° ,J
*OWN " A And remember our motto: "W R ,.„
Q 50 | “fraid to show the goods.”
m Respectfully,
J° s * F Cazeneuve.
PKTBR Hellweqb. President. PItOKK Jj. ""buorns (I. Romum.,CeZ"
J. P. Cazenruve, Vice-President. Pern Tudurt, Aaslstant Cashier.
Hancock County Bank,
Foreign and Domestic Exchanges Bought and Sold.
Deposit* received from (11.00) one dollar upward.
Loans made on approved aeourlty. ’ Your aocount Is aoUdW
Jos. F. Cazenruve, Jab. V. Dunbar. P, B. Dunbar, Peter Hellweoe, w. J.Poitbvew I
E H, Uofemann, Crab. Marshal!.. E. H. Kobbrtb, H. 8. Weston ™ TCVE * r
MENDES & HART, ”" = “
We give our attention to buying and selling, I OFFICE—Ground Floor,
leasing, etc. Properties for rent and sale. Taxes MASONIC BUILDING, MaltfWeet I
and Insurance attended to, Renta collected. | Hay S. t Ixmls, ill*, >
" 1 " —" - ■ . ...
■-'■■■ 1 L... ,JL,. SUL iLJ'Ji Li g "'h
A Progressive Printing House For Progressive Peoplel
The Printing House for years that has done your Printing, is non
better equipped than over and solicits a continuance of pastfavon
Commercial printing,^
We print anything and everything from a visiting card to a urnm-i
moth poster. “The Echo for job printing.” Consult us evervtiine.
The Echo Job Printing Office,
Front Street, Bay St, Louis, Miss. 1
The Blakeslee Gas and Gasoline Engines.
THE BLAMKB & 00., B1 ™;:Ts. 1
Ip YOU WILL PUT Ateaspooßful of Mexican Mustang Lin*
... | * ' 1 Imenl Into a glass half full of water and
with this gargle your throat often it will quickly cure a Bora Throat,
. I V.
Keep this
r * Ihct always fresh in your memory:— * i
For Cuts, Mashes and all Open Sores, you
need only to apply
; Gx ican
. a few times and the soreness and inflammation will
t be y °nquercd and the wounded flesh healed.
lo get the best results you should saturate a piece
of soft cloth with the liniment and bind it upon the
wound as you would a poultice.
aSo., 60c. and SI.OO a bottle.
KEEP AN EYE ON £ our poultry and St the vy first Big* o*

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